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Steve Spurrier

Stephen Orr Spurrier (born April 20, 1945) is an American college football coach and player. Spurrier is the current head coach of the University of South Carolina's Gamecocks football team.

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Every time I see the words “class” involved w/ a sporting event or the post game …I think of this column by
Let's not forgot that the Gamecocks were so bad Steve Spurrier just gave up and quit.
I honestly hate Roy Williams about as much as I hate Steve spurrier
the head ball coach Steve Spurrier and his greatest recruit . Monte.
Dawg fans 😂😂 to be fair they said Steve Spurrier is by far their least favorite. So we agreed on that.
legend Steve Spurrier was in Gainesville last week roaming the sidelines at a practice.
Can I DM you about an audio file you might have of a Steve Spurrier radio show? I'm working on a presentation.
. Steve Spurrier: and right now Roy Williams has a guilty conscience.
bah gawd that's Steve Spurrier's music!
Eight years ago today, Spurrier nailed a hole-in-one at Augusta National.
I'LL consider Steve Spurrier a Tennessee Boy before I would Kenny Bandwagon Fan Chesney shameful in his jumping on Any championship wagon.
Sports Illustrated Magazine with Steve Spurrier on the cover December 4, 1972
Fun(ny) Fact of the Day: Treasurer just chased former Steve Spurrier across the Horseshoe
Steve Spurrier fondly reflects on his relationship with Tom Butters:
"Tom Butters was a big inspiration in my life." Steve Spurrier on former Duke AD
Put Steve Spurrier in a room with & it will be a replay of that Eagle incident
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Shutting it down, but to quote the great "Carolina on my mind, like Steve Spurrier..." . Good night, all!
Why does this look like Steve Spurrier
Steve Spurrier talks about when he made an ace at National.
Steve Spurrier talks about his relationship with Tom Butters, who recently passed away.
Steve Spurrier looks back on time at National:
Steve Spurrier remembers the man who gave him first college head-coaching job
Steve Spurrier looks back on time at Augusta National
I think Steve Spurrier just bought our $1.49 condensed milk can at target.
Steve Spurrier just bought me and some la lechera
My column on Duke AD Tom Butters, who hired Spurrier and Coach K, dead at 77.
1989 ACC Yearbook. Danny Ford and Steve Spurrier next to each other
Gave Steve Spurrier his first college head coaching opportunity, with an ACC title in '89 at Duke.
MCS to field first ever tackle football team in the fall. Steve Spurrier to be head coach.
his "Steve Spurrier" is creepy. wyatt def has a little talent for impressions
Hired Mike Krzyzewski and Steve Spurrier to a tough academic school. Virtually impossible to beat on Treyburn back 9
(Steve Spurrier Voice) "And right now Landon Young has some hurt feelings!"
Steve Spurrier has arrived to watch practice. Hanging with Ray Tanner.
(Steve Spurrier Voice) "And right now Jim Boeheim has a nose full of boogers!"
and right now Boeheim has a finger in his nose s/Steve Spurrier
Tom Butters hired Coach K and Steve Spurrier. Has there ever been a better combo of Men's BBALL coach and Head Football coach at 1 school?
Duke: Former AD Tom Butters dies at 77; held role from 1977-97 and hired coaches Mike Krzyzewski and Steve Spurrier.
Former Duke AD Tom Butters has died at the age of 77. Was AD from '77-'97 and hired Coach K and Steve Spurrier. Prayers for his family!
And I am studying the competion The Believer - The Life and Career of Steve Spurrier via
Jim McElwain and Steve Spurrier together at spring practice Wednesday (photo:
Will Muschamp recruits elite QBs, but can he coach'em up like Steve Spurrier?
Steve Spurrier & Brent Musburger will be honored at the Vols Spring Game, April 16th.
Notable list of visitors for today's practice: Steve Spurrier, Jack Del Rio, Jake Allen, Rick Wells, Keanu Neal and more.
Steve Spurrier, Bruce Smith, deion sanders, Hanesworth,McNabb, want me to keep goin
Steve Spurrier tried to make the jump straight from college to pros and see what that got him. Back to college. Some are just not cut to do.
Peyton Manning almost played for Steve Spurrier at
okay I know a lot of people don't care but I just took a pic with Steve Spurrier and he told me happy day has been made
Nothing is really working for the Cajuns. We'll let Steve Spurrier summarize the start for UL. LR 31. UL 17. 3:51 1st
Sounds worse than a Steve Spurrier rant. No tournament for you chickens!
. Steve Spurrier:. and right now Johnny Manziel's life is unmanageable.
for a second, I thought he was with Steve Spurrier.
I did a Steve Spurrier hat spike and punched my friend in leg on the follow through
.Danny my wife Midge left me when i told her Danny weurffel was the finest quarterback steve spurrier ever produced
Ex asst Steve Spurrier Jr has been hired by as program’s director of HS recruiting & an "offensive …
Tomorrow is CMA goes live. I'm not trying to be Steve Spurrier, but I truly believe that I will win a close one and go on to CTE goes live
Wuerffel a product of Steve Spurrier's system. Cam Newton makes the offensive system regardless of where he plays.
Steve Spurrier Jr. is making waves in the Sooner State.
"and right now Butler's got a bruised knee.". -Steve Spurrier.
"If I'm a good football coach, it's because of my mistakes. I try to learn from them.". - Steve Spurrier
Well I just had lunch with Steve spurrier!
Steve Spurrier, his visors now throw themselves.
Steve Spurrier - he once gave up on his team, leaving football mid season, and was given a multi year contract extension.
Florida's Steve Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy in 1966 & was a 2-time 1st team All-American.
Harbaugh also told that Steve Spurrier will be at this weekend's Michigan coaching clinic.
Steve Spurrier:. and right now needs 40 winks.
Philly gonna go Steve Spurrier in 97 and alternate snaps?
Great read ranking current head FB coaches careers as college players...Steve Spurrier if still coaching
So, I didn't say we are going to win a lot, but we are going to play like w...
Steve Spurrier says he couldn't even pick his quarterback during his second year with the Redskins
Convenience store workers remind me of Steve Spurrier. Golf shirt, visor, head down and a bad nicotine habit.
to be fair, Manning is a distant second to Steve Spurrier.
I do have some young coaches, but I don't really believe that is the bigges...
Trump is like if Steve Spurrier were running for President
Trump is the equivalent of Steve Spurrier. Everyone loves the HBC
Adam how ya doin? heres one for ya Steve Spurrier 5-0 against Peyton Manning. No other coach can say that.4-0 in college 1-0 nfl
yankeedawg1, not sour grapes, just facts. Steve Spurrier along with urban meyer made my life miserable. Miserable…
"Everyone in the South knows he should have won the Heisman Trophy" - Steve Spurrier on Peyton
You want my viewership? Put Steve Spurrier and Peyton Manning on a college football show/game together this fall.
Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban and but she's a cop and I ain't trying to go to jail.
So I don't really believe that how many years you've had in the league dete...
"Carolina on my mind, like Steve Spurrier"
No more megaton, K.Garnett, Steve Spurrier, no more Peyton Manning, no more Floyd Mayweather and no more Kobe.end of an era indeed.
Steve Spurrier joined the show and spoke about his relationship with P. Manning:
Alabama's "Clinic of Champions" scheduled for April 7-9 will feature Tony Dungy, Steve Spurrier, Frank Beamer and Bill Polian
Alabama Clinic is booked. Too fired up. Steve Spurrier, Bill Polian, Frank Beamer, Tony Dungy, and Nick Saban. Doesn't get better.
Hey Pharoh Cooper was never a RB. He was a QB in HS, recruited as a DB. Switched to WR by Steve Spurrier.
Billy Donovan, Steve Spurrier, and Urban Meyer spoiled this fan base
Steve Spurrier coached South Carolina? Never heard of it, news to me. but he did coach the Florida Gators tho!
Former football coach Steve Spurrier in the building, dressed in South Carolina colors.
Steve Spurrier at College Football Hall of Fame tonight: "Door is closed" on being a head coach again
Check out this week’s Rocky Topics, where we debate who is the greatest SEC coach - Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier?.
Dawn Staley and Steve Spurrier have already been on. Will Muschamp, Frank Martin, Ray Tanner, and President Pastides a…
Former Gamecocks football coach Steve Spurrier has a new gig as special assistant to USC President Harris Pastides and AD Ray Tanner
ICYMI - Steve Spurrier told me he should have retired after the Independence Bowl win vs. Miami in 2014 . WATCH:
"We all have an expiration date, I missed mine. Mine should have been after the Miami game in 2014" - Steve Spurrier
That time Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt recruited Cam Newton to play tight end
Steve Spurrier ‘not shocked’ by coaching changes at Georgia: Georgia's decision to fire long-time coach ...
Wonder if they could talk Steve Spurrier to come to Hattiesburg? He said he still wants to coach!
I have always loved Steve Spurrier and everything associated with the man so please let Stoops hire Spurrier Jr as WR coach. I'm begging
Check out Rick Wells' Senior Year on kid has sneaky speed Steve Spurrier type WR, I'm good with him 🐊🐊🐊
You forgot about Steve Spurrier in '66 and Terry Baker in '61.
What it's like to coach your alma mater, with insight from Steve Spurrier, Phillip Fulmer, Ralph Friedgen, Ray Goff.
Great read about Steve Spurrier and his legacy in college football
Steve Spurrier explains the moment he realized he needed to step down
Awesome hearing about football, family and life from Pat Fitzgerald, Ken Niumatalolo and the great Steve Spurrier
The guru and legendary coach Steve Spurrier!!
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It would be like bringing Steve Spurrier or Bobby Petrino back to the NFL.
Legendary coach retires: Steve Spurrier to leave South Carolina
I have no logic behind it, but I always thought Paul Dano should play Steve Spurrier.
Hey fans, watch this. This is what Steve Spurrier did to a negative reporter. Gase should do this to Omar.
I feel like Steve Spurrier when he did his fish face. frustrating defeat p
Dartmouth HC Buddy Teevens talking about advice he got from Bill Walsh & Steve Spurrier: "get them to game day."
Steve Spurrier Jr will be coach @ James Madison. I have no sources other than looking at who he's now following 😉
Today's PotD was the first consensus All-American coached by Steve Spurrier
Hard to believe Steve Spurrier is completely finished coaching.
Kentucky football beat Tennessee, beat Steve Spurrier, and have came oh so close to beating Florida. Bengals have had good coordinators.
Can you honestly name some body Steve spurrier put in the NFL that was successful?
Any mention of Steve Spurrier to NFL as possible coach/coordinator after leaving South Carolina?
Imagine how Steve Spurrier felt when Clowney sat out a game because he just wasn't "feeling it", not injured.
Steve Spurrier has decided to forgo opportunity to be with ESPN at the national championship
his system isn't an NFL fit, at all. I said that the day Philly hired him, he's Steve Spurrier part deux
Steve Spurrier lands dream job that gets him back at the NCAA championship!
"if your chick come close to me, she ain't going home where she 'posed to be"- Steve Spurrier, on numerous occasions
Nice to see Steve Spurrier staying active in the sport.
I want to hate my ex the way Steve Spurrier hates Georgia
No Limits at USC... unless you are Steve Spurrier
It's cute Steve Spurrier says Clemson will need "fate" to win the natty. Was it FATE that led you to abandon your team MIDSEASON??
Spurrier will be at convention, not title game with ESPN - Gridiron Now via buddyshow
Asked what needs to do to beat Steve Spurrier put it simply: "Fate."
Steve Spurrier Jr. was a good replacement for Shane Beamer, right?
Have a feeling Steve Spurrier Jr. might be the new coach.
Steve Spurrier says that Clemson will need "fate" in order to defeat Alabama.
and they fired Steve Spurrier for Will Muschamp
Steve Spurrier on what it would take for Clemson to beat Alabama: "Fate".
Hall drew criticism when he said "I'd rather rub Will Muschamp in vaseline than Steve Spurrier", angering other Florida football fans
Steve Spurrier Jr may have taken an interest in the job
I really believe everything is here for us to be very successful.
26-21 with playoff appearance isn't too awful for making the jump. Better than Butch Davis, Steve Spurrier, and Nick Saban
Last time Duke had 2 backs go over 100 yards? Old ball coach, Steve Spurrier was on their coaching staff.
Who's a better coach Tom Knotts or Steve Spurrier?
Have any other Heisman winners come back to coach NCAA football beside Steve Spurrier?
Who wouldn't be happy with a coach similar to Steve Spurrier probably minus the arrogance?
Coach Fran's first call was probably to Steve Spurrier to see what link they're hitting first.
As Dabo is named AP Coach of the Year, Steve Harvey announces that Steve Spurrier is Miss Universe. Lol
Chip Kelly is 26-19 as an NFL head coach. Steve Spurrier was 12-20. Stop the dumb comparisons, people.
Story on naming practice facility for Steve Spurrier + how HBC reacted to the news
Shawn Elliott the Steve Spurrier visor for Made our day! Lauren Aiken Morris Heidi Aiken...
'The Ole Ball Coach', Steve Spurrier, should replace Scotty Montgomery as OC at Why not? Coach Cut + Ole Ball Coach = 100 pts/game
Dan Snyder followed by Vinny, Steve Spurrier, Jim Zorn are the worst things to happen to the Redskins
Steve Spurrier won SEC coach of the year three years in a row at Florida.
Lots of big names at K-State’s HOF dinner for Bill Snyder. Bret Bielema, Steve Spurrier, Phil Bennett to name a few. ht…
Imagine signing to play football for Steve Spurrier. And you end up with Will Muschamp.
Oh, no! My coach is missing! Steve Spurrier is in pic on fb. We still love him even though he left us in mid-season.
ahhh makes sense, Steve spurrier did the same thing
R&R | "My favorite people in the whole world are Elvis and Steve Spurrier."
"We're not very good"- Steve spurrier. How I feel about the Grizzlies
Report: Steve Spurrier donates final paycheck from South Carolina to Gamecock Club
Great thing to do HBC. I still got a lot of respect 4 u and will always be greatful for all u did for us. Even...
Fmr USC coach Steve Spurrier gives back some of post-resignation earnings: Donates final paycheck to booster club
When Steve Spurrier quits on you halfway through the season and you lose to Citadel
is Brad Scott a 1 and Steve Spurrier a 10? If so, I'll go the easy route and call it a 5
Rate the Muschamp hire on a scale of Brad Scott to Steve Spurrier (I will remember your answer and shame you later)
Steve Spurrier returned his final check for more than $70,000, to the Gamecock Club in the form of a donation
(al) What does Steve Spurrier think of the Will Muschamp hire?: Spurrier resigned at South Carolina Oct. 12
In an open letter, Steve Spurrier says he was doing a “lousy job”
Steve Spurrier donated his final paycheck from back to the school:
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No doubt. South Carolina got a great return on its investment with Steve Spurrier.
Steve Spurrier left Will Muschamp without a single commit from any of the state's top-25 players. .
According to the Steve Spurrier donated his final paycheck of 70,000 dollars to the Gamecock Clu…
Steve Spurrier approves of South Carolina's hiring of Will Muschamp. Do you?
Steve Spurrier approves Will Muschamp hiring, donates last paycheck to booster club
This game reminds me of the good ole days. Like Dave Campo vs Steve Spurrier. What a rivalry.
Amazing event so far! Spoke with Archie Manning and met Coach Freeze. Mack Brown and Steve Spurrier here also.
A lot has changed since Sept. 2003. Herm Edwards was the coach of the New York Jets and Steve Spurrier was the...
Steve Spurrier tells South Carolina Gamecocks fans in letter he was 'doing a lousy job' via
I'm being hopeful but Les Miles or Pete Carroll and maybe Steve Spurrier as OC. 🤔🤔
If I was Les Miles, I'd take my $15 million and go laugh at LSU on the golf course with Steve Spurrier.
Everyone knows you have to bounce between college and the NFL a few times before you either become Steve Spurrier or Pete Carroll.
Let's remember that the LSU Board of Supervisors picked Mike Archer over Steve Spurrier in 1987.
Ask Fran Tarkenton or Steve Spurrier they played years ago.
Tulsa World South Carolina's Steve Spurrier never considered in-state recruit Mason Rudolph…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Last time I saw that Emory & Henry formation was Chip Kelly at Oregon, before that Steve Spurrier at Florida I think. Love it!
if Shannon Dawson is let go, what do u think about getting Steve Spurrier to be new OC? Huge well of knowledge
Bill Snyder>Steve Spurrier and Ned Yost is garbage
Steve Spurrier will not attend Gators-South Carolina game
Can we get Steve Spurrier as our offensive coordinator?
I could see Steve Spurrier being the head coach at Hawaii.
Calling it right now: Steve Spurrier will be the next head coach at Hawaii.
"When something is inevitable I believe you do it right then."—Steve Spurrier on why he quit mid-season—I've always liked the old ball coach
either Steve Spurrier or Mark Richt will be the next Head Coach @ VT...
head coach Frank Beamer end of season. Take notes Geoge O'Leary & Steve Spurrier. He did it the right way.
I just wonder whether the old ball coach Steve Spurrier would have an interest in the Georgia job if it becomes available?
Yesterday was the largest margin of victory a coach had over Georgia in their first meeting since Steve Spurrier.
Largest margin of victory for a first year UF coach against UGA since Steve
Under Coach Mark Richt, UGA has now lost to Steve Spurrier or the (or both) 13 of 15 years.
Steve Spurrier needs to be the next Texans head coach
Butch Jones should hire Steve Spurrier to be his game-day strategist.Wouldn't THAT be ironic?
when the Utes get a new OC next season do they give Jordan Wynn the job or bring in Steve Spurrier?
Steve Spurrier was still the coach at Florida. Wild to think about.
I guess Steve Spurrier never watched that movie.
VIDEO of the "straw" that broke STEVE SPURRIER and Florida's back at the Cocktail Party of '66. From the Ray...
FULL INTERVIEW: Spurrier on what the last week has been like
South Carolina to focus on three coaches for Steve Spurrier’s replacement
1 week after resigning from coaching, Steve Spurrier talks about his future plans & more
Did not know this, Green Bay Packers offered head coaching job to Steve Spurrier - TWICE
The 2012 class retain Steve Spurrier is hosting close
Former South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier talks about his decision to resign tonight on News19.
A week after resigning as the Gamecocks Head Ball Coach, News19 sits down with Steve Spurrier. Hear…
Last week, Steve Spurrier said he ran Jesse Palmer and Rex Grossman as a platoon.
Columnist Vihan Lakshman says good-bye to a "truly powerful villain to root against each week" in Steve Spurrier
“I'm resigning, I'm not retiring. Get that part straight.”. Steve Spurrier explains why he's stepping down at S.C.:
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College ADs are often judged by football coach hires
"There comes a point where you're near the end of your coaching career, you're not the guy"-Steve Spurrier.STORY-->>
you think Steve Spurrier would agree to that.
Only after resigning & visiting UMich does Steve Spurrier realize CFB is a big business & serious abt wins & losses?
Steve Spurrier: 'There's more to life than coaching football'
Our Executive Sports Editor Pat McCann spoke with Steve Spurrier's daughter, a local teacher, after his resignation
Steve Spurrier was a better NFL coach than jay gruden
Someone please get a quote from Steve Spurrier, who was there to see that live
Old school: Houston Nutt, Steve Spurrier, Bud Foster, or new school:.
South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier will be paid despite resigning his post. Nice work if you can get it!
TSM should hire Steve Spurrier as their head coach. He'd be so good on Legends.
Steve Spurrier's first win as a college quarterback: Sept. 26, 1964. Steve Spurrier's last win as a college head coach: …
Steve Spurrier might be a High School coach, feel bad for the team that plays him
“I’ll just be the former Head Ball Coach now.” - Steve Spurrier.
Steve Spurrier "retiring" only to become head coach of would be the greatest move ever in the history of co…
Steve Spurrier's former QBs reflect on their time with the Head Ball Coach
For that matter, how about the Steve Spurrier lip flapping when he was coach of the
I know you wanna dig Steve Spurrier's retirement diary. It has Arby's and exploding propane
David Salley, sports writer for The Bison, shares his feelings on the retirement of Steve Spurrier. Read more:
Everything to know about Steve Spurrier not being a head coach any more .. Related Articles:
Steve Spurrier will make $920,000 from South Carolina not to coach
Steve Spurrier calls into Shawn Elliott's radio show:
Steve Spurrier calls into Shawn Elliott's radio show
Notes on final pay for Steve Spurrier, plus assessing the salary for Shawn Elliott and Travelle Wharton (FREE)
Steve Spurrier called in to Shawn Elliott's call-in show right as this happened.
Steve Spurrier calls into Shawn Elliott’s radio show
Did you know Steve Spurrier was guest speaker at the 1980 E. Montgomery athletics banquet? Now that is retired w…
OU Sports: The time Steve Spurrier asked defensive coordinator Bob Stoops: "Bobby, we gonna be able to force a punt…
Mike Gundy, Bob Stoops both say they don't wear visor in homage to Steve Spurrier
Steve Spurrier: Down where the old Gators play: How Steve Spurrier brought glory home to Florida football: BHT
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"At the end of the day, quitting is quitting." - on Steve Spurrier retiring from South Carolina
Steve Spurrier immediately eligible for College Football Hall of Fame
Steve Spurrier will spend Saturday in Michigan on ESPN College GameDay
Steve Spurrier quit, but is that a bad thing for South Carolina?
What would be the best way for USC to honor Steve Spurrier, who resigned as the Gamecocks'... via
"He's won wherever he's been. I'm a fan of Steve Spurrier." . Beamer to former GM Marty Hurney
Just watched former Washington Redskin head coach Steve Spurrier news conference. Hes not retiring. He amazes me the stuff he says 👍
Tonight Mike, and will break down everything on Steve Spurrier's "Resignation". 10:35 …
Call me crazy, but I hate Steve Spurrier.
Hey did y'all hear Steve Spurrier resigned? Crazy
Steve Spurrier looking for a new way to spend his Saturdays
President on Steve Spurrier: "He gave us our swagger, our pride, and our Sandstorm enthusiasm. That will be his …
Steve Spurrier is the Kanye West of college football.
Even sports organizations will be doing some unfreezing, changing, and refreezing soon.
"Blindfolded, with his back to the wall, with his hands tied behind him, Steve Spurrier would be a two-point favorite at …
Steve Spurrier may have been even better at press conferences than he was at coaching. Some of his best ever lines: htt…
Hey, George O'Leary, this is what it looks like when you are classy and realize its time to step aside. Don't...
Steve Spurrier, you're a legend & the greatest offensive mind in football! Enjoy your seat at the Mt. Rushmore of coll…
Steve Spurrier's response after a fire destroyed 20 books at the Auburn library: "The real tragedy was that 15 hadn't be…
Its sunny and no rain. Cool 60 at night & 78 day here. The parents are upset about Steve Spurrier's resignation.
Sad to see Steve Spurrier go. I love to hear a good from a coach, especially a competitively insignificant one.
Everyone is throwing out soundbits of Steve Spurrier and as gold as they might be, nothing will ever beat MT Tech Coach Bob Greens speeches!
I wish Richt would read the preceeding quote today from Steve Spurrier.
.on Steve's Spurrier's resignation: I am stupefied by this... In my opinion, Steve Spurrier quit.
South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier to retire, according to reports.
Anyone else watching this Steve Spurrier special?
Bulldogs bid farewell to their longtime nemesis, Steve Spurrier.
AJC's Mark Bradley, who predicted this might happen, has a slightly different take on Spurrier quitting midseason. https…
The Top 3 coaches in SEC history, according to 1 - Bear Bryant. 2 - Steve Spurrier. 3 - Nick Saban. We're sure you'll …
'He's what I wanted to be' — Coaches react to Steve Spurrier's resignation
A look back at the playing and coaching lives of Steve Spurrier via
Steve Spurrier officially announces his resignation : "I am resigning, I'm not retiring."
Yes I'm a die hard Clemson fan, but all respect goes out to Steve spurrier
Dabo Swinney noted today that he became Clemson’s head coach on Oct. 13, 2008. Steve Spurrier stepped down 7 years to t…
Pleasure playing for coach Steve Spurrier. Great man that did a lot for this program. Wish the best for him and his fam…
You're gonna LOVE this video from featuring the HBC Steve Spurrier!
In 1989, Steve Spurrier invoked Mike Tyson, Bonecrusher Smith in spat with
Blog on Steve Spurrier from a safe distance.
SportsCenter Video: Steve Spurrier says \"don't want to be one of those guys that hung around for 2 or 3 losing seasons\" (ESPN)
linebacker Skai Moore on Steve Spurrier: "I don’t feel he quit on us. He’s not a quitter at all."
Steve Spurrier went 44-40 in the SEC at South Carolina and could get a parade. Mark Richt is 80-36 at Georgia and could get h…
Steve Spurrier and the My retrospective of greatest UF football coach -- and greatest Gator of all time.
Steve Spurrier is hanging up his visor at South Carolina, but the head ball coach has had a heck of a run.
Steve Spurrier sits down and explains why it was the right time for him to resign as coach at South Carolina.
Some of Steve Spurrier's greatest quotes. We'll miss you, ol' ball coach.
My favorite memory of Steve Spurrier was that his last home game at The Swamp was a heartbreaking loss to Tennessee.
In honor of Steve Spurrier hanging up the visor
I'm dying right now cause this gem has to be the greatest Steve Spurrier quote of all time
Let me just say Steve Spurrier has ruined 2.5 decades of my life!!! But he is a great coach & the game is worse off w/o him.
Steve Spurrier has to be the honorary Mr. Two-Bits for FSU game!
*** Steve Spurrier finally hanging it up. Gotta respect that crazy old *** Crazy to think he almost made it happen at South Carolina.
Crazy that Steve Spurrier retired in the middle of the season...
It's been a crazy week so far from UF QB Will Grier suspension to Steve Spurrier resigning but have you covered!
It's a sad day to hear that the HBC, and fellow Alpha Tau Omega brother, Steve Spurrier will be retiring.
Photos: Steve Spurrier out, Shawn Elliott in as USC football coach
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