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Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert Steve Irwin (22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006), nicknamed The Crocodile Hunter , was an Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist.

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me:should I wear my hat like this? walker:yea dude you look like Jeff orwin me:do you mean Steve Irwin? the crocodile dude walker:oh yea
Steve Irwin wasn't even supposed to be working on the day he died. He just wanted to go to the beach and catch some rays!!
If I had the power to bring people back to life again, I would choose Bob Ross and Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin's daughter following in her father's footsteps 😍😭
My son Steve Irwin really went out like a sucker... How do you die by a *** sting ray?
What are you doing to be remembered for..Albert Camus, John Ritter, Steve Irwin, Marion Dougherty are remembered for what they loved to do.
Steve Irwin wrestling the Florida gators mascot is the best ESPN commercial ever
sounding like Steve Irwin on her story talking about the Manta Ray😂
When I retire from music I wanna be the next Steve Irwin/have a farm where animals with weird legs and stuff get to li…
Steve Irwin & Paul Walker are two people that should've never died
Just realized I pretty strongly resemble Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter... I don't know whether to be excited or mortified.
Are you related to Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter?!?! RIP Steve. 😔 answer me please. It's important.
Getting a bindi stuck in your foot... and no, not Steve Irwin's daughter.
about watching this brave and entertaining animal lover, Steve Irwin.
Volunteering at the Houston SPCA and seeing the Wildlife Center next door has taught me so much. Tbh I feel like Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi looks unrecognisable as she ditches ...
I just read online where someone just described me as part Miss Frizzle, part Steve Irwin. I'll take it.
People walking by my house:"what kind of tree is that?". Dad in Steve Irwin accent: "OI THATS A EUCALYPTUS TREE, SHES A BIG ONE"
I'm not sure if it was Steve Irwin or Michael Jackson
Hey um yeah so is Ashton Irwin related to Steve Irwin?
Ok but the real question is: Is Ashton related to Steve Irwin
do you ever think that Ashton might be related to Steve Irwin bc i do crikey
I've always wondered if Ashton was related to Steve Irwin
Maybe it's all the 'Supernatural' I've been watching, but its a strange coincidence that Steve Irwin's TV show debut...
Brother: I wanna chase after a Sting Ray!. Me: You know that's how Steve Irwin died right?. Brother: Nevermind.
Is it too soon to make a Steve Irwin joke?...Even in reference to an old Steve Irwin joke
We see here a Tiger facing his prey, ready to attack! *Steve Irwin voice*
tonight is one of those nights where I somehow end up crying about steve irwin
Bad carma you just put out. Steve Irwin? He died from that attack you
Stone the crows! Bindi Irwin has grown up. If Steve was alive - I could hear him now. "What a little beauty!"
Really enjoyed the tour onboard The Steve Irwin today, @ Sea…
Geale has embarrassed Australia even more than Steve Irwin did when he got "Cobra'd" off a Stingray.
I also sleep with approx 50 tiny ants every night in peru so I think I'm gonna return 2 US & and look like Steve Irwin of bugs
Yesterday I swam with sharks and today I held an alligator so I am basically Steve Irwin🐊
Steve Irwin let an entire generation know that mortality existed
I hope Steve Irwin is in a special section of Heaven filled w crocodiles &all other assortment of animals, just wrestlin around in the mud❤️
Where's Steve Irwin when you really need him
I literally just spent the last 30 minutes walking around the forest, and talking like Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin, do a prayer cause you goin get hunted!
Steve Irwin lived in the bush. George Bush was president when he died They called 911 when Steve got stabbed. Bush did…
One of the hardest things is watching a close family member go through Alzheimer's
Every now and again Steve Irwin pops into my head and I get bummed out for like 10 minutes. 😓
I look over at Hayley's phone and see that her background is a pic of Steve Irwin holding a wombat
Steve Irwin's daughter shared a selfie and every headline described her appearance in the same ...
I'm coming up w a band name for my brother and he chose "Sting Rays Often Don't Attack People Yet One Killed Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter."
8 foot gator in the backyard.feeling a Steve Irwin moment..
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when gopros and Steve Irwin hats are life
If you are in Melbourne, head down and meet some of the crew from Sea Shepherd The MV Steve Irwin.. Free tours...
Steve Irwin was the original badass, GOAT, whatever you wanna call it. Screw Disney movies the Steve Irwin movie was my movie as a kid
Steve Irwin could never get past second place on that list, unless Bob is one day killed via horse.
"Steve Irwin touched a *** stingray and you want me to climb on the windshield and grab a forbidden snowflake?"
Wow! You're definitely channeling your inner Steve Irwin!
I demand that every episode of The Crocodile Hunter featuring Steve Irwin be added to instant streaming.
50 stars and 26 bars of freedom. NFL, MLB, legend that will never die. Most heroic thing from Australia was Steve Irwin lol
affected me were Steve Irwin, Ryan Dunn, and Robin Williams. All deaths are sad, but some celebrity deaths...
Steve Irwin is very important to me and I'm just so upset tonight
This reminds me of Steve Irwin's demise:
Oh god, no everybody's had you happen to know, if Steve Irwin is still on the market?
Wildlife warrior Steve Irwin has officially been named a Great:
I remember being so upset when Steve irwin died
Steve Irwin was the Bill Nye of animals
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
When Steve Irwin died, I imagined all the animals cried the way the Pokémon did when Ash died at the end of the first Pokémon film
Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder, they pretend to be your friend first. ~🇦🇺Steve Irwin🐊
The only Australian that we acknowledge is real *** Steve Irwin
Gators shake my hand but I keep Steve Irwin on deck
Steve Irwin has been awarded the first posthumous Queensland Greats Award for his wildlife conservation achievements:
you can use the with hull. We are doing this for Steve Irwin.
Took the gang for a tour of the Steve Irwin today. The Sea Shepherd crew are heroes.
& follow for a chance to win Deadpool's Chimichanga Pop! Ride!
Pretty good.I was wondering are you near the Australian Zoo where steve irwin used to be?
Life was at least 40X better when steve Irwin was still here
Steve Irwin's kids are all grown up, and they look more like him than ever
With and Robert Irwin receiving award in recognition of Steve Irwin's work htt…
I am so happy that this is a thing again
Remember the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin & his team was so fun to watch!
Steve Irwin is turning in his grave
steve irwin had the right idea: unconditional respect for ALL living beings
I just had a dream that I saw Steve Irwin and target and he was buying brownies for everyone in the store
I probably won't now but then I mean Steve Irwin bit it.
Steve Irwin's dad is sad and angered after ...
Some of the best animal wranglers are crackheads. Can find a Steve Irwin in any hood.
When you become Steve Irwin for the night
I'm dressed as Steve Irwin and I have never been happier 🐊
Steve Irwin said that people are more dangerous than animals and I totally agree with him.
I wish Steve Irwin was still around to make Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin was crazy af, he would say something like "if you get too close it'll bite your head off!" but he was trynna catch it! 😂😂
Y'all need to chill. Everything worked out fine for Steve Irwin.
I added a video to a playlist Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter - Island of Snakes
Life imitating art: Steve Irwin started presenting in 1996, 10 years after Crocodile Dundee came out.
My one true idol. No one has inspired me as much as you. God bless your soul, RIP Steve Irwin, a true hero💕
I liked a video John Butler performs for the crew of the Steve Irwin
If you have a son in the future please name him 'Steve' as in Steve Irwin 😂🐊
Álbum de fotos: marina-and-the-dragons: spread-hope-inspire: Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely...
Today at the Apple Store a cute AUSTRALIAN genius was helping my dad. First thing my dad said?. "Man it's really too bad Steve Irwin died".
Steve Irwin was given a 12-ft scrub python for his 6th birthday and wrestled his first crocodile at the age of 9.
Steve Irwin's death after getting stung by a stingray was actually caught on camera
Whatever happened to that stingray that killed Steve Irwin?
Words can't express how I feel about you
Bill NYEand Mrs. Fritz had a baby and he was called Steve Irwin
Reminder:on & Steve Irwin's Croc Hunter team reunion,tonight 6:30PM only?)
If u dont think Steve Irwin was gangsta go find a rottweiler & jump on it & see what happens. Then remember rottweilers arent crocodiles.
If I could bring 1 person back from the dead it'd be Steve Irwin hands down
"Well I used to love Animal Planet, but those animals killed Steve Irwin and so that's why I hate animals today" -Tiara Baylor
"aren't manatees the things that killed Steve Irwin"
Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin are my idols.
15 mins later and the 1D fandom has used so many snake jokes all icons should be Steve Irwin, bless his soul.
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I got: "Crockie, you are Steve Irwin status mate! Good job!" (8 out of 10! ) - How Much Do You Know About Animals?
Andrew Bogut trying to win it all for Steve Irwin
what up im Steve Irwin and ur watching ***
05/23/2015- a day that will be talked about for years to come with the excessive amount of alcohol I'm about to consume
no but we talked about Steve irwin so
and dancers dressed like Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin died as he lived. with nature in his heart
A decade or so ago, you would likely have been aware of Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Cliched Australian.
Abbot at controversial . Thai Tiger Temple (Beyonce/Jay Z) has been mauled by one of the tigers, in ICU. Steve Irwin laughing somewhere.
Pick a pocket to align your chakras. Discover they're out of sync. RIP Steve Irwin, life flashes in a blink. Seat taken
I honestly miss Steve Irwin so much
Steve Irwin use to have Animal Planet live
So it turns out one of my cousins is pretty much a mordern day Steve Irwin. Seriously, envious over his life/travels/job right now!!
Just saw the Steve Irwin mural. Well done made my morning.
Steve Irwin's father is furious at the cameraman who broke their family pact of silence:
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Dude, I got Steve Irwin of the Berserker class. Like, the class is totally fitting, but... STEVE IRWIN
another reason to watch with park. .. I miss Steve Irwin -
Steve Irwin, I'm so sad you kissed a stingray 🎺
I also hate sting rays. Yes they're pretty but they just make me uncomfortable. Im probably still bitter over Steve Irwin though.
Steve Irwin made some bloody good documentaries
manta rays are dangerous Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was murdered by one
Didn't these Shark people see what happened to Steve Irwin???
When Alex Bielby casually picked up a bird of prey that had strolled into the corridors and put it outside like Steve Irwin
What happened to the Steve Irwin era Animal Planet when it taught how animals are beautiful & need to be respected but no…
Gonna make a meme with a stingray and Steve Irwin saying . Got eem!
For those that missed yesterday's show. Here it is! some unseen Steve Irwin footage as well.
I like to think if he’d been alive Steve Irwin would have read out Australia’s votes.
Thought I was steve Irwin till that Tyrannosaurus rex moved then I turned into Steve urkel
Thoose I love like Robin Williams,Steve Irwin,Christopher Reeves and many others miss you so.
Steve Irwin's 'Croc Team' reunite 4the first time Loved watching him with my2, his love of animals was infectious.
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Steve Irwin's elite 'Croc Team' reunite and speak out for the first time since his tragic death… |
Remember when a sting ray killed Steve Irwin. . I laughed, and realised what a *** I was from then.
"Maaate have a look at this little beauty!!!" Me playing Steve Irwin back in 2005! He was one of...
Captain Pollution kinda looks like Steve Irwin in a weird way.
blasting in the galley of the Steve Irwin today 😄
Ray Martin reflecting on the ever daring Steve Irwin on this Monday. How do you remember him?.
I can't believe you have an update account for Steve Irwin's murderer
Steve Irwin, who is your wildlife hero? Monday http…
Steve Irwin, who is your wildlife hero? Monday
Waiting for steve irwin to catch him
Did Steve Irwin inspire you to take action about the environment? Remember him on
The Croc Team re-unite almost a decade after Steve Irwin's death. How do you remember The Croc Hunter? http…
Ray Martin remembers meeting Steve Irwin at on on
My mom just asked me if Steve Irwin was dead 😂
Where were you when Steve Irwin died? Remember him onMonday
Remember the day, almost a decade ago, Steve Irwin died? Monday h…
Don't take it to heart Chicago, look what happened to Steve Irwin.
Matthew Dellavedova is pretty much the Steve Irwin of the NBA.
A sneak of some Steve Irwin never before seen home video that will be in our show in the next few weeks!
I like it very much, & I say this as one who once helped decorate a Steve Irwin Memorial Clock for a grief-stricken friend.
Somewhere Steve Irwin is yelling "crocky" as fellow aussie Delly is going in on the bulls
other than Steve Irwin Glenn must be the manliest man I know of
Some of those closest to Steve Irwin open up for the first time on
mi as an bb and teh original Aussie Goat Steve Irwin! 🐐
On the brightside we're going to the zoo dressed as Steve Irwin, and bringing binoculars
can you update the speed signage on the Steve Irwin way? there is inadequate amounts of signs & it causes tail gating every day
I miss Steve Irwin, he was the coolest.
You can't claim to be a teacher of Australian history if Steve Irwin isn't mentioned at least 36 times
I swim with stingrays one time and everybody brings up Steve Irwin and how I could have also died
"Steve Irwin died the way he lived, with animals in his heart" NO
"Steve Irwin died like he lived, with animals in his heart.". Still too soon 😕😂
How'd you know you weren't going to get Steve Irwin'ed by that ray?
Do you ever just get sad because Steve Irwin died bc I do
Steve Irwin is dead??? What? Oh wait, that happened like 10 years ago too lol
watchin the Crocodile Hunter movie & missin the heck out of my hero, Steve Irwin!
Bruh I don’t touch the stingrays at the aquarium anymore. Can't trust those dudes after what they did to Steve Irwin.
It all slips thru my fingers.the pain is real too late it lingers.taken out like steve irwin a stinger to the hungry for a pop tart
there was a crocodile in the neighbour's pool and you went and played Steve Irwin to get rid of it 🐊🏊?
You what? I still miss Steve Irwin. His death still stings every time I think about it.
Out of all the dangerous animals Steve Irwin has handled, he lost his life to a sting ray
I got my sex ed from AP's wild kingdom. Steve Irwin was my hero.
Hellz yea! How can you, Animal Planet?. (Can't mention them @ because they were Steve Irwin's ppl & can't do it)
"Here, we see the lioness and her cub napping after the hunt... Ain't she a beaut?" (Steve Irwin voice)
I want to come and work at the zoo. I love steve irwin and his family so much. I love animals so much!!
Me and are arguing over whether or not Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter is alive or not
Steve Irwin. Brave enough to poke it with a stick.
Someone's gonna have to hold me back from this because I will fight every stingray there in the name of Steve Irwin
Upgrade to Safer road projects for Steve Irwin Way & Bowen Road lights. .
My dad forgot Steve Irwin's full name and I felt my 2nd grade heart being ripped in two.
"Nothing turns me on like Steve Irwin saying 'krikey'."
damnit Pernell Karl, too soon on the Steve Irwin jokes
Nash is as snakebitten as steve irwin should've been
thanks 😂 not sure what six year old girl orders a Steve Irwin themed cake, but your grama made it happen!
"What qualifies you for this job?" "I come from a long line of biologists - my great grandfather was Steve Irwin"
Changed "I love you" in my moms phone to "Steve Harvey is the best host of Family Feud"
Steve Irwin cared for the same turtle that Charles Darwin did
I truly laughed all the way through this video! Steve Irwin on Conan...What a bundle of energy he was!
years of listening to Steve Irwin prepared me for this moment
I still mistake the occasional FedEx employee for Steve Irwin.
Me, you, the ghost of Steve Irwin, and as many crocodile tears as we can get our grubby, glitter covered hands on
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Steve Irwin to me was one of the greatest guys around. Big Big fan. I didn't think he could have been any...
Becky didn't know how to get from town to bridge of don today & also thought this was steve Irwin 👸🏼
nope, that's right. That's where mayor Steve Irwin lives. Wait, maybe that's not quite right...
If Steve Irwin were still alive he never would've let 'Gator Aids be a thing. Would've saved alligator lives by willpower alone!
Steve Irwin is my biological dad, I'm the crocodile master now
When is a challenged steve irwin in latin.
He should have done Steve Irwin. He looks kinda like him
This gorilla is capable of ripping off my arms, ima see if it wants to match a blunt real quick. - Steve Irwin
I'm about to steve Irwin this gator
"You touched a stingray, like Steve Irwin!!" -
No disrespect to steve Irwin RIP, but I'd definitely pipe your wife
owlmylove: whenever i’m sad i like to imagine what possible crime Steve Irwin’s ancestor committed to...
In my head I hear Steve Irwin saying, danger! Danger! Danger! . Which is true.
I still can't believe Steve Irwin dead
You're coming awfully close to describing my dream making a Steve Irwin+ Shadow of The colossus game..
remember when the wiggles had a collab with Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin, (RIP), would have this coyote playing fetch on the cross Bronx by now.
"I wouldn't be here without him" & his mate the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin via
Just like Steve Irwin but he was killed by sting rays.💡
Watching Steve Irwin do his thing on Animal Planet this morning just makes sense.
Watching Steve Irwin on The Crocodile Hunter right now. He was nuts! Wrangling a snake, telling him "you're alright mate."
Watching Steve Irwin, the croc hunter before work. Kind of really fun and funny.
Australia killed Steve Irwin. What chance do I have
This lion is so savage it threw Mufasa off a cliff, ima ride it. - Steve Irwin
One bite from this snake can kill 25 *** and 3 mixtapes, ima tickle it. - Steve Irwin
Every time I watch Steve Irwin I cry I hate this he was just so genuinely amazed by animals I wish he was still around.
gee willies. I pray youre able to channel the Steve Irwin within you
I think everyone hates the stingray that killed Steve Irwin
We interviewed last year and spoke about Steve Irwin, Tekken with Overeem + MORE! -
Interview with Kyle Noke. Didn't know Steve Irwin was such a fight fan.
big day is here! 3 1 to the mighty spireites! As the great Steve Irwin used to say, im pumped, im really pumped!
Kyle Noke: Steve Irwin had a huge influence on my career
If you lose this game that kid will die faster than steve Irwin in a tank full of stingrays
Here is also Steve Irwin's daughter and widow if u want to follow it 😆
Whenever you're feeling down, just imagine Steve Irwin at a furry con.
Reminded me the days watching the late Steve Irwin and Terri in The Crocodile Hunter
Crocodile Hunter's Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi is all grown up now..
I'd love to have Steve Irwin round for a barbie
Help before the 6 May! Stop the Steve Irwin Way Interchange design that will destroy ancient trees and rainforest.
In some way, that stingray broke all of our hearts. Not just Steve Irwin's, which was irreparably damaged by the collision.
Lawrence is going to hunt and wrestle with that booty tonight like my man Steve irwin
The "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin is the only person ever (on record) to have been killed by a stingray.
“I crave this life don't they know that's how Steve Irwin died.
"It's like 9/11, where were you when you heard that Steve Irwin died."-John Slaughter
he Already has. With ashton irwin, offspring of legend Crocodile Hunter, steve irwin
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Steve Irwin would not make me take my finals.
*Steve Irwin voice* And here we see the young urban professional in their natural environment...brunch
I believe that, John Howard, ex-Prime Minister of Australia, had something to do with the death of Steve Irwin.
Bindi Irwin on Her Dad: 'It's Like Losing a Piece of Your Heart' (whomagazine) :Auto pickup by w…
After Steve Irwin's death several stingrays were found mutilated on the beaches of Queensland in what appeared to be reveng…
I think it's time humanity avenges Steve Irwin's death by killing EVERY. LAST. STINGRAY.
still sad about the death of Steve Irwin that happened 8 years ago
This and Steve Irwin's death have hit me hard. People who dedicate their lives to the happiness of others gone entirely to…
I have not been this sad due to the death of a celebrity since Steve Irwin died
Man a celebrity death hasn't hit me this hard since Steve Irwin passed
forreal though this is the saddest i've been over a celebrity death since Steve Irwin passed away man
I'm still not over steve Irwin's death
Besides Steve Irwin I don't think I've ever been this upset about a celebrity death. 😢
argueing with my boss at work that Steve Irwin is still alive, and his death was a conspiracy. this *** thinks hes d…
why do we have school tomorrow? it's the anniversary of Steve Irwin's death & it should be a national day of rememberance
On the 8th anniversary of his death, we miss you, Steve Irwin. You were a true advocate for all wild animals and... http…
Steve Irwin's death anniversary:. it's been 8 years, but your love for nature is still as fresh as ever in my m...
Doesn't seem real that its 8 years since the tragic death of Steve Irwin. Together with Joe Strummer they have... htt…
I've had a heavy heart all day on this anniversary of my hero Steve Irwin's death. Let's keep his legacy going!
Today marks 8 years since Steve Irwin's death I'll be drowning in a puddle of tears
8 years ago today one of my heros died by the most fitting death. RIP Steve Irwin
it's not only beyonce's birthday, it marks the death of the greatest man who ever lived (minus kenn nunn of course) Steve …
RIP Steve Irwin, d. 2006. “If something ever happens to me, people are gonna be like 'we knew a croc would get him!'”
I'm still not over Steve Irwin's death ... He was one crazy dude
Chickfilas founder dying is almost as sad as Steve Irwin's death
Steve Irwin's (Crocodile Hunter) death was the greatest plot twist of all time.
Terri Irwin opens up about life without Steve, 8 years after the Crocodile Hunter's death
After Steve Irwin’s death, his fans were urged to stop killing stingrays after numerous ones washed up on the beach wit…
Still not okay with Steve Irwin's death
Will never forgive myself for letting the anniversary of Steve Irwin's death pass without saying anything. RIP friend h…
'It's like losing a piece of your heart that you don't get back': says Bindi Irwin of father Steve's death as ...
Bindi Irwin is still struggling to come to terms Steve Irwin's death via
Julia Gillard was the worst Australian Prime Minister, she made Australia go downhill. Was she involved in the Steve Irwin murder?
Bretta has a deep seated hatred for sting rays because one killed her childhood idol Steve Irwin
Woke up and thought about going for a run. Then I laid on the couch and started watching Steve Irwin.
Nothing like some Steve Irwin in the morning!
my heart hurts when I watch the Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin was my hero... 😭💚🐊
Steve Irwin was amazing. That man had no fear.
the other important Irwin in your life other than Ashton is Steve
Congrats cuz. Dont go Steve Irwin'ing yourself now.
Inside no.9 is by far the best show on TV, You and Steve are both genius, Nana's party is my favourite of both series
I liked a video Steve Irwin Tribute - Wildest Things in the World - by Melodysheep
The only thing I know about Australia is Neighbours and Home and away and Steve Irwin. I imagine life is a mix of the three.
When I was really little I was obsessed with Steve Irwin and when he died I swore vengeance on the sting ray that killed him
nahh snorkelling as well but Steve Irwin died from a sting ray there... Dangerous
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Steve Irwin didn't give money to Sea Shepherd and his daughter is SeaWorld's Ambassador. His name shoul…
been watching your snapchat, have you been to that Steve Irwin zoo?
When I grow up I want to b a cross of Martha Stewart and Steve Irwin and Hilary Clinton. 😕
I was just thinking about Steve Irwin... I miss him :(
bro I'm trying to sleep. I used to read animal books all the time and watch Animal Planet. Steve Irwin was my idol
will we ever really be over the death of Steve Irwin
For my comm final, we have to give an epideictic speech, and I'm writing mine as a eulogy for Steve Irwin.
i-m-snek: “Not all men” you’re right, Steve Irwin, animal lover and reptile enthusiast, would have never...
Sooo.this bunny has a hurt leg and I pulled a Steve Irwin and saved him from the middle of the road
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