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Steve Hackett

Stephen Richard Hackett (born 12 February 1950) is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He gained prominence as a member of the British progressive rock group Genesis, which he joined in 1970 and left in 1977 to pursue a solo career.

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Cup of coffee with Genesis's guitarist Steve Hackett at hotel Eurobuilding
STEVE HACKETT chooses the music in our 'Favourite Tracks' sequence. Steve's new album…
Favourite Tracks from Favourite Artists by Steve Hackett... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
I added a video to a playlist Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett
I might go to at London Palladium in London, ...
we loved seeing you with Steven Wilson in Salt Lake City. Would you mind giving that city a good word with Steve Hackett?
someone told me he was the Seabiscuit of Street Fighter 😑
Obviously classical music tends to be stuff that is usually at least a...
News: Steve Hackett releases new album 'The Night Siren' in March ...
Steve hackett from genesis was interviewed about it
"On the subject of Rick I spoke to him recently and he told me that he is pleasantly surprised at just how young...
Steve Hackett covered the theme for 'Tales from the Riverbank' on his album 'Cured'.
These days I can really get the strings to snap if I want.
Steve Hackett, English musician, singer and songwriter, chats with Kevin Cooper
driving through Pimlico with Steve Hackett and Jo listening to his new symphonic epic The Night Siren.
When someone says they don't like Friends...
Today (Monday 19th) at 16:00 GMT STEVE HACKETT chooses the music in our 'Favourite Tracks from Favour…
Lol never thought of it. Steve Hackett, Steve Morse, Stevie ray Vaughan,
COMING UP AT 3PM:. Bill Buckley speaks to former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett about his upcoming tour. 🎸
Here's a look at Highway 12 just 1 hour north of Saskatoon. Photo courtesy Steve Hackett.
Wasn't there a duo of Chris Squire (from Yes) and Steve Hackett (Genesis) called Squackett?
‘Steve Hackett with John Wetton - Afterglow from 'Genesis Revisited: Live at Hammersmith' (2013)’ on
Steve Hackett, John Wetton, Ian McDonald | I talk to the wind |
Steve Hackett and Todmobile live in Iceland: 'Dance on Volcano' via
As promised, one video a week. Steve Hackett and Todmobile live in Iceland. Dance on Volcano via
Poor old Kenny Samson playing the Steve Hackett role on this doc
You can see Steve Hackett,Zappa plays Zappa,PIL,Todd Rundgren,etc at The Plaza Live
*** aggiunto un video a una playlist di DUKE plays live Steve Hackett's "Hoping love will last" ,
One of many great pics from two Prog legends John Wetton & Steve Hackett
Off the beaten track: il nuovo tour di
Ik vind een van leuk: Stranded - Dave Kerzner (lyric video feat. Steve Hackett and
So now that we know when Steve Hackett is not touring the world, recording new music or just writing new songs he...
I had a BEER DUMPED ON MY HEAD @ Steve Hackett concert . I almost KILLED the Motherfu••er ! Wait 90 minutes to get drunk
ICYMI : Steve talks and in our recent podcast :
Steve Hackett's original touring band included his brother John who played flute, guitar and bass pedals
I enjoyed Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited at the Royal Albert Hall so I think I'll get GR Live at Hammersmith at some point.
It's funny, when people talk about the 70s I can tell you the year of ...
My videos of the Week list for including &
Mann dated Jules Shear, not a guy from Jools Holland the Millionaires. Also GTR was Steve Howe and Steve Hackett.
GTR was Steve Howe from Yes and Steve Hackett from Genesis.
Steve Mann: 10% of budget is in primary care where 90% of contact in based
I added a video to a playlist Steve Hackett playing "In That Quiet Earth" & "Afterglow" live at
unveils Wolflight live video The sound of ,the finest to one's ear's ! ..
Just discovered this, forgot how good Steve Hackett is.
Talking about the tragedy in Orlando. There are much bigger issues in this world than a comedy film about ghosts.
Great live clip from the upcoming Steve See "Wolflight" here.
Andrew Latimer with Steve Hackett of Genesis backstage in Tokyo. Too much legend-ness for one room to hold.
We all missed this crazy guy!!! Now He is back whit Steve Hackett Band!
Last day of rehearsals with Steve Hackett. Lots of fun.
Contains guest performances from Steve Hackett, Phil Collins, John Wetton and Jan Ackerman...
walking around the office singing theme song 🎼"Andy Ruther and Joe Prano"🎼
Listen up you youngsters - here's Steve Hackett one of the original shredder & he's gonna give you some schooling; .
Just posted one more video from the recent Steve Hackett show in Atlanta
Does Steve Hackett know they took his wolves? ;-)
Lebron James finished behind Kawhi Leonard in the MVP voting...which makes sense when you remember how bad the Spurs were…
The strip that got me the gig on BATMAN BLACK MIRROR. My bro asked me to do a lil sample for the editor htt…
STEVE HACKETT to release “The Total Experience Live in Liverpool” blu ray
Apparently Peyton Manning showed up in Miami to tutor Ryan Tannehill. . Future News: Dolphins name Peyton Manning start…
Loved In That Quiet Earth by Steve Hackett on
Loved Vampyre With a Healthy Appetite by Steve Hackett on
New live CD/DVD set from from his latest tour featuring solo and Genesis classics.
Update your maps at Navteq
It's 2013 and Steve Hackett is on the road in support of the 2 CD set Genesis Revisited II, a musical love letter...
Going over the edge Cruise to the Edge On sale May 11th. Yes (official). Steve Hackett. Kansas. John Wetton. Stick...
Roger Dean signed by the great guitarist Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett kicked off his current tour last night with a fabulous 3 hour show of his solo material and...
Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins performing on stage, 1973. Photo by John Lynn Kirk https…
Steve Hackett is a very underrated writer and actually a very good singer.
Neil's just informed me that Chris Squire and Steve Hackett's side project was called Squackett and now all's right with the…
Steve Hackett,who was Genesis'lead guitarist says,Keith Emerson,was,a fantastic musician,arranger &writer. RIP at 71
LATEST NEWS:Prog rocker and keen birder Keith Emerson shoots himself in California hailed as 'genius' by Steve Hackett.
Trick Of The Tail concert in76 at Glasgow Apollo with Steve Hackett and Bill Bruford on drums. Holds great memories for me.
sorry but the first thing that popped into mind was Steve Howe & Steve Hackett in GTR
Wishbone Ash-Great band!Andy Powell lives locally. Saw him at the recent Steve Hackett concert in CT! Nice guy!
My review of the debut album by The Mute Gods featuring Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett).
Steve Vai, Steve Hackett, Steve Stevens, Steve Howe, Steve Lukather, Stev(i)e Ray Vaughn, Steve Clark... Why are Steves so good at guitar?
Spending a great deal of time listening to Steve Hackett's Premonitions box set. Kudos to 👍🏻👏🏻
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Mike is wrong, yes. But so not cool for to act psycho & hit him in the face with a cup 100 times. 2 wrongs do…
In that world, Steve Hackett's Genesis became Prime Minister and destroyed the world
Steve Hackett . Voyage of the Acolyte-1975. Shadow of the Hierophant. .
Dance your dance, Cam Newton. No nine year old on the planet is being adversely affected.
1 day until Get tickets at 781-599-SHOW, online at or at the box office.
So, this is what the Mom in Nashville would rather her child see than Cam Newton celebrating a touchdown.
Steve Hackett (Genesis/solo guitarist) tix on on It's OCCULT DAY on 10:10ThemeThing.
Yes, it's the Steve Hackett box, order: C1719060.1 . I want to send it back and want to know which adress I need to use!
The boys with the great Steve Hackett. He likes his T-shirt!
Check out Steve Hackett Ticket Give Away from London Free Press - I just entered here!
gail- "Paul's dragging me to a Steve Hackett concert tomorrow. I bet Serena's the only one who knows who that is". thank you hunty
Off to see Steve Hackett at the Liverpool Philharmonic
Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett's playing at York Barbicantomorrow night and its a sell out. We have guests...
Eventful weekend - yesterday, Genesis Revisited/Steve Hackett last night and foraging with t…
Su Horizons Radio va ora in onda Shadow of the Hierophant - Steve Hackett. Ascoltala su
Steve Hackett - Live in Rome 26.04.2013 - Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers -
Steve Hackett in Concert at Scottish Rite Auditorium - Collingswood - Nov 21. ► More:
Steve Hackett - Wolflight, music video. This album is one of his best and that's saying something.
Steve Hackett returns to the USA in just one month's time. Most shows are close to being sold out. Grab your...
I think of Phil as the guy who turned Genesis into a pop band after Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett left
Preview of 'supcoming boxset "Premonitions", to be released on October the 16th by .
Steve Hackett- Ian McDonald- . John Wetton. I talk to the wind. Original from King Crimson.
Missed the interview with Steve Hackett? :) Listen here:
Joined my buddy Steven Wilson for a really wonderful Steve Steve Hackett show tonight.
WIN: Pair of tickets to see Steve Hackett at Symphony Hall
Also in Oakville this Nov.30 and Dec. 1 is Steve Hackett of Genesis. He sells out ! It's Genesis Revisited baby !!!
always playing with Steve Hackett. Throwing out some wicked baselines on his Chapman Stick.!
Also inspired the Steve Hackett song 'Walking Through Walls'. ;-)
JUST ANNOUNCED: Steve Hackett, to play RBC Theatre at Budweiser Gardens on Nov.28th. Tickets go on sale this Friday http:/…
Saturday evening after 11.30 on tracks from Anathema, Steve Hackett, Roger Walters
Little Giant Ladders
download it. When can I take Steve football?
Steve Hackett from Genesis looks exactly the same as he did on Foxtrot
I added a video to a playlist STEVE HACKETT: Spectral Mornings
Regarding Prog Fes JPN, we really need to have some sponsorship. BGM is Steve Hackett's new album. Brilliant !
Is this really thee Steve Hackett? The one and only? OMG I love you and how you play the guitar.
Steve just got punched in the head by a polish person
Look back at the strange, short-lived success of Steve Howe and Steve Hackett supergroup GTR
Steve Hackett Re-Revisits Genesis I got 2 words in for my boss with this Modern Drummer interv…
I liked a video Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett Live at Hammersmith 2013
A Bed, A Chair and a Guitar by STEVE HACKETT... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
Flashback: Steve Howe and Steve Hackett Supergroup Scores Unlikely Hit: You left Yes in 1979, and against all ...
After listening to the amazing guitar playing on "Dancing with the Moonlit Knight" . I'm now following Steve Hackett
Legendary guitarist, Steve Hackett brings his 'Acolyte to Wolflight' tour to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall this autumn!
Can hack it? - Steve Hackett plays Symphony Hall on October 30.
Steve Hackett 58m58 minutes ago. Had a great time as guest aboard the Richmond Swinging 60s...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
♫ Listening to "The Musical Box", from Genesis Revisited - Live At Hammersmith by Steve Hackett ♫
Ripples by Steve Hackett from the album: Genesis Revisited II
Los Endos by Steve Hackett from the album: Genesis Revisited
Steve Hackett-'Firth of fifth', Anything by Steve Howe of Yes.
Acabo de usar para cantar Return of the Giant Hogweed por Steve Hackett
hope that you enjoy Chile mr steve Hackett, me and my dad we love your music :)
legendary Steve Hackett has announced Genesis Extended Tour - last chance top see him play whole set of Genesis tunes
Cool to see Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips together !
STEVE HACKETT - 2015. "Dear Gustavo,. It was good to see you again too and I enjoyed the interview. I hope you...
Though is playing Steve Hackett! That woman has a fine taste in music!
Awesome seeing and brought together like this.
myRockworld Features Franck Carducci - here with Mary Reynaud and Steve Hackett ( Genesis ) who played on the new...
I love Steve Hackett's music but who told him that he could sing? Many a beautiful tune ruined
New interview with Steve Hackett on his new album 'Wolflight'
I want to attend Steve Hackett’s Wolflight Album Launch ft an interview with Steve & the album replay on hi-fi.
Order Miche Bag Online!
CAS are hosting Steve Hackett's Wolflight Album Launch. We're giving away a pair of tix:
Win 2 tickets to Steve Hackett's 'Wolflight' Album Launch party on the 20th in
Win exclusive tickets for album launch with and
Photos of AMAZING 1st show in Buenos Aires, complete set> cc :)
"A Life Within a Day" by Squackett (2012), featuring Steve Hackett and Chris Squire.
Check out our partners for the exclusive Steve Hackett album launch party...
Check out a teaser from the forthcoming Steve Hackett album: via
"Old Man of the Sea (feat. Steve Hackett & Steven Wilson)" by Steve Rothery from The Ghosts of Pripyat
Steve Hackett of Genesis, Rob Reed and Chris Fry of Magenta, and a blurred Ryan of Eden Shadow backstage!
My ultimate dream concert would have these 3 artists in the line-up: Simple Minds, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson.
I've got a spare ticket for Steve Hackett tomorrow night at the Vogue. DM me if interested.
Wow...Bruce Willis.a Steve Hackett and Genesis fan...right on! Prog rules!
Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett returns to Philadelphia and New Jersey with his 'Extended Tour.'
Last night - me, Kt, Becky with . (gulp) . Steve Hackett!! Thanks Steve and band for giving the greatest music in the world back to us; and thanks Steve for true generosity to your fans.
This is ftom Steve Hacket's latest album "Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II" (2012). The original song is included in Genesis "A Trick of the Tail" (1976)...
Friday 24th October The Watch Tickets £12 adv The Watch are a 5-piece band from Milan. Their music is inspired by the classic style prog of the 70’s and in particular, by the music of Gabriel-era Genesis. The band have 4 albums under their belt featuring their own material, but since 2009 have been producing stunning stage shows focused around Genesis albums with the aim of blending these classic records with music of their own. The Watch, so incredibly authentic in what they are recreating, are endorsed by none other than Steve Hackett. Tonight they will perform the classic Genesis double album ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ in it’s entirety.
Genesis in 1970 (just after Phil Collins joined the group and just before Steve Hackett joined them).
Highest audio quality on Youtube! This is "Voyage Of The Acolyte", the complete album, in 1080p HD! This is Steve Hackett's 1975 solo debut. The album was re...
Just a quick snippet from the Steve Hackett concert :) could easily listen to this chap play for hours!
Long weekend off now. Seeing Steve Hackett in the middle of it.
I enjoyed their revolving door of goalies at the time. Jeff Hackett! Steve Passmore!
Great gig by Steve Hackett at the Brighton centre last night!
Have to give Steve Hackett some love, especially given how he felt a bit snubbed by the recent Genesis...
Any other friends going to see Steve Hackett in York this coming Sunday night?
US visa interview this morning. Fanboyed over the fact that Steve Hackett was there too. Shook his hand and everything.
A few thoughts on Steve Hackett's latest tour;
Off to see Steve Hackett in York Sun nite w John Oakley. Setlist looks incredible, all th best...
been up to! I find those bits funny tho I guess they r trying to show a less comic Steve now. But he's been a funny charctr
Catching up on Corrie. Steve macd is such a grass lol :)
Steve Hackett does real in Brighton last night, wonderful
Back from a great Steve Hackett concert and a surprise hot water bottle in my bed 😊 thanks mum
STEVE HACKETT: The Genesis Extended tour continues tomorrow with shows in the UK and North America
Time to see one of thr most accomplished guitarists of all time - Steve Hackett
.Steve Hackett gearing up for .concerts –
Steve hackett supported by mostly autumn going to be a good night
Steve Hackett tonight in Brighton reliving all those Genesis classics
Going to see one of my childhood heroes tonight Steve Hackett! If you have to say who your not a music fan!!!
Genesis Revisited II” was released by Steve Hackett today in 2012
Will do! Save me a glass... At Steve Hackett concert tonight :))
Steve Hackett wrote it - Randy Crawford rocks it...This has been haunting me for the past week, and I absolutely...
I was hoping the link would offer a preview that reveals the name of the gig's artist: Steve Hackett
I think Tony Banks should be a WCA patron after he rendered Steve Hackett's contribution to Genesis invisible!
Steve Hackett's Genesis Extended tour is at the Brighton Centre tonight. Performing solo and Genesis classics.
Steve Hackett last night at Ipswich : 1st leg of UK tour only word for it is Cosmic
We need feed back... Looking to book one of these available artists for 2015, what would you like to see here at the Point ?? Alesha Dixon Alison Moyet Kian Egan Sadie and the Hotheads (Lady Cora from Downtown Abbey) Shane Filan Sharon Corr Suzanne Vega Celtic Woman James Walsh from Starsailor Mike & The Mechanics The Charlatans The High Kings Tim Burgess Starsailor Steve Hackett Nico Vega
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Going to tomorrow? Steve Rust and Jon Hackett from will be there too - give them a call
It's hard to make climbing the turnbuckles seem hard when we saw Big Show do it earlier on the same show.
A main event match featuring something on a pole? finally got his Make-A-Wish.
any. Face it you're going to mentally scar them one way or another, why not start early?
Dean Ambrose & hate each other yet are more in sync than two brother tag teams. Our WWE logic is fun.
Random impromptu tag matches? Did we accidentally use the SmackDown script?
Yes, has been to the mountaintop. But enough about Nikki Bella.
Couldn't believe it when they totally ignored Steve Hackett's solo work,I think Banks is quite bitter about his lack of solo sucess
A year ago today, Boston police officer Steve Horgan's reaction to a Grand Slam made him an overnight sensation.
A friend has kindly acquired me a ticket for Haken next week, so that'll be two gigs in three days - Steve Hackett being the other one.
Steve Hackett tics booked , roll on Dec 2
what can you say about perfection. ♫ Highly Strung – Steve Hackett
Old Man of the Sea is totally brilliant, Steve Rothery, Steve Hackett and Stephen Wilson ...what more does a fan want
That would be good - apparently Steve Hackett was interviewed in depth about his solo career and Genesis Revisited
Tony Banks was out of order with his comments about Steve Hackett and his solo on Firth of Fifth!
Steve Hackett: Moves the venue of his San Francisco show.: San Francisco, DECEMBER 7 2014…
STEVE HACKETT: Genesis Extended live 2014 - venue for first San Francisco show has changed.
Here we go... Firth of Fifth with that brilliant solo by Steve Hackett. Yes. Steve Hackett Tony Banks... Not Darryl Steurmer
I'm sure you're pretty good. Here's me covering Steve Hackett walking away from rainbows & synth
Well I've the kit here if you want a go. Am not good on guitar, only have a Yamaha Pacifica :)
Steve Hackett: Posts his thanks for the fan's support.: Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett…
I'm inclined to agree. Steve Hackett says BBC's new Genesis documentary is 'biased account' of band
Working my way through the Genesis back catalogue on LP and had a pitstop for Steve Hackett's delightful first album: Voyage Of The Acolyte.
yes, caught from Steve Hackett leaving on. Need to see from the beginning.. Collins was less bitter than I thought. Rutherford...
Crazy to see the animosity that Collins/Rutherford/Banks still feel towards Steve Hackett. Yowza.
The sands of time were eroded by. The river of constant change. Steve Hackett John Wetton Ian Mcdonald - Firth Of Fifth
The first rock concert I ever went to was Steve Hackett on the "Spectral Mornings" tour. It was utterly magical!
.Who's the best 'Steve' guitarist: Steve Howe, Steve Hillage, or Steve Hackett?
I am seeing Steve Hackett at the end of October
me and will be seeing Steve hackett in Nov :-) featured in NBC s Science of Love
he is also on tour with Steve Hackett at the moment
I currently live for Steve Hackett's guitar slides.
I’m listening to Los Endos by Steve Hackett via
If Paul Hackett, Lane a Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian over the course of 14 years doesn’t make them less insufferable, nothing will
Music from literature: by Hackett influenced by the writing of
On my show now Steve Hackett of talks about his big gig at Cliffs Pavillion in next month.
will be speaking to guitarist Steve Hackett today from 2pm on
Event: Steve Hackett: Genesis Extended at The Regency Ballroom, Sun, Dec 7 7:30p: Steve Hackett is best known ...
Steve Hackett and going to see him in November :-)
I’m listening to Shadow of the Hierophant by Steve Hackett via
Eleventh Earl Of Mar (Live From The Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013) by Steve Hackett from the album: Genesi...
Steve Sarkisian on 3 straight false starts: "sometimes weird stuff happens in football."
Holy crap!! Steve Hackett is playing classic Genesis & his solo stuff at I hope there's tickets left!!
Jessica Chauhan Pardesi, Laura Hackett and 41 other people like a photo you shared: "Swam with 20 dolphins, then had fun...".
Genesis before Steve Hackett left. Definitely different than Collins' commercial stuff :)
Oohh, just realised it is less than a month to steve Hackett at Ipswich. You still OK for that?
I farted one time tonight and my kids laughed harder than my Dad did any time Buddy Hackett appeared on Johnny Carson
Had the most excellent of days down at Anglepoise lamps. Truly the rock and roll of lamps! They made giant ones for Steve Hackett's tour :-)
Well that's three interviews done this week, Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery & now Vinny Cavanagh from...
Video of Armando Gallo's new App being demonstrated to Steve Hackett.: A video of…
Take That going the way of Genesis. Peter Gabriel - Robbie Williams, Jason Orange - Steve Hackett.
Steve Hackett - How Can I? The wonderful vocal talents of the late great Richie Havens
Steve Hackett to guest on Ayreon The Theory of Everything: via
Bob the birthday boy as Steve Hackett at Reading South Street Arts Centre, before soundcheck...
One of the most valued PROG album of 2013!!! Featuring. Steve Hackett, John Hackett, David Cross , Richard...
nowPlaying Steve Hackett - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight on
Latest message and photo from Steve Hackett
Sounds like it was a fun night. Steve Hackett posted a great pix of he and Peter Gabriel chatting.
Our chat with has SMASHED our "likes" record for 1 page. Seriously might have to turn Phoenix prog.
El gran . talks about Genesis, touring and his new album
[poll] Hackett - Genesis Revisited: Is it time for Steve to move on
CURED by STEVE HACKETT was no.15 in the UK album charts on 11 September 1981
The show is on! Tune in @ (Steve Hackett's Shadow of the Hierophant [live])
I'm listening right now Steve Hackett - Firth of Fifth
I'll be honest, I never expected to find myself ranting away at Steve Hackett and Peter Hamill for 3 hours. Funny day so far...
Let's go back and revisit some Genesis with Steve Hackett - this time on green vinyl!
Well done, now you can get back to playing guitar. Oh, you're not that Steve Hackett!
So we're in a room with Peter Hamill , Steve Hackett, Kavus Torabi and Arjen Lucassen. Now that's Prog!!
Great tune from the late great Ritchie Havens and Steve Hackett from Genesis. "How Can I" via
Genesis original lineup in 1968. Phil Collins and Steve Hackett came later in 1970-71.
Why not Steve Hackett or Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree - such choice or maybe someone from Anglagard - spoilt for choice.
Steve Rothery , highly respected guitarist and founding member of UK prog giants MARILLION, presents his long...
If there's a better song about Narnia, I don't wanna know about it. ♫ Please Don't Touch – Steve Hackett
Heat of the Moment by Steve Hackett on
Steve Hackett's Genesis Extended tour stops in Nov 19! Tickets at 781-599-SHOW or box office
Along with Steve Hackett & Peter Gabriel. Get your facts straight you silly haters! Lmao :D :D :D
You're forgetting Steve Hackett, and Peter Gabriel. If you want to get technical there's Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew.
"..and Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips" - teraz dobrze ;)
Steve Hackett totally rocked Cropredy festival - a brilliant show roll on the Lowry in November
Learn more about the legendary Steve Hackett, and check out some great photos, videos and playlists, via...
Excerpt from Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings - 1979 performance from German TV. - DISCLAIMER! - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright...
Phil Johnson finds a familiar face – and a new fan! – at a book signing... Steve Hackett from Genesis!
This other songs by either Steve Hackett or Steven Wilson. Great writing music.
I forgot to mention last night that I'd had the pleasure of interviewing
Guess who is jamming on Steve Hackett playing Genesis
I liked a video Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited Live at Hammersmith 1
What a great day...morning at Old Trafford,lunch at Café Rouge, afternoon at The Lowry Centre...(and managed to acquire two tickets for Steve Hackett`s Genesis revisted gig in November)
Bryan and Olivia of Mostly Autumn will be supporting Steve Hackett on his October tour -
The new Progcast will feature Anathema, IQ, Yes, Cosmograf, The Gift, Steve Hackett and Marillion.
I have put Steve Hackett's 'Voyage of the Acolyte' on, to heighten the absurdity.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
fantastic guitar work as always! Steve Hackett at Fairport's Cropredy Festival 2014: via
“I talk to the wind” by steve hackett, ian mcdonald, John Wetton is my new jam. -
1st Genesis single was Silent Sun in '67. Wardrobe still good tho. Heard Steve Hackett play excellent version last weekend!
Steve Hackett is a great guitarist. His finest work is on A Trick Of The Tail
When listening to the first ever single by Genesis, I can almost appreciate Phil Collins. Steve Hackett on guitar.
A good day recording vocals for Steve Hackett yesterday, the new album is sounding great, you're in for a treat!
The moment Steve Hackett leaves the band. Tony Banks is disinterested whilst Phil Collins try's to get Daryls number!
It was really rather superb wasn't it. Steve Hackett was my top set for the weekend and Blackbeards the find of the festival.
On a major old-school Genesis kick all-day! Thanks for the memories Steve Hackett
Well, we've been back from Cropredy a few hours now and have been reflecting on fabulous 3 days stuck in in a field with 20,000 others watching a hugely eclectic group of bands. We arrived in the camp site to the sounds Steve Hackett (Genesis Extended) playing and some very quick work with Lisa to pitch our tent meant we could catch the last 20 mins of his set. - phew! This was followed by many memorable performances from artists such as The Waterboys, Deborah Rose, Edwina Hayes, Benjamin Folke Thomas, Churchfitters, The Wonder Stuff, Aussie Pink Floyd, Richard Digance, Cara Dilllon, Marillion , Al Stewart and of course the amazing Fairport Convention. We also had the pleasure of spending time with our great friends Colin and Sue Sharman and Simon Moppett too. It was 21 years since I last attended the Cropredy Festival and must say it's still as friendly and fun as ever and the organisation is truly impressive with clean loos and showers, ample clean water, a great team of stewards, and a fabulous choic . ...
Who'd a think it? Ex Kajagoogoo bassist Nick Beggs now with Steve Hackett playing Genesis classics - it could only be !
Nick Beggs too shy shy for Steve Hackett? No way! Genius. Genesis is truly extended - folking brilliant set...
Search and buy Steve Hackett in Collingswood concert tickets at Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood. Information for Steve Hackett in Collingswood concert. Find more concerts and tour dates of Steve Hackett
MESSAGE FROM Steve Rothery: We had an amazing two days down at Real World studios at the end of June recording live tracks and shooting the documentary footage for the special edition of my Ghosts of Pripyat album with Lasse Hoile. It was also the first time we'd worked live with our new keyboard player Riccardo Romano. I'm currently finishing off the album (in between rehearsing for the Cropedy festival and writing the next Marillion album) before mixing starts in a couple of weeks. I have some stunning guest performances from my good friends Steve Hackett & Steven Wilson and I'm very excited to hear the final thing. The next live event will be the album launch party at Pendley Court Theatre, near Tring on September 20th where there'll be an album playback followed by a live performance of tracks from the album and a signing session. There are a very small amount of tickets just made available for this event from Ghosts of Pripyat album will be available from September 22nd but for anyone who pre-orders ...
heading off to enjoy sunshine and showers Steve Hackett, & the Waterboys - oh and a good book and some cider!
New music for August at the Garden City Public Library from Steve Hackett, Jenny Lewis, Birdy, Bleachers and Questlove.
I remember asking... someone if Steve Hackett was stood behind me. I probably hugged him and called him Mike...!
I vaguely remember passing Steve Hackett on the stairs at one point.
Too expensive to go to London so I have to order that Steve Hackett CD online.
Marshall 1987x Plexi 50watt heads checked over for British Guitarist Steve Hackett http…
Firth of Fifth / Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2 - Steve Hackett
uDiscover have just launched their brand new artist page dedicated to Steve Hackett – have a look here:...
And that is why you don't have a solo podcast
ONE Of the best!!! – The Chamber of 32 Doors por parte de Steve Hackett, de
Just heard me and Steve Hackett trading solos on a song .. woah.. :)
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