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Steve Harvey

Broderick Steven Steve Harvey (born January 17, 1957) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, television and radio personality and best-selling author.

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Christian Slater's unexpected response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations
Hahhaa and Name the most misinformed viewers?.survey says.FOX News…
Lol yea it takes a lot of responsibility but she knew what she signed up for.. I'm pretty sure the int…
Another iPhone update. You know I’ve got your back Apple, but iOS11 has been more glitchy than Steve Harvey announcing a…
*Watching Family Feud* . Steve Harvey: What is something poor to brag about? . Adam: MEATLOAF! . 🤔🤔
Steve Harvey took a leap of faith early in his career, and now his book JUMP can tell you about it:…
I cant believe they are letting steve harvey do again. Ugh
Wow! I didn’t think Steve Harvey was doing that well!
I picked the wrong one like Steve harvey
Steve Harvey just insinuated that a pregnant contestant looked good naked. Outrage?
It's time to play Family Feud! Give it up for Steve Harvey!. How's everybody doing today? Thank y'all for coming. Alright hey…
What do you call Steve Harvey and his wife fighting?. A Family Feud
Steve Harvey and His Wife got into a Fight last night. It was the best Family Feud in a long time
See the biggest stars in comedy & music at the legendary Request tickets:
“Steve Harvey should be our president. He’s a man of the people!” -Jordan
GOT7 would do the most and Steve Harvey would make that face of disappointment.
Thank you for sharing "Unc"! I did not have a good day. However, your post lifted me. . FYI, Steve Harvey is NOT my uncle.
I wonder if Frank Mitchell ever wore a lace front on TV in the spirit of Steve Harvey.
Ricky smiley and Steve Harvey are like unto No more than a rich
Donna maybe should have had a little chat with Tina Campbell and Steve Harvey. IJS
who is Michael Fontaine and why does he have an obsession with Steve Harvey and Ray William Johnson
we asked 100 people 'what is the most unnecessary halloween costume in the history of the world?'. sexy Steve Harvey w…
BREAKING: The Cleveland Browns have joined Steve Harvey as first ballot SomeonesAnIdiot Hall of Famers. (via
Y'all clown Russel Wilson but give all praise to T.I., Steve Harvey and Carmello Anthony like they ain't doing the same thing. Y'all dumb
We punished Chrisette and Tina, but let Steve Harvey show up at Def Comedy Jam?
Was about to watch Def Comedy Jam till we saw Steve Harvey's photo. Pass.
*** nawl! In that loud,yellow suit Steve Harvey looked like the love child of Judg…
The whole "Men are trash." concept started with Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry being the front runners.
from the Steve Harvey morning show. This is his nephew tommy, steve's cohost on the show
And yes even if nephew tommy is the call maker, Steve Harvey is hosting the content & keekeeing which why I said "SH AND cohost"
Like nephew tommy on Steve Harvey this is so pathetic. Why y’all embarrassing people on the radio like this?
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Nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey show be having me dying 😂😂😂😭
Tyrese is right up there with Kevin Hart, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, D.L. Hughley as the strangers I truly hate.
30th Sept (Continued). Dave Jones and Warren rounded off the notable scores with 36. Team money to Jon Blackie, Steve Harvey,
'Celebrity Family Feud' recap: Steve Harvey and Neil deGrasse Tyson go at it
"Mistaking Dr. Phil for Steve Harvey is an honest mistake" 🙃
when y’all go get them big *** fake teeth like Steve Harvey y’all need to be asking for d kind like Keyshia.
Bout to start wearing suits everyday like I'm Steve Harvey
I just saw you on Steve Harvey. I gave you a standing ovation!! You just inspired me!!
Does it have either Steve Harvey or Warren Beatty announcing the final award winner? [crossing fingers]
Kevin Hart becoming like Steve Harvey. Not funny and too cocky.
Le’Veon Bell left Steve Harvey at a loss for words with his “Family Feud” answer 😂. 🎥:
Just met a dude that looks like Steve Harvey and Kenan Thompson at the same time. Life's crazy
Another daytime TV observation from the doctor's waiting room: I am not the target audience for Steve Harvey with guest Charlie Sheen.
This is outstanding. Steve Harvey & Ben Carson Working on HUD Project Despite Severe Blowback. It's about the people http…
Steve Harvey pushes forward on deal with Trump Administration following severe backlash | well done
Steve Harvey I'm over you,Ray Lewis, Joe Brown and many more.What is doing for black communities?😤
Check it out! I donated to 'Steve Mason's Hurricane Harvey Fund' - via
Steve Harvey STILL DOES NOT GET IT. He does have excuses though via
The fact that people rely on Steve Harvey to help them date bhawh!!! 😩😩😩
Steve Harvey was surprised at the backlash that he received after a friendly meeting with the biggest r…
Please tell me Steve Harvey didn't vote for Trump...
The response towards Harvey was crap. . “I didn’t see that coming. Jesus it was so vicious that it really threw me.”
Buyer's remorse - Steve Harvey, friend of Donnie the inept!
Steve Harvey takes a shot at Chicago's celebrity pool in new interview
Am I high or does Steve Harvey look like a toaster or both
Thank you for taking a seat at the table and actually helping the American people
What the is doing with is the equivalent of Steve Harvey judging a beauty pageant
I don't watch or listen to any Steve Harvey's shows anymore. Lost all respect for him.
The only way McGregor could have won that fight was if Steve Harvey announced the decision.
“Steve Harvey is being pummelled with negativity after agreeing to help kids find a trade and learn...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
.has always gotten back up after being knocked down. She's ready to help Houston do same.
Steve Harvey: I won't be writing any more staff memos via
.to "hillbillies" defending Confederate statues after Charlottesville: "Get your *** a museum"
Another 4th tier black celebrity who ignored what stood for. .
Steve Harvey is working with Ben Carson on HUD project despite severe blowback
If you got a costume of Texas and Steve Harvey?
Steve Harvey says he should have listened to his wife and skipped the meeting with Donald Trump earlier this year.
Wow! You have my vote. Then replace Steve Harvey with Kenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey.
Tony Rock address viral video about Steve Harvey
Paul Pierce was sitting next to Steve Harvey!! What The Art Briles ya talking about?
Jim Brown, Steve Harvey & MLK 3 are good men, but Trump is playing them like a piano. How foolish on their part. No access pos…
He likes only entertaining ministel type negroes such as OJ, Kanye, Steve Harvey, Jim Brown... do yourself a favor say no!
Steve Harvey will be the one to defend / present Trump... I put money on it !!
Steve Harvey on his radio show talking bout Trump like he had his *** up in Trump face. Smh.
NYC personality wants Steve Harvey to Re-Explain why he even met with Donald Trump? h…
All purpose parts banner
Did y'all see Steve Harvey at the fight? He was yelling for Floyd but whispered to Trump 😴
Steve Harvey on this radio show talkin about Trump like he wasn't sucking his *** last month
Trump: "My hands are yuuuge, right, Kanye?". Steve Harvey: "Uh, I'm Steve Ha—". Trump: "I mean, they're way bigger than Obama'…
...asked where Steve Harvey and Ray Lewis were after hearing that speech by trump.. https:…
Those who understand business can see how Steve Harvey and Donald Trump are basically…
How am I suppose to watch the fight with Steve Harvey dead center?
Steve Harvey found one of Conor's friends backstage. "Tell Conor McGregor he's a f---ing man."
Did y'all just see Steve Harvey shoot right up? 😂
Adam keeps calling this hurricane Steve Harvey 🙄🙄
I hope this Harvey isn't a false alarm like Steve Harvey was for miss universe 2015
Marshall football is blessed to have a man like Rev. Steve Harvey
Trump make his remarks at Trump Tower yesterday, same place that Ray Lewis,Jim Brown &Steve Harvey met with him &said he…
I liked a video Steve Harvey is OWNED by Donald Trump( w/ opinion on Eddie Long)
update: Steve Harvey has contacted us and will be skyping with my brothers tomorrow 😇
Steve Harvey's thoughts on that infamous staff memo? "I thought it was cute, but you all didn't."…
Phelps raced a shark on TV? I want to see more specials like that. Like, Who's better at building dams, these beavers or Steve Harvey?
Oh man, at least it was bad as Steve Harvey.
credit and Steve Harvey regret among highlights (and lowlights) from day 10
Steve Harvey laughs off now infamous staff memo - New York Daily News
Sunday on Steve Harvey's Funderdome, one of my fave contestants, Pole dancing for cats! Get on it!.
I'm tired of the leaks coming from Wheel staff! No, I'm not being replaced by Steve Harvey. And Vanna is not in prison!
talks about that scathing staff memo: 'I can't write ... I should never write'
Everyone has a team of trustworthy people!! TD Jakes, Steve Harvey, Tom Brady, those guys don't handle everything. They have a team
Steve Harvey thinks that leaked memo he sent to his staff was "cute"
Steve Harvey on Miss Universe Mishap: I Took a Bullet for a Lot of People
I liked a video Fear Over Faith: Muslims are Portrayed as High-Jackers & Terrorists || STEVE HARVEY
That's lavita from the Steve Harvey show. Hold it down sis
🤔 You look like a beautiful mix between Tom Selleck and Ron Swanson... with maybe a pinch of Steve Harvey... only a pinch
Lmao Sara and Sophia from the Steve Harvey show does crack me up 😂
Seeing Steve Harvey's family embarrass the *** out of him on may be the greatest thing I've seen on…
Lol, it was a phrase I made up from Steve Harvey's popular book 'Act like a lady, think like a man '. Nothing more…
If that's Steve Harvey's cake u guys might get his security crew c…
I am in the area, I can be there in 20 mns, I will eat the *** out of Steve Harvey cake.
My favorite part of Game of Thrones tonight was when Lil Kim and Steve Harvey were all like, "Let's do it like how we do it on the streets."
Steve Harvey - Hanging out with my good friend, Steve Harvey. . Steve Harvey - Hanging out with my good friend, Stev…
Steve Harvey may be controversial, but the motivation his book JUMP is still worthy of a good read:…
When the show finished, Steve talked with the man and learned that he only had 3 months left to live. Moved to...
as a black man, learning that the Steve Harvey lining is actually unobtainable hurts.
CNN panelist Marc Lamont Hill: Steve Harvey and other black people that meet with Trump are "mediocre Negroes"
that bum *** stage. the 14 people in attendance. that Steve Harvey line while everyone is fighting. . I'M WEAK.
😂😂 I can't believe that. Bill would never sell us out like that he's not Steve Harvey. You just be ov…
thoughts on the second half of this? Steve Harvey Doesn’t Want To Do 'Ask Steve' Anymore via
Steve Harvey is a gift to this world
Steve Harvey one of the funniest dudes of all time 😂😂
In case Mac had pull a Steve Harvey lol
I am both shocked and appalled to hear that Steve Harvey's flat top on "The Steve Harvey Show" was a wig.
I added a video to a playlist Steve Harvey 'Jump' Motivational Speech
You ever heard of kings of comedy? With Bernie mac, Steve Harvey, Cedric the entertainer, and dl hugley?
Ralph Sampson and Kareem Abdul- Jabar are on Family Feud and they are HUGE. Making Steve Harvey look like he's 5'
Why does every channel on TV only have Steve Harvey or Chris Hardwick on it?
I guess that hating Steve Harvey is a new meme for my Channel
Anytime my parents watch Steve Harvey's show they stay laughing and get louder and louder every time 😭😂😂
Steve Harvey's entire family is on Celeb Family Fued and it's unadulterated chaos
steve harvey's sons have me SPEECHLESS
Tonight at 7: A reading with William Haywood Henderson, Mark Neely, and Steve Harvey, Can't wait!
Every time I listen to the strawberry letter on the Steve Harvey morning show I just shake my head
"A man only changes for one person. If he ain’t changing for you, then you are not that person." Steve Harvey. True story. — feeling loved
The Steve Harvey Morning show gon' play a clip of voice lol
You know I'm washed, I actually be weak at the Steve Harvey morning show
Steve Harvey morning show was better when he wasn't on there😭😂
to when Steve Harvey got knocked out by Mike Tyson and decided to do comedy
Steve Harvey mornin show is whaa I get ready to every mornin now 🤗🤣
Good morning great leaders! This morning on the radio Steve Harvey said, "discipline determines your destiny, not...
not sure at gets first Billing with Steve Harvey. I think it would be Harvey and Carton
Who are these *** people who be sending in these strawberry letters in to the Steve Harvey show
Few things are better than Steve Harvey's mustache. Thankfully, our Weekly Announcements are one of those things. https:/…
Dawg the Jamaican man who got pranked on Steve Harvey show lol dawgf I'm dead lol
If Steve Harvey can tell a girl she won Miss Universe, proceed to say he made a mistake, and give it to another girl, you…
Steve harvey asks to be Mc at your birthday party
I'd throw Mo'Nique and Steve Harvey in the mix. But I get the point.
World's oldest burlesque dancer teaches how to strip tease on 'Forever Young.'…
Steve Harvey in the morning! A good laugh to kick off a great day 😂
Can't stand him. Him Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey all suck.
Discipline determines your destiny, NOT YOUR DESIRES" - Steve Harvey
Nobody wins when the Family Feuds , but my stash can't fit in a Steve Harvey suit
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Tommy from the Steve Harvey morning show is too funny prankin ppl Dis mornin 😆😆
A woman can't change a man because she loves him. A man changes himself because he loves her. 😊✔️💯. - Steve Harvey
Tune in right now to the Baddest Radio Show in the Land, The Steve Harvey Morning Show on with…
Is Steve Harvey balling hey? His family makes him look like he is
dude I'm listening to some black philip, patrice is so missed man. I don't there would be Steve Harvey if he was here Steve Harvey had a point ne? 90 day rule
Coming up at 6:25, how not to act like Steve Harvey. A practical guide to avoid being distracted by other people at work.
Lmao blessing they sons with that Steve Harvey edge up
Discipline determines your destiny not your desire. - steve Harvey
Discipline determines your destiny. Not your "desire". - Steve Harvey
Jodie Foster & Harvey Keitel on the set of 'Taxi Driver' by Martin Scorsese. by Steve Schapiro.
Discipline does decide your destiny gotdamnit Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is offering a mentoring camp that educates and provides support for a variety of families.
Things can only happen when you take that unexplainable leap of faith. - Steve Harvey
I liked a video Kamala Harris, Steve Harvey, and Solutions for Recognizing Class Enemies. 6/19
Well. he cheated on old wife with new wife. No surprise that he is now cheating on new wife. Ask St…
Steve Harvey: "Okay here's a deal, if you want to be successful, here's the thing you have to do... you have to jump." . Me: ht…
Only Steve would go international with his foolishness. He took the time to get into an argument with an Italian...
*** Horn? No way! Just waiting for Steve Harvey 2 come out and apologize for the wrong scorecard.
I'm waiting for Steve Harvey to come out.
Jimmy kimmel & Steve Harvey are the kinda people I wanna be friends with
Tamar Braxton signed with Steve Harvey production company.
This be Steve Harvey's chest, good night
Steve Harvey came face-to-face with his very own doppelganger and it even made him second guess his identity.
My stash can't fit in a steve harvey suit..
The question isn't how many shows does Steve Harvey host. The question is how many Steve Harveys are there...
Steve Harvey's second ex-wife, has alleged he mentally tortured her in a new $60 million lawsuit. Did he falsely tell she won…
Who would win in a stroll competition? . Steve Harvey, Roland Martin, Cedric The Entertainer or Terrence Howard ?
Steve Harvey's Infamous Hosting of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" -
Steve Harvey needs a vacation. You will not BELIEVE this letter he wrote to his staff.
I'd watch a thousand Colonial Penn Life Insurance commercials before I watch one show hosted by Steve Harvey.
Super Deluxe put all of my Steve Harvey videos together in one place. You might need a laugh/cry. Go ahead. JUMP. https:…
More on Frank Darabont's Walking Dead emails, which make the Steve Harvey memo look like Emily Post.
Steve Harvey is basically Nicky Minaj without hair and a stache
this Steve Harvey episode I'm watching is about a guy who is proposing to his wife again after 15 years bc the first time he did, he farted
I wish Keenan Thompson would fill in for Steve Harvey some days. Now that would be a fun show !
You can keep Ben Car, Steve Harvey and whoever else lines…
I can't talk to no female who didn't see Steve Harvey and Cedric The Entertainer host the BET awards and Lil Bow Wow come out and C walk
90% of the television I watched today involved Steve Harvey
When is Steve Harvey or Monique going host the Bet Awards Again ?? 😅
Steve Harvey- "when a woman is not attractive people say she has a great..." Contestant- "personality" My mom- "YOU HAVE ONE OF THOSE."
Steve Harvey might be the hardest working man in show business. What's he have, like 5 TV shows?
Steve Harvey has got to be the king of TV right now. He has had a primetime show on at 8, 9 and now 10 tonight. If he isn't who is
But fr how does Steve Harvey have time to host all these shows?!
Steve Harvey makin coins with all these shows he got.
Little Giant Ladders
I wanna know how Steve Harvey has all this time to host all these *** shows 🤔
Steve Harvey's otherwise known as "Battle of the 'Shark Tank' Rejects."
My life flashed before my eyes and it was hosted by Steve Harvey.
Literally in tears of joy because this really happy guy just won $50 on Steve Harvey's funderdome
How many shows is Steve Harvey currently hosting?
Does anyone have a strong take on this Steve Harvey "Funderdome" Show?
is it just me or is Steve Harvey on every *** game show today
Coulda even brought back Ced and Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Thanks to science we have enough Steve Harvey reaction shots to continue his shows for three decades after he dies.
You can't come with anything less dating Steve Harvey's Daughter !
So how many sexist jokes is Steve Harvey gonna make during this episode of
Then Steve Harvey said "let's get down to business" so I asked if it was to defeat the Huns. Went over mom's head
Steve Harvey is 6'2" and looks like a child compared to !
Could prob watch Family Feud all day because of Steve Harvey
Fully expected this to have changed to have been changed to Steve Harvey's face.
OMG Steve Harvey's family! Such terrible answers, I had to keep rewinding because I could not believe he let tha…
6'2 Steve Harvey stands in between 7'4 Ralph Sampson and 7'2 Kareem lol
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Harvey zepco…
Why and how does Steve Harvey have so many shows
Jesus, that waffle iron looks amazing. I need one now! Steve Harvey's
A Hot Pocket style waffle iron versus ravioli rolling pin in the main event of Steve Harvey's $50,000 on the line!
It use to be Ryan Seacrest, now every time I turn around I see Steve Harvey and Michael Strahan !
It's quarter of 10 on a Sunday and I'm watching this crappy Steve Harvey version of Shark Tank.
I just saw a girl with the name Helya (on Steve Harvey's Funderdome). I so hope she has a brother named Damstrate.
You are gonna have to pick bro. It's me or Steve Harvey.
The funderdome isn't that great of a show but Steve Harvey is just great!!! Always making me laugh! 😂😂
Oh, the irony on Steve Harvey's Inventor of detachable panties cashes out too soon! This truly is the golden age of television.
I don't believe there's only 1 Steve Harvey.
How many TV shows does Steve Harvey have?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Did he pull a Steve Harvey cause I swear he was suppose to say Chris brown
Why do people keep giving Steve Harvey TV shows to host?
Steve Harvey looks like he's always wearing tanning glasses.
This underwear battle on Steve Harvey's is amazing.
Family Feud with Steve Harvey's family was absolutely hilarious. My mom and I were dying laughing!
Steve Harvey is the funniest thing 😂😂
Also annoying is when Steve Harvey then appears shocked when an answer is racy or adult.
Steve Harvey is my favorite person on the planet
Lady on Steve Harvey's says she changes her underwear 2 to 3 times a day!
Summer TV in 2017 is apparently just Steve Harvey hosting different shows on different channels. Lol
I don't care much for Steve Harvey.
Watching a bit of "Steve Harvey's Funderdome" on ABC and wondering if anyone can invent something that lets other people host s…
Steve Harvey has some *** family members. Thry prove it on Family Feud. Why didn't they let Ben play along with Marjorie?
We all know he was just slummin. Especially when he had Steve Harvey over and tried to mee…
If I ever get to meet Steve Harvey my life would be complete
Obama did zero while Trump hired Ben Carson, Steve Harvey to address that 🤔
Y'all got *** like Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey and Bill Cosby and Kanye West cooning for white attention...but say the ga…
You and me, shirtless Steve Harvey , are kindred spirits
Inspiring, uplifting, and amazing. I am, of course, talking about Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots:
Odd. I'd never heard of this until a just now while watching Steve Harvey's…
Steve Harvey 'Little Big Shots' Forever Young ... now this is feel good stuff happening now 😍
I am loving Steve Harvey's new show on now (NBC) called "Little Big Shots - Forever Young" Reminds me of my Billy Hargrove!
So great to see Arthur Duncan and on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots - Forever Young Edition.
Also, Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots: Forever Young might be the best show I've ever watched. Old people are my favorite. 😂
Omg I chose the wrong night to drink wine. You have me in tears 😭❤️ Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots forever young.
we could have lived in any era but we got to live in the one where Steve Harvey has 6 game shows
Usher, Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Shaq and more to be featured on 'Oprah’s Master Class' [Trailer]
I think they should replace Steve Harvey with Kevin Hart or Kountry Wayne on Family Feud.
People getting mad at Steve Harvey for telling a caller to drink brown water but not mad at that fact Flint STILL has brow…
Steve Harvey and Family Feud bid adieu to Atlanta’s Civic Center...
Order Miche Bag Online!
I went from watching Kevin Hart's stand-up to Chris Rock's, then Eddie Murphy's, and now Steve Harvey's 😂
Steve Harvey has slowly been sliding from problematic into straight trash territory.
I was waiting for you to give Steve Harvey Donkey of the day for his Flint, Michigan comment 🙁
"Jokes" like Steve Harvey's just makes the issue in Flint seem like a joke and trivial. So being angry about his comments does not negate
Why should Steve Harvey apologize for a joke?. The Democrats who run Flint should apologize for still having brown water…
Steve Harvey out here telling Flint callers to enjoy their brown glass of water?
Spoiler alert: Every answer on Steve Harvey's Family Feud is "in bed!" followed by raucous clapping
*** All the money in the world can't buy you class. It's beyond my understanding when black folks take pride...
I don't vibe with Steve Harvey at all, but you gotta admit that that guy knows how to rock a mustache. He makes the solo stache look normal!
feud why is Harvey still working when clearly he think it's funny for the people of Flint,Michigan to drink the brown water.
Steve Harvey tells Flint resident to 'enjoy your nice brown glass of water'
Steve Harvey Says the ‘Brown Water’ Joke Was Directed at the Caller, Not the City of Fli...
Steve Harvey responding to a caller from Flint, Michigan.
Now, what Steve Harvey said was offensive, be…
Flint Mayor wants Steve Harvey's apology just as public as his joke:
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Steve Harvey tells Flint resident to enjoy "brown glass of water" via
Steve Harvey is one of the funniest people 😂
Love that all 4 Wade brothers (aka "The Quads") who are going to Yale were on the Steve Harvey show today. They...
You mean a joke like Comedian Steve Harvey made yesterday and liberals went off the deep (er)…
Steve Harvey is a man full of grace and full of respect for others. He says one thing and people want to come at him for it. Give me a break
Steve Harvey 2b written into the Official Mayan records the as the Rawest Man in History .
Flint resident wants more than apology from after offensive comment about
All the people making fuss about Steve Harvey probably don't know a dang thing about him. Y'all get so political about everything
Flint Mayor Weaver calls for a public apology from Steve Harvey. See her letter here.
. I wish BOA is Steve Harvey saying "I have to apolgize Kim Samuel is on top 11..
It's 2017 and y'all still look up to Steve Harvey?
.could turn Atlantic City into the next Flint by privatizing public water:
I'm not surprised Steve Harvey told the people of Flint to "Enjoy their glass of brown water".. He also said he doesn't c…
Trump supporter Steve Harvey is almost as smart as DJT. On his radio show he told a caller, ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass of Water' Classy!
Steve Harvey says lead water jokes were directed at the city of Flint, not the city of Flint
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ppl need to grow up & stop sweating pettiness!. Steve Harvey to Flint Man: ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass of Water’
Steve Harvey told the people of flint to "enjoy their glass of brown water" . *** really don't know how to act when the…
Do you think Steve Harvey will apologize for his comments about Flint? His words were horrible.
Steve Harvey did such a great job, That when Ray Combs saw how great it was he hung himself.
Why is Steve Harvey so rude and arrogant? .
Steve Harvey: top 5 answers on the board. name something too hot to handle. Me: *buzzes immediately* EMMA WATSON IN A LIBRARY EATING A TACO
Dear Sir on Steve Harvey was just being rude. Don't try to cover for him.
Flint Michigan... "Steve Harvey" is not your problem. . . Democrats are.
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