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Steve McManaman

Steven McManaman (born 11 February 1972) is a retired English footballer who played as a midfielder, winger and playmaker.

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him and Steve McManaman, absolute bellends!! 🙄😂
Steve mcmanaman and Michael Owen could send me to sleep
Listening to Steve mcmanaman talking about Liverpool moving forward and fans being excited , at Arsenal we are the polar opposite
Steve McManaman on commentary is the best.
BT really do spoil us with their pundits and commentators. Who doesn't want to listen to Owen Hargreaves and Steve McManaman all night?!
Villarreal won't have heard a noise like that before according to Steve McManaman... They play once a year at the Nou Camp and Bernabeu. 🙄🙄🙄
"Villarreal have never experienced noise like this". Steve Mcmanaman is a right mug.
Yes Steve Mcmanaman little ol Villarreal who regularly play in the Nou camp and Bernabeu have never experienced a stadium like Anfield..😂
they're a poor team, even Steve Mcmanaman said this, he got a lot of stick for telling the absolute truth!!!
Moreno "I want to be a left wing forward". Klopp "your a Lb". Moreno "no I'm not iv changed my name to Steve Mcmanaman"
Man City get Rio Ferdinand analysing. Liverpool get Michael Owen and Steve McManaman. 🙈
Steve McManaman and Michael Owen. Could they get 2 bigger *** ?
steve mcmanaman thinks that Villarreal are a pub team
Ah brilliant we're definitely out now Michael Owen and Steve McManaman have jinxed us both saying we will comfortably go through 😔😔
Two of the most shaggiest commentators every on & Steve Mcmanaman 🙄
Dear Why do City get Rio Ferdinand, and liverpool get Steve McManaman and Michael Owen, who is paid by as an ambassador?
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My dad reckons Steve McManaman looks like a nonce
Has Steve mcmanaman ever had a haircut ?
Why is Steve Mcmanaman allowed to pundit Liverpool games all the time.. Almost as biased as Graeme Souness
Two liverpool legends as pundits on BT Sport tonight covering the match. City get Rio Ferdinand and Steve Mcmanaman
Steve McManaman is still your dad, just so you know.
Steve McManaman analysing Liverpool. I much preferred him playing Curly Watts in Coronation St.
Steve Mcmanaman, what a tool. must be struggling for pundits?!?. Worst commentary team I've eve…
I believe that leaves Peter Kay, Dr Dre, Steve McManaman and Johnnie Herbert as the only famous people still alive.
When your girl friend mistakes Steve McManaman for Michelle McManus 😂😂😂
Steve McManaman says he's surprised by the empty seats at the Etihad. He does remember playing for Man City, doesn't he?
Ran into a mate. Shook his hand and asked him how he was. Only just realised now that I had never met him and it was Steve…
Michael Owen or Steve McManaman. Like choosing whether you'd prefer to drown or be set on fire.
Surprised Steve McManaman has enough words left to work tonight. Used about a year's worth for Barca v Atletico.
Steve McManaman: "You can't have super Zidane on the paper on Sunday and then not say anything today."
Steve McManaman: "The whole team should be lambasted and Zinedine Zidane will take a hit."
Steve McManaman: "Danilo was terrible. But Marcelo, Ramos & Pepe, who played well on Saturday, go out and turn out perform…
Steve McManaman: "Marcelo walks across with his arms behind his back for Wolfsburg's second goal and Arnold gets two yards…
Roman Weidenfeller caught the eye of Steve McManaman and Owen Hargreaves
Real Madrid literally downed tools... they defended like Under 10 schoolboys, blasts ... -
Liverpool legend drools over 'world-class' saves by Weidenfeller STEVE McMANAMAN and Owen…
Steve McManaman: "It seems like Zidane just prays on the sidelines that they get it together. It looks as if they just fre…
Steve McManaman: "'It was like schoolboy defending against Wolfsburg, Under 10s or Under 12s defending."
Steve McManaman: "Defensively, Danilo & Marcelo were all over the place. Pepe & Ramos looked like they hadnt played with e…
Steve McManaman on the BT panel for R Madrid match. But has anyone ever seen him and Curly Watts in the same room?
I am more biased towards Nicole Matthews than Steve McManaman is biased towards Liverpool.
That Saurez goal appears to have turned Steve McManaman into Jim Royle. As grating as *that* Gary Neville sex noise.
Steve Mcmanaman flogging a dead horse here. Talking like its the first time weve never closed down a team. Try watching us every week pal
David Platt, Sol Campbell, Paul Scholes, Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp & Robbie Fowler will play in the England vs Germany legends match.
Doesn't even matter about winning the cup in a way, I'm just glad Caballero did mint because it's proved Steve McManaman wrong.
Daniel Sturridge starts for Liverpool, Willy Caballero in goal for Man City: Ex-Liverpool star Steve McManaman...
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if we're talking off the pitch then how about Martin O'Neill, Steve McManaman, Danny Murphy (all Irish too!)
Exclusive: Steve McManaman reveals how can avoid another 4-1 thrashing.
Exclusive: Steve McManaman reveals how Man City can beat Liverpool in the Capital…
With us today, in the studio, plus Steve McManaman joins us and Frank Stapleton 'Re-Focuses'! Tune in:
Full time. Steve McManaman concludes that Barcelona are 'the team to beat'.
Steve McManaman is harder to listen to that Yes, I did just say that. Chewing gum for the ears.
Jesus Christ, Steve McManaman's commentary is killing this match.
I can hear whispers of Jamie Redknapp, Danny Murphy, Steve McManaman et al.
Steve McManaman is the only good commentator.
Steve mcmanaman is almost as bad as Michael Owen at punditry
Reckon you could go to a pub select a random drunk with basic football knowledge and they'd be a better co-commentator than Steve McManaman.
Genuinely think Steve McManaman is a worse commentator than Owen! BT sport really need to sort it out
Inspired commentary from Steve Mcmanaman."That's what he should do, kick the ball past Ramos and run faster than him" ffs!
Steve McManaman s advice "kick the ball past him and then run quicker than your opponent" Genius advice
Steve McManaman spouting 'Real Madrid can't defend' they've limited Roma to 1 shot on goal all game in a CL knockout away game...
can you settle a debate. Is Michael Owen or Steve mcmanaman commentating on the game between Roma and Real Madrid
Steve Mcmanaman shouldn't be allowed to commentate on Real Madrid or Liverpool games
Steve McManaman's years of living in Spain paying dividend as he commentates on tonight's game. Ahh-mez Rod-re-gez
it's Steve Mcmanaman not savage lol
Steve McManaman on BT Sport talking about Carvajal making a tackle last season "in Juventus." Commentary so bad...
Cant believe how much costs and their commentators are darren fletcher and steve mcmanaman. Both embarrassingly awful.
Steve McManaman has a touch of the Andy Townsend about him as a summariser.
Tell Steve McManaman to take that *** out his mouth, can't hack listening to him much longer
Steve McManaman shouldn't be allowed to commentate on football scouse wanker
Someone has taught Steve McManaman how to pronounce Lucas Digne's name correctly since the first half. That's pretty cool.
Sort this mess out . Steve Mcmanaman is dreadful as a commentator
Potential flooding in Rome due to Steve Mcmanaman commentating
can someone get Steve McManaman a new pair of underpants after that Real goal. ***
Oh dear Steve McManaman sounds bitter as anything when talking about Ronaldo . Said "HUGE deflection " about 15 times about the Ronaldo Goal
Steve McManaman is officially the best football man on telly
Love Steve McManaman making "balls into in the wrong area" sound like crosses going from Rome to an Ottoman Empire secession state
The irony that BT sport are struggling with communications 😂😂😂 That said I'd rather have Gary Lineker commentate than Steve M…
Michael Owen, Robbie Savage and now Steve mcmanaman behind the mic, come on, you could get better quality than this
I know, Steve McManaman has been terrible!
Only 1 complaint, can we have a Roma supporter on commentary for second half after fanzone with Steve McManaman
Steve McManaman's commentary on this game is laughable, almost as bad as Salah's control when he has to dribble for more than two touches!
As if the Roma v Real Madrid game isn't bad enough, every now and again Steve McManaman pipes in with some garbled whining.
Not that keen on Steve McManaman commentary. get in
Who allowed Steve McManaman to be a commentator he's horrific
Steve McManaman really has one of the best names in football.
So we have a choice of Steve Mcmanaman or Robbie Savage tonight. Unbelievable!! Sky sports pisses all over BT sport!!!
"Once the assistant raises his flag the ref has to act" - Steve McManaman. Ermmm... No he doesn't, ever heard of advantage Steve?!?
Please get rid of Steve mcmanaman he is absolute dog poo so is Owen
Steve Mcmanaman doing anybody else's head in?
Steve McManaman is so far up Real Madrid's *** it's unbelievable
I love how Steve Mcmanaman calls Szczesny "Chesney". Makes me think he's a goalkeeper born and bred in Yorkshire
Steve McManaman has given up on pronouncing Wojciech Szczesny's name correctly and is literally just calling him 'Chesney' 😂😂😂
"Clear your lines and get up the field!" says Steve McManaman. Am I watching Roma v Real Madrid or a Sunday League game?
Press the red button for no Steve mcManaman. Pay another 50 euro to mute Michael Owen for the season. Could work
Something about the idea of Ian Wright, Clare Balding and Steve McManaman cozying up on the sofa together is really disturbing me just now
Those guys really need to explain why Ian Wright, Steve McManaman and Clare Balding live in a house together.
Call me cynical but I don't believe Clare Balding, Steve Mcmanaman and Ian Wright have 'movie night' together.
I thought Roy Keane and Scholsie would have made it on the continent. Steve McManaman made it.
waddle was a fab player. Mine are John Barnes, Steve McManaman n Sol Campbell
Steve McManaman gives Wayne Rooyne the man of the match award.
Steve McManaman at Man City - makes Charles and Di look committed
From Jay-Jay Okocha to Steve McManaman: Here's our best Bosman signings XI.
Driver on the DLR just turned round to me and told me how im the spitting image of Steve Mcmanaman.
The more I see of Ryan Kent the more convinced I am that he could make the grade at Reminds me of Steve Mcmanaman.
Just took the 50mins from Notting Hill to Holborn on the central line the. Saw a Steve McManaman lookalike absolutely melting down there.   10% Off
We will not peacefully stand by and allow you to succeed with civilization jihad on our soil.
That's running out of his goal wildly, not punching Steve McManaman in the face
Steve McManaman always looked like he needed a pasty to give him more energy.
First time canning went well I think.
Remember when Steve McManaman went the match in fancy dress decorated as Inspector Gadget.
Exactly. Steve McManaman isn't because he learnt Spanish.
FLASHBACK: United 0-0 City (November 2004) - Stephen Jordan and Steve McManaman try to win back the ball.
Don't disrespect the gawd Steve Mcmanaman like that. lol oh wow that 3-0 really hurt didn't it?
it's probably not Ruud Gullit. So I go for Steve McManaman.
I blame Steve McManaman for this situation I've found myself in once again
Steve McManaman: Klopp will have to perform miracles to get into the top four -
Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman claimed new manager Jurgen Klopp would be a “miracle worker” if he...
Steve McManaman highlights what was most frustrating about Liverpool's Europa League draw...
Jurgen Klopp will be a 'miracle worker' if he guides Reds anywhere near top four, says Steve McManaman .
Liverpool legend McManaman frustrated by Rubin Kazan showing: Steve McManaman has on...
It's to Steve McManaman and in for today's Goal of the Day...
I have a vivid memory of a guy called Steven Baker marking a sure Steve McManaman out of a game once.
'The fact he's entered the field shows he's not injured' cheers Steve McManaman 😂👍
Steve McManaman just compared Pedro to Jesus Navas... Completely different players
7 is a great number for - Kenny Dalglish, Nigel Clough, Steve McManaman, Vladimir Smicer, Harry Kewell, Luis Suarez & now James Milner
I thought Andy Townsend was a useless commentator but Steve Mcmanaman takes the *** Utter useless clown, why employ him?!
Who doesn't like a fresh cup of Steve Mcmanaman in the morning ☕️
Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Jamie Redknapp ahead of the 1996 FA Cup final.
Gareth Bale should not give up at Real Madrid yet, says Steve McManaman
Sorry but Bob Ley > Rob Stone and Ian Darke and Steve McManaman > Anybody Else
Did you know: Steve McManaman has more Championship medals than Christiano ?
Owen Hargreaves, David James and Steve McManaman claimed United would`nt make top 4 this year. well. get well soon boys
Michael Owen talks like Jake Humphrey, Paul Scholes and Steve McManaman are all his university housemates
You're knocking Thierry when Michael Owen and Robbie Savage & Steve McManaman exist as commentators/pundits?
Steve McManaman is fast becoming the new Andy Townsend of football punditry
When did Steve McManaman start looking like Marco Pierre White?
The awkward moment when Steve Mcmanaman bad mouths Shaun Wright-Phillips in front of Ian Wright
Steve McManaman with some good Real Madrid chat at uni today...
Brilliant to hear from Steve McManaman at uni today
Was great meeting Steve McManaman today, really good guy and undoubtedly a class footballer
Today I interviewed my boyhood idol, Steve McManaman, at my office I've had worse days at work.
Great guest speaker session with Steve McManaman today! Absolute privilege to meet him!⚽️⚽️
Had a great brilliant conversation with Steve McManaman after his guest speaker session about Gazza
Imagine if Steve McManaman had played for Real against MUFC and his Liverpool links were ignored?
Great guest speaker session from Steve McManaman ⚽ 🙌
So today I got high fived by a guest speaker for being a Wycombe fan and just got a photo with Steve McManaman. Thank you 🙌
Great way to wrap a brilliant day of guest speakers: Steve McManaman. @
We're delighted for & legend Steve McManaman to be delivering a guest lecture at UCFB right now!
Looking forward to hearing from Steve Mcmanaman, not many who have played for both
Really excited to hear from Steve McManaman later
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Really looking forward to hearing from Steve McManaman today at ⚽️🙌
imagine how old you are if you remember Robbie Fowler, and Steve Mcmanaman as teenagers...
Steve McManaman as a guest speaker tomorrow will be class
Looking forward to Steve McManaman as our guest speaker tomorrow ⚽️
In the past hour, I have read the adjective "coltish" applied to both Audrey Hepburn and Steve McManaman
if he does that then Steve McManaman was a better finisher than u! 😝😉
.Cheers for the follow, big fan of your output. Did some words on the glory of mid-90s McManaman here
Paul Scholes & Steve McManaman join on the sofa. All the post-match reaction now.
Steve McManaman is becoming Rod Hull, isn't he . .
Steve McManaman, Yacine Brahimi & all feature in our weekly birthday preview.
lays into Steve McManaman for dressing like Inspector Gadget! Brilliant watch!
Steve Mcmanaman: "Ayoze Perez is the bargain of the season."
I see Worzel Gummidge has got his Steve Mcmanaman head on tonight!
With my old mate Steve McManaman, great catch up @ West Ham Upton Park
it's not every scouser to play for us. Mike Marsh, Phil Boersma, Steve McManaman, Jordan Rossiter, Howard Gayle, Flanagan.
. Steve McManaman gives his view on the Steven Gerrard situation during yesterday's Agree? .
David James and Steve McManaman swapped hands here or what?
THANK YOU LEGEND STEVEN GEORGE GERRARD FOR 17 WONDERFUL YEARS 💜 "My final message is for the people who make Liverpool Football Club the greatest in the world - the supporters. It has been a privilege to represent you, as a player and as captain. I have cherished every second of it and it is my sincere wish to finish this season and my Liverpool career on a high." - SG. Had tears while reading the above. You are a Great Man SG. To show My Sincere Respect for You, My Profile and Cover Photos wil be of You till You Officially leave Us. My Favourite Player of all time in the World is Joseph Kevin Keegan, the reason why I have been Supporting My Beloved LFC. For the first time in 41 years, Steven George Gerrard, You will be My Joint Favourite Player of all time in the World. The Best Compliment I could give You Legend. SG, You are a Class Act and on a league of Your own. The word Legend is not enough to describe You. There have been Legends in the history of World Football and I feel You are the Legend amo ...
"They(Owen & Steve Mcmanaman) left to test themselves in Spain when they were in their prime and, as a result, are no longer loved."-Carra
i know i know,Steve Mcmanaman and Xabi Alonso's beard should be in there aswell,i've mucked it right up!
I dislike Gerrard but it doesn't compare with the amount of hate i have towards Steve McManaman. He is so up his own hole. 😡
Just bellowed at Steve McManaman that he is my favourite ever player at a Manchester ice rink. He looked suitably scared/disbelieving.
Just seen Steve McManaman in Manchester, looked like he was in a rush!
Highlight of the day is definitely holding the door open for Steve Mcmanaman at Harvey nicks
Steve McManaman has just been heckled 'You scouse *** in town and there are nowt he could do about it. Priceless.
Steve McManaman might come back to lead the team. Save the day Steve.
That was ace. Everyone interviewed looked like a devastated 10 year-old Steve McManaman.
SHHh!. "The other night I was invited out for a night with the 'girls'. I told my husband that I would be home...
fowler owen steve mcmanaman all prior to these guys devastated me when going! Gerrard i think will be the worse IF TRUE! 😢😢 XX
Back when Lex & Iona went to the same barbers as Robbie Savage and Steve McManaman.
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Got to say Owen,just because he isn't blatantly biased like Steve McManaman
Credit to Steve Mcmanaman when he said they shouldn't be talking about anything other than a great Tottenham performance today.
Steve McManaman is like a big kid when he's talking. No impartiality at all
Steve McManaman: the only guy on BT Sport that talks a bit of sense! 👏
it cut back to McManaman and the presenters, and Steve was proper trying to keep a straight face but failing
Steve McManaman is an absolute clown
Steve mcmanaman " it was attack vs attack vs attack" ...yes steve...because there was 3 teams playing.nobhead!..
choose their experts carefully - McManaman with his close links to Carson Yeung, Owen and his links to private bookie Steve Smith.
Do you think Steve Mcmanaman may finally have something positive to say about spurs now?? Is it possible?
Steve McManaman looks like a crack addict stood next to Carlo Cudicini
Got a new man on my most hated list, Steve his own words "Chelsea had an off day" *** off you mug, we was awesome
Steve McManaman calling Chadli 'Nacer Hadley' has made my year already.
'Danny Rose has had a half of two halves.' Steve Mcmanaman gives no quarter.
Steve McManaman talking sense as always...
Steve McManaman needs to speak a bit more I reckon
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Steve mcmanaman is a curly haired nonce
listen to Steve Mcmanaman pure bumming Townsend 😂😂
Steve McManaman just referred to Nacer Chadli as "Nazir Hadley". Frizzy-haired Scouse ***
Worst thing is sitting through a Steve McManaman 'analysis' for the next 5 minutes
Steve McManaman's accent mysteriously worse on British television.
Steve Mcmanaman has had the same barnet for 20 year, belongs in the 80s
Steve mcmanaman has a glorious Barnet 👍
Steve Mcmanaman's face look like a really fat, shoddily plucked, down syndrome turkey.
please, for the love of god, can someone get Steve mcmanaman a coat that fits
Steve McManaman and Rio Ferdinand with Lewis Hamilton's hair. Not a bad way to start the new year with Train Doppelgängers.
- no way would I want Steve McManaman!!
how bad were the lads on that quiz? I was shouting at the through half of it particularly the Steve Mcmanaman bit
ah I see. Steve McManaman told me it's him.
John macken, Danny mills, Craig Bellamy and Steve mcmanaman
I grew up watching Steve McManaman. A pure talent. Also, Owen Hagreaves was a steel in midfield
Just when you think it can't get any worse on BT Sport than Michael Owen, then Steve Mcmanaman pops up.
Does anyone else think that Steve McManaman's hair (on BT Sport) looks like a fox has parked himself on his barnet!?!?.
.analysis via Steve McManaman and Ray Stubbs is SO lazy. Alexis scored, but he wasn't at his best tonight.
Brendan Rodgers Not to Blame for Liverpool’s Awful Start Says Steve McManaman Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman has claimed that current manager Brendan Rodgers is not the reason for the club’s poor start to the season, the Daily Mail reports. After 13 Premier League…
Liverpool and Real Madrid hero Steve McManaman has defended Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger after a banner telling the Frenchman to leave the Gunners was displayed during Arsenal's 1-0 win over West Brom. Wenger had come under pressure after seeing his side...
Their is only one "geezer" David Luiz"Steve McManaman just referred to Alexis Sanchez as "this geezer"."
Rodgers has thanked Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, Kenny Dalglish and Steve Mcmanaman for their terrific support he's gotten from them
Last time LFC won at Selhurst Park, Steve McManaman, Michael Owen and Øyvind Leonhardsen scored in a 3-0 win.
Steve McManaman applauds a brilliant save from Singapore's goalkeeper, who denied David Thompson at close range
Andy Townsend, Steve McManaman and Adrian Chiles all on the same programme. What have we done to deserve this?
Steve McManaman and Owen Hargreaves covering games of Barcelona v Bayern and that ilk would be incredibly depressing.
Steve McManaman is the *** child of Marco Pierre White and Jimmy Corkhill
Michael Owen, Fernando Morientes, Jerzy Dudek, Steve McManaman, Xabi Alonso are a few who have played for both Real and Liverpool
Ian Wright, Steve McManaman, Michael Owen: hire some of the stupidest people in football
Liverpool fc quiz team on Thursday is Ian Ayre, David Fairclough & Steve McManaman!
Hi Les. Ian Ayre will be joined by stars Steve McManaman and David Fairclough.
As awesome as it would be to have Ian Darke narrate my life, the only caveat would be Steve McManaman crush me at every turn.
dressed by the same dept that dress Steve Mcmanaman on BT sport
United need new blood, desperately 18 August By Chris Wheeler If Manchester United are not to endure another humiliating season, the common view seems to be that Louis van Gaal and his chief executive Ed Woodward will spend the next two weeks charging around the transfer market like maniacs. ‘They need at least three world-class players,’ was Alan Shearer’s estimate on Match of the Day after Van Gaal’s opening-day defeat by Swansea. ‘The good thing that has come out of this for United is that they know they need to sign a lot of players in a lot of positions,’ was the more sweeping view of BT Sport pundit Steve McManaman. This setback is unlikely to have taught Van Gaal anything he did not already know, however, and afterwards he did not come across as a man whose grand plan had been shot to pieces. There was no sense that he would tear up his 3-4-1-2 formation or panic-buy on the back of Gylfi Sigurdsson’s winning goal. Asked if he needs new players, Van Gaal said: ‘That is not a question ...
The Answer: Steve McManaman. FINALLY with the quickest answer!
. really enjoy the way you engage with the fans. Keep it up. Pundit Steve McManaman on an Arsenal game. Cracking Bellenery.
If we win anything this year Steve McManaman will cry himself to sleep.
didn't realise that. That is awful news. Steve McManaman is pretty awful as well
One person who will be happy with the score so far is Steve mcmanaman
So Steve Mcmanaman says we are not genuine title contenders??? That's the same Steve Mcmanaman who said Benfica would win y'day !!
Quote Steve McManaman "I can't see anything other than a Benfica win" .. ***
You think is bad on Sky? Steve McManaman is worse on BT Sport. Just a wall of scouse noise.
Steve McManaman thinks we'll win comfortably today, he said we'd lose yesterday. Predictable wanker doesn't want egg on his face again
Steve mcmanaman really does not like us o well feel the same about him
Some forget Alexis Sanchez played in Serie A - good Steve McManaman points he's faced tough Italian defenders so can face the rough stuff.
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Welcome back, BT Sport. Steve McManaman still resembling a 1983 Brookside extra, then.
Steve Mcmanaman has it spot on. Every man is a sideman to messi 😂.
Chambers. But that wasn't what I meant, Steve McManaman inferred that Mert/Kosc weren't good enough
Steve McManaman says Arsenal are not title contenders this season because they don't have DM. . *cough* *cough*
Steve Mcmanaman - irrelevant and another jealous mickey
Can't believe I'm in agreement with Steve McManaman we do need DM & central defender as good as we where yesterday Benfica had good chances
Steve Mcmanaman will say no but will say yes to Liverpool winning the title
Steve McManaman - bitter scouser. Please get him off my screen.
I really don't like Steve mcmanaman. Another anti arsenal pundit
Don't expect anything less from Steve McManaman on relating to
And Steve McManaman still has no faith in Arsenal FML
Steve McManaman & believe Man City's new loan signing Frank Lampard won't want to face Chelsea.
Bebe must have impressed on loan at Benfica. Steve McManaman knows his stuff.
Steve McManaman making it up as he goes along on
Steve Mcmanaman and Martin Keown are two very good reasons to never, ever pay for BT Sport. . A bigger pair of *** grapes you will not see.
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Finally some pundits have said pre-season is all about fitness, not results. Thanks Steve McManaman & Terry Gibson, Bit of sense spoken.
Teddy Sheringham and Steve McManaman are pictured drinking with Paul Gascoigne ahead of Euro '96
Credit to for calling Steve Mcmanaman a "Scouse *** to his face tonight.
Pleasure to see goals at with Steve Mcmanaman
Guess who I'm watching the match with? Michael Owen The Legend and Steve McManaman the Scouse *** on the...
What's up with Gareth Bale's hair band? Is it mandatory when you move to Real Madrid ala Steve McManaman?
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