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Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki (born 1979) is the senior political writer at, having joined its writing staff in February 2010. Educated at Boston University, Kornacki formerly co-hosted a political news series at News 12 New Jersey and previously also had reported on the U.S.

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Steve,Kornacki is,working his,Way to FOX FABRICATED
.All republican Hillary bashing all the time.Now it's 2 numbnuts & aka Steve Kornacki.
If you're not already listening to Steve Kornacki's new podcast "Boozy Banter," you should be! New episode now up...
A new episode of my podcast, Boozy Banter, is up. This week's guest:
At 24:19 tries to get to dish on me!! Hey Bri,
- via @ UPPastryPlate: Moving over to for Monday night then? - vi…
Moving over to for Monday night then?
Video: Is blame being directed fairly in VA scandal?
Video: Florida congressional map challenged in court
Video: How revealing can political memoirs be?
Video: Has the tea party lost its relevancy?
Video: Where did 'legend of Joe Biden' come from?
It's time and Steve Kornacki is not covering. Woohoo.
Video: A deep look at who the Koch brothers are
Video: What it’s like to write about Koch brothers
Up With Steve Kornacki on msnbc. Listen to this woman , no wonder the press is rotten
It is truth! Ask the Log Cabin Rethugs, Steve Kornacki, Jenner, or the *** couple suing about "mistake"Black baby.
Is Steve Kornacki going to bash Bernie Sanders by marginalizing him again? Kornacki is such a corporate wonder boy.
I bet the ant farm, Steve Kornacki. (Not the ants, just the real estate.)
4therecord: the lawyer info was released by steve kornacki, hosting the Rachel Maddow show, Friday night, Props2Them4 the KNOW
Oh no. I miss Rachel when Steve Kornacki does her show. It's just not the same
True. Steve Kornacki always frame everything about President Obama in a negative light. He is a Republican henchman
PLEASE REGISTER. If you have ANY difficulty call your local DMV,your local GOP Party Office,or Steve Kornacki
Clinton aims to keep GOP on the defensive: Kasie Hunt, MSNBC political reporter, talks with Steve Kornacki abo...
Accusers of Dennis Hastert begin to speak out: Lynn Sweet, DC bureau chief for the Chicago Sun Times, talks with Steve Kornacki about...
I am not ashamed to say that I have a man-crush on Steve Kornacki. It's a nerd thing.
I ship Robert Knake and Steve Kornacki so they can have an amazing hyphenated last name.
Are Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki, and Rachel Hayes going to be there?
Friday's installment with Steve Kornacki guest hosting. — watching The Rachel Maddow Show
Video: Wisconsin beats Kentucky in Final 4 shocker: Mike Pesca joins to discuss the stunning upset of the Univ...
Steve fails to mention he's been playing ball with republicans his entire career or not a "journalist just a stenographer" Kornacki!
Of all sports, I hate baseball most since their games go on forever & doesn't move your recording times
That's it, I just can't do one more of these Steve Kornacki 10-15 minute lectures..
has become a GOP shill show and Steve Kornacki lost a lot of credibility as a reporter listening to Chuck Todd.
.showing his waiting patiently for other guests to stop shouting over each other skills on Up With Steve Kornacki.
UP with Steve Kornacki this morning estimates that 2% of all the people on death row are innocent.
is right, we HAVE to vote in the midterms!
It refers to the weekend show on called "Up With Steve Kornacki" ()
Was reading your comments on Steve Kornacki, I can't stand the guy. I think he's arrogant and a know it all.
Steve Kornacki notes that one of the biggest revelations of the "religious freedom" fights in Indiana and...
How did you get Chris Christie to come on?~ Steve Kornacki. Free meal?.
Up with Steve Kornacki: Christine Quinn correctly points out references to federal law by Indiana is false. Indiana is NOT the federal law.
Steve Kornacki: The coming out story I never thought I’d write via
Up with Steve Kornacki, Why can't there be WATER PIPLINES ,like there are OIL pipelines that STRECH across
Great point, - how to people demanding perfection ever actually _do_ anything?
steve clemons reported last night, to steve Kornacki, on RM's show, 'many senators will walk back'
Iraqi monks fight to preserve ancient culture: Steve Kornacki reports on how a group of monks in Iraq are pres...
Congress wields power to sabotage Iran deal: Steve Kornacki talks to Washington editor-at-large at the Atlanti...
did Steve Kornacki just say he's getting ready to host Cotton on Or are my ears broken... more likely?
Steve Kornacki can not fill Rachel shoes or pumps or whatever!! What is he a floater?! I'd rather see a rerun!
Oy Vey! And not b/c it's Passover!. Steve Kornacki in for Expect no push-back if he has on a GOP guest...
Steve Kornacki filling in for Rachel Is he going to trash POTUS for the entire hour?.
.Yup, I nixed them too a couple of years ago. I just stick to Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris Perry - much better.
I go back to that great Steve Kornacki piece from some years ago about how NJ Dem politics got so bad. Short version: money trumped roots.
is for Steve Kornacki's show now. I'm telling u things u don't care about, aren't I..
Steve kornacki is the hardest working man at MSNBC!!
"Steve Kornacki and Chris Hayes are two of the worst when it comes to interviewing GOPigs. They forget to…" — 1Smith1
"The Republicans will not be happy until there is a war with Iran. As the Republican "leaders" in…" — chickline
"Corporate TV is never going to allow their hosts to question anything a RWNJ says." — James Ratliff
Joe Conason OWNS Steve Kornacki on Hardball. I love this guy.
How many 4 Lokos did Steve Kornacki chug before the segment about Hillary's email?! Inquiring minds want to know.
kornacki you just became an unwitting right wing pawn. Step back a moment and rethink this whole email issue. news
Steve Kornacki contracted GOP Rabies, bit and chewed his hand off. He's not permitted to interview guests discussing HRC emails.
Getting worse too! Steve Kornacki went off the rails on emailgazi today.
What Steve Kornacki proved while sitting in for Chris Mathews of Hard Ball is that he’s a true Bill and Hillary Clinton hater
Is Steve Kornacki going to be hosting tomorrow? Appreciate you letting us know so we can watch cat videos.
Makes me sad when I turn on MSNBC to watch 'All In' and see Steve Kornacki guest-hosted 'Hardball' b/c if I knew I would've watched it. :(
when did Steve Kornacki become such a desperate emoprog? Turning this ridiculousness off.
Can someone please give Steve Kornacki a pill; preferably one with intelligence enhancing capabilities?
Could Steve Kornacki be any more shallow?. / No.
Could Steve Kornacki be any more shallow?.
Why is Steve Kornacki foaming at the mouth about Hillary Clinton's emails? NOBODY CARES!
Steve Kornacki is on the Clinton e-mail scandal - the most undercovered story of all time!.
Steve Kornacki is now a Joe Scarborough mini me.
And, of course, MSNBC in its infinite programming wisdom, will now move Steve Kornacki to a 4 a.m. show entitled "Before the Chickens."
Does Steve really think anybody's following that nonsense?What da Ya think,Steve Kornacki just has entirely 2much *** free time?
Dear Steve Kornacki, any chance we can talk about the instead of b-ball?
So. Steve Kornacki is like a Joe Scarborough mini me.
Why is it that I'm never happy when Steve Kornacki subs for in Rachel, but never sad when he subs for Chris Matthews?
Steve Kornacki wouldn't be my first choice for a standin but at least he allows his guest to finish their thoughts!
geez Steve Kornacki mucking up the weekend isn't enough now weeknights too? Please spare us this Lightweight
Battleship Security Guard Marc Umile Recites Pi on Pi Day on MSNBC’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” Show on Sat., March 14.
Ready For Warren's campaign manager Erica Sagrans joins Up with Steve Kornacki to discuss why Senator Elizabeth...
Steve kornacki don't like his show don't trust him either
Steve Kornacki Apparently he aid something that people dont like
Steve Kornacki can join in GOP apologist clown car. I stopped watching months ago. Such a disappointment
Is Steve Kornacki a RWNJ? The number of odious GOP effluvia featured on is astonishing.
Me on UP with Steve Kornacki this morning on MSNBC via
Watching up with Steve kornacki and looks good. So cute!!!
Steve Kornacki is STILL spending time on And MSNBC wonders why their ratings are pathetically low.
Newsworthy: Obama to Congress: restore Voting Rights Act - Steve Kornacki reviews the events at the 50th anniversa...
When Chris Hayes interviews Steve Kornacki it's like those Discover it card commercials.
Steve Kornacki is a student of Chuck Todd, a known GOP spin doctor and shill. You know you will not get push back on GOP.
It'll be interesting to see if Steve Kornacki and Chris Hayes are in the 'protected' class.
Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber rep their towns | MSNBC
Remember when Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris-Perry's sports rivalry got a little physical?
just ask Steve Kornacki is he dug out for the game. How much snow is still there in Boston.
Steve Kornacki is a better trash talker
Steve Kornacki sounds like most trash talking sports fans, who think they have some influence over the outcome of the games.
Steve Kornacki likes GOP's idea of he said players break rules every play but it's gamesmanship, not cheating.
Video: The steps in changing NFL locker room culture
What people are betting on in the Super Bowl: Mike Pesca and Steve Kornacki go through some of the bets people...
# Jamelle Bouie Said What, Now?: On the talking head show "Up with Steve Kornacki" on MSNBC, they were discussing the pa...
Going on the record with Super Bowl picks: Steve Kornacki ambushes msnbc and NBC colleagues at 30 Rock and ask...
Up w/ Steve Kornacki what a waste of good airtime this argument was.
Wow. This Steve Kornacki guy must be a HUGE patriots fan. But let's get to the segment with
OMG Steve Kornacki grows a backbone, & pushes back for the first time on over
Steve Kornacki is such a loveable *** whenever he talks about, well, anything
Video: Clinton vulnerable to populist challenger?
The man who inspired Steve Kornacki to be a TV host ...
Video: Where does the NJ bridge investigation stand?
Video: Longtime Christie friend at lane closures
Video: Chairman intrigued by evidence in new report
Video: Can you compete in the Tournament of Champions?: Steve Kornacki challenges you to compete in this excit...
The man who inspired Steve to do TV: Steve Kornacki sits down for a one-on-one interview with actor, comedian,...
How Jeb Bush put pressure on Mitt Romney: Steve Kornacki breaks down how Jeb Bush is using his Super PAC to do...
No offense to Barnacle, but Steve can write and talk at the same time. If wants better ratings get Kornacki
Up w/Steve Kornacki spoke of a “Final Up Against the Clock”. Oh please let it be true. Have hated MSNBC’s game approach to news. ***
Game show advice from Steve Kornacki to Anderson Cooper via
Which makes me wonder why I still DVR Up with Steve Kornacki.
lol Up with Steve Kornacki just used the heading "The Fresh Prince of Eau Claire" for a piece about Scott Walker running for president.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Do you ever socialize with Steve Kornacki? — We have kibitzed.. ;-) But we don't "hang out" is li...
Video: Steve Kornacki shows off his football skills
Spiralling: Steve tries to toss a ball around UP world headquarters in anticipation of Sunday's big game.
Steve Kornacki shows off his football skills
Alan Alda explores the mystery of sleep and discusses how engages the public on MSNBC's Video: http:…
Alan Alda & Nancy Giles on MSNBC on new science challenge & power of
Your last chance at Up Against the Clock...: Steve Kornacki says farewell to 2014 in t... via
Gotta say it, I love that Ari Melber! I believe he (w/ Crystal Ball, Steve Kornacki and Chris Hayes) are best young reporters around.
Ryan Grim, Washington, D.C. bureau chief for the Huffington Post, talks with Steve Kornacki about why President...
Have a good report doing on this on Steve Kornacki show your Krystal Ball doing is appreciated Krystal
Out of Steve Kornacki, Chris Hayes, and Rach Maddow, Maddow looks the most masculine. js
It is really creepy to me that Chris Hayes Rachel Maddow and Steve Kornacki all look alike
Steve Kornacki has my vote as the next moderator of Meet The Press...
Steve Kornacki has a soothing voice. More of him and Chris Hayes!
I liked a video Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on "Up with Steve Kornacki" re: The Politics of Crime in America
Usually great Steve Kornacki debases his show with RWNJDB Stephen Moore from fake think tank Heritage.
Where we are currently holding the battle of boring & condescending news anchors with glasses! 1st up, Ezra Klein & Steve Kornacki
Steve Kornacki is my favorite Ezra Klein. Chris Hayes is my second favorite Ezra Klein.
Rick Perlstein, author of "The Invisible Bridge," talks with Steve Kornacki about Rand Paul's practice of saying whatever it takes, regardless of fact, to present the campaign image he thinks can win, a tactic reminiscent of Ronald Reagan.
Steve Kornacki takes a look back at President Nixon with Ed Cox:
The HARDEST WORKING MAN Steve Kornacki filling in for my girl No matter what u think he's so much better than Ezra.
Why won't Steve Kornacki be my boyfriend?
Tea party not finished upsetting GOP establishment: Steve Kornacki reports on the latest development...
The most unlikely eulogy in politics: Steve Kornacki reports on part of the legacy of conservative ...
More tea party upset for GOP establishment: Steve Kornacki reports on the latest developments in the ...
Trial evidence now part of McDonnell legacy: Steve Kornacki reports on some of the evidence being pre...
Fragile truce pauses violence in Gaza: Steve Kornacki reports on a new truce between Israel and Hamas...
Steve Kornacki and Craig Melvin are both 35 or about to be. Pretty young for anchoring on national TV. Great job!
Nothing against Steve Kornacki, but Rachel just isn't Rachel without Rachel
Video: Obama bought himself some time – how much?
Drama in Congress continues into the night via
What sets Michelle Obama apart from Hillary Clinton ~ Style, grace, a really cool husband.
Is Paul Ryan's poverty plan workable? ~ "What lurks in the heart of politicians cannot be known," Ezra Klein.
It’s time for a history lesson with as he takes a look back at Nixon & Watergate 40 years later.
Dave Helling, columnist for the Kansas City Star, talks with Steve Kornacki about the Republican mutiny against Kansas governor Sam Brownback over the fiscal disaster his tax cut policies have caused to the state.
ICYMI: on (Sunday, 8/3) Intense fighting continues in the Middle East via
Israel has every right to defend themselves
Intense fighting continues in the Middle East via
RWNJDB Ed Cox spewed lies about ultimate DB Nixon on Up w/Steve Kornacki. Waste of airtime.
Airstrike kills at least 10 near United Nations-run school in Gaza:
No surprise, but MSNBC also thinks war in the Middle East is confined to Gaza. .
Intense fighting continues in the Middle East
The vanishing of the middle class via It's unfair to compare GW Bush's Economy with Obama's - Bush Cheated
The vanishing of the middle class via
.on - Intense fighting continues in the Middle East
Electoral Landscape, 3 Months Out: Where we stand 94 days from Election Day with
What we should know: Kasie Hunt, Sahil Kapur, Michelle Bernard and Frank Thorp share what they think you know ...
After a week-long feud with Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity (a supporter of racist rancher, Cliven Bundy) finally slithers back into his hole. Steve Kornacki break...
Obama calls for international inquiry: Robert Hager and Seth Kaplan join Steve Kornacki to discuss th...
Be serious: ratings for Hardball with Chris Mathews would be better with Steve Kornacki.
Steve Kornacki is becoming the next C Mathews. He grilled Sen Tammy Baldwin tonight on reproductive rights.
Remember when Christie was a straight talker?: Steve Kornacki reminds viewers of when New Jersey go...
Senator Childers seemingly received the endorsement of Philip Dennis , a prominent voice from the Republican base, this morning on UP with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. Mr. Dennis is founder of the Dallas Tea Party and an adviser to the National Tea Party Coalition.
Disaffected tea party eyes third party option: Steve Kornacki talks with Rachel Maddow about the disa...
This was the menu at Steve Kornacki’s Super Bowl party: six boxes of pizza, 150 Buffalo wings, and enough Narragansett, PBR, and Yuengling to stock his fridge for a month. The 34-year-old anchor
Steve Kornacki was incorrect. 11 states have open primaries. In Wis. 1st Dems to cross to vote Ryan out in Aug. stay tuned.
Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki, Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, and Lawrence Odonnel and Alex Wagner and joy Reid are on church of Philadelphia
Wednesday 6/25 on Steve Kornacki, host of "Up with Steve Kornacki" on msnbc; Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor for Slate .com
Steve Kornacki is the best resource on MSNBC. And the least utilized. And they wonder why their ratings have been softening.
Gotta say I like better when is away. Much more pleasant with Steve Kornacki
Steve Kornacki just showed the clip of Michelle Bachman on Chris Mathews.
Good show on Hardball with Steve Kornacki hosting
It's safe to watch hardball. Steve Kornacki is at the helm. No ranting lunatic. Ugghh!
Hey-ay! hardball might be right watchable tonight with steve kornacki
Familiar faces in Christie investigations: Steve Kornacki explores the common elements in all the Chr...
Make correction: Steve Kornacki said funds were slated for "Holland"Tunnel" in error. Funds were for "Lincoln"
Steve Kornacki trying to educate MSNBC's audience on the Pulaski Skyway.
Steve Kornacki: stark, striking divide having to do a lot with ethnic divisions in Rangel vs Espaillat votes
Steve Kornacki could recite the entire history of New Jersey without looking at notes
Christie's real connection was the high-rises sprouting up in Fort Lee~>Tucker's Hudson Lights.
Thinking beyond the minimum wage fight
Thinking beyond the minimum wage fight via PREACH
America’s diversity reflected in soccer team via
Is Hillary Clinton just Mitt Romney in a pant suit?
Ha. Hillary Clinton was talking about inequality before inequality was "vogue," says paid apologist
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Great voices and take on Hillary aide who doesnt bleed working class
Basil Smikle: if Hillary Clinton runs, she should focus on how gov't can serve most disadvantaged: (VIDEO)
As we wait for decisions, watch this great SCOTUS preview from and via
"Thinking beyond the minimum wage fight"
States now ground zero for workers’ rights? via Grow the economy with better wages.
's final wk this year: ,Carmon insights on key rulings expected: via 2of2
No, Hillary Clinton is NOT "the Democrats' Mitt Romney." But she does need to learn how to talk about her wealth.
Team USA vs. Portugal: A preview of what to expect in today's big matchup
Can Team USA keep Cristiano Ronaldo at bay? and discuss their chances against Portugal:
Thinking beyond the minimum wage fight via
Important World Cup lessons away from the soccer field via
What should we know, Soccer programs and are doing great work across the US!
Sec. Kerry arrives in the Middle East for meetings on the Iraqi crisis. has the latest:
NELP’s Paul Sonn highlights the worker movement for stable schedules & adequate hours on with
Here is your MSNBC shout out Yes Disney channel is more informative.
.on - ISIS continues to make advances via
Paul Sonn looks at the new worker movement for stable schedules and adequate hours on
NELP’s Paul Sonn discusses the wave of national action to on with Krystal Ball
Is Hillary Clinton the Dems’ Mitt Romney? via You guys sure talk a lot about some who isn't even in office.
America’s diversity reflected in soccer team: Former goalkeeper for the U.S. national Soccer team Bri...
America’s diversity reflected in soccer team
"America’s diversity reflected in soccer team"
The politics and the push to end apologies: L. Joy Williams and Irin Carmon discuss the narrative t...
The politics and the push to end apologies
Via The politics and the push to end apologies |
Big SCOTUS decisions coming down the pipeline
Big SCOTUS decisions coming down the pipeline: Irin Carmon and Slate’s Dahlia...
Incumbent GOP danger in primaries still alive: Steve Kornacki talks with the Knoxville News Sentinel’...
Steve Kornacki is going to have Dawn Zimmer on in just a minute. Can't wait--she's going to relate what's happened to her since she revealed the behavior of Chris Christie and his minions on his show a few months ago. I'm riveted by her story. I lived in Hoboken for five years and believe her unconditionally.
Dana Wakiji and Steve Kornacki preview the Tigers' three-game home series against the Toronto Blue Jays.
Steve Kornacki did the Chris Matthews show tonight. Said NY & NJ were in competition as to which would indict Christie first!
Steve Kornacki is in charge of HARDBALL tonight--yay! He's got a segment on Chris Christie coming up (big surprise!)
Elizabeth Warren interview on Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC now!
Minority Leader speaks to Steve Kornacki about immigration reform and why she thinks Speaker John Boehner has a good heart on the issue.
Christie insider to testify under oath: Steve Kornacki explains Christina Renna's former role in the Ch...
GOP feeds Benghazi frenzy with new panel: Steve Kornacki looks back at the politics that got Trey Gow...
Dear MSNBC, It's time to dump Steve Kornacki from UP, which has become unwatchable ( a weekly game show segment?!!?! ) And I have the solution: Jonathan Capehart. He already works for MSNBC and he does a fantastic job as guest host of Melissa Harris Perry. Thanks, Geoffrey
One person on "Up with Steve Kornacki" said Chris Christie was either naive or a knave. True, me thinks. Just a random thought.
I'll be on Up with Steve Kornacki tomorrow at 9 AM. Tune in!
It's National Record Store Day! How 'bout that? I had no idea! Something I just learned from watching Up with Steve Kornacki. Still worth celebrating - especially considering those record stores that still exist are by 'n' large small businesses!
MSNBC` s Up with Steve Kornacki is reporting that Texas`gov Rick Perry is under investigation for bribery, impeding an investigation into his office and more by a grand jury. I'm just waking up so I didn't catch his show from the beginning. I love watching his show, because he's always on top of a political scandal, and being the first reporter to break the news.
Awesome job on Up Close with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC this morning! I'm glad I caught the show. Happy Easter Sis! Blessings!
MSNBC: Up w/Steve Kornacki with 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' and panel discuss Climate Change and the politics involved. BTW, coal ash is 'dotting' the coast of North Carolina - UGH...! I'm also concerned about the TRASH DUMPED in the oceans - so much TRASH, so much that it is interfering with the search of that lost Malaysian plane - YEP - that BAD.! DISGUSTING isn't it ?? Congress gave OTHER countries BILLIONS to combat climate change but what is Congress doing for USA but fighting Pres Obama.?
Jennifer Thompson and Merrilee Perko Bill Nye the Science Guy is on MSNBC UP with Steve Kornacki
Really, 'Up with Steve Kornacki' on what ridiculous microscopic demographic do they cite as reason for this talking head?
.Up with Steve Kornacki: on Viewing Barack Obama in Lyndon B. Johnson's shadow
Video: Bridgegate grand jury hears testimony: Steve Kornacki reports on the latest developments as the federal...
He was the same way on Bill Maher's show and with Steve Kornacki earlier this week.
Ingraham [Daily Fix: Christie's Comeback If Chris Christie manages to survive the onslaught media firestorm regarding Bridge-gate, then how can we not regard him as a formidable candidate for 2016? Despite what the liberal media and GOP establishment would have you believe, Christie is far from out of the 2016 game. Recent poll numbers show that a comeback is in Christie's future: fifty-one percent of voters say that they approve of his job performance. Moreover, a recent Virginia poll showed that Christie had the most potential of any GOP candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical match up in that state, trailing her 45 percent to 41 percent. Why are we allowing a few establishment elites to knock out the most formidable candidate we have against Hillary Clinton (or any other Democrat nominee)?] ^^ WOW! Did not know his numbers came up that much. Weird situation. I used to fawn over the guy like a child. However, listening to Rachel Maddow and Steve Kornacki rip into him day in and day (with v ...
Oh no, how much longer will it be before Steve Kornacki concocts a Tennessee River bridge scandal?
What will the Tigers get out of third baseman Nick Castellanos? via . The great Steve Kornacki
Photo: msnbc: Steve Kornacki talks with Governor Steve Beshear about the state of Kentucky, where a...
Tonight, Hoboken considers waiving attorney-client privilege for city lawyer on Zimmer allegations. Our report:
I think that steve kornacki already debunked their major eyewitness last weekend
Now that msnbc has lowered itself to sucking,and Michael Smerconish is on CNN--you're gonna lose a lot of viewers.Keep Steve Kornacki
Massive car recall is cold comfort for many: Steve Kornacki talks to Congresswoman Diana Degette abou...
I think Steve Kornacki has a refreshing roll-up-sleeves style. Smart guy
Please replace Ronan with Steve Kornacki. Sorry Ronan but your show and you are boring.
Here's part 2 of Steve Kornacki segment w/ Watch the mayor contradict his own lies repeatedly =>
I agree. I love Steve Kornacki. He's done excellent work on the Christie debacle.
Video: Why you should know about Matt Doherty: Steve Kornacki discusses why Belmar, New Jersey mayor Matt Dohe...
Steve Kornacki is obsessed with destroying Christie!
Don Blankenship and both on with Steve Kornacki right now... wow
Now this is good journalism-Blankenship Steve Friedman & & could take lessons from Steve Kornacki
Hoboken will vote to waive attorney-client privilege for city lawyer. .
I absolutely love how Steve Kornacki's is unravelling the web of lies designed in the Mastro report.
Steve Kornacki dgaf what you're *supposed* to wear in primetime. . Right on, Steve.
I wish the poor & long term unemployed had a dollar for every time Steve Kornacki said the name Christie.
Blue Jersey:: ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)
David Brock on about his return to Arkansas and countering the culture of Clinton hating
on on countering the culture of Clinton hating
I trust Steve Kornacki's reporting. I've listened closely and believe his is being completely (cont)
The billion-dollar development at the center of 'Bridgegate' via
Document: Month-long traffic study for Fort Lee via
Witness may drop bombshell testimony related to Bridgegate scandal
A new witness may come forward in the hurricane relief fund allegations:
Hoboken to consider waiving attorney-client privilege for city lawyer in inquiries via
NBC's Ron Allen and Steve Kornacki, from "Up With Steve," discuss New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's Friday press conference where he answered questions about a Bridgegate inquiry and announced the resignation of ally David Samson.
The left's austerity strategy for the death penalty via
Video: Why is the pay gap for women so consistent?
Video: Workers accuse McDonalds of wage theft
Video: 'Moral bankruptcy' stalling immigration?: Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas speaks to Krysta...
Video: Wooden pallet spotted by civilian search jet
Video: Difficulties in the search for Flight 370
I just heard that the program UP WITH STEVE KORNACKI will cover Moral Monday on Sunday's program (3/23/14). Rev. Barber will be on the program. It is on MSNBC from 8am - 10am.
Video: Possible debris spotted by French satellites
Women still discriminated against in economy I'm discussing on MSNBC "Up" this morning
Thanks to MSNBC for having me on Up with Steve Kornacki to discuss the missing Malaysia Airlines plane...
I'll be on Up With Steve Kornacki this morning, 9-10am, talking equal pay. Tune in!
Cool that Krystal Ball is moderating Up with Steve Kornacki today!
Governor Chris Christie listen up! See y'all in the morning for Up with Steve Kornacki. Coffee and discussions on here :)
Philadelphia area friends, join me tomorrow as I preach and sign my new book, "The Divided Mind of the Black Church" at Bright Hope Baptist Church. Worship is at 10:15 am. Also, I will appear as a guest tomorrow morning around 8:40 am on MSNBC's "Up With Steve Kornacki," discussing Moral Mondays and Georgia's refusal to accept a federal expansion of Medicaid for its own citizens.
Video: Time running out for Flight 370's black box
Video: Red state Democrats grapple with gun issue
Video: Brand new lead in hunt for missing jetliner: Malaysian officials say China is now investigating new ima...
Video: What exactly is Sen. Rand Paul up to?
Time to tune into MSNBC's UpW/Steve Kornacki. The dumb laughter on your show is so annoying!
.kornacki, love ya but if it looks like more wall - to - wall airplane, I have on the dvr.
Tomorrow my sister hosts Up With Steve Kornacki and my brother hosts MHP. Looking forward to watching them shine!
Good piece by Paul Waldman on Sunday shows; best by far is Up with Steve Kornacki,, who does what Waldman suggests:
Could Rand Paul represent the future for GOP? - Steve Kornacki explains how CPAC can serve as a barometer...
Recent changes to the SAT on MSNBC (the videos are number 28 and 29 in the rotation of 40)
put MHP Show and/or Up w/Steve Kornacki on instead of Lock Up.
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