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Steven Hawking

Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA (born 8 January 1942) is a British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author.

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Steven Hawking's just got dissed: His basic maths is wrong, says scientist friend
Making a SECOND Monday video for my thoughts on Pastor Greg Locke and I mistakenly call Steven Hawking one of the...
Talent , how did Radulov do in NHL playoffs ? Panarin looks good with the Hawks and so would Steven Hawking.
This popup ad harnesses the combined power of Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, and Steven Hawking, but somehow I'm not…
Waiting for all those people who applaud Lily Allen and Russel Brand to say Steven Hawking should 'stay out of politics'
Is it true Steven Hawking uses synagenIQ to boost his cognitive function? by Marshall Barnes
Einstein, Steven Hawking and Martin Luther King were anti-capitalist, I'm sure you know better than them though
That'd be me. And Angelina Jolie, Carl Sagan, Arthur C Clarke, Philip Pullman, Steven Hawking... What's your case?
No my president? You're like Steven Hawking in reverse not physically retarded, only mentally retarded.
" isn't just about being more active. It's also about being active at the right times.".
Its like if a football team had picked to be the new quarterback. Sad!
Does this guy with split personalities have a Mr. T in his repertoire? Perhaps a Steven Hawking?
From listening to music to meeting good friends, here’s how stays productive:
"Do you reckon Steven Hawking gets annoyed with his neck like this"
People say I got shot but really I'm volunteering with my bad hombre Steven Hawking in Manhattan.
All those smart *** scientist like Steven Hawking, Einstein, and Newton did their most famous work in their early twenties...
domain names
I think Siri needs to get laid. She needs to hook up with Steven Hawking or something
There is no point using or if we cannot tell the No one can stand on
Steven Hawking makes a good case for resisting the confines of one's environment
So Steven Hawking walks into a bar. Just kidding.
Watching 'the theory of everything' the film about Steven hawking it is heartbreaking
People say RIP Pac but really I'm balling with my boi Steven Hawking in Cuba. Word.
How does the cosmos at absolute highest entropy appear? All matter evenly dispersed/Or all energy?
your marathon career will be over mate you will be retired with the likes of Steven hawking Davie Murray
i don't wanna toot my own horn but... 14 years ago, i knew Steven hawking was retarded.
From listening to music to meeting good friends, here's how stays productive:
Steven Hawking would have trouble raising a credible theory for that one..
I want steven hawking in fishnets basically
It took me years to work out what u meant by,Look what appeared on your knee.Marylin doesnt need saving.
How do you use topography of a 5 dim star as warp dr, using Quantum physics without it affecting consciousness. No F/Walls
She's not literate, barely comprehensible and makes a box of rocks look like Steven Hawking.
theres a bad one of me looking like Steven Hawking
When asked the secret behind his intelligence, Steven Hawking stated eating "expired" food is what gives him his intelligence & telekinesis.
"Black holes do not derive their name because they are black, but because they steal everything around them.". Steven Hawking, probably.
If Steven Hawking insults someone, is it counted as Cyber Bullying?. /music plays
Wouldn't THAT be cool!?. I love that Steven Hawking is a fan, too!
I would walk five hundred miles goes out to Steven Hawking
If steven hawking passed out would you take him to the doctors or pc world?
While there is life, there is hope. -steven hawking
People should spend more time caring what Steven Hawking, Bill Gates, or Neil deGrasse Tyson say & less time what Trump or Kardashians say.
hey *** SESSIONS,STEVEN HAWKING much smarter than you U *** why did U ever get eleected to ANYTHING ***
Watching the film about Steven hawking and oaft that makes ye appreciate Hings! Genuinely couldn't hink of anyhin worse than that disease
In advance of an ultra profound statement from about everything.
i'd like to see and meet with Steven Hawking! Rap that Mr. PEOTUS, don't
Trump has a 160 IQ. Same as Steven Hawking and Albert Einstein. Obama had a 102 IQ.Lower than average and just plain dumb
It is the dumb liberal followers who are being played. Trump has the same IQ as Steven Hawking and Albert Einstein
If Steven Hawking gets sick, does he go to the hospital or the PC Repair Centre?. /music plays
This would have remained a secret had and the other Hollywood Steven Hawking types not bravely spoken out. Joke.
Building A Universe Competition so we find the fractal version of e=mc2, jumping forward in science (+brain upload)
The elites must "...learn above all a measure of humility":
Does everybody feel like Steven Hawking for 3 minutes right after they wake up, or is that just me?
Steven Hawking i like to study cosmic astrology to study ancient cosmic war survival..can you help and does my field is not good to it
I don't think Steven Hawking is the right guy to talk about walking the dog 🤔
"However difficult life may seem, . there is always something you can do and succeed at". Steven Hawking
For every pack of marlboros you find I will sucker punch Steven hawking in the face
The Theory of Everything is such a beautiful film. Steven Hawking, what an amazing man
because of ego but once in a while they double back.. as Steven Hawking has. saying that there truly must be intelligent
this is why I don't agree with Steven Hawking's opinion on alien communication
Thanking Zaza for his hard work at West Ham is like thanking Steven Hawking for his moonwalking abilities.
Steven Hawking. It is clear that we are just an advanced breed of primates, on a minor planet, orbiting around the...
A Brief History of Time by Steven Hawking is a really good book. Y'all should take the time to read it.
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By far the best costume I saw this weekend was a man as Steven Hawking smoking a dart in one hand and a Natty Light in the other hand
I liked a video Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant - Steven Hawking
Kevin Jones thinks Brandon Stark is just as bad as Steven Hawking. 'Always lying down on the job'. Jesus.
People wanting to stay in the EU: Steven Hawking, JK Rowling etc. People wanting to leave:. Boris Johnson, Katie Hopkins, Vicky off G Shore
Hawking radiation comes from black holes " it's not the radiation that Steven Hawking puts off??"
Steven Hawking, Morgan Freeman and the Supreme Leader Kim Kung Un himself said the same thing
Things stronger than WiFI signal - a sleeper hold from Steven Hawking
not his fault if your back four jumps less efficiently than Steven Hawking
that's like putting Harvey price on for Steven hawking
For the past several months I believed myself to be following Stephen Hawking. I just realized it was actually Steven King.
What's black and sits at the top of the stairs?. Steven hawking after a house fire.
read about Steven Hawking and how he proved that there's no god
"She's like a walking, talking Steven Hawking."
Steven Hawking is the human equivalent to a Dolphin.
Did Steven hawking do the als ice bucket challenge
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thought Steven hawking was tony hawk the skateboarder...
Why are you hawking Steven Segal movies at me, ? Are you breaking up with me?
"I finally got to reading that steven hawking book. it's about time" SDFGHSDFGGHH
Steven Hawking inspires me every day to be better.
*calls Steven Hawking* Hello I'd like one new brain please... I don't know who made that but it's confusing.
Steven Hawking said you would meet one, maybe two soulmate in your entire life and I honestly think I met them both.
Who's pumped for the Steven Hawking's dance tonight?
Oh my god the Steven hawking impression on lookalikes 😂😭
I've just seen their Steven Hawking. Did you laugh..? 🤐
taking the *** out of Steven Hawking, yeah that's hilarious.
Im steven hawking and you are my theory of everything 👌🏻
"Wait is Steven hawking that basketball player" SOMEONE HELP POOR ASHLYNN
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being Steven hawking and 1 being retarded you are Yebca.
Yes he became Steven Hawking but only after he puked in the front yard😂😂
Just beat Steven Hawking playing as Darwin - now back to work!
Please keep in mind that you've indirectly labeled individuals like Steven Hawking, Rodger Waters, and Jill Stein as antisemitic.
There's no crying in Steven Hawking talking dirty.
thought Steven hawking was a genius, guess I was wrong... Carry on 😪
Steven Hawking says robots will kill us all like the Terminator or Mt Roboto:
Just want it to be 5 am and be in fez where my body doesn't work anymore so I have to just dance with me eyes like Steven Hawking
Guy on the radio sounds like a bargain Steven Hawking
I am the Steven Hawking of masterbation.
Scroll down to see Steven Hawking as a super bad guy.
Wish I had the mind of Steven Hawking, body of Stephen James and ruthlessness of Hitler
Now that he's inside of me, ill take this opportunity to present the theory of everything. This is HOT! 🔥.
just saw your ad featuring how dare you be this cool? If this was an attempt to look nerdy you sir have succeeded
New post on about Stephen Hawking's new theory of Black Holes.
Steven Hawking could barely function but was having kids left and right. Tells you all you need to know about men tbh
Saw another ad on comparing Steven Hawking to Nelson Mandela claiming both are geniuses. Guess Mandela was a genius at necklacing.
Time to take a journey into the mind of the world's most famous physicist - created by
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All I can picture is Steven Hawking saying "that wouldn't roll on sand" & Jean Ralphio being like "yeah but neither would you" and laughing
. That's messed up. . Hope you are well. Oftentimes wonder what you're up to or working on. . 😘
You won't find the old patterns, it's always current.
"Steven Hawking could beat you in a foot race"
The rotation that preceeds the film.
What can you discern from the movement of the energy and the direction of rotation over the earth? If a map what would itsay
The beginning of Universal Movies shows the earth turning and energy/light, there are patterns, it has weakened since 2012
After watching Ex Machina I suddenly agree with Elon musk and Steven Hawking about AI:
That moment when you realize you joined a RP server and have to think quick and decide your Steven hawking
Dr. Hawking, I'm sorry, if I may waste your precious time, but do you ever heard aboutNo Man's Sky?
One of the most beautiful minds of our time, Steven Hawking said if he could ask for anything wouldn't be money etc, simply time.
Steven Hawking still uses training wheels, loser!
I feel like Steven hawking only with the brain capacity of homer Simpson
Hang on does that mean we will play someone with more pace against West Ham!? Like Steven Hawking!
Contrary to the movie,the real Jane hawking said Steven"s father's wine was good
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Fight with famous historical scientists (and Steven Hawking). Bit different!
Giving Steve McLaren £80million was like getting Steven Hawking's a bike
How does Steven Hawking recover from a hangover? . He presses F5.
that case they're not true Scientists but the Steven Hawking variety.
"What's a video game you wanna see become a movie?". "QWOP starring Steven Hawking-". b YE
Steven Hawking is the Siri of Earth. I think he should switch to a British version. . Stephen Hawking Voice 2.0.
Steven hawking going into space .are you going to be there when he goes ? Hope you get to interview him after he's back
My dad doesn't know who Steven Hawking is 🙊
Steven Hawking just being awesome as always! 🎗❤️
If Steven Hawking is so smart, why hasn't he learned how to walk yet?
How does Steven Hawking refresh after a long work day? F5
Will Choc shakes count? If so, gonna be flippin' in appx ten minutes.
"The two things I'll never understand are blackholes and women." -- Steven Hawking
Tribute to a great actor,a great movie and a beautiful smile!
When Steven Hawking issues a scientific warning for the safety of humanity you shouldnt take it lightly Stop playing with dark energy
Bruh Steven Hawking's wife left him for another dude while he was stuck in a wheelchair changing the world.
My theory-unrelated of course- is everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, absolutely MUST pay for their particular GENIUS..
Watching the theory of everything.. I understand.. All I can say..
My mom just said she doesn't know who Steven hawking is?
Xbox, your servers are slower than Steven hawking getting out of a bathtub
Nana thinks that Steven Hawking's name is Steve Hawkins.
Remember when i confused Steven Harper and Steven Hawking?
Steven Hawking's new paper could finally solve the black hole information paradox
"If Steven Hawking is so smart, how come he hasn't learned to walk yet?"
well then the "no longer getting laid" version of Steven Hawking will be right
Red Feetz is like the Steven hawking of the cod community
If Steven Hawking is so smart why can't he walk
Gouffran is as much use as Steven Hawking's shoe horn.
Steven Hawkings lecture on. Space and Time Warps . on
I've got news for sitting in on a class or two about physics doesn't make you Steven Hawking. Especially wearing beatles boots!
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when your studying with Lexi over facetime and somehow you end up talking about apple juice, food, killing yourself and Steven hawking
THOUGHT is CRIPPLING like STEVEN HAWKING, SOUP is the KRIPPLES...FREEZER please...creating kripples now.
If Klopp wants Steven Caulker at centre back then I do too. If Klopp wanted Steven Hawking as a false 9 then I would too.
I liked a video from Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant - Steven Hawking
and people thought Steven hawking was disabled... Smh
From 2012-present, Steven Jackson has 626 carries / 0 fumbles. Expect him to be key player vs. the ball-hawking Chiefs on Saturday!
bloody *** Steven Hawking has better aerial presence sometimes!
A sonnet to Steven Hawking. My fave line: "Photons loosed from slits like greyhounds at the track..."
Wheres the video where you are in the wheelchair gambling as steven hawking
there was a study at Stanford that proved feminism. All of it. Steven Hawking agreed. Fact.
Mumbai-born Kashmea Wahi tops Mensa test and stands in league with scientists Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking.
I'm the smartest being since Steven hawking XD
I sleep as much as Steven Hawking exercises
SH may be genius but told duche bag. Just watched his movie I hope 1st wife got alot of money for taking care of him
anthropo-stemichietry: First used by Steven Hawking in 4th Century BC CS class in light of expressionism, its main principle relinquishes...
why am i Steven Hawking's doppleganger
give a *** a voice and an hour in the shower. She gunna come out challenging steven hawking
like Steven hawking, no need for talking
What, 2 hours ??. Who did they have doing it, Steven Hawking?
Mumbai born girl 11 , gets top Mensa score of 162 out of i62, . this put her in top 1% and comparable to Einstein and Steven Hawking. GREAT
Whose brain would you want to live in for a day? — Steven hawking
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Steven Hawking. van de dag
Just called Steven Hawking,don't know if it was him or his answering machine
The media often forgets that Steven Hawking is disabled.
How come so many of y'all don't know who Eddie Redmayne is??? He was the lead in Les mis and played Steven hawking and he's adorable okay
Is it me or does the president of the Hollywood foreign press sound like Steven Hawking?
This guy sounds like an Italian Steven Hawking.
Listen to Steven Hawking-Anilorac ftRoCKETMaN produced by Black Costello by ANILORAC on
The NFL Network should replace Deon Sanders with Steven Hawking. What a stupid *** that guy is!!
Christianity is man being afraid of the dark. - Steven Hawking / Atheism is man being afraid of the light. - John Lennox
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"Steven Hawking lives two streets down from me, so I always see him strolling around. Well, not strolling..." 😂😂 Fin Walker
Charlotte don't know who Steven Hawking is 😮
Wow! Hawkings debunked by one man's opinion in 3 minute radio interview!
Steven hawking out here hittin dingers
I feel like senior pictures could make even Steven Hawking or Shrek look attractive.
You believe one physicist over another due only to your own beliefs.
In case you missed, Steven Hawking debunked by his friend -
Therefore man in wheelchair hath no understanding? Tell that to
how do we know if Aliens are aggressive? Could Steven Hawking's "Hostile Aliens" be true?
Steven hawking gotta be the worst twister player ever
You know Steven Hawking once bet an annual subscription to on a Black Hole theory...
Steven Universe is a show about steven hawking exploring the galaxy aboard the Starship Enterprise
Is this a reference to my underwear?
Very funny in re the Cher and Steven Hawking post...
Wow. I am truly inspired by your story. You inspire me. Incredible and Knowledgable. Thankyou Sir, for being so fantastic.
this interview in a Spanish magazine by Steven Hawking is well worth while. He contemplates what aliens might be...
Clegg on University Challenge looks like Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawking in the Theory of Everything
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it's a recent quote from Steven Hawking, serious respect to the guy. Here's the article
Steven Hawking is not a scientist. Oh wait!
Steven hawking trying to test me I can't under stand why you let one man drive you to do SOMETHING then let it be your best
Myself and Steven Hawking. Have both talked about. The rate of technological growth. As compared to the rate. Of human compensation. I was first?
Talking to Moto about Steven Hawking, and he replied, I used to work on commissions and stuff.
Steven Hawking sees 2 futures, tech produces our stuff & we're all comfortable, or ditto & the 1% get richer. Who's …
Steven Hawking on wealth redistribution and whether technology is a driver of http:/…
The pre-pay parking machines here sound like - he should sue.
I feel like Sheldon cooper when he drunk dials Steven Hawking
A while a go i sad Ai would be the death of us and well Steven Hawking is warning us of Ai. Destroy Ai before its too powerful
Why does a English teacher leaving my school look like Steven hawking 😭
"People should actually be worrying about 2020, that’s the real end of the civilised world.” says steven hawking, after a lord's .game ???
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and Steven Hawking, has claimed the Mayan Calendar’s apocalyptic end date of 2012 is based on flawed calculations. bizar internet/lord's?
I love your work and I think you was absolutely fantastic presenting Steven hawking show absolute top man
Steven hawking also views the law of gravity in that kinda light but the lovely thing about science is, if they don't know
I think Steven Hawking has been trying to figure a law that governs the universe, something relating to that
What if Steven Hawking goes back in time and kills Hitler! BUT he goes back too far and has to fight to another time machine to go home!
Roll up on your clique like Steven Hawking
"What if Steven Hawking is the real slim shady, but he could never stand up?". - the sophisticated thoughts of George Mann
I, a writer, just said both 'stephen hawking' and 'steven spielberg' while trying to say 'stephen king'. amazing
. I've got an equashan for you you know you said the world was created by a star and a black whole. How where they made ?
Has Prof Steven Hawking come round to and way of thinking? Great minds...
. Steven Hawking is working overtime on the team radios. . .
you're gonna be my powerlifting coach who is basically Steven Hawking
I'm pretty sure they aren't forced a *** is automatic just ask Steven hawking
Steven Hawking says be worried about Capitalism not robots!
Our humanity is already destroyed. Look at racism in U.S & the killing in & The http:/…
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Steven Hawking standing beside his bride, Jane Wilde.
Read articles on theories of relativity, blackhole composition & robotics always in awe, he is so right on capitalism. 100%
"Steven Hawking... aren't you that guy who invented gravity?" -Fry
Bill Nye, Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, A Einstein, Chris Langan, and John Nash. Stupid is as stupid does.
I haven't watched this video yet. I imagine it's a lot like a drum battle between Buddy Rich and Steven Hawking.
On a scale from Holly Willoughby to Steven Hawking, how clever are you? My jolly column
Steven Hawking is on the telly singing with Wolverine. Someone's tipped all their furniture out in the street. Everyone see…
Steven Hawking is writing out the secrets of the universe without the use of his body and you can't even text me back
I'm sure Vincent Van Gogh, Steven Hawking & William Pitt would take umbrage with that comment. Turing esp - not an ***
Hugh Ross, PhD is amazing! He said Steven Hawking actually proved the Bible to be right when he admitted time was created.
Steven Hawking standing beside his bride, Jane Wilde
Just finished watching “The Theory of Everything.” Eddie Redmayne does a REALLY excellent job acting the part of Steven Hawking!
Michael Jackson has a higher I.Q than Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking. His score is classed at genius level. He real…
Even DaVinci couldn't paint you, Steven Hawking couldn't explain you, Rosetta stone could not translate you, I'm at a loss for words 🎶😍
What if Steven Hawking had those ideas but didn't know his 'working'?
that's not hard, Steven Hawking would sound better than Adrian Chiles.
I love this list of Steven Hawkins quotes!
Carl Sagan & Steven Hawking have made predictions. Would they be prophets of atheism?
"who's going to read Steven Hawking's book besides scientists" . It's one of my favorite Christmas gifts actually...
Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor for portraying Steven Hawking who lives w/ DYK we assist w/ALS?
Steven Hawking cheated on his wife...
Steven hawking whatever button guy. Still alive? Can I push him over. Can't get back up not my fault.
"Your like Steven Hawking without a brain" thanks dad
Steven Hawking couldn't figure out the US tax code.
What a blessed life Steven hawking had all the celestial were in a line while he was born
Steven Hawking is truly an amazing and brilliant man!
If most of you don't know, this is a photo of the world renown physicist Steven Hawking & his wife…
So i end up having sex with steven hawking 😂😂😂 ***
If learned anything from the movie the theory of everything, it's that Steven hawking had mad game with the ladies.
Whent to see theory of everything today got a new level of respect for Steven hawking
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Had a dream I went back to 70s, got addicted to cigarettes, met Steven hawking, became besties and then I died of lung cancer in a week lol
these liberal *** bags are all worse than the stinky cheese that forms under Steven Hawking's ***
Maybe Steven Hawking's face is slowly imploding because his brain is a black hole. . We just don't know
okay the Steven Hawking bit is amazing.
Mathew McConaughey & whoever did that great job playing Steven Hawking proved that these past two years. Stop playing healthy white men Leo.
No disrespect to Eddie Redmayne his performance was breathtaking. But we all know Steven Hawking's story, but we never knew Alan Turing's.
I'm just blowing my own mind by watching documentaries about the universe/black holes/big bang by Steven Hawking.
only James could get David hasselhoff mixed up with Steven hawking... fgs
I thought for a minute you had turned into Steven Hawking
Claiming benefits and working?. Well that wanker Steven Hawking looked perfectly fine picking up his Oscar.
My bus driver proper looks like Steven hawking
I want to marry Eddie Redmayne. but. only as young Steven Hawking
Gonna fight that little *** Steven Hawking for title of world's smartest man
Stephen Hawking's fear of what could 'destroy us all,' Bless you, Steven.via
From watching a movie about Steven hawking to listening to Migos. I'd say that's a good transition.
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I'm Steven hawking lookalike grant callihan and I have direct tv
As KRS gets older he makes Damon Wayans' inmate character on "In Living Color" sound like Steven Hawking...
"three: if you are lucky enough to find love , remember it's rare and never throw it away". Steven Hawking
Really enjoyed the Steven Hawking film. Puts so much into perspective. I couldn't imagine having my independence taken away by an illness.
NOW: Eddie Redmayne up for Best Actor as Steven Hawking in "The Theory of Everything." WATCH:
Finally watched what an amazing man Steven Hawking is!
Watching Lennon, McGeady and Atsu having a kick around in training will be like watching Steven Hawking play wheelchair Basketball.
if Steven Hawking and Harry Potter had a child
"You remind me of Steven hawking when you're high
I've watched hour-long lectures by Steven Hawking. You'll do fine.
Does your brain stop working when your body does? Wow. I'll let Steven Hawking know.
What if i compare myself with George Clooney? Or Steven Hawking?
When Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Steven Hawking are all concerned about the same thing, it might be worth looking into
Bill Gates and Steven Hawking are afraid of artificial intelligence and computers becoming self aware...
The Theory of Everything does Jane Hawking a disservice via cc
So happy that Steven Hawking lost in the Super Bowls! That guy ***
dude I cried when Steven Hawking kicked that -2 yard field goal but it was blocked by Zach Galafanakis and ET
Super Bowl was great did you see that 90 yard field goal by Steven hawking?
Steven Hawking could have run the ball in.
I'm almost 99% sure even Steven Hawking would've ran the *** ball.
I feel like Steven Hawking could get this MVP there faster
People who could've run that ball in : Katy Perry, Betty White, Me, Dr. Funk, Steven Hawking, Jerry Jones, Woody the Cowboy, Vladmir Putin
I'd rather hand the ball off to Steven hawking, Helen keller, stevie wonder, a gold fish, Betty white, a pop tart, before I'd throw it smh
Worst play call ever made. A hand off to Steven hawking would have been a better call. Smfh
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