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Steve Nash

Stephen John Steve Nash, OC, OBC (born 7 February 1974) is a South African-born Canadian professional basketball player who plays point guard for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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I've always admired about the skill & unselfishness of Steve Nash! ❤️ Definitely 1 of the best point guards ever. Wish he could've got a 💍
Talking about Trump:. Jimmy Fallon: Shut up and entertain me. Steve Nash: Shut and play basketball. Kid Rock: OMG SENATOR!
Tell that to Steve Nash who's been doing that for decades.
Yes. Derrick Rose was going to be the Steve Nash or Jason Kidd of the 2010's in the sense of playoff success
Get out while u can. Don't end up used and broken like Steve Nash.
Steve Nash should just come back lol
Check out Cycle Strength class @ Steve Nash Fitness World w/ Dawn! ..great class and really good sweat..…
What if dirk and Steve Nash stayed together (what if mike korzemba followed me bacc)
Steve Nash coaching for the Suns. That be awesome.
Steve Nash has vision not only on the court...
need to bring the Kobe memes back out cus now he's carrying Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.
Yeah y’all worse than us and then y’all players just get kicked off the team. Y’all miss Steve Nash
It wasn't the first time for the Suns. In 1996-97, Phoenix had 3 all-star point guards: Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, and Steve Nash
Check out this article from azcentral: Next Phoenix Suns coach? Some candidates to replace Earl Watson
Best thing the Suns have did was help Steve Nash make another 30 mil he didn’t have to even play for. Smh
“He’s excited for me and excited for the organization.” Interim Head Coach Jay Triano on talking to Steve Nash
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.says the Phoenix Suns are a mess that requires a bold solution: Steve Nash https:/…
it’s been 5 years since my favorite failed “super team” Steve Nash, Kobe, and Howard lmao
Lonzo Ball on LaVar's crazy comments, Brandon Ingram, working out with Steve Nash, his NBA adjustment and much more: ht…
I had no idea you looked like a combination of Zach Lowe and Steve Nash
Lonzo Ball says he worked out with Steve Nash and Kevin Durant this summer.
Nas and Steve Nash in the same week? I wasn't routing for the Ball's to fail but I am now
A reminder: by advanced shooting metrics Steve Nash is one of the most accurate players in NBA history
Steve Nash should get two more MVP's.
I know you prob dc lol, but my prediction for Mavs Starting 5:. PG: Steve Nash. SG: Michael Finley. SF:…
If it's historically by position, for the Suns:. PG - Steve Nash. SG - Walter Davis. SF - Shawn Marion. PF - Charles B…
Steve Nash looks like the guy who refuses to back down in a staring contest with a stranger at a family restaurant
Some people don't understand how filthy Steve Nash was
I got to see Steve Nash and Scott Brooks so it wasn't all bad. But when the doc shifted to his mom talki…
Just bought a Steve Nash and Chris Webber j
I'm gonna get a Steve Nash fan on yo *** tell him what's up
(2012) Never forget when Steve Nash got traded to LA and saw fans driving next to him that gave him a beer while STILL…
If You could combine Steve Nash with Steph Curry and Allen Iverson you would get Lonzo Ball
Steve Nash was beautiful back in the day
Mark Cuban is an *** Just put Dirk 3 times and maybe throw Steve Nash or Jason Kidd up there
Steve Nash just looks like he enjoys soccer, and meth.
He’s a better passers than Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd?
I remember Steve Nash was one of the most vociferous critics of the ball.
Chris Paul and Steve Nash are the best point guards I've seen in my lifetime
Steve Nash plz follow me u were my childhood hero in NBA 2k12 I always played as u and wanted to b…
Better offseason than the year Joe Johnson , Steve Nash , Dwight and all them moved
Will Chris Paul have the same impact as Steve Nash if not better under D'antoni? I think so
The best version of the Suns under D'Antoni was when Steve Nash and Joe Johnson were in backcourt together. Very similar.
ldk how I forgot that Mike D'Antoni had Steve Nash and Joe Johnson on the same team and made that work back then so it can be done
Fun fact. Phoenix & D'Antoni was most successful with Joe Johnson & Steve Nash. Johnson split the PG duties at times & Nash…
Chris Paul is running an offense that made Steve Nash a 2 time mvp. look out NBA
Chris Paul is headed down the same road as Steve Nash did
Me and Gill was looking like Steve Nash and Stoudemire on that pick & roll lol
Guys I'd like to see in the Big 3 . Kevin Garnett . Paul Pierce . Ray Allen . Steve Nash . Derek Fisher . Mo Williams . And obviously Kobe Bryant
Lakers GM Rob Pelinka on why they drafted Lonzo Ball, with mentions of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash &…
Greatest 5 Pgs of All Time who you got? . 1. Bob Cousy. 2. John Stockton. 3. Tony Parker. 4. Jason Kidd. 5. Steve Nash
is it me or does Steve Nash voice sounds like Bret Hart
CanCan in trade: PHI got LAL pick from PHO (Tyler Ennis in that deal), which they got for Steve Nash. They got SAC pick in Nik Stauskas deal
Steve Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire each won a ring this week! (Nash is a player development consultant for Warriors.)
Currently or will be by end? I'd say Curry, Chris Paul, JKidd, AI, Steve Nash, Oscar Roberts…
Steve Nash finally gets his 💍. The former MVP served as a player development consultant for the Warriors.
Former Phoenix Suns great Steve Nash is finally an NBA champion - ABC15 Arizona (blog)
Zaza pachulia has one more ring than Steve Nash. My hate for the warriors burns ever brighter
Steve Nash had a 23 assist to 3 turnover game in the playoffs vs the lakers in 2007. That is just down right disgusting
Thinking about grabbing that authentic Steve Nash jersey off Mitchell and Ness because it's $210, originally down from $300
Smh, Steph Curry is ahead of Steve Nash & John Stockton on this list. How?!?
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This *** got Dwight at 27 and got Steve Nash behind Chris Paul. Dumb af
Id rather build around Steve Nash than Chris Paul but I do think Paul is the better overall player.
The Chris Paul veto, Steve Nash injuries, Dwight Howard turning *** the Mike D hire over Phil all robbed Kobe of his second wind period
With that being said I view Lebron as a point guard like Chris Paul or Steve Nash who can just score a…
To be fair, Chris Paul has 11 seasons (out of 11) with a greater PER than Steve Nash's first MVP season…
So would you agree Kyle Lowry is better than Steve Nash and Chris Paul is better than Magic Johnson
We are presenting you the sound of Berlin! Don't forget to check out new tunes from Sven Tasnadi, Steve Nash and...
Steve Nash never got the appreciation he deserved. . . 👀👌🏼
So. Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol...Let me just stop before I crush your championship dreams.
Jason Williams and Steve Nash legitimately have 8 eyes dawg. LeBron just has two very good eyes 😭
Magic, Oscar, John Stockton, AI, JKidd, Chris Paul, Steve Nash. He isn't even the second best PG of his generation 😂 h…
Danny Green passed John Starks and Steve Nash for 21st all-time in playoff 3-pointers.
This is Ty. He needs a home. He is at Miami Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, FL call Steve Nash a…
Deep Shooters 2 Packs now available! Cards such as Diamond Tracy McGrady, Steve Nash, and more will boost outside scoring…
I saw Andre 3000 eating a sandwich in his car in Whole Foods parking lot. That's way more relevant than seeing Steve Nash play soccer in NYC
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Let me do it like this:. 1. Magic Johnson . 2. Steve Nash. 3. John Stockton. 4. Allen Iverson. 5. Chris Paul
Yeah cus he didn't have guys like Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Jason Terry or Josh Howard?
Wait people really think Steve Nash is better than Chris Paul 😐
Steve Nash is lightyears better than Chris Paul. Chris Paul could NEVER. Don't let them stats fool you
What does Steve Nash do on a basketball court better than Chris Paul?
Steve Nash is highly overrated and it makes me want to fight when people say he's better than Chris Paul
Couldn't y'all had Chris Paul running the point for the 00's? Or even Steve Nash? AI's not a point guard
Kobe should have one instead of Steve Nash yes but…
Bill Simmons thinks Chris Paul is worse than Steve Nash, Isiah Thomas, and Bob Cousy. Hilarious.
I'll never understand how the whole Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire era suns never made it to the finals. They had players at each position
Y'all said Kobe didn't win MVP over Steve Nash because his team wasn't a Top 5 seed . But Westbrook team not even…
Steve Nash only had 1 offer out of high school: Santa Clara. Turned himself into a 1st round pick, 8 time allstar and 2 time…
James Harden, LeBron James & John Wall all eclipsed Steve Nash's record for assists on 3-pointers in a single season. ht…
I only started watching basketball in like 2008, so I wasn't attached to KG, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd etc etc
This all falls back on Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Thanks also to Jim buss and Mitch Kupchak 👍
Russell needs to win MVP over Harden for the ppl still salty that Kobe lost MVPs to Steve Nash & Tim Duncan because they had better records
Steve Nash won the MVP in 04-05. runner up: Shaq. 3rd: Dirk. 4th Tim Duncan. 5th: Iverson
Steve Nash breaks down the MVP race.
Might solve the mystery of Nash playing pick up games: Is it Steve Nash or James Blunt saying he has nex…
Steve Nash can be a Vlade Divac Memorial Honorary Sixer because he's responsible for the Lakers pick.
On what planet was Steve Nash more valuable then Kobe Bryant that year? Think about LA without him! Mihm, Kwame, Lamar, Luke
"..two guys I idolized and wanted to morph together to bring that into my style: Reggie Miller and Steve Nash. "
'06 Steve Nash, point guard, carried Tim Thomas Boris Diaw Shawn Marion and Raja Bell to the conference finals
Mario charmers and Noris Cole have more rings than Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. Charmers & Cole > Nash & Kidd
transfers really hurt the small/Cinderella teams. You dont see Steve Nash playing at Santa Clara or Curry at Davidson.
Kobe Bryant has just one NBA MVP award. . Steve Nash and Steph Curry have won it twice.
Tyler Ulis is the 1st rookie to record at least 12 PTS and 12 AST in a game since Steve Nash in 1996.
Yeah. The guy who thought it was wise to get rid of Tyson Chandler. He also didn't want to pay Steve Nash. Brilliant.
Suns trainers got Grant Hill and Steve Nash healthy and somehow let a Brandon Knight ankle and Tyson Chandler ankle…
he had Jeremy Lin looking like the second coming of Steve Nash lol
Steve Nash with the frosted tips and Dirk with the young Aaron Carter flow.
I'm not over the '96 NBA draft when the Dubs took Todd Fuller 2 picks before Kobe and 4 before, local boy, Steve Nash.
Ray Allen . Kyle Korver . Steve Nash. Peja Stojakovic . Brent Barry. Mike Miller . - Players who are 10x better than Curry shooting 3's. Tbh
Ever seen Steve Nash, D-Wade, Jordan, Lillard, Barkley, and Dominique in the same photo?. You're welcome.…
Coaches: If you want to be great in pick-and-roll, your guards must have, as Steve Nash says, a "solution" for every PN…
thought that was old school Steve Nash. Click bait.
Jia Morado is the Steve Nash of UAAP volleyball. Jasmine Nabor, the John Stockton.
My boy Harrison Wells be playing like negative net worth Steve Nash lol
27 is the standard for guards. I think Steve Nash and Delonte West have the record of 32 baseline touches in that drill.
in terms of fun to watch, prob Pete Maravich. Magic Johnson & Steve Nash also great. LeBron is incredible too, in a diff way
Check out the video of him explaining quantum computing. Also, Cory Joseph, Andrew Wiggins and (partly) Steve Nash.
Kobe Bryant throws it down on future teammate and MVP Steve Nash. (2006)
the one with Amare and Josh Snith and Steve Nash was nice too
Kyle Korver is my inner basketball spirit outside of Jason Williams and Steve Nash
Steve Nash is a poor mans Jason Williams
Steve Nash in the building chatting with Mike Brown, his former head coach briefly for the Lakers (also: lefty Ron…
visuals bout to be on some 2003 Jason Kidd, 2004 Steve Nash, 1988 Mark Price
Steph Curry has as many career games with 7 made 3s as Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash and Gilbert Arenas combined.
Eric Bledsoe is 1st Suns player to record at least 40 points and 10 assists in a game since Steve Nash in 2006.
Steve Nash went to LA with Kobe and Dwight Howard 🤔
KD's free agency move the same as LeBron's? Steve Nash thinks so.
Kevin Durant interview transcript: On his bond with Steve Nash...
Steve Nash sees some similarities in LeBron and Durant’s free agency🤔
Steve Nash doesn't know what he's saying.. Boston had 4 all-stars with KG Pierce Allen and Rondo
Steve Nash coached it up today with pro basketball player Luke Evans & his bro Neil Evans!…
don't ever @ me again Shaw cross eyed came from the weed Steve Nash got duffed in the head
like kobe surpassing Ray Allen, A.I., Steve Nash, T-Mac & etc. D'Angelo will do the same to his peers
Out of curiosity between Chris Paul and Steve Nash who has the better career PAAC and single season PAAC?
Steve Nash has better career 2 point, and effective field goal %. Chris Paul only has defensive edge.
no way. Steve Nash is a way better shooter than Chris Paul. Paul is better because of defense. Don't downgrade nash though
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Steve Nash? And I agree that Paul is better than Payton by this point.
Tony Parker better than Chris Paul tho so he better than Steve Nash too 👐🏾
Matt Flynn, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Steve Nash's last season in LA are the OGs tho
Does not surprise me, George Hill is shooting better than MVP Steve Nash with slightly more volume to boot.
Steve Nash does it again this time with HYDRO QUEBEC way to go Steve!
Fantasy players: Remember how Steve Nash's career took off in Mike D'Antoni's system? Now it's James Harden's…
Just found out Jason Kidd and Steve Nash played on the same team..
I try to penetrate the lane like Steve Nash, pass like Jason Kidd, and ha...
Unlike most all time greats, Dirk had no great players. Dirks best player:. Steve Nash. In 4 Seasons. 15.7 PPG 7.3 AST .420 FG%…
Imagine Tim Dirk Pierce Ray Allen & Steve Nash on the Lakers after 2010. Multiple three peat
no one said great. He said better. Not great. and Steve Nash has injuries through his career. Is he not great?
Kevin Durant shooting around at practice with his rebounder, the great Steve Nash. .
Steve Nash and Jason Williams gotta be figments of our imagination
Steve Nash says could be best team in NBA history [San Francisco Chronicle]
Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, all retired in the same year; the year before, Steve Nash. Time eats everything.
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made one in 1983 starring Eric Fryer & Robert Duval. It won a Genie Award. Another in 2005. 2010 a documentary by Steve Nash
Gabbert is the most accurate bounce passer in the league. Steve Nash would approve
What's the point of putting the 02 mavs and 05 suns on 2k without STEVE NASH?! STEVE NASH!
That's how the great bassist Gerald Johnson (Steve Miller, Crosby stills Nash, Carl Wilson ) plays
Who's your favorite PG of all time ?? Mine Steve Nash
💻 switching from nba2k8 to nba2k16 and Steve and I are totally out of touch...who's the modern day Steve Nash?
This is important. We all need Milos in our lives again. Can't tell if that's Teodosic or Steve Nash
Steve Nash, one of the best passer ever, doing pick/roll drills with Steph Curry via
You should always want your coach to be critical. It gives you an opportunity to learn and to overcome adversity. – Stev…
Suns top aide Jay Triano fits naturally from Earl Watson and Steve Nash relationships and a team similar to Blazers.
I'm kinda disappointed that NBA 2K17 doesn't have Steve Nash and Moses Malone anymore...
yet Allen Iverson still took over 7000 more shots than Steve Nash...
Steve Nash also played 50 more games
But that's a debate I'd love to have. Who's on the list? Tiny Archibald, Isiah Thomas, Spud Webb, Muggsy Bogues, Steve Nash and
Obama dressed like the old man at the park that think he Steve Nash with the passes and they always turnovers
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jus off the dome... Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Lebron James, and tbh, can't think of a 5th. no order
😂😂😂 I only hate Roddy white, use to be Kaep but not no more, Steve Nash, Dwight heauxWard and Karl Malone
Mario Chalmers is also better than Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, and Harden
I hollered SO LOUD. Reminded me of that magazine cover with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash on it for some reason 😂
Steve Nash divorced his ex wife after their 3rd baby came out mixed race,people ddnt knw if the baby was Jay Richardson or Leandro Barbosa:(
Don't get me wrong, there are role model athletes for sure. Aaron Rodgers, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, Andrew McCutchen, etc...good dudes
Dwight had Skip and Jameer Nels in Orlando.. went to LA Steve Nash played 1 game.. then he had Pat Beverly thee worst Offensive PG in the A
I bet y'all ain't know Vince Carter made more 3s than Kobe, Peja Stojakovic, , Steve Nash, and Dirk Nowtizki in his career 🤔
[DailyMail] Steve Nash calls 1996 NBA Draft 'a special class, definitely in the top three of all time' in int...
It is very odd that Amar’e Stoudemire retired as a New York Knick. It was also odd when Steve Nash retired as a Los Ang…
Steve Nash makes every point guard before him look like watery ***
Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, and Vince Carter shouldve got a ring
18) Kobe dunking on his future teammate, Steve Nash
FOX Sports - - James Harden compared himself to Steve Nash in pitch to free agents
Suns should bring back Steve Nash, Amare, and Raja Bell 😌
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🙌🏽 now let's bring back Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, and Boris Diaw
all not on mavs. . 1. Steve Nash . 2. Jason Kidd . 3. Shawn Marion . 4. Jason Terry. 5. Josh Howard
did he not draft Michael Finley, and Steve Nash
[on Steve Nash's raging technical foul] He's certainly getting his money's worth. He dropped at least 8 F bombs on there.
Hello BollyX! Join us and Steve Nash in Central Plaza every Thurs morning at 10:30 for a free work out dance class.
Steve Nash on Kevin Durant joining GSW: "It's great. He made the move that was best for him. He saw an opportunity to win at Golden State."
No one was scared of past prime Gary Payton, Karl Malone, KG, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Steve Nash
Remember when Steve Nash and Dwight came to LA? Turned out pretty well.
The last NBA roster with two regular season MVPs: The 2013-14 Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.
Steve Nash didn't hit his prime with us, j Kidd was out of his prime, and you should be embarrassed for bring up Vince in this
Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd... You're right, they were stars at the time, but at some point they were.
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