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Steve Kornacki (born 1979) is the senior political writer at, having joined its writing staff in February 2010. Educated at Boston University, Kornacki formerly co-hosted a political news series at News 12 New Jersey and previously also had reported on the U.S.

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Oh no, how much longer will it be before Steve Kornacki concocts a Tennessee River bridge scandal?
What will the Tigers get out of third baseman Nick Castellanos? via . The great Steve Kornacki
Photo: msnbc: Steve Kornacki talks with Governor Steve Beshear about the state of Kentucky, where a...
Tonight, Hoboken considers waiving attorney-client privilege for city lawyer on Zimmer allegations. Our report:
I think that steve kornacki already debunked their major eyewitness last weekend
Now that msnbc has lowered itself to sucking,and Michael Smerconish is on CNN--you're gonna lose a lot of viewers.Keep Steve Kornacki
Massive car recall is cold comfort for many: Steve Kornacki talks to Congresswoman Diana Degette abou...
I think Steve Kornacki has a refreshing roll-up-sleeves style. Smart guy
Please replace Ronan with Steve Kornacki. Sorry Ronan but your show and you are boring.
Here's part 2 of Steve Kornacki segment w/ Watch the mayor contradict his own lies repeatedly =>
I agree. I love Steve Kornacki. He's done excellent work on the Christie debacle.
Video: Why you should know about Matt Doherty: Steve Kornacki discusses why Belmar, New Jersey mayor Matt Dohe...
Steve Kornacki is obsessed with destroying Christie!
Don Blankenship and both on with Steve Kornacki right now... wow
Now this is good journalism-Blankenship Steve Friedman & & could take lessons from Steve Kornacki
Hoboken will vote to waive attorney-client privilege for city lawyer. .
I absolutely love how Steve Kornacki's is unravelling the web of lies designed in the Mastro report.
Steve Kornacki dgaf what you're *supposed* to wear in primetime. . Right on, Steve.
I wish the poor & long term unemployed had a dollar for every time Steve Kornacki said the name Christie.
Blue Jersey:: ICYMI: Weinberg on MTP, Wiz on This Week & BWC on UP with Steve Kornacki (Videos)
David Brock on about his return to Arkansas and countering the culture of Clinton hating
on on countering the culture of Clinton hating
I trust Steve Kornacki's reporting. I've listened closely and believe his is being completely (cont)
The billion-dollar development at the center of 'Bridgegate' via
Document: Month-long traffic study for Fort Lee via
Witness may drop bombshell testimony related to Bridgegate scandal
A new witness may come forward in the hurricane relief fund allegations:
Hoboken to consider waiving attorney-client privilege for city lawyer in inquiries via
NBC's Ron Allen and Steve Kornacki, from "Up With Steve," discuss New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's Friday press conference where he answered questions about a Bridgegate inquiry and announced the resignation of ally David Samson.
The left's austerity strategy for the death penalty via
Video: Why is the pay gap for women so consistent?
Video: Workers accuse McDonalds of wage theft
Video: 'Moral bankruptcy' stalling immigration?: Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas speaks to Krysta...
Video: Wooden pallet spotted by civilian search jet
Video: Difficulties in the search for Flight 370
I just heard that the program UP WITH STEVE KORNACKI will cover Moral Monday on Sunday's program (3/23/14). Rev. Barber will be on the program. It is on MSNBC from 8am - 10am.
Video: Possible debris spotted by French satellites
Women still discriminated against in economy I'm discussing on MSNBC "Up" this morning
Thanks to MSNBC for having me on Up with Steve Kornacki to discuss the missing Malaysia Airlines plane...
I'll be on Up With Steve Kornacki this morning, 9-10am, talking equal pay. Tune in!
Cool that Krystal Ball is moderating Up with Steve Kornacki today!
Governor Chris Christie listen up! See y'all in the morning for Up with Steve Kornacki. Coffee and discussions on here :)
Philadelphia area friends, join me tomorrow as I preach and sign my new book, "The Divided Mind of the Black Church" at Bright Hope Baptist Church. Worship is at 10:15 am. Also, I will appear as a guest tomorrow morning around 8:40 am on MSNBC's "Up With Steve Kornacki," discussing Moral Mondays and Georgia's refusal to accept a federal expansion of Medicaid for its own citizens.
Video: Time running out for Flight 370's black box
Video: Red state Democrats grapple with gun issue
Video: Brand new lead in hunt for missing jetliner: Malaysian officials say China is now investigating new ima...
Video: What exactly is Sen. Rand Paul up to?
Time to tune into MSNBC's UpW/Steve Kornacki. The dumb laughter on your show is so annoying!
.kornacki, love ya but if it looks like more wall - to - wall airplane, I have on the dvr.
Tomorrow my sister hosts Up With Steve Kornacki and my brother hosts MHP. Looking forward to watching them shine!
Good piece by Paul Waldman on Sunday shows; best by far is Up with Steve Kornacki,, who does what Waldman suggests:
Could Rand Paul represent the future for GOP? - Steve Kornacki explains how CPAC can serve as a barometer...
Recent changes to the SAT on MSNBC (the videos are number 28 and 29 in the rotation of 40)
put MHP Show and/or Up w/Steve Kornacki on instead of Lock Up.
Wish Steve Kornacki would date cuz Id love 2 know who takes BridgetKelly & DavidSampson out in how many rounds.
Maybe it has something to do with Gov Christie. Let's ask Steve Kornacki.
Was wondering this weekend if anyone ever ate from the pastry plate on UP with Steve Kornacki and then I found this:
Could Kelly make deal with prosecutor?: Steve Kornacki’s guests continue their discussion about chara...
UP guests pick their favorite underdogs: Steve Kornacki’s guests pick the underdogs to watch in sport...
Recall your show Keep up with Steve Kornacki
Steve Kornacki why in *** would you have nut job Stephen Moore on your show?
Getting ready for the Steve Kornacki show
Up w/ Steve Kornacki If the Regressives r willing to support a moderate Bush, many choices open it. But I cant think of one right now.
Up w/ Steve Kornacki can the country take another Bush?
Bio "Elizabeth (Liza) Goitein co-directs the Brennan Center for Justice's Liberty and National Security Program, which seeks to advance effective national security policies that respect constitutional values and the rule of law. Before joining the Brennan Center, Liza served as counsel to Senator Russell Feingold, Chairman of the Constitution Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and as a trial attorney in the Federal Programs Branch of the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. Her writing has been featured in major newspapers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, as well as prominent outlets such as Roll Call, the National Law Journal, Salon, POLITICO, Time, and the Huffington Post. She has appeared on national television and radio shows including the The Rachel Maddow Show, The Today Show, All In with Chris Hayes, Up with Steve Kornacki, PBS NewsHour, and Nation ...
Jonathan Alter, author of “The Center Holds,” talks with Steve Kornacki about why conservative comparisons of President Obama to Jimmy Carter are off base.
we also have Steve Kornacki following the Christie debacle. sometimes segue refreshes the mind. Rachel wont quit.
Rachel Maddow , Chris Hayes and Steve Kornacki are the best reporters of a generation.
I'm only going to watch Steve Kornacki & will be reading Star Ledger for Christie story not Rachel.Too important to go off track.
My mom just crushed me by telling me that Steve Kornacki is *** I loved him
Is Steve Kornacki wearing, like, his Thursday sweater?
Steve Kornacki reported that Christie has been after Menendez to get him for something, and the Sen. has never been implicated. +
DemUnderground (Jan): Steve Kornacki's theory on the Christie scandal [[much more, actually]] lotsa info
Most of us want immigration reform. The Senate has passed a plan. The House says it also has a plan. Where's...
I love how Steve Kornacki begins each with response with: "No, Yea, well I mean..." almost every single time.
Hmmm GOPers want it both ways on how convenient:...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What are you talking about... Steve Kornacki has been breaking new details on the story for weeks!
Shawn Boburg of the Bergen County Record, Rachel Maddow, and Steve Kornacki deserve the Cronkite award for covering
On GOP swing votes want it both ways
Another good piece by On GOP swing votes want it both ways
Why does Steve Kornacki always answer questions with: "yeah, well, I mean..." ?
MSNBC considers Steve Kornacki to be some sort of guru on New Jersey and Chris Christie
Glad Ronan Farrow had Steve Kornacki on his show for at least a brief interview. Steve is great!
Cory Gardner is now a Sen candidate in CO. Here’s a great piece on where Gardner stands on immigration
A great look at gardner by Gardner must hope immigration reform doesn't come to a vote:
Great look at Cory Gardner, difficulties he'll have in seeking statewide office over immigration
Cory Gardner running for Senate in Colorado is huge for GOP: My profile from September:
Steve Kornacki is so cute- u should ask him out, what a hunk. I would marry him.
She and Steve Kornacki whom she speaks highly of on her show...
Hey Please Identify who ordered PAPD on Day1 to include diversions in FT Lee & a few other things:
Up w/ Steve Kornacki 2mAn update on Chris Christie’s investigation of Chris Christie
To KORNACKI :Pls Identify who ordered PAPD on Day1 to INC diversions in FtLee
To: Steve Kornacki From: DK Christiegate Blogger Representative Shane Re: Please help us out? Dear Mr. Kornacki, Quite a few of us here at the DK have been following Christiegate with fervor,
Up with Steve Kornacki 140223 K the end: via
Up with Steve Kornacki 140223 G Obama Clinton and the MidTerms: via
Up with Steve Kornacki 140223 F Obama Clinton and the MidTerms: via
NORML will be on Up w/ Steve Kornacki on MSNBC tomorrow morning at 8am eastern. Tune in or set your DVR now!
Up with Steve Kornacki 140222 C NJPA Police with Rep Pallone and Assemblywoman Schepisi: via
Up with Steve Kornacki 140222 A A History of BridgeGate and Port Authority Police: via
Up with Steve Kornacki 140222 B Interview with FOP Ed Brannigan on Christie NJPA Police: via
Up w/ Steve Kornacki how has Sandy funding /relief differed in New York?
Kornacki: Wrong about politics and House of Cards fav:0 view:29
I had fun making Steve Kornacki look like a fool who takes himself too seriously on House of Cards. Just for your...
Steve Kornacki: Wrong about politics and House of Cards has been chirpified!
Steve Kornacki refreshing new face of MSNBC talk show hosts. I can think of at least 2 hosts he could replace today!
Steve Kornacki talks with Ed Brannigan, president of the New Jersey state Fraternal Order of Police, about the Chris Christie he met in 2009 versus the cuts...
The Up with Steve Kornacki guests share the big things they learned this week.
Steve Kornacki and State Rep. Chad Campbell on Arizona, Jan Brewer and the Anti *** Bill: VIDEO -- News |-- Arizona, News, Steve Kornacki
36 days, and Chris Christie still hasn't personally defended his Lt. Governor. Steve Kornacki
I was watching Steve Kornacki this morning on MSNBC for his coverage on the Chris Christie scandal. One of his panels featured NJ State Senator Linda Greenstein. The camera angle showed her back and all of a sudden the words DINERS CLUB were superimposed on her *** -for what seemed like five minutes. I do feel that under the circumstances poor Sen. Greenstein should get a free lifetime membership for the card.
"Is 'The Wire' the great American novel?" Heard on Up With Steve Kornacki in discussion of serials on TV/Netflix.
Here I sit...UP w/Steve Kornacki...the equivalent of Siberia for the newz media. I like Steve~good guy and he's been workin' like a champ on "Christie-gate"...but Stevie, you had nothing new! You and those boring guests didn't let that stop you...y'all went on and on for a full hour. C'mon, Baby...get me some newz I can use. ;)
Bill Maher this past Friday told Rachel Maddow that he thought MSNBC was going overboard on the Chris Christie scandal, and I couldn't agree more. If there's something newsworthy to report on the topic, then report it and move along. But don't turn the latest inconsequential tidbit into yet another full hour of analyzing what we've already heard for months. Steve Kornacki is carrying the baton yet again this morning. It's not as if many of MSNBC's viewers are Christie supporters anyway, so how about moving on to other stories? I'm sure there must be another Republican anti *** crusader who's been busted with his boy-toy. Continue with the investigation. That's good, and you've been great. And if you uncover something, then report it. But don't turn Christiegate into MSNBC's version of what Fox did with BENGHAZI... Lots of smoke but no fire. And should you find the fire, trust me, folks will tune in. Speaking for myself, I've officially reached Christigate overload. Please don't force me to watch the Olymp ...
What, what Steve Kornacki is dumping Kevin O'Toole's dirty laundry right now, what, what
MSNBC: Steve Kornacki & panel are discussing R-Gov Christi and 'Bridgegate' and the ordinary driver who KNOWS what it is to be STUCK in traffic - but NOT for 4/FOUR hours an 4/DAYS - and control-freak R-Christi did NOT know?' Of course he knew - he HAD to know!' - He PLANNED IT.
Up with Steve Kornacki is doing a great job of unpacking the Governor Chris Christie debacle - and I'm trying hard to understand how Sandi Bachom - Filmmaker Author and her many harrowing tales of families without homes, since Hurricane Sandy aren't heard yet. Where did the Sandy funds go? Twice the price of a SuperBowl Ad, he had a multi-million dollar video Christmas card made of his own family, out of the funds to fix HOMES, for victims.
Finished the 2nd season of "House of Cards" on Netflix last night. Not quite as good as the first season but still worth the time to watch. Watching Up W/Steve Kornacki this morning cover the Chris Christie & Scott Walker scandals this morning, House of Cards' scenarios seem more plausible. Sadly.
In NYC to join MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki this morning 8am EST. The Clintons and House of Cards are just some of the fun topics will be chatting about.
So, I was 1/2 watching & 1/2 listening to "Up with Steve Kornacki" this morning and at the end of the segment he was asking his guest what one thing they were leaving with this morning that they didn't already know. John Fugelsang stated, and I quote, "I found out that Arizona, the only state who has a governor serving on an out-patient basis, is trying to make it illegal to be *** in the name of being Christian. And what kind of anti-Christian bigot would stop me from being an anti *** bigot? The only problem is Christ, himself, the lead character of your book, never said a *** thing against *** people. None of you all follow Leviticus, so really you have to face the facts that you are not really being Christian by discriminating against *** people; because being *** is natural, hating *** is a lifestyle choice." Wow, that took me back to the point that I went online later today to listen to it again and transcribe it word for word. I love his referring to me as natural (the way God made me) and th ...
Arizona State Rep. Chad Campbell talks with Steve Kornacki about the opposition to the new Arizona anti *** bill that can now only be stopped by a veto.
Rachel Maddow 02/21/14 McCrory: ‘I’ve not been served a subpoena’ Steve Kornacki shares information from an interview with North Carolina Gov. McCrory on the federal criminal investigation into a toxic coal ash spill.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Recorded Up With Steve Kornacki and I cannot believe that NJ voted Christie in again. Wow this man is not only a bully but just flat out lies without a thought! What he did to the NJ police department. Christie is MENTAL!
My friend Joe Newman who has join me to take on Vern and run for Florida's 16th Congressional District, just had his name dropped on UP With Steve Kornacki on MSNBC.
Just heard a great quote on Up with Steve Kornacki. The GOP blaming President Obama for the slow recovery is like John Wilkes Booth blaming Lincoln for missing the second act of the play. ~ John Fugelsang
You know the nice thing about feeding at night? You don't have to rush out in the morning! I can finish watching Up with Steve Kornacki before I have to put my alpaca socks on and head for the barns.
Steve Kornacki has laid out a fairly believable case for the involvement of at least one member of the NJ Port Authority police to have more knowledge of the bridge closure than perhaps a policeman should have. The one gopper on the panel is saying that those who are digging up all this information are simply leaping to conclusions. I think Occam's razor might apply here. What a can of worms. I love it.
Scary revelations on Up with Steve Kornacki that Chris Christie appeared to use the Port Authority police as his own personal police force.
Good Morning everyone, drinking coffee with Steve Kornacki.
Steve Kornacki reports on 24 American veterans whose acts of heroism have been reassessed and are to be awarded Medals of Honor by President Obama.
This fellow Steve Kornacki is just flatout likable. He comes across as a really good guy with a compassionate worldview. Knows a lot about the entrails of NJ politics.
Our own Gov. McC is going to be interviewed by Steve Kornacki on the Rachel Maddow show after the commercial. 9:29 now.
Need to get to work, but I got a comment regarding the three levels of news that I perceive: First you got your REAL REPORTERS like Jamie Dupree, Chuck Todd, Richard Engel and Steve Kornacki who attend the press conferences, interview people and conduct investigations. Then you got your pundits like Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Ezra Klein who take the information gleaned by the reports and offer their insightful analysis. THEN you got your bloggers like Yours Truly (AS IF) who absorb information from multiple pundits and then summarize this content to the general masses. I like "working" on the third level. Investigation bores me, but analysis fascinates me. However, opinions excite me the most. I like to hear lots of analysis and opinions, jumble them all together and then offer my own perspective. Just wish I got paid for this! You know, I got a website idea: PolitiSNAP. The premise: third-tier news "reporters" like me offer their own take on the news, but occasionally SNAP and releas ...
Video on What is the role of the Port Authority police in bridgegate? MSNBC host Steve Kornacki and lawyer Heather Haddon join Chris Hayes to discuss.
It's not as romantic as bridge traffic. If Steve Kornacki doesn't devote more time to it, Click.
Up with Steve Kornacki presents new evidence. Watch.
*** hum, MSNBC breaking more Christie scandal news.why won't MSNBC just drop the story, right
Political, legal consequences in New Jersey - Steve Kornacki’s guests continue their conversation about the...
Another Christie childhood friend witnessed traffic surge via /Cops in on it too?
2.17.2014, 04:21 AM Maddow & Co. take down Christie POOL/GETTY IMAGES Big man diminished Rachel Maddow’s reporting on the web of corruption Gov. Chris Christie has woven in New Jersey is worthy of our most overused adjectives. Her investigative reporting and brilliant speculations have produced howls from the big guy, now greatly diminished. The presence of her mind and the degree of her empathy are never pushed down to pretend at Christie’s type of trite toughness. Though her depths of feeling may sometimes embarrass her, Maddow knows empathy is not a weakness; it underlies all civilized behavior. While Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber have been sensational, their channelmates at MSNBC get mixed grades. Joe Scarborough has long been a serious critic of Tea Party Republicans, but he and Mika Brzezinski often sink down into meaningless pop trends and trivial concerns. And both have swallowed Christie’s supposed charms, which include tax cutting as well as fi ...
Chris Christe probably has a dart board with Steve Kornacki's picture on it. Pure Torment every Sunday for Christe.
Chris Hayes and Steve Kornacki at the same desk on MSNBC at the moment. Drowning each other in oceans of spit as they continue the hysterical wall to wall hit job on Chris Christie. They both look like they are on crack!
Steve Kornacki has done an amazing job of getting thru the layers
Steve Kornacki has got to rack up in journalism awards this year.
Up with Steve Kornacki 140216 H Michael Sam Out of the Locker Room A: via
New probe into bridge closure: The inspector general of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey...
on tonight to talk abt his article w/ on a new GW bridge connection.
Looking forward to talking about story and I reported on
House of CarsAnother Christie childhood friend witnessed traffic via
The write-up of our report from this AM: Christie childhood friend present for the GWB closures
Steve Kornacki on MSNBC is reporting Christie once ditched study hall in high school. More as it develops...
Latest Christie revelations from Steve Kornacki, reactions to the Dunn verdict and the Worst President Ever contest on
A childhood friend of reportedly witnessed lane closures. What's it mean?
Port Authority Police declines interview after report officer with ties to was at Lane bridge
Another person tied to the Christie circle reportedly witnessed the traffic surge at the George Washington Bridge.
Good Monday morning! I am reading--and watching--more excellent "Bridgegate" reporting by MSNBC's Steve Kornacki and Brian Murphy--who may have uncovered the identity of the mysterious "Chip" who took David Wildstein on a tour of the Fort Lee traffic jam. I am also reading about the aftermath of the big union defeat in Tennessee. What are you reading this morning?
Steve Kornacki updates on the investigation into the George Washington Bridge scandal and shares his 2005 correspondence with Christie while reporting on Gov… View the original article here
A longtime friend of Chris Christie\'s was involved in the infamous George Washington Bridge lane closures, MSNBC\'s Steve Kornacki revealed on Sunday.According to Kornacki, Thomas Michaels is a Port Authority police officer who grew up in the same town as the New Jersey Governor. He even scandal
And the list just keeps on growing against Fatman Christie : Report: Christie's Pal Monitored Bridge Lane Closures A police officer who is a longtime friend of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was at the George Washington Bridge during lane closures that jammed traffic and sparked a scandal in the governor’s administration, MSNBC reported on Sunday. Port Authority Police Lt. Thomas "Chip" Michaels — who grew up in Christie’s hometown of Livingston, N.J. — was monitoring snarled traffic when the lanes closed, MSNBC host Steve Kornacki said, citing documents submitted to a legislative committee by another Christie hometown friend, David Wildstein. Wildstein is the former Port Authoritiy official who supervised the lane closings, purportedly in political retribution against Fort Lee's mayor. According to the MSNBC report, Michaels drove Wildstein around as traffic was brought to a standstill. The documents also show that Michaels sent text messages to Wildstean updating him on the crippling impact the ...
What is it like working for David Wildstein? - Two people who used to work for him, Steve Kornacki and...
In case I didn't have enough reason to hate the Olympics, I've only been getting one episode of Up w/ Steve Kornacki a weekend. Eff all that.
Steve Kornacki breaks down the relationship between a Port Authority police officer, his longtime friendship with Gov. Chris Christie and his connection to...
Just finished appearance on Up with Steve Kornacki. I appreciate his research into this issue. There are a lot of unanswered questions that the Committee will work to resolve.
Steve Kornacki has presented us with new tangles in the N.J. web of shame.
OK. they had to get curling straightened out (and at least a half a dozen commercials) before they would let Steve Kornacki back on MSNBC this morning...
Up w/ Steve Kornacki 12m Coming up at the top of the hour: New evidence of another Christie friend on the scene when the lanes were closed… Tune in...
AND A panel appearance on either Up with Steve Kornacki or All In with Chris Hayes. Thank you for your kind attention.
Irrefutable proof of what a ginormous dork I am: I have a crush on Steve Kornacki from Up with Steve Kornacki.
A barren 2016 landscape for GOP: Steve Kornacki is joined by Brian Murphy and Lynn Sweet to discuss t...
Whoa, Steve Kornacki at MSNBC, you were a *** toward Barbara Buono for NJ during the campaign. Don't be a hypocrite.
Hey Steve. Was there an 'UP with Steve Kornacki' this past weekend? If so, it's not updated on the MSNBC website. Thanks.
You actually miss Up w/Steve Kornacki on MSNBC with best coverage of Christie Scandal for Joe? Also Rachel, Hayes & O'Donnell.
Steve Kornacki explains what has to happen for Chris Christie’s political career to continue.
What is the news on UP with Steve Kornacki? Miss his show Sat & Sun a no show!
OMG MOMENT Up with Steve Kornacki is not on due to the Olympics, wow, that ***
"Chris Christie's e-mail to Steve Kornacki" . He makes a great point in this discussion.
Why did Hoboken mayor wait to come forward? - Steve Kornacki and his guests continue their conversation and...
UP with Steve Kornacki is pre-empted for women's ice hockey? I need up to the minute Chris Christie updates!
Problem: So how do you get Sunday morning going without Up With Steve Kornacki? I forget.
Bad move preempting Steve Kornacki for the Olympics. Plenty of Crime time you could fill with Olympic coverage.
BREAKING NEWS SHOW - UP with Steve Kornacki, MSNBC, 8:00 -10:00 AM You never know when Steve will have the leading breaking news story of the week.
there are no more Edward R Murrow's or Walter Cronkite's...the best we have now is Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki and Christ Hayes.
Chris Christie’s comment that really jumped out at Steve Kornacki
Up w/ Steve Kornacki . hey there we heard rumors show not on today cuz Olympics?
Watching Steve Kornacki's Up show from last Sunday.. offered a new look at Chris Christie's career. Was pretty, pretty interesting.
. Couldn't watch Steve Kornacki rip Christie a new one this morning cuz the *** Olympics were on!
Chris Christie must be thanking God that the Olympics have put Steve Kornacki out of commission for a couple weeks.
I sexually objectify Steve Kornacki more than is appropriate.
Hardly. If she didn't stay on CC along with Steve Kornacki that story might have quietly died.
What we learned this week - Steve Kornacki’s guests share the news tidbits that they learned this week.
Got up at my usual work day time, made my coffee then sat down to listen to Steve Kornacki on MSNBC and the effing Olympics were on. Canada vs. Switzerland. I like the Olympics, but do not mess up my routines. Now I am totally off kilter, walking sideways and all. My entire day will be interesting now as I am just not sure of myself anymore.. ***
Where is this morning? Up at 5am to watch and Olympics are on! Would rather be watching Steve Kornacki!
😕whats happened to Steve Kornacki program this morning?
*** Olympics on NBC news! I watched like 2 minutes of Fox News, before I realized I could just watch CNN. CNN is boring but at least it won't raise my blood pressure AND lower my IQ by watching it. That would not be a good way to start my morning lol. I want Steve Kornacki back!
Interesting that the ONLY morning show affected by the Olympics seems to be Steve Kornacki's. Christie must be so happy
Not only can I not watch my Steve Kornacki, but MSNBC put on girls hockey! Who gives a crap about girls hockey? This ***
If you're up at this crazy hour, watch "Up with Steve Kornacki" — 8-10AM on MSNBC. Each of the last 3 Saturdays...
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Christie investigation continues - Assemblyman Gordon Johnson and Steve Kornacki join Rev. Sharpton to...
DemUnderground (1/12): Steve Kornacki's theory on the Christie scandal brings in additional soirces
Was Hoboken mayor bullied? - Steve Kornacki’s guests continue their discussion on what’s next in the...
BREAKING: Ive confirmed that Steve Kornacki says 1.) Thanks for having me 2.) "Well Yes, Well No, Well I mean" to answer ?s
Steve Kornacki, who cut his teeth as a beat politics reporter in the Garden State, answered your questions about the latest in the "bridgegate" scandal.
If any of you have the connections to get me a date with Steve Kornacki, I'd be most grateful.
Steve Kornacki is my newest pretend husband. Richard Engle is gone a lot and as a true pretend husband, has agreed that we should be non-monogamous. the dinner conversation is wild, since they are both political contributers to MSNBC, so politics nerds eat your heart out.
Friday 2/7 on Josh Horwitz, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; Steve Kornacki, host of “Up with Steve Kornacki” weekends on MSNBC
Steve Kornacki seems strangely absent from Primetime this week. He really irked last week.
Steve Kornacki hits the ice with Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley and talks about the upcoming legislative year.
Have a question about NJ's Chris Christie? Ask Steve Kornacki! - Steve Kornacki is taking your questions on...
I take it back (I think?), Steve Kornacki would be played by young Kevin Bacon in The Movie.
Steve Kornacki answered your questions about “bridgegate”
Steve Kornacki answered your questions about "bridgegate"
Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC colleagues Steve Kornacki and Karen Finney drown their football sorrows and talk about the intersection of sports and politics.
On the Waterfront - Chris Hayes talks with Steve Kornacki about the bombshell allegations made by the Mayor...
Omg I just watched 2 hours of steve kornacki and I am about to watch 2 more hours. Good show.
Steve Kornacki examines how New Jersey is adhering to a law designed to oversee the way federal relief money is monitored. Amid reports about questionable...
Sad Chris Christie: My lawyers at the breakfast table joke that it should be called "Up Yours, Steve Kornacki," but I'm too sad to laugh 😆
A Call Out for Political Light - If Steve Kornacki, by his reporting, can put out evidence that changes the outcome (through transparency), of the NJ Scandel, what could one person do to influence the upcoming elections making manifest the honor of the candidates who are to become the new Senators and House Representatives, later this year. Rachel..perhaps?
Steve Kornacki and Joy Reid react to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s statements denying any knowledge or involvement with the George Washington Bridge… View the original article here
OMG This reporter Steve Kornacki is really on top of things in NJ. It looks to me we have a Gov. Christie that's involved in much more than the traffic-scandal.This may lead to finding out how those ridiculous tolls are connected with his administration. Steve has balls I hope he has a body guard so he doesn't end up with Cement shoes like it's a common thing in NJ.
Steve Kornacki keeps ripping Christie a new one. His coverage has been riveting.
I have a pretty massive crush on steve kornacki.
Hey, did anybody 'bet' on the SB Game? I didn't get into a 'pool' this time - not moving too fast this week. But I usually do - even if is ILLEGAL.!! Up w/Steve Kornacki is discussing GAMBLING !!
Mayor Mark Sokolich tells Steve Kornacki about what he’s hearing in Fort Lee and shares his reaction about the letter from David Wildstein’s lawyer that...
ATTENTION REPORTERS and INTERESTED PARTIES: Steve Kornacki and his guests are touching on the points I and others made last night about Christie's longstanding relationship with Wildstein. As Kornacki asked in his show, if Christie knew about Wildstein's "shady past" why did he give him a newly created job at the Port Authority? Hint all paths lead through D40
MSNBC: Up w/Steve Kornacki; reports of how R-Gov Christie is 'throwing his people under the BUS' BEFORE they can do it to him.! The guy he fired, Wildstein, who he SWORE he didn't know him in High School, but created a $150,000 a year for, is NOW undermining EVERYTHING he did wrong - in High School...!!
I have not seen such scathing negative commentary on a political leader like Chris Christie in many years. Steve Kornacki, a New Jersey journalist, knows the system and knows the characters involved first hand. By the way Wildstein is one crazy packrat just look into those awful eyes.
Steve Kornacki just asked the question that I wanted to: If Christie didn't know Wildstein AND his character was so bad, why offer him a job? One that didn't have a job description?
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Up with Steve Kornacki -- Wow!! Steve blowing holes in the latest Christie strategy -- the attack on David Wildstein.
I like Steve Kornacki for a couple of reasons, some of them pretty superficial, but above all because the guy displays an innocent trust that I possess a very long attention span, a high tolerance for analysis of complexities, and an enthusiasm for intricately detailed relationships between events, lovingly documented. Not that this trust is well-placed, of course, but I appreciate one dude in the media making the effort not to underestimate my capabilities.
Gov. Chris Christie took nearly a year to implement a law he signed that would require close oversight of federal Hurricane Sandy recovery money, a report this morning said. Christie signed the "Integrity Monitor Act" in March — a bill that would require independent monitors to oversee how the state government distributes billions in aid. The monitors would be assigned to all projects of $5 million or more. But integrity monitors weren't put in place until January 2014, according to a report by MSNBC's Steve Kornacki. And, the report said, a company given a prominent role in the monitoring employs Christie's brother, Todd...
Paul Mulshine is telling me that he will be on Up With Steve Kornacki tomorrow morning, then he's going to the...
steve kornacki eats two power bars, chugs a pint glass of water, and prepares for 96 hours straight on MSNBC
Tomorrow on UP: a previously unreleased email from Chris Christie. Steve Kornacki. He's breaking so much stuff on Christie that he doesn't have to put it out, he can use some of it as a teaser for the TV show.
How did Gov Christie's brother Todd got involved with Sandy Relief Funds? MSNBC's Steve Kornacki might be able to explain. Tune in.
When will .give the order for Steve Kornacki to be fired?You know, Phil Griffin will do what Boss Joe says immediately .
Just a thought; Steve Kornacki, and the Newark Star-Ledger should get Pulitzers this year.
Steve Kornacki has another scoop via
The look on Wildstein's is priceless at that hearing. With his lower jaw shoved forward. Omg. More Kornacki go Steve
I just watched Up with Steve Kornacki on the new app – download the app today!
Just watched this mornings Up with Steve Kornacki. I know I shouldn't be enjoying Christie's undoing w/so much glee, but he's so deserveing
LAPGUNT TODAY 4.8$M in SANDY MONEY givin to SOMERSET MEWS !!? Luxury highrise.. Owned by an egyptian !!! NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—NBC New York broke the story last night that embattled NJ Governor Chris Christie appropriated $4.8 million in Hurricane Sandy relief funds to help build a luxury highrise building in New Brunswick. The revelation makes the 16-story project, currently under construction between Somerset and Condict Streets, the second such use of Sandy funding called into question this week. The building, to be named Somerset Mews, has already received a city tax abatement and was approved by the city's Planning Board eight months before Sandy struck. In the planning stages for years, it is seemingly unrelated to the superstorm that devastated the Jersey Shore and coastal areas like Hoboken. Its city-based developer, Boraie Development LLC, has strong political ties to the Governor and new US Senator Cory Booker. As we reported in April 2012, the Boraie family and its companies have been among Ne .. ...
Steve Kornacki pretty much only talks about the New Jersey bridge and related scandals. I find it fascinating. I'm also amazed that it'...
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Steve Kornacki and Michael Isikoff make an entertaining odd couple when talking about Christie's scandals.
Did I hear it correctly this morning on Up With Steve Kornacki on MSNBC that Earnst and Young are now part of the "Tub of Lard Slushie' Christie investigation? 'Tub of Lard's brother works at Earnst and Young and I think it has been found they were doctoring the numbers in certain projects? This investigation is getting bigger and bigger by the day!
Share/Bookmark Written by guest contributor, “hardybear” of the wonderful Free Range Talk site. The Rachel Maddow Scoop Alert was once again given to cue a Saturday morning MSNBC UP with Steve Kornacki EXCLUSIVE … …read more
In the studio this morning with former New Jerseyan Steve Kornacki, who is doing a fantastic job in continuing to...
slow motion train wreck is picking up speed. Watch
Fashion advice to , choose vertical prison stripes. They're slimming.
Last night, Rachel Maddow signed off with a very tantalizing tease--Steve Kornacki had a major scoop related to the scandals surrounding Chris Christie. That may have come on this morning's edition ...
Culture of corruption that makes the Mafia look like amateurs. Watch
Yikes! Steve Kornacki can talk for a long time without breathing.
Steve Kornacki: monitoring of Sandy projects has been inadequate (updated w/video) via
Up w/ Steve Kornacki Great job on Christie story. No one died. 4 deaths in Benghazi. Not nearly the scrutiny. Both possible POTUS candidates
I'll be joining MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki tomorrow morning at 8:25am to discuss the latest GWB scandal bombshell. T…
MSNBC- "Up with Steve Kornacki - there was a law put in to monitor the $1.8 billion dollars of SANDY MONEY- we now find out the law was never followed , the Program was barely launched, HGI- who we paid $68billion dollars to oversee the program just began monitoring this "Month". We now know $6mil went to Belleville by way of County Exex. J. Divincenzio. &4mil to NewBrunswick, DCA doesn't say who is running it. HUD was to oversee this CBDG Money GOD please don't let e find out that Diane Johnson ( former HUD Director now Mayor Quintanna Chief of Staff) office oversee that part of New Jersey too.
Update on the Hoboken story: Steve Kornacki and his panelists discuss newly obtained emails about his...
I love Steve Kornacki - he's blowing the lid off Garden State Corruption & I can't wait to see the body count rise. There is SO much more...
Here's what you missed on The plot thickens...
I'm watching MSNBC this morning rather than another 'fruitless' car auction. BOTH Steve Kornacki and Melissa Harris-Perry are true to form as usual. and will return Sunday morning so set your DVRs.!!
Breaking news this morning ~ Monitoring of Sandy funds only put in place in January . "New Jersey’s state Treasury Department tells Up With Steve Kornacki that the monitors under this law were only put in place in January 2014."
Video: New questions on handling of relief money: Steve Kornacki examines how New Jersey is adhering ...
Steve Kornacki, so $5 million is the benchmark because $500 thousand is pittance? $3 million is pittance?
DW "he's not gonna be a guy without a chair when the music stops" -Brian Murphy "plans for contingencies"-Steve Kornacki
- Steve Kornacki just spent 2 hours on can't you just let it go? Your show is more than this! Talk about
how many weekends in a row do we gave to endure New Jersey Today with Steve Kornacki?
MSNBC gotta let Steve Kornacki catch a day off. Homeboy's frazzled.
Steve Kornacki now the most popular guy on
Love Kornacki teaching on Can hear heads exploding..
Oh lord. Steve Kornacki AND Ari Melber on MSNBC this morning. I feel faint.
Steve Kornacki once worked for David Wildstein; from his short description of erstwhile boss i see Wildstein as formidable opponent
3 of my fave msnbc folks in right now! MHP (it's her show!), Ari Melber & Steve Kornacki
Steve Kornacki always reports with integrity. Also
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LOL Steve Kornacki looks like he needs a nap
The Steve Kornacki Show was the bomb this morning folks...on MSNBC.Great investigating journalism...
Steve Kornacki of MSNBC has singlehandedly, w/L'Affaire Christie brought back fact-based integrity Journalism to Broadcast News, in very sharp contrast to the Gov's fellow Bloviating Bully, Joe Scarborough, who is pure Political Propaganda. They BOTH need to go!!!
Kudos to Up W/Steve Kornacki Amazing and thorough leg work on Christi/GW Bridge Scandal
Thank you, Steve Kornacki, for saving America from making a terrible mistake in 2016.
Breaking: Gov. Christie has run out of shoes to throw at his TV during "Up with Steve Kornacki"
Up w/ Steve Kornacki Why do both of them have the same suit on?? lol..
Up with Steve Kornacki Steve Kornacki is my new hero!
Had coffee with the boys and of course, we solved the world's problems, unanimously concluded that a certain Kansas Congressman has a screw loose (and I was the only Democrat in the group), 94 year old Ed Ruble ventured out in this snow and when I asked him what he was doing, he replied "none of your *** business" (LOL) and it ended with Dean Stoskopf rightfully bragging up his son, Wayne, who was shown on C-Span on the floor of the United States Senate. Wayne is a staffer for Senator Pat Roberts. Now, it's the office with Steve Kornacki on the tube and I'm cranking out documents. Small town life isn't too bad. ;-)
Bridgegate: the never-ending story. My new fav reporter is Steve Kornacki.
After watching 30 minutes of Steve Kornacki, I am preparing to move to New Jersey, since it is so screwed up, they obviously are going to have to just give it back to the Lenape!
Steve Kornacki is KILLING Christie again, for misappropriating Sandy relief funds for political slush funds. Making a mockery of the Integrity Monitor Act, and yes of course more since Wildstein flipped and Step continued to stonewall
Steve Kornacki on MSNBC is tearing Christie a new one, and it ain't pretty. Watch now
I couldn't be more impressed by the real reporting MSNBC's Steve Kornacki is doing on the New Jersey situation. He's raking up the muck in that state as hasn't been seen in years. He might be ruining the political careers of more people than Chris Christie. I'm certain there's more there than has been revealed thus far.
Can of worms, thy name is Chris Christie! Steve Kornacki has done it again. My head is spinning after a more than 20 minute recounting of sleaze, sleaze and more sleaze.
Looking at UP w/Steve Kornacki and it seems every politician in New Jersey is dirty, Democrat and Repubican. The FEDS will have the chance to lock up a whole lot of officials there if Steve keeps digging,
Steve Kornacki is exposing more shenanigans in New Jersey with the Hurricane Sandy relief funds...very intetesting...a real frigging can of worms...
I was sitting here pondering whether MSNBC's Steve Kornacki could be any more boring when I suddenly blacked out & was awakened by Eloi far, far in the future. The whole world had changed around me. For example, the iphone version 752k.0 was there. It was pretty much the same but with two buttons instead of one. Humans had evolved into two separate races. Naked mole rats were the most popular pet, and everyone spoke with a Klingon accent. But amid the wonders of thousands of years of the passage of time, I heard a voice in the distance. Droning in a familiar cadence and monotone. I put an onion on my belt, which was back in style at the time, and trekked up the floating hill, because hills in the future float. Yeah. At the peak, I found a haggard looking Steve Kornacki. He was still in the same clothes. He was still talking about Chris Christie. No one but me understood him, making me his only viewer. Some things just never change.
Not sure I understand exactly everything about the nursing home and Sandy money and Christie but that's what they were counting on and God Bless Steve Kornacki he is detailing everything they thought was so complicated we wouldn't care. Give this man a cookie!
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