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Steve King

Steven Arnold Steve King (born May 28, 1949) is the U.S.

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The lawmaker mentioned is Steve King, that nincampoop congressman from IA. His name and the word "intelligence" should not…
Wow! Steve King, in blasting Susan Rice, seems to be suggesting Mike Pence should be fired for lying to America people…
ICYMI: Rep. Steve King introduces bill to make English official language of the U.S.
Great job Rep. Steve King! Thanks for sharing IA amnesty stats and costs for building the WALL!
Low bar since you work with Louie Gohmert, Steve King, Duncan Hunter.
OH MY GOD. Rep. Steve King just said that 2.4 million illegal votes is a "reasonable estimate based on extrapolation". NO. IT'…
"...let me tell you a story about Steve King's pajamas. So you know Chuck Norris, right? Well, as it turns out..."
If my English comprehension skills were as bad as Rep. Steve King's, I'd lay low, not broadcast it.
The SAME Steve King (R-Iowa) said THIS gem: We have a very, very urban Senator, Barack Obama, who..decided he’s going to run for president.
Our friend Steve King is fundraising for The Indee Rose Trust. Donate to Steve's JustGiving page
Strache also told me that in addition to Flynn, the FPÖ delegation met with Congressmen Robert Pittenger and Steve King
Hey look, another photo of Rep. Steve King palling around with a representative of the European far right. From Aus…
Great insight by Mr. KKK Steve King. Never known an American born child of European ancestry to commit a crime.
I know an awfully bad person. His name is Steve King and he is a Republican Congressman from Iowa.
only the craziest, stupidest politician *don't believe* in Climate change (Louie Gohmert, Steve King, &c), most of them believe
the "white working class" that keeps sending Steve King to congress
Among those in front with Mike Pence: Virginia Foxx, who called Matthew Shepard's murder a "hoax," and Steve King.
...other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?” - Steve King, Nazi Party, Iowa
Pence, in Fort Dodge, Iowa, gives shout out for re-election bids of Chuck Grassley & Steve King.
Steve King introduced Mike Pence to the stage here in Fort Dodge, Iowa
Steve King seems like a charming human being.
Rep. Steve King: Only ‘natural families’ should get a child care tax credit — not LGBT families
Neauxp. Progressives in their prime are terrifying. That's why the likes of Rep. Steve King think MLK= a "good one." 'Cause he DEAD.
U.S Rep. Steve King (who has made white supremacists comments before)said protest is sympathetic to ISIS http…
When Congress gets an enema Rep. Steve King is where the high pressure nozzle gets inserted.
Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Donald Trump is in a strong position to win Iowa.
Rep. Steve King wonders if Colin Kaepernick is “sympathetic to ISIS” because his girlfriend is Muslim via
Rep. Steve King of Iowa in the past, most recently claiming that non-whites have contributed nothing 2 civilization htt…
Thank you Rep. Steve King for your work for Iowans.
Does anybody have a link to Rep. Steve King knocking Drumpf Jr. for stealing his analogy?
What's worse? Denying families, or denying science?. It has been 0 days since Steve King embarrassed IA.
Update your maps at Navteq
Kim Weaver is a Patriot and must replace unpatriotic Steve King who stands with Trump as he praises Vladimir...
Do you honestly think someone like then-Rep Bachmann or *** Steve King gets an equiv briefing to what a party nominee gets?
Steve King says Putin has been a better leader than Obama: Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) said that Russian Preside...
Along with dumping trump we gotta dethrone Steve King! Check out Kim Weaver and help us elect her to rep Iowa!
Steve King will use his Super Human powers and look at their shoes. Works w/Mexicans AND Muslims.
Steve King seems like an evil Paul Begala. No offense, dude.
Steve King and partisan loons like Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, & bulk of Freedom Caucus, who teed up GOP for this insanity (2/3)
Ty Pennington for HUD. Ivanka for Commerce. Hulk Hogan for Defense. Steve King for Homeland Security. Peter Thiel for HHS
Steve King is unique in being the sole person whose involvement could make a Trump/Pence ticket even scarier
very low IQ area of the state. Steve King territory. Need we say more?
Speakers at your nom were Ted Cruz (refused to endorse you), white supremacist Steve King, and Chachi. Doing great!
Er, no. Charles Pierce is white, and those 'sub-groups' Steve King dismisses built the US Capitol & White House. https:…
Steve King doesn't know his own history Maria Theresa Kumar is absolutely correct!
Steve King blames Black people, rather than collapse of Roman Empire, for the Dark Ages. Time for a history lesson? .
Oh my gosh does this prove Rep. Steve King's point! They have to go back to Paleolithic Man.
Steve King: That MSNBC panel was disparaging to old white people!
This contribution 2civilization video can educate Steve King &u! A Change of Heart: Vivien Thomas and the Blue Baby
The problem with Rep. Steve King's take on the superiority of Western civilization
Watching STRANGER THINGS is looking watching Steve King's Greatest Hits. I mean that in a good way.
'The truth is provocative,' Steve King says after MSNBC dust up
If today wasn't so crowded with Melania and RNC news + Kimye/Swift-gate, Steve King would be receiving Todd Aiken levels of bad press.
In all seriousness, ask them about Steve King's comments yesterday. I would LOVE to hear their responses.
Rep. Steve King said white people contributed most to civilization. Melania Trump then showed us stealing from…
Steve King creates uproar questioning contributions of non-white people via
Steve King asked for examples of nonwhite contributions to civilization; Melania Trump provided an answer
Day 1 of Steve King. . Omarosa. . Floor fight. . Trump calls Fox News and steps on his Benghazi message. . Melania T…
Christopher Jolly Holcomb shared this, and I was like, "WHAT did I just hear???". As Chris said, "Steve King of...
Watch as Rep. Steve King preaches literal white supremacism on national television:
honorable mention should go to Steve King opening his mouth and April Ryan showing divine grace and mercy.
Wishing they would have let April D Ryan jump on that with Steve King. I know she was ready to pounce like Roland...
Chris Hayes really dropped the ball in not letting April Ryan and Charlie Pierce verbally annihilate Steve King.
A sitting congressman actually asked on national television: What have minorities contributed to civilization?
Wonder if Dem opponent is going to see a spike in donations after Steve King's straight-up white supremacis…
Rep. Steve King's comments about white people cause stir via
1. I was pretty taken aback by Steve King's comments. I probably should've blown through beak and let respond.…
GOP Congressman Steve King just said on live TV that white people contributed more in world history than any other group.
Steve King is a white supremacist, and Chris Hayes wasn't nearly disturbed enough by it
Credit where it's due, has put together the most polished Klan rally I've ever seen.
Steve King is mentally stunted i think. He has unmasked himself according to
Steve King can't recall non-white people contributing to civilization
. Iowa, you should be proud. Steve King and Joni Ernst!
Steve King and Joni Ernst give the good people of a bad name.
GOP congressman just made an argument for white supremacy on live TV via
Cuckservatives who all universally praised Steve King now rushing to denounce him. DO YOU DISAVOW?
No Roll Call. Chat shut down for anti-semitism. Steve King praising superiority of Whites. Night 1 of the RNC so far https:/…
Listening to Steve King and all the other anti-Black rhetoric at the , this looks like the The Wannsee Conferen…
Steve King declared it the 8th wonder of the civilized world
MEMO TO IOWA:. If you have to elect conservatives, could you pick those who have working brains? Steve King and Joni Ernst ain't cutting it.
Steve King isn't completely right, I stole this invention from some nice African chaps, it's called a stick.
Don't tell Steve King, but ancient Rome (which the founders copied for our form of gov't), was as multi-cultural and divers…
We ought to thank the Stanford Band for sticking to farm jokes and not bringing up Steve King.
Rep. Steve King sparks anger asking what 'subgroup' contributed more to civilization than whites
The sick thing is not just that Steve King is allowed to be openly, Jim Crow-style racist. It's that his constituents are fi…
Steve King created an uproar on social media with remarks on race during a cable TV appearance at the
Steve King wasn't talking about blacks (I've watched it three times) he's talking about white ppl
GOP Congressman Steve King says white people contributed more to civilization than 'subgroups.'
Great, let’s see if Joni Ernst can possibly embarrass Iowans more than Steve King already has today…
Trump-loving Congressman Steve King boldly declares that white people are the greatest.
US Rep. Steve King preaches literal white supremacy on national television |
Republican congressman preaches literal white supremacy on national television
GOP's Steve King says whites do more for civilization than others. Textbook racism. People of conscience, leave this shame…
Where Congressman Steve King openly says that white people have contributed more to civilization than anyone else...
Sure white people have advanced civilization a great deal, but what Steve King said was miscommunication or purely racist.
Congressman Steve King Makes White Supremacist Comments on Live TV This is who's holding up new faces on US $5,$20!
Steve King is an *** Why waste your breath talking to a right-wing extremists know nothing??
Steve King telling white people have contributed more to civilization than other "sub-groups." Happy RNC!
Rep. Steve King has already declared the convention is about white supremacy. It's something we knew already, but unusual…
Rep. Steve King wonders what 'sub-groups' besides whites made contributions to civilization.
What, Congressman Steve King asks, have nonwhites done for civilization?
Black republicans who defend Steve King, have the house *** mentality. You should be front & center condemning his remarks. .
Duck Dynasty, Chachi and Rick Perry. Is that what Rep. Steve King meant about white people's contributions to civilization?
Nothing would make me happier to see Steve King destroyed in this election the way Todd Akin was destroyed in 2012.
Unfortunately, it no longer really surprises me when Rep. Steve King says things like this. Still despicable, but unsurprising.
That moment when "Party of Lincoln" kicks off 2016 Convention w/Rep. Steve King declaring whites are superior to all "sub…
recap. "Pastor" called dems the enemy right before prayer. Steve King said whites are a superior race. Concessions ran out of churros
To be clear, I am NOT ANGRY with Rep. Steve King. I PREFER my bigots to be HONEST AND OPEN. . Unlike Hillary and Bill w…
Steve King doesn't represent east Waterloo. He doesn't rep 3rd street or the big wheel races of My Waterloo Days.
Steve King just said whites have contributed more to western civilization than any other group of people. April Ryan almos…
Steve King just got on stage and said *** can't history, but that they have healing powers and that John Coffey was a good boy. wait
Steve King,I checked history for you.The bible, one of the cornerstones of Western Civilization?Not written by European whites!
Steve King didn't say only white people contribute to history. What he said was western civilization with European roots. Totally different.
What did Steve King say? I'M stuck at AN imaging center, waiting to get an x-ray.
Did I just hear f**ktard Steve King "imply" that Hitler contributed to society bc he was a Western European Christian???
via Rep. Steve King (who just tried to block Tubman from $20 bill) has a Confederate Flag on desk
1 guy.want me to play now? Strom Thurmond, Steve King, Joe Walsh, Trump, Santorum, Ron Paul, Rick Perry
A lot of people saying profound and thoughtful things following Joe Walsh, Rudy Giuliani and Steve King are not those people.
Fmr. Congressman Joe Walsh just called for retaliation on Obama. Steve King claimed Obama illuminated anti-white events. This is not a game.
Guilaini, Steve King, and Joe Walsh went full racist re: Dallas. Waiting to hear from Crazy Eyes Bachman and the Dumbest Man in HofR Gohmert
Frothing racists coming out from under rocks: Giuliani, Steve King, Joe Walsh - makes it easy to now keep them from political, social power
I guess Steve King was just jealous of all the attention his former colleague Joe Walsh was getting today.
.RNC speakers, Ted Niugent, Phil Robertson, Louis Gohmert, Steve King, Sarah Palin Joe Arpaio. That should do it.
Rep. Steve King from Iowa calls it "racist," "sexist" to even consider adding to $20 bill.
Just so you know, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is a known racist, Google him. He's a privileged white man in America pretending to be a victim.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said it is "racist" & "sexist" to say a woman or person of color should be added to currency. He also blamed Obama.
I saw a sack of hammers fall on a lever and catapult another hammer once. Steve King can't do that.
Steve King the Iowa rep who is a republican is also a moron. Tubman, anti slave republican woman, best choice
Shame on this racist, ignorant jerk! Rep Steve King (Iowa)!
How can a state like Iowa have such a loathsome Rep as Steve King?
My new segment "Who Dis?!" on last night's My response to Steve King trying to take Tubman off the $20 https:…
.explained who nutcase Steve King is in her new segment "Who Dis?".
Knowing Steve King represented me would make me drink (more) too.
GOP congressman: it's 'racist' and 'sexist' to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 via
Wait on it, Steve King will say something dumber.
“I am a conservative, I like to keep what we have.” —Steve King, speaking about misogyny and white supremacy
Thank you for calling out It's time for King to go! Vote for 🇺🇸
I can't believe that in 2016 we're having debates about whether to honor Harriet Tubman. Really, Rep. Steve King?
the 3 stooges; Steve King, gohmert, and ?. So many knuckle dragging morons to choose from.
like, nothing says "I know how to deescalate this situation," like sending Louie Gohmert and Steve King to yell at prot…
Was physical jostling happening as Rs (Gohmer and Steve King) fought Ds over who should have podium. Even though the House isn'…
Of course, Gohmert and Steve King have to stick around and shoot off their ignorant mouths.
Oh thank god, Steve King is there too. This will de-escalate quickly now.
Steve King is the Harriet Tubman hater, right?
Congressman Steve King is an embarrassment to America.
Steve King is a pile of rancid, festering garbage with a face.
Update: Louis Gohmert and Steve King have come to speak for the Republicans.
oh my gosh, I can just see it now.. Ryan, Ghomert, and Steve King STORM the chamber with Billy-Clubs and Water Hoses.. Th…
"If they had the Guns for *** agenda I would chant with them," Rep. Steve King tells me on the Democratic call for gun votes
Open thread for night owls: Rep. Steve King fails to keep Harriet Tubman off the $20 bill
Steve King reminds you that Andrew Jackson is indigenous to the front of the $20 & Harriet Tubman is forcibly relocating…
Steve King is something else. He came to the Floor to speak for Rs. Yesterday he said putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 was sexist & racist
for a brief, beautiful minute, we forgot Steve King was from our home state.
The fact that people like Steve King are trying to pass an amendment not to have Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill 😳😳 why
Rep. Steve King introduces amendment to keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill
Maybe Paul Ryan can next try to break the sit-in with Steve King's bill to bar Harriet Tubman from our money?
Steve King snubbed by House after proposing to keep Harriet Tubman off $20 bill
Steve King probably there to demand vote on taking Harriet Tubman off $20. When King wants House to take a racist vote, usually happens
Steve King = Great Emancipator of Andrew Jackson from modern day racism
Steve King must really resent Tom Cotton for taking his place as the worst person in Congress.
today!!! But first, I have a jazz gig with Steve King, Ivan Thompson, Jay McCluskey & *** Bishop
I'll put on bro you know we're ready. Steve and fastball playing great
this from you Dimo? You're not known as Skyrail Steve for nothing you know! King of misinformation and lies!
When you don't read the King James Version
Let's not even talk about the time he got busy in a Burger King bathroom.
I think dramond green is *** he just loves hitting balls fist big Steve now the king
Steve Kerr explains why the Golden State Warriors won tonight.
The "King" LeBron James was flat out terrible in the biggest game of the series... Typical
you gotta be referring to LeBron. Hands down the flop and cry king
There's no king James let's talk about prince Irving ...
Steve Kerr, arguing that the dude behind him should've been called for a personal foul
King Ches kills in the 5k once again. Nothing new.
Steve Kerr picks up a T right before H, as lead, 55-50; 16pts, 6-10FG, 2-3 3pt FG; 10pt,…
John King and Steve Parsons working w/ the Players Guild brass tonight. The Christmas Carol recording, in progress.
Anytime LeBron wants to start playing like The King would be nice ...
Apple: what if we got rid of the🔫 emoji . GOP: Apple company now declared communist. Dictator Steve Jobs fooled us all. Ban iphones not guns
Steve Kerr should find an answer for Kyrie Irving and Tristen Thompson, there's really no answer for the King
Stephen King: ‘I Am Very Disappointed’ In My Country Over Trump-If you're disappointed in Trump, Steve, then this isn't your country.
Joc with the "King" of Rockledge, Mr. Steve Martin. We are all proud!
By staying big to start, Steve Kerr confirms that he doesn’t view the Warriors’ situation as that dangerous:
Hansen: "We expect everyone to lead". Steve Hansen talks about the first team of the year.
Congratulations to Steve Gibson on your OBE!! The King of Teesside should have he's own honours list..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Steve King reminds of vital importance of trust as we share and utilise customers personal data
Steve Gibson is now officially a king well done your royal highness
Austin then hits his Stunner! That’s enough for the three, Steve Austin beats Marc Mero to go on to the final of the King Of The Ring.
A respectable 8th place for us tonight
Racist Canteloupe Rep Steve King got called out on his Racism on Pretending some Xtians are not Terrorist!
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell talk about can't support racism and bigotry then Rep Steve King, Rep Mo Brooks need to res…
Steve Harvey stays roasting white families
funny then how he is employed by Sky, BT and ITV. Hoddle Hoddle born is the king of WHL🎼
Then some words from the King Of The Ring participants. Steve Austin, Jake Roberts, Vader and Marc Mero remain in that tournament.
After Steve West took the opening leg, Mervyn King has won back-to-back legs to lead 2-1.
According to the Burb's Steve King, ex-Coventry boys hoops coach Lynn Wess was hired this morning to replace Kevin Lower at Tuslaw.
Stephen King drops a bucket of blood on Donald Trump and his supporters
Former big league OF Steve Bieser, who managed Div. 1 strikeout king Joey Lucchesi (Padres' 4th-rounder) in college:
A superb performance by Steve West as he defeats Mervyn King 6-3 with a 101.75 average!
WINNER! Ton out as Steve West lands 106 to beat Mervyn King in style! Fantastic finishing.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I have a very high opinion of Steve King and his ability, so I would e...
If that were true, Jim Inhofe, Steve King, Joni Ernst, and half a thousand others would be looking for work.
Steve King of demonstrates his 'James Bond' O/B equipment at the Hub event hosted by
Steve King to CNN: Nope, I’m not ready to endorse Donald Trump: Iowa Republican Steve King explains to ...
"Lisbon glows .. you walk on light..." words by Steve King, from Condé Nast Traveller:.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) called on Ted Cruz's delegates to "defend our platform" at this summer's Republican...
Diverse group of GOP House members not yet ready to back Trump. Ranges from Charlie Dent to Steve King. But all say there's still time.
Steve King, Ken Cuccinelli & Ted Cruz -want to take over convention in Sept. GOP doesn't nd them -time to bk nominee
Day 1 Belinda Rowe & Steve King welcome 80+ from across the globe for our first Global Content Summit
If he pulls off the championship this year he'll be on first name basis with the King of Sweden
King of Iphones. Steve Jobs didn't own Apple, Harry did. He created Windows as well. Owns Samsung's *** too.
Steve King gets our inaugural Publicis Media Content Summit started in our beautiful office
Everyone at the club would like to wish our coach Steve King a very Happy Birthday 󾔗󾔖󾔗
King Steve Davis: Bookmaker is offering odds on him playing in Ibiza &
Rep Steve King - My prayer has been, God will raise up a leader...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
In other news: Mark Cuban proclaims Steve Nash is not a superstar
Same way they kill Marcus Garvey,. same way they kill Martin Luther King... Tapper Zukie, Tribute to Steve Biko.
Simultaneously reading "King of Capital" about LBO's & Blackstone CEO, Steve Schwarzman w/ Bernie & Hillary town halls in the background.
Stop by Steve's Sportsmans Cafe to try some Alaskan King Crab and 8 ounce Lobster tails! Fresh Fish is available...
No-one actually wants King of the *** Steve Ott to win a playoff series right?
To speak with the King you must first get past me. I am his bodyguard, Hi! my name's Steve:)…
Join us for Steve King Foundation Night at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS this Saturday! The green flag drops at 7 pm.
King Me SPANISH by Steve Farrar Paperback Book Paperback. Spanish Version. Using Kings of the Old Testament as
A new favorite: KING OF ROCK AND ROLL by Steve Metzger on
I added a video to a playlist Rep Steve King clashes with immigration protesters .
I liked a video from Rep Steve King clashes with immigration protesters .
Thank you so much Pastor Rex King and Steve Risner of New Beginnings Assembly of God in Tiffin, Ohio for the...
I bet it can. I think Steve Burton got that King Kong ***
Rep. Steve King: Trump's personal life is "fair game
Steve 1v3d 5-5 against a kid with camo glitch and the other kid has the best internet on the planet
Long before McDonald's and Burger King we had Wimpy serving us chips and burgers on a plate 😀
Path not looking likely, especially w/Grassley, Northey & now Ernst backing King.
We are watching king of the hill and eating donuts in my marketing class. I'm pretty sure I've died and gone to heaven
Letter writer endorses Steve King for re-election as Fourth District Congressman. See the April 28 edition.
Did you see this happening Steve King?
Joni Ernst joins Chuck Grassley in endorsing Steve King for re-election to Congress
all hail *** Steve the vape king of the illuminati
Steve Van Andel is King of the Hill as US Open Champion:
Sen & served together in for 4 yrs. She endorsed in primary.
Pretty sure will win this primary, but pointing to the ag boom of the past doesn't seem smart.
Birds heard singing as Ernst praises King in new video. Sound you don't hear:door slamming on Bertrand's hopes
On page 217 of 612 of The King's Deception, by Steve Berry
New post: Senator Joni Ernst is all in for Steve King
Just when I think Steve King can't get more disrespectful (ok I never thought that) .
Jeff Sessions, Megyn Kelly, Mike Lee, Steve King and right on down the line. Again, all you have is smears and lies. carry on
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Congratulations Jenny Wells & Steve King who are getting married today at the hotel. Wishing you all the happiness for your future together.
I voted for Cruz in Ohio,, even so Cruz's Steve King is looking like Romney's Karl ROVE
Frankly I don't think it takes much talent to be a member of the House or Reps. Exampes: Steve King and Louie Gohmert.
Just imagine an Administration with Trump, Palin, Carson, Christie, Arpaio, Gohmert, Bachman & Steve King. America will be something again.
A lot of kids have Superman pajamas. Well, Superman has Chuck Norris pajamas. And Chuck Norris has Steve King pajamas.
Neil, Steve King was Teds accomplice to steal Ben's votes. He's not very religious. God will judge him as a cheat.We saw it.
No they won't! Stop the lies! Rep. Steve King: GOP Establishment Could Back Hillary if Trump or Cruz Wins Nomination
nice !!try his people, including my representative Steve King told voters at the caucuses the Ben Carson was getting out
Even Paul Ryan is making me angry putting RWNJ Steve King on the task force on executive overreach.
They wanna talk about Marco being repetitive. Every debate Cruz tells us he stood with Steve King & Jeff Sessions to oppose amnesty.
raising money off Steve King opponent Kim Weaver, but not helping her in Iowa's 4th CD.
Sarah Palin called Steve King a liar because he said she took a bribe from Trump you lying dog
Steve King may be demise of Cruz. Asked king what he has voted on for animal rights.
Steve King, Matt Strawn, Bob Vander Plaats, Steve Deace, just keep connecting the dots...
Amazing. House Judicuary Committee puts Steve King in charge of inquiry into Cementing the face of the party. https:/…
- Steve King, Representative for Iowa's 4th Congressional District -
Ted just went off about the constitution and Steve King started to cry. I feel you bro.
Good night for Steve King, not such a good night for Terry Branstad
Steve King just likened Marco Rubio's pro-Gang of 8 media tour in 2013 to Susan Rice/Benghazi on Sunday talk shows.
With no Trump, Cruz goes from hunter to hunted: Two of Cruz’s top surrogates, Rep. Steve King and former Gov. ...
The Bloomberg/CNN poll of Iowa trashes Sarah Palin . Steve King was behind a smear campaign on Sarah Palin
Steve King is a WEASEL behind a smear campaign on Sarah Palin on behalf of Ted Cruz .
Steve King has tried to smear Sarah Palin for years including his intro to her speech last year.WEASEL.
Cruz backer Steve King suggests Trump is buying endorsements and Sarah Palin did it for the money.
Rick Perry endorsed Cruz. Steve King, Mike Lee... All I need to know from politicians I can trust.
I'm proud that Steve King is my representative.
Congressman Tells Ted Cruz to ‘Go Back Under a Rock’ for Swipe at 'New York Values': Rep. Steve King was not h...
Steve King warned Ted Cruz about opposing the Renewable Fuel Standard. But Cruz had a different plan...
I have the greatest respect for Steve King...who gave all the respect DUE Barry-the-Less.
I liked a video Warren Haynes "River's Gonna Rise" - Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2011
cheers Steve. Not as good as yours, Mr PB King ☺
Blaq News... Listen Up. Steve did not miss anything here..
I got King Kaleb walking around free
Santorum is Catholic. Real problem is that he was bound to get out-flanked in IA. Steve King looms large.
Tonight- Johnnie Putman& Steve King welcome the New Year from 10pm to 2am on WGN 720 AM! It's their 21st "Life...
It used to be Michele Bachmann. Now probably Steve King.
I've heard all the tapes and have listened to everyone twist things, but Lee, Sessions, Steve King were there,
Warriors coach Steve Kerr could reportedly return to coaching duties this weekend
demand replacement. You no longer have faith in reliability
whats wrong with the car? If it was me every1 would had quit their jobs
The left wing case for leaving the EU
Like Steve King? It's funny how Rubiobots cling to a recent not-even-endorsement from a known Amnesty RINO.
Smith finishes 2015 as official Test king
The steve harvey memes still be killing me,helek
That time Steve King said you could marry your lawnmower and I called his bluff:
Maybe. I prefer the alternate title of Soft King.
Congressman Steve King Endorses - It's happening - all the strong conservatives are uniting!
dude thinking of getting a 7series they say its better than Marc
that's why I'm getting my black taxi
I'm not in Romford why it says that God knows
I rather be driving a Prius than being towed in a S class! 😀
wot do u expect from a Datsun cherry!😁
how you going to tell me to drop from s class to prius LOL
i have. There taking it very serious
I did the same and now every time I go into mercs they all suck *** .
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