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Steve Young

Jon Steven Steve Young (born October 11, 1961) is a former American college and professional football player who was a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) for fourteen seasons during the 1980s and 1990s.

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when baalke is gone, please consider falling back to niners roots. Steve Young to set strategic vision, Walsh tree GM under him
please hire Steve Young as your team president!!!
A Young Steve Irwin on TV - Deals with the situation in a very calm and classy manner.
R.I.P. 2016 took Ronda Rousey's career. She was so young..
Derrick Deese: Steve Young should be 49ers team president
Had no idea the missed block that ended Steve Young's career was ... Lawrence Phillips. And suggestions he was under influence that day.
🌸 facts. Flower, young leaves, seeds and root are edible and often used in Asian cuisine. Thank you
A young Cassius Clay pushed Sonny Liston to the limit... Liston deciding enough was enough from the Louisville Lip
they said that about Steve Young too until he won a Super Bowl :)
Anna please draw it 😂😂 OMG I can see steve with a tiny brad like young obiwan
Steve Young criticizes York family for caring more about money than winning
Even if our parents combat it, the world teaches us that men are better than women in almost every *** way. We learn this…
Steve Young for GM of the 49ers lets start a collection to hair young for the job.
Tyler Mitchell you did a fantastic job last night young man. At very late notice you stepped up and filled in and...
you talk to Steve young? tell him to take the gm job fans n former players want it that's only in house ppl want not gamble
Derrick Deese: Steve Young should be team president.
When I was a young man, Steve Martin was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. He turned out to be bright and witt…
Longtime 49er Derrick Deese urges Jed York to hire Steve Young as Team President
Steve Young says if you want to win a Super Bowl, you need to play Tony Romo next week; Jon Gruden says yes, too.
San Fran's 49ers Steve Young was slated to play the role of Mary's secret love in There's Something About Mary. But, Young declined the role
so Gary Kubiak is an average coach who inherited a good team huh? Steve Young best season under Kubiak. Matt Schaub a probowl
Tom Brady is more mobile than Cam Newton and Steve Young... COMBINED
So by this logic you would rather have Eli than Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Steve Young, because Eli…
Don't disrespect Joe Montana and Steve Young like that.
Steve Young - NFL Hall of Famer / Doug Williams - first black QB to win a Super Bowl / Brad Johnson -2003 Super Bowl
My ideal front office. Steve Young as top football executive, as GM and Kyle Shanahan as coach. Get on it,
"Todd Gurley was right. It's a middle school offense." -Steve Young in aftermath of Jeff Fisher firing.
And followed the second lost to a horrible one vs. the Vikings which inspired Walsh to bring in Steve Young.
Only one QB with 100 wins (that's 100, not 200) has fewer losses than Tom Brady's 61 (Steve Young, 55)
Did Al Michaels just compare Dak Prescott to Steve Young and Tom Brady? pst material at its best
Steve Young say the packers need roster changes "it's a personnel problem" Hope Mark M hears that!
oh I remember just got out of the Navy and was like OMG who is this team! They crushed Steve Young and Jerry Rice that day
The team of Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Steve Young,and Jerry Rice has been reduced to "Well, we almost won". You're responsible
Steve Smith never had a Steve Young, Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon, or Peyton Manning. . He's a HOF'er put some respect on his name.
This cast of Suzy Kolber, Steve Young, Randy Moss and Charles Woodson is great, keep them on more
Ronnie Brown throwing in the wildcat, looking like friend of the show Steve Young out there! He's got my vote!
Dak Prescott completing 73.1% of 3rd-down passes, which would be best mark since Steve Young in 1994 SB-winning season, v…
Guest is the sack man Hall of fame Bruce Smith.highlights of him sacking Steve Young, Matt Hasselback..and — feeling silly
Jets_Headlines. WATCH: Steve Young on how Jerry Reese dodged Josh Brown - Yardbarker
Jim McMahon "was hands down, the best quarterback to ever play for BYU". -Steve Young
Steve Young is not walking through that door
Blaine Gabbert is no Steve Young. Or Steve Bono. Sonny Bono might even be a better QB...
How does Steve Young look worse that Joe Montana? But Jerry Jones look like Satan. For reals.
Can someone explain to me how Steve Young is in the Hall Of Fame and Jim Plunkett & Phil Sims are not
How often do Steve Young and Suzy Kolber bang?.
Watching Monday Night Countdown on Trent Dilfer & Steve Young is on the show. Suzy Kolber is hosting the show.   10% Off
Steve Young just called Anthony Davis "Anthony Brown" post game. Let him have it Thurs ;-)
Steve Young called Anthony Davis Anthony Brown 😐. I still love him..
Chris Berman and Steve Young are the worst announcing team in sports history. Wait...nevermind Chris Myers is still around for some reason
did Al Michaels retire? Steve Young good QB not so good commentator
So we have John Gruden call his brothers game and Steve Young call his team's game...hmmm
It's kinda funny how ESPN have Steve Young calling the 49ers game and John Gruden calling his brothers game earlier
Sean McDonough is paired with Gruden. . Chris Berman, Steve Young, Lindsay Czarniak for Rams 49ers
Cam Newton is the quarterback of the future. He's already passed Steve Young of the 49's for most rushing...
"I'm gonna take Russell Wilson on opening day for the rest of my life." -Steve Young
I'm not sure that even Steve Young and Lindsay Czarniak can save a broadcast where Chris Berman does play-by-play.
“The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.” – Steve Young
I always idolized guys like Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Steve Young and the entire 49ers team
Legends & Steve Young shared their favorite memories at
Steve Deberg was Montana, Marino, Elway, and Steve Young's back up. Has to be considered
Speaking of keeping talent on the bench, the Niners had Steve Young as QB2 for FIVE years. Wasn't full time starter until he was 31.
Sitting one row away from Tim Brown, Andre Ward, Steve Young, and Warren Moon
Cousins is the Terrell Owen's of the NBA who was great playing under the leadership of Steve Young
Congrats and Steve Pontrello. Get them next time Bryce Young. Amazing game!
45.5 % young people in Spain with no job. EU does nothing for them. Evidence is many are scarred for years by joblessn…
I watched Steve Young his whole career. Cam's a better runner. What he does is scary
Steve Harvey is always giving relationship advice to women & young couples. It's ironic, he's has been married 3 times.
I struggle to reconcile enjoying Ginsberg's poetry w/his pedophilia, referenced here as "wooing handsome young men".
I called Burgatory at Waterfront, Steve was gracious and took care of everything. Great young man. Thank you very much!
Dakota Young is the new face of NIKE's ultimate frisbee collection
Jk I think you look like a beautiful young woman
LT I've often said Steve Smith might be the perfect coach to have teaching a young defense that it’s okay to make a mistake.
Yeah he's talented and young as well.
Appreciate Steve Young 1620 am/Cat Country for call about new office building.
"We better take care of the young people who fight our wars, you never know we may need them again", Will Rogers
Panthers and Steve Smith having a 200 yard game when i was young
Update your maps at Navteq
Surely we can get 1000 RT's in support of some of our most vulnerable children & young people in care.
The Chronicle & Norhtern Echo are reporting, United sent senior scouts at the Toulon Tournament to watch young Sunderland g…
That being said, I never forget how much I love Steve Young.
Sometimes I'm reminded of how much I loved the Steve Young era 49ers. ❤💛❤💛
Jose Mourinho in 2013: "Any time I have had young players with the ability to become top players & play for the first team,…
Minsmere highlights today Long-tailed Duck Little Terns Kittiwakes and Sanderling plus more excellent views of pr Stone Curlew with 2 young
A house divided, good luck to both of our alums, Steve Pontrello '12/UNC Bryce Young '14/UMD
Another Fantastic fun day at Carol's Beach! Thanks Steve and Carol! And Walter and Benny for putting up with the young pups!
Chuck Fusina a better QB than Jim Kelly, Steve Young? Carl Peterson explains why
Steve Pontrello '12/UNC & Bruce Young '14/UMD face off tomorrow for the NCAA Lax National Championship! htt…
"Young fella you might make it to the league. Keep working hard"
.alum Steve Pontrello (and Bryce Young (play today in the national final at 1 pm on ESPN2.
- Listen to the first chapter of Young Bond: Heads You Die by
Is Steve Young the answer? I'm pretty sure he used to complete passes like that.
We normally say youth are leaders of tomorrow but you are leaders of today-- Ban Ki-moon to young ppl at
Here is a young Steve Prefontaine at Silke Field in Springfield, Oregon, on April 19,1968 running a 4:23.4 htt…
Cardinals haul thru 4 rds of the Steve Young. Orlando Pace. Dwight Freeney. Aeneas Williams. Beasts at 4 lvls of the field.
Steve Young being recognized by Billy for excellent customer service and killing the pack down in D24!,
Steve Young was the only QB in the 90s to have a passer rating above 89. Matt Schaub has a career passer rating of 90.…
Troy Aikman: 11. Steve Young: 8. Those guys really turned our poorly.
Donte Whitner on Pierre Thomas and Aneas Williams hit on Steve Young are the most savage I've ever seen live
Golf columnist Steve Young reflects on an icy winter, warmer springs and the Fort McMurray golf course.
Jon Gruden, Steve Young and Steve Levy will be the 'veterans' on Quite the remodel.
Roger Staubach was a "Boy Scout, " so was Steve Young, Bob Griese, Bart Starr
That does seem to be generally true. Brees, to me, is clearly the best non-Manning/Brady QB since Steve Young.
So Bill Walsh was playing fantasy football when he got Steve Young? Ron Wolf with Rodgers?
I saw Steve Young and the LA Express take on Herschel Walker and the New Jersey Generals in the USFL at LA Coliseum.
Steve Young is Malcolm and Angus's brother and hes solid too. So TECHNICALLY its still the young bros and cliff.
Maybe in a world where Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steve Young and Randall Cunningham never existed
no he didn't Steve Young, McNabb, Cunningham, and Culpepper did
Probably too young for you if she doesn't know Bhudaza, Caiphus Semenya, Rex Rabanye or Steve Kekana..
FT: Norwich U21s 1-2 Everton U21s. Dowell & Evans strike to earn the young Blues all three points at Carrow Road! Report to fo…
the dude is insane, Steve young 2.0
Leeds boss Steve Evans on Bailey Peacock-Farrell: “The supporters will see that we’ve got a fine young goalkeeper trying to get in the team"
So you know what I'm going through young Steve
Rock legend Steve Tyler provides ‘best ever’ surprise for young Ontario fan with Down Syndrome
My mate Steve hasn't seen his dad since he was young. Know what he did, changed to mothers surname, didn't just go by 'Steve'
Steve, the couples challenge is the young man thinks his dream is a conflict with his responsibility.
In case y'all didn't know is part of One of my favorite bands to this day. Steve Lacy doing it young and well 🍾🍾
H2H action. We face a team with the 99 OVR Steve Young.
But shouldn't they explore all options? Why not see if Steve Young wants to come out of retirement.
Steve, to young to die, a more interesting movies please. I hope you guys fix this problem. Thank you💜
All of the young guns have nicknames. Gotta be something better than Joltin' Steve Matz, right?
Two who started, Flaherty and Joseph are still on team, but Alejandro De Aza,Steve Pearce, Travis Snider and Delmon Young are gone.
Great to see such a dedicated supporter of Young Enterprise UK be recognised for his contribution. .
You are a cheeky young sprig. You'll miss me when I'm buried beneath the clay.
If young metro don't truss you, I'm gon shoot you.
An amazingly talented young man from Nashville, Steve Mummert, on with
When Steve Young says that he sees you practicing at the 49'ers facilities alone. I love that "Jerry Rice work" quote.sticks w/me
Congratulations to Melissa collecting her new up! from Steve Young thanks for choosing Pulman
legend Steve Heighway offers an insight into life as a young player...
More than 100 diagnosed concussions were omitted from NFL studies, including injuries to Steve Young and Troy Aikman https:/…
Steve Young pass incomplete intended for Greg Clark is intercepted by William White early in the 4th quarter
Watched "Heartworn Highways" last night in honor of Steve Young. . Stream for only $2 on Amazon:
Elway was very inefficient and Marino had gawdy numbers but didn't win. Steve Young is my ideal QB.
RIP Steve Young, writer of Eagles hit 'Seven Bridges Road' and the Waylon Jennings classic 'Lonesome On'ry and Mean'.
RIP Steve Young, another of the Heartworn Highways generation gone.
There's another star in the Southern sky. RIP Steve Young
Waylon Jennings so wanted to be Steve Young: unbranded-totally maverick outlaw cowboy blues. This tune, by Steve.
Get the Osmonds, Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Steve Young or others as an endorsement!
tons of issues. Would have Steve Young, Bradshaw, Peyton, and Marino ahead of Rodgers.
Marino over Young *** !?! Who actually won a SuperBowl Steve Young or Dan Marino?
Steve Young or GTFO. And Elway above Marino IMO, but splitting hairs.
Teddy B haters: He only has 2 years experience. It took guys like Manning, Favre, Steve Young, Marino, & Brees a few years to get going too.
Steve Young is a currently a resident of Alive Hospice on Patterson Street here in Nashville (room 185). Friends...
CFO Steve Young spoke with on the power of naturalgas and
Terrell Davis, Ladanian Tomlinson, Steve Young etc. I cant tell if Myers truly believes that...or is just trolling.
NFC West. 1. Joe Montana. 2. Kurt Warner. 3. Steve Young. (I'm gonna get a ton of hate for this one)
Born to Die (feat. Steve Young) by Shooter Jennings close to country as Shooter gets on the new a…
I would already be hanging in the front pew next to Mitt Romney, Ken Jennings and Steve Young if that were really the case.
Otto graham? Steve Young? Starr? Kelly? could argue moving at least 2 into that list over Brees/ Bradshaw
Does anyone believe in Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers dynamic anymore? Drafting QB when you NEED HIM is too late.
only a handful of qbs ahead of Peyton. Steve Young, Montana, Brady and Otto Graham imho
Closest analogue to Green's outburst I can remember is Steve Young going off when Seifert benched him in 40-8 loss to PHI in 94
The CLIC Sargent fundraiser for children and young people with cancer has begun! Please follow the link to my...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Interviewing 2 of the Young Investigator Award Winners & in stay tuned 😉 ht…
Vowing to serve his country any way he could, young Steve Rogers took the super soldier serum to become America's...
Happy Friday Steve Andrews here. At 6:50 I'll tell you why young pet owners should be proud. Win a stack of Big...
Sam Hughes and Ryan Lloyd delighting boss Steve Burr. &Young midfielders linked up well in...
Terezi feasts on the end I want nothing to do a double take cos i thought young Steve Jobs was jumping at me
Tim Lane has turned in another incredible piece for Smoke Signal, a 6-pager about young Steve McQueen. Can't wait t… ht…
Young Isaac Hayes playing piano for Otis Redding (back). Maybe Steve Cropper back too, with his Telecaster.
Good to see one of our 1st clients in Refreshing, design-driven approach to meeting housing.
Fund young black and brown led movements. - Steve Pargett
Do we think this guy is perhaps a bit too young for you to ogle the same way as you did Steve McQueen and Pierce Brosnan?! ;-)
Performances of young midfield pair Sam Hughes and Ryan Lloyd earn praise from manager Steve Burr.
Fantastic Friday . Time to grab Friday by the Neck and Make it Yours, fantastic to see this Young Lady Kani...
interesting. He's the most highly rated young player at Middlesbrough since Stewart Downing.
As an alumnus and longtime follower of the NDSU football program Wentz was our Steve Young. It's a program that he stepped into
"If young metro don't trust you imma shoot you ".
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
if I get 650 RTs/Followers by 11pm CT TONIGHT I'll add TOTY Marshall to 99 Steve Young 2/28 GIVEaway
A young Steve Waugh averaged 78.76 in his short Somerset career!. 📖
Bucky approached closer to Steve as the young man loomed over the captain.
I liked a video from We Are Young Money 11: Kanye West [with Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump +
Rappers want to open up for Kenneth Young and Paul E Williams in Topeka hit up Steve Alley
maybe more time🕰⏰ how about IF I get to 550 by tomorrow morning I'll add Brandon Marshall to the 99 Steve Young 2/28 giveaway?
If young Metro doesn't trust you...
NFL great Steve Young takes on CEO John Lauck on http…
A very young Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell play “Waiters Who are Nauseated by Food”
Fun fact: Colin Kaepernick is 3-1 in road playoff starts while Joe Montana and Steve Young combined were 1-6 with the 49…
Rubio is masterful tn. Totally at ease. Like a young Steve Gutenberg in his prime.
Watch highlights of Steve Young, Dwight Clark and the team in the
With that line of thinking Jim Plunkett (2 rings) is better than Farve, Kurt Warner, Steve Young or Drew Breeze (1 ring)
Owens had Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, McNabb, Romo, Carson Palmer. Look how many QBs moss played with in MN
Spent the day with Ray Romano, Josh Duhamel, Steve Young, and Alex Smith among others. My first…
A nice day at Pebble Beach with a few friends! Ian Poulter, Jason Day, and Steve Young. Nice people.
Reading that Riley Cooper got cut gave me 'Steve Young getting the monkey off his back' level of relief
Steve Young had a perfect response to the Cam post game press conference
"One of the best things that ever happened to the NFL is Peyton Manning." - Steve Young
Hines Ward was pretty good at djing, but please never let Steve Young touch the decks ever again lol.
Thank you Steve Young! Criticizing Cam. It's not black, white, or whatever. You want the show, and the media. Answer the *** questions!
Montana will be joined by 5 SB MVPs from Bay Area at coin toss (Marcus Allen, Fred Biletnikoff, Jim Plunkett, Jerry Rice, Steve Young)
coached with and against Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, John Elway and Michael Vick. I think he has handled a
A trailblazer? Has he not heard of Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers and many more?
What if you gave Jerry Rice a 3-13 team with Dan Orlovsky and Jon Kitna, and gave Calvin a 15-1 team with Steve Young and Joe Montana?
Steve Young,Junior Seau Steve Largent and Kellen Winslow its a great time and everyone should go once. Your in Hawaii how could not be fun
Steve Young on Colin Kaepernick: Onus on QB to resurrect career.
Yah, but IMO is Cam really a pioneer? Fran Tarkenton, Daunte Culpepper, Steve Young, D.McNabb, McNair, Vick etc.
Honestly, Aaron Rodgers is not beyond the realm of possibility. We had Steve Young last year.
it was like the fun version on the's on Netflix. They had Hersh Walker, Steve Young, Reggie white.
Super Bowl XXIX: vs. Steve Young to Jerry Rice for six!
thanks young Steve!!! Hope to see you soon in that place called leek😉 x
would you personally prefer to keep the young Gio at 3rd or do you support the pursuit of Uribe? Steve A, Hudson, oh.
Tonight on 6 & 7:30 Mass incarcerations of young black men-Can the cycle be broken? Sheriff Steve Tompkins
and this time, RG wants young Indians to become STEVE JOBS of MicroSoft. But I want to become Stephen Hawkins of Google...!
Mariota is Tom Brady with some Steve Young & Titans are NOT acting accordingly
Martin Luther King invented the first computer. But his designs were stolen by a young man he only knew as "Steve".
Steve Young and Tony Dungy visit the Talk of Fame Network this week. Listen now:
Listen to On a Molly- Steven Ay Ft Young OT by Steve Ay on
AT&T aired an ad with Joe Montana and Steve Young. The ad promoted the 2016 national championship
Langley came straight from a casting for yet another movie about the young, 70s version of Steve Jobs
"It will make a difference to the lives of hundreds of young people" - Steve Grant
Steve looks rather like a young Alan Davies.
Knicks have 2 open roster spots. Hard to imagine they can't find a couple of promising young players to give Sasha Vujacic's…
Ambassador Andrew Young, one of Dr. King's closest friends, sat down with our very own
There used to be happy couples like No n Hope, Steve n Kayla Jennifer and Jack. I like Hope n Race but we need a young couple.
Steve Young,imo,highly underrated.i think he makes top 5
If I had to win ONE GAME for my life, I'd take Steve Young. Best combo of accuracy, legs, IQ & arm strength ever
Troy Aikman will be the color guy in the booth. Steve Young doing postgame on
underscores the point. I really respect Peyton Manning but he's no Joe Montana/Steve Young
I covered that SB in New Orleans. Poor Broncos never had a chance...imagine having Steve Young as your backup QB
this is deeply sad. So young. Steve was an excellent Cllr, hard working, caring, dry humoured and a gentleman
Free on Football..Steve Young..Niner's. Get it here -
Article saying "Steve Cotteril's Bristol City" About bid for Dack.Daily Mail on the ball as usual...Not!.
I don’t think so, no. Still has to catch Steve Young.
reminiscent of a young Steve Bruce (in the nose dept)
Creative people young and old: words to live by, from Steve Vai. "you know in your heart..." yes.
Final goodbyes to a lovely young lad today. Rest in peace, John Briden Milburn.
"I probably didn't go over there enough" Steve Jobs, after going through some old snapshots showing him visiting Lisa when she was young.
Chief Steve Conrad: "We have got to find a way to give our young people HOPE."
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Steve , Happy birthday to Paul Young , hope all the SB guys have amazing time with their good friend !! x x :)))
Alright but rn he is but if you say so it'll be Joe Montana or Steve Young
A female Alpine Ibex, climbs down a vertical dam (up to 80°) at the lake Cingino with her young
Please pray for this young man you see Jesus in his smile pray for him in the name of Jesus to be healed who can...
Ambassador Andrew Young, one of Dr. King’s closest friends, sits down with on
Tom Brady now has 6 career postseason Rush TD, tied for 2nd-most by a QB in NFL postseason history. Steve Young has 8.
Steve Young: Colin Kaepernick needs to prove to Chip Kelly he has "software" to succeed.
Says who? Steve Young, Ronnie Lott, Brent Jones, Randy Cross all support Shanahan! Unless you are anti Walsh tree
These guys also like Shanahan for 49ers - Steve Young, Brent Jones and Ronnie Lott. I think u know who they are...
"Brett was relentless." - Steve Young. Congratulations to Finalist,
QB's many thought were done but still won: Plumkett, Steve Young, Kurt Warner, Carson Palmer. Then planted in Eden✨
my 1st NFL playoff game was 1998: Falcons 20, 49ers 18. Steve Young played QB for 49ers. Garrison Hearst broke his leg 😕
Cam Newton is now tied with Steve Young for the most career rushing TD by a QB in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) https:…
Newton rushes for the 1-yard TD. Now tied with Steve Young with 43 career rushing TDs as QB.
Cam has now tied Steve Young's all time QB rushing touchdown record!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
With that passing TD, Cam Newton ties Steve Young for the most career games with both a passing and rushing TD.
has it been that long? Wow. Steve Young could run, man. And Mariucci wasn't half bad either.
Joe Montana, Steve Young with awkward handshake, high fi..
The awkward handshake between Steve Young in this commercial is fantastic
Tom won a SB cause of the Seahawks mistake. Russell has one, Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Aikmen, Steve Young...
also Jimmy G will be the Steve Young to Brady's Montana and no facts I'll convince me otherwise cause I said so
it did have some big names Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Reggie White and Hershel Walker.
What do Steve Young, Mike Vick, Tim Tebow and Pax Deveraux have in common? They're all leg…
Today: WR Kenbrell Thompkins at 3:30, Jets HC Todd Bowles at 4pm and Steve Young at 5:10pm! and host
Russell Wilson joins Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young as only QBs with 3+ TD passes in 5 …
Remember how you became a 49ers fan because Steve Young was the quarterback and your name is Steve? Stupid kid.
Greg Cosell says stylistically Russell Wilson can become a "Steve Young" if he keeps progressing (I agree)
Ben Rothlisberger and Antonio Brown are the best WR & QB combo since Jerry Rice & Joe Montana/Steve Young.
Jameis Winston tied Buccaneers’ single-season record for rushing TD by a QB- 5 (also Steve Young in 1986 and Shaun King
Jameis Winston ties Steve Young and Shaun King for Bucs' single-season record for Rush TD by a QB with 5.
Some names pop up as possible head coach for Cougs.Steve Sarkisian, Steve Young, Ty Detmer, Trevor...
Excitement mounts! Rumours circulating that tape of NA's legendary Woodhouse gig has been found by sticksman extraordinaire Steve Young...
Steve Young dropped an F bomb at the start of the post game. I'm pretty sure he and Steve Levy drank their way through this one.
Steve Young compares it to the Hall of Fame Game in the preseason, and Steve Levy immediately shifts the discussion to Manziel.
I have Mike Vick, Donovan McNabb, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and John Elway Christmas ornaments lol
Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Payton Manning😀 Terry Bradshaw, Doug Williams, Jim Kelly all have proven this.
In less than 5 seasons, Cam Newton has 40 rush TDs, which is 2nd all-time among QBs. Steve Young is number 1 with 43.
Cam Newton: 40th career rushing TD. In the Super Bowl era (since 1966), only Steve Young has more, with 43
"He's the best runner as a QB in the NFL...better than Russell, Kaepernick...Randall Cunningham or Steve Young"
Said it early this season and still rings true, most greats play one season too many, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Brett Favre and now Manning.
Peyton Manning... Yeah He's no Brett Favre, or Steve Young, or Dan Marino... Gets benched? Time to hit the pine permanently.
do Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, or Mike Vick not exist?
Sean Lee is the Steve Young of this generation when it comes to concussions
Steve Young. Randal Cunningham. John Elway. Any one of those guys would be valid and more recent than Tarkenton
If they didn't draft a QB to keep Colin comfortable, why did Walsh bring on Steve Young? Did he keep Montana comfortable?
Can we send aerial shots of boathouse row for Steve Young and a Vikings-era Cris Carter to be named later?
49ers are benching U got to be kidding! Joe Montana & Steve Young couldn't survive behind that line & with t…
Mile Vick before he got arrested, Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Fran Tarkenton, and Donovan Mcnabb
Yep! throw Steve Young & Roger Craig in the mix for head office bring back to coach D.
but better, Herschel and Flutie and Steve Young and Jim Kelly! They were awesome
this right here made Steve Young convinced his hamstring is healthy
Go to Steve Young before going to Steve Deberg for QB advice
Even Phil Sims, Warren Moon and Steve Young think Tom Brady is a cheater.
3 more outrageous comments from Phil Simms, Steve Young, & Warren Moon. Have nothing but respect for these guys, but this is unfair to TB12.
Skip, is Phil Sims, Steve Young, and Warren Moon admitting that they cheated?
Warren Moon, Phil Simms, & Steve Young are all qualified to comment on Tom Brady & deflategate. They all played QB in the NFL!
Warren do you remember the game in 1997 you injured both and Steve Young in the same game?
He won't becauseJerry Rice played with Joe Montana and Steve Young. He's not gonna catch him
Today in history in 1961 championship professional football quarterback & BYU alumnus, Steve Young, is born in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Heard a great story about Steve Young when he was on his mission today at church.
Born on this date: Steve Young, Dutch Clark, Terrell Suggs, Joe Nash... see more:
Steve Young, Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis think this is an awful show.
Morning links :Steve Young quotes Joseph Smith on ESPN; Utah Jazz in Sports Illustrated
bruh moss played with Joe Montana and Steve Young 😭😭 *** I'm making the hall of fame with them throwing to me
Steve Young on a book he likes to teach:
the rule has been around forever and both Ray Lewis and Steve Young didn't know it.
Rey Lewis and Steve Young don't know the difference between a touchback and a safety.
With this "offensive line" it wouldn't matter if either Joe Montana or Steve Young was the quarterback.
just sayin I could hear an argument. Not sayin I agree. I could hear one for Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, Montana
.please have Steve Young replace Jaws on his weekly 5 minutes, a loyal viewer begs you!
ICYMI: Steve Young's interpretation of the Ray Lewis dance is on point.
Hey, Seven Bridges Road was *covered* by The Eagles. It is a Steve Young song.
Hey fans! We're Jubal & Amanda! & we hope you enjoy us singing Steve Young's "Seven Bridges Road" RIGHT NOW o…
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