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Steven Avery

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steven avery Brendan Dassey are guilty, they are ashkenazi jews. so is all 'goverment' 'media' and 'courts'. zog. search who controls america zog.
.. what's going on with Steven Avery??
Trump should pardon Steven Avery get this innocent man out of prison # make america great again
The way Steven Avery broke up with his girlfriend was harsh
what's your thoughts on Steven Avery?
Prof mentions the supermax in Boscobel. "Yeah that's like 15 minutes from where I live. Steven Avery didn't do it."
I see Moreno's gone for the Steven Avery look 👀
Watching for a second time- still baffles me how Steven Avery is still in prison!
Really looking forward to all the girls dressed up as sexy Steven Avery for this year.
"I gotta prove my innocence again just like my first case." - Steven Avery
This mf in my class looks just like Steven Avery and his eyes are telling me that he really did kill Teresa Halbach
Truly believe none of us. Knows what's going on with. These 2. However I wish them. Both Happiness❤❤
One of my friends is meeting the 2 lawyers who defended Steven Avery in The Making A Murderer trial tonight and I'm sooo jealous
Especially this whole Steven Avery case, so insane. I don't get how 12 jurors didn't find him innocent..
watching making a murderer and every person in law enforcement in America should be ashamed at how Steven Avery was treated, so shocking 😶😶
Steven Avery's blood in murder victim Theresa Halbach's RAV4, which many believe was planted there by police.
Making a Murderer has caused a stir. Here's all the evidence they left out:
Steven Avery of 'Making a Murderer' Dumped His Fiancée in the Coldest Way Possible
People should go to jail for what happened to Steven Avery and Brennan Avery too but that's just too much like right
A jury may have found Ched Evans innocent but they also found Steven Avery guilty ... twice.
Making a Murderer's Steven Avery has broken off his engagement after less than a month
he should pardon Steven Avery while he's at it. Put Manitowoc Cty police in jail!!!
Out of all the cases I've studied, the Steven Avery case is one of the most interesting ones I've heard of
Nancy Grace Steven Avery Told Me to My Face He Was in the Pit: via
She apparently didn't like my Steven Avery posts lol.
Once Steven Avery gets outta prison, he'll help Bobby Shmurda get out also. Stay woke.
are you the guy who helped convict Steven Avery? Never heard of ya
its the curse of the corrupt Manicock sheriffs department.. FREE STEVEN AVERY
I blame Donald Trump for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey being in prison.
Is it just me that believes Steven Avery is innocent...🤔
Steven Avery threw a cat in a fire he can rot in prison for all I care
Out for the night in Green Bay. Cowboys game tomorrow. Can't wait to accuse the town's folk of wrongfully convicting Steven Aver…
The Steven Avery case is beyond a joke ***
yeah this piece of work Kit Hoover on The View mocked the wrongly-imprisoned Steven Avery just like two weeks ago.…
Big ups to Steven Avery for making it out of jail and being at the town hall
How did Steven Avery get to be in the "undecided" town hall audience? Thought for sure he'd be steadfast pro-Trump.…
If the Giants dont win tonight I will walk out of Lambeau Field and head straight to Steven Avery's house so that I can ask him to murder me
Making A Murderer's Steven Avery wants Brad Pitt to play him via
Law and Order: SVU Puts Its Own Spin on Steven Avery and Making a Murderer With Joe Biden
I'm simultaneously remembering how much I hate pop radio talk. Why must u talk as if Steven Avery himself told u about his prison fiancée?
Lester, you didn't ask my mail-in question: Which candidate is willing to give Steven Avery a presidential pardon?…
Steven Avery even has a better love life than me 🙃
Steven Avery was at the Blue Jays game tonight. Good for you Steven!
Steven Avery to marry legal secretary after an eight month relationship.
Which one of you is going to free Steven Avery?
If one of them just said "I'll pardon Steven Avery from Making A Murderer if elected," they would win so many votes.
"Will you pardon Steven Avery?". Come on Lester ask a question the people care about!!
Hopefully the next topic is Steven Avery
Steven Avery's new fiancée, a story from the archives in honor of T.S. Eliot's birthday and more.
The pair sent letters and made daily phone calls for 8 months before getting engaged
Steven Avery has a better chance of being released than Donald's tax returns and Hillary's emails
'Making a Murderer' subject Steven Avery is engaged to a woman he's met once
Is Steven Avery innocent or not guilty!!?
ASK IF STEVEN AVERY KILLED TERESA HALBACH. We have Trump in the hot seat and can finally get some answers!
Judge: No hearing necessary in Steven Avery case
Lucky to have Lauren, Avery, gabby, Kenadee, Katie, Steven, Katelyn, Johnathan, Zachariah, Emerson, Lydia, and Sadee in my li…
Steven Avery is engaged and he probably killed someone. I've never killed anyone, but alas.
Avery status conference requested by state not necessary, judge rules.
Judge: Hearing not necessary in Avery case
Shame on you for "appearance shaming" Steven Avery. Name calling denigrates It use to be better than that.
Steven Avery, from 'Making a Murderer', is a woman he's only met once: Sounds promis…
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Steven Avery can find a fiancé while being in jail but I'm still single
I have proof that Steven Avery killed JonBenet Ramsey and I will be presenting it on a new podcast I'm co-hosting with B…
John Ferak has done extensive work as an investigative journalist on the "Making a Murderer" Steven Avery case.
Guarantee this dude and Steven Avery have the same number of pairs of underwear
If subject Steven Avery is innocent, then what really happened?
I'm a little late w/ my Throwback Thursday... but does anyone remember that time Kratz said IF Steven Avery did it?
Zellner has 17 exonerations under her belt. Steven Avery is Melissa Calusinsky may be Let's make Scott Davis
Steven Avery's lawyer says he was framed - Fox News
Steven Avery's lawyer says he was framed: The attorney for a Wisconsin inmate featured in the hit Netfl... (FOX)
Yesterday Steven Avery turned 54-his 29th birthday behind bars as an innocent man. .
Just In: Conviction overturned for Steven Avery's nephew in 'Making a Murderer' case.
For enthusiasts here is my interview with Steven Avery attorney Dean Strang http…
Steven Avery's family says he was stunned after finding out Brendan Dassey's murder conviction was overturned.
Whether you believe Steven Avery is guilty or not, at least justice has been served for Brendan Dassey
The biggest thing about Making a Murderer was the wrongness of Brendan Dassey's conviction. Steven Avery's was murky. Da…
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What will happen to Steven Avery now? -
10,354 nights Steven Avery has slept as an innocent man in jail b/c of corrupt law enforcemen, fight 4 their freedom https…
Breaking news: Steven Avery broke out of prison and won bronze in archery for Team USA.
When Brendan Dassey gets his conviction overturned but Steven Avery is still in jail sitting on a life sentence
10355 nights stolen from Steven Avery, framed & wrongfully convicted. Stand with me in https…
Making a Murderer's Steven Avery is 'happy' for nephew Brendan Dassey as he gets set to walk free from prison...
Judge: Brendan will be released from jail. Mom: yea. Steven Avery: yea. Brendan Dassey: yea. Judge: yea.
What will happen to Making a Murderer's Steven Avery now Brendan Dassey's conviction has been overtur... UK news
Dassey conviction overturned in Teresa Halbach murder via
Now the need to free my man Steven Avery
Kathleen confident unbiased court will overturn Steven Avery's conviction http…
Bredan dassey is free they have to free Steven Avery
Another dramatic day in Manitowoc County…. As we reported, Making A Murderer sta...
What can this mean for Steven Avery?
Steven Avery is guilty as *** Maybe not Dassey, but Avery is exactly where he belongs right now.
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The story of Steven Avery has captivated a nation.
I wonder if Brendan Dassey is going to go visit his dad WHO'S MARRIED TO STEVEN AVERY'S EX WIFE.
Judge overturns the murder and sexual assault convictions of Steven Avery's nephew, Brendan Dassey.
With Mark Adam Goff at the premiere. See him as Steven Avery in Murder Made Me Famous on
.Real fans, or ones that sound like Mark Zuckerberg and Steven Avery?
:jus watched Steven Avery story on TV, brother is innocent, Manitowoc County PD be devils in cops clothing
Don't forget Scott Walker's refusal to pardon Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey.
and I also share with. Jack White. Courtney Love. OJ Simpson. Tom Hanks. Isaac Brock. Steven Avery . and more loll
any updates on the Steven Avery case?
Dear Governor Walker. Thank you for taking Steven Avery and Brandon Dassey case. . The whole world are behaind you. Greetings from NORWAY
nah Steven Avery was guilty as sin & as wily as a fox.
Did Stewart Mills III film his 1st commercial on Steven Avery's property? I mean he grew up by Manitowoc County right?
Dr Drew, I'm sure Steven Avery would appreciate a script of that...28 years of his life has been STOLEN from him!
Steven Avery's new attorney comes with a record of having exonerated 17 men
Trans people are to Steven Avery, as Republicans are to Manitowoc County, WI
great episode. Of course. But I'm pretty sure Steven Avery lived in Manitowoc County not whatever u said lol
All day re-tracing TH steps.No doubt she left Avery property alive.All roads lead to one door & it's not Steven Avery's.
Netflix only gives me 10 secs to decide between finishing my work or watching the next episode to figure out if Steven Avery is a murderer🤔
Remember four months ago when America still cared about Steven Avery?
I get to meet Steven Avery's defense attorney tomorrow... 😱😱
I'm more afraid of Steven Adams than I am Steven Avery.
If Steven Avery from Making a Murder can get a girlfriend while he's in jail, theres hope for all of us 😅
I wouldn't live there especially after seeing what happened to Steven Avery's family. I'd get out of dodge!
Ken Kratz event was canceled and lawyer Kathleen Zellner quick to respond.
Latest update on Steven Avery case includes new phone record info
I'm listening to the on the radio, not sure if these are players or Steven Avery being interviewed
The blood test tube of Steven Avery's with the hole in doesn't make sense at all. Some one is getting sneaky in the system
The Federal Appeals Court ruled on Tom Brady's "Deflategate Suspension" but they won't give Steven Avery a chance to prove his case ...🤔
stand 4 innocence. Justice for Steven Avery and Brendan Dasssey!
Clear your schedule: Dean Strang, Steven Avery's attorney feat. in comes to Shannon Hall tomorrow! ht…
steven avery can get a new girlfriend whilst in prison and I can't even get a first date
That time when called Steven Avery in a meeting.
[WP]A new witness/evidence arises that 100% proves Steven Avery's innocence of murder.
a rally/fundraiser/protest is scheduled for June 11th in Manitowoc for Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey
Making a Murder has me so upset right now. I just want to cry and cry and cry for Steven Avery.
Bet you didn't know Jon Snow was murdered by Steven Avery.
I love how quickly we all got over Steven Avery
Is Steven Avery guilty ? - still an open question.Finished watching ...
Changed me mind, Steven Avery is guilty
The defense attorneys from 'Making a Murderer' respond to criticism from Steven Avery’s new lawyer
10,347 nights Steven Avery has spent hoping 2 wake 2 his freedom & the truth. Let's get this man home to his mum!
after seeing what happened with Steven Avery its obvious there are some shady mafackas out there
Since the release of petitions for Steven Avery's release have received over 500,000 signatures. htt…
Media it's very simple do some. Work check out ticket sales!. The protests help Kratz. Get Attention!
Ken Kratz event canceled, Zellner quick to respond via
article defending the wisconson law. scum. Deception Experts: Jury is Correct, Steven Avery is Guilty via
Steven Avery's new lawyer won't defend 'guilty people' but aren't you either against bullies in all cases or not?
Steven Avery, Milly Dowler, Jeffrey Dahmer, HH Holmes and more, only in the new Real Crime: https…
Life really is full of coincidences, the names Adnan Syed and Steven Avery popped into my brain separately at the same time.
Dean Strang & Jerry Buting, Steven Avery's attorneys in the series are coming! Tix 10am, 19 Apr.
Panel discussion at UNL with Dean Strang, the attorney who represented Steven Avery in
a fair representation of the state of Wisconsin as a whole is what they did to Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey
Of course Cody is a million x better looking (says his wife) but I think Steven Avery was a handsome guy when he was young
The fact that Paige from the prince and me just said she was from Manitowoc aka Steven Avery's county 😳😳
The full Calumet county investigation report on Steven Avery — 1116 pages worth — is now online.
Poor guy, hope he's not targeted on his release like Steven Avery
Scott Walker would not re-open the Steven Avery case who was falsely accused of murder. Oh politics He's a dirt bag!!
Did anyone else get exciting to see Scott Walker trending hoping it had to do with Steven Avery?? I sure did...
I saw Scott Walker trending and got excited thinking it was about Steven Avery. Would have made my day a lot more exciting. Sadly, it wasnt🙁
needs to get Marsha Clark on the air to talk about O.J and Steven Avery
Women are proving to be a powerful force for Brendan Dassey/Steven Avery. NIRIDER&ZELLNER we salute you!!!.
For the last two episodes of Making a Murderer, are they done talking about Steven Avery? Because this can't be it I swear..
If you think Steven Avery actually commited that murder you should just not be able to have an opinion anymore.
Attorney: Dassey grateful for public support
people like yourself are the reason why Steven Avery is in jail! Assh*le!
what she means: Steven Avery is innocent. The Manitowoc County sheriff's department repeatedly planted and tampered with evidence
My latest video on the Steven Avery case: the botched death certificate plus I reveal my own theory
Attorney: Dassey grateful for public support - “I think he is bearing up as well as he can,” said Dassey's...
Attorney: Dassey grateful for public support via
Steven Avery's new attorney, making waves in the case:
In other news what ever happened to Steven Avery
FOR THOSE WHO WATCHED MAKING A MURDERER, do you believe Steven Avery is:
Attorney: Dassey grateful for public support.
\will never be done with the Steven Avery\Brendan Dassey cases until they are free.
"poor people lose, poor people lose all the time". -Steven A. Avery
why won't he just pardon Steven Avery?!
I feel really bad for making fun of steven avery's mom
For all of the attention Perry Ellis gets, Trevor Cooney has been at Syracuse since before his cousin Steven Avery got arrested.
Discussing Steven Avery marrying in prison "He was a real lady killer." - Chelsea.5 mins later she realizes why saying that was funny.
Can clearly see that Steven Avery is not guilty open ur eyes 👀 u gleck!!
Steven Avery supporter goes all in via
I got to queens and my mom are already frantically texting about steven avery.
Mum I'd like to request Steven Avery's defense attorneys should I ever get into trouble. Thanks in advance
If Steven Avery is exonerated he will cash in on a big lawsuit.This will never make up for the lost time and the negative attention 2 family
The law enforcement involved in the Steven Avery case should be ashamed... it disgusts me how they ruined an innocent mans life.
have you watched Making a Murderer & if you have do you believe Steven Avery killed Teresa Halbach ?
I honestly believe Steven avery is innocent... I will be generally upset if he isn't
Follow the top Steven Avery stories for Mar 27 on our topical page:
Could crowdsourcing help in exonerating the wrongfully convicted? says maybe. via
Steven Avery will be freed if forensics team find this crucial piece of evidence
Is it just me or does Steven Avery look like Rou Reynolds
Steven Avery is hitting back flips in his prison cell right now... On Wisconsin!!!
According to Teresa's phone may provide an alibi for Steven Avery.
Never mind Steven Avery or JFK, the biggest unsolved mystery of our time is: what happened on the fishing trip between Un…
So did Manitowoc County question Steven Avery yet about that knife found at OJ Simpson's?
The SFA are Manitowoc County police department, their referees are the sheriffs and Aberdeen Football Club are Steven Avery.
'Making a Murderer' lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting will discuss Steven Avery's case during a speaking tour
Recorded this Steven Avery thing, and this fool is getting way too much pub.
Steven Avery's battles with the criminal justice system have taken an immeasurable toll on his parents.
Or to make Steven Avery disappear, so that their illegal actions won't come out in Court in new trial
I just wanna give Steven Avery a million dollars and send him to a private island. I feel so bad 😭😭
Cold case investigator believes infamous serial killer was guilty, NOT Steven Avery
don't study with her... She's not very smart (I'm ignoring the Steven Avery thing in this... BLaw is just really easy)
Absolutely obsessed with Making a Murderer and the innocence of Steven Avery😥
Visit w/Steven Avery at Waupon CC. He is identical to the other 17 innocent men we've cleared. Won't quit until he's out.
Flamini's entrance was the worst home introduction since Steven Avery invited AutoTrader round to his house to take some pictures of his van
Updates on our quest for state prison records related to the
girl next to me says Steven Avery is 100% guilty. and also she hates business law and is Q dropping it
Don't believe for a second that Steven Avery is guilty, it's sooo wrong
but why were lenk and colburn allowed to search steven avery's home given their past with him?¿?
Making a Murderer: Steven Avery BANNED from watching Netflix show as new second series details revealed.
"I believe Brendan Dassey's confession to rape and murder was false," Dassey defender tells sold out crowd. Story:
Fifth trip to Steven Avery. Collected samples for new tests. The inevitable is coming--he was smiling so were we.
Watching . It's unbelievable how Steven Avery has been tucked up
Steven Avery's lawyer has a new DNA sample she believes could overturn prosecution's case
Follow the top Steven Avery stories for Feb 22 on our topical page:
Steven Avery is innocent the poor geezer
Girl in my class that grew up in Manitowoc County told us Steven Avery was at her house the day before got arrested for murder 😱
"Empire" star Adam Rodriguez thinks Steven Avery, the man at the center of "Making A Murderer"...
Wouldn't surprise me if Manitowoc Sheriff's department tried to frame Steven Avery for what Adam Johnson's done
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
After my analysis of the Steven Avery case and the current Johnson case, I reckon I'm about ready to take my Bar exam 👏🏻
Steven Avery has written an incredibly cryptic open letter
I've listened to Steven Avery impression 50+ times now on his snap story. Astonishing.
So Lt. James Lenk, the guy who (likely) planted evidence on Steven Avery, is a U of A fan? All makes sense now.
Dean Strang,former trial lawyer for Steven Avery of to accept our Champion of Justice Award on 3/17.h…
(Steven Avery's family from "Making A Murderer" reminds me of my own. Even more so the West Memphis Three from "Paradise Lost.")
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department be like: Steven Avery in the car yard with a fire.
For those who haven't seen: Action 9 investigates Orange County man's charity website for Steven Avery -
the people of Manitowoc County need to worry less about Steven Avery and more about everyone running around in oversized nascar jackets
framing Steven Avery. Oh wait. That was the Manitowoc County Police Department
I wish I can "Blue Skidoo" into my TV and knock out all the people in Manitowoc County that framed Steven Avery
What do ya mean? This county is safe thanks to law enforcement keeping Steven Avery behind bars!
Steven Avery's trial should not have been held in Manitowoc County. There's no way that was a fair and unbiased jury.
And Manitowoc County charged Steven Avery with 1st degree murder for the crime.
Wonder if the Manitowoc County Police are gonna frame Steven Avery for all the beers I kill this weekend
All the people that are mentioning Steven Avery too the Manitowoc police are *** Manitowoc County is your culprit
My biggest fear right now is that Manitowoc County Sheriffs are gonna come kill me and blame it on Steven Avery .
Manitowoc County Police Department reports that Steven Avery is yet to provide alibi for deaths of Bowie, Rickman, Lemm…
Bored at work? Please sign this petition for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey!
Action 9 investigates Orange County man's fake charity website for Steven Avery .
As per new evidence, it is certain Sandra Rivett was not murdered by Lord Lucan but by Steven Avery. Or so Manitowoc County cops might say.
Steven Avery vs. Manitowoc County on truth serum .
Dave Chappelle was hilarious last night! Steven Avery, people in the 3rd Ward, Bernie, Bill Cosby...No one was safe last night.
OJ Simpson = Steven Avery... clear as day. Robert Shapiro = Dean Strang and Robert Kardashian = Jerry Buting. Marcia Clark = K…
Earl Avery, brother of subject Steven Avery, gives his first interview
Steven Avery's brother says the convict apologized for naming him in Teresa Halbach murder htt…
Steven Avery releases a letter from prison
Also I know who killed Steven Avery. I haven't stopped thinking about it since Friday.
Um, no? Next you'll be saying that Steven Avery looks like Robert Baratheon
Why was Theresa Halbach's brother so unwilling to believe in any other possible outcome that didn't involve Steven Avery or Brendan Dassey?🤔
The cops in the Steven Avery case and the Brendan Dassey case *** me off so much, you people are so unprofessional and disgusting
that's why we need to first find out about the need for a tv for Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey
Steven & Brendan both have hopes up & doing great. Follow family updates on justice for Steven Avery & Brendan …
Please go to family fb page justice for Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey for more regular updates. Please remember I am new t…
No idea how any judge or jury could find Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey guilty and give those sentences
If a Steven Avery biopic is ever made, Bruce McGill (D-Day from Animal House) should play Avery.
The protest for Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey went absolutely amazing. We are working on another date for our next pro…
"I do a GREAT Steven Avery impersonation"-
You guys I'm about to watch the Steven Avery special on ID. Anyone watch it last night? Ugh I can't stop.
Watching an investigative discovery documentary on Steven Avery cause I'm obsessed w
Auto Trader only had 1 photographer. Steven Avery had no choice of photogs
Boys and girls, if Steven Avery was going to kill this woman he wouldn't call auto trader to set up an appointment
Way too many mistakes by the prosecution to consider this a fair trial. Steven Avery at least deserves a fair trial
Steven Avery's new attorney working on that Michael Jackson nose. Chopped liver.
More than 50 people attend rally in support of convicted killer Steven Avery, in Manitowoc County, Wis. - Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Steven Avery's defence lawyer Dean Strang hits back at Making a Murderer criticism
The two biggest scapegoats in the world: 1.) the Jews 2.) Steven Avery
was just told 4/2 at Warner Theater. Attorneys for Steven Avery will do a Presentation and Q&A. Thought of you.
Awaiting an appearance by Steven Avery's Defense Atty. Dean Strang here in St. Paul. More tonight on at 6pm
was a brilliant documentary. I think Steven Avery is innocent and was set up by the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department
defense attorney Dean Strang will discuss the Steven Avery murder case at State Office Building on Jan. …
I don't care that Steven Avery's *** is in prison. I can't shake how sad it is that Brendan Dassey lives his life w/ out Wrestle Mania.
If they can frame bob Lee swagger they can frame Steven Avery
Louis Van Gaal and Steven Avery's mum from Making a Murderer. Never seen them in the same room is all I'm saying. https:…
Making a Murderer prosecutor ‘asked Steven Avery to confess so he could write a book'
OP | Generation Y columnist Mark DiBona considers the argument that law enforcement made a murderer of Steven Avery.
I love Nancy Grace, but I have to say: I think she's wrong about Steven Avery. She's definitely wrong about Brendan Dassey.
So we're agreed on Steve Pemberton for Steven Avery, Paul Dano for Brendan Dassey & William H Macy for Len Kachinsky. Who else?
FBI cold case expert is convinced that a Notorious Serial Killer framed Steven Avery..
Steven Avery has a new attorney and she's talkin ALL kinds of smack:
The problems of eyewitness testimony go far beyond Steven Avery's case. How Texas is addressing the problem:
My aesthetic is middle aged white woman in Starbucks who thinks Steven Avery did it
So are we decided that Paul is at fault and I am innocent? I feel like Steven Avery.
I'm calling it now. The Movie. Anders Baasmo Christiansen as Steven Avery, Paul Dano as Brendan.
Wisconsin assistant attorney general is asking a judge to deny Steven Avery's motion to be released on bond:
Even 1st year law student can grasp the miscarriage of justice re Brenden Dassey & Steven Avery. World is watching
can't even explain how bad I feel for Steven Avery's parents😔
Steven Avery spent most of his life in jail and still had three girlfriends, and you can't even get a text back.
Steven Avery got a girlfriend while in jail and I can't even get a text back..
It says a lot when the fact that Steven Avery doesn't even own underwear ISN'T the weirdest part of the trial
Steven Avery's pictures as a kid look kinda like Beans from Even Stevens
please Mr. Walker, watch the documentary on Steven Avery and see that he is a free man. He needs your help.
Patrick Roy looks like Steven Avery if he had a good life. 😂
access Hollywood tonight @ 11 is talking about making a murderer and Steven Avery!!
I'm going to need June Squibb to star in a feature film focusing on Steven Avery's mother's perspective
Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department have used facial recognition technology to accuse Steven Avery of letting off flar…
Ya definitely not knowing what to think after reading all this new info on Steven Avery's case. The series definitely left a lot out.
If I'm ever charged with a crime I'd like Steven Avery's lawyers to represent me
Here's Gov. Scott Walkers contact info. Call/email him and demand he pardon Steven Avery. . https…
I've researched Steven Avery's case my entire shift at work, and now I'm watching the West Memphis Three document
Gov. Scott Walker in a news clip stating he will not pardon Steven Avery.
Gov Walker and his friends having fun burying Steven Avery alive.
Andrew Johnson - Kansas City’s own Steven Avery is still in prison for 1988 firefighters' deaths. Why?
I can't read or watch anything involving Steven Avery or because I want his freedom so much
MCSDept. worked together, and possibly with others, to frame Steven Avery
Christine Beck: Scott Walker is right to stay out of Steven Avery case
if he didn't do it? Who did?. Damien Echols guilty . Adnan Syed guilty. Steven Avery guilty. ...all b/s biased docs
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