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Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert Steve Irwin (22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006), nicknamed The Crocodile Hunter , was an Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist.

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I wish Steve Irwin were still alive today :/
Even after so many years I feel sad about Steve Irwin's death. He is my favourite conservationist.
It will always be too soon for Steve Irwin jokes :(
last time I was in the states I told a bell boy I was from australia..he asked me if I knew steve irwin..this was only 2 yrs ago
"I was put on this planet to save wildlife" - Steve Irwin 💙
Join Steve Irwin for the best political talk in the burg
Steve Irwin has been on the Gaming Channel.
I wonder how many times Steve Irwin said that? I'm guessing none.
First thing first rest in piece Steve Irwin
I see what you're doing, this is Steve Irwin!!!
Y'all don't believe me when I say I'm the next Steve Irwin. 🌚💂🐊
Why did Jeff put the song thinking of you by Katy perry in the background of a slide show of Steve Irwin.. Done with you
Steve Irwin had to be the most badass person to ever walk this earth
Steve Irwin was the best thing to come out of Australia
will you make an appearance on DWTS in May, when you're in LA for Steve Irwin Gala dinner? I hope so 🙏
Oddly, when I think about David Bowie's death it leads to me thinking about Steve Irwin's death
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4) when Steve Irwin did I had chronic diarrhea and had to go to hospital and be treated for dehydration
Let's all take a moment to remember Steve Irwin
I would like to hear Steve Irwin commentary on this
new era in white oak. I went to Steve Irwin there.
Where I live, if someone gives you a hug, it's from the heart. - Steve Irwin. Happy folks! 💙🇦🇺🐨
Sitting at work crying thinking how if Steve Irwin was alive id be working for him right now and we'd be saving crocodiles and kangaroos
See the touching thing just did to pay tribute to her late dad
Hard to believe it's almost 10 years since Steve left. Here's a poem in his honor
So now what happens is the cameras follow me around and capture exactly wha...
"My job, my mission, the reason I've been put onto this planet, is to save wildlife." -Steve Irwin
Our own Steve Irwin being interviewed by AMBestTV at the BCRM, BCAR event today.
Steve Irwin and the legendary dragons!: via
Join Steve Irwin for the best local political talk in Pittsburgh time to binge
update: Cailin thinks billy mays is Steve Irwin and holly thought billy mays was little bill
I wish that stingray got you with his *** like Steve Irwin.
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Rest in peace Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Man when did this happen.
Top 3 white people of all time . 1. Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter). 2. Santa. 3. White guy from Django
When you watching Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors and you are like maybe in one episode will be there Ashton
Alex said my outfit today very Steve Irwin and I almost cried happy tears! That's all I want to be! Me and Bindi are truly soul mates!
watching Steve Irwin documentaries at 4/30 in the morning because Steve Irwin
Also, why is the ghost of Steve Irwin asking me to dance?
? or the fact that Australians know Steve Irwin put animals in refrigerator so their response time would be slowed down?
My only three celeb interactions on here are Kevin Nealon, Vin Scully, and Steve Irwins daughter yelling at me for making fun of Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin would jump in straight away and show this croc who's boss...
I always loved watching Steve Irwin the Australian Crocodile Hunter and wished one day I could…
Any time I see a pair of yeezys irl I go into steve irwin mode. I can't help it. I wantn to see those things up closee
Are you claiming Steve Irwin is still alive? Didn't think you'd know him. Duck Dynasty & Honey Boo Boo seemed more your speed
Nah son Steve Irwin was wild. I fail in comparison to the God of crocodile hunting. I am a lunatic tho.😂
I wish I was as cool as Steve Irwin
ok but is Ashton related to Steve Irwin
and it's Steve Irwin's birthday . Today needs to chill
"Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) was our generation's John Lennon." - Blake Bowling Best Quote of the day! .
I'd much rather watch take on Steve Irwin than the recent trainwreck!
some days my dream job is to work abroad for UNICEF and other days I just wanna channel my inner Steve Irwin and hold a baby kangaroo
Anime Steve Irwin is dead and I killed him.
I grew up with Steve Irwin and Steve Backshall on my TV teaching me not to be afraid of dangerous animals and to protect every creature.
Where's Steve Irwin when you need him?? We got Crocs all over the place @ the basketball presser.
Spring means I can dress like a woman and wear shorts that Steve Irwin would probably wear on a safari in 1997
Steve Irwin and Timothy Treadwell walk into the forest. Neither of them walks out because they get killed by animals. End of joke *rimshot*
Did you hear about the Bon Jovi tribute band doing a performance in honor of the late Steve Irwin?
And here I thought Steve Irwin was dead (via
Last nite at Incident 2 rehearsal, we learned Steve Irwin faked his death to get into stolen stereo equipment business and DJ ION was born.
Crocadiles are easy, they try to kill and eat you... People are worse they try to be your friend first.. -Steve Irwin
So, my tactic with conservation of apex predators is to get people excited ...
Beech class are set a task by Steve 'MORPHO' Irwin
A wonderful talk tonight from on the work being done to continue Steve Irwin's conservation legacy
That concludes the 7th Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture. We're honoured to partner with the Irwins & to continue Steve's legacy.
Dr Ross Dwyer rocks the research world with his talk @ the Steve Irwin memorial lecture tonight
"When I met Steve, he was just Steve" reflects on how moving it was to hear Steve Irwin describe crocs
Thanks for a great 7 th Steve Irwin memorial lecture
Crocodile traps designed by Steve Irwin allow researchers to track crocs and better understand them
Ross Dwyer on following the elusive on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
New RE discovered at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, beautiful freshwater spring rainforest
Welcoming researcher Dr Ross Dwyer to speak at tonight's 7th Steve Irwin Memorial Lecture about his croc research.
Steve Irwin Memorial Reserve has been saved from a mining lease due to its important biodiversity.
Backshall still going you mean Aussie legend Steve Irwin? Both inspiring naturalists excellent in the classroom
I remember coming home from school and watching Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin, becoming a herpetologist was my dream.
Steve Irwin & Paul Walker is at the big cookout in the sky
1. Mr. Rodgers . 2. Steve Irwin. 3. Bob Ross. Really really really really good dudes.
RIP to Steve Irwin, but its been long enough, and Im willing to be the new Crocodile Hunter
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My favorite episode of The Crocodile Hunter was when Steve Irwin & his mates captured Nancy Grace after she escaped from her enclosure
"Who's the 3rd most inspiring person in your life?"... "Steve Irwin.. The Crocodile Hunter"
The Crocodile Hunter would have turned 54 years old today. Rest in Peace, Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin. The Crocodile Hunter. was terrified of parrots.
Only way spitting cobra scene with Marcia Clark and Shapiro could get funnier is if Steve Irwin appeared with a rope.
He would have been 54 today, happy birthday to the legend, Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin would have turned 54 today. Happy Birthday Steve
There is a snail named after Steve Irwin. It's name is Crikey steveirwini.
Squaaa is lookin to Steve Irwin some strange
I miss Steve Irwin. Watching The Crocodile Hunter on Animal Plant gives me so many memories.
The ocean will continue to wonder. Mama & baby blue whale captured by Steve Irwin crew.
On board the MV Steve Irwin, the crew are settling into their daily watch schedule, and discovering their sea legs.
Oh you're talking about the bogan, stereotypical Steve Irwin type accents. 😂 I don't have it but mine's still Aussie though.
Our best wishes are with you Steve Irwin. Heroes of the Southern Ocean.
whaling, illegal fishing: Steve Irwin leaves Fremantle Mon., at last, for Southern Ocean. Huge task to find whalers
I felt that way about Robin Williams...and Steve Irwin, Mister Rogers..Jim Henson was the 1st time I felt that way.
Steve Irwin's memorial service - True Blue by John Williamson live at the event. Watch this till the end and tell...
Sea Shepherd prepares for whale war . Interview with Captain Sid Chakravarty of The MV Steve Irwin on Sunrise,...
I love how Steve Irwin always watches out for his wife Terri. He tells her "Watch out mate". Love couples with cute lingo
Idk I got permanent beef w stingrays after what they did to Steve Irwin
I'm going to stingray city in Grand Caymen this summer and I'm a lil nervous cause I don't wanna end up like Steve Irwin
Still have no idea what Steve Irwin's actual job was but I want to do it
Jim Harbaugh the crocodile (alligator) hunter. Steve Irwin would be proud. Downing Florida 41-7
Watching 'the Crocodile Hunter'... Is somehow related to Steve Irwin.? Sorry, I was just curious. It's my fave show
Watching The Crocodile Hunter always makes me super bummed out. Steve Irwin was the homie :/
Lion King, or Steve Irwin documentary about crocodiles
A little part of me died inside when the kids I babysit told me they had no idea who Steve Irwin or Crocodile Hunter wa…
Is the Crocodile Hunter original series available anywhere?: Like many people, I grew up with Steve Irwin and ...
Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, the thing that killed Steve Irwin.
Tonight at work: Graham singing to me and showing me his Steve Irwin impression (which is so great)
Bindi Irwin reveals why her family isn't on speaking terms with Steve Irwin's dad:
All Year 8 enjoyed an English Civil War seminar with Steve Irwin...bringing History to life.
I remember I used to watch the Crocodile Hunter all the time with my dad, loved it so much. Forever RIP Steve Irwin
Seeing and on DWTS is amazing. Steve Irwin was like a father figure to me. I'm happy his memory is living on.
What if one of them killed Steve Irwin? I don't trust them!
Crockidile Hunter,watching Steve Irwin and his lovely wife on tele what a nice bloke ..
Holy smokes, as Steve Irwin would say, is 89c PER KWH the normal cost of electricity in Tassie or is there something up with our bill?
Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi is the first celebrity to join Dancing With The Stars
"Me and Jacob were both Steve Irwin for Halloween once" -Parker Roberts
Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, David Attenborough, Garrison Keillor. The five people who I would make deathless if I could.
Steve Irwin has been dead long enough now that someone should tell his kid he has a terrible haircut.
"Steve Irwin was like the main man of my life for a long time!" -words that come out of mouth
I sometimes get emotional when I think about Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin? Maybe you were thinking if Crocodile Dundee, because I don't remember Irwin ever being in a movie. V:
Why does Kim Kardashian get to live but Steve Irwin has to die?
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Jeremy Wade off of River Monsters is like the new Steve Irwin! He jumps in water just to catch a fish in some sketchy *** lakes and rivers
I think Jesus first, then George Washington, then Stevie Ray Vaughan. Also, Steve Irwin and Paul Walker. I think we'd get along
These modern Australian bank notes rightly honour Steve Irwin and beer: There's a call for the Australian curr...
Ned Kelly, Rolf Harris, Steve Irwin, Dame Edna, Skippy, Kylie, Jason, your boys are gonna get a right pumping!
It's been 9 years and I'm still not over Steve Irwin's death, I miss him. :(
Update from The MV Steve Irwin. The dedicated crew of the Steve Irwin is working hard, preparing Sea...
Steve Irwin's daughter performs tear-jerking tribute dance in memory of dad -
The legend that is Steve Irwin and Australia Zoo — Brisbane, Australia:
We're just going to leave this here for you to sque over. The Australia Zoo, the wildlife park and home of Steve Irwin's family,
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who… — Russell Means, Bill Miller, Steve Irwin, Simon Cowell, …
There are tons of ex's of how animals are unpredictable & solely instinctive: Roy Horn, Steve Irwin, & Bethany Hamilton are a few.
says the person who couldnt get Steve Irwin and barely got Joe Pesci
I mean if John Mulaney can complain about Home Alone 2 17 years after it came out I'm sure I can get mileage out of Steve Irwin's death.
yeah her husband was good and Steve Irwin's daughter was good 💚💚💖💖
Celebrity deaths I'm still and will never get over: Steve Irwin, Don Knotts, Peter Boyle, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Robin Williams.
My mom doesn't know who Steve Irwin is. Good Lord. 😂
Its not ok *** lord. I hope you get Steve Irwin'd by a sting wray.
Portrait of Steve Irwin with his daughter by Hugh Stewart.
I miss waking up on Saturday mornings and watching "The Crocodile Hunter" RIP Steve Irwin
It's hard to believe the Crocodile Hunter died on this day a decade ago I'm really getting old love YA Steve Irwin u truly were the man
Steve Irwin died nine years ago today, RIP Crocodile Hunter you were always my favorite show growing up🐊
Steve Irwin passed away this day in 2006. RIP the legend
On this day in 2006 Steve Irwin sadly passed away. RIP, legend.
Steve Irwin who died 9 years ago today. . Please light a candle in memory of Steve. …
Today in 2006, we lost a great guy & advocate for the worlds wildlife, Steve Irwin (1962-2…
Steve Irwin, "The Crocodile Hunter," was killed by a stingray on this day in 2006.
Nine years ago today, the world lost Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.
Today is the day we lost Steve Irwin. 😭😭
"We don't own planet earth, we belong to it, and we must share it with our wildlife" - Steve Irwin
If only Steve Irwin was still alive... He would scoop up that escaped King Cobra like it was nothin.
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Watching Crocodile Hunter takes me back to being a kid. Steve Irwin was and will always be the man.
Mom: "there's a very very big turtle outside and if you're brave enough go pick it up and move it". Who does she thing I am? Steve Irwin?
Today is created by Colleen Paige to honor the late Steve Irwin and his passion for wildlife.
"Steve Irwin was killing by a praying mantis...wait no."
RIP Steve Irwin. Made a huge impact on my childhood, watched him religiously.
Steve Irwin died on 4 September 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray :
Steve Irwin, the daring Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a stingray on Sept. 4, 2006.
9 years ago today we lost a hero, Steve Irwin. I remember when I was a child my brother and I would…
Never forget the 🐐 Steve Irwin who died nine years ago today. A true legend.
I miss watching Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter
Today marks nine years since Steve Irwin, passed away: Join us in celebrating his memor…
The world lost Steve Irwin nine years ago and that's sad
9 Years ago, today in Australia, Steve Irwin died. R.I.P Steve Irwin. You will be missed!
You know it's going to be a good day when you turn on the TV and Steve Irwin is on animal planet 🐊
I lost my biggest hero 9 years ago today. He inspires me everyday. RIP Steve Irwin. I love you.
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RIP Steve Irwin. It still saddens me that this guy is gone. After…
Steve Irwin is low key the coolest guy ever
9 years ago, we lost an Aussie outdoor legend. Hats off to you and your family, Steve Irwin. May you rest in peace.
Today in 2006 "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, 44, died after a stingray's barb pierced his chest.
9 years today since Steve Irwin died, I remember this date so easily
In memory of Steve Irwin, one of the most compassionate and beautiful human beings this world has seen.
Sept.4 is National Wildlife Day🐋Founded in 2005,by Steve Irwin,bringing awareness to endangered animals🐼🐺
Rock Calendar 9-4-06: Steve Irwin, TV's "Crocodile Hunter," is killed when a stingray's barb hits him in the heart while Irwin was filming.
me:should I wear my hat like this? walker:yea dude you look like Jeff orwin me:do you mean Steve Irwin? the crocodile dude walker:oh yea
Steve Irwin wasn't even supposed to be working on the day he died. He just wanted to go to the beach and catch some rays!!
If I had the power to bring people back to life again, I would choose Bob Ross and Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin's daughter following in her father's footsteps 😍😭
My son Steve Irwin really went out like a sucker... How do you die by a *** sting ray?
What are you doing to be remembered for..Albert Camus, John Ritter, Steve Irwin, Marion Dougherty are remembered for what they loved to do.
Steve Irwin wrestling the Florida gators mascot is the best ESPN commercial ever
sounding like Steve Irwin on her story talking about the Manta Ray😂
When I retire from music I wanna be the next Steve Irwin/have a farm where animals with weird legs and stuff get to li…
Steve Irwin & Paul Walker are two people that should've never died
Just realized I pretty strongly resemble Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter... I don't know whether to be excited or mortified.
Are you related to Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter?!?! RIP Steve. 😔 answer me please. It's important.
Getting a bindi stuck in your foot... and no, not Steve Irwin's daughter.
about watching this brave and entertaining animal lover, Steve Irwin.
Volunteering at the Houston SPCA and seeing the Wildlife Center next door has taught me so much. Tbh I feel like Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi looks unrecognisable as she ditches ...
I just read online where someone just described me as part Miss Frizzle, part Steve Irwin. I'll take it.
People walking by my house:"what kind of tree is that?". Dad in Steve Irwin accent: "OI THATS A EUCALYPTUS TREE, SHES A BIG ONE"
I'm not sure if it was Steve Irwin or Michael Jackson
Hey um yeah so is Ashton Irwin related to Steve Irwin?
Ok but the real question is: Is Ashton related to Steve Irwin
do you ever think that Ashton might be related to Steve Irwin bc i do crikey
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I've always wondered if Ashton was related to Steve Irwin
Maybe it's all the 'Supernatural' I've been watching, but its a strange coincidence that Steve Irwin's TV show debut...
Brother: I wanna chase after a Sting Ray!. Me: You know that's how Steve Irwin died right?. Brother: Nevermind.
Is it too soon to make a Steve Irwin joke?...Even in reference to an old Steve Irwin joke
We see here a Tiger facing his prey, ready to attack! *Steve Irwin voice*
tonight is one of those nights where I somehow end up crying about steve irwin
Bad carma you just put out. Steve Irwin? He died from that attack you
Stone the crows! Bindi Irwin has grown up. If Steve was alive - I could hear him now. "What a little beauty!"
Really enjoyed the tour onboard The Steve Irwin today, @ Sea…
Geale has embarrassed Australia even more than Steve Irwin did when he got "Cobra'd" off a Stingray.
I also sleep with approx 50 tiny ants every night in peru so I think I'm gonna return 2 US & and look like Steve Irwin of bugs
Yesterday I swam with sharks and today I held an alligator so I am basically Steve Irwin🐊
Steve Irwin let an entire generation know that mortality existed
I hope Steve Irwin is in a special section of Heaven filled w crocodiles &all other assortment of animals, just wrestlin around in the mud❤️
Where's Steve Irwin when you really need him
I literally just spent the last 30 minutes walking around the forest, and talking like Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin, do a prayer cause you goin get hunted!
Steve Irwin lived in the bush. George Bush was president when he died They called 911 when Steve got stabbed. Bush did…
One of the hardest things is watching a close family member go through Alzheimer's
Every now and again Steve Irwin pops into my head and I get bummed out for like 10 minutes. 😓
I look over at Hayley's phone and see that her background is a pic of Steve Irwin holding a wombat
Steve Irwin's daughter shared a selfie and every headline described her appearance in the same ...
I'm coming up w a band name for my brother and he chose "Sting Rays Often Don't Attack People Yet One Killed Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter."
8 foot gator in the backyard.feeling a Steve Irwin moment..
when gopros and Steve Irwin hats are life
If you are in Melbourne, head down and meet some of the crew from Sea Shepherd The MV Steve Irwin.. Free tours...
Steve Irwin was the original badass, GOAT, whatever you wanna call it. Screw Disney movies the Steve Irwin movie was my movie as a kid
Steve Irwin could never get past second place on that list, unless Bob is one day killed via horse.
"Steve Irwin touched a *** stingray and you want me to climb on the windshield and grab a forbidden snowflake?"
Wow! You're definitely channeling your inner Steve Irwin!
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I demand that every episode of The Crocodile Hunter featuring Steve Irwin be added to instant streaming.
50 stars and 26 bars of freedom. NFL, MLB, legend that will never die. Most heroic thing from Australia was Steve Irwin lol
affected me were Steve Irwin, Ryan Dunn, and Robin Williams. All deaths are sad, but some celebrity deaths...
Steve Irwin is very important to me and I'm just so upset tonight
This reminds me of Steve Irwin's demise:
Oh god, no everybody's had you happen to know, if Steve Irwin is still on the market?
Wildlife warrior Steve Irwin has officially been named a Great:
I remember being so upset when Steve irwin died
Steve Irwin was the Bill Nye of animals
When Steve Irwin died, I imagined all the animals cried the way the Pokémon did when Ash died at the end of the first Pokémon film
The only Australian that we acknowledge is real *** Steve Irwin
Gators shake my hand but I keep Steve Irwin on deck
Steve Irwin has been awarded the first posthumous Queensland Greats Award for his wildlife conservation achievements:
you can use the with hull. We are doing this for Steve Irwin.
Took the gang for a tour of the Steve Irwin today. The Sea Shepherd crew are heroes.
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Pretty good.I was wondering are you near the Australian Zoo where steve irwin used to be?
Life was at least 40X better when steve Irwin was still here
Steve Irwin's kids are all grown up, and they look more like him than ever
With and Robert Irwin receiving award in recognition of Steve Irwin's work htt…
I am so happy that this is a thing again
Remember the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin & his team was so fun to watch!
Steve Irwin is turning in his grave
steve irwin had the right idea: unconditional respect for ALL living beings
I just had a dream that I saw Steve Irwin and target and he was buying brownies for everyone in the store
I probably won't now but then I mean Steve Irwin bit it.
Steve Irwin's dad is sad and angered after ...
Some of the best animal wranglers are crackheads. Can find a Steve Irwin in any hood.
When you become Steve Irwin for the night
I'm dressed as Steve Irwin and I have never been happier 🐊
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Steve Irwin said that people are more dangerous than animals and I totally agree with him.
I wish Steve Irwin was still around to make Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin was crazy af, he would say something like "if you get too close it'll bite your head off!" but he was trynna catch it! 😂😂
Y'all need to chill. Everything worked out fine for Steve Irwin.
I added a video to a playlist Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter - Island of Snakes
Life imitating art: Steve Irwin started presenting in 1996, 10 years after Crocodile Dundee came out.
My one true idol. No one has inspired me as much as you. God bless your soul, RIP Steve Irwin, a true hero💕
I liked a video John Butler performs for the crew of the Steve Irwin
If you have a son in the future please name him 'Steve' as in Steve Irwin 😂🐊
Álbum de fotos: marina-and-the-dragons: spread-hope-inspire: Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely...
Today at the Apple Store a cute AUSTRALIAN genius was helping my dad. First thing my dad said?. "Man it's really too bad Steve Irwin died".
Steve Irwin was given a 12-ft scrub python for his 6th birthday and wrestled his first crocodile at the age of 9.
Steve Irwin's death after getting stung by a stingray was actually caught on camera
Whatever happened to that stingray that killed Steve Irwin?
Words can't express how I feel about you
Bill NYEand Mrs. Fritz had a baby and he was called Steve Irwin
Reminder:on & Steve Irwin's Croc Hunter team reunion,tonight 6:30PM only?)
If u dont think Steve Irwin was gangsta go find a rottweiler & jump on it & see what happens. Then remember rottweilers arent crocodiles.
If I could bring 1 person back from the dead it'd be Steve Irwin hands down
"Well I used to love animal planet, but those animals killed Steve Irwin and so that's why I hate animals today" -Tiara Baylor
"aren't manatees the things that killed Steve Irwin"
Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin are my idols.
15 mins later and the 1D fandom has used so many snake jokes all icons should be Steve Irwin, bless his soul.
I got: "Crockie, you are Steve Irwin status mate! Good job!" (8 out of 10! ) - How Much Do You Know About Animals?
Andrew Bogut trying to win it all for Steve Irwin
what up im Steve Irwin and ur watching ***
05/23/2015- a day that will be talked about for years to come with the excessive amount of alcohol I'm about to consume
no but we talked about Steve irwin so
and dancers dressed like Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin died as he lived. with nature in his heart
A decade or so ago, you would likely have been aware of Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Cliched Australian.
Abbot at controversial . Thai Tiger Temple (Beyonce/Jay Z) has been mauled by one of the tigers, in ICU. Steve Irwin laughing somewhere.
Pick a pocket to align your chakras. Discover they're out of sync. RIP Steve Irwin, life flashes in a blink. Seat taken
I honestly miss Steve Irwin so much
Steve Irwin use to have Animal Planet live
So it turns out one of my cousins is pretty much a mordern day Steve Irwin. Seriously, envious over his life/travels/job right now!!
Just saw the Steve Irwin mural. Well done made my morning.
Steve Irwin's father is furious at the cameraman who broke their family pact of silence:
Dude, I got Steve Irwin of the Berserker class. Like, the class is totally fitting, but... STEVE IRWIN
another reason to watch with park. .. I miss Steve Irwin -
Steve Irwin, I'm so sad you kissed a stingray 🎺
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