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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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If Nairobian women would stop watching Tyler Perry movies, reading Steve Harvey books & feeling sorry for themselves they’d be a lot happier
Martin, Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, Wayne bros, in living color, fresh prince are all my childhood shows
Steve Harvey is Nothing but a Black Trump, Ratchet is Ratchet Full Honest Opinion by Dgame
*on Family Feud* . Steve Harvey: we asked 100 men, what's your favorite meal dur--. My dad: FUFU AND OGBONO SOUP. Me:
Joe you're one step away from becoming Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey should be a pastor pastor STEVE because he ain't even funny nomore.
Real solutions to get out of debt || STEVE HARVEY. Steve Harvey welcomes ...
said black people love Hilary Clinton because she dresses like Steve Harvey! LOL
Linda:"Steve Harvey is nowhere near the type of guy I like!". Nonnie:"Well he's dark". Linda:"Yeah but not the kind of dark I like".
Yes, Ruby Dee is from Cleveland. As is Halle Berry. As is Dorothy Dandridge. As is Steve Harvey. We also raised Jesse Owen…
Is it just me or do Verdine White from Earth Wind and Fire and Steve Harvey look SCARY similar
Actually, I think Brian Williams or Steve Harvey might have picked them!
Nick Cannon reminds me of a younger Steve Harvey for some reason
w/Steve Harvey, Maxwell, Jill Scott and More Stars in on July 22-24! Get your tickets ASAP:
Johnson Family Vacation was mad funny. Especially when Steve Harvey and Cedric were praying and frying each other. πŸ’€πŸ’€
I liked a video from Steve Harvey into to Christ | Tasha Cobbs: Jesus Did It (Live)
Why are folks bringing up the OJ Simpson trial these folks on Steve Harvey reviving their fame... have several seats!
Ron Goldman's family slams O.J. Simpson miniseries on 'Steve Harvey': The family of Ron Goldman, who was found...
Steve Harvey be like.." I do have to apologize, this years actor of the year goes to matt Damon!"
If you're not watching the show Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey on NBC your missing out. So awesome
Steve Harvey is the new Nick Canon, with his *** ***
I think whoever is in charge of seeding the tournament pulled a Steve Harvey... State should've been a number one πŸ˜’
Steve Harvey was so childish in Johnson Family Vacation
By the time Steve Harvey finishes brushing his teeth, the clean ones have started getting dirty again.
the Steve Harvey morning show *** bring back tom Joyner or I'm a start listening to kiss 98.5
Locke is the love child of Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart
Morning radio shows in Buffalo are garbage , bring back the Tom Joyner Show to wblk please Steve Harvey is corny
7 Tips and Reality Checks for Millennials: For the ninth year, Steve Harvey, Essence…
it's because Steve Harvey made the announcement
Very disappointed invited the disgusting human Steve Harvey to be on the show.
Derrick Rose got ALL the Bigen in his head. Got that Steve Harvey
I had no idea Merlin Santana was murdered omg! I loved him on the Steve Harvey show
Cllr Paul Baker, local Lib Dem campaigner Steve Harvey & me, lots to discuss today when we met up at Sandford Park
First I was thinking maybe I just see COONIN when I look at Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Rickey smiley and a long...
W.Va. gave us Jerry West, Bill Withers, Steve Harvey, Pearl S. Buck, just to name a few. What's wrong with that?
Barber: what beard cut do u want son?. Areeb: Steve Harvey please . Barber: Say no more!
Imagine being on the fence until you heard who Steve Harvey is backing.
how come we haven't heard these good news about Steve Harvey on TV Karen.
I told my barber I want a Steve Harvey edge up with a Odell beckham jr. Cut lol
I think Sarah is Steve Harvey in disguise.
T-mobile service is pathetic now ..Steve Harvey & Drake didn't do nothing but take our money
Boy I bet Steve Harvey was like "Yeee Hawww!" When Chris Rock took all his embarrassment away.
Before you blast Chris Rock's Oscar showing, take a long look at yourself in the mirror, breathe in and remember Steve Harvey. Now smile!
Listening to Steve Harvey this morning and I agreed with everything he was saying about Chris Rock's monologue last night.
I been telling ya bout these spanish *** Ya saw it with the whole Steve Harvey fiasco. Now they angry at Chris Rock lol
'Was half expecting Chris Rock would throw a Steve Harvey joke after Leo won. I guess they hate to see Leo cry.
Steve Harvey is preaching about Chris Rock speaking the truth last night. Who was the joke too far for? He told the truth with a joke
Steve Harvey is not here for the Chris Rock slander this morning lol
Why do they keep hiring rude black people for award shows, like Steve Harvey at Miss Universe, and now Chris Rock at the Oscar Awards?
What if Steve Harvey hosted the ceremony instead fo Chris Rock
I'm really glad Chris Rock didn't pull a Steve Harvey and accidentally call out Leo as the winner...whew
*Leo wins Oscar*. *Steve Harvey, not Chris Rock, is hosting*. *Leo loses Oscar*
I think right now we're all just happy that it wasn't Steve Harvey who spoke these historical words.
What if Steve Harvey just comes out of nowhere and says there's a mistake and takes Oscar? That'd be hilarious.
They should've had Steve Harvey do the best actor presentation
..and he was thankful that Chris Rock was the host & not Steve Harvey.✌️
Chris Rock was brilliant but not a single Steve Harvey joke!
Really wish that both Steve Harvey and Kanye went up during Leo's acceptance speech
I'm sure Leo was just glad Steve Harvey wasn't presenting the award
Did anyone else think Morgan Freeman pulled a Jack Palance/Steve Harvey and read the wrong the name there?
What if Chris Rock played Leo just like Steve Harvey did to Miss Universe πŸ’€
At least it was Chris Rock hosting and not Steve Harvey, eh
Cut to Steve Harvey walking on and giving it to Mad Max.
*Morgan Freeman removes mask*. *is actually Steve Harvey* . "Just kidding the Oscar goes to Mad Max!"
Where's Steve Harvey when you need him?
I half expect Steve Harvey to come out right now
Is it at this point Steve Harvey comes on stage and tells Leo there's been a mixup?
Oscars should let Steve Harvey present best actor and announce Leo then say wait a minute there has been a mistake just for gi…
I never thought Chris Rock was funny. It could be a generation thing, but I think Steve Harvey and others are hilarious. Idk.
What if Chris Rock brings out Steve Harvey to announce the oscar Leo is up for? He gone say Leo name and everyone will think it's a joke
If they don't announce Leo as the winner can Steve Harvey come in and do his thing
If wins the Oscar let the host be Chris Rock but if he loses the Oscar *** replace the host with Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey should announce best actor and have Chris Rock drag him off like the sandman on the Apollo.
gonna be crazy when Chris Rock brings out Steve Harvey to announce Best Picture
Bernie Mac is my number 5. I have prime Steve Harvey over him. Him and Martin Lawrence are battling for that spot
even though you are sounding like Steve Harvey, just know that him and Percy Harvin are not related. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Best way for black actors to start winning Oscars? Well, they could have Steve Harvey announce all the winners.
Bra we got so many black comedians. Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Chris Rock.
Yo got the Steve Harvey line up... Who's your barber?? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
Can sum1 tell me that they did a Steve Harvey on those Fifi Cooper awards
Steve Harvey said it was cool in Kings of Comedy. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
On this day in history Miss Universe 2011 was born. Or as Steve Harvey calls her... Bob Smith.
Steve Harvey is easily 2nd best but no one can ever top Richard Dawson! :)
Tyler the Creator literally made y'all hate Steve Harvey for no reason. Steve Harvey is funny.
Steve Harvey dragged over advice he gave to a woma...
Steve Harvey must have been in charge of the Orioles negotiations with Fowler
they leave the blk viral stars up to Steve Harvey. He on the same network right before her lol
Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Eddie Murphy, Martin lawerence & Cedric the entertainer are my fave comedians
wtvm can't play me like this I feel like miss Columbia when Steve Harvey told her she won
Miss me w/ that "minority" struggle. Latinos called us *** after Steve Harvey, Asians protesting in support of Peter Liang...
You are never too old to reinvent yourself. -Steve Harvey
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
This episode of Steve Harvey had me in tears. The sad truth
Ya'll going at Steve Harvey for his mistake yet half of you don't know the difference between their, they're and there ... …
So wonderful 2 see The Long Island Medium/Steve Harvey show! Had tears in my eyes before she came on. Can only imagine what it would be like
It's almost written in stone who'll win next year's election. 😩😩 The only chance we have is if Steve Harvey announces the resul…
Hilarity ensues when Steve Harvey asks "Family Feud" contestant Sheila for another way to say the word "mother."
Steve Harvey had an episode yesterday to give a message to America about Chicago Gun Violence in January had dominated las…
Mason alert just had a Steve Harvey moment lol
Steve Harvey in disguise guys, no way Taylor swift won album of the year over Kendrick
Megan trainor??!!?? For real? Where's Steve Harvey when you need him.
Stevie Wonder just correctly read that card. How do you think Steve Harvey feels right now?
So Stevie Wonder can get the winner right but Steve Harvey can't?
Stevie is blind and got the winner right. Meanwhile, Steve Harvey ... Nvm
You don't need Mark need a session with dr.phil and Steve Harvey
'Steve Harvey' episode about Chicago violence to air Monday - Chicago Tribune
When you get Steve Harvey, David Mann & LaVell Crawford together via
Still waiting for Steve Harvey to come out...
I liked a video Steve Harvey to Kanye: I’ll be your Vice President || STEVE HARVEY
Steve Harvey told me imagination is real - so I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I started...
Steve Harvey mentioned to a contestant , on his morning show, that he'll be in Belize hosting a pageant. Alright, nah Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey has a talk show? OMG. And of course it's on right after Good Morning America.
I wish Sister Odell was on the Steve Harvey show every morning.
Steve Harvey morning show really got me joked this mornin
I'm kinda hoping that Steve Harvey made this announcement about Tops
You sounded great on KFAN with Fun to hear your Steve Harvey no plan b story:)
the morning show NBC took the Steve Harvey from yesterday of the Jennifer Flowers *** and her daughter WHY ON TV why a book
international bcuz worked with Steve Harvey on the family fued
"You can't have family if you're single". - Steve Harvey . (Today on his morning show discussing infidelity)
Very excited to hear Steve Harvey discussing STEM careers on the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show!. .
My man got on the Steve Harvey morning show and told them him and his wife are just getting a pizza for valentine's day
My uber driving is listening to the Steve Harvey morning show and I'm learning a lot about a heart attack may effect sex in my marriage.
I'm literally in tears this morning watching a segment on Steve Harvey show about a single mother of 4 that lost her job, house and kids
Never listen to the Steve Harvey morning show but this morning is hilarious. Gotta start listening to his show more. Nephew Tommy is funny!!
Learn how to scuba dive while Steve Harvey is broadcasting his morning show, how cool is that!
Did anyone else hear someone from Sarasota was on Steve Harvey morning show??
I lovee the Steve Harvey morning show!?!!
This was such a great story on Steve Harvey. Steve welcomed MARK PIZZO, a mailman who rescued a seven-year-old...
Steve Harvey be grinding he do the morning show, family fued, and host awards.
I think he's on the Steve Harvey show this morning!
they're interview maxwell on Steve Harvey morning show
Steve Harvey once said something that I think is very important. We as ladies need to stop dating the same guy, just different face.
We grew up in the Jamie Foxx show, Martin, Steve Harvey, the parkers, one on one, the Wayne's, and the fresh prince
then Liam just knocked out the guy that looks like Steve Harvey
Brian Williams is the Steve Harvey of this primary coverage.
I heard that Steve Harvey announced that Brian Williams had won the New Hampshire but then corrected himself
Ray Combs thinks Steve Harvey is on a dangerous road.
and then Steve Harvey would have announced me winner after Brian thought he won ;)
So is Steve Harvey the guy who told ESPN that Kings would fire George Karl?
Steve Harvey comes out like omg sorry I meant to say Texas
In the end, at least Steve Harvey had some fun with it. Witness the "worst Family Feud contestant ever"
Literally feeling like Punxsutawney Phil and Steve Harvey might be the same person rn
'Family Feud' contestant sends Steve Harvey over the edge via Laura Vitto
Girl on Steve Harvey doesn't understand why she's Friendzoned she went on a date sat at the bar, told guy to order a beer & fistbumped him
Steve Harvey's gaff is turning out to be one of his greatest moments in his career. What about you? WHAT STARTED...
Things I trust more than people today: . 1) Hillary Clinton . 2) Brian Williams. 3) Any major news outlet . 4) Tony Romo . 5) Steve Harvey
That Right Cartel. Rush belongs to Bain Capital along with Glenn Beck, Steve Harvey and Sean Hannity
that was Steve Harvey in the commercial not Cedric the entertainer
it was Steve Harvey not Cedric the Entertainer
He saved his life. Almost turned Steve Harvey into Jerry Springer.
This man on the Steve Harvey show said "y'all women, with all due respect" Steve Harvey said "Shut up. Shut up" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
It's between Ryan Reynolds and the Steve Harvey ads for me. Which was your favorite?? -Jessie
ICYMI: Geoff Shreeves doing his best Steve Harvey impression yesterday.
Kim liked Steve Harvey. I liked the Super Bowl Babies & the Doritos ultrasound. What was your Super Bowl favorite?
Of course, LOVED the car commercial with the many Ryan Reynolds too. 😍. And the Steve Harvey commercial was good.
Okay, that Steve Harvey commercial made me genuinely laugh!
Super Bowl as a whole.boring. Best commercial goes to the Doritos sonogram. 2nd goes to Steve Harvey's...
Waiting for Steve Harvey to come out and say "I'm sorry there's been a horrible mistake..."
Tbh I was expecting that white lady to pull a Steve Harvey and say the Panthers won
Let's hope Steve Harvey doesn't award the Lombardi trophy to the Carolina Panthers
Steve Harvey's teeth are so white they can't dance
T-Mobile Lit this year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Got Drake and Steve Harvey in their commercials
Steve Harvey, the guys in the foot fungus commercial, Ryan Reynolds, Xtopher Walken. Hope the money is good!
Steve Harvey and Ryan Reynolds did the best commercials.
Lmao I love the Ryan Reynolds and Steve Harvey commercials
The T-Mobile ad with Steve Harvey. My wife would say all of the ads with Ryan Reynolds.
Look at those worldwide trends, everyone's in this half-time show. Ryan Reynolds, Coldplay, Steve Harvey. Jason... Bourne? Doritos...?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
VIDEO: Steve Harvey is wrong again in β€œDrop the Balls” ad
advertisers are getting their πŸ’° worth: Steve Harvey, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bourne, Bud Light, Audi all on the trends
According to Steve Harvey and Kim kardashian I need to make an *** of myself and then market myself up... Hmmm
Steve Harvey: and the winners of the Super Bowl are, THE NEW YORK KNICKS!. Me: STEVE *** TF
Steve Harvey turned his mistake into advertising cash. He's winning
If you want to see how to bounce back from an embarrassing mistake, rewind that Steve Harvey commercial and take notes.
β€œThat is how you make money off a mistake!” ~~Steve Harvey
Kim Kardashian t-mobile commercial was better than Steve Harvey.
They would make that Steve Harvey commercial
The OG Steve Harvey with a Super Bowl commercial based off an honest mistake. Some people just win no matter what.
last yr, u gave my money 2 Kim Kardashian, this yr to Steve Harvey, want some regular folks? Hit me up!
Alright. It's pretty cool of Steve Harvey to do a T-Mobile commercial making fun of himself.
loving that Steve Harvey commercial a little too much
Steve Harvey you are the man for that T Mobile commercial
Steve Harvey says the winners of Super Bowl 50 will be the San Francisco 49's !!
Electronic Device Insurance
With that opening, Steve Harvey should be moderating the
That day I Steve Harvey'd Mo'ne Davis and called her Mo'ne Williams after announcing Alvin Williams.
"At one point of your life, you are going to have to jump." - Steve Harvey - @ Great Ocean Road,…
The decision-makers at Newington High School must get their weather advice from Steve Harvey.
Please, please don't make me kiss Steve Harvey or Richard Dawson or, who was that guy, Louie something?
Bro the Steve Harvey show be having me crying @ the Nephew Tommy prank calls
Larry Reid was wearing a sweet light blue suit today. Kinda like a cross between Steve Harvey and Richard Dawson.
Everyone one is born with a gift. Identify your gift. And JUMP! Steve Harvey says it best.
F.Y.I. Bishop Eddie Long did a Steve Harvey and got rid of the Toupee, Roland he is now BALDER than You are.
Steve Harvey! Regardless of the beauty pageant mishap, he's still my fave FF host. And I come from the Richard Dawson era!
I think Steve Harvey should announce who our next president is when the time comes.
Nephew Tommy too funny on the Steve Harvey mornin show lol
IMO, Chris Rock and Steve Harvey had the best jokes for the OJ Simpson trial
Miss Colombia to sue Steve Harvey for 5 million dollars for his error
Steve Harvey morning show be to funny
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jon Gosselin returns to TV for Steve Harvey tell-all...
now we listening to Steve Harvey's morning show
Just pulled a Steve Harvey in class for our Econ website winners
Y it take u 2hrs to clean a bathroom?! Y TF u keep keep listening 2 the Steve Harvey morning show,instead of TJMS?!
I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show every morning πŸ’―πŸ˜‚
Getting ready for the Steve Harvey morning show
I used to love Steve Harvey morning show on the radio!! Lol them Nephew Tommy pranks hilarious! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
Steve Harvey just sent me an email saying I have been accepted into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ
I heard y'all this morning on the Steve Harvey morning show, I can't wait to read this!!!
Listen to 97.1 WQMG tomorrow at 7:30 am during the Steve Harvey morning show. I'll be on as one of Busta Buddies.
Watch CC in the City with Russ Parr on Steve Harvey
Good Morning Soror! Bluetiful this morning on the Steve Harvey morning radio show. So Sweet!
all those are legends. Nothing wrong with that but he better than Steve Harvey and DL. Eddie the Goat to me. Martin 2nd.
Steve Harvey looks like he should be in A Bug's Life for some reason
My uncle is going to be on the Steve Harvey show??
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
LMAOO y'all won't leave Steve Harvey alone
lol girl get yo Blacc uncle Phil ,Steve Harvey head *** on ..
I really wish Steve Harvey was my uncle πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ
Pitch your business ideas to Black celebrities like Will Smith, Tyler Perry, Tavis Smiley, Steve Harvey, Tom...
Also, Family Feud AND the Steve Harvey show on at the gym right now I do not care about Steve Harvey that much
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who… β€” Janet. Steve Harvey. Micheal Jackson. Paul Walker. Mahalia …
you saw that Steve Harvey deal where he talks to his audience! I saw that too very inspirational!
Netflix should have all those old shows like the fresh prince, the Steve Harvey show, Martin, Jamie Foxx show, or the Wayans bros πŸ™„
dude from Jagged Edge on Steve Harvey explaining what happened the night he beat his fiancΓ©s *** and he sweating bullets...
Kyle from Jagged Edge is on Steve Harvey telling his story on assaulting his wife
I'm flipping channels and see Kyle from Jagged Edge on "Steve Harvey." Steve really plays this "women are queens" role well.
Got your next. Jagged Edge's Kyle Norman sits down with Steve Harvey.
Steve Harvey announces the sighting of a new planet but later apologizes after realizing he was behind a Kardashian.
Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez speak with TODAY's Natalie Morales about Harvey's epic...
inside nova just pulled a Steve Harvey
Is Miss Colombia actually suing Steve Harvey? She spoke with him for the first time since the show!
You can check for your school on our closings list before Steve Harvey announces it: 😝😜😝
Miss Colombia sits down with Steve Harvey to talk about the Miss Universe mistake.
Just watching Steve Harvey. He had Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez on his show. Mark my words,…
How can anyone not see how much pain Steve Harvey has went over his mistake! What a loving man he is!
Steve Harvey has discovered and shares a very important key to PURPOSE, NOT SUCCESS, NOT EDUCATION BUT USING YOUR...
Will this mark the end of us talking about Steve Harvey and Miss Universe? ^jm
Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey ain't try comedy til their 30's never too late
Steve Harvey was probably the best thing that happened to Miss Universe. America did not care about the pageant before lmao
Getting into game show host mode for Friday! Will I be more of a Jane Lynch or Steve Harvey?
(Mark) For the first time since the pageant, Steve Harvey meets with Miss Colombia to apologize
Miss Colombia to Steve Harvey: Learn to read(Orlando news)
Steve Harvey tries to pull an Andy Kaufman
Boy, I will never forget when Steve Harvey was gettin on Rae Carruth's HEAD.
Betty White, Michelle Obama, Muhammed Ali Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Steve Earle Birthdays today. ...and Andy Kaufman, where ever you are.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This morning, I remembered a segment of Steve Harvey talking about keeping your eyes front and center and not...
Wait, Steve Harvey just announced that Diamond Ranch won region drill. Sorry girls.
. Wally's impersonation of Steve Harvey continues in Sunday Pinasaya! Woot woot!
Steve Harvey has another show?! I have trouble finding the time to shower every morning. How does he do it?
Mike Carey is the Steve Harvey of the NFL
Nick Cannon is the next Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart made me proud to live in America this morning
Kevin Hart on the Steve Harvey show this morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
getting right with Steve Harvey this morning 🌚
They play it on Steve Harvey's show in the morning
πŸ™πŸ½ This is why I listen to Steve Harvey in the morning on the radio. EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH THIS
Steve Harvey be on point in the morning.
Steve Harvey is going to open up a mega church one day, mark my words.
Harvey -- Sobs and Begs Miss Colombia for Forgiveness: Steve Harvey has done an interview with Miss…
Good Morning, Furry Bunny! I watched a video of Steve Harvey yesterday. He was talking about "jumping". He...
Steve Harvey...bring a true word for you this morning...listen to his words.awesome
No black actor is nominated for this year's Oscars. Only way a black can win this thing is if Steve Harvey announces wi…
Steve Harvey be jamming in the morning on the way to class
Steve Harvey talks about God to live audience. This is awesome!
lol I ain't worried about them either. I just like your station & Steve Harvey morning show. Cant listen til 10
If you need some inspiration this morning Steve Harvey nails this speech!
GREAT morning motivation. This is a perfect example of why I love Steve Harvey, a true speaker
I would listen to Steve Harvey in the morning but dude's music selection is so awful. 😩😩😩
it would be because Steve Harvey announced the numbers πŸ™„πŸ™„
I wish numbers were announced by Steve Harvey so I would still have a chance
trey jones.. hes my dad... Steve Harvey...
Cris Collinsworth's trying to take the 2016 Someone's an *** trophy away from Steve Harvey. (via http…
If I won Powerball It'd be because Steve Harvey read the numbers
Tons of hilarious "Steve Harvey announcing the lottery" jokes coming tonight. Can't wait
I would win for a couple seconds, then Steve Harvey would magically show up announcing that the numbers w…
They should let Steve Harvey give the Powerball numbers to ruin someone's day.
it's cause Steve Harvey called the numbers
Steve Harvey should announce the winning New York powerball numbers tonight
Mike Adamle introduced Steve Harvey last night and called him Jeff Harvey.
maybe we can pull a Steve Harvey you know you know make fun of someone's handicap or something u know u know . ring a bell
Nick Cannon is Steve Harvey in the making
Ben H just Steve Harvey'd Amanda so hard with that group date rose
I hope Steve Harvey announces the Powerball, then you get two chances to win
You'll all be sorry when Steve Harvey is driven to suicide by your memes, then reconsiders, calls 911, but sends them to Roy Wood Jr's house
I hope Steve Harvey announces the power ball. Two chances to winπŸ’ΈπŸŽ°
Miss Universe has some words for Steve Harvey + speaks on her communication w/ Miss Colombia
Steve Harvey is ready for the Ballon d'Or ceremony
When Kanye said : "Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey? "
Jamie Foxx had his own Steve Harvey moment at the Golden Globes: Jamie Foxx wasted little time in taking a lig...
Jamie Foxx pokes fun at Steve Harvey at the
Bengals should hire Steve Harvey as their head coach. At least his decision-making in pressure situations is an upgrade …
The outcome of this game is a Steve Harvey special.
Steve Harvey should announce the numbers for suspense.
Steve Harvey: "I need to apologize. The real AFC South champion was the Indianapolis Colts."
Steve Harvey Wishes Everyone a Happy Easter on Christmas - Steve Harvey took to social media on Christmas Day to...
If I miss a day of Steve Harvey, it's not a good day.
Listening to Steve Harvey's radio show this morning, in the car singing out loud, every emotion.
The classic Steve Harvey in the morning show
Steve Harvey has the best morning show ! Hands Down ! . πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
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