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Steven A Smith

Stephen A. Smith (born October 14, 1967) is an American sports reporter for Fox, columnist, radio host, and television personality.

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My God I had Schilling on the big screen railing with Dan while Steven A Smith on another defending Trump being president lol
Steven A Smith's job isn't about to talk about politics, so if you could move on to, idk maybe, sports now. That'd be great
Im gonna look like Steven A Smith if I keep going every two weeks lol
My dad is making me watch Steven A Smith on First Take
Steven A Smith be raising his voice like a pastor 😂
My reaction every single time Steven A Smith or Skip Bayless talk about MMA.
OMG Bill. I stopped watching ESPN because of chip and Steven A Smith now u have this "know it all" on ur show. Won't watch.
Steven A Smith is not cool. He is a lameo
Usually don't give Steven A Smith the time of day but this is worth a look.
Is this about Kaep or Steven A Smith. I can't tell 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t vote |
LIVE on Talking it up with Steven A Smith
I hate to agree with Steven A Smith but he's right about Steph Curry
3 worst black people still living O.J, raven symone, Jason Whitlock, Steven A Smith, Stacy trash. Honorable mention my mans
MOLLY PLEASE BRING IN A BLUE& gold lace dress and give it to Steven A Smith because he's gonna wear that at the
Yo and Steven A Smith aka " THE BLACK HOWARD COSELL " made this Guy call the king of what court" into
Steven A Smith & Skip Bayless got that martin and Gina Situation goin on dont they? U never see them in the studio together
Now Steven A Smith is here to remind me that Billy Donovan coached at Florida and had Al Horford and Joakim Noah.
Steven A Smith the modern day black "HOWARD COSELL " correction !LABRON JAMES IS NOT THE FATHER
Charles barkley and steven a smith needs to stop coonin they act like *** on the plantation
I love watching Steven A Smith do his thing everyday lol
yup. First Take with Steven A. Smith already talking about Cavs v Heat yesterday and who would win.
There's a lot of Steven Smith in the way Billings fields. .
hmm.. I'll check him out because I listen a lot to Steven Furtick, Judah smith and Chad Veach. I need someone new lol
Good to see: a funded PhD position in London, on doctors' end of life conversations. Contact Steven Bloch at UCL https:…
Steven Smith – by England last year, he was anything but a laughing matter. in COTY:
Hundreds in losing causes in A Symmonds, Y Pathan, S Tendulkar, S Watson, W Saha, V Kohli and now Steven Smith*…
Why Steven A Smith always got something smart to say to Molly it be seeming like he don't like her lol
Stephen A. Smith said. He's wrong! . How do you know?. You started with Steven A. Smith said. . Snottie is wise. .
This *** Steven A Smith swear his word is just bond like you better believe everything he says because he says so smh
I liked a video from How to Tell if Eggs Bad or Good - Kitchen Hack
Why Steven A Smith never in studio on First Take ?
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Find out more about our partnership with in this recent interview with Steven Smith
yeah missing point Oakley not talking about on court. Ask Steven A. Smith what he talking about
Wonder why Chris Steven's Family was not more vocal. Shaun Smith's Mom is a hero
When Mitch smith was 16 he threatened to jump out a window unless his mum gave him £20, she gave him in and he lost it…
How much is too much cash in the bank?Do I bring in Smith and have $500K in the bank for next week,or bring in a gun like Steven?
JR Smith will chuck up almost any shot, a women court side could hand him her baby and he'd step back shoot a 3 with the infant itself.
According to Steven A. Smith, Demar Derozan has "made it very, very clear that he wants to be in LA."
I challenge you to name something more entertaining than watching Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless get heated in a debate
I think Joe Budden went Steven A. Smith on drake lol
why doesn't steven a smith go after the Steinbrenner boys and the Yankees the way he goes after Buss and the Lakers ?
"When you look at it from that perspective" - Steven A. Smith talking about everything
Am I the only one or does Molly be throwing it at Steven A Smith? 👀
Steven A Smith kills Sam Bradford every time they have to talk about him 😭😭😭
Skip Bayless just called Steven A. Smith his "brother from another mother". I'm dead rn
u should be ashamed of your comments along with Steven A Smith regarding Winston absolutely disgusting U a father?
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I'ma need Steven A. Smith to sit all the way down. SMH
i dont know if it's the WEIRDEST thing but my favorite thing has been Steven Smith saying PEDs gave dee gordon a high BA
Steven A Smith is an embarassment to literate people everywhere. He's an embarssment to the journalistic professio…
Steven A Smith logic: "IF CHRIS BOSH WANTS TO PLAY (although he's at risk for an embolism/death) LET HIM PLAY!!!"
No. It's a parody account. There is no "Steven Smith" in Congress.
The next time you hear anything from Steven A Smith & Skip Bayless...
"I just thought it was a horn they played when they threw a kid into a furnace to power the school". -Steven Smith , 2016
I added a video to a playlist Fitness Wednesday with Marc Smith & Steven Schelling
I want to see Steven *** Smith come and spend a week with Jake. Go thru his daily work out. That skinny nappy head would die
Steven Smith says if KD went to the Heat it's a wrap..
i just throw it out there because steven a smith said that on First Take.. Chill
First Tevin Farmer offered Verdejo a fight saying Verdejo could keep full purse and now saying he'll travel to UK for a Steven Smith fight..
Enjoy First Take on ESPN--especially since I can mute half of Steven A. Smith's palaver.
Steven A smith and Skip Bayless always have me cracking up! Their facial reactions when they argue are so funny!
Big blow for as Steven Smith is ruled out of with a wrist injury. .
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StuGotz on with Steven A Smith would be like watching a behemoth beat down a skinny man. I say bring it
Woah woah did Steven A Smith just say CP in Cleveland and Kyrie in LA... 🤔🤔🤔
he doesn't do himself any favors by always being on screen with Steven A Smith though.
I hope Skip Bayless doesn't forget to pack Steven A Smith when he leaves.
Is "leaving" because he's a huge Tom Brady fan? Or sick and tired of Steven A Smith kissing *** all day?
congrats on your new endeavor. It been a pleasure watching you and Steven A Smith debate every morning it was pure joy.
skip is my second least favorite person on ESPN right behind Steven A Smith
Wait, is Steven A Smith not joining Skip Bayless at Fox Sports??
you missed the beginning. I said that the show is better when poor man's Steven A Smith isn't on.
I wonder what Steven A Smith is going to say about this catastrophic snub.
just got off the phone with Steven A Smith
had me lmao when I seen his videos on Charles Barkley&Steven A Smith. I agree 💯% and keep riding on they punk ***
Steven A Smith voted the most annoying person in sports media
i hate Sports Center in the morning Cuh Steven A Smith be dicc eating super heavy
Steven A Smith is a buffoon and a bad sports analyst. He is always yelling about nonsense. Why you so mad?
did Mike just call him the 'great' Steven A Smith?
Steven A Smith should never be an analyst again either
Some of them also get self righteous and point the finger to blame black people for their problems... Cats like Don Lemon, Steven A Smith...
Listening to Steven A Smith talk abt Tiger Woods is like listening to me talk about quantum physics.
Bro Steven A Smith be going off on espn 😂😭😭
Someone please tell Steven A Smith to just shut the *** up.
Steven A Smith is right, Phil Jackson needs to go. Hiring Kurt Ramble will not make them any better.
My dad just told me that Steven A Smith predicted that Villanova game winner and sent me the vid. That's crazy that Steven A predicted that
and I are just going to be like Steven A Smith and Skip Ba(e)yless of your TL
Only thing worse than TNT's biased broadcast tonight is the jack *** on ESPN Steven A Smith gr8 job Nova way 2 shove it down their throats
lol well it was either hit game winner or overtime. Bold pick Steven A Smith 🙄🙄 jk sweetie 😘
Steven A Smith did say if nova gets the last shot that they will win .. My mans was right
And then chats with Steven A Smith. Shaq is tall.
Lindsey Hunter is about to kill Steven A Smith
Steven A Smith gone get annoying quick today I can feel it
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I'll say it again (Steven A Smith voice)... If Woodard is on... OU ain't losing
Steven A Smith is a terrible a analyst as well
OMG some of these media ppl Steven A Smith or that other guy FFS! how he used to kiss Favres *** and then turned on him.
Steven A Smith thinks Marshawn Lynch is gonna come out of retirement and be a raider😳
Steven A Smith is todays current version of the legend Stuart Scott! From "booyaa" to "so disrespectable" and many more comparisons. TY SAS
Think about Steven A Smith, Stuart Scott, and all these other media personalities.
Google’s new alliance with Lenovo hints at a major new push into China
One on One this old head will bust Steven A Smith up ! A.I. frm. The put him on the map !. He's a football fan , not a plyr I'm both
Steven A Smith is in over his head !. I will take him on at the debate desk anytime on cfootball ! Com'on man , I'll give you the league
would be a really short conversation there buddy. And really bad analysis. Sounds like something Steven A Smith would pontificate
I don't know who is more annoying or Steven A Smith
I think Skip had been smoking something, or Steven A Smith finally got tired and hit him in the head hard
Really looking forward to seeing Tav rip Steven Smith a new ***
why are we as fans still giving guys like Steven A Smith a platform? He doesn't speak for me or the "Facts" his opinion is worthless to me.
Steven A smith. Why would the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis who repeatedly makes the playoffs consistently.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Steven A Smith said Ryan had only one good defense in New Orleans. Wrong they have been ranked 8th, 3rd, 1st, 29th, 31st and 10th. since 09.
I lost a lot of respect for Steven A. Smith saying he would beat down Minnesota's kicker!!!
I wanna be Steven A smith prodigy..highkey
Does Steven A Smith get off the *** train for speaking out against NFL firing black coaches?
First Take lying to its audience today and it is disgraceful Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith should be fired for not reporting all story
ESPN Steven A. Smith is an *** Wants Marvin Lewis fired. Sure 0-7 in playoffs in 12 years. Bengals have some issues as many NFL teams.
DP reunion at Media Day in Phoenix! Former AD John Magrino and def coordinator Ryan Smith, now a Bama asst. coach! https:/…
Steven A Smith's vocabulary has me searching google for new words on the daily lol.
So either Pac Man Jones or Steven A Smith don't know what a grammy is
Read. I think Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless are awful, racist hate mongers with a TV show not about sports on espn
anything nice I could ever think of saying about Steven A. Smith is now gone forever
Young pacers will relish bowling at WACA, Gabba - Smith: Steven Smith, the Australia cap...
problem is, all this still doesn't make the DA's story add up.
Steven Smith was floored after getting hit in the lower abdominal area, but managed to pick himself up a few m...
Nancy Grace just said she guarantees Obama won't grant Steven Avery a pardon. Maybe because he doesn't have the power to?…
Way to stay consistent Steven A. Smith has been real quiet these days!!!.
So close to cookin skip bay less and Steven A smith
O yeah if Steven A Smith jumped off a bridge id like that
People like Steven A Smith says Curry is the best shooter EVER in the NBA! If that's the case, how come he...
As Steven A Smith would say it's hard for a minority to get a fair shot. Remember, look at Memphis Radio.
Undeniably, emphactically & without question Steven A. Smith would disagree with this idiotic, ludicrous & ridiculous none sense!
.exactly. my Steven a Smith voice beat the his car asap
easy skip Baylees and Steven A smith!
Cant wait to watch First Take tomm lmao! Steven A Smith going Off On that Kicker
I just muted Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless and I never made a better life decision.
everyone is taking about it AND Steven A Smith thinks so too but Greeny u r right on this one
Y does and nbc force Chris collins worth on me. Only Steven a smith *** more
That wasn't a fake it was a broken play. What kinda experts are u . The kind who hire Steven a smith. Oh yea
Agreed, Steven A. Smith is what we call a Chalk Mouth. He looks black till he opens his mouth
Question of the day . How would Steven a smith react to a video of josina Anderson having her face jacked off on by a 100 white dudes ?
I hope Steven A Smith tears into the Bengals, and I hope Marvin Lewis makes them watch it together smh. ...
.Steven A. Smith had great stories for me about Big House Gaines...Big House once lent Smith money. https…
I think this is Steven A. Smith in White Castle
The real challenge for is to win a series abroad, says
How long are we going to keep Steven A Smith on television when he time and time again brings race into issues where it d…
For Australia, even if they suffer a 0-5 thrashing at the hands of the Indians, Steven Smith's side…
yes. A better team if Steven Smith & Henriques plays.
Ian Chappell added MS Dhoni is a leader having a glittering pedigree in the short forms of the game.
we all know Steven A Smith will defend his brethren Adam Jones and and spin the PF's as racist officiating
Funny thing is, after Marvin Lewis gets fired tmoro, Stephen A. Smith is somehow gonna blame it on racism.
I'm tryna see what Steven A. Smith gotta say bout this game 😭😭
but when he gets fired steven A smith will pull the race card
shut the *** up Wilbon the Pats are a bunch of cheaters, why do *** have shows on ESPN Wilbon, skip, Steven a Smith etc
I'll let my man Steven A Smith debate that on Monday lol
Steven a smith: I watch you every day... No joke on YouTube at work I watch everyday lol ...Knicks will be the 8th seed for playoffs
All purpose parts banner
.Working on a Steven A. Smith story for the weekend and look what I dug up.Former WSSU player. https:…
Marvin Lewis should fired after this games and Steven A smith was right bout him
Steven Smith v MS Dhoni: A young turk on his own turf will battle a canny old warrior
Anyone wanna bet Steven A Smith turns this Tampa Bay firing into a race situation? I be willing to bet a lot it's at least mentioned.
don't need to give trolls like this the time of day. This guy is from the Steven a smith school of "sports journalism".
.Tim Grant was an assistant coach for Big House Gaines when Steven A. Smith was a player at WSSU.
Steven A. Smith, in his younger years, worked and said: . "I lived in a small place and survived on tuna fish and Kool-Aid."
.Had a fun time writing this story about Steven A. Smith when he was at WSSU.
Steven A Smith won't talk about this tho
I love how the eagles listen to the fans and Steven A Smith! It's why they never have and never will win a SB! COWBOYS
Steven A Smith may be as racist as it gets!! Chip Kelly was a failure it was never Black vs White.
Steelers get called out and they deserved it. Tell them Steven A Smith!!
example: Steven A Smith probably still thinks he's a journalist, but no rational listener can dismiss his bias.
No way in *** should anybody listen to Steven A Smith
Funny how Steven A Smith defends Rogers everytime he has a bad game, but Brady with the most decimated offense in the NFL doesn't get a pass
Steven A Smith calls for Tom Coughlin and Chip Kelly to be fired via
I see Forest Gump aka Steven A Smith is up to his old babbling self again. Hypocrite King!
Skip I love your battles with Steven A Smith. Thanks for representing the Boys! Merry Christmas sir.
Steven A Smith is a race baiting jerk. Why do you keep him on the air?
Theres racism because of people like Steven A Smith and Tom Jackson. Always bringing it up and making it a issue. Even when there's not one.
Steven A Smith of coarse brings up Race again
I'm pretty sure if someone picked vanilla cake over chocolate cake Steven A Smith would find a way to relate it to racism
Bruh Steven A Smith is the truth lol
Who is Greg Howard and what does he have to do with Steven A Smith?
Steven A Smith was a slight jerk. Bobby Brown still looks distraught. & Wyclef Jean is looking at his phone to avoid people
Any other player wit Dwight Howard's failures Steven A wud be KILLIN em but Dwight is Steven A Smith's boy & can do wrong.
Derek Gunn is the knock off brand version of Steven A Smith
Steven A Smith just ruined his pants
yeah shut up Skip Bayless, Steven A Smith is way better than you.
Steven A Smith think he knows everything
Steven A Smith is talking good about the Giants and I still hate him
I can't stand Steven A Smith. Hate that guy lol
Anyone else wonder if Steven A Smith realizes Jacksonville is in the United States?
Steven A Smith is just going off on the bills
Steven A Smith + Chris Carter = Sudden urge to put my own nuts in a squeezing vice.
IF R G 3 was white, this would be a non issue in the racially biased Steven A Smith'e eyes.
Steven A Smith can kiss my royal *** He is the biggest know nothing, giant loving, *** canoe on TV anywhere in da world.
I'd enjoy punching Steven A Smith in the face.
the CBS love fest the hard to listen to... Couldn't they have gotten Steven A Smith to do play by play?
So all those people got laid off at this week but Chris Berman, Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless still work there.
Steven A Smith definitely, I would put Chris Carter tied along with Smith
Dateline 2045 - The Shady Grove Retirement Home reports for the first time ever Steven A Smith has inexplicably stopped yelling.
how many times have we got to stay it Steven A Smith...stay off the WED
Watching ESPN and "Steven A Smith." takes YEARS to explain his reasoning for his answer.
Steven A Smith states on First Take that Rex is to busy making friends with players and should be coaching them.
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Steven A Smith "Rex is not a leader of men but a friend to men! Has developed a bad culture with his team. Hes not a leader, he's a fan"
Steven A Smith sounded like a bootleg Mr.T when responding to Kevin Durrant.
Steven A Smith and Keyshawn Johnson are yelling at each other on ESPN right now. High quality content.
Steven A Smith believes that the Eagles will win the NFC East
here's the new way of "reporting" per Steven A Smith: From what I've been told, Steven A Smith is a dolt."
Why do people even listen to Steven A Smith?
that's not Steven A Smith with a photoshopped wig?
because they don't support the agenda. Mort, Steven A Smith, Brunell, Carter, etc. all HATE Pats
Lol Steven A Smith out here looking like Calvin 😂😂😂😂
I'm watching First Take right now and Steven A Smith is comparing Chip Kelly to a slave owner.
Steven A Smith on First Take speaking that real today!
such a suprise to the number 2 fanboy of "TMT" (behind Steven A Smith)
Steven A Smith is my *** He the the truth on ESPN First Take
But I get it from both sides ... Get your money " Steven A Smith voice"
Also why Steven A Smith and Skip Bayless are still on TV is beyond me
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Steven A Smith might be your biggest fan!
Steven A Smith irritates my soul every time his *** talks 😒
Steven A Smith is making great points about Chip Kelly on First Take in regards to the racial issues surrounding the players. 👂
very well said Steven A Smith. I couldn't have said any of it better. Respect.
Steven A Smith is the biggest moron on earth
Steven A Smith needs to stop talking.
him and Steven A Smith combine to make the most unwatchable sports show on TV. It's barely a notch above Real Housewives of Newark
Steven A Smith a real D *** He got on a different pair of Buffs every sports center episode
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