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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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So my mom is hanging out with Steve Harvey. Lol
Between Tony Gaskin and Rob Hill and Steve Harvey, these broads think they got all the game... z... If you get yo game and self-esteem from social media then you ain't got none.
Will Smith started as a rapper and ended up being one of the highest paid black actors of all time. Ice Cube started as a rapper but now he is also a Movie Star. Nick Cannon used to just play roles on Nickelodeon shows. Now he owns the Network. Queen Latifah used to rap. Now she hosts her own Talk Show. Dont get me started on Steve Harvey. STOP LOOKING AT THE TREE AND SEE THE FOREST!
Monday's aren't all horrible. Just got an email asking me to be on the Steve Harvey talk show! :D
Bobby Gailes is "Taking it to the Streets", weekday morning at around, 6:47, 7:13 and 8:13 on the Steve Harvey morning show on 96.3 WHUR My guest this morning is Ms. Kim Rhim, the Founder and Executive Director of the Training Source Inc. The Training Source, Incorporated, is offering an invaluable workforce development opportunity through their Hospitality Express 4 Success job-training program, designed for women between 18 to 26. The deadline to apply is April 21, 2014. They’re also offering a Leadership Program for high school students. The deadline to apply is April 14, 2014. For more information log onto .
Progressives are now complaining, because Stephen Colbert was picked to host the Late Show next year after Letterman retires. They felt that a black or female should have gotten the job. They seem to forget that Arseno Hall has a show. The truth is that very few black comedians can be funny without almost exclusively making jokes about race. The same goes for females comedians not being able to be funny without always making female jokes. Only two black comedians come to mind who have talent to be funny without having to rely on racial jokes, that's Cedric The Entertainer and Steve Harvey they would have been perfect, but the rest of them, no way.
What if it's just Gareth Cliff's book and Khanyi Mbau's one, as well as Steve Harvey's "Think Like A Man, Act Like A Woman"?
"God blesses us so that we can be a blessing on to others"(Steve Harvey)
I can't put my finger on it but I just don't real care for Taraji Henson as the new host - I miss Steve Harvey.
DEADLINE IS APPROACHING FAST: Refer as many friends as you can and get (ONE ENTRY) PER REFERRAL; for a chance to (WIN) two tickets to 2014 Ford 12th Annual Neighborhood Awards hosted by Steve Harvey. (All referrals must be getting taxes back/guaranteed refunds in order to receive any entry.) It doesn't matter what state the referral comes from. Send me a private message for your info and referral. Thank you and good luck. :)
Shirley's strawberry letter on Steve Harvey's morning show was hilar this mornin 📻
Steve Harvey just gave a S/O to Augusta, Ga for giving him a chance & two sold out shows in the beginning of his career! He said Augusta, Ga will always have a special place in his heart!♥ He also gave a s/o to Minnesota Fattz!
They got Chris Brown in the general population while he is incarcerated.smh did they do that to James Brown or Steve Harvey when they beat their wives? That boy even though he is human like the rest and doesn't deserve special privileges, still he is a target and it's still dangerous for a celebrity of his status to be around general population. Is Jesse Jackson Jr in the general population? Was Martha Stewart? Or Lil Wayne? It's just sad
threesome with Steve Harvey and Dr.Phil please
Steve Harvey look like he scared to catch AIDS
Steve Harvey is the best Family Feud host hands down
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Watching Family Feud and Steve Harvey is slick messy! Lol he joke too much for me 😩
currently preparing my application to host Family Feud for when Steve Harvey retires
The Family Feud question was: if you have kids name something you always run out of? Steve Harvey asked the girl and her name happened to be Patience.but she said something else smh
Pretty sure I just heard Steve Harvey call one of the people on Family Feud a SOB...
Watching Family Feud need to get the hubby some of his suits. Steve Harvey knows he has some good suits.
Family Feud, Steve Harvey, is so dang funny.
I love Family Feud, Steve Harvey is a great host.
Well, I'm on a roll today. So, I'm working from home and I have Family Feud on in the background. The question was "Name one job where Big Breasts is important". The family X'd out because they couldn't come up with all of them.but was KFC! Steve Harvey is cracking up. Said it was his favorite answer of ALL TIME. Too funny.
I love Family Feud with Steve Harvey. I want to go on there so bad cause I know I'm that GREAT
I haven’t watched Family Feud in years, but I might need to watch because I forgot the foolery that happens on that show. This clip was brought to my attention a couple of months ago. Steve Harvey asks the question “Name something that follows the word ‘pork’” and foolishness ensues. First of all, L...
April 8, 2014 and today is Tuesday, a day late! Arch Bishop Tutu was Steve Harvey's reference in one of his sitcoms episodes. It's Lent and in this Lenten season while I fast and pray for all, I pray especially for Bintu Musa's iniquities, aspirations and ambitions! May the Spirit of Mother Teresa intervene with her prayers! So dear sweet hearts of the world, please accept Bintu Musa as my Babe of the week!! I pray for you every day day mom and my moms NTORMA!
Steve Harvey is a funny sob on Family Feud.
Family Feud. Question: Name something you pull out. U see where this is going...Steve Harvey's face...LOL
Steve Harvey is the funniest man on the planet! Well, him and Katt Williams.
Steve Harvey the best thing that happen to Family Feud
She just said He "Turnt" it lol Tahj P Henderson is trying but she can't host it like Steve Harvey.
Halle Berry is making the media rounds for her new movie Frankie & Alice and during a chat on Steve Harvey's radio show today, she said she'd read his book Think Like A Man three times. At that moment, I began to worry about Halle.
If you could party with any 5 famous people (living) who would you pick? I'd pick Willie Nelson, Seth Rogen, Katy Perry, john C Reily, and Steve Harvey
I actually have no idea who they will replace Letterman with. Steve Harvey? Craig Ferguson? Do they look to someone young enough to go for 20 more years? Most existing talk show hosts are either so successful that they won't be interested in late night (Ellen DeGeneres) or not successful enough at 11:30 (Arsenio, Conan). Others are tied up in lucrative contracts with other networks (Kimmel, Colbert, Stewart). There used to be an easy way to find good hosts, the guest host spot on Carson. It was the perfect way for a young comic to showcase the ability to do good interviews 5 days a week. I wish one of the late night shows would try that again.
When woman say " They think like a man" they never say what kinda of man, a humble man , a lying man, a changed man, a childish man, U watch and read Steve Harvey books who was a cheating man, that became a changed man what makes u think,thinking like a man can change ur life, thinking like a man only caused war, women to have subject there selves to harsh makeup and perms, deadly body implants etc...think like a woman and let a man love you a real ,humble,changed Man
Real Family Feud question: "Name a WORD that usually comes after the word PORK." Contestant: "...cupine". Lol I love Steve Harvey
My modern day heros are Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart & Michael Strahan. They are getting it in on multiple fronts.
I knew I should have tried these pants on before buying them. now I'm outchea looking like Steve Harvey's protege ☹
Steve Harvey sounds like a *** .. like that *** from Step Brothers who made his family sing Sweet Child O Mine.
Bernard Jeffrey "Bernie" McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008), better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was an African American stand-up comedian, actor, voice artist, and comedian at the All Jokes Aside comedy club in Chicago. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Mac gained popularity as a stand-up comedian. He joined comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D. L. Hughley as The Original Kings of Comedy. After briefly hosting the HBO show Midnight Mac, Mac appeared in several films in smaller roles. His most noted film role was as Frank Catton in the remake Ocean's Eleven and the titular character of Mr. 3000. He was the star of The Bernie Mac Show, which ran from 2001 through 2006, earning him two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. His other films included starring roles in Booty Call, Friday, The Players Club, Head of State, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Bad Santa, Guess Who, Pride, Soul Men, Transformers and Madagascar: Escape 2 Af ...
Can anyone explain to me how Michael Strahan has morphed into Wayne Brady, Regis Philben, Steve Harvey? Dude will be doing 3 daytime tv shows this fall.
My favorite Steve Harvey episode on! When the funk hit the fan all the people wanna dance! Comon get with me! Get with me!
anyway to view the Steve Harvey guest appearance,. the one where he talks about Mickey Mouse,Honey BooBoo & Chucky Cheese
I'm.listening to.the Steve Harvey morning show on 107.5 97.5 being a blessing to his listeners
OK I am watching Steve Harvey show and wow love the clothes but I could NEVER see me in any of theses ... made for the big girls love them
Family Feud is a must watch in my household. Im going on this show, I HAVE to meet Steve Harvey and play fast money!
I watch Family Feud way too much for anaiyah to refer to Steve Harvey as just Steve in regular conversation. Lol smh
I love Family Feud with Steve Harvey! That dude kills me!
Steve Harvey makes Family Feud so much better. So there's a black family against a White family. Question is what does a woman have in abundance that would impress a guy? So the black family is mostly women they said hips, thighs, and something else that I agreed with. They got 3 x's. So my mom and I are like they just thinking Black women. So before Steve goes to the other team he says let me hep y'all out, talking to the audience, culturally all those answers were correct, LOL!!! He's great though!!
F'n Steve Harvey.! Was watch'n an ep of Family Feud. One of the contestants was an overweight black dude. Steve dumb azz, with his pathetic way of trying to be funny, asked the dude on national t.v. "how much did he weigh?" You're step'n outside the scope of your job description, you Goofball!
Sorry gotta brag, next week Bret Michaels w Oprah for her lifeclass audience AND Steve Harvey for a couples show w Dave :) Yeah me:)
Stephen A. Smith is the Steve Harvey of sports
Steve Harvey gets it whether it is Family Feud or his talk show or whatever it maybe. Again I say he gets it!
Very cool experience today - NBC flew me into Chicago to be on The Steve Harvey Show - - we addressed the increase in college mass shootings over these last few decades and what to do. The producers and Steve Harvey himself...genuine people indeed. Also there was a victim who survived a 12 gauge shotgun blast...her story on survival is very inspiring. Not sure when the show will air. In most cities it is seen during the day - at night here in Pittsburgh.
Watching you on Steve Harvey show... Love it!
AYE Love Predelus is on the Steve Harvey show
I just found myself actually watching the Steve Harvey show. I'm gonna reevaluate my life
Watching the Steve Harvey show. I remember this man and man did he lose weight. Congrats to him and his mom she also lose weight. God Bless both.
This soft tousled twist out Curly Nikki is wearing on the Steve Harvey show is to die for 😍
Steve Harvey show is on point today
Low key love the Steve Harvey show.
I'm not here for this Steve Harvey show. This woman upset that her man don't like her natural hair...but she just showing him it!
I'm seeing a live taping of the Tv show Steve Harvey idk if you've ever heard of him
I wish more men would watch the Steve Harvey show lol
Black lady at Marcos watching the Steve Harvey show and they're talking about weeves and she said "Preach"
Tune into the Steve Harvey show y'all!! Husband hates wife's natural hair!!!
Just fell in love with the Steve Harvey show.
Steve Harvey is like my fav talk show
Here we are in Chicago when we filmed on "Steve Harvey show"
Let's me the man who hates his wife natural hair on Steve Harvey show
Everyone turn on Steve Harvey show right now! Listen for sugar bash !
Steve Harvey is talking about that on his show today.
Idk why I'm sitting here watching the Steve Harvey show.
"God does so much 4 us, & we do so little in return. He allows us to start over." Steve Harvey, The Steve Harvey Morning Show
Just watched Jakae on the Steve Harvey show! WOW way to go! !
20 minutes and the Steve Harvey show starts on channel five so make sure u watch for my family:) my mom and dad,my aunt Debbie and penny my sister and keandre!!! So be watching :)
My aunt is going to be on the Steve Harvey show today!!
Lol I'm watching the Steve Harvey talk show n the topic is I love my man but...
Steve Harvey would be giving advice on his show about life after a weave
Watching the Steve Harvey show waiting to see Josh Steele! You make us proud! I'm so happy for you!!
By all means, make the ob/gyn's office more unpleasant by blasting Steve Harvey's show in the waiting room.
Steve Harvey has me weak I want to go to a taping of his show
Photoset: theworldofamber: sweettooth626: Whoever decided to get Steve Harvey for this show deserves a...
An aunt of mine was in the Steve Harvey show 😳
Dis *** on Steve Harvey show Tawkin bout he ion like his wife natural hair
I dnt think reading relationhip books or watching Steve Harvey show or listening to silly relationship talk shows will Improve ur relationship,I find all that just a waste of time.the only thing that can help improve ur relationship is swallowing ur pride,putting ur egos aside,meeting each other half way nd best of the best COMMUNICATION.
I can't wait to watch the Steve Harvey show . 😁😍 ... 3pm
I like Steve Harvey show and dr. Oz
Im kind of sad I won't be going to Steve Harvey show tomorrow...but I love my friend and her father means more to me than a show...oan and please say a prayer for this woman at my job who drinks a 1 liter mountain dew EVERY DAY.geesh
Spend less time watching BET and listening to the Steve Harvey morning show. Watch the news and WTOP and maybe you will learn something.
Me an leebug relaxing watching Steve Harvey show I love this man...
Hello Mrs.sherylunderwood I love listing to u on the Steve Harvey radio show
Watch this episode of the Steve Harvey show everyone!
Watching the Steve Harvey show & there is a man (who is black) who hates his wife's (whom is also black) natural hair. She has been natural 4 3yrs & he hates it. She looks so hurt yet she loves him & its hurting her confidence. I'm sooo ova this stupid issue. I swear it seems like white men embrace our natural hair more then the black men we were raised around. Smdh. I luv my natural hair a milli and I'm neva goin back. Men yearn 4 a woman wit a "real" persona.but can't handle a woman with "real" hair.
Steve Harvey show nephew Tommy is crazy,his vacation prank is hilarious! Got to hit it on YouTube!
"Rosie Perez is here!" - Steve Harvey, literally everyday, on The Steve Harvey Show
No woman would ever dare take me to a Steve Harvey show to discuss our problems with another man. No Harvey, No Dr. Phil will come tell me about my business!!!
don't forget MY Nikki, will be on the Steve Harvey show today!
My dad is so into this Steve Harvey show on natural hair.
Steve Harvey ended his radio show this morning with some words that I needed to hear. It was right on time. God knew.
Don't forget to watch the Steve Harvey show at 3 PM today! Linda Karnesky sister Samantha will be on the show !
Steve Harvey morning show messing up this morning lol
For those who missed Steve Harvey's Show last week...he shared that Mary Kay Satin Hands and Satin Lips is the...
they dropped Steve Harvey morning show in Milwaukee. What other stations can I hear it on???
Check out the strawberry letter on Steve Harvey show come on at 9:00 in the morning every morn 95.5
lam watching Steve Harvey show ...secret on how to get your man to listen to you without repeating yourself 2 times.
I seen on the Steve Harvey show yesterday comedian George Wallace , he's funny, and what he said , made a lot of sense, why are people waiting till they retire to , enjoy life , go on vacation? They too *** old, don't wait till nothing works anymore , enjoy life now , while your young, yes indeed! ! :)
After listening to Jerry Steinfeld on the Steve Harvey show his quote made so much sense. He ask "Why do people wait to retire at the age of 65"? "They are to old by then. Young people need to travel and see the world now and not wait until you can't move. "Travel while everything is working". Makes total sense to me!
Ohhh my, I was asked out on a 2nd date. The poor man didn't learn his lesson yet. Mom pointed out to me today after seeing the Steve Harvey show which reminded her that I am so bossy. She said that I cut the guys steak and even will force feed him. Lol If he would just do it right I wouldn't have to do it for him.
Today while my two lovely girls were battling it out at the school spelling bee...I was at the Steve Harvey show where I received a $260.00 voucher for a FREE Sitncycle (portable exercise bike from smooth fitness)! Thank you Steve Harvey!!! ...and to my girls...I'm proud of you two❤️
Crazy that the Steve Harvey show today showed me something that I need to change in my relationship that I do. Gotta love him.
Steve Harvey is clowning the brooks family on smh
Hygiene moment: if your gonna go on the Steve Harvey show make sure you wear under garments or strong deodorant or something!!!... Just saying
Here something for you a white girl from Portland on Steve Harvey show he'd set her up on a dated. I was shock because he set her up with a Brother. Then he set her up with another brother and I know him. He's a Referee. We work together before . Is name is Larry. Nice Guy.
Junior from the Steve Harvey morning show hosting audition for the singing contest at the 2014 Neighborhood Awards
Mrs Shirley I would love if you & Steve Harvey morning show can review my album my single (THIS MY CUT) in rotation this week
Hello Mrs Shirley I would like you and the Steve Harvey morning show to review my album Cint Shamire (IN THE MIND OF ME)
Yooo the Steve Harvey morning show has me weak right now 😂😂😂😂
if i had a radio show.. smh, y'all wouldn't have Steve Harvey in the morning
The Strawberry letters on Steve Harvey morning show are so funny
Update your maps at Navteq
Steve Harvey is speaking volumes on this morning show.
Steve Harvey morning show!! I’m listening to and with the free Radio app
I hate hearing this *** on the Steve Harvey morning show. *** *** af
Listening to the Steve Harvey show early this morning!
*** girl! That *** crispier that my grandmama's fried chicken on a sunday morning after church right before the Steve Harvey show!"
you are hilarious on the talk and Steve Harvey morning show.
hey soror. I love watching you on the talk and hearing you on the Steve Harvey morning show. You crack me up
Going to church with my mom today if she call and wake me up. If not. Guess I'll have to tune into the Steve Harvey morning show
I love when u are on the show I crack up every morning I love u on the Steve Harvey morning show k/a Mrs.NephewTommy
good morning to you too Steve Harvey. Could I get a birthday wish from you today? My wife and I love your show.
They bumpin the Steve Harvey morning show tho lol
Ladies, do me 1 favor please! Go to & click Steve Harvey - Grand Finale. Skip to 58:00 and listen to him. Thx :)
My mom boyfriend wore a fitted sweater some shoes and Michael Jordan jeans to her party for all that he could've said Steve Harvey flow
Did you happen to see the Steve Harvey show today? His guests were the Olivet Junior Varsity football team boys where he made them Harvey's Heroes, a regular section of his show. Such a joy to see these boys recognized and see their story over and over again. They are true heroes - our Olivet Heroes!
REVISED Dear African American people, let us no longer support TV shows like Bill Cunningham, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, as i feel as a people we are more than just "cheaters" & "baby daddy". we will now support shows such as Mr. Tavis Smiley, Montell Williams, Steve Harvey, Arsenial Hall, Bryant Gumble and of course His good brother to satisfy your sports info. This text as you may see is from negative to positive.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Exactly. Harvey drives down that road looking like Steve McQueen.
definition of perfection, funny, classy, good, loyal and honest and you get perfection or in other words, Steve Harvey
Love watching Steve Harvey show.he's got style !!! Heehee smile
IT’S AMAZING! The cats out the bag…. MEN listen up! The same product I have been promoting to you… STEVE HARVEY announced today that he uses them as well……he even demonstrated how to use them and why he uses them…. It can’t get any better than that! Right now you can register on my site (, ask for a sample pack so you can try before you buy, or just purchase it outright…… but you better hurry, with that big announcement, women are stacking up supplies for themselves and their men! Today only! No shipping and handling charges when you purchase a MK Satin Hands set (Vanilla Sugar, Peach or No-Fragrance) with or without the Satin lips. You’ll also receive a $5 discount on your next purchase, just mention Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey just called himself a monkey.
Steve Harvey: Women looking for a type of man are so caught up in what he is, they forget to find out who he is. 🙌
Its all a tie between Steve Harvey and Bernie Mack "Which comedian makes you laugh the most?
Conclusion of the steve harvey was the 90 day cookie program.keep them cookies n jar *** you want hear from no man.,they'll run to the next cookie .only a good one will stay..lmao...just saying...
I like number three and number two best on THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW
The Steve Harvey show is painful to watch. Only tuning in for
I'm "Steve Harvey". TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
I'm watching and they did a scene from family fued. Steve Harvey: name something that comes after pork Contestant: u pine.
I am excited to intern for Clear Channel Philly! Clear Channel is the radio network that Ryan Seacrest and Steve Harvey have a syndication deal with for their radio shows. This is a HUGE foot in the door to radio.
Tonight's episode of the Steve Harvey show. Lmao
Like 12 couples that met on the Steve Harvey show got married last year hmmm I might need to take a trip
This guy one Steve Harvey said Heavyweights was his fav movie lol keeper 👏👏
This is the funniest thing!!!.. I work in a doctor's office and we Hav a huge flat screen tv in the waiting room. Every patient and all my coworkers ran to the tv cuz the game is on. Lol everyone is going crazy!!! And I jus wana watch the Steve Harvey show lol
Heaven? Well, well, I'm pretty sure Steve Harvey clips generate faster than can be consumed, so I guess "behold, the splendor of the West"
I was watching the Steve Harvey show, and they put it on the audience and I couldn't help but notice how much she looked like you, is that you? Lmao
Ugh, head hurting so bad I just wanna lay down and take a nap but an hour nap ain't gone work. So I guess I will just sit here an watch da Steve Harvey show and Law&Order SVU til lil man gets home, get him a snack and put him in front of da tv, then hopefully I will be able to catch up on sum sleep
Today is March 21st and to some people it's the 1st day of spring so we're all happy because no more cold weather. Thank ya Jesus!!! To others this is just another Friday but me today is my cool big brother Michael H Isome Jr. Birthday. I'm the youngest of 4 and my silly wonderful parents Michael Isome Sr. aka Big Guy and Bridgette Isome aka Short Lady decide to save the best for the last two. Two crazy girls and two awesome boys lol. Anyway I love this man to death. Homeboys and play brothers come and go but a blood brother can never be replace. My pops call us Worthless & Useless others call us Big Mike & Lil Mike but in me and my brothers we are the Two Dope Boys in a Bonneville. So like Steve Harvey say "show ya love" to my big brother today is his special day. Boats & *** big bro boats & *** Also everyone just take 5 minutes out ya precious life and bump Outkast "Two Dope Boys in a Cadillac" for my big brother. Oh yeah "Who you Wit!"
Was Steve Harvey's hair real? I mean I'm sure there's a barber somewhere with the skills to get that edge up perfect but still
What the *** is this?? 😳😭😂 they doing Steve Harvey foul with this one.
Jhene Aiko really made it if The Worst is on WDAS with Steve Harvey show.
love that u learned abt Mary Kay from the price is right and now Steve Harvey is even promoting MK on his show.
My sub for ceramics looks like Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey TV is looking for Latino bachelors for a segment on Tuesday 3/25. We're interested in tall, athletic, good hearted men that are available to fly into Chicago Monday evening. This will be a fun segment with a beautiful bachelorette! Please MSG blncasting
I don't think my future wife should listen, read nor watch anything about STEVE HARVEY!
Don't let hate or revenge be your cancer. *Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey talks about his 2 favorite Mary Kay products, Satin Hands and Satin Lips.
Steve Harvey's books helped me get a man. Praise the lawd!
Sitting here looking at Steve Harvey and he is so stupid!! So this lady said her lover was dating his lover before her and then he stopped dating his lover to make it official with her! Then she goes to say her lover of 4 years started back dating his first lover again and thought she didn't know! So to make a long story short she knows about the lover and the lover knows about her but the man won't be with the lover in front of her or no one else but the lover takes care the man! So Steve Harvey asks her how do she feel knowing another woman takes care her man! That lady simply said " oh I'm fine with it because if she wants to be midnight, sometime, call only when he need something, money bag and get in where she fit in that's on her"! She said the more the other woman takes care him the more he have to spend on her and her kids and their home! She said she rest good at night knowing her bills are paid with another woman's money and her kids eat *** great off another woman's money and her house is spot ...
What is this? ? A voice mail from The Steve Harvey show?! Did someone finally tell him I'm probably his biggest fan EVER? !
Poor Anita. I was just listening about her situation on the Steve Harvey show this am
convince is built through inconvenience. Steve Harvey
Check us out on the Steve Harvey Show at 2pm CST! Cultivate your space with our beautiful home gardens!...
Hello I want steve harvey radio station to play a prank on my sister; how do I get in touch with the pranker on steve harvey radio, here is my e-mail address: scottzenobia please let me know. this is me I haven't taken a picture yet.
This man is salsa dancing with Steve Harvey on Family Feud lmao
Steve Harvey got my eyes burning with tears because of the little boy Keith and his football teammates!
How them Steve Harvey books been working out for yall?
Jimmy and Demi Lovato pair up to compete against Steve Harvey and Kristen Bell in a game of Pictionary. Part 1 of 2. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show ...
NEW YOUTUBE COVER!!! Tamia- "Love and I". This is my audition video for Steve Harvey's "Sing Your Way…
I need to go on Steve Harvey so he can find me a man ! lbs 😆
I lug what Steve Harvey said on TV: God gives you more of what you are thankful for. Another version of: What you appreciate - appreciates. Hmmm...
Steve Harvey say don't let hate become a cancer let God handle the people who has done you wrong are backstabbing don't go out try to get revenge! To let God handle it!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
For all my friends that think I'm foolish, tune in April 22 and 23 to see my crazier baby brother in action, even Steve Harvey had to shake his head I bet at this clown. Good job little bro.
The Steve Harvey Show will air the taping of our 8th grade Olivet Youth Football team tomorrow, Friday, March 21, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. Hope you can watch! All of the 8th grade players from both teams will be honor by the Olivet Board of Education on Monday night for the random act of kindness shown to their teammate Keith Orr, when a play was designed for him to have that feeling of getting a touchdown! Proud to be an Eagle once again!
Come experience something new on the runway this Summer 2014 (during the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards Weekend). Culinary delights, creative designers, experienced models and guest performances... GET YOUR TICKETS NOW...DOORS OPEN AT 5 pm for food samplings and the show starts at 6 pm sharp !
The legendary Toni Braxton and Babyface perform their new single "Hurt You" live in the Steve Harvey Morning Show studios. The album Love, Marriage, and ...
Newsflash: it's not the guy who determines whether you're a sports fisher or a keeper-it's you. (Don't hate the player, hate the game.) When a man approaches you you're the one with total control over the situation-whether he can talk to you, buy you a drink, dance with you, get your number, take you home, see you again, all of that. We certainly want these things from you; that's why we talked to you in the first place. But it's you who decides if you're going to give us any of the things we want, and how, exactly, we're going to get them. Where you stand in our eyes is dictated by YOUR control over the situation. Every word you say, every move you make, every signal you give to a man will help him determine whether he should try to play you, be straight with you, or move on to the next woman to do a little more sport fishing. :Steve Harvey.
Women want their love to be reciprocated in the same way they give it; they want their romantic lives to be as rewarding as they make them for their potential mates; they want the emotions that they turn on full blast to be met with the same intensity; and they expect the premium they put on commitment to be equally adhered to, valued, and respected. Steve Harvey
hello Steve Harvey my name is Carla Longstreet I love your show I have been watching you every since the high tower show
Dt whyt fok ws killing it on da Steve Harvey shw
Steve Harvey- "Name something that comes to mind when you think of the word bud." Contestant- "Bud Lightyear." REALLY?!?!?! Everyone in America knows it's Buzz!
Online reading a few strawberry letters from the Steve Harvey radio…. Yall gonna learn to love and treat ya mates rite from reading these letters its a ongoin thing in households today…..
"Your career is what you are paid for, Your calling is what you are made for." -Steve Harvey- 🅱❤️™
Per Steve Harvey. . . . the first two weeks a man is everything uve ever dreamed of. Til he gets what hes after. Thus the reason for the 90 day rule. Yep ! ! ! I agree ! ! !
Steve Harvey hosts as celebrities from NBC and CBS battle it out on Family Feud! Watch more SNL Saturdays 11:30/10:30c! Get more SNL:
I watch Steve Harvey's talk show every Tuesday and Thursday morning lol
Even Steve Harvey LOVES our products!! Here you go!! We do have products for men and women!!
I'm watching Steve Harvey - Steve's Las Vegas Edition With Steve's Biggest Audience Giveaway Ever! with Shazam. Try it now!
My Steve Harvey special Satin Hands or Satin Lips sets are 20%off Friday thru Sunday! Schedule a party or a one on one with me and get the facial brush for 20% this month and the month of April.
Ok Steve Harvey is Really working my nerves this morning, but I must say, I'm in there for the Stone Soul Concert!! Faith Evans, Ojays & SOS Band thus far!! Waiting to see who's next but it's confirmed, I'll be there..
Steve Harvey disrespected the guy code!
Okay Hot 1077 Home of the Steve Harvey Morning Show is jamming this morning ... Rick James "Bustin' Out" Center Court Field Dances... OH YEAH!
I think there is something wrong when a bunch of educated,sophisticated, independent women sit in a room and take advice from Steve Harvey who is fcuking man.
Only thing I miss about commuting is being able to listen to Steve Harvey and The Morning Show for an hour
Watching these people talk about fashion on Steve Harvey and apparently I'm just not gonna be fashionable anytime soon bc I will NEVER wear any of that crap!! Socks with heels?!? Are we 4?
Steve Harvey is selling us out on national tv, dis *** be snitchin on us
Sincer ,honest .funny ,earcatcher, and helpful make to make life worth living. I love to see heare steve on 105,3 wdas
I think these relationship books by Steve Harvey are completely absurd. Such rubbish.
The Olivet football team is on Steve Harvey!! They are a class act already at their young age!! They are today's Harvey Heroes and they deserve it!!!
I don't think everyone understands the severity of my "Steve Harvey Time".. it's that or they just don't care... either way someone's about to get Fkd up!!
Steve Harvey helps me start my day off right. He really has grown as a host on his radio show.
Steve Harvey in the morning show be making my morning commute much more interesting
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Steve Harvey has the best morning show in the world.
Ok, I approve then lol, but so his morning show isn't live then? My bad if that's a dumb question, I listen to Steve Harvey :)
OMG is anyone listening to the Steve Harvey morning show???
What is a morning without the Steve Harvey morning show , not a good morning
So stay tuned into the Steve Harvey show this morning. God has awarded us Salon Envy with a wonderful...
It's ok to go back and Date an X as long as the reasons You Left are Gone. Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey a *** fool lol!!! I can wake up& listen to his show every morning lol!!!
Raleigh/Durham..Steve Harvey Morning Show is on our local radio station 95.5FM...
Woke up this morning and turn on the radio. God was really talking through Steve Harvey this morning. Cause, it really broke me down to my knees and I had tears coming down my face.
HOW To Know Your MAN TRUely luvs u (The 3 P's as Steve harvey calls them) that a man will do if he truly loves you: "profess his love for you publicly, protect you by any means necessary, and provide for you if it means there is nothing left for himself."
Merlin Santana from the Steve Harvey Show was so fine too bad he died a long time ago RIP though .
Steve Harvey loves Satin Hands and satin lips!!
Steve Harvey loves his MK Satin set. Buy a Satin Hands now get a Satin Lips set for $9.00.
Steve Harvey is by far the best game show host.
Steve Harvey endorsing Mark Kay Satin Hands and Satin Lips! Do you have your set? Get yours today!!...
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Steve Harvey tells an audience member that there's nothing about him that says computer nor school. An Original Kings of Comedy Classic!! PLEASE LIKE ...
If you haven't got to watch Family Fued with Steve Harvey you are missing one of the best feel good game shows ever. Got to say the producers made the right choice when they hired him.
Steve Harvey's talks about Satin Hands!! Don't your order TODAY for Satin Hands and Lips!!...
Lmao our group of girls got chosen to do the ex boyfriend segment on the Steve Harvey show.
Order your Satin Hands and Satin Lips Set today. Steve Harvey loves them both!.
Look at what Steve Harvey has to say about the Satin Hands and the Satin Lips Set! :)
Steve Harvey loves Satin Hands! If you purchase anything from my Mary Kay website
My new sounds: George Tandy Jr interview with Steve Harvey morning show on
March is beautiful! I'm now a George Tandy Jr supporter thanks to Steve Harvey. God bless you George:)
Steve Harvey told his audience yesterday that his fav MK products were Satin Hands and Satin Lips
Found it. Check out my bro's interview with Steve Harvey this morning. The excitement is unreal!
that song that Steve Harvey was pushing this morning Jam. George Tandy Jr - March
Rickey Smiley & Steve Harvey just did a extra righteous move for George Tandy Jr.
Hello F/B, Steve Harvey loves and uses our Mary Kay products, particularly the Satin Hands and Satin Lips. I am...
George I heard your song MARCH on Steve Harvey's show. I am a music lover of all genres but your composition MARCH IS AWESOME
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Steve Harvey is great at promoting. Cus George Tandy song is MARCH is old lol
The way Steve Harvey is promoting George Tandy Jr. right now is beautiful! You already know his introductions are spectacular!!!
Tune in to X 102.3 at 8:45am and listen live...George Tandy Jr. Live with Steve Harvey in the morning...
Yes its that official!!! Steve Harvey uses Mary Kay's Satin Hands DAILY!!! Don't be left out. Get ur…
Yesterday on the Steve Harvey show he talked about some of his favorite products and Mary Kays Satin Hands and...
As seen on the Steve Harvey show Monday 😊 .Satin Hands and Satin Lips .Get yours today!
Woo hoo to MK's Satin Hands & Satin Lips sets being listed as Steve Harvey's skin secrets & why not ... Our...
"“Brownskin girls. Quote this with a selfie” them Steve Harvey teeth?
“Girls will give it up in a week.. guy to date them. Why would he date you?...” c'mon Steve Harvey they don't need to kno that
Attention all people, Order Satin Hands from my website. Just like Steve Harvey your hands will be soft.
: watching Steve Harvey show and ... One of my former church members is on there ... America's Super Nanny ... D. Tillman !!! What a blessing!
:Steve Harvey spoke truth about Chris Brown this morning.. Without even knowing him personally -...
[Reddit Vids] While we are talking about Steve Harvey and Kat Williams. Lets see how Jim Jeffries feels about God...
WKKV-FM (100.7) dropped the syndicated Steve Harvey morning show this week after hearing "from many folks who wanted a morning show that was a better fit" for the hip-hop station, according to Jeff Tyler, regional market manager for Clear Channel Communications.
If we evolved from monkeys how come there's still monkeys - Steve Harvey
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Alison Teal from Alison's Adventures and Discovery Channel hit show "Naked and Afraid" on Steve Harvey with Jonathan Klay. "...
I really want to go on the Steve Harvey show.
I watch Family Feud with Steve Harvey and was wonder if the people that are poled for these questions are white.
I knew Steve Harvey was a dumb cat. But I never knew he was as dumb as he is.
"Atheists have no moral compass"- Steve Harvey. A man who has gotten 2 divorces and cheated on multiple wives should talk.
Watching some family fued steve harvey so funny...
I heard about that news of Steve Harvey a long time ago
Steve Harvey is do funny on family fued 😂
Home eat and now relaxing watching me son Steve Harvey Family Fued
Steve Harvey is such a *** he deserves to host Family Feud. No one cares about you or that show.
Wow I had no idea Steve Harvey was this gross: via
Just noticed this *** Smokey was flicking his tongue at Dana friend China (Lovita from Steve Harvey show) when she went in the house. Lol.
Watching my older cousin on the Steve Harvey show
I never knew that this guy's name was Steve Harvey, but yeah, you're an ***
Fun Fact: I'm ACTUALLY the second incarnation of Steve Harvey.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Cuzo on the Steve Harvey show today
Clearly you just need to check your moral barometer. Steve Harvey could never be wrong even when saying something this stupid.
Talking about childhood cancer on the Steve Harvey show...
I think Steve Harvey quoted Andy mineo. "lions, tigers, bears, oh my!"
I hate finding out entertainers I like(d) are indoctrinated nut-jobs. So long, Steve Harvey.
Pictionary with Kristen Bell, Steve Harvey and Demi Lovato - Part 2: via
Steve Harvey just said " Its better to have a Great Marriage than to have a Great Wedding" So true !
I'd love to see Steve Harvey and Tom Leykis argue.
I love the Steve Harvey talk show ... Absolutely Great!
Happy birthday & R.I.P Merlin Santana better known as Romeo Santana from The Steve Harvey Show. ❤
Family Feud with Steve Harvey hostin is good. But why we as ppl yell out answers like we playin too. Lol
: I Love You its me Babe. Im looking at Family Feud wit STEVE Harvey. Blessings on You and family
Omg Steve Harvey is so sassy I love it
Wow I thought that Steve Harvey was an all around nice funny guy, turns out he's a sexist ***
Happy B-Day 2 Romeo from The Steve Harvey he was a kool dude
I can honestly discern, and I mean this wholeheartedly, that Steve Harvey is the single most clueless person to ever host a TV program.
"If you ain't working, grinding, or sweating then you are not going to make it"~Mr. Steve Harvey
The moment Steve Harvey said "if we evolved from monkeys...why are there still monkeys".i knew...i could never admi…
I'm sorry I just gotta let some of y'all know you can't change a man you need to be the type of woman that a man is willing to change for. I'm just saying don't be mad at me be mad at the Steve Harvey..
"Discipline Determines your Destiny not your Desire"- Steve Harvey
I'm super glad that Steve Harvey has millions of dollars.
Steve Harvey is king of the *** lords. All hail King *** may he hopefully die a terrible death. Amen.
Just realized Steve Harvey isn't a comedian, but rather an *** who people laugh at because they thing he's joking.
Hey family does anybody know what happen to Steve Harvey radio show?
Steve Harvey asked this lady what she does for a living and she said "I pray for my husband"
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