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Steve Sparks

Steven William Sparks (born July 2, 1965 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is a former knuckleball-throwing right-handed Major League Baseball pitcher, who graduated from Holland Hall High School, then attended Sam Houston State University in 1987.

Robert Ford World Series Alan Ashby

That wouldn't do your stress levels much good!!. Hawaii alert: False missile alert sparks panic -
New book claims Trump eats burgers in bed and watches three TVs at once via
with Steve Sparks speaking to season-ticket…
Honored to speak at AAUW in ATX with Directors Andrea Sparks and Steve Phenix on Hidden Realities of Human Traffick…
.with Steve Sparks speaking to season-ticket holders during FanFest
Justin Verlander talks to Steve Sparks about his regimented routine
Hey Julian, perhaps you'd like to meet Steve Bannon. You have at least one thing in common. "WikiLeaks founder Juli…
ARTIST STEVE BIKO . music that sparks that flame. Are you ready to upgrade your music mindset Playlist
tho steve you had me psyched but the only place I can see where this might have been true is a Spa…
Local sports Figures Steve Logan, SAM Sparks and Merle Kidwell attend the 14th annual mural Dinner at Portsmouth,O…
This Week in American Diplomacy:. --US Ambassador to Netherlands sparks scandal with "no-go zone" lies. --White House statem…
...will also not hear everything that moves...and somethings that don' promoted ("Ste…
Sparky is being Sparky telling everyone about Astros pitching prospect Forrest Whitley during the Astros caravan
I want to know why it sparks more outrage to ask if POTUS is a racist than for POTUS to say he prefers people from Norway th…
Just heard the Steve Sparks audio from after the World Series in awhile and I haven't laughed so hard.
Classic Sparky. This video gets us even more excited for baseball season to get here. Never change
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Remember that name: Steve Ecklund. The killer of a great mountain feline that was no threat to catt…
Astros caravan stop at Fire Station 62: Orbit, still-an-Astro RHP Forrest Whitley, RHP Brady Rodgers, radio announc…
“Advice for Family Members” Steve Sparks and Kate Gallie on Radio… Children & Families in L…
Huge congratulations to Steve Sparks FGS, our former President and Wollaston medallist, knighted for services to Volcanology &…
An apparent beef between Joe Budden and Eminem sparks a wild back and forth between Joe and D12 member Bizarre.
I really hope is on his game like he was here:.
Tune in at 6p Thursday evening, as Steve Sparks hosts Astroline from Pluckers with guest Astros 3B Alex Bregman on…
CSIS says over 180 ISIS fighters in Canada who have returned from Syria. asks our ceremonial PM for answ…
Justice Department investigating Clinton Foundation over 'pay to play' allegations, Fox News confirms. ‘Fire and Fu…
i can't even imagine what an UNemployed steve bannon will look like
Breitbart was selling Steve Bannon fidget spinners just four months ago
His matches and feuds with Hogan/Savage are what I think of. I just love the face paint & how he ran t…
Do you see Pickard or Sparks get another shot with the this season?
From — N.J. Gov.-elect Phil Murphy was involved in killing the nuclear subsidy bill because it didn't con…
Inflation has started to raise its ugly head, and with that, treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS) are doi…
Congratulations to Professor Sir Steve Sparks. World-leading volcanologist at as well as a m…
Steve Harvey Sparks Fashion Fury on New Year's Eve. Well, that's one way to kick off 2018.
Would have made Steve Sparks look human.
I assume it'll start as an ECHL role. They wanted all three of Kaskisuo, Sparks, and Pickard to play i…
Hearing Charlie Morton's "I did?!" when Steve Sparks tells him he got the win in game seven makes me cry every time.
All of the Steve Sparks WS locker room audio .
Precedent Productions managing director Steve Loe there was limited interest in the ­indigenous category! withdrawn.
Giving the abuse are still sparks carrying ladders 😉
I recall in 1990 couple ladies in construction came in for stick on carryi…
cause I see sparks fly whenever steve buscemi smiles
Pretty sure LZ mentioned Sparks post game abilities on a earlier show. Would love to hear Steve on a future pod!
Steve Bruce: Promotion challenge no longer sparks fear in Aston Villa's players
STEVE SPARKS YOU ARE A LEGEND. Thank you for the most personal, awesome radio segment from a WS clubhouse EVER!!
Just search Steve Sparks Astros and a few different versions of the post game should come up
what do you think about Garrett Sparks lately? Nice to see him playing well.   10% Off
Steve Bruce believes players have finally begun to embrace the challenge of winning promotion at
have you put up your audio cut of Steve Sparks anywhere? It's been surprisingly tough to track down. Thx for all the work
where can I find the Steve Sparks audio?
How big is the push right now in for Sparks or Pickard? Pickard hasn't been great, but Sparks is dominant so far.
I've listened to a bunch of games on the MLB app and Rob and Steve sparks were among m…
If you haven’t heard Steve Sparks World Series post-game bit, you’re lost and need to figure it out.
between your description of Chipotle's queso, and those clips of Steve Sparks, today has been the most entertaining BTL in years
I believe Steve Sparks wanted to cut someone
Steve Sparks better not ever leave Astros Radio.
Milo better than what we have now, Steve Sparks post game show is full of sheet,he looks like drunk before game 7 start...
Steve Sparks is blackout drunk doing locker room interviews on Astros radio and it is pure gold.
I added a video to a playlist Steve Sparks After Astros Win the World Series - Bernstein and Goff
Steve sparks was cutting up after the World Series and getting paid for it.I️ want that job
So Steve sparks post game interviews are gold
Sparky was getting wet in the Astros clubhouse for the World Series celebration...
If you havnt listened to Steve Sparks from the locker room last night, I highly suggest it. He was losin…
Please tell me you listened to Steve Sparks from last night!?!? Telling Correa he wants to taste him…
Holy crap Steve Sparks loses his *** mind in the celebrations! I literally have tears from laughing listening to last night!
Sparks hasn't let in a goal in like five weeks. Stand by.
Dustin and Steve are gonna be the best bros ever.
Audio of Astros Radio Host Steve Sparks interviewing people in the Astros locker room after they won is pure gold. https…
You've never heard anything like this in your life.
Yankees radio has it all over Houston radio. And how did Houston keep Steve Sparks over Alan Ashby as radio analyst ?
Bill Brown will join Steve Sparks in the Astros’ radio booth for this weekend’s Mets series and next week’s Mariners serie…
Steve Sparks and Geoff Blum doing commentary together guarantees that some kind of hijinks is gonna happen
He chuckled aswell, having his arms around Steve's neck. "It did... did you feel those sparks, Mr. America?"
Garrett Sparks. He's earned it. Just keep him off social media.
I think this says everything you need to know about the Trump tax plan.
Sparks if all else fails. Would love to see Curtis back for the season though
Promote Garrett Sparks and let Antoine Bibeau and Kasimir Kaskisuo share the load with the Toronto Marlies.
I see the first sparks of a Jet obsession there in Steve.
.Steve has been a long time advocate for transparency & accountability at . Incl this 2015…
Steve hums softly and nods. "Okay, well..." He looks around to see if something sparks an idea. Bu…
Steve Trevor Ken is cracking me up.
Plate Tectonic Theory and Its Legacy for the Twenty First Century, a talk by Professor Steve Sparks - FRS, CBE,...
UN vote to allow Saudi Arabia on women rights council sparks outrage
Steve Sparks, Author & PTSD survivor, who thrives in life after trauma... Children and Families in Life After Trauma
Sparks prefers to be called Potato.
I owe a great debt to Pastor Steve Sparks & for bringing me along in the beginning of my ministry life. Thank you.
Props to Steve Sparks for eliciting that homer from Correa
Script: "now tell me I don't love you". Steve: "Don't ask me to say that I don't love you.". Me:
steve has decided to 2d animate for silver team as a filler so if you want to helP your welcome too :D
Got drafted in as a replacement partner for Steve at the 40k doubles. He's an 'Honorary Guy' for the w…
What about Steve Sparks going on DL after trying to rip a phone book during demonstration with motivational speaker.
Waleed thinks checking a migrant's background sends a message that crime is something imported by migrants.
Waleed Aly is all for FGM, gender inequality, sanctioned domestic violence, homophobia and religious intolerance.
Nigerian official sparks outrage with haircuts
Jim Leyland, Steve Sparks, Todd Jones spotted in the Tigers clubhouse. Nate Robertson returning today, too.
How many of international bestselling author Nicholas Sparks’ books have you actually read?
Question: Other then the game loss of this series, why is Sparks NOT starting for the Marlies? His playoff stats are nuts..
Kim sparks some interesting conversations with Steve
Rest in peace, Big Steve. We will miss you.
Sparks fly in Suffolk as Bellone, Spota exchange barbs in dueling news conferences. via
Steve Sparks just gave his recap of the game and I'm not entirely sure he's been watching it.
if we can't get a goalie during free agency or at the draft via trade then ride Beriner and Bubba Sparks for the year.
Hillsborough verdict sparks call to rebalance police and criminal justice system
1-Reimer returns 2-sparks, bernier traded away on draft day and bibeau stays with marlies
I wouldn't mind Bernier/Sparks tandem for next year. I can't see how they can get rid of Bernier and Sparks has Potential.
bernier 50 games, 32 games for Sparks
Bernier is the starter. Sign a veteran backup. Sparks starts for the Marlies.
Bernier with Sparks as backup unless he struggles and/or K2 outplays him
Riemer comes back, sparks resigns, K. Plays in the ECHL
Sparks for sure. I'm not sold on Bibeau. Bernier might be back. Other than that...
I'm a flyers fan, but shouldn't you stick with bernier, then pick one of sparks and bibeau to be the backup?
I think Bernier will play out his last year with Sparks backing up.
Stalock if he is still in our system, with sparks would be interesting.
the Shanaplan has only started. They will go with Bernier/Sparks/UFA keyholders to compensate for the increase in offense
Bernier/Sparks unless they can sign a magic robot angel.
Sparks reminds me of flip flop Reimer. Bernier may be better but still not a solid number one. So...not good.
Kaskisuo and Sparks I think Bernier is getting traded
I'm happy with Bernier & Sparks or Bibeau. We need to draft a goalie this year, there are a couple of good ones in this draft.
they won't be able to trade Bernier and ditching Sparks is stupid, no goaltending moves until the deadline at the soonest
Bernier and a cheap UFA. Sparks/Bibeau should stay with the Marlies (and away from the losing). Try to trade Bernier.
draft carter hart, and have bernier +sparks/bibeau/UFA
Sparks, Bibeau and either a NCAA or USHL signing or Lou drafts the next Brodeur.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bernier (ugh) and Sparks. I'm guessing Sparks will be replaced by Bibeau a few times.
They will trade for a goalie for a pick and one of Bibeau or Sparks.
I like Sparks, don't know why just do.
Bernier + Cheap ufa or Sparks. I don't see a reason to make a big move for a goalie yet, especially with whats available.
Some of eight slots right now are for Marincin, Corrado, Sparks, Ben Smith…
all I know is they haven't been able to hit a knuckleballer since Steve Sparks was throwing lol
I'm like Steve Sparks minus the knuckleball.
were not great at reducing great scoring opp. felt bad for Reimer/Bernier/Sparks in some of these game (2/2)
Steve Cathey friend, mentor, and Skateboarding Icon.. Speed Sparks Photo from my G&S archives...
I love Steve Sparks, but Coffin sounds great tonight.
Michael Coffin, the radio broadcaster for the Corpus Christi Hooks, will be on the Astros radio broadcast tonight for Steve Sparks
When she sparks your day n texts u "go to whatsapp I've sent u nudes!"
-- Steve deepened the kiss and tried to make it last as long as he could. Sparks flew all around them and Steve felt free --
That would be interesting. We definitely will see some sparks flying.
Attack on Chinese woman sparks outrage
We have to remember that this is the first year Sparks has had real pro coaching. Came from where to now in how much time?
Yeah I fixed it, down to 11. And Sparks has the worst SV%, unfortunately.
I think we're *** Sparks' performance because so many other guys in the Leafs organization have impressed. He's on the last place team.
Garret Sparks is one of just eight goalies over the past two seasons who is 22 or younger to play in at least 15 games. He's got time.
it's more that they'll have three goalies when Sparks returns
Slowly, post-ISIS Tikrit regains normalcy via Tikrit sparks hope, but money and jobs have yet to return.
An image by Robin sparks getting my love over on
I have read Steve Job Letter to Stanford bout 10 times n it's sparks my mind each it's time I read it 🙃
Steve Sparks got roughed up in that one, IIRC.
Renfrew Sparks and Brownies night to tour the Paramedic base and learn what we do. All had a great time.
Steve sparks and tim Wakefield. Can't get through on the phone!
I wish they'd send sparks down and call up stalock why not
. not buying the latest Steve Sparks flattery. .
Chapter 1 of 3 | Nick Sparks on 21 Radio with Steve Mayeda: via
Jon Trickett sparks row after suggesting local election defeat would be good result for via…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Saturday's Wright-Dickey matchup will be the first matchup of two knuckleballers since Tim Wakefield and Steve Sparks (DET) on 9-15-2000.
The last words of Steve Jobs -. I have come to the pinnacle of success in business. In the eyes of others, my...
Day 257. Steve Himmer finally realizes he's the protagonist of a Murakami Novel. What do you mean which Murakami?
Cal Eldred, Steve Sparks. Except for Higuera I'm just referencing former Stockton Ports from my childhood.
Oliver Heldeen, Will Sparks, and Steve Aoki would be the greatest line up ever.
After the shock of withdrawal from subdued, the pound returned to its previous slow crawl downward
SPARKS FLY Check out the best of the photos from the on Friday >>
'Not fit to lead': letter attacking Xi Jinping sparks panic in Beijing
Getting it done on both ends... sparks the comeback!.
Lately, it's been really obvious how inexperienced Sparks is...
Sparks has been bad the past few weeks, but tonight the Leafs are even worse.
The Leafs are getting outshot 20-5 and the shots getting through are great, too. Blame Sparks if you want but they stink tonight.
I'm featured discussing in the wake of troop withdrawal. check out the article:.
My sister and her Brewer crush, Steve Sparks.
Mines & steve's beards are in a race to connect. Loser sparks.
Habs waive Scrivens. Option for a tandem to Bernier if they don't want to bring Sparks up full time yet? Maybe 1yr?
Interview with Johns Hopkins professor Russian withdrawal sparks "panic" in Damascus currency markets.
When you go thru your and your bro's baseball card collection and find 8 yr old you's favorite Steve Sparks card
-direct contact felt amazing, like sparks flying through her, and all she wanted was to be as close to Steve as possible. She-
Newfound Gap Road US 441 remains closed due to snow / ice and sparks lane is closed due to high water.
If trade Reimer to St Louis for a 2nd round pick & Steve Ott. Garret Sparks would be called up to back up Bernier
Just posted a shot on – trying to improve our Sparks Offer Selection in the iOS app. Thoughts?.
there may be flames or sparks shooting out from the engine. Good enough? And you have to manually lock be the key fob broke.
Steve Sparks tries to take credit for it, but I doubt that.
How does a goalie be a leader on a team? Sparks: "You shut your mouth & you go to work & you make saves & you’re there wh…
Sage the Gemini cheated on Jordin Sparks & got the side girl pregnant?? That's why he's crying on IG? Tough luck, nigg…
Aww, Sage The Gemini begs his ex gf Jordin Sparks, says he wants her back
That sounds reasonable. I don't believe Robert Ford and Steve Sparks were named to the radio team until ST 2016.
The haze in the Sparks shop in Aylesbury is unbelievable. To think people work in there too.
Walking under station when a train arrives. Didn't expect to have sparks raining down on me when it departed. Ow?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I love your evil Steve character, great job and never stop podcasting
Check out my 2015 LIVE REVIEWS on the The Write Stuff website!
Watching the Allard video sparks memories of Steve Avery a bit for me at least.
Misogynistic business owner defends his misogynistic signs in the media
will Steve Sparks be attending the Austin Caravan?
him and tells him about Steve and that sparks anger and sadness in him & he runs off cus he doesn't wanna hurt Steve's girl
Congressman Steve Womack will make a trip to the River Valley, starts with a ribbon cutting at Sparks primary care clinic in VB
I have said the same to Steve repeatedly. He says I'm too cynical but it's just that I have no faith in voters anymore. Hmm.
I just got autographs from Brad Peacock, Colby Rasmus, and Steve Sparks! Like holy guacamole proud Astros fan!!!
Even after all this time, sparks still fly between Steve and Bucky😏😂.
Grandville's Sam Cornett transitioning nicely to new position.
Rolling Stone sparks new scrutiny after Sean Penn interview with 'El Chapo'
Big Country. Squeeze. Steve Miller Band. Sparks. The Who. And lots of David Bowie. You 'aving some of that??...
This is in bad taste !! Display of warped thinking. That boy could have been a Steve Jobs as well.
Garret Sparks makes 31 saves, Marlies beat Americans to improve to 8-0-1 in last nine outings.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
"Just heard this on TV: Oh Steve, I feel sparks in my *** "
Praying Steve Bould sparks out Arteta after the game, sends him spinning to the MLS where he belongs
Cayven Valentine and Pete Sparks like your comment: "Ah mate there's so many different ideas..."
If you wanna befriend old people, just sing the joker by the Steve Miller band and watch sparks fly in the air.🎉
See the sparks. Lighting up her eyes. Hearts fire. Challenging the sun
Steve & inspired me to start rowing 15 years ago. Was an honour to bid for this at a SPARKS ball
in some fairness the 9-8 track meet in St.John's dropped Bibeau's numbers, but you are right in that Sparks is standing out
Still a pretty small sample, and that 9-8 game really throws things out of whack, but Sparks has been great, no question.
Would you try and have Reims back for 2 more maybe with Sparks next yr possibly? Garret on the Calder run helps
Bibeau is very young so he needs time. Sparks needs at least one full year of stoning the AHL.
Disagree there. Gotta salvage Bernier. Plus Sparks was in the ECHL last year because they wanted him to get starts.
I can't see what "The Oaks" is saying but yes I'm saying Sparks is better right now. Thought that was obvious.
Those stats are hugely manipulated at the moment. I don't deny Sparks is playing great right now but Bibeau was before callup
Love seeing Sparks be so successful.
The season is young but the gap between Garrett Sparks and Antoine Bibeau is widening.
LOVE this!! Killer ride Nathan. Steve, you get the "Dad Of The Year" award ;)
MEGAN, Steve Sparks with Homewood 911. The traffic lights at Oxmoor Rd/Barber CT are malfunctioning. Use caution
plot twist, Steve Evans wants revenge over Rotherham and sparks chaos by exploding a giant Doner Kebab in the away end.
These last 2 games of them putting Dinwiddie in off the bench instead of Steve Blake is much better.
Suspect video sparks passengers' removal at Baltimore airport video 😂
Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime order for free!
Rebels captain Steve Metcalf plays Harvey Sparks through and he coolly slides the ball past Walton keeper Luke Badiali. 3-1 on 38mins.
LOL I dont think there was actual *** kicking steve threw his shield and made some sparks fly but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Steve Sparks explores a life in volcanology with on 28 Sept - public lecture
Download my new ebook release, My Journey of Healing Part 2.
Football notes: Steve Norlock sparks Hanover Central with interception
How many HR will these two hit in their careers ? Thanks to Steve Sparks for photo
no :( wish i was... gonna miss you my dear Steve and Sparks
just thought I heard Steve Sparks or someone else say it once.
They're trying to track down Steve Sparks.
Erin's Brother: Is Emily Bett single?. Steve: I’m not sure. I think so. But who knows?. Us:
Why are Robert Ford and Steve Sparks reiterating what is going on
I think Tram might be managing now, because Steve Sparks and Chris Mears are warming up in the bullpen.
Don't miss another AstroLaunch: today AJ Hinch &. Vince Velasquez and Steve Sparks on the Astros season
Multiple sparks only really happen when you have too much voltage or a reletively flat surface
Just put together my doctoral committee. I'm in the company of greatness: John Greene, Glenn Sparks, Steve Wilson, and Nathan Miczo.
Truro radiologist calls out Tory MP for 'outrageous' campaigning at hospital by
Rechecking the stats, Steve Sparks was about a year older when he got his first SHO with the Tigers.
Bellone's proposal for more East End police funding sparks GOP criticism that he's buying votes. By
'Absolute kick in the teeth': New EU ruling classing fat people as disabled sparks outrage.
Steve Smith: Ringo, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bill Withers make hall of fame and more ... - LA Daily News
. I hope next deal is to get rid of Steve Sparks as commentator. He is the absolute worst!
All these sparks are driving me insane. The memory of your eyes hide in this flame
Russian shoppers are scrambling to put their money into anything more stable than the ruble:
Filming an interview with volcano expert Prof Steve Sparks at today
Scene at Moscow bank: “The demand is enormous. People are bringing piles, huge piles of cash. It’s madness”
All About That Bass & Steve Kardynal's Wrecking Ball video due to the song we assume.
Zinc sparks fly when egg meets sperm in mammals:
The sparks flew in the ... mostly from the live ring bell mic cable!
Cannes acclaim for Steve Carell in Foxcatcher prompts Oscars
Listen to my first Bootleg by Djane Estera 😊 .
Australia's Steve Smith sparks war of words.
Jessica looks alot like Jordin Sparks and she makes a Good Partner with Steve
Satan is generous. Steve P would mismanage the *** out of ***
Apparently people at Pitt don't like Steve Pederson...
After Brand-Farage we get vs Neil Findlay tomorrow in Scotland in the battle for Labour's soul ... there will be sparks
Steve Cotterill sparks debate on remote. …
Steve Cotterill sparks debate on remote.
Leaked: the story behind why Sony dropped the Steve Jobs movie.
ha ha we need to be having a word with steve Taylor and getting a box sorted out :)
Can we fast-forward to the bit where Steve Bould bowls over and sparks yer man CO out please
Raptors, Calderon size up meaning of Nash: Season-ending injury to Steve Nash sparks flood of respect from NBA…
Driving thru Sparks NV will always remind me of my pal
Steve Clarke on Balotelli: "He looks like he's going to do something amazing, sometimes he does, but he doesn't do it cons…
Best of luck Steve Buchan! He's 1 of our sparks who run the Dublin on Mon for cancer unit
Grateful to spend time today with my mentor, and the first Pastor I worked for in the ministry. I love you Preacher Steve Sparks!
Latest message over loudspeaker in 240 Sparks Gov building "It is forbidden to smoke in the stairwells, even during a lock…
Police moving us from Sparks St to Queen, one more st south of Parl Hill.
Debate sparks web war of words between mayoral hopefuls -
for 3 Copies of Steve Harrison's Formula's For Fame. Don't miss your chance to win a copy, authors.
What does a guy gotta do to be cast in a goddam Nicholas Sparks movie already?
GIF: Huge hit by Steve Downie on Frans Nielsen sparks fight in Pittsburgh
I like listening to Bill Brown, Alan Ashby, Robert Ford amd Steve Sparks call the games on television or radio.
Robert Ford and Steve Sparks made a great call!
It's Steve Allan, and I LOVE Adele. This would be very exciting to get new material from her!
"You can't read that moralizing Christian stuff in MY class!" Teacher gets schooled in whose class it really is.
I was thinking you were wearing that shirt to honor Steve Sparks.
So I'm that "Dude wit the dreads, that work at lil Steve's" now.
Let MacIntyre play back up he's earned it. Gives Sparks the Reigns in AHL (he will be special bet on it)
Steve Sparks is here for the series.
Ausmus to Astros broadcaster Steve Sparks: "Last time we were here together, you were throwing to me."
My poor phone can't handle Steve's spam😣 spazzing so hard I wouldn't be surprised if it started making sparks r just caught on fire
we we're all taken for a ride and boy what a ride. It's always been about the money Steve. Remember Ian Sparks, Childrens Society?
The little "Steve sparks kissing Robert Ford's head" followed by Ron Washington freaking out was hilarious.
All had an awsome day in the garden with Kc 'n' larlett n grandad. steve jenna n jasper came for tea !!
Sparks thanks for the follow oh wise one
Deorro, Benny Benassi, Schulz, Steve Aoki, Morgan Page, Will Sparks, and Dash Berlin all in one weekend, couldn't be any happier!
All these sparks are driving me insane
this kid must think life is like a Nicholas sparks movie
Is it me or does Steve Sparks sound like Mr. Rogers? Does he like trains and puppets?
Steve Mason is standing on his head. Hopefully it sparks the rest of his team
Video clips of book signing and speaking events...
Wayne Simmonds' hat trick and Steve Mason's dominance have the alive and in Game 7.
Some of you might remember Steve Sparks, the former white supremacist who denounced the gang of haters he belonged to pursue a relationship with a black woman. To this day, members of the Aryan Brotherhood in Oklahoma have vowed retribution. Like most gangs, once you get in, the only way out is deat...
5-8 Jan. Keynotes: Steve Sparks, and more. Registration is now open
Steve Sparks still has a ways to go but his radio work has improved as the season has gone on.
Celebration of Honor Event at Lincoln City Cultural Center Sept 21st 4pm...Steve Sparks, author and community leader..
Steve Sparks dropping an reference will prob be highlight of the night. Not sure he'd approve of a knuckleballer.
Thanks Steve Sparks for participating in our sales meeting.
Chris Young on his Friday RBI bunt, Jason Castro on Houston SP today, Bob Melvin and Steve Sparks on A'S pregame at 12:30 pacific
Steve Sparks, a local author, and Vietnam era US Navy veteran, at Lincoln City Cultural Center on Sept 21st at 4pm.
Order my book to support mission of helping families living with PTSD...
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