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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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Prince Philip retired from public life. Steve Harvey basically retired from professional life with this company wide email…
The only person with more jobs than Ryan Seacrest is Steve Harvey and he's a Capricorn too lol
Don't think Neil's impressed with me sending him Steve Harvey gifs 😂
HOLD UP. They got kids from Crofton to go on Steve Harvey but not me? I WATCH Family Feud EVERY NIGHT AT 8 AND 8:30 ON THE GAME SHOW NETWORK
So now Steve Harvey and his wife have a skin care line? Ok. Good luck with that.
Now we all understand that Mary’s been going through a lot lately with the marriage with her now ex-husband and...
when are you guys gonna stop repeating things like ( Steve Harvey show, unusual suspect) please
Steve Harvey was named best game show host for “Family Feud” and best host of an informative talk show for “Steve...
Congratulations on the two Emmys win for Family Feud and the Steve Harvey shows!
I added a video to a playlist STEVE HARVEY? - Minecraft Battles
Time to jump, time to follow the dream ( Steve Harvey voice)
Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey are among the top Daytime Emmy winners
I kinda wish Steve Harvey hosted the NHL draft lottery. 'And the Avalanche get the 1st overall pick! hold on folks, I have to apologize...'
I liked a video Finding inner beauty with Brittany Gibbons! || STEVE HARVEY
He's taking all the money...Steve Harvey a close 2nd
At the end, you can hear an older guy's voice that sounds like Steve Harvey, saying…
Electronic Device Insurance
I liked a video Curves are meant to be celebrated || STEVE HARVEY
I liked a video You know you are ugly when... || STEVE HARVEY
Russ Parr listeners are telling him to stop defend his friend, Steve Harvey, because steve is a piece of crap. 💀
What?! You don't like Steve Harvey's 'stache? Or that time Aaron Rodgers had one? 😂 A…
Steve Harvey and Will Smith are two of the best motivational/inspirational speakers. I love listening to them!
Sometimes when you mix the Steve Harvey show with Moesha with A Different World and finally with…
Your the Queen of Rap not hardly who the F gave the crown Steve Harvey. Girl Bye! Remy is the Queen!.
Bernie Mac, Eddie Griffin , Steve Harvey , and Cedric the Entertainer has some of my favorite stand ups to date .
Jerome Bettis got a wig on too. Any *** that hit the Barbee and request an MLK natural, got a wig on. ala Steven A Smith and Steve Harvey
I would love nothing more than for Gilbert Arenas,Tyrese,and Steve Harvey to stop telling black women how to be black wome…
Spam Newton can eat *** with Stephen A. Smith, Sage Steele, Steve Harvey, and a host of others!
so do you have to be wealthy to get Iyanla fix my life or Steve Harvey to reply to your letters??
It's Steve Harvey's son James Harvey but he's married 😩 And that little kid name is Noah so cute
Steve Harvey encourages his audience to "Jump to Be Successful." Great message to Persevere Past your Paralysis.
Is this about the point in the Pulitzer announcements that Steve Harvey and Warren Beatty come out?
Steve Harvey to Warren Beatty: "Call me. ... I can help you get through this!"
epic fail - Fay and Warren the new Steve Harvey 🙄
Let the Patti Pies Dude end up on Ellen and The little girls that sung Boom Bass end up on Steve Harvey...
Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway and Steve Harvey reading off a list of contest winners! .
I want Steve Harvey and Warren Beatty to star in a buddy cop comedy where they keep arresting the wrong suspects.
I keep waiting for Steve Harvey or Warren Beatty to come out and say the Canucks won.
This could've been pretty funny until you put Steve Harvey's head over John Wilkes Booth not Lee Harvey Oswald you…
It was probably Kayne. And he probably mixed up Frederick Douglas with Steve Harvey. "Black dude with two first names right?"
am I the only one that watch Family Feud w Steve Harvey?
The weirdest part of Family Feud is when everyone has to say the answers that no one got in unison like some weird Steve Harvey themed cult.
2 people u can't talk bad 2 me about 1.Steve Harvey 2.Judge Mathis
This 11-year-old will be on Steve Harvey today. I saw her story on local news. She is from Sacramento...
I think IJ should get together with Steve Harvey and do a Celebrity Family Feud😜👍🏻
Joey Fatone is the guy who introduces Steve Harvey for family fued
How GREAT would it be if Boys Champs ends tomorrow with some points tally mixup/Oscars/Steve Harvey moment...on April Fools Day.
I've been watching Steve Harvey episodes all day. Someone stop me
So I'm listening to the Steve Harvey radio show. They read the Strawberry letter of thee day or whatever it's called.
The starting line-up is Wayne Brady, Steve Harvey, Alfonso Ribeiro, Michelle Williams, and Clifton Powell III.
I feel like Steve Harvey borrowed his mustache from Eugene Levi's eyebrows.
I liked a video Ask Steve: Not a good idea! || STEVE HARVEY
❌WRONG❌ (Steve Harvey) You my friend need to sit thru an army brief on bullying 😂
Steve Harvey brings his wife on stage for a confession that paralyzes the room
I'm legit obsessed with steve harvey and Family Feud
Yall can't tell me Isaiah Thomas hairline is legit. He either got the Steve Harvey lace front or a well done Boozer Beijing
5-year-old Natalie sampled on Kanye West's song Ultralight Beam has a request for Steve Harvey
Ay man, send my duffle you Steve Harvey vs Ashy Larry sex tape having *** boa
Forever funny | When you get Steve Harvey, David Mann & LaVell Crawford together
Steve Harvey, Bob Barker, Bob eubanks, n Pat sayjak, sayjak is hilarious you have to hear his Vanna white rant from lebatard
And my Top 3 stand ups personally don't even have Dave or Kevin in them. 1. Steve Harvey. 2. Katt Williams. 3. Aries Spears . That's just me
Current and former game show hosts that are still alive and their current age:. Jim Peck-73. Pat Sajak-70. Steve Harvey-60. Drew Carey-58
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Roger Stone? Wait. It'll come to me. Um Pat Sajak? Nope. I got it. Steve Harvey! 😉
Steve Harvey and David Brooks are kind of the same person
Scared slave syndrome. Tyler was right about Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey's been spending too much time at Uncle Tim's cabin...
Steve Harvey says black people need to start respecting Donald Trump:
Steve Harvey been shady ever since he tried to do Bernie Mac dirty to steal his role in a movie.
I can't let Steve Harvey, Kayne etc live this down. This program is how many black and brown students go to school. htt…
Pat Ewing has a closet full of Steve Harvey suits
Oh no, I never met Steve Harvey...I was talking about John Amos.
Seems we have get Pastor Burns, Tyson, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey, Don kink, and the two Mascut, to speak up.
i'm in the jungle like Steve Irwin,. you in the jungle like Steve Urkel,. she giving bald head like Steve Harvey
That was bothering me! He need to see Steve Harvey barber lol!
I'm not impressed by Steve Harvey . I'm not impressed by Tyler Perry . I'm not impressed by Oprah. I'm not impressed by Beyonce
been saying this for weeks. Dwayne Johnson has a shot too. also Tyler Perry and or Steve Harvey.
This little guy talking to Steve Harvey is funny!
Update your maps at Navteq
I need a that Steve Harvey line up who barber cold?
If Bradley Walsh was to ever quit there is only one person that could fill his shoes and that's Steve Harvey.
Back in the day, I really thought that was Steve Harvey's hair. I thought his barber was God like 😂😂
Van Jones, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Shaquille O'Neal & Steve Harvey. This is your President that u told America trust him he a loving guy. B.S.
Wait hold up Memphis Depay is married to one of Steve Harvey's daughters... what the *** lol
⚡️ Steve Harvey is a class act. . He gave a chance and came to like him. Thanks, ❌…
Steve Harvey, Warren Beatty and Bill Cullen walk into a card shop.
Steve Harvey in his living room right now
Did they just Steve Harvey the Btw, congrats Viola, Mahersali and Moonlight on winning! Emma, you are amazing.
Two people deserve credit in Oscars flub... 1. Jimmy Kimmel getting Steve Harvey joke off in moment. 2. La La Land guy handling like champ.
Warren Beatty and Steve Harvey make plans to go to dinner. Both wind up going to the wrong place.
Warren Beatty just pulled a Steve Harvey and read the wrong Best Picture winner! 😲
Calling it now: is going to have Keenan Thompson play Steve Harvey hosting the oscars
yeah lmao. Funny either way. cc: Steve Harvey, still.
There's a good Keenan Thompson as Steve Harvey joke out there. Make it happen, SNL.
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Steve Harvey just remembered how it feels to fully exhale.
Steve Harvey is loving life tonight
Steve Harvey is somewhere laughing his butt off "it's not just me !!"
"Steve Harvey made huge mistake announcing the wrong person during the Miss Universe pageant.". Academy Awards: Hold my b…
Steve Harvey is off the hook for life. Warren Beatty will wear this crown forever
Steve Harvey officially off the hook
Warren Beatty wins best actor for Steve Harvey impersonation
Washington Examiner: Steve Harvey says 'so-called friends' have 'eaten me alive' for Trump meeting | Dinesh D'Souza
I find Steve Harvey quite funny in a folksy sort of way, but the crude humor they force on him for Family Feud is appalling.
I liked a video Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey, Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig
Did anyone catch Keenan Thompson with Steve Harvey earlier today?
This *** the worst thing to happen to the game since Steve Harvey and Rob Hill Sr. 😭😭😭😭 its dope tho
I added a video to a playlist Steve Harvey and Eric Thomas Motivational Video
how is it possible to genuinely be this insane. I'm Steve Harvey and Albert Fish in one person
If K.Michelle done told you that you can't raise a man, why you gon listen to Steve Harvey and feel like you can think lik…
I'm looking for news daily of the alliance of Jim Brown, Steve Harvey, Pastor Darrell Scott and Dr. Ben Carson.High…
Trump- Can you get me a meeting with the Black Caucus Dr. Carson?. Harvey- I'm Steve Harvey. Trump- You are no help Kan…
Martin L King Jr is as much a *** as Steve Harvey for kissing trump ***
Steve Harvey asked Gene to name something that "has to be licked." Gene's answer left him at a loss for words.
Keke Palmer explaining the 'Titanic' to Steve Harvey is the greatest thing I've ever seen..
The conversation Mark Clattenburg had with Steve Harvey after the game today. .
I hope I don't have to fist fight Steve Harvey again at the farmer's market tomorrow...
What got me through tough times this week is watching Sam Jackson telling Steve Harvey "I hope he burns in *** Thanks for comedy
Summary: Bill Clinton/Shaun King/are "Liberal Black" but Tim Scott, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey are mediocre Negroes.
I applaud Step Curry and LeBron James for not going along with Jim Brown Stephen A. Smith and Steve Harvey kissing ***
May of 2016, Ray Lewis, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Mike Tyson; were all at the bbq. This summer, not so much.
Hol up bruh, u shave Steve Harvey mustache and put tattoos on his face he Kevin Gates
so obamas brother medgar evers bro mlk niece Jim Brown and Steve Harvey have met with him both said they actually like him
This is where Trump sends Ben Carson, Darryl Scott, Steve Harvey and Martin III into Chicago and other inner cities to do what?
*** like Omarosa, Kanye, Steve Harvey, all need to stop buck dancing for butter milk biscuits. Roland Martin border line *** Verdict out
if you don't believe me, ask Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown,etc
Keke Palmer is on something. I can't imagine a world where it's OK to be that dramatic. Both on Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey
her Steve Harvey & Wendy Williams one was funny asf idc
Lemme get this straight is a.k.a. Jonathan Frakes & doubles as Steve Harvey & Montel Jordan? 😂😂
Steve Harvey is now the president of free bands 😂🤑✅ @ Suffolk County, New York
Connie and boomer acting like they on Steve Harvey show lol
of the black community is Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey..Charlamange and Envy u have daugthers would u want them
I wonder if they'll use a picture of when proclaiming their ❤ for Steve Harvey.
Keke Palmer was on Steve Harvey show talkin about it
T Got a chance to sit down with Steve Harvey to talk about how you transform your life. Incredible start...
Miss Universe gets revenge on Steve Harvey by lovingly trolling him.
Joe keeps snapping me videos of Steve Harvey 😂😂
Steve Harvey been that dude since a youngin
My heart just got ripped into a million pieces 💔 . Steve Harvey, u sure u got it right? 😞😭
steve harvey: and the Ms. Universe is . . steve harvey: STILL PIA WURTZBACH GOODBYE EVERYONE
So Steve Harvey doesn't get his money shot calling Columbia Miss Universe this year, does he now?
The Miss U org did a good thing for giving Steve Harvey a chance to redeem himself. That must've been a big sigh of relief f…
Oh shoot, I thought Steve Harvey would at least crown this time to apologise for last year's debacle!
Steve Harvey: I have to apologize, Miss France is the first runner up. The Miss Universe 2016 is the Interpreter! .
She's surely the Miss Universe in his whole *** world so I would like to ask, are you sure you got it right this time, S…
Steve Harvey gets it right! Miss U host announces correct winner
"I'm Steve Harvey, and I got it right!" 😂
Waiting for Steve Harvey to take that back and say *** I did it again. HAITI!!" 😒😒😒
"One thing I've learned from last year is when you made a mistake, you gotta keep moving forward" -Steve Harvey
I love how Steve Harvey, Travis Greene, Kanye, Chrisette etc have NOTHING to say right now. Nothing. Not a MFn word about…
columbia protected one of the worst criminals for years. But there mad at Steve Harvey for saying the wrong name! Priorities
Did Steve Harvey get it right yesterday?
Miss Universe title goes to France (and yes, Steve Harvey announced the correct winner this year) http…
Steve Harvey got it right this time w/ a little help! :) Credits: InterAksyon
'People hate you': Miss Colombia roasts Steve Harvey at Miss Universe 2017 via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Absolutely loved it and thank God no goof up from Steve Harvey 😆.
It's to avoid gaps in the schedule while they make more.
"I'm Steve Harvey AND I GOT IT RIGHT!". That's how you stand up after a fall, ladies and gentlemen. Steve Harvey, THE REAL MIS…
Steve harvey mwitu😂 so tell the neighbor to get a side first, main later
My teacher keeps saying Steve Harvey & some other guy are in charge of Home& Urban Development (or something) bc they're black..
Steve Harvey is an embodiment of second chances. A failure doesn't always equate to a downfall.
steve harvey Steve Not to worry about an Island Bimbo's big mouth Here in America we love you
My favorite migo is definitely Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey said France, so the winner is Haiti.
Watching Miss Universe waiting for Steve Harvey to mess up again.
When Steve Harvey's book blew up so did his head. Because of how some women have been treated by men they are...
Steve Harvey returns to host and jokes with Miss Colombia about last year's flub.
This time, Steve Harvey happily got it right 😂
Steve Harvey has been retained as the administrations choice for wardrobe consultant
Steve Harvey: The next Miss Universe is... Colombia. Steve again: I have to apologize si Pia Wurtzbach ulet hehe.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Steve Harvey playin matchmaker for his son, while Miss Colombia speaks her native language to announce their death…
At least Steve Harvey was given glasses...
"I'm Steve Harvey and I got it right! Goodnight!" BEST outro 😂😂
Steve Harvey: "We will be right back, but trust me, it will be worth the wait." Pagod na akong umasa, Steve.
Missing simpler times like when Steve Harvey tried to murder Michael Jackson
yes I listened to Steve Harvey for years. I listen to Russ Parr and Ricky Smiley now.
CNN👉Mark Lamont Hill refers to prominent black men like MLK Jr & Steve Harvey as "MEDIOCRE *** ...No outrage??🤔. http…
You could tell Steve Harvey is a simp, he would be the one to get finessed by an omega level thottie.
Oh, so this is why trump met w/Kanye, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis. For a minute, I thought he gave a *** abt Black folk.😉
🤔...So I wonder if this is what Donald Trump was talking about with Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, and Chicago's own…
5 days to coronation night! Hosted by Steve Harvey, Ashley Graham + performances by Flo Rida & more!.
Presidential adviser Steve Harvey's thoughts on feds in Chicago a mystery
Steve Harvey just made a phenomenal point on his radio show. We can't see past that tho
Better yet, let's say it's Steve Harvey offering her Bernie Mac's spot w/ Kings of Comedy. That I'd pay to see.
I gotta catch the Steve Harvey morning show to hear what he said about DL & Tom Joyner
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
"I can't wait for the packers steelers super bowl" Sean spicer Brian Williams and Steve Harvey somewhere
Don't pull a Steve Harvey on us Nick 🙄
Steve Harvey faces backlash after telling distasteful jokes about Asian men. responds:
Now we all know why Steve Harvey was invited to the Trump Tower. Next up, Brian Williams
Because black leader, Mark Lamont Hill, referred to Steve Harvey, A *** Does that mean it's OK for me me ( White), to call blacks, ***
Where was when Mark Lamont Hill called Steve Harvey and many other "mediocre Negroes"?
Always have been a big Lamont Simpson guy. Yorko, fraudulent Steve Harvey and Lamont are the Summit A Team.
Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Ray Lewis, Yeezus, MLKIII, Ben Carson, and Darrell Scott: all "mediocre *** in the eye of racists & dividers.
Yall remember Merlin Santana? Aka Romeo from the Steve Harvey show? I remember he passed tragically but never knew…
hey do you think we can start the inauguration with Steve Harvey announcing the winner of the election
Steve Harvey's defense of his alliance with Donald Trump is truly pathetic:
and people leave as soon as they see Steve Harvey and Kirk Cameron walk into the bar
Steve Harvey and Kirk Cameron walk into a bar.
Steve Harvey defends Trump meeting: It's the only way we can heal this country
Steve Harvey is one freaky Deeky dude .. that guy has some super weird views on things look it up. strange😜
Charles, don't forget Lamont Hill.and his remarks about Steve Harvey, Jim Brown and MLK III
Strange how it's Jim Carrey's, James Earl Jones', Betty White's, Michelle Obama's, Steve Harvey's, and Muhammad Ali's Birthday all today 🎂🎁🎉
I'm pretty sure Steve Harvey does far more for the black community than Hill will ever do.
Kanye West,Steve Harvey,Jim Brown, Ray Lewis. All of em had "coffee" w trump. They trynna get to us through them...…
We loved reaction to Steve Harvey and Donald Trump's meeting!
Trump has Jim Brown & Steve Harvey come talk to him but. Why doesnt he invite Joe Namath &. Seinfeld?. Cant Truss It . htt…
Steve Harvey offers his "humblest apology" for making an offensive joke about Asian men:
Today is Steve Harvey's birthday and everybody is under his picture calling him a Capricoon. I.
Steve Harvey-hosted 'Family Feud' beats out 'Wheel of Fortune' in ratings - Fox News
TV host Steve Harvey explains his meeting with Donald Trump via
.apologizes for joke about Asian men: "Humor was not meant with any malice"
Steve Harvey recently highlighted, in a very nasty way, the emasculation of Asian men. Perhaps the media's to blame? https…
Lmfao it's Steve Harvey's birthday and somebody called him a Capricoon 💀💀💀💀
Steve Harvey apologizes for 'racist' comments on Asian men: "The humor was not meant with any malice"
Being a businessman doesn't mean the approach has to be well received. Steve Harvey knows good or bad publicity will keep him flourishing!
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According to Martin Luther King III, football great Jim Brown & Steve Harvey are ALL
Keeping it real ...listen up Kanye & Steve Harvey ✊🏽💯
Steve Harvey in 'Family Feud' with fans - Name something Steve Harvey has done recently that is upsetting fans?
Betty White & Michelle Obama & Muhammad Ali are the only ones I care for today:) . Steve Harvey can take his Capricoon self on.
Steve Harvey sorry for offending fans with comments about Asian men - Fox News
Steve Harvey apologizes for remarks about Asian men being unattractive. via STFU
It makes sense Steve Harvey met with Trump, he's great at crowning the wrong winner
When Stevie Wonder tells Steve Harvey he surprised he didnt SEE him at the white house party 😂😂😂
The Steve HARVEY drag for filth ain't no ***
Trump lashes out at civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis and meets with Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey Speaks on his Meeting with Trump via
Steve Harvey apologizes for comments about Asian men to see a real man not afraid to extend an apology & mean it!!
Liberals are writing off Steve Harvey, Kanye, etc. as *** and Uncle Toms - because they're trying to help the black…
Please join me in wishing the illustrious and a wonderful birthday! (Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Kid Rock, Betty White.)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. STEVE HARVEY -😍😍😍. I know it's only your BODY that turned "SWEET 60" today... but your "MIND &...
When Steve Harvey and Kanye show up to "fix the hood".
I supposed to place my faith on Kanye West and Steve Harvey to speak to Donald Trump about Black issues in America? foh. h…
Happy birthday to you . Mr. Steve Harvey. You look dam good for a 60 year old.
I've been telling people Steve Harvey is trash. Nothing new about his mess ups now...
union should have said " something " on both Steve Harvey issues ,she was silent,I was surprised sh…
VIDEO: Steve Harvey to work with Carson to bring change to Chicago, and the inner cities
Ok. . Given:. 1. You don't like Trump. 2. You think Steve Harvey is "WASTING TIME" to try to work with Ben Carson...
Trevor Noah puts John Lewis and Steve Harvey’s responses to Trump in context on Martin Luther King Day. https…
Steve Harvey has plenty at stake regarding community involvement. Don't do that!
John McCain said he's received intelegence from a hooker that inplicate Steve Harvey & MLK III are part of the NYC…
My beef with Steve Harvey is this. Why... Don't give me that "Give him a chance" crap. His history has...
But he was all over Steve Harvey, seems strange to me!.
Trump- who shows up in tower lobby for photo ops with random business people, Don king, Steve Harvey- can't make it
And why is Steve Harvey even commenting on Asian men's attractiveness anyway! Bruce Lee don't want you!!!
Boycott all that is Steve Harvey peacefully resist by not supporting all of them
DL Hughley goes off about Steve Harvey, & others meeting with Donald Trump
Steve Harvey, Kanye, Omarosa..Trump can keep those clowns, I'll take my lead from heroes like Reps John Lewis & Barba…
Steve Harvey should take a look at this. . Donald Drumpf is just using him so he looks like he's not a racist POS. https…
...Dr. Jamal Bryant speaking on Steve Harvey meeting with .via
I'm mad that I didn't see Keenan's Steve Harvey impression coming last night. I also feel a strange delight at all the possibilities.
Its amazing how Trump pulls people like Romney & Steve Harvey into the spotlight to show they would be seen with him and…
Trump, Steve Harvey!!!? You must have found out that Soupy Sales is no longer available.
doesn't Steve Harvey have that covered?
Lol. Sounds like they might be racist, getting upset with Steve Harvey for wanting to help the inner city wi…
What is Steve Harvey's inner city initiative gonna be? A 10 button suit in every closet?
Much respect to Steve Harvey, Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman for stepping up & trying to unite our divided country. IF Trump…
Steve Harvey is a "insofar as any attempt by him to direct federal should be seen as bad "…
Another strange cabinet choice, Steve Harvey has been tapped as Trump's pick for Secretary of Casual Fridays
I get Steve Harvey mixed up with T.D. Jakes a lot. "Woman, Thou Art LOOSED!"
They should just fire Steve Harvey from Family Feud and replace him with Sheryl Underwood or George Wallace.
Update your maps at Navteq
Steve Harvey can't eem read a cue card right, but him & a brain surgeon gon run housing & Urban Development
Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump to talk about urban housing development . Me.
Steve Harvey was there to consult on "Housing for Urban Development" (not the name of the agency) and d…
Ok. Ok. Phew. It's all gonna be alright. Steve Harvey is consulting on inner city housing and Urban Development.
JUST IN: Steve Harvey to work with Dr. Carson to bring "positive change to inner cities" and help with Urban Development. Grea…
Let's give some love for Steve Harvey, who is working with Ben Carson and our next POTUS to clean up the in…
Steve Harvey says he wants the Trumps on Family Feud. Playing against the Obama. I kid you not.
OBAMA: if u tired of arguin wit ppl on the internet. Have a convo in person . YALL: YAS!!. *Steve Harvey has convo in…
Repealing the affordable care act, Steve Harvey??? Things that make you say hmmm..
Moments ago: Donald Trump, Steve Harvey appear in lobby of Trump Tower; Trump says "repeal and replace is going great" https:/…
Steve Harvey was actually sitting down with Alec Baldwin. And talked on the phone with Dr. Huxtable.
How is Steve Harvey the *** of the day for dialogue with PEOTUS about black community when Kodak Black did a interview…
My mom listens to the Steve Harvey radio show, so naturally I hear it sometimes. Harvey has went IN on Trump. So this is all strange to me.
Who knows maybe Steve Harvey . had Merlin Santana Killed for his Illuminati sacrifice & give Drake a stolen shtick character to go by .
"Steve Harvey" is a comedian. I don't see anyone attacking other comedians who say far more controversial things. Dave Chapelle?   10% Off
Nooow it makes sense why Steve Harvey would make offensive jokes about a group of people!
I like that Steve Harvey is going to work with Ben Carson, very cool but good lord, even though his comedy isn't...
Trump meets with Steve Harvey but no love for the other Family Feud hosts. No Richard Karn? No John O' Hurley. Not even Louie Anderson?
Ok let me check myself first. Steve Harvey might be doing this out of real concern. Everyone forgot about Merlin Sa…
Steve Harvey met with Trump today and Keenan Thompson now knows what he'll be doing tomorrow night.
"Steve Harvey" would not make the top ten Family Feud answers for "People The President-Elect Needs To Talk To 7 Days Be…
BREAKING: Steve Harvey to work with Dr. Carson to rebuild USA's Inner Cities & help young people out!
A bunch of angry crybabies are attacking Steve Harvey with racist terms. Sad. Please show him some support.
Best thing Steve Harvey ever did was give us Lovita Alize Jenkins-Robinson
Maybe we can get Steve Harvey to announce the name of the winner of the election before they are sworn in?
They can't mean the same Steve Harvey who couldn't even emcee the Miss Universe pageant properly, could they? It must be a different Steve
So we're settled on Steve Harvey as our Caesar Flickerman?
Steve Harvey announces he'll team up with Ben Carson at HUD to "see if we can bring about some positive change in the in…
Steve Harvey ain't been funny since Merlin Santana was alive. But notice as soon as he insults an Asian person, Trump finds a job for him.
The average joe schmo doesn't know what Housing and Urban Development does but with Steve Harvey talking about it on camera...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Steve Harvey suggests pitting Trump and Obama against each other on "Family Feud"
The only person happy about Steve Harvey's appointment is Keenan Thompson
Shame on Steve Harvey for not disclosing his Political experience to the world.Who knew?Can't wait to Cindy Brady joins the cabinet
Steve Harvey's transformation into the real life Caesar Flickerman is step one of North America's inevitable transi…
Guys calm down. I have it on good authority it was Keenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey meeting with Trump.
So Trump chooses a black doctor and a black comedian to resolve inner city problems? Steve Harvey? Chris Rock would have been so much better
Stevens News Trump speaks with entertainer Steve Harvey about helping U.S. cities
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