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Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick (born February 19, 1980) is the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The reason we struggle with insecurity is we compare our behind-the-scenes footage with everyone else’s highlight reel. -Steven Furtick
“The key to perseverance in seasons of God's pruning is confidence in God's purpose.” Pastor Steven Furtick
“Oftentimes our scarcity is the starting place for us to discover God's sufficiency.” Pastor Steven Furtick
You can't disappoint what God has appointed -Steven Furtick
"Sometimes we dont see those who are with us, because we can only think of those who left us" -Steven Furtick
"You can't ask God to protect you from the enemy your running too." - Steven Furtick
“God has put who you need where you need them for this season of your life.” Pastor Steven Furtick
Pastor John Gray and Steven Furtick are my favourite ones to watch 😊x
"Great moves of God are usually preceded by simple acts of obedience" - Steven Furtick
the right person will come into your life and you will make them the wrong person. You attract what you are." -Steven Furtick
"Sometimes when we ask God for change what we really want Him to change is our situation and not ourselves." Pastor Steven Furtick
The reason why it's so hard for you to stay happy is because it's so easy for you to get offended. 😅😏 -Steven Furtick
Even the people who betray you are part of the plan. Jesus couldn't get to the cross without Judas. ~ Steven Furtick
I added a video to a playlist When Anxiety Attacks | Pastor Steven Furtick
"Don't let what's behind you make you miss what's before you." -Steven Furtick I'm truly…
If you're Single, Don't Settle! . Don't Settle & Don't Sin.. Don't find the right one..BE THE RIGHT ONE! . Steven Furtick - Evolution Church
"The battle is won or lost in the preparation." Steven Furtick
I finished day 2 of plan 'Steven Furtick: Sun Stand Still Devotional'
Ready to experience what the Holy Spirit has downloaded into Pastor Steven Furtick. My soul needs to be fed🙏🏾
"Your ability to believe will never catch up with God's ability to perform. Never." - Steven Furtick
"Desire can light a fire, but only duty can keep it burning." -Steven Furtick
I lowkey be watching Steven Furtick and enjoy what this *** be saying
Now Playing on Ewordradio Steven Furtick - ONE PRAYER - God is...Great
Really wanna go see Steven Furtick live.🛐
"Your distinctive feature is not your ability to speak but it is the words that God will put in your mouth." -Steven Furtick
If I only notice what I lack and what I’ve lost, I won’t use what I have left and what God wants to do through my life next. -Steven Furtick
not really a podcast but I watch this Pastor Steven Furtick on the Elevation App... He's dope! 💯💯
Until Jesus is enough for you, no person or thing ever will be. ~Steven Furtick
put one foot in front of the other. Do It Again by Steven Furtick ♫
"The pain of falling short is nothing compared to the shame of stopping short." - Steven Furtick
One of the best preachers Steven Furtick ❤️ . Give all to God☝🏼
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"God, feed me what I need for the season that I'm in.". pastor Furtick
I added a video to a playlist The Power of Provision | Pastor Steven Furtick
Literally I AM SHOOK by this message by Pastor Steven Furtick! Watch the power of potential! You won't regret it
He is my source, I will never lack supply. - Steven Furtick Happy Valentines Day everyone. For…
also, Steven Furtick has a graduate degree from SBTS.
My Confidence Is Coming Back | Pastor Steven Furtick . When you get your Confidence Back, u are invincible
"Don't let a battle that you are afraid to fight keep you from a victory that's already won." - Steven Furtick
This was my Waking Faith Devotional from Steven Furtick today! It is so fitting for Valentine's Day! . I...
"Your potential is relative to your purpose" -Steven Furtick
"Rejoice in the beating that didn't break you."- Steven Furtick
if you like watching sermons in the morning or throughout the day to be encouraged please watch Pastor Steven Furtick he is the best 💗✨
"If God always met our expectations, He'd never be able to exceed them." Steven Furtick
The problem is that we are ignorant of issues and strong in our opinions.-Pastor Steven Furtick
{NEW Adversity will not kill you. Adopt the mindset of Steven Furtick "I Can Handle It" single, read:
steven furtick said "if God can't trust you over 40 people, how will he trust you over 40,000 people"
Unchecked resentment leads to unbelievable regret -Pastor Steven Furtick on Marriage
I finished day 1 of plan 'Steven Furtick: Sun Stand Still Devotional'
I just finished day 1 of the plan 'Steven Furtick: Sun Stand Still Devotional'.…
If you will do what you can do God will do what you can't do! - Pastor Steven Furtick
I liked a video The Power of Provision | Pastor Steven Furtick
We silently fear: "if people really knew me, they'd never accept me." But God really does, & He already has. Steven Furti…
''Success is not just what you can do, Its what you can enable others to do". Steven Furtick, American Author
This came from Elevation Church..Pastor Steven Furtick. The sermon is called .. Piece It…
Steven Furtick of Elevation Church is talking about the real issues the world and christians are facing.
The Relationship Tool - Steven Furtick - Elevation Church. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your...
Steven Furtick says "COME ON DOWN" to Perry Noble, giving him the pulpit at Elevation Church when just months...
Finally had the chance to catch Elevation Church from this past Sunday. The friendship between Steven Furtick and...
he preached for Steven Furtick at Elevation Church this weekend! Take a listen to their latest podcast
John Piper, Steven Furtick, Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, and Ravi Zacharias are also so dope bro
Stop talking yourself out of things God has called you to do. - Steven Furtick. Be encouraged by his sermons...
"As a believer in Christ we have the ability to bounce back. The harder the bottom the harder we bounce back" - Steven Furtick
lol I see you with that Steven furtick t r u t h
Just because the calendar changed doesn't mean your character did too. - Steven Furtick
"If you want to change the direction of your life, change the declaration of your lips". -Steven Furtick
Did I really just meet Pastor Steven Furtick . COOLEST THING EVER
“You’ve got someone standing beside you that’s stronger than the one standing against you.” Steven Furtick
As you mature in life, your expectation of change change. . -Steven Furtick
Make peace with your weakness knowing that God's love and calling doesn't depend on your perfection. . -Pastor Steven Furtick.
"The great things God will do through you are going to grow in soul of persistence, prayer, obedience, and sacrifice" -Steven Furtick
Sometimes the things that were meant to destroy you...are the things God uses to deliver you! -Steven Furtick...
I added a video to a playlist By Invitation Only | Pastor Steven Furtick
I added a video to a playlist Good Morning Midnight | Pastor Steven Furtick
We spend to much time talking about what's around us, and not enough time talking to what's around us -Steven Furtick
Now is the time!! Ephesians 3:20 time! The time to see what God can do THROUGH you. ~ Steven Furtick
Receive daily inspiration from Pastor Steven Furtick every weekday at 1:30PM on
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"How can your capacity ever be known if it is never challenged?" - Steven Furtick
I'm confused if Steven Furtick is a good pastor or if I just want to sleep with him.
Steven Furtick quote: Today's excuses are tomorrow's regrets dressed in disguise.
"The word you initially resist is the one you desperately need" -Steven Furtick
I've got two books I just started Unqualified by Steven Furtick and The New Jim Crow.
Take a hour and listen to this message from Steven Furtick. You won't regret it. .
It's participation not perfection that attracts the presence of God! 🙌 ~Steven Furtick
If the size of your vision for your life isn’t intimidating to you, there’s a good chance it’s insulting to God. - Pastor Steven Furtick
"I want to encourage you with today is the fact that vulnerability often signifies value" - Steven Furtick
It is not perfection but participation that God wants.Steven Furtick
"You cannot disappoint what God has appointed" Steven Furtick
"God is not ashamed to be identified with the parts of you that you think you need to hide." -Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick!!! Wow! Praise God for His life. The best Christmas message that I heard so far. 🙌🏽
The only way God can show us HE IS IN CONTROL, is to put us in situations WE CAN'T CONTROL. Steven Furtick
"Faith has the ability to override the facts." -Steven Furtick
What are the chances that Steven Furtick has resolved to stop preaching about himself in 2017 & preach Christ from eve…
For those unaware of the good that will come after difficult times❤ Learning Hope The Hard Way | Steven Furtick
Discernment = Hate - Satan is usually much more subtle than this demonic "pastor:" Steven Furtick, Elevation Church
Thank you and your family for last night's Praise Party. Watched on line. God is amazing. Blessings from Toronto!!💪
"If you memorize the melody in the light of day, you will have it in your heart when midnight comes" -Steven Furtick
"We don't need a move of God, we are the move of God!" Steven Furtick
Pastor Steven Furtick preached an amazing sermon! The best countdown to a new year so far!
Praise team was great and I could already tell the Pastor Steven Furtick was fired up!…
learned about you thrgh Wayne Goss and about Pastor Steven Furtick thanks to you... you can't imagine your impact on my life thx
Megachurch Pastor Steven Furtick says God doesn't want him to disclose his salary or that his house cost $1.7M:
Steven Furtick is really the man, he has me ODing on The Elevation Church messages ❤️
Let me give you an overview of the future from the book of revelation - WE WIN!. - Pastor Steven Furtick
what do you think of Pastor Steven Furtick?
Jesus is by Judah Smith is a great book. Through the eyes of a lion by Levi Lusko. & any book by Steven Furtick are great
"Is less about what you have, is more about how you handle what you have." Ps. Steven Furtick
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I wouldn't blame Al Mohler if he broke into Steven Furtick's office and scratched his signature off his diploma.
You have nothing to prove because you've already been approved, and there is only One you have to please. -Steven Furtick-
“Your challenges will be manageable if you start your day with praise” - Steven Furtick
God won't handle what you run from. ~ Steven Furtick
"when God speaks to you about your potential, he will cause you to confront your past." well ouch, steven furtick.
Most times, what you need is in a book that is on your shelf that you haven't read yet! ~ Steven Furtick
- Pastor Steven Furtick: How to Know If You're Heading in the Right Direction
Ask God to add the super to your natural. ~ Steven Furtick, Sun Stand Still
Why won’t Steven Furtick answer tough questions about his ministry? | Religion News Service
You don't have to wait for a special day to celebrate how far God has brought you. - Steven Furtick
"Knowing God is paramount to finding out why He made you and who He means for you to be." - Steven Furtick
"It's not always in your successes, but sometimes in your struggles, that God will show you who you really are" - Steven Furtick
"Your issue is not going to change until you handle it." -Steven Furtick
Sometimes God will leave some evidence to remind you that He's been there all along” - Steven Furtick
it is a book by Steven Furtick I am reading. It is about silencing the words of self doubt so you can hear God.
PREACH Pastor Steven Furtick!!! Turn that Hammond B3 on and up sir!
Protection is ON the seed . Provision is IN the seed . Only a matter of time before potential is released FROM the seed. - Steven Furtick
I need to take a trip to North Carolina to Elevation Church to hear Steven Furtick speak!
"God's intentions can create something beautiful out of brokenness." - Pastor Steven Furtick
Your perspective will either be your prison or your passport. Steven Furtick
Will it ever be ok to mock Steven Furtick for his lisp?
Talking Leadership w Pastor Furtick No I don't work for Propel(I wish ha) but one of my fav pastors was interviewed!
God didn't bring you out of deep waters to drown you, he brought you here because your enemies can't swim. . -Steven Furtick
I just finished this 7 Day devotional from the book (Un)Qualified by Steven Furtick. Looking for…
“Somehow, incredibly, the things that drive you crazy about yourself might be central to the fulfillment of your potential.” Steven Furtick
God won't bless the person you pretend to be. Come as you are and lay it out at Jesus feet.- Steven Furtick
"If your problem is too big for you, it's just the right size for God." - Steven Furtick
do you know that Joel Osteen and Steven furtick are false teachers tho court
"God will handle what you can't, but he won't handle what you won't." Steven Furtick
"God delivers you through your fears when you take action." -Pastor Steven Furtick || . H A N D L…
All purpose parts banner
...Jesus met people in their messes. His whole hearted acceptance and love changed them forever.- Pastor Steven Furtick
"God can handle what you can't but He will not handle what you won't." - Steven Furtick 🔥🔥🔥.
“When you make a commitment to be consistent, God releases a new level of grace.” -Pastor Steven Furtick
Feeling like Steven Furtick waking mom up from her nap for church. MOVE, NOW. We can't stay here; we gotta go!!!
😑 There are no words...and their cover guy looks like Steven Furtick which makes this equally as awful.
Steven Furtick. Your GLITCH becomes your GIFT, your DEFICIENCY is connected to your DESTINY.
Steven Furtick. Church is NOT a country club. You don't have to BECOME someone, to BELONG somewhere. You BECOME...
"It's not gonna change until you reach it - until you handle it.". - Pastor Steven Furtick
If you live by people's compliments you'll die by people's criticism. ~ Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick is! The leadership of that man is inspiring.
"Grace accounts for the time you've wasted" - Steven Furtick
"What matters to you is what your heart is pointed's your destination" - (paraphrasing) Steven Furtick
Some valid questions for Steven Furtick from Jonathan Merritt.
I know you want it yesterday, but some things just take time. - Steven Furtick
And the pastor of Elevation Church, Steven Furtick, lives in a $1.2 million house. Search it.
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hmm.. I'll check him out because I listen a lot to Steven Furtick, Judah Smith and Chad Veach. I need someone new lol
You don't know the story behind the glory. . -Pastor Steven Furtick
I love Steven Furtick especially how let's God use as a leader, pastor and preacher; also he has amazing hair &...
"the first thing you must realize about love is where it comes from"- Steven Furtick
You cannot be bless if you're projecting to be impressive. -Ptr. Steven Furtick
is this from his series my god my favorite from Steven Furtick changed my life !
BREAKING: Steven Furtick on campus to teach preacher boys how to yell and repeat the same words.
"What you're facing isn't the end. It's a portal to your potential."-Steven Furtick
"If you're always stretching and never celebrating, you'll eventually break.". -Pastor Steven Furtick
“Some of you can't see who you could be because you don't like who you are” - Steven Furtick
Faith doesn't always guarantee the out come but it establishes the outlook. All things are possible to him who believes! -Steven Furtick
Make this your season to initiate change. -Pastor Steven Furtick
Listen to God of My Struggles by Steven Furtick on Thank Lord for always loving me through my struggles
All that time you spent comparing you could've spent clearing! . -Steven Furtick🙌
"In between denial and despair is destiny." - Steven Furtick
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"Faith can't fix what you won't face!" Steven Furtick . 󾮖🏼
Don't let the enemy suck the sweetness out of your success. - Steven Furtick
"Faith is not meant to be a special occasion, faith is meant to be my full time job." ^Pastor Steven Furtick
"The thing that faith and fear both share in common is they are both empowered by anticipation". Steven Furtick...
Whoopsie, the below 5 posts are by Steven Furtick not Furtik. Sorry about that.
In the season of transition you have to shrink your circle to the people that see through the eyes of faith. -Steven Furtick
Sometimes you are the last one to see the effects of your own obedience to God–Ps Steven Furtick
Good thing I didn't know Pastor Steven Furtick was in the crowd last night cause if I did I woulda totally flipped 🤗
" You want someone to believe in you while your potential is still in seed form " . -Steven Furtick
Caught some flack for taking a shot at Steven Furtick.
Steven Furtick messages are so on point 👌🏻🙌🏻
Faith is not a feeling, it's a decision. And even great faith has weak moments. - Steven Furtick
When you narrate your life by grace some of your most prominent failures won't make it the cut in the story in mind of God - Steven Furtick
“When you realize that you are connected to God, it changes your perspective...” - Steven Furtick (Read: )
"If the size of the vision for your life isn't intimidating to you, there's a good chance it is insulting to God." - Steven Furtick
Stop talking about who you are not and what you cannot do, and start listening to what God says about your life.-Steven Furtick
Are we talking doppelganger or what?
"Are you using your environment as an excuse for why you can't grow?" . - Steven Furtick
"Between denial and despair is your destiny." - Pastor Steven Furtick.
"Faith isn't defined by your moments of weakness!" -Pastor Steven Furtick.
" FAITH doesn't mean living in denial.". " FAITH can't fix what you won't face..." . -Steven Furtick
You've got to receive what God has revealed. - Ptr. Steven Furtick
do you have podcast or you can just YouTube? Look up T.D. Jakes, Steven Furtick, or Joel Osteen.
“It’s easy to celebrate yourself when you have no standard” - Steven Furtick
New post: Steven Furtick – Teaching heresy about the walls of Jericho
"The bleachers have no business calling the plays" - Steven Furtick.
You can not get over, what you do not own. -Pastor Steven Furtick
Yet when planted it grows... God can't give you a harvest with what you keep in your hand. -Pastor Steven Furtick
Faith doesn't always prevent failure, but it allows you to put it in a new frame. -Pastor Steven Furtick
Faith is not a feeling, Faith is a decision - Steven Furtick
The pain of our mistakes can actually be a gift to help us realize our potential for change. . - Steven Furtick
"You cannot get over what you do not own, sometimes you just have to face it!" -Steven Furtick
Faith is not a feeling, faith is a decision-Steven Furtick
"It is what it is but it's not what it seems". -Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick betta shut up and keep on talkn.
|It's not about gifts, it's about GRACE|- Steven Furtick
FAITH can't fix what you won't FACE! DELIVERANCE always requires DISCIPLINE. It never comes by living in DENIAL!. - Steven Furtick
Don't give up on your picture because of your piece. Pastor Steven Furtick
JMac is a theologian and true biblical Pastor. Steven Furtick is a young boy pretending to be a pastor.
Just turned to I think this is Steven Furtick speaking! His work was featured last night, at the awesome service @ Calvary Church.
On page 171 of 240 of Crash the Chatterbox, by Steven Furtick
Elevation Pastor Steven Furtick in OVO Jordan X's this morning
Mega Church Pastor Steven Furtick may have some splainin to do.
Steven Furtick is the most handsome pastor 😍😍
This Pastor Steven Furtick guy built himself a $1.7 mil house in one of the poorest counties in NC. Glory to God. https:/…
" God can't bless who You pretend to be " - Steven Furtick 🙏🏽🙌🏽 | the 🌎🌍🌏 needs the real YOU‼️
Hmm, Perry Noble works out, Steven Furtick works out, methinks a possible SNL 'Hans and Frans' team sermon may be in the works.
"If you're looking to be greater than Jesus, put down the crack pipe, my friend. That's not happening." From GREATER by Steven Furtick. 😂
God exposes sin not to shame us but to change us - Steven Furtick
We highlight those who highlight the Christ! . Steven Furtick
God is more interested in your submission, than your solution. -Steven Furtick
"The quality of your joy cannot exceed the purity of your thoughts. You cannot LIVE better than you THINK." -Steven Furtick
A sense of purpose will produce great passion-even in small places. -. Steven Furtick
The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing that you had... ~Steven Furtick . Stay patient...🙏🏽...
wow! not just the God of your victories. .. God of My Struggles by Steven Furtick ♫
"Don't let the size of the opponent become bigger than the weight of the opportunity" Pastor Steven Furtick
PerhaPs Steven Furtick packed on the muscle cuz he's preparing to narcigete himself into the Samson narrative.
This is the kid's ministry coloring handout from Elevation Church where Steven Furtick is the Pastor. Anyone see...
YouTube steven furtick Hello from the other side. Your so so blessed, Your is more than what you see today xxx
~ Steven Furtick . Managing Your God-Given Passions. “He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people.
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You don't always have control but you always have a choice- Steven Furtick
Steven Furtick on Instagram: “(Un)Qualified is available March 1, and beginning today, when you...
“You don’t have to feel grateful to BE grateful!” - Steven Furtick, Full.Filled part 4 (via...
some people are expecting things from God that He didn't promise you -Steven Furtick
~ Steven Furtick . It's All a Part of the Plan. “ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the LORD. ‘They are...
"God is the needs meeter, the church is the distribution system" -Steven Furtick
my 5 yo daughter says my mostly favorite show (Steven Furtick) & Mickey Mouse & peppa pig but this is my mostest favorite 😂
Walking the trails in 58 degrees! . Listening to Steven Furtick:. Sometimes God is more concerned…
"Work but don'e worry, cause worry don't work. That is horrible grammar, but fantastic theology." - Steven Furtick
Love this so much! Can't wait for the book!!! Pastor Steven Furtick smacks me right in the face…
"God's calling on our lives has far more to do with who He is than who we are." -Steven Furtick
"Todays' excuse is tomorrows' regret in disguise"-Steven Furtick
"Your state of affairs DOES NOT have to determine your state of mind" . - Ps. Steven Furtick . Phil. 4:10-19
Mountains still move, God still reigns~Steven Furtick
We have got to move now. We have broken hearts to bind. We have a gospel to preach. We have hurting people to heal.~Steven Furtick
This is a demonic show. Watch an up lifting program instead. UP TV. Steven Furtick.Joyce Meyer.
God wants us to experience the total victory of hearing His voice above all others. -Steven Furtick.
Greater - Steven Furtick | Christianity |548972825: Melbourne is the capital and most populous ...
Before God can do an impossible work in your world, you need to let Him to do a deep work in your heart-Pastor Steven Furtick
“People who don't have a cause, eventually have a crisis!” . - Steven Furtick
I love this quote by Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church:. "God wants you to win. But…
someone's been listening to Steven Furtick I see! Amazing pastor!
"The dream God put inside of you is free, but to see it come to pass you have a price to pay. " -Steven Furtick
"Don't play hard to get, be hard to get". -Pastor Steven Furtick
There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. What are the odds of Steven Furtick keeping one of them in context?
Steven Furtick. Watch him on Netflix in his series. Death to Selfie. Awesome pastor a must see everyone!!
"God says, if I have it then you have it because God gives to his children freely" - Pastor Steven Furtick
~ Steven Furtick . Preparing for Provision. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or...
"Come on my black people, teach my white people how to shout and how to have church!". 😂😂💀💀 Steven Furtick is a savage.
"Sometimes people don't want your solutions, they just want solidarity with someone that can be there for them." - Steven Furtick
“Every second you spend wishing God would take away a struggle is a forfeited opportunity to overcome.”- Steven Furtick
Jesus didn't come to fix the symptoms. . He came to break the cycle. - Steven Furtick
"God's provision awaits your next step of faith." - Ps Steven Furtick
"The object of your focus always regulates the extent of your faith" - (Steven Furtick)
I took on the troubles of the troubled:By Steven Furtick
“What matters most is not what I think I am or am not. What matters is what my Father sees in me and what He says about me.”- Steven Furtick
"When I feel the urge to quit that's a sign that I'm close" -Steven Furtick
"We are asking for a destiny with absolutely no idea the difficulty that will accompany that destiny" -Steven Furtick
Why hasn't this been applied to Steven Furtick, Rick Warren, Ed Young who are anything but Christian with the way they live? REALLY
Elevation is a cult, end of discussion. The church revolves around Steven Furtick, not God or Christ.
Steven Furtick is the sauciest pastor in America. How many religious leaders rock Bel Air 5s to a sermon? Exactly.
False teachers Steven Furtick and Andy Stanley has sermons on Netflix. That made me do a double take.
Really loving Rich in Faith on Oxygen! Rich Wilkerson Jr. is one of my favorites, along with Judah Smith, Carl Lentz, and Steven Furtick
My life changed from the moment i got to know the existence of Pastor Steven Furtick and the Elevation Church. since. that friday afternoon
I get it, playing What is the response of to the preaching of Perry Noble and Steven Furtick, Alex?
This whole excerpt is from Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church. If you want a "Real Life Savior & not just...
If every pastor under 40 would stop trying to look like Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, or Steven Furtick, that'd be cool.
Steven Furtick on Instagram: “Some things can't be eliminated...but when they are exposed in the...
Steven Furtick is such a good pastor. Love hearing his sermons when I miss church
The Blasphemous Gospel of Steven Furtick by Perry Noble (Fighting for the Faith Chris Rosebrough -
Steven Furtick is the funniest pastor. . Mans said if you try to pretend to be a first timer to get this free book you will gain 10 pounds.
"Being blessed is not a state of affairs, being blessed is a state of mind" - Steven Furtick
"If you can fix your own dysfunction, then you can deal with any disappointment" -Pastor Steven Furtick .
You can change your mind, and it would change your life, even if your circumstances didn't change at all. -Steven Furtick
"When you focus on fear, you'll always be a prisoner." Steven Furtick .
...toss in a little Steven Furtick.
"Your failure is nothing but fertilizer.". Steven Furtick. “Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree...
"Where you are planted,doesn't determine how high you can grow" Pastor Steven Furtick (photo visit…
Saw this wanted to share. . Steven Furtick Ministries Dynamic Faith. Keep Reaching. “Not that I have already...
I don't live by people's compliments. Because if I lived by their compliments, I would die by their criticisms. - Steven Furtick
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"The way you choose to deal with delays, will determine the way you experience your destiny." - Pst Steven Furtick
"If something is common culturally, it doesn't mean its correct." - Steven Furtick
"God has a plan and you have a part." - Pst Steven Furtick
"Even if the worst case scenario plays out, God will still be there when it happens." - Steven Furtick
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