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Steve Perry

Stephen Ray Steve Perry (born January 22, 1949) is an American singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Journey during their most commercially successful periods from 1977–1987 and 1995–1998. Perry had a successful solo career between the mid 1980s and mid 1990s.

Neal Schon Arnel Pineda Gregg Rolie Jonathan Cain Pat Monahan Steve Smith Freddie Mercury Greg Rolie Aynsley Dunbar Kenny Loggins San Francisco Ross Valory

🎧 Greatest Hits Live by on song by journey you go Steve perry
Hey tonedeaf dude at the next table. You’re not Steve Perry. Also, “streetlights, people” is a profound lyric.
You must have seen the video because you are talking about the subject matter in it!
look baby liaten this song Mr.Steve Perry it's cool,nice# have a nice day we love you Fer&Emi Oh Sherrie
My source will remain unnamed but it very close to a current member of the band.
I did tell. There is a video playing on a YouTube near you!
Can you possibly turn the cap lock off?
Join me in supporting this important cause at iPetitions. We want Steve Perry to release his new album
Truth is what my channel is about. Hard truth. Steve Perry had options. The manager HE picked asked him to do one concert. He said no.
That is only part of the story, the story you know. I know more than the 16 year o…
Yes but Manager Perry handpicked advised him to do one concert in which he would d…
The whole "Men are trash." concept started with Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry being the front runners.
This has nothing to do with blaming Steve. Its what actually happened.
We all LOVE Steve Perry. Just wish he would put his album out already!!!
Cover art for where the started - Aliens vs. Predator: Prey by Steve and Stephani Perry!
Thank you hun. I am strong just have a weak spot for the girl. Miss her so much
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Go one day without saying something bad about yourself and see what happens. You're all you've got, so be kind and start lovin…
if you like me, great. if not, I won’t lose sleep over it.
My favorite moment as a Tigers fan.
Legit question: Do you think Howard will ever forgive Steve Perry of Journey fame for the Big Bird Incident of '80? Gotta know
Steve Perry replacing Robert Fleischman in Journey, Maiden & Dickinson, Halford in P…
I added a video to a playlist Steve Perry - Oh Sherrie
Steve Perry's last concert with Journey in Golden Gate Park.
Freddie Mercury was just OK to me. His voice doesn't do it for me overall. Steve Perry and Paul Rogers out skinnied and out sang.
You’ve been playing with the devil. But we can’t bring my vocal queen Steve Perry into this!
NOPE! Love is too strong of a word. He was ok. Paul Rodgers and Steve Perry were better.
Afro dance-hall singer “King Perry” riding on the success of his recently released modern highlife song...
I get U dig Fleetwood Mac, but imagine doing "Wheel in the Sky" w/ Steve Perry…
It was actually kind of weak of Perry IMO.
I had a sick Steve Perry/Journey reference for a project at work today then someone asked who Steve Perry was and it made me sad.
Wow, that's a tough one, I think it would be Steve Perry
Steve Perry is hideous and overrated in every way Neil Diamond is a treasure
I added a video to a playlist Journey's Steve Perry at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2017
Frankie still can't take her eyes off Steve Perry
You never heard of all the good things Steve Perry did for the Native Americans on the reservations. A hero to some.
Chief pilot Chuck Perry coming in for landing. . Photo by Steve Bjorling
Fun Fact: Steve Perry was friends with my mother but she didn't realized she was a long time fan oblivious of his name.
Steve Perry in Issue 3 - Issue 4 is just a few weeks away! Grab your subscription and back issues now!…
Is it okay to like but hate Steve Perry?
love journey with Steve Perry that voice amazing 👍
"Brand New Start" with David Pack and Steve Perry is a melodic beauty ❤️
Speight might believe in Grant Perry. Whatever. I believe in Steve Perry.
Positive and powerful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. - Steve Gutzler
And after Jack, it has to be Steve Perry.
The only tape trade between me & parents are eras. They are ed sheeraning & christina perri. Another side is billy joeling & steve perry.
"I have the same personality type as Napoleon, Martin Bormann, and Katy Perry" Fantastic Steve, you're why inheritance tax happens
Bout to start wearing suits everyday like I'm Steve Harvey
At least derail Steve Perry from ever joining the band. Is that really asking too much?
Frank you called it a "new regime." Only Perry is "new" it feels like Steve Mills recruited George Mikan in free ag…
When talking lead vocalists of Steve Perry dwarfs all others...just sayin' 🎤🎸🎶
Each body is unique & yet we're tied to a universal cut. Finding THAT pair is a Journey. We'll be your…
I will use the power of Steve Perry's mullet to blast you out of the stars
Here's my band out of your undrafte…
I used Shazam to discover Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry.
Remember that time Steve Perry made a new friend, Rufus, at Fan Asylum?
Steve Perry reunited with old pal Rufus at Fan Asylum in 2014.
Today is Steve Perry's birthday and he's got a message for you:
If Only For A Moment - Steve Perry . Takes me back to that "loving on borrowed times" tune 😞😞
I like Arnel Pineda better than Steve Perry. I said it.
Arnel Pineda received several racist remarks when stepping into Steve Perry's shoes after his passing.
Arnel Pineda debuted as the lead singer of Journey in Feb 2008, replacing vocal Steve Perry.
It's Jonathan Cain of Journey. No wonder Steve Perry left that train wreck of a group
Are those Ray-Ban aviators, or did Steve Perry wear reading glasses to his 1986 Chronicle photo shoot?. (📷: Chris St…
Who you like better,steve perry or the awesome philipino?
I really don't want to hear a male sing unless it's Steve Perry or Ed Sheeran (with a few exceptions)
Putting out an APB for: . Betsy DeVos . Rick Perry . Steve Mnuchin . Rex Tillerson . *** Mulvaney et. al. What unconscionable b.s. are THEY...
Saturday at the A fabulous show. Can't wait for y'all to come back sooner than soon!! "Steve Perry…
Glad for you Deen! Miss Steve Perry, I hope he is doing well.
the Star Trek version of Perry Mason! Defense played by Oliver Douglas! metvsvengoolie
Actually I think there is. They save it for Perry Mason.
I want to thank Steve Bannon for his service. He came to the campaign during my run against Crooked Hillary Clinton -…
Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at even better than ever before. Fake News nee…
why ya posting fake pics of Del Mar and stalking Steve Perry? Here's the real pic from your FB post!…
You are waiting for Steve Perry to rejoin Journey
Them trying to make Steve Perry cry was pretty great too.
2017 style icon: Steve Perry, circa, you know, the 80's.
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Looking forward to tonight The Shops at Dos Lagos! 😊. (Hoping to hear "Foolish Heart" by Steve Perry. 😉).
Steve Perry Singing 'When the Lights Go Down in the City' at 2012 World ... via
Steve Perry & 43,000 Friends NEVER 'Stop Believing' in the GIANTS - NLCS... via
Let's appreciate the musical icon that is Steve Smith
Remember Steve Perry from high school still a great song 😊
Yeah Steve Bannon was definitely an Obama sympathizer. He did resign BTW. Fools all of yo…
So Steve Bannon, Reince Preibus, etc, were Obama donors? Foster Brooks had better takes.
Still hoping gets his t-shirt back. Steve Perry, if you are listening.
At this point it has to be Rosier. I think we see Perry get some snaps throughout the season in certain packages.
Steve Elston aka Indy Best DJ to DJ today for the Deppe/Perry Wedding at the Barn at Crystal Springs Farm in Whiteland, IN
Selena Gomez, I'd love to have a quest for Steven Tyler, or Steve Perry, the original front man for Journey. Ty
Journey - Faithfully (Official Video) I love Steve Perry Good memories from de 80
Status jacking from my brother Cory Henry. Steve Bannon wasn't fired. His job was done. He sparked a...
thank u! The voices that say tenor spinto best to me are the Journey leads steve pe…
I know, right!!! Like I said earlier, I would never, ever, ever, ever just turn off a Steve Perry so…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The 80's and 90's were the golden age of music from Michael Jackson to Cyndi Lauper to Kenny Rogers to Steve Perry I wish there was a giant
3:30 comes around and im listening to Journey's greatest hits, Steve Perry is the GOAT
from - Corkscrew Falls in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio, USA | Photo by ©Steve Perry -…
would b 🙏 4 u both along with Steve Perry,Gregg Rolie,Ross V,Steve Smith to do a Gospel 💿 or Blues album 💖✌🎶
should call on Steve Perry, Greg Rolie, keep Steve Smith & put Michael Anthony on bass. Would be a bad ***
Maybe you should go find Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Prairie Prince/Aynsley Dunbar and Randy Jackson…
I want Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie to start a band.
It can be again. Make peace with Steve Perry. Do a project with him. A one-off reunion at the Super…
When I hear a classic Journey song all I see in my mind is Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Greg Rolie,Stev…
You guys look great together! You know who would look great together too? Neal Schon and Steve Perry! :P
If Steve Augeri was good enough to replace Steve Perry, Melissa McCarthy is good enough to replace Spicey.
I think Lou Gramm is a better singer than Steve Perry.
If Steve Mills and Scott Perry Trade Our Young Assets and Future Draft Picks with Carmelo Anthony to get Kryie Irvi…
Deb 'Spoons' Perry on travelling the world with cutlery in hand being Forever Young
Report: president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry want to make a splash.
No. And stop asking He's got no idea what he's talking about. Foolish Heart by Steve Perry solo IS…
You're right. Steve Perry is one of a kind. Although the guy with journey now gives him a run for his money. check him out.
Kyrie wanting to leave is like Steve perry leaving journey...yeah you'll still be good but you'd be much better with your buds
One of my all time favorites!There will never be another Steve Perry!!
. Here ya go all spun. JRNY DOESN'T DEDICATE LIGHTS it's NEAL that does. No one expected Steve…
He's as qualified as Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Jared Kushner, or Steve Bannon. The just keeps g…
As long as Steve Perry is in the mix right?? That does it for me, got…
I hate Journey because A) they're from San Francisco, and so B) get overplayed on local radio stations, and C) I loathe Steve Perry's voice.
Beaver Tails in Sauble is blasting Steve Perry like it's 1984!
Let's make this happen Scott Perry & Steve Mills!
Yes "Lights"was the 2nd song we wrote together. Patiently was the 1st both penned by Steve Perry & Neal Schon 🎤🎸🎼 https…
True. Tho I've yet to hear of a council a…
Randy Jackson who later went to Star in American Idol, Playing Bass on Tour with JOURNEY.Steve Perry-Vocals, Neil Schon G…
Night all ! Good to chat & debate important issues about Bath
In terms of contributions to economy (GVA…
Her: Do you do karaoke?. Me: I do some Journey songs. But not the Steve Perry versions. Only the Arnel Pineda versions.
Or how about council provides, cont…
Are husbands or partners not capabl…
Anyway. It's been a very interesting eve but I have…
Not that easy. Why would the Gov agree to such an a…
I wish Steve Mills, Scott Perry and the best of luck next season
And therein lies part of the problem…
LOVE THIS! LOVE HIM! And Steve Perry has better hair than me 🤣🤣
Yes & no, local gov is similar to business, c…
If I'm Scott Perry & Steve Mills, Frank Ntilikina is highkey off limits in this Kyrie deal.
What do you get when you put Steve Mills and Scott Perry together? . Steve Perry and they're singing this to Carmelo
Augeri had the soul of Steve Perry but no one has his range. No one could ever replace Steve. Just my opinion!
If there was going to be another Steve Perry, Jason Kelty would be him! Hands down
Jason Kelty "Foolish Heart" the closest thing to Steve Perry yet! via
Hey Steve I don't know if you saw the video but go to and it's under the title Or is Jason Kelty next Steve Perry
Just had my voice compared to Steve Perry. Don't know if a higher compliment exists!
Me too. I think my elderly neighbor would appreciate Steve Perry over Corey Taylor or Jimmy Hetfeld. Lol
kicked off today with plenary talk by Steve Perry on "the morphology-physiology interface at the gill".
Steve Perry the saxophone guru well done
I love Steve Perry! Bruce Springsteen and Steve Perry are my favs!
you are in the elite group of performers such as Steve Perry, David Bowie, Lou Graham, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few!
Steve Perry, Joe Perry and Katy Perry walk into a bar. All of them rub their heads, because walking into a bar is painful.
Got to get back to my city by the Bayea penned by Steve Perry & Neal Schon Greensboro NC last night. Amazing...
Just sad to see this. Neal worked his butt off to create the legacy he, Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie and Ross Valory bu…
Someone said the other day to me that when they hear me play they hear Steve Perry's voice - when I hear him sing I hea…
Journey isn't Journey without Steve Perry. Just not the same...
P.S. My fandom is Patty Jenkins' fandom fandom. The pics of her w/Steve Perry after Monster were similarly dorktast…
Steve Miller Band playing songs from when my dad was in hs, looking forward to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry playing Carb Day in about 30 years
News post: "Former Navy SEAL to Katy Perry: ‘Hold One of Your Concerts in Syria and See How That Goes’"
Saw Steve Perry in the "For The Love Of Strange Medicine" tour back in '94. Concert was in Ft. Worth and met him in…
I had a dream that I was at a Journey concert circa 1980 and Steve Perry sang 'Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin' and I was sobbing.
Aunt: Steve Harvey is a dog. Mom: Maybe he's changed. Aunt: Tyler Perry is not straight & Steve Harvey is a dog. You can't tell me otherwise
Now playing: Kenny Loggins ft. Steve Perry - Don't Fight It - Hear it now at
No. I imagined being onstage with Steve Perry and Kenny Loggins.
🔥Navy Seal tells 'no borders' Katy Perry to "go to *** ..hold a concert in Syria and see how that goes". h…
best female and male voice in rock n roll? I say Pat Benatar and Steve Perry. What do you and your listeners think?
Former Navy Seal nails it: "Go to *** Katy Perry! Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how that goes." htt…
Since we can't bring Freddie Mercury back from the dead...Journey with Steve Perry
Steve Perry at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2017
As I woke this morning, I could hear an echo of Steve Perry's voice, singing an ode to Spain in the voice of New Zealand.
Steve Perry Oh Sherrie has one of my favourite keyboard openings.
don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling! -Steve Perry
Here Dipstick. If you are going to quote Steve Perry, trying to make your point, post the entire quote. Some people.😖 http…
:( Steve Perry will forever be the Journey I love.
30 years ago today, Journey were partway through a U.S. tour but it was the last show they’d ever play with singer Stev…
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Chris Pine charms on the carpet and even more as Steve Trevor - soon you will see...💥⚔️
"Singing in Steve Perry's name"...what a cool thing to say. Remember sings in honor + reverence of the man…
Steve Perry reflects on his time with Journey - ABC News - via
Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda backstage, just before was inducted into the April 7, 2017. https:/…
Can we start talking about the real issues that's affecting Americans everyday? For example, when is Steve Perry going to…
Steve Perry, still looking fine... I do miss that hair to the first, but we gotta' keep movin'.
only asked if you were still friends with Steve perry because I have cancer and he's my idol and could you get him to txt me
he almost sounds similar to Steve Perry when he goes higher in the chorus.
"Former Navy SEAL tells Katy Perry to 'go to *** over Manchester bombing comments"
Katy Perry lectures that we need to co-exist with ISIS but she can't manage to co-exist with Taylor Swift. 🤔
Journey but only if Steve Perry is there or my personal favorite LYNYRD SKYNYRD in my radio announcer voice
This is him ranting about Ariana grande and Katy Perry "hating their fans, hating America."..
Y'all..Monique got receipts on everybody. Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Oprah, Sheryl Underwood, Steve Harvey...she not having it.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
See emotional reunion at last month! // Journey plays here 7/5:
Do not, I repeat, do not say JOURNEY unless Steve Perry is involved.
No. But Gregg Rollie to Steve Perry does. And then to Pineda.
this dude in a mobster looking suit on Family Feud just said Katy Perry is the best interviewer on TV and Steve kept calling her "Kathy"
So according to Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, Love is the answer to terrorism. So I expect them to hug any muslim bom…
Steve Perry: Lead singer to Good Charlotte.Twin of Benji Madden.Younger sibling of Sarah Madden and Josh were coming close to an HH.
Saw Cherry Poppin' Daddies in Livermore last night. Steve Perry is a terrific performer and a good guy. See them.
Steve Perry, Younha, Vanessa Amorosi... all proof that rock and good technique can coexist. Love it.
I liked a video Journey: Jonathan Cain & Ross Valory on seeing Steve Perry at Rock Hall Induction
Journey na ceremonia do Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Steve Perry no Palco junto com Gregg Rolie ,Steve Smith, Jonath…
I could hope Steve Perry would have sang that instead of you.
Great to see friend and former band mate, Steve Perry last night backstage at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction cer…
Neal Schon talks about seeing Steve Perry again at
Jonathan Cain quote"when I came to San Francisco & met Neal Schon & Steve Perry & we started to write music, it was something supernatural"
Steve Perry: "There was one instrument that flew above, that was the magic guitar of Neal Schon."
Update your maps at Navteq
Steve Perry didn’t join Journey for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance – but, just as Neal Schon...
Steve Perry didn't sing with Journey last night at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, but he did...
Steve Perry didn’t perform with Journey at after all
Steve Perry didn't perform with Journey tonight, but here's a look at current singer Arnel Pineda at the mic:
Steve Perry reunites with Journey at Rock Hall induction via
When Steve Perry hugged you Neal Schon and then said all those amazing things... Well, that must have felt very goo…
And props 2 Arnel Pineda. Ok, he's not Steve Perry. But he's living the dream of all my…
Really hope tonight gets Steve Perry back out there & on the road. One of the great rock voices ever & I missed a few chan…
Steve Perry reunites with at of Fame induction ceremony — but does not perform h…
Great to see Gregg Rolie and Aynsley Dunbar join Journey for a song last night. Steve Perry? You should have. A missed opportunity for fans.
See what happened when met from last night at the . .
I dedicated "Lights" to Steve Perry tonight ... 2nd song we ever wrote together. The place lit up
Was great seeing Steve Perry last night at the R&R Hall of Fame induction "One in a Million"
Steve Perry joins Journey on stage during induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Barclays — but doesn't sing https:/…
Arnel is that dude. Steve Perry will forever be the icon of Journey.
Also an odd situation with Journey and having Steve Perry there to sing.
. Arnel, so happy you met your idol, Steve Perry. . Congrats on your induction! . Your fans will be faith…
Steve Perry will perform with Journey tonight!
Met Snoop Dogg, met Jackson Browne, Steve Perry winked at me, listened to Alicia Keys sing acapela backstage…
Steve Perry to perform with Journey for first time in 26 years
Disappointed they didn't perform together, but this is still a cool shot! Steve Perry and Neal Schon of Journey...
And yes I cried when I saw Steve Perry and Neal Schon together.
Steve Perry giving his speech for Journey's induction at
Steve Perry gives a shoutout to from the stage! "I love you." Waves hello to him, offstage.
Steve Perry! He looks really emotional. Big ovation. "Hello, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! You sure look good to me tonight…
We have Steve Perry onstage for the Journey acceptance speech! Wild applause all around!
MLIVE:Rep for Journey says Steve Perry will not sing at Rock Hall ceremony
Steve Perry to reunite with at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. - https…
Steve Perry will perform with Journey for the first time in over 25 years at Rock Hall induction tonight
Steve Perry to Reportedly Sing With Journey Tonight at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony:
My heart melted . Steve Perry is performing with Journey at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ! ❤❤❤❤❤
Steve Perry, Journey to reunite tonight at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction
When it comes to vocals, who is tops?. 1) Freddie Mercury. 2) Steve Perry. 3) Robert Plant. 4) Elvis Presley
Oh, too bad. Used to live in Marin County. Lots of singers. Entire Huey Lewis band, Steve Perry, Bonnie…
Train's Pat Monahan gets the honor of inducting Journey. Still no word if Steve Perry is attending the ceremony.
Pat Monahan is no Steve Perry. Very upset that there is such an eff…
Train' Pat Monahan, like the rest of us, hope to see Journey reunite with Steve Perry for Rock Hall of Fame
You, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, Steve Perry, Bruce Dickinson, and Rob Halford are my fav singers!!
. Coop: I should have been gone, Steve Perry!. Remer: Dude I thought u said no more dirty psych outs
Let Steve Perry know how much you want to see him at the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame with Journey.,
Kim here is running to unseat Steve King ...
Two of the greatest voices in rock music! . Jimi Jamison of . Steve Perry of
Do I still believe Steve Perry will show @ RRHOF...Yes !!!
Time to stop believin' in Journey, Steve Perry Rock Hall reunion
Wow this is really good. I love how singers from our time have aged and mellowed
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Waiting for Fantasmic to begin, Steve Perry would be proud
Really? I was never on his back I made a statement about the constant instigating he does with the fans about Steve Perry!
I used to hate Journey. Now I can stomach them. My personal trainer is a big fan and he partially won me over. Steve Perry has a good voice
I'm not impressed by Steve Harvey . I'm not impressed by Tyler Perry . I'm not impressed by Oprah. I'm not impressed by Beyonce
What I am really missing in Steve Perry!
I have never said Neal and Arnel aren't talented they are! I am just a Steve Perry era fan!
The song of this morning... Steve Perry - "Oh Sherrie" (1984).
"Look for 1,000 points of inspiration." - Dr. Steve Perry
Learn about from Dr. Steve Perry at our first ULead Student Leadership Conference April 22!
Ppl like to clown Journey like Steve Perry couldnt sing his face off...
Don't tell me Steve Perry didn't have a great voice. Just...don't do it.
Top 10 for these two at modbury rr today. Mark perry 3rd & Steve thomas 9th.
been saying this for weeks. Dwayne Johnson has a shot too. also Tyler Perry and or Steve Harvey.
Steve Smith and Australia offered rare opportunity to take moral high ground | Sam Perry
Listening to Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry, on my Echo!
1st I never said "true fan" I said "real fan" and that was actually taken from Schon himself! I am a TRUE Steve Perry fan!
was great to hear the male bands and how the lead singer was so big a deal. My fav is Steve Perry.
How is Jay Z inducted to the but Neal Schon, Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain aren't in? That's horrible…
Add your city to the list 2016 Education Truth Tour
Steve Perry had such incredible voice...
Are there any updates on whether Steve Perry will be performing at the Rock and Roll Hall awards in Aptil?
How billionaire hedge fund titan Steve Cohen walked away from the biggest insider trading scandal in history
Steve Perry,. One of the my most favorite vocalists, he has an amazing vocal range. Also a very beautiful tone to his voice.
Me and Steve are both doing OK without eating chocolate bars,sweets, biscuits. Got a few things in now to keep us...
Adrian Sherwood will play at The Beat-Herder Festival in July alongside Lee Scratch Perry (official) and Steve...
Now Playing on Work Order Radio : Strung Out by Steve Perry . - Buy it
Steve Perry - If Only For The Moment Girlfound this Steve perry gem that I've never heard before.
Steve Perry is getting way too much respect these days.
Why is Steve Perry, oh Sherrie blocked on your jukeboxes? Not coming back until you take that off the block list, no reason for it.
listener request and : Perry, Steve (& Kenny Loggins) - Don't Fight It at
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"If Only For the Moment, Girl" - Steve Perry. Wooow, the saxophone is a killer, great voice
How a young Steve Jobs hustled Atari into sending him to India for a spiritual quest
Jesus, you're actually forcing me to vote for Steve Perry.
Steve Kerr is hinting at a Thunder reunion tonight…
"Separate Ways" plays at a stoppage. I hope this means Steve Perry is going to be here w/Journey for the RRHOF.
. it is now! Perry I'm waiting for you on Long Island! I'll come to Cali for you even tho I am…
I don't know why Melania wants to stay in NYC, instead of DC where she could hang out with Steve Bannon and Rick Perry and those cool guys.
It's one of my fave Steve perry tunes.
i love steve perry so much that i watch this video almost every day omg what a LOOK
also steve perry as king arthur's singing voice like WHAT
Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry is a top 5 song of all time. Don't @ me.
Steve Perry: "Winter is here again, Oh Lord". Me: "Havent been home in a year or moree. I hope she holds on a little longerrr…
UM Bicentennial Student Research Team sharing their research with Dr. Steve Perry at the Charles H. Wright Museum of…
Happy birthday, Steve Perry! Check out why he's one of the 100 greatest singers of all time https…
I can't believe Steve Perry invented singing in 1977
It seems like everyone wants Steve Perry to be back in Journey, except Steve Perry
Our friend has apparently reached out to Steve Perry about a reunion!
Tom didn't look like Steve Perry then, nor does he look like Steve Perry now, but if you win the Steve Perry Look...
Re: Aliens series. You gents ever read the Earth Hive series by Steve Perry? Reading it as a teenager terrified me.
"OK, his voice has dropped a bit, but whose hasn't? So yeah, I'll keep my fingers crossed. We all love Steve...".
Ty you all for following glad to have my fellow journey and Steve Perry lovers following
I heard Steve Perry say he was a drummer
Welcome sista! From all around the world.. Ain't no shame in my game... I love Steve Perry and Don't care WHO knows…
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