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Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry (born February 24, 1950) is an American photojournalist best known for his photograph, Afghan Girl that originally appeared in National Geographic magazine.

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Steve McCurry . "Whether readers are engaged in the sacred or the secular,. they are, for a time, transported to ano…
Steve McCurry would photoshop out that last kid and change his profession from photojournalist to, what was it?
"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport." - Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry's portrait of India is a feast for the eyes - BBC News
Bad photo editing ethics can ruin your career as a Phojo. Important read.
This famous Steve McCurry photograph of a young Afghan Girl that adorned the cov…
244. Women waiting to fill their brass pots with water 1983. India. by Steve McCurry
India, through the lens of Steve McCurry : Kolkata Tram 1997
A mother and child beg for alms through a taxi window during the monsoon. Steve McCurry
“188). Faces of the world. People of the world. We are all beautiful. By Steve McCurry
215. everyday I show. photos by Steve McCurry
by Steve McCurry. just look at that precious face that is in pain. its breaking my heart.
Steve McCurry exhibition in Sansepolcro is amazing. Gulf War devastation heartbreaking.
Steve McCurry photographs document devastated over four decades ~ stop DT aim for via
Steve McCurry photographs document Afghanistan over four decades via
Steve McCurry pictures show Afghanistan over four decades
Steve McCurry photographs document Afghanistan over four decades
Steve McCurry’s hauntingly beautiful portraits of Afghanistan
I love Steve McCurry, one of my fav photographers.
Great tips for more interesting images "9 Photo Composition Tips" (feat. Steve McCurry) - YouTube
Steve McCurry pictures show Afghanistan over four decades. .
Haunting photos of Afghanistan reveal the scars that decades of war have left on the country
Steve McCurry’s hauntingly beautiful portraits of Afghanistan:.
Steve McCurry announces new Afghanistan retrospective book
Thrilled to hear that our pals will publish Steve McCurry's Afghanistan - in pictures this month
Steve McCurry's Afghanistan Retrospective portfolio of the Magnum photographer's most striking images of the country
A rail worker at Landi Kotal, a small town on the western edge of the Pass by Steve McCurry
I was amazed by Steve exhibition in Brussels. His work is inspiration for visual
Brilliant fella. Swear you are morphing into Steve McCurry
"There is always something luminous in the face of a person in the act of — Paul Theroux. Photo credit: S…
It's World Book Day! Check this out - Steve McCurry's new book captures readers from over 30 countries reading.
While I'm enjoying my pot of Lady Grey. Steve McCurry, Bangladesh Tea-estate.
190). Magnum Photos "Silent Language of Hands". New collection of images on Steve McCurry's Blog
Breathtaking images of India by legendary photographer Steve McCurry  via
Looking forward to being in New York on Monday to collaborate with the great Steve McCurry for Liberatum.
In pictures the work of awarded journalist in prison since 2013 :
Thread of most beautiful pictures taken by Steve McCurry of Afghanistan and Afghans.
The 'Afghan Girl' photographer faked some of his photos. Does it matter? via @
The greatest photographer in the world Steve McCurry. Thanks for coming to our country and…
Readers around the world by Steve McCurry. via
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has stunned 46 percent of the people in this photo, including the president.
I added a video to a playlist 9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)
Here's 9 composition strategies from Steve McCurry you can use in your photography
A couple get ready to go out for the evening in No…
got it. Does one of those cases you remember pertain to Steve McCurry?
Last night with these two legends Steve McCurry and Peter Lindbergh! Thank you Pirelli for a beautiful evening!…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
18 incredible photos of India by Steve McCurry - Travel.
'India' on view in Bridgeport from renowned National Geo photog Steve McCurry
Watch our video of Steve McCurry talking about creating great
Candid Photos of People Around the World Reveal a Universal Love for Reading - My Modern Met https:…
Whoa, I didn't realize that was doing a comic about Steve McCurry. That's pretty cool.
9 rules for taking the perfect photograph from Steve McCurry . https:/…
XXIX: Steve McCurry is able to tell a hundred stories through a single portrait...
like you've never seen it before. Enjoy this slideshow of images by talented photographer https:…
Hey, Steve McCurry! You're known to be a genius when it comes to photography so, please give some tips!
On page 204 of 356 of Il mondo di Steve McCurry, by Mccurry Steve
Thank you NatGeo photographer Steve McCurry for the portrait of the "Afghan Girl" that you took in 1984.
Steve McCurry’s 'Last Roll of Kodachrome' photos are now live on his blog: Digital Photography Review via
My inner Steve McCurry is telling me to go give films a try again.
" A photograph is a pause button of life " . Picture by : Steve Mccurry
A glorious book by Steve McCurry with a foreward by Packed full of photos of people reading books.…
All the colors of the city. . by Steve McCurry
Join us on 7/29 to hear from Rev. Dr. Mark Caruana in the gallery talk From Myanmar to the Mohawk Valley
"Life is so, get all the time balancing between choices and consequences.". Jean Paul Sartre. Photo Steve McCurry
Chatting by the sea by Steve McCurry. 1993
Steve McCurry is the master of colour
Afghan boys found playing in the trunk of their fathers car, Kabul, Afghanistan. Steve McCurry
Great tips for taking great pictures: 9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)
Went to a Steve McCurry gallery and I've never been more inspired to shoot. Comment some o…
Afghan Girl is a 1984 photographic portrait by journalist Steve McCurry
They fight like Soldiers. They die like Children. - Romeo Dallaire. . Child Soldiers - Photo by Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry - Official Page photographed this horse and rider in
Steve McCurry - Official Page took this picture of a horse and rider in the same week I...
A man in Baluchistan, Pakistan, allowed me to take his portrait. By Steve McCurry -...
through the Lens of Steve McCurry, a new exhibition at the James A. Michener Art Museum in...
McCurry read The Great Railway Bazaar and it piqued his interest in the Indian Rail Network: htt…
Eyes of the Afghan Girl: A Critical Take on the ‘Steve McCurry Scandal’
I strive for individual pictures that will burn in people's memories. Steve McCurry (American, 1950)
Steve McCurry exhibition opens June 14 at the Palmer Museum of Art - Penn State News
"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.". -Ralph Waldo Emerson. . 📷by ©Steve McCurry. Cambodia. Peacful Weekend!
In 1978, Steve McCurry made his first of many trips to India.
just been to that Steve McCurry exhibition/display down in Swallow St. That guy can take a photograph! Beautiful stuff.
Took a little trip to the Rubin Museum of Art in Chelsea for an exhibit on Steve McCurry - Official Page's India s…
Worth a look. -> World view: the spirit of India, captured by Steve McCurry – in pictures
Steve McCurry's India: Striking pictures of India by Steve McCurry, the renowned photographer, ahead of a new ...
📷 Wednesday, 22nd April. Cool gift has arrived! Steve McCurry is one of the greatest photographers in...
Just Pinned to Stills: Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. Steve McCurry. Looks like this child has lived a long life…
Steve McCurry for Valentino. Valentino Spring 2016 Campaign shot in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Steve...
other two are Steve McCurry and Ansel Adams 👍🏼
Indian man during the Holi Festival by Steve McCurry.
Steve McCurry at c/o berlin, minimalistic art at KÖNIG GALERIE and more in our TOP 5 OPENINGS
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Its certainly not the most see everyday, but these Steve McCurry snaps are spectacular
Curious to see how the new Paul Theroux and Steve McCurry book will read like.
All hail the brilliance of Steve McCurry via
Steve Mccurry has got to be one of my favourite photographer
A Q&A with legendary photographer Steve McCurry about his new book “India” via
And right here is why this man is my art god. | 15 Gorgeous Unseen Pictures From India by Steve McCurry
tweeps . Steve McCurry: India runs from 18 November 2015 until 4 April 2016 at the Rubin Museum of Art
Travelling to Here are some tips based on the work of Steve McCurry.
One of my fav photographers Steve McCurry's never seen before stunning pics from India
War nothing good ever comes out of it. (Steve McCurry)
Steve McCurry's The 'Afghan Girl'. Her iconic photo appeared on the cover of National Geographic in
That's a special art form, that people like Nick Nichols and Steve McCurry do. It actually, demonstrably makes the world a better place.
BuzzFeed: 15 incredible of by photographer Steve McCurry
Stunning photos of daily life in India by Steve McCurry--photographer behind “Afghan Girl
Take the peerless Steve McCurry to India and how can the results not be wonderful?
Steve McCurry's India: A sacred land of rich and poor - amazing pictures.
Steve McCurry's genius captures the Indian soul in these incredible photographs!
Photographer Steve McCurry's pictures of the colour and c... |
The spirit of India captured by Steve McCurry via
I'm trying to look for a photographer and I kept searching Stephen Curry 😩😩 took me ages to realize it was Steve McCurry
Many of Steve McCurry's never-before-seen photos of life in India will go on display in NY. https:/…
India explores the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings through the lens of Steve McCurry available https…
Steve McCurry, the photographer who speaks to the heart https:/…
Shots from Steve McCurry along the 1,500 miles of the Grand Trunk Road
Steve McCurry images of the Grand Trunk Road: River of Life. Always interesting & inspiring view & read:
Steve McCurry on photographing the world's coffee trail
Chuck Close, Robert Mapplethorpe, Steve McCurry and more icons of Photography
Great composition tips by, and great photographs, by Photographer Steve McCurry. I even learned a few things.
Let Steve McCurry take you to India | Photography | Agenda | Phaidon via
The Last Roll of Kodachrome by Steve McCurry: One of the last Kodak factory of rolls…
Interview - Steve McCurry on photographing the world's coffee trail.
Steve McCurry on photographing the world's coffee trail - Amateur Photographer
"Steve McCurry on photographing the world’s coffee trail"
I've written the intro to Steve McCurry's fabulous new photographic study of India, out soon htt…
Real and Best photography of Indian Railway by Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry: It’s important to photograph things that have meaning”
Four more signed prints added to my collection- Martin Parr, Alex Webb, David Allan Harvey and Steve McCurry — feeling awesome
Great talk by the incredible Steve McCurry this afternoon at Kings College
the most recognized photograph, "Afghan Girl Sharbat Gula" by Steve McCurry,1985.Curry and NG team found Gula in 2002 …
This little girl is an Afghan refugee who was living in Pakistan. Shot by Steve McCurry.
Photoset: selenite-dreams: forthebrave: Women of the World Photos by Steve McCurry holy goddess
Talking PHOTOGRAPHY; with Art Wolfe, Steve McCurry, Timothy Allen, Roger Ballen & more via
A twilight moon rises above the Kamniske mountains and Slovenia's Sava River Valley by Steve McCurry
Photos by Steve McCurry and Cecil Beaton join portrait of Kate Moss to help fund disaster rescue projects worldwide.
150 portraits of people around the world in a 30-year career retrospective by Steve McCurry .
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Best in one click: Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, Goran Tomasevic and more
/ Steve McCurry on one of his most iconic images /
I’ve just found out that Steve McCurry has an Instagram. Thought you should know.
Photographer Steve McCurry on conflict zones, the Afghan Girl, James Foley and whether photos are worth risking...
In 1984, photog Steve McCurry shot a portrait titled “Afghan Girl” that would become the defining image of his career http:/…
Steve McCurry- Where photos are worth risking your life for.
Front cover exclusive of Steve McCurry's book "People & Places" out on 18th Sept. Exhibition at South Bank Tower.
": Steve McCurry's "Afghan Girl", 1984 and now. c'est devenu un homme
Afghan women in a shoe store in Kabul, 1992 - by Steve McCurry.
Congrats to my brother for winning the Steve McCurry portrait award!
“Steve McCurry's "Afghan Girl", 1984 and now. wow time did not agree with her
An interesting mix of portrait photography (Steve McCurry) and sport (Alessandro Del Piero) :)
Steve McCurry gave this talk at the Hindu 'Lit Fest' last year and is an interesting insight to his approach and...
Award-winning photojournalists David Alan Harvey and Steve McCurry know that photography is about ta
Steve McCurry, is known globally as one of today’s best… Read more ›
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One hundred images of Steve McCurry, with over seventy unpublished, are the contents of the exhibition "Sensational Umbria" which will open in Perugia from 29 March to 5 October 2014. The exhibition recounts the journey that the artist has made in Umbria, with the goal of telling a land rich in time , suggestions of the past but also the ability of its inhabitants to live the present epoch . The exhibition is sponsored and organized by the Umbria Region in collaboration with the Municipality of Perugia, for the most part will be placed in the spaces Ex- Fatebenefratelli soon recovered and opened for the occasion. A portion of the images will be placed in the Museum of Palazzo Penna , in the Hall of Boards of Beuys. The Project Sensational Umbria is made by the Umbria Region as part of a strategy of territorial development which in time will affirm the brand Umbria. Steve McCurry has done work of documentation of territorial values taking advantage of the most significant aspects of contemporary Umbria .T ...
Holi festival In India ♥ The Holi festival is also known as the festival of colours and this image by McCurry shows why. With powder bombs exploding around him, this man is in a state of reverie as he is carried aloft through the crowd. In form and content it is an image of intense fervour and excitement. photographs © Steve McCurry , Rajasthan, India, 1996
Steve McCurry. I've always thought this photo is so haunting.
I have so much respect for Steve McCurry. . What an eye for beauty. My inspiration. 📷
Afghan Smiles, photographed by steve mccurry …
Pre-sale for iconic photographer Steve McCurry on Aug. 27 at 6pm. Use the password PHOTO at
Right as rain: Steve McCurry's view of the monsoons in via
Here our new sunglasses collection, 3 models & many colors! With the collaboration of Steve McCurry for the pictures of the campaign. Enjoy!
Magnum photographers Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey tackle a classic gear challenge in attempting to design the perfect camera bag
Legendary photographer Steve McCurry talks us through some of his spectacular pictures from Afghanistan as a new exhibition of his work opens at the Beetles ...
"Night when words fade and things come alive." Steve McCurry's work as jaw dropping as ever!
i heart the work of: Ansel Adams, steve mccurry, russell james, ShmilebliK, joakim lloyd raboff, & great talent.
I cried while watching the video about the last roll of Kodachrome. :'( Stunning Pictures Steve McCurry
The exhibition of Steve McCurry was totally worth it!!!
Great exhibition from my favorite artist photographer! Steve McCurry - Official Page
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Steve McCurry: the person who managed to capture the moment when "people forget your camera and the…
Great in the museum of photography of
Chetta, who are photography inspirations?? Pls answer to ... — Steve McCurry, Bhumika.B , Ajay Menon & Jayesh Mohan
"A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart." By Steve McCurry
I'm so in love with Steve McCurry work 😍
You are welcome. Have you heard about Steve McCurry?
Photo: Photo by Steve McCurry   |   Kuwait   |   1991  In the wake of the Gulf War, camels search for...
Steve McCurry photos of Afghanistan: - exhibition on in central London 12 May - 7 June:
This young child with thanaka cream was photographed in Burma. Steve McCurry
Life in Afghanistan: A collection of photographer Steve McCurry's powerful images
( ) Steve McCurry's memories of Afghanistan: A frequent visitor to Afghanistan, phot... ( )
Steve McCurry - The Sigmund Freud of Photography World Steve McCurry (born February 24, 1950) is an American photojournalist best known for his photograph "Afghan Girl" which originally appeared in National Geographic magazine. His career was launched when, disguised in native garb, he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled areas of Afghanistan just before the Soviet invasion. When he emerged, he had rolls of film sewn into his clothes. Those images, which were published around the world, were among the first to show the conflict. His coverage won the Robert Capa Gold Medal for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad, an award dedicated to photographers exhibiting exceptional courage and enterprise. McCurry continued to cover armed conflicts, including the Iran-Iraq War, Lebanon Civil War, the Cambodian Civil War, the Islamic insurgency in the Philippines, the Gulf War and the Afghan Civil War. His work has been featured worldwide in magazines and he is a frequent contributor to National Geogra ...
Photo: Finally got this piece of art up on the wall! “Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry signed by the master...
Don't forget that The Photography Show, which begins this Saturday and continues for four inspiration-packed days, has a fantastic FREE app to help you plan your visit, and get the most from the hundreds of exhibitors, seminars and photographers featured... Just search the App Store or the Android Market for The Photography Week Show 2014 to find out what's happening when, from exclusive seminars with photography legends like Steve McCurry and Joe McNally, to hands-on technique sessions from the likes of Nikon...
Who's the greatest living photographer? My exclusive interview with Steve McCurry in the latest issue of N-Photo has triggered this question. So far, Don McCullin and David Bailey are among those mentioned. Who gets your vote? -
While in Yokohama, Japan over the weekend to give a special talk at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show, Steve McCurry of Magnum Photos stopped by our booth. While Steve was posing for photos with us, he began enthusiastically instructing our staff photographers on how to take better ones – and told us to mention they were “produced and directed by Steve McCurry.”
Photo: artchipel: Steve McCurry | on Tumblr - Young child decorated with thanaka cream from Burma Upcoming...
Photo: artchipel: Steve McCurry | on Tumblr - Holi Festival in India Upcoming exhibitions
no not really, we just saw a video about Steve McCurry all class
The Beauty of Manual Canon Camera Dslr Photography Almost everyone gets to the point sometimes where you are fed up with the tons of pics that take up all the space on your hard drive, and you don’t even wanna bother looking through all of it. The time when you are bored with going through the manual of your Canon Camera DSLR Charger again because you don’t know what all the buttons are for. That’s when you would consider picking up again that old manual DSLR from your bottom drawer and ridding yourself of all the beeping and flashing that modern cameras tend to come with and just go back to basic once again… or for the first time, depending on your own photographical history. There are many reasons for photographers to want to try out how they would do with a manual SLR. You might discover that the normal point-and-shoot film camera, that you have been playing around with for a while, limits your progress as a photographer, as it doesn’t come with the focusing options you would need to take… ...
No words can describe the gift Steve McCurry has for capturing such raw human emotion through the lens of a camera. ht…
Video on Today: Photographer Steve McCurry is known for his dramatic pictures, but the most famous shot he’s ever taken, a striking image of an Afghan Girl, almost never got seen. He tells NBC’s Jamie Gangel that National Geographic’s photo editor selected another shot, but at the last minute, the m...
.chooses the best photography books for Christmas presents, from JFK to Steve McCurry to Fifties Dior
Two of Dumaguete’s best young photographers, Urich Calumpang and Henzonly Alboroto, will unveil their first photography exhibit on November 29, Friday at 5:30 PM at the Claire Iabel McGill Luce Auditorium Foyer Gallery, Silliman University, Dumaguete City. Both photographers have risen to the top of artistic excellence from years of training with the Silliman University Camera Club under the stewardship of founder Greg Morales. For their first photography exhibit together, Mr. Calumpang and Mr. Alboroto explore the peculiar shadows and the interesting geometries of life in Dumaguete City, *** Oriental.  For Mr. Calumpang, who considers himself a minimalist street photographer by heart, the photography of everyday things that most people take for granted interests most his sensibilities as a chronicler with a camera—and for this debut exhibition, he has gone to the streets to capture everyday symmetry and balance, light and shadows, lines and details, hues and the human element, mostly with his i .. ...
Jiyo Steve McCurry, for these gorgeous photographs of people reading around the world. via
Steve McCurry — This young Hazara schoolgirl was photographed in her classroom in Afghanistan via
For the first time, in this new book, Steve McCurry tells the Stories Behind some of his most famous photographs and includes previously unpublished ephemera...
Brought me the smiles this morning. via
“The importance of elsewhere was something. I took on faith. Elsewhere was the place I wanted to be.” Steve McCurry
“If you wait people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.” Steve McCurry
Camels search for shrubs and water in the burning oil fields of Southern Kuwait. (Photo by Steve McCurry)
Such a powerful pic, love Steve McCurry's photos
Steve McCurry holds his 1984 photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. he says I looked for this girl for...
Photojournalist Steve McCurry is best known for shooting one of the most famous photographs ever taken -– 1985′s “Afghan Girl,” an image of a young girl with sea green eyes staring defiantly into t...
If you haven't heard of Steve McCurry, he is probably my favorite photographer. For the last 30 years he has spent most of his time embedded in some of the worst places in this world. His pictures are gripping and actually can tell a whole story. When it comes to photography he separates the men from the boys. See what you think...
Steve McCurry. Untold. The Stories Behind the photographs.
An incredible master of beauty and photography as part of our Photographer Inslight series: Steve McCurry:
Steve McCurry - travel, textures, interaction and depth
Steve McCurry, another masterful image. It's always impressive how he really captures the beauty in
oh just chilling out with Steve McCurry
Rajasthan Women Digging a Reservoir. Photograph by Steve McCurry. This Month in Photo of the Day: National...
Steve McCurry is an American Photojournalist, best known for his photograph of the Afghan Girl that appeared in the National Geographic. He had not...
The Photography Show hosted at the NEC in Birmingham confirms Rankin, Steve McCurry and Joe McNally in its line up, this is exciting!
One of Steve McCurry - Official Page's ongoing projects is compiling a collection of photos of people reading,...
There was never a good war, or a bad peace. Benjamin Franklin. Ahmadi Old Fields, Kuwait. Photo by Steve McCurry.
Learning about Steve McCurry who shot the very last roll of Kodachrome ever produced. Amazzing photographer.. Man Ray. Experimental genius..
While Steve McCurry and I are literally designing our dream camera bags, travel gear, and clothing for…
Today on Impact at 13.30GMT Lucy will be talking to legendary photographer Steve McCurry. Steve will talk about his experiences behind the lens. A collection of his photos appear in ' Untold, the Stories Behind the Photographs'. Here's a sample of his work.
Today's Photography Thought: “Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a persons face.” Steve McCurry
Photo of today November 26/2013. Magnum Photo of photographer Steve McCurry in Paris Octobe 2013 by shooting of photographer L'inroyable. Special to: Lorenzo Crinelli, Paolo Volpi, Jcv Seguridad Asociados Sac, Khanh Vẽ, Maritimus Ursus
"Steve McCurry Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs" are now on sale at Swindon (List price HK$600, 10% discount for members) & Metrobooks (List price HK$640, 15%discount for members).
The Most Iconic Image ever by steve McCurry !"The Afghan Girl" Seems as if She Reveals a Story with her Eyes! Love it! (Read more about it on
A brand new book by acclaimed photographer Steve McCurry brings together the most beautiful and powerful photo stories he's shot in the last 30 years. For the…
At the South Bank centre waiting for Steve McCurry (amazing photographer) to take to the stage :) with…
Off to see Steve McCurry give a talk at the Queen Elizabeth hall in SB. I leave behind two very noisy children eating tea, but not looking back -:)
I have this project that has been bothering me for quite some time now and I would like to go on and push for it. Basically it's a series of portraits of strangers in around downtown Toronto. I have been mesmerize by the works of Richard Avedon and Steve McCurry and I want to do something a bit different. I just need a help from one person to hold a black/white background behind the stranger. I want to capture the real identity of the person without even knowing their names.
Photo: cadenced: Steve McCurry photograph from West Bengal, India which is included in an interview with the...
Photoset: razorshapes: Steve McCurry - It Takes Two “Life is one fool thing after another whereas love is...
30 Years, 20 Passports... have a look at the untold stories of Steve McCurry's photographic life.
"you have to get into the water to make good pictures" says (Steve McCurry) via
30 years, 20 passports: Steve McCurry's photographic life
More I read of his experiences, more I am inspired. Steve McCurry - Official Page.
Steve McCurry is a really good photographer if you like pictures of people looking uncomfortable
This book looks fantastic, im definitely getting one
"It probably helps that he isn’t married and doesn’t have kids." Untold stories of Steve McCurry's photographic life:
Greatest Photos Ever Taken - 1. Afghan Girl, by Steve McCurry Greatest photo ever from taken to an a...
Stunning photographs and stories by Steve McCurry!
30 years, 20 passports: the Stories Behind some of Steve McCurry's most famous photographs | via …
Steve McCurry — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi smiles and waves to the crowd in Yangon, Burma via
Steve McCurry's photos are among the most astonishing I've ever seen.
This is the WTC North Tower "Spire", which appeared during the dustification of the 110 story building by a directed energy weapon on the day of 11 September 2001. A Magnum photographer named Steve McCurry took this shot and others from the same position that fateful morning. Click this photograph and follow the shots. There are nine photographs in this series. They are excerpts from a book of Magnum photographers that did NOT get wide circulation, but which copy of, I own. It has been repeatedly said that the Spire, or a remaining collection of steel beams, was from the Core Columns of the WTC Tower. Not true. You can easily see from these photographs taken from the same camera position, that the spire is from a CORNER of the Tower. Just wanted to clear that up, to be accurate. What is important about this? EVERYTHING. To get the facts out there correctly? Supremely important. In videos widely circulated on the Web, this spire manifests itself during the descending disappearance of the Tower. It is hard ...
Azad farid Artiest of theatre {Ailem kar faryaad farid azad azad } A Life Revealed Her eyes have captivated the world since she appeared on our cover in 1985. Now we can tell her story. By Cathy Newman Photograph by Steve McCurry She remembers the moment. The photographer took her picture. She remembers her anger. The man was a stranger. She had never been photographed before. Until they met again 17 years later, she had not been photographed since. The photographer remembers the moment too. The light was soft. The refugee camp in Pakistan was a sea of tents. Inside the school tent he noticed her first. Sensing her shyness, he approached her last. She told him he could take her picture. “I didn’t think the photograph of the girl would be different from anything else I shot that day,” he recalls of that morning in 1984 spent documenting the ordeal of Afghanistan’s refugees. The portrait by Steve McCurry turned out to be one of those images that sears the heart, and in June 1985 it ran on the cover ...
Steve McCurry, a name known by many in the photographic community, celebrated his 63rd birthday this week, and we...
Steve McCurry, recognized universally as one of today's finest image-makers, has won many of photography's top awards. Best known for his evocative color photography, McCurry, in the finest documentary tradition, captures the essence of human struggle and joy. ..“Most of my images are grounded in pe...
Steve McCurry published a new blogpost we need to share with you. Enjoy "The Universal Language":
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Steve McCurry - He is not afraid to confront trauma and hardship, but nor is he artistically compromised by joy and beauty.
Steve McCurry photographs the gift of grandparents.
2 good role model in photography. Steve Mccurry and Bazuki.
I liked a video Magnum in Motion: Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry Galleries Right as Rain is now featured on authorSTREAM ||
Steve McCurry's iconic photograph of an Afghan Girl, featured on the 1985 cover, on view in NY
PV/ORC .- She had never seen the photograph WHICH WAS TAKEN by Steve McCurry.
PV/ORC.- Steve McCurry, WHO HAD TAKEN the photo, returned to Pakistan to track information about the girl.
Another Steve McCurry image we love. Amazing, don't you agree? THE BLUE CITY, INDIA, 2010 Do you have a favourite?
My dream of following Steve McCurry's footstep is still ALIVE!
National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry talks about shooting his last roll of film.
I jealously hate how beautiful Steve McCurry's photos are, despite them furthering the concept of the exotic other.
Photoset: ashramof1: More from a legendary portfolio: Steve McCurry
Fotoset: fornicating: Blue City by Steve McCurry Steve McCurry’s Blue City photographic series was taken on...
Looking forward to the Steve McCurry photography exhibit at in Greenwich this month.
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Per la seconda volta Steve McCurry...I love it...
D'oh... I'll save my one roll then, and do a "Steve Mccurry Kodachrome"-experiment :)
Lookin at Steve McCurry's photos makes me think Cartier-Bresson used to teach him one on one bout that decisive moment... Riveting.
Did Steve McCurry just like photograph the whole world or something
Kodak agreed to give photographer Steve McCurry the last roll of Kodachrome. Here's what he shot.
Congrats to for such a number.You did better work than with Steve McCurry portfolio :)
"If you know how to wait, people will forget about your camera and their soul will come out." Steve McCurry.
Thanks for this interesting article & Steve McCurry
"To become a photographer, leave your house first." Steve McCurry More Quotes about Photography:...
Steve McCurry is probably one of my favorite photographers
Afghan Girl- Captured by Steve McCurry. This photo made it to the cover of National Geographic.
The takes a look at Steve McCurry's new exhibition in Germany-->
The Maha Allahabad, 2013. Henri Cartier Bresson photographed it in 1965, Steve McCurry in …
Had so much learning to shoot guns with my Donnie McCurry Kara McCurry Jake Corcoran and Jon Kellogg . Enjoyed getting to know my sis boyfriend better. And thank you mom Leslie McCurry for watching the twins so we could go!! Missed you Steve Mccurry and Eun Eun Young Park
If you could shadow any living photographer for a day, who would that be? (via Feature Shoot) Art Striebler, Bruce Weber or Steve McCurry.
How To Take Memorable Photos Posted by David Peterson on 21 Feb 2013 as Tips Quick, think back on all the photos you’ve seen in your life. What, you can’t remember them all? You can’t even remember most of them? So which ones do you remember? Chances are, there are a few that immediately come to mind. How about Raising the flag on Iwo Jima, by Joe Rosenthal? Or Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry, or Lunch Atop a Skyscraper by Charles C. Ebbets? And now that you can name a handful of unforgettable images, can you put your finger on what it is that makes them so unforgettable? Not all photos are memorable. In fact, most photos aren’t memorable. Just cruise through Flickr or some other photo sharing service and then quiz yourself 15 minutes later about what you saw. How many photos do you think you’ll be able to describe from memory? One or two? Any at all? As a photographer, you want your photos to be memorable. It’s probably the main reason why you take photos in the first place – either because yo ...
Award-winning photographer Steve McCurry, of "Afghan Girl" fame, got a chance to capture last roll of iconic slide film, Kodak's Kodachrome. Kodak exited the slide film few years back and accepted his request for last roll from production like. Steve has long relationship with India and he captured the colors of India like no one else able to get. And what a tribute to iconic film with a captures of Indian colors and Bollywood stars like Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachan. :)
"I think i wanna give up to digital photography and go back to Kodachrome" Steve McCurry waktu lihat hasil fotonya dari Kodachrome terakhir.
Photography friends: can you recommend any travel photographers? 1930s onwards? (other than Steve McCurry & Ansel)
How the famous National Geographic photog Steve McCurry shot the last roll of Kodachrome film ever to be produced.
Burning oil wells in Kuwait, 1991. Photo credit to Steve McCurry, who took MANY amazing shots during that conflict.
One of the biggest purposes of this page is to celebrate photography, not just my own efforts. As a child, I remember being absolutely awestruck by B&W images such as; Robert Doisneau's "The Kiss" and Ruth Orkin's "American Girl in Italy." Over the years, I have been fascinated and greatly inspired by the talent of such greats as Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and most recently, Steve McCurry, just to mention a few. But I'm always interested in finding new inspiration. Which photographers have inspired you over the years?
This year calendar by photojournalist Steve McCurry does not have any new models, unlike calendars from past years. The models are sexy without being naked, posing in alleyways, among Brazilian dancers and infront of Rio graffiti.
Steve McCurry, a professional photographer and author of several photography books, shares his reasons for why he blogs on His iconic photo, Afghan Girl, graced the cover of National...
Steve McCurry shoots the 2013 Pirelli Calendar in de Janeiro
Steve McCurry gave us preview of 2013 Pirelli Calendar tonight, sublime
On Pirelli calendar "it's a fun lighthearted piece, it's a pleasure and an honour to work on it" Steve McCurry
Steve McCurry shot the Pirelli calendar this year. That seems almost unfair.
Steve McCurry shot this year's Pirelli calendar in Rio de Janeiro and he said he wanted to "portray women who are sexy without being naked."
I liked a video PIRELLI CALENDAR 2013 with interview to Steve McCurry feat Isabeli Fontana, Adriana
Have you seen the shots by Steve McCurry for the 2013 Pirelli calendar?
I’m so excited to share my photo from the 2013 Pirelli Calendar! Thank you Steve McCurry - Official Page for an...
Gorgeous atmospheric morning train ride to London today for a fun day of William Klein & Steve McCurry photo exhibitions with Matty Peers.
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