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Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian (born March 8, 1974) is an American football coach and former player of American and Canadian football.

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"Discount food and beverages at our new stadium? How many shots of Patron Silver can I get for $20?" - New OC Steve Sarkisian
Did Steve Sarkisian just eat his booger?
The Falcons need to fire Steve Sarkisian. I know it's preseason, but I'm not joking.
Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian running up and down the stairs of every...
.OC Steve Sarkisian was Carson Palmer's position coach at USC
.on the biggest storyline: "It's what is the state of Alabama...losing Kiffin & Steve Sarkisian. Does the…
OC Steve Sarkisian on his relationship with QB Matt Ryan!!
Gone but never forgotten. My Avi's are mushes.maybe Miley will no longer be a *** and Bo will blackout i.e. Steve Sarkisian
ICYMI: offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisan discusses his relationship with quarterback Matt Ryan on.
"We hit it off really well from the beginning." - OC Steve Sarkisian on relationship with 🎥 -…
Steve Sarkisian looking good in the preseason as the new OC but the real test is when the regular season begins
And offer to put a good word in for them to Lane Kiffin and/or Steve Sarkisian
Falcons OC Steve Sarkisian on listening to Matt Ryan's input on the offense: "There has...
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said both Marquand Manuel and Steve Sarkisian will be on the field Saturday
Both OC Steve Sarkisian and DC Marquand Manuel will call the game from the field on Saturday, Quinn said.
Matt Ryan on moving on from Super Bowl heartache and adapting to Steve Sarkisian
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Steve Sarkisian got 2 promotions for doing literally nothing but getting drunk that's a guy I wanna be like
Steve Sarkisian was a drunk for years. Not the same
Going the Steve sarkisian route lol
Hmm. Sounds similar to what Steve Sarkisian once said. Just hope Tiger gets whatever help he needs.
It took Nick Saban 3 years to rehabilitate Lane Kiffin...took him 3 weeks to rehab Steve Sarkisian
Famliarity and continuity are Steve Sarkisian's priorities running the Falcons..
Famliarity and continuity are Steve Sarkisian’s priorities running the Falcons offense
Here's a portion of an article wrote in Feb for about what Sarkis…
I bet Lane Kiffin partied harder than Steve Sarkisian last night.
2/3. Coach Steve Sarkisian claims his contact was breached because the team discrimnated against his "disease," of alcoholism. . .
Atlanta threw on 57.7 % of plays & ran on 42.3 % of plays in 2016 — balance will continue to be an emphasis w/ Sark.
Cecil if Greg Goff was fired with cause Alabama doesn't owe him anything I guess just like USC with Steve Sarkisian
Dan Quinn: Falcons weren't 'dancing around the issues' when mulling decision to hire Steve Sarkisian as OC
The Falcons have a clear vision of the balance they want to attack with, & that won’t change w/ Sark at the helm: . http…
Growing pains under Sarkisian? . Don't expect it according to Dimitroff. . 📝 -
“He had to go through a process to get treatment and get better, and he did that.” HC on OC Steve Sark…
Thomas Dimitroff told that Matt Ryan and new OC Steve Sarkisian are "hitting it off well.". 🎥 -
USC paid Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin more than $5.5 million in 2015, its new tax returns show:
JUST IN: Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian is poised to become the Atlanta Falcons' next offensive coordinator.
Falcons expect offensive system to continue under Steve Sarkisian
Candidates are already emerging for now open Alabama OC job
We have hired Steve Sarkisian as offensive coordinator. . DETAILS-
Falcons make it official, announce they have agreed with Steve Sarkisian to become their next offensive coordinator.
Falcons hire Steve Sarkisian as new offensive coordinator (Sports Betting News)
This Sark quote from a month ago on the Falcons & Dan Quinn is very interesting now via
NEWS ALERT: Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian is finalizing deal to replace Kyle Shanahan as OC for the Atlanta Falcons. (via
Take a look at photos of our new offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian. . 📸 -
Heading to Triple OT in Columbia between South Carolina and Bama. This game is lasting longer than the Steve Sarkisian Era.
Sark might be about to leave Bama for the Falcons
Grade for the Falcons hiring Steve Sarkisian -
What to expect from new Atlanta Falcons OC Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian officially goes down as the losingest offensive coordinator in the history of Alabama football: .000 win % (0-…
Falcons front office: Up 8 with 4 minutes left on the opponents 22 yard line. What do you do?. Steve Sarkisian: Run. Falcons:…
Let's have a toast for new Falcons OC Steve Sarkisian
Alabama blew a 4th quarter lead in the national championship. Steve Sarkisian will fit right in with the Falcons.
Falcons hire Steve Sarkisian as new offensive coordinator.. Related Articles:
The and OC Steve Sarkisian are finalizing a deal, sources said. So this is happening. They had talked earlier…
With Steve Sarkisian going to Atlanta, Falcons QB coach Matt LaFleur is expected to become Rams offensive coordinator, pe…
The Falcons make it official announcing Alabama's Steve Sarkisian as their new OC.
Falcons' official announcement on hiring of new OC Steve Sarkisian:
Falcons hire former USC coach Steve Sarkisian as their new offensive coordinator (Sh..
Wow, Steve Sarkisian is going to be The Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator. He's good, he coached at USC and was Alabamas OC.
Steve Sarkisian's tenure as offensive coordinator:
The are set to lure OC Steve Sarkisian away to be their OC and replace Kyle Shanahan, as repor…
Steve Sarkisian was a failed experiment for Nick Saban and Alabama
The Falcons have agreed with Steve Sarkisian to become Atlanta’s offensive coordinator.
Recap of Steve Sarkisian's tenure as Alabama offensive coordinator:
This game lasted longer than Steve Sarkisian did as the offensive coordinator
Steve Sarkisian really just signed with the Falcons
Sark leaving Bama for Falcons amid disagreement with Saban via
Steve Sarkisian confirmed as Secretary of Education, sources say. My sources also scroll through their timeline too fast.
History will long remember the Steve Sarkisian era at Alabama.
Why Steve Sarkisian leaving for Atlanta was so shocking to Alabama players
Still can't believe Steve Sarkisian ended up getting a better job from one game as Alabama's OC than Lane Kiffin did from…
Steve Sarkisian has now coached in two national championship games. He's lost both in the final seconds to the Heisman run…
From rock bottom at USC to making $35K at Bama, Steve Sarkisian now finds himself center stage at the CFB title game ht…
Lane Kiffin is out as OC at Alabama and Steve Sarkisian will take over coordinator duties immediately.
BREAKING: Lane Kiffin will not coach in the National Championship game. Steve Sarkisian takes over OC roll effective immediatel…
Steve Sarkisian taking over as Alabama OC, per Nick Saban on
BREAKING: Lane Kiffin out as Alabama offensive coordinator.. Steve Sarkisian will assume coordinator duties effective immediat…
Steve Sarkisian's introduction to the nation as Alabama's OC included him eating his booger
It's great National TV caught Alabama's Steve Sarkisian eating a booger, now if the NCAA would finally catch Nick Sabans cheating
The recent promotion for Steve Sarkisian is huge! Has a great relationship with Najee Harris and Tua.
Alabama announces Steve Sarkisian as its new offensive coordinator.
Steve Sarkisian has been hired as offensive coordinator and QBs coach.
Steve Sarkisian named new Alabama offensive coordinator - USA TODAY
Alabama hires Steve Sarkisian as Offensive Coordinator and QB coach
IT'S OFFICIAL! Steve Sarkisian has been named the Offensive Coordinator
Saban, Alabama get easy transition in promoting Sarkisian to offensive coordinator
In Steve Sarkisian, Alabama finds a new offensive coordinator from its own sidelines (by
will Nick Saban drink sarkisian under the table first day on the job to fix up Steve
Steve Sarkisian has resurfaced as new Alabama offensive coordinator. Was very curious about Fresno State gig. Terrific pla…
Alabama gives Steve Sarkisian a chance to rebuild his image and tweak his offensive approach via
Alabama fans: Meet the new offensive coordinator, Steve Sarkisian.
With Steve Sarkisian replacing Lane Kiffin as Alabama’s OC, where will offensive analyst Mike Locksley end up?
Steve Sarkisian hired as Alabama offensive coordinator and QB coach.
THIS JUST IN: Steve Sarkisian has been hired as Alabama's next offensive coordinator.
Steve Sarkisian admitted he had a problem, sought help and is trying everyday to live day by day with a disease. He's get…
Very happy for Steve Sarkisian. Man deserves another opportunity.
Steve Sarkisian will replace Lane Kiffin as Bama's OC. Nick Saban has started a "rescue coach" program for former USC coac…
Congrats to Steve Sarkisian on landing the job as Alabama's OC. Let's all celebrate with a drink!
Saban has former FBS head coaches Steve Sarkisian, Mike Locksley and Bobby Williams in non-coach "analyst" roles…
You can pick Tyrone Willingham, Steve Sarkisian, Jeff Fisher and Bruce Arians. Fill your HC and offensive and defense coordinators.
Former Southern Cal head coach Steve Sarkisian earning $35K as analyst for Tide
Alabama has hired Lane Kiffin's buddy Steve Sarkisian. Both proteges of Pete Carroll were fired by USC. Interesting decision by Nick Saban
Laugh at the Steve Sarkisian hire if you want. It's further proof Nick Saban is miles ahead of the game (fixed link)
Former USC coach Steve Sarkisian hired by Alabama as an analyst:
Nick Saban now has 5 fmr FBS head coaches on staff: Steve Sarkisian, Lane Kiffin, Mario Cristobal, Bobby Will…
A Fox source tells me three of Steve Sarkisian's FS1 games include a 3-man booth including Justin Kutcher/Petros Papadakis
Playing NCAA 14 dynasty mode drunk has to be the closest thing to what Steve Sarkisian was doing at USC
Lawing is just at FSU till Steve Sarkisian gets out of rehab. Then they're gonna open up an ABC liquor and coach little league together.
Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian were self sanctions who set us back further than loss of scholarships.
the year by the BYU coaches...his 46-yard fourth quarter TD catch from Steve Sarkisian against Texas A&M was selected by
Steve Clarkson told that to Steve Sarkisian as he showed him film of a then 7th grade Tate Martell. I'm irate.
Read the story. It's clear Steve Clarkson is the one who said it about him to Sarkisian:
At -- from Still not as drunk as Steve Sarkisian (・・・. Ta… http:…
Cody Kessler was on fire under Steve Sarkisian. must've seen that along with the drama at USC under Sarkisian and Kiffin.
USC football program reeling after firing of Steve Sarkisian - Los Angeles Times
Roberto Martinez was the Steve Sarkisian of the Premier League. Never won when it mattered, had a host of positive excuses, & loved wine
Ty Detmer is in the all-time passing efficiency ratings in college at 162.74. Former BYU Quarterback Steve Sarkisian is all-time.
Other than Mark Emmert, who is to blame for Steve Sarkisian and USC?. Louis Freeh. http:/…
Ran into former Washington Huskies head football coach Steve Sarkisian in California today!
LOS ANGELES -- Whether it's Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian or now Clay Helton, USC Trojans head coaches…
I can see it now. "Steve Sarkisian's Eight Crazy Nights"
Steve Sarkisian is looking for a job in the NFL. The Browns should hire him, that way Manziel has a drinking buddy.
John Adams predicts former Southern California coach Steve Sarkisian is the fall guy in 2016. More predictions.
Breaking: Steve Sarkisian is suing USC for firing him instead of allowing him to seek treatment for alcoholism
LOL “As part of his lawsuit against USC, Steve Sarkisian cites an "A+" coaching grade from Bleacher Report after ASU win.”
Steve Sarkisian was injured on the job when he was tackled on USC Football field by players, Budweiser and Miller
Steve Sarkisian's lawsuit paperwork has drops of Bud Lite Lime all over it.
Some names pop up as possible head coach for Cougs.Steve Sarkisian, Steve Young, Ty Detmer, Trevor...
My BYU coaching dream:. Kalani Sitake as HC. Steve Sarkisian as OC. Kelly Poppinga as DC, bring on Brett Kiesel on to help with D. . BOOM!
Yo hire Steve Sarkisian so we can win the Natty and me and him can double team chicks at dollar wells
Since Jim Mora started at UCLA in 2012, USC has been coached by Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, Clay Helton, Steve Sarkisian and…
Why USC wait to get Steve Sarkisian help?
I heard JT Barrett was just giving Steve Sarkisian a ride home last night 😂😂😂
JT Barrett was giving Steve Sarkisian a lift home.
To the jilted go the spoils ... Boise State beats Chris Petersen and now Washington beats Steve Sarkisian
Clay Helton still in contact with Steve Sarkisian: 'The USC Interim HC tells Jay he is in contact ...
Clay Helton still in contact with Steve Sarkisian
After firing Steve Sarkisian, is the latest to hit the coaching carousel
Upon hearing the news of Steve Sarkisian's dismissal, Gary Pinkel called and offered him a job on the spot. .
WATCH: UCLA coach Jim Mora discusses the Steve Sarkisian situation at USC on -->
Crazy that Pat Haden still hasn't actually spoken to Steve Sarkisian since that phone call Sunday morning.
Pat Haden was unable to speak to Steve Sarkisian to fire him. In 1997, John Robinson got fired with message left on answerin…
Todd Marinovich weighs in on USC coach Steve Sarkisian's alcohol issues and leave of absence via
Five top Steve Sarkisian fired Top coaches who could save the USC Trojans Chilean rescue Top emotional mom
What comes next at USC with Steve Sarkisian taking an indefinite leave of absence? Plus, more Punt, Pass & Pork.
Wild day in CFB:. -USC fires Steve Sarkisian. -Steve Spurrier retires. -Florida QB Will Grier suspended for PED use
Will Grier suspended for PEDs, Steve Sarkisian fired, Steve Spurrier retiring, and UConn & BC schedule home/home series all in the same day
10 candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC
Chip Kelly? Brian Kelly? Bob Stoops? Yes, and 7 other candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC.
Ten candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC: Either one of a couple Kellys — no relation — would be a great…
Ten candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC via
As coach, Steve Sarkisian racked up impressive bar tabs — and his drinking even raised concerns for some players
Steve Sarkisian fired by USC... Includes quote from Jeff Fisher on the situation...
Ten candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC
10 to replace Steve Sarkisian @ USC Nice story BUT none of these will happen What about a list of real possibilities
Wow. compilation of Steve Sarkisian's hotel and bar tabs pointing to alcohol use. Just wow.
Steve Sarkisian is the Hank Moody of football
USC fires Steve Sarkisian...That's definitely not gonna help his drinking problem.
"Your life is unmanageable, brother, get well" on Steve Sarkisian firing.
BREAKING: USC has fired head coach Steve Sarkisian. Sarkisian was put on indefinite leave of absence yesterday.
Jay reacts to the firing of USC HC Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian is out at USC, what comes next for the Trojans? (By
Steve Sarkisian has been fired. Here's what's next for USC (by
Steve Sarkisian's next coaching gig should be at the community college Billy Gillispie coaches basketball at
USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian fired after being placed on indefinite leave.
just fired head coach Steve Sarkisian
What a great idea to pass on Chris Peterson for Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian
BREAKING: USC has fired Trojans football coach Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian fired as head coach of the USC football team
USC announces they have fired head coach Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian is out as USC head coach per the school's announcement.
The media and fan reaction to Steve Sarkisian's issues with alcoholism and Billy Gillispie's alcoholism are very different.
Steve Sarkisian was suspected of being under the influence during USC's game vs Arizona State this year. (via
Steve Sarkisian stories coming out are unreal. Billy Gillispie 2.0.
Wonder who would win in a bar fight?.Steve Sarkisian or Billy Gillispie
AD Pat Haden said Steve Sarkisian is not healthy and asked him to take an indefinite leave of absence.
Steve Sarkisian might be the first coach to make Lane Kiffin look good
USC coach Steve Sarkisian taking indefinite leave of absence by Gary Klein and Lindsey Thiry via Home - Chicago Tr…
USC coach Steve Sarkisian asked to take leave of absence & is “expected to seek treatment” http:…
USC Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian to take leave of absence
USC AD Pat Haden announces that Steve Sarkisian will take an "indefinite leave of absence." Clay Helton named interim he…
Two sources at USC say Steve Sarkisian was sent home by athletic director Pat Haden earlier today.
Steve Sarkisian is the Hank Moody of college football. The parallels are remarkable.
Steve Sarkisian will be taking a leave of absence from USC, according to source. Clay Helton will serve as interim head c…
BREAKING: Pat Haden has asked USC coach Steve Sarkisian to take a temporary leave of absence. (via
USC to approach Eagles' Chip Kelly if they fire Steve Sarkisian?: Kelly being linked to a potential head coach...
Flailing USC needs Chip Kelly as its coach, not Steve Sarkisian
I have a theory, Mac N Cheese kid is from California and to get away from his dad, Steve Sarkisian, he went school on the East Coast
Norm Chow, Lane Kiffin, Steve it time to stop hiring USC OC's to be head coach?
Pat Haden needs to be fired he's brought in one terrible coach and one bad coach. (Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian). Give us a good coach!!!
coach Steve Sarkisian on JuJu Smith-Schuster's return: "He kind of resolved the personal stuff he was working on."
Mangum's 84-yarder is the longest pass play since Steve Sarkisian hit Dustin Johnson for a TD against Rice in 1996
Steve Sarkisian on freshman Porter Gustin: ``I think we're going to see a real drastic improvement in Porter from Week 1 to Week 2.''
There needs to be a gameday sign that says "Steve Sarkisian jumped out of a 2nd story hotel window to save a bud light lime from drowning"
This is some of what university fundraisers live for!
Steve Sarkisian is watching this Boise State game, game planning, drunk.
before you say "UCLA and USC will be undefeated heading into their game," try to say "Jim Mora and Steve Sarkisian-coached teams will be und
While funny on the surface, Steve Sarkisian's drunken episode may be indicative of a serious probl
Has anyone seen the over/under of whether Steve Sarkisian shows up sober to USC's game tomorrow?
fans celebrate overturning of Brady suspension. Football hasn’t seen partying like that since Steve Sarkisian’s last booster event
Pat Haden: Steve Sarkisian must win back trust of USC fans
USC wins 8 games, fires Steve Sarkisian. Pat Haden probably gone too.
Go Trojans! Fight On! Lets run the board and win the National Championship. I would love to go to another...
No head coach in the country needs to win more this season than Steve Sarkisian
What to Expect from the Newly Focused Steve Sarkisian and in 2015 Debut?
Breaking news, Steve Sarkisian has just changed the fight song to "99 bottles of beer on the wall."
Around the nation: USC has much-needed depth, but it's young talent
Kyler Fackrell looks to bounce back. via
Steve Sarkisian named Morgan for one of the captains of Saturday's game. Other players to watch: Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Bud Weiser.
Steve Sarkisian might be allowed to drink all he wants next week.
Coach Steve Sarkisian is eager to see how it comes together Saturday for USC
VIDEO: Steve Sarkisian announces scholarships to USC walk-ons and the players lose it
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USC athletic director Pat Haden dishes on his thinking about Steve Sarkisian:
Steve Sarkisian said is preparing to go w/out RB J. Davis, LB Dawson + DLs Pelon + J. Simmons for Wk1. Said having them would be bonus.
Big bowl win or hire a new coach for 2016 "AD Pat Haden: Discipline of Steve Sarkisian 'in best interest of USC'"
Tim Beckman, Steve Sarkisian and that Minnesota A.D. who looks like former Sen. Fred Thompson all walk into a bar
Bruce Feldman thinks Steve Sarkisian's job is up in the air
I see no problem with what Steve Sarkisian did. Cut him some slack. Signed John Riggins
Perhaps should abolish the Salute to Troy between Steve Sarkisian's sobriety and Josh Shaw jumping off an apartment bal…
[Montgomery Advertiser] Armour: USC should sit Steve Sarkisian to sort out personal problems
.joined today to speak about the upcoming season and share his thoughts on Steve Sarkisian
Matt Leinart on Steve Sarkisian: 'Inappropriate and unacceptable.' Podcast:
DTN Sports: Matt Leinart on Steve Sarkisian: 'Inappropriate and unacceptable' (podcast) (Yahoo Sports): Gran...
Video: Steve Sarkisian's press conference: USC head coach Steve Sarkisian addresses the media...
This has been taken entirely too far - Video: Steve Sarkisian's press conference - Usc - Scout
Oh my god, leave Steve Sarkisian alone!!! Holy *** the guy just loves being USC's head football coach.
I can't stand USC or any of their fans, but I love their football coach. I wish Cal's coach would get fired up Steve Sarkisian did.
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Bill Plaschke: USC has big problems with Steve Sarkisian
Bill Plaschke of the LA Times: What if Steve Sarkisian's issues are bigger than a one-night meltdown?
Not a good look for Southern Cal HC Steve Sarkisian. Wow.
Steve Sarkisian apologizes for behavior, language at USC event
It seems as though Steve Sarkisian had Billy Martin or Foster Brooks running around in his body last night.
Everyone needs to back off Steve Sarkisian. Sincerely, Dana Jacobson
Offensive tackle Chad Wheeler got hit on side of head with a medicine ball at practice, Steve Sarkisian said. No word who th…
Steve Sarkisian: 'We're going to pay the price for blueshirting, but...'
Ricky Town is the 3rd player that Steve Sarkisian has signed at that will transfer. The first two? Rahshead Johnson and Lamont Simmons.
USC Video: Steve Sarkisian talks to Rece Davis about preparing for the season, areas QB Cody Kessler needs to impr…
Kevin Sumlin is Steve Sarkisian. There is no difference between the two.
wait a tick, the Pac-12 press picked a Steve Sarkisian team to win the conference?!?
The power of Steve Sarkisian? Washington led all teams with 3 first-round picks and USC was tied for 2nd with 2.
Steve Sarkisian recruited/coached 3 first round picks at coached 2 first round picks at Good day for him.
There were the same amount of Steve Sarkisian-coached players (5) picked in the first round as players from the Big 10 and…
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3 worst things about USC:. 1. MLK Jr Blvd. 2. Playing in a stadium made for the 1980s. 3. Steve Sarkisian
Steve Sarkisian is quickly getting USC back on the map again on the field and in recruiting!!!
Coming up at 4:30 USC Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian joins - listen on here:
The player had a stuttering problem and Steve Sarkisian would MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR IT. CLASS!
Steve Sarkisian says USC’s offensive focus is the “be more explosive.” Notes “we don’t want to be a dink and dunk or bubble s…
Expectations continue to rise for USC entering 2015. via
if steve sarkisian was still the coach at UW... Would Eason be committed to UW right now?
coach Steve Sarkisian after spring game 4/11/15
Expectations continue to rise for USC entering 2015. | : Matt Brown Article
Is the return of really high preseason expectations at USC justified?
Progress is the key point for and after their spring session.
We're having so much fun at the USC 2015 Steve Sarkisian Heritage Golf Classic!
Today High expectations are back at USC. Do the Trojans deserve them?
My dad is playing in a golf tournament tomorrow with Steve Sarkisian ;o
her dad is an Armenian-American last named Sarkisian who lived in Cali and Steve Sarkisian is also from Cali
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bro I may be asking for a lot but could you find out if usc football coach Steve Sarkisian is related to Cher?
Steve Sarkisian pleased with USC's spring game performance
USC: Steve Sarkisian says spring game was for backup QB Max Browne, who completed 24-of-37 passes ...
LOS ANGELES -- USC can and will run the ball this fall. Coach Steve Sarkisian just opted not to put it on disp...
USC Coach Steve Sarkisian and quarterback Cody Kessler could breathe sighs of relief after Saturday's spring p...
Video: Sark post-Spring Game: Steve Sarkisian talks about the spring game, what USC showed in the...
Steve Sarkisian excited about Trojans’ progress after USC spring football game
Here's video of coach Steve Sarkisian meeting with the media after the spring game Saturday
Steve Sarkisian was busy recruiting in Texas on Thursday:
For those asking I just went back and looked on 247 sports rankings. Steve Sarkisian signed 27 4-stars, 1 5-star in his tenure at UW.
Steve Sarkisian on Adoree' Jackson's flip "It was reminiscent of another guy who wore our uniform", referring to Reggie B…
Steve Sarkisian on "Don’t let the smile and the wonderful handshake fool you. He’s a hard-nosed, tough football coach."
“Steve Sarkisian says he's a "Lion" guy - "King of the jungle!" More like a unicorn guy ... All fantasy no reality
head coach Steve Sarkisian stopped by Cathedral to watch the Phantoms play Muir. Mustang WR Taeon Mason is committed to USC.
Remember Cal fans, Steve Sarkisian is the reason for why Jeff Tedford no longer works at Cal. He pryed away most of his staff at UW
Matt Leinart and Steve Sarkisian share a moment before practice.
Steve Sarkisian reacts to Ed Orgeron talking of possible return to USC: Ed Orgeron told The Times’ Bill Plaschke…
USC's Su'a Cravens is moving forward in his pursuit of greatness - Steve Sarkisian knew what he had seen on tape...
Brian Billick, Mike Leach, Andy Reid, Steve Sarkisian, and Kyle Whittingham all went to BYU.
coach Steve Sarkisian confirmed that WR Ajene Harris (hamstring) is out vs. Arizona State.
If Paul Hackett, Lane a Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian over the course of 14 years doesn’t make them less insufferable, nothing will
Steve Sarkisian on 3 straight false starts: "sometimes weird stuff happens in football."
VIDEO: USC AD Pat Haden runs to argue with refs after getting summoned by Steve Sarkisian http:/…
Real good read on USC coach Steve Sarkisian w nods to West Torrance, El Camino JC by
FINAL: USC 52, Fresno State 13. The Steve Sarkisian era begins with a blowout at the coliseum.
Strange week at USC continues: SR RB Anthony Brown quits the team and calls Steve Sarkisian a racist on Instagram and Fac…
"We are extremely disappointed in Josh. He let us all down." - USC head coach Steve Sarkisian on Josh Shaw.
USC coach Steve Sarkisian has suspended Josh Shaw indefinitely from all team activities. MORE:
Steve Sarkisian says USC is checking into Josh Shaw's story after questions were raised about its veracity. VIDEO: http:…
.talking to and Gary Barnett about what to expect from USC this season under new coach Steve Sarkisian.
Steve Sarkisian's Washington home is three blocks away from Jim Mora's property
Yesterday, my good friend and ministry colleague Steve Sarkisian celebrated his 45th wedding anniversary with his beautiful wife Gail. I think it's safe to say that without Steve, my ministry wouldn't be where it is today.
Watching Keith Price on Draft Academy- Aspects of his game I like. Experience under Steve Sarkisian major plus. Could be quality backup
"Javorius Allen and Steve Sarkisian sign autographs at Coliseum Great F'n job lol.…
Is Maker going to jet for before the weekend? Pull a Chris Peterson, James Franklin, Steve Sarkisian, or Mack Brown?
Steve Sarkisian is on the go at first day of spring practice - He...
Boardman Joins Korn Ferry Sports Practice After Placing Ackerman Liz Boardman has joined executive search firm Korn Ferry International after two years at Russell Reynolds, where she ran the search that placed Val Ackerman as commissioner of the Big East Conference. Boardman was hired as a senior client partner in the sports practice at Korn Ferry, which in the past two months placed Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien, University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson and football coach Charlie Strong, and University of Southern California football coach Steve Sarkisian. “Liz Boardman is a rising star and brings an impressive skill set and track record of accomplishment that she has developed through building outstanding relationships with key leaders in the industry,” Jed Hughes, vice chairman of Korn Ferry’s Global Sports Practice, said in a statement. “I am thrilled in her being a core part of our continued effort to expand our global sports practice.” Other recent Korn Ferry placements ...
Q&A: USC coach Steve Sarkisian early '14 prediction: 'sc will win pac-12 in '14--not UCLA, the Trees or Orygun.
The Read-Option: Steve Sarkisian and USC’s Signing Day success: Adoree Jackson (21) has the all-around ability...
Steve Sarkisian appear big winners in national signing day - New Coach Steve...
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