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Steven King

Stephen King is an American author.

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The Rules: Fifteen authors who've influenced you and that will always stick with you. List the first 15 you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag 15 friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what authors you choose. Copy this intro and start your list Wilson Rawles, Mark Twain, Corman McCarthy, Ivan Doig, AB Guthrie, Jack London, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, John Grisham, Frank McCourt, Ayn Rand, Steven Ambrose, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Steven King, Pearl Buck, Ernest Hemingway, John steinbeck
Steven King referred to Matthew Lewis, author of the Monk, as the 'Johnny Rotten of the Gothic Novel'.
Mike Mccaleb has a friend in the group- NOW he has 87 New Friends. I'm going all Left Wing tonight, and go to the GraveYard to find enough to make 100 Strong, lol. If you are 'Left-Wing', please don't take offense- I ain't going to a Cemetary- at NIGHT (I've read TOOO much Steven King to do THAT ) was a JOKE !! Anyway- WELCOME MIKE !!!
Correction: I had meant Dean Koontz. But Steven King is still probably crying with laughter!
anyone wants a good book...go to and get The Carrington Effect...My doctor wrote it and its not available in all book stores yet...just a few in the Nashville area...If you like Steven King, Dean Koontz, Tom'll love this book...I always knew Dr. Dill was a talker...but a writer...I'm impressed!
Val Kilmer is your missing Batman...and if we are talking clowns, Steven King's Penneywise
There's nothing better than working all night on a passion project with the playlist set to crazyness with Cadaver Dogs, Foxy Shazam, The Up All Nights, Thaddeus Anna Greene, The Kickaways, The Phuss & Steven King
Why do I feel like I'm watching some sort of Steven King horror movie? Clowns, eerie children...
[csa tw] alternately, Steven King and every other Allen apologist out there can take every seat in a spacecraft headed directly into the sun
For example—Woody Allen most likely molested a kid. Steven King may or may not have said something ill-informed or otherwise stupid about it
Well, it seems Ron Howard's vision for a big/small screen adaptation of Steven King's Dark Tower is not only alive and well, but might just have Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul attached to play one of the main characters. Read on for more.
I've observed a strong kickback lately against the idea that a person can do or be anything they want. The bulk of the complaint seems to be that someone will have to work the crap jobs, so telling everybody that they can "live the dream" is impossible. Crap. Are you telling me that a young black man can't be scientist and shouldn't fight against those who keep trying the shuffle him into a career in athletics and sports? Better tell the Director of the Hayden Planetarium that his is not honest work, though I suspect Dr Tyson may have a few choice words for that. Are you saying that Steven King should have remained a schoolteacher, or that Neil Gaiman should have gone into hotel management? Some twenty, twenty-five years ago, a young comic book creator was in a car wreck. He crushed his drawing hand, and while he was expected to make an almost complete recovery, no one believed that would ever be able to draw again. James Artimus Owen finished the creator owned series he was working on, started another, a ...
Ok, this was fun. My friend, professor Michael Phillips, started it on his FB page, and I followed in suit. Name your top 10 television programs enjoyed as a child, in particular the ones that influenced your thinking or development. (TV programs you watched after graduating from high school do not count.) Here are mine, in no particular order. 1. Dark Shadows: I was a BlueBird in Campfire when this creepy black and white serial soap made its debut in the 60s, featuring a century old vampire hiding out in a dusty old mansion in New England; his spurned paramour, witch named Angelique; a female medical doctor who helped him escape his coffin every night; a grave digger, a werewolf named Quentin, and time travel through an armoire. This show held my fascination for years and led me to an adolescent addiction to early creepy editions of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, frightening literature like the Turn of the Screw and anything Edgar Allan Poe, scary comic books, Steven King, and later on a personal intervi ...
Anyone ever read "A House in the Sky" or the Steven King / JFK book? I almost always read non-fiction though have been considering a novel.
3 Things people, since the cold weather I've had a few indoor moments to do a little night stand clearing. 1. A friend gave me a book either last year or year before, finally got around to reading it. Thinner by Richard Bachman a.k.a. Steven King, ok book but the ending really stinks considering using it as a clay pigeon and sending the remains back to the friend."Tony". 2. Received a puzzle for Christmas a few years ago...2008. Puzzles are nothing short of torture and should be used at Guantanamo to punish our enemies. Fortunately Meg loves them and is currently sitting at the table with Gwen tirelessly plugging away. When they get close to the finish I'll make my appearance plug a few in and call it a victory. 3. And finally the refrigerator magnets are beginning to be a bit to familiar, going to have to visit some new places. Who's in?
Lee Moyer is an esteemed illustrator and designer whose work has been featured in art books for more than a decade; D'Artiste, Sci-Fi Art, the Future of Fantasy Art, and many Spectrum annuals. His work has appeared in Communication Arts, Design Graphics, and China's Top Artist magazine; the New York Times, Washington Post, and the BBC. Additionally, his work has been displayed at the Society of Illustrators, the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum, and many private collections. His theatrical work includes world premiere posters for Stephen Sondheim, Andre 3000, John Mellencamp, Steven King, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. He served as Art Director for Electronic Arts, and as a contractor for Sony, Upper Deck, and Hasbro. He was one of the two concept leads for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Lee also designed the posters for original productions of many Hollins playwrights and came to campus as a guest speaker during the summer of 2013 (
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We're thinking about selling some of the paperback and hard cover books that are taking up too much room in our garage, but thought I would see if there's anyone interested in buying them before I take the time to go through all of the boxes. We have a lot of Steven King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Sue Grafton, Janet Ivanovich, Jonathan Kellerman, Greg Iles and others. Paperbacks probably $1 and hardcovers maybe $3.
Funny. I'm watching highights of the 2004 ACLS game 4 Red Sox vs Yankees, and first they mentioned Curtis Leskanic who is my son Ben Smith's favorite pitcher, then they mentioned Tom Gordon who is a character in one of my all times favorite books, "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" by Steven King.
attention all readers--Goodwill has books for 15 cents each and these are current best sellers-John Sanford, Steven King etc hardcovers. Just watch the pricetag color and it will be posted which color is that week's 15 cent books. The color changes every Wednesday and then on Saturday the books are 20 books for $1.49 !!
Chronicles of Narnia, All of Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe books, Agatha Christie's mysteries, Sue Grafton A - W books, Arthur Conan Dolye's Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Steven King's short stories and novels, Robert Heinlein's books, especially To Sail Beyond the Sunset and Job, Kage Baker's Company series, Dorothy L Sayers series as well as Anne Perry's victorian works. These are books that have stayed with me. (As well as many more; and yes, I cheated and wrote entire works by authors. I could keep going. This is just the tip of the iceberg)
Stop at the Mountain Shadows Hotel on Barkly Pass to get mountain pass directions. The hotel must have inspired Steven King's The Shining
Read a book by Dean Koontz and after the first few chapters I once again realized why I don't like his books, he's a Steven King wannabe. I did finish the book and I'll never pick up another book by this author, give me John Sandford any day and I'll be as happy as a fly on a fresh pile of crap
I did; however, meet a guy called Steven King who seemed to be making some notes!!
Mom, ex-boyfriend charged with Baby Elaina murder
Lmfao Steven thinks he's the king of the house &when he sleeps, the whole household has to sleep as well 😂😂✋ smdh
she wrote a series abt witches, good too! Of course I like Steven King & Dean Koontz
A grand jury indicted Angela S. on 1 count of murder. Steven King, aggravated murder, abuse of corpse and tampering w/ evid.
Good luck guys! Did you know is a Canadian Show based on a Steven King book too!
Be as humble as a slave but think like a king
Mom, ex-boyfriend charged with Baby Elaina murder | via
Our God is risen and reigning! And were elevating the glory of our God and King!! :D
Steven King and Angela Steinfurth indicted: Angela Steinfurth indicted for murder and Steven King for aggravat...
I walk outside it look like Steven king the mist
I love the whole concept of Needful Things. I'll have to read the Steven King novel sometime.
I'm pretty sure they don't have a feast of Steven or know anything about King Wenceslas in Jamaica.
The day a *** treats me like a queen is the day ill treat him like a king. I mean i do it regardless. But just not to th…
"Steven King is death penalty eligible."why didnt the father of the baby take her???
Regarding the death of Elaina Steinfurth, today Angela Steinfurth and Steven King were both indicted for Murder.
Steven King is death penalty eligible.
Update: Elaina Steinfurth murder *Mother, Angela Steinfurth, and her boyfriend, Steven King, charged with her murder*
Angela Steinfurth, Steven W. King will appear in court tomorrow to be arraigned on murder, other charges.
Basically it's like Steven King wrote a *** episode of the X-Files.
I'm sorry, but baby Eliana being murdered by a guy named Steven King freaks me out almost as much as an 18 month old being murdered.
They've already settled the case- Steven King to serve life, Angela Steinfurth 18 years. No tria, no real justice
Steven King II was indicted on charges of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence & abuse of a corpse in the child’s death
Tip of the day by Steven King's Handyman Service. Stud Finder:. An electric razor can be a just as effective...
Carrie is good, basically the same as the first one by Steven King but they made it a bit different :)
and now you're generalizing: I love Steven Gerrard and he is my second favorite player! King Gerrard♥
BREAKING: Steven King and Angela Steinfurth have both been indicted in connection to the death of Elaina Steinfurth. Kin…
BLADE ALERT: Angela Steinfurth and Steven King II indicted in death of toddler Steinfurth.
Steven sarkisian was part of the Pete Carroll era so we good 💯👌
My nightmares can be written into best sellers. I'd be the new Steven King
Elaina Steinfurth's mother, ex-boyfriend indicted for murder: Angela Steinfurth and Steven King, the mother of...
BREAKING: Angela Steinfurth and Steven King indicted on murder charges in death of More on story at
My Secret Santa match is an actor in grad school in New York and likes Zelda, graphic novels, and Steven King. And other cool stuff.
I also saw when I was little, Have you seen the new series steven king and Spielberg?
I finally figured out how to get on FB account. This is Dave's MOM. Dave is currently in Tulare County jail - Visalia. He has a court date in December and expects to "serve" about six months there. As most of you know, I don't have a job, and can't help him out financially. He asked for me to plea for anyone that can to send him 'something' in jail. If you can send cash, it needs to be in the form of a postal money order. He also says that any food is greatly appreciated, that he is always hungry. To send food, you need a credit card (not a prepaid card) and go under, then Tulare County with name (David Brewer) and ID number - 1301984. He also likes to read. You have to order books from online (like Amazon or others) or magazines, then put the address - which I will show later in this post. The authors he likes are Steven King, Lee Childs, Orson Scott Card, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Dean Koontz, and John Grisham. You can't send books from around the house - has to be shipped from the pub ...
Reading all these status updates makes me realize that people should read more books, and watch less obsessive television.authors include James Patterson, for example. Steven King. David Baldacci. Anything!
Reading by Bret Easton Ellis, patiently awaiting the American Psycho least the supposed 'Steven King thriller' part.
Wow! I am amazed how many famous people have been on The Simpsons over the years. Just a few I noticed reading through this list, I saw Buzz Aldrin, two of The Beatles, Tom Clancy, Steven King, Mel Brooks, both Manning brothers, and multiple famous bands =o
"If Joss Whedon is king of the nerds, then Steven Moffat is fandom’s evil overlord."
Fair enough. Players with no weaknesses at all: Steven Gerrard & Pavel Nedved.
Steven can quote all of the lion king films
Now live on with on air Guest Mix By King Steven
Steven King is just amazing. So is Mitch Album. Argahafahghagah.
So I own pretty much every Steven King book in existance. I have to read 'em.
Free my boy Steven King I can't wait till u get out. U da only 1 came 2 see a *** *** near everyweek when I was in dat jam. U know imma hold u down
("Captain Steven Gerrard says England are ready to show Germany the scale of their improvement under manager Roy Hodgson...
When you are improvising it's called off the dome. When your actually just quoting Steven King your speaking under the dome
The perfect gift for my brother, Steven King
is definitely the best turtleneck. "Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Steven..." cc
Are other Steven King books extremely verbose as well?
Steven Universe is like a king. Rules.
The film will focus a special tribute to his grand father HM King William Alexander I who was very much fond of both Jimmy & Steven.
I was giving the number 4 so hear is 4 more things about me. 1 I talk in my sleep,(I can have full conversations) 2 My Favorite show is Glee 3 I like going to the beach but hate laying on the hot sand 4 My Favorite author is Steven King.
might want to stop talking to me. You might get in trouble with the king. Since this is planet Bret.
Met Steven King and got an autographed copy of his newest novel.
A challenge from my friend, Helen - 7 things you might not know about me – (and my Perils of Pauline life)... 1. So loved seeing the Penguins at Brookfield Zoo, I was 9 ish, I tried to get a closer look and got my head stuck between the bars for what seemed to be a very long awkward time... Oh Security Guard... 2. Have had an “out of body” experience after hiking and camping in Grand Gulch Utah… I returned to one of the Anasazi Kivas I had climbed up about 1,500 ft to explore days earlier. Then I hovered over my own self as I slept at our guide’s ranch… talk about heart be still! 3. My first time on a film set was at the World Trade Center in NYC in 1976. They were filming the remake of King Kong and the scene set up was just after Kong fell from the Word Trade Center plaza and the great Kong we all presumed dead... jump to: Ten years later, when checking on a new arrival from LA at the studio… the warehouse door snapped shut and I was at once trapped with a very giant the King himsel ...
Didnt steven king smoke crack back in the day?!
I really need a new book to read. No new Richard K. Morgan books till next year and I can't read any more Steven king. And if I play xbox anymore I will have an aneurysm lol
Well here goes My wonderful wife gave me the great I have 2 awesome grand children with my 3rd on way. 2. I want to go cliff diving in Jamaica before I die. 3. I am a cat person with 2 of the worlds rottenest cats in the world. 4. When I die I want to come back as one of my pets. 5. My favorite author is Steven King. 6. I have been to or through nearly all 50 states . 7. I love to cook. 8. My favorite time of day is evening. 9. I am allergic to sea food. 10. My crush is Sandra Bullock. 11. My joy is my family. 12. And last but not least. I have the most awesomest wife in the world.
My number is 10 1. I love the Lord 2. I have 2 children that I love with all my heart. 3. I could be Johnny Depp's stalker. 4. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is, "This is the day that the Lord hath made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it." 5. My favorite movie is Monsters INC. 6. My favorite author is Steven King. 7. Did I mention that I could stalk Johnny Depp? 8. My favorite color is purple. 9. I love snow. 10. Guess who my favorite actor is? Right! Johnny Depp. I guess I am suppose to tell you that if you like this, I will send you a number.
Steven Ridley had one simple request...
perhaps, but the scream from "Rain King" at the end of the skit was amazing.
5 more get ups before I ruin u pair on the alc as per usual Steven King Jezz Bateman!!
Dione King. I love you tell my two Atl aliens unkle love them. You I can't forget u li Bro. Steven King.
Steven Seagal is the king of Asian ***
The 1986 film Stand By Me is based on a short story written by STEVEN KING. WVT
BMTH, OM&M, MIW for the 3rd time, ISSUES, Attila, CTE, Stray From the Path, Fit For A King..
that's a neck... Try Steven king one of the greatest authors of all time nbd tho
KO king great stuff, big things to come 👍
I will get tickets to king Georges final concert
I'm sure Steven King could take the idea and run with it. What ever, I'm going back to sleep. Have a good Tuesday ***
This is scene at King and Peter, where a car with a suspected "incendiary device" was pulled over earlier. 2 arrests
nope the drove and I'm king coffee maker where are you working ?
Don't think I've told anyone this but d vets name that cut my nuts is Steven King - next novel about a crazy pig with
the improbable adventures of Sherlock Homes has stories by Neil Gaiman& Steven King & other awesome writers.
Matt 21:5 "Tell the daughter of Zion, 'Behold, your King is coming to you, Lowly, and sitting on a donkey,A colt, the f…
Sunderland boss Gus Poyet has backed Steven Fletcher to go on a goalscoring run once he is back to full fitness.
Cam Newton brought me back thirty points to win my fantasy game! CAM IS KING
All Steven Ridley's fault. Fumbling king & costing the game in the end at his best
Well, just think it coulda been worse. Could have been Steven King like
Poem by Steven Adebanji. Artist- King Steven Adebanji Alade ArtistHE STARE OF A MIGHT WARRIOR. Can't you see . the...
I've been thinking about that but my resources are slimmer than that Steven king movie
...Im f**king with it. Everything Full Young D - Full feat. Erin Livers prod. & dir. by the homie Steven Q Speilberg
Steven king Jr look alike is a warlock, he just said yeah I am. Smoochie.
Hamilton Collection
I should write some of my dreams down. They are somewhere between Steven king and j.j.abrams!
One of my blog posts got me Steven King.
could have been Steven King. I would have quit writing.
I know right.. i love movies like this.. I also love IT and any other steven king related movies!!
Yeah. If it had been Steven King, I would have quit...
Abby will come around. Even Steven the cat whisperer says so.
Did you know (you probably did) that Steven King wrote a few sentences about "Jax Teller" and SOA in his new book? Pg.221. Cool ♥
Is their a certain way I can beg? Diane Nilan. If you cna't get ahold of her. Get me of Pat LeMarche. Maybe even Steven King.
Steven ain't responding to the burn up no more😂😂
you should read 11/22/63 by Steven King. It's the only novel of his that I've read cover to cover. Really good!
The movie Stand By Me from 1986; it is based on a novel by: Steven King.. Love it!!
I have 79 followers and one of them is King Steven aka like wth
Steven King has to be the guy that everyone gets hyped that hes coming to the party and then just want him to leave the second he gets there
yeah, I got a raw deal on that one“Steven King and I both sold our Souls”
Steven King and I both sold our Souls
9 random facts about me. 1. I love Jesus Christ! without Him I am nothing. 2. My favorite flower is the Daisey. 3. I have 2 favorite authors, Frank Peretti and Steven King. 4. I love Sci-Fi shows. I can't wait for Dr. Who to get going! 5. I have 2 favorite Bible teachers, Chuck Missler and Perry Stone. 6. I like being different! 7. Classic rock, Dwight Yoakam are some of my favs. See I'm different. 8. Absolutely no classical or opera 9. I am married to my only bestest friend! For 21 years he has stood by me. I am so blessed!
I was given you may not know about me. 1. I have Four major fears: Heights, Spiders, Snakes and Death. 2. I am an ordained minister of sorts 3. I have read more than half of Steven King's collected works 4. While The Beatles are my favorite band, my favorite song of all time is American Pie by Don McClean. 5. I go by Ty mainly because I have a step-brother who is named Tyler as well. 6. I am a total Momma's boy... For real! lms and I'll give you a number...
Donna Tartt has been compared to Dickens by Steven King... What a compliment. 10 years to write each of her 3 books. Solitude to create. I plan to read her works this winter.
Day I'm so thankful for the Kings family. Steven King, Karla King, and Kyle King. You sheltered me when I didn't have anyone, and have always been there for me, just as family should. I love you guys more than anything! And cant wait for the future. :)
King George is still out there kickin ***
This is Jake La Botz. He was in Steven King and John Mellencamp's musical "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" on tour right now. He's a great guitar player and songwriter, and he took time between shows via our buddy Frank Krakowski, to come to Junior's garage and perform an intimate performance for about 30 of us. He's got an old bluesy roots style that's just killer...and a heck of a nice guy
did Kathy Bates just tune back into her character from Steven King's Misery?
"The hands of the king are healing hands, thus shall the rightful king be known." - J.R.R Tolkien
Going to sleep to old Steven Segal movies
Just finished book 4 of the gunslinger series. Steven king *** Going to get The Pillars of Heaven by Ken Follet next. Read it about 20 years ago. But it's about carpenters. Can't wait to re-read it. I know it's good
Steven King was the creator of the Shadow temple.
Koontz always does hot end of the world scenarios though he's like a pronographic steven king.
*sigh* Court AGAIN tomorrow. No contact from her or lawyer so I have no idea what to expect from anyone. Guess I'll just play it by ear and see what happens. I'm going to spend the night in quiet solitude reading an old Steven King novel and then sleep beside my daughter little bed. Good night folks
Marissa you should throw a rager foreal doe
# Did Aaron just pull a Shawshank Redemption!! more Steven King
Frontline went and got themselves a video deposition of hedge fund king Steven Cohen
Steven King's next novel should be about the Hamlin Hall basement.
Steven king .I Luv u to death and always will but there's times when u drive me crazy just as much as the kids if not more but I still keep luving so much!.I just want to keep our family going and together and hopefully soon all b together in one place me and the girls Luv u more then anything baby ttyl
"I heard your laugh today in chapel. I loved it." -Steven King (
How can someone tell u they Luv u so much and they want to b with u but yet acted so much diff. To ur face and over the phone and I just don't get how u would want to hurt someone u Luv ...I sure as *** couldn't do it ...luving my girls and Steven king
Has had a burst of energy, didn't last long, and probably should have done it. But garden weeded, sheets and clothes washed, house airing. And Steven King better be happy, I threw out 9 pairs of my shoes. Happy?
Steven Spielberg y Stephen King estrenan Under the dome
Okay! How cool to be on a list just behind Steven King!!
skimmed Steven King's "On Writing." Boring and full of terrible, overdeveloped analogies
“Steven need to get off already” add me so we can play lol king admirr
So I'm not a six foot two Abercrombie model having dinner with Steven Gerrard and Stephen King in my profile picture?
Who watched Michelle Knight with Dr. Phil? I've never heard a more terrifying true story in my life. Not even Steven King could write that.
Does Tavern 1903 mark Larry Stewart's comeback in the Edmonton dining scene? Steven Sandor thinks so...
rock, paper,sissors to see who I buy it from lmfao
There getting shipped out next week Friday what size an color
Electronic Device Insurance
My sisters marriage is legit cool. I mean CMON she's married to a guy named Steven King how much cooler does that get?
Steven King and Linda Blair would be my dream guest stars
Under the dome is awesome both Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are geniuses!
A king size bed, but sleep on the couch
Course so. Hallelujah! see my cross show. Holding on a horror, Steven King on a song though. Life's short, dawg, heaven's huge we can all go..
"How Steven King of her." says Diane of Franco's number one fan aka Heather.
On the up side I have watched the Steven King X Files and now on the X Files episode by
Did you know Steven King wrote a sequel to The Shining? It's called Dr. Sleep & we're all over it (meaning we have several copies in store)
this week I so far read about 4 Steven king books
For all my book buds out there.two that I have just finished and would recommend. John Grisham's Sycamore Row which is a f/u to his book A Time To Kill. Loved this book. Also another book by Steven King's f/u to The Shining called Dr. Sleep. Yep, liked this one too!
Worked downtown last night. Costumes seen at the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County: PanAm pilot and two flight attendants, squad of police, Psy, Mary Poppins & Burt, cat lady, lots of ghouls, several motorcyclists, a guy with gold hair, and so forth. Show started out a bit confusing but it was actually really interesting and has great music. If it comes to your town, go see it. It is really different. John Mellencamp and Steven King need to work together again.
There are so many books and tv shows I really should watch. I should read though first. Clive Barker, Steven King, C. S. Lewis, and some classics that I unfortunately haven't read in school. Then the tv shows... Gonna devote my life to my music, books, and at the end of the day, watch an episode of whatever show I'm on. Oh and school. Even though this semester is almost over, which means more time for important stuff. lol :P
Hey I am looking for new authors to enjoy any suggestions ? Already into Nelson DeMille, Jennifer Weiner, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Harlan Conan, read a few Lisa Gardner and a few Tess Geritsen, Jen Crusie, Debbie MaComber, Fern Michaels, Susan Elizabeth Phillips Years ago read Steven King (try to tell me Thinner wasn't the best book ever) dean kootnz, *** Francis About to try Jeffrey Archer It's a long ride to work and I listen to alot on CDs well on my phone actually - need more send ideas Love mysteries and comedies but not really Augustine burrows type or that other whiny guy what's his name the running with scissors guy I think Help
AH HA. Now I know why Ted Cruz and Steven King opposed background checks that would keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.
It's been 23 years since Steven King's It has been out and the only difference between Seth Green in that movie .. And Seth Green now is some facial hair! He does not age! Lol
Thank you everyone for birthday messages. Fantastic birthday so far. 5 locks one tunnel many bridges. At Talbon upon usk had lovely meal and drink . Steven King book Dr Sleep lots of choccis and another great book off David. The Storm by Clive Cussler
Ok so I like James Patterson, Lisa Gardner, Dean Koontz, Steven King, etc etc... Anyone know of some new authors I may like?
Just finished watching Carrie (1976). This movie is perfect minus John Travolta. I almost want to start marathoning Steven King adaptations.
I am getting pretty amped up for tomorrow mornings work out! Rumor has it that tomorrow will mark the return of Carrie!!! & I'm not talking about the remake of the Steven King Classic which is also playing in theaters by the way!
Man, i really want that knew steven king movie to be out, it actually looks decent
MODI's MAKEOVER GURUS! An RTI query shows Steven King as one of the members of APCO's "global project management team" for Vibrant Gujarat.
I want to start a Steven king book club is anyone interested.
Doctor Sleep” is the latest instant classic from Steven King. Everyone enjoyed the haunting Shining story shouldn’t miss it: boy grew up!
Steven King was quoted in the as Modi's spokesperson from APCO, yet the company denies being PR machinery.
I've been reading a little of Steven King's novel The Shining since I've never read it. I have to say so far, it definitely is better than the movie! There are the first couple chapters that aren't even discussed in the movie. Don't get me wrong I love the Nicholson movie but, the book is better. I'm trying to finish The Shining do I can start reading Doctor Sleep which, Steven King just released last month. Doctor Sleep is a direct sequel to The Shining. Plus, I thought I'd read some scary books to put me in the mood for Halloween! Anyone that hasn't read The Shining should pick up this classic and start the good ol' Hollowread! Lol.
Had a good day and night :) thanks to everyone for birthday wishes. Mom and dad for the gifts an Stephen king book and dinner also the casino fun( mom won more then me I walked out empty) and thanks Grant Moulder for the drinks and gifts mikeyangelo stuff and Steven king book :)
Steven King is my idol and hero. So glad I got to meet him in person in Maine. I would love to be able to write like him. Such a morbid imagination and an extremely gifted talent. Can't wait to read the sequel to The Shining.
Just left CARRIE with Cara Frazier & Kenyetta Gray... EXCELLENT JOB, PEOPLE!!! It was literally a remake... Only like 4 additions/ differences... Other than that, original script... I know Steven King is proud!!!
"Steven King books are made for 50 year old women that are divorced"
Here we go, the day has arrived. York Marathon. Orange Army on Tour. Tracey Quinn Steven King Zoe Walls Keith Bindoff Louise Shaw Wondiye Fikre
.ok, thank you for responding but HAVE YOU HEARD OR SEEN HAVEN... nothing but STEVEN KING SCI-FI. MISS WILMA does NOT do HORROR =D
Its been a bad week and I have been sick but happy Landon was here w me today. .. gave me a reason to get up *** miss my other babies & the hubby Steven King ALSO HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY (10/20) :) Sad u won't be here but thankful u r supporting ur family
My Best Friend's Wedding is the best film adaptation of Steven King's Misery.
Pet semetary now cujo I guess it is a Steven king marathon
Sitting here watching all the children of the corn so I am going have a children of the corn nights because love Steven king movies,books
Wow! I just won this for free, Steven King Softcover The Tailsman
Looking for GREAT scary movie recommendations I can get on download! So far this week I have already watched Burnt Offerings, Halloween 3, The legend of Sleepy Hallow, and Hocus Pocus! LOL ... I need a good... no GREAT movie, a classic must see Halloween flick (can be cute disney to scary steven king) that I can hide under my blankie too!
Glad to be house drinking and not out in this Steven King looking fog.
People cheer when a man is knocked unconscious or bloodied and I can't help but think of the Steven King essay.
by Steven King? Lol it's just weird not really worth spending money on
Any one have seen the remake of Carrie. People say that Sissy Spacka ( spelling?) was better actress. Maybe we will go see it as I am fan of Steven King.
Blame my mom for that! She would have me watching all the Steven King movies & stuff w/ her when I was little lol
Have to write my last paper for Business Writing tonight by 11, and all I want to do is snuggle with Jack and read my new Steven King book. merp.
Humm. Joyland. Believe that was a Steven King short read over the summer. Now I have to visit here
I just received my copy of Steven King's New Novel "Doctor Sleep". Happy Halloween
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The Thing (1982). There should be no doubt that a Steven King is the master of the thriller Survival Movies.
Can someone suggest some decent books to read. I like horror, ( no Steven king) plague, war, true crimes anything just not smooshy stuff
I'm not normally one for scary films: BUT Steven King holds a special place in my heart. Off to see "Carrie" with Matthew Miller
It's Halloween and you're in a horror movie. Choose the first nine people in your chat list. No cheating. Cries like a baby: Sheila Taylor The one who trips and falls while running: Telly Rios Lupton The first one to go missing: Tiffany Maggard Murdered while trying to save you: Dixie Chick Survives by faking death: Ashley Del Vecchio Has a solid plan that no one listens to: Shanta Harrell Spends all of his time looking for Twinkies: Georgeanne Thornton Midgette Gets turned into a zombie: Tiffany Treusch Is really the killer: Steven King
I wanna read Doctor Sleep by Steven King so bad though
Off to see "Carrie" with Adam William Herrick...gotta love Steven King...
Now I understand what happened to Steven King
... hhheeerrreeesss johnny... lol Steven King all over ey??
Anyone wanna see steven king with me this thursday... for 100$...
I got my Steven king books today n my hunter game book the mocking jay but gtta read Steven king 1st I love that man
is a great movie. I like the acting and the action is good. Wonder what king thinks about it?
True, but I didn't write it, and it has been my experience, and apparently, Steven King's as well.
Today I am thankful for: my awesome roommate, five hour energies, coffee with hot chocolate mix, my jobs, steven king novels, and sweats
Steven King's Carrie is one of my favorite books/movies I hope the remake does it justice.
Steven King movies are so eerie. Pet Cemetery for example. Mah gawd!
Amelia Island seems to be the place where we'll known people can live and keep a low profile. First we had John Grisham, then Steven King, rumors of James Patterson. And last night we met Bobby Cox who was head coach of Atlanta Braves.
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hmm.. I kinda read whatever, I'm in the middle of "The Stand" by Steven King and I'm gonna read "The Shining" next :) hbu?
Steven King and Gravity Soundtrack together. Headache inducing. The good type of headache. :D
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I saw Margi Liddy's profile picture and decided to watch Steven King's IT!! Seems like the thing to do on a...
The Madden Curse has gone from a fun anecdotal joke into Steven King territory.
Just finished Doctor Sleep by Steven King, it was a decent read. Now going to bake cookies all day! Getting ready for Halloween!!
Thanks to our huge class discussion of rabies in micro this week, its good to see Steven King was realistic with Cujo..
See how gesture interfaces can be used for news-10:30 am RM L508 w/ &
thanks for molding minds of a few That all had a great time!
Watching misery from Steven King Lol a lot of band members would be hosed if they were stuck in my care x3
First up: Gesture Interfaces, The Next Frontier with and at 10:30 in L508 on the lobby level.
Do you watch Haven? SyDy series based on a Steven King book—4 seasons on Netflix. It’s really good. 👍
Excellent. I will do that. Thank you.
Minority Report-esque interfaces for news can be created now at low cost. See examples w/ me & am, L508.
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This Steven King classic is back and up to its same old tricks: our of the new movie "
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He should do Steven King audio books, would be lush & yet seriously creepy.
I cannot read too much of the Dark Tower by Steven King at the moment. It's an immense series, so different to anything else I've read.
Love Steven King's books, they're all so amazing!
Steven King just did the Alfred Hitchcock thing where he Stan Lee's himself into all his movies.
MSNBC w/ Karen Finney-interviewed Rep.Peter King stated that the fight in Washington is about dismantling MEDICARE.FOR those who live long enough this means all of us.(Steven King of New York).Senator Peter & others are not down with this mess,In word only.A real man would stand up and vote with the Democrats
"Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi, and a Poltergeist. Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and The Addams Family. Pyramid power of the Mummy!Aliens bursting from your tummy! They’re all monsters that I love! Freddy Kruger gives good glove! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!Christine is the baddest ride! Roger Corman,Barbara Steele! Killer Tomatoes have appeal! Hanibal Lector, sick and mean! Eat your heart with Fava Beans! Chucky's just a living doll! The Fifty Foot Woman is awfully tall! So's the Amazing Colossal Man. Gamera, Mothra, and Rodan. Godzilla tears up Tokyo, while the Phantom of the Opera steals the show! The Blob, the Fly, and the Thing! Edgar Allen Poe, and Steven King! Jason in a Hockey mask! Zombies, freaks and maniacs! They're the monsters I adore! Full of blood and guts and gore! They make me wanna scream and holler! More and more and more and MORE!" -Elvira, Mistress of the Dark; "Monsta' Rap".
If you think about it, one contemporary American author refuses to make realistic fiction: Steven King.
Gary King (Simon Pegg), a hedonistic intoxicating, eliminates to find his estranged friends and complete the Golden Kilometer, an popular pub crawl capturing 12 brs in their hometown of Newton Destination. The group experimented with the crawl as teenagers over 19 years earlier, but failed to reach the final pub, The World's End. Gary persuades Peter Page (Eddie Marsan), Oliver "O-Man" Chamberlain (Martin Freeman), Steven King (Paddy Considine), and Andy Knightley (Chip Frost) to join him in Newton Destination. While his friends have adult lives and responsibilities, Gary has changed little since 1990, remaining untrustworthy and impulsive. In the first pub, The first Post, the group and their mission are not met with the hero's welcome Gary expects. They are quickly joined at the Old Familiar by Oliver's sibling Sam (Rosamund Pike), who rejects a sexual advance from Gary. Steven has always loved Sam, and has never pardoned Gary for sleeping with her throughout their first attempt at the crawl many years ...
About to start Needful Things by Steven King. Super hyped to be reading a book by a role model of mine.
In other news, a US Congressional Delegation landed in today led by Rep Dana Rohrabacher. Includes Steven King and Mich…
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Is this an adaptation of Steven King's novel or The Simpsons Movie? ;) aha
Thanks for for writing about Steven King's offensive DREAM Act comments and finding a way not to rate their accuracy.
So, I always thought that Steven King and Larry King were the same person.
Steven King is my favorite writer and this should surprise none of you who know me well. Doesn't it just fit my personality? I am just now watching "Under the Dome" on Don't tell Steve!
I have 2 actually Steven King and Dean Koontz they alternate between the 1st and 2nd place lol
Definitely want to read the newer Sylvia Day series after hearing about it yesterday. Gonna have to start building up our library with books other then Steven King and Dean Koontz! I mean i love both those authors but just in the mood for some variety :)
Here is a commentary on the thoughts behind the aesthetics of my solo project "Nocturnes & Dreamscapes" and the track list from the "Penance" short online EP. Nocturnes & Dreamscapes (band name) - Was named after a television serious by horror author Steven King called "Nightmares & Dreamscapes." The name appealed to me because of my extreme infatuation with dreaming and day dreaming states. I always found the writings of psychologist Carl Jung and philosopher Rene Descartes' "Dualism" and "Brain In A Vat" theories to be incredibly enabling of the imagination. Surrealism has always been my favorite art genre. The philosophy and techniques behind it seams to fit far better than the dadaist tendencies that are prevalent in most of the circles I travel in. Being a classical guitarist, I've come across pieces with "Nocturne" in the name a few times. This simply means a musical piece evocative of night. Frederic Chopin's "Nocturne Op 9 No. 2" is particularly beautiful in my opinion. Night time always seams to ...
After watching "IT" yesterday, and taking notes on how not to act, I had this conversation where it was suggested that I accept that there are maybe only 2 good Steven King film adaptations. I'm making it my quest to find the truth in this by watching as many as possible, using the "Can I comfortably walk to the bathroom at midnight and not *** myself in fear meeting". Today's choice "Needful Things"
Hey. be quiet. I am watching Steven King's Under The Dome. sh
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