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Steve Lekoelea

Steve Chippa Lekoelea (born 5 February 1979 in Sebokeng, Gauteng as Steve Motsiri) is a South African football (soccer) midfielder for Premier Soccer League club Platinum Stars and South Africa.

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Football used to have style and skill. People loved soccer because it was fascinating now we read football and think we stars.pls. I miss Doctor Khumalo playing soccer with your Steve Lekoelea and Tsiki-tsiki Hope tomorrows game will be nice
Whenever I see BMW CI Steve Lekoelea comes to mind.
When I see McVeigh, its like a white version of Steve Lekoelea. Dribbling wizard. I m xo he sleeps nex to a ball
Soccerage he's young loool remember mr Steve Lekoelea started at age 16 and ran like a 25 yr"he's young!"
Ronaldo just reminded me of Steve Lekoelea sending Page Mahlangu to washers with such a step over.. Do you remember that one?
South African football use to hv Jabu Pule..Steve Lekoelea,,Benedict Vilakazi n many more talented indiscipline destroyed their careers...n supportas neva cared abt their off the field behaviour..they jst wanted to see thm kick da ball...they hv Steven Pienaar n Cream rytnw who are flying their flag high in thei aint getting same recognition lyk the fallen stars..i mean frm the fans here in Bots we hv Dirang 'many nicknames' Moloi n Mogakolodi Tsotso Ngele...the two are off the field one is leaving fast lyf forgettin gr football is his lyf,,us as fans we kip on sayin he s da best le fa a sa tshameke tota..we encourage his selection ko national team.golo moo ke go mmolaeleng pele..o tsile go relaxer a re ene o itse bolo.. * are we going to call him a Legend after retiring frm the field
(jumps on roof of random office building) Mzambiya ft Steve Lekoelea - Jersey -
STEVE LEkOELEA Interviewer: steve you scored an amazing goal to help pirates win today so where to from here? Steve: I'm going home is not our mother tongue
I still cant get enough of Thabo Mnyamane of Tuks s free kick against Maritzburg United , he just reminded of Steve Lekoelea banging those free kicks at z11 .ai Vaal is blessed with talented players big up ntwana kasi.
I will still pay to go and see Jabu Pule play if his deal with Matsatsantsa happens...the best ever player after Steve Lekoelea...
I remember him in the Bob Save Super Bowl Cup semi-final against Mamelodi Sundowns in the 99/00 season@ FNB stadium after receiving a pass from Steve Lekoelea on the left flank and he pierced through the Downs defence and dribbled pass the keeper John Tlale and tapped it in to win it for Pirates Dennis "Chesa Mpama" Lota
Happy Birthday to Orlando Pirates legend Steve Lekoelea! What's your favourite 'Chippa' moment? Seems like today is a day of greatness...
Feb 5 really is the Birthday of the football stars, Happy Birthday to South African legend Steve Lekoelea!
Happy Birthday to Orlando Pirates legend Steve Lekoelea..Apparently one day in an interview he was asked"So Steve,how do you keep fit?" & he answered "I wake up in the morning & run away" Lmao :D
Soccer stars that were born this day: Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, Adnan Januzaj and Steve Lekoelea. Surely mawungazala ingane yomfana by this day it's possible he may become a soccer super star
Wht a player he was, gud combination with Steve Lekoelea & Andries Sebola whn this 2 had the ball if he run to the box we knows its goal Dennis (chesa mpama)Lota we will always mic once a pirates always a pirates RIP
Stolen - "Eugene Terre'Blanche thought black people would remain prostrate forever. Malema thought he would lead ANC one day. Messi thought CR7 would never win Ballon'Dor again. Steve Lekoelea thought he would become South Africa's highest paid soccer star. Mangope thought UCDP would become one of the country's most powerful political parties. Jomo Sono never thought Jomo Cosmos would be relegated. Michael Phelps thought he was the swimming champion. Arthur Mafokate thought he was the king of kwaito. Winnie thought she would inherit something from Mandela. David Genaro thought he was invincible. Dr Love thought being *** was cool. Tuberculosis thought it was incurable. White people thought they would never go to the same school as black people. What I'm tryna say is - even ANC will hit the ground one day"...
Jomo Sono: I think its about time to give away my Orlando Pirates jersey no 10, Dr Ivan Khoza and I we've been discussing this matter. So for me Lehlohonolo Majoro deserve it # 10 and I hope Majoro will never disappoint me like Steve Lekoelea. Welcome home MAJORO Once A Pirates Always A Pirates. UP THE BUCS
When Steve Lekoelea came out that fridge to a boy that's home alone I knew Jesus wasn't coming back...
...and then i a text from my dad just now and it reads: "these boys don't deserve to wear the black and white jersey except for Jele, Manyisa, Legwathi and Senzo, what happened to the likes of Brandon Silent, Mark Fish, Jerry Skhosana, Helman Mkhelele,Phiri Tsotetsi, Clifford Moleko,Matsilele Sono, Dumisane Ngobe,Joseph Ngake, Dennis Lota, Innocent Mcwango, Willem Jackson, Steve Lekoelea, Gerald Ramaphahlela,Edward Motale, Gavin Lane" i think this is talk of a frustrated fan, De Sa otlo emisa pelo ea ntate oaka hake sheba tjena...haeba a random text to his baby girl o hopola le bafu mo ba teng bo Clifford,nooo maaan
Guys dnt u tnk Jali wil also involve in accident like ( slow poison Manyathela, Moleko & Gift Leremi. Those players they were way out to da new teams while Manyathela ws going to trial. Steve lekoelea also gt an accident. At platinum stars.
This post is only for bucs fans no animals allowed :v We are having a big debate now me and and all know there is one player all bucs fans love and for the few past seasons Andile Jali has been the darling of the so what we are arguing here is who will take Jali's place as the Darling of the Ghosts hence AJ15 might be gone soon?? *Tamie says DK7 *MJ says Majoro (when he finally joins bucs) *Asanda says Majoro too *And I say he is the second in command if AJ is not there lol Let's vote mabhakaniya who will be the most loved player like AJ,Teko,Steve lekoelea,vilakazi @ bucs from now on??? Good afternoon
We have had Benedict Vilakazi, Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule, Steven Pienaar but all these players couldnt carry a team in their shoulders and currently we dont have a genius player ,,, reality check : we are not world-beaters we are a bunch of losers
Most of the time we as soccer followers don't know the full story. Take Lehlohonolo Majoro's troubled soccer career for example. Vladimir Vermezovic didn't like him much and played him mostly from the bench. He had to tell us about his 'balls' to get VV's attention. Recently Stuart Baxter had problems with him causing division in Chiefs camp. Even Gordon Igesund to some extent has issues with this boy. All successful coaches. No matter how talented the player is, if he's not disciplined and professional in this game you won't survive. Football lovers are insulting the coaches and not looking at player and judgement is always clouded by emotions. If Majoro continues in this manner his name will perish. He must ask Jabu Pule, Naughty Mokoena, Steve Lekoelea, Masibusane Zongo to name a few. All immensely talented but ill disciplined and unprofessional.
Can you believe the once noble and glorious Former Orlando Pirates and Morroca Swallows right winger Joseph Makhanya is clubless? Seriously what is it that South African Football is doing wrong to our players? Think about abo, Steve Lekoelea, Phumudzo Manenzhe, Tso Vilakazi, Philmon Masinga, ay the list is endless! Its so sad to see abadlali ababelikhahlela ngempela bephelela emoyeni.
Is Zuma vs Malema like Goliat vs David? Is Nkandla vs Seshego like Israel vs Philipians? Only Zuma knows , because he publicly made an announcement that ANC will gorven until Jesus christ comes back which means according 2 him the ANC is a fovoured nation. ANC VS EFF seems to be the battle to watch, can someone tell me what happened to Angang, Cope, Inkanta and Freedom front. ANC has lodged its fifth manifesto and after scrutinising it, I realised that it does not have specifics, in 1994 the ANC manifesto was specific and it contain only 3500 words but in 2014 the manifesto is more than 50 pages. The 1994 manifesto had the following issues to address: freedom of speech, right to criticise government etc but the 2014 manifesto is mum on the freedom of speech and right to critisize government. In Mbombela stadium ANC members were seriusly scrutinised before they can enter the stadium and were seated according to the region they come from, these was done to identify those who will express themselves and booi ...
Guess who m I watchin da game with ntja ka Steve "Chippa" Lekoelea "I lov being around my home boi"
Who is still playing today in top leaque eg psl which he did play with the likes of steve lekoelea or lucky maselese
Steve lekoelea,Andile Jali,Siyabonga Sangweni etc=funniest broken english spoken. Doctor Khumalo,Sphiwe tshabalala,Itumeleng Khune etc=Very good spoken English. Why is this pattern the case,does one team purposefully select players with little education while the other does the opposite?
Why do we laugh at a Black Man/African people who are struggling to speak or write English and not laugh at a White man speaking appalling Zulu, seTswana, isiXhosa, xiVenda, Xitsonga or Sesotho? "We all have done this, we thought that Boxers, Musicians and/or Soccer Players who cannot speak English are *** (Siyabonga Nomvete, Steve Lekoelea, Vuyani Bungu, Mandoza, Bashin Mahlangu)! Have you ever thought about De Klerk who does not even utter a single Zulu, Xhosa word, he cannot even pronounce your name to start with. In the office they pronounce your name wrongly and you just smile (Mental Oppression I tell you!). You are impressed when Mrs. van Wyk tries to speak isiZulu, seTswana or isiXhosa. In 15 years Van der Merwe managed to learn Sawubona, Molo & Dumela only...and you are impressed by that sickening and Lousy Crap !! Why does it never occur to you that Mrs. Van Wyk is an *** a Certified Moron... who is not capable of learning one single African Language! What is compelling me to be writing th ...
STEVE LEKOELEA"Which player do you wish can come back to football?"
thats waisted talent, he'll end up like guys like Steve Lekoelea, Tso Vilakazi & Jabu Mahlangu..
DESHI ” Steve ( Lekoelea(SP ) ) U seem to be in a very good shape every game, What's your secret? STEVE " I Just wake up and Run Deshi "
Radio Maisha in Kenya today called to wish him Happy Birthday and he pulled a Steve Lekoelea responded by, "Happy Birthday!"
If Mojoro continues like this his gonna end up like Steve lekoelea, then there goes another talented player
At the height of all this matric result narrative is the great expectation that everyone is academic. Good people, it is naturally impossible. In turn all this manifest complains only serve to expose your faculty of reasoning. Refentse MRasnero in his quaint and wicked way put it yesterday that we need a tsotsi and legosha here and there. We indeed need a Steve Lekoelea or a Bhele Nomvethe to tell us that; in the morning I wake and run away to keep fit but moreso to mesmerize us with their skills. Indeed we need a Thamsanqa Jantjie. How would life be without Steve Hofmeyer huh! I mean can you imagine if this our Jacob Zuma had been to school as many of you lament-he wouldn't be this interesting. Quit with blaming Mama Angie already. We wouldn't be having a Julius Malema for heaven's sake. You freaking dance to "itjukutsa" but you've got the nerve to pour cold water on 78% pass rate! For Pete's sake you guys do Selfies but moan about 30%. Tswa daar! I urge that you look around you, this 'matric results' ma ...
Someone please call, Jabulani Mendu, Marco Mthembu and Steve Lekoelea and Tso to advise the BIG HEADED Majoro. Jerr dat guy is an attention seeker.
Let's face this majoro's career is over remember steve lekoelea? Matepe and all that
Steve Lekoelea, im not a pierats supporter bt I used to love this guy...and now...haai
Whats your take on Jali issue. I say ,If he wants to go he must go,but he must ask Steve lekoelea,bennedict vilakazi on how life is after Pirates.Pirates is bigger than Jali,Pirates was there before him and will be there after him
Q: (Steve Lekoelea ,what are your favourite fruits?) A: (A Apple and An Banana ,You Must tried them)
Reporter: ' So Steve Lekoelea, what do you do to keep fit' Lekoelea: "Every morning when I wake up, I put on my tracksuit and run AWAY" Tltltltltltl Morning! :)
''when i wake up I run away''Steve Lekoelea...good morning everybody
Steve Lekoelea: "what Madiba did for RSA people was SELFISH,I send my HEARTLESS condolences to the his family."
They had Steve Lekoelea,Goodenough Sithole now they have Lucky Lekgwathi.
As long as there are no soccer players that play like Thabiso Malatsi, Steve Lekoelea, Tsiki Tsiki, Ace Khuse, Thapelo Liau, Proffessor Ngubane, the late Scara Ngobese etc. I'll never go to the stadium. The modern football is boring, all we need is flair and results not programmed players.
Who was your best between the players?. 1. Steve Lekoelea. 2. Jabu Pule.
Myeni remembers me steve lekoelea,the movement,he is upto his game
Rumor has it apart from kenny kunene registering a political party today also steve lekoelea an Jabu Pule(Mahlangu) have also registered a political party
our local football is infested with this european plague called the modern game. what happend to i-diski?.da soweto derby is far less entertaining than the da derbies of a few seasons back. brazil played a type of football that ''we'' ourselves labelled as ''brazillian football, the spanish are following suit with a crisp passing game and a far superior ball possesion in almost every game played. we used to drool when watching the likes of Doctor Khumalo, Shakes Khungoane, Thabo Mooki, Steve Lekoelea, Thabo Mngomeni, Thapelo Liau, Jabu Pule (mahlangu) stiga Fredericks, the late Scara Ngobese, Siphesihle Ngobese, Y2K Sibeko.the list is endless. its painfull to see such talent and innovation, creativity and originality going to waste.
Bongani Zungu will be the biggest thing in SA soccer,if and only if he never get big headed.Let's pray for him not to follow the same routine Jabu Pule,Steve Lekoelea, Masibusane Zongo,OJ Mabizela etc.Let him take a leave from Shoes Moshoeu,he will be a good asset in our football fraternity.
Do not bother urself to read the following books when published (1)a good conduct plyr Masibusane Zongo (2) the bst first touch by katlego killer mpela (3)the bst bfna bafana right-back siboniso gaxa (4) leaving Orlando Pirates ws nt a msk steve lekoelea
Steve Lekoelea for FC Platinum??? Ill bring u more on the story once my friend confirms it ... WAYNE
Is he raely derceve a second chance? I dnt think soo! If yes then steve lekoelea also derceve it
Can 1 team in the PSL give Steve Lekoelea my homeboy a season or two to play, especially the big 3? Ngiyacela bo!
Now that Jabu Pule mahlangu decide to go back on the pitch,wish the likes of chippa steve lekoelea would do the same We miss the entertainment
As Orlando Pirates legends I feel it is wrong for us to be sidelined. Just because we never played for Kaizer Chiefs that does not mean we cannot play in this match. Guys like Brendon Silent, Dumisa Ngobe, Helman Mkhalele can still entertain the fans." says Steve Lekoelea.its lyk everyone wants to be chiefs legend lols.what's your take on this guys?
I still think gore Steve Lekoelea deserves an award mxm Life...m still the fan net nje
A striking similarity between Doctor Khumalo & Steve Lekoelea: *They both started their proffesional careers at age 15 *Both played for the big Soweto giants (Doc-Chiefs, Steve-Bucs) *Both once captained their respective teams *Both were a hit with the ladies *Both liked trendy hairstyles *Both were fan fovourites *Both didn't make it to big European leagues *Both quit when people still wished they could continue *Both wore retired jersey numbers *Both are former Bafana players *Both were skillful *Both once tried their hand in music Contrast: One chose to make his life; the other chose to kick it Just now via Nokia 3310
MOKHABA(big belly) is trendy,even soccer players have them,I jst saw Steve Lekoelea mo Sasol hier nd he also has it Cabazela
Zungu z da next big thng in Mzantsi football after Steve Lekoelea
I don't understand y Jabu Pule is not on the Amakhosi team going against the Liverpool Legends, it would be like excluding Steve Lekoelea from a Pirates outfit in a similar upcoming fixture. Ke masepa dai ding.
Jabu Pule Matlhangu shouldn't despair coz he wasn't included in da chieps masters! SAFA is planning an exhibition match where the bad boys of psl, the likes of Steve Lekoelea, Nauthy Mokwena Old John Mabizela and including Jabu will face of against the cool mabooitjie of psl! He'll most probably be the captain!
Hi This Is Steve Lekoelea and you a listening to Ntate Chomane on SABC 1.Its Delicious...don't touch that dial
This Steve lekoelea thing is killing me kwa =)) made :)
Ronaldinho learnt the know look pass from Steve Lekoelea when SA beat Brazil 3-1 in the Confed Cup.. So much talent wasted
English is not our language!!! Interview with Bhele Nomvethe Interviewer:So Bhele how was the game today??? Bhele:Nah It was Delicious Steve Lekoelea Interviewer:So Steve tell us more about ur family Steve:I have 1 kids. I have 2 brothers...1 in front of me nd 1 at the back of me
Sometimes you have to dress her up like Steve Lekoelea during foreplay or someone else will ☹
Steve Lekoelea is confident that Orlando Pirates are capable of bringing the second star home.
Orlando Pirates take on Al-Ahly in the second-leg of the CAF Champions League Final on Sunday night at 18h00 SAST. Some former Buccaneers spoke to the Siya Crew and sent wishes to the team before the game. Former Orlando Pirates midfielder, Steve Lekoelea, “The guys must play their normal game and don’t change anything from what they have been doing. We are confident in them.” Lekoelea Confident Of Pirates Win Former Orlando Pirates captain, Edward Motale, “I wish them luck. They must stick their plan, focus, they must not consider bad refereeing or the condition of the pitch but play their football. I believe they can do better and win,” Orlando Pirates legend Bernard ‘Shoes’ Lushozi, “Guys you have already shown us and the rest of Africa how good you are. Now it’s time for you to complete the marvellous work you have done so far, by winning this competition. Bring it home boys!” :)
Journalist: "Steve, what do you do during your spare time?" | Steve Lekoelea: "I take my tekkies and run away"
Steve Lekoelea: "is just that people from sebokeng are eating me jealous."
"I rate Steve Lekoelea as one of the best players I've come up against. He once dribbled one of our players at...
Steve Lekoelea is the best free kick taker South Africa has had in modern times!!
If Jomo Sono was to giv out the Orlando Pirates number 10 jersey which he took frm Steve Lekoelea,who do you think wil be the best pirates player to be given the jersey. Andile Jali Oupa Manyisa Erasmus Bacela Segolela Mataba Ntshomaelo Masalesa Klaite
Mzansi Diski Updates| Topic •When did you start following your team and who influenced you to be your team fan? - I became the fan of Orlando Pirates because I used to like watching Dumisa Ngobe, Steve Lekoelea, Brendon Silent, Joseph Ngake and Andries Sebola! •XKR
I want 2 get married 2 show people im worthy of marriage. If an ordinary small test *** in boyfriend/girlfriend set up they argue and sleep in other room or at aunties house. In marriage there s no such crab. Guy took out money on u. Even if u don't feel ok he must b entertained. R u still ready and willing 2 get married? My side I know I will marry b4 Bertus Von Bocke, Alie, Gauchab, Steve lekoelea, uncle f, roxie, Toya, ice, francesco, Gina, Sharon Jacobs, striker, Vivian Ama Damara Afrikaner, Edwin Draaier en so aan.
We play good as a team, but mona teng *** batlahala "individual brilliance" Motho atla o winela a BIG GAME all by Himself! Your Jabu Pule Steve Lekoelea type. Harena bona. Sadly.
When I was a little boy, my dad would take me to Orlando Stadium to watch Nick Bazooka Seshweni, Basil Steenkamp, Albert Bashin Mahlangu, Ronnie Zondi, Innocent Mayoyo etc. In my teenage years, I took a taxi to Ellis Park to watch Aubrey Lekoane, William Okpara, Etienne N'tsunda, Edward Motale etc. In my late teens I made my way to FNB to watch Pollen Ndlanya, Innocent Chikoya, Thabo Mngomeni, Josep Ngake etc. As a young adult, I travelled to Joburg Stadium to watch Steve Lekoelea, Lesley Slow Poison Manyathela, Gift Voom Voom Leremi, Benedict Tso Vilakazi, etc. Tonight I'm going back to where it all began. I'm making my way to Orlando Stadium to rewrite history. Lennox Bacela, Daine Klate, Sfiso Myeni, Rooi Mahamutsa. Up the Buccaneers! Tjovitjo
Ever wondered why South Africa is absolutely useless in football? Bashin Mahlangu Interviewer: Bashin, how do you feel about scoring such a beautiful goal? Mahlangu: I feel immediately!!! Lesley Manyathela (RIP) (This was an interview to get to know more about the player after an extended period of rich form) Interviewer: So Lesley, tell us about your family. Manyathela: I have one KIDS. I also have two brothers: There is one in front of me and one behind me. Bhele Nomvete (This interview was conducted after a match on Bhele's birthday.) Interviewer: Firstly, Bhele we'd just like to wish you a Happy Birthday. Nomvete: Thank you, thank you, same to you! Steve Lekoelea Interviewer: Steve, you have just played an amazing game to help Pirates win. Where to from here? Lekoelea: I am going home. Interviewer: Steve, you seem to have hit such a rich vein of form. You also seem a lot fitter. What is your secret? Lekoelea: In the morning I get up and I run away. Jabu Pule Interviewer: Jabu, who do you think will ** ...
I must say, after 2dys Derby, I realized dat there's peace in SA soccer. If it was back in the days of Steve Lekoelea, Benny, Batlette, Jabu Pule, Vilakazi, and more, there cud hav been war on the pitch.
Um a Bhakhaniya but wish,th Jabu Pule story is very touching.He played for us but made his mark at Chiefs Let us know eh Steve Lekoelea story too.The two were undoubtedly the most talented footballers of their generation who never full-filled their promise...
Benedict Vilakazi, Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Mahlangu (Pule), Gift Leremi... Players who were so amazing so talented, and threw it all away. This honestly needs to be sorted out, we losing amazingly talented kids to fame, football, drugs and women!
Mae the mighty Bucks do well. In memory of the late Lesley Manyathela, Gift Leremi. The living legend all time best free kicker Steve Lekoelea
you still owe Thabo Mooki a testimonial, just like owe Steve Lekoelea. Honour your own properly
ANC waxed more lyrical about than the PAC did today. I snarl at this. Chiefs should never subtly claim Steve Lekoelea was theirs.
I am glad to have witnessed Steve Lekoelea doing his best for Orlando Pirates..
It reminds me of Steve Lekoelea's interview with Deshi “Gucci's grammar reminds me of Jali's Nedbank ad”
I can confidently say Parker, Klate, Van Heerden and Nunens are the best set piece takers in mzansi after Steve Lekoelea
Steve Lekoelea spotted at a tavern in Thembisa lol!
Lol""when i wake up in the morning i run away" - Steve Lekoelea cc
Neil Tovey wouldn't employ the advice he gives now gives during his commentary against Steve Lekoelea
I miss Steve Lekoelea and Jabu Pule, who is going to stand out tonight??
We missing legends like Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea !The game would have been quicker !
These italians are alive ey.. We should've had legends like Steve Lekoelea (sp) and Jabu Pule..
Jabu Pule, Naughty Mokoena and Steve Lekoelea's interview was something else.
Steve Lekoelea and Teko Modise..the ONLY 2 players who ALMOST made me jump ship when they left Pirates...disatane! ( ._.)
wouldn't it be nice to see Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea in the legends line up on Saturday
My deepest fear is being chased by Steve Lekoelea with a glass of low fat milk..
The likes of Steve Lekoelea are missed in this kinda of games, free kicks were goals back then
I slapped the cup of milk that Steve Lekoelea was chasing with in my dream last night.. Progress :-)
I'd love to interview Jabulani Mendu,Skappie Malatsi and Steve Lekoelea and ask them how it feels to fall from the grace of fame.
How I wish they can include players like Jabu Pule, Steve Lekoelea and Thabo Mooki on that Legends lineup
Orlando Pirates players stay losing on ads though. First it was Steve Lekoelea and Clover, now it's Lucky Lekgwathi and Carling Black Label
I yearned to have seen Steve Lekoelea and Jabu Pule at World Cup 2010 scoring goals
Hoping to see Steve Lekoelea in Sebokeng & ask him about preparations for his 50th birthday.
Breast Cancer Awareness
where is steve he was a good player who could have been role model for the upcoming stars,in fact he used to greate score out of nothing thatS how brilliant he was. PICKETH DURBAN
Godfrey Moloi Goodwill Games!! That's where we saw the best of Steve Lekoelea and Gift Leremi
I would like to loud Tiyani Mabaso of he started this Jabu Mahlangu and Steve Lekoelea big...
former Pirates and Swallows player Steve Lekoelea says he prefers to watch La Liga than Psl games because today's game has become boring.
they are only africans chief. They will learn when they living together and will relate better like Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea
It is hey and he is not the only one, remember, Patrick Mbuthu, Steve Lekoelea, Thabang Lebese and many more.
So Steve lekoelea he doesn't watch local football,he watches La Liga football
Enjoyed 083sportswith Marawa.He had Jabu Mahlangu, Naughty Mokoena & Steve Lekoelea in studio it was funny & educational at the same time
083Sport was great and today you brought to us legends of Football in this country, Steve Lekoelea, Naughty Mokoena and Pule
Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea what really went wrong bafethu?
Ha ha Jabu Pule reckons being put ishibobo by Steve Lekoelea was an honor ha ha dead
Sad about missing that interview by with Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule and Naughty Mokoena
"Naughty Mokoena& Jabu Mahlangu looks and Steve Lekoelea seems to be more relaxed"
Loving the interview with Naughty Mokoena, Steve Lekoelea and Jabu Mahlangu. We want
The with today was like a comedy. Jabu Pule, Naughty Mokoena and Steve's troublesome kids
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Listening to Naughty Mokoena, Steve Lekoelea and Japu Pule on Metro. I've never seen Naughty play but thinking of the other 2 makes me sad.
Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Mahlangu and Naughty Mokoena - the definitive "bad boys" of SA football. In the same studio. Ja nhe.
Naughty Mokoena, Jabu Pule and Steve lekoelea in one room about money&fame and hope the youngsters have learned
Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule/Mahlangu and Naughty Mokoena...sheer talent gone to waste
I can't hear what Steve Lekoelea is trying to say. Why asa bui sesotho? Smh
Steve Lekoelea is right, there is no more flair in SA football. Its become technical, no more skills nyana.
"I think I'm strong, that's a problem," Steve Lekoelea
please let's have pictures of this guys together with you! Eish I miss steve lekoelea,easily my best sa player ever...
yooh Steve Lekoelea is still alive...highly missed talent
Aaahhh nooo! I missed the 083sports on Metro FM, Rob was interviewing Jabu Pule, Steve Lekoelea and Naughty Mokoena!
Wat alcohol does 2 the voice box,over time is not cool Jabu Mahlangu (Pule),Naughty Mokoena & Steve Lekoelea on Metro FM right w!
Former prodical sons of SA football Jabu Pule, Naughty Mokoena,Steve Lekoelea on with on
Steve Lekoelea dishing out his secrets!
The day of the final Gift Leremi was taken off because they said he was old,he cried bcause Palacious & Steve Lekoelea came to see him play.
But these Jabu Mahlangu and Steve Lekoelea stories, sad how they messed up their God given talent.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lmao this dude is funny..Lekoelea on MetroFM
He bana! Steve Lekoelea just confirmed on metro that he started saving money in 2008 and doesn't have it now. Eish.
Orlando Pirates actually didn't want to sign Gift Leremi until the final game...Gift did some magic,Steve Lekoelea and Palacious cried.
Hehehe No but Steve Lekoelea and Naughty Mokoena sound drunk lol this show will be crazy :"""D
Talent alone is not enoughMokoena,Steve Lekoelea,Jabu Pule. Dey r down nd out nw bt used 2 b shining stars in SA Soccer
Steve Lekoelea says he's "not happy with the football of the country"
I remember when my late uncle was coaching Steve Lekoelea and Gift Leremi at Godfrey Moloi Games. I don't think I'll ever see such talent...
Steve Lekoelea on Metrofm "Says he's not happy with local football quality and neva watches Psl..he watches La Liga instead
Steve Lekoelea is the only one missing there
A yellow Audi A3 still says Steve Lekoelea to me.
When I get to Phokeng I need to buy the latest with Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea on the cover!!!
I need the latest issue of with Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu and Steve Lekoelea on booze,fake friends and the evils of fame
I never saw Jabu Pule or Steve Lekoelea defending.
Read the latest kick off. Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea then come say im harsh to my kids
Jabu Pule or Steve Lekoelea whu do u mis.
Steve Lekoelea at a Job Interview! INTERVIEWER: Tell me the opposite of Good. Steve: Bad. INTERVIEWER: Come. Steve: Go INTERVIEWER: Ugly Steve: Fine INTERVIEWER: You're wrong! Steve: You're right! INTERVIEWER: Shut up! Steve: Keep talking! INTERVIEWER: Ok now stop all that. Steve: Okay now carry on all that. INTERVIEWER: Get out! Steve: Come in! INTERVIEWER: Oh my God. Steve: Oh my Devil. INTERVIEWER: You're Rejected. Steve: I'm selected
Every coach likes how Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar play, they say babakhimbuza oo Zidane, Maradona, Ronaldinho and Pele, But apha uhlala ebenchin or e standini xa unestayela nge diski, u Scara Ngobese wayeyi machine kwi wing ye chiefs ngo 2005 as a result u Mbesuma took all the credits ngenxa ye goals ezakhiwa Ngu Scara, U_Pule’ Mahlangu Jabu siyamazi sonke wayeyi machine, sincuma noba sityiwe ngenxa yeetsamaya neeshibo zakhe, U_ Mark Mayambela akajiki man phezu kwegaqa, oo coach abakhoyo bathi yi waste as a result wahlala e benchin I season yonke kwa pirates, kanti yinton ngale modern football ibulala I diski nje?,- Steve Lekoelea, need I say more? Sonke siyamazi all these players remind me of Doctor (Khumalo), Shoes (Moshoeu), and Helman Mkhalele. These guys, if you go by some of today’s coaches’ opinions would be ‘luxury’ players. Yet, since introducing this ‘modern football’ or whatever they want to call it, and since we’ve been benching entertainers or luxury players, what have we actually ...
I found nothing extraordinary from celebrated Neymar. Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea were much better than that overrated player
If djs were signing contracts with promoters or owners,I'm sure other djs will like Steve Lekoelea and Jabu Pule Coming soon... Avenue Of Deep & Soul
Last time Bafana Bafana qualified for the WORLD CUP... 1 Thabo Mbeki was SA president 2 Walter Sisulu was alive 3 Lionel Messi was playing for Barcelona Academy 4 Benni McCarthy was one of the best strikers in Portugal & Africa 5 John Shoes Moshoeu was playing for Kaizer Chiefs 6 Lesley Manyathela was alive 7 Osama Binladden was planning to BOOM World Trade Center and bring USA down to its knees 8 Zidane was playing for Real Madrid 9 Ladies were getting paid R100 for making babies in SA 10 Steve Lekoelea was one of the most paid soccer players in SA Except for 2010 cos they were the HOSTING COUNTRY. Now we are preparing for the 2018 World Cup
In 30mins tyms I'll be playin for Shanduka coal mine Soccer team will be playing against SA legends( likes of Edward mutale, Zane Moosa, jerry Skosana, japie Mutale, Jabu Mahlangu, Steve Lekoelea, frank makua, etc) . . . . Tja tja
"Former star midfielder Steve Lekoelea says it is high time Masibusane Zongo grows up to save his career. Like most South Africans, 'Chippa', who is today a motivational speaker going around the country with former players such as Jabu Mahlangu speaking to the youth. Lekoelea will be meeting Zongo soon to try show him the way. This of course in the wake of the 23-year-old allegedly going AWOL at Chippa United and declaring he is not going back to the Cape club. It is not the first time the former SuperSport United, Bidvest Wits, Vasco Da Gam...a and Blackburn Rovers player has been accused of going AWOL and Lekoelea says Zongo must put a stop to it before his shenanigans put paid to a promising career" - KICKOFF
Steve Lekoelea : Zongo Mfethu, grow up!!! Lets talk face to face Former star midfielder Steve Lekoelea says its high time Masibusane Zongo 'grows up' to save his career. "I want to speak to Zongo, last week he was with some guy I know and the guy told me Zongo wanted to see me. I went over to meet him, but there were people and we couldn't have a serious chat, so I told him I want to see him face-to-face - just me and him," Lekoelea says. "He can't keep making the same mistake time and again. A person grows and he must grow up. We have very few players talented like him and we can't afford to loose him. I can help Zongo if he listens. So I will meet him and take it from there. I'm worried about him. He must protect his career before everyone gives up on him. I like that boy." Lekoeka adds. Agree with Lekoelea - the expert?
How can Jabu Mahlangu nd Steve Lekoelea be motivational speakers kodwa..
Des a rumour dat RDS has being relieved of his duties s captain of de sea robbers ship, dat would b de best news even if they hire Jabu Mahlangu or Steve Lekoelea it dnt matter long s it aint RDS.
The following Players played in similar style: 1. Roger Fetumba and Isac Shakes Kunguane. 2. Steve Lekoelea and Bernet Parker. 3. Josef Ngake, Edward Motale, Helmen Mkelele, Segolela and Robison Mchichwa. 4. Scara Ngobese and Professor. 5. Brandon Silent and Jabu Pule at his best, 6. Thabo Moki (Tsikitsiki yhooo) and Bernedict Vilakazi at his best. 7. John Moeti, Eric Tinkler and Linda Butelezi. 8. Jerry Skosana and Mark Williams 9. Gavin Layn and Raphahlela (Mgababa) 10. Mark Fish and Siyabonga Sangweni. 11. Pollen Ndlanya, Manyathela. 12. Chuku and Mbesuma during his best times. Do you agree?
Once upon a tym there was an Old man playing his heart out 4 Orlando Pirates.He was so comitd n devotd his lyf to each n every game when he wears the badge.He tuk eacg game very serious,he wud fyt frm first minute til the referee calls the game off.4 him it was his only job n he had no backup.he thru himself,he believd in dying in the pitch with his boots on.HE wud cry when the youngster lyk Steve Lekoelea,n others waste the ball.He was affectionaly called Mgababa.He only had a microbus,his entire family depended on soccer earnings.He s grt father to his kids.WHO IS THIS LEGEND IN THE BUCCANEERS.NGUBANI BAFETU.
Morning guys, am still keen on contacting Jabu Mahlangu or Steve Lekoelea,can you please help.
They should have just asked Dr Khumalo aka Get get get get funky, Steve Lekoelea aka Jersey .. not Khaya
I need to contact either Jabu Mahlangu or Steve Lekoelea, can u guys please assist wit any sort of contact details
domain names
I had girlfriends in all places and now I'm only left with one...just imagine, one girl only. Oshili life is not fair.
CONGRATULATIONS KHOSI FOR LIFE ! No offence guys, I am just saying. The last time Kaizer Chiefs won the league: 1. Thabo Mbeki was still a president. 2. Brenda Fassie was still alive. 3. Mario Baloteli was 14. 4. Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. 5. SABC 1 was called Simunye. 6. Police cars were yellow. 7. Hillbrow was still dangerous!! 8. FNB stadium was still getting renovated for 2010. 9. There were no smart phones. 10. Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea were the best players in the country.
Steve Lekoelea is the best player i ever seen in the world. Like it or not.
Taking you down the memory lane. Who do you think was best between Neil Tovey and Gavin Lane? Who used to make sealy mistakes? While on it, mention the worse game ur choice ever played.
Masibusane Zongo!! What the eFf is wrong with this Boy??? There are so many young players who would kill to be in the Premier League and yena uybulela ngeskhohlela iAgent yakhe!!! Ewe ndyasela but ndimhloniphile umsebenzi wam.
Which PSL player and Coach would you like to meet?? Me: Thandani Ntshumayelo and Steve Khompela. Bopha JuJus Bopha! twin
Deshi,;steve ur the most fittest player in the pirates squad,whats ur secret?steve lekoelea,;thers no secret deshi in the morning i wake up n i run away
NEWS UPDATE: Former England football captain David Beckham is to retire at the end of the season after a playing career spanning more than two decades at the highest level. He started his career at Manchester United and also played for Real Madrid and in the United States with LA Galaxy. He became the first English player to win a championship in four different countries. Beckham says it is the right time to hang up his boots. SOURCE: BBC Radio
David Beckham has just announced his retirement from professional football. Share your favourite Beckham moments of his career.
LmAo ds ppl r takin chances tu got ds email ds mrng, Dear Ria Mohapi, My name is Ms. Nor Azlina Binti Azhari, a legal practitioner with A.B. NG & Associates in NO. 16-4, Jalan 2/114 Kuchai Businesa Centre, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.. I saw your contact and profile and decided that you could cooperate with me in this proposition. I have a client by Name Mr. Jabari Mohapi, who was deceased in November, 2009, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am contacting you because you have the same surname as my deceased client and I felt that you could help me in the distribution of funding that were left in my deceased client's bank account. This funding is closed to be declared un-serviceable by the bank as there were no indicated next of kin or next of beneficiary of the funding in the bank account. The total amount of cash in the bank account of my deceased client is US$ 12.5 Million (Say, Twelve Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars Only) The bank had issued to me a notification to contact the next of kin of ...
The Last time Chiefs won da League SABC ws still simunye,Thabo Mbeki ws still president,Backstage ws still airing on e-tv,steve Lekoelea ws still playn 4 pirates, Brenda @ Lebo Mathosa were still alive! Cngrtz Makhosi#
Give Gaxa the whole truck of Bell's...dis guy hates lyng. "Winning league with dis team is great...winning Psl with dis team is NOT NORMAL..." No wonder there are so many celebrations. CONGRATULATIONS Kaizer Chiefs,U'RE NOW THE OFFICIAL CHAMPS FOR 2012/13...only.
I hvnt sin football lyk that in along tym nyt made...Masuku#
Quiz time : Why we dont have jersey number 10 at Orlando Pirates? Hip Hop Kings
In your opinion who's the best free kick taker ever ?
Who had the best lyrics between Doctor Khumalo, Jabu Pule, Benni McCarthy and Steve Lekoelea?
"But, when it comes to makiti, I am the number one Steve Lekoelea..hadanene o Bafana...
I don't know why they gave you this nickname Steve Lekoelea that time you can't even kick the paper
Sivutsa Stars Thabo Rakhale has credited Steve Lekoelea as the man who inspired him to become a footballer.
Jabu Pule , Steve Lekoelea,.soccer players are falling off everyday
Is there any player in the PSL who possess same skills as the likes of Scara Ngobese, Shakes Ngwenya, Steve Lekoelea, Jubu Pule e.t.2
Am still smiling. Those were Steve Lekoelea's territory well done Makola
It looks like we never learn,we don't take care of our talented players. Japu Pule,Scara Ngobese,Steve Lekoelea,Tso Vilakazi and now Khuboni
But Chippa is boss,this SMS about him signing Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea on April Fools Day is the stuff of Legends
Chippa United are sending media people SMS's to say they have signed Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea,at least they still have a sense of humour
Clive Barker should stop likening players 2 Doctor Khumalo,2 much pressure.It happened with Steve Lekoelea,look how that ended
SOCCER QUIZ: How well do you know your soccer? Steve Lekoelea joined Orlando Pirates after they won the African...
Steve mfetu where are you and what are you doing
Loverswas the best exponent of "Show me your number"?" 1. Isaac"Shakes" Kungoane- he made it popular and who can forget the mockery he made out of Ewie Khambule. 2. Tebogo Moloi- In my opinion he perfected the "show me your number" 3. Doctor Khumalo- Who can forget BB against Congo-Brazerville in Chad when "Mdokies" tormented the Congolese defender before crossing to big Phil to score the winner. 4. Steve Lekoelea- Ask Lifa Qhosha he will know what i am talking about. 5. Thabo Mooki- Who would forget Thabo Mngomeni's dreads being all over the screen because of "Tsiki Tsiki". 6. Edward "Magents" Motale- Always brough the funny side of "show me your number". Which one is the best or which one do u remember? Awe. Let's talk.
Sum stupid guys is busy talkin abt how steve lekoelea can kick freekicks in evry freekick pirates or chips sum ppl lmfao
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I saw starting line up of both teams and all I saw we miss the days of Steve Lekoelea, Jabu Pule, Scara Ngobese and Thabo Mngomeni!
I am the only Pirates supporter in my family... How did this happen?? I know... -> STEVE LEKOELEA !
u c now pirates baloya, wat r dey doing on da poles nononono I don't like dis
Let's see... Who was you most feared player in the opposition in a Soweto Derby? You just wished he NEVER gets the ball! Mine's was Jerry Sikhosana
Ke le PIRATE la van tuka, those days when Kosta Papic was dishing out instructions to the likes of Benedict Tso, Steve Lekoelea, Musasa, Isaac le Francis Chansa. The likes of Cheese Boy, Duku duku, Onyekachi 'RRA NTWA' Okonko not forgetting the late legendary striker my superhero Lesley SLOW POISON Manyatela. The list is endless. Nowadays all you see are these overpaid overweight big headed big ego clowns who play in black and white with only the fans pride at their feet. Mxm they dont produce that flair anymore. None the less im not throwing any punches LOVE MY TEAM JUSS MISS THE LEGENDS!
Ace vs Jomo, Doc vs Moloi, Jerry vs Baloyi, Pule vs Lekoelea. which players 2 watch in this derby if there's any?
No matter how talented you thnk you can be as a singer,dancer,soccer star etc..talent alone is not gona sustain you. You need education to go far# Dj Sbu
Marks: Steve how do u keep urself fit ? Steve Lekoelea : I wakeup and run away .
Had a productive meeting with Steve Lekoelea and his team. stop me at your own will.
Do you enjoy watching soccer videos which I have been uploading since from yesterday? LIKE - No COMMENT = Yes
Siyabonga Mbhele Nomvete, Sibusiso Rhee Zuma and Steve Machipa Lekoelea. I respect this players.
Tomorrow I'll be on a journey to once again put Bakgatla Ba Kgafela on the Map, I'll be traveling to Profesionalz Marketing, a stable comprising of Soccer Agents, Soccer Legends, current crop of players. Thanks to Steve Lekoelea for having the patience.. Thank you Lord for all the countless blessings and wisdom you have blessed me with. Remember my Name not my past mistakes.
steve lekoelea went nd played in swaziland nd he ended up being da laughing stock..he was ridiculed as "slower than a crippled tortoise&running like a pregnant rhino" he's a FALLEN star
Good Morning . Friends: I hate to say this, but I have to. I know most people are gonna crucify me for this, because truth hurts, but will set you free. The truth is, every success that is unanchored by character is always short lived & the victims suffer the consequences for a long time. Think of the likes of Jub Jub, Themba Tshabalala, Julius Malema, Oscar Pistroius, Steve Lekoelea just to mention, but few. Brothers & Sisters: Some of these people, if they do not seek conselling immediately after the tragedy, they may lose their lives, most of them become victims of suicide. If you do not want such an experience start working on your character now before it is too late. Love you all & wish you a productive day wherever you are!!!
Kore bo Zanetti are stl playing football!
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If you blame Roger De SA it means u are taking credit away from Maluti. Pirates won the game before it was played hence they rested players.
In the current football Generation, which player has same style as me (Steve Lekoelea), Jabu Pule and Sipho Nunes?
Doctor Khumalo is the playmaker. Who plays either side of him between Jabu Pule, Tso Vilakazi, Steve Lekoelea and Scara?
I must admit England is far much better than Brazil.Sometimes I wonder if Steve Lekoelea and Jabu Pule were born in Brazil
He was one of the greatest Xhosa soccer commentators! May your soul Rest In Peace Ngxilimbela yaseMaxesibeni, bro Zings, Zingisile Matiso...he was an inspiration to aspiring soccer commentators! im sure ningandingqinela ukuba nabani na xa elingisa ukusasaza ibhola nokuba kukwiTournament yasekuhlaleni, he was using the voice kaBro Zings. Usibulisele kooMakhosandile Ndzishe nabanye.
If you think Steve Lekoelea and Nomvethe have said some crazy things during interviews, look @ what some of the worlds most famous players have said : “Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stay up.” By Didier Drogba "I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league. *Ronaldo asked how did they loose* "We lost because we didn't win
Chippa United have completed the signing of Mbulelo ‘OJ’ Mabizela from Wits, after agreeing terms with his former club.
Ndulula has struggled for game time at Pirates this season, making only two substitute appearances in the team’s attempt to defend their league title.
Last time Kaizer Chiefs won the League. = Steve Lekoelea was playing for Maritzburg United = Brown Bread was R6 = Julius Malema was slender = Barack Obama was a lawyer = Thabo Mbeki was planning his second term = Jimmy Kauleza was a Pirates striker. = Schabir Shaik was Jacob Zuma's financial advisor = Morgan Tsangarai was hoping to be Zim president
Sangweni...can we say he's the Mark Fish of 2dy...
It's only fair that Sangweni should also have a song with Big Nuzz , just as Benni had one with Tkzee and Steve Lekoelea with Mzambia
Wow Bongani's english really has nothing 2 d wit playing ova seas he is South African and I'm proud
I hear Steve Lekoelea is warming up now
problem is the PSL, many foreign coaches came and changed our style of play. E.g. Steve Lekoelea, Scars Ngobese,Mayambela,
If we had Jabu Pule,steve lekoelea,skaapie,junior khanye,patrick mbuthu,jabulani mendu,sipho nunes in our curent bafana me thy cud b drunk by now#
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Name one player that doesn't play for your club but you still respect !! AH
lol. in kickoff de is de page whe dy say `Quotes gone wrong` StEVE LEKOELEA : interviewe; steve, u look fitter.what is ur secret? steve; in de mrnd i get up n i run away. INTERVIEWER; Steve, u jst plyed n amazing game 2 help pirates win, where to from here? STEVE; i am going home!. de one of BHELE NOMVETE! interviewer; Happy Birthday! Nomvete; thank u x2 same 2 u brian same to u!.of Siyabonga Sangweni. MARKS; siya,congra on ur man of de match n here is cheque of R10 000 for ur effort , what are u going 2 do wit it? Sangweni; tnx marks i want 2 thank ppl n ja man! de money, i`m going to put it in a bank n eat it one by one! hy enjoy ur sunday go bafanax2
Mzambiya ft. Steve Lekoelea- jersey no. 10.still a hot track till today.
Steve Lekoelea has a truck business in the Vaal
Seems like Steve Lekoelea did a great job by sending you to retirement before your time.
Tovey must just go watch Steve Lekoelea's highlights package and stop acting like he was a perfect player
Neil tovey o bolela kak fela steve lekoelea traumatized him big time, what does he know?
“Some decision has to be made about Shabba. I think he’s let us down quite often, not because he is not a good player. I just think he is having a real tough time and in my own opinion we need to say ‘Shabba come sit on the bench, look from outside and you can still come and make an impact’. Not just to throw him to the wolves but sit him down and say ‘Shabba, you don’t just become a bad player overnight’. The coach can word it nicely and correctly as he explains to the player what he wants to achieve.” - Former Bafana Bafana skipper Neil Tovey
"Go on ntwana, drink up... Is delicious." - Steve Lekoelea
I decided to jog this afternoon after class, *** my body is so stiff... Yoh!
Eix...if only guys like Steve Lekoelea were still playing.tjo.
Benedict 'Tso' Vilakazi completes his move to Swazi Premier League side Malanti Chiefs.
Thanx to all of u lovely pple u so very kind..hpe god cn kip u undr hs wings nd bless u all..
Eish, where is he? And Jabu Pule, wat a wasted talent.☹RT Steve Lekoelea my favourite South African footballer of all time
Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea chicking the state of the pitch with us EYETHU!!
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Anybody knows what happened to Steve Lekoelea nd Jabu Pule (not sure what his new surname is)?
Bafana Bafana coach must call Steve Lekoelea & Jabu Mahlangu(pule),maybe we will progress to semis or even final
Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea on TV together as Mbombela AFCON ambassadors...bitter sweet moment, these boys really entertained us and fell for the same tragic trap...fame, eeish!
Only Steve Lekoelea is allowed to drive a yellow A3
Best players ever in South Africa, Steve Lekoelea, Jabu 'Pule' Mahlangu and Teko Modise. When these players are off-form they play like Steven Pienaar, Oupa Manyisa and Thulani Serero." Do you agree
Steve Lekoelea's benefit game has been postponed. We're not very good with benefit games are we… still waiting for Thabo Mooki's…
u remind me of Steve Lekoelea in the Gordon igesund era.ja because of the frustration Teko developed an attitude,its unprof.
sorry zlatan, but i did the same the other day against a team better than the one u did it against and there was no talk of legend or nothing. what's England really? Bafana Bafana with a better command of the queens language. so just chill there on the queue behind bo gerrard, steve lekoelea and neymar who think they can be legends for being ordinary! ***
Who was the best between these two players? 1. Steve Lekoelea 2. Jabu (Pule) Mahlangu
Bafana Bafana, ei it seems like stability will evade us under Coach G.I, anyone can score a brace den considered Bafana Material, no i don think so, a lil History of good domestic players an pls attach thier caps en i'll tell hw many yrs dey played good soccer domesticaly. Thabo Mooki,Steve Lekoelea, Innocent Mcqwango, Gavin Lane, Mambush Mudau.
Who was de BOSS Jabu Pule or Steve lekoelea ?let's talk soccer people
be playing jersey no.10...where is Steve Lekoelea?
LOL Mzambiya fr Steve Lekoelea Jersey number 10, now those were the days when kwaito music was still music
” Fish Oil of the child is to be sent”~ Steve Lekoelea (1997)
When Steve Lekoelea was a Kwaito Artist... Life was good
Where on earth is Jabu Pule and Steve Lekoelea?
I still can't believe what Sifiso Myeni did yesterday! That skill reminded me of Steve Lekoelea!
Steve lekoelea has announce dt he wil retire frm soccer ,bt i thnk is 4 the best 2.
SOCCER QUIZ: Who was the last player at Orlando Pirates to wear jersey number 10? Jomo Sono, Teko Modise, Steve Lekoelea, Benedict Vilakazi, Sibusiso Zuma or Dennis Lota.
Chop and changing of coaches at Orlando Pirates is starting to bring a bad impact on togetherness of players'Players use to fight for each other in the name of team spirit'but now is man for himself but mistake for us all'Is the armband becoming an issue at the back'Is Josephs ageing what about the Leadership of our Captain fantastic,if my memory is still serving me properly the last time we have lost a game that we have lead by 3-1 was in 2005 at Loftus Vesfeld against SSU'Steve Lekoelea got an opportunity to put a final nail on the coffin when he dribble past two SSU defenders and he garnished his movement by dribling pass SSU kepper but waited for one of SSU defender to recover and disposes the ball to a corner kick'we lost the game 4-3 after 90 min,it wastn't easy to digest that defeat..yesterday it was another shock of my life as a pirates supporter'i mean a team of pirates calibre to loose a game they lead with that margin in 6min to stop the game'to me thats unacceptable'Is the armband deviding p ...
It would be nice to see Benni McCarthy, Steve Lekoelea and Doctor Khumalo on stage, doing a
Former Orlando Pirates star Steve Lekoelea is a free man after his rape case was withdrawn by Vereeniging Magistrate' Court ...Sunday World
Tjo Sunday World just put Steve Lekoelea on the cover n expect it to sell?
What a gud perfomance 4rm de ladies there"Super Falcons".super star Portia Modise,she remind me de tym of Steve Lekoelea.congrats ladies, u deserve dat really.
tjo!!! if Steve Lekoelea was any shorter n slightly darker,I swear Brad Pitt n Angelinah Joelie would adopt him,the man is ashy
hi i wud lyk to knw the whereabouts of the legendary Steve Lekoelea on next wednesday's paper. Plz
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