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Steve Wright

Stephen Richard Steve Wright (born 26 August 1954 in Greenwich) is an English radio presenter. He presents the afternoon show on BBC Radio 2. He rose to prominence in the early 1980s while working with Peter Dickson on BBC Radio 1.

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When I say your favourite DJs I mean Simon and Geoff not Mike Reid or Steve Wright
Things no shepherd has ever said before:. "I'm in and I'm on the Steve Wright Show tomorrow on
And to top the day off ,Steve Wright played One day like this as I was driving home
aye but who will get it ?thats Wright no one Steve the clown is stopping.your a joke
Thanks for featuring on your podcast .
it was great to hear Steve Wright on playing your song 'January' today.
Nice to hear talking to Steve Wright on this pm. A true farmer & not afraid to tell it how it is
That awful moment when you find yourself agreeing with Steve Wright by accident
is Steve Wright describing a band as "dutch or something like that" not classed as racist?
Listen again: Donovan says a Mellow Hello to Steve Wright:
Great to hear on Steve Wright show on talk about The Lakes. Very modest & passionate. Tremendous
Our Chairman Tom Wright was proud to receive a Special Civic Award from the Matlock Mayor Steve Flitter.
Great to hear on with Steve Wright this afternoon.
Oh no have to go out just as Donovan is coming on the Steve Wright show. One for catch up 😆
Great to hear the Shepherd on Wright in the afternoon, making some great points about farmers and supermarkets 🐏🐏
I put on in my car this afternoon and bloody Steve Wright was on! Still as annoyingly cringeworthy as he was on R1 in the 80s.
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GREAT! Steve Wright on on BBC RADIO 2 playing On My Radio by Pauline and The Selecter
Today: BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon with James Rebanks
Steve Wright, please mention Paul Edwards from Ireland/Dublin. Loving.the show, listen everyday
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Donovan, James...
My Oldies will be on the Steve Wright Radio 2 today at 3pm. Some great songs that have influenced my life. Tune in.
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: With singer Donovan, shepherd James Rebanks and actors Jack Docherty and Nigel…
fab cakes, same type of work as before? Was it Steve Wright that helped you make the decision!
Check out this really funny & entertaining radio Interview of Peter Capaldi from Steve Wright!:
Looking forward to hearing James on Steve Wright this afternoon on
Steve Wright wasn't alone he had many ops behind him to get what they want now crying bcs big boy taking all £
Steve, Great article... exactly wright on... Mega Church Prosperity gospel...has had it's tow on Evangelicals.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Peter Capaldi, Steve Wright and Peter Capaldi play Guess Who
Long ago, I heard a legend that C Wright Mills would only teach undergrads for a similar reason: They're teachable.
Here we are - Mr Capaldi will be chatting to Steve Wright for tomorrow's show
Working on an exciting project. Going live in a few days.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Lukas Graham, Don Warrington and Peter Capaldi, Peter Capaldi: "I will be around...
Peter Capaldi has just be grilled by Steve Wright on about the new companion. "They will be very diff…
Peter Capaldi on on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 today.
Steve Bruce and Ian Wright killing off the WOB. Lmao.
Just got Billy a shout out on Radio 2! Mega chuffed Steve Wright actually read it out :)
I used to listen to Carl Cox a lot in the 90's, I prefer Steve Wright these days because he's a wanker.
Yesterday I joined the wonderful Steve Wright listen to the full interview here - ht…
Paul, I think Tim Smith is on my radio with Steve Wright. Possibly not the Tim you're looking for x
I've been ironing and doung the housework singing along to Steve Wright .Peggy Lee .The Folks Who Live on The Hill on now
Ken Bruce is awesome, Simon Mayo and Steve Wright are good to listen to. If you were up early saturday Anneka Rice
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Tom Conti, Doug...
Check out the fab Sarah Turner aka on and Steve Wright show today from 2pm
For tonight's essential chillin' after a day of serious teachin', I downloaded Steve Wright's Serious Jockin' (no g). Anyone ever tuned in?!
good interview with Steve Wright today. Good luck with your book.
I think I heard your college get a shout out on Steve Wright's R2 show this afternoon! 😂😂😂
Apparently my hubby has had a request read out on Steve Wright's programme, but I was having coffee with Sue &...
Delighted that my Non-stop oldies will be aired on March 10th on the Steve Wright Show @
Loved listening to you with Steve Wright x Well Done you x
Listening to on The Steve Wright show I love her. Must buy her book.
Listening to radio two's Steve Wright describe is a little bizarre.
More Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool on Steve Wright? Excellent. Must've been a hard finding suitable movie clips!
Can you please ask Steve Wright to not talk over the Pinball Wizard outro? Ta
Really enjoying Non-Stop Oldies with Steve Wright this afternoon, some fabulous songs thank you, guaranteed to brighten moods!
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Denise Welch, R...
steve wright playing my mum and dads none stop oldies! 3 brilliant tracks so far. Cant wait 2 find out the rest the rest!
Check out Steve Wright with Richmond's Amanda Berry. Anita you must be very
Thrilled to be on Steve Wright in the Afternoon talking about Thanks Steve and Tim!
Dawson played 4 Blast games last year and took no wickets. Joke choice. Luke Wright should be in and Steve Parry.
Thanks to Steve Wright for the shout out on his show yesterday! Have a listen around 40 minutes in >>
If you missed on with Steve Wright yesterday you can listen again here
Interview with James Norton by Steve Wright. is as charming, intelligent and self-effacing as ever
can you get Steve Wright to tickle your feet?? You have a great laugh
Im on Steve Wright show on later on xxx
Make sure you listen in to Steve Wright this afternoon to hear all about debut novel, out tomorrow!
joe list heard you on steve wright radio show tue 9 feb FUNNY MAN
It's a Happy Valley not War & Peace with James Norton and Steve Wright, Joe Lycett, Jason Matthews and...
Something about the idea of Ian Wright, Clare Balding and Steve McManaman cozying up on the sofa together is really disturbing me just now
Those guys really need to explain why Ian Wright, Steve McManaman and Clare Balding live in a house together.
Call me cynical but I don't believe Clare Balding, Steve Mcmanaman and Ian Wright have 'movie night' together.
apparently our show got mentioned too! Hooray for Steve Wright!
We just got a plug on Steve Wright in the Afternoon! Get tickets in aid of here ht…
Listen to our mention on Steve Wright's (from 43:50) in aid of
Horace and Pete, in no particular order: Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange, Steven Wright. How could you not want this?
Ex CIA officer Jason Matthews talks about novel on Steve Wright today
did you just get a mention on Steve Wright in the afternoon
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Listen to Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Today we celebrate this thing in Sweden
Absolutely thrilled to announce that Steve Wright, Chief Privacy Officer at will be joining us at
I'm on Steve Wright in the Afternoon in a few minutes if you like
Excited to announce Steve Wright, CPO at Unilever as part of our panel of speakers!
keep up the great content Steve. Your killing it.
Just heard plugged on Steve Wright's show. Wonderful surprise! Thanks for your support, Steve & Tim
He's on Steve Wright this afternoon & BBC1 tonight is going places
Steve Wright's just played Randy Newman's We Love LA for the first time this week. Stay tuned for Boy Meets Girl.
If Van Morrison and Steve Wright die this year, I think I might just call it a day.
not necessarily true, I listen to radio 2 for Ken Bruce, Jeremy and Steve Wright, then turn it off.
Her poems were "about desire, conflict, the dearth of justice for all. About persons of small means.".
" I plan to live forever.So far I'm on schedule."Steve Wright
"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" - the other Steve Wright
This dude Steve Wright who used to play for the Redskins was 100 percent baller (via and
No essay being written on traditional Chinese medicine right some serious skivin' going on with Steve Wright
Backstreet Boys on the radio, honestly thanks / Steve Wright
/ Steve Wright - The team are loving a bit of serious jocking this afternoon!
cannot listen to Steve Wright any longer, just talks all over the music! Soo annoying!
Steve Wright played this earlier, what a tune. . Driza Bone - Real Love.
Yo, UK people! AIRING NOW! interview on on Steve Wright Show.
Listing to Steve Wright on Like every Friday, waiting for for Serious Jockin' & finishing work @ 5 - Serious Anticipatin'!
I am seriously not Jokin' Steve Wright, you are a massive wanker
.looking forward to Steve Wright's serious jockin'
Giving Steve wright a chance but the second he says 'serious jockin' I'm switching off.
Steve Wright in the afternoon getting me in mood for tonight
Steve Wright. Drippin on toast! My mum used to give me the Turkey jelly on toast as a kid. When he had no butter it was the fat:(
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Sylvester Stall...
Steve Wright likes the sound of his own voice far too much. If you put your hands up do they make a clapping sound?!
get Steve Wright off I'm pretty sure he's the only person in the world that finds himself funny.
UPDATE: Thanks to Doug, Eric, Steve Wright, Jack and Jon, we'll be making buttered Batches this Saturday from...
10 mins. Who’s going in on some Steve Wright at 2pm?
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Sylvester Stallone talks to Steve about the new Rocky spin-off Creed.
Sir Jack Hayward stand and Stan Cullis stand are now sold out but availability remains in the Steve Bull and Billy Wright stand.
Just under 2hours until the Handsome One will be on the Steve Wright Show between 2 - 5 pm today. 😊📻 https:/…
Oh yeah and Steve Wright but I thought he died at the end of last year?
... I'm glad the Wright Bros, Steve Jobs, MLK, Gandhi, ect weren't realistic. I get it, but think about it.
Recording an interview for Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2. The interview will go out next Tuesday
When you fall off a bike, you get back on again! Steve Cotterill
Randy's right behind Steve Hollis. Well 3,400 miles behind him but you know what I mean.
Big thanks to Steve Wright in the afternoon for our message!! You'll be able to hear it on air soon.
I think he's been on ThisMorning too a few times? but he feels better with Steve Wright it seemsX
Remembering Alan Rickman: In a 2015 interview with Steve Wright he reflected on his career
LOVE // Steve Wright in the Afternoon : Alan Rickman talks to Steve Wright
Steve Wright in the Afternoon shows some love for Jack Savoretti's new single Catapult on BBC Radio 2 yesterday!...
I love Ken Bruce in morning and Steve Wright in the afternoon great shows
Nowt wrong with that. I occasionally listen to Steve Wright and Simon Mayo in the afternoon 👍
UK RADIO ALERT Simon Le Bon on 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' Weds 2 Dec at 2pm htt…
Simon Cowell - services to music: I was just returning from an appointment with Steve Wright in the afternoon ...
Judge Judy holds court with Steve Wright, Laurence Fox, Judge Judy and Lang Lang, Steve Wright...
wham .. For me . The brunette in video is the lady on the Steve Wright show
Amazing! Steve Wright just played the Love Actually "Christmas is all Around" on 😊🎄
Listening to Steve Wright on Radio god when did he become so psycophantic to guests. I’m cringing!
Lynne I'm listening to Billy Mack on the Steve Wright show! Lol :-D
Steve Wright, sighing wistfully at the end of Pina Colada song by Rupert Holmes: 'what a lovely story'
Great oldies on Wright on . 'In the Ghetto' always makes me cry
Raikkonen is actually Mr Angry from Steve Wright in the afternoon show from years back
Just woke from dream that I was part of Steve Wright show. Tim, Old Woman, JLG all there. I don't even know what they look like.
You know you've had a long journey when it bridges 3 BBC Radio 2 shows and one of them is the big show with Steve Wright!
Are they all songs that Steve Wright has used to close his show with on the defunct Radio 2? No? Oh…
will be @ noon delivering firm but fair justice and she'll be chatting to Steve Wright on Radio 2.His show starts @ 2pm
will be on Steve Wright on Radio 2 tomorrow. The show starts at 2pm.
Did you catch *** and Dom on Steve Wright's show yesterday? Its got us fully in the mood for…
just listening to Lulu on the Steve Wright show, she would sound great in a duet with Tom 😊
Heads up if you like PARANOID by Black Sabbath, Radio2 Steve Wright show now. Great listener's top 5
do you remember the Steve Wright radio show?
I think Laurence's appearance on the Steve Wright show was recorded today (these things are usually recorded ahead of time).
Did you catch the Interview with our Editor Lynne McTaggart on the Steve Wright show? Catch it here: …
Is there any better radio show than Steve Wright's Love Songs? Answer is NO. Feel like I want to hug this random man next to me
We're also on today on the Steve Wright show! Love them! :)
to Dave Gilmour and Steve Wright, a true, modern concept album is Constellations by with more to come next year!
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, playwright Alan Bennett and comedian David Mitchell…
Gary Numan on with Steve Lamacq, David Mitchell and Alan Bennett on Steve Wright.
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Larry King, Steve Harley and Matt Baker, Matt Baker talks Children In Need
Coming up on Steve Wright... Matt Baker on the Rickshaw Challenge + +
Last thought on Steve Wright & GPG. When BBCTV interviewed me I was captioned "Roger Protz CAMRA" as they refused to mention Good Beer Guide
I'm listening to Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Amanda Abbington, Gino D'Acampo, Fiona Stapely on BBC Radio 2 with TuneIn
Monday from Ken Bruce and Tuesday on lates so from Steve Wright.
Confirmed by radio 2 Steve Wright show.. new single called "Hello" get its 1st play on radio 1 on Nick grimshaws morning show.😜
The brilliant will be chatting to Steve Wright on this afternoon.
I wonder if you can still watch Steve Wright in the Afternoon on cam as it's being recorded
Wright was drafted in 2001 by Steve Phillips, Keith.
Wright was drafted by Steve Phillips, and Familia, Flores, and Tejada weren't "drafted." But the point stands.
rachael bertie carvel was being interviewed on radio 2 this pm on the steve Wright show. Not sure if you heard it x
Justin. Has to be said. The Steve Wright In The Afternoon of Finance. Only BETTER!
Didn't think Radio 2 could get any worse than Steve me-me Wright in the afternoon. Step forward Johnathan Ross.
I believe covers for Steve Wright when the need arises
Just caught up with the inspiring interview with Steve Wright on Clearly a man who loves life with a passion.
SO happy you're back!! FYI Minaya didn't draft Wright, he was a comp pick for Hampton drafted by Steve Phillips
Steve's podcast is THE knowledge place . Listen up !
JOY! Jonathan Ross back on sitting in for Steve Wright.
play Walk the Dinosaur the same day comes out on DVD & Blu-ray: this is why Jonathan Ross > Steve Wright!
I'm switching over to because that *** Ross is standing in for Steve Wright today.
Oh good is standing in for Steve Wright. I don't have to change channel now
please make Ross the permanent presenter we don't love the Steve Wright show
2 things,1 how many holidays does Steve Wright get per annum, and 2, is fully reinstated now after being axed?
Hooray! is sitting in for the woeful Steve Wright! Monday afternoon just looked up 😀
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Jonathan Ross sits in for Steve with guests including Downton Abbey actor Rose…
Jeremy Vine and Steve Wright, . The Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose of BBC Radio, broadcasting EU lefty propaganda.
REVEALED: The moment Massimo Cellino knew Steve Evans was the man for Leeds United.
Steve Peck will discuss w/ KSL's Doug Wright Sunday at 11AM MST. Stream at
so in 5 years Konnan, Steve Ray and Alex Wright made nearly $5 million between the three of them? Geez
Anquan Boldin said 49ers purposely targeted Shareece Wright today. Said when you practice a lot against a player you know …
Ian McFadden is a narcissistic bully, if you stand up to him, he runs like a whipped puppy ! Where's Steve Wright legged it to ?
"prime minister is always ultimately accountable for the government" Really Steve-o? Nobody sees it
How can you not enjoy watching these pair? Wright/Suljovic
WR Steve Smith, RB Justin Forsett, and TE Crockett Gillmore are all ACTIVE for today's game.
Always reminds me of listening to Steve Wright and Mr Angry and Gervais the hairdresser on a hot afternoon
with this group, write or Wright may also have been appropriate
should I start Greg Olsen and Try Hilton, Steve Smith or Kendall Wright I'm a little scared about all 4 but which 2? Help!
Wright. Steve is tough but could definitely be limited or in pain for most of game
FYI:Tom chats with Steve Wright about his new gothic film .
The weird slightly higher and more intense register that only second-rate commentators and Steve Wright talk in.
Click here to support Pedlow Steve Wright's Medical Fund by Roman Salvador
pick 2, kendall wright, steve smith, Tate or Boldin
Melvin Gordon, Kendall Wright or Steve Smith, if he plays, at flex, non ppr.
my WR3 choice got harder... If Steve smith plays ride with him or Kendall Wright? Thanks!
In my PPR league I gotta start WR2... Steve Smith, Allen Robinson, Kendall Wright... What you think?
Do we trust Steve Smith to play well today. Sr or Wright?
ppr. the squeaky wheel Kendall wright or broke back Steve smith today?
Steve Smith Sr, Kendall Wright, Danny Woodhead or Golden Tate at my flex? Non PPR
Order Miche Bag Online!
For every Dan Gagnier, there's a Bruce Carson, Mike Duffy, and Nigel Wright. So Steve should probably shut his pie hole…
Ruth: I let her down, when she needed me most I was driving, listening to Steve Wright & dreaming of toast & dripping
I'm listening to Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs, on BBC Radio 2 with TuneIn.
Mrs Binkers has BBC Radio 2 on. Bad enough, but IT'S STEVE BLOODY WRIGHT!. .I'm going out with the dogs.
The Streets on Radio 2?? I take it back, Steve Wright isn't the most irritating human being in the world after all
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Country group Little Big Town, comedian Rufus Hound and broadcaster Gyles Brand…
Fan of Steve Wright's Serious Jockin? Come & Join me at Walkabout Blackpool Saturday for some Serious 'Knob" Jockin!
Radio X seems to have Steve Wright on it. Johnny Vaughan, Chris Moyles, Vernon Kaye. At least it's made my mind up.
Steve Wright: "That was Rick Dees..." ...whose act you've ripped off wholesale, eh, Steve?
Amazing to think Rick Dees had a hit in the UK. How many of Steve Wright's singles troubled the Billboard Hot 100?
channeling a little Steve Wright tonight. Alex's Dad not the comedian.
I grew up with the 1990 vintage of Jackie Brambles/Simon Mayo/Simon Bates/Gary Davies/Steve Wright/ Mark Goodier. Heady days indeed...
I'm going to be on on the Steve Wright show today between 3:30pm-5pm talking about
Graeme Swann has to be the unfunniest bloke I have heard on the radio since Steve Wright used to churn out Mr Angry.
Ronnie Wood talks to Steve Wright, Ronnie Wood, Matthew Wright and Tony Banks, Steve Wright in...
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers and broadcaster Danny Baker join Steve and…
Ronnie Wood three sheets to the wind on Steve Wright. What a guy.
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Ronnie Wood, Ma...
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Musicians Ronnie Wood and Tony Banks and broadcaster Matthew Wright join Steve.
Assassin’s Creed: check out the first pic of Michael Fassbender by Steve Wright via SciFiNow - The World's Best Sc…
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Mike Rutherford, Daniel O'Donnell and Glen Watson,Mike Rutherford talks Genesis & more
Steve Wright is the sort of DJ who either sings along with the records or talks through them.
Hear chat to Steve Wright on about the latest news:
Is cricket going the way of cycling? Steve Wright seems to think so .. introducing lycra for the 3rds
Steve Wright porsche 356A 1958 racing through the rain in the pre 66 GT car class
WIRED FOR SOUND: From 2008 listen to Cliff talk to Steve Wright about his single and tour of that year
Compulsive obsession must be celebrated. Charles Wright, Edison, Steve Jobs, Rahul Narayan are examples!
Steve Wright interviewed Peter Robinson Chairman of National Association of Wine & Beermakers on this week
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Serious Jockin'...
The first Unsung Hero is revealed on tonight's One Show from 7. Steve Wright announces the …
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I often have to turn off due to overuse of Steve Wright!!
Bonnie Wright didn't ruined Ginny, she's just acting how Ginny is written. You should blame Steve Kloves and David Yates...
Richard Wright: "Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread."
Hey Steve, we have the emails. . Harper says 'subordinates' not responsible for Wright/Duffy actions
should recoil at Wright using his wealth "to make political problems (& possibly crimes) disappear.". ht…
just plugging your bingo at the fringe, part stand up, part compare and part bingo I think they said. Steve Wright in the arvo
young as f&It's helped you hasn't it. Great show too. Listen most days. Steve Wright has the best show though.
New from Steve Wright: Dental Services – a new survey from Healthwatch
SourceTV interviews Steve Wright Show star about & the one thing...
"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." -Steve Wright
Seriously: Why are my Xbox One cloud saves so [bleeped] up: Steve Wright -- "Before I get into this weeks Seri...
. Perhaps Nigel Wright should refrain from quoting Scripture in his defence
Duffy and Wright worked for you Steve so take some responsibility.
"Whatever happens I am not going to be sitting there next to Palace chairman Steve Parish and jumping up when Arsenal score" - Ian Wright
say goodbye to Nieuwenhuis when Wright is ready.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Liar Steve said it was only Duffy and wright involved, what a liar!! Just check the email trail!
thanks to Billy Iveson and Steve Wright for your donations
Caught up with on Steve Wright show!! Lovely interview & the Prom is fab!!
Is it wrong that I'm liking steve wright on radio2
Steve Wright pumping up the jam, go on lad
is sounding excellent. Big ups Steve Wright, keep on jockin. Can you play White Lines please?
Missed the wireless today but back in time for some serious jockin' with Steve Wright !
Time for some on with Steve Wright we've defiantly got that 👍 Have a Great Weekend Everyone
I must post this once every 12 months or so, but here it is again: how does Steve Wright still have a BBC DJ job? Pub disco host. At best.
serious jockin equals wine as u know Steve Wright and tonight we going to see UB40 here in Scarbadous happy days cheers mate
Final afternoon with Steve Wright more Sports Gal at 4...back to Sports Guy!
Nothing on this green Earth makes me more irrationally angry than Steve Wright's Serious Jockin' I cant tell you why but I HATE IT
How about some old skool Steve Wright & The Afternoon Boys I'm Alright on this week's ??
pleze scrap the words serious jockin from Steve Wright - he incessantly repeats it!
Hi Clare, loved you on the Steve Wright show xxx
Now for a second coat of emulsion made bearable only by top tunes from Steve Wright
Sally Cinnamon was definitely song of the day until Steve Wright busted out Waterfalls by TLC
Steve Wright says: Dental Services – a new survey from Healthwatch
absolutely bouncing down with rain in Salford and Steve Wright starts the Oldies with I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone?
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Clare Teal
Air Supply / Lost in Love. Steve Wright in the Afternoon - BBC Radio2.
Find out more about Stephen Wright's House of Dreams at a talk at on 27 August
Olly"s Serious jockin with Steve Wright it's Friday
I agree ya cant beat Steve Wright in the Afternoon.
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Singer and presenter Clare Teal joins Steve to talk about the BBC Proms 2015.
Quatermass Blu-ray review: the good Professor returns by Steve Wright via SciFiNow - The World's Best Science Fict…
Online now : Steve Wright in the Afternoon at Radio 1 (Mar 31st 1993).
Sorry, Steve. "I didn't know" doesn't cut it. You should have known. You're responsible for your office.
BBC Sport - MOTD is about brilliant skill, not bad decisions - Ian Wright
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Rick Stein, Judd Apatow and Vanessa Bayer join Steve and the team.
I agree, Richard is brilliant, but not to replace Simon Mayo! Maybe he could replace Steve Wright
Waiting with white knuckles for Simon Mayo to take over from Steve Wright. When is that man due to retire?
you annoy me beyond annoyance almost as much as Steve Wright we need Sarah cox and Zoe ball to make radio 2 a viable listenable
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Patrick Kielty sits in and is joined by Jimmy Doherty and Carly Rae Jepsen.
Just enjoying the gorgeous lilting voice and music of on The perfect antidote to Steve Wright.
Great to hear Ghost Town Blues on Steve Wright show again. Finally caught it this time, right before Michael Douglas as well!
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Michael Douglas...
Steve Wright show Busy looking for my cat he's gone walkerbout in Dipton Paul Robinson
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and comedian and author Mark Watson join Steve.
Steve Wright attempting a Jamaican accent when announcing the chart position of Bob Marley and the Wailers!😂
And now Steve Wright is using a "Jamaican" accent to say Bob Marley's name. Good old 1980!
It was the Top 30 run down and Steve Wright read out Bob Marley & The Wailers in an offensive accent a la Jim Davidson.
We have appointed some key roles here at Port of Manchester. Congratulations to:. Steve Wright - Engineering...
Steve Wright just attempted a Jamaican lilt while doing the countdown when he reached Bob Marley 😮
Remember, kids: Andy Kershaw is a SERIOUS JOURNALIST, not just the Dickie Davies of snarky pop voiceovers to Steve Wright's Bough.
Steve Wright playing Michelle Gayle on Takes me back to Rosie's Pump House in the 90s in St Mary Street Cardiff! X
BBC Director General Tony Hall talking about our inspirational on Steve Wright .ht…
I'm going to wait for Chris Evans, Terry Wogan & Steve Wright on Beats2. . And what do you think the chances of Sandi Toksvig on Beats4 are?
BBC - Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon - Suzi Perry, Fol...
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Jason Donovan and meditation and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe join Steve. http:…
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Meera Syal on her new book, and dreams analyst Ian Wallace deciphers listeners'…
need to buy your book, heard you being interviewed by Steve Wright, loved it x
Wow! Thank you, Steve Wright for introducing me to this song. Roger Miller - England Swings
ICYMI Steve Wright's Big Guests Podcast featuring Alan Carr and the wonderful
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Comedian Alan Carr and scriptwriter and broadcaster Emma Freud join Steve.
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