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Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr (born 29 August 1964) is a South African singer, songwriter and actor.

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I'm in Argentina at the moment... What happened?? You ok??
The only Latin that I understand is - video videre vidi visum dvd.
A critical truth, just for you peeps:
Settler-Psyche 101: Boere attemtp to use their race to hide their flaws,failures and inadequacies.
Ag pleeze they can only handle biast cases when told to do so by the anc.
So it turns out that Jaco Oelofse is the man behind the anon acc sending death threats: https…
Ppl should check definition of the word so as to not sound stupid me thinks...
Wow! If you're on about then how about this?
Extracts from an article 'You must not forget that blacks stole land too" by Maynard Manyowa. 1 https:/…
Dear doc. Im on my way. Please put your stethoscope on the heater.
Odds that the 4 black journalists would keep their jobs is 0.0143, assuming no prejudice.
Around 2% of the world's population are considered "sleepless elite", which means they are night owls and early birds…
BREAKING: SABC has terminated employment of Foeta Krige, Suna Venter, Jacques Steenkamp and Krivani Pillay without a discipl…
Steve Hofmeyr and Leon Schuster are HIGHLY successful and have never been seen at an ANC March or rally
How to kidnap a 28 year old in 2016
One day the liberals will have us celebrate 67 minutes for ISIS too.
Exactly! Even if blacks try and talk against this, they need to calm down or keep quiet.
I believe the Children's Fund was actually meant for his own crotch fruit?
Tell me those millions Mandela amassed, was it for the people?
.SA will never lead if BEE excists.
: Not needing the HRC to prove I am not a monkey...
I've read all his books and short stories. Nice to hear that his writing has now been translated into Afrikaans.
Wasn't HC Bosman wonderful. Also now translated in Afrikaans BTW.
South-African singer Steve Hofmeyr and filmmaker Dan Roodt come out in support of 'racist' judge Mabel Jansen.
There are few greater arguments for atheism than the fact that Prince is dead but Steve Hofmeyr is still alive.
Easy to polarize the uneducated. One of the reasons the ANC is still in control. Maybe it's too late.
. Hope u had a great 1. summer here. +22c
Only proper education can enlight them to knowledge. Problem is there is no proper education in SA
the problem is they ar so brainwashed by now?? Small children are taught to hate whites
The biggest problem in SA is uneducated people. Children need to be educated. Know how you feel.
they will get away with it. ANC needs the votes.
Where were the forces? Nobody tried to prevent it. Why not? Hidden agendas by the rulers.
what now? I'm sorry for being boldly honest: I couldn't care a ***
The dilemma is that it wasn't the children that burned down the schools the perpetrators were grownups. So what now
S.A can produce nothing, they can only consume.
- Destroying people's career for their political views not OK - except when it's Steve eh? Leftie hypocrite.
. Their masters still want the Chaka era, you will work for me for free, I take your women and you thank me .
_Steven Hofmey what ever,is still a pioneer in apartheid ne
Listening to today, Gatvol Verby! One of my (and my mom's favourite songs). The Zulus listening to Gatvol Verby ;)
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What makes you think this is an expat's bakkie? 😉.
we have no reason for people to go hungry. Every household can produce
Let them go back to their primitive animal skins and mud huts. It's what they really want. We are not all the same.
It will only be burnt down again. No sanity left.
They will use that as pretext to flood well-run white schools, and ruin our children's futures as well.
Finally got to watch Comedy Central Celebrity Roast with Steve Hofmeyr and Trevor Noah as the Host
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'd rather polish off Steve Hofmeyr's toe jam than write this essay.
sleeping or driving taxi with sap vehicles or selling weapons and police clothes. Or committing crime.
Listen to the speeches on every Jun16 - those who burn schools are heroes in the struggle narrative. Destruction rewarded.
Where we're the Police and Army when the schools were burning???
ANC doesn't want to educate, wants people to remain uneducated and easily manipulated
we as a tax paying people give enough. Why should we just keep fixing and they could care less to look after things
i 100% agree. No tax payers money should be wasted on rebuilding any of those schools. Enough is enough.
This makes me sad...I'm glad I went to UK when in 94. Got to see it untainted. RT
40 year old habits maintained. Why? Because we rebuild them. No burned school should be replaced. Ever.
Let every good fellow now lift up his voice...
dankie Steve dit was Amazing verby xoxo
I told you that under whites will be safe & warm and will get 3…
this is SA,we are good at producing world…
Hehe, that's Doc Dan and his shoes ;)
The time must be soon for this savagery to end.
Steve Hofmeyr showing support to Chris Hart is like showing support to
And I will never stop singing Die Stem with Steve Hofmeyr whenever I have the opportunity.
yesterday's looked like a Steve Hofmeyr and Kurt Darren concert
There's a DJ playing Kurt Darren and Steve Hofmeyr's greatest hits at the protest
. Hi Steve. I'm ur big fan and my kids love they way u dance. U know whats funny about, they copy every move u dance
ANC comments,Dawie Roodt letter a publicity hypocritic can you get?
Steve Hofmeyr denied a work permit to play in Zambia ?. Which one of you sent Home Affairs copies of his latest CD ?
If you don't want to be hold accountable or responsible, blame it on Apartheid
There are two types of dumb: people with low IQs and white people that think Malema should be Pres.
"by their own free will cannot turn to God until he first change their stony hearts into hearts of flesh."
The only seems to have the interests of Americans at heart. It's a sin.
When you have nothing intelligent to say, throw the race card.
You go Steve. Don't lose focus. Enormous task ahead of us
"Lord, whatever Thou dost to us, take not Thy Bible from us - John Rogers"
I'm sure Steve Hofmeyr is finally paying his since Khanyi and Minnie now endorse it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Lead singer of Boo. Trying to be Steve Hofmeyr.2
so you are smarter than me cause you got 40/100 for your test while I only got 9/10 for my test. steve_hofmeyr
PSL is one of the worst leagues in the world ito goals and competitiveness. The standard is vrot at best.
see you "claim stats guru"? Then you should know 100+ countries competes for soccer seriously vs 10 in rugby
Bafana's best side of all time (96 Afcon) had a white coach, captain & player of tournament. Since then, downhill.
Bafana Bafunny are a Joke. Us pre 1994 ex pro's laugh up our sleeves every time they take to the field.
Perhaps Steve Hofmeyr could convince the other community 2 pay for because I am not.
Thing is the boks have been playing since 1891 and Bafana since 1994.
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"It is better to preach five words of God’s Word than five million words of man’s wisdom - Spurgeon"
Must read! "Meer waar as ooit: And the Straw Man’s name is Steve Hofmeyr | News24 -
the thing is it's gonna happen whether you like it or not. Transformation will happen. If you don't see it your kids will..
I'd be sold on this e-toll idea if they roped in Steve Hofmeyr; just for the sheer effort alone.
I'm convinced that Prince Mashele is Steve Hofmeyr in blackface. Actually.
I have 978 new followers from South Africa, New Zealand, and more last week. See
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Strange how the people who insisted that Exclusive Books take Steve Hofmeyr's book off the shelves are now attacking Virgin Active...
I was a hit man in the Godfather movies! 😳
My dear you're suffering from your own incompetence, priorities and lack of using your opportunities
If your U.S. guy was good (read rating) he would play professionally. It is grade 1 logic dude.
great duet with Pity she also chose to collaborate with Steve Hofmeyr tho. Puke.
they just came out with the first appendix... More to follow
30Days to Mr Commonwealth SA 2015 Gala. 4 Days left to get your tickets.
. Indeed, we restrain ourselves. ...a bit..☺
he can be glad we are not expressing ours ... YET!
Neal Collins is the most annoying person ever . Same league as abo Steve Hofmeyr
The way some Africans understood Xenophobia isn't too different from the way Steve Hofmeyr understands "white genocide".
we don't care ask your friends Steve Hofmeyr and sunnette bridges but Rhodes has fallen, van Riebeeck will soon follow
An open letter to Steve Hofmeyr. Howzit boet,. It’s good to see you and Sunette Bridges getting involved in this...
Steve Hofmeyr, Zelda le Grange or Sunnete Bridges...anyone of these three can lead DA.
EFF sends a message to Steve Hofmeyr, burns old SA flag in Church Square, Pretoria for campaign
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Steve Hofmeyr; Sunette Bridges & co chained themselves to the Paul Kruger statue. Standers by swear the statue said: fo…
I wonder if Steve Hofmeyr thinks that he is still playing a character in Egoli ? Maybe this is the open air theatre stage version edition ?
Only Kenny Kunene and Steve Hofmeyr have been roasted
I fear I may have touched uncle Steve Hofmeyr on his studio. He doesn't sound happy. Is he ever?
Sunette Bridges & Steve Hofmeyr should have hooked up.
And after every article against Steve Hofmeyr or Sunnette Bridges, a Fb page like this; "Boikot 7 de laan en Vinette Ebrahim" pops up.
Censor Bug Bear: Video – Hatespeech against Afrikaner activists Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr by black TV…
Helen Zille is a rant away from transforming into Steve Hofmeyr.
An Open Letter to Virginia Keppler of BEELD Keppler is black and well-educated but has chips on both shoulders. The letter below was written in response to a diatribe by Virginia Keppler (a news editor at the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld) against Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, who dared to sing South Africa’s former national anthem “Die Stem” (The Voice) at an open-air event… For the benefit of non-South African readers, certain words and phrases have been ‘translated'. An Open Letter to Virginia Keppler You’re not free, Virginia. Your white baas [boss] gave you a job. You use his language and you write what he tells you to write. We take it from whence it comes, your tirade against Steve Hofmeyr. The truth is sometimes brutal, but it remains the truth. Steve’s right of course – he knows his history (his people had the written word so things can be checked) while the “others” occupied this continent for millennia and did nothing, absolutely nothing except kill each other and plant a few ...
Conrad Koch must be really upset ngalento ka Steve Hofmeyr. The energy
SA ventriloquist Conrad Koch says he will oppose an interim protection order brought against him by Steve Hofmeyr:
South African puppeteer to challenge gagging order by a racist singer, Steve Hofmeyr
Lawyer for comedian Conrad Koch says theyll challenge singer Steve Hofmeyr's interim protection order against Koch in court later this month
Steve Hofmeyr has a gag order against Conrad Koch not the rest of you. Why are we allowing this apartheid denialist to flourish ?
Say what you like about the Steve Hofmeyr gagging order farce: it's already saved us from having to endure another Conrad Koch 'thinkpiece'.
Steve Hofmeyr has already been released on R500 bail. But Malema has been denied bail. "Black man, you are on your own!!…
If I were I wouldn't appear to court Steve Hofmeyr is taking Conrad Koch to court
Steve Hofmeyr is taking Conrad Koch to court, Freedom of Expression Institute's with at 7:35...
Steve Hofmeyr has obtained a court order barring comedian Conrad Koch from making defamatory statements via
Looks like Steve Hofmeyr may have to take out a lot more anti-harassment orders as rally
Only in SA can a person like Steve Hofmeyr insult the majority and still be blessed with financial prosperity. And darkies ju…
Blacks shop at Pick N Pay , Pick N Pay gives money to Steve Hofmeyr. Hofmeyr give blacks hatred.the circle of stupidi…
I'll give you an iPad if you give Steve Hofmeyr the fade and yell "WORLDSTAR!"
Does it remind you of your days at school? Lol
There's a village in County Durham in England called Pity Me - poor peeps.
and they make a big palava about OP what a disgrace 😠
London in 2015. Steve Hofmeyr, Chris Chameleon, Robbie Wessels and a few more
sory steve lions will bring the curry cup lol roadtrip CT whos game
Maybe they only want dialogue like "Black Islamist Refugee Raps About Raping&Killing Women
This is unacceptable. We have seen in the Oscar trial people can shoot to protect the…
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Would like to invite you to my pity-party. Ek, jy en 'n lang tranerige brandewyn
Follow me to understand what fun African blacks think genocide is. Then know why we can't solve the bloodshed.
. Its a revelation. On and on and on. Like a deep blue ocean. Nothing to hide. We've gotta share this simple life.
On the highway, the ads in Afrikaans asking if I'm Steve, make me think of Steve Hofmeyr. Not what they meant, I'm s…
If you're driving 95km per hour, it would just take an hour to reach space.
SA farmers are murdered at 4 times the national murder rate (which is allready 5 times the global average!).
Such vile and cruel scum should be dragged to garbage dump and executed!!
3D Entertainment has been around for 1000's of years! It's called theatre!
please also post in English for those fighting the cause who are not Afrikaans. Husband fed up translating :)
No alarm, no electric fence, BEE, truth.
Maybe Craig should spend some time here.
Little Scottish turd sticking nose into our affairs.
You are condescending. Sit down too.
Racist is a meaningless label. What exactly is burni…
Racist is a meaningless label. What exactly is burning your ***
awful? need 2 visit my TL 4 a while 2 know awful
If it's private, don't use a global public forum.
Then stay out the conversation. Nobody invited you.
Jacques du Plessis response when he was asked about Steve Hofmeyr being his father.
I have no interest in conversing with racist bigots.
Be specific. You spotted me in my Father Xmas gear?
He let u move out of the mud huts you build & liv…
I like the liberal name for racists. "Race aware" What utter nonsense. . Enough now!
Probably the best short article on South Africa I have ever seen: HT
Let's just all spare a thought for uncle the Bulls ate of the floor,let me tell you that!
This weeks number 2 last weeks number 1 on the Sit Die Ligte Aan
Ingrid jy vra vir Steve om vir WP te skree teen sy eie span.. well good luck with that one girl he ain't gonna do that WP BO
Steve Hofmeyr shakes evolutionary biology to its core, reveals white people have been reading for "millions" of years
Steve Hofmeyr stopped from playing Vredendal. Best thing to happen in that town since Oom Attie planted Thompson Seedless…
Hey guys, this is perhaps not the place where to ask this, but I am sure there are some of you that have the same question... So here goes: I want to create a video of my rides, and would like to make use of South African music. I don't want Kurt Darren or Steve Hofmeyr, but rather those bands that have made a recording or two, and who are willing to provide me with a good quality MP3 for use in the video. Where can I find some of those? The usual will go with an attribute in the video's description, as well as at the end of the video...
MEDIA INVITED TO FREE CLIVE DERBY-LEWIS PROTEST ON 12 APRIL The organisers of the Free Clive Derby-Lewis protest invite the media to attend their event at 09h00 on Saturday 12 April at Church Square in the centre of Pretoria. Apart from celebrity activist Steve Hofmeyr, a number of political parties and Afrikaans cultural organisations are going to participate in the protest. Mr. Derby-Lewis, a former Conservative Party MP and mayor of Edenvale on the East Rand, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently hospitalised. He has already been held 21 years as a political prisoner and survived two recent attacks by inmates at the Pretoria Central prison. On several occasions, he has also been denied medical treatment. Dr. Dan Roodt, spokesman of the Front National, a political party contesting the current elections in South Africa, made the following comment on Derby-Lewis: “Last year I visited him in prison, prior to the attacks that injured him. He is a kind, articulate, elderly gentleman ...
The 'white' Mandela Media release: Clive Derby-Lewis, the "white Mandela": Dept of Correctional Services and Pretoria metro refuse demonstration in front of prison The department of Correctional Services and the Pretoria metro have refused permission to Front National, Steve Hofmeyr and several Afrikaans organisations to protest on Saturday 12 April in front of the Central Prison in the city (see correspondence attached). According to dr. Dan Roodt, spokesman for Front National, the party is now considering other options. "Our constitutional right to freedom of speech has been accordingly infringed," he said. "We may either demonstrate illegally and the run the risk of arrest or hand over our petition for the release of Clive Derby-Lewis to the department at its head office in Vermeulen Street." Roodt described Derby-Lewis as "the white Mandela who is being held in prison on account of his skin colour and his conservative principles. If he had not been an adherent of Edmund Burke, but of Karl Marx or Trot ...
If you say so my Lady that's what we'll do! Skerp Marin☺
This week seemed like we were winning sadly sunnete Bridges didn't come back to us yet,we have heard nothing from Steve Hofmeyr or Bok van blerk and the boys had a very difficult week as none of our sponsors dellivered we have received a Large amount of people asking for food parcels and we don't have enough Alberton has been waiting for Aid for a week today I feel run down yet feel that with charles it feels we didn't just loose But we are not done we will no break we will get up tomorow and we will do what has to be done I thank God for the challenges it shows how determined we are to see this through God thank you for making this Work and Work it will
you mean Kingdom and chiefdoms right?
Remember there was a time when SA was so safe we did window shopping till late at night?
Defend this, ANC: Public Works Dept redirected service delivery funds to pay for Nkandla in contravention of constitution
Malema owes SARS R16m and they auctioned off his house. Now Zuma owes SARS R17m. Auction junkies licking their lips.
When I was a kid, my social network was called "Outside."
Steve friends please follow me is Friday i might take you guys to another world. Yours cutie chantell ciao
More tickets available for this long awaited concert of Juanita du Plessis & Steve Hofmeyr!. FOR ACCOMMODATION VISIT:...
Kate Bush "overwhelmed" as entire London run sells out in minutes.
SANDF is so inadequately equipped that it would be unable to contain a minor internal revolt.
This election we should vote for values and not in fear of the opposition. -Steve Swart
War of the Flea - Steve Hofmeyr on Genocide: via Thank you Steve, YES it IS genocide.
domain names
It's a pity that we missed out on this one. I hope the sentence is worth-while.
It's extraordinary when you consider that Steve Hofmeyr has been surprising and delighting audiences musically for a quarter century. Hoymeyr's lasting succe...
"SAfrican musician and activist, Steve Hofmeyr, speaks on genocide & farm murders
South African musician and activist, Steve Hofmeyr, speaks on genocide and farm murders in a post-apartheid South...
So to me all life is precious and I love all people
Thank you. There's nothing beter then the truth. I am not raised to think that way.
Why Africa Check failed to disprove -Whites ARE dying like flies
I am so proud of you Lisa for seeing and realizing this & I hope you remain unwavering in truth
you only hate ANC when you open your big stinking mouth is ANC sorry we love it
RONALD REAGAN: "We should measure welfare's success by how many people LEAVE welfare not by how many are added." …
Steve Hofmeyr in Houston on Jun 28, 20:00 at Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA - Information and tickets on South African Events Pty Ltd
But first, let me take a selfie... With Steve Hofmeyr 😏✌️
This research I did into genocide may interest you if you haven't read it yet:
Jip. Murder may be murder but I do wish muder rates were just murder rates...
Save time (& water) by brushing your teeth while you're in the shower - may need to opt for a manual brush though!
Pse sign petition calling on release of Clive Derby-Lewis, world's oldest anticommunist political prisoner!
A bit like the 4 angry mgs out of 1700 = psychotic killer Cloudy perspective
Yet another taxi accident. When are we going to stand up against the ***
Any CD store in Cape Town that sells any of Kristofferson's new albuns? Most only have Greatest Hits and Steve Hofmeyr sings Kristofferson!
Kris Kristofferson is touring the country and all you have on your website is Steve Hofmeyr Sings Kristofferson! Really!?
After trillions of tax dollars have been spent to solve the problem,the poverty rate has only inched lower-Paul Ryan
My en familie was darem by d konsert!
Jys reg! Its just a touch of a hand and I know...
Murder accused Paralympian Oscar Pistorius plays a small role in Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr's new book, titled 'Laaste dans, Drienie'. Although mostly known for his career as a musician, Steve Hofmeyr is also an avid writer. He penned his autobiography, Mense van my asem (People of my breath), and is also the writer of three published romance novels and a book of poetry. Speaking to, Hofmeyr explained that Pistorius is in his story because he started writing the new book in February 2013, the same month in which the athlete shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp Reads a description of Laaste dans, Drienie (Last dance, Drienie): "When Oscar Pistorius walked blushing through the hallways of the Brooklyn police station, past Lieutenant Muller Joubert, Muller was sure that there hadn't been such a bizarre case in years, and that there wouldn't be one again soon. "He was wrong. There was one already. And he was in the middle of it. When it comes to love, nobody's heart is safe; this Mull ...
What attracts nice people to the EFF? November 5 2013 When Julius Malema launched the EFF, I thought it was a bit of a joke. How could the country’s foremost tenderpreneur, a crass political hooligan who became a millionaire and lived like a gangster boss on a meagre ANC salary, pose as the champion of the poor? I wasn’t surprised when Malema was joined by fellow exhibitionist Kenny Kunene and by Andile Mngxitama, the black version of Steve Hofmeyr. Their utterances and those of their followers on social media reflected a toxic mix of racial hatred, cheap populism, greed and political thuggery. But then someone I know from my home town, South Africa’s most successful home-based international movie star, joined the EFF as a member of its leadership: Fana Mokoena. I know Mokoena as a man deeply concerned with social justice and angry at continued inequalities. He may be an angry man, but he is not an attention seeker or a political thug. Unlike most in the EFF leadership, he is a democrat. There must ...
Kaizer Chiefs & Bafana Bafana player has been arrested for doing 173km/h in a 120 zone. I wonder how much bail will he get. Steve Hofmeyr was granted R500 bail when he was caught driving 169km/h in a 80 zone (he was later fined R10 000).
South African musician Steve Hofmeyr has claimed that the number of white South Africans killed by blacks would fill a soccer stadium, that white Afrikaners are being killed "like flies" and that a white farmer is murdered every five days. But the claims are incorrect and grossly exaggerated. In fac...
Steve Hofmeyr shared the following link and had this to say about it: Dankie Hartenbos. Vanaand het so gelyk. Wat 'n voorreg.
2014 wishlist - here are things I’d like to see happen in 2014... The ANC losing the 2014 election after two IEC trucks delivering their customary 33-million pre-marked ballot papers collide with petrol tankers and instantly ignite. Oprah and Ellen Degeneris skiing into a tree at exactly the same time, while on holiday at different skiing resorts. JZ get charged by an escaped Hippo, mistaking him for a female and spending the rest of his life mating with his new bride in a Nakandla swimming pool, while his helpless bodyguards look on. A mini tsunami sweeping the Barak Obama off the beach on his annual presidential holiday to Hawaii. Zille being admitted to hospital after losing her balance while toyi-toying on stage at a pre-election rally. Robert McBride slipping on a bar of soap in the shower at a whorehouse and being left to the mercy of the hooker he’s just spent an hour assaulting before ER24 arrives six hours later. Tony Ehrenreich punching the incorrect GPS co-ordinates on his way to his holida ...
Miss Hartenbos tonight! Finalists will be wearing swimwear from the Love.It by Lomatrio range and hair will be done by Hair! Get ur tickets asap. Performing: Steve Hofmeyr&Riana Nel.
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Steve Hofmeyr got roasted and now it's time for Heyneke Meyer to take to the hot seat for a grilling. Watch the trailer for the Roast of Heyneke Meyer brough...
Here’s what Weekend Argus suggests that Father Christmas gets our politicians as gifts: * Fake interpreter Jantjie – Another state gig. * ANC spin doctor Jackson Mthembu – Jantjie as his full-time interpreter. * Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema – A new speedometer and an all-expenses paid holiday with Steve Hofmeyr. * Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi – The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. * Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele – New headgear to replace the pharoan doek. * Numsa general secretary Irvin Jim – Dental work to avoid a leadership gap in Numsa. * Zwelinzima Vavi – a pack of Lover’s Plus condoms. * President Jacob Zuma – Swimming lessons and a life jacket for his fire pool baptism. * Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi – A mini statue of freedom, for when Madiba was asked, “Who is this man?” apparently (according to the prince) he said: “A true freedom fighter in his own right.” * DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko – Braai packs an ...
Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr is expected to appear in the Bronkhorstspruit Magistrate's Court on charges of reckless and negligent driving and exceeding the general speed limit.
There has been a misunderstanding about the court appearance date of Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, who was arrested for speeding last week, the NPA said on Monday.
Steve Hofmeyr's court date has been confused at the police station where we was held after being arrested for speeding, says the NPA.
Sabrina Dean Bronkhorstspruit - Singer Steve Hofmeyr is due back in the Bronkhorstspruit Magistrate’s Court today. He was caught speeding on Thursday night. Hofmeyr was allegedly travelling at 169km/h in a 120km/h zone. He was released on bail of R500 hours after he was...
Steve Hofmeyr raises R4.25 Million Singer Steve Hofmeyr's fan club (SHFC) posted on their web site an sms number to raise funds for his legal team, for a "speedy" release from custody, announced they had received just over 85000 sms's at R50.00 per sms. in 18hrs and raised 4,25 Million. He was arrested for speeding on Thursday night in Bronkhorstspruit for driving 169km/h in a 80km/h zone.
Simphiwe Wrekonize Tladi wrote: I was right when I said the EFF and Malema are always high on grass.This so-called leader was doing 215 KM/H at a 120KM/H zone while Steve Hofmeyr was doing 169 KM/H at an 80 KM/H zone. Numbers don't lie,calculating the difference both were almost 89-95 KM/H above the speed limit of their respective zones.So,we can't say the speed is the reason why Malema was handed a R5000 bail nor a race thing,it wasn't about his skin colour! Now the CIC and the members of the EFF are using the latter to complain about the R4 500 difference between his and Steve's bail,whereas the reason why he (Malema) got a R5000 bail is because he has PENDING CRIMINAL OFFENCES AND HE'S OUT ON BAIL WHILE STEVE ISN'T.So,what kind of a leader is this ignorant and law unabiding? What message does he send to the thousands of youth who follow him? Malema isn't a leader but a loser! Insult me if you like.
Paul Walker was tragically killed after speeding. Steve Hofmeyr was tragically left alive after speeding.
Police have confirmed that Steve Hofmeyr has been arrested for speeding near Bronkhorstspruit, clocking in at an alleged 175km/h.
A Steve Hofmeyr fan is so mad at him. He wrote: Steve I'm so disappointed in you. Do you realise that if you and Malema had racing,you could've lost? (Steve-169 Malema 215)
Julius Malema with the bail of R5000 Steve Hofmeyr bail of R500 Both were breaking road rules
Chester Missing visited News24's studio to talk about Steve Hofmeyr, the EFF and plans for 2014. Watch.
Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr was arrested for speeding on Thursday night.
Julius Malema & Steve Hofmeyr were both arrested for speeding last night Malema was released on R5000 bail & Hofmeyr on R500 ja ne new South Africa for you saying...
Bricks is in Jail for being a Rape suspect. Oscar Pistorious killed his Girl friend but he is Galavanting in the streets. Malema spend a night in Jail for over speeding while Steve Hofmeyr was released on the same day for committing the same crime. {Mandela didn't die for this. Black Man you are on your OWN -Steve Biko}
Steve Hofmeyr, who has been released on R500 bail after getting arrested for speeding, has mocked Julius Malema for being in the same situation.
Why does Steve Hofmeyr have to be in court Monday and Malema only end of January for similar offences! Shows how corrupt and racist our country actually is! Malema is an ***
"Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr were racing to determine who's the greatest racist in SA."
Were they together? Following each other? Speeding to meet each other? They both got bust for speeding last night - MALEMA AND STEVE HOFMEYR. Surprise partners-in-speed. Is this a coincidence or a secret coalition of far left and far right???
Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr Gets arrested for speeding and were both released on bail Julius R5000 bail Steve R500 talk about Free South Africa lol
Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr was released on bail on Thursday night after he was arrested in Bronkhorstspruit for speeding, Gauteng traffic police said.
So Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr were arrested for speeding! I always knew reconciliation would eventually succeed!
In the latest race war, Julius Malema has beaten Steve Hofmeyr... by about 20 kilometres an hour...
Bigots Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema speeding at the same time on the same day. Its like they are the same person in different packaging.
Twee bekende Suid-Afrikaners, Steve Hofmeyr en Julius Malema, is gisteraand in afsonderlike voorvalle in hegtenis geneem.Malema, EFF-leier, is op die N1 by die Barrage in die Vaaldriehoek in hegtenis...
What do Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr have in common? RACE ISSUES!!!
During last night’s the biggest racist race, Julius Malema obliterated Steve Hofmeyr with a surprising 46KM/H. Steve raced through Bronkies at 169KM/H, but Malema eventually won with an inspiring 215KM/H on the N1. When asked why he was driving so fast, Malema replied that it’s because he is a revolutionary, and that he needed to experience his BMW’s 6500 revolutions per minute on his way to a Scientology conference where he would be spokesperson. According to Malema this “tendency” to limit speed is a “white thing” and a roadblock on the way to total freedom. Hofmeyr claimed that he was on his way to buy a few boxes of condoms in preparation for a show, but changed mind after he lost. He said Malema’s 215KM/H is proof that there’s a white genocide happening in South Africa and that all whites including himself should immediately start to procreate to stop the Malema’s of future generations. The End. LOL
Steve Hofmeyr releases statement after arrest
Steve Hofmeyr exceeded the speed limit by 89km/hr Julius Malema exceeded the speed limit by 95km/hr . Steve got a fine of R4,500 less than Julius, How do these things work kanti, please assist who knows law here?
Steve Hofmeyr and Juliud Malema arrested on one night for speeding... nie hulle het nie gedice nie LoL
Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr, two very outspoken public personalities. Their widely publicised individual ideals for South Africa are polar opposites, and they were both caught speeding on the same evening...I hear a poem coming on.
Steve Hofmeyr and Malema arrested and now Bieber has retired from music. I guess all BRILLIANT things also come in threes.
Millions of Fighters Rallying behind CIC Julius Malema and EFF... CIC Julius Malema, an unemployed black man was released on R5000 bail and Steve Hofmeyr, who is a very successful white musician on the other hand was released on R500 bail... Same charge...!
We are leaving in interesting times indeed. Just seen the news that JUJU was caught speeding at 215 km/hr and the police had to call the NPA for his speeding case, while Steve Hofmeyr was given a R500.00 bail for a similar offence.
So Steve Hofmeyr clocked 165km/hr on an 80km/hr zone, he paid 500ZAR's whereas Julius Malema Hit 265km/hr On 120km/hr zone, and he paid 5000ZAR? Ay Ay Ay something is wrong in this picture!
Julius Malema granted R5000 bail and Afrikaneer singer Steve Hofmeyr only R500.00 for same charges. # judge for urself #
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema voiced his disdain about the huge difference in bail amounts he and singer Steve Hofmeyr had to pay following both their arrests on speeding charges.
Malema was speeding and Steve Hofmeyr was also speeding,Malema gets a R5000 bail and Steve gets R500
Hollywood insiders refuse to confirm rumours that Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr are to co-star in Fast and Furious 8
Just got confirmation that Steve Hofmeyr was also arrested tonight for speeding. He was going 169 km/h near Bronkhorstspruit.
Julius Malema & Steve Hofmeyr charged with reckless driving! Hofmeyr gets R500 bail Malema gets R5000.why da differences? neither will runaway in any case!
Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema are such race-ists
Julius Malema and steve hofmeyr have been both arested for speeding. Julius has to stay over night and pay 5000rand bail, also must apear in court. Steve gets 500rand bail and release the same night
Well-known Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr, to appear at Bronkhorstspruit Magistrate's Court on Monday on a charge of speeding
So Both Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr gets nabbed for Speeding. Priceless . Birds of a Feather speed together !
(Stefanie) Steve Hofmeyr statement on speeding arrest - concedes it was irresponsible and dangerous 20 December 2013 | Road Safety Highlights On the evening of December the 19th I was rushing from Pretoria to a concert in Badplaas when I was pulled over on the N4 and arrested for exceeding a speed of 160km/h. I concede this was irresponsible and dangerous. The Bronkhorstspruit officers in charge were friendly, professional and thorough. Bail was set and paid. Although this is the first time this has happened to me in 30 years of travelling, I expect nothing less from our SAPS and Traffic Departments. Thanks guys and girls on duty. Janine was deurgangs saam my en selfs sy is goed behandel. Ek het my skoonma se adres as alternatief aangegee en gevra dat hulle haar asseblief nie moet bel voor ons troue nie...
I can just imagine Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema locked up in the same cell, they both being charged for speeding!!
Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr both arrested for speeding within 5 minutes of each other. Common someone there has to be a joke in there somewhere.
Wow Julius Malema and uncle Steve Hofmeyr were both arrested for speeding how ironic!
Julius Malema And Steve Hofmeyr nabbed for racing. "Ironic how the two guys most obsessed with race get arrested for racing...
Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr caught for speeding in the same night. I read that Fast and the furious 7 was going to pull out all stops,but I never knew it would be this big!
Is it not the most beautiful and poetic justice that both Julius Malema AND Steve Hofmeyr were caught speeding yesterday at obscene speeds!! Steve was doing 169 in an 80 Zone and Julius 215 in a 120 Zone. On occasion, I've also experienced some difficulty with the law in this regard; and I'm certainly not proud of it. But with Steve and Julius - BOTH of them being trapped YESTERDAY - that's just such a Priceless MasterCard and Beautiful Bells moment !!! Pity they weren't kept in the same cell. That would have been amazing. Seriously now... I think their speeding records are indicative of their intense and extreme personalities, and the speeding ticket is symbolic of the fact that their extreme behaviour is actually out of line. We should strive for a status quo, normality, decency, good manners... Not always rattle everyone's cage and carry on like a lunatic on stage to prove a point. Some may argue that extreme is often necessary when an unjust situation requires a shake-up. I agree... but if you p ...
Julius Malema and Steve hofmeyr commit the same offence on the same day with minor technical differences. The White steve gets bail while the black julius doesn't . South African laws only serve justice to whites. Vuka Darkie
The arrests of EFF leader, Julius Malema, as well as right-wing activist, Steve Hofmeyr, for speeding, raises a question- should opposition leaders also be issued with BLUE LIGHT BRIGADES, or is it an ANC prerogative?
So Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema both got arrested for speeding yesterday. ... If they share a cell over Christmas the SAPS can sell viewing tickets... I know I will buy one lol
Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr BOTH arrested for speeding on the same night. Only in SA. Now if only they could share a cell...
Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema both behind bars... Father Christmas is real after all!
What a coincidence that both Malema and Steve Hofmeyr are arrested on the same day for the same offence!
Will you be watching play Al Ahly for the African Champions League trophy on Sunday?
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Dont be concerned, Afrikacheck will show that at least 1 other country is worse. Relax
all those things you mentioned were better during apartheid because they only benefited the white people. nt da entire SA
oh no... I mean grow up and help SA become a better place and not sit there and whine about how apartheid was better.
You mean: grow up and acclimatise to murder,rape,unemployment and lower standards of health&education? Not me.
Something tells me its not just fireworks outside anymore... Does anyone know where Steve Hofmeyr is???
On my way to Cardiff to join the Springboks. Cant wait. Blessings.
Watching.The Roast of Steve Hofmeyr Lol dead crusly Trevor Noah is one of da funniest comedians ever in S.A's history
Where... was... Steve Hofmeyr when Khuli was getting shot?. does he give a f*** or not? Cause (cont)
Thanks at least there's hope for the new S.A would like to take part in the political party you're startin
Actually come to think of it! Apartheid wasn't bad at all! Great health care and schooling for the black folk of ***
Dis wat reeds van praat! *SMH*"lmao I cannot deal with u right now waetsi"
I'm only voting next year if starts his own political party!
what are these similarities that and have? Let's not be lazy..
Excited to see tomorrow night at The Barnyard Theatre.
check this out. More Blue Guys than your Join the DA!
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Of course she does; her & The "Censor Bugbear" network is owned as operated by her
Tony Leon enrolled at the Steve Hofmeyr school of trolling. His latest article is his first term paper.
. Am I wrong Steve about you? Do you see yourself as a new Moses?
I feel like Steve Hofmeyr doesn't get the slander he deserves from you guys on here...or do yal (black people) love him now?
Steve Hofmeyr's performance at the Red October Event for White South Afr...: via
great appearance on stage Saturday in Pretoria, my is die man thanks for performing
Crime is crime isn't it?. Instead of radicalizing it, why not move to solve the general circumstances causing criminality?
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