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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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Trump- who shows up in tower lobby for photo ops with random business people, Don king, Steve Harvey- can't make it
And why is Steve Harvey even commenting on Asian men's attractiveness anyway! Bruce Lee don't want you!!!
Boycott all that is Steve Harvey peacefully resist by not supporting all of them
DL Hughley goes off about Steve Harvey, & others meeting with Donald Trump
Steve Harvey, Kanye, Omarosa..Trump can keep those clowns, I'll take my lead from heroes like Reps John Lewis & Barba…
Its amazing how Trump pulls people like Romney & Steve Harvey into the spotlight to show they would be seen with him and…
doesn't Steve Harvey have that covered?
What is Steve Harvey's inner city initiative gonna be? A 10 button suit in every closet?
Much respect to Steve Harvey, Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman for stepping up & trying to unite our divided country. IF Trump…
Steve Harvey is a "insofar as any attempt by him to direct federal should be seen as bad "…
They should just fire Steve Harvey from Family Feud and replace him with Sheryl Underwood or George Wallace.
Steve Harvey can't eem read a cue card right, but him & a brain surgeon gon run housing & urban development…
Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump to talk about urban housing development . Me.
Steve Harvey was there to consult on "Housing for Urban Development" (not the name of the agency) and d…
Ok. Ok. Phew. It's all gonna be alright. Steve Harvey is consulting on inner city housing and urban development.
JUST IN: Steve Harvey to work with Dr. Carson to bring "positive change to inner cities" and help with urban development. Grea…
Let's give some love for Steve Harvey, who is working with Ben Carson and our next POTUS to clean up the in…
Steve Harvey says he wants the Trumps on Family Feud. Playing against the Obama. I kid you not.
OBAMA: if u tired of arguin wit ppl on the internet. Have a convo in person . YALL: YAS!!. *Steve Harvey has convo in…
Repealing the affordable care act, Steve Harvey??? Things that make you say hmmm..
Moments ago: Donald Trump, Steve Harvey appear in lobby of Trump Tower; Trump says "repeal and replace is going great" https:/…
Steve Harvey was actually sitting down with Alec Baldwin. And talked on the phone with Dr. Huxtable.
How is Steve Harvey the *** of the day for dialogue with PEOTUS about black community when Kodak Black did a interview…
"Steve Harvey" is a comedian. I don't see anyone attacking other comedians who say far more controversial things. Dave Chapelle?
Nooow it makes sense why Steve Harvey would make offensive jokes about a group of people!
I like that Steve Harvey is going to work with Ben Carson, very cool but good lord, even though his comedy isn't...
Trump meets with Steve Harvey but no love for the other Family Feud hosts. No Richard Karn? No John O' Hurley. Not even Louie Anderson?
Steve Harvey met with Trump today and Keenan Thompson now knows what he'll be doing tomorrow night.
"Steve Harvey" would not make the top ten Family Feud answers for "People The President-Elect Needs To Talk To 7 Days Be…
BREAKING: Steve Harvey to work with Dr. Carson to rebuild USA's Inner Cities & help young people out!
A bunch of angry crybabies are attacking Steve Harvey with racist terms. Sad. Please show him some support.
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Best thing Steve Harvey ever did was give us Lovita Alize Jenkins-Robinson
Maybe we can get Steve Harvey to announce the name of the winner of the election before they are sworn in?
They can't mean the same Steve Harvey who couldn't even emcee the Miss Universe pageant properly, could they? It must be a different Steve
So we're settled on Steve Harvey as our Caesar Flickerman?
Steve Harvey announces he'll team up with Ben Carson at HUD to "see if we can bring about some positive change in the in…
The only person happy about Steve Harvey's appointment is Keenan Thompson
Shame on Steve Harvey for not disclosing his Political experience to the world.Who knew?Can't wait to Cindy Brady joins the cabinet
Steve Harvey's transformation into the real life Caesar Flickerman is step one of North America's inevitable transi…
Guys calm down. I have it on good authority it was Keenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey meeting with Trump.
So Trump chooses a black doctor and a black comedian to resolve inner city problems? Steve Harvey? Chris Rock would have been so much better
Stevens News Trump speaks with entertainer Steve Harvey about helping U.S. cities
Now I'm broken hearted I will not watch Steve Harvey any more! Just so disappointed ur
I have no idea if she means Steve Yeun or Steve Harvey 😯
Watching old episode of Family Feud & it's so boring without Steve Harvey being the host
imma need yall to get the Steve Harvey show.
A++ ad placement on this article. DO YOU BELIEVE IT NOW STEVE HARVEY.
Steve Harvey headass made jokes about how unattractive Asian men are. & im like HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURSELF???
What Steve Harvey say about Asian people lol
Even though he may have been "joking," I don't really find what Steve Harvey said to be funny.
Steve Harvey's comments on Asian men draw backlash
📹 (via Steve Harvey Will Be Hosting Family Feud Forever - YouTube) I wish they would stop calling this...
If my family somehow gets on Family Feud, I am for sure hitting on Steve Harvey the whole time. I love him sm.
Family Feud isn't worth watching unless Steve Harvey is the host
Also, I just did a video reacting to Steve Harvey's jokes about Asian dudes not being attractive. Gonna edit and upload a…
Shocking, upsetting and totally unacceptable.
Steve Harvey has revealed what many have known for years. He's not funny.for Steve
Steve Harvey racist jokes on Asians please help, shoe is on a diff foot, need ur help to denounce this
Who died and made Steve Harvey the answer to women about men? A woman doesn't need his answers, you know what you're dealing with.
Steve Harvey thinks it's laughable to find Asian men attractive. Seriously? 😒
Wat's the fuzz? He's a standup comic. That's wat they do. Make joke about other races. Wat's the diff on tv?
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The idea of being attracted to Steve Harvey is laughable :)
Steve Harvey thinks nobody wants to date asian men. I think nobody wants to date Steve Harvey. $10 says I'd win that pol…
I feel like Steve Harvey didn't get enough backlash for his gross, racist comments about Asian men not being attractive.
Honestly, Steve Harvey can choke. That anyone feels they have to prove their value or attractiveness is trash. I ai…
My white wife loves her Asian husband. So 🖕Steve Harvey.
Just realized that Steve Harvey's hosting style is to look mad that you're confused.
Steve Harvey under fire for making jokes about Asian men
Steve Harvey is a comedian. That's what you get when you let a comedian be a talk show host. Them jokes gon fly
Steve Harvey's comments about Asian men on his show
Find out what rapper's house got robbed and hear the words Steve Harvey said that are getting him in BIG trouble!...
Thread on Steve Harvey: We can call out Black ppl's Orientalism AND recognize its structural impact is ≠ Asians perpetu…
According to Steve Harvey, I'm not attractive. My mirror says otherwise.
.STEVE HARVEY HAS TO GO! He should not be allowed to tape tomorrow. If you stand for ANYTHING, you will shut him dow…
I've been talking to u on another of your pages about how I wish I was at Steve Harvey show to get a hug, I live your smile.
Cedric the entertainer was always funnier than Steve Harvey
I'm so annoyed by Steve Harvey's dating advice lol
Shamar Moore on Steve Harvey helping women find a man...
Using relationship advice from Steve Harvey is about as useful as calling the Ladies Man for the same reason.
I seriously LOVE watching hosted by Steve Harvey (or Keenan Thompson on SNL 😉) Second favorite game show
Steve Harvey and the Mason's took his body and killed Sarah because the two of them were talking about getting married.
Imagine chillin with Steve Harvey for a day 😂
Steve Harvey facial expressions are hilarious 💀💀💀
I think Steve Harvey hates white people?
I liked a video Steve Harvey to Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach You're An Absolute Class Act FULL
i have nightmares about being chased by Steve Harvey's hairline
Your gift...the thing you are best at with the least amount of effort...Steve Harvey...
I'm growing my hair out. I'm finna get the Steve Harvey fro 👀😭
Calling yourself a queen who gave you a crown, Steve Harvey
there was a black lady on Steve Harvey's radio show who called in because her hubby(white) wanted to spice things up so they (cont)
8:00 to 9:00 Steve Harvey show. Anyone really like that n word
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I watch it all the time. I love Steve Harvey as a host.
u look like the pastors child u look like you sit in the backseat you look like young Steve Harvey
The only reason Family Feud is good is bc Steve Harvey acts like he's been court ordered to host the show and he can't BELIEVE these guys
i love it when Steve Harvey makes fun of people 😂😂😭😭
The Steve Harvey Show doesn't get the hype or respect it deserves. That show was a GEM!
Its 6th Jan and getting strangest thoughts...
I wonder what kind of butterfly the caterpillar on Steve Harvey's upper lip will turn into
STEVE HARVEY: name a bird that starts with the letter P. CONTESTANT: flamingo
Steve Harvey "Gimme a bird that starts with the letter P?" Contestant "Flamingo!!" 😲
Steve Harvey: Tell me a bird which starts with the letter 'P'. Woman: Flamingo! . 😂😂😂 (maybe she meant phlamingo?) 😂😂😂
Ohhh Steve Harvey I like your suit tonight on Family Feud
Anyone else notice South Park has never made fun of Steve Harvey. He's way too pimp and trey and Matt know that.
Got that Steve Harvey perfect line up
Steve Harvey's act like a success think like a success is amazing 😉
Family Feud Steve Harvey style is on tv right now and I'm cracking up laughing thinking about one of my students scripting it today
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But I have her card and link, she was on the Steve Harvey show! ... I see you!
All I aspire to be is the Steve Harvey of our generation
I just love Steve Harvey and watching his talk show 😊
I just noticed that wow then his fro look like it came from the Steve Harvey factory this *** wild
Steve Harvey's stand up is filled with memes
or even a Steve Harvey intervention
I added a video to a playlist Steve Harvey's Inspirational Advice about Taking Leaps of Faith
I haven't seen Steve Harvey laugh like this in a long time!!.
Steve Harvey being so done with a family's answer on Family Feud is giving me life! . Contestant: it's up there!. Steve Harvey: no it ain't 😂😂
I just got in an uber and the driver is playing the Steve Harvey morning show. Automatic 5 stars
Had a dream I had lunch with Lane Kiffin, Steve Harvey, Art Briles, Nick Saban, Richard Nixon, and my dad. Odd.
Right now in Heaven Richard Dawson is thrilled with Steve Harvey. Happy New Year!
Richard Dawson was the best, followed by Steve Harvey. Louie Anderson was probably the worst.
Those who know me, know I am a avid reader. Just finished - Steve Harvey - Think Like a Success Act Like A Success.
Steve Harvey is giving his daughter away. Now WATCH what he does when he sees his son-in-law…
All purpose parts banner
"This is Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey morning show and you just got pranked by your sister Shaketa". "That's a bet"
Steve Harvey had the Kings of Comedy on his show and "Boogie" was in the crowd with that same jacket and Phat Farm sweater.
Steve Harvey's wife is always slaying!
who do Steve Harvey resemble a fat Michael Jordan hm riddle me that
Those uncle Tommy prank calls on Steve Harvey's radio show have nothing on the BS my family & friends do! You'll be cussing & ready 2 fight!
Steve Harvey, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis, are all apart of this NPHC Organization
Does anyone even watch Steve Harvey, Jim Bakker or Chubby Checker videos?? Asking for a dead friend.
I will put Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryer and any...
my husband has to be the perfect mixture of Jesus, my Dad, Steve Harvey, & Martin Lawrence 😂
Team money (2 from 3) went to Steve Harvey, Chris Bardsley & Andrew Arthur with 86.
I liked a video Miss Colombia to Steve Harvey - You Keep Making Mistakes! - Part 1 of Ariadna's
Tebow has more jobs than Steve Harvey
😂 Chris Rock just been ok to me.. he like a lil over Steve Harvey
Same, edge up on Steve Harvey, but I went to my child hood barber. *** did that *** right. And it was for the free
What does Trevor Noah,Young Thug,Charlemagne, D.L. Hughley,Chris Brown,Steve Harvey,Don Lemon,Dave Chapelle have in common? they all ashy af
Just left my barber and now I got the Steve Harvey fro
he got his Kiffin story from Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey can't even read a cue card right first off, arsenio halls show got cancelled, Terrance Howard only has empire..
I will rather watch all the Tyler Perry movies then take any advice from Steve Harvey
Miss USA Deshauna Barber on Steve Harvey as pageant host: He's gonna do amazing this time, he promised me
Every time singers stay put your hands up I think about Steve Harvey and kings of comedy
Watching Kings of Comedy. I swear Steve Harvey got me about to bust a lung laughing snapping about The Titanic
BREAKING NEWS. . Colin Kaepernick named Sportsperson of the year by ... Oh wait sorry I pulled a Steve Harvey.
We were blessed to do an event with Steve Harvey's Mentoring Camp in Chicago at Chicago State University! Call to...
I just got done listening to Steve Harvey's Morning Show, Where he Unleashed a diatribe against Colin Kaepernick...
Steve Harvey is so off this morning about Colin Kaepernick. It's clear he's not understanding what this young man. .
"I'm gonna kidnap Ken and lock him in the bathroom I think.". -Steve Harvey
this is on my vision board to be on Steve Harvey talking about Yup The Movement & George Was…
thank u 4 sharing the Steve Harvey clip on the 2 100-year-old pals. My 92-year-old uncle LOVED watching the ladies!
Did, White people also create Steve Harvey's wealth, what about Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, LEbron?
Y'all gotta stop letting Steve Harvey & your old *** unmarried uncle send you off about how this works. 14/
Y'all say you like weird girls till I send u a pic of shirtless Steve Harvey at 3 am and you leave me on read smh
did u see Nick Barry share a video of the Steve Harvey show with Shemar Moore in it? on fb
Donald Trump is president AND Steve Harvey lost to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for People's Sexiest Man Alive smh America we dropped the ball
Chris Webber got the same barber as Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey overcome with emotion as ‘Bernie Mac Day’ declared in Chicago
Bruce Buffer wanna be Steve Harvey so bad
wow...Bruce Buffer was just inches away from having a Steve Harvey moment
I know Steve Harvey and Bruce Buffer don't look alike, but are they brothers ? 😂
Bruce Buffer just had his very own Steve Harvey moment
But seriously tho...UFC 205 was great even with Bruce Buffer messing up like Steve Harvey, no doubt the UFC made History tonight...loved it
Steve Harvey is ending his talk show after this season … and starting a new one (new producers, moving from Chicago to…
Steve Harvey needs to announce the winner 😂
because Steve Harvey is my spirit animal 🙏🏻
Madison is playing Family Feud on demand since she wanted to see Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey .. you behind this ish my g ???
My daily mood is a mixture of Simon cowell, Steve Harvey, and Gordon Ramsay
Steve Harvey and Nephew Tommy all the way
thank you for confirmation this morning. I been loving Uncle Steve since the Steve Harvey show.
Did y'all hear Steve Harvey go in on Nephew Tommy about some *** suspenders this morning?
Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and more react to Tommy Ford's death:
In order to keep the AfricanAmerican vote, Hilary's pantsuits will all be designed by Steve Harvey & Cedric The Entertainer
As long as Steve Harvey doesn't announce the election, I think I'll be aight.
Morning routine = coffee, the Steve Harvey morning show, & 20 minutes of peace in my car while doing my makeup! Does that make me an adult?
S/O to the Steve Harvey morning show for bringing up the "talk" on the way to school 🙂🙂
Steve Harvey morning show is hilarious off the e!
Fresh off the me breakfast and listening to Steve Harvey morning show
I have a feeling that Gary wit da tea on the Rickey Smiley morning show is actually Steve Harvey
I am dieing at work listening to on Steve Harvey morning show!! 😂😂😂
is hilarious on the Steve Harvey morning show 😂😭😭😂
Kevin Hart talking on Steve Harvey morning show…😊
Did y'all hear Kevin Hart on the Steve Harvey morning show? God he's smart! He's out here working.
Kevin Heart is on Steve Harvey's morning show and have me in tears, thanks
Kevin Hart is on the Steve Harvey morning show, cracking me up
Kevin Hart on the Steve Harvey morning show 😭
Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey on The Original Kings of Comedy gotta be my two top stand up comedies ever.
hey love your show on tv and I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show every morning to tell Mrs. Harvey happy birthday 😘
Just got in my feelings really quick because I was listening to Steve Harvey morning show this morning and this woman came clean to her man
best lie, because I am an actor Steve Harvey told me to come to Atlanta for an interview for the Tom Joyner morning show
Listening to the Steve Harvey morning show about quality liars! ✊😂😂
Steve Harvey nem be trippin on the morning show .
"its 2016 why do ppl still prank call." - someone that doesn't listen to Steve Harvey radio show in the morning
I love listening to the Steve Harvey morning show while I'm driving them guys crazy 😂
How can you not like Steve Harvey? Nobody runs Family Feud like Steve
Steve Harvey: The question is "What would the GOP do for a tax cut? You said-". Paul Ryan: Sell our souls. Steve Harvey: Survey says...No. 1!
Somebody get Ryan on the Steve Harvey show, to get a date hookup!
Steve Harvey: treat her like a woman and a queen but protect the little girl inside of her that always wanted a knight in shining armor💕
Watching Nate Parker's interview with Steve Harvey. I see the regret & growth.
Yeah that was last night he did it for "lil saint " and " Steve Harvey "
Watching relationship talks with Bishop Td Jakes, Steve Harvey and Todd Chrisley . I'm learning so much 😫
Tyler Perry slept in his car . Steve Harvey slept in his . .. maybe I needa sleep in mines so I can get the big bucks to
Steve Harvey dressed like Jackie from Basketball Wives lmaooo
You should go on the Steve Harvey show Montel.
idk, you out here pulling a Steve Harvey man😂
.on HRC receiving questions in advance: “If you can’t handle Steve Harvey, you can’t handle Putin. It’s completely…
People like Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey & Chris Gardner are the reasonings to me not throwing in the towel. keep pushing
Easy to figure why Hillary needs days of prep for a debate; afterall, she needed to know Steve Harvey's questions in advan…
"There will be a night game in Williams Brice this year." - Steve Harvey
Leaked memo shows Steve Harvey provided with interview ?'s in advance . Anderson Cooper will do the same. https:…
Russell Martin got 1 of the cleanest lineups in baseball history. Steve Harvey type of lineup lol
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Leaked memo shows Steve Harvey provided Hillary Clinton with every question before interview
Where's the media outrage at Hillary manipulating the Steve Harvey interview?!
Clinton told in advance what questions she'd be asked by Steve Harvey. via
Y'all this is Steve Harvey's wife. 41 and mother of 7 KIDS and she looks great ! 😍😩
Tyler Perry, Tony Gaskins & Steve Harvey be honestly telling the real from a man's point of view.
I don't need Richard Dawson or Steve Harvey to answer these questions for me.
Talking to other comedians about Tim Allen's shady beginnings is one of my favorites. On par with "Steve Harvey started at 27" for hopetalks
u built like birdman when he finally execute a successful diet, u built like Steve Harvey once he find a razor
I can't wait for Rosie,Whoopi, Steve Harvey, Cher Sam Jackson, goodbye you have enough money due to USA!now be gone!
U lied kevin NAsh I have a crying disorder and u made me ugly like Steve Harvey he trying to take (cont)
Louie Anderson, you'll remember him as one of the hosts of Family Feud pre-Steve Harvey
All ya black favs... Martin. Fresh Prince. Jamie Foxx. Steve Harvey. Wayans Bros. ...all had a laugh track to help the comedy out.
Steve Harvey doesn't want to host Family Feud any more...
Steve Harvey meets his clone on and hilarity ensues>>.
Kim Gravel! Thanks for the like!. Congrats on your appearances on Steve Harvey! And your line on QVC!--Very powerful!
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the Steve Harvey moustache was funnier than Ariana Grande - 'Jennifer Lawrence' (Live SNL)
See Photos as Magic Johnson and wife celebrate 25th wedding anniversary with LL Cool J, Steve Harvey, Others:...
I will be in Orlando from the 17 - 26th and it would be a magnificent thing to even see the legend Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is fed up with Family Feud
Steve Harvey is fed up with Family Feud:
I agree and love the Steve Harvey video!!! Natalie Morales is a jewel!!! jp960
This wood got me feelin like Steve Harvey
Jaleel White to Steve Harvey: "how you gon' ask the guy who played Steve Urkel a cheese question"
Did y'all know Steve Harvey was a member of Omega Psi Phi . HBCU # Greeklife # Yarding # College Crib # College Crib
its that whole Steve Harvey thing all over again. But I would take over bob Cole.
My mom rocks with Steve Harvey morning show, but I'm team Rickey Smiley.
I look forward to the Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley morning show every morning!
boy I'm in Detroit Michigan. you just got pranked by Nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey morning show.
Okay for Dr. O bringing back 5 drum majors! Tey is the stingette captain. Steve Harvey over homecoming. Lawd lawd lawd
Tom Joyner morning show is the goat. Steve Harvey's too.
I liked a video Ask Steve: I want a woman's thighs to touch || STEVE HARVEY
I liked a video Ask Steve: Get rid of the other girl || STEVE HARVEY
I liked a video Ask Steve: Men would sign up for that || STEVE HARVEY
I liked a video Ask Steve: Everyone gotta get up! || STEVE HARVEY
I bet Steve Harvey puts on a different suit to go to sleep
I liked a video I do not want to hold it || STEVE HARVEY
I'm not sure but I think it was Steve Harvey who shared a story of his friend who, because of circumstances, had to cut grass f…
I liked a video Ask Steve: The lawyers wouldn’t approve it? || STEVE HARVEY
Steve Harvey's mustache is detachable, he sits it on the nightstand every night before bed
I liked a video Ask Steve: Put the sexy on it || STEVE HARVEY
Have y'all seen this video response from Steve Harvey about why country music is great? If not, watch!
I liked a video Ask Steve: Yo' momma tired of you || STEVE HARVEY
.was once the stage manager of Steve Harvey's club and booked comedians.
" welcome to Family Feud, I'm Steve Harvey, win $20,000 in cash and a new Car"😂😂😩
Did you see and Steve Harvey make television magic?! Watch -->
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In 2016 Black America has got:. ⚫️ The best game show on TB hosted by Steve Harvey. ⚫️ The best crime on drama on TV - Power
Vegas is gonna be turnt this weekend cause there is that Steve Harvey award show
Steve Harvey should win an award for "Best Game Show Host" ever. Love the way he kills it everyday on Family Feud.
On the way to Las Vegas,Nevada to bring home the Steve Harvey's Neighborhood Best Teach Award. Pics to follow. Thank you to all my family…
Omega's national convention or Steve Harvey's award show. Trey is at Drais too, Friday.
Did you see that Mark Burnett and Steve Harvey are doing a new show where entrepreneurs have to convince the...
That level playing field BS is just that. Oprah, Obama, Dr Carson, Steve Harvey, Richard Prior.. they didn't wait for level fields
Our convention must be better, invite speakers like, Dwayne Rock Johnson, Oprah, Obama, Biden, Steve Harvey, Eddie Murphy
man Steve Harvey out here winning in life (his wife and step-daughter)
If Dave Chappelle was in Steve Harvey's shoes pt 2 (Vine by
If Dave Chapelle was in Steve Harvey's shoes (Vine by
why u gave bra Hugh Masekela such an ugly tie on these new ads like he is Steve Harvey back in a day? Why?
3. If Dave Chappelle was in Steve Harvey's shoes at Miss Universe
Steve Harvey, Samuel L. and Magic Johnson enjoy July 4 on yacht
I wish Dave Chapelle would have parodied Steve Harvey on Family Feud. That would have been something.
c'mon man. Dave Chappell own show. Steve Harvey...multiple shows, Arsenio hall, Oprah, Montell Williams, NBA on TNT all black
Steve Harvey, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Snoop all on the same show tonight so yea, I'm enjoying myself.
William Carvalho looks like Steve Harvey's son he doesn't want anyone to know about
Steve Harvey spill on church hilarious.
Eddie Murphy , Steve Harvey and Dave Chappelle are better than Kevin not Martin and Katt.
Y'all ladies gotta stop wearing those fake eye lashes to the pool i just thought I seen Steve Harvey mustache floating in front of me
Jermaine Jackson I been touch by nasty African in my hospital Steve Harvey taped Kevin Nash them African nurses lie on god too n my sleep
Jermaine Jackson this lady kamrone green erase all my message for Steve Harvey and Tommy miles make Kevin nash beat my face like deveruax
Jermaine Jackson I dont have my body and face Steve Harvey was trying to kill my face for him to Marjorie Kevin nash called me a cheater
They used Mariah Carey as precious for that man Steve Harvey to insult people faces that all Kevin nash does is movie themes to hurt ppl
Today on Family Feud, The Montagues and the Capulets. And now here is your host Steve Harvey!
u get out chair look in the mirror look back in disgust cause he gave u the Wayne Brady instead of the Steve Harvey
"Kayla is the next Steve Harvey" "Steve Harvey is the next me" she just took this back btw thought we were talking about Kevin Hart
this one has me dying lol. Cause before it was a picture of Kevin Hart and now it's Steve Harvey...
"what's up everybody? I'm your man Clayton Schmidt and we gotta great so for you tonight!" How's my Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is such a better Family Feud host than John O'Hurley was.
Steve Harvey and Ed Gordon are saying tone it down ,Bro.
I was hoping those pictures were either of Gordon Ramsay or Steve Harvey
I've never seen someone as offended as Pat Blake just was when I told him I hated Steve Harvey
From William E to Steve Harvey. I think u r so cool!
I used to confuse Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil a lot when I was younger despite Dr. Phil being a white man
Steve Harvey said white people pray to God like they know him personally, like he stays next door 😂😂
Steve Harvey stays roasting white families
John Cena and Steve Harvey are staring at me. It's unsettling. .
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