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Steve Guttenberg

Steven Robert Steve Guttenberg (born August 24, 1958) is an American actor and comedian.

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My happiest in life is when Steve Guttenberg back in the 80s with Fatty Boom Boom HA HA!
I still can’t believe the ghost farting in the tub in that Steve Guttenberg movie turned out to be a famous Jedi AND a Batman villain
Its about time those Russkies were stopped!. You forget to mention that they were also responsible for:-. - the re-…
Fun fact: nobody has thought about Steve Guttenberg in 12 years. . Not even Steve Guttenberg.
Two moose and a beaver, starring Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.
"Massdrop’s new $150 Sennheiser headphone is a slam dunk - CNET" by Steve Guttenberg via CNET News
That's a very high table. I bet that table is so high, you could fit something big under it... like a…
He's doing the folk music circuit with Steve Guttenberg.
We're doing a completely improvised Panto tonight. Let's celebrate with a game of No. 2 -…
My So Called Life era Danes, RDJ, Steve Guttenberg... Directed by Jodie Foster?! This seems like it should be a perfect 90s gem.
Road trip movie starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson--three wise men that all repeatedly get drunk…
While at the NY Audio Show, Bob Hazelwood was visited by Steve Guttenberg (The Audiophiliac) in our booth. A long-t…
Remember the scene in Diner where Steve Guttenberg asks his mom to make him a fried bologna sandwich and she blows…
You ever wonder why the Stonecutters made Steve Guttenberg a star but never allowed him to win an Oscar?
Steve Guttenberg invented the printing press in 1440ad
A Christmas TMR.sounds like a 90's made for tv halmark channel movie starring Steve Guttenberg
It better have Steve Guttenberg in it.
NOW WATCHING: COCOON. Fun fact: there is a scene in this movie where Steve Guttenberg's character…
The Dutch apparently feel no shame in hitting below the belt when it is absolutely necessary i.e. 1853 black
They never even explain why Steve Guttenberg's Mahoney was gone.
He's a big fan of Steve Guttenberg, and wanted to be more like him.
Prepare yourselves! TOMORROW is the release of our new film Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission starring Steve Gut…
They also proclaimed the end of Merkel in 2010 (Back then they suggested that Karl-Theodor z…
Looks like you need to write the next one :-) And Steve Guttenberg rocks.
There need to be more movies about cartoonists recovering from chemo and radiation and getting on with their lives,…
ok gotta know- in 'Who's Johnny?' are you singing from Steve Guttenberg's point of view?
Which is the better Steve Guttenberg movie?
Also, how much do you really trust Steve Guttenberg to drive the boat to your date with destiny?
Probably a Steve Guttenberg film. I would say the earlier the better.
"Pro-Ject’s turntable makes you want to get up and dance - CNET" by Steve Guttenberg via CNET News
Fun fact: every single made for TV Christmas movie shot after 1990 is called 'A Christmas Wish' and stars Steve Gut…
Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, is really gushing over this system featuring the Alta Audio Titanium Hestia spe…
Whilst he only has a small part this TV movie marked the movie debut of Steve Guttenberg
Let's not forget the great Steve Guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg has a new movie coming out, and it, just watch for yourself.
Y'all think Steve Guttenberg ever just randomly thinks about me or is that a one way street?
A year-end message of hope, and an appeal for action, from Steve Guttenberg -
where are the Clauses steve Guttenberg
You’d think Steve Guttenberg fans would have a great sense of humor, oh wait.
Steve Guttenberg is my least favorite cheese.
The Janitor at Steve Guttenberg drank some goon with Theresa May Praise Allah!
V upset w how few people in this bar know who steve guttenberg is.
Can we GoFundMe a ... I want more antics with Johnny 5 and Steve Guttenberg
You look the best out of French Stewart, Steve Guttenberg, Furuzia Balk
If anyone watches Ballers, has Steve Guttenberg's acting skill really sucked this bad?
This is NYC in 1987, have you seen Cher? She could literally head over to Steve Guttenberg & marry Ted Danson or Tom Seleck.
Order Miche Bag Online!
I don't want to get nuked. I'm going to KC on Friday and it will be like The Day After without young Steve Guttenberg.
My mommy Steve Guttenberg sat on Party Man is a terrorist!
Yeah, I really wanted to meet Sting and Kevin Nash. The others I really wanted to meet like Steve Guttenberg dropped out.
I just had 15 people tell me they didn't know who Steve Guttenberg was. I'm about to flip a table.
You're darn right he did! Same folks who make Steve Guttenberg a star! -T
This week we somehow end up talking about the works of Steve Guttenberg and much more.
Ive sat through Cant Stop the Music, if only for Steve Guttenberg.
I don't care what anyone says...there's never been a better actor than Steve Guttenberg
Would you like to have a quick cameo in my Tower of Terror review in October? It has Steve Guttenberg. You like him right?
And you mean to tell me you did not watch Steve Guttenberg phone it in again? Lmao. It's…
"When the Rolling Stones tried to outdo the Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' - CNET" by Steve Guttenberg via CNET News
If Jamie Lee Curtis can return to Halloween and Harrison Ford can return to Star Wars, surely Steve Guttenberg can return to Police Academy
Just realized Steve Guttenberg AND the guy who replaced him in the Police Academy movies are both on Ballers right now.
Just now realised that's Steve Guttenberg in
When was the last time you heard of her in anything? Much like Steve Guttenberg.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This convo is the best. I'll just throw in that when I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be…
(ÆON) just won their 5th award, a Top Pick from Steve Guttenberg's review in Sound and Vision!
Wait, is that Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy? What weird timewarp/Hollywood graveyard did they resurrect him from.
That moment you realize you've been watching Steve Guttenberg on all season and didn't realize it until…
We are writing a book. In one chapter, we discuss how we shook hands with thinking he was Steve Gutt…
Loved chatting with about Ballers, Childrens Hospital, comedy, and, of course,
Disappointing the section on the rise of the local industry makes no mention whatsoever of Steve Gutte…
There's a Mr. Steve Guttenberg for you on line 1, sir. But I suppose you already knew that.
Honorary Board Member will join this Sunday's NY 9/17. See you on the Bridge!
“My mom has and so, like all affected families, I feel that I have lymphoedema,”...
That hit was off the bat of Steve Guttenberg.
Scott Backula is cool but Steve Guttenberg trumps them all
Steve Guttenberg, actor and LE&RN Honorary Board Member, to participate in 9/17 -
I don't know what it's like to be Steve Guttenberg. But I do get overshadowed by my coworkers a lot, so I have empathy
Steve Guttenberg! star of many Police Academy movies and inventor of the printing press!
Awww, this makes me want to watch 'High Spirits'. I know it's not the best film ever but: Peter O'Toole & Steve Guttenberg! *hearts in eyes*
Let me know when the one w/ Crystal Bernard and Steve Guttenberg is on! . Single Santa Seeks Mrs Clause 🎄🎄🎄
I'm expecting 58 yr old Steve Guttenberg to appear in this show, too. He'll have a boat and help Han retrieve some…
Fictional teams owned by Steve Guttenberg shouldn't be existing in a world with Johnny Damon. Go full fiction.
Starchild in 2001 gazes at Mother Earth, only to be swept up by Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, and Steve Guttenberg
My friend and client Steve Guttenberg will be appearing at Rhode Island Comic Con on Saturday, November 11th! D…
I haven't acquired much wisdom in life, but at least I've learnt that Johannes Gutenberg has one 't' and Steve Guttenberg has two.
Steve Guttenberg makes his own ice cream, lawn bowls, and prepares for neighborhood blog interviews. .
Steve Guttenberg breaks down the Art of DJing... @ Universal Studios Hollywood
When you go to google Steve Guttenberg and the internet leads you to strange corners of the web.
I watched the day after tomorrow as kid. Bald steve Guttenberg turned me prepper.
The Mission. Was used to Steve Guttenberg films. I left.
It's good Xerox is known for its copying machines, and it's goo...
Things seen that can never be unseen: Isabelle Huppert and Steve Guttenberg in a sex scene
my LEAST favorite scene in Police Academy 2? the 24 min scene where steve guttenberg's character couldn't pick which sandwich he wanted.
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Amazon wants me to know that a movie in which Steve Guttenberg battles lava-spewing tarantulas now has a sequel.
that Steve Guttenberg. Gets me every time.
I'm lucky to be in this business. I'm very grateful.
This week The Queue took on 'Can't Stop the Music' starring the & Steve Guttenberg
When Disneyland tears down Tower of Terror, what's going to happen to Steve Guttenberg's trapped soul?
.Steve Guttenberg. He was the lead young actor in Cocoon. Via commentary SGA S1 just to provide closure to your query. K? K!😃👍
Should we tell him about Steve Guttenberg?
Steve Guttenberg's film output last year included 2Lava 2Lantula, the sequel to Lavalantula, about giant, lava-spewing spiders.
Typecasting is a good thing. It's good to be known for what you...
so these are the guys responsible for making Steve Guttenberg a star?!
I saw steve guttenberg sucking the gristle off a roadside rotisserie chicken carcass last month
What's Steve Guttenberg up 2? NEED him 4 the "All '80's Movie Fight". There will be an all '80's fight right?!?
What was that Steve Guttenberg movie where he went from a bald geek to a badass biker to impress a girl?
A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks.
To me, he's like 80s Steve Guttenberg. He looks like a kid who won a contest, got popular, and can't believe it's happening.
Corresponding US plan is described in movie The Day After. Basically you remove the top soil and Steve Guttenberg dies, so ok.
When people are nasty, it gets everybody's attention, and it giv...
Co-starring his Police Academy cohort Michael Winslow, this is a potential Steve Guttenberg classic. Definitely not…
In honor of AMC Rewind. Pauly Shore, Rob Schneider, Steve Guttenberg - who would you like to see star again in a major movie?
Johnny V is alive! Better than Steve Guttenberg, I guess
I'll trade u for a Steve Guttenberg
Or he was a big fan of Steve Guttenberg
I blame Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst for the demise of the Tower of Terror.
Short Circuit: in which our imagination is stretched to its limits by Indian Fisher Stevens & Steve Guttenberg, PhD, not the sentient robot
Barry Levinson directs Mickey Rourke, Steve Guttenberg and Tim Daly behind the scenes of DINER (1982).
It's not legal. It's not Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy or Space Nazis trying to advance fathers rights. Let us for itself. Failure (C)
Steve Guttenberg has done the legwork and has declared a winner in the battle of the iPhone's headphone jack ...
I am occasionally still haunted by Steve Guttenberg's New Zealand accent as alter ego Lobo Marunga.
Giuliani is such a big fan of Short Circuit, he's invited Steve Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens to his next birthday party.
Has Melty ever commented on the time he was in a band with Pat Sharp and Steve Guttenberg?
The scene in It Takes Two w/ Kirstie Alley & Steve Guttenberg in the lake covered in mac & cheese is the most romantic thing I've ever seen.
I learned everything I know about raising a baby from 3 very important people. Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck and Ted D…
People have forgotten season 6 in 2008 when pro Jonathan Roberts danced with star Steve Guttenberg
On this date 30 years ago, "Short Circuit" starring Steve Guttenberg and Ally Sheedy opened in theaters.
Just to recap, Police Academy 5 really falls apart during the opening credits. And they replaced Steve Guttenberg with Lloyd Braun?!
Originally, instead of Borden taking Patterson to the cabin, his roommates were Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg.
Who's the better man - Steve Guttenberg or Johannes Gutenberg? STEVE! He has been interviewed for
The fact that Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg could barely keep one baby alive makes me feel better about my Saturdays.
I want be my generations Steve Guttenberg but my fortune cookie said my best shot would be Bruce Vilanch
I'm somebody who's really contributed to culture. Popular culture.
innovation is a product of passion, not greed. Einstein, Guttenberg, Steve Jobs - genuises without
I liked a video Steve Guttenberg from Dancing with the Stars Jogs with No Pants
'Hi. Is that Steve Guttenberg? I'm having one *** of a week and now Corbyn's got Devito. Can you endorse me asap?'
We rag on Steve Guttenberg a lot...but he at least got to bang an alien in a pool in "Cocoon", instead of banging Don Ameche
Applaud the trust honoring Steve Guttenberg serving homeless. How do we mobilize more private citizens to do the same?
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I just had a dream that I was in ballet class and Steve Guttenberg was disguised as a ballerina and I was the only one who could tell
Steve Guttenberg (57) is an American actor known for roles in ht…
Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg, a star???
A *** man can be friends with a straight man. That can happen.
I would like to meet Steve Guttenberg
I added a video to a playlist Popular Culture Steve Guttenberg
Brilliant review as ever from CNET's Steve Guttenberg. This time for FiiO's brilliant little K1 DAC/Amp
I have a soft spot for Steve Guttenberg.
Does this generation even HAVE a Steve Guttenberg?
so we have him to thank for making Steve guttenberg a star
At least Steve Guttenberg seemed to work for the good of the movies he was in, even if they were second rate
Three hours and not a single Steve Guttenberg is a star response? Im disappointed is all.
Watching High Spirits. . Steve Guttenberg really dates this film.
"Mulcair is a talented politician" just like Steve Guttenberg was a great actor, who happened to make Police Academy & Three Men and a Baby.
So I just saw Police Academy for the first time ever. Absolutely terrible in so many ways, but Steve Guttenberg is freaking adorable.
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I love Steve Guttenberg, even in this sinking pleasure cruise of a movie
Can't Stop The Music (1980) | Dir Nancy Walker. One of the truly great bad movies starring Steve Guttenberg
Watching 'Police Academy' for the 2nd time today. Steve Guttenberg, you are my hero!
Forgot how totally adorable Steve Guttenberg is in the original Police Academy.
Steve Guttenberg should have been knighted.
I may have to bow to superior knowledge, but somewhere Steve Guttenberg still lies waiting his franchise reinvention.
Is it just me or does sound a lot like Steve Guttenberg
Oh ta. High Spirits is on Netfilx. A film with Peter O'Toole 'and' Steve Guttenberg. Rather entertaining moments.
Also the scourge that launched Steve Guttenberg into the public mind. SO many societal transgressions.
Look, I'm sorry I lied about seeing Steve Guttenberg at the mall that one time. I just wanted to sound like a big shot.
the possibility of placing Steve Guttenberg back into the public's consciousness, based on a lyric proclaiming just that. Meta.
is he not reunited with Steve Guttenberg in the end?
Don't stay away so long again new EP=mega. Steve Guttenberg playing it right now .
high quality audio is a very deep rabbit hole. Steve Guttenberg on CNET had lots of articles and reviews
you see these weeks where the only movie that came out was like a minor Steve Guttenberg
if this were the 80's I would be Steve Guttenberg, I'm that kool, cool with a K.
.ericgarcetti how do we get more private donors to mimic legacy gifts like the Steve Guttenberg Trust for the homeless? We're in it together
From 1980 to 1990, I shot more films than any other actor in the Screen Act...
I hear they made Steve Guttenberg a star.
Got excited when I heard we were doing a Police Academy episode, but then no one was interested in my Steve Guttenberg pit…
I heard that if you watch all seven Police Academy movies in a row, Steve Guttenberg calls to say 'thanks' and you'll be…
I'm going to do drugs with Steve Guttenberg
We did make Steve Guttenberg a star after all.
Do you think Mike's shinebox is under his bed with the dirty plates and dishes and Steve Guttenberg voodoo doll?
If a tree falls on Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow is not around, does it make a sound?
Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow up to there usual japes.
What next, will they revive Steve Guttenberg's career?
Three Men and a Baby(1987). Starring by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson. Directed by Leonard Nimoy
Then they plan to bring back Steve Guttenberg. They're monsters.
Thou shall honor the career achievements of Steve Guttenberg.
unfortunately, I'm in the middle of the invasion right now. i did find one celebrity-Steve Guttenberg. He *** I want Savini.
For 15 years I did two to three movies a year, sometimes four. I didn't get...
I love the fame and the money and the power. You have to keep working to ha...
An is that Steve Guttenberg is not a multi-time Oscar & Golden Globe winner.
Behold your lord & savior, your Police Academy guiding light, Steve Guttenberg.
Too many deaths tied to Police Academy now. Hightower, Tackleberry, Steve Guttenberg's career and now Lesard! So sad.
I'm a fan of anything with Steve Guttenberg. Seriously I'll stick it on the list. Cheers!
Rob, I'm surprised that Steve Guttenberg didn't make your 4am group chat
Today i discovered Steve Guttenberg got the Police Academy cast back together for a film called 'Lavalantula' and I may cry tears of joy.
Steve Guttenberg was amazing in the Disney movie "Tower of Terror"
thank God yall are a quality program that can take a hit in ratings from mentioning Steve Guttenberg.
Steve Guttenberg owned the 80s, he was everywhere
absolutely I know Lessard. He got a bj at the podium from a hooker and Steve Guttenberg .it started Kim cattrell
But if that wasn't a big enough deal, Police Academy should always trend because of Steve Guttenberg. Steve Guttenberg is always relevant.
Steve Guttenberg for Steve Guttenberg in The Steve Guttenberg Story. Try to hold your box office record against that Star Wars.
Steve Guttenberg for a remake of Easy Rider where he plays the role of every single character.
And was actually voted most likely to be like Steve Guttenberg. Now I don't like to toot my own horn but I like to think I came close.
Steve Guttenberg posted some Police Academy reunion pics from the set of his latest movie.
Wasn't he also the dude who got a hummer from Steve Guttenberg in Police Academy?
RIP Captain Lassard. Police Academy movies owned me. Citizens on Patrol was my favorite! And Steve Guttenberg was a babe!
Been hoping for a while but here we go, Steve Guttenberg career resurgence.
or remaking Steve Guttenberg ... I feel we can get him a cop show .. TV needs more cop shows...
The Stonecutters. I got you, bro. re: Steve Guttenberg
As we all try to get through Tuesday, a little reminder that Steve Guttenberg was a beautiful man.
Jeremy Renner is the Steve Guttenberg of the '00s/'10s.
Good to see Steve Guttenberg is still working
shhh but yeah, we're working on getting Steve Guttenberg in a new Kevin Hart movie. Gotta SG's his name back in lights.
Wonder if feels like Steve Guttenberg dropping out of Police Academy just before the franchise went off the rails.
"No one wants to hear about what an awful, lonely orphan childhood Steve Guttenberg had."
do you also make Steve Guttenberg... a star?
If you're an underdog, mentally disabled, physically disabled, if you don't...
A lot of saxophone in the 80's. What I call the Steve Guttenberg Sax.
Every film can be fun, even if it's a terror.
Hey, twenty-somethings, your Ryan Reynolds ain't nothin' but our Steve Guttenberg.might need "to google" that...
Have you seen Steve Guttenberg & Michael Winslow lately? We just watched a bit of them filming their next movie!!
My new years resolution: Fight to bring Steve Guttenberg back! We need Police Academy 20 something..
Always hard to pick my favorites when it comes to the Three Wise Men. If I had to choose, Steve Guttenberg & Tom Selleck would…
Today we shot Steve Guttenberg, and it was an absolute delight. To be clear, we shot him with a camera. We didn't kill Steve Guttenberg.
True story. The VM he left for Marissa started " Hey Marissa, its Steve.Steve Guttenberg"
On EVERY 70S MOVIE: Steve Guttenberg stars in the amusing and nostalgic teen-sex comedy 'The Chicken Chronicles.'...
But nothing is going to change Diner for me. I don't care if Steve Guttenberg is stumping for Orban now.
Hansen probably had to wrap out quick so he could get to Steve Guttenberg's birthday party.
Who is the bigger star: Steve Guttenberg or Nick Cage?. Trick Question. Neither are anything close to stars.
There's something called "True Xmas" on Freesat that is nothing else. Some star Steve Guttenberg as Santa's son.
Watched Lavatrantula w Steve showering the filth of that off me. Why wasntv this an ABC NEWS break?!.
.kicks off today with guests including Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Michael Biehn and Steve Guttenberg
If you do the math, we are pretty much all descendants of anyone famous from 600 years ago so stop all the bragging Steve Guttenberg.
Steve Guttenberg, just after an allergic reaction shellfish
Steve Guttenberg was kinda like that too. What happened to those guys?
Just think, if Star Wars was never made, everyone would obsess about Short Circuit - Steve Guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg called, he wants his Cocoon: The Return car chase music back.
I wish I was born before all this Steve Guttenberg dread
The Steve Guttenberg episode of is one of the best things ever made. so good.
Woke up this morning to a lengthy email thread about Steve Guttenberg. I've chosen my friends wisely
How is Anthony Weiner a politician? He literally reminds me of Steve Guttenberg. In the best way. A personality rarely seen in politics.
Steve Guttenberg from Alpha Dog stars in NUMB3RS about a logical Mortgage broker named Valjean
My parents can't figure out how to make the DVR stop recording everything with Steve Guttenberg in it.
I added a video to a playlist Meet the Santas - STEVE GUTTENBERG
I guess what I'm trying to say is Steve Guttenberg for Bat-Mite.
There are 100,000 actors in the Screen Actors Guild. Only 2,000 of them... - Steve Guttenberg
All Steve Guttenberg's *** *** *** s in that sequel to the film where he played Santa
Steve Guttenberg kinda killin this law and order episode
What do you guys think Steve Guttenberg is thinking about, right now?
Whoa. The Indian dude from Short Circuit was a white guy?!. F'k you, Fisher Stevens. And you too for being his accomplice, Steve Guttenberg!
sounds like the villain in a 1980s movie starring Steve Guttenberg
This week Punk flies solo and attempts to wring something out of Steve Guttenberg in Zeus and Roxanne
I just ordered "Cocoon 2" and Steve Guttenberg stepped out from behind the Redbox to personally thank me.
Any typical Stonecutters meeting,but w/no Steve Guttenberg &more clowns.
This was when I joined a club with Lenny and Carl and Moe and Steve Guttenberg. Fun times. I still have that chain! http…
Tower of Terror to get a 2nd film. I always kinda liked the Steve Guttenberg/Kirsten Dunst made-for-TV movie.
Allan Hayes from NEON MANIACS looks like the love child of Ben Affleck and Steve Guttenberg.
Don Johnson and Steve Guttenberg in Miami Vice Police Academy mash up .
There already was a movie on Tower of Terror with Steve Guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst were in a movie together and we don't talk about it enough as a species.
Disney’s Making A ‘Tower of Terror’ Movie…Again: Steve Guttenberg will probably not be involved. The post Disn...
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I do love ToT though & if the movie is well done, I'll be happy. Not that I don't love the Steve Guttenberg/Kirsten Dunst version but...
The Pitch: Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, and Tom Selleck time-travel to 1889. We call it THREE MEN AND A BABY HITLER. Get at me, Hollywood.
Steve Guttenberg is always enough in my book.
Oops! Steve Guttenberg may be "staring" at the screen where there is another actor "starring" in the Tower of Terror movie.
if not I was at a McDonalds Drive through the other day, so I know Steve Guttenberg is
I’ve also included the trailer for the original Tower of Terror movie starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst:
We're assuming that Steve Guttenberg will not be staring in this. Does this mean no Haunted Mansion movie?
There is already a film, with Steve Guttenberg.
Who can make Steve Guttenberg a star
Wasn't it already one? With Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst?
didn't they make one already with Steve Guttenberg?
Only will always be the Steve Guttenberg/Kirsten Dunst version from ABC's Wonderful World of Disney.
Um...any true fan knows the was already made into a movie with Steve Guttenberg.
Pretty sure this was already a thing, Steve Guttenberg was in it!
Steve Guttenberg:Nazi Hunter. Or my favorite movie as a kid, "The Boys From Brazil"
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.I'm really wondering how Baby Hitler would turn out if Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson had to raise him.
Don Johnson and Steve Guttenberg to appear in Police Academy Miami Vice Assignment
New celebrity death match: Steve Guttenberg vs Johann Gutenberg. Both argue over who had more influence on the course of historical events
And they’ll all get into a pool with Steve Guttenberg and Wilfred Brimley
Steve Guttenberg dedicated his film PS Your Cat is Dead to the late, great Sal Mineo. He's tops in my book!!
Rainy outside Police Academy 2 and wine inside. Perfect Whatever happened to Steve Guttenberg?!
Do a pole of look a likes. and Steve Guttenberg of Police Academy fame
I have seen High Spirits at least 50 times. Best Steve Guttenberg, Peter O'Toole, Liam Neeson combo ever!
Happy B-day Steve Guttenberg!. sorry if I use you as a reference when my acting "career" stalls
For Steve Guttenberg's 57th birthday we'll be prepping our 5,000-word think piece on the proper order in which to view P…
559 yrs ago today, Gutenberg finished printing his Bible. 57 yrs ago today, Steve Guttenberg was born.
Happy 57th birthday to Steve Guttenberg (actor)
I'm watching a movie about robots becoming self aware and it's pretty frightening. I hope Steve Guttenberg doesn't make…
It's Steve Guttenberg's birthday today and with that we have to remember who made him a star.
Happy Birthday to Steve Guttenberg (It was a pleasure sharing the Lavalantula screen with you!...
Update your maps at Navteq
I tell you who I miss, Steve Guttenberg. The world needs Police Academy 8. I wonder if that big *** s still alive, or the voice guy.
Ahh, 1988. When Steve Guttenberg was billed higher than Liam Neeson, and this was deemed an acceptable movie premise
Watching 'The Day After'. Thank god we can rely on good ol' Steve Guttenberg to survive a nuclear strike on Kansas City.
on 1958 Steve Guttenberg, American actor and producer
I dunno. Clearly not social history or anything about the work of Steve Guttenberg. Shocking!
Threads makes The Day After look like Steve Guttenberg in a hammock, eating marshmallows while some bunnies lick his face.
Happy Birthday going out to Steve Guttenberg (It was an honor and a privilage to share a few...
is that the Steve Guttenberg version?
Click for The 404 Show blog post - Another mind-bending discussion with Steve Guttenberg finds the guys discussing...
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