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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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Steve Harvey had a good show with Cedric the entertainer too. Can't sleep on that
Richard Dawson is obviously the best Family Feud host, but I would put Steve Harvey at on my list.
If you missed Tyler Perry interview on the Steve Harvey don't worry "I GOT YOU" watch the entire interview; also meet.
I mean, this isn't the Richard Dawson show of the 80s. And, remember, Steve Harvey is a "godly" man.
On my way to work this morning , after a week of getting home way after my kids are in bed , I was listening to the Steve Harvey show
listening to the Steve Harvey morning show.foolish! he is but the truth. LMBO.
Currently getting my life to this Michael Jackson mix on the Steve Harvey morning show 💃🙌 R.I.P Michael
Watch out you'll Steve Harvey is LOOSE N DA BOOTH on the morning show IT IS ON u go boi
Steve Harvey is loose in the booth...find out more only on The Steve Harvey Morning Show
Benny and the jets Steve Harvey morning show jamming this morning
I know math... One of Matt Moulson's eyebrows = Steve Harvey's moustache
Listening to the morning show nd they played melodies from Heaven it home thank you Steve Harvey morning show🙏🙏
~Repost~ " Ladies you have a precious jewel hidden on your body. Everything god made that he knew was precious he buried deep and he made it hard to get to ! For instance , for a pearl you have to dive to the bottom of the ocean. All God's precious minerals are buried ! For Gold you have to dig deep and have extreme patience in hopes that you will get it ! For diamonds you have to dig deep , you want oil you have to burrow miles into the ground ! Long story short , you have to work really hard to get to the precious minerals of God and he put them all in hard to reach places. So ladies that precious jewel you're sitting on , that thing that everyman has to have on your body...that precious jewel that is in the most hidden place on your body , don't pass it around like it's nothing , because you're actually sitting on a gold mine." -Steve Harvey
said had one of the Best albums ever Live this morning on the Steve Harvey show!
Steve Harvey morning show asked: "how do you respond to 'begging' relatives who ask for money & stuff?" How do you help fam who need it?
I am in tears listening to Nephew Tommy prank call on the Steve Harvey morning show , to funny 😭
Steve Harvey in the morning show is crazy
This Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey morning show 💯👀
Steve harvey said it was tammi mac game to get revenge on god
Watching Family Feud with some cereal on the side... ever funny that Steve Harvey!!
Support my brother teamtandy album in stores today. He's live on Steve Harvey right now. Tune in!
Tammi mac said there a casket for my head steve harvey said its written in blood she waiting for my head
I get all my dating advice from Steve Harvey
Moment of transparency; The runway is clear. And things look as if they are about to take off. And I'm a bit scared. But in the words of Steve Harvey; "I think I'm more afraid of BEING BROKE" So if things are in place, then it's time to GO FOR BROKE. ~Do What You Love, & Love What You Do~
Hello Everyone, For those of you who missed the Steve Harvey Show, here is the segment of the three of us-Mimi, Linda and yours truly. The show was structure...
You don't have to be with every man who wants you. We all want you. A man has to earn you and deserve you. You are the prize. - Steve Harvey
Give me a name that starts with the letter H. "Jose." Steve Harvey looks at the camera with disgust lol
Whoever hired Steve Harvey as the Family Feud host has done a service to this country
Every time Steve Harvey widens his eyes on the set of Family Feud, he is actually communicating to the underworld.
Steve Harvey words hit me the other day
looking like piggy from the Steve Harvey show.
The dude said in his 17 year's of life he better than me lmao but wearing a *** Steve Harvey afro and its nappy. *** who you better than?
Steve Harvey - Online Dating with the help of Zoosk
Steve Harvey's emotional tribute to his mom! [Full Video]
The Steve Harvey Show invited us out to Chicago to film for his segment "Just One More Thing" and showcase the High Roller Adult...
Steve Harvey is honestly the best Family Fued host since Ray Combs.
Thanks to Steve Harvey they thinking like Men. Migos gottem not wantin to be Freaks no mo
steve harvey is the host of Family Feud if that makes u feel better (he kinda *** tho) (I actually rly hate his hosting skillz)
Steve Harvey simply wrote that book to get on the good side of women after he cheated on his wife!!!
Steve Harvey set a lot of women up for failure
note??? These folks got money Steve harvey moneyOowe
Shirley talks motherhood, Steve Harvey, her book, weight loss and more in the August 2014 issue. Take a peek.
New placement on the Steve Harvey show on NBC :)
"… Of course, I've heard women say, 'I'm not going to belittle myself to make him feel more like a man - if he can't handle my money and success and my independence, then he can't handle me!' We understand and can handle strong women. In fact, we're the products of strong women - women who 'handle it.' It's no secret that you allow us men to believe we're the head of the household, but it's you who make all the key decisions in the house and with the kids. It's no secret to us that no matter who's bringing in the most money, it's you who ultimately handles the finances and allocates how the cash is going to be spent. It's no secret that when we argue, we may Act Like we're right, but we know that ultimately, if we want to restore the peace, you're going to get your way. We're cool with all of this. But if you say things to this effect without keeping up the charade of our being essential to the household or you handle our egos with anything less than great care - then we're not going to be involved with ...
Oh Family Feud. How I love this show since Steve Harvey took over as host! His responses and expr
I'm so tired of steve harvey saying They gone play.
Another Another Special Request. Amazon Kindle Fire Steve Harvey. This man has been in…
I feel so terrible for whoever is married to Steve Harvey.
One of the few reasons why Steve Harvey is one of the few famous people that I bother to pay attention to.
This cook off going the chaîn this best list for mr steve Harvey the cook off is to get girl Friend and to taste Thére cooking bbq chicken fry fish and baked chicken wings just a sample of évery girl cooking not to much cooking
got *** I don't even know anymore I'm not Steve Harvey
I feel like Steve Harvey needs to be a thing in tomodachi life
Steve Harvey wrote a book to make money not to actually help women
Nothin makes me laugh quite like Family Feud why are me and Steve Harvey not bffs
Steve Harvey should win the Nobel peace prize
saw u on Steve Harvey the other day. U look like a different person. Hope u r ok. ...
Tariq Nasheed is essentially Alex L minus the art x Steve Harvey minus the Whispers moustache...
What am I doing? I'm doing what every red blooded American is doing right now. I'm watching Steve Harvey.
Personally, I was happy to see Martha's character as a person of color & 'Dr.'; vs. a Tyler Perry/Steve Harvey stereotype.
“If I was a man I'd dress like Steve Harvey” lame
😂😂😂 boy don't make buy yu a toupee from Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey's suit jacket has more buttons than the cockpit of a 747.
Family Feud with Steve Harvey is the best show on television
Steve Harvey got these girls thinking they can think like a man Forreal.
Here is the link for the Steve Harvey interview today! Get "The Foundation" today!
Steve Harvey "Leap Of Faith": via I lept now I'm ready for whatever.
But she clarifies it..Steve Harvey too...and all they said is what i've been saying
Steve Harvey loves making fun of the black contestants. Not cool!
What a horrible sick day. I slept through the Steve Harvey show.
Steve Harvey is the best thing that happened to Family Feud
"Name an occupation where u meet a lot of drunk ppl?" Harvey host of Ans- "Homeless shelter"! The ignorance of some ppl!
I expect the Tom Joyner/Steve Harvey demographic to support and that's it.
😂😭 wait Im tryna get a man now so we can be engaged in 5-6 years ! So now you Steve Harvey ? 😩
Steve Harvey family routine was corny & stiff on Johnson's Family Vacation 😂
Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer killed me in Johnson Family Reunion.
Steve Harvey had a segment where girls dunk their exes in a tank for sucking…why would they agree to do that? Not that I disagree on it…
I thought Steve Harvey and Richard Pryor were the same person for a long time
Also if it isn't Richard Karn or Steve Harvey hosting color me uninterested.
I hope I'm around long enough just to see Steve Harvey's mustache swallow him whole.
Before there was cornball Steve Harvey my mom had me and my brother listening to Eddie Jordan wknd am
I think Steve Harvey would make a better president than Obama.
Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer are comedic geniuses😂😂
I say Steve Harvey play Richard Pryor since they don't was nick cannon to.
So far my village is Me, Steve Harvey, Steve Wilkos, Maury Povich and Blade.
I downloaded the Family Feud app so that I can continuously watch clips of Steve Harvey wanting to kill either entire families or himself
"Sometimes, when God gets us through things, He wants us to move on." Steve Harvey
The decision is in. The top 3 most desired black men by adult women are...Me, Steve Harvey and Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross).,
I liked a video Pictionary with Kristen Bell, Steve Harvey and Demi Lovato - Part 1
In his phenomenal New York Times bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey told women what it takes to succeed in love. Now, he tells...
Now that Oatmeal did his "thang" on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, let's get the day started with a Daily Motivation: I don't know if the person who designed the 1 cents gum machine knew the power of what he taught us as kids. He allowed us to put a penny into the machine, (sow) slide the handle (work) and we would get a handful of gum in return (reward). When our trust is in God over the little we have, (the penny is least considered, the lowest currency and often found on the ground), our reward for sowing will be greater than we can imagine. Luke 17:6 and 1 Kings 17:13...The woman never ran out of food...(you will catch that in a minute)
Man, Steve Harvey show is about to start an online 4e D&D campaign STAT!
“There will never be a show greater than The Steve Harvey Show”. dude ***
We get Steve Harvey here. Not the energy I need for 3am. lol
Well, as the time goes on, life gets rougher. To become a successful manufacturer and have great relationships with retailers, you have to do whatever it takes. Thanks to Steve Harvey, I got the opportunity of a lifetime. He collaborated a relationship with the Home Shopping Network and The Total Pet Spa®, Bath-Less Cleaning. I will literally be selling this product on TV August 18th. Also, I'll also be at Superzoo Mandalay Bay Booth 13138 next week. If you are a retailer or know of any, please share this. Also tell your friends that can watch me on HSN or go on their site, while I am on. I'll get the time for you very soon. Thanks, lots of support will really help me make this successful.
Whoever keeps sending me anonymous tumblr messages telling me I have a Steve Harvey Line up please stop before I call the poli…
i'm on the west coasr and it didn't show here. it said Days but it was an eppy of Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is the family friendly version of Samuel L Jackson.
Here it is after one in the morning and listening to an almost 2yr old baby laughing at the Family Feud with Steve Harvey. My night time ritual is totally different:)
Im so MUMFORD I remember when Steve Harvey principal for a day lol
My late nights are always dedicated to Steve Harvey and more episodes of Family Feud
you know its a problem when you call Steve Harvey a babe
Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man. Act Like a Lady, Think like a Manby Steve Harvey (Aut...
Steve harvey is that you?"Don't take a girl to dinner or movie lyk a basic *** find out wat yu both lyk n do it 2getha"
Man these *** do what they want lol you aint steve harvey
Women, take the pressure off yourself when dating. He has to impress you, not the other way around. YOU ARE THE PRIZE. -…
Accurate photo of Steve Harvey's 90s hair care:
Steve Harvey says "You can either be happy the rest of your life, or you can be right the rest of your life." The choice is yours.
A fun filled day spent laughing at Steve Harvey during the taping of Family Feud.
Family Feud with Steve Harvey is the best version ever. I TiVo it every day.
My kids just asked me how I am so funny. That my comedy is a 100%. And that I'm better than Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey got a lot of women thinking they know the ropes!
The problem I see is that Steve Harvey got ladies thinkin like men, yeah well news flash most men are *** so welcome stupidityville.
Steve Harvey really says exactly whats on his mind
is the best thing on tv when Steve Harvey is not available to take his shift too
Watching Steve Harvey has become a part of my daily routine
😂😂 “Steve Harvey's caterpillar mustache gets on my nerves.”
The lady mad cuz I'm in my phone not watching Steve Harvey with her .
Steve Harvey's caterpillar mustache gets on my nerves.
Nene reminds me of a female Steve Harvey... With those teeth.👄
On page 130 of 232 of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, by Steve Harvey
I'm glad I'm dating someone who shares my unrequited love for steve harvey & twix
Show me love then like Steve Harvey says
"The Steve Harvey Show is the most underrated show in 90's sitcom history" bo
“Haaaiii watching my gurl, co-host of moonlighting with Steve Harvey!! http:…
Steve Harvey makes every day better!
“Romeo off of the Steve Harvey show was fine as *** lol”
I haven't listened up Steve Harvey morning show in so long
Steve Harvey you nailed it. Tommy, don't you get into fights? Hilarious. Still love you Tommy.
Who else is listening to Steve Harvey morning show?!
You never see the Easter Bunny and Steve Harvey in the same place.
Dan Marino got on a Steve Harvey suit
I laugh more at the jokes on Steve Harvey's morning show than Power 106 in the morning. I'm old?
Listening to the Steve Harvey morning show & I was waiting for them to say its Luke Hemmings birthday but they didn't ... Oh ?
Listening too the Steve Harvey morning show.. cruising 😎
Every black mama listen to the Steve Harvey morning show on the way to work.
I can take about 3...maybe 5 minutes of Steve Harvey's morning show. Complete coonery that sets the civil rights movement back by decades.
Strawberry Letters on the Steve Harvey morning show be crazy! Women out here dating dudes on 'potential' the dustiest of dudes
Nephew Tommy prank call, on Steve Harvey morning show, makes my morning every morning lol
Steve Harvey morning show is hilarious. Lmao!
When my cousin told me Steve Harvey wore a wig that was probably the most disappointing day of my …
Steve Harvey hosts a radio show out here and every morning I listen to it thinking of you.
At the end of the Steve Harvey morning show it feels like I'm sitting through the announcements at church. Lol! Love ya
Steve Harvey morning show be off the chain... In be 3 early for the stuff they got goin on 😂😩
Why does every guy have to hate on Steve Harvey man, iz u mad
Steve Harvey is so much more funny than the white guy😂😂
I would have accepted Steve Harvey, the guy from Home Improvement, and the old guy. I didn't know there was 4!
Steve Harvey, Richard Karn, John O'Hurley...and ummm the oldest guy who I've never seen. That's best to worst
This guy on Family Feud was being so funny and Steve Harvey was ruining every joke
I want Steve Harvey to set me up with a nice guy 😌
So Richard Prior, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle and 'em don't make you laugh? You're BEYOND odd ey
Christian Comedy - Clip of a Tim Hawkins, Steve Harvey and More: via
now just imagine that with Steve Harvey, the king of all black people
I contacted the ACLU, NAACP, Tom Joyner Morning show and Steve Harvey show as well.
I've already contacted the ACLU, NAACP of Nola, the Tom Joyner Morning show as well as Steve Harvey. I'm playing no games
I love this show sense Richard Dawson, luv it even more with u Steve Harvey y'all have a great weekend also!
This old barber sell Stacy Adams and Steve Harvey suits in his barber shop
Hard to believe this is the closing segment of a comedy club performance! Attached is a short video showing Steve Harvey a professing Christian and comedian, addressing a secular audience. The subject is "How Would You Introduce Christ to a Room Full of People?" He is not a preacher, and this audience is not a congregation. It must have been at the end of his routine, because...well, you will see.
Adding trey songz to my hate list ... So now it's oprah , Tyler Perry , Steve Harvey , trey songz , and big girls with small breast
Steve Harvey said "If you take a look at your five closest friends that will sum up who you are, so if your friends are yourself will be a negative person." Disassociate yourself with negative people and have a great life
Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you've got something to share. You have to take the leap of faith - Steve Harvey
look at you!!! Ur pic does remind me of Steve Harvey!
Wow Steve Harvey just gave great advise. Describe 5 of ur closets friends n u have described u. If it's negative disassociate your self. This should apply to every aspect of ur life not just friends.
Listening to Steve Harvey show this am ..If you have friends that have a different mindset then you ,,,that do not want to go where you want to go ...Don't stop your Dream ,Move On ...
Association brings on participation... Heard this on Steve Harvey this morning about having negative friends. I think it's spot on.
People can't be your friend if they don't want the best for you.-Steve Harvey
I love you Steve Harvey, but Tom Joyner's music selection is so much better to me.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The Steve Harvey is on point this morning.
The semifinals begin! Featuring twelve acts performing for three spots in the Finals. Guest performers for the results show include Steve Harvey and Neon Trees. America's Got Talent 7 at 9:00pm (8:00pm JKT/BKK).
Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Steve Harvey had a candid conversation with an all male audience during Essence Festival.
Steve Harvey’s 12minutes this morning was just what I tell my son all the time.
Steve Harvey is putting it down this morning with his inspirational moment. "The same people who came with you may not be the same people who can get you where you are trying to go. He said, take inventory of your circle of friends. First describe your closest 5 friends. People you talk to, hang with and think about all the time. Once you do that, you have basically described who you are. You may not do everything that they do or agree with it, but there is a key part of them that you are attracted to. No judgement, just a fact. I want something different for me. I won't stay down cause God is holding me down. Gotta finish my workout. Get your mind right and your life will follow suit. Have a great one!
Every morning I wake up not in the best mood, tired, etc...but the Steve Harvey morning show makes my morning EVERYTIME. Love that morning radio show.
This morning on Steve Harvey talking about my favorite topic, "SUCCESS" :)
Ann Tripp with National News up next on THE STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW.
Steve Harvey, commented this morning, when people don't have your interest at heart they will control you. Lord I'm glad I can think for myself!!!
Steve Harvey is speaking some truth right now
Marrying your passion to your gift equals success. ~Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey motivational minutes , the minute that you think it all the way through is when you begin to change . Everybody that come with can't go with you . You have got to take inventory of your life . Not everyone is about the edification and encouragement of you ! If you don't stay down God not holding you down !
Was Khloe the fat girl on All That & Steve Harvey show?
Im trying to get use to Chris Griffin being on first shift. Im so tired and Im NOT a morning person at all. Although Im enjoining my time with my babe. I enjoy Steve Harvey in the mornings. My eyes start rolling back in my head by 8pm. I feel old lol.
Take inventory of the people around you. Is your inner circle holding you back? Do the people in your life really want to see you thrive and be happy? Hum something to think about for sure. ~Steve Harvey
Are you going to argue that Steve Harvey and Dr.Phil are one person?
“Steve Harvey morning show >”the strawberry letters be funny as *** lol
Gm yall, 12 minute inspiration from Steve Harvey on The Steve Harvey Morning Show: "TAKE INVENTORY" if you listen to him in the mornings you know those 12 minutes are very inspirational now I usually be up to listen to him but I was tired and slept over, for some reason I woke up out my sleep and he was on talking about the topic above and I felt like he was talking to me WTBS I better get on the ball ok yall have a good day
Steve Harvey was speaking to me this morning. He made so many good points
True statement."If you are the smartest person in your circle than you might wont to change your circle or upgrade"~ Steve Harvey Growth is daily!!! Be Bless My People!!!
Take inventory of your LIFE and FRIEND'S! , If your so call FRIENDS are never happy for you , then that's NOT YOUR FRIEND AT ALL" ( just somebody you have something in common with! ")Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey dropped a whole lot of inspiration on me! I'm taking inventory and adding more for me & deducting the ppl around me.
If you the smartest person in your group, you need to leave your group! Steve Harvey
Morning inspirations by steve harvey. he hit that one this morning!!
"In spite of all of your mistakes, God is a forgiving God" ~Mr. Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey speaking that knowledge right na
"Take an inventory of your life today" ~Mr. Steve Harvey
This man took my child away from me to get god to help him fight tammi mac and Steve harvey and was (cont)
Steve harvey said oh oh oh I heard kevin nash was going ti make a movie why cant they be in it this *** waa robbing kevin nash everyday
im cooler than everyone I know besides my friends and sergio and Steve Harvey.
I know steve harvey was giving my address out to mine to come to my home calling me a *** and (cont)
Steve harvey was holding onto Kevin Nash money cuz he wanted to go to his wedding that all I said (cont)
How do you feel about Steve Harvey's rule ladies, waiting 90 Days to have sex, do you follow it? Has it proven to be effective?
Steve harvey got mad I said he wasnt funny and trying poverty jokes to my kid telling me to sale my (cont)
Photoset: best-of-memes: Steve Harvey losing faith in the human race one family at a time.
"Every great man has a woman. I didn't say succesful man,a great man. Greatness is when u are d husband&father u're suppose 2b"-Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey said he was going to give Kevin nash his money but since he feels I hurting his image (cont)
Even steve harvey was sitting here wanting to be my lawyer for my car accident I said I would never (cont)
How could someone ever get tired of Steve Harvey's face
5. Family Feud - Funny Steve Harvey Compilation. [tao1]. Some of Steve Harvey's funniest moments as the ***
Specific lack of Steve Harvey in my timeline. - you are slacking, and I am disappoint.
Jarrad look like the next Steve Harvey
I have no more movies to watch so lemmi look at that steve harvey comedy thingy
"Knowing what not to do is equally as important as knowing what to do" - Steve Harvey
“I'm back” taylor you look like Steve harvey foh
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lol I thought they were cousins and Steve Harvey was their uncle 💀
Who do you love more than lights camera jackson — Steve harvey
Imma right a movie called "I Got Played" & send it to Steve Harvey, I promise it will be a hit.
Steve Harvey is so hilarious on Family Feud! Lol. .. Love it!
Family Feud with Steve Harvey makes me laugh every time!! Tonight has been hilarious!!!
My parents and I disagree on a lot of things, but we all come together when it comes to watching Steve Harvey on Family Feud.
The Family Feud with Steve Harvey is hilarious
Steve Harvey: "Tell me a word that comes to mind when you hear bud". Family Feud Contestant: "Bud Lightyear from Toy Story"
he was on there for a lil bit but I'd think you'd remember him from Steve Harvey 😁
My perfect reality tv show would be called “Steve Harvey reacts to things Stan Lee shouts”
Gotta love Essence Festival. Great bumping into Steve Harvey at Windsor Court Hotel...who promptly removers my "Cornbrread" nickname. Sorry I missed u Lonnie Staley, Steve Steve Canty, Andrea Holmes Thompkins Much love to Mc Donald's as they do so much good in the community
Mike Woodson looks like a mix of DeAndre Jordan and Steve Harvey
Roland Martin rolling around this earth looking like the love child of Steve Harvey & a Faberge egg, talkin bout someb…
This is worse than your Steve Harvey pic, and this is coming from a fat *** guy!
😂😂😂 Robin was so desperate on the Steve Harvey morning show too now on the BET Awards 😂😂
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He was even on the Steve Harvey morning show talking about getting her back
robin thicke real. he was all on Steve Harvey morning show talking abt his wife. he love her fr.
totally different levels, like compairing Dave Chapelle to Steve Harvey
Vital Show. Steve Harvey forgot to tell everyone that You have to decide what success or what is soaring to you.
No one is more tired of white people than Steve Harvey on family fued.
. Will the Steve Harvey morning show have a live broadcasting session at the esssence music festival friday the 4th of July?
Steve Harvey has a strong message about the Mimi sex tape... These are TRUE words of WISDOM! shared from TonyaTkoShow
Okay steve harvey “Khloe was better with lamar,all this oyinbo people self,just can't stick with one man.”
Steve Harvey is given a very emotional birthday present from Yung Lean -
I miss the old days. Back when Steve Harvey made white people laugh.
I added a video to a playlist Rick Smith Jr. card throwing with Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey really got the best job on the planet
In bed watching steve harvey's stand up comedy
showed luke a pic of Steve Harvey and he said "is that ur dad? " :-)
I hope someone breaks in and slits my throat while I'm asleep but I wake up midway and its like Steve Harvey there doing it
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Steve Harvey made everything complicated now.
when you realize "Act Like A Lady, is an actual book written by Steve Harvey only $12.26 CDN on
Steve Harvey is so so interesting, I'll watch him all day every day
Steve Harvey got me doing 90 days... *** I hate that *** !! .. Love his comedy though!! Sup Harvey
Lol Steve Harvey was the best thing to happen to Family Feud
If there's one person in this world who is truly done with white people, it's Steve Harvey
Wow! I just won this for free, Act Like a Lady - Think Like a MAN (Steve Harvey)
Steve Harvey wrote a book about relationships and has been divorced twice.
Got on the Steve Harvey suit, ready to do work... 😎😁
team brown skin proposes a trade for Bobby Brown, Steve Harvey and 3 of his stupid azz suits
"Well Vivi, you got two strikes. Name something you'd like to do to my head.". "SIT ON IT!". *Steve Harvey walks away*. FF marathon on phone
Like Steve Harvey said "Guys like girls with standards, just go get some" Treat yourself like a lady, you'll be treated like so.
😩I'm going to write to Steve Harvey and put myself on united dates of America and get chose 😭😭😭
Been thinkin about how Steve Harvey's first name is Broderick
Photoset: punkgoesbridget: no one is more tired of white people than steve harvey on family fued
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Very Emotional Situation. How else did you expect Steve Harvey to respond?
That one time you thought you were in love but then read Steve Harvey's book and realized he only had one of the three P's. 😪
on the Steve Harvey morning show be so funny to me
Daytime Emmy Awards 2014: Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, 'The Young and the Restless' among big winners
Steve Harvey, Kat Williams,. Bernie Mac “How about stand up comedians ??? Who y'all got top 3 ??”
Steve Harvey show actn up wit the songs this morning I'm n da car like heyyy
Freedom Friday on Steve Harvey morning show got me gettin it in
Loving this morning mix on Steve Harvey's show!
Listening to the Steve Harvey in the Morning Show everyday on my way to work makes getting up worth while
Man listening to the Steve Harvey show every morning cracks me up
I was eavesdropping from cube as white coworkers converse, "Richard Dawson who? That *** Steve Harvey is funny as *** "
I love Steve Harvey he is a very wise man I listen to his radio show every morning!!😁
This NBA draft board reminds me of Family Feud. Can we replace Adam Silver with Steve Harvey or Louie Anderson?
Gm how r u? U r so funny I heard u this morning on the Steve Harvey morning show
Steve Harvey giving relationship advice is like Don Imus being a life coach at Grambling State University.
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every morning my mother makes me watch the two worst shows on tv: the Steve Harvey show, and the Price is Right
loved you on the Steve Harvey morning show.
just heard you on Steve Harvey morning show. Can't wait for your album to drop. I love your music. You truly are talented
Just listened to you on the Steve Harvey morning're a funny brother!! LMAO
Jill Scott on the Steve Harvey morning show.
is on the Steve Harvey morning show 🙌 😩
Jill Scott on the Steve Harvey show this morning...such a beautiful spirit...nautilus person...beautiful voice. ..
up next on the Steve Harvey morning show. I❤️her
This strawberry letter on the Steve Harvey morning show!
😂😂😂 Steve Harvey morning show be cutting up in the 🅰〽️
They are so petty on the Steve Harvey morning show this morning lol.
*** this chick going off on the Steve Harvey morning show right now tho...
I never catch Steve Harvey morning radio show
bruh im gettin up early just so I can listen to the Steve Harvey morning show and listen to them prank call somebody 😂
Steve Harvey is the best host ever for Family Feud. Sorry Richard Dawson...
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Real question involving who was the better Family Feud host, Steve Harvey or Richard Dawson? I say Dawson.
Call her a communion sunday Steve Harvey suit because this girl is PRESSED!!
Steve Harvey morning show played an old interview b/t Steve & the KING of POP MJ Great
Wonder if number of listeners decreases when Steve Harvey is not on morning radio show? Know hubby doesn't listen if Steve isn't on.
So apparently Steve Harvey has his own morning show that is heavy on the rap
If you don't listen to the Steve Harvey morning show, you arent real. Lol
Steve Harvey just unearthed this unreleased MJ interview, he won the morning show war today (for the first and last time)
Nephew Tommy be cracking me up on the prank calls on Steve Harvey's Morning Show! I literally LOL. I want to hear the ones that don't work.
Kem is helping host the Steve Harvey morning show. That voice.
My man Kem is up early! Ready to host the Steve Harvey morning show! Tune in!!
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