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Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat (born 18 November 1961) is a Scottish television writer and producer.

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grateful to Mark Gatiss , Steven Moffat , Steve Thompson and first at first Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ♥ — watching Sherlock
Steven Moffat is not sentimental pt 2,500,657: He nearly did for Sally Sparrow...
Mark Gatiss: "Let's make our finale be Sherlock meets Saw". Steven Moffat: "That's going to be great!". [Ron Howard voice] "It wasn't"
I have always believed that Steven Moffat and Dave Filoni are the leaders of great TV story telling today. Adding Rebecca Sugar to my list.
Steven Moffat: 'Only the BBC would have come up with Doctor Who' . Alan Mills: "Only the Tories would have come up with Boris Johnson"
Was reading an old Dr Who Magazine and Steven Moffat's description of why Doctor Who matters is so perfe…
"I ran away from Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy to run " Steven Moffat
So Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat are going after Series Ten, can a new composer at least come in to replace Murray Gold for a bit now?
🆕 s.10 media pack, inc. interviews with Peter Capaldi, and Steven Moffat:
I liked a video Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat own Cyber Bullies in the best possible
Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat drops hints about how Peter Capaldi will regenerate:…
Steven Moffat's induction into the Hall of Fame by after a great interview by Frank Skinn…
Steven Moffat being introduced into the Radio Times Hall of Fame after a highly entertaining talk at the BFI.
Pretty awesome being able to see Michael Palin and Steven Moffat inducted into the Radio Times Hall of Fame!
Great interview with Steven Moffat tonight at the BFI, ending with his induction into the Radio Times Hall of Fame
Steven Moffat's induction into the Hall of Fame 👏🏻👏🏻
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I really love Steven Moffat so much. I might throw him a leaving party at Christmas.
Steven Moffat says he wishes he quit 'the awful show' 4 years ago...
We speak to Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and in the latest issue of SFX, on sale today!…
David Tennant thinks Chris Chibnall was "the only choice" to take over the reigns from Steven Moffat
John and Sherlock have spent 50% of their Valentines Day trying to avoid being seen together by Steven Moffat and Mark Ga…
Steven Moffat has gone too far this time
No I think Steven Moffat got that job.
Steven Moffat has finally gone too far
Steven Moffat at his best. This scene always gives me the chills. Colonel Run-away,
UK: Steven Moffat and will be signing Manga ASiP at London at 6pm TOMORROW! https:…
the show which is down (imo) to the Leadership of Steven Moffat. Would like to see him questioned more. But you do a grand job
Say what you like about Steven Moffat but he gave 11 some amazing quotes!
Proud to announce Sue Vertue (and Steven Moffat as BFF's new ambassadors.
Yeah, I guess I'm meeting them one at a time, me Sue Vertue and Steven Moffat! Love them . Sue is…
ICYMI Steven Moffat / Sue Vertue are signing A Study in Pink at 6pm! Do not miss! https:/…
Steven Moffat & Sue Vertue signing the Sherlock Manga right now.
The award for Best Make It Up As You Go Along would 100% go to Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.
Both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat will leave after the Christmas Special
Is it just me, or does it feel like Stephen King, Joss Whedon, and Steven Moffat collaborated on the script for "Trumpageddon 2017"?
Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson are supreme writers.
Steven Moffat's run on was and is better than Russell T. Davies'. Smith and Capaldi are superior to Tennant. Fight me.
Steven Moffat is doing the same thing to that he's done to made it too convoluted and forgotten…
100% of Britons are gonna punch Steven Moffat if he made John have an affair with someone who wasn't Sherlock.
"Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss say people sobbed at screening"
Wow, this year's New Year Honours is stupid. Ant & Dec should be knighted, Russell T Davies should have a CBE and Steven Moffat
The best bit for me from Steven Moffat's era is Amy and Rory's demise. From there gone a bit rubbish...
Want to write like the man behind and . Check out our amazing masterclass with Steven Moffat .
Steven Moffat can't find any decent material so he's decided to rip off superman. Bullocks. Bring back Russel T Davies.
David Tennant, Russel T Davis Julie Gardener, PLEASE PLEASE come back and save Dr WHO as Steven Moffat is killing him
I like Steven Moffat but I think it's long overdue that he allowed another writer to take the reign.
I'm looking forward to when Steven Moffat leaves The episodes have become childishly uninteresting since Russel T Davies left.
Rewatching the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who. Just reminded how much better the show was before Steven Moffat's reign.
Top 3 reasons Britons are excited for Sherlock:. 1 Gayness. 2 Angry Martin Freeman. 3 It's fun to be mad at Steven Moffat
Chris Evans is starring in the big screen remake of Steven Moffat's Jekyll
He exudes an enormous amount of menace: Steven Moffat
How well do and Steven Moffat know each other? We asked to find out…
Now that he's outlasted Steven Moffat and it seems Hillary Clinton, can Phil Morris now release the missing episodes he's found?
writer's block's good. That means there's something wrong with the story. -Steven Moffat
The Doctor Who Christmas special is based on Steven Moffat's Clark Kent obsession
Mark Gatiss, Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Gareth Roberts, and Matt Jones wrote for the Seventh Doctor as well. ;)
Doctor Who is getting a superhero crossover this Christmas, says Steven Moffat
Doctor Who is a getting superhero crossover this Christmas, says Steven Moffat.
I admire Steven Moffat's writing a great deal but I hope Chris Chibnall comes up with series outlines and follows them.
So, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss hurry up!!!. This fandom is loosing its mind
I blame Steven Moffat. It's ok. Chris Chibnall will save us soon.
Steven Moffat and Louise  Brealey both flat-out admitting Molly did THAT with Jim from IT is still one of...
Alternate headline: Steven Moffat explains to Comic Con that he is not Russell T Davies.
Steven Moffat's son keeps trying and failing to prank Michelle Gomez.
So far I've seen Billie Piper, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and Arthur Darvill all in the same day.
Oh my god Steven Moffat is here. He's in the same room. Seeing Matt Smith in Unreachable. Oh my gosh
Why assume that just because Tennant left with Davies, Peter Capaldi has to leave with Steven Moffat? Let's think outside the box people!
Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue on three names for Season 4: "Thatcher. Smith. Sherinford."
Fellow creator Steven Moffat weighed on how this possible resurrection would affect Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch).
Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat 'hints Matt Smith could be the first Doctor Who ... -
Black actor offered role of Doctor Who but turned it down, says Steven Moffat
Steven Moffat and J K Rowling meet up 3 times a month to discuss ideas on how to make people cry the most.
Steven Moffat: "Delighted to have Toby Jones on board, bringing to life one of Doyle’s finest villain…
Steven Moffat and Russell .T. Davies have a mild fracas in Episode 2.
I've seen Russell T Davies hug Steven Moffat. It was like watching an angel hug a demon
Dr Who: Time for Steven Moffat to hand over the TARDIS Keys?
Watch Steven Moffat regenerate into new showrunner Chris Chibnall!
The top 4 causes of depression in Britain: 1 No tea 2 Steven Moffat 3 Lack of snow 4 "3 episodes"
Has Steven Moffat apologised to us for Death in Heaven yet?
and the Death in Heaven by Steven Moffat (with apologies to Chris Achilleos again...)
Coupling by Steven Moffat is so good!
I liked a video Steven Moffat Regenerates into Chris Chibnall
Doctor Who epz by Steven Moffat tend to much better the 2nd or 3rd time; When you've had chance to figure out what the *** is going off!
I don't think, generally speaking, people become writers because they were ...
and Steven Moffat, can you please get out of my head!
Steven Moffat adds: "Also loved the way the show was restructured - Sam as bartender, Rebecca as boss... (1/2)
Steven Moffat weighs in:. "Loved Diane, preferred Rebecca. Possibly because I didn't expect it to work, so it was a joyous surprise."
Dr Who: In his 5th season, Steven Moffat finally delivers the goods
According to Steven Moffat, Captain Jack Harkness was going to be part of The Doctor's Army….
I'll always love Steven Moffat for choosing Peter Capaldi to play the Doctor. Thank you Steven!
I just pray she sticks around for more than one series so we can see her written by smne competent
Bit of random idea, but what if The CW got Steven Moffat as a replacement for Guggenheim.
Also latest DWM has Jenny Colgan defending Steven Moffat from internet trolls too.
Doctor who showrunner steven moffat to leave show and broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall to take over _ news _ ...
In which everyone tries their best to shuffle away from Steven Moffat's photo op
You know when you're having your picture taken with Peter Capaldi & then Steven Moffat photobombs you? That! ;)
Steven Moffat: "she was the first one through the door and she was just extraordinary."
Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat and Denver the dog filming Sherlock at Borough Market.
I'm starting to think the reason Doctor Who is on hiatus is b/c Steven Moffat is writing 2016, and Joss Whedon is co-writing December
Steven Moffat once answered my question in the DWM. (And I met Neve McIntosh at comicon)
Most common causes of yelping and screaming in Britain:. 1 "written by Steven Moffat". 2 'Modest'. 3 3 episodes. 4 "taking a…
The film is getting the same treatment as Doctor Who in lots of ways. Zack Snyder is the new Steven Moffat it appears
actually same Steven Moffat may be brilliant when it comes to Sherlock but doctor who has gone so down hill nah
Steven Moffat is rebooting the universe again.
This is a reminder that I still hate Steven Moffat and cannot wait until Doctor Who is safe again
REMINDER: This is what happens when you watch too much written by Steven Moffat or guest on an episode.
Didn't realise Steven moffat was the next companion
didn't realise Steven moffat was the next companion 😂
My favorite characters, Steven Moffat will never do a spin off. But I can, my characters, I have extended stories multiplying I want to.
There's a 71% chance Steven Moffat doesn't like to make too many Doctor Who episodes because he sees lots of people eatin…
Oh, come on, Steven Moffat would if he could.
I do hope that Steven Moffat, and Murray Gold don't need nominations to be aware of their bravura. They're the best. Period
Mark Gatiss , Steven Moffat , Stephen Thompson > Sherlock . Takeshi Obata , Tsugumi Ohba > Death Note . you are my inspiration
Advance Manga Preview: Sherlock: A Study in Pink by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Jay -
if you like that I highly recommend the BBC series Coupling by Steven Moffat its main character Steve is so that guy and hilarious
Victorian London will feature in 94% fewer episodes of Doctor Who once Steven Moffat leaves.
Steven Moffat repeated the words 'Victorian London' 7,221 times before the producers relented and let him write the Sherl…
Steven Moffat: Sometimes Martin scribbles out “Sherlock” on the script in biro and writes “John.” . JW
Clara Oswin Oswald: The best Christmas gift Steven Moffat has ever given us.
Top 5 Britons you don't want to meet in a dark alley:. 1 Steven Moffat. 2 Mark Gatiss. 3 J K Rowling. 4 Voldemort. 5 James Mor…
Is the Doctor half-human? We take a look at the evidence in 'Doctor Who' -
I'm probably the only one whose thought this, but wouldn't it be cool and also crazy if Steven Moffat wrote a comic book
Watch Steven Moffat, and discuss the themes covered in The Abominable Bride: https…
A muss Steven Moffat write this episode. 😢😭
Peter Capaldi is a great actor but Steven moffat hasn't allowed him to be a great doctor all I've seen is the Clara show
jmkitsune: steven moffat and Mark Gatiss at their first jobs! Edit- so it’s been like a week since I...
Watch Steven Moffat, & discuss the concept of The Abominable Bride
How come I dont have a Russell T Davies or a Steven Moffat name with me when I go front & center on Audio, I dont know that's the way it is.
I email the queen of England about Steven Moffat he gets a bafta, Matt Smith gets several movie roles and so does
Steven Moffat thinks Maisie Williams makes an excellent contrast to Peter Capaldi with her "elfin features" and "ancient eyes"
Congratulations to Steven Moffat, awarded an OBE at a Buckingham Palace investiture ceremony, yesterday!
If Peter Jackson doesn't direct a Steven Moffat-penned/ran DOCTOR WHO, then what was it all for?
Steven Moffat waggishly mentions fans' heedless disregard of Theta Sigma as the Doctor's name in Doctor Who Magazine.
Kickstart this psalm that's like if Steven Moffat had made Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but with elves.
Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat quits to be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall via
Steven Moffat will step down as Head Writer & Exec Producer after S10… Chris Chibnall to take over!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Chris Chibnall is already loved 3982% more than Steven Moffat.
I also really want Jack Davenport to guest on Doctor Who before Steven Moffat leaves, preferably in a Missy episode.
Steven Moffat has produced some great Doctor Who. So how did he become so hated?
Steven Moffat's leaving Kristen Bell on more and more
An actual person sent this to Phil Ford: "Thank god Steven Moffat is leaving it's been years coming he was killing
Steven Moffat will step down after Series 10… . Chris Chibnall to take over. . FULL STORY @ https:/…
Also, Steven Moffat told Phil Ford to think of Billy Connolly when writing 'Into the Dalek' for Peter Capaldi's Doctor.
Now, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat could have chosen ANY colour. A Study in Red. A Study in Green. A Study in Blue. A Study in Purple.
The top 3 most reckless Britons who are scaring the locals and making babies cry:. 1 Steven Moffat. 2 Mark Gatiss. 3 JK Rowl…
Steven Moffat is the only Briton who wanted a Sherlock special set in Victorian London.
The Abominable Bride is absolutely brilliant!. But, it begs the question. Did Mark Gatiss or Steven Moffat meet Christopher Nolan?
Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat talk Missy and the Doctor’s friendship at https:/…
Steven Moffat is like Christopher Nolan of TV. And is Jonathan Nolan, who also acts.
I'll defend Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to my last breath as the best writers of British TV. Except maybe Russell T Davies.
Sherlock as we knew it prior to 2010? On the fence, but in the pasture. Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat: shepherd me on . featured in NBC s Science of Love
You come back from a quick tea break and suddenly Matt Smith is trying to burn Steven Moffat's house. What did I miss?
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves and Steven Moffat explain why Sherlock Holmes is loved so...
Steven Moffat could be leaving after series 10 and Chris Chibnall could takeover. I would prefer Toby Whithouse to take over.
"People who don't like Sherlock Holmes are the people who haven't paid attention to it yet." - Steven Moffat
Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, Greg Davies & Steven Moffat just finished a Q&A! Here are some of our fave moments... https…
I liked a video from Peter Capaldi & Steven Moffat on "WHAT MAKES A GOOD CHRISTMAS
Tetsuya Nomura is the Steven Moffat (of Doctor Who showrunner fame) of the Final Fantasy fan universe. Discuss.
So, how many times has Nick Briggs pitched Clara and Me to Steven Moffat's voicemail today?
Steven Moffat thought Doctor Who's 2015 Christmas special could be his last ever episode via
Steven Moffat reveals why John Hurt replaced Christopher Eccleston in the 50th anniversary special
Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss on the Sherlock special
Since its St Andrews Day I thought id make a list of Scottish things that i like: Grant Morrison,Steven Moffat, Frank Quitely. Peter Capldi..
Heaven Sent is one of the best episodes of so far. Amazing play from Peter Capaldi and fascinating story from Steven Moffat!
Also, Steven Moffat listens to The The, because 'heaven sent and *** bent' is a line from 'Sweet Bird of Truth'. Bird. Truth. Last 2 eps.
So just after watching Doc who has Steven Moffat been fired and trying to ruin the show i let the sonic...
Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat denies he has made show more misogynist
NEW VIDEO. Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat introduce the remarkable Heaven Sent:. https:…
📷 fafana20: Peter Capaldi, Sylvester McCoy, Steven Moffat and Ingrid Oliver at the Australian Doctor Who...
The awkward moment when Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss came third in a Doctor Who pub quiz
Steven Moffat on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.
Steven Moffat finally reveals why John Hurt replaced…
Very interesting interview with Steven Moffat about the 50th anniversary
This is the cutest story about Sylvester McCoy and Steven Moffat's son .
Sherlock fans -- watch Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue and Amanda Abbington answer fans' questions at MCM...
Ingrid Oliver and Steven Moffat talk Zygons as they introduce The Zygon Inversion!
Steven Moffat discusses future, confirms that Peter Capaldi "is going nowhere": https:…
76% of Britons believe Steven Moffat to be worse than Voldemort.
the unholy trinity: D&D, Steven Moffat and Chris Carter tbh
Could the Doctor be a woman? Steven Moffat gives his definitive answer
co-creator and writer Steven Moffat in a specially recorded masterclass
Will Captain Jack return? Steven Moffat reveals he is mentioned in tonight's episode!
I’m going to be at this Saturday, on the panel with Steven Moffat, &
Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue of SHERLOCK all contributed to the restoration effort.
While I feel Steven Moffat shouldn't be lead writer, so far Dr Who series 9's fairly good as a whole. Though Davros making a joke, so corny.
The Time of The Doctor is killing me 😭 Steven Moffat what have you done?!?!?
Wow, Steven Moffat just broke the fourth wall, and reference Peter Capaldi's previous Doctor Who appearance... And made it work.
Any party with Steven Moffat attending is guaranteed to be the best one ever.
steven moffat can't write ...bring back Russell T Davies...
The ep was written by Steven Moffat and Jamie Mathieson who wrote 2014’s Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline.
Video of & Steven Moffat from Not listening to Moff, just watching the gorgeous Michelle.
Just met big Steven Moffat, bbcdoctorwho legend!
All right. Despite my ongoing reservations regarding Steven Moffat as showrunner, I must admit this season of Doctor Who has been fantastic.
One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. Steven Moffat
Look WHO I interviewed - who presented Steven Moffat with his award at the
Steven Moffat can't go 3 hours without setting something in Victorian London.
Babies are 98% less pretentious than Steven Moffat makes them out to be.
there's something a bit creepy about Steven Moffat's smile in that photo!
Steven Moffat rectifies 1 plot hole every ten years and it's never one that anyone cares about.
Britain's best examples of too much power:. 1 Steven Moffat. 2 J K Rowling. 3 Lord Voldemort
Women of panel with Una Stubbs, Steven Moffat &
The panel features and Una Stubbs, as well as Steven Moffat, and
Steven Moffat wanted K9 for Last Christmas, says he takes one year at a time
VIDEO: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat introduce Under the Lake at http:…
I stopped because ugh Steven Moffat :( even though I love love Matt Smith!
The day Steven Moffat realises Doctor Who isn't 'his show', it might actually be good again
Steven Moffat discusses Genesis of the Daleks – one of the classics behind the current story: http…
Watching last season's finale of NCIS. I'm convinced Steven Moffat wrote it.
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat introduce series 9! Full version at
100% of everything Steven Moffat does is set in Victorian London.
A Q&A with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, hosted by Jason Mohammad….
hope it doesn't happen here. Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss. Wish Jenna Coleman was coming again or Michelle Gomez were coming
NEW VIDEO! Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat discuss the return of Missy! Full version at
Matt Lucas and Greg Davies spotted by (along with Steven Moffat) in Cardiff Bay today.
Am I the only person who wants that Steven Moffat stop writting and Russell T Davies start writting it again?
Somewhere, Steven Moffat and Russell Davies just punched the air.
Jack Hawkins looks strikingly similar to Steven Moffat.
Omg! Thought: Steven Moffat, Joss Whedon and Pixar make Iain M Banks 'Culture' films and TV series. Now how am I supposed to sleep?
Can Doctor Who's Steven Moffat keep schtum? What we learned at the TCAs
An interview with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss - Sherlock: Series 3 - BBC One
Where can you get Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance *** all in one …
Russel T Davies probably. Although I also love Steven Moffat's eps despite all the hate they get...
Also in DWM 483: "RadioTimes: Russell T Davies has an important question for Steven Moffat
TIP DAY 24 Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and the team share their Doctor Who highlights
The Sherlock special is heading for cinemas, says Steven Moffat:
Steven Moffat confesses he stole from Sherlock's idea of realising there's similar body to him after child screamed at him.
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At Sherlock panel Victorian Sherlock clip generates rapturous applause. Steven Moffat says special will also show in some cinemas
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and EP Steven Moffat are on hand for panel. Capaldi calls "co…
We want your questions for exec producers Steven Moffat & Brian Minchin! Visit for more info! http…
Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat and Eddie Redmayne honoured by the Queen
Congratulations to Steven Moffat and Benedict Cumberbatch on their honours in the recent Queen's Honours List
I dread the time when George R. R. Martin and Steven Moffat work together on a series...
no child no no I just don't want Steven Moffat there anymore he ***
Yeah I finished season 7 but never started 8 bc Steven Moffat *** ***
Anonymous said: Hi! I love your blog! Was wondering what you think of Steven Moffat.
We can manipulate Steven Moffat with chocolate. Lovely.
No one can tear your heart apart like one Steven Moffat.
I'm reminded of a certain fictional PM when I read "Head Writer & Executive Producer Steven Moffat" in DWM. We know who he is😀
Steven Moffat Honored By the Queen for Doctor Who and Sherlock - No word yet on whether she can convince him to le…
Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is set to receive an OBE in the Queen's birthday honours.
Steven Moffat is really killing me. The pain of waiting is just so unbearable. I MISS SHERLOCK. . I need more! 😭
Steven Moffat's cursor does not blink.
Thanks, Steven Moffat, for creating Weeping Angels in Now, every stone statue I see…
If you're remotely interested in the writing of Steven Moffat, you need to watch this: Murder Most Horrid - Overkill.
In this week's - we break into Steven Moffat's writing lair to steal the Series 9 scripts!
EXCLUSIVE: is hiding in Steven Moffat's secret writing lair!.
Steven Moffat should get you to play your father as the Third Doctor!
Quite interesting how Russell T Davies' name is actually Stephen and now both he and Steven Moffat have OBEs for services to drama.
It sounds really cool! 👍 Watching The Snowmen now (the next episode of Dr Who) and it's written by Steven Moffat which writes
Yes Please: and Steven Moffat want Dame Angela Lansbury to guest star on
at least the drama isn't written by Steven Moffat who's greatest intention is to mess with your feels
Photo: doctorwho247: Steven Moffat has admitted that he’s set himself a “ludicrous challenge” for Episode...
If Steven Moffat needed to dig a hole there's a 70% chance he would write a script.
100% of Britons aren't angry at Steven Moffat, they're just disappointed.
Stargate SG-1 is good and has a pretty consistent mythology. Also not written by Steven Moffat.
Your eyes must have been deceiving you, or Steven Moffat was playing tricks to confuse the fans.
I don't know. I will be boycotting the show until Steven Moffat hands in his resignation anyway.
I went to the Wembley one on Saturday. Was brilliant. Steven Moffat was in audience as well
I blame Steven moffat for all my life problems basically 💁🏿
Why Steven Moffat staying for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 is totally a good thing -
D'ya think Steven Moffat actually resents SDCC so much, he's gone out of his way to screw over everybody's Preview Night plans??
"I turn and see Steven Moffat, the writer for Doctor Who. "Hey Mr.Moffat!" I tell him as we embrace in a hug" y hug when u can punch in face
Joining Capaldi on the panel will be stars Jenna Coleman & Michelle Gomez; and EPs Steven Moffat & Brian Minchin.
Davies to Moffat: "You can't be done with River! Capaldi and Kingston, it's a sex storm!"
Doctor Who will be at Comic Con on July 9. Appearances include Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat & Brian Minchin!
Steven Moffat is to DOCTOR WHO what Certified Archivists are to archivists. If you think it's good, you're a fool.
Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez and Brian Minchin will join Capaldi at 2015.
will be at in Hall H on Thursday, July 9: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin.
I love the friendship between Matt Smith and Steven moffat!
Doctor Who: Alex Kingston, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davies on River Song's future | Den of Geek
James Nesbitt stars in Steven Moffat's JEKYLL, starting next Tuesday at 9.30PM in THE ZONE.
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Are you trying to tell me, or has Steven Moffat been a little lazy with telling instead of showing this season?
No matter how funny I am, I'll never be funnier than the fact that Guy Ritchie made a better Sherlock Holmes than Steven Moffat.
Actual picture of how Steven Moffat feels when killing a character http:…
Doctor Who and the future of River Song
In the UK, it was also Steven Moffat writing Doctor Who for the first time ever, with Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor.
Steven Moffat: At some point I'll be lured away from and
Interview with Steven Moffat at the BAFTA celebration for Doctor Who...
I keep getting what I think are spam calls from the UK. It's likely just Steven Moffat asking me for script approvals AGAIN.
Didn't Steven Moffat also say some pretty misogynistic things a while back or did I misremembered
Remember that time when I made people sad because I killed off Sherlock? & Steven Moffat would be proud.
Steven Moffat says Peter Capaldi\'s Twelfth Doctor is only pretending he doesn\'t fancy Clara
tell Steven Moffat to bring him back because we all miss
Somewhere Steven Moffat writes the words "Next Companion: Iceland, Ballet Dress. A secret time fairy or something"
The Empty Child by Steven Moffat. One of the best episodes. This was when Moffat was great.
Steven Moffat: "I worry about keeping anyone around in the Dr.'s life for too long. He always loves them more than they lov…
Do you know why Jack hasn't come back to Doctor Who? Because Steven Moffat can't kill him. 👻👻
‘Doctor Who’ season 9: Did Steven Moffat expect show to be over by now?
Perhaps it is my melancholy mood at having to put my cat down but I have spent my day watching Doctor Who clips.
to that time I bumped into Steven Moffat in London at MCM
Watching The Empty Child, the Ninth and first ever Episode written by Steven Moffat and the first Episode we are introduced to Time Agent
Some Days, You Just Want to Punch Steven Moffat in the Face (This line just.. ::facepalm::) http:/…
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