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Steve Urkel

Steven Quincy Urkel, generally known as Steve Urkel or simply Urkel, is a fictional character on the ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters, portrayed by Jaleel White.

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โ€œWhen you realize bae doesn't want you no more Steve Urkel looking boy ๐Ÿ˜‚
Where can I go to get a pair of Steve Urkel jeans?
This has me weak! Steve Urkel was the man back in the day lol. Loved one of my fav shows all time! .
Pac-Man inspired suspenders that Steve Urkel would love: (via
josh thought that Steve Urkel was the crocodile guy who died from a stingray..
If I do replay the Sims 3 I may make Steve Urkel
Yep my mom just said I look like Steve Urkel when I was trying on glasses ๐Ÿ˜ณ
I'm only stephon in my avi, I'm pure steve urkel in person
One of my campers acts like, sounds like and looks like Steve Urkel so that's a +
No to the guy who wear Steve Urkel pants.
"When you see a back to school commercial on tv sounds like a wild steve urkel lmfao
And then I had that thought that only black out drunks and Steve Urkel have."did I do that"
Then I had this thought that only black out drunks or Steve Urkel can have. "Did I do that?"
The actor (Jaleel White) who played Steve Urkel on Family Matters looks super fine now... woah!!
Steve Urkel got curved the most lol.
High wasted pants got these girls looking like Steve urkel but that's none of my business โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ด
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I also have seen several make out sessions in that store. C'mon PLEASE non of us is Steve Urkel and non of us is fixes their glasses w/tape
Wait Steve urkel was on Full House ?!
Steve Urkel had swag idc what anyone says
I just want to rock high waisted jeans like Steve Urkel
I didn't like Steve Urkel when he turned into Stephon...Stephon was fake suave & wack af.
Did You Know... The actor who played Steve Urkel was also the voice of "Sonic The Hedgehog."
Wen I hit the purple I be geeked like Steve Urkel
Steve said he got the urkel blues and he got to pay his dues lol
We're a rare breed were unfortunately taught the ways of game by Steve Urkel.
This kid be looking like Steve urkel thinks he has the right to make fun of smalls smh
Attention all girls wearing high wasted shorts. You look like Steve Urkel lol
love it. Do you feel Steve urkel should have gotten the girl?And are you concerned there hasn't been a 90210 reunion?
I didn't realize that Steve Urkel wasn't on the first handful of Family Matters episodes. First Complete season at from
There's a steve urkel got any cheese joke in there somewhere. I'm too lazy to think of it tho.
Whhaat Steve Urkel was on Full House? I want to see this episode
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Erick and Luke's theme song reminded me of Steve Urkel playing his accordion. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
What's with the f'in polka music? I thought Steve Urkel was coming out for a second
She must have Steve Urkel's transformation chamber...
MEGA SHARK VS. CROCOSAURUS starts at at 8 pm as part of Camp B-Movie. Watch Steve Urkel battle monsters in this "mockbuster"!
Steve Urkel should of raped Laura and escaped the country with Eddie
Ol' dude said ice jj fish found the Steve Urkel machine ๐Ÿ˜‚
what kind of thotties? The ones with STD's or the clean ones?
.I'll drive a steve urkel car before another ford
Malik look like he got an alter of Steve Urkel in his closet
Photo: mannyyposts: Steve Urkel survived 9 years in the friendzone. Thatโ€™s dedication
eventually even Steve urkel married
I always feel like Steve Urkel on the first day of a new job
idek I'm not up Cheltenham. you need bre number?
"Uncle ๐Ÿ˜" didn't even peep we follow each other chump lol sup young
Steve Urkel in the streets. Stefan Urquelle in the sheets.
2 real life struggles of cutting body fat 1) forever freezing 2) having to wear your pants up past your belly button. Steve Urkel over here
I added a video to a playlist MCSG I'm Steve Urkel! - W/OFWG_Tyler!
My niece said I remind her of Steve Urkel when I laugh and snort. She didn't know his name and called him "the guy from the olden days..."
Reality TV makes me nostalgic for the days when the worst things on TV were Steve Urkel and Kimmy Gibbler.
Fun fact Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel from Family Matters was also the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the original Sonic cartoon series from the 90s.
Jaleel White chats with Mike Hill about using 'Steve Urkel' to his benefit, the Lakers vs. Clippers and has some choice words for Jeff Garlin.
Dang I found STEVE URKEL!! I gotta watch me some Family Matters soon!! LOL.. Jaleel White played a VERY GOOD Steve Urkel, man, lol.. The BIGGEST LOVABLE NERD I ever saw on TV! lol.. Sitcoms are so nOt that great anymore.
I'm only interested if they get Jaleel "Steve Urkel" White to voice Sonic again.
Russell Wilson, Steve Urkel of the NFL. He'll never turn into Stephon with that wack rookie contract. Even his barbers make more per annum.
That thought that only black out drunks LSD users and Steve Urkel have.. Did I Do That???
Tim Duncan out there thuggin on the court then sound like Steve Urkel in the interview.
Did anyone else think Russell Westbrook looked like Steve Urkel in the post game press conference?
Steve Urkel survived 9 years in the friend zone. That's dedication.
If someone dresses like Steve Urkel tomorrow, my day will be made ๐Ÿ˜‚
โ€œboth my boy Bestfriends girlfriends are BEAUTIFUL lawd they did that ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ€
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I put Steve Urkel and the entire Tanner Family from Full House (including that annoying bean pole neighbor girl) ahead of him.
of course, every great turn up starts with a lol. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜(I look like steve urkel)โ€ฆ
Steve Urkel where you at I miss you
Steve Urkel started out onna Apple Jack's commercial
= A female slightly more hip Steve Urkel
Lmao they firing me up in they GM after they kicked me out how many times have we heard the Steve urkel joke for any *** with glasses
๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– we have a Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow thing going on
I am currently watching the YouTube video of the God Emperor (Empress?) speaking at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. He is appearing and behaving even more like Steve Urkel than usual, cracking alleged jokes about his policy failures (not kidding), and the fawning, obsequious audiences are apparently intoxicated enough to find his so-called humor funny.
I tried taking some but I look like Steve urkel in the face today. But you got the full body selfie going on. Still learnin
My son has channelled the spirit of Steve Urkel and pulled his shorts to his armpits...they'll hafta jump up to pull his flag
Especially when I used hit my Steve Urkel impression
Family Matters just came on TV!. Steve Urkel is the best character ever! :D.
Just look at Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow lol. ๐Ÿ˜‚
matter what he acting in he'll always be Steve Urkel
Only my sisters girlfriend would get Steve Urkel confused with Pee-Wee Herman. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I never imagined this is how Steve Urkel would grow up to look!!
These softball pants make me feel like Steve Urkel & this "one size fits all" belt is a lie ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
โ€œSquad why does Khalid look like Steve Urkel
Gmorning beautiful ladies... stay Blessed stay Positive n keep dem squares out yo circle shyt gon get better before it get worser... dats y im rolling up dis purple im a Pimp n u Steve Urkel
How do my leggings get pulled up so high? Walkin' around looking like Steve Urkel.
for Steve urkel favorite for Hibbert
Is Kareem for one is going to put a player on their team who's not any good.. It is a KNOWN fact that African American men tend to be very good at that sport... SO with that being said, if you want to win, you're going to have them on your team whether they're black or not..whether you like them or not ...No Steve Urkels or Woody Allens...Money is the end result...but if your tongue starts to wag about your personal feelings about race in a negative light, you tend to shoot yourself in the foot every time..ijs
lol, I guess so bc Steve Urkel is bae.
Okay just realized it is not Mothers Day. So for all that I wished Happy Mothers Day. As Steve Urkel would say "NEVER MIND"
"I have a huge crush on Steve Urkel tbh. That boy is just everthing." Wow
walking out with is the equivalent of being escorted to the ring by Steve Urkel.
I can't believe that way you dubstep out of the house, you're like emo Steve Urkel, ughh!! Reek of dead mouse!
You cool kids look up to Steve Urkel
OK. these "Boys" need to be wearing "Steve Urkel" pants because I am about to faint up in here! Sink me!. laffn
Vin Diesel was the voice of the iron giant! What! Steve urkel also did the original sonic. Uncle Phil was the Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Holy crap Steve Urkel hanging out with Niner LEGENDS!! AWESOME SAUCE
Jaleel White is a Sagittarius 11/27/1976 Always wondered why I felt a special connection to Steve Urkel... now I know why! Lol
Kolton just said "sorry sissy, was that my fault?" All I can think of is Steve Urkel saying "did I do that?" Lol oh goodness!
Steve Urkel proof that the friend zone is just a lie, and that all it takes is a little confidence, and never giving up.
*** been in Paterson Nj all day had a great time with my cousins and friends but as soon as i get back to Trenton they shoot up the bar *** (im not going to take this im going home in my steve urkel voice) here I come
Jesus, Daniel Cormier is horrible at telling jokes. Steve Urkel is less awkward.
It's unbelievable how clumsy and awkward I am. I make Steve Urkel look like Prince Charming.
Steve Urkel survived 9 years in the friendzone. That's dedication.
I was all Master P and u were all Steve Urkel lol
When I was in 7th grade I had a crush on Steve urkel๐Ÿ˜ณ
It's about time someone did the Steve Urkel book. Boom? IDW?
Getting new contacts on Wed after four months of glasses. Bout to make that Steve Urkel - > Stefan Urquelle transformation
If you didn't know... That's the sound of an accordion instrument in the loyal song. Yea the thing Steve Urkel played
High school for me, and Iโ€™m sure many other, a horrible time in my life.ย  I entered it a few months after the death of my mother, dealing with my own grief and my fatherโ€™s, as a very thin, un-athletic music nerd and was physically and mentally abused, as Woody Allen put it, by children of every race, color and religion on an almost daily basis.ย  It was on the first day of physical education class, where I had to strip naked in the presence of strangers for the first time, that I met Ron Drake who could have been the prototype for the TV sitcom character Steve Urkel, the worldโ€™d most famous black nerd.ย  We became friends immediately out of sheer desperation and remained so for all four years. We were members of the science club, members of the band, members of the audio-visual team and honorary members of the drama kidsย  We also learned how to play soccer and tennis together.ย  But what was most important in our relationship was how we learned together how to laugh through pain; how to laugh abou ...
โ€œPaid Ritz $45 to hand wash my truck this morning and it got pollen all over it now ๐Ÿ˜’โ€ look what you did ๐Ÿ˜’ *steve urkel voice*
Getting a fresh chop made me go from Steve Urkel to Stefan ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Ok so here's the story from last night. We went to LR for dinner and the comedy club. Around 12:45 am we get a flat. I limped my car to the Valero on Malvern. This is my new car so I didn't realize that it doesn't come with a spare! It has a fix a flat air compressor instead. So we dig it out and watch in horror as it doesn't work and the fix fluid pours out of the tire. I called our EasyTow line and they contacted a towing company. This was at 1:15. At 2:40 the tow truck driver (heretofore known as Uncle Tweaker) shows up. Apparently Cousin Twitchy had a wreck right after we called (yeah right) so Uncle Tweaker had to respond in the tiniest tow truck ever. I mean this was the Steve Urkel of tow trucks! After multiple attempts to get my car hooked up all the while making little jokes, my spirit of Christianity was being pushed beyond it's limit! Finally we were off! To be fair, Uncle Tweaker did take us home after dropping the car at the dealership. Needless to say we crawled in bed at 4:00. Best Date ...
I just googled "Did Steve Urkel marry Laura?" So yeah, my Saturday has been pretty productive so far.
Withholding information from Steve Urkel is now classified as a suicide attempt
Ok... Bare with me LOL , I woke up this morning and thought to myself why is Steve Urkels last Name Urkel.? Oh, because he Urks everyone around him, lmbo !! Im crazy
never was the type to act brand new, unless I stop fxckin with you.
Game of one on one. Me vs Steve Urkel. Who ya got?
You can be Steve Urkel and females gonna say "you got *** lol why do females say every *** got *** ??
2 secrets... I'm addicted to combos cheddar chz pretzels... I used to wear some thick glasses & act like Steve urkel on purpose.
So I never realized that Carl Winslow was in Ghostbusters. Apparently this poor cop started off in New York, moved out to LA after the ghost incident there, only to face off with not one, but two terrorist attacks, only then to move to Chicago and have to live next to Steve Urkel
Telly party?? Eh. Y not .. I'm like 30 but they don't know that. Lol let me hop into my Steve urkel transformation chamber.. P.s I'm sleepy already
Watching battle of the sexes. This 21 guy never had a girlfriend before and calls himself a loser. Umm no hun you just have a nerd gone wild thing happening. Lose the mommy hair cut, Steve Urkel glasses and voice, and you should be fine. Oh and the stripped shirt thats tucked in. I call it the way I see it.
A woman of obvious needs asked me to buy her a sandwich as I was going into Cafรฉ Phillips (a very nice sandwich place) and she was coming out. My first response to her was โ€œIโ€™m sorry but I can barely feed myselfโ€ (itโ€™s pay day/treat day for me), I didnโ€™t feel right so I called her back and told her to come back in and I would buy her a sandwich. She asked me could I get it from Subway. I told her Iโ€™m not eating at subway. She said โ€œI want to get a foot long for 5 dollarsโ€. Iโ€™m like โ€œyou rather eat a subway sandwich than one from here. I gave her $5 and she went on her way. YOU BEGGING AND YOU BEING PICKY!! Blown away, feeling stupid, โ€œDID SHE JUST DO THATโ€ in my Steve Urkell voice.
What if I was them, I would be a symbol of DOPENESS Will ever ever be my aura Steve Urkel *** lookin for a Laura B)
Yo this guy steve urkel is too funny :'''(
"You're a circle. You look like Steve Urkel."--what I heard during an 8th grade "rap battle"
New Post: Before there was Zack Morris and Screech, there was Steve Urkel! It's the pilot of Good Morning, Missโ€ฆ
If Laura Winslow and Steve Urkel are having sex, and he changes into Stephan -- would that be considered a threesome??
Cary Grant & Steve Urkel in Critz has one headed our way! Come to our BMW dealership to see it!
B.C. means "before Christ", right?? How come there are so many pictures of Jesus??? I mean wasn't Jesus's time long before cameras were even invented? For all we know, Jesus could've looked like Steve Urkel or Roseanne Barr or Gabriel Iglesias? Doesn't B.C. also mean "before cameras"???
*** turned Steven Rogers into Captain America wif the same machine Steve Urkel used to turn himself into Stefan,
"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival." - C.S. Lewis Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Though I didn't get to have a drink with JJ Watt, William Shatner, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Reese Witherspoon or the gal who played Steve Urkel's crush on Family Matters, I still had a great day. Looking forward to more. Speaking of sharing a birthday with mine, I just caught a little article talking about Pantera's Far Beyond Driven album turning 20 years old yesterday. Along with plenty of great songs it contains a cover of Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath. Something mellow compared to their primarily heavy, screaming fare. Enjoy.
Ponder this: In the Show Family Matters, Steve Urkel drove a BMW.
Where can I buy or order ALL the seasons of Family Matters?? That's like the only tv show I watch kids grow into adults.. And I notice that Steve Urkel been in the friendzone all his life.. He never gave up tho!! Lol
yea they tried to stop a guy from killing himself but it was too late... He just lost his job
Heard was a sniper on roof down town
โ€œI have the best friends in the world โ˜บ๏ธโ€๐Ÿ‘Œ
aight Boosie. I'll see you April 13! Can I get some VIP passes??
Myrtle is The chick from Family Matters btw.. Steve Urkel cousin I think.
is As much of a father figure to you in real life as Carl Winslow was to Steve Urkel?
Lawd it's Wednesday why not therealtahiry
swat team at silver truck/blue car. Suicidal man apparently in red truck
I kinda like this car. Remember when Steve Urkel drove a red one?
Big Bird Narrowly Escapes Drive By Shooting Sometimes an afternoon break is just the thing we need at work to get us through the end of the day. So, I decided to head down the sidewalk to the next building in our little strip-mall-type business center to obtain ice cold sodas for my team. The idea stopped short when I stood there staring at the cooler without any way to carry 12 cans of soda back to the office. "What would Steve Urkel do?" Heck yeah I can pull out the bottom of my bright yellow pullover to create a makeshift basket to carry the load! With my cargo mounted out in front of me, I made my way back to my building. I kind of looked like a little girl holding the bottom of her dress out as she twisted from hip to hip skipping down the sidewalk. It was a lot like that, but the little girl was bigger, hairier, severely asthmatic, and moved in an ultra-slow motion waddle. My little team building idea collapsed in an instant when I stepped on a rock and my ankle snapped. I came crashing down like a ...
It's lowkey like I'm dating Steve Urkel lol
One of my favorite Full House episodes! Steve Urkel is on this one! Season 4, Episode 16
Kiah treat me like that girl used to treat Steve Urkel ๐Ÿ‘“๐Ÿ˜”
Oh when ya tryna find out Ill show ya sum change ya life real quick
looorrddd if Steve Urkel aint finnne ..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Nah keep talkin is imma have ya eating ya words
Money longer than the suspenders on Steve Urkel, real *** in my circle breathing purple
Hey everybody look out cause your bacause new Steve Urkel
Being Steve Urkel for the 80's themed senior night even though Family Matters was only in the 80's for 4 months
How is it that my 13yo sister is in a relationship but I'm 22 and single? That's not even acceptable. Her boyfriend is a Steve Urkel type of mofo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hunter made a disturbingly good Steve Urkel today for nerd day at school.
Is that Steve Urkel on the WARRIORS bench?
welcome. Comes on again at 1230 and girls yes. Fantasia, lil kim, Jaleel White (steve urkel), ice t, coco gon be on
"When you fall off the bicycle of life, you just gotta get back on and keep ringing that bell." -Steve Urkel on Step by Step. Yeah, I didn't believe it either. He was on the 2nd episode ever. What?! I guess they did co-exist in the same sitcom universe.
How do I not remember this classic Steve Urkel cameo in Step By Step?!
Watching a ten of step by step and outs the episode of the Steve Urkel dance who reMembers it?
Steve Urkel dance scene/rap number. The things I end up watching at cousin Mikes.
Steve Urkel is so cute to me for some strange reason!
Steve Urkel leading a line dance on an episode of Step-By-Step.
okay, 'twas just curious. And yeah, all the ladies love dudes that sound like Steve Urkel and the nanny put together
Watching "Step-By-Step" and a special guest appearance by Steve Urkel!
Steve Urkel still cracks me up after all these years๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
Steve Urkel won a contest to meet Green Day what will happen
Aaye HAPPY FEET lmao ๎’๎’๎’๎’ & he look like Steve Urkel big brother lol
nah it was Steve Urkel from Family Matters
Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel. Played by Drake. Help us get to 70k!
Carl Winslow accidentally shot Steve Urkel, setting up for his new alias as Sgt. Al Powel during the events of Die Hard to which afterward he moves to New York and agrees to let the Ghostbusters out of jail because the ghost of Urkel is haunting him.
The pilot and 2nd episode of Step By Step are playing back to back on the HUB Network at 9pm. Best crossover of two TV Shows: Steve Urkel creates a jet pack and flies from Chicago to Port Washington, WI and lands at the Lambert's backyard picnic.
Having Obama as president during times of international unrest gives you the same sense of security as having Steve Urkel help you ward off a group of Crips.
has more of an inner Steve Urkel than she thought. It's time to give up belly band pants but I can't seem make myself do it???
Anyone who remembers Steve Urkel should find this funny . Tonight at dinner, Gillian was talking about a kid named Jaleel from school. I jokingly asked, "What's his last name." (She gives me a blank stare) So I say, "White?" She looks at me funny and says, " He's black." ROFL I guess if she had known who Jaleel White is she would have gotten my joke. Man did she laugh when I told her who he was.
Hanging in hutch with Miranda Dawn today. We found the white steve urkel.My sweethearts!
Quiz: Which Family Matters Character Are You? Are you smart and sassy like Laura or a dweeb like Steve Urkel? The post Quiz: Which Family Matters Character Are You? appeared first on MadameNoire. Victoria Uwumarogie
Today I was telling my after school kids something and ended with "kapeesh?" Not only did they all respond (begrudgingly) "kapesh," they also later told me about how Steve Urkel guest starred on Full House. These kids get me.
Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel came to my job today and is a VERY cool normal brotha! Much love .
Don't he look like Steve urkel all grown up.
Women want how Steve Urkel was to Laura, Men want how Myra was to Steve
Watching this Steve Urkel dude serenading people at McDonald's!!!
A little gaming and cartoon trival. Did you all know that Jaleel White voiced Sonic the Hedgehog. If you dont know Jaleel White, he is the actor who is best known for playing Steve Urkel.
Just passed right out in my arms in her Steve Urkel pants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
I like He-Man..I never played with Barbie dolls, so I cannot speak to that, but I don't think it would have fit the context playing with Steve Urkel action figures, although there would have been a place for that...Now, I would have LOVED a Barney Fife, and a Fred Sanford action figure;} I would say let the parent raise the child, provide awareness and alternatives, and not make a huge deal out of something that doesn't have to be that way.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My outfit tomorrow is a combination of Russell Westbrook and Steve Urkel
My nose is so stuffy I sound like if Fran Drescher and Steve Urkel had a very nasally, annoying child.
took a personality test for a kawledge class! I was thinking my celeb match up would be Chris Farley but Steve Urkel works too!
My drive home from work: Common courtesy and good manners are out the door in Liberal Rothschild America, replaced by Gang "Kultcha" and the most base and evil of man's self-centered desires. Jacked-up by phaggot Lib bicyclists โ€ฆall Lance Armstrong wannabesโ€ฆ wearing their Steve Urkel helmets and their pink spandex pants they have even LESS balls than he has who can't share the road. Then, I get cut off in line for my lunch purchase by some Pocho racist Mexican *** America 2.0 is SUCH a lovely placeโ€ฆ Any day now, any day nowโ€ฆ
*Guy Pearce wakes up in a hotel room* *his body is covered in tattoos* Steve Urkel killed my wife *flashback to the scene* "Did I do that?"
So far I've been compared to Steve Urkel, Fresh Prince, and Gerald from Hey Arnold. I'll take those as compliments.
A picture of Steve Urkel crossing up Reggie Miller and Will Smith.
"A picture of Steve Urkel crossing over Will Smith and Reggie Miller. That is all.
Zooey Deschanel saying "did I do that?" In a Steve Urkel voice replays in my head all day long
Drake resurrected his acting skills from his Degrassi days to take over Saturday Night Live. The entertainer starred in several skits that had he play the roles of Alex Rodriguez, Kat Williams Lil Wayne as Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Drake&
Quick review of "her" (No spoilers) In a not too distant future, nerdy men who dress like Steve Urkel resist almost all sexual intimacy initiated by beautiful women. In this future they ride trains in LA, and work in beautiful offices where the computer monitors have backs resembling tube tv's from the 1950's. But don't despair: in this future utopia you can have phone sex with your salmon-colored-theme operating system. Just don't pick the Julie Kavner voice, as that might turn you off. Or wait for a more remote future where you can go out with Data (form Star Trek: The Next Generation), and can even have him turn off his emotion chip when he is smothering you.
Steve Urkel "Only Ron Stoppable emerged from the friendzone victorious."
Why didn't Marvel Comics ever do a Steve Urkel comic that seems like that should have happened. Okay bye.
U.S Polo and Original Polo is the difference from being either Steve Urkel or Stefan Urquelle
If you can't handle me at my Steve Urkel, then you don't deserve me at my Stefan Urquelle.
Don't be sleeping on nerds, Steve Urkel transformed into Stefan Urquelle. ๐Ÿ˜
i didnt realize then because i was young. but Family Matters jumped the shark when Steve Urkel became then "created" Stefan โ€ฆ
...Phineas from Phineas and Ferb, Steve Urkel, Ferris Bueller, Timon from The Lion King, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Jack Skellington
Reggie Miller, Steve Urkel, and The Fresh Prince all played in the MTV Rock N' Jock basketball game.
Chicks been getting gassed up by niggaz since the days of Laura Winslow and Steve Urkel
Steve Urkel ended up getting Laura Winslow in the end ๐Ÿ™Œ
Today is Fmly Fest! I play at 4pm in back of Bodega, in bright sunshine with downtown Phoenix as the backdrop! Then I'm going to see 49 more bands! keeping with the family theme, my set will include cameos by The Simpsons, The Ramones, Steve Urkel, Archie and Edith Bunker, plus other world-class celebrities whose identities I can't yet reveal!
Laura Winslow threw the best curves... Steve Urkel was determined, but gave up and changed everything he was for her. That's too much work.
Steve Urkel is a dummy for still loving Laura Winslow when he had a ride or die like Myra. *** stay winning. Look at Olivia Pope. Lol.
Can we delete "thirst" in 2014? Give me Steve Urkel. I'm trying to be Laura Winslow out here.
I watched the pain Steve Urkel had from being in the friend zone of Laura Winslow. I never want to feel that pain.
Watching Eddie Winslow play the Knicks and Zach Randolph talking to Steve Urkel on Family Matters.
Elizabeth Montgomery as Sam and Serena and Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, Myrtle, Stefan and other characters.
What if right now I'm not Steve Urkel but actually Stefan Urquelle and this is as cool as I'm ever going to get?
PLEASE READ ALL. Borrower from a friend; a great man of GOD. One of my favorite shows in my teenage years was Family Matter, anybody who watched this show know about the antics and foolishness Steve Urkel use to do to win the heart of Laura Winslow. Once Steve got to...
Time to make this transformation from Steve Urkel to Stefan ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
my *** was in love not thirsty. โ€œNahh. Steve Urkel HAS to be number 1 lolโ€
Just had to explain to an intern who Steve Urkel was. l'll take that senior citizen discount now, AMC Cinemas.
STFU! you bald headed Steve Urkel lookin *** sucker loser as 9er fan go suck Kapernick's *** RT
This girl that works at zabys looks like steve urkel sister.
As annoying as Steve Urkel was, they couldn't have that he wasn't loyal
Idk why Steve Urkel was all caught up on Laura. Myra was thick af and actually wanted his ugly ***
To be real, Steve Urkel character was a joke but he was fresh on the low.
Am I Trippin or was Steve urkel car a BMW lol
I still don't understand why Steve Urkel didn't want Myra!! She was Bad AF!
Steve urkel was buggin. I would've easily took myra since Laura kept frontin on me.
I wish Steve Urkel stop being so thirsty over Laura when it's clear that Myra is willing and ready. ๐Ÿ˜’
If your man don't love you like Steve Urkel loved Laura. HE DON'T LOVE YOU!
CLASSES ARE DONE! but stuck here for finals but my OFFICIAL freedom is in 5 days ^.^"I'm coming home to ya baby" *Steve urkel voice ;)
Crosby looks like the kid that brought a briefcase to School & dressed like Steve Urkel. "Got any Cheese?" LOL
Heck no, I'm more like Stefan Urquelle, the fancier alter-ego of Steve Urkel.
It's a Family Matters Flashback Friday !!! Wid the homie jaleelwhite who played "STEVE URKEL" in theseโ€ฆ
They say I look Will Smith dwl.some say I look the guy that play steve urkel.I guess I just look like me
stephen spring, steve urkel, or ricky duranยฟ hmmm.
Up to knees like Steve Urkel? If so, I'm good. I don't get Vera Bradley. Floral + paisley on accessories. Cost: 1 benjamin
This fu*king crack head called me Steve Urkel. Lmao fu*ked up my whole day. . Fu*k Kentucky brah
Blade from puppet masters vs The skin taker from candle cove โ€” Steve Urkel from Family Matters Lost Episode.
Like in Family Matters Steve Urkel had a Loyal gyal in Myra but chased Laura Winslow his whole life
If i was Steve Urkel i'd choose Myra over Laura Winslow no question
Steve Urkel was trippen for not messing wit Myra..
I bet Laura Winslow and steve urkel had some weird roleplay. "ooo baby be stephan"
Stefan was FINE but he was Steve Urkel ๐Ÿ˜•
This fresh new haircut has me feeling like I just went from Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle.
Steve Urkel was altering the mess out of his DNA. How did he not end up with cancer?
Steve Urkel voice was always annoying to me from day 1
All purpose parts banner
Never mind. Just a free trial. Almost had the thought that only blackout drunks and Steve Urkel can have. Right, ?
Who remembers Family Matters before Steve Urkel dominated the show?
Chicago: birthplace of Steve Urkel. Nerd up! We love innovative geeks with big hearts. Join
Just wondering why Carl Winslow never got a restraining order against Steve Urkel... He was literally harassing Laura... Popping up on her, walking in her house. She clearly don't like him! C'mon Carl! U a cop! Step up and be a Daddy!!! Lol...
Photo: dopeasfu: Oh, well looky here. Next to Claire and Cliff Huxtable, and my parents, Steve Urkel...
"Athletes, for some reason, dress like Steve Urkel when they get serious."
Number crunching for the past day - 2 new followers and NO unfollowers. Stats via
We don't need a thug but we don't want Steve Urkel either. Let's find the happy medium in prayer.
The moment when you realize looks like Steve Urkel :)
Alright cool sounds good Steve Urkel we'll go the extra hour for you pee Herman
I did. Did you borrow that sweater from Steve Urkel?
Call me steve urkel cause she's my Laura Winslow
Amazing how such a young kid could pull off being such a nerd unless he truly is. Steve Urkel made an appearance on Full House and it was all laughs as usual...
I like Family Matters, I would be friends with Steve Urkel
So would any of our friends like to see video of Andrea imitating Steve Urkel? Warning: if you have cardiac issues the video may cause you to laugh so hard your heart may stop.
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So I'm watching Family Matters and I'm wondering why Laura even deserves a man like Steve Urkel. Did you ever notice that he's willing to do everything for her but she won't accept him unless he turns himself into someone completely different? What kind of love is that. Personally he should have stayed with Myra.
What they on with me? Supervisor been calling me Steve Urkel all day lmao!
Fun Fact: Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) is also the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog???
Listen to TopNotch J-Wingo / Geeked Up(Steve Urkel) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Steve Urkel performs a crossover on Will Smith and Reggie Miller in 1993. FAV PICTURE OF ALL TIME
by Bruce D: "Uncle Jessie teaching Steve Urkel how to Walk It Out Danny Tanner is loving it !" [All vines Bruce D: for best:
call me slow, but I just found out Steve Urkel is the voice of Sonic
Saw an online argument today on Steve Urkel, why was he so set on Laura Winslow when Myra was infinitely hotter. So Laura or Myra?
By Yolanda Spivey Jaleel White, better known as Steve Urkel on the hit television comedy series Family Matters started acting at the tender age of three.
ok so i was watching Family Matters - anyone remember that show? Im not sure why they made Steve Urkel into "Stephan" ..that was when he was considered "fine" and all the girls wanted him.he was just as ugly as Steve! Just wanted to share.
Spirit week is happening this week! Steve URKEL day is TODAY but don't forget tomorrow is TWIN day and Wednesday is Disney Day.
I feel like screech from save by the bell trying to get Lisa or even Steve Urkel from Family Matter trying to get Laura Winslow... I might be a nerd and goofy but guess what baby I'm wearing you down and soon you will see that I love you more then any other man will ever do... I will be here for now and for ever friend to the end... Much love to my baby
So sonic the hedgehog is non other then Steve Urkel, mind = blown.
Netflix to Resurrect Family Matters with Original Cast. Hollywood, CA-What ever happened to Steve Urkel? Did he ever get that kiss he longed for from Laura Winslow? Did Carl ever get that promotion in his precinct? Would Larry and Balki ever join the show in a very special 1 hour Perfect Strangers/Family Matters crossover? Fortunately for long time Family Matters fans these burning questions and more will soon be answered. With the Emmy nominated success of new Arrested Development episodes, Netflix announced that it will be reuniting the original cast of Family Matters for an exclusive 13 episode season. Family Matter began airing in 1989 as a spin off to the ABC hit Perfect Strangers but to the pain and sorrow of diehard fans was canceled in 1998 due to dwindling ratings. Reed Hastings, the Netflix Co-Founder, spoke about the challenges of bringing together the original cast, Most of the actors were excited to reprise their roles in the long forgotten show. The last to join was Jaleel White who played t ...
Getting blacked out drunk turns you into Steve Urkel the next day. Did I do that
The only thing i learned from Family Matters was that Steve Urkel had to teansform to another *** to beat the friend-zone Thats how ruthless the game is
I have spent my whole day with Steve Urkel & The Winslows, along with The Cosbys. This has been a non-productive kind of day, but one filled with much laughter.
I ain't Tryna start no light skin/dark skin argument but even to this day I still don't understand why Steve Urkel ain't just go for Myra cause she was killin Laura in my opinion... Urkel is the example of doin too much to impress somebody who could care less bout the real you
It's so cold out *** be wearing they pants Steve urkel style
I'm bored .. So I'm watching one of my son AJ's favorite shows .. Family Matters with Steve Urkel .. And my son Michael has been asking me to make brownies .. Soo brownies it is !!
What if Gina listened to Pam . What if Laura Winslow NEVER gave Steve Urkel A chance . & What if Will Smith didn't believe he could be the Fresh Prince of Bel Air What if you stopped saying WHAT IF and made a choice about what you want in life ? * Can you see yourself being happy and following your dreams ? * - Kepler Auguste Jr.
The answer to today's AWQAGELE is Jaleel White aka steve urkel we Family Matter ow "did I do that"
the actor that plays steve urkel, Jaleel White, is the voice behind sonic the hedgehog ... well i thought it was cool, excuse me. oh.. and busta rhymes was the voice/sound from reptar from little rug rats
How did "I" not know that sonic was voiced by Steve Urkel (Jaleel White)
Time for some yum yum bouncy bounce. LOL Steve Urkel kills me.
This week will be School Spirit Week! Monday, Dec 9th is Revenge of the Nerds Day!! Dress up like your favorite nerd for school; we want to see your inner Steve Urkel, Lewis Skolnik, or Velma come out! Tuesday, Dec. 10th is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! If your Christmas sweater can make the tree cry, we want to see it! The uglier, the gaudier, the better! Wednesday, Dec. 11th is High School Varsity & Pep Rally! Bring out your high school colors! Either your letterman jacket, grad year hoodie, or your letter sweater..we want teachers to participate too! The pep rally will be to show your school spirit and answer the burning questions: Who graduated the longest time ago? Which HS is most represented? Who has the most sports on their jacket? Pop and cupcakes will be served. Thursday, Dec. 12th is Mad Hatter Day! Celebrate your Unbirthday by bringing in your zaniest, wackiest hat!
You a gangster but you look like steve urkel
Have u ever looked at the television show, "Family Matters"? If so there was a guy name Steve Urkel who loved a girl name Laura, however Steve's love was rejected many times by Laura due to his appearance, his personality, his style, his lack of popularity, his dress code, and his goofy characteristics. She would hurt Steve's feeling, kick him out of her house, humiliate him openly, and insult him when he made the slightest mistakes but no matter how many times Steve was rejected by Laura, the next day Steve would be right back in Laura's face. Laura's attraction was towards the handsome, popular, masculine, strong, sexy boys who she eventually discovered didn't like her for her but just want her to be a cheap thrill. So every once in awhile Steve will try to be what Laura was looking for by transforming himself into his alter ego, Stephon, and boy Laura loved herself some Stephon but Steve felt, if he couldn't be the nerdy, unique, smart guy he really was then Laura wouldn't love him for him and time aft ...
OMFG just found out sonic the hedghog is voiced by steve urkel
We usually watch Mickey Mouse but now Karly deep into Steve Urkel never saw her this still n quiet she funny
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