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Steve Gleason

Stephen Michael Steve Gleason (born March 19, 1977) is a former professional football player, a safety with the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League.

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watching Steve Gleason's documentary gave me a lot to think about...
Guys, Gleason is better than any Oscar nominated doc. That category is horribly off-base every year. My man Steve Gleason loves Pearl Jam.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about this Steve Bannon quote all week
yo Steve Gleason is at the Lion King
This January marked 6 years with for Steve Read his reflection on life with ALS.
Watched steve Gleason's movie about his journey with als last night. Powerful, amazing strength!!! What a gift he is giving us all.
I look at the human life like an experiment. Every new moment, eve...
have you seen 'Gleason'? The documentary about Steve Gleason. Very powerful documentary.
Steve Gleason inspires those with ALS to live life to the fullest.
Tonight's Film: Doc on Steve Gleason, a former NFL player who films memories for his young son as his ALS…
You made fun of Steve Gleason after he was diagnosed with ALS
WOW...How sad. You're Steve Gleason bit is disgraceful. So ignorant.
aren't you the knucklehead but made fun of Steve Gleason?
I have moments where I miss my old self. But I think anyone can get c...
Steak Shapiro fired for making fun of Steve Gleason
Hey DG , please mention Steve Gleason and ALS. Been alive much longer than expected!
I really got a picture with Steve Gleason😢
Watch the story of Steve Gleason, former NFL player and new father diagnosed with ALS in "Gleason"
Steve Gleason means that much to you?
Son I just saw Steve Gleason on Carrollton... My life is complete🙌🏽
Both Steve Bannon and Trump's Treasury nom, Steven Mnuchin, are registered to vote in 2 states, reports
I liked a video from Steve Gleason Message to WSU Community
An Oscar on the shelf to collect dust is not necessary to appreciate the mark that Steve Gleason has made on this...
well when your rivals' fans make fun of Hurricane Katrina and Steve Gleason then come talk to me
Steve Gleason is such a class act I can only imagine,no I can't imagine how he does it! May God bless him!
Steve Gleason congratulates best documentary nominees after Oscar snub
Dang, I was really hoping the Steve Gleason movie would get in there.😔
None as emotionally powerful as Gleason. Terrible oversight. Thank you for your film Steve. It changed my life.
Steve Gleason documentary not among Oscar nominees
My face when I found out Steve Gleason's documentary wasn't nominated for an Oscar...
Steve Gleason documentary not among Oscar nominees |
In all fairness, is the biggest snub IMO. Everyone needs to watch it. You the truth, Steve!
Steve Gleason documentary not among Oscar nominees
Oh boy. I have a headache from crying so hard. Steve Gleason . what an incredible story.
The Steve Gleason documentary is so touching 😢
Loved the documentary about Steve Gleason on Amazon (short list for Oscars).. cried throughout. This movie will stay with me.
no silly! Steve Gleason the Saints player that has ALS. Not Jackie Gleason 😝 It's on Amazon Prime if you have it
In case you were wondering why sometimes calls me "Weak *** :-).
Wish I had Steve Gleason's scooter to roll around the park. He's playing w/ River and friends.
Watching this and it's so inspiring. So raw and human. Steve Gleason ex NFL player was diagnosed with ALS given...
Last night I watched the Steve Gleason documentary &it was SO amazing. I probably cried 10 times over but I admire him for being such a hero
If you have AmazonPrime, check out the acclaimed doc about retired NFL player Steve Gleason's battle…
Steve Gleason I lost my husband on Jan 3rd after a long battle with ALS. Please continue your work.
Just watched the documentary - incredible raw look at how ALS impacts families and Steve Gleason's will to fight. Oscar worthy.
Oh you ever want to cry for 2 hours watch the Steve Gleason documentary.
BREAKING: Steve Gleason had more rushing yards than Reggie Bush this season. .
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Ryan cld shove his own Granny, John Lewis + Steve Gleason off a cliff and the media wld still treat him as an altar…
Steve Gleason dressed as meets with Hall of Famer Rickey Jackson before
Drew Brees and Steve Gleason just arrived at courtroom in trial over killing of ex-Saint Will Smith. Powerful image for jury.
Saints vs Falcons - Watch Falcons and Saints lock arms in circle of uni... via steve gleason
Do you remember Steve Gleason's blocked punt against the Falcons on Sept. 25, 2006?
might wanna try suiting up Steve Gleason. He might be able to make a stop!
10th anniversary on Monday Night Football Steve Gleason ht…
In the past 24 hrs...Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer died. Steve Gleason made history 10 years ago today. Dee Gordon hit one for the books.
10 years ago, Steve Gleason's (blocked punt brought football back to New Orleans!
I read an article about Steve Gleason at the reopening of the SuperDome today. Dee Gordon's home run is just as emotio…
I bet Steve Gleason is loving coming back just to watch this defense fail
.gives hilarious interview with Cooper Manning 10 years after iconic play by
Did you guys know that it was almost 10 years ago to the day that Steve Gleason blocked that punt?
Steve Gleason back in the Superdome for the 10-year anniversary of the reopening after Hurricane Katrina.
A lot of former players here to pay their respects to Will Smith. Including Malcolm Jenkins & Steve Gleason to name a few.
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Read the inspiring story of New Orleans Saints player, Steve Gleason, since being diagnosed with
ALS sufferer and former star Steve Gleason reveals his struggle in a documentary. Read More:
- We are honored to work with courageous, tenacious Steve Gleason and his amazing Team Gleason. Inspiring.
Steve Gleason documentary premieres Saturday at Sundance Film Festival, gives intimate look at his life with ALS
'Gleason,' film about Saints hero Steve Gleason, elicits praise, tears at Sundance premiere
Steve Gleason makes first Sundance Film Festival appearance with footage documenting life for his son, Rivers.
"Gleason," a new doc about Saints hero Steve Gleason, premieres at Sundance. And the crowd goes wild:
Can't wait to see! Steve Gleason at Sundance: Film about Saints hero elicits praise, tears at Park City premiere
From one inspiring Saint to another: Delvin Breaux gives intercepted pass to Steve Gleason and son
On night Steve Gleason honored w George Halas Award, Saints block punt, as he did in 2006. Both ended in TD vs ATL http:…
New Orleans blocked a punt for a TD vs Atlanta with Steve Gleason in the house. He approved.
Steve Gleason has given me a new perspective on life now.
Colorado 17yr ALS research shows it's time for Steve Gleason to step up along w the NFL+help this project present on PBS.
Watching a documentary on former NFL Star Steve Gleason. What an amazing, inspiring man!
9 years ago today!! Come out to support Steve on October 3rd at Gleason Gras!
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"It's not what you make; it's what you do with it. If you don't reinvest it in your fathers garage youll have nothing" - Steve Gleason
documentaries: NFL A Football Life Vince Lombardi and Steve Gleason. Films Chariots of Life and Rocky
9 years ago today! Thank you Steve Gleason Amazing Moment!
Saints talk about that Steve Gleason block like EVERY FUKN DAY
Do you remember Steve Gleason's historic blocked punt against 9 years ago in Dome re-opening?
I still get chills watching that blocked punt by Steve Gleason
Never a Saints fan, but I do love watching this play with Steve Gleason. Love it!
[NFL: New Orleans Saints] - Flashback: Steve Gleason's block in return to Dome
>> Flashback: Steve Gleason's block in return to Dome
Flashback: Steve Gleason's block in return to Dome - Official Site
Flashback: Steve Gleason's block in return to Dome
Steve Gleason captures New Orleans' spirit in love letter to city
Steve Gleason played as a safety for the New Orleans Saints . After his diagnosis with ALS he founded
Steve Gleason's love letter to New Orleans - Remembering Hurricane Katrina via
I liked a video from Presenting Steve Gleason with his one of a kind CyborgSaint mask   10% Off
Sounds like Amy Poehler joined Jason Alexander, Steve Carell, Martin Sheen, Hugh Laurie, & Jackie Gleason in the Emmy snub Hall of Fame.
NEW ORLEANS -- Steve Gleason will be honored at halftime of Sunday's New Orleans Saints-Tampa Bay Buccaneers g...
loved the inspiring stories on Eric LeGrand and Steve Gleason this month! A must read!
Lunch Lady Steve Gleason does lunch duty for our sons' class!
But that Steve Gleason blocked punt might be the greatest moment in the dome
Steve Gleason statue in front of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Steve was…
.I watched the Steve Gleason story on NFL life. to be able for ya'll to navigate that treacherous trip was incredible.
How about a special teams player section in the HOF. Call it Steve Gleason wing. Steve Tasker in 1st. Your thoughts?
This made me cry for so many reasons.
and even if Sunseri is healthy, his best case is being Steve Gleason, special teams ace. He can't save crap 2015 draft
Colorado17yr ALS research shows Team Gleason+the New Orleans Saints need to get on board w research that can save Steve Gleason.
I believe happiness is a choice. Some days it is a very difficult choice. Steve Gleason
I'm inspired by Steve Gleason. I encourage everyone to support his nonprofit
Steve Gleason can kick better than Hopkins. We need to sign lil tink tink or something!
Heartbreaking and beautiful, just like New Orleans.
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I personally do not feel anyone should be wearing Steve Gleason's number.
Please join me in thanking local Avimor resident, Steve Gleason, for his volunteer efforts with the Eagle Police...
Steve Gleason’s blocked punt in the post-Katrina home opener has become a symbol of determination & recovery
Wonderful story from a writer being interviewed on NPR this afternoon about Steve Gleason and New Orleans. Was able to listen on a drive.
Help make it happen for 'LightDat: Help Steve Gleason light the Evacuspots' via
manager Kid Gleason hitting infield practice before one of the infamous 1919 World Series games at Comiskey htt…
If you want to vote for my nephew, the Steve Gleason blocked punt, that would be awesome.
Steve Gleason the NO Saint that blocked the punt in their first game back in super dome in 2006 diagnosed with ALS in 2011.
That would be in New Orleans, not in Atlanta, compliments of Mr. Steve Gleason.
Obama called famous blocked punt "one of the most iconic plays in sports history”
President Obama meets with Steve Gleason on New Orleans visit  
Idealism isn't for the faint hearted or weak minded | Steve Gleason's love letter to New Orleans
Steve Gleason's love letter to New Orleans: We are a city of steadfast, maniacal idealists via
Steve Gleason is just an incredible human being.
We will match all donations made this week! LightDat: Help Steve Gleason light the Evacuspots
If you haven’t read Steve Gleason’s Love Letter to New Orleans, I suggest you do it. Now.
I am reading the Katrina story from the and I did not know this Steve Gleason story. Why didn't I know about this man?
check out the interview with Jack Gleason and market veteran Steve Miller
I liked a video Dear New Orleans by Steve Gleason
A year ago we were all doing Ice Bucket Challenges - this is why I did it and donated. . This is also my last...
New Orleans Steve Gleason's football block that was way more than about football
I may or may not have shed a tear watching Steve Gleason's story.
Heartfelt, passionate and sincere. god bless you Steve Gleason!.
Honored to have met Steve Gleason tonight. Support him and all those affected with ALS at the Gleason Fest this Sat.🏈
Steve Gleason kicked off the second year of the Ice Bucket Challenge today!
Former New Orleans Saints standout Steve Gleason becomes a hero on the health-care front. Read the amazing story...
"Until there is a medical cure for ALS, technology can be that cure,” Steve Gleason
Saints: Ex-player Steve Gleason wins George Halas Award for overcoming adversity and succeeding; ALS diagnosed in …
The team that helped Steve Gleason control his wheelchair with his eyes isn’t done yet.
Team Gleason teams up with IMG for documentary on Steve Gleason's fight against ALS
Steve Gleason to meet with Burwell on ALS
NEW ORLEANS - Steve Gleason, the Former New Orleans Saints player, is heading to Washington to atten
Steve Gleason will be President Obama’s guest at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.
thanks Steve, I ordered one of your team Gleason hats. Love it.
Last thing before buckling down: Will have The MMQB NFL awards Tuesday. Big. Steve Gleason just filed his ballot. Excited about this piece.
Inspiration of the Year: Frates, Gleason lead way in fight for ALS cure via
On a related note, check this out too -
My jersey and my Steve Gleason tshirt has to go back.
"We all have a timeline, most of us don't live like we have a timeline" . ~ Steve Gleason
Incredible discussion about on radio. Steve Gleason & others, your strength and positive attitude inspire. Thank you.
Nobody had the will to win like Michael Jordan and NOBODY has perseverance like Steve Gleason!
The best of 50 years of Gatorade commercials:
Gatorade put together 50 years of commercials to celebrate its 50th birthday
Merry Christmas Steve and the rest of Team Gleason. Thank you for your strength and inspiration!
Steve Gleason added to Washington State hall of fame during game ...
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Washington State honoring Former Cougar LB Steve Gleason by inducting him into their Hall of Fame.…
Cougars are retiring Steve Gleason's number tonight. Well deserved and Huskies wishing the best to him and his family.
Steve Gleason is an inspiration, it's an honor to have him in Pullman and entering the Hall of Fame!
Steve Gleason is not a quitter, neither are the players on this team. Go Saints go!
Drew Brees and Anthony Davis join Steve Gleason at Gleason Gras and the New Orleans Saints pep rally
And now Steve Gleason's fighting for his life with Lou Gehrig's disease. We have a statue of this play outside the Superdome.
You'll owe me a beer. Steve Gleason is basically the Terry Fox of New Orleans. We adore this man.
the ball Steve Gleason blocked at the super dome?
Inspiring story...RT Read how & are making a difference in the fight against ALS
- 8 years ago today on Steve Gleason did THIS and the city of New Orleans came together in an amazing way. …
Colorado 15yr ALS research is prepared to meet w Steve Gleason+Suzanne Malveaux to discuss how ALS was solved. A cure now.
Interesting tidbit--co-host w/Palmer on Food Net show is Steak Shapiro, ATL radio host back from Steve Gleason/ALS mocking.
"Technology can give back what ALS takes away" Steve Gleason
I liked a video from The Human Connection: Steve Gleason
Still can't move my neck and Steve is just laughing at me every time I try to turn and talk I him.
Had an amazing time last night with Eric's good friend, Steve Gleason! Thx sfujita55 for your…
Steve Gleason is an amazing man and role model!
Technology has the power to improve all lives. I look forward to the future!
greatest part of this pic is the Steve Gleason jersey in front of you. where can I buy one?
NFL hero Steve Gleason battles ALS with cutting-edge tech and the power of human spirit
Steve Gleason is a former NFL player with ALS. He met with Bill Gates and shared with him what it will take to...
Colorado15yr ALS research tried to meet w Steve Gleason at Cambridge Mass. in 2011 at the summit. No show.
Superdome 2006 first game after Katrina. Steve Gleason blocks punt on 4th play of game. Saints up 7 0 on hated Falcons.
Steve Gleason reassures my faith in humanity, so thank you for that
Interesting article by Bill Gates re his recent mtg with Steve who has RT
You could feel the energy through the TV screen especially when Steve Gleason blocked the punt
the Superdome the night Steve Gleason blocked that punt. Joyfully Deafening.
Wore my Steve Gleason jersey and we're 0-2. Wear my Mark Chmura jersey. We're gonna win. I'm superstitious like that.
We are sitting 12 rows behind Steve Gleason!! 😀
When big names like Bill Gates took on the many naturally questioned their understanding... h…
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Steve Gleason of and is a Washington State alum.
A great blog post from about a recent meeting with Steve Gleason.
I'm here at Central Park with Steve Gleason supporting ALS!
Karma Takes the stage tonight,9pm. Playing all top 40 hits!. WAKA kickball Steve Gleason benefit 6-10pm. 15% of...
Steve Gleason: Eyes on the prize Can't wait to see him at
Inspiring to know how Bill always takes the next step.. :)
Had the honor of meeting w/ to explore solutions for ALS. Who better to solve "impossible problems":
“Heres feature on the work we are doing together to help people want to live w/ ALS:
Meeting with former NFL player Steve Gleason post-Ice Bucket opened my eyes to what life is like with
Now that's a LOT of ice! Leave it to Steve Gleason and Team Gleason to successfully pull off the world record...
I wish you guys could add Tim shaw and Steve Gleason and anybody else who left the game too early to and All-Cure Team.
Photo of the Week! Check out the Sodexo team at Tulane University that donated $500 to the Steve Gleason fund as...
So that's now three very recent ex-NFL players who have been diagnosed with ALS -- Kevin Turner, Steve Gleason and now Tim Shaw.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella accepts Steve Gleason's Ice Bucket Challenge and challenges Jeff Bezos and Larry Page to do the same! To learn more about ALS and make a donation to support research,...
Do the for ALS. Sidney Crosby, Matt Lauer, Martha Stewart, Matt Ryan, MHasselbeck, Andrew Luck have. Steve Gleason too.
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So, Terry Reed, in response to your numerous posts on my page regarding Floyd Mayweather, I've decided to respond to all of them in a single post. - Floyd's 100K check. That's nice. Mark Zuckerberg donated over 900 million in 2013 alone. Considering Mayweather's net worth is around 170 million, his so called "wealth" isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffet, etc. - Giving out turkeys at Thanksgiving. Cool, Steve Gleason took ALS patients on a week long trip to the summit of Machu Pichu. I think taking 100 pound wheelchairs up a mountain for a once in a lifetime experience for someone who only has a few years to live is harder, yet more meaningful, then throwing turkeys out of a truck. - Paul George photo. Visiting someone in the hospital and taking a selfie with another rich and famous athlete isn't considered charity work. Had he taken a photo with Kevin Ware, I may have been impressed. But Mayweather brags about only associating with other rich/famous people. I guess Ware, w ...
Great shot of Steve Gleason and Mike McCready! Team Gleason was one of the first beneficiaries of The Five...
Eye Gaze //oneweek hackathon team helps Steve Gleason operate his wheelchair — using his eyes:
I saw Steve Gleason's amazing story on A Football Life. So inspirational. His team is the definition of true friendship.
Steve Gleason was a former New Orleans Saint & now lives with His positive nature in sharing his journey is 2 be respected
Thanks to Steve Gleason and the 86, 87 class for the Jam Sat look forward to doing it again!
you know what you would've been couched by THE Steve Gleason that's worth more than a state ring😂
Former football player Steve Gleason uses Microsoft Surface to communicate and inspire others diagnosed with ALS. Learn more about the stories of the inspiri...
June 15th is Here's 1 special dad on an amazing journey with View
Colorado15yr ALS research is Steve Gleason's only chance for recovery from this adverse biochemistry+he ignored it in 2011. Fact.
Former Saints player Steve Gleason is now home from the hospital, ready to conquer the next challenge in his battle against ALS, albeit adjusting...
Check out this inspirational update of Former Saints' player Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS.
$3 Hump Days at the all new District! Make sure you come check it out! Kaylee Taylor and Steve Gleason keepin your drinks filled!
no regrets This does such a shameful disservice to Steve Gleason that I almost puke thinking about it
2 weeks in now. The chair is beautiful, but still requiring adjustments as we go to get it comfortable. It's all part of the process. Thank you to Chad Bloomfield, Viki Vaught, Steve and friends for shopping and food prep prior to the event. Thank you to all my friends who donated raffle prizes and silent auction alike, My brothers Joe Hoff and Dale Hoff, Sally Thompson, Kathy Gale, Bobby Stapleton, Rene Cebert, Erin Olsen, Jim Hoff, Irv's Rock and gem, Craig and Elain Swanson, to only mention a handful. Thank you so much to all who donated so generously by coming for dinner, coming to simply donate, bid or buy raffle tickets To Jeff for finding and collecting great prizes. Anders and Julie Hainer from the boathouse Restaurant at Hayden your amazing kickoff donation of 2500.00 leaves me rendered speechless still. The Fornier family for continuous love and support I thank you.To my family, near and far, immediate and extended, thank you! To my family of old friends/musicians who continue to make my world . ...
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Steve Gleason recovers quickly after tracheotomy - (subscription)
One of the outstanding finalists for the Youth Sports Awards June 10. KREM's Jane McCarthey inspires us...
This research tried to meet w Steve Gleason at summit in 2011 in Cambridge but was ignored+was very likely told to ignore me.
Today's Hero Wod TEAM GLEASON was amazing and I was inspired this man won't let anything stop him! Steve Gleason you truly are a hero man!!! Crossfit 425 what a Wod!!! Thanks Heidi Litzenberger Ewing for the opportunity to honor him!
ALS can affect anyone, at anytime. Former NFL player Steve Gleason received a diagnosis of ALS in 2011, and has devoted his efforts to...
Steve Gleason upset with release of Gregg bounty audio - Former Saints...
"You can sleep with people from Apple, just don't bring them to my games!" - Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer
Check out story on and hear from our Medical Director Dr. Carter to learn more about .
Saints hero Steve Gleason home from hospital, ready 4 next challenge via
Saints hero Steve Gleason home from hospital, ready for next challenge via
Former Saints player Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis more than three years...
Cougar notebook, including Jason Gesser, Klay Thompson, Steve Gleason and much more
Ok so on my way home from work today the wx was bad and traffic was slow. In my usual manner when I'm not talking with my dad I unwind to music. Most days it's jazz or blues, metal and of course my fav grunge band Pearl Jam. So sitting in traffic they are doing the live feed from Washington on Pearl Jam radio. They have a call in to talk with Mike McCready their lead guitarist who is also my favorite so I dial the free number and multiple busy signals so sitting in traffic just hitting redial a dozen times and all of a sudden it goes through. I was like wow I never get through so they answer and say hey what would you like to talk with mike about. I draw a blank because I don't do celebs very well but I mustered up some topics and held strong told him he was my favorite of course and then talked about how to support his foundation with running. He was very genuine and responsive which was extremely cool I shared some stories of my time with the saints as security and how his friend Steve Gleason who has A ...
New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is donating $5 million to Former Saints player Steve Gleason, whom he called an "NFL legend" for the way he and his Team Gleason charity are working to aid ALS patients and search for a cure.
Pearl Jam provides soundtrack to life of former NFLer Steve Gleason - ESPN Front Row
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Sept 8, 2013, Steve Gleason and Sean Payton lead the chant before the Saints defeat the Falcons prove once again. The Saints own the Falcons.
Hi everyone. I am in the USA at the moment and I am really enjoying my time here. It has been an honour to meet Steve Gleason and the amazing people at the Lou Gehrig Foundation. I will post photos soon. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Have a great day!
Project. Mark Manchester was diagnosed in July 2011 with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), considered a terminal neuromuscular disease. Lou Gehrig first brought National and International attention to the disease in 1939 when he abruptly retired from baseball after being diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig ’s Disease). ALS can strike anyone, anytime. Mark is determined to inspire others by continually pursuing a positive and inspirational life. Despite his diagnosis, Mark continues to challengethe works of technology and science to identify and implement their most promising developments towards new treatments and a cure. Mark has taken on the motto “NO WHITE FLAGS” as shared with Steve Gleason, a Former Saints football player who is also fighting this terrible disease. When: Saturday, March 8, 2014, 3pm-10pm Where: On the Levee in Downtown Port Allen Who’s Performing: The Chee-Weez, JJ Callier, Floyd Brown, Big Pokey, Greg Martinez, Johnny Pat and Al Kilvo, and Vinnie Whitehead. Children 12 and u . ...
“Microsoft's ad is narrated by former NFL player Steve Gleason, who suffers from ALS and uses a Surface
Very proud to announce our New Orleanians of the Year are Steve Gleason and John Barry. Pick up tomorrow’s paper.
Steve Gleason, former defensive back for the New Orleans Saints, has Als. in a report on real sports posted by bryant gumbel, the rate of that disease is 8 times higher than the general population in the NFL. Ijs
What the national media are saying about the New Orleans Saints, NFL: Former Saints safety Steve Gleason, who ...
Steve Gleason has to be the most motivational guy I've ever seen..
Steve Gleason Ring Of Honor Please share. No White Flags On September 25, 2006, Steve Gleason was responsible for one of the most dramatic moments in Saints history. He blocked a punt in the first quarter against the Atlanta Falcons, which was recovered in the Falcons’ end zone for a touchdown. It wasn’t a normal touchdown. It was the first score in the Saints’ first home game in nearly 21 months, during which time Hurricane Katrina had devastated the city.— Steve Gleason, though not a New Orleans native, exemplifies what it truly means to be a part of New Orleans. Not only does he exemplify it, he completely embodies it. Hurricane Katrina of 2005 was a devastating blow to New Orleans; it’s still a devastating blow to all who were affected by it. Homes were lost, families were torn apart, the city and its people were extremely damaged both physically and emotionally because of Katrina. There were times when many people thought that we, the people of New Orleans, would never recove ...
Love Saints! I worked for Rueben Mayes-used to be a Saint right out of college. Steve Gleason? Also a Coug!
Ahhh, what to say about Pearl Jam! I had no idea what to expect, as they've haven't been to Spokane since I was in high school. They put on an amazing show, and maybe one of the best I've ever been to. Over 3 hours of pretty much non-stop music. They covered everything from Tom Petty to Van Halen to Velvet Underground. I had a great time reminiscing my youth, hearing my favorites from the Ten album, and watching a guy with 4 foot long dreads get a hair cut by Ed Vedder himself. The best part? FREE tickets, 12 rows up from the stage and seeing Mike McCready do the Yellow Ledbetter guitar solo standing next to Steve Gleason.
that's wen our defense was stacked. Even Fred Thompson slow *** was out there lol but Steve Gleason was the man
I have so much respect for Steve Gleason, Scott Fujita and the rest of Team Gleason for conquering Machu Picchu that it's hard to put it into words. Great job NFL network!
Inspired by on Steve Gleason. is embodiment of "team" & "family"
Football fan or no, watch this documentary on Steve Gleason. An inspirational, triumphant, courageous man & his team.
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Everybody so yourself a favor and watch "a football Life-Steve Gleason" in NFL NETWORK .. Especially if u are having challenges in your life.. He, his friends and his family are amazing, inspiring.. Go team Gleason..
Steve Gleason is an inspiration and a hero just watched his story on a football life and cried like a baby he makes what i go through feel like nothing WOW i wanna meet him and his family and work with Team Gleason
If you missed this episode, I highly recommend trying to catch it at a different time. The team of individuals that have banded together to rally around Steve Gleason is one that needs to spread. Giving of yourself to another person's benefit is what we should is the right thing to do...ALS is not a rare disease and not one in which the person just dies, although are society has treated the individuals that get diagnosed with it as if they do. Team Gleason is trying to inspire and bring attention to ALS.
I encourage you all to look into team Gleason, Steve Gleason's foundation to fight ALS. We shouldn't have to see a disease like this spread in order to appreciate this life we've been given.
Everyone I know do yourself a favor and take 1 hour out of your day and watch A Football Life featuring Steve Gleason & Team Gleason!!! An absolute inspiration & worth every second!!
Wow! Just watched the most amazing documentary about a pro football player from the New Orleans Saints who got diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease about 3 years ago . His name is Steve Gleason !!! Please google him and his story of faith courage and unconditional love . "Team Gleason" !!! I am in such awe of this wonderful man and his beautiful wife Michelle and the best friends any man could ever ask for. A true testimony of courage and an unbreakable spirit " no white flags" is his mantra ! Please watch you will be so touched! Happy thanksgiving and may god bless you and your family's and please pass this on it is a cause very near and dear to my heart! Heroes. All of them!
Day 26: Thankful for my health, but even more so after watching the inspirational story of former NFL Saints player Steve Gleason and his fight to overcome ALS along with his TEAM GLEASON organization which is making a difference for others battling ALS.
Great "A Football Life" on Steve Gleason. Inspiring to see his wife Michelle Gleason, Team Gleason, teammate Scott Fujita ad him going
Steve Gleason's story is truly amazing and the people involved with Team Gleason are phenomonal. It puts things into perspective. Things learned playing the sport of football applied in life like perserverance despite pain and obstacles can change lives. No white flags!
Steve Gleason is truly amazing and his wife and Team Gleason are incredible! A Football Life on NFL Network is a must see! No White Flags
Right now (Tuesday Nov 26) 7pm (PST) is a special on Steve Gleason /Team Gleason (ex Coug football player, turned NFL - New Orleans Saints diagnosed with ALS) All COUUGS know his story
Just watched "A Football Life" with Steve Gleason. This is my new hero. This guy is the bravest person I know. Love that guy. We love ya TEAM GLEASON BABY!!! NO WHITE FLAGS!
Anyone with NFL network should be watching the documentary on Steve Gleason. Such an eye opener on how life can change over night. He's such an inspiration and the Saints will always have a special place in my heart for how they have taken him under their wing! Forever Team Gleason...No White Flags
Steve Gleason is one heck of brave and incredible man! He is an idol to many, including me, and the show on the nfl network about him is sad to see!! He made one of the best plays in the history of the Saints! Who dat and team Gleason!!
NOW - On the NFL Network. Prepare to be inspired. Steve Gleason - A Football Life. Team Gleason
Don't forget to watch tonights episode of "a football life" on the NFL network tonight featuring WSU's and New Orlean saints own Steve Gleason. Which i just learned is presented by CHASE. Love my employer!
The NFL Network airs a special tonight on Steve Gleason at 8 PM. It's titled "A Football Life".tune in and watch it if you can and it will give you a great perspective on why we're supporting Team Gleason this year!!!
I see that Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer is coming on tonight at 7 on CBS. Tune in to this before you watch Steve Gleason (Team Gleason) at 8 on the NFL Network.
Incredible story. The Steve Gleason story reminds me so much of my USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58) family. We were facing a life & death situation, even though most of us did not realize it at the time, and we did not give up the ship. We carry on that spirit to this day. Steve Team Gleason was faced with the same situation in the form of ALS. Just like we kept the fore & aft parts of the ship together with wire rope & iron will, Steve Gleason is holding on, and thriving, until a cure for ALS is found. NO HIGHER HONOR means NO WHITE FLAGS
A group of WSU Sports Management majors created the event into help raise money for Team Gleason. It is inspired by WSU alum Steve Gleason who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Mind.Set.Go. wants to take this time to Thank our Sponsors for the "Going the Extra Mile for ALS" 5K & 1 Mile Walk/Run: LaPlace Frostop Wealth Solutions, LLC, Mabiles Restaurant Kathy's Party store Roussel's Fine Jewelry & Gifts The Donut Hole Community Bank St. John Physical Therapy Coca-Cola Special Thanks to Our Extra Mile Sponsors: Sheriff Mike Tregre Rainbow Chevrolet Nalco - An Ecolab Company Louisiana Federal Credit Union Cool Concepts in Laplace One More Thanks to all other Contributors and Supporters: Snap Fitness French Riviera Fitness Sicily's Italian Buffet Tres Chic LLC Helping Hands Massage Laplace Fatty's Bar and Grill Mobile Music Unlimited, Inc. Chung's Heavenly Sweets St. John Parish Sheriff's Office Quick Stop Car Wash Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse & Restaurant Matherne's Supermarket at Riverlands Food-4-Less And last, but certainly not least, Thank you to the man that has inspired all of this: Steve Gleason and Team Gleason As you can see, the support has been amazing. The only thing left to ...
Voodoo Fest 2013: What national media are saying about Steve Gleason, Dr. John
Dear New Orleans Saints, I saw Steve Gleason introduce Pearl Jam this weekend so you pretty much have to keep it rolling and close out the weekend with a win. Brothers meet each other today as Rex Ryan, the foot man, take on Rob Ryan, who happens to be an assman. It will be an interesting matchup on the road in the elements. Colston and Jenkins are out, but we have Team Gleason.
Voodoo 2013: and Steve Gleason (team up and the 5 best things we saw on Friday
Life is officially complete. Just seen Pearl Jam play ALL their hits. And they finished the show with YELLOW LEDBETTER, while Steve Gleason looked on! What. A. Night.
Steve Gleason introducing Pearl Jam at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans tonight!
My other team, the New Orleans Saints, game is on sky sports on Sunday. Dinner with Doc and Lynn on Friday, Lilly's Halloween party on Saturday and Saints game on Sunday, weekend is looking good. In support of the SAINTS, Steve Gleason and Team Gleason check this out. NWF
The event is less than two days away! Make sure you stop by and participate to be eligible for our awesome prizes: signed baseball helmet, signed cougar football, and signed basketball posters. Gail Gleason, mother of Steve Gleason, will be attending for much of the event and has a deep knowledge of Team Gleason and ALS. Help us raise money to help Team Gleason find a cure for this terrible disease.
Pearl Jam sat down with Judd Apatow, Carrie Brownstein, Mark Richards, and Steve Gleason to talk about the band's new studio album, Lightning Bolt. Get Light...
If you missed Steve Gleason's interview with Pearl Jam it will be on ESPN news in next half hour. *** good profile. Watch it!
Steve Gleason, who has a son and will die far too soon, chats with Eddie Vedder, who didn't know his dad.
More about Steve Gleason, his foundation, and his trip to climb Machu Picchu.
Don't forget to watch ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown story on Steve Gleason. Here's a preview.
Steve Gleason (ex NFL player diagnosed with made a documentary of his trip to Machu Picchu Peru. Watch it here:
If you have been a Saints fan for years, then you know who Steve Gleason is. If you do, and you haven't watched the NFL Films show about him climbing Machu Picchu, do it. And I'll go ahead and say it, I "almost" cried. Almost... Very inspiring, albeit a subject that hits way to close to home...
That documentary about Steve Gleason's journey to Machu Picchu was really touching. He's a truly amazing man who understands life.
Just watched "Steve Gleason" on NFL network. making it to Machu Picchu gave me goosebumps. Very inspirational.
Just watched the Steve Gleason story from NFL Network where climbs the Machu Picchu with himself and another ALS guy.
"In a sense, we all have the chance to be heroes, to some degree. I happen to be dealt more adversity than most, so the way I look at it, there is greater opprotunity for heroics." Steve Gleason. If you know his story, he is truly a hero, before and after football. ALS has taken almost everything from him, except his spirit. He is truly an incredible person and his story of the climb to Machu Picchu is amazing.
You want to learn what real heart is all about? Check out Steve Gleason's story, and Team Gleason's Machu Picchu... http:…
If you didn't catch 'No White Flags' on NFL network last night, you can view on in the video section. 3 5 minute videos of Steve Gleason's and Team Gleason climb up Machu Picchu. You will laugh and cry. I highly recommend taking the time. It will sure put your petty little problems in perspective.
Sean Payton had 'lump in his throat' during 'Who Dat?' cheer with Steve Gleason
Have you heard of Former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason was diagnosed with this condition.
Take a look at what ALS . (Lou Gehrig's Disease), has taken over Steve Gleason but he fights everyday
Thank you for this amazing story. is an inspiration. Helping so many keep up the fight
People like Steve Gleason of the New Orleans Saints give me so much inspiration & thoughts to embrace life! We have to live regardless of things life throws at us. No pain no gain! You got to go through it to get to it!
One of the most inspirational stories I have ever heard.
Watch the video Super Bowl Champ Battling ALS Creates Video Journal for Son on Yahoo! Good Morning America. Birth of Steve Gleason's son shortly after Lou Gehrig's disease diagnosis inspired project.
Just watched a story on Steve Gleason Good Morning America. I read your posts on him. What an inspirational story and his friends are all truly amazing.
Great story on Steve Gleason on this morning. Well done Thanks for making the story come alive to the nation.
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