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Steven Hyde

Steven James Hyde III, known as Hyde by his friends, is a fictional character from the Fox sitcom That '70s Show, portrayed by Danny Masterson.

Danny Masterson Eric Foreman Michael Kelso Jackie Burkhart Eric Forman Chandler Bing Barney Stinson

I'm not even a sag, I just love Steven Hyde😍
steven hyde // that 70's show. - my ultimate fav. -acts tough but is actually sweet and pure and smol . -SO PROTECTIVE OVER JACKIE FIGHT ME
the signs as That '70s Show characters . sagittarius: Steven Hyde
After some deep thinking and soul searching I have to say Ron Swanson actually comes in 3rd behind Barney Stinson and Steven Hyde
Why don't any seniors at my school look like Steven Hyde when he was a senior😭
I'm a mixture of Michael Kelso and Steven Hyde
Actually thought I was Eric Foreman for years but TBH I'm starting to see myself heading in more of a Steven Hyde direction these days
Danny Masterson & Ashton kutcher (Steven Hyde & Michael Kelso) are going to be in a new show together :)
I want to date a guy like Steven Hyde πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ
"The true branches of the government: military, corporate and Hollywood." -Steven Hyde
So bye bye Mr Steven Hyde, I'm a hottie and you're not-ie, jackies gonna be mine, she likes my brunette, likes not your curly *** twine
I love my Steven Hyde πŸ’š I'm so happy to be friends with you and even happier to help.
I want my own Steven Hyde right now
Steven Hyde's mom is Turanga Leela. Just in case none of you knew why everyone called her "Gross Edna".
"Girls, man. You get em pregnant, and they get all clingy" - Steven Hyde
I wish Steven Hyde from That 70's Show was real
Update your maps at Navteq
Steven Hyde will always have my heart
Can I just get stoned with Steven Hyde and jam to Zeppelin? Please?
The duck lip syndrome attacked before I even know what hit me..
Quit giving up on living good because you fell off. Get on your grind and come back & stunt harder.
Forever needing a Steven Hyde in my life.
I present to you on the love of my life Steven Hyde.
I really identify with Steven Hyde from That '70s show
"I don't love people. I love Camaros, Zeppelin, and French fries, in that order." -Steven Hyde
I'm the biggest Jackie and Steven Hyde shipper ever
Little bit in love with Steven Hyde
I'm the lame version of Steven Hyde
I don't like boys. I like Steven Hyde, Jay Halstead and Nicholas Miller, in that order. See what I did there?
No but i still have a major crush on Eric Foreman & Steven Hyde from That 70s Show
When your brother is basically Steven Hyde from That 70's Show
If you ain't Steven Hyde we can't get groovy.
My sister keeps calling me Steven Hyde and I'm done
With the Hyde game being abandoned today, The NAP is now Southend to beat Colchester @ 6/5!. Plus a double with Bolton ⚽
Can you please settle the Hyde match as a void. It was called off at 8.20am! CheersπŸ‘
ok but I have such a thing for Steven Hyde from That 70's Show like talk anarchy to me
Steven Hyde from that 70s show will always have my heart
I like to think I act like Steven Hyde but I'm hella Jackie Burkhart
"Sometimes ya gotta marry a stripper to put things into perspective" -Steven Hyde πŸ˜‚
Steven Hyde is really all that I want.
I need a shirt that says Mrs. Steven Hyde
"I have a definite opinion on this, I don't care."- Steven Hyde
Jackie Burkhart and Steven Hyde are forever relationship goals
A Throwback Thursday lookalike with 90s footballer Graham Hyde.
Steven Hyde from that 70's show is weirdly very hot πŸ”₯πŸ€”πŸ˜»
You're boldly going where every mans gone before - Steven Hyde, 1970-something
Now accepting applications for a real life Steven Hyde. Forward resumes to owensa16. Thank you
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Omg I just saw Steven Hyde. Steven Hyde goes to UNT. I go to school with Steven Hyde!!
Steven Hyde is the best TV character ever! πŸ˜‚
I'll be the Steven Hyde to your Jackie Burkheart
I have a weird love for Steven Hyde and I can't help it
And the winner of our costume competition is as Steven Hyde from That 70's Show. Congrats!
im in love with Steven Hyde more than you are
Didn't realize how much I sounded like Steven Hyde πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
So glad I drafted Murray over Hyde this year.
The Lives of the Bishops of Winchester - 2 Volumes - Steven Hyde De Cassan -1827
if it makes you feel any better you missed a bad race where Steven Hyde totally didn't beat J-Pow, Logan Owen and Trebon.
Steven Hyde will always be my dream guy. πŸ’˜
If anyone is curious as to what my personality is exactly like, please reference Steven Hyde.
The Hyde goals market looks pretty saturated today! They've cottoned on!. So i'll play some correct scores with BV. Undecided which ones yet..
I love u west Babylon Starbucks Steven hyde
I'm pretty sure Steven hyde just took my order at Starbucks
domain names
I did such a dope impression of Steven Hyde today in theatre
"You don't cut open the sausage, you just eat it Forman" -Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde is who you should aspire to be in life
Steven Hyde you have and always will be a beautiful man
All I want in life is Steven Hyde's band teeshirt collection πŸ’€βœŒπŸŒ»
I need an Eric Forman in my life, . I also need a Steven Hyde in my life
Low Key want Steven Hyde to be my BF.
I still have the hots for Steven Hyde. Sue me
need a Michael Kelso or Steven Hyde guy 😜
Steven Hyde is my spirit animal I love him
I think Steven Hyde is my spirit animal.
My brother met Danny Masterson aka Steven Hyde aka the man of my dreams at lax today 😭
Steven Hyde made an appearance last night
Steven Hyde, Chandler Bing and Chris Miles are my babies.
I look like Steven Hyde but I have Eric Forman's bad luck
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'd have to nominate as 'Best Sitcom Character of All Time". Right before Doug Heffernan and right after Steven Hyde.
you are definitely the long lost cousin of Steven Hyde
and Follow for a chance to win Steven Stone's shiny BR team! Ends soon!
seriously someone like Steven Hyde is my soul mate
Lookie who showed up to our gig in Amsterdam tonight!
*marries a cardboard cutout of Steven Hyde*
Steven Hyde is just such a g it's my favorite πŸ˜‚
I wish I had Steven Hyde's entire wardrobe
the same reason Michael Kelso gets better grades than Steven Hyde.
"You're just, like, floating along on a conveyer belt of conformity." -Steven Hyde
I should watch That 70s Show all over again just for my babe Steven Hyde πŸ˜©πŸ’˜
amp;Follow for a chance to win the Steven Universe themed giveaway!! One winner gets all 11! Ends whenever, goodluck!! http…
"The real the branches are military, corporate, and Hollywood" -Steven Hyde
Omg! I think asst. manager Matt could actually be Steven Hyde in a That 70's Show reboot.
Steven Hyde is definitely my spirit animal
I would like to date a sweet badass like Steven Hyde 😊
And old u identified feelings resurfacing for Steven Hyde. Omfg so hot.
I want to have stoned times like Steven Hyde
Everyone doing the higher english course after that post-prelim:
Steven Hyde and Jackie Burkhart are still my favorite fictional couple.
"man is not truly one, but truly two"- Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The other side of me must really like to f**k things up
I have had a real case of insomnia since this year started. I don't think I've touched 6 hours of sleep since December of 2014
I want to be like Steven Hyde so bad
"dating is like prostitution only you don't always get what you paid for" - Steven Hyde , that 70's show
Shocking week's punting, after the best month in years!! On Sabbatical until Saturday! I'll back for goals, Hyde away to Fylde!!
he quick good with screens and having kap and Bush D won't know we're go with all that speed and Hyde power and speed that's fire
I like Hyde for the running game I like Bush more for blocking n short pass running
I still say Fellaina looks like Steven Hyde
I had a dream I madeout with steven hyde last night so that's cool
How to ask a girl out: Steven Hyde Edition
I know I've said this before, but Steven Hyde is yum.
Steven Hyde, forever having a crush on Steven Hyde.
Try Hyde Park Sydney today at St Pats celebration. Ireland's worse.
There are so many unspeakable things I'd do just to meet Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde
Games woken up but i fear it's too late! ⚽
Hyde CAN defend. Too late in the season that it's becoming apparent! Sick for the goals markets πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•
i want to marry a guy just like Steven Hyde.
"Phony people listening to crappy music isn't my style." -Steven Hyde
I just want to be the Jackie Burkhart to your Steven Hyde. πŸ’•βœŒοΈ
Happy birthday Danny Masterson also known as steven hyde😍
To describe myself I'd say I'm like a pretty good mix of Steven Hyde and Eric Foreman in girl form
"The real branches of government are the military, corporate, and Hollywood." - Steven Hyde
I dream of meeting the real life Eric Foreman, Michael Kelso, Fez, Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti, and Jackie Burkhart.
My life is that I'm Eric Forman but always trying be Steven Hyde.
We want to see some Anthony Clark and Steven Hyde on this live stream!
Jackie: Steven, am i your Donna? Hyde: That doesn't apply to us because we're both good looking. :3
Idk if I should keep my Mohawk or grow back out my steven hyde fro lol
There's something seriously sexy about Steven Hyde.
"If I were to attend church, I'd be a hypocrite." --Steven Hyde
"Dating is prostitution, except you don't always get what you pay for" -Steven Hyde
"God help the poor *** that work for you!!!" -Hyde xD Dude where can I meet a guy like Steven Hyde? I've been waiting 5eva for him!!!
Oh BG, please grant me a Steven Hyde/Jake Ryan male model hybrid while gets her Eric Foreman/Ducky as our beau. Thanks.
[ It's official. I want Steven Hyde from That '70s Show. I just want him. ;_; ]
Hyde for the first time scoop and a half
[begins to sing]. Steven Hyde: You don't love me anymore, caught me cheatin' with a ***
Gave my best friend a 25 minute bath with a q tip this morning !!! She's just a sparkly new as the first day I got her !!! *iphoneclean lmao
Ace got that Steven Hyde from That's 70's Show Fro.
Preworkout supplements are basically like crack. Holy canoli I wish I found this stuff sooner!
Steven Hyde you can build me a house if you want πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ I wouldn't hate it.
Ok, so how is it possible that Danny Masterson, the guy that played the ΓΌber hot character of Steven Hyde in That 70s Show, now looks like a creepy pedophile??? Seriously, check him out in something recent, like the movie Yes Man. So disappointing, lol.
Hello everyone- it is looking like we will begin a 3rd series of Word on the Street- which is very exciting! And we want to keep the fans happy and make some new ones :) so if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see in the new series please comment here! Peace and love to all x
"Two girls driving around in a phallic RV, handing out things you blow. What a great country." --Steven Hyde on the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile
Congrats to Joey Edwards, Hunter Case, Ashley Hyde Wingard, and Steven Register for passing their NREMT! Way to go!!!
Midnight showing of fast and the furious 6 @ AMC on Barrett Pkwy. Who is going to the meet/movie? Meeting @ Starbucks across from olive garden. Meet around 9-10 and them roll out to the movies around 11:15 or so Christopher Cantrell, Michael Scott Dilbeck,Christian Payne, Dallas Ray Hyde,Jessica Bruce,Steven Sorrentino,Nick Humphries, Josh Williamson,
Who is down for Bachata tonight...I need to relieve some stress!!
Watch a special 2-hour edition of HLN’s newest hit show "HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial" tonight at 10 p.m. ET on HLN. The drama in Arizona is far from over. Vinnie, Ryan, Jane and our all-star legal team discuss what could be going on inside the jury room and what could happen next. WATCH: Wa...
Like Fitness Motivation for the motivation to stay fit. I love this page!
If you are anything like Steven Hyde I want to date you
Weight lifting friends: Trying to get a new pre workout. Suggestions? I've tried all the popular ones. Looking for one with a GNARLY kick.
I am in love with Steven Moffat's 'Jekyll'! It's so good! On episode 3, can't decide if like Tom or Hyde more. xD
Gr teenagers I swear did I really have that much gob!!!
"I love Steven Hyde. And some day, he'll love me. And he'll cut off those stupid sideburns and we'll live happily ever after." - Jackie
To all who care to grow their sensibility to the human condition. I recommend this novels 1) The Return of the Native (Thomas Hardy), Tess of the S'Urbevilles (Thomas Hardy), Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Robert. L. Steven), and Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy)
Amazing cannot begin to describe this past Sunday. After months of dreaming and planning, Andi Roberts, Jesse Hyde, and Rachel Hyde created the most amazing photo shoot I ever could have imagined for my solo jazz singer portraits. They guided me through the process of crystallizing a visual representation of my inner self. That journey alone was extremely fulfilling, but then I got to actually see this crystallization...colors, fabrics, flowers, patterns, space, light, and sounds that I love...manifested in one place and time for me to live in for an evening. It was spectacular. Andi, Jesse, Rachel, Eliza, and Ashley converted the back patio of dear friends’ Zane and Margaret Lazer’s home into a Moroccan garden party, and some of my favorite artists came to fill the space with their beauty and energy for the portraits. I felt like royalty as Rachel put the finishing touches on her costuming and hair for me and Valerie worked her magic through makeup. We all gasped as Caroline came in with her incredib ...
If you are certain that contradictions exist, or know that you know nothing, what makes you think that you perceive anything broader than your own mental state? People who know nothing and hold contradictory beliefs coddle themselves with the laughable assumption that everyone else is in as poor a condition.
This is tonights thread... Comment here for shoutouts, track ID's and love song dedications...
If I had a magic genie my one wish would honestly be to make Steven Hyde a real person so I could have his babies
How many of you are marching on Saturday May 25th? Have you invited all your friends? You need to motivate them to take the day off work or bring the kids. No excuses! We need your help! March Against Monsanto
If Steven Hyde were a real person, he'd be my soulmate. ❀
Just found out that Steven Hyde from That 70s Show is Francis from Malcolm in the Middle's brother in real life. Mind=blown
My heart aches with pain, when I see you I vomit. Die away from me - Steven Hyde πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
What does liking Steven Hyde say about me?
I have a pretty big crush on Steven Hyde... lol
THE MAN. I have more complaints and theories about the government then Steven Hyde
Should I grow out some Steven Hyde sideburns?
If I could find a man that's a combination of Eric Forman, Steven Hyde, and Michael Kelso... I would be good to go πŸ‘Œ
My internet is down according to comast but i had to go to the i guess my internet had a bad signle
I think Steven Hyde is just me with a white guy fro
Hyde is love, and love is a psychopath... GOD STEVEN MOFFAT is so awesome!
Actually sitting and thinking about producers/engineers for our next record. Who's some of peoples favourites?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Steven Hyde from That 70s Show is my idol as of right now.
I like to have conversations with myself when no one else wants to talk to me..
John Hurt cant be the 9th doctor, Steven wont actually go back on his own stories - The fall of the 11th when Silence will that case (if john became 9) then Tennant is the fallen 11th Which did not happen. ~ Bowtie x
Fans are questioning whether executive producer Steven Moffat has run out of ideas and should hand the reins to someone new.
"Struggling with the realization that I'll never not be in love with Steven Hyde."
Im here! Already ate my cereal and been up for about an hour watching 'that 70's show' reruns! This is the life!!
"Although I respect the Judeo-Christian ethic, as well as the Eastern philosophies, and of course the teachings of Muhammad, I find that organized religion has corrupted those beliefs to justify countless atrocities throughout the ages. Were I to go to church, I'd be a hypocrite". -Steven Hyde
Devon Alexander "The Great" of South City STL defends his welterweight belt!
Ok everyone please add my original profile (Tylor Steven Hollis Hyde) i really wanna delete this since i have no need for it
Thanks to Josh Hyde, the Vice President of Kansas City Atheist Coalition, offering to dye his hair when our fundraiser reached $1000.00 and to the help of a generous donor, we have now reached the $1000.00! We want to know what other antics you would pay money to see to help us set more goals. If there is a freethought celebrity you would like to see participate please feel free to tag them in your suggestions below.
So I was telling Steven Betolatti how I told someone that he is so good at training dogs and that he is just like that tv story you know Dr. Jekyll... and he just looked at me funny. Steve asked if they called back...I was like..why and then he told me I must have meant Dr. Doolittle. Oops!
Missed twenty one pilots KILL at The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival today? No worries, watch it here:
I sometimes get email from theists. Now, I'm biased so I'll let ya'll judge the strength of these arguments. " I hereby declare- you to be - - an unlawful obstructionist. I order all those assembled to immediately disperse. I repeat- to immediately disperse. I order all your activity to immediately cease. I repeat-to immediately cease. It is not in accord with the ordinances of Canon Law. Due to your catalytic tendency of disseminating objectives adverse to Christendom - you are therefore ordered to discontinue your illegal profession. Failure to do so will result in proactive, responsive, and co-active measures. I judge, adjudge, adjudicate, deem, determine and declare your thoughts, words, actions, public or secret, and omissions, biological and spiritual property, subject to the Jurisdiction of the Unfathomable, Infinite, and Ineffable Excellence of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Further, your humanist anachronism, obscurantism, absurdum, intent, mission, and schemes, are henceforth proscribed and condemned. Y ...
It's been a tough week in Hull, with yet another death to report. We respectfully note the passing of Robert Fitzgerald. His obituary follows: Robert C. Fitzgerald, at 56 Robert β€œFitzy” C. Fitzgerald, 56, of South Boston, died May 14. He had been a teamster for 30 years. Son of Virginia and the late Robert Fitzgerald, he was the husband for 30 years of his dedicated wife, Nancy, of Hull; the loving father of Mary Kate, Jonathan, David, Emily, and Olivia of Quincy; the grandfather of Brooke, Nancy, and Kevin; and the brother of Steven, Ann, and Kathy. Visiting hours at the Hamel, Wickens & Troupe Funeral Home, 26 Adams St, Quincy Center will be held Sunday, May 19 from 4-8 p.m. All other arrangements are private. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions in his memory be made to: One Fund Boston, Inc. P.O. Box 990009, Boston, MA 02199 or online at:
Clan/Family Histories - Stevenson / Stephenson / Stephen Background Many of the clan/family reference books have ignored the name Stevenson, which is surprising as it is such a well known and frequently found surname. As a surname, especially in the form and spelling Stevenson (son of Steven), it is peculiarly Scottish. Perhaps the clan literature has ignored it because the name is widespread across the country and not focused on a particular geographic area. And there is no clan chief and other trappings of a clan. There is, however, at least one Stevenson tartan (see graphic). And it can be confidently assumed that Scotsmen with the name of Stevenson fought at the Battle of Bannockburn or at Culloden alongside the more well known clans and families. Early Records Stephen (which means 'crown' or 'wreath' or 'garland') has been a popular Christian name since the martyrdom of the saint of that name. The name was introduced into Britain by the Normans after 1066 and their influence spread into Scotland. Ear ...
New changes to student loans announced as part of the Budget could see expat Kiwis who have not repaid their loans arrested at the border. Are you in support of this move? Or do you think it is going too far?
Everyone add Tylor Steven Hollis Hyde please and thank you. I cannot add anyone bc my requests keep getting blocked. So everyone if i do not have you as a friend on there, go add me now please
β€œThe Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde” was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. Robert Louis Stevenson lived from 1850 to..., Steven Mars
Just noticed the rapist from Face/Off is Steven Hyde from That 70's show. Disturbing.
Need Ariel put on roof and cable into daughters bedroom for tv , she's gone without for too long now :( anyone want to do it or know a body who will ?
Let me show you how i really feel using a disiplined form of Japanese poetry. hyco my heart aches with pain when i see you i vomit die away from me. ""Steven hyde"
For Gosnell, a Declarative Sentence Over the last two months, Kermit Gosnell did something that he hadn't managed in almost 40 years of practicing abortion: he brought something to life. It took eight weeks of harrowing testimony, but the debate over the inhumanity of abortion is reborn in America--the product of an excruciating trial that turned even the most hardened of abortion supporters into skeptics. Yesterday, on the tenth day of deliberation, even a pro-choice jury couldn't look past a morally-calloused man who built an empire on the snipped necks of tiny newborns. After hours of exhausting discussion, seven women and five men found Gosnell guilty of three charges of first-degree murder. While he looked on almost expressionless, Gosnell was also found guilty of the manslaughter of Karnamaya Mongar, who died of a drug overdose in a filthy back room while emergency teams tried to cut through the clinic's barricaded door. Of the 258 other charges leveled at him, Gosnell was convicted of racketeering ...
Had an awesome day with Danielle Brown Pauline Hyde- Leslie and Steven Leslie, we went to the blue mountains and saw the 3 sisters! Tomorrow we go to Sydney centre!
Steven has to get off his *** and fine us a new house. he not shore were to move to!I just wont out of hyde park 22 years is to long!time to move on!!! yes!
"One time my dad felt so bad about missing my little league game, that he disappeared for 9 years." - Steven Hyde
Anyone know any bands that are good acoustically for Camden Rocks Festival on June 1st?
Emily Edwards Steven Duffy have u 2 got ur tix for faithless & kasabian?
It's always been a niggling concern to me that it could be slightly awkward (well actually quite awkward) if I had a girlfriend who had the same name as my sister. Fortunately I have very little chance of the situation arising. But being typically self-absorbed I never considered how this type of thing might be an even bigger issue for other members of the community, for example 'the *** . Well, I've just seen Josh Thomas telling his audience that his boyfriend's name is also Josh. (I'll leave it to you to finish the thought.)
This on channel 4 set in Tameside or what...
My love life was as follows: Han Solo, Bo Duke, Zack Morris, Dawson Leery, Steven Hyde, Jim Halpert & Daryl Dixon
you're like Dale Gribble and Steven Hyde in one.
Danny Masterson, who we fondly remember as Steven Hyde from That '70s Show turns 37 today
I want a Steven Hyde but I'm also down for an Andy Dwyer 😊
Steven Hyde, Tobias Funke, Gob Bluth, Barney Stinson, and Marshall Erikson are best sitcom characters.
I'm never not going to think of Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde
Leo Sayer Fellanie David Louis Pouyol and my fav 2 Steven Hyde and Clay Guedia (I know Ive spelt them wrong
just got back from The Sony Studio in LA, i was part of a Live Audience to the tv show Men At Work. got to meet Danny Masterson AKA Steven Hyde in That '70s Show. ( with Tustin Recruiting Station, Travis Gowdy, Kyston Dyer)
Steven Hyde= Justin Francis. i swear my brother looks just like him, man.
// lololol. Or he'll be my Steven Hyde forever, or else, my Chandler Bing forever. All I know is that he'll be mine forever.
Just watched an hour of that new show on TBS. I hope they stick around for awhile. I've missed Danny Masterson aka Steven Hyde
Sorry, but no matter what TV says Danny Masterson will always be Steven Hyde, not "Milo"
Danny Masterson (aka Steven Hyde, That 70s show) a funny guy. Got to see the show myself
Danny Masterson isn't as badass as Milo as he was as Steven Hyde. Naturally.
Watch Men At Work today at 7 pm on TBS! Danny Masterson stars as lead in this new series. I hope for good things, and if you're not familiar with The name Danny Masterson, he plays Steven Hyde in That 70's Show.
Lol i like em all. Lol Kitty, Red, Fez, Micheal Kelso, Eric Foreman, Donna, Jackie, Steven Hyde. Lol and Bob and Midge
Just found Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde from That 70s Show) in a Steve Aoki music video.. Needless to say I freaked out
My life is officially over I watched every single episode of " THAT 70s SHOW" 200 episodes in all and my life is sad know knowing every night I don't get to look forward to staying up till 1 watching Michael Kelso,Jackie burkheart,Eric Foreman, Donna pinciotti, fez, and Steven Hyde so I guess I'm watching the series over again whoho btw KELSO'S HAWT (ITTA)
quote: "pep rallies. after school activities. washing your hair. its all just a trap, man." ~Steven Hyde (aka: Danny Masterson)
So I've figured it out.. I'm just like Eric Foreman, with a hint of Michael Kelso, & a splash of Steven Hyde. Yup.. This is the type of stuff I spend my time thinking about lol
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