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Steve Urkel

Steven Quincy Urkel, generally known as Steve Urkel or simply Urkel, is a fictional character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters, portrayed by Jaleel White.

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Kobe Bryant performing slam poetry about Steve Urkel on Fallon is really something
For some reason all I can think of when I see this is Steve Urkel lol
Steve Urkel got Laura at the end. There's hope for me and my friends
This is coming from the Trisomy 21 version of Steve Urkel. At least I have a beard, u mad cause you can't g…
Just had the longest (one-sided) conversation about Steve Urkel with an Urkel mega fan at a con so I'm having a solid weekend!
See thru these circles just like Steve urkel
Looking like Steve Urkel today at work
You have to see slam poem about Steve Urkel
| Best of: Steve Urkel vs. J.J. Evans (This discussion originally appeared in episode
Steve urkel showed us if you give a lame a machine he all the sudden becomes koo 😴😴
*** is up with girls wearing these big *** Steve urkel lookin *** glasses
0/10 for the profile picture. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed that you look like a discol…
i'd pay to have Luigi fight Steve Urkel
Do you remember the first time Steve Urkel became Stefan Urquelle!?. Nostalgic scene from Family Matters
You're acting like God if God were Steve Urkel!
Update: I just googled Steve urkel to figure out his shirt to pant ratio and no.. my situation is far worse πŸ™ƒ
Farfalle. Gosh this Steve Urkel looking pasta is lame as *** However this pasta is best for tuna pasta for some r…
I also hate it bc I look like Steve Urkel and my belt isn't helping one bit. Like pls god keep my pants up for me today. I'm too tired 4 dis
They laughed at Steve Urkel for years
I thought they made this car up for Steve Urkel on Family Matters!!! πŸ˜‚
Nice to see Steve Urkel is still around.
Family Matters was a good show, Steve Urkel was a funny guyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
How is there no supercut of Steve Urkel saying "Got any cheese?" On
Kelly thinks it's cute to have his pants hiked all the way up to make him look like a white Steve Urkel... lord help me...
This is what Steve Urkel did when he finally chose Myra
Steve Urkel playing a detective in this movie πŸ˜—πŸ™‹
Fam, I am not referring to Steve Urkel's villainous doppelgΓ€nger mannequin Stevil, but to the alternate reality Evi…
Apparently the dude who played Steve Urkel is from South Pas. Learn something new every day
When I see girls wearing high waisted paints I can't help but think of steve Urkel.
gdanielholloway: Buried deep in here: Steve Urkel's return to series television.
The fact that son Mason knows who Steve Urkel is a parenting WIN! πŸ‘Œ
Mason ; youre gonna look like Steve Urkel but a girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
You know and are raising their kids right when Mason knows how to drop a proper Steve Urkel reference!!
Wait wait. How does little Mason on know who Steve Urkel is??? That's so way before his time
Can we address the fact that Mason knew who Steve Urkel was?!? You're raising your kids right. πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
The only shocking info I got from the KUWTK Robbery is Mason knew who Steve Urkel was
I Love that Mason knows who Steve Urkel is! πŸ˜‚
The fact Mason knows who Steve Urkel is, parenting done right. πŸ‘πŸ½
how l does Mason know about Steve Urkel πŸ˜‚ that was before his time lol
Mason just knowing who Steve Urkel is and saying if she pulled up the pants would look like him was awesome.
Mason knows who Steve Urkel is. is officially my fav Kardashian now.
Six minutes in and the most shocking thing about is that Mason Disick knows who Steve Urkel is.
I think it's amazing that Mason knows who Steve Urkel is πŸ˜‚
I'm just trying to figure out how Mason knows who Steve Urkel is.
Say what you want about the Kardashians, but Mason Disick is like seven and just made a Steve Urkel reference. They did something right.
I'm shocked that Mason even knows who Steve Urkel was
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My favorite thing about this episode so far is that Mason knows who Steve Urkel is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I know tonight was about paris☹️but can we please talk about how awesome it is that Mason knew who Steve Urkel was!🀣
Mason knowing who Steve Urkel is, is a pure moment of happiness on any day! And especially in an episode ramping up to depression.
lmao i love that Mason knows who Steve Urkel is.
How does Mason from know who Steve Urkel is?!
Mason told "If you pull up your pants you're gonna look like Steve Urkel but a girl " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kudos to you that Mason even knows who Steve Urkel is! That was too cute!
I love that Mason is aware of who Steve Urkel is lmao.
i'm in the jungle like Steve Irwin,. you in the jungle like Steve Urkel,. she giving bald head like Steve Harvey
It's Friday and I'm finna get down like Steve Urkel
- And you don't have to write with them or read their writing. Maybe they really ARE Steve Urkel behind the screen.
My sister use to watch to much Family Matters and named me after Steve Urkel but it's funny my middle name is Steph…
This is exactly what the world needs more of. That and Steve Urkel.
When your Grandaddy got the Machine that turn Steve Urkel into Stephon.
Steve Urkel saying "did I do that?" Is legit my whole entire life in one phrase
by the time FM became The Steve Urkel Show, I had already stopped tuning in regularly x_oD
Me asking hubby if there's a steve curry in the nba led to us discussing stefan urkel turning into twoface and murdering harriet.
JAKE, u (&CNN) r that whinny *** kid in school no one likes. Ur the STEVE URKEL of news.
I am tucking in my t shirts from now on s/o to Steve Urkel
Steve Urkel, I'm too strapped. And everybody with me got tecs like a group chat
Lmao stop acting like when Steve Urkel became Stefan Urquelle y'all wasn't shook
Wouldnt this show just be Family Matters with a white steve urkel?
Keep hearing that the Redskins GM is dealing with Family Matters and I keep picturing Steve Urkel.
I was named after Jaleel White ;-; my grandma wanted me to be smart like Steve Urkel 😣
A lot of people don't remember but at trial Casey Anthony did the Steve Urkel defense. She went, "Did I do that?" Then played a laugh track.
This right here just reminded me of Steve Urkel.did I do that?
See this through these circles just like Steve Urkel
Black women love dating thugs but get mad when a Steve Urkel *** dates a white woman.
I'm actually planning on doing the burger and corgi combo πŸ˜‚
My bf bought me cute socks bc I never match mine 😭❀
girl, you already know I am. He's stuck with me forever πŸ˜ŒπŸ’˜
do people really be listening to Kodak Black. he sounds like steve urkel
yeah, that's what blue balls gets you, Steve Urkel. . . blue snow balls. that is.
well he kinda lives there now. Alex is the Steve Urkel and Waldo Geraldo Faldo of our generation
Follow the rules *** Steve Urkel showed you that if a square randomly get a machine he then out of know where he a cool ***
Bradley looking like Steve Urkel out there
That little, little man looks just like Steve Urkel. Such a short, short, little man.
Bill & Linda enjoying the game in Boston. Also joined by the white Steve Urkel behind them
Dude got his pants jacked up high like Steve Urkel with church socks on and a hairstyle like a *** reindeer...The *** is goin on?
Lmao these shoes are salt and roast proof you can't knock my shine with your Steve Urkel socks
If my sweatpants had drawstrings I would tie them up around my neck so I looked like Steve Urkel
His pants have reached Steve Urkel levels of swag.
I feel like I dressed like Steve Urkel to school today πŸ™‚
They really chose Lady Gaga to replace BeyoncΓ© at Coachella πŸ˜‘
out of all the artists in the world, Lady Gaga? Really?πŸ˜‘
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when I think the name carl, I think of steve urkel and Family Matters.
she looks like Steve Urkel's cousin
He sounds like a hood version of Steve Urkel lmfao.
I luv the car it reminds me of steve urkel on Family Matters. bmw πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ’‹
And then it would fade out and say 'Steve Urkel'.
I just want a dope frame. What's expensive is the actual glass because it has to be cut down so I don't look like S…
you ol Steve Urkel did I do that head ***
Harrison Ford talking to air traffic control sounds a lot more like Steve Urkel than Han Solo.
I had that thought that only blackout drunks and Steve Urkel can have: Hello? HUSH!
What do Steve Urkel, Winnie Cooper and Aaron Samuels have in common? They're all in this terrible but amazing Lifetime movie I'm watching
looks out of place with a young Steve Urkel
This guy on my bus is straight up wearing a Steve Urkel costume but really he probably got all of the pieces at a super posh hipster store
I look like the love child of Steve Urkel and an orangutan
tbh they only wanna buy it cause you look like a modern day Steve Urkel lol
According to this video from Clinton's presidential library, Steve Urkel once tried to get a bill passed in Congres…
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...if they did a crossover with Family Matters, Comey would be Steve Urkel. "Did I do that?"
I can't stand these glasses . They like Steve Urkel glasses
I usually don't go out on Fridays but when I do I usually transform like Steve urkel into Billy not stephon.
Steve Urkel was the best part of that show so βœ‹πŸ½
Brilliance awaits you with my fan theory on Steve Urkel as the true inventor behind
many times lmao. Jeff Teague, Steve Urkel, you name it smh
I've been stalking Jaleel White for almost one year now. (Steve urkel)
Steve Urkel in the streets, Stefan Urquelle in the sheets.
I wondered what happened to Steve Urkel
I feel like I went to the place that Steve Urkel went when he wanted to chill!!! β€” eating German cuisine...
I don't understand y makeup is a big deal to some,especially guys like ok u looked like Steve Urkel asking for free hugs b4 you're haircut?
Steve Urkel from Familly Matters taught us in the end you will wear her no we will not move on!
Steve Urkel turned 40 last year. . *takes a drink*
If you want somethin go after it. Took Steve Urkel 6 seasons to get Laura Winslow. Took Jamie 3 seasons to get Fancy
a dude wit no personality worse fear is a one on one date -- outside of his comfort zone he's Steve Urkel
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Bofl who is he fighting , Steve Urkel
Confirmed: 's ghostwriter is actually Steve Urkel! Y'all heard it here first!
Happy Birthday to the boss! We were Steve Urkel before we met this guy. Have a good one sir!…
CJ McCollum really looks and sounds like Steve Urkel lol
Syafie Naswip is channeling his inner Steve Urkel in this tho. Klip his lifetime achievement award besok memang skip habislah drama ni.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ lmfaooo Steve urkel just killed me!
Have anyone ever seen CJ McCollum and Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) in the same room?
Eddie Winslow stalk game is on Steve Urkel status. Right!!?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Steve Urkel changed his whole molecular being just to prove to Laura he could be the man she wanted AND SHE STILL TRASHED HIM IM SICK
I'm Steve urkel wit the Gat. I'll trip over anything
Why cj mccollum look like Steve urkel when he turned cool
It took Hakeem 2 weeks to get Lisa. Steve Urkel was a god *** stalker. Fancy pulled up on Jamie after he got with her frien…
oh what happen to the days of Steve Urkel??
Does anyone beside me remember Steve Urkel?
Pacsun really selling these Steve Urkel *** pants? πŸ€”
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High school she treated me like Steve Urkel
rain drop, drop top, Steve Urkel got swag that ya can't stop.
I still can't stop laughing at meek fall that was Steve URKEL at its best πŸ˜­πŸ˜†
He's like Steve Urkel trying to be tough.
Return of Pastor Casey is back. Steve Urkel trapped in Rita Hayworth's body.
πŸ“ΊOn December 15, 1989, Steve Urkel made his first appearance on 'Family Matters'
Uncle Jessie teaching Steve Urkel how to Walk It Out by via
Okay everyone send your kids home! This little boy came to my house dresses as Steve Urkel.. it was the cutest thingπŸ˜‚πŸ‘»
Steve Urkel and Uncle Si in the same picture!
Too funny. Kept wanting Luke to be Stefan Urquelle, but he stayed w/ the Steve Urkel persona
Lol y'all weird and getting weirder everyday. . *not the "Steve Urkel" weird either,y'all the "I thought I turn that light out" weird.
I may slide the next freshman that call me Steve Urkel
syd: u know that guy that's like in a wheelchair..Steven King?. me: ??. syd: or Steve Urkel? . me: tell me ur not talking abt Stephen Hawking..
jasmine said "the girl look like steve urkel & his momma combined so i must be UGLY" πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
Just hooked my glasses up with some tape lmfao on my Steve Urkel until further notice πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ’€
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He knocked his bag over and then said aloud, "hashtag Steve Urkel, did I do that?"
"No sweat my pet" boys came up on a real steve urkel doll that still works put here in the A...…
I liked a video Steve Urkel playing basketball
Somebody was riding behind me in the Steve Urkel car today
Actor Jaleel White who played Steve Urkel on TV show Family Matters is supporting Hillary Clinton so I'mma go with that.
You don't like cutoffs that come up to your ribs like Steve Urkel? lol
Mallari: "Did I do that?" Steve Urkel moment. (Laugh). I was surprised and not sure how they will get out of it.
I went grammar school with Vic Mensa. The lames always switch up like Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle.
Almost ordered a Steve Urkel poster for my house but it wouldn't get here for a month so I lost all interest
My inner dialogue whenever I break something or . screw something up is Steve Urkel's voice saying "Did i do that?"
well then I'm fakin Steve Urkel. Get me my suspenders and jumbo glasses because I ain't hip
Watching Steve Urkel suffer for years, made me impatient...ion care how much I like you, i will not wait...catch me while you can!
Do you guys remember in Family Matters when Steve Urkel invented the machine to make himself cool...
Steve Urkel all grown up and working in the City Raw Sewage Treatment Center -- Fecal Matters.
Why fat chicks wear their pants like Steve Urkel?
β˜…β˜…Obama & Hillary threatening Putin would be like Steve Urkel picking a fight in a Biker Bar. .
Yes, I had so much Steve Urkel would have been proud
Teaching my kid to say "Did I do that" like Steve Urkel has been one of my greatest life achievements.
someone just told me I look like Steve Urkel
And you have that thought that only blackout drunks or Steve Urkel could have: "Did I do that?" - Mulaney is amazing
or I could put you next to a Steve Urkel on that "Did I do that"?
I liked a video Steve Urkel and the Urkel Air Bill (1993)
I liked a video Attention shoppers Steve Urkel is about to enter the mall
I liked a video Best of Steve Urkel-Part 4
Ready for school to start now, Steve Urkel mode in full effect, Stefan will be back later
I'm sorry but doesn't Devo look like Steve Urkel
A . I'm literally a birth child of d1 steve urkel and will smith
If you ain't appreciate me at my Steve Urkel, you don't deserve me at my Stephon lol
why you look like the white version of Steve Urkel why you so ugly ?
"let me take out my retainer because I have a lisp and sound like Steve Urkel"
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This girl right here is my soulmate ❀️
Never pinned Steve Urkel as a racist wow
When everyone has a crush on Will I had a crush on Carlton, when everyone had a crush on Stephon Urkel I had the biggest Crush on Steve
This girl on snapchat said Steve Uncle instead of Steve Urkel. Im v sad
Look who was playing on the blue team Steve Urkel @ Dodgers Stadium
41. Steve Urkel is the perfect example of to keep buggin ya crush, son was chasing Laura 4eva and finally got her
Boi look and sound like Steve Urkel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I see girls who are either wearing booty shorts or pants that make them look like Steve Urkel. There's no in between. πŸ™„
The Steve Urkel show was called family ties??
He sound like a Steve Urkel that went thug
Steve Urkel explains this with a mildew in the shower metaphor on a very good episode of Family Matters
My brother met the guy who played Steve Urkel last night and didn't even realize until after he helped him...
β€’I use to have a crush on Steve URKEL when he was Steffon.
Talking about Steve Urkel and Jds like is he on saved by the bell?? God who is he
I'm getting tired of being a Steve urkel *** *** to a bunch of Lauras
I always felt bad for Steve Urkel but he'd probably be annoying af if he was a real person
*** gangsta over the Internet but Steve Urkel in person
Roses are red, violets are purple. Now I'm forced to reference Steve Urkel.
Michelle Thomas as Myra Monkhouse with her bae, Steve Urkel, on Family Matters, 1993.
love you both! Love to watch Family Matters a whole lot! Nice picture! Love u Jen and Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel!
Nobody know that Jaleel White played Steve Urkel & had to take the Physical Challenge
Jaleel White's answer to the mouse trap question was "cheese"-- in my head I could hear Steve Urkel saying "Got any cheese?"
Jaleel White to Steve Harvey: "how you gon' ask the guy who played Steve Urkel a cheese question"
Young CJ McCollum or Steve Urkel? You tell me. (Notice the poor defense by Will Smith and Reggie Miller
you're right... Josina Anderson looks like a female Steve Urkel 😬
I started doing impressions of Steve Urkel and Ed Grimley as my way of getting through th...
Steve Urkel, after deliriously waking up in a strange hotel room and finding a hooker dead in the bathroom: "Did I do that?"
Shoutout to Steve Urkel, Carlton Banks and Virgil Hawkins for paving the way on television for
I swear my sister is the white Steve Urkel
Screech Powers, Steve Urkel and Carlton Banks would probably get all of today's girls because their characters are what's trending
domain names
So, Brienne likes Tormund as much as Laura Winslow liked Steve Urkel or Lisa Turtle liking Screech?
JUST CAME TO MIND: Who's the smartest nerd? Sheldon Cooper or Steve Urkel?
you go from Steve Urkel to Pinky in no time lol!
Red wearing those glasses reminds me somehow of Steve Urkel. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
He really did a front flip on a hover board 😳
When metro and Steve urkel do the fusion dance
Steve urkel hit him wit the choppa did i do that ?
Nah that "Steve urkel" reference negus funny and phony I be crying and laughing
I'm gonna get a Steve Urkel or some other 90s sitcom character once I turn 18
because he wears them like Steve Urkel.
Barry smacking Iris probably might be up there w/ Steve Urkel marrying Laura after she had been ran through for about 10 years. 😴
50 Shades of purple geeked up like Steve urkel
I love how every kid born after like 1992 thinks that everyone in the 90's looked like Fresh Prince or Steve Urkel, such a lazy assumption
make him wear the biggest frames and thick glasses. Make him white Steve Urkel
He'd be better off putting Ace Ventura or Steve Urkel in charge.
Is that why his name is Steve Urkel? Because he irks everybody
Please no one interact with me so that picture I posted of Steve Urkel stays at the top of my mentions
"Apricot shot" did the trick...ooopss. Steve Urkel voice "Did I do thattt?"
It's really funny when the card is misplaced. Insert the voice of Steve Urkel: Wait. Did I do that?
Steve Urkel's BMW Isetta is being resurrected as an electric vehicle:
She's also said, "good job, babe," at least 49 times. Like, get a new catch phrase, Steve Urkel.
The actor who played Steve Urkel also did the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog
Who doesn't love Deep Purple songs performed while dressed as Steve Urkel?? Support our Athens Business Rocks...
Maybe if I'm as persistent as Steve Urkel, the guy will give me a chance.
I always feel like I'm Steve Urkel running after Laura. Simply because my crush would only wanna be friends.
Steve Urkel car reference was golden
On a scale from Steve Urkel to Harrison Ford I'm probably a Stephen Hawking when it comes to successfully hitting on girls πŸ˜‚
I get it long as Diana's dirty.. And leans purple and Family Matters to Steve Urkel
"You're like an emo Steve Urkel and you, ooh, reek of dead mouse!"
Steve Urkel wasn't a Batty when I was coming up.. All the *** people my age decided that on their own / tv making it regular now
Little kids in my neighborhood try to be like Steve Urkel From Family Matters
Shuda lookin like Steve urkel in ur Avi πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
I guess we can safely assume that it isn't Steve Urkel.
you might be too young. Carl Winslow is Steve Urkel's neighbor.
I think Steve Urkel is the only dorky black person that's existed and he's fictional. Even Neil Degrasse Tyson is a total badass.
50 shades of purple get that perc Steve Urkel purple nurple raise her vocals!! 🚀πŸ›₯😈
Oh I don't pull it off, I look like Steve Urkel but it's mandatory at work, lol
When you forget to wear a belt so your pants are in a constant limbo between Steve Urkel and a thug from the Bronx
Jaleel White had one of the most iconic roles of the entire decade as the nerdy and klutzy Steve Urkel on β€œFamily...
We're talking about Steve Urkel/Stefan Urquelle. This song immediately comes to mind … Anyone else remember???
He's more awkwardly clumsy than Steve Urkel
be dumb jealous when Asian folk walk in the China and just order in their native tongue "I wish I could do that" Steve…
Like, at the end of the day Steve Urkel , & Corey Matthews is smoother than a lot of you everyday, "average" guys. Smh
Family Matters - Zach Randolph as Eddie Winslow, Russell Westbrook as Steve Urkel, & Norris Cole as Waldo Faldo.
a Theo Huxtable smile, with Dwayne Wayne intelligence, a Steve Urkel heart, and a Martin Payne sense of humor.
Come on guys, Carl Winslow=dad from Family Matters, the show with Steve Urkel(: Gotta love the 90s shows
Omg...look what he looks like...the Steve Urkel nerd glasses & bowtie gotta go!
Who agrees with me that Carl Winslow is a black Dean Martin and Steve Urkel is a black Jerry Lewis?
Steve Urkel, Elsa, Obama, JLaw and Guy Fieri did a musical for &
FORD Steve Urkel's car has been resurrected as an electric vehicle
I need me someone who loves me as much as Steve Urkel loves Laura Winslow. πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
Romeo and Juliet, Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow, Jim and Pam Halpert, Steve and Elaine... great couples through history...
The Republicans are getting ready to nominate Frank Burns from MASH. Steve Urkel for vice president?.
Steve Urkel moves into the neighborhood and impregnates Kimmie, and Geoffrey becomes the Fuller House butler.
you know what's weird? in the end, Laura Winslow picked Steve Urkel over Stefan Urquelle. ***
I liked a video from Mike Nelson as Steve Urkel
23 years ago tonight, Eddie Winslow, Steve Urkel and Waldo Geraldo Faldo got stuck out on a fire escape.
[ Polls & Surveys ] Open Question : Sheldon Cooper vs Steve Urkel who was smarter?:
Dre Dennis annoying when he raps, I hear a aggravated Steve Urkel
Russell Westbrook and Steve Urkel's lovechild is now singing.
Oh! Jordan and I were right behind Steve Urkel in line at the airport!! LIKE THE REAL Jaleel White!!!
Wore my glasses to work today. Caitlin: Madi, you look like Steve Urkel's white girlfriend today.
I miss the days when Steve Urkel and Balki Bartokomous were on
What do you want to bet that George Jefferson, Carlton Banks and Steve Urkel will be on that list?
I didn't know the guy from Steve Urkel was in πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
FACT: Steve Urkel once beat up the Tommy, the Green Ranger ;)
*** saying George Constanza was a better sitcom character than Steve Urkel? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” how, Fam?
Steve Urkel or Josh Noel the world may never know
The KC Royals were more relentless than Steve Urkel courting Laura Winslow.
At one of my favorite events to attend as Laura Winslow and Steve Urkel
I feel like I'm Steve Urkel going after Laura Winslow
Porky Pig was a bit Steve Urkel-esque wasn't he. Or maybe it was the other way round.
Jaleel White will never be anything more than Steve Urkel. He tried so hard to outgrow it, realized he can't & now he right back to it.
Steve Urkel was at my job today, lol
Someone just called me Steve Urkel n I was like wow!!!πŸ˜‚ Is being a nerd that bad? I'd don't think so
Rockin the tie dye bandana and Steve Urkel glasses πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
Beats the *** out of Randy Jackson, Malcolm X, Steve Urkel, and black-guy-with-glasses.
Anyways, please can this jump up pants thing just stay in CU. I mean every guy in CU looks like Steve
purple rhymes with urkel ... Steve urkel
kanye West stop copying Steve Urkel and get your own look!
That awkward moment when present day Steve Urkel is sexy AF
Money got me walking like Steve urkel.
Feeling a little nostalgic, watching the Steve Urkel show. Can't seem to remember the actual name of that show.πŸ€”πŸ˜‰
Why does this dude remind me of Steve Urkel?! πŸ˜†
Whoever came up with Jaleel White and wax museum Steve Urkel in a scion is a genius.
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