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Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki (born 1979) is the senior political writer at, having joined its writing staff in February 2010. Educated at Boston University, Kornacki formerly co-hosted a political news series at News 12 New Jersey and previously also had reported on the U.S.

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I think Steve Kornacki shots fireball, Red Bull and blow.
Why doe Steve Kornacki do that? We're up against gerrymandering and I just don't know why he won't say the word.
Oh lord have mercy i am not ready for steve kornacki tonight
Hey every time I hear Steve Kornacki yelling on the tv I change the channel. Please tell him to stop shouting it’s not necessary. TY
For the love of God get Steve Kornacki off with his trump maps & charts analysis of MSNBC! He gets trumpers all fired up For Trump
Oh my God. I hear Steve Kornacki's hyper-active voice coming from my TV and my blood pressure immediately spikes. Just CALM DOWN!
Can MSNBC just be Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid all day? Chris Hayes can come too. And I guess Jacob Soboroff and/or Steve Kornacki.
Glad to have Chris Matthews back. I find Steve Kornacki insufferable. Should be a sports broadcaster or something
I've been away for over two hundred days, is Hillary the President? Steve Kornacki promised us
Honestly, I was going to comment on this, but I wasn't sure it was THE Steve Kornacki. Give this man…
Nobody said it could be done though Steve Kornacki on MSNBC kept showing these maps that it could be done.
Steve Kornacki is a great journalist and MSNBC hostess intelligent and knowledgeable-love it when he guest hosts!
If I'd known Steve Kornacki was not going to be subbing on I would have watched. Sorry,
Trump favorability up: 59% But according to the guru Steve Kornacki he is less then 33% watch:
Steve Kornacki. He's awesome with stats too. He breaks down numbers as good as Ali Vehshi.
I hate to say this but I can't tolerate Steve Kornacki filling in on Hardball. Unwatchable. 👎🏽
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The reason is obvious, Manafort was watching Steve Kornacki on MSNBC as he laid out the winning strategy for Trump's win.
Steve Kornacki are you from Groton, MA. well if you are, I'd vote for you.😀
I love Steve Kornacki ! So smart and efficient even if he hates wearing a jacket, I…
I like Steve Kornacki and he is a good sport also
Steve Kornacki is genius. Love his perspective.
in other words, Kornacki isn't telling the sheep what they want to hear. Go Steve!
Steve Kornacki is a favorite of mine & I think he does a fantastic job.Asks a question & waits for a…
Steve Kornacki is terrific! MSNBC should use him a lot more than it does.
Steve Kornacki is my favorite talking head and he has full control of his mouth liquids
My vote is for Steve Kornacki to be the permanent replacement for Chris Matthews. Steve uses facts a…
I adore Steve Kornacki! Him and Ari are great recent additions!
I LOVE Steve Kornacki. I learn so much. Good job, Steve. Glad to see you tonight.
I totally disagree with that sentiment. Much prefer Steve Kornacki's reporting and analysis
I love Steve Kornacki! Chris is like Joe Scarborough. Doesn't really care what guests are saying. O…
Love Steve Kornacki. New blood. Refreshing. You allow your guests to speak.
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I like Steve Kornacki best but I understand, he can be a bit over the head of some people.
Disliked Steve Kornacki for his taste in college basketball- I can add his politics. :)
Steve Kornacki is good-let's face it MSNBC as a whole tilted toward Sanders last year.
Totally agree.Steve Kornacki is terrific...and HRC needs to be criticized for ru…
I like Chris Matthews but I like Steve Kornacki also. We don't always have to agree on everything.…
Love you Kornacki. At least you don't interrupt your guests all of the time.
I love Steve Kornacki and have never heard him badmouth Hillary. He is more neutral…
I want Netfilx to fast-track a sitcom centered on him and that big touch screen. Steve and the Scree…
I think you're perfectly fabulous Steve Kornacki!! 😘
Steve Kornacki is one of the best! He's incredibly intelligent and insightful!
I love Steve Kornacki! He's one of my favorite. Seeing him makes my day! So glad he was on Morning Joe this morning!
.Kornacki also strikes right pace.. he's very good all around but particularly as Matthews…
I love Steve Kornacki...Matthews never shuts up and interrupts every guest...
You should be hosting. Steve Kornacki is, at best, an average poll analyst. Just sayin.
..Steve Kornacki is great. Give him a show! Remove disgusting Hugh Hewitt who I refuse to watch.
Really? I love Steve Kornacki. He's bright, well-informed, and fair.
Charles P. Pierce it's time for spellchecker. Steve Kornacki you are a national number crunching hero!
Ari, the MSNBC info for 5-7 says Live with Steve Kornacki. Does The Point air during a particular time slot or another chanel?
I couldn't find you! ❤ also shout out to Tom Szentgyorgyi, Steve Kornacki, and Scott Kosar (who ar…
I like Steve Kornacki but listening to him makes me glad that there are commercial breaks. Whew!
Steve Kornacki is a media tool man. So sad Steve, so sad numbers man. What poll he gonna pull out his a_ _ today?
LOL'd at Ryan doing his rendition of Steve Kornacki
After today, my wife & I will NEVER watch Steve Kornacki's show EVER again. And we will change channels ...
.. faluse allegation from SSA from Oregon USA . & Medicare SSI benefits Mr Steve kornacki..
Somebody really wants Steve Kornacki to be successful - bad ratings don't matter 4 him; he's been all over the place
The person who chose it was MSNBC's political analyst Steve Kornacki.
He needs a rolled up bunch of 8.5x11 paper to go full Steve Kornacki
How in the *** is his approval rating also going up per I HAD TO SHUT OFF THE STEVE KORNACKI LOVE FEST!
Steve Kornacki hasn't met a negative Trump poll that he can't spin into a positive. Seriously, why does he have a show?
Steve Kornacki poll # up cause you guys grew a pair & started the calling the liar in chief a liar! and stopped the nonstop HRC hate
Watching Steve Kornacki talking about polls related to popularity of Trump and Dems. Polls primarily, display the IGNORANCE of people
Would somebody PLEASE explain to me how in the *** the s approval rating has gone UP? According to Steve Kornacki
please MSNBC you need to find two new people Stephanie rule and Steve Kornacki are very limited in news neither one are very good
steve kornacki your poll on dems popularity - remember Russia Russia russia
Am I the only one who thinks of Steve Kornacki when lookin at GT's coach?
WHY is Steve Kornacki . YELLING everyday? . Will he EVER change his clothes from those khaki pants, tennis shoes, and blue shirt? .
Damnit, Steve Kornacki stop trying to make the election an eternity thing. STOP.
just saw you on with Steve Kornacki. Love your choker. Where can I buy it? Would be perfect for my sister's birthday in June
The higher Steve Kornacki's sleeves are rolled up, the more important the chart.
Steve Kornacki looks like the Scaramucci guy makes his skin crawl with all the lying and defending of Trump.
I noticed Steve Kornacki is a producer on the Bates Motel series on the A&E channel. Is that the same Steve Kornacki from MSNBC?
Previously: Kellyanne C's mouth to Steve Kornacki is a pattern; yeah, it's not true, but you are not…
don't even get me started on wunder-kinder Steve Kornacki!
STEVE KORNACKI - "The Coming out story I never thought I would write"
Why Steve Kornacki assured us that there was NO WAY that Trump could reach 270 electoral college votes.
-someone at MSNBC should have the guts to tell Steve Kornacki to wear a suit sometime.
Someone tell Steve Kornacki when guest spouts meaningless platitude Re:: empowering people by repealing Obamacare ask what that means
One day, Steve Kornacki is going to do a poll that doesn't try to spin Trump's negatives into positives.
Why does Kate Snow have a show? She's terrible. As is Steve Kornacki and a number of the other morning/afternoon hosts.
Colonel Jack Jacobs nails it on his interview on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki.
Steve Kornacki channeling Jim Cramer with the rolled up sleeves and the gesticulations. The difference? Steve's not an ***
It was great seeing the Reverend Dr. William Barber on the program this morning with your stand in cohost Steve Kornacki!
Other than Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow on Friday nights, I'm done with MSNBC.
Good info from Steve Kornacki. But can someone give him a Xanax, please?
I agree. I love Ari Melber and Steve Kornacki, but just cause they're handsome and witty.
Trump gives away the game on outrageous talk: Steve Kornacki shows how politicians like John Kerry have been ...
Steve Kornacki is absurd .something many of us have known for quite sometime.
WHY, Why, why do you let Steve Kornacki keep using that damned white board every *** day?! I'm so thankful for mute & DVR.
Please give Steve Kornacki the boot, he has been using your show to defend Trump ALL week.
now Steve Kornacki is spending 10 minutes trying to defend Trumps statement that Obama is the founder of Isis.STEVE IS SICK
My day is complete. 's Steve Kornacki did his piece on the map/touchscreen.
Steve Kornacki is the epitome of a guy who looks at politics as a big game, it's pretty off putting.
Dear There are good journalists looking for work. Why are you paying Steve Kornacki to fill in for Rachel and ruin her show?
Steve Kornacki just turned the Rachel Maddow show into the republican hour. That's all he wants to talk about. Click!
shirtless guys are playing in the water and you are watching Steve Kornacki? Sad! :) :)
. Steve Kornacki . Nice job. As to overlap. If either party were honest there should be a predominance of overlap of platform. Not weird. 😂
Steve Kornacki is Last one on this planet that I would let fill in for Rachel!! He's just Hannity O'Reilly & Rush Limbaugh MessedUp
Ok when are you getting back? Steve Kornacki is just not cutting it.
I don't know what Steve Kornacki is trying to do with the way he's presenting the stories but it's really awful
Steve Kornacki is making an astonishingly strange point in defense of Trump. .
If I see Steve Kornacki go to that GD board talking about "flipping states" one more time. Good night!
Steve Kornacki is the white bread of anchors
Does anyone else have a crush on Steve Kornacki?
Christie is about to be in Huge trouble with Bridgegate. Ask Steve Kornacki!!! Text messages imply he lied about knowledge
Basically Steve Kornacki when he gets to do the touch-screen map.
I wish I was excited by anything as much as Steve Kornacki is excited by interactive touch-screen maps.
Steve Kornacki rips through the state-by-state math in 2 minutes flat.
Good to see Steve Kornacki, ex-beat writer of just about every team in town, college and pro, in the press box at Comerica Park tonight.
It's not like they were in N. Orleans or Miami. Could Ari Melber, John Roberts or Steve Kornacki do the same???
SMH Mark Halperin and Steve Kornacki are the only ones put Bernie voters in perspective...HRC is getting more than 80% support.
This is MAJOR! Thomas Roberts, Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki, more. NBC OUT: A Letter From the Editor via
Morning Joe, Mika, Steve Kornacki, your candidate Trump is creating racial dived in America, yet you seem afraid to point this out. Why?
Steve Kornacki forgot the scenario where Hillary fails to get 2383 delegates, gets indicted, and Bernie takes it at the c…
Steve Kornacki did this great tortured "what if" map on Maddow showing exactly why Sanders has zero chance. It's on my TL.
Dear FYI, Steve Kornacki's numbers are shorting Sanders. He's picked up delegates at State Conventions.
If I ever stop for directions, I hope the guy who helps me is Steve Kornacki. Give that guy a map, and he goes insane.
Trump's Path to Over 1,237 Delegates is Straight Ahead: Steve Kornacki, MSNBCTrump is the only GOP candidate w...
Yes.Mathews is a political hack that needs to retire.MSNBC should replace him by giving Steve kornacki his own show.
Is Steve Kornacki now the default stand-by for everyone? Used to really like him, but familiarity is not working in his favor.
Steve Kornacki is the world's preeminent John King impersonator.
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Perhaps you missed Steve Kornacki show Jeff Weaver how the numbers don't add up on MSBC last night?
Just wondering what's your take on Jeff Weaver last night on msnbc with Steve Kornacki??
.. Looks even more obscene than the Democrat one… . Again, drawn by Steve Kornacki?.
.. You sure Steve Kornacki didn't draw this thing? Looks a bit like his work😂.
Steve Kornacki: When you think Chris Hayes is too cool and charismatic
Busy night for Steve Kornacki, what with the election and his 8th grade graduation...
Steve Kornacki explaining to Weaver why the Earth is round & trying to keep a straight face.
Weaver looked like bobble headed doll when Steve Kornacki addressed this delegate flip that's a joke
Steve Kornacki when discussing delegates with Jeff Weaver of Sent Sanders campaign.
Bernie Sanders' campaign manager can't handle a grilling by Steve Kornacki. That's... good to know.
Steve Kornacki was on one THIS evening!
Kornacki has to be impressed by how ridiculous Jeff Weaver is willing to look on national television.
Cruz state party victories may be for naught: Rachel Maddow and Steve Kornacki explain that for all of the dra...
I wish there was a 24-hour channel that was all just Steve Kornacki being excited about things.
it's amazing watching just completely mortified at Weaver's map discussion w/ Steve Kornacki
MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki Just Drew a Giant Dong to Represent the United States...
Steve Kornacki laid out a very real path after Trump's out perform tonight in NY
"We will win the nomination!" exclaimed Jeff Weaver right before he ate Steve Kornacki on live television.
Steve Kornacki has been awake since June.
Sanders team hoping to flip Clinton superdelegates this summer: MSNBC's Steve Kornacki asked Weaver a… Steve Kornacki tries very hard to not laugh in Weaver's face. I admire your professionalism, Kornacki.
When Steve Kornacki asks you to come to the board and show how Sanders can still win
Steve Israel lied to Steve Kornacki saying wants to weaken gun background check laws.
Steve Kornacki and Nate Silver say even if he wins NY, PA & CA..Hillary gets Delegates too. I don't know if they're elites???
Dear - The only one of your programs that should feature Donald Trump 24/7 is "Lock Up". I miss "Up with Steve Kornacki" & "MHP".
Mega-wonk Steve Kornacki now comparing Bernie Sanders to Paul Tsongas on MSNBC. Time for bed, pal.
If they could replace the team with Steve Kornacki, Sam Stein, Steve Rattner, Eugene Robinson & Jonathan Capehart, I'd tune in.
if Steve Kornacki is on the Holiday Party show next year, he has to step his game up. weak Boston stuff.
Great interview by Steve Kornacki w/Uretsky the data guy for Sanders. Very telling...
The one fired was on with Steve Kornacki, said 4 did it and Sanders knew about it. Tricky *** replaces with Sneaky Sanders
LIVE NOW: Tune in to as Steve Kornacki interviews fired Sanders campaign staffer.
I put Don Lemon in the same class as Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell, Luke Russert and Steve Kornacki .a waste to of time!
Another Sunday morning and where is Steve Kornacki?
Video: Try your own hand at Up Against the Clock!
Steve Kornacki wants us to forget those bozos but focus on Joe Biden's plagarism charges from 30 years ago, yet on the Dem side:
Zogby: the refugee numbers are limited "because there's fear and bigotry against Syrians coming into the country"
So Steve Kornacki wants us to say "Joe Biden shouldn't run because of plagarism charges from 30 yrs ago." Ok, lets unpack this:
Zogby: "We're looking at the families that have been recommended by the UNHCR"
Zogby: "We're not talking about migrants we're talking about people vetted by the DHS"
ICYMI Dr. Zogby on MSNBC's discussing in the US and the refugee crisis
I'm about to call it the Steve Kornacki Show, with guest host Rachel Maddow.
No, it wasn't snark. Steve Kornacki just announced it & discussed it.
MSNBC, Up with Steve Kornacki Did Dr. Ben Carson, just say 'FREE OBAMA PHONES" among other dumb :poop: in that...
thanks for sharing Steve Kornacki, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
I literally fell asleep when Steve Kornacki was anchoring last night.
Zogby: "The Birther movement & this Islamophobic movement...converged around a theme of fear and insecurity"
Zogby: "This is not about this is about the platform have created"
Dr. Zogby on MSNBC's discussing Islamophobia in the US and the Syrian refugee crisis
Not sure he would be. Not my choice. I would prefer Steve Kornacki or Ari Melber.
I'll be talking with MSNBC's Steve Kornacki at 6:40 pm ET tonight about outrageous drug price increases
Separating fact from fiction of the GOP debate via
Watched you this week-end filling in for Steve Kornacki. You were great.There's not a lot I watch on MSNBC lately but you always
Donald Trump responds to birther criticism
ICYMI: I discussed and approach this morning on Watch here:
Is the US ready for Pope Francis' message? - MSNBC
Is the U.S. ready for Pope Francis' message? (AP)
The U.S. still seems to be plagued by anti-Muslim sentiment:
Steve Kornacki should take over for Chris Mathews and Alex Wagner should take over for Lawrence O'Donnell
.on "We don't need it mandated by the federal govt." via
Cmon piece with little facts hasn't been Subsidy in Ethanol for years get it straight Ethanol is King in Iowa
And yes, I recognize my posture could do with some improvement.
Here's the MSNBC segment on the mandate/featuring yours truly.
Heads up, candidates: Where corn is king, so is ethanol
A Sunday like any other for President Carter
Video: Will opposition remain divided in Maine?
Video: When do presidential legacies take shape?
Better question Kornacki. Isn't it true Steve that MSM presstitutes are pushing a false narrative to divide the Dem…
USA: Former President Clinton, diagnosed with cancer, taught Sunday School as usual in Plains, Georgia.
Trump: "Do you know what's happening to Jeb's crowd... down the street? They're sleeping!"
This is what a real Christian person is like and what they do.
Where corn is king, so is ethanol. And Iowans won't let presidential candidates forget it:
WATCH: A look at Iowa's influence on how presidential candidates view the ethanol issue, via
A Sunday like any other for Pres. Carter, who taught Sunday school in his Georgia hometown:
So, about that time Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren had a private meeting:
My subpar photo of on Thursday Also saw Andrea Mitchell & Steve Kornacki.
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You were great on Steve Kornacki yesterday. Thanx for that.
Funny that all 3 of Steve Kornacki's panelist did not support his these is done.
Schumer on fellow Brooklynite Bernie Sanders: Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer speaks to Steve Kornacki about ...
I watched your interview with Steve Kornacki this AM . Great Interview. PS. I LOVE your niece Amy. Please Vote 4 the Iran deal
"Up with Steve Kornacki" with Senator Charles Schumer. I agree on working together. However, are the...
The old "kick the ball down the field" play against young Steve Kornacki. At least we know Schumer's alive. No comment on Hillary?
I don't think Steve Kornacki owns a comb. Or a tailored suit.
Here is my complete exchange with Chuck Schumer about the Iran deal:
Sad. No time for a segment on the historic Iran Nuclear Deal on your CNN show. Why? Steve Kornacki addressed had 2 segments.
I heard on "Up with Steve Kornacki", there's a highway bill in New York that have to do with funding will expire on July 1, 2015.
Shouldn't Steve Kornacki's show be called, "Shut up while I go on talking endlessly with Steve Kornacki"?
I find Steve Kornacki to be a young, intelligent, fresher version of Joe Scarborough.
I'm watching Up/ Steve Kornacki..just showed 2 KKK losers. Mad about flag, but must be ashamed to not show their face
"When Trump implodes,picks up the pieces?"Kornacki. Really Steve? My bet Hillary drops before Trump! . Obama picked her cell!.
Great article by Steve Kornacki on the important life-lessons being taught at the Michigan Youth Impact Program:
Experiment. What might happen if someone were to start a petition top get Steve Kornacki off of MSNBC? Just...
Did anyone see Steve Kornacki rip Congressman Alan Grayson on hardball.For no apparent reason he took it upon himself to take sides.Bias SK
MSNBC Steve Kornacki's Fatuous Hit Job on Progressive Caucus member Alan Grayson for the DSCC
MSNBC's Steve Kornacki subbed for Chris Matthews and decided that repeating a DSCC hit piece transcribed in...
Time for some traffic problems at Hudson Lights
Who the *** is Steve Kornacki and what is happening to The Spiral Right - via
So Steve Kornacki is the new Sean Hannity of MSNBC, got a little show and gets a big head!!
As in "All In" with Chris Hayes. Up with Steve Kornacki is "Uppers". Political talking heads
I'm listening to Up with Steve Kornacki on SiriusXM MSNBC.
Steve Kornacki reports gunmen open fire at Dallas Police HQ last night. Civilian safety threats and reached this point. Unbelievable.
Steve,Kornacki is,working his,Way to FOX FABRICATED
.All republican Hillary bashing all the time.Now it's 2 numbnuts & aka Steve Kornacki.
If you're not already listening to Steve Kornacki's new podcast "Boozy Banter," you should be! New episode now up...
A new episode of my podcast, Boozy Banter, is up. This week's guest:
At 24:19 tries to get to dish on me!! Hey Bri,
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- via @ UPPastryPlate: Moving over to for Monday night then? - vi…
Moving over to for Monday night then?
Video: Is blame being directed fairly in VA scandal?
Video: Florida congressional map challenged in court
Video: How revealing can political memoirs be?
Video: Has the tea party lost its relevancy?
Video: Where did 'legend of Joe Biden' come from?
It's time and Steve Kornacki is not covering. Woohoo.
Video: A deep look at who the Koch brothers are
Video: What it’s like to write about Koch brothers
Up With Steve Kornacki on msnbc. Listen to this woman , no wonder the press is rotten
It is truth! Ask the Log Cabin Rethugs, Steve Kornacki, Jenner, or the *** couple suing about "mistake"Black baby.
Is Steve Kornacki going to bash Bernie Sanders by marginalizing him again? Kornacki is such a corporate wonder boy.
I bet the ant farm, Steve Kornacki. (Not the ants, just the real estate.)
4therecord: the lawyer info was released by steve kornacki, hosting the Rachel Maddow show, Friday night, Props2Them4 the KNOW
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Oh no. I miss Rachel when Steve Kornacki does her show. It's just not the same
True. Steve Kornacki always frame everything about President Obama in a negative light. He is a Republican henchman
PLEASE REGISTER. If you have ANY difficulty call your local DMV,your local GOP Party Office,or Steve Kornacki
Clinton aims to keep GOP on the defensive: Kasie Hunt, MSNBC political reporter, talks with Steve Kornacki abo...
Accusers of Dennis Hastert begin to speak out: Lynn Sweet, DC bureau chief for the Chicago Sun Times, talks with Steve Kornacki about...
I am not ashamed to say that I have a man-crush on Steve Kornacki. It's a nerd thing.
I ship Robert Knake and Steve Kornacki so they can have an amazing hyphenated last name.
Are Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki, and Rachel Hayes going to be there?
Friday's installment with Steve Kornacki guest hosting. — watching The Rachel Maddow Show
Video: Wisconsin beats Kentucky in Final 4 shocker: Mike Pesca joins to discuss the stunning upset of the Univ...
Steve fails to mention he's been playing ball with republicans his entire career or not a "journalist just a stenographer" Kornacki!
Of all sports, I hate baseball most since their games go on forever & doesn't move your recording times
That's it, I just can't do one more of these Steve Kornacki 10-15 minute lectures..
has become a GOP shill show and Steve Kornacki lost a lot of credibility as a reporter listening to Chuck Todd.
.showing his waiting patiently for other guests to stop shouting over each other skills on Up With Steve Kornacki.
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UP with Steve Kornacki this morning estimates that 2% of all the people on death row are innocent.
is right, we HAVE to vote in the midterms!
It refers to the weekend show on called "Up With Steve Kornacki" ()
Was reading your comments on Steve Kornacki, I can't stand the guy. I think he's arrogant and a know it all.
Steve Kornacki notes that one of the biggest revelations of the "religious freedom" fights in Indiana and...
How did you get Chris Christie to come on?~ Steve Kornacki. Free meal?.
Up with Steve Kornacki: Christine Quinn correctly points out references to federal law by Indiana is false. Indiana is NOT the federal law.
Steve Kornacki: The coming out story I never thought I’d write via
Up with Steve Kornacki, Why can't there be WATER PIPLINES ,like there are OIL pipelines that STRECH across
Great point, - how to people demanding perfection ever actually _do_ anything?
steve clemons reported last night, to steve Kornacki, on RM's show, 'many senators will walk back'
Iraqi monks fight to preserve ancient culture: Steve Kornacki reports on how a group of monks in Iraq are pres...
Congress wields power to sabotage Iran deal: Steve Kornacki talks to Washington editor-at-large at the Atlanti...
did Steve Kornacki just say he's getting ready to host Cotton on Or are my ears broken... more likely?
Steve Kornacki can not fill Rachel shoes or pumps or whatever!! What is he a floater?! I'd rather see a rerun!
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Oy Vey! And not b/c it's Passover!. Steve Kornacki in for Expect no push-back if he has on a GOP guest...
Steve Kornacki filling in for Rachel Is he going to trash POTUS for the entire hour?.
.Yup, I nixed them too a couple of years ago. I just stick to Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris Perry - much better.
I go back to that great Steve Kornacki piece from some years ago about how NJ Dem politics got so bad. Short version: money trumped roots.
is for Steve Kornacki's show now. I'm telling u things u don't care about, aren't I..
Steve kornacki is the hardest working man at MSNBC!!
"Steve Kornacki and Chris Hayes are two of the worst when it comes to interviewing GOPigs. They forget to…" — 1Smith1
"The Republicans will not be happy until there is a war with Iran. As the Republican "leaders" in…" — chickline
"Corporate TV is never going to allow their hosts to question anything a RWNJ says." — James Ratliff
Joe Conason OWNS Steve Kornacki on Hardball. I love this guy.
How many 4 Lokos did Steve Kornacki chug before the segment about Hillary's email?! Inquiring minds want to know.
kornacki you just became an unwitting right wing pawn. Step back a moment and rethink this whole email issue. news
Steve Kornacki contracted GOP Rabies, bit and chewed his hand off. He's not permitted to interview guests discussing HRC emails.
Getting worse too! Steve Kornacki went off the rails on emailgazi today.
What Steve Kornacki proved while sitting in for Chris Mathews of Hard Ball is that he’s a true Bill and Hillary Clinton hater
Is Steve Kornacki going to be hosting tomorrow? Appreciate you letting us know so we can watch cat videos.
Makes me sad when I turn on MSNBC to watch 'All In' and see Steve Kornacki guest-hosted 'Hardball' b/c if I knew I would've watched it. :(
when did Steve Kornacki become such a desperate emoprog? Turning this ridiculousness off.
Can someone please give Steve Kornacki a pill; preferably one with intelligence enhancing capabilities?
Could Steve Kornacki be any more shallow?. / No.
Could Steve Kornacki be any more shallow?.
Why is Steve Kornacki foaming at the mouth about Hillary Clinton's emails? NOBODY CARES!
Steve Kornacki is on the Clinton e-mail scandal - the most undercovered story of all time!.
Steve Kornacki is now a Joe Scarborough mini me.
And, of course, MSNBC in its infinite programming wisdom, will now move Steve Kornacki to a 4 a.m. show entitled "Before the Chickens."
Does Steve really think anybody's following that nonsense?What da Ya think,Steve Kornacki just has entirely 2much *** free time?
Dear Steve Kornacki, any chance we can talk about the instead of b-ball?
So. Steve Kornacki is like a Joe Scarborough mini me.
Why is it that I'm never happy when Steve Kornacki subs for in Rachel, but never sad when he subs for Chris Matthews?
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