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Steve Hackett

Stephen Richard Hackett (born 12 February 1950) is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He gained prominence as a member of the British progressive rock group Genesis, which he joined in 1970 and left in 1977 to pursue a solo career.

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Cassmark Cassifieds & Sarcasties (1 of 4) Barefoot Jimtessa: Remember everyone, six drops make a dash. Here, try my homemade lemon sorbet. Do you dig? Great, now try this fig. From Jefferson Airplane to Jefferson Starship makes it seem a legitimate reality for a Jefferson Teleporter to happen. Cassmark's Random Album Shoutout of the Week: Steve Hackett - "Voyage of the Acolyte" Paraffin, Claritin, regimen, Sheraton, keratin, librarian, adrenaline, barbarian, gelatin, skeleton, terrapin, specimen. 'Did you know?': That Angela Lansbury was named by rearranging the phrase SUN AGE YARN BALL? After Justin Timberlake released The 20/20 Experience with his high-tech glasses, he realized that he wasn't bringing sexy back. No, I did not misspeaky. The moon looks like a waning croissant. I mentor it. Anyways, it's a waxing crescent if ya wanna get all Propel. I wear a men's size 13 in several shoe brands, size 12 in a few brands, and size 11.5 in a specific brand. Can't we all just get along? Happy 311 Day everyone ...
Life is good. I have a band together with Roine Stolt called Agents Of Mercy. A couple of days ago Roine and his other band Transatlantic played a live set on a cruise with Jon Anderson of Yes. They did "The Revelaing Science Of God", "Long Distance Runaround", "Starship Trooper" and "And You and I". In a month from now I leave for the US (a third time in a year) with Steve Hackett to continue where we left off in Cambridge last year playing classic Genesis songs. We have a long tour ahead of us. Think about it; two guys from Sweden playing/singing with two of our life time heroes. How big are the odds would you say? Are we very lucky, or was it meant to be? :) I hope the latter. X Nad. Tour schedule for 2014:
Genesis are a British rock band that formed in 1967. The band consist of their three longest-tenured members: founding members Tony Banks (keyboards) and Mike Rutherford (bass, guitar); and Phil Collins (vocals, drums), who joined in 1970. Former members Peter Gabriel (vocals, flute), Steve Hackett (guitar) and Anthony Phillips (guitar) also played major roles in the band in its early years. Genesis are among the highest-selling recording artists of all time, with approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide.[1][2] In the late 1960s, with the release of their first album, Genesis's music was initially regarded by the band and the fans as a pop experiment, referring to then-popular melodic pop.[3] Then, over the course of a year, (beginning with their second album in mid-1970) they quickly evolved into a progressive rock band with the incorporation of complex song structures and elaborate instrumentation. Their concerts became theatrical experiences with innovative stage design, pyrotechnics, extravagan ...
.One day, Dave Gilmour, Steve Hackett and Dr Brian May will take stage together, and my brain will explode.
QUIZ QUESTIONS as follows 1) What is Lemmy's birth sign? 2) Which string brand does Jack Bruce play & endorse? 3) What is Geddy Lee's real name? 4) Rotosound developed the worlds first roundwound bass string in conjunction with which famous bass player? 5) Name the band formed by Chris Squire & Steve Hackett. They released one album a couple of years ago 6) Which bass players book is entitled 'My Bass & other animals' Entries by end of Feb please by email tp drewwill receive a Mono comfort strap, set of strings (4 or 5) and an MBL T-shirt. Good luck p.s If you'd like the newsletter sending by email just let us have your email address and we'll whizz it to you
Al Stewart, Dave Mason, Steve Hackett, Don McLean. *** . so many good shows coming up in the next 6 weeks, so little money!
ere is my Sean O'Bryan Smith Album List: I am going to list albums that are not the BIG ones from the Beatles or Zepplin ect, but are still some of the best. . Steve Thorne .. Crimes and Reasons, . David Sylvian .. Secrets of the Beehive, . Gentle Giant .. The Power and the Glory, . Emerson Lake and Palmer .. Trilogy, . Steve Hackett .. Out of the Tunnels Mouth, . Supergrass .. Life on Other Planets, . Bill Nelson .. Map of Dreams, . Supertramp .. Crime of the Century, . Genesis .. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, . Yes .. Close to the Edge, . Alan Parsons Project .. I Robot, . Crowded House .. Woodface .. and not real well know but the excellent . Chocolate Genius .. Black Music. That is an awesome disc by Marc Anthony Thompson with Marc Ribot, Abe Leborielle Jr, John Medeski and Chris Wood for his band , recorded at my old studio TMF in NYC. All of these are sonic masterpieces!! RULES: in your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't take too long ...
For the eve of St Valentines Day, I've not gone out of my way to be obviously romantic - and if it happens it is more luck than otherwise. Got the new Lucas/Hammill album at last - after the critics and the record company writing that this album is different for both artists, I have beg to differ. This is what I expected from the musicians wrt their separate inputs, but there is a distinct synergism when the two are playing together, thus making this a superior piece of music for 2014. Dipping further in Brad Mehldau/Mark Guiliano's and GoGo Penguin's recent offerings, plus the new Metheny. Maynard James Keenan comes up twice with Tool side projects. Something from Steve Hackett's treble set (but could have fitted onto a double) 'Live at Hammersmith' - how much more can be teased out under the title 'Genesis Revisited'? And least we forget The Mars Volta - have they really been around for a decade? In passing, tonight the two new Hellberg albums were waiting for me in today's post. Trio-played, 'Jazz Raj ...
Today in History -- Wednesday, Feb. 12 (Bill Russell, Steve Hackett, Christina Ricci) The Associated Press Today is Wednesday, Feb. 12, the 43rd day of 2014. There are 322 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Feb. 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born in present-day Larue County, Ky. On this date: In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, who'd claimed the throne of England for nine days, and her husband, Guildford Dudley, were beheaded after being condemned for high treason. In 1818, Chile officially proclaimed its independence, more than seven years after initially renouncing Spanish rule. In 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded. In 1912, Pu Yi (poo yee), the last emperor of China, abdicated, marking the end of the Qing Dynasty. In 1914, groundbreaking took place for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (A year later on this date, the Memorial's cornerstone was laid.) In 1924, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" pr ...
Today in Rock February Twelfth Featured Artist The Doors The Doors The Doors’ keyboardist, Raymond (Ray) Daniel Manzarek, (top left) is born in Chicago. 1939 1950's Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is born. 1950 Michael McDonald is born in St. Louis. Though McDonald was in Steely Dan, he’s best known as the frontman for the Doobie Brothers (during their most commercially successful period). 1952 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins records his one and only classic “I Put A Spell On You” in NY. 1956 1960's John Lennon John Lennon A New York Times review claims the frenzied audience at NY’s Carnegie Hall put on the show and that The Beatles merely accompanied them. 1964 The Who’s “My Generation” anchors the spot on the U.S. pop charts. Of course, the song becomes an anthem. 1966 The law raids Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ house where they find “various substances of suspicious nature.” Richards’ legal troubles along with the drug related arrests of *** Jagger and Brian Jones nearly halts the Sto . ...
I've just murdered Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips. It was an act of Genesicide.
What Bands did Rush open you to New Music? They were like a spring board for me. and I had 2 brothers that exposed me to new stuff..Feel Blessed by that. Rush has always been the bed rock..but through them I found..Max Webster, Genesis (what you would classify as old stuff..with Steve Hackett mostly), Yes, King Chrisom, a host of guitar players..Thank you Alex Lifeson.. your style made me want more. Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gamble, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai...all from the bed rock:)
Steve Hackett: ‘Genesis Revisited III? Never Say Never’ Comments 0 Martin Kielty at 10:33am January 3 2014 Steve Hackett Steve Hackett won’t rule out a follow-up to his acclaimed Genesis Revisited II release. But he believes it’s time to concentrate on making his own new music – and he’s not certain how much more of his former band’s material can be reworked to his satisfaction. Genesis Revisited II and its 1996 predecessor saw him rebuilding some of the his earliest material, and he admits it’s generated a lot of attention for him. Hackett tells Something Else: “Is there a third? I say, ‘Never say never.’ But I’m involved in doing another album of my own, rather than immediately going back to Genesis material. “There are some lovely songs which deserve to be given the widescreen treatment – but it gets tougher because the songs I was really drawn to are already covered.” He describes the Revisited process as “restoration,” explaining: “It’s taking songs that were som ...
Bob Campbell you'll enjoy this ...So I visited London Drugs and they had a "Listen before you buy stand with 10 or so music CD's on it with a set of headphones to preview the retro! But it was when I checked out the discs that I thought I'd stepped into the Way back machine with Sherman and Mr Peabody! There were new albums from Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, Saga, yup Saga, pride of Oakville Ont, The Fixx, and not one but TWO albums from Steve Hackett. One of them with Yes's bassist Chris Squires and the other a remixing of a ton (two Cds) of old Genisis music (circa Peter Gabriel). What a treat,so hats off to London Drugs for their choices and promotion. It was great to have that old record store thrill of seeing and hearing favourite music. Nowadays without our local record store, we just aren't aware of new stuff coming out from our favourites from Way back.and I really miss that. Oh, I did grab up the Steve Hackett Genesis double album and a new group (to me) that was also on that r ...
Nice review from James Turner...thanks James (thanks Vicky) :-) Lifesigns by Lifesigns Keyboard player John Young, bassist Nick Beggs and Martin ‘Frosty’ Beedle have combined their not inconsiderable talents, and present 5 amazing tracks as the Lifesigns project. With guests of the calibre of Steve Hackett, Thijs Van Leer, Robin Boult and Jakko Jakszyk Lifesigns fits nicely in the English progressive tradition, with inventive performances, quality musicianship, (the interplay between Beggs fluid bass playing and Youngs superb keyboard playing is a particular delight, while Beedle builds on and adds to a tradition of inventive percussion started by Bill Bruford and others) and instead of imitating or following a pre-ordained idea of what progressive rock should be, this is showing what it is. Intelligent mature well crafted songs, atmospheric and ambient soundscapes created by the band, where Youngs emotive vocals weave over, and the beauty of the album from the superb Lighthouse to the closing 11 minu ...
Carl Palmer cancelled in least Steve Hackett is still on.
More interviews at: Versatile progressive rock guitarist and original member of Genesis, Steve Hackett has had a car...
Some Half Past Four brings the first hour of SymfoZone to a close. In the next hour, it's "Going Solo" for Steve Walsh, David Gilmour, Steve Hackett, Geddy Lee, Steve Howe.
OK hippies! October next year, the saintly Steve Hackett is bringing his Genesis Revisited tour to the Brighton Centre. I had the good fortune to see this tour in May at the Hammersmith Apollo (Hello Lesley!)and, if you like the early genesis, this gig is as good as it gets! Tickets are now on sale, less than £35. I'm going, anybody else?
Steve Hackett: Nick Beggs to return to band for Genesis Revisited shows.: Nick Beggs will return to Steve Hack...
Now playing: Steve Hackett - "Firth of Fifth" ... from Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith
Genesis Revisited II: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Steve Hackett and more.
You should check out Steve Hackett's excellent Genesis Revisited I and II.
Off to steel city tonight with Gordy and Deano to see the legend Steve Hackett
Fair Play Steve Hackett was Fecking Awesome last night. Did about 2 and a half hours. Classic Genesis at its best. My dad loved it. The best Fathers day Present Ever.
Last call for my spare Steve Hackett ticket before I try Twickets. Manchester on Saturday, row A of stalls!
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II .Best see what all the fuss is about :)
Can't sleep - just went to Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited gig - amazing! There on Sat and Sun for then
Polifonia ROCK...only the best Progressive Rock...The band Nektar formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1969, members included Englishmen Roye Albrighton on guitars and vocals, Allan "Taff" Freeman on keyboards, Derek "Mo" Moore on bass, Ron Howden on drums, and *** Brockett on lights, special effects and other miscellanea. Songwriting was always considered a group effort. The band's early albums such as Journey to the Centre of the Eye, ...Sounds Like This and A Tab in the Ocean were obscure psychedelic rock albums that won the band a small but growing cult following, based largely on word of mouth. The last of those albums was the first Nektar album to be released in the U.S., on the small Passport Records label. Success[edit] It was Nektar's second U.S. release, Remember the Future (1973), that propelled the band briefly into mass popularity. A concept album about a blind boy who communicates with an extraterrestrial being, the music was a big leap forward for the band with a much more melodic sound than on p ...
Just got back from a brilliant Steve Hackett gig at Colston Hall in Bristol - fab evening
Genesis Revisited Tour - marvellous to hear the classic 70's Genesis tracks with that Steve Hackett guitar tone. Many thanks to Robin Harrison for joining me.
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Just been to see Steve Hackett of Genesis, in Colston Halll in Bristol-- absolutely fantastic !!!
same here now too after a good summer Peter Gabriel on Friday night gig. Steve Hackett. R genesis. Next week. Too
Steve Hackett true legend! Tonight I found my inner rock goddess! Cried when they played Carpet Crawlers my all time favorite Genesis track - just took me back to Sunday lunch time whilst a student cooking with my roomie Ali just amazing. Steve Hackett played Agnostic Guitar (as he called it) at one point just sent the audience into overdrive. Played Lamb Lies Down at full volume all the way home! Brilliant night!
Steve Hackett. What a great gig tonight in Bristol. Thank you
I liked a video Steve Hackett playing "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" live at Birmingham on 22
You want prog? Gabriel at The Hydro, or Steve Hackett in Newcastle, supported by ace Scottish strummer Alan Reed
Is going to watch Steve Hackett at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic on Tuesday.
Went and saw Steve Hackett tonight. He was very good, and got to say, Alan Reed was absolutely amazing, a real star brilliant, and a lovely guy
OMG just seen Steve Hackett at Colston Hall buzz off x factor bring back real music. Respect
Excited: going to see Steve Hackett ReVisited II UK Tour on Thur 'Turn it o-o-on, turn it on, turn it on again...'
Looking forward to seeing Steve Hackett at the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow with Paul Price
If you told 18-yr old me he’d be seeing Andy Latimer and Steve Hackett in the same week he’d cream himself. Who am I kidding? Got a tissue?
Steve Hackett - Slogans and Jacuzzi live twofer. Nnnng. Don’t say I never give you anything.
Saw Steve Hackett last night in Birmingham, absolutely awesome. Lot of old Genesis classics, some I've not heard in 33years and some I never thought I would hear! Very very talented musos, especially the drummer who did a great job doing what Thompson and Collins did between them. Fab! Sorry I missed Keith though...
If a man were to venture down a path to discover Steve Hackett stuff, where would he start?
I'm in the 70's :-) Steve Hackett was excellent. One of the best experiences of my life EVER!! ♥Genesis♥
I've got a ticket for my friend for Friday. All set to photograph Steve Hackett's Royal Albert Hall gig tomorrow. :-) Woo-Hoo! X
Off to Royal Albert Hall tomo night.going to see steve hackett. Who once played with genesis. Excellant guitartist check out spectual mornings on you tube.
Win tickets for Steve Hackett Newcastle 27th Oct & DVD box set out today at PROG mag
Weird I got an email confirming the Steve Hackett at the Hammy O (Yes I know it's called something else but to paraphrase Billy Joel "It's still Hammy O to me") was dispatched at 1.20 this afternoon but one copy has been delivered this morning! Still waiting for the second copy for Hugh Edmondes Preedy
A few more pics from Steve Hackett last night.especially for Andy Collis in Oz!
Seeing Steve Hackett (guitarist from Genesis) this eve. Very long queue for gents on account of A) high percentage of men here, B) high percentage of said men with prostate problems, and C) high percentage of men having trouble untucking their denim shirts from their jeans...
Steve Hackett about to start at Colston Hall.
Waiting for Steve Hackett to come on at Colston Hall. Full house and I couldn't give a spare ticket away.
rammed. Thought had bigger following than I thought till I realised Steve Hackett/Genesis II also on tonight hehe
Steve Hackett played at the Symphony Hall last night and was just amazing. Right from the initial hogweed, moonlit knight, fountains of salmacis, having supper's ready and to los endos the entire b...
Spent the whole day being really derpy. Blaming Steve Hackett.
Waiting for Steve Hackett gig to start. Had to queue for gents. Must be all the middle aged proggers.
En route to see Steve Hackett at the Colston Hall
what are the stage times for Steve Hackett tonight?
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One spare ticket for Steve Hackett at Bristol Colston Hall. Am at the Hatchet
Heard someone say this in the studio today, "Have you heard the new Steve Hackett album of Genesis songs?... It's brilliant."
Steve Hackett tickets? We've got two spare. Come and find us in the Cafe at Colston Hall
We're at Colston Hall to see Steve Hackett. We've two spare tickets going for face value. £27.50 each
In Cosmos, Clifton, Bristol then going on to see Steve Hackett at Colston's Hall. Thanks to Elaine Palmer.
Off to relive a night from my youth tonight: going to see/listen to Steve Hackett, lead guitarist of Genesis, at Colston Hall, Bristol.
Just arriving in Bristol, with Eliza Boat, for a Steve Hackett concert - Genesis Revisited. Oh wow!
Off to see Steve Hackett at the Colston Hall he's playing early genesis a lovely chilled out evening listening to beautiful music happy days x
Watch Steve Hackett's My Vintage something for you and Pete?
Once again, waiting for the lady Melody and then it's off to the Coleslaw for the third time in ten days for Steve Hackett. :) My ears, my ears - like, my ears!
Right o, off to see Steve Hackett in concert tonight:
of to see steve Hackett play live at colstonhall Bristol cant wait
Steve Hackett appears on 'BBC Breakfast' BBC 1 to promote 'Genesis Revisited II' and talks to Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid. Genesis...
Desperately waiting for tomorrow going to London seeing Steve Hackett at The Royal Albert Hall with Vip tickets and staying in the Athenium Hotel in Mayfair a lovely place, then seeing the new show The Commitments at the theatre on Saturday much fun in between too. Thanks for everything Vivien. And its not my birthday or Christmas yet. So lovely to be in love even after 23 years. X to all.
Sarah excited about seeing Jake Bugg tonight at Brixton Academy; I'm excited about Steve Hackett Genesis at RAH tomorrow. Mmmy GGGeneration
Went to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham last night to see Steve Hackett and his band doing a Genesis Revival. It was amazing!
For over 2 hours last night at the Steve Hackett gig, my silver-grey whiskers went back to their roots, all 70s dark brown designer stubble.
Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited gig in Brum last night was just brill! Musical yesteryears all rolled-up into a tasty, comforting wrap.
Here we go, here we go...back on the road with Steven Wilson. 23 October 2013 So we are now back on the tour bus for another stint of touring to promote 'the Raven that refused to sing' album and the new EP/ single 'Drive Home'. In September we went to Australia for 3 gigs. 3 cities, 6 days there, 7 flights and large doses of jetlag. It felt all a bit surreal and if we hadn't stopped by the Sydney Opera House I am not sure it would have felt like we were actually in Australia at all. Hotel, dinner, backstage, gig, bus, airport. It is like travelling in a bubble. But the gigs were good, and there were some very appreciative fans. Good to see Daevid Allen and Orlando from Gong in Brisbane too (even if Daevid did tell Steven all the things he thought were wrong with the gig!) Then we had the UK dates. I always enjoy touring in the UK. In my jazz life I have played hundreds of gigs around Britain, from jazz clubs to Arts Centres to halls and rooms above pubs; a brewery visitor centre in St Austell, Cornwall t ...
Im Londres - Brittanica - posh area. Yesterday; interviews -plus Peter Gabriel @ O2 Arena - Tomorrow Steve Hackett @ Royal Albert Hall (Genesis Revisited ). in between (today) senseless shopping & sushi. No - seriously it's crazy - the sheer daily commerce going on here - all the tourists - ".it's all about money"- Where's Love & Peace? Weather .well, what can you expect from London ? - but right now - partly blue sky. So off we go - hunting for RAW fish and strange clothes & footware.
Steve Hackett playing "Los Endos" live at Birmingham on 22 October 2013
Steve Hackett playing "Supper's Ready" live at Birmingham on 22 October 2013
Steve Hackett playing "Fountain Of Salmacis" live at Birmingham on 22 October 2013
going to see Steve Hackett tonight, I imagine there will be lots of middle aged bald men there reliving their youth.
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited: Hammersmith, 10th May, 2013. My autographed copy of 3CD and 2DVD set arrived today - am pleased - I was there and screamed my head off .. :-)
He really is. Now looking forward to Steve Hackett at the Albert Hall on Thursday evening - bit of an exciting week!
Following the huge success of Genesis Revisited II, legendary guitarist Steve Hackett performs tracks from the band's golden era in his biggest production of recent years. Hackett promises
A few tickets for tonight's show with legendary guitarist have been made available.
Some tickets have just come back on sale
Steve Hackett - Vampire With a Healthy Appetite As New Orleans slips far away When the gas lights dim and the street cars fade When the beast within takes on...
it's out around Easter time I think. There are some good live vids of pretty good quality on YouTube. Steve Hackett on Saturday.
Steve Hackett gig last night - stupendous. Sod it. Am going again next week in Cambridge.
Off to see Steve Hackett (Genesis for the uninitiated of you) tonight in Brizzle hope he gets the rock feet stomping!
Well it's the morning after .and I'm still on a high after seeing Steve Hackett perform Genesis Revisited at Birmingham Symphony Hall . the nearest thing to a high without using drugs :) And for those going next week will thoroughly enjoy it. I Know What I Like and Suppers Ready included :)
Steve Hackett is one of the great British guitarists and whilst he only spent an eight year period in progressive rock behemoths Genesis his unique stamp was left on everything the band released be...
Prog Rock cruise - 7-12 Aprilie 2014! Yes, Marillion, Steve Hackett, Tangerine Dream, some of the Gentle Giant guys, Tony Levin, Patrick Moraz... sounds too good, but it's true.
A brilliant evening listening to Steve Hackett and his band .
Just checked into my hotel in Chicago ... ends up being the same one I stayed on the summer 2010 Renaissance/Steve Hackett tour. This was the hotel where the truck broke down and we nearly missed the show. Good times, eh Krista, Reed and Benedict? I'm drinking tonite!
Mr Peter Gabriel... fabulous show tonight at the O2. He's voice has barely changed since the early days when Genesis were good. Top man. Looking forward to Steve Hackett on Thursday...brilliant gig week!!
I know that I am going to be in a lot of pain for the next few days but I think it was worth it. It took me back to 1978 when I saw Genesis, with Steve Hackett still with the band, at Earls Court. If only I was 18 again.
I have a great night at the Birmingham Symphony Hall watching Steve Hackett playing 100% Genesis music. My two sons, Matthew & Alex were with me and they certainly enjoyed the music and the show.
Just seen Steve Hackett at he Birmingham Symphony Hall with Holly Tutt. He was brilliant, lots a memories and one or two tears !
I think tonights Steve Hackett concert is probably the best live gig i have ever seen. The man is pure genius and his band are musicians of top quality.and the music will never ever be beaten
Off to see Mr Steve Hackett at Colston Hall in Bristol tomorrow night. BRING IT ON :-)
Going to Steve Hackett at the Albert Hall on Thurs 24th, may have spare ticket, for Genesis Revisited 2 tour gig, anyone interested? £40...
For those of you going to see Steve Hackett, here is his admirable support Alan Reed with one fantastic song.
Out to see Steve Hackett on his Genesis Revisited II album tour. Nice way to spend a Tue eve.
A little bit of Prog Rock with Steve Hackett ;) - old rockers! with Simon Whyte Andy Evans
Almost time to go photograph Steve Hackett at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham.
Right then, off to see Steve Hackett :)
Alan Reed is out on tour as a special guest of Steve Hackett. I've seen both of these chaps live within the last year and I couldn't think of a better pair of musicians to share a stage. Pressing the envy button with wild abandon for everyone who will witness it.
Off to see Steve Hackett tonight at Symphony Hall...the best guitarist god put on this earth.and he is playing all the Genesis music that I love so just doesnt get any better
Legendary guitarist, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and former Genesis band member, Steve Hackett returns for second date
And now: The Adventures of Jordan Brown, vol XII: A couple days ago I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Steven Wilson live. I went there early because I was helping good 'ol Matt Stevens flogging some flyers for the new (I dunno why it's not tagging it) The Fierce And The Dead album. By the way you should check them out, it's great stuff! Royal Albert Hall I was saying. So I was giving flyers away when I find myself face to face with Steve Hackett. Yep. That Steve Hackett. My brain which is an old pentium model, did not react smoothly and all it happened was me saying "sir, it's a great honour meeting you". Then I stood there looking like a just fished trout. After a couple awkward seconds he gracefully said "well, enjoy then" and moved on. So. Yeah. Technically I met Steve Hackett.
So, it didn't start too well with Norwich being outclassed by Arsenal, then Sean Lock was disappointing, bit safe, not as sharp and edgy that I had expected. So enter Steve Wilson, magnificent again. The Royal Albert Hall is a wonderful venue and we had Robert Fripp, Toyah and Tony Levin sitting behind us having just passed Steve Hackett in the corridor, hard to tell if Robert Fripp enjoyed it he doesn't seem to go in for a great deal of smiling. The gig was perfection, they played a new track called 'Wreckage', which was progtabulous. So we went for the final leg at the O2 to see Peter Gabriel, and again I'm afraid that I was disappointed, think it was the venue mostly. Far too big, too much going on and they kept the house lights on too much, so very distracting. It all seemed a bit tired and flat, his voice was wonderful, but I think the sight of thousands of people dancing and having a great time was such a contrast to the previous night when sat in the dark and listened to songs about Trains, chicks ...
Just about to head up to Birmingham to see Steve Hackett in concert - can't wait!
Wow, Birmingham bound later on for Steve Hackett. Overnight bag to pack. Checklist. jim jams, phone charger, hair gel, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, smoking jacket, Old Spice aftershave, clothes and oh yes, tickets! It will be nice in the posh hotel and hope the missus doesn't throw the tele out the window like last time! See you all later to the ones who are going, and thanks to Vicky for the 50th birthday treat!
My Planet Rocks is next. Kip Winger is da man! And he digs the Furberger! I loves him! Talk to ya for OMAHP with Steve Hackett
Mind blown tonight by Steve Hackett playing Genesis classics live. would approve
All I can say is that former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett and his Genesis Revisited tour stop at the Keswick Theatre tonight was one of the best concerts I have ever been at.and I have seen a lot of concerts in the last 40 years !!
Quarkie saw Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited tour tonight. If you loved old Genesis, ya just can't miss this show. Hackett is one of the truly great guitarists of our time, and the music was sublime! Los Endos, baby!
Just saw Steve Hackett at the Keswick best show ever! He played all the best Genesis music including Los Endos!!! If you're a fan go tomorrow in Glenside or Sunday in NJ you won't regret it!
I liked a video Steve Hackett: The lamia live in Copenhagen 2013
I liked a video Steve Hackett playing "In That Quiet Earth" & "Afterglow" live at Birmingham on 16
True to form for Prog Rock shows, the Steve Hackett/faux Genesis concert is such a sausage party I feel like I'm at an Oktoberfest event.
Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Show is almost sold out for the 10/13 N.J show.It will blow you away! via
Seeing Steve Hackett in the Albert Hall in a couple of weeks. Bloody marvellous. Total hero of mine.
Steve Hackett, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, live in Vicar Street 18/5/2013 on the Genesis Revisited Tour.
Some photo's of Genesis Revisited World Tour 2013 Linda with Steve Hackett Linda and me with our good friend Nad Sylvan backstage after show Nad is such a great guy and great singer too, and it was really nice to meet Steve guy such a Gent !
In Philly, getting ready for the Steve Hackett show. In traffic, 4 2 hours.
Heading to the Keswick theater to hear Steve Hackett in concert in a night of "Genesis Music Revisited" . Should be an interesting time to say the least!
Here's a goody... Watcher of the Skies, Steve Hackett w/ Greg Lake singing
Getting amped to see Steve Hackett at The Keswick Theatre with Melissa Melchior tonight! Supper's Ready and I want...
Steve Hackett performs to a sold out crowd tonight AND tomorrow keswicktheatre
Wait, you don't know who Steve Hackett is? I can't be your friend anymore.
Heading to the Keswick Theater with Barbara Ramer Slater, Richard Waloff,Eileen Feldman Waloff, Nancy Grant Fox & Bob Fox to see Steve Hackett for a night of Genesis music. Supper must be Ready!
Which of the following albums would you love to see on Progify Store? * Beardfish - The Void * Fates Warning - Darkness in a Different Light * Haken - The Mountain * Jolly - Audio Guide to Happiness Pt. 2 * Leprous - Coal * Leprous - Bilateral * Maschine - Rubidium * Riverside - Shrine of New Generation Slaves * Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut * Spiritual Beggars - Earth Blues * Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II * The Safety Fire - Mouth of Swords * Thought Chamber - Psykerion Let us know in the comments below.
STEVE HACKETT send the wife a secret message only she understands...
Spending 2 days on the stage with Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.
Work done. Run done. Almost time for a night out sans children for me and my darling wife. First dinner at a yet to be determined location. Then we shall Revisit Genesis at the Keswick Theatre with the one and only Mr. Steve Hackett.
Sean Palmerston wrote a great review on one of our Steve Hackett shows. Thanks, Sean!
Tuesday night was the first of back-to-back performances by former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett and his band at the intimate Oakville Centre For the Arts.
LIVE REVIEW: STEVE HACKETT live in Oakville ON on October 8th. CC
Here's my review of Tuesday night's show at as part of the Genesis Revisited tour
It wasn’t the commercial zenith for Genesis, but the ’70s was arguably the creative peak for the inventive prog-rock band. Guitarist Steve Hackett helped give birth to many of the dense, arty classics. Formerly PhillyBurbs
I saw Steve Hackett from Genesis last night and rocked out to a 26 minute version of Supper's Ready. Prog Rock rules ok
You know what's impressive? The fact that Steve Hackett has kept that weird mullety hairdo for longer than I've been alive! I gotta give him credit!
I saw Steve Hackett last night . Fantastic ! Normally I don't print the set list because I can't remember it . However , this time I wrote it down. 1) Watcher of the skis 2)Dancing out with the moonlit knight 3) Fly on a windshield 4)Return of the giant hogweed 5) The musical box 6) Horizons 7)Blood on the rooftops 8) Unquiet slumbers for the sleepers/In that quiet earth/ Afterglow 9) I know what I like 10) Dance on the volcano 11)Suppers ready 12) Encore (2) Firth of fifth and Los Endos. I only wish he had played Eleventh earl of mar. Still , one of the best concerts I've seen .
A photo of Niagara Falls from the camera of Mr Steve Hackett!
Yay! I hope you have a great show! I'm photographing a concert tonight by guitarist Steve Hackett. Fun! :-)
Steve Hackett was absolutely fabulous. Pearl Jam is going to have to be pretty freaking awesome tomorrow to be the best of the two.
Went down to the Homestead Library Music Hall again this afternoon. Tonight, Steve Hackett of rock band Genesis, is in concert. Waited a few hours til he arrived and called out to him asking him for an autograph. He came over.really polite fellow, and signed this guitar for me. Like I said.he was really really mellow tempered and extremely polite and accomodating.
Carl and I are here to hear Steve Hackett
Anyone want to see Steve Hackett with me on Saturday?
2 hours plus of Genesis music. SUH-WEET! (@ Carnegie Library of Homestead for Steve Hackett) [pic]:
I'm not a big fan of Duke.A really good LP is Steve Hackett's Please Don't Touch. I'd buy that instead.
From the Steve Hackett show I saw last night. Shot from someone a lot closer to the stage than I. :)
Our lead interview in our next edition will be Graham Nash (of Hollies/CSN&Y and, yes, Crosby & Nash fame). We also have interviews with 60s folk/psych legend Donovan; Eric Burdon; Gary Numan Official; the Magic Brothers (new band of Woody from Madness); Steve Ignorant official (best known for Crass); Steve Hackett (of Genesis, of course); Mineral, the second signing to Alan McGee's new label; Slaid Cleaves; Dengue Fever and Death Valley Ralley. There will also be interviews with Chuck Berry promoter Joe Edwards, Deerstock promoter Jed Edwards; Ten Songs that made us love Queen and a review of Mark Morris. Phew! Possibly, just possibly, our most star-studded issue ever! It will all be published very soon.
so Steve Hackett los endos und bis bald
Anybody want Steve Hackett tickets tomorrow? I'll just give em to you at this point
Newhall United will be hosting a Football Quiz Night at the Hawfields this Saturday, to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. In addition, the presentation will be made to the BHF for the Steve Hackett Memorial Trophy which took place in pre-season. All are welcome, 8pm start.
OK FOLKS! We still have a pair of tickets to see, Steve Hackett and Genesis Revisited at The Colston Hall on Wednesday 23rd of October. (or two weeks yesterday) the tickets are £30 each and I'll be driving so no worries about transport. If you always wanted to see Genesis with Peter Gabriel, this as as close as you are ever going to get.
For those who don't know. The original guitarist with genesis, Steve Hackett is on tour doing all the early stuff..the list is incredible.
I am still pinching myself over the honour of being able to talk with Steve Hackett a couple weeks ago.
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Live at the Prog Awards, acoustic-style version of Ripples with Steve Hackett and Amanda Lehmann
Here is the set list for Steve Hackett's two-night engagement at the Oakville Centre:
Probably won't get to see this at the show tomorrow night. Still, a good tune. ♫ "Camino Royale" by Steve Hackett
Shuffling 279 Steve Hackett tracks to get ready for the concert tomorrow night in Glenside!
Dave Kerzner - Musician, producer and CEO of Sonic Reality joins The Prog Report to talk about how he got involved with Genesis, Steve Hackett, the band Soun...
And the nurse will tell you lies of a kingdom beyond the skies. The Musical Box. Steve Hackett.
Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited II: Selection (Universal) Once again, Steve Hackett “revisits,” if you will allow...
Icarus Ascending. Steve Hackett. Featuring the voice of the late, great Ritchie Havens.
I checked the tour schedule for Steve Hackett Band in 2014, and there is definitely time for a show in Stockholm after the Tallinn show in end April, and before the Paris show in mid May! There were many disappointed people here who couldn't get a ticket to the sold out show at Nalen last May. I am certain that it will be a sold out show again!
On the heels of the overwhelming success of the Steve Hackett 'Genesis Re-Visited Concert', you can keep your...
2nd call for any takers for my spare ticket to Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited, Manchester Apollo, 26 October. Good stalls seat.
STEVE HACKETT and the band on tour .. . .
Nice review (italian) from Steve Hackett Italian Fans Club by Claudio Caridi:
Tuesday October 8, 2013 A great setlist with a debut song via
Got my Genesis fix tonight. Went to see Steve Hackett perform in Oakville. Excellent show
Steve Hackett performing all old Genesis songs in Oakville tonight. A TREAT to see this amazing guitar player sinking his chops into this proggy stuff!
Thanks to Hackett spectacular show tonight Revisited Tour in Oakville.
from Night 1 What a fantastic band to revisit the Steve Hackett era of Genesis!
Going to see Steve Hackett in concert. Any fans of 70's era Genesis? No? Well, educate your ears to the pinnacle of progressive rock!
Just saw the criminally underrated guitarist Steve Hackett in Oakville.
Steve Hackett read my mind. If I was picking a set list from Genesis 1971-78, that was it!
2nd sold out Steve Hackett show at the Fantastic night!
So for Hackett show...former guitarist for seats!
Steve Hackett with some very talented musicians playing Los Endos. October 5, 2013 in Gatineau, Quebec.
going to see Steve Hackett tomorrow night :)
nice one….liked the proggy Steve Hackett wailing guitars at the end! :)
Getting ready to head to Oakville for Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Concert!
I would rather go see Steve Hackett tomorrow nite than Pearl Jam on friday. Anyone want to trade tickets?
Free ticket for tonight: Steve Hackett(Genesis guitarist) at Oakville Centre for the performing arts, 8:00! Msg me if you want to go - it's going to be amazing!
STEVE HACKETT - Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith...I was there, thanks to via
Steve Hackett will also perform another leg of his highy successful Genesis Revisited shows in 2014. Alle news will be compiled here in the upcoming weeks!
Great show in Oakville last night, thanks Steve Hackett!!
"You follow Steve Hackett, check out the upcoming gig near you." Yeah, thanks for that Spotify, thanks for rubbing it in.
Jack Dent Custom Guitars (Jack Dent and Celeste Chapman-Dent) will be delivering this amazing guitar to Steve Hackett (formerly from the band Genesis) this Saturday. I got to shoot a demo video of this instrument
I just got home from a security détail at Oakville Centre for Performing Arts - 2.5 hours of Genesis Revisited with Steve Hackett, no intermission . Awesome show !!
Today in History/ Famous Birthdays: Today in History (October 7th) (1765 A.D. – 2004 A.D.) 1765 - Nine American colonies sent a total of 28 delegates to New York City for the Stamp Act Congress. The delegates adopted the "Declaration of Rights and Grievances." 1868 - Cornell University was inaugurated in Ithaca, NY. 1913 - For the first time, Henry Ford's entire Highland Park automobile factory was run on a continuously moving assembly line when the chassis was added to the process. 1950 - "The Frank Sinatra Show" debuted. 1968 - The Motion Picture Association of America adopted the film-rating system that ranged for "G" to "X." 1977 - Steve Hackett left Genesis to pursue a solo career. 1982 - The musical "Cats" opened at the Wintergarden Theatre. In 1997 the show became the longest running show in Broadway history. 1994 - Treach (Naughty by Nature) made his movie debut in "Jason's Lyric." 1998 - The U.S. government filed an antitrust suit that alleged Visa and MasterCard inhibit competition by preventi ...
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Crate diving at Double Decker Records was a success. My findings were: 1. Paris-Paris Capitol Records 1976 (Bob Welch project after his stint with Fleetwood Mac) 2. The Fifth Dimension-Star Dancing Motown 1978 (Rare) (Only two original members remained. Florence LaRue and LaMonte McLemore) 3. Herbie Hancock-Secrets Columbia 1976 (fusion album from his long string of 70's fusion material) 4. High Inergy-Turnin' On Motown 1977 (all girl group popular in the 70's that had several hits with Motown) 5. David Ruffin-So Soon We Change Warner Brothers 1979 (the first of two Ruffin albums on Warner Brothers, the last two of his career) 6. Peter Banks-Two Sides of Peter Banks Sovereign/Capitol 1973 (Ex-Yes guitarist with special guests Jan Akkerman from Focus, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins from Genesis and John Wetton from Asia)
Please tune in tonight for another entirely predictable episode of La Villa Strangiato, (Thursday, October 3) at 8:00pm ET, only on CHUO 89.1 FM in Ottawa! (or via livestream at Up first this week: a beauty from a gone-but-not-forgotten late-70s jazz fusion group on ProgQuebec Records, L'Orchestre Sympathique. We then span four decades starting with a live piece recorded in 1976 fresh from the Rascal Reporters latest archival collection, Elegant Decay; music as well from Scottish new wave romantics Simple Minds Official from a 1982 LP, Toronto's post-rock darlings Do Make Say Think (official), and venerable Swiss instrumentalists L'ensemble Raye. In the second half, newer tunes come courtesy of Montreal's Sagapool (in town on Saturday night at Centrepointe Theatre) and the UK's Steve Hackett, (performing as part of his Genesis Revisited project also on Saturday night on the Quebec side at Casino Lac Leamy). We'll conclude with very recent material from Toronto's Half Past Four and the great Miss ...
Check out some of the wildly different gigs I'm working this month: Blondie & X, Robert Hunter from the Grateful Dead, Switchfoot, Steve Hackett from Genesis, Dweezil Zappa playing his dad's music, Colin Hay from Men At Work, The Fab Faux, Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt, The Piano Guys, Cheech & Chong, Comedians from The Daily Show, Flight of the Conchords & Bob's Burgers and last but not least, Dr. House himself: Hugh Laurie (and the Copper Bottom Blues Band!) I think we're covering the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's with this month's offerings!
7.30 Kings Cross to Newcastle. Listening to Steve Hackett- Prairie Angel. Great vocals and guitar by SH.
Paul McCartney teamed up with William Shatner, Tom Hanks and others last night to raise money for charity. Sting was involved in a fundraiser for The Public theater last night. Bob Dylan's art work is going on display in London this Fall and Steve Hackett says he's up for a reunion with his former band mates in Genesis. Read all about it on the WAKY Music News Page at
Steve Hackett & Greg Lake-Watcher-of-the-Skies.avi: via NOT Greg Lake but John Wetton
John Wetton joins Steve Hackett and his band to play the Genesis song "Afterglow" during the March 2013 progressive rock festival known as "Cruise to the Edge"
Steve Hackett won the Live Event of the Year Award for his Genesis Revisited show at the Hammersmith Apollo in...
Any questions for Steve Hackett when he rings me on tomorrow about 12.15?
Review by Memo_anathemo — Steve Hackett is, after Peter Gabriel, one of my favorite members of Genesis, because...
Roll on October,gonna Steve Hackett in bristol
YES, you ,UK ,Gentle Giant Steve hackett Tony Levin its so exciting my head gonna burst can I wait 8 months
I've just booked for a Meet & Greet with Steve Hackett in October :-D
Do you have any memories of working with Steve Hackett on the Feedback 86 project? Cassandra is a great tune.
Dan part II ♫ Hands of the Priestess, Pt. 1 by Steve Hackett —
"How many of the Cruise artists have you seen live? yes 3 Gentle Giant 3 Steve hackett 2 Tony Levin 1
i got 1st edition of His Book.Signed By Steve Hackett.
On the 6.09 to Kings Cross listening to Genesis- Aisle of Plenty, has Steve Hackett played this live?
Listening to "Voyage of the Acolyte" by Steve Hackett this lunchtime. Few realise it was actually the first ever Genesis solo album released
I added a video to a playlist Genesis: Steve Hackett original guitar solos ISOLATED
Enjoyed performing Ripples last night at the Prog Awards, congrats to all winners and to Steve Hackett for winning Bes…
Good article on the PROG Awards last night that we had the pleasure of attending. Congratulations to all the winners! …
. I'm hoping for a meet/greet St. Charles, IL. for words & photos to post on the Steve Hackett Appreciation Society on FB.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Holy crap, the new album is going to have Steve Hackett and Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson!
Shadow of the Hierophant by Steve Hackett live at Leamington Spa on 24th February 2012
Steve Hackett: coming to Broward Center for the Perf... on Apr 5. Who wants to go?
"Ya gotta get get out" Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, Phil Collins
I had a fridge that whined like Steve Hackett. I said "U must chill!" but it wouldn't so I got rid of it. Wasn't cool anymore.
One of my goals in life is to get to do guest vocals on Suppers Ready with Steve Hackett
. Steve Hackett, Steve Howe, Alex Lifeson, John Petrucci. I know there are four, but I couldn't decide which one to drop
Favorite prog guitarist of the 70's, 80's and NOW? Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery and Rodríguez-López
Brazilian artist Kim Poor. Was married to guitarist Steve Hackett. Love her portrait style.
Seeing your last name made me think of guitarist Steve Hackett's instrumental "Cavalcante." Nylon classical.
Been very remiss on my reviews of late - still have live reviews of Steve Hackett and Fish to do - plus there are numerous albums to review
im sure u answered this a million times by now but im way excited for BB2.0, do i need to read the unlimited run first?
"Love's stronger than fear and death.". Steve Hackett, writer
Steve Hackett. Genesis Revisited II - The Final Vinyl. We have managed to secure the very last copies of GRII on...
how did the Steve Hackett interview go? Where/when can I read it? Will he ever release 'Spectral Evenings'?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I want Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett back in Genesis!!
I hate it when I flex and my shirt rips off.
I cant name four and leave one out. Sorry Steve. Steve Hackett - Blood On The Rooftops:
"I'm very proud of it. It was great music. Complicated and complex, but still very soulful at heart." - Steve Hackett on Genesis
Steve Hackett his cover of Supper's Ready with vocals by Mikael Akerfeldt, Simon Collins, Francis Dunnery, Conrad...
I've got Steve Hackett on now, Prog Rock!
On line also on my website Steve Hackett
I would wish to play like Steve Hackett or Adrian Belew
Exhausted last night and missed dinner with Steve Hackett and John Wetton. Looking forward to Italian tour soon, but must lose weight.
Charisma Classic of the Day via is Steve Hackett ' Shadow of the Hierophant '.
was awesome! i love the use of the earth one-esk alfred. i love that im sharing this with my son like BTAS was for me.
Shadow of the Hierophant from Voyage of the Acolyte by Steve Hackett. Mindblowing!. Been done before?.
Hear a Steve Hackett track on www.teamrockradio on Prog show on Sunday night.
wanna kno whos gonna win this sunday? and i have the answers! now available on ITUNES!
get and i's predictions for the upcomming PPV on a BRAND NEW EP of available on ITUNES!
I'm watching Steve Hackett play a guitar passage that for 30 years I thought was a keyboard passage
"Hey babe your supper's waiting for you" - the legendary Steve Hackett, founding member of Genesis live Sun. Oct. 6 -
, Steve Hackett is truly awesome isn't he
Friends! Be sure to vote for Steve Hackett (in the Progressive Music Awards!
Once Steve Hackett left that was out a track called Inside and Out a track left off W & W ...brilliant.
Just watching Steve Hackett talking about his own music, and also his favourite songs by other artists on Vintage TV channel 369.!!!
WOAHH with the yellin'! I only partially agree. It shouldn't be on the floor but stepping on the logo is like disrespect
everyone needs to RELAX if they dont want it stepped on IT SHOULDNT BE ON THE FLOR!
VOTE FOR STEVE HACKETT!. Link for the progressive music awards is:
Two handed tapping guitar 1965, Italian Vittorio Camardese - before EVH, before Stanley Jordan, before Steve Hackett
I might go to Steve Hackett at Colston Hall in Bristol, United Kingdom - Oct 23
I borrow liberally from Steve Hackett and Pete Townshend as guitarists but the 3 that move me the most are Django, C.Christian and J.Beck.
RSD Radio is playing Steve Hackett & John Wetton - Heat of the Moment (Live)
Why isn't there a music appreciation thing on here for Peter Green or Steve Hackett, or Steve Howe ? Brilliant Brit Guitarists nothing!
The absolute ignorance of some people infuriates me! I've just had someone post a status saying "In Genesis, it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and STEVE!" Errr no, you ignorant and closed minded *** spindle, in Genesis it was Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
S+H LED screen specified for Steve Hackett tour
Love Steve Hackett. Met him for the first time in London in NOV. Big fan
Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren says he'll 'look at anything and everything to try and make our team better.'
Brilliant Steve Hackett gig last night in Glasgow, thanks to and
Oh do I ever know what you mean! Lots of pics on Google. Also check clip on here of Fly On A Windshield from that '76 tour. Good shots of him.
Nice to see the Everly Brothers on Vintage TV with Albert Lee on guitar.
Sorry dont send any wedding pictures to me I dont want to sse them before bobby or mercedes didnt know iwas not suppose to see them
Besides steve largent who was your favorite wr to play foe the hawks and why - chris
To all SAG-AFTRA members who got their ballot today for the MIAMI local- please retain Steve Gladstone as our local President. As a National background committee member I know he will continue work for a national background contract in the TV/THEATRICAL FILM contract coming next year, to obtain more covered work under union conditions in all states. I will post this week a statement from Ken Howard and Steve to help you make an informed decision. Please let him continue his fight for more union work in our local. His statement shows his commitment to continue to organize the Spanish language market and give all working members a fair living wage with benefits. PLEASE keep Nancy Duerr on the national board to make sure our Local voice continues to be heard. In Solidarity Kevin Dean-Hackett
Todays album no one else is cool enough to own is 'Defector' by Steve Hackett
Spectral Mornings ..Steve Hackett still a massive fav.
Off to see Everton shortly then later Steve Hackett at the Phil great day ahead
Don't get no better than this Papi,.Memories! Had the best times ever working here. All the weddings, private parties, don't talk about Old Years Night! Had the best culinary team in the world. Steve Collymore Anthony Greaves Jason Joseph hackett Adrian Cumberbatch and the rest of the crew, big up. Only thing missing is the ice carving! :-)
"Even a song is something that speaks to itself but has a language all of its own, ideally." - Steve Hackett
In a week overstuffed with reissues — among them a timely set of Black Sabbath oldies, and stuff from both Ste...
So crazy, Erin Balka and Steve Hackett are getting married! Dress shoppinggg
Phil Collins is awesome. Just saying. Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford aren't too shabby either. ;)
says the album in his car's CD player is "Genesis Revisited" by Steve Hackett.
My grade for the Sabres draft - C+ They restocked the cupboards but failed to swing for the fences. It's why they always hover at the level of mediocrity.
from the album "Please Don't Touch", ℗ & © 1978, 2005 Virgin Records Ltd. (All images and tracks are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners)
i cant sleep! just finished editing and posting latest ep of , played 3 games of mlb2k13, and watch sum batman TAS
Steve Hackett solo stuck in my head. If you get it, I want to hug you. For real.
Let's play a heavy metal alphabet game, just slightly different than the one played before. Here's the rules: You can only post a band starting with the letter of the alphabet AFTER the one the person posting before you listed. For example, if one person says Metallica, the next can say Nightwish, and the next can say Otep... simple enough. If we reach Z, the next starts over with A, and so on and so forth. I will start it off: ~JP ANTHRAX
Video Montage of Sandy's dad, the ONE and ONLY, legendary comedian, Buddy Hackett
Been awhile since I'd listened to Steve Hackett's Voyage of the Acolyte album. Feels fresh this time around.
Just finished listening to "Fish out of Water" by Chris Squire. I can not believe how much this album still affects me to my soul. "Safe (Canon Song)" still holds its own after 38 years...
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