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Steve Irwin

Stephen Robert Steve Irwin (22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006), nicknamed The Crocodile Hunter , was an Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist.

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Steve Irwin inner voice: "Now as we analyze the young Shmurdas in their habitat, they do what is…
They going to dig up Steve Irwin in a minute,Rolf Harris is rattling the bars as we speak 😉
waiting for Rolf Harris or the surprise reincarnation of Steve Irwin to appear in the closing ceremony
Grocery shopping/people watching at Walmart. I want to use my Steve Irwin voice to describe some of what I'm seeing. "Crikey! How long did it take to grow that mullet?!"
i've been sad when a couple people i don't know have died. steve irwin billy mays and now Sheik Umar Khan i had been reading about him and he was a real hero. RIP
*Steve Irwin voice*. and here we have a wild Follower. Now these are flighty creatures and-oh- there it goes. scared off by…
In the words of Steve Irwin, She's a beaut!
Australia needs to disintegrate with the allowance of 4 people + Steve Irwin x
We miss steve Irwin. Documentaries will never be the same again. I actually learnt alot from watching steve irwin.
So has a show about turning redwood trees into chairs? Steve Irwin is twisting in his grave.
Knoxvillians... Im working on a schedule to send to Cambo Bowling's manager to bring him to Knoxville on his world tour. What's that? Who is Cambo? Are you serious? For those that have been living under a social media rock: Cambo is one badass sumbish. He is Johnny Knoxville meets Wildboys. Except for one key thing... Cambo is the real deal. Steve Irwin aint got ish on Cambo. Oh yeah and he is Slumerican branded and good buddies with a dude name Yelawolf. So go check him out... fall in love with his story. Admire his struggle, courage and commitment to living life to the fullest. Then bring that *** on back here and tell me what "Knoxville" things I should introduce him to.
When i put my steve irwin get up on, my yard knows i mean business!
they won't hurt you Sean you'll remind then of Steve irwin and then you could stroke it all you want
"Ey girl, look at dis! You remember the uh...uh...the alligator man?" -Customer, in reference to Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter
i miss watching this show if it wasnt for him i wouldnt know so much about bugs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, arachnids, and sea life.I will miss you for ever Steve Irwin!!!
Today's gonna be the best day of my life! Australia Zoo! BOOYAH! if only Steve Irwin was still around.
*Tyler points to cat*. "There's the sting ray that killed Steve Irwin then there's you. Youre the worst animal."
Why is there so many Steve Irwin pics today I was in a great mood but now I'm sad. :( miss you Steve
take it from Steve Irwin "'Crocodiles are easy. They try to kill and eat you. People are harder. Sometimes they pretend to be your friend first.'"
((I love how Steve Irwin used to talk. Hugh Jackman being true Aussie is cute too. Hemsworth h. xD And French accents!))
swear the Crocodile Hunter shud still be alive! dem man deh was great ino R.I.P Steve Irwin
Bindi Irwin - 15 - Steve Irwin's daughter. For all of Bindi's appearances -
Can't even make it through an article about Steve Irwin without crying jfc
why yes, yes I am. Learned from watchin the great Steve Irwin
yeah but here's to Steve Irwin the coolest most awesome guy ever.
such a Steve Irwin way to go. Known as Crocodile Hunter, killed by a stingray
I like it when my cat licks peanut butter from my *** . adds,.Steve Irwin protege an animal lover to resume
It's been almost eight years and I still can't read stuff about Steve Irwin without wanting to bawl.
Books & Deals >> Steve Irwin: The Incredible Life of the Crocodile Hun...
*** kant beleve (Steve irwin) haz just died lol he got stung by a ray !! Fukin crazy stuff lol, hu know…
They should put Steve Irwin on Who wouldn't watch that?
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Bindi Irwin, the daughter of Steve Irwin, better known as The Crocodile Hunter `
i think id go out like Steve Irwin before someone pees on me or I pee on myself 😂🙅
Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi, turned 16 years old the other day. I'm sure there's a tacky joke for me to make, but really I just feel old.
I missed that episode of Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter
and also a stunt double for Steve Irwin
I really miss this guy, he was such a huge inspiration and I hope I can be half the person he was.
is that Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter on the left?
Photoset: marina-and-the-dragons: spread-hope-inspire: Tribute to Steve Irwin, a guy who genuinely loved...
u will never b the greatest irwin as long as the legacy of Steve irwin lives on
Cant stop laughing, my sister really thinks that Ashton Irwin and Steve Irwin are related.. :')
I bet Charlie did that scene since Dominic Monaghan is the new Steve Irwin:
Steve Irwin was a legend. What an infectious personality... truly is hard to watch him and not want to have that same passion for life
It will always be too soon to make fun of Steve Irwin
Checking out Stingray City today with the memory Steve Irwin in the back of my head.
The late, great Steve Irwin, who was an icon in wildlife education, with his infant daughter, Bindi, and a...
Steve Irwin has been gone for almost eight years... Dangg
Bindi, Steve Irwin's daughter, is so gorgeous.
Steve Irwin is waaay better of an inspiration than Marilyn Monroe
Still salty towards stingrays for killing Steve Irwin
You're sitting next to a real tiger, out of its mind on sedatives? You cultured death-defier, you. You make Steve Irwin look like Mr Bean!
I use to be obsessed with Steve Irwin🙊 and The Wiggles
I liked a video Witness to Steve Irwin's Death - Smarter Every Day116
"135 candidates ran ... including Edward Kennedy, John Burton and a guy who campaigned as Steve Irwin."
I watched Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin constantly as a kid I don't know what she expected. I wanted their job so badly.
I'm still busy mourning the loss of Steve Irwin, Mr Rogers, and Ryan Dunn
South Park is too disrespectful. They got the homie Steve Irwin at Satan's party W/ the stingray that killed him hanging out of his chest 😒😭
Steve Irwin, Bob Ross, and Billy Mays. Now that's a party.
I'm watching a video of Steve Irwin on Jay Leno's show with Russell Crowe and they're just so Australian
Austin Stevens doesn't have anything on Steve Irwin tho.
Duty to protect those men fell to Amb. Stevens, who like Steve Irwin, (Croc. Hunter) took risks, and chances.
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Today I go back to the land of Kangaroo Jack and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter. Thank you for letting me stay, and God bless America.
Steve Irwin would have had a cool Instagram
I'm australian and I can't even do a steve irwin impression without sounding like a wannabe american I'm
Why do you have your last name as Irwin? Are you related to Steve Irwin?
They should seriously have remembrance day for Steve Irwin💚🐊
We've been watching Steve Irwin in Bio for an hour
I also have no idea why Steve Irwin is there.
Seeing Steve Irwin brings a tear to me eye.
But where is the Steve Irwin cosplayer next to her.
Steve Irwin seemed like such a kind soul rip;(
I take it you were dressed as Steve Irwin?
Wild man: Dominic Monaghan channels Steve Irwin in new show http:…
Oh my gosh they are playing the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet. I'm sad Steve Irwin passed away.
Eryn got Shrek and Steve Irwin's voices confused
Steve Irwin was the prime example of natural selection.
Dog the bounty hunter is basically an urban Steve Irwin
Kendall Jones is a cheerleader guys. Not Steve Irwin . Can we stop
"Steve Irwin died for us we can do a shot."- the
The real question is... Is related to Steve Irwin?
hearing Steve Irwin's name makes you tear up a little
I'm watching Crocodile Hunter and I miss Steve Irwin I used to watch him all the time he's such an inspiration
Steve Irwin was quick to walk up and hug a crocodile..
Steve Irwin is on in the break room 😥
Watching Crocodile Hunter, *** I miss Steve Irwin, he was the reason I watch Animal Planet.
Steve Irwin's on switch to Animal Planet quick like
Gonna be sweating like Steve Irwin today!
Steve Irwin was the bravest man I've ever seen
Rest in peace steve irwin. Watching this for the first time since I was like 8
. He realized Steve Irwin is his dad
Steve Irwin was a real *** Crikey I'm gonna pile drive this here gator, dude had no fear
I wonder is Adjustment related to Steve Irwin, like the crocodile guy.
Steve Irwin would run from you. Your a freakishly ugly specimen. Go hide down under a slab of concrete. Yuck
I'll summon the spirit of steve irwin to stop that raging snake
steve Irwin died the same way he lived, with animals in his heart.
If Dante exum doesn't have an accent like Steve Irwin, then I don't want him
Steve Irwin daughter is fine as *** yo, might have to poke her in honor of her dad
Work is tolerable in the morning because Steve Irwin & the Wild Deep shows are on and it makes me very happy.
And one for Steve Irwin's biggest fan! Great meeting you Andy I'll see you in Mexico!
Why does Messi look like a spanish Steve Irwin?
If you used to watch Jeff Corwin instead of Steve Irwin we can't be friends
So drunk last night, I told someone that only Steve Irwin could understand me 😅😅
Steve Irwin's gorgeous daughter wants young girls to dress their age .
Saw Steve Irwin on Animal Planet for the first time since his death. So bizarre.
The teen daughter of the late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin said in a recent interview with News Corp Australia...
Turned on the tv to Steve Irwin's Crocodile Hunter and almost just cried
Animal Planet is playing old Steve Irwin shows. It's like they're trying to cause me pain.
Turned on Animal Planet and Steve Irwin was adventuring through Kenya 😩
Watching re-runs of Steve Irwin as I wait for to wake up 🆒
I'm watching old episodes of Steve Irwin and he says "That's a bad idea Steve-o!"
Steve Irwin is on the Animal Planet 😢
I swear Steve Irwin almost dies every time he comes across a new animal
Steve Irwin logic: grabs very venomous snake and tells the camera crew to her closer
I still love watchin steve irwin, hes such a beast!
I am the Steve Irwin of sucking noises.
Take Lindsey Lohan and give us back Steve Irwin
I always have a little Steve Irwin voice in my head describing what I'm seeing when "KCCO" people see each other in public.
Also, because I get to watch some classic Steve Irwin on Animal Planet
Seeing Steve Irwin on TV makes me sad
With the 3rd pick in the 2014 the select.Steve Irwin.
Hey I'm Steve Irwin and I'm gonna torment the most dangerous snake in Africa because I can
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If you ever feel bad just remember that my best friend called Ashton Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin was all sorts of awesomness.
Bindi Irwin (Steve Irwin's Daughter) is telling young girls to cover-up. Yes, this girl has some hope in her.
thot hunters with Steve Irwin voices lol
Does Steve Irwin still play for the Boston Red Sox ?
"Find what you love and let it kill you.". -Steve Irwin
Whenever I'm feeling a bit down, I just imagine Steve Irwin at a furry convention, and start giggling like a loon.
If you know my dad you know he's the next Steve Irwin
Just saw a picture of Steve Irwin on tumblr and it made me so sad... That dude had to go in my top 5 favorite people growing up.
So many people who work for the media are supporting Bindi Irwin because she Steve's daughter and she's so sweet when really they are not
I still haven't gotten over losing Steve Irwin
I wish Steve Irwin was still alive 😢
I wonder how long we'll refer to her as "Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi Irwin."
Y'all remember Steve Irwin from Animal Planet? Omggg I was so sad when he died 😩😩😩 childhood fave right there
I have mixed feelings about The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin's Daughter Wants Young Girls To Cover Up And the feminists hate her now.
Looks like Steve Irwin and his wife raised a good kid. A teen girl encouraging other girls to dress modestly? Amazing.
Dwl! Ffiirreee! "Steve Irwin didnt die for this kind of abuse of Kermit's image... all of oonu ago answer to Jim Henson 4 this..."
special thank you to Burt Reynolds, Steve Irwin & Duncan Bannatine for signing the back the bookie petition in Jersey
I feel like Steve Irwin would have had a really cool Instagram.
serious? Is crocodile Dundee your neighbours as well or does Shane warne you about Steve Irwin being home and away?
Actors who died during shooting/taping. Bitter with Steve Irwin and Tyrone Power!!!
Pauline Hanson, Steve Irwin, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Wally Lewis… your boys took one *** of a beating!
I miss Steve Irwin. One of my heroes. Watching some Crocodile Hunter on YouTube.
Watching the Crocodile Hunter for the first time in years 😭😭 i love Steve Irwin so much
After watching Crocodile Hunter, my new goal is to try and be as excited about life as Steve Irwin was 🐊
Watching reruns on "The Crocodile Hunter", and realizing how awesomely insane Steve Irwin really was
for all you Steve Irwin fans, the Crocodile Hunter is on channel 130 🐊
The last remaining footage of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has emerged. The short 13 second video shows Steve giving the
Steve Irwin was Crocodile Hunter. Im gonna be the alligator humper!
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when Steve Irwin died everybody just
I want to be the next female version of Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin.
If Daryl Dixon and Steve Irwin had a child it would look like Billy the Exterminator loool
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Nisshin Maru,this is Steve Irwin stop your killing whales now,and leave antarctica now. Yushin maru 3, this is Bob Barker stop killing whales in antractica now
Gosh i suddenly miss Steve Irwin. Gone to soon. Just to soon...
I made a comment on a YouTube video last year, where a guy catches and holds wild animals, talking into the camera about the animal, as they are clearly scared and trying to get away. I said that the guy should stop exploiting and scaring the animals. Since then, I have had a slew of no-compassion people ridiculing me for saying it. Am I the only one who thinks wild animals should just be left alone, so they can just live their lives free from human intervention, especially when it's profit motivated? Sorry Steve Irwin's family and fans. No disrespect. That's why I would never watch his show before he died, and why I won't watch similar shows. Why can't people just photograph the animals from afar, and stop scaring them? I don't get people
firstable it's Steve Irwin secondable watch oitnb
Bali is great!! today I met Tom cruise, jimmy Hendrix and Steve irwin! And they even sold me raybans for 6 dollars Australian
The chap who played Turlough in Dr who.discovered steve irwin.
Literally so excited to go to the Steve Irwin zoo, I'm going to be running around shouting 'crikey!' al day long
I can't believe you didn't know who Steve Irwin was
That y I love chris and Martin the kratt brothers and steve irwin the guys who love animals and so do I
Watching Steve Irwin videos bc Sara fell asleep on me 👍
The stingrays at the aquarium are just waiting to Steve-Irwin any victim who gets close enough
We took the Steve Irwin thing a bit too far...
This guy obviously did not watch the great steve irwin ... David brook we could do better lol
Went on a cruise and had a look were the rich people live and steve irwin boat
Lmaooo yo if spencer don't take his *** to sleep and stop snapchatting like he Steve Irwin
I look like Jeff Corwin to you? Steve Irwin? Chip Da Ripper? Shoulda been: Interior Crocodile Florida Gators cause alligators just a myth
I wrote a fan letter to Steve Irwin when I was 6 and he sent an autographed picture to me
Tonight I made a Steve Irwin-style documentary of our shark encounter on St. George Island.
Feel like a Steve Irwin when I'm eating that sweaty yetti.
Steve Irwin was the best it could get
Bob Irwin, Steve Irwin's dad. You know the guy. I became aware of this yesterday. It is 10 minutes up the road from me. stupidity of Government. I hope they grow some, and move it South a few hundred metres
i just thought about Steve Irwin and now I'm really sad
might I remind you what happened to Steve Irwin Mhhh
A huge THANKS to my sweet nephew Tanner Packwood for mowing my yard today! Alec Bishop started but got a job working for Steve Irwin today so with Brent out of town and Easton Bishop not trained on a zero turn and me working ...I thought it wasn't a possibility. He also trained Easton how to drive it.I'm so grateful:)
Bob Irwin encouraging us to contact the ministers and tell em what you think about the plan to destroy our from Save the Iconic Forest at the North End of Steve Irwin Way
I didn't realise - But now, when I watch Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin, I find myself saying “This is...
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now that my hair is all washed I kinda look like the alligator guy, Steve Irwin.
Danny green the light skinned Steve Irwin?! Lol
Loving the Crocoseum for my first time ever. Simply an amazing place. Well done Steve! Bindi Irwin are you here today?
[Steve Irwin voice] Crickey, these girls are just revving to go ain't they?
*Poorly imitated Steve Irwin voice*. Watch the Texas state bird, the mosquito, suck my soul.
I feel like coach Sean wants to be Steve Irwin. I mean the way he keeps finding snakes and frogs at practice, like come on!.
Steve Irwin and Harriet the tortoise who died in 2006 at the age of 176. Harriet was a pet of Charles Darwin in 1835.
Steve Irwin reeling in river monsters outchea
A musical tribute to Steve Irwin. this showed up on wimp.
Photo: swift-harmony: If you don’t want this beautiful picture of Steve Irwin holding a baby platypus on...
Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo today! Absolutely awesome and finally got to see/meet/hug a Kangaroo!
Directions: Brisbane Head north on Bruce Hwy Take exit STEVE IRWIN WAY towards Tourist Drive 24/Glass House Mountains/Beerwah/Tourist Drive For easy highway driving: Continue along Steve Irwin Way for approx 20km and turn left into Landsborough, follow signs to Maleny. Continue through Maleny, travel for approx 17km and turn left onto Ahern Rd. Follow Aherns Rd for approx 7km. You will see a sign posted for Crystal Waters. Don’t doubt your journey, keep on going until you find the sign. Turn Right onto Kilcoy Lane. Go past Crystal Waters and over grid, road turns to gravel. Continue onto Broken Bridge Rd (which is an extension of Kilcoy Lane). keep going along the dirt road about 4km and you’ll find it. THIS ROAD BECOMES VERY WINDY, VERY STEEP AND A BIT BUMPY IN SECTIONS. ALSO HAS ALOT OF WILDLIFE AND CATTLE. TAKE UTMOST CARE ON THIS ROAD!!! Everything that arrives in your vehicle will fit back in your vehicle when leaving, this includes your rubbish. $40 @ The Gate.
Waiter, trainee Barista, kitchen hand job available in Regional QLD: This coffee shop is 5 minuets from the famous Steve Irwin Zoo, situated in the Glasshouse Mountins Region and 25 mins from the beach! This role is an alternative to WWOOFing with Accommodation and Food included, as well as being 2nd Year Visa Eligible. Perfect to explore the beauty of regional QLD while covering your expenses! More info here:
I'm going to start saying bloke and pretend I'm Steve Irwin.
Leo's first outdoor adventure. With a side of Steve Irwin humor. Rip.
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Is off to Brisbane tomorrow to see my first born Danny O'Keefe and his lovely fiance Chantelle Duchar-Clark . Then Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin) on Tuesday. Such a shame we don't get to see the Man himself :( but cited teef anyway
Oh look a crocodile...I've seen Steve Irwin do it...maybe I can 60...!
Steve Irwin Tribute - Wildest Things in the World - Unreal - brings a tear to my eye every time i watch it.
Steve Irwin's last words per his cameraman "I'm dying..."
Hi, I'm the ghost of Steve Irwin and welcome to Animals Kill the Daftest ***
Mike Vitagliano when am I gonna get my own reality show ? I'm a better shot and hunter than Tred Barta ! A better fishermen than Roland Martin ! A better dog trainer than Caesar Milan ! A better cook than Gordon Ramsey ! And more exciting and adventurous then Steve Irwin!!!
Went to the 'Birds of a Feather' Closing night celebration for the Hays Inlet Festival hosted by Redcliffe Environmental Forum.The guest speaker was the Chief vet at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital which was the dream of Steve Irwin's mum Lyn. It's great when dreams turn in to reality ...
it's a bright day out there guys. remember to use your Steve Irwin sunblock, it really keeps the rays off you!!!
Dan did great as Steve Irwin at the wax museum today. Also, I loved the girl who was Elvis and every single one of her captions.
Somebody's been watching too much steve Irwin
He was too hesitant. Gotta quick and confident like the great Steve Irwin.
That moment when you forget you're no Steve Irwin. Emphasis on 'moment'.
Meet Pia Klemp, Ship Manager on The Steve Irwin. Pia's has shared a few insights with us that we'd like to share with you! *Nickname: Klempenstein *Country of Origin: Germany *Position: Ship's Manager *Number of Sea Shepherd campaigns: 4 *Previous job before Sea Shepherd: Dive Instructor in Indonesia *Favourite ocean animal: Pygmy Seahorse, Mola Mola (Sunfish) *Most memorable campaign moment: being on the Bridge of The MV Bob Barker when it was sandwiched between the Nisshin Maru and the Sun Laurel during Operation Zero Tolerance. Meet Pia and the rest of the Steve Irwin crew this Sunday when we open for FREE SHIP TOURS from 10am-4pm!
My little 5lb. dog Goldie just let us know that there was a 5 ft. black- headed python on our back patio a few hours ago. We watched it for several minutes until it proceeded to go into the gutter across the street in an empty lot. Our neighbors pulled into the driveway when we were watching it and went all crazy. " The only good snake is a dead one" get the picture? I went to the computer to find out what kind of snake it was and found out thanks to Mr. Google that it was a harmless black headed python normally active at night, eats small birds, rodents and get this deadly snakes! The frantic neighbors went ahead and killed the snake even after I told them it was harmless. FOLS! Should never have let them know it was even there. Sorry Steve Irwin.
Hello! I apologize for the lackof updates asgood internet seems more difficult to find than I had expected! My journey up the east coast of Australia is about a week and a half underway and so far, it has been great! Our first destination was Byron Bay which is a bit hippyish and very lovely! It is a fairly small town with a beautiful beach. We didn't have any activities planned there so we enjoyed it on the beach and walked up to their lighthouse one day and saw dolphins and a wallaby mom and her baby in her pouch! After Byron, we made our way to Surfer's Paradise which was kind of like a knock off Miami. Wasn't anything special. We continued on to Brisbane the following day where we made a day of walking down South Bank and through the Botanical Gardens. Noosa was our next destination and we are still here for one more day. Our first excursion was to the Australia Zoo. Home of Steve Irwin and family. It was a wonderful zoo. A lot to see. We hung out with some kangaroos and wallabies. We also saw a Cro . ...
A few beers later he thought he was Steve Irwin. Clearly he is not
"The depression brought by sin is as a dark storm that lets you have no peace" -Steve Irwin 10/3/96
we gather all seven dragon balls and wish Steve Irwin back to life.
Because we can't all be Steve Irwin
Saw a sting ray while snorkeling- we didnt video long because we were scared to end up like Steve Irwin :P
.(to the tune of let it go) LET IT GROW, let it grow! Let your masculinity show :p Lyndal Cooper-Rayamajhi Colin Kelly Anna Mraz Steve Irwin Jon Calvo
Reliving the golden days of watching Steve Irwin. What a glorious man
Getting ready to go back over to Zambia, Africa in about 60 days. This year I will be taking my oldest daughter Hannah Gilreath and my nephew Seth Weaver with me. Below is one of my favorite pictures from Zambia a few years back. We were driving through the bush and went around a bend in the road to find several armed men standing along the side. They were paid by the government to guard the rhinos that have become targets of poachers in recent years. They lived with the animals and followed them around 24/7. They were gracious enough to let me pose for this picture with a mother rhino and her baby in the background. Good thing rhino's have horrible eye sight! Never know what you will see in Africa. Last year I was preaching in a campaign in the bush where about 1000 Zambians had assembled in an open air brush arbor. As I was concluding my message and a song of invitation was begun, there was a sudden push towards the front of the gathering from the middle of the assembly. A large space opened u ...
Most stupid thing I've ever seen.The ghost of Steve Irwin is laughing!!!
What a dip s--t! I guess he thought he was Steve Irwin, crimey mate! And after he got bit he said Call Medicare!LMAO
Steve Irwin has a lot to answer for
Ashton Irwin wear crocs in the memory of his great great grandad Steve Irwin 🐊
Paul Phear regrets coming to Smooth Radio with two pieces of Khaki clothing on. Kate Garraway is said to keep calling him Steve Irwin
Snakes all over my porch.. Gotta kill em like I'm Steve Irwin or something 😭😳
Steve Irwin having a mud wrestle, playing monkey in the middle with a wild boar and his dog. The best part was him extracting the dog (unhurt, dog always survives) but the boar was like "this aint over!" and charges the dog again! This sceneshould be immortalized in mosaic on the side of the Queensland State Capitol.
I'm the person who knew what Steve Irwin's last words were. You don't expect good things of me surely?
Steve Irwin was born in 1962 to parents Lyn and Bob Irwin, who were animal naturalists. He shared the love for animals all his life, stemming from being raised at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. There, he partook in daily duties of animal feeding and care. He quickly established himself with the Queenland's government on the process of the country's Crocodile Relocation Program, in which the reptiles could be transferred and relocated to proper localties in the most absolute humane, non-tranquilizing manner. He frequently implements the non-tranquilizing factor in his televison show The Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files (1999). Steve married fellow naturalist, Terri Irwin (Baines) in 1992. She joined him in his adventures and efforts in almost every episode of his show. They had one daughter, Bindi Sue Irwin, who was born July 24, 1998. He died in September 2006 following an attack by a stingray, off the Great Barrier Reef. Steve Irwin was the director of the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, and ...
I felt like Steve Irwin today when I caught and released a huge bull snake at my pool today
Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin & Bob Barker moored in Williamstown for repairs and breather -
Sea Shepherd group’s ships Steve Irwin and Bob Barker moored in Williamstown for repairs and...
Great programme on the animal chanell tonight. Steve Irwin comes face to face with Australia,s biggest preditor. Its an interview with Rolf Harris !
Steve Irwin on TV... The pain is real
would it be rude to ask 5sos to say krikey? I loved Steve Irwin back in the day. I was so into Animal Planet lololol.
Sorry I haven't forgiven him for the Steve Irwin incident
We had him in custody for a short time, but then we remembered we never really liked Steve Irwin anyway and let him go.
is it cool to have the last name is Steve Irwin? You must feel like. Legend! 😂
The guy who killed Steve Irwin came fishing with us today.
Steve Irwin would have been the GoPro champion.
Aww “Steve Irwin would be proud of his daughter
I remember full on bawling when Steve Irwin died.
inspirational tour of the Steve Irwin! A must see !
I'm still not over the death of Steve Irwin. 🐊
"Steve Irwin would be proud of his daughter
Did you know... Steve Irwin was terrified of parrots.
also a cobra and a komodo dragon LOL he's frikken steve irwin man xD
"I'm not the Crocodile Hunter- I'm not Steve Irving!" You're right... Because that's Steve Irwin, ya fool
Even the great Steve Irwin couldn't tame this beast.
Steve Irwin would be proud of his daughter
if I knew you were coming to Melbourne, I would of suggested you visit the Steve Irwin for a ship tour at Williamstown
Steve Irwin with most poisonous snake in the world - inland taipan aka fierce snake (SW Qld?). They sting too ;)...
"Steve Irwin died as he lived. With animals in his heart." -2evill
We had the opportunity to go aboard the Steve Irwin (Sea Shepherd Australia) yesterday. As much as I'm divided in my opinion about what they do, it was interesting to listen to them and their stories. I fully admire them for their enthusiasm and their dedication to the cause!
First time at the ocean and almost pulled a Steve Irwin. Stepped on a stingray ok tho
Kaedyn's Steve Irwin impression while seeing Australian animals, and hearing random strangers talk about how hilarious he is, is worth the whole admission.
Jack casually starts to act like steve irwin trying to catch my cat creassed!!! :-) xxx
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Sometimes, in parking lots, I like to pretend my car is a crocodile and that I am Steve Irwin.
(Steve Irwin voice) These are the tracks of the elusive AWD 3/S. Shes a rare beaut.
I'm going to the shelter today to work with some dogs. I be like Steve Irwin "oh cricky look at that growling dog!! I'm gonna hug it"
New York City had the Irwin family in awe when they visited in March. Bindi Irwin (15) and her mum, Terri, and brother Robert (10) had a little something special for everyone, even in the midst of an extreme cold snap. Bindi, daughter of legendary Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, spreads the news to su…
Nice morning wake up call hearing giant scuffling sounds in the ceiling. I genuinely thought we'd have to move incase it was those giant killer rats. Turns out theres a blackbird in the loft! Must say I am relieved but now I have steve irwin up there with a trusty bed sheet.
Just went to an awesome party at the Steve Irwin Memorial Suite! Yay Warren Wilson College for your seaux kewl students. Tomorrow I begin le campus tour at 9 am, followed by wandering around in the city. M.I.A is playing tomorrow and I'm like so going one way or another.
The *** with snakes? Two times already they surprised me with their existence in just few steps away. -_- and I don't know what should I do. Be Steve Irwin?
22 books$50 or $5 each . Louise bagshawe, Bryce courtenay, bill Bryson, steve Irwin , schapelle Corby , underbelly, don't tell mum I work on the rigs and more
While bad taste Steve Irwin costumes were rather popular this year, for Halloween, the comedian Bill Maher was the only celebrity that came dressed in...
Everyone show up at the Harley Shop tomorrow. Bill Small will make his entrance on his new Harley accompanied by Steve Irwin on his new Road King
Steve Irwin Voice :::Oh Crikey look here... this native office creature is known as the Tired Grump Woman, best approach this beauty with Caffeine & Caution. Slowly ... Slowly now ... her hair looks pretty... lets see if I can pet her...Ohhh No, she's foaming at the mouth & reaching for her Stapler ... quickly, lets toss her a Redbull & poke her with a stick!:::
It's not the anniversary of his birthday, or his death, or anything else significant. It's just the first time in years I've seen The Crocodile Hunter, which reminded me what an inspiration of a guy Steve Irwin really was. It's 8 years late, but such a selfless, compassionate individual deserves an eternity of R.I.P's. So R.I.P Steve, wish you were still here.
Woke up to watching one of the realist of all time Steve Irwin the croc hunter. All yall fakes can learn that real people do real things.
OK.So I just woke up and was flipping the channels on the tv and found Cocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin. I wouldn"t recommend watching it so early in the morning. He was in Arizona looking for and picking up different kinds of rattle snakes in caves. I am on edge now, so I might as well go take my shower. YIKES! LOL!
Watching "Animal Planet" Crocodile Hunter , Steve Irwin was in Arizona messing with Rattlers . He had a couple Diamondbacks and was talking about them making babies. Don't know why but I immediately thought about his daughter Bindi and started crying...I guess it's because I'm a Dad , and I can't help but to mourn for him and his family as a father lost his life and couldn't be there for them. Sad...
Bode is watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet. I forgot how incredibly insane that dude was.
Starting off the day with Steve Irwin.
In my feelings this morning... Watching the Crocodile Hunter..n I miss Steve Irwin.. He taught me so much about animals Thanking god that you had that opportunity to you helped and made an impact on so many kids.. R.I.P Steve Irwin
Is Ashton Irwin related to Steve Irwin? You know... that Australian Crocodile Hunter, do you guys remember him or?
Crikey! William channels Steve Irwin the 'Crocodile Hunter' in top-to-toe khaki for Ayers Rock trip with Kate ...
Crikey! Prince William is the spitting image of Steve Irwin in Ayers Rock
Lord, give us Steve Irwin back, you can have everyone on Lizard Lick towing..and anyone from Duck Dynasty?!
After Lost and Lord of the Rings, Dominic Monaghan is aiming to be the next Steve Irwin:
David Cameron stung by a jellyfish! Lol shame it wasn't the stingray that killed Steve Irwin!
Andre the Giant, Paul Bearer, Giant Haystacks, Steve Irwin all BB son! Gutted to hear about the Ultimate Warrior yesterday!
Steve Irwin was very scared of Parrots.
“Steve Irwin was very scared of Parrots. rick
Photoset: The Sam Simon, another of the Sea Shepherd’s vessels. This is even smaller than the Steve Irwin.
Found this little guy in the parking lot. Moved him to a safe place. Just call me the new Steve Irwin. 🐢
Tonight on Your Planet Needs You, the team (Josef, Alex and Viv) will be discussing climate change and the Great Barrier Reef, and we'll have a special guest Brooke from Sea Shephard who took us on a tour of the anti whaling vessel the Steve Irwin yesterday. Well worth a visit. We'll look at the decision being made in the International Courts of Justice as to whether the Japanese whaling fleet are killing whales for scientific purposes or for meat consumption. Killing of whales should be stopped altogether because of their importance to the marine ecosystem. Whales seed the oceans with iron rich faeces which encourages the growth of diatoms, which allow for the proliferation of Krill, which the whales feed on. The diatoms draw down CO2 out of the atmosphere and give off oxygen. When the diatoms are eaten by the krill, and the krill by whales and other fish, their dead remains deposit the CO2 deep in the ocean where it is stored out of the atmosphere. If we have any chance of attenuating climate change we ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Popped into the kitchen after watching Piers Morgan's life stories with Geri Halliwell, then heard a very familiar voice on the tv.Steve Irwin! What a legend!!! Xx
Kinda mad at these sting rays for what they did to Steve Irwin.
Steve Irwin always loved Crocodiles, but Sting Rays always had a special place in his heart.
And you ride kangaroos to school and work and Steve Irwin's family takes you on grand vacations to the Great Barrier Reef.
Wild Irishman wrangling mangrove monitor on Rennell island, Solomon Islands - don't do the Steve Irwin stuff so much anymore out of respect for the beasties .
I wonder how much money Steve Irwin's family collected from his life insurance... If he had one.
The good ship 'Steve Irwin" of the Sea Shepherd fleet, dedicated to ridding the seas of illegal whalers
Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) has launched legal proceedings against the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and two of its officials, for entering a New South Wales work site and instructing workers to stop working.   CFMEU officials, Anthony Kong and Chad Anthony Bragdon, entered a Mascot construction site, without permits and instructed works to stop work and evacuate the site.   Both officials were asked three times to produce permits and to identify themselves, to which Mr Kong allegedly claimed to be Steve Irwin.   The FWBC claims that the union and two officials are liable for multiple breaches under the Fair Work Act. The maximum penalty for each contravention of the Fair Work Act in this matter is $10,200 for an individual and $51,000 for a corporation (including a union).   *Information sourced via the Australian Government – Fair Work Building and Construction Website.  
Stefan ate the the sting ray that killed Steve Irwin for breakfast the next day
Inside Steve Irwin's Last Moments. Cameraman says Irwin was stabbed 'hundreds' of times in seconds
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