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Steve Hackett

Stephen Richard Hackett (born 12 February 1950) is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He gained prominence as a member of the British progressive rock group Genesis, which he joined in 1970 and left in 1977 to pursue a solo career.

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It's hard to make climbing the turnbuckles seem hard when we saw Big Show do it earlier on the same show.
A main event match featuring something on a pole? finally got his Make-A-Wish.
any. Face it you're going to mentally scar them one way or another, why not start early?
Dean Ambrose & hate each other yet are more in sync than two brother tag teams. Our WWE logic is fun.
Random impromptu tag matches? Did we accidentally use the SmackDown script?
Yes, has been to the mountaintop. But enough about Nikki Bella.
Couldn't believe it when they totally ignored Steve Hackett's solo work,I think Banks is quite bitter about his lack of solo sucess
A year ago today, Boston police officer Steve Horgan's reaction to a Grand Slam made him an overnight sensation.
A friend has kindly acquired me a ticket for Haken next week, so that'll be two gigs in three days - Steve Hackett being the other one.
Steve Hackett tics booked , roll on Dec 2
what can you say about perfection. ♫ Highly Strung – Steve Hackett
Old Man of the Sea is totally brilliant, Steve Rothery, Steve Hackett and Stephen Wilson ...what more does a fan want
That would be good - apparently Steve Hackett was interviewed in depth about his solo career and Genesis Revisited
Tony Banks was out of order with his comments about Steve Hackett and his solo on Firth of Fifth!
Steve Hackett: Moves the venue of his San Francisco show.: San Francisco, DECEMBER 7 2014…
STEVE HACKETT: Genesis Extended live 2014 - venue for first San Francisco show has changed.
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Here we go... Firth of Fifth with that brilliant solo by Steve Hackett. Yes. Steve Hackett Tony Banks... Not Darryl Steurmer
I'm sure you're pretty good. Here's me covering Steve Hackett walking away from rainbows & synth
Well I've the kit here if you want a go. Am not good on guitar, only have a Yamaha Pacifica :)
Steve Hackett: Posts his thanks for the fan's support.: Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett…
I'm inclined to agree. Steve Hackett says BBC's new Genesis documentary is 'biased account' of band
Working my way through the Genesis back catalogue on LP and had a pitstop for Steve Hackett's delightful first album: Voyage Of The Acolyte.
yes, caught from Steve Hackett leaving on. Need to see from the beginning.. Collins was less bitter than I thought. Rutherford...
Crazy to see the animosity that Collins/Rutherford/Banks still feel towards Steve Hackett. Yowza.
The sands of time were eroded by. The river of constant change. Steve Hackett John Wetton Ian Mcdonald - Firth Of Fifth
The first rock concert I ever went to was Steve Hackett on the "Spectral Mornings" tour. It was utterly magical!
.Who's the best 'Steve' guitarist: Steve Howe, Steve Hillage, or Steve Hackett?
I am seeing Steve Hackett at the end of October
me and will be seeing Steve hackett in Nov :-)
he is also on tour with Steve Hackett at the moment
I currently live for Steve Hackett's guitar slides.
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I’m listening to Los Endos by Steve Hackett via
If Paul Hackett, Lane a Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian over the course of 14 years doesn’t make them less insufferable, nothing will
Music from literature: by Hackett influenced by the writing of
On my show now Steve Hackett of talks about his big gig at Cliffs Pavillion in next month.
will be speaking to guitarist Steve Hackett today from 2pm on
Event: Steve Hackett: Genesis Extended at The Regency Ballroom, Sun, Dec 7 7:30p: Steve Hackett is best known ...
Steve Hackett and going to see him in November :-)
I’m listening to Shadow of the Hierophant by Steve Hackett via
Eleventh Earl Of Mar (Live From The Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013) by Steve Hackett from the album: Genesi...
Steve Sarkisian on 3 straight false starts: "sometimes weird stuff happens in football."
Holy crap!! Steve Hackett is playing classic Genesis & his solo stuff at I hope there's tickets left!!
Jessica Chauhan Pardesi, Laura Hackett and 41 other people like a photo you shared: "Swam with 20 dolphins, then had fun...".
Genesis before Steve Hackett left. Definitely different than Collins' commercial stuff :)
Oohh, just realised it is less than a month to steve Hackett at Ipswich. You still OK for that?
I farted one time tonight and my kids laughed harder than my Dad did any time Buddy Hackett appeared on Johnny Carson   10% Off
Had the most excellent of days down at Anglepoise lamps. Truly the rock and roll of lamps! They made giant ones for Steve Hackett's tour :-)
Well that's three interviews done this week, Steve Hackett, Steve Rothery & now Vinny Cavanagh from...
Video of Armando Gallo's new App being demonstrated to Steve Hackett.: A video of…
Take That going the way of Genesis. Peter Gabriel - Robbie Williams, Jason Orange - Steve Hackett.
Steve Hackett - How Can I? The wonderful vocal talents of the late great Richie Havens
Steve Hackett to guest on Ayreon The Theory of Everything: via
Bob the birthday boy as Steve Hackett at Reading South Street Arts Centre, before soundcheck...
One of the most valued PROG album of 2013!!! Featuring. Steve Hackett, John Hackett, David Cross , Richard...
nowPlaying Steve Hackett - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight on
Latest message and photo from Steve Hackett
Sounds like it was a fun night. Steve Hackett posted a great pix of he and Peter Gabriel chatting.
Our chat with has SMASHED our "likes" record for 1 page. Seriously might have to turn Phoenix prog.
El gran . talks about Genesis, touring and his new album
[poll] Hackett - Genesis Revisited: Is it time for Steve to move on
CURED by STEVE HACKETT was no.15 in the UK album charts on 11 September 1981
The show is on! Tune in @ (Steve Hackett's Shadow of the Hierophant [live])
I'm listening right now Steve Hackett - Firth of Fifth
I'll be honest, I never expected to find myself ranting away at Steve Hackett and Peter Hamill for 3 hours. Funny day so far...
Let's go back and revisit some Genesis with Steve Hackett - this time on green vinyl!
Well done, now you can get back to playing guitar. Oh, you're not that Steve Hackett!
So we're in a room with Peter Hamill , Steve Hackett, Kavus Torabi and Arjen Lucassen. Now that's Prog!!
Great tune from the late great Ritchie Havens and Steve Hackett from Genesis. "How Can I" via
Genesis original lineup in 1968. Phil Collins and Steve Hackett came later in 1970-71.
Why not Steve Hackett or Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree - such choice or maybe someone from Anglagard - spoilt for choice.
Steve Rothery , highly respected guitarist and founding member of UK prog giants MARILLION, presents his long...
If there's a better song about Narnia, I don't wanna know about it. ♫ Please Don't Touch – Steve Hackett
Heat of the Moment by Steve Hackett on
Steve Hackett's Genesis Extended tour stops in Nov 19! Tickets at 781-599-SHOW or box office
Along with Steve Hackett & Peter Gabriel. Get your facts straight you silly haters! Lmao :D :D :D
You're forgetting Steve Hackett, and Peter Gabriel. If you want to get technical there's Anthony Phillips and John Mayhew.
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"..and Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips" - teraz dobrze ;)
Steve Hackett totally rocked Cropredy festival - a brilliant show roll on the Lowry in November
Learn more about the legendary Steve Hackett, and check out some great photos, videos and playlists, via...
Excerpt from Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings - 1979 performance from German TV. - DISCLAIMER! - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright...
Phil Johnson finds a familiar face – and a new fan! – at a book signing... Steve Hackett from Genesis!
This other songs by either Steve Hackett or Steven Wilson. Great writing music.
I forgot to mention last night that I'd had the pleasure of interviewing
Guess who is jamming on Steve Hackett playing Genesis
I liked a video Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited Live at Hammersmith 1
What a great day...morning at Old Trafford,lunch at Café Rouge, afternoon at The Lowry Centre...(and managed to acquire two tickets for Steve Hackett`s Genesis revisted gig in November)
Bryan and Olivia of Mostly Autumn will be supporting Steve Hackett on his October tour -
The new Progcast will feature Anathema, IQ, Yes, Cosmograf, The Gift, Steve Hackett and Marillion.
I have put Steve Hackett's 'Voyage of the Acolyte' on, to heighten the absurdity.
fantastic guitar work as always! Steve Hackett at Fairport's Cropredy Festival 2014: via
“I talk to the wind” by steve hackett, ian mcdonald, john wetton is my new jam. -
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
1st Genesis single was Silent Sun in '67. Wardrobe still good tho. Heard Steve Hackett play excellent version last weekend!
Steve Hackett is a great guitarist. His finest work is on A Trick Of The Tail
When listening to the first ever single by Genesis, I can almost appreciate Phil Collins. Steve Hackett on guitar.
A good day recording vocals for Steve Hackett yesterday, the new album is sounding great, you're in for a treat!
The moment Steve Hackett leaves the band. Tony Banks is disinterested whilst Phil Collins try's to get Daryls number!
It was really rather superb wasn't it. Steve Hackett was my top set for the weekend and Blackbeards the find of the festival.
On a major old-school Genesis kick all-day! Thanks for the memories Steve Hackett
Well, we've been back from Cropredy a few hours now and have been reflecting on fabulous 3 days stuck in in a field with 20,000 others watching a hugely eclectic group of bands. We arrived in the camp site to the sounds Steve Hackett (Genesis Extended) playing and some very quick work with Lisa to pitch our tent meant we could catch the last 20 mins of his set. - phew! This was followed by many memorable performances from artists such as The Waterboys, Deborah Rose, Edwina Hayes, Benjamin Folke Thomas, Churchfitters, The Wonder Stuff, Aussie Pink Floyd, Richard Digance, Cara Dilllon, Marillion , Al Stewart and of course the amazing Fairport Convention. We also had the pleasure of spending time with our great friends Colin and Sue Sharman and Simon Moppett too. It was 21 years since I last attended the Cropredy Festival and must say it's still as friendly and fun as ever and the organisation is truly impressive with clean loos and showers, ample clean water, a great team of stewards, and a fabulous choic . ...
Who'd a think it? Ex Kajagoogoo bassist Nick Beggs now with Steve Hackett playing Genesis classics - it could only be !
Nick Beggs too shy shy for Steve Hackett? No way! Genius. Genesis is truly extended - folking brilliant set...
Search and buy Steve Hackett in Collingswood concert tickets at Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood. Information for Steve Hackett in Collingswood concert. Find more concerts and tour dates of Steve Hackett
MESSAGE FROM Steve Rothery: We had an amazing two days down at Real World studios at the end of June recording live tracks and shooting the documentary footage for the special edition of my Ghosts of Pripyat album with Lasse Hoile. It was also the first time we'd worked live with our new keyboard player Riccardo Romano. I'm currently finishing off the album (in between rehearsing for the Cropedy festival and writing the next Marillion album) before mixing starts in a couple of weeks. I have some stunning guest performances from my good friends Steve Hackett & Steven Wilson and I'm very excited to hear the final thing. The next live event will be the album launch party at Pendley Court Theatre, near Tring on September 20th where there'll be an album playback followed by a live performance of tracks from the album and a signing session. There are a very small amount of tickets just made available for this event from Ghosts of Pripyat album will be available from September 22nd but for anyone who pre-orders ...
heading off to enjoy sunshine and showers Steve Hackett, & the Waterboys - oh and a good book and some cider!
New music for August at the Garden City Public Library from Steve Hackett, Jenny Lewis, Birdy, Bleachers and Questlove.
I remember asking... someone if Steve Hackett was stood behind me. I probably hugged him and called him Mike...!
I vaguely remember passing Steve Hackett on the stairs at one point.
Too expensive to go to London so I have to order that Steve Hackett CD online.
Marshall 1987x Plexi 50watt heads checked over for British Guitarist Steve Hackett http…
Firth of Fifth / Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2 - Steve Hackett
uDiscover have just launched their brand new artist page dedicated to Steve Hackett – have a look here:...
And that is why you don't have a solo podcast
ONE Of the best!!! – The Chamber of 32 Doors por parte de Steve Hackett, de
Just heard me and Steve Hackett trading solos on a song .. woah.. :)
How could I have forgotten just how good a guitarist Steve Hackett , incredible !
Match report: beat to lift Steve Hackett Memorial Trophy.
Geno Smith says he expects to be a top 5 QB soon, but isn’t sure yet which arena football team he’ll be with when that hap…
Steve Hackett a night of Genesis music.
The panel featuring and starts in 15min. All heroes and villains are welcome! http:/…
Yeah, that'll pretty much sum it up...
AJ Styles claims he makes more money on the indies than when he was in TNA. The same could be said if he got a decent …
I can dig, I'm really into Steve Hackett atm! Solo stuff is rather excellent!
Genesis fans: the new Steve Hackett 2-CD/DVD, "Genesis Revisited at Royal Albert Hall," is superb. Great band & singers!
lost 5-2 at in the Steve Hackett Memorial Shield. Never mind, over 300 quid raised for the British Heart Foundation.
More cool sounds from the legendary Steve Hackett. Perfect week-end sounds lol :0))
Steve Hackett in Verona Today We will be there Sandra Hotel Minerva Pordenone Italia
Heavens I can see Steve Howe or Steve Hackett wield that axe.
The Blues travel to tomorrow to defend the Steve Hackett Memorial Shield. K/O 3pm. Support the British Heart Foundation.
I haven't read the Henry Miller book, but there is a Steve Hackett tune
We are prepping for the legendary Steve Hackett Genesis Extended November 19. Tix on sale
(Music recomendation for today, Steve Hackett "Star of Sirius" ) (70´s Progressive Symphonic Rock)
I'm trying to remember who was on that team. Jeff Miller, Steve Carlson, maybe Nick or Doug Hackett?
Steve Ouding is the head coach, he has been K-Christian head coach the last 7 seasons. Hackett coach John Blankenship will be o-coordintor.
Wait, wasn't on RAW and the world didn't end? Who knew?
Steve Hackett- Spectral Mornings. Pretty good album from Steve. I still like voyage of the acolyte better though.
Buy "Stories of Genesis" (volumes 1 and 2) by Chris James. Steve Hackett likes them!:
Steve Hackett: Acceptance speech for Best Live Event in Prog Magazine Awards 2013 posted…
Music video for Clocks by Steve Hackett from 1979. VERY cool.
'It was absolutely deafening!: The time Steve Hackett blew away the Yardbirds' Jim McCarty
Limited Edition of 500 w/ Autograph of Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.
Nice to meet you. I Dont speak grateful for your inspiration to steve hackett. best regards micha
Here's the second of our interviews with John Acock, Steve Hackett's producer. Very revealing it is too…...
Watch Steve Hackett win the Live Event at last year's Prog Awards and check out all this years Live Event nominees ..
Reviewing Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, today for
Enjoying coffee with the amazing Steve Hackett - a great guitarist who makes time for dopey fans :) http:…
Steve Hackett doing what he does best. Good music.
Get the new releases from Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett & more at the on-line shop at:
Man, this is such a great album! Steve Hackett: Voyage of the Acolyte
Steve Hackett to appear on new CDs by and . Both come out this fall.
We recently caught up with John Acock, Steve Hackett's producer and we have a podcast of our interview here.
My Open Mic feature isn't working... Keeps crashing. I believe it was Steve Hackett, no?
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Come All Ye to next month! As well as Fairport Convention, there's Marillion, Steve Hackett & Australian …
Hear guitarist Steve Hackett with Genesis and with the supergroup GTR in this playlist.
Music for Saturday: Steve Hackett, "Blood on the Rooftops," from "Genesis Revisited" via Eclecticity
Firth of Fifth - Steve Hackett Live at Hammersmith 2013 video
Another question I have on my mind: What do you think about Daryl Stuermer? I've read many compliments about him but also many complaints, the latter especially on how he played the guitar solo on the "Firth of Fifth/I Know What I like"-Medley. (But for some reason, I haven't read any complaints on the fact that Steve Hackett played the guitar solo on "The Knife" differently than Ant Phillips)
Check out this interview with Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Member Steve Hackett!
Today's Magic Bus, 12-2pm, is a prerecorded show as we're off to another open day at University of East Anglia. Two down (Royal Holloway was Wed and Exeter yesterday) with Oxford on 4th July and Durham on the 5th. Tune in to hear a repeat of Kiki Dee's Musical Milestones, tracks from my album of the week 'CiRCA by The Mojo Fins, the Studio Rio remix of Bill Withers 'Lovely Day' and a track from the new Steve Hackett Live at The Albert Hall album due out on 30th June amongst many other fine songs.
Genesis BBC doc reunites Pete Gabriel and Steve Hackett with Banks/Collins/Rutherford. Yay!
It's still Friday :) Lucy ask your hubby Ian does he know why his old mate Steve Hackett used to always sit down to play in his early Genesis concerts. Thanks
Tix for ex-guitarist show are on sale. I interviewed him long ago
~Who Could Ask For More~...BBC MUSIC LAUNCH SYNOPSIS GENESIS: TOGETHER AND APART Feature length documentary on one of the most successful bands in rock history. From its first beginnings as a band of songwriters in the late 1960s to its final incarnation as a rock giant in the 1990s – via full-blown theatrical progressive rock in the mid-1970s and the subtler jazzy pop of the early 1980s – Genesis could perplex and enrage the die-hards, whilst exciting and exhilarating the newer disciples. Made with the full co-operation of Genesis, the film reunites all original members of the band together – Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford – for the first time since 1975. The film recounts an extraordinary musical story, exploring the band’s songwriting as well as emotional highs and lows, alongside previously unseen archive material and rare performance footage across their entire career.
Lots of good shows in the CLE in the coming months! Matthew Sweet Steve Hackett Eric Johnson etc.
I love Steve Hackett, but Anthony Phillips gave Trespass and Nursery Cryme their sound, and those two albums are mostly the reason i got into Genesis in the first place, so there (Yes Phillips wrote alot of material on Nursery Cryme)
Steve Hackett on Radio at 2.10pm today listen live
Steve Hackett will perform with Todmobile jan.2015.Todmobile live with Jon Anderson 2013
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Genesis fans you can hear my interview with the genius that is Mr Steve Hackett today between 1 and 3 on Phoenix 98 FM and on line
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I had a telephone conversation with Steve Hackett on the times with Genesis, what Revisited means for him and a new album coming in 2015...
Steve Hackett and his Awesome band performing the Genesis Revisted 2 Tour .Steve showing off his world Class Guitar Skills to over 2000 Lucky Cruise to the E...
Check out my seats for Steve Hackett
For my Steve Hackett fan friends, taken in 1983 in Liverpool
'I like the worlds of ideas on it': Steve Hackett selects his all-time favorite Genesis album
After listening to Ep 62 of I'm pretty sure has a man crush on Rusev
no Rutherford, hackett, gabriel, steve, mike, peter, tony, but one 1x banks (of Nile)
JUST ANNOUNCED: former guitarist plays the Dec. 11. Tix on sale Fri.
Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett & Mike Rutherford have joined forces for a new BBC doc 'Genesis: Together and Apart'
Report & photographs by : Franci Sopotnik Location: Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone, Italy Date: May 24, 2014 Steve Hackett is quite a presence here on our site, but not by chance. His...
Just picked up my emails - made me smile - 2 from Chris Squire, one from Steve Hackett and one from Andy Bell - have a great weekend all.
This inspired the fantastic 1940 Hitchcock film, and Steve Hackett track :P very excited to read this!! "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again... I came upon it suddenly; the approach masked by the unnatural growth of a vast shrub that spread in all directions... There was Manderley, our Manderley, secretive and silent as it had always been, the gray stone shining in the moonlight of my dream, the mullioned windows reflecting the green lawns and terrace. Time could not wreck the perfect symmetry of those walls, nor the site itself, a jewel in the hollow of a hand."
Dave Kerzner is a producer/songwriter and keyboardist who has worked with a variety of artists ranging from Kevin Gilbert to Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Francis Dunnery and many more. He is best kno
Great to see new members keep the torch for Steve Hackett burning people
Check the quote from THE Steve Hackett on Stories of Genesis, an amazing read by Chris James
Can’t get the 80s song “When the Heart Rules the Mind” by GTR digitally. GTR was a band with Steve Hackett and Steve Howe, if memory serves.
An afternoon of reviewing for The Progmeister. First up will be the ew Steve Hackett DVD. bring it on!
Err. .Make that TWO pieces by Rick Wakeman and one by Steve Hackett. YAY
no.16 for 'The Eternal Now' theme. This is of Guitarist Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett - Guitar legend with the 1970's progressive rock band Genesis brings new life to the some old songs during his fabulous Genesis Extended world tour.…
Pre-Genesis Steve Hackett... You can definitely tell its him on guitar. He had already started to establish his st…
The cover of Stories of Vol. 1 - looking cool with a quote from the awesome Steve Hackett!
Steve Hackett: Talks about recording a new album and Genesis in new video interview.: Steve…
Steve Hackett's Genesis Extended tour will be here November 19th! Tickets are on sale now at
Hackett aims to surprise himself: Steve Hackett is refusing to rush work on his next solo album – and he's wai...
Steve Hackett aiming to surprise himself with forthcoming new solo album...
Variation on a Theme by Chopin by STEVE HACKETT... at - Turn On. Tune In. Wig Out.
Cool. I never really explored that, but I love Segovia, Steve Hackett's classical stuff, Steve Howe, etc.
Who says prog is all technique at the expense of emotion... Steve Hackett's guitar solo on "Firth of Fifth" is one…
great music mate, love the Different Strings/Solsbury Hill Covers too! The Titanic one reminds me of Steve Hackett.
Peter Gabriel/Steve Hackett era Genesis really is superb.
another famous person. Steve Hackett of ex Genesis fame. He kindly emailed me a picture which I am really looking forward to!!
From the album Darktown, the genius of Steve Hackett. Twice Around The Sun.
Steve Hackett and I tracking on the same album on the same day.. woah..
Starting out this morning with some Steve Hackett - Please don't Touch
New concert review of Steve Hackett live in the Netherlands!
Steve Hackett live in Pisa playing on acoustic guitar a medley of great Genesis songs.
Steve Hackett, Genesis 1970-1977, Top 25 guitar heroes in the world. Legend
For a classical guitarist, Steve Hackett is a bloody good rock guitarist. Or is it the other way around?
Steve Hackett's guitar solo on Dancing with The Moonlit Knight. Listen and learn Edward Van Halen. Oh wait, he did.
Hard to beat Steve Hackett as a 'complete' guitarist. Maybe Eric Johnson is a decent contender.
I believe Steve Hackett is an ET, he still looks young and his guitar playing is out of this world.
Great concert by Steve Hackett last night. Never thought I´d hear Supper´s Ready played live again.
I liked a video Interview with Steve Hackett: Milan, May 26 2014
Steve Hackett and his band, along with John Wetton and Chris Squire, play the classic Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" on Cruise to the Edge 2014
The VHS release that coincided with the release of Steve Hackett's 'The Tokyo Tapes' CD. Live footage of said album. There is this quote from somewhere in th...
Steve Hackett GENESIS Watcher of the skies Milano 26-5-2014
Very good rendition of Genesis classic! Ray Wilson on vocals. . STEVE HACKETT - Carpet Crawlers (OFFICIAL VIDEO) -
What a drag. It’s only June and the SF Steve Hackett gig in December is already Sold Out. Great for him bad for me.
does Steve Hackett never age or what? He looks exactly the same as he did last time I saw him live, which was...not recently.
Just pre-ordered the Steve Hackett Deluxe edition Live at RAH. Couldn't resist! I was there and it was such a great show
Monday at 10.20 we chat to the legend that is Nik Kershaw about a forthcoming show at Pontadawe plus coming soon Steve Hackett
Steve Hackett's The Journey from his first solo acoustic album Bay of Kings.
View clip from upcoming DVD... Steve Hackett: Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson | Prog Mag
Steve Hackett has launched a clip from his upcoming live DVD in which he performs Genesis classic Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson.
Find and buy Steve Hackett tickets at Find upcoming concert tour dates and schedules for Steve Hackett at
Night music.A gig by the great Steve Hackett >>
Love a bit of Steve Hackett to chillax and unwind!
Steve Hackett playing 'Every Day' live at Bilston on 25th February 2012
Every once in a while, we like to check the statistics on how many people have been listening to the episodes and where they're from in the world. We used to only list the top 10 most-listened-to shows, but now with over 50 episodes, maybe the top 20 would be better. Here they are: 20. Soul Secret (006) 19. Edison's Children (second appearance) (045) 18. Beyond the Bridge (014) 17. Larry Fast/Synergy (003) 16. Anubis Gate (001) 15. Edison's Children (first appearance) (017) 14. Sound of Contact (033) 13. Geoff Tate (032) 12. Marcus Jidell (036) 11. Spock's Beard (026) 10. Markus Reuter (018) 9. Steve Hackett (Backstage Pass 8. Steve Hackett (020) 7. Circus Maximus (012) 6. Haken (038) 5. Anubis Gate (Progtopia Planetary Premiere 17 March 2014) 4. Wishbone Ash (049) 3. Jerome Froese (041) 2. Eric Woolfson (027) 1. Pat Mastelotto (031) Don't see your favorite on there, or want to see your favorite go higher? Go to the Progtopia website and click the tabs at the top to find all past shows, then share the lin ...
NICK MAGNUS is a very competent and underrated artist. He's the man behind the Keys in Steve Hackett's most...
Cropredy ticket bought.. not sure which evening I'm looking forward to more. Steve Hackett on Thursday, Aussie Floyd on Friday (not forgetting chas n dave too!!), or marillion on Saturday!
Making my plans for Steve Hackett's guest guitar spot on my album, a session that's going on this coming month! Just got an email from another musician from a well known band that has been around the world touring so many times and recorded so many albums. To hear him praising me and my work was deep and empowering. One shouldn't need outside validation but that doesn't mean it isn't moving when you hear it, especially from another artist that you admire. Pumped! Let's do this!
***MARILLION MAN ANNOUNCES SOLO TOUR*** Steve Rothery says he’s looking forward to the year ahead after issuing the complete list of his solo tour dates and putting his live album on general sale. He’s also preparing to start work with his Marillion bandmates on what will be their 18th studio album. They’ll begin recording next week. Rothery says: “I’ve finalised the dates to promote The Ghosts Of Pripyat, and Italian band Ranestrane will support at most of the shows in October and November. “After a lot of demand I’ve made the Plovdic concert that started the whole project available on a combined CD/DVD.” He says of progress on his crowd funded solo project: “I’ll be doing guitar overdubs in my free time, and I’m in Real World Studios for a couple of days in June to shoot the live DVD for the bonus disc. Steve Hackett is going to be recording his contribution to a couple of tracks at his studio in June.” Marillion confirmed the launch of live pack A Sunday Night Above The Rain, wh ...
Listening to Steve Hackett's Cell 151. Highly Strung is a wonderful album.
.announces the DVD release of his critically acclaimed live spectacular 'Genesis Revisited' >
Bon dia! Good morning! Thank you so much Mister Master Steve Hackett.
Steve Hackett performing "The Lamia" at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ on March 27th, 2014. The first minute is a little shaky but it gets ...
TPA News: Clip from new Steve Hackett DVD now available -
Mr. Hackett looks like Steve from Blue's Clues today😂
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe keys man Julian Colbeck joins me to discuss his career, and Steve Hackett 9a/3p/9p ET
Exclusive video of Steve Hackett performing Carpet Crawlers with Ray Wilson at the Royal Albert Hall...
A project of Mark Trueack. ✒ Special Guests: Jon Anderson (ex Yes), Steve Hackett, Guillermo Cides, Steve Unruh, Laurie Larson, Claire Vezina, Brittany and Holly Trueack.✒ ❋❋ Dreams can become true some day. ❋❋ by Guillermo Cides When I was a young player I used to dream to play with all of those great guys that my mono-radio showed me everyday. However some years after, the real music life proved that it rarely happens and you have to focus in your own music instead, and this is what I did. The radio play this days other faces, other names. And unexpectedly, my own music bring me to those guys of that time. Although I'm not dreaming to play with them anymore - I'm now a grown man who doesn't believe in fanaticism but believe in real life things - I can recognize a kind of "old pride" for to be involved in this projects with big names, but more specially because UPF Project have a direct relation with peace, water in poor countries and to work for a better world. Created and directed by Mark T ...
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Listening to Steve Hackett "Voyage of the Acolyte" - the Moog synthesizer in all its splendour. And I'm not even stoned
I liked a video from Steve Hackett with John Wetton - Firth of Fifth - April 10,2014 on
"Horizons" was the first Steve Hackett's piece for classical guitar, released in 1972 in Genesis' "Foxtrot". Even so, it's very, very difficult. Forty years ...
I'm listening to Ace Of Wands by Steve Hackett on's Scrobbler for iOS.
Nick Magnus - N'monix 2014 UK- Progressive Rock "The 2014 studio album by NICK MAGNUS. Keyboard player in STEVE HACKETT's band for five years, Nick was also a member of THE ENID and his skill as an arranger and writer graced legendary Hackett albums such as 'Spectral Mornings' and 'Defector'. With his new album 'N'monix', Nick Magnus has been joined in the studio by STEVE HACKETT and vocalists PETE HICKS, TIM BOWNESS, KATE FABER, TONY PATTERSON and JAMES REEVES and lyricist *** FOSTER to produce a collection of songs and music in the finest tradition of his past work with Steve Hackett. 'N'monix' is one of the outstanding progressive rock releases of 2014."
Steve Hackett - Nomads Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth (2009) The way this song evolves. I think it's brilliant. From a very go...
I know many people out there love the band Genesis and the arguments are endless as to whether Gabriel or Collins era is better (don't even start on Steve Hackett). But most if you probably do not know that in the 60s there was an American band named Genesis that actually delayed the better known band from being introduced in the US briefly. They had one very good album called appropriately In The Beginning. Yes, I had this album as a kid, though I must admit when I bought it I thought it was the other band. It turned out to be a gem if you like stuff like Jefferson Airplane or even the Mama's and the Papa's. Very Psychadelic with some pop sensibility. If you want a great lost album go to Amazon MP3 . It is available for download load as of last September. Very cool for all of us wanna be hippies.
Really looking forward to the weekend. Off to Copenhagen to see Steve Hackett on his wonderful Genesis Revisited Tour.
Next Monday, head over to Zabrze for a concert by former Genesis member Steve Hackett.
A past member of Genesis, guitarist and singer-songwriter Steve Hackett has been pursuing a successful solo career since 1977, churning out over twenty studio albums in that time.
past this around and lets make sure Steve Hackett has another sold out show. and keep prog alive in Montreal.
Spring Blooms in Rome! Our favorite Events in the month of May MUSIC May 1 – The month always starts with the San Giovanni free concert attended by huge crowds and starring Italian musicians mostly but also some International icons. It takes place in the central Piazza San Giovanni from around 3pm and it is sponsored by Italy’s major Trade Unions to celebrate International Workers’ Day. This year’s stars are: Piero Pelù, the Tiromancino band and the Modena City Ramblers. May 7 – The Brazilian artist Caetano Veloso is back in town after four years for his Abracaco Tour 2014 and will play in the Conciliazione Auditorium. May 10 – Top American jazz piano player Chick Corea will delight the crowds in Rome’s Auditorium. May 11 – Ben Harper will perform in Rome for his acoustic Tour that started last November in California. Rome’s Auditorium. May 22 Steve Hackett in the Eternal City with his Genesis’ Extended World Tour 2014. Conciliazione Auditorium. Sold out! ARTS & EXHIBITIONS May 1 – ...
Happiness is having your album in Steve Hackett 's hands!
Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis, and a prolific solo artist) performs the Genesis classic Supper's Ready during the first of his two theater shows on the ...
My son Matthew took this one with Steve Hackett (Story Teller segment) on the Cruise to the Edge !! Good work, Matt !!
myRockworld concert tipp: Steve Hackett - Genesis Extended Tour 2014 11.5.2013 – Cirkus Krone– München - 20:00 Uhr myRockworld will join and give you all the pics and a review of the concert watch the news on myRockworld
Steve Hackett performed songs from 'Genesis Revisited II' on the Cruise to the Edge !!
Mr Steve Hackett, one of the greatest guitar players of all times, gave a superb concert in Tallinn. Good old Genesis stuff, excellent backing band, Nokia Concert Hall fully packed, people standing up and applauding for ages. We had a unique opportunity to meet Steve in backstage. Rein gave him a li…
Steve Hackett Firth guitar solo at RAH: via Click of a Mouse can change our World - Do something
The Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited World Tour continues in 2014 and is now called Genesis Extended! All tourdates at
A nest of tiny scorpions are breeding in my cranium. ♫ The Devil Is An Englishman – Steve Hackett
Coldplay on Jules Holland - what a load of boring crap ! Why don't they get Steve Hackett with the brilliant Rob & his euro-friend Nad ?
The May 2014 edition of the 'What' on' guide is available. Highlights in May include the Endurance European Grand Prix Aquabike Portugal event in Praia da Rocha on the 10th and 11th May, the Portugal Wines Showcase in Albufeira 17th-19th May, the Atlantic Sounds Festival in Ferragudo 22nd-24th May and guitarist Steve Hackett at Centro de Congressos do Arade in Lagoa on 30th May.
Steve Hackett playing the Genesis classic 'Fly On A Windshield' leading into 'Sleepers' live at Bilston 25th February 2012
Stream Every Day by Steve Hackett on Spectral Mornings for free on Grooveshark.
If you are a Genesis fan and intend going along to one of guitarist Steve Hackett's gigs in the coming months, be...
Steve Hackett, Genesis guitarist got yesterday the new-gen overdrive for guitars from The same piece on display
The opening segment of raw made me care again.
Whether you like masked Kane or you don't, we can all agree that we're thankful he is no longer wrestling shirtless in…
Steve Hackett is awesome! One of the great innovators of guitar playing & style.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett performed in Tallinn tonight. Here he talks about his long relationship w. Estonia
Steve Hackett was yesterday in Helsinki and I wasn't T_T
Steve Hackett - Supper's Ready - April 7, 2014 on the Cruise to the Edge: via
Oldies, like, as old as me, show up on this episode; Patti Smith, Steve Hackett, and genius polymath Frank Zappa. A…
Steve Hackett ❤ "In Memoriam": via Song of the day after Blues 47th season ends without a Cup. :(
JUST ANNOUNCED! Steve Hackett Genesis Extended World Tour 11/15! Tickets on sale this Friday at Noon!
Listening to Foxtrot by Genesis Hackett, at is acoustic best
Thorpe, Hackett, Huegill & WHO else?? It seems that underneath the clean cut image of swimming Australia is hiding an empty soul of despair?
I was so fortunate to meet Richie Heavens at a free concert Clearwater Florida we talked about Steve Hackett and Randy Crawford
Great NY gig from the marvelous Steve Hackett: .
Our Photo Editor Geoffrey Tischman saw Steve Hackett the other night on his Genesis Revisited tour--have a look:...
Cassmark Cassifieds & Sarcasties (1 of 4) Barefoot Jimtessa: Remember everyone, six drops make a dash. Here, try my homemade lemon sorbet. Do you dig? Great, now try this fig. From Jefferson Airplane to Jefferson Starship makes it seem a legitimate reality for a Jefferson Teleporter to happen. Cassmark's Random Album Shoutout of the Week: Steve Hackett - "Voyage of the Acolyte" Paraffin, Claritin, regimen, Sheraton, keratin, librarian, adrenaline, barbarian, gelatin, skeleton, terrapin, specimen. 'Did you know?': That Angela Lansbury was named by rearranging the phrase SUN AGE YARN BALL? After Justin Timberlake released The 20/20 Experience with his high-tech glasses, he realized that he wasn't bringing sexy back. No, I did not misspeaky. The moon looks like a waning croissant. I mentor it. Anyways, it's a waxing crescent if ya wanna get all Propel. I wear a men's size 13 in several shoe brands, size 12 in a few brands, and size 11.5 in a specific brand. Can't we all just get along? Happy 311 Day everyone ...
Life is good. I have a band together with Roine Stolt called Agents Of Mercy. A couple of days ago Roine and his other band Transatlantic played a live set on a cruise with Jon Anderson of Yes. They did "The Revelaing Science Of God", "Long Distance Runaround", "Starship Trooper" and "And You and I". In a month from now I leave for the US (a third time in a year) with Steve Hackett to continue where we left off in Cambridge last year playing classic Genesis songs. We have a long tour ahead of us. Think about it; two guys from Sweden playing/singing with two of our life time heroes. How big are the odds would you say? Are we very lucky, or was it meant to be? :) I hope the latter. X Nad. Tour schedule for 2014:
Genesis are a British rock band that formed in 1967. The band consist of their three longest-tenured members: founding members Tony Banks (keyboards) and Mike Rutherford (bass, guitar); and Phil Collins (vocals, drums), who joined in 1970. Former members Peter Gabriel (vocals, flute), Steve Hackett (guitar) and Anthony Phillips (guitar) also played major roles in the band in its early years. Genesis are among the highest-selling recording artists of all time, with approximately 150 million albums sold worldwide.[1][2] In the late 1960s, with the release of their first album, Genesis's music was initially regarded by the band and the fans as a pop experiment, referring to then-popular melodic pop.[3] Then, over the course of a year, (beginning with their second album in mid-1970) they quickly evolved into a progressive rock band with the incorporation of complex song structures and elaborate instrumentation. Their concerts became theatrical experiences with innovative stage design, pyrotechnics, extravagan ...
.One day, Dave Gilmour, Steve Hackett and Dr Brian May will take stage together, and my brain will explode.
QUIZ QUESTIONS as follows 1) What is Lemmy's birth sign? 2) Which string brand does Jack Bruce play & endorse? 3) What is Geddy Lee's real name? 4) Rotosound developed the worlds first roundwound bass string in conjunction with which famous bass player? 5) Name the band formed by Chris Squire & Steve Hackett. They released one album a couple of years ago 6) Which bass players book is entitled 'My Bass & other animals' Entries by end of Feb please by email tp drewwill receive a Mono comfort strap, set of strings (4 or 5) and an MBL T-shirt. Good luck p.s If you'd like the newsletter sending by email just let us have your email address and we'll whizz it to you
Al Stewart, Dave Mason, Steve Hackett, Don McLean. *** . so many good shows coming up in the next 6 weeks, so little money!
ere is my Sean O'Bryan Smith Album List: I am going to list albums that are not the BIG ones from the Beatles or Zepplin ect, but are still some of the best. . Steve Thorne .. Crimes and Reasons, . David Sylvian .. Secrets of the Beehive, . Gentle Giant .. The Power and the Glory, . Emerson Lake and Palmer .. Trilogy, . Steve Hackett .. Out of the Tunnels Mouth, . Supergrass .. Life on Other Planets, . Bill Nelson .. Map of Dreams, . Supertramp .. Crime of the Century, . Genesis .. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, . Yes .. Close to the Edge, . Alan Parsons Project .. I Robot, . Crowded House .. Woodface .. and not real well know but the excellent . Chocolate Genius .. Black Music. That is an awesome disc by Marc Anthony Thompson with Marc Ribot, Abe Leborielle Jr, John Medeski and Chris Wood for his band , recorded at my old studio TMF in NYC. All of these are sonic masterpieces!! RULES: in your status update, list 12 albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't take too long ...
For the eve of St Valentines Day, I've not gone out of my way to be obviously romantic - and if it happens it is more luck than otherwise. Got the new Lucas/Hammill album at last - after the critics and the record company writing that this album is different for both artists, I have beg to differ. This is what I expected from the musicians wrt their separate inputs, but there is a distinct synergism when the two are playing together, thus making this a superior piece of music for 2014. Dipping further in Brad Mehldau/Mark Guiliano's and GoGo Penguin's recent offerings, plus the new Metheny. Maynard James Keenan comes up twice with Tool side projects. Something from Steve Hackett's treble set (but could have fitted onto a double) 'Live at Hammersmith' - how much more can be teased out under the title 'Genesis Revisited'? And least we forget The Mars Volta - have they really been around for a decade? In passing, tonight the two new Hellberg albums were waiting for me in today's post. Trio-played, 'Jazz Raj ...
Today in History -- Wednesday, Feb. 12 (Bill Russell, Steve Hackett, Christina Ricci) The Associated Press Today is Wednesday, Feb. 12, the 43rd day of 2014. There are 322 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Feb. 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, was born in present-day Larue County, Ky. On this date: In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, who'd claimed the throne of England for nine days, and her husband, Guildford Dudley, were beheaded after being condemned for high treason. In 1818, Chile officially proclaimed its independence, more than seven years after initially renouncing Spanish rule. In 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded. In 1912, Pu Yi (poo yee), the last emperor of China, abdicated, marking the end of the Qing Dynasty. In 1914, groundbreaking took place for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (A year later on this date, the Memorial's cornerstone was laid.) In 1924, George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" pr ...
Today in Rock February Twelfth Featured Artist The Doors The Doors The Doors’ keyboardist, Raymond (Ray) Daniel Manzarek, (top left) is born in Chicago. 1939 1950's Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is born. 1950 Michael McDonald is born in St. Louis. Though McDonald was in Steely Dan, he’s best known as the frontman for the Doobie Brothers (during their most commercially successful period). 1952 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins records his one and only classic “I Put A Spell On You” in NY. 1956 1960's John Lennon John Lennon A New York Times review claims the frenzied audience at NY’s Carnegie Hall put on the show and that The Beatles merely accompanied them. 1964 The Who’s “My Generation” anchors the spot on the U.S. pop charts. Of course, the song becomes an anthem. 1966 The law raids Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ house where they find “various substances of suspicious nature.” Richards’ legal troubles along with the drug related arrests of *** Jagger and Brian Jones nearly halts the Sto . ...
I've just murdered Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett & Anthony Phillips. It was an act of Genesicide.
What Bands did Rush open you to New Music? They were like a spring board for me. and I had 2 brothers that exposed me to new stuff..Feel Blessed by that. Rush has always been the bed rock..but through them I found..Max Webster, Genesis (what you would classify as old stuff..with Steve Hackett mostly), Yes, King Chrisom, a host of guitar players..Thank you Alex Lifeson.. your style made me want more. Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gamble, Steve Morse, Frank Zappa, Steve Vai...all from the bed rock:)
Steve Hackett: ‘Genesis Revisited III? Never Say Never’ Comments 0 Martin Kielty at 10:33am January 3 2014 Steve Hackett Steve Hackett won’t rule out a follow-up to his acclaimed Genesis Revisited II release. But he believes it’s time to concentrate on making his own new music – and he’s not certain how much more of his former band’s material can be reworked to his satisfaction. Genesis Revisited II and its 1996 predecessor saw him rebuilding some of the his earliest material, and he admits it’s generated a lot of attention for him. Hackett tells Something Else: “Is there a third? I say, ‘Never say never.’ But I’m involved in doing another album of my own, rather than immediately going back to Genesis material. “There are some lovely songs which deserve to be given the widescreen treatment – but it gets tougher because the songs I was really drawn to are already covered.” He describes the Revisited process as “restoration,” explaining: “It’s taking songs that were som ...
Bob Campbell you'll enjoy this ...So I visited London Drugs and they had a "Listen before you buy stand with 10 or so music CD's on it with a set of headphones to preview the retro! But it was when I checked out the discs that I thought I'd stepped into the Way back machine with Sherman and Mr Peabody! There were new albums from Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, Saga, yup Saga, pride of Oakville Ont, The Fixx, and not one but TWO albums from Steve Hackett. One of them with Yes's bassist Chris Squires and the other a remixing of a ton (two Cds) of old Genisis music (circa Peter Gabriel). What a treat,so hats off to London Drugs for their choices and promotion. It was great to have that old record store thrill of seeing and hearing favourite music. Nowadays without our local record store, we just aren't aware of new stuff coming out from our favourites from Way back.and I really miss that. Oh, I did grab up the Steve Hackett Genesis double album and a new group (to me) that was also on that r ...
Nice review from James Turner...thanks James (thanks Vicky) :-) Lifesigns by Lifesigns Keyboard player John Young, bassist Nick Beggs and Martin ‘Frosty’ Beedle have combined their not inconsiderable talents, and present 5 amazing tracks as the Lifesigns project. With guests of the calibre of Steve Hackett, Thijs Van Leer, Robin Boult and Jakko Jakszyk Lifesigns fits nicely in the English progressive tradition, with inventive performances, quality musicianship, (the interplay between Beggs fluid bass playing and Youngs superb keyboard playing is a particular delight, while Beedle builds on and adds to a tradition of inventive percussion started by Bill Bruford and others) and instead of imitating or following a pre-ordained idea of what progressive rock should be, this is showing what it is. Intelligent mature well crafted songs, atmospheric and ambient soundscapes created by the band, where Youngs emotive vocals weave over, and the beauty of the album from the superb Lighthouse to the closing 11 minu ...
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