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Steve Kerr

Stephen Douglas Steve Kerr (born September 27, 1965) is a retired American professional basketball player.

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so the same goes for John Paxon, Robert Horry, Dennis Johnson, Steve Kerr all finals winning shots. No MVPs and no glory.
Here's what Steve Kerr told the Golden State Warriors after losing Game 7 -
I need the Tyronn Lue stepping over Steve Kerr meme. Right now.and David Blatt
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders met with Steve Kerr. Plans to help GS take fight to Adam Silver during draft convention.
Steve Kerr leaving Ezeli in right now is up there with Pete Carroll passing in the Super Bowl.
Steve Kerr is blowing this game playing Ezeli.
Someone give me Steve Kerr direct line... I gotta get him on the horn.. He's point shaving and it's gonna cost me a lot of cash lol
Steve Kerr is trying to get Tristan Thompson in foul trouble early imo
Good decision for Steve Kerr to put Ezili on starting 5. Green couldnt penetrate in game 6 coz he had to deal with thompson and Love
Steve Kerr finally got tired of Thompson getting all the rebounds so he starting Festus 😂
I'm not Steve Kerr, but you gotta start Livingston on Kyrie, Steph on JR, Klay on Jefferson/Love, Iggy on LeBron, Dray on Thompson
I think it will be a player, what Steve Kerr said will be in the minds of the refs. Thompson or Smith
Stephen Thompson looks like a younger version of Steve Kerr
Who cries first in the locker room? Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson or Steph Curry?
2 years ago, Steve Kerr said he'd take LeBron in Game 7 on the road over anyone.
Steve Kerr disagrees with Klay Thompson. Says it's impossible to consider 73 win season a bust if Warriors lose game 7.
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Steve Kerr said this about LeBron James back in 2014. "If I had to pick 1 player to play a Game 7 on the road, I'd take…
Golden State Warriors' head coach Steve Kerr says Stephen Curry has every right to be upset. Do you agree?
Scott said Steve Kerr is a bad coach. Scott also thinks Kevin Love is good.
Steve Kerr needs to go ahead and just let Luke Walton take over for Game 7...not sure if Mark Jackson would approve though 🤔
Steve Kerr and Steph Curry each fined $25K for their actions in Game 6
Steve Kerr looks like a mix of Gordon Ramsay and Neil Patrick Harris
Great to see Craig Saiger getting a chance to interview in the NBA Finals. Even better that he's asking Steve Kerr about…
Steve Kerr looks like if Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay had a baby.
Why does Steve Kerr look like the lovechild between Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay?
My girlfriend on Steve Kerr: "He looks like a mix between Neil Patrick Harris and Gordon Ramsay"
Steve Kerr looks like Brett Brown and sounds like Doug Collins
With a win tonight, Steve Kerr will join an elite club.
Steve Kerr: "Alright Varejao, come in the game.. You know what to do". Anderson Varejao:
June 13th 2016 Steve Kerr will lead the Warriors to back to back titles, Michael Jordan punched greatness into him http…
if I was Steve Kerr my starting 5 is:. Steph Curry. Klay Thompson. harrison barnes. andre iggy. andrew bogut
The Warriors only leading the series cause of Steve Kerr,Steph, Klay's white privilege...
Steve Kerr explains why the Golden State Warriors won tonight.
Steve Kerr, arguing that the dude behind him should've been called for a personal foul
Steve Kerr picks up a T right before H, as lead, 55-50; 16pts, 6-10FG, 2-3 3pt FG; 10pt,…
Steve Kerr should find an answer for Kyrie Irving and Tristen Thompson, there's really no answer for the King
Steve Kerr looking for James McAdoo to be his Jumaine Jones. Lol
Steve Kerr goes with James Michael McAdoo over Ezeli. Looking to avoid tough switches for his bigs, one would guess.
By staying big to start, Steve Kerr confirms that he doesn’t view the Warriors’ situation as that dangerous:
New goal for 2016: Approach everything in life the way Steve Kerr approaches the Finals. Never loses sight of his happy-go-lucky perspective
Steve Kerr takes podium first... With a smile
Steve Kerr short and to the point with Doris Burke (Vine by
Y'all heard what Doris Burke just said Steve Kerr doesn't know what's wrong with steph... Said that girl he got caught wit
Steve Kerr gave Doris Burke his best Popovich impression
Is Doris Burke gonna complain about Steve Kerr now?
Don't blame Steve Kerr for going full Popovich on Doris Burke. I wouldn't wanna talk to that cheese *** Doris either.
Steve Kerr did a Greg Popovich on Doris Burke 😂
. That Doris Burke interview w Steve Kerr had Greg Popovich like...
Can't wait for Doris Burke to talk about how she's never giving Steve Kerr a pass again for his curt sideline interviews.
The last time Richard Jefferson started in an NBA Finals game, . he faced Steve Kerr, who was playing for the Spurs. https…
Steve Kerr is the best at praising others when he gets in the spotlight.
Steve Kerr putting it all on the line
15 years ago today, Allen Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lue, this year it's Steve Kerr.
Steve Kerr telling Warriors players to have Appropriate Fear going into game 3
Awesome!! Thanks for sharing the story about Steve Kerr at
The announcers are so bored they are talking at length abt Steve Kerr's experience at a Paul Simon concert in Berkeley.
Gregg Popovich, Rick Carlisle & Steve Kerr along with others in the what they have in common is, coaching.
Steve Kerr ain't even worried about the Warriors winning anymore
Steve Kerr about to shoot his shot 😭😭
"What he did went so far beyond the boxing ring, the sporting arena in general." – Steve Kerr on Muhammad Ali
I trust someone from the Greg Popovich coaching tree more than someone from the Steve Kerr coaching tree lol
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Steve Kerr was so mad at the Warriors in Game 1 he destroyed a clipboard during a timeout - Business Insider
Steve Kerr did same wit David Lee last year. Just gotta try and get a spark
Bruh I'm still mad David Blatt ain't make no adjustments when Steve Kerr started iggy last year smh
To think Cavs decided to hire David Blatt over Steve Kerr...
Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Derek Fisher, Kenny Smith etc. all won games
Steve Kerr's clipboard has gone to Jesus.
Steve Kerr is very insightful in his sideline interviews
Steve Kerr is like a nice version of Greg Popovich for interviews. Very sarcastic but does so with a boyish grin.
*** . Steve Kerr broke a clipboard in the third quarter 👀
Steve Kerr turning into Greg Popovich with these mid game interviews
Steve Kerr took a trick out of the Greg Popovich interview playbook
Steve Kerr interviews like Greg Popovich, except Kerr smiles.
Steve Kerr morphing into Greg Popovich with every interview
Steve Kerr with the media is almost as funny as Greg Popovich
U can tell Steve Kerr was under Greg Popovich
(Not-so) fun fact: coach Steve Kerr's father was assassinated by gunmen from the Iran-backed Hezbollah faction Islamic Jihad.
Ty Lue getting the best of trash Steve Kerr here, just like he will this series.
.opens vault to the time Steve Kerr hit the game-winning shot to help Bulls get one for the thumb. https:/…
Steve Kerr looks like the little league coach who is smashing all the single moms
Steve Kerr is getting credit for a Mark Jackson built team !!! made the Warriors.
Phil Jackson coached Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue to five championships with the Bulls and Lakers.
Just like Curry is a hybrid of past legends Nash/Miller/Allen, Steve Kerr is hybrid of Phil Jackon/ Greg Popovich/Dantoni
Steve Kerr on why Steph Curry's toughness continues to be questioned...
Two people I could listen to all day: Steve Kerr and Scott Van Pelt. Love their takes on things.
Steve Kerr is 1st coach to lead his team to The Finals in 1st 2 seasons as a head coach since Pat Riley (Lakers in 4-straig…
Steve Kerr says people question Steph's toughness because he looks like he's 12
Steve Kerr heat check by subbing in Varejao.
I want an app that reads me calming aphorisms in Steve Kerr's official time-out voice
Wasn't sure what "win or go home" meant until Steve Kerr spelled it out for me there.
Steve Kerr is facing his first Game 7 as a head coach. But he's played a few before.
Why do people talk about Michael Jordan as if Steve Kerr and John Paxson didn't hit big shots for him?
Steve Kerr: “Game 7s…they’re fun.” I’m amazed how often he calls the playoffs “fun.” I think it helps his team’s mindset
I would describe Steve Kerr's coaching as a mixture of the perimeter scheming of Gregg Popovich and the spirituality of Phil Jackson
Warriors coach Steve Kerr just told team president Rick Welts, "That was kind of fun."
Steve Kerr should be chastised for playing Anderson Varejao in an elimination game.
Anderson Varejao must have some dirt on Steve Kerr to continue to see real minutes in the
Steve Kerr just referred to the Thunder players as "the trees" lol
Hey did make a deal with Steve Kerr to give up his laptop this game if he doesn't play Andy V?
Steve Kerr, Rick Carlisle and Gregg Popovich have 13 rings between them. Billy Donovan might oust 'em all.
Steve Kerr the NBA version of Jon Gruden, bad coach who won the title first year and wasn't ish ever since
Time for Steve Kerr to insert Warriors best player Andy V in this game
Steve Kerr was asked about his court choice today.Warriors going to actually play offense in front of their bench 2nd half like college team
Some d bag legit just asked Steve Kerr why he put Andy V in a at all. 🙄
Yeah, he had Will Perdue/Luke Longley and the unstoppable John Paxson/Steve Kerr...
Steve Kerr really doesn't like Brandon Rush, and I'm reminded of that every time i see Andy Varejao ok the court.
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John Paxson and Steve Kerr saved Jordan from losses in finals, Horry saved Kobe and Shaq, shut up with that ray allen mess
Robert Horry save lakers from losing two ships too!!! As well as John Paxton and Steve Kerr saved Jordan
Why does Steve Kerr look slightly like Mr. Gill
.. Pull all the tapes on your "In House Racist" Stephen A. Smith takes on Steve Kerr and then look in the mirror guys. BLATANT
.. It is RARE that I applaud for anything but, when he calls racist Stephen A. Smith out on Steve Kerr.
.. There's not an intelligent white person who can not see Stephen A. Smith 's blatant hate & racism towards Steve Kerr. RACIST👱🏿
.. Not one word of praise for Steve Kerr from RACIST Stephen A. Smith, of If it was Ty Lue he'd be applaudin the brother
Stephen A. Smith still mad that Steve Kerr got the Warriors job after his buddy Mark Jackson was fired lol gotta let the hurt go man
Steve Kerr is so overrated as a coach. We all know Mark Jackson created that team. Kerr is just the basketball version of Barry Switzer.
Ron Harper got 5, Steve Kerr got 5, John Salley got 4, Horace Grant got 4...need I go on?
Off the boil Curry is fine, says Kerr (Reuters): (Reuters) - Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has playe...
RelNews: Steve Kerr is using ALL CAPS to fire up Warriors crowd -Fox Sports-
Richard Jefferson is still pretty good for a guy who played at Arizona with Steve Kerr.
OKC's coach Billy Donovan has out coached Warriors' coach Steve Kerr.
Steve Kerr on Steph's Game 4 performance: "Curry is not injured. He just had a lousy night." ht…
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Steve Kerr has a long lost son... & it's Neil Patrick Harris. why hasn't anyone else noticed this yet 😂
Steve Kerr when he gotta draw up a play because Steph Curry ran out of his unlimited 3s 2k badge
Steve Kerr is being exposed. That's what you get for taking all the credits Mark Jackson worked for.
Steve Kerr has yelled at Curry twice for forcing shots and forcing passes and not playing defense.
Steve Kerr's between-quarters huddle should just be slapping all his players in the face.
Just lost a lot of respect for Steve Kerr
Sources: Charlotte's Stephen Silas is flying to Oklahoma City to meet with Steve Kerr on Monday for Golden State's top…
oh man, Steve Kerr is in for a rude awakening if he truly thinks the league will rescind Draymond’s flagrant…
Jesus! I did NOT see this coming. is just unstoppable. The are looking to Steve Kerr for help. Rightl…
I respect Steve Kerr keeping in his starters with the sole purpose of preventing Kyle Singler from entering the game Am…
Steve Kerr might not run the triangle but there's mad head games he plays with his players that are out of the Phil Jackson handbook!
Steve Kerr needs to stop playing our bench too much. It's a must win and we got Ian Clark getting minutes when Westbrook and Durant are in?
Sources: Stephen Silas to meet with Steve Kerr about Warriors' top assistant job
Raiders, Las Vegas would be perfect fit: Q. LeBron James said Steve Kerr should not have been NBA Coach of th...
When adjusted for minutes played Steve Kerr won fewer rings than Pau Gasol as per
Steve Kerr is our *** of the game tonight. Leaving Curry in a blowout. Congrats, Steve.
Who else thinks Steve Kerr sounds like coach pop??
Steve Kerr kind of sounds like George McFly.
Steve Kerr is to Urban as Mark Jackson is to Ron Zook?
Billy Donovan has coached against two hall of famers in Rick Carlisle and Greg Popovich. He out coached bum *** Steve Kerr tn. Kerr lost TN
Steve Kerr is starting to look like Lute Olson. Are you watching the Game?
Steve Kerr don't know whether to smile or grow gray hairs.
Steve Kerr using Seinfeld jokes to befriend the refs
Steve Kerr has the shortest leash when it comes to Ezeli but Harrison Barnes weakass got a eternal green light I don't get it
LeBron James goes from undermining Steph Curry to dissing Steve Kerr
It's a team game lol.. & how is Steve Kerr the reason when they were great w/ Mark Jackson? 🤔 players play the game
OKC just beat the two best coaches in the NBA in Gregg Popovich and Rick Carlisle. . Next up: Coach of the Year, Steve Kerr.
Great players have great coaches like Phil Jackson, Pop, Steve Kerr. Meanwhile Lebron stuck with Mike Brown, David Blatt, and Spoelstra 😂😂😂
Steve Kerr: "I just want to make an announcement - Steph will start on Wednesday night, in case anyone was wondering."
Steve Kerr is the next Phil Jackson the product of having a Hall of Famer on your Team no one is better than Gregg Popovich   10% Off
Steve Kerr upgrades Steph Curry's status to 'questionable' for Game 4 via App
Steve Kerr just gave a look that made him look like a West Coast Wynn Duffy
Kyle Lowry from 28-feet for the win while he fades away... That'd be stupid even if it were Steve Kerr drawing it up for Curry.
Just thrilled for Steve Kerr. He’s had a hellacious year, as chronicled: Class…
Listening to broadcaster Steve Kerr and Warriors exec Jerry West talk about Draymond Green at 2012 LVSL is awesome
Steve Kerr said Stephen Curry (knee) won't play tomorrow, but team will list him as doubtful "just to give people someth…
Steve Kerr thinks there is a much more fitting label than "superstar" for Draymond Green.
"We're gonna miss him desperately" -Steve Kerr on Luke Walton becoming the new head coach of the
he built GSW into the team they are now. He is the Tony Dungy to Steve Kerr's John Gruden.
Trading Varejao for Henderson is like sacrificing a pawn for the opponent’s bishop. Check, Steve Kerr.
Two of the three guys Phil Jackson wanted to hire - Steve Kerr & Luke Walton - turned him down. The other - Derek Fisher -…
Steve Kerr advice to Luke Walton:. "It's too bad you don't have Steph, Klay, or Draymond anymore. You're on your own pal…
"You're on your own, pal.". Steve Kerr had some great tongue-in-cheek advice for Luke Walton. WATCH:
Steve Kerr on Steph Curry: "I'm not going to rule him out for Tuesday (Game 2 against Portland) but there's obviously no…
Steve Kerr on giddy Stephen Curry lifting Ian Clark on bench: "What are you doing? I thought you were injured. Do not pick up Mo or Bogut."
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Stephen A Smith cried racism when the Warriors hired coach Steve Kerr. But ESPN thinks you're the problem? Unbelievable.
Former Univ AZ alum Steve Kerr is NBA's Coach of the year! He is a winner at life! Congrats Steve Kerr!
Steve Kerr said Lakers have reached out & received permission to speak with Luke Walton following 1st-round series. https…
Steve Kerr: get permission to talk to assistant coach Luke Walton.
Steve Kerr receives NBA Coach Of The Year...and made sure Luke Walton joined him at center court...Classy!!!
Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has called asking for permission to speak Luke Walton.Permissio…
The people saying Luke Walton just used Steve Kerr's system for 43 games are completely ignoring in-game adjustments.
Can someone please tell me how Steve Kerr won coach of the year over Dwayne Casey, Brad Stevens or even Erik Spoelstra???
Steve Kerr wins Coach of the Year, wins at life |
Steve Kerr named NBA's coach of the year! Let's see how he holds up without Steph.
Steve Kerr is the 3rd Warriors coach in history to win Coach of the Year. . (Don Nelson & Alex Hannum)
all I did was say you're crying about Steve Kerr winning coach of the year, nothing about injuries you ignoramus
Neil Patrick Harris looks like he will play Steve Kerr in the movie about the Warriors. Paul Rudd will play Luke Walton.
Lute joins emotional Steve Kerr as he's named NBA Coach of the Year
On day it's announced he's leaving ESPN & Steve Kerr named Coach of Year, oh boy...
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Steve Kerr: best record in history, also after winning Finals last year... Kinda self explanatory
Steve Kerr named NBA Coach of the Year. They should wait 2 more weeks & see how he does without Curry before giving out th…
Golden State Warriors’ Steve Kerr has won the NBA Coach of the Year award for 2015-16 season (via https…
What's the deal with Steve Kerr? I mean if it's Harvey, why do you want a smith? Who ARE these people?
JUST IN: Steve Kerr has been named Coach of the Year. (via
Steve Kerr is 3rd coach in Warriors history to win Coach of the Year, joining Don Nelson and Alex Hannum.
How does Steve Kerr win the NBA Coach of the Year Award after missing half the season?? Brad Stevens and Greg Poppovich were more deserving!
true but even when Luke Walton was playing I knew he'd make a good coach and that's all Steve Kerr is
Steve Kerr looks like an older Barney Stinson... And they're both legen-wait for it-wait for it-wait for it-dary
Steve Kerr on the loss of Steph Curry: "This really *** because now I have to actually coach and can't just play Ang…
Powerful words by Steve Kerr...Do you agree or disagree w/ what he says about the AAU culture?
Steve Kerr looks like the new young pastor at a church that slowly wins over the old people who don't like change. htt…
Steve Kerr says Stephen Curry "wanted to play, but we wouldn't let him."
If Curry indeed sprained his MCL, we'll find out the true worth of Steve Kerr, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.
you think Jordan would of let Ron Harper or Steve Kerr or Scottie take that? You think Kobe would of let anyone take that shot?
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Even long before nothing else was guaranteed but a 3rd place in the West. Conf. Steve Kerr shud have rested his best players.
BREAKING: Stephen Curry will sit out Game 3 against the Houston Rockets, per his head coach Steve Kerr
Cavs haven't shot it like this since they had Mark Price, Craig Ehlo and Steve Kerr out there firing away with Terrell Brandon at PG.
Steve Kerr, Warriors reflect on 1995-96 Bulls after matching record - USA TODAY
Steve Kerr makes all sorts of sense on AAU culture
Wonder if Chip Hale talked to Steve Kerr about positionless basketball and heard baseball.
I would sit Steph for game 3 too if I was Steve Kerr.
Meanwhile, Steve Kerr has underrated hair and Luke Walton could be second to Quin Snyder in the coach hair game when he gets the Lakers job
I'm sure Curry is healthy enough to play, but Steve Kerr is so cautious he might force him to rest.
If I was Steve Kerr I would rest Curry tonight and the next game but I'm not Steve Kerr
lol Steve Kerr was my Favorite role player, but he tryna live out his inglorious potential in young Curry .
If I am Steve Kerr, I am sitting Steph Curry for at least the next two games. They do not need him to win this round. Get him healthy.
Steve Kerr does not deserve Coach of the Year. Pop, Stotts, Stevens, or Walton for his accomplishment as interim head coach deserve it
Steve Kerr has suffered more than you will ever know
If you were Steve Kerr, do you play Steph Curry tonight?
Steph Curry is questionable for Game 2 with an ankle injury. What would you do if you were Steve Kerr?
He's incredibly coachable. I can coach him hard & he doesn't take it personally, he simply nods & says, 'Yes, coach' -…
OverReaction Monday:GSW are so good they'll DEMOLISH the Rockets,Steve Kerr will be eating dinner on the sidelines.
Steve Kerr absolutely did the right thing telling Curry "NO!" three times that he couldn't go back in the game with tha…
Young players I heard what Steve Kerr said about Curry! He said he is COACHABLE and he is a millionaire! So, why the 15-…
Steve Kerr and Luke Walton should be in the white house.
I believe Luke learned from Steve Kerr on picking the right spot. Luke has a window of being wanted. He can wait.
Steve Kerr did for steph what Phil did for Michael. Create a team that personifies and is tuned to your best players strengths.
Mark Jackson telling Steve Kerr what to do. Funny
Steve Kerr says he tells about when he played, they tune it out as dark ages. Except Kerr played with
don't do it Luke stay where u at talk to Steve Kerr about it he made the right choice
Has someone ever noticed that Steve Kerr looks like a *** 😂
Mark Jackson giving coaching advice to Steve Kerr is comical.
"That's what's great about coaching — when you see your team smiling and happy." -Steve Kerr
WATCH: Postgame press conferences from Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Steve Kerr
To go from good to great, it’s all in the details. Everything matters. – Steve Kerr
Congrats to Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr and rest of the for the milestone of 73 wins for the new record!.
Mark Jackson gotta slip up and call Steve Kerr a *** at the end of the game
Regardless, Steve Kerr is on both sides of NBA history
Who keeps putting Steve Kerr in the starting lineup when comparing 96 Bulls vs 16 Warriors? Ron Harper was a very good overall player & G8 D
Just for yucks: Remember when Jed York compared Jim Tomsula to Steve Kerr?
Steve Kerr highlights are equal to Steph Curry highlights. Mirror images.
Ron Harper only *** that a actually lock curry *** up. Dennis robman a freak. Steve Kerr. you sleep
Steph Curry on if Steve Kerr is rooting for GSW to break CHI's single-season wins record: "He better be."
Steve Kerr shouldn't be voted Coach of the year ! My pick is Dwane Casey, he's done a great job to get the Raptors the 2nd seed in the East
Steve Kerr's team just beat Steve Kerr's team to tie the record set by Steve Kerr's team.
Steve Kerr = luckiest person in basketball history. Road the coat tails of legends (Jordan, Dunacn) to rings, inherited a ready-made Warrior
Steve Kerr knows how to win. He is now the only member of both 72-win teams in NBA history.
I'm still dumbfounded that *** said Jim Tomsula was the Steve Kerr!!
Steve Kerr made history then, and he's made history now. 72.
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Steve Kerr had a very Steve Kerr answer to the Warriors vs '95-96 Bulls question
Steve Kerr walked onto a team which was fresh off 2 deep consecutive playoff appearances... He's no Brad Stevens or Pop
Who ever votes for Steve Kerr should be banned from the NBA. He only coached half the season! Steve Clifford, Terry Stots, or Brad Stevens!
Steve Kerr: "The Spurs have only presented a legitimate threat for the past 19 years. Before that, no big deal."
Some old-school Steve Kerr from his college days here . Sean Elliott and Tom Tolbert were there too.
Bill Simmons sobre Steve Kerr: "He's like Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich had a baby. He played for both of them, he's their coach baby." . 😂
Brad Stevens is a top 3 coach in the league. I say only behind Pop and Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr says Tom Izzo (in OAK tonight) was one of first ppl he called when he got job b/c of his relation…
But again, everybody in the NFL knew that Jim Tomsula wasn't Steve Kerr. Except those in Santa Clara and those swayed by t…
wish Steve Kerr would just start trolling. "That's nice, Scottie, but we both know you can't stop James Michael McAdoo."
VIDEO: Steve Kerr postgame Warriors-Blazers on James McAdoo: "The versatility that he brings, the speed" 📺 (0:25) https…
Received awards ballot today: both Steve Kerr & Luke Walton (designated "interim") listed for Coach of Year considerat…
Warriors coach Steve Kerr says this season "went exactly as we hoped."
>> Steve Kerr agrees with Damian Lillard: Boston Celtics' Avery Bradley 'as good of an
Steve Kerr said he agrees with Damian Lillard: "Avery Bradley's as good an on-ball defender as there is in the league."
Steve Kerr pranked Draymond Green by saying he wouldn't play tonight, according to Festus Ezeli adding Green was mad.
Fundamental drill work: You have to find ways that are creative and that won't wear out your team. – Steve Kerr
Brandon Rush (knee) is likely probable for Tuesday against the Wizards, according to coach Steve Kerr.
Steve Kerr says Brandon Rush (knee) left game in third quarter. Update coming later.
Did they just compare Len Kruger and Buddy Hield to Steve Kerr and Steph???
NBA trivia: . What do San Antonio Spurs (and ex Spurs) Steve Kerr, John Paxson, and Danny Green have in common?...
Steve Kerr supports Cuonzo Martin, who reportedly needs UC President approval for contract
Steve Kerr looks like the guy who starts practicing his golf swing mid-conversation.
This dude Steve Kerr been actin like Jim Harbaugh out there lol
Andrew Bogut MRI results not available yet but he is out tonight. Steve Kerr feels like he won't be out very long.
Steve Kerr on Dirk Nowitzki: "He's amazing. He's like Tim Duncan. ... I have as much respect for Dirk as I have for anyone …
Warriors coach Steve Kerr goes ballistic on refs till he sees Tim Duncan giggling
Steve Kerr was incensed over a call last night until he spotted former teammate Tim Duncan giggling at him from...
Steve Kerr on Tim Duncan not starting: "Tim is 62 now...He needs his rest."
Steve Kerr is the Jim Harbaugh of the NBA
Steve Kerr looks like if Doogie Howser had gone to law school instead and went through two divorces.
Steve Kerr took some time in the middle of yelling at a ref to smile at Gregg Popovich.
Steve Kerr screamed at the refs, then immediately smiled at Gregg Popovich: Steve Kerr is just happy Pop was impressed. . Steve Kerr...
For second night in a row, Steve Kerr gets T'd up. Eric Lewis the whistler.
Steve Kerr and Sean Elliott aren't walking through that door.
Update on the Raymond Ridder bets: Dinner with coach Steve Kerr and WSU/Wildcats shirt with Luke Walton.
"You can't even dream this stuff up" - Steve Kerr in awe of the Warriors record. 😌😚 5⃣5⃣▪5⃣
Warriors coach Steve Kerr called Andre Iguodala's ankle injury is "significant" but added that it was not broken. Brand…
Steve Kerr fine-tuning game with eye on title repeat. Golden State faces tonight:
Stop it, Logan. Has anybody asked Steve Kerr this question, he'd agree with me.
Steve Kerr learned from Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. That's why he's a already a great coach.
Glad to have readers from my native Northwestern Ohio who are glad that Steve Kerr sees it the way I see it, too.
York will go down as one of best shooters at Arizona: 1. Salim Stoudamire. 2. Steve Kerr. 3. Damon Stoudamire. 4. Gabe York
Pitino asked if this was his final game at Louisville: "Yeah, I talked to Steve Kerr and I'm going to take the Warriors …
Steve Kerr says team will opt to rest Warriors over chasing Bulls’ regular season record https:…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Thanks to Scott Pensivy and staff Steve Kerr is on his way to a 2nd consecutive ship!
and Derek Fisher will be a better head coach then Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr with the "in between the 1st and 2nd free throw timeout to "ice" Kent Bazemore.
*** yeah!! Boy nobody on Gs would be able to stop Jordan and curry couldn't play D on Steve Kerr
ICYMI: Draymond Green apologized for his halftime outburst in OKC directed at Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr is making a good decision by sitting Curry and Iguodala tonight
Winner in Draymond Green getting on Steve Kerr's head is Luke Walton. Loser is the hopes of hiring Luke. He'll replace Kerr
Draymond Green checkin Steve Kerr is an indictment on Steph Curry. How the Best Player on the Planet, not even the Leader of his Locker room
Steve Kerr must have had a flashback to win Michael Jordan cracked him in the face when draymond Son'ed him at half
I told y'all that Draymond Green was getting cocky punked out Steve Kerr would have never done that and Mark Jackson
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