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Steve Rogers

Stephen Douglas Rogers (born October 26, 1949) is a former starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who played his entire career for the Montreal Expos.

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I liked a video Tony Stark vs. Steve Rogers - the last donut (2016) Captain America Civil War
Glad they worked this into message is so spot on and so Steve Rogers
NEW photos of Chris Evans could show us what Steve Rogers will look like in INFINITY WAR
*Steve Rogers at the front desk of a European hotel*. Clerk: Name?. Steve: Captain-. *sees coverage of Trump playing on lob…
Fact: Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is a contemporary of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Where's my crossover fic
Steve Rogers spending his birthday with Nat and James fics in 3,2,1...
Happy birthday Steve Rogers. Go hang out with your favorite people.
Imagine Emma Thompson as Peggy's mother attending her wedding with Steve Rogers.
Also: 99% sure Captain America/Steve Rogers sleeps with a woman in the 40s and THEN he NIECE in present day.
I'm always impressed by how my usually curse happy self turns into Steve Rogers when customers swear in my work pla…
Tony Stark is in a coma, Steve Rogers is Hydra, James Rhodes is dead, James Buchanan Barnes is dead, the world is e…
More of an expert on Reed Richards but I'd rather write about Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers is a terrible liar and so can't be a Slytherin, Steven Trevor doesn't hit on WW so I cannot see Slytherin-ness
In loving memory of Steve Rogers and Erik Lensherr. They ain't dead, Marvel just decided to make them nazis
Would you say Jack Morrison from Overwatch is the alternate universe version of Steve Rogers?
Happy Birthday to the real life comic book hero. Human Torch, Jake Jensen, Lucas Lee and Steve Rogers.…
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I wonder if misses Human Torch or Steve Rogers more 🤔
He was too Han Solo for me; should have been more Jason Bourne/non-nazi Steve Rogers. Might have been WB's influence
Me when someone tells me Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff only have a brother-sister relationship
A new video from the set of teases that we will Natasha Romanoff, T'Challa, and Steve Rogers all in a…
A year ago my fav character was Steve Rogers. Now my fav isn't even an Avenger or a hero. It's Mordo.😭 No one even comes close. 'Cept Steven
Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers: a fanart thread👬
Skull did it to Sam and used the perfected technique on Steve Rogers to rewrite his reality.
Geez, now I'm imagining an 80-year old Chris Evans still as Steve Rogers, while a new young black actor plays Sam Wilson Cap 😍
3/3 new Iron Man, Steve Rogers replaced by Sam or Bucky, Thor repl…
Time's up, You're way overdue to make Steve Rogers, the only Captain America, a hero again.
A concept: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes dressed up as Captain America at the same time in the MCU.
well they're done it will Captain America using Sam's numbers but it seems like its going to be a Steve Rogers book
what does all of spencer's writing for Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Secret Empire say if there's no bigotry involved here?
Diana Prince, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson: how to overcome the scars of war and the lost of your war buddies.
I hate to be one of them people who get nostalgia *** bt The Avengers (Emma Peel/John Steed) > The Avengers (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers etc)
Tom Hardy looking like skinny Steve Rogers in Band of Brothers
Steve Rogers just let Billy Elliot die in the name of class warfare and I am mighty upset about it. The War Doctor did nothing!
Chris Evans pretending to be Tom Hiddleston pretending to be Loki pretending to be Steve Rogers.
Steve Rogers: This will be the last time we ever speak. . Carol Danvers: you better hope that's true, Captain. You bette…
There's nothing I ship less than Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter
Angry about Steve Rogers being a Nazi? Consider what you think Captain America represents.
using fake news Steve Rogers of NUTLEY NJ PD this guy,
Former FBI terror task force member on asking for loyalty: Steve Rogers provides insight…
The Marvel U has a new Supreme Commander.. Steve Rogers! Until he drops a SOTU address we'll catch you up as the…
Steve Rogers as a Jimmy Carter-esque pastor. Parker long outed and now an aging activist industrialist. Stark as a Kaczynski-like hermit.
Peggy Carter (Has been giving super serum like Steve Rogers). New RP not new to RPing. Ships with Chems. me or I will…
Johnny Storm, Clint Barton, Bobby Drake, Steve Rogers, Hank Pym, and Daniel Rand are hanging out in plainclothes t……
Steve Rogers would rather die than be a Nazi.
Steve Rogers would rather you took his super soldier powers back than be a Nazi.
didn't win WW2. They used the cosmic cube and implied Kirby's Steve Rogers back then is no…
Little Giant Ladders
idk man, this Steve Rogers guy is pretty cool.. nvm Chris Evans is pretty cool
Kids love Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers but there is literally no way for them to read Captain America comics right now.
LRT: If you're wondering about Steve Rogers' Hydra status and the larger change to the history of the Marvel Universe, I got you.
“He knew his engineering degree tricked people into thinking he was smart.” - Jeff Katz on pitcher Steve Rogers.
Also I'm even MORE on board w Chris Evans as Magnus now. He was Johnny Storm & Steve Rogers. He has the whole arc. Just sayin
I’d like to hear his opinion on Chris Evans as both Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm.
so is it now illegal for Chris Evans to be Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers
this is like Chris Evans being Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers all over again
I really want a scene where aunt May chews out Steve Rogers for hitting Peter and because he is the best man he just takes it and apologizes
As a black man I want diversity, but I still love Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Peter Parker.
Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers for the for (Sebastian Stan + Chris Evans) RT
Danny Rand is a white guy. Like how Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Matt Murdock are white. Yet people don't complain to change them
Open Roles:. Padmé Amidala. Ahsoka Tano. Darth Maul. Steve Rogers . Tony Stark. Sam Wilson. Ect. us for more information.
Okay, then make Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers, and Peter Parker Asian too. Then it's not just "the martial arts guy."
9. Steve Rogers || MCU. "The price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it's a price I'm willing to pay." https…
In Laura's origin she does a mission for Wilson Fisk, in Target X she's being questioned by Matt and Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers had really good stuff. In the 1981 playoffs he beat Steve Carlton & the Phillies head-to-head twice in…
Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson. Carol Danvers to Kamala Khan. Tony Stark to Riri Williams. Johnny Blaze to Robbie Reyes.
Steve Rogers hit 2 off Carlton in '81 clinching game. That has added value...
I'm waiting for the time when Steve Rogers meet Johnny Storm
Amusingly, Evans has said his personality is closer to Johnny Storm's than it is to Steve Rogers'
"On a scale of Johnny Storm to Steve Rogers, where do you see your personality falling?" Someday, I will ask this question of
So exited about Infinity War but 100% not prepared to watch Steve Rogers die...
Steve laughed softly and wrapped his arms around her. "Hi." He smiled.
Once Steve was in bed, Peggy got in too and then laid on top of Steve, smiling. "Hey there."
"To build a better world, sometimes means tearing the old one down... and that makes enemies." -Steve Rogers
Asked my what Captian Americas real name is. "Steve Rogers!" I'm glad he's learning the essentials
Last night when Nick Fury sent Natasha Romanoff & Steve Rogers for a mission as an undercover couple to protect Denzel Washi…
OH NO i dreamt i met wee steve rogers in an art shop and he asked me on a date why is real life so dull
I liked a video from Steve Rogers Gets Vibranium Shield | Captain America The First
would you expect less? It is Steve f***ing Rogers and besides--the writers of that movie LOVE the Bucky/Steve dynamic.
//I know we're not perfect, but the safest hands are still our own. -New Steve Rogers RP. -Pansexual. -MV. -18+. -Open to cro…
Do the go back to NYC to drink coffee? The coffee scene w Steve Rogers/ Cap + Stan Lee was GOLD & gave context!
Steve Rogers dropped his shield twice for Bucky Barnes
Oh, I feel bad for Steve already. The real Steve Rogers. Losing the trust of all his friends...
Joe Piscopo is polling 2nd in the gubernatorial race. A guy named Steve Rogers is 3rd.
. 004. Ships with chem but mainly with James Barnes and Steve Rogers
Joe Russo: "His road forward involves figuring out who Steve Rogers is 'without the shield'.". Me: definitely 'without Bucky Barnes'.
It's Valentine's Day. I'm here to remind you of Carol Davers and Steve Rogers' domestics. 💁 . Capt…
When your name is Steve Rogers, you're getting a Captain America Valentine 😍 Happy Valentine's Day, friends!…
Majority of people that saw that one panel that had Steve Rogers saying "Hail Hydra" didn't even read Assault on Pleasant Hill.
Steve Rogers was just a fan of James Barnes before he donned the Captain America mask ;)
Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers are my ultimate favorites and I also love Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes & Wanda…
James Barnes, do you take Steve Rogers to be your wife? Oh no. Oh. Oh no. Oh no. Husband. I am so sorry, Captain America.”.
I relate to Steve Rogers in the fact that I too would protect James Buchanan Barnes from the rest of the world.
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📷 alecslighwood: Get to Know Me Meme: [2/5] Friendship - Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers “You know, he...
Tony Stark has mental disorders. Steve Rogers has mental disorders. Bucky Barnes has mental disorders. Keep that in mind and sto…
This is the only decent picture I got with my mini cosplay of Steve Rogers in The Winter Solider.
Chris Evans is truly Steve Rogers in real life.
amen!!! God are you sure your not really Steve Rogers disguised as Chris Evans?
I'm not sure if this is Chris Evans posting or Steve Rogers?
All this political stuff and how Chris Evans is responding to all of it just keeps strengthening my belief that he truly is Steve Rogers.
Chris Evans or Steve Rogers, i dont know the difference
Chris Evans transformed into a sentinel of whatever we need him to be now. In his DNA, he is Steve Rogers 😭
Chris Evans is literally Steve Rogers, he always speaks up about so many issues, using his privilege for good.
Remember the press tours for the Cap movies, how Chris would always say he'd love to be more like Steve? Well = Steve Rogers.
I can't believe Chris Evans is actually Steve Rogers
He doesn't like bullies. Doesn't matter where they're from. Chris Evans is Steve Rogers af & it's amazing.…
Chris Evans apparently kept his beard , so we'll get to see bearded Steve Rogers !
Anyway my fellow fictional ISFJs are John Watson, Steve Rogers, and Diane from bojack horseman
Amb. Burns owes Steve Rogers an apology bcuz he DID NOT say it is ppl like him that got elected.
A little late to this but I got tagged by so:. Bruce Wayne. Peter Parker. Steve Rogers. Scott Summers…
The Falcon a.k.a. Sam Wilson is a steadfast ally of Steve Rogers and a popula ...
but hydra cap is a thing, the sjw baddies (and making *Sam Wilson* apologize to Steve Rogers for confronting him on race), and now today.
It's funny because Steve Rogers is a Nazi now.
Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff work better than her and Bruce Banner.
-- had once made love, Steve Rogers fell...a broken man. It turned out that Natasha Romanoff had been right after all. It turned out --
Steve Buscemi as Tony Stark Seth Rogan as Steve Rogers [nsfw edition]
BENJAMIN STARK | . Son of Billy Batson and Beautia Sivana. Adopted by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.
Steve Rogers coming out of the pod or Steve Rogers holding the...
The only man I could ever marry is Varric Tethras, but Steve Rogers is a very close second. Garrus Vakarian, if I could pick an alien.
You are not Steve Rogers the Captain America dib...😒😪😌
- Todd and Steve Rogers and Snape and Draco Malfoy are also major victims of this too.
all of the Batboys except Damian, Hal Jordan, Deathstroke, Steve Rogers
He grinned back slightly at you. Your name was Johnny Storm, not Steve Rogers. You just looked so similar. He couldn't -
"Steve isn't Captian America to me, he isn't just a hero either.Steve Rogers is my life line, my light.He's…
Bobbi Morse saving Steve Rogers and Steve immediately falling in love with her. A concept
Steve Rogers, Lois Lane, Peggy Carter, Edwin Jarvis. None of them ever give up & are heroes for it regardless of day jobs.
More of our photo recap - with speakers Kevin McNamara, Jennifer Leon and Steve Rogers, plus an Ask-the…
Wanna know what Marvel's Captain America will be like WITHOUT Steve Rogers / Captain America? Kevin Feige speaks!
"Politics don't belong in comics." "Most superheroes are conservative." Bro... Steve Rogers, Bro. Steve Captain America
I would make Steve Rogers real so we could have some Captain Amerikids together
"When I see a situation pointed south, I can't ignore it." - Steve Rogers, Captain America
Both Captain America books are very good, but I still prefer the Sam Wilson book RN. I'd be lying to you if I said that seeing Steve Rogers>
~ Shield in the fight with Tony he was now Steve Rogers the persona of Captain America gone , he de died to check his phone +
How long before Marvel will get rid of evil Steve Rogers? Captain America being evil makes no sense.
The military officer gives a nod as he is greeted to Steve Rogers. . The Army's own Captain America. Where he had been --
"Feige confirms that a Captain America movie doesn't necessarily need Steve Rogers". It does if Marvel wants me to watch it.
in this weeks issue of Steve Rogers: Captain America
Steve Rogers will forever be Captain America in my heart & he will always be my favorite hero 💙
Tony Stark . Steve Rogers . Bucky Barnes. Peggy Carter. What they have in common?. ALL OF THEM DESERVE BETTER
Chris Evans . June 13,1981. - would vote for him for president . - Steve Rogers is my actual child he actually means…
Chris Evans plays Captain America aka Steve Rogers. My name is Stephen and I can go by Steve. Coincidence? I think not
Steve Rogers and Chris just kill my mood when I am looking at bara. The two are so boring.
I won't die on you, Chrissy! As long as Steve Rogers doesn't die in infinity war 😜
I agree with Steve Rogers. I too would start a war to protect Bucky Barnes.
After watching Capt. America: Civil War I concluded that Steve Rogers is ***
Liefeld stuffed Steve Rogers, Bucky and Sam Wilson all up in that uniform and called it Capt. America.
I want Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes or Mikelle and Hamilton😂😂
They're in denial. Ppl couldn't accept that Steve Rogers isn't a saint. What did they expect from a man who represent U.S?
Teen Titans. Cap: Steve Rogers. Hal Jordan. Detective Comics. Spider-Woman. Yeah really small week for me but that's fine lol.
Earth 38710: Steve Rogers opens a package from Captain Britain addressed to 'Captain Colonies', inside is a pile of te…
Designing a product is designing a relationship. ~Steve Rogers
. There's always a way, and Steve Rogers will find it. He was determined to make Tony smile, just a little bit, no matter the »
Otd in 73 Steve Rogers got a 3-2 win over Fergie Jenkins and the Cubs. Rogers lowered his rookie year ERA to 1.28 and improved to 7-3
I need a bisexual Harley Quinn, Steve Rogers and Harry Potter. I just need canon bisexual characters in my life.
Steve Rogers will be no longer Captain America :(
The Russos say Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the MCU
"Russo Brothers confirm Steve Rogers won't be Captain America anymore in the MCU"
Russos confirm Steve Rogers is no more; Could set-up a return?
After Avengers 4, I hope they make a new team with Spidey, Falcon as Cap, and Black Panther. Put Steve Rogers as head of SHIELD/Avengers.
Mary Jane is like Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, etc. with an iconic appearance. To break from that will cause a schism.
It's awesome that Mary Jane would be black. Just so long as doesn't make Peter Parker a white supremacist like Steve Rogers.
I can't believe the opening of The Winter Solider is Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson flirting.
Snake spelled backwards is ekans, sounds like Evans 👀 what role does Chris Evans play? Steve Rogers..
Steve Rogers asks Sam Wilson a question (Vine by
and here we see Steve Rogers together with his wife,Tony Stark and their son Peter Parker
"There weren’t a lot of Russians running round the European theater in the forties." Steve Rogers
Peggy Carter was the love of Steve Rogers' life 😭💔
or the Steve Rogers to my Sharon Carter 🙆🏻
Scorpius getting a girl to got out with him at the end of Cursed Child is the new Steve Rogers kissing Sharon Carter in Civil War.
Marvel\Crossover. Daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. Ships depending on chemistry. Another face of
IMO if you can’t trust your audience to connect with/care about a black Archie Andrews or a *** Steve Rogers...
Steve Rogers: $HJOE Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation: So if cure Korea is conducting taste tests with
I love Tony Stark and Peter Parker and Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and Wade Wilson and Steve Rogers and America Chavez and Billy Kaplan an
Steve Rogers: $HJOE Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation: Anyone know what this means? I ran it though
.hinted that some events of Civil War II already influenced by the secretly villainous Steve Rogers.
Hannibal, Steve Rogers (when I'm not busy identifying with Hannibal, that is), maybe Dean Winchester? Jessica Jones.
Best friends since childhood, Jimmy Barnes and Steve Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield
Steve Rogers: $HJOE Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation: What is your understanding of how many shares
Agents of Shield\Marvel. Ships with Steve Rogers, Grant Ward or with chemistry. Another face of
I love coming up behind people on my bike and whizzing by (safely) saying 'on your left' like Steve Rogers.
As does Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Nick Fury (both of them), and most other superheroes in Marvel.
Casting Captain America is really casting two roles... Steve Rogers before and after the tr...
“What’s always been the most exciting to see is Tony Stark and Steve Rogers together …”. – Kevin Feige
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From more geek POV I found it interesting that Hemsworth character was called Clark Kent instead of Steve Rogers they were in New York +
so they killed of Steve Rogers in the first Civil War, now It's Bruce Banner. ***
“When he’s not that thing though, guy’s like a Stephen Hawking.”. Agent Phil Coulson to Steve Rogers
because that's not Captain America, Steve Rogers is.
I'm sure I'm the thousandth person to say it, but Zach Davies looks like pre-serum Steve Rogers.
ladies and gentlemen meet Steve Rogers redneck cousin Billy Bob Earl Ray! He traded his shield for a new muddin truck!
it's Steve Rogers' birthday. We tell it like it is on this most holy of days. "Sis, just don't."
today we celebrate two major events- the death of thomas jefferson and the birth of Steve Rogers
happy birthday to my boy Steve Rogers and happy death day to Thomas Jefferson 😊🎉🇺🇸
everyone,and happy birthday to Steve Rogers aka Cap.
Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is a God sent.
"Captain America" is a 1990 Action Adventure film directed by Albert Pyun. Starring Matt Salinger,Steve Rogers is i…
Steve Rogers, 29. "Nat and Bucky won't stop speaking in Russian and laughing at us. We're holding an intervention." ht…
When you're watching Cap: The Winter Soldier and you discover that Steve Rogers wears Calvin Klein
The has an adviser on Fox Business named Steve Rogers. Not sure if this is the real Captain or Hydra's.
Listen to Steve Rogers, people. These words are so relevant for America again.
Well Reed Richards did make Steve Rogers a Hydra agent.that's pretty *** ish.
Batfamily, Steve Rogers, Justice League, Vision, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, more X-Men, and more are needed…
Friendly reminder that Natasha Romanoff saved both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson from getting riddled by bullets
Concept: Sam Wilson with Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers with Bucky Barnes in the MCU. I think that would make everyone much happier.
Relive the story where Steve Rogers considers running for President:
Stop erasing Sharon Carter and Sam Wilson from Steve Rogers's life 2k16 :)
"Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky"- Steve Rogers, Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", not one person believed Bruce Wayne wouldn't return as Bats, or Steve Rogers as Cap. But when people DO accept a sub-
Hohenheim doesn’t get older? So he’s like Steve Rogers? And will end up being a Hydra sleeper agent? FMA Brotherhood
The idea of Steve Rogers (Captain America) becoming HYDRA is preposterous. It's against his ideals & what he has fought for.
I feel like I should have said Steve Rogers here, not Cap. He's about as much Cap as Hal Jordan is Green Lantern.
oh also that stuff about saving the U.S. reminds me ... do you wanna talk about Steve Rogers yet, or do you need more time?
What is it with the last ten years of comics and having Steve Rogers not be Captain America and Bruce Wayne not be Batman?
Yeah, but it was Steve Rogers coming back AND close to the movies so they would've gotten sales anyhow. So all they've done-
Well, Steve Rogers is now a "Hydra agent all along". Writer & editor said it's not clones, alts or mind control.
because if President Bartlet can be *** then Steve Rogers can too.
because the reason Steve Rogers became Captain America in the first place was he doesn't like bullies
As an operative of some standing, Steve Rogers is undoubtedly aware of this, and any quotes re Hydra should be considered in this context.
Comic fans in an uproar after Steve Rogers utters a sentence that changes everything.
new 'Steve Rogers comic ends with a shocking revelation:
DC made Hal Jordan a villain and it lasted 10 years. Hope for Steve Rogers won't be a villain for a long period of time.
Steve Rogers dies and Trump takes his place as Captain America.
The Elders of Sodom w/d like to assure you all that, contra Hydra agitprop, Steve Rogers is about as much a Hydra agent as he's straight.
"Marvel explains why Steve Rogers was a Hydra agent all along"
for forgetting why Steve Rogers was created in the first place.
Captain America will most likely not get a boyfriend. God made Adam + Eve, not Adam + Steve Rogers.
There is a definite crossover in my mind between people who claim Steve Rogers is bi, and yet call Anne Bonny a ***
yeah there's no reason to be rude about it, plus with the multiverse in the comics it's easy for there to be a *** Steve Rogers
In a universe where they are attacked by aliens, norse gods,& a Megalomania AI-Steve Rogers can't be Bisexual?
Bucky Barnes wasn't Steve Rogers childhood friend. Arie Roth was. Arnie was ***
What if Steve Rogers is a half-blood prince of Aphrodite, that explains why when he speaks, everyone listens.
I love my bisexual kings Magnus Bane Adam Parrish and Steve Rogers.
Would you look at that... Steve Rogers being rude. Tell all the newspapers, this is a new one.
Hug Need for the sons and daughters of:. Nick Fury. Maria Hill. Steve Rogers. Thor Odinson. Bruce Banner. Scott Lang
Zach Davies looks like Steve Rogers before he was transformed into Captain America.
Characters that have a crush on Steve Rogers: Bucky, Peggy, Phil Coulson, Natasha, Tony, Sharon, Sam, Scott Lang, and Peter Parker
What? Jensen Ackles should have been Captain America/Steve Rogers or Starlord/Peter Quill? That would have been awesome 😍
Steve Rogers is definitely bisexual in the MCU. I mean Winter Soldier opens with him obviously flirting with Sam.
Is the Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson pairing called Captain Falcon
|:Do it! I have an AU Sam Wilson in the era and a Steve Rogers.
Random suggestions of things to draw:. Peter Parker asking Steve Rogers, "Wow, movies used to be in black and white!?"
Steve Rogers is subscribed to Tony Starks magazine and he never misses an issue. People don't think they're in love?
Watching Not Another Teen Movie for the first time. Steve Rogers would be severely disappointed in Jake Wyler XD
Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff deserve each other. They're meant for each other. Also tom holland is so adorable
:: Scouting a Scott Lang, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Wade Wilson for mains. . DM if interested please.
if you think Steve Rogers is straight.
characters i love no matter what . -Leia Organa . -Han Solo . -Katniss Everdeen. -Steve Rogers
Chris Evans talking about Steve Rogers (the cast "singing" & then there's Sebastian just walking by 😂)
Steve Rogers takes on the guise of Nomad in another classic!
Bernie Sanders and Steve Rogers are both from Brooklyn, New York. Just saying.
great movie! You make me wish Captain America were real Chris. The world could use a guy like Steve Rogers.
You people need to accept that Steve Rogers' great love is not Bucky/Peggy/Sharon Carter/Falcon/Tony but that *** shield!
It occurred to me this morning that comics Bucky Barnes and Ian Rogers are basically Steve Rogers' adopted sons. Therefore brothers.
Amanda Marcotte clearly hasn't been paying attention to who Steve Rogers actually is. Misses the point of Civil War.
Update: Mentioning the names Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, T'Challa, Bucky, James Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff will also get you muted
If you don't think Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are *** for each other then who even are you?
NEW Still of Wanda Maximoff, Scott Lang, and Steve Rogers from Marvel's via
Do I make a Steve Rogers, Bucky, Scott Lang or Clint Barton account though because I want them all
That’s why I’m team Captain America for life. Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Scott Lang and Wanda Maximoff
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The 3.10 at Chester is a race between Steve Rogers, the Duke of Clarence & William of Orange. 😂😂😂
He beats up Frank. Steve Rogers is dead to me
yeah Steve Rogers could die again and I wouldn't care
Civil War leaves unanswered the vital question of Whether Steve Rogers will ever actually take a girl ON A DATE, but you will be relieved t…
"How more you hurt me, how more I'm going to let Rogers suffer, Winter." [Rumlow threw Steve in the arms of an agent.] --
Is Captain America in love with Bucky Barnes? Chris Evans talks about Steve Rogers' sexuality via…
-- and wrapped his hand around Steve's throat.] "That's what happens when you escape Hydra, Rogers. But don't worry. --
I'm more likely to post things like "Tony Stark is really Steve Rogers' father" or "Jon Snow is a sled"
money can't buy love, especially from someone who's made it through the great depression alive like Steve Rogers.
[Rumlow ran towards Steve with a smile on his face.] "Rogers! It's no use to run away from me. I'll always find you." --
I kind of ate an entire box of American cookies. I'm Steve 'The Cookie lover' Rogers-Stark.
1941: Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan; Steve Rogers attends the baseball game mentioned at the end of CA:TFA.
Help my calc prof looks like Steve Rogers before he was Captain America
1943: In CA:TFA, Steve Rogers is rejected by the US military (again), and beaten in an alley. James Barnes joins the US Arm…
ya'll can ship whomever you want idc as long as you wont forget that Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanoff had a son
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My love for Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter is infinite
can't forget Steve Rogers teary eyes on that scene
the black widow of my heart is the same age as Steve Rogers & had similar serum. Idk why they changed her…
Huh did not know that yeah I have a Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Jemma Simmons, Grant Ward and Daisy Johnson.
-her before she'd become his wife. Less often, it was Steve Rogers. Most commonly it was the voice of his butler and dead friend Edwin-
Looking for mains:. - Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Pietro, ect. - In need of some descriptive SLs. - htt…
How about the Reb Brown Capt America TV movies from the 70s, Steve Rogers gets funky with Christopher Lee!
The saddest thing about Captain America: Civil War is watching Steve Rogers in Peggy Carter's funeral.
I want Steve Rogers to die so Barack Obama can become the new Captain America
I love Stevie and Steve and Steeb and and Rogers and captain I just really love Steve Rogers okay
If you hate on Steve Rogers, don't be surprised when I throw holy water in your face & try & exorcise you because I'll ***
Tony Stark : Captain? You seem a little defensive. Steve Rogers: Well, it's been a long day.
Preview: Steve Rogers is back with May’s Captain America: Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers is back as Captain America! Get your first look here --> http…
+ and, bless his heart, Howard had done all he possibly could. But it was to no avail. Steve Rogers was dead. And I had to let +
What do Tony Stark, Bobby Flay and Steve Rogers have in common? Iron Chef America.
Reminding you that Howard Stark cared more about Steve Rogers than he did about his own son
I'm still amazed at how they were able to shrink Chris Evans to play scrawny Steve Rogers.
Here's another interesting question. Is it okay to make fan art about Steve Rogers as he's portrayed by Chris Evans?
When Phil Coulson and Melinda May get married.. Steve Rogers will tell Melinda May that Peggy Carter will be happy & proud OF HER
"I would say Black Widow." - Chris Evans on which character he would like Steve Rogers to be in a relationship with
I'm sure Phil Coulson is the president of the FanClub of Steve Rogers
Chris Evans as. Johnny Storm x Steve Rogers. -. {repost bc the audio was messed up}
In which Chris Evans demonstrates just how well he knows Steve Rogers and Renner is just gross. (via htt…
"Cause I'm with you 'till the end of the line" -Steve Rogers to Bucky Barnes.
Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers at Disneyland. Of course Natasha Romanoff took the photo.
"There's too many similarities between Matt Murdock and Steve Rogers. And yet, not enough, because Matt Murdock is a disgrace."
18. Steve Rogers | MCU. -loves his country but his country don't love him. -lost his parents/gf/friends. -needs a break
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