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Steven Strait

Steven Strait (born March 23, 1986) is an American actor, fashion model, and rock singer.

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80 proof bottle tear stopper, by George Strait
Steven Strait from The Covenant is hella hot.
Watching and Steven Strait without a shirt is doing things to me
George strait for the rest of the night 😊
Babe. Steven Strait has had my heart since 2006. 😍😍
It'd be great if someone faked Michael Angarano and Steven Strait.
I grew up in New York, in the Village, and I started going to Stella Adler ...
A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredible Steven Strait!
It's nice to see Steven Strait getting some love on here. Felt I should share one of my favorite shots of him.
Thomas Jane is superhot (see Hung - wow) but I was referring to Steven Strait.
Terrible quality pic but I just watched Sky High and the whole *** movie was full of Steven Strait being stunningl…
I would LOVE to have sex with Steven Strait in zero gravity or even in normal gravity! XD!
With '10,000,' our aim was to make a film that was entertaining and a rolle...
That's such a great thing about New York, after growing up in a place and b...
Started watching The Expanse. Did not expect to be reunited with my teenage crush, Steven Strait. Nice to see he's …
Steven Allen Strait so I was working on my own version of Sia Chandelier. Hoping to record it a Devin Beer sometime.
Steven Strait looks like a totally different dude with glasses is this for real?!
Strait up starving and my throat still tingles. The weather needs to figure itsself out
Ok then Steven Allen Strait Devin Beer Tre Perry and Ben Gregoire you guys wanna hang out?
I've been incredibly fortunate to be able to have different opportunities a...
On a more serious note: that was one helluva scene there between Elias and Steven Strait! 😱
updates Steven Strait for rank 1149 to 1297
I got early access and let me tell you it's ! You definitely don't want to miss & we're having Steven Strait on Thurs!
Expanse The Unofficial 04 - Steven Strait as Jim Holden in imageΒ©Syfy
we will have Steven Strait, aka Holden in studio on Thursday at 9:05pm!
I just watched The Covenant again after many many years. I remembered my prepubescent heart going pitter patter for steven strait 😍😍😍
A little George strait in the morning.
Steven Strait makes me feel some sort of way
Peridot from steven universe sketch! I felt inspired after watching 13 episodes strait.
steven strait or radufe or Chace Crawford as fc.
Hey, I've now been RTed/quoted by 3/4 of the crew of the Rocinante!. (I don't think the real Steven Strait is on here, dangit.)
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Sneak peek from tonight's new ep of (10/9c), featuring Steven Strait,
At parents' house for the holidays and cracked out my old Sky High dvd. I still wish & Steven Strait's characters got together.😍
Steven Strait, I'd watch anything for you. Let's hope this is not a repeat of… πŸ“Ί Watching The Expanse Season 1 β€”
updates Steven Strait for rank 1820 to 573
Steven Strait was absolutely phenomenal in that interrogation scene especially with the camera work!
Steven strait from looks like Billy Bob Thorton's love child. Any one else see it?
Steven Straight on the implications of Holden's recorded message:.
How is similar to Steven Strait weighs in:
.Steven Strait explains Holden's motivations for recording that message:.
From the Acting game 'Nerdy' teen Steven Strait grows handsomely into acting: provides o...
Can't tell if The Expanse is good or if I just really really like looking at Steven Strait
and Steven Strait are both tremendous in their roles
Steven Strait looks a heck of a lot like a young James Franco.
Theo James reminds me of Steven Strait because of their super deep, soothing, beautiful voices
due to Steven Strait’s slight resemblance to Adrian Grenier, I have begun referring to Holden as β€œVincent Space”
loving Steven Strait is exactly how I imagined Holden and the rest of the crew is stellar as well!
Luckily us, Jimmy produced the series and helped us land on Steven Strait for the Holden role
Plus we get to look at Steven Strait!
yes, they're about to drink some Earl Grey :) I didn't even know Steven Strait was married to my dear Lynn Collins!
Steven Strait, Thomas Jane, and Shohreh Aghdashloo? The Expanse has a surprisingly good cast, eh?
Dave Howe, President of and Steven Strait, star of ring the Closing Bell!
my Holden was ridiculous. I pictured Stephen Amell, good guy, totally wrong for Holden. Steven Strait is the best choice.
Them corny *** dreads Steven Strait had in this movie. Lol
More family photos with Steven Strait, Florence Faivre, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby...
is it my imagination or is Steven Strait channeling Billy Bob Thornton in
Can we go back and recast Jacob in Twilight as Steven Strait? Thanks.
Finally we get to see Steven Strait Nude!
If is in space, then Steven Strait is Jon Snow in space.
Watching one of my faves. MMF Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford.
I LOVE Steven Strait!!! 12mins in *** shot! Watch the full pilot for Syfy’s new space opera The Expanse right now
.You guys all NAILED it in the first episode of Steven Strait too!
I know, especially coming from Syfy. My one let-down is that they shaved Steven Strait's chest :(
it's based on the books by James S.A. Corey. Main cast include Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar and Shohreh Aghdashloo
Thomas Jane, Steven Strait and EPs preview the Syfy series
Check out the online premiere of episode 1 of my good friend new series . .
Holden's 30 in Leviathan Wakes. Steven Strait's 29. . Also is 63, she's just ridiculously good-looking.
when I read the Twilight books...Steven Strait was who I pictured as Jacob...guess he was "too old" for the movies *shrugs*
I added a video to a playlist Steven Strait "Boomerang" from Undiscovered
I added a video to a playlist Never Said Anything - Steven Strait ( With Lyrics )
I just realised my housemate looks like Steven Strait with blue eyes.
I saw that gonna be Steven Strait, I love that actor so much since I saw him in Sky High and The Covenant movies, he's amazing!!!
Waiting in line to see Jason Momoa after walking by Steven Strait giving an interview
I can't believe we're missing Steven Strait right now. Remember how obsessed we were?
1 hour warning for our prem screening of w Steven Strait & Florence Faivre. 701A!
I wish kids looked up to George Strait more than Kanye West.
The covenant! Fangirling Steven Strait. Gonna google him later!
Jealous. I've loved Steven Strait since Sky High.😍 Can't wait to see it when it airs!
We're screening prem tmrw at 2 in 701 with stars Steven Strait, Florence Faivre &
Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch and Sebastian Stan, need I say more :-P xxx
Dudes needing music to pump them up in the gym. Bruh, I'll knock you out listening to George Strait. . 10 rounds of done!. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
|| so, our bunk mate in the hostel looks like Steven Strait. He's from Portugal and I want to lick him.
Hush Hush novel series are amazing... My Patch is Steven Strait.
Steven Strait - One Thing Leads to Another lyrics and translations
Don Rickles strait roasting tonight is hilarious
Steven Strait, Armie Hammer and Jon Michael Hill aren't getting many hookups today! Are you a fan?
Steven Strait (just beat Tristan Wilds in Play now!
steven strait☺️πŸ”₯. comment your fav male movie actorπŸ”₯ (Vine by MCEveryday)
The guys from the movie the Covenant were so hot! Especially Steven Strait! πŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ’–
THE COVENANT will always be my fave πŸ’– steven strait πŸ˜›πŸ’¦
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Man, remember when Steven Strait was rocking the man bun at Sky High in 2005?
Can't beat George strait on a day like this
Will someone cast Taylor Lautner and Steven Strait in a movie together already.
Enough with the white boys and just cast Steven Strait as Peter Parker already.
OMG... Strait... ...what a cute man...
This song sounds like it's something strait out of Steven Universe
IDEK who Steven strait is but I guess we won't be talking LOL
Steven Strait the sexiest man on this earth😭
it's not about how good it is (is sucked) but Sebastian Stan, Taylor Kitsch, Steven Strait, chase Crawford! I mean
I love steven strait and Chace Crawford on the covenant 😻
ICYMI: Tony Abbott eats raw onion, skin and all, on Tasmania tour to announce Bass Strait subsidy scheme
Ouch! Ryan Lewis, Steven Strait and Daniel Radcliffe need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Oh no, Steven Strait, Oliver Cooper and Toby Regbo aren't looking so hot today! Are you a fan?
These guys got no love! Steven Strait, Oliver Cooper and Toby Regbo are Are you a fan? Play now!
I hope I look as good as Steven Tyler does when I'm 120 years old.
For me perfect Carter is Steven Strait, perfect Sylvain is Francisco Lachowski and Allie is Zoey Deutch β™₯ . What do you think ?
Jim Holden (Steven Strait) and his crew as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens peace across the System and the survival of humanity."
Steven Strait deserves more screen time with his bare chest... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜₯
Steven Strait...I love him in the covenant. yum!
I want to say a light brown (Steven Strait) *cough cough* () would be a great angel or 8ball in
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! β€” Steven strait
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor! β€” Nah to lazy to pap anything, it's steven strait btw go check in h...
I think i fallin' in love with steven strait cause watch him acting in " the covenant" 😍😍😍😍
Steven Strait kills it in Sky High. I'm watching Sky High by the way. Sorry.
Baby you look like my first love, Steven Strait 😍
I find Steven Strait hotter in Sky High than in The Covenant.
The Covenant on HBO. I remember digging Steven Strait back in the day. Hihi
You are a nice boy oh i love u STEVEN STRAIT:-) ;-) $
please Shelley Hennig and Steven Strait as Patch and Nora!!
I Love Texas. I love Whataburger. I love George Strait. I love Bar Be Que. I love Cowboy boots . I love Queso
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Bir keresinde Steven Strait'i tshirtunun durusundan tanimistim do not mess with the pro
Ouch! Armie Hammer just took out Steven Strait (in Who would you pick?
born to be hungry for STEVEN Strait ❀ omg
Steven strait is attractive sometimes...
Jamie Campbell Bower or Steven Strait (Who would you rather hookup with?
Steven Strait and his man bun just awww :')
Word is... At the 48th Annual Country Music Awards in Nashville oln Nov. 5 Steven Tyler will present an award.
Sebastian Stan is really into Steven Strait's mustache.
Steven Strait looks hotter with long hair 😍
Watching Sky High. Steven Strait's still gwapo with long hair :)
I completely forgot Sebastian Stan kisses Steven strait in this movie.
I forgot how much I liked Steven Strait😏😍
Wade's most suitable than Steven Strait,i think
|| Your face claim looks a lot like Steven Strait.
Lynn Collins and Steven Strait are my favourite couple. Glad to see they still together
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Ouch! Steven Strait, William Moseley and Nolan Gerard Funk need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Strait Steven kings the mist out here on Belmont's campus.
The fact that Steven Strait made an appearance in Revenge made my day
Give it to me strait, Steven Hawking. What are the odds that the God particle destroys the universe?
Steven Strait. The only reason I watch The Covenant over and over again.
ur the only *** girl she was nothin til Steven noticed her get yo facts strait ✊
Congrats to my friend Steven Strait on this.
EXCUSE ME, why did no one tell me Steven Strait, shows up in Revenge?? You're all horrible friends.
Ouch! Tom Sandoval, Steven Strait and Trey Songz need some fan love! Are you a fan?
So while on bed rest today I ended up watching episodes of Magic City, it reminded me just how sexy Steven Strait is.
OMG I just watched it's an independent film with Steven Strait and LMFAO it's so great I'm happy I waited 2 years for it *.*
Aye, and when wur @ it. Why no install David Murray as oor new chairman? U need tae git yur priorities strait m8
Jessie mentioned Steven Strait and it made me think of
Steven Strait and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Magic City picture - Magic City picture of 48
LOL TRU, anyway the guy is hot, okay?
Blake called it a stupid witch movie but he obviously knows nothing about Steven Strait being a warlock!
I also need to watch more because /Christian Cooke and Steven Strait as Jeffrey Dean Morgan's sons/ like hello yes please
Steven Strait is perfect to be Patch
Which celebrity you would follow on β€” If only Steven Strait was on
Everyone loves Sebastian Stan these days, as they ought, but I'll always hate him a little for getting to kiss Steven Strait.
Just wondered if Steven Strait will play as Patch in Hush Hush movie. Then it'll be perfect
I freaking love Steven Strait especially in The Covenant ❀
The covenant is on the tv YES. Love me some Steven Strait 😍
I'm watching The Covenant. I'm so excited! It does have Sebastian Stan and Steven Strait and Tony Hemingway
Chris Zylka and Steven Strait are hot! Who would your hookup be?
Steven Strait and Taylor Kitsch are total babes 😍
If heartaches were horses and hard times were cattle I'd ride home at sunset sittin tall in the saddle . -George Strait
The realization that Josh Brolin and Steven Strait look alike makes my heart melt 😍
Correction: the movie I watched last night with and Steven Strait was called not My bad. lol
I'd give a kidney to be able to go to George Strait tonight.
Tonight is George Strait's last concert. Long live the King!
Steven does look dope my *** got rings on his hand strait flexing
Just watched with Steven Strait and And wow. that movie was a lil bizarre. I definitely liked it though!
hi, Wade! You not my Patch, my Patch is Steven Strait ;) Chao! Cuando pueda te hablo ;)
Ridiculous 2006 witchy fight scenes starring Sebastian Stan and Steven Strait are my weakness
Creo que me voy a deprimir si no elijen a Steven Strait como Patch :(
Steven strait y taylor son re parecidos
Watching The Covenant for the millionth time bc Steven Strait. 😍😍😍
Talked George Strait into giving us an encore
Becca Fitzpatrick was right; Steven Strait would nail this role! Keep calm and wait for Hush, Hush Saga
"In honor of watching Sky High. I give you my Steven Strait who plays Warren Peace.
Urgh i love brady barr. Mcm pengganti steven strait. Crocs catcher, really incredible and ahhhmazinggg
They are making Hush, Hush into a movie. I can't with Hollywood anymore. (But they better cast Steven Strait or I will cry)
Download movie ya 'After' iliyo chezwa na Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra and Madison Lintz...
No matter how good these new country artists get, gotta love and appreciate guys like George Strait, Garth & Alan Jackson
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I wish I didn't stalk Steven Strait. :( I just found out that he's got a wife na.
I wonder what steven strait looks like right now. ~droool!
I have 4 tickets for George strait at the state farm.. section 120 $400 each...hmu if you're interested
Steven strait is so hot in this movie I literally can't believe it
Movie: After (2012) Country: Directors: Ryan Smith Writers: Jason Parish (story), Ryan Smith (story), Ryan Smith Stars: Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Madison Lintz, Sandra Ellis Lafferty Insight Plot: When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left in their...
Becca Fitzpatrick's choice to play Patch was Steven Strait and her choice to play Nora was Emmy Rossum but she thinks they won't work now.
- Steven Strait cause of all the fanvids, and now I've seen this other guy Wade Poezyn, *** he's even better i think
Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford, Taylor Kitsch, and Steven Strait (yeah I know there are four but…
I cannot get over that little lip smash between Sebastian Stan and Steven Strait in The Covenant.…
Steven Strait as Tony Nardella. *drools*. Such hottie. Much wow. Very like.
Ha! Underrated actor Steven Strait is on both TNT and TBS right now.
Sky High is on and hello Steven Strait! 😍😍😍
Steven Strait HAS to play Patch in the Hush, Hush movie!
Oh look it's the exact moment I fell in love with Steven Strait from 2005 - 2007.
I come home hammered and my mom asks my "are you okay" and i say ya and then just go strait to bed πŸ˜‚
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
so Steven Strait in Revenge and I don't have that freaking channel. fml
To be honest, for my RL avi, it was a toss up between Josh Hartnett and Steven Strait, who played in the Covenant.
It's sad for me to announce that we have replaced Tyler :/ I hope he succeeds in whatever band he may join. TIME FOR GOOD NEWS. We have Steven Strait as our new vocalist!! He's probably the best vocalist I've seen that is open to joining a band. He's pretty *** impressive. He should fit our style more :) Can't wait for you all to hear what we do!! -Ben
What ever happened to Steven Strait though? I used to be OBSESSED witt his face.
If you don't like George Strait, you probably voted for Obama and drive a Prius.
"We want Hush Hush Movie" Yo siempre me he imaginado a Steven Strait como Patch β™₯
'We want hush hush movie' no hay pibe mas perfecto para patch que Steven Strait
"We want hush hush movie" Aclaro que si el actor no es Wade Poezyn o Steven Strait no la miro.
At least here in Mexico and South America is like a really big option. Or Steven Strait. SS would work too :)
yo me imagine a Steven Strait siempre :)
I need the new season of Teen Wolf, the first movie of Hush Hush (with Steven Strait), the teaser of Mockingjay and Teen Top in Argentina.
Try to talk George Strait into giving us an encore.
Steven Strait and Kit Harington. One would think I have a type 😘 so hot unf
Remember when imsebastianstan kissed Steven Strait in The Covenant?!
Steven Strait's spouse is 37 years old and he's just 28. WHY
Steven Gerrard is a captain I would love to play for.
Movie night w myself! Wow. How special, this day. I am number 4 then The Covenant ❀❀ Alex Pettyfer and Steven Strait. Oh V day is complete ❀
While fans of Magic City are understandably upset by the show's cancellation, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht recently explained that the decision wasn't a difficult one when it came to finances. At the TCA press tour, he said, "It was a fine show but it was extremely expensive. It had decent audience but distributors weren’t interested in co-marketing it with us, and we felt season two had a pretty reasonable and satisfying landing spot." Magic City revolves around the world of Miami's Miramar Playa Hotel in 1959. The TV series stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, and Danny Huston, with Steven Strait, Christian Cooke, Jessica Marais, Yul Vazquez, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Kelly Lynch, and Elena Satine. What do you think? Did you like Magic City? Would you liked to have seen a second season?
Yesterday it was Honey now it's the covenant w/ Steven Strait
Steven Seagul said he saw it but thought it was a tropical fruit from the Gibraltar Strait so he ate it.
About the baddest girl I ever seennn..strait up out a movie sceneee...who knew she was a drama queennn..that'll turn my life to steven kingg
because we some George Strait groupies
Thank you for buying me that George Strait CD for my bday. Now I'm hooked😍😍
I swear to God, Steven Strait's smile is perfect ! .
she hates you she told me strait up the other day I swear
I favorited a video from Steven Strait "This Is Living" from Undiscovered
So I'm sitting in the living room and I look into the kitchen, to see Steven drinking strait out of the 2 liter soda. WhatEven Steven.
Listenin to some George Strait and Justin Moore before bed>>
The Covenant (film) The Covenant is a 2006 American action supernatural thriller film written by J. S. Cardone, directed by Renny Harlin, and starring Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford, Sebastian Stan, Laura Ramsey, and Jessica Lucas. Despite a positive fan base, the film was a critical failure, with a 3% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Plot The story begins in 1692, during the Salem witch trials, when five families from the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts formed a covenant of silence that would forever protect their families and their remarkable powers from the witch-hunters. One family went too far, though, and as a result of their transgression they were forever banished from the land. Flash forward to the new millennium and the four Sons of Ipswich are now the student elite at the prestigious Spenser Academy. To the students of the Spenser Academy, the Sons of Ipswich, Caleb Danvers (Steven Strait), Pogue Parry (Taylor Kitsch), Reid Garwin (Toby Hemingway), and Tyler Simms (Chace ...
you look somewhat like Steven Strait in your DP. :)
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I can't sleep so Steven's not going to sleep till I say so. Lol
Directed by Raymond De Felitta. With Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Steven Strait, Emily Mortimer. The Rizzos, a family who doesn't share their habits, aspirations, and careers with one another, find their delicate web of lies disturbed by the arrival of a young ex-con (Strait) brought home by Vin...
Fall in love with two guys at the same time. Steven Strait && Gregory Gorenc.
All I want is shelley to be nora, and steven strait to be patch. I doubt steven is gonna happen (sob) but still hoping for shelley
Jheez Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch , Toby Hemingway & Chase Crawford all in one movie 😍
The Covenant. Steven Strait is always better than Taylor Lautner
Omg I'm watching Steven Strait (aka my Patch) in some movie on MTV. Gosh he definitely need to act as Patch
I need an OC with Steven Strait as the FC ._.
"Adam Levine, Jeremy Irvine, Dave Franco, Max Irons and Steven Strait are dating Arini Ayu" Ofcourse but I don't like the lights so pls stop
No man is more beautiful than Steven Strait in Undiscovered. What happened to him? I miss that long hair and voice full of angst.
Best thing about New Years... George strait all day!
yeah I know about that but she also said he wont be able to fine with steven strait tho.
Taylor Kitsch Taylor Kitsch (born April 8, 1981) is a Canadian actor and model. He is known for his role as Tim Riggins in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights (2006–2011) and as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). His other film credits include John Carter (2012), Battleship (2012), Savages (2012), The Grand Seduction (2013) and Lone Survivor (2013). Personal life Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. His mother worked for the BC liquor board and his father in construction.He has two older brothers and two younger maternal half sisters, and was raised by his single mother in Vancouver. He played junior ice hockey for the Langley Hornets in the British Columbia Hockey League, before a knee injury ended his career. Modeling career Kitsch moved to New York in 2002 after receiving an opportunity to pursue modeling with IMG and studied acting there as well. While in New York, he became a nutritionist and a personal trainer.For a time in New York he was homeless and took to sl ...
Oh my god Steven Strait you delicious hottie
I like sky high. :) first time seeing steven strait n liking him.hehehhe *^*
I still don't get why girls go asdfghjk over channing tatum. When there are people like Steven Strait and Chris Pine T_T
Lynn Collins is 36y/o while Steven Strait is 27y/o. 9 years gap and they are together since 2007. WHUTDA
My girl is actin strait restarted, where is my brother satch, & Steven at?
I strait up was bouta bring some lol
Secrets, curses and beings of immense power... have you seen yet?
in Twilight look likes Steven Strait in Sky High :)
i'd love to watch 10,000 BC...starring steven strait...sna my mbili aq...
Steven Strait I'll find you . And i'll marry you ok :3
I don't know why I find Steve Aoki hot.. and obviously Steven Tyler and Steven Strait. OMG. What's up with Steven? Maybe its the long hair..
Lemme try it again... But I love that Steven Strait ._.
Steven Strait my new fav actor.. So cool and cute
I have such a huge crush on Steven Strait
Definitely something about steven strait😍
I get the news. Acquired the rights to Hush Hush and they just want to make a request. Steven Strait should be PATCH
|| I need at least 3 OCs (2 boys, 1 girl) to RP with me. Main character's FC : …
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Stevie Wong interviews Steven Strait in the movie "10 B.C."
You're right, babe. *Inhales and exhales thinking of happy thoughts* Happy kitty, sleepy kitty.Jacob...Steven Strait..Henry Cavill...Sun.
I'm watching The Covenant alone... OMG! Steven Strait is sooo freaking HOT!! He plays Caleb and *** he's soft spoken and hot and that smile OMG! For those of u who have seen the movie Sky High he plays Warren Peace :) He's a Taylor Lautner look alike. And yes Julee White and Sarita Trevino I'll always see him as a Jesse look alike. lol Jesse was a guy we partied with and we all thought he was hot. :) lol
OMG Kit Harington and Emily Browning together in a movie. It's just like Camilla Belle and Steven Strait.
I refuse to watch the movie if they end up casting Ethan Peck and not Steven Strait as !
yeayh yg muka dia sama macam steven strait tu!! I love them so much :*
3 more days an I'm off to Liverpool, Ibiza an love box ;) bring on the madness x an many more
Steven Strait is my favorite really cool dude(HOT)
Who's got a old strait talk phone they are not using and wanna get rid of let me kno asap I'm in dyer need lol
Where did you grow up, EAST OR WEST of the (605) ? -Tommy
Is it wrong to stare at a feminists boobs? I was raised by a single Mom who carved her way into a male dominated industry and then excelled at it into retirement. She was pro woman all the way and hammered those ideas into my head. Women are equals, women should control their own bodies, women should get the same pay, women should get the same opportunities and so on. I agree with all of that. At the same time, women buy calendars of shirtless firemen and go to parties with male strippers and now have stressful jobs and the resulting bad eating habits and stress related health conditions. Reality is reality and personally I don't believe in fairytale worlds where all things are ideologically perfect. In the world I live in, I am a guy, women are women. I like women. I suppose if I was *** i would like guys. I figure that's how it works. Now I know not to grab people without permission and not to talk to coworkers about inappropriate topics an all but out in the real world, is it really so bad to love boob ...
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Thank you Shaun Huggins for mentioning marmite. I really fancy it now on toast
No painting today. Having a break watching Despicable Me 2 with 3 despicable people Steven Strait Valeria Strait and Wesley Strait at my favorite Summer movie location. Back to work MaΓ±ana
steven strait is so gorg . β™₯omg. I'm seriously falling in love.
Matthew Steven Sorenson got 5th in the Feature!!
Alright a fun posting a song connected to a memory. Do t need to know the memory just the song...doesn't have to be a gospel song. Just sayin...
Sorry folks Kyle is the oldest son of Barry and April it was Steven the 2nd son! I was wrong thanks Julie wether ford for keeping me strait!
Maction_can play abduction and the covenant movies a millions times. Steven strait & tayler*hotties!
Regardless of the number of times that I watched I still want a copy of my own. Steven Strait, lemme kiss ya loljk
I'm not perfect, nor am i always right! But i do have the right to view things an any manor i choose. If you dislike my views more power to you, but don't disrespect me or my views or i will do da same. Maybe my old so-called friends have ah hard time excepting that lifes experiences has changed me just like urs has changed you, but the moment you disrespect my views with out merit, expect to be cussed out, no hard feelings it is wat it is. Wit dat being said. Everyone have ah nice Saturday!
Toni Jennie and Steven and wee skylar
Steven strait in the covenant is so hot
MEANT FOR FAMILY REUNION GROUP, ALTHOUGH I SEE MANY POSTING AND RESPONDING OUTSIDE OF THE "GREAT FAMILY REUNION GROUP" soI amdoing so in hopes of reaching more at the Reunion: Gary (grandson of Jacob MEDNIKOPFF) is now on premises with his wife, Judy. Having carb loaded at the Waffle Shop en route from airport, we are ready and let the games begin! At our age, however (old but not that old) our idea of great competitive games is BRIDGE rather than tennis, morning runs, etc. yes, cousins this sad lament is from the Everest Climber who joined the Family Reunion in 1992 just after returning from Nepal! But I climbed that mountain at 47 and now I'm ... well a bit older (don't, please, do the math!) Come see the World Premier movie I have prepared to update family on Jacob Mednikopff and descendants on his branch of the family tree. I have researched and now chronicle with old photos from Library of Congress and Alaska Archives Jacob's inspiring and mad journey from Kiev across Russia, including the vastness o ...
Steven Strait para Patch *-* Aunque no se me ocurre bien nadie xD
Steven Strait se me parece a Mario Casas, idk
Taylor Kitsch AND Steven Strait in the same movie (β™₯β™₯,) ... I feel funny in my underpants (._.")
Congratulations to Alicia and Doug. A beautiful wedding with the color theme of "Lapis Purple". The formal dances were the spotlight of the reception, First Dance to "I Cross My Heart, George Strait", Father-Daughter dance to "Cinderella, Steven Curtis Chapman", Mother-Son dance to "My Wish, Rascal Flatts". DJ Karl kept the party going! Wedding held at The Stillwell House, Photos by Natalie Atkinson Photography, Emcee / DJ by Desert DJs
when i see Chace Crawford, Steven Strait and Sebastian Stan in one same movie, i'm like featured in NBC s Science of Love
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