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Steven Strait

Steven Strait (born March 23, 1986) is an American actor, fashion model, and rock singer.

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Who do I have to speak to to get a date with Steven Strait? ☹️
Steven Strait will always be the hottest man alive to me. 😍🤤
I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Steven Strait! What happened to him 😢
What's this about a Sky High 2? Let it be known Warren Peace was BAE all the way and if Steven Strait…
i'm gonna need someone to get Steven Strait into a photography studio because the world need new modeling pics of him tbh
I can’t stop it! I can’t make it stop!! Every time I read a novel, all the characters sound like…
Looks like she is telling a story about how Steven Strait ate a tin of sardines just before a kissing scene ...
Steven strait and Robert Pattinson singing voice is so 😍😍😍
“There’s something really lyrical and poetic about Thomas Jane.” Steven Strait on Thomas Jane
Steven Strait. Look up the movie Sky High and he's the lead on The Expanse
Very specifically Warren Peace era Steven Strait. I feel like its important for you to know that.
Oh my god, the most beautiful man in the world is on my bus. I kid you not. Like Steven Strait and John Cho had a baby. I need a drink.
all I can think about is The Covenant ever since you posted about Skyhigh because Steven Strait 🙊
If you've never seen The Covenant starring Steven Strait and Sebastian Stan, what are you doing with your life.
Anyone remember The Covenant? I always liked it but it might have just been Steven Strait...😂
Somebody cast Kit Harington, Christopher Abbott and Steven Strait as brothers.
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Thank you Steven Seagal for your commments on the NFL protests. They absolutely are a joke and disgusting. I couldn’t ag…
I liked a video Steven Manley jumping over Scott Simpson standing strait up
Have spent the last 2 days with my feet up, binge watching the very fit Steven Strait in The Expanse on Netflix.
"The most underrated sci-fi/fantasy movie of all time:. Gattaca." YEEESSS. Geeky Q&A: Steven Strait.
What about you Karyn? You've already met Steven Strait. Anyone else you'd like to meet?
Steven Strait in look like the love child of and
The Covenant, directed by Renny Harlin and starring Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan and Taylor Kitsch, was released on this day…
According to Steven Strait, ship has no intention of slowing down.
i will be genuinely upset if Steven Strait hasn't been considered for Pierre in Great Comet even just to make a War…
I just went from the hood strait to the most upidy *** white people house ever. So white I feel awkward 😐😐
you're lying if you say steven strait as Warren Peace isn't the most gorgeous specimen of A MAN
o steven strait KKK do filme q to vendo
Why didn't I know Steven Strait was in a mid-century period drama on Starz? WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS SHOW EXISTED
Well 1) you should've led with Steven Strait as a lead. 2) definitely like the cinematography. 3) th…
can we just take a moment to remember how attractive Warren Peace (Steven Strait) was in Sky High
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No but honestly I had a dream two years ago did a Netflix show with Theo James and Steven Strait. I swear I'm so excited.
Keith Whitley, Garth Brooks, George Strait and so on will never get old
im still tryna marry Steven strait's fine ***
Steven Strait laughing is one of the most beautiful sounds i have ever heard. Thank you for giving me that gift
God I hope not! She's so *** Fugly! She looks like Steven Strait in Sky High.
FINALLY watching The Covenant (it's about male witches starring Seb Stan and Steven Strait aka Warren Peace from Sky High) and I love it
George Strait said it best. I ain't here for a long time. I'm here for a good time. 🎵🎶🎵🎶
I'm going with steven strait... because honestly he's taller
Steven Strait is probably wondering why Kit Harington is more famous than him... if they look exactly alike. Bet he gets that a lot.
Someday you'll sit back and remember that you watched the greatest to ever do it. There will never be another George S…
I forgot about Steven Strait, I didn't realize he still had a career
spent 13 hours driving strait through to Colorado and I still wake up at 9 am 😟
If I'd known that Steven Strait was in The Expanse, I woulda watched it sooner!
My sister-in-law pointed out my brother's resemblance to Steven Strait. Another twist in the universe?!
In 2008, George Strait went with his song "Troubadour".
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Steven Strait makes me want to do the things that cause the things to be done
Steven Strait has been making me moist since '05. Boy had me SHOOK in The Covenant.
There ain't a George Strait song I don't know or can't sing along with. I bet I can show your DJ some gems.
just started watching on Netflix. Steven Strait lost some bulk but bruh he still fine
It's official. Just cast Steven Strait as any male lead and it'll be my favorite movie. 10/10.
There will never be another George Strait
I'd personally like to see Steven Strait in the MCU, connected to Iron Man.
Start your pre-game for tonight's ExpanseSyfy by reading what S…
Start your pre-game for tonight's by reading what Steven Strait said about the evolution of Holden.
George Strait in the streets . Johnny Cash in the sheets
How much will Holden mourn that loss of life, or does he now view it as a mere casualty of war? .
wait wait wait. everyone's been telling me how much they love The Expanse. But no one told me Steven Strait was in it!
Steven Strait of looks at the evolving Holden and promises "amazing stuff ahead."
I had completely forgotten about Steven Strait til I watched this interview and I am in love with him again, smh.
Now if only I had an equivalent for Steven Strait's confused little face.
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Bore da pawb, y fenai yn deffro. Good morning all, the "strait" waking up. few office hours this morning.
Do I actually really like James from The Expanse or is it just my fifth grade crush on Steven Strait we just don't know
Geek out on latest feat. Steven Strait, &
I'll be partying with Steven Strait, Amanda Plummer, Hope Davis, Michael Haneke, Marc Cherry, and Ben Rappaport instead.
is on tv right now!! This is not a drill. Hello Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Toby Hemingway, and Sebastian Stan!! Hello abs ❤
Steven strait, the hot guy from Sky High and the guy who should have played Jacob black tbh
ha! These turned up in several cities a few months ago. Think of Steven Strait.
Did Steven Strait have a head cold in S2 Ep3 - Static?
steven strait was lookin like a SNACK in Sky High
singing George Strait with steven is great 😊❤️
Catching up on I still want Chrisjen to die a slow and painful death. Steven Strait is even hotter than he was last season.
I talked to and Steven Strait about my favorite scene in last night's Expanse
Can we just call Steven Strait what he is, Jon Snow in space? He knows nothing and he is dating a Wildling/Belter. lol
Steven Strait! Get a tan, bro. You're burning my eyes! Iridescent!
This concludes my annual Where Is Steven Strait check-in
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Minister Steven Miles: Please help stop a new Coal Mine near the Great Sandy Strait in QLD. - Sign... via
I'm not a big sci fi fan but I'm really enjoying this it has and Steven Strait and lots of politics
there is no resemblance. Steven Strait is a cutie on his own.
Steven strait look good af w dreads
UPDATE: Steven Gern has been evacuated from Iraq after his video went viral. Where is the media as judges play politics?…
Just finished S1 of The Expanse. Not gonna lie, I flicked back to ep1 to see Steven Strait naked.
I can't be the only one who's noticed the resemblance between Steven Strait of and Kit…
I would've much rather enjoyed George strait this halftime show
y'all Steven Strait is still beautiful.
hehehe definitely check out the expanse... it's really really good also Steven strait and found families and a Bellarke-ish otp
A Brand New Expanse Trailer Asks You to Pick a Side - Even though, as Jim Holden (Steven Strait) puts it in the...
Can we talk about how hot Steven Strait is in Sky High. I love this movie because is in it
Just wanna take a moment to remind everyone how hot Steven Strait was in 10,000 BC
Closing the day with Steven Strait from the epic show Get ready, people the PSAs will be out before…
Steven Strait is to Kit Harrington as I am to Marilyn Monroe. 👀🚀💁🏻
What's fun for me is to try new things and push myself and not get ...
Had anyone watched the movie After that has Steven Strait in it? It was so good!
For Christ sake USA demonstrate naval power in Taiwan strait. This is piece of cake.
omg how did I not know you then? I did a video with Steven strait as Jacob 😂😂
I grew up in New York, in the Village, and I started going to Stell...
Saw a guy that looked like a cross between my ex and Steven Strait. Never been so conflicted in my life. 😩
1st time George Strait played was Feb 21st 1976. It cost $0.25 and he made $7.00.
Brian dowling from big brother, Paula Abdul, viper from top gun and jimmy crankie. There's 4 strait off the bat
I've been incredibly fortunate to be able to have different opport...
That's such a great thing about New York, after growing up in a pla...
y'all did not appreciate Steven Strait enough
With '10,000,' our aim was to make a film that was entertaining and ...
not very good at this I'm from my teams won 5 strait till and whopped ur *** every time
I love how you can shoot a movie in a month or two or three of four...
Steven Strait and Sebastian Stan were so hot in The Covenant like I used to watch that movie all the time lmao
nothing about steven gionta is worth giving him a PTO much less a pro contract. If he signs he'll play, he's cappys strait 2
Alight everyone lets get this strait, my post are not all about Steven. So quit assumin and buddin in ya opinion cause it ain't needed.
To think any other artist is better than George Strait is just blasphemy. King George can build and tear your heart apart.
My MCM(s) for all time forever are Steven Strait and Josh Hartnett
Steven Strait is so hot I can't even. During his gig at Sky High and then he starred in The Covenant huhuhu
I have not seen this show but I heard it is great, really like steven strait
I don't think Steven Strait agrees 😂 (nah he was cool I was just so flustered lol)
Steven Strait has a lot of fun playing a character who's on such a great journey.
Sunday: We talk with Steven Strait & https…
Hey all my Loyal girls, Steven Strait fans, and Taylor Kitsch gals, I had a dream one night of three of them with was hooot!!!
Dray wasnt trying to let that hapoen thats why he pushed him instead of going strait up
This vampire movie could have starred Gerard Butler and Steven Strait rather than Paul Bettany and Karl Urban
You must always seperate the State from the Insane, or put me in a strait jacket with unlimited smokes and call it even steven! :P
Good God "Carried Away" by Strait gets me every time. Ain't nobody singing about love like that anymore.
📷 Steven Strait shirtless and nude in “The Expanse”
Steven Strait's has the cutest smile i can't find the pic from the show i wanted but just look at this!
"The Bout the baddest girl IV ever seen. Strait up outta movie Seen. Who knew she was a drama queen. Thata turn my life to steven King
If she can go from Kevin Gates to Cody Johnson to Drake to George Strait and not think about it, she's the one.
I’ve just started watching The Expanse. I think I’m in love with Steven Strait. More on Tumblr.
please watch this cornfest. It's got Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, and Taylor Kitsch
Watch The Covenant in Netflix and Steven Strait slayed it.
seeing Danielle Panabaker and Steven Strait in chase is giving me feels
Steven Strait. He was so beautiful in the film The Covenant.
Iran warns it could close Strait of Hormuz to US: Military commander says the US and its allies could be deni...
80 proof bottle tear stopper, by George Strait
Steven Strait from The Covenant is hella hot.
Watching and Steven Strait without a shirt is doing things to me
George strait for the rest of the night 😊
Babe. Steven Strait has had my heart since 2006. 😍😍
It'd be great if someone faked Michael Angarano and Steven Strait.
A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredible Steven Strait!
It's nice to see Steven Strait getting some love on here. Felt I should share one of my favorite shots of him.
Thomas Jane is superhot (see Hung - wow) but I was referring to Steven Strait.
Terrible quality pic but I just watched Sky High and the whole *** movie was full of Steven Strait being stunningl…
I would LOVE to have sex with Steven Strait in zero gravity or even in normal gravity! XD!
Started watching The Expanse. Did not expect to be reunited with my teenage crush, Steven Strait. Nice to see he's …
Steven Allen Strait so I was working on my own version of Sia Chandelier. Hoping to record it a Devin Beer sometime.
Steven Strait looks like a totally different dude with glasses is this for real?!
Strait up starving and my throat still tingles. The weather needs to figure itsself out
Ok then Steven Allen Strait Devin Beer Tre Perry and Ben Gregoire you guys wanna hang out?
On a more serious note: that was one helluva scene there between Elias and Steven Strait! 😱
updates Steven Strait for rank 1149 to 1297
I got early access and let me tell you it's ! You definitely don't want to miss & we're having Steven Strait on Thurs!
Expanse The Unofficial 04 - Steven Strait as Jim Holden in image©Syfy
we will have Steven Strait, aka Holden in studio on Thursday at 9:05pm!
I just watched The Covenant again after many many years. I remembered my prepubescent heart going pitter patter for steven strait 😍😍😍
A little George strait in the morning.
Steven Strait makes me feel some sort of way
Peridot from steven universe sketch! I felt inspired after watching 13 episodes strait.
steven strait or radufe or Chace Crawford as fc.
Hey, I've now been RTed/quoted by 3/4 of the crew of the Rocinante!. (I don't think the real Steven Strait is on here, dangit.)
Sneak peek from tonight's new ep of (10/9c), featuring Steven Strait,
At parents' house for the holidays and cracked out my old Sky High dvd. I still wish & Steven Strait's characters got together.😍
Steven Strait, I'd watch anything for you. Let's hope this is not a repeat of… 📺 Watching The Expanse Season 1 —
updates Steven Strait for rank 1820 to 573
Steven Strait was absolutely phenomenal in that interrogation scene especially with the camera work!
Steven strait from looks like Billy Bob Thorton's love child. Any one else see it?
Steven Straight on the implications of Holden's recorded message:.
How is similar to Steven Strait weighs in:
.Steven Strait explains Holden's motivations for recording that message:.
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From the Acting game 'Nerdy' teen Steven Strait grows handsomely into acting: provides o...
Can't tell if The Expanse is good or if I just really really like looking at Steven Strait
and Steven Strait are both tremendous in their roles
Steven Strait looks a heck of a lot like a young James Franco.
Theo James reminds me of Steven Strait because of their super deep, soothing, beautiful voices
due to Steven Strait’s slight resemblance to Adrian Grenier, I have begun referring to Holden as “Vincent Space”
loving Steven Strait is exactly how I imagined Holden and the rest of the crew is stellar as well!
Luckily us, Jimmy produced the series and helped us land on Steven Strait for the Holden role
Plus we get to look at Steven Strait!
yes, they're about to drink some Earl Grey :) I didn't even know Steven Strait was married to my dear Lynn Collins!
Steven Strait, Thomas Jane, and Shohreh Aghdashloo? The Expanse has a surprisingly good cast, eh?
Dave Howe, President of and Steven Strait, star of ring the Closing Bell!
my Holden was ridiculous. I pictured Stephen Amell, good guy, totally wrong for Holden. Steven Strait is the best choice.
Them corny *** dreads Steven Strait had in this movie. Lol
More family photos with Steven Strait, Florence Faivre, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby...
is it my imagination or is Steven Strait channeling Billy Bob Thornton in
Can we go back and recast Jacob in Twilight as Steven Strait? Thanks.
Finally we get to see Steven Strait Nude!
If is in space, then Steven Strait is Jon Snow in space.
Watching one of my faves. MMF Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford.
I LOVE Steven Strait!!! 12mins in *** shot! Watch the full pilot for Syfy’s new space opera The Expanse right now
.You guys all NAILED it in the first episode of Steven Strait too!
I know, especially coming from Syfy. My one let-down is that they shaved Steven Strait's chest :(
it's based on the books by James S.A. Corey. Main cast include Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar and Shohreh Aghdashloo
Thomas Jane, Steven Strait and EPs preview the Syfy series
Check out the online premiere of episode 1 of my good friend new series . .
Holden's 30 in Leviathan Wakes. Steven Strait's 29. . Also is 63, she's just ridiculously good-looking.
when I read the Twilight books...Steven Strait was who I pictured as Jacob...guess he was "too old" for the movies *shrugs*
I added a video to a playlist Steven Strait "Boomerang" from Undiscovered
I added a video to a playlist Never Said Anything - Steven Strait ( With Lyrics )
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I just realised my housemate looks like Steven Strait with blue eyes.
I saw that gonna be Steven Strait, I love that actor so much since I saw him in Sky High and The Covenant movies, he's amazing!!!
Waiting in line to see Jason Momoa after walking by Steven Strait giving an interview
I can't believe we're missing Steven Strait right now. Remember how obsessed we were?
1 hour warning for our prem screening of w Steven Strait & Florence Faivre. 701A!
I wish kids looked up to George Strait more than Kanye West.
The covenant! Fangirling Steven Strait. Gonna google him later!
Jealous. I've loved Steven Strait since Sky High.😍 Can't wait to see it when it airs!
We're screening prem tmrw at 2 in 701 with stars Steven Strait, Florence Faivre &
Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Sebastian Stan, need I say more :-P xxx
Dudes needing music to pump them up in the gym. Bruh, I'll knock you out listening to George Strait. . 10 rounds of done!. 👊👊👊
|| so, our bunk mate in the hostel looks like Steven Strait. He's from Portugal and I want to lick him.
Hush Hush novel series are amazing... My Patch is Steven Strait.
Steven Strait - One Thing Leads to Another lyrics and translations
Don Rickles strait roasting tonight is hilarious
Steven Strait, Armie Hammer and Jon Michael Hill aren't getting many hookups today! Are you a fan?
Steven Strait (just beat Tristan Wilds in Play now!
steven strait☺️🔥. comment your fav male movie actor🔥 (Vine by MCEveryday)
The guys from the movie the Covenant were so hot! Especially Steven Strait! 💋💕💖
THE COVENANT will always be my fave 💖 steven strait 😛💦
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Man, remember when Steven Strait was rocking the man bun at Sky High in 2005?
Can't beat George strait on a day like this
Will someone cast Taylor Lautner and Steven Strait in a movie together already.
Enough with the white boys and just cast Steven Strait as Peter Parker already.
OMG... Strait... ...what a cute man...
This song sounds like it's something strait out of Steven Universe
IDEK who Steven strait is but I guess we won't be talking LOL
Steven Strait the sexiest man on this earth😭
it's not about how good it is (is sucked) but Sebastian Stan, Taylor Kitsch, Steven Strait, chase Crawford! I mean
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I love steven strait and Chace Crawford on the covenant 😻
ICYMI: Tony Abbott eats raw onion, skin and all, on Tasmania tour to announce Bass Strait subsidy scheme
Ouch! Ryan Lewis, Steven Strait and Daniel Radcliffe need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Oh no, Steven Strait, Oliver Cooper and Toby Regbo aren't looking so hot today! Are you a fan?
These guys got no love! Steven Strait, Oliver Cooper and Toby Regbo are Are you a fan? Play now!
I hope I look as good as Steven Tyler does when I'm 120 years old.
For me perfect Carter is Steven Strait, perfect Sylvain is Francisco Lachowski and Allie is Zoey Deutch ♥ . What do you think ?
Jim Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens peace across the System and the survival of humanity."
Steven Strait deserves more screen time with his bare chest... 😂😥
Steven Strait...I love him in the covenant. yum!
I want to say a light brown (Steven Strait) *cough cough* () would be a great angel or 8ball in
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! — Steven strait
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! — Nah to lazy to pap anything, it's steven strait btw go check in h...
I think i fallin' in love with steven strait cause watch him acting in " the covenant" 😍😍😍😍
Steven Strait kills it in Sky High. I'm watching Sky High by the way. Sorry.
Baby you look like my first love, Steven Strait 😍
I find Steven Strait hotter in Sky High than in The Covenant.
The Covenant on HBO. I remember digging Steven Strait back in the day. Hihi
You are a nice boy oh i love u STEVEN STRAIT:-) ;-) $
please Shelley Hennig and Steven Strait as Patch and Nora!!
I Love Texas. I love Whataburger. I love George Strait. I love Bar Be Que. I love Cowboy boots . I love Queso
Bir keresinde Steven Strait'i tshirtunun durusundan tanimistim do not mess with the pro
Ouch! Armie Hammer just took out Steven Strait (in Who would you pick?
born to be hungry for STEVEN Strait ❤ omg
Steven strait is attractive sometimes...
Jamie Campbell Bower or Steven Strait (Who would you rather hookup with?
Steven Strait and his man bun just awww :')
Word is... At the 48th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville oln Nov. 5 Steven Tyler will present an award.
Sebastian Stan is really into Steven Strait's mustache.
Steven Strait looks hotter with long hair 😍
Watching Sky High. Steven Strait's still gwapo with long hair :)
I completely forgot Sebastian Stan kisses Steven strait in this movie.
I forgot how much I liked Steven Strait😏😍
Wade's most suitable than Steven Strait,i think
|| Your face claim looks a lot like Steven Strait.
Lynn Collins and Steven Strait are my favourite couple. Glad to see they still together
Ouch! Steven Strait, William Moseley and Nolan Gerard Funk need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Strait Steven kings the mist out here on Belmont's campus.
The fact that Steven Strait made an appearance in Revenge made my day
Give it to me strait, Steven Hawking. What are the odds that the God particle destroys the universe?
Steven Strait. The only reason I watch The Covenant over and over again.
ur the only *** girl she was nothin til Steven noticed her get yo facts strait ✊
Congrats to my friend Steven Strait on this.
EXCUSE ME, why did no one tell me Steven Strait, shows up in Revenge?? You're all horrible friends.
Ouch! Tom Sandoval, Steven Strait and Trey Songz need some fan love! Are you a fan?
So while on bed rest today I ended up watching episodes of Magic City, it reminded me just how sexy Steven Strait is.
OMG I just watched it's an independent film with Steven Strait and LMFAO it's so great I'm happy I waited 2 years for it *.*
Aye, and when wur @ it. Why no install David Murray as oor new chairman? U need tae git yur priorities strait m8
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