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Steve Mariucci

Stephen Ray Steve Mariucci (born November 4, 1955) is a former National Football League coach. He coached for the San Francisco 49ers and most recently for the Detroit Lions.

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Steve Mariucci and Willie McGinist are prisoners of the moment on Jay Cutler .. it's only a matter of time before he gets back to being lazy
LOL, Scaramucci is on Colbert tonight. More inept Mooch: Anthony Scaramucci or Steve Mariucci?
Steve mariucci and Steve Young were a decent hair duo, Blaine gabbert had some serious hair, Brady Quinn an…
That's exactly it. Quinn got his start in the NFL with Steve Mariucci. Mooch had a mantra "Th…
Yes sloppy start, can already see the most effective offensive system since Steve Mariucci. So much…
Steve Mariucci just told a story of how he first met Andy Reid when they were both in their underwear when a fire alarm…
Are John Calipari and Steve Mariucci twins separated at birth?
Hope no Native Americans were watching Steve Mariucci on NFL Network just now.
Let me find out Steve Mariucci listens to Ludaaa!!
Steve Mariucci talking about He Hate Me from the XFL should be something you have to pay for.
"When I was 30 I didn't even know where I left my car keys!" - Steve Mariucci on after hearing Sean McVay is the new coach.
Steve Mariucci seems like a lot of fun to hang out with. It’d be fun to cook a meal with him.
Steve Young can be a great Head Coach & Steve Mariucci for General Manager
Steve Mariucci: Favre did not know what to expect
.'They Left Themselves Open to Criticism' - Steve Mariucci is disappointed in the Giants wide r...
'Aaron Rodgers is Steph Curry.'. What made say this today with Listen right here:.
Steve mariucci compares Aaron Rodgers to Steph curry. . Rodgers is Steph curry when he is in the zone
Not sure why everyone thinks it’s gonna be Chip Kelly when they have a proven former Cal winner waiting out there like Steve Mariucci
This league is getting big. We have way more 300-pound guys than...
he is not a good game day manager. He is a very good cheerleader. Very much like Steve Mariucci. It works for a time
Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci get INTENSE with wide receivers!
Best Bet of the Day by steve mariucci(NYRA-Aqueduct Race 8 WOODVILLE (FRANCO) | HUSHION
should go back to Steve Mariucci for your General Manager & should have a Head Coach who has the "Bill Walsh" theory
I try not to watch these pregame shows for many reasons, so just curious, how long has Steve Mariucci been doing the Matt Foley voice?
Flight ahead of mine at gate going to Iron Mountain, MI. Can confirm Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci not among the passengers waiting at gate.
I care about this state... and I feel a responsibility to get things done. If we stay hea...
Steve Mariucci had this to say after a classroom session with Jameis pre draft
That's the same in college. It's the same in high school. Kids are getting bigger, strong...
Turned on during ad-break & see Steve Mariucci working as a draft expert -The guy who drafted Gio Carmozzi over Tom Brady
I'm in Chicago for an NFL Draft media event with Mike Mayock, Michael Irvin, Steve Mariucci, Maurice Jones-Drew, Curtis Conway, etc.
“Coach Izzo, do you ever miss your days working undercover for the DEA with Steve Mariucci?”
"You are a roll model whether you like it or not." - Steve Mariucci
Ever notice how much Al Leiter looks like Steve Mariucci?
Niners Nation > Steve Mariucci thinks Terrell Owens will get into the Hall of Fame
Nope. And funny thing about that game, it was Steve Mariucci's last playoff win as HC. SF fired him after the Tampa loss.
minneapolis,,then Iron Mountain,,,home of Steve mariucci
- NFL Network has Steve Mariucci talking about Peyton instead of Willie & Heath, punted!
Steve Mariucci? Quit trying to outdo or be another Terry Bradshaw? It's pathetic...
Steve Mariucci is the dumbest man alive. He chose Kubiak over Belichick. What an ***
Aside from Steve Mariucci, NFL Network's coverage is a bunch of guys with Belichick voodoo dolls in their dressing rooms.
lol tell Steve Mariucci the Lions fans miss him
Steve Mariucci once said that Izzo never saw a parade.
Loving watching Steve Mariucci watch this game, leaning forward so excited.
Also, great result for Manchester United. United should hire Andy Reid or Steve Mariucci.
I hope Steve Mariucci doesn't take the offensive coordinator job with the 49ers! (And he didn't!)
Steve Mariucci thank you for your autograph...
Some words on Hue Jackson, Steve Mariucci, and how Tom Brady almost landed at Cal
Who’s Most Dangerous in NFC Field? - Steve Mariucci and the NFL Network crew debate which team in the ...
Meanwhile, where was that graphic comparing Tomsula's record to that of Bill Walsh, George Seifert, and Steve Mariucci
Fire Trent Blakee for sure and hire either Herm Edwards, Steve Mariucci, or Kurt Warner as GM🔑🔑🔑
Seaside native Ron Rivera = CBS analyst Steve Mariucci's pick for NFL Coach of Year. Mine & too.
John York axed Steve Mariucci to bring in Dennis Erickson. It's in their blood.
You know the Niners had a crummy year when I get nostalgic from seeing Steve Mariucci era highlights
has it been that long? Wow. Steve Young could run, man. And Mariucci wasn't half bad either.
Locker just "looks like a QB". Steve Mariucci says he's the kind of guy you want your daughter to marry, so, you know
Playoff Picture get his corners for A&M and Steve Mariucci hanging out on Jarrett Guarantano Gary
Shouldn't have expected a Steve mariucci team to put points up
DePaul channeling their inner Steve Mariucci...they're not...done...yet. Eli Cain gets them within two, but Sanogo responds for Seton Hall.
There's a reason why Steve Mariucci could never keep a job.
Herm Edwards and Steve Mariucci, two coaches, share a moment before the game.
Steve Mariucci just told college kids they need to “be amphibious” carrying the football in both hands.
Michal Menet getting his Under Armour jersey with Steve Mariucci.
Steve Mariucci taking pictures with all the families at game
Ancient history, but you forgot Steve Mariucci with his tenure 60-43 with 4 playoff appearances in 6 seasons.
Did you know I've been friends with since we were kids?
Michigan RB commit Kareem Walker up the middle with Steve Mariucci looking on
Steve Mariucci talking to the QB's about their responsibility off the field and to be somebody great off the field
QB commit Matt Fink has looked much better today. Steve Mariucci looking on.
Steve Mariucci guides the troops at the event Wednesday.
If u r watching NFL network pregame coverage with Steve Mariucci talking to this HS team, he has become Chris Farley's Matt Foley character
It probably isn't intentional, but Steve Mariucci currently is doing one *** of a Matt Foley impersonation.
Michael Bennett would be the MVP of everything if he just leaned over and took out Steve Mariucci right now.
There's a podcast called Coaches and it's Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci talking at microphones to make miserable dads feel intelligent.
Off to Marquette MI for the Steve Mariucci family foundation golf classic . couldn't find a nicer group of peopl…
Steve Mariucci, you are nuts. And I totally agree with you. "Rumble young man rumble" Let's go Todd!!
Steve Mariucci on the Seahawks.. " They really miss Quinn and Ken Norton Jr., believe me." . I do Mooch, I do!
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don't forget the epic Bobby Ross, Darryl Rogers, Marty Morninweg and Steve Mariucci
Steve Mariucci: Jim Tomsula 'has his work cut out for him' with
NFL Media's Steve Mariucci: It will be difficult for San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Tomsula to manage expectat…
Steve Mariucci tore his labrum & rotator cuff in his right shoulder playing bocce ball. Idk whether to laugh or feel sorry for him 😂
Andy Reid and Steve Mariucci were never even coordinators before becoming NFL Head Coaches. Gotta take shots I guess.
"Draymond (Green) leads not only by example, but he's an inspirational leader. He says the right things. . -Steve Mariucci.
Dude on the Finals Radio Broadcast called Steve Mariucci an "OoPer"
Mich St head man Tom Izzo with Draymond Green and Steve Mariucci before tonight's game. Photo via ...
Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci making cameos at
Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci are here at Game 2 together. I caught up with Izzo about Draymond Green and Green's ability to rise so quickly.
Sound FX: Steve Mariucci. coming your way on NFL Network!
were on Steve McMichael right now but just had Steve Mariucci.
Steve Mariucci challenges Marcus Mariota in the film room
Steve Mariucci gives us a preview of tomorrow's QBs today!. Game Changers - QBs starts NEXT!
Here's Steve Mariucci installing the WCO during his days at Cal (via
Steve Mariucci: The Analyst wants to be John Gruden: The Analyst the analyst so *** bad.
Ex-QB Jeff Garcia said the 49ers lost Jim Harbaugh the same way they lost Steve Mariucci.
I added a video to a playlist NFL Draft: Steve Mariucci says Sam Bradford's the best
Real friends support their friends from anywhere
Steve Mariucci is in Beijing, China y'all. Verne is dropping inside information out here.
BREAKING NEWS: Steve mariucci or whatever and his wife are in China. Thank you CBS announcers!
I love that Steve Mariucci just got a call out
Just found out that Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci use to live at my house.
kinda creepy, not that your Steve mariucci but how good you've become as a reporter.
Former 49ers Head Coach Steve Mariucci: "Kiko Alonso may be the best-kept secret in the NFL. Another Luke Kuechly kind o…
Michigan State coach Tom Izzo credits former NFL coach Steve Mariucci for teaching him about video preparation.
Tom Izzo gives a lot of credit to Steve Mariucci for the formula he's created for winning in March.
ICYMI ... Here's Jameis Winston's impressive whiteboard session with Steve Mariucci -- fast-paced, and fun to watch: http:…
Steve Mariucci says that Jameis Winston is the smartest QB he's ever met with. Mayock says that's exactly what he's been…
"I never wear a watch, because I always know it's now - and now is when you should do it.". - Steve Mariucci
Steve Mariucci also won the Super Bowl with this huge awkward hug from
ex-49ers coach Steve Mariucci said it best years ago: if that play works, you're a genius. If not, you look like a dork.
Started here at TV 6 12 years ago today.also the day Steve Mariucci was named Head Coach of the Lions. Wasn't sure I would outlast him!
I would rather be Audriana Lima hugging Steve mariucci than Pete Carroll today
Rich Eisen burns Steve Mariucci for lack of rings ...
Steve Mariucci gets long hug from Adriana Lima ...
he could of been a niner! Steve mariucci could of drafted him😩
The most awkward hug of the Super Bowl: Supermodel Adriana Lima and Steve Mariucci.
Steve Mariucci just said there's nothing wrong with Patrick Chung... he must have not seen much of the eagles last year
I love that Steve Mariucci is breaking it down for me on NFL Network.
Aye shout to Steve mariucci for being the only one to support us to win
Steve Mariucci hugs Adriana Lima.. She walked into it a lil more 😜
just put Steve Mariucci hugging Adrianna Lima in google
NFL Network’s Steve Mariucci Received an Epic Hug from Adriana Lima via
Steve Mariucci gets long hug from Adriana Lima (Video)
Steve Mariucci picks the and the side of the stadium right to our auxiliary press box erupts.
On NFL Network, Steve Mariucci picks the Patriots. Gets cheers in stadium.
Rich Eisen lost it when Adriana Lima hugged Steve Mariucci lmao! 😂😂😂
Steve mariucci is extremely lucky right now
“Steve Mariucci got a little too excited talking about his favorite Katy Perry song.
Steve Mariucci! Get it son I see you! Getn it With Victoria Secret Super Model Adriana Lima.
It seems everyone bar Steve Mariucci has picked the Seahawks. . Can see why. Hope it fires up the
I didn't have a cable box until a year ago, so I really haven't watched NFL Network for long. So I have to ask--is Steve Mariucci on drugs?
Victoria Secret Super Model Adriana Lima just bare hugged, kissed twice on the cheek, even went back for 2nds to Steve Mariucci on live tv!!
Steve Mariucci's creepy hug of Adriana Lima was coming a mile away right?
Five analysts on NFL Network. Steve Mariucci is the only one who got it right
All NFL Network heads pick the Seahawks except for Steve Mariucci or however you spell his name
Steve Mariucci got a long hug from Adriana Lima on NFL Network.
NFL Media's Steve Mariucci reacts to the promoting of San Francisco 49ers defensive line coach Jim Tomsula to Head Coach.
Steve Mariucci on Jim Tomsula: "He's gonna be a great general. I like the hire a lot.".
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Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, and .it doesn't get any better than that. NFL network rocks.
Brian Billick was seen public skating @ the Harbor Center earlier //RT Steve Mariucci was spotted at tonight's Sabres game
Am I the only 1 who things Al Leiter and Steve Mariucci look alike?
“Steve Mariucci nailed it regarding Rex. not the popular opinion but I agree.
The man speaks the truth. "Steve Mariucci nailed it regarding Rex.
.Steve Mariucci 'Andrew Luck =real deal Manning Brady on pedestal Luck is close He'll break records' NYSJ
.analyst Steve Mariucci is LIVE on w/ now, talking and last night's MNF game!
On NFL Network, Steve Mariucci said he would vote for for Coach of the Year.
alumni Tom Izzo, Steve Mariucci & a recreation of campus in the 70s Midnight Madness video.
Raissman: Steve Mariucci and Kurt Warner upset over Bears WR Brandon Marshall appearing on 'Inside the NFL' -
Dear How dare you cut off Steve Mariucci when he's finally about to break down the game ???!!! 😡👎
Steve Mariucci on Denver D: “This defense is off charts. They’re so much better than they were. They will win Super Bowl because of great D
"When it's all said and done, they will win the Super Bowl because of this great defense." - Steve Mariucci on on …
Steve Mariucci looks like he's doing Joe Flaherty's drunken Ward Cleaver from that SCTV sketch.
Steve Mariucci and and Brian Billick on Jim Harbaugh's future with the San Francisco 49ers via
Steve Mariucci is looking extra jowly
Remember when we went to bed thinking Steve Mariucci was going to be the Bucs Head Coach, and when we woke up it was Jon Gruden?
LISTEN: analyst says too early to change QB for the
Steve Mariucci is calling Kelvin Benjamin "Junior Megatron." had a lot of trouble with Senior Megatron last season.
The great Steve Mariucci (.on now to end the show. Calls Lovie the "right man for the job"
have my adrenaline going so that I can't sleep so I have random thoughts like...where in the world is Steve Mariucci!??!!
"The Giants started 0-6 last year, they don't want to do that again." - Steve Mariucci a/k/a Capt. Obvious on
Quick question what made Steve Mariucci a great coach? He inherited a loaded 49ers team and was fired. He was a disaster in Detroit. Please
Steve Mariucci just told Kurt Warner that he's not cool enough to wear 501s.
Did Steve Mariucci just call Joe Flacco an Elite QB? Lol he must have been joking...
Steve Mariucci, your table in Ann Arbor is ready.
When Steve Mariucci finally comes back to coach the NMU football team, you can write about their college hockey championship.
Waiting 4 Steve Mariucci to say that the Patriots will give the AD-less Vikes "a spanking" on Sunday.
Come on Mooch, Yoopers don't play that. "Steve Mariucci on Goodell: "He's a man of integrity."
Steve Mariucci's hair is all over the place!
Steve Mariucci's hair is a disaster. Sorry I feel for you.
Steve Mariucci's hair made watching that whole game worth it. LMAO!
Steve Mariucci's hair is about to fly away without him. Somebody get that man some extra hold hairspray.
"They need to replace Ed Dickson from last year." - Steve Mariucci . *fights the air* - probably
Thank god for Steve Mariucci's hair. For it shows the way of the wind.
Steve Mariucci sounds sober, but his hair says, "DRUNK!"
Steve Mariucci, one of my favorite coaches. Reminds me of your favorite hs teacher, that guy.
How Steve Mariucci ever got an Head Coaching job, I never understand.
Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson here for the proceedings, chatting with former coach Steve Mariucci.
Steve Mariucci with the first question to Brett Favre, with Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson in the background:
Steve Mariucci joined Deuce and J-Ross to talk about Kaepernick, the Raiders and he had advice for Johnny...
Steve Mariucci, Michael Silver and Warren Sapp debate whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles will win the NFC East division again in 2014.
Daniel Jeremiah, Steve Mariucci and Charles Davis weigh in on which NFL team is the best fit for Oklahoma State...
Daniel Jeremiah, Charles Davis, Steve Mariucci and Mike Mayock describe which player currently in the NFL is most...
Must see: Steve Mariucci testing the knowledge of QB Draft Prospect Blake Bortles.
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Breaking news! Tom Izzo runs home to Iron Mt. To blow life long partner and failure Steve Mariucci
It is a well known fact that Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci banged each other while in college.
Were you one of the people who called for the firing of Steve Mariucci?
I’m like 96% sure I just saw Steve Mariucci driving a dump truck.
Matt Millen drafted guys in Detroit Steve Mariucci didn't like/want and didn't play. Led to wasted time, money and resources.
Jeff Garcia and Steve Mariucci, those were the days
Steve Mariucci, Nick Saban & George Seifert were proven known winners...They all sucked on there 2nd go around in NFL..just sayin
NFL Network studio analyst Steve Mariucci is to speak at St. Norbert College in Green Bay on Feb. 26 at a fundraiser for the school’s basketball program.
Scroll down to "Demand A Recount" - I'm so proud right now, why wasn't I aware of this effort?!
At this point im pretty sure Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci are in a simulated wind tunnel for effect.
It looks like and Steve Mariucci are talking into feather dusters during show.
Steve Mariucci just talked about Rivers being left in the draft room. Rice would be dumb if he takes any QB before final rounds bc format.
Best thing about the is watching Steve Mariucci’s hair being blown into the Pacific
"Hey, let's put Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci on the windy beach." NFL Network production meeting probably
i wish the ocean would rise up and wash steve Steve Mariucci and Marshall Faulk away
"Steve Mariucci reporting LIVE from the Tommy Bahama Pro Bowl Draft desk with my Swiffer Duster microphone!"
I feel slightly bad 4 Steve Mariucci right now. That set looks really windy. Then I realize hes doin his broadcast from Hawaii.
Steve Mariucci looks like he's going to get blown away by a tornado lol this is so awkward
Poor Steve Mariucci. His hair hasn't been tested like this ever.
God Bless Steve Mariucci for trying as hard as he is though.
Steve Mariucci gets caught in a hurricane
Watching the Pro Bowl draft and the microphones Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci are using look like a toupee strapped on a stick...
Giving this Pro Bowl Draft a second chance. May have been worth it to see Steve Mariucci's hair flying all over the place
Same with Steve Mariucci saying that Sherman would probably play Thomas all game.. Sherm plays one side. Simple research
Tickets for "Meet Steve Mariucci” on Feb. 26 available at former asst. coach.
NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci will speak on Feb. 26 for a basketball fundraiser.
Steve Mariucci discusses the matchup between the Seattle Seahawks' defense and the Denver Broncos' offense, as well as how the Seahawks will use...
Mike Fratello and Steve Mariucci have to be neck and neck in the "Sleaziest Looking Commentator" categories at this point...
I remember the Jeff Garcia years. Steve Mariucci and the crew.
See a lot of 49er fans in Tampa.that's from Tampa.y'all had better been fans when we smashed them in the playoffs too.I'm talking Jeff Garcia, Steve Mariucci 49er fans
How are Seattle Seahawks equipped for Super Bowl? - Steve Mariucci and LaDainian Tomlinson say the way Pete Carrol...
As all the fake bandwagon niners fans buy there seahawk flags and throw away there san francisco ones my bro Isaias Zavala will be wearing his niner fitted tomorrow proudly props to my brother a true fan since steve mariucci
This is too funny: NFL Network has Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, and Deion "Prime Time" Sanders at this huge desk, and then have Chris Rose, Ladainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner, and Steve Mariucci crammed shoulder-to-shoulder at what is apparently the little kid's desk.
Steve Mariucci isn't walking through that tunnel.
Steve Mariucci didn't even try on NFL Network's pregame...called him "Hoomooey"
Somebody asked me...What do I think of the Lions new coach? My answer: Not much. Since this is like the 11th coach I have seen hired since 77. Like always I have hope. Hope I win the lottery, hope there is peace in the middle east and hope the Lions become a winning football game. Dream Big...LOL I think Jim Caldwell can do well, but again this is the Lions. How many people thought Steve Mariucci was the answer? Caldwell was asked how he would view success, and he said championships. I like that he said that but it made me I feel a championship is needed to say he is successful? No I don't. This is the Lions. I just would like them to be respectable. To be a more consistent team. Make and win a playoff game. Be a contender every year. Not compete for the number 1 draft pick every year. I think we have different goals here in Detroit, then they do in Pittsburg, New England, or Green Bay. Sad, but true. Let's make the playoffs more then once a decade, and then I will want a championship. Keep a . ...
Watching NFL network. LOL at Steve Mariucci and Warren Sapp bobbing for apples!
Just watched Steve Mariucci and Warren Sapp bob for apples on the NFL network for their picks for today's games. LOL
Steve Mariucci jus won the wet t shirt contest!!
Warren Sapp and Steve Mariucci dunking their heads in a bucket full of water.
if you saw Steve Mariucci's nipples on NFL gameday live.
truly great television, Steve Mariucci and Warren Sapp bobbing for apples, right?
Steve Mariucci is not wearing an undershirt. HA HA HA HA!!!
So it's cool that Deion & Woodson say that Seattle will "go out and play like gangstas" but if Steve Mariucci said it, it'd be a huge deal.
All the "fans" back home get on my nerves.. Where were y'all when we had Jeff Garcia,Garrison Hearst, or Steve Mariucci??
You tell it Steve Mariucci! That was a great statement about Peyton Manning.
This just in: Steve Mariucci says the score will have something to do with the game
Steve mariucci looks exactly like my father in law. Its creepy.
Dealing with the 12th man: Steve Mariucci breaks down how the San Francisco 49ers offense and quarterb... - Video
after George Seifert (incase u new 49er fans don't know the last 49ers coach to win a superbowl) i had to watch Steve mariucci, Dennis Erickson ,Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary and Jim Tomsula try to get us back to the gorly days and now it's time for the empire to strike back. Let's go Niners!
Jim Caldwell is the 26th Head Coach of the Detroit Lions and the seventh since Bobby Ross left with six games remaining in the 2000 season. Here’s a look at the Lions’ coaches through the years: — Jim Schwartz (2009-2013) finished with 21-59 record in five regular seasons. Fired on Dec. 30 after the Lions started the season 6-3 and finished 1-6. — Rod Marinelli (2006-08) had a 10-38 overall record. Was shown the door following 0-16 season in 2008. — *** Jauron (2005) had a 1-4 record in finishing out the season for Steve Mariucci who was fired. — Steve Mariucci (2003-2005) owned a 15-28 record before he was sent packing after 11 games (4-7) in 2005. — Marty Mornhinweg (2001-2002) revved up his bike and left town (with the wind) after a 5-27 mark. — Gary Moeller (2000 final 7 games) stepped in for Bobby Ross and was 4-3. His firing was one of Matt Millen’s first acts as general manager. — Bobby Ross (1997-2000) left after nine games in 2000 due to health issues. He was 27-30 in his ten ...
Monte is my golfing buddy, we both played in Steve Mariucci's Beacon House Golf Classic
How many tds would montrezl have if he had Bridgewater throwing him the ball and Steve Mariucci calling plays?
Tonight on KRON4's Sports Night Live w Gary Radnich we have coach Steve Mariucci & Tom Brady's dad. Join us at 9pm!
The Lions went from College Coach Phase (Rogers) to the Promising Assistant Phase (Wayne Fontes) to the Guy Who Has Done It Before Phase (Bobby Ross) back to the Assistant Phase (Gary Moeller, Marty Mornhinweg) back to Done It Before Phase (Steve Mariucci) back to Assistant Phase *** Jauron, Rod Marinelli, Jim Schwartz) and now back to Done It Before Phase. None of it has worked. -Mitch Albom
I was excited when the Lions hired Matt Millen, ecstatic when they hired Steve Mariucci.we all know how those turned out - lets practice patience and give Caldwell time
Is this a possible motivator in hiring Caldwell? - "In 2003, the NFL fined the Detroit Lions $200,000 for failure to interview African-American candidates for the team's vacant Head Coaching job. After Marty Mornhinweg was fired, the Lions immediately hired former San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Steve Mariucci to replace him without interviewing any other candidates. The Lions claimed they attempted to interview other candidates but that the African-American candidates withdrew from interviews, believing Mariucci's hiring was inevitable."
I'm calmer now on Lions hire... Here is what i know, i can't think of one poorly run organization that has won a Super Bowl. therefore it dosnt matter who is coach. remember when we hired Steve Mariucci? proven winner right? wrong. As long as we have Mr Ford, we will have GMS like Russ Thomas, Matt Millen and current ,i don't have a clue Mayhew. Sorry Calvin you and Berry will be rememebered as two of the greats to play your position, only to never win!
For the Dieheart Lions Fans: The Lions today reportedly hired Caldwell, an assistant coach with the Baltimore Ravens the past two seasons and former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, as the franchise’s 23rd full-time Head Coach. The hiring, first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter and still not confirmed by the team, is something of a consolation prize: The Lions reportedly were ready to hire San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, but he instead opted to take the Head Coaching job with the Tennessee Titans on Monday. Caldwell, 58, replaces Jim Schwartz, who was fired on Dec. 30 after five seasons, 51 regular-season losses and his failure to get the franchise back to the National Football League playoffs for the past two years. Caldwell’s track record as a coach is mixed. He was Head Coach of the Colts from 2009-11 and has a 26-22 career record with that team. His team lost Super Bowl XLIV after the 2009 season, a year in which the Colts were 14-2. Indianapolis went 10-6 the follo ...
Coach Speak: Preparing to face a team for a 3rd time - Former NFL Head Coaches Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci describe how to properly prepare to face a familiar opponent for a third time in one year.
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From the NFL Network. Fake video of Steve Mariucci, Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick dancing to Beyonce. HUGE LAUGH!! :) (fixed the quality of the video and c...
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For all you Lions fans that want Whisenhunt as the next coach, he will not be anymore successful than Steve Mariucci!
The recent Ric Flair motivational speech that he gave to the San Francisco 49ers before their playoff game against the Green Bay Packers was discussed this week on NFL Gameday on the NFL Network. The hosts and Steve Mariucci talked about the impact that a game day motivational speech has on the players. Many of the hosts downplayed the impact it has on players.
– “Everything is at stake...We compare him with people that have won more than one [Super Bowl] and in order to say you are the greatest of all time, you have to at least be the greatest during your time.” – Michael Irvin on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning – “To win [a Super Bowl] with two different teams, two different set of coaching staffs, two different sets of teammates, I’m going to say there is no more discussion in my mind because [he] is the greatest. – Steve Mariucci on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning – “He’s not as fast as Wes Welker, but he runs routes, he gets in and out of his breaks – he’s exactly where Tom [Brady] needs him to be.” – Shaun O’Hara on New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman – “You can paint the field, you can stick those [earpieces] in your ear, you can blow all of the speakers you want – toughness is something that is ingrained inside of you. It’s not something that’s learned in a week before you travel ...
I just realized that Steve Mariucci is the long lost Baldwin brother.
Former NFL Head Coach Steve Mariucci says the New England Patriots must contain Indianapolis Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton in order to win. Hear the rest of the divisional round Saturday statements as well.
John Madden told me this morning you'll never see Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci or Bill Cowher coach again. The reason why may surprise you. Take a listen. (Posted by Stan Bunger)
LaDainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner and Steve Mariucci debate whether the New Orleans Saints can defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional Round when they return to the site of a 34-7 loss in Week 13.
Steve Mariucci is on my flight. Kinda shocked he's kicking it with the unwashed masses on Southwest. I did tell him the 4-whiners suck
With Bill O'Brien officially named the new Texans Head Coach, the 44-year old becomes another in a growing list of former college coaches now patrolling the sidelines in the National Football League. O'Brien spent the past two years as the head man at Penn State, compiling a 15-9 record while winning several national coaching awards. Although O'Brien spent the previous five years working in the NFL for the New England Patriots, a majority of the Dorchester, Mass., native's tenure has been at the college ranks. College coaches moving onto the NFL isn't a new phenomenon, with roots tracing back to the beginnings of the league. Perhaps the most famous of the college converts was the great Vince Lombardi, who spent time at both Fordham University and West Point before becoming an assistant coach with the New York Giants. Lombardi went on to become perhaps the most revered NFL coach of all-time, reinventing the game with the Green Bay Packers throughout the 1960's. Names like Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and B ...
– “Philip Rivers is going to have the playoffs of his life.” – Sterling Sharpe on San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers – “He’s received interest from NFL teams over the last couple years. For the first time, this year he is reciprocating that interest.” – Ian Rapoport on University of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops – “In some ways, I think they’re better this year than they were a year ago…They’re the only team because of how they’re built that can go into Seattle and exchange punches with Seattle.” – Steve Mariucci on the San Francisco 49ers
Bill Walsh, George Seifert, and Steve Mariucci combined only won 1 road playoff game as the 49ers coach. Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, and Mike Singletary didn't even make the playoffs. Jim Harbaugh in only his 3rd year has already won 2 playoff games on the road. Go Jim Harbaugh!! Go 49ers!!
Quote of the weekend: HS football QB: "I have that Tony Romo speed." Steve Mariucci: "Well I hope you're better than that."
Game Day on ESPN Steve Mariucci saying Saints to win against Seattle.I hope so but I don't know.I really would like the Saints to March on to the next but 4 realz its all about The SF 49Niners!
De'Andre with his coach, Steve Mariucci, during the jersey presentation
Back when he was an assistant coach for the Packers, Steve Mariucci used to combat the cold during games by holding quarterback meetings in the sauna. An added perk was only the home team's locker room had a sauna.
49ers: I have such a great love and history with this team. I was very frustrated in 02 when they fired Steve Mariucci. I began to be encouraged in 08 when Mike Singletary became the interim Head Coach and then officially the Head Coach in 09 . While I was living in Indiana the past few years I was very happy to root for the Indianapolis Colts, which is my brother's team. I am very excited to see how these playoffs turn out. Any playoffs without the Dallas Cowboys is a goodyear in my book!
Why again did we fire Lovie Smith? 10-6 season? oh yeah, good call. so this is what being a 49er fan felt like after Steve Mariucci got canned.
I'm not against Dungy being in Detroit. However everyone says it would be nice to have the successful and experienced coach on Detroit's sideline. Anyone remember Steve Mariucci? Everybody was saying the same crap about that worthless coach too. Let's face it, we are talking about the Lions. All talented coaches are brought to their knees when they get to run the Lions.
Until I watched the under armour all American game I though Steve Mariucci died I hadn't heard that name in forever.
I am completely surprised Steve Mariucci doesn't coach NCAA Football college players respond to him greatly, he progresses them well and he is one of the best minds in football. All-America High School Football Game
The Schwartz is gone. He lost credibility with me when Harbaugh shook his hand too hard. He becomes the 16th coach to come and go in 50 years. Since 1963 (When Ford purchased the Lions) These are the names of the coaches George Wilson, Harry Gilmer, Joe Schmidt, Don McCafferty, Rico Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Monte Clark, Darryl Rogers, Wayne Fontes, Bobby Ross, Gary Moeller, Marty Mornhinweg, Steve Mariucci, *** Jauron, Rod Marinelli and Jim Schwartz. That is slightly more than 3 years/ tenure. We will get a new coach and hopefully after 4 years his record is better than 21-59. With the team that Schwartz inherited he is definitely leaving a better room of talent for the next guy. The next guy should not miss the playoffs in his first 3 years with the pool he has to work with. Hey look more Honolulu Blue Cool-aid, lets start drinking!
So, you thought it was just me who thought the Fords stink! Wasn't hard to find online. Calvin Banks · Cooley High School The Ford family are easily the worst owners in the NFL. How can you be this incompetent? Here is a list of coaches the football illiterate Ford's have hired! Only one of these *** s had a winning record. As the losing coaches come and go the one constant is the Ford family ownership. The Ford's hired every one of these coaches who should not have been in charge of a high school football team, let alone an NFL team. Don McCafferty .461, Rick Forzano .469, Tommy Hudspeth .458, Monte Clark .413, Daryl Rogers .310, Wayne Fontes .496, Bobby Ross .474, Gary Moeller .571, Marty Mornhinweg .156 (5-27), Steve Mariucci .349, *** Jauron .200, Rod Marinelli .208 and one of the worst Jim Schwartz .363. As football fan's you continue to support these football ignorant, bungling owners. The dumbest fans and the most incompetent owners, a marriage made in football heaven!
Here is what our Lions coaches are know for in my lifetime. Monte Clark: Praying for an Eddie Muray field goal vs Frisco... Missed Daryl Rodgers: "What's a Guy have to do to get fired around here?" Wayne Fontes, or is it Fon-tez??.."I'm that big buck..avoiding bullets at all times." Bobby Ross "I don't coach that stuff".ran Barry Sanders out of the league Marty Morningweg: "Let's take the wind." Ovetime loss... Steve Mariucci "We're building something good here" Rod Marinelli "My pick is will is outstanding.." 0-16 James Schwartz "it's business as usual" and to the fans "What the f$% are you booing at?. Pretty entertaining stuff right there.
OK I get Terry Foster's point. What’s the point of firing Jim Schwartz if they aren't willing to go after a real upgrade (Jon Gruden, Ken Whisenhunt or even Lovie Smith)? The Lions have fired Wayne Fontes, Marty Mornhinweg, Steve Mariucci and Rod Marinelli and haven’t come close to winning a title. So although it ticks me off, Schwartz might come back. But something has to change. If Schwartz doesn't at least bring in a new offensive coordinator or a quarterback coach, nobody, not even the players, will have any faith in him or his team.
Somewhere Gary Moehler, *** Jauron, Marty Morninweg, Steve Mariucci, Wayne Fontes, Bobby Ross, Monte Clark, Darrell Rogers, and Rod Marinelli are in a room waiting to pop some beers when Jimmy gets fired...Marinelli is walking around like a T-Rex, yelling at people like a drill sergeant...everytime a door opens or someone farts, Marty yells "which way did that come from?, take the wind!!!"...Moehler is like "hey chumps, I was over .500 in Detroit!!!", Bobby says "kith my ath Moehler, i will beat you r rith here rith now wifout taking my flat bill hath oth", everyone looks in stunned silence not knowing what he said and all shake their heads...Mooch and Marty are in the corner discussing this weeks game, cause they r still successful...and WayneO is in the corner holding his back saying, "hey losers I went to the NFC Championship game and won a division title, why am i here with you bums?"...just then Barry drives up in Waynes golf cart and they drive away into the sunset together!!!
Marty Morningwheg, Rod Marinelli, and Steve Mariucci are just a few of the people I'd rather have coaching.
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From a Simmons mailbag. I go with the Fox crew too. Q: Ron Burgundy's return reminds me of a very important question: which NFL studio crew wins out in an Anchorman style back alley brawl? —Welshy, Ottawa, ON YES! YES! YES! I am so ready for this one. In order … Let's all agree that Fantasy Football Now's crew (Tim Hasselbeck, Matthew Berry and Robert Flores) gets slaughtered within 15 seconds. Let's cross off NBC (Dan Patrick, Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy and Bob Costas) and NFL Network (Deion Sanders, Steve Mariucci, Michael Irvin, Marshall Faulk and Rich Eisen) — the opposing crews would just target Harrison and Irvin knowing that nobody else could beat them. As for CBS, Shannon Sharpe's whoop *** potential makes that crew mildly interesting, but they're saddled with two QBs who won't want to get hit (Boomer Esiason and Dan Marino), as well as a 56-year-old coach (Bill Cowher) and the nicest guy in sports media (James Brown). That's not nearly enough unless someone makes fun of Marino for never wi ...
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Mike's On: Steve Mariucci I just upload a new video! Please check it out and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FA...
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With the final game in Candlestick on Monday, joined on today:
Steve Mariucci joins the Francesa show in one minute
Steve Mariucci reminisces about Terrell Owens' TD catch from Steve Young in 1999.
re-living his glory days on with Steve mariucci
Ready to roll on a Football Friday w- Francesa: 2p Steve Mariucci, 3p CC Sabathia, 4p and 5p ..
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To simply this...romo is a good QB,and yeah he has a tendancy to stink it up at the wrong time and it kind of has been that way for him since botched fieldgoal snap when they played the seahawks in that playoff game in 2007...but he is a good QB...the bottom is that the cowboys need a coach that can has some input and do things his way to somewhat.Bill Cowher,Jon Gruden,Tony Dungy,or even a steve mariucci...the bottom line is that jerry jones is stubburn !!! And the defense *** kinda like my steelers and they need more skilled players.
There are only 3 Coaches I want for the Bucs next year.. Steve Mariucci, Lovie Smith, and Marty Schottenheimer... nuff said
Did you know that current Michigan State Men's basketball coach Tom Izzo is from Iron Mountain. His best friend Steve Mariucci (NFL coach)is also from Iron Mountain.
Today In Sports History: December 17, 2000: Terrell Owens makes record-breaking 20 catches. On December 17, 2000, during a 17-0 victory by the San Francisco 49ers over the Chicago Bears, San Francisco’s wide receiver Terrell Owens sets a new league record of 20 catches in a single game. Drafted by the 49ers in the third round of the 1996 NFL draft, Owens was thrilled to join his hero, Jerry Rice. During his college career at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, he had worn Rice’s number (80). Early in the 1997 season, when Rice tore his ACL, Owens stepped up and became a star performer for the 49ers, grabbing 60 receptions for 936 yards and eight touchdowns over the season. The 2000 season was also a losing season for San Francisco, though there were several saving graces. Rice continued to impress in what would be his final season with the 49ers, and was given a number of standing ovations during the 49ers’ shut-out of the Bears in San Francisco on December 17, Rice’s last appearance in hi ...
Watching the NFL channel highlights. Deion Sanders and Steve Mariucci think Rodgers should shut down. Stop it.
Steve Mariucci on Dez Bryant: "Is this an issue? Yes it is an issue. We’ve all have had times where we wanted to cry on the sidelines."
We need Joey Harrington, Shaun Rogers, Kevin Jones, Roy Williams, Jason Hanson, and Steve Mariucci back in order to win this one
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