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Steve Garvey

Steven Patrick Garvey (born December 22, 1948), nicknamed Mr. Clean because of the squeaky clean image he held throughout his career in baseball, is an American former Major League Baseball first baseman and current Southern California businessman.

Ron Cey Davey Lopes Steve Yeager Steve Sax Dusty Baker Bill Russell Pete Rose Fernando Valenzuela Dodger Stadium Mike Scioscia Pedro Guerrero Eric Karros Wade Boggs Jackie Robinson Willie Randolph San Diego Padres National League

Padres need to go back to those Steve Garvey brown retros for good. Their current uni is a whole lotta meh.
when I hear sex addict I think Steve Garvey not Michael Douglas.
Fred Lynn, Steve Garvey, Rollie Fingers and more at the 'Million Dollar Arm' premiere via
Baby jokes: Wade Boggs, Steve Garvey and Pete Rose are in a bar.A pretty woman walks by and Boggs says, "I'm going to ask her out."Ga...
What a pleasure to photograph baseball legend, Steve Garvey, last week at a corporate event in Vegas
Steve Garvey autograph towel this is perfect for a game room or office $50.00 or willing to trade
I haven't seen the Dodgers play in the longest time. When does Steve Garvey bat?
Thank you for the $87 payout Aaron Harang. First celebrity spotting.Steve Garvey!
"You have to set goals that are almost out of reach. If you set a goal that is attainable without much work or thought, you are stuck with something below your true talent and potential." Steve Garvey
We received word that our friends at Lucy Pet Foundation will have Steve Garvey at their booth to sign baseballs...
when is the next Steve Garvey celebrity TV show?
Read the story about Steve Garvey's wife that got the guy who wrote it sued (via
I love the sound of Vin Scully's voice. It brings back such sweet memories from my childhood days!! (-: Steve Howe, Steve Yeager, Ron Cey, Mike Marshall, Dusty Baker, Steve Sax, Steve Garvey, Mike Scioscia, and did I mention Steve Howe? Yeah...Steve Howe. (:
Steve Garvey baseball stats with batting stats, pitching stats and fielding stats, along with uniform numbers, salaries, quotes, career stats and biographical data presented by Baseball Almanac.
Steve Garvey 30 years ago is pretty sad.
Also took your pic in Wrigley with well endowed girl with T-shirt that said "Steve Garvey's Biggest fan" across chest.
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Will never forget that mistake by my Dodgers. Mike Marshall, Greg Brock, etc. Nice enough players but no Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey: "I knew she needed access because she was an outlet to fans. 23 of 25 guys didn't think she needed it."
Oh, boy! I can win a chance to watch a game with Steve Garvey? Thanks, CEA & ClearChannel!
.Sac bunts are the devil? I hate them too Brett, but every God-fearing fan knows Steve Garvey is the devil.
Sons of Steve Garvey: Siri Honors Jackie Robinson, these are the thing Samsung can't steal. Classy Stuff Apple
Sons of Steve Garvey: Siri Honors Jackie Robinson - I bet it must be fun to be on the Siri team. Except...
Padres farmhand (and huge Steve Garvey fan, pulls off epic baseball prank. Check it out
Breaking: Steve Garvey signing at Art of Music. Does he need to do this??
Today in 1983-Steve Garvey plays in his 1,118th consecutive game, breaking Billy Williams N.L. record.
Steve Garvey, Maury Wills and Tommy Davis in a tribute to Jackie Robinson!!!
Great picture Liz- he was one of my favorite players on my favorite team when I was a kid, along with Steve Garvey :-) lol
Dee Gordon has moved into 20th place on the all-time L.A. Dodgers stolen base list with 75. Next up: noted speedster Steve Garvey with 77.
Sorry (for your SFG's fans) to hear that tonight, in honor of your hometown S.F. Giants will begin a three game losing streak to bring to an end their 9 game home stand. Shirley Cruz and Dennis Cruz, care to relinquish those "box seat"s before you witness firsthand these three victories? Just trying to help out here………By the way, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, John Roseboro, Maury Wills, Gil Hodges, Tommy and Willie Davis, Ron Fairly, Duke Snider, Frank Howard, Claude Osteen, Don Sutton, Jim Lefebvre, Orel Hershiser, Fernando Valuenzela, Kirk Gibson, Mike Scioscia, Steve Garvey will all be coaching the LA Blue. Now, if only Willie McCovey would've seen the light and signed with L.A. back in the day (your time Dennis, not mine or Shirley's.) Have a good series!
Got to talk some baseball with Steve Garvey on today. He took a traditionalist standpoint on the new MLB rules.
Steve Garvey under an umbrella before the first ever rained out home opener 4/12/76.
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. Steve Garvey also played with Don Suttons wife. Allegedly
loved the '84 Padres uniforms. Bought the Cooperstown hat. Steve Garvey was with them that year right? Templeton?
Harrah's SoCal took over downtown SD on opening day of San Diego baseball! The takeover started with a free pre-party blowout at Stingaree with food, drinks, music, showgirls and baseball legend, Steve Garvey. The streets were crawling with fans sporting Harrah's gear, while pedicabs gave free rides to fans compliments of Harrah's. Check out the recap video and make sure you join us next year!
Ok don't know why I am making this post but guess it has something to do with the fact I've been listening to a lot of ball games on the radio this week. I grew up listening to games on the radio and it brings back a lot of good memories. SO here is my TBT All Time All Star Baseball lineups. "American League" Catcher: Thurman Munson Pitchers: Starter: Rollie Fingers, Relief Al Hrabosky, Closer Catfish Hunter Ist Base: Chris Chambliss 2nd Base: Willie Randolph Short Stop: Carl Ripkin Jr. 3rd Base: George Brett Left Field: Carl Yaztremki Center Field: Kirby Puckett Right Field: Reggie Jackson "National League" Catcher: Johnny Bench (with Ted Simmons a close 2nd) Pitcher: Starter- Nolan Ryan (Astros), Relief Kent Tekulve, Closer Fernando Valenzuela 1st Base: Steve Garvey 2nd Base: Chris Spiers Short Stop: Ozzie Smith 3rd Base: Mike Schmidt Left Field: Dale Murphy Center Field: Ken Griffey Jr. Right Field: Sammy Sosa
Steve Garvey in the house for today's game. Identified on scoreboard as member of Alumni. He played somewhere else too, right?
Thank you Harrah's Resort Southern California. You were a great host today. Great event at Stingaree with Steve Garvey for MLB's opening night.
Watching the '81 World Series like it's new. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker, Rick Monday, Tommy John, Craig Nettles, Willie what a series.
Today's hits masters, we turn back the baseball time machine to the National League and the year of 1974. Here are the top 3 total hitters for that season. 1. Ralph Garr - 214 2. Dave Cash -206 3. Steve Garvey -200
At Universal Hilton for IDay. Steve Garvey former LA Dodger is our keynote speaker.
Today's opening day starting line-up blast from the past. We finish the 1958 season Sunday morning. So we spin the dials to start another season. It Lands on the year of 1987. Let our adventure being, with the National League. Finishing in last place or 6th place in the National League West, the San Diego Padres. The Padres finish 25 games back of divisional winning Giants. The Padres have a record of 65-97, under skipper Larry Bowa. Leading bat for the Padres would be leftfielder John Kruk 20 dingers and 91 rbis. Leading the team in wins, Ed Whitson with 10. The Padres draw 1.4 million, which is 10th out of 12. The Padres open the season on a 6 game road trip and they go 1-5. When they return, they play host to Roger Mason and the Giants. Robby Thompson drives in 5 and the Giants knock off the Padres 13-7. Marvell Wynne-CF Tony Gwynn-RF John Kruk-LF Steve Garvey-1B Kevin Mitchell-3B Benito Santiago-C Garry Templeton-SS Tim Flannery-2B Andy Hawkins-P
"Anyone remember Howard's Appliances on Valley Blvd? When I was a kid I met Bill Buckner and Steve Garvey (when they were in their respective rookie years) at promo events held at Howard's." -Doug Hart
Sac Fly that scores Russell gets the 1st out for the Yankees and the 2nd run for the Dodgers. Steve Garvey at the plate.
The use of the phrase as a noun has been part of the Oxford English Dictionary since 1980 and as a verb since 1981. For decades, the conventional wisdom has been that the first X occurred between Y and Z of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 2, 1977 in Dodger Stadium. It was the last day of the regular season, and Dodgers left fielder Y had just gone deep off the Astros' J.R. Richard. It was Y's 30th home run, making the Dodgers the first team in history to have four sluggers -- Y, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and Reggie Smith -- with at least 30 homers each. It was a wild, triumphant moment and a good omen as the Dodgers headed to the playoffs. Z, waiting on deck, thrust his hand enthusiastically over his head. Y, not knowing what to do, did X. This is the origin of X. what is X?!
sad that Great players like Steve Garvey,Gil Hodges,Dave Parker,Tommy John are not in.the HOF.
Keith Hernandez is also certainly worthy. So is Steve Garvey.
Special Post - Just got a text, a member is watching the Rose Bowl and Brent Musburger mention Steve Garvey played college football at Michigan State. The member ask, do I have any photos of his days at Michigan State and football.Boom 5 minutes later, here is your answer...Love filling members request - Lets remember ITS YOUR SITE !.I JUST RUN IT
Happy 65th Birthday to Steve Garvey, one of my favorite Los Angeles Dodgers.
Exactly. Say dude have a good one w the fam eh? I hope Santa brings your daughter a Steve Garvey uniform.
MSU baseball to honor Steve Garvey at First Pitch dinner
“The difference between the old ballplayer and the new ballplayer is the jersey. The old ballplayer cared about the name on the front. The new ballplayer cares about the name on the back.”- Steve Garvey
Many Giants memories from "The Stick".Going to tons of games w great seats as dad got tickets from work . Mom helping us get Willie May's autograph when I was 7 or 8 (yes, I still have it!), so many Giant-Dodger games as my BFF Edie was madly in love with Steve Garvey! Bringing in a thermos of Bacardi and coke (151 cuz I had no clue what to buy!) Yes, back in the day they didn't check! Tailgating with Stacy Palmer Calonico and a few games with Debbie Sanders-Hernandez. Oh yeah, and 1 niner game w Edie- more exciting in the stands watching a fight than the game was! Cherished memories with great friends! Cold? Heck yeah, but when you're a true fan ( with 151, lol) it didn't matter.
Okay. Let's talk about Steve Garvey. From the time I was about 14-15 until the man retired (he's 15…
Steve Garvey is so handsome in person
"To Juice (nickname my brother calls me) - God Bless" signed by Steve Garvey 1974 NL MVP honestly…
One of my heroes growing up. I pretended to be Steve Garvey in many backyard wiffle ball matches back in the day. My Dodgers should retire his number as well.
10x All-Star, 1974 MVP and 1981 WS Champion, own Steve Garvey will have his jersey retired by Michigan State in 2014.
Not a subject I comment on often, but Padres retiring Steve Garvey's # & now his alma mater Michigan St U should be an embarrassment to LAD.
Baseball. Steve Garvey To Be Honored at the 2014 First Pitch Dinner: The Michigan State baseball program will ...
MSU baseball will retire Steve Garvey's number and honor him at its ninth annual First Pitch Dinner on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014
“Happy Steve Garvey birthday, you guys”//it's like Christmas in Dec. except if he owes you money or child support
"You must be passionate, you must dedicate yourself, and you must be relentless in the pursuit of your goals. If you do, you will be successful." - Steve Garvey
The Dodgers Steve Garvey is 65 today... You know your from Cudahy if you remember watch'N ... Or on the radio... Beers and sunflower seeds
Dodger legend Steve Garvey. I was shy so I took a pic from behind a mannequin & clothing rack lol. . 🙈
Happy Birthday to me & legend Steve Garvey! He's way better at baseball than I am, I'll admit it cc:
Steve Garvey will probably always be my favorite baseball player 💙⚾️
Haven't been in mood for cards w/everything going on, but here's Dodger player in collection born today: Steve Garvey
Dodgers Nation would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to
When it starts?? Let',s get it on... How dare you besmudge the Dodgers on Steve Garvey's birthday...
Its the June secondary draft for the year of 1968, the Dodgers decided to draft the Michigan State Spartan 3rd baseman, Steve Garvey. Garvey turns 65 today. Garvey is born in Tampa Florida and plays for the Chiefs of Chamberlain high school in Tampa. In 1966, he is drafted in the 3rd round by the Twins, but did not sign with them. He breaks into the majors in 1969 with the Dodgers and he is playing 3rd base. In 1972, he plays 1st base for the first time for the Dodgers. He plays 14 seasons for the Dodgers, he leads the league in hits twice. In 1974, he is the National League MVP. He wins 4 gold Gloves and is a National League All-star 8 times. He plays in 4 World Series, after losing 3 of them, he gets that ring in WS number 4, in 1981. In 1982, he goes free agent and signs with the Padres. He plays 5 seasons for the Padres
All dodger fans Ryan and Steve Garvey are at *** sporting good at the mall
On MLBs IG , they posted a pic of steve garvey from 35 yrs ago & people are saying "wow, he looks good for his age!" "He could still play!"
Not bad when your seats at are better than Steve Garvey's. Happy Birthday!
Steve Carlton turns 69 today, while Steve Garvey turns 65.
The time Steve Garvey came to our school 😎 had lunch with him & he pitched to me. Lol.
Me and Steve Garvey have the same birthday! 💙⚾ I think I might just faint! 💙
I would’ve killed to see steve Garvey, Orel Hershiser, don Newcombe, Don Drysdale, and Jackie Robinson play in real life.
Happy Birthday Steve Garvey! I can't believe you are 65! It does not seem that long ago I was…
Birthday Cards: Steve Garvey and Jason Lane: The two former Padres pictured above share a birthday and not muc...
Today in History: December 22, 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C. for a series of meetings with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on a unified Anglo-American war strategy and a future peace. Now that the United States was directly involved in both the Pacific and European wars, it was incumbent upon both Great Britain and America to create and project a unified front. Toward that end, Churchill and Roosevelt created a combined general staff to coordinate military strategy against both Germany and Japan and to draft a future joint invasion of the Continent. Roosevelt also agreed to a radical increase in the U.S. arms production program: the 12,750 operational aircraft to be ready for service by the end of 1943 became 45,000; the proposed 15,450 tanks also became 45,000; and the number of machine guns to be manufactured almost doubled, to 500,000. Among the momentous results of these U.S.-Anglo meetings was a declaration issued by Churchill and Roosevelt that enjoin ...
If your name is Steve and you were a 10-time All Star, Happy Birthday!. (I'm talking to you, Mr. Garvey and Mr. Carlton.)
.Steve Garvey's 1977 season was 8 hits short of 200, which would have given him 7 straight 200 hit seasons.
Happy Birthday to Steve Garvey who turns 65 today.
Today in History -- Sunday, Dec. 22 (Steve Carlton, Rick Nielsen, Steve Garvey, Ralph Fiennes, Lauralee Bell) The Associated Press Today is Sunday, Dec. 22, the 356th day of 2013. There are nine days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Dec. 22, 1944, during the World War II Battle of the Bulge, U.S. Brig. Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe rejected a German demand for surrender, writing "Nuts!" in his official reply. On this date: In 1775, Esek Hopkins was appointed the commander-in-chief of the Continental Navy. In 1808, Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67, Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, and Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58, had their world premieres in Vienna, Austria. In 1864, during the Civil War, Union Gen. William T. Sherman said in a message to President Abraham Lincoln: "I beg to present you as a Christmas-gift the city of Savannah." In 1894, French army officer Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial that triggered worldwide charges of anti ...
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Here is you snow Steve Garvey Montes, it is where I live and I don't want it
Stone Eagle for golf tourney riding up with Steve Garvey
Steve reminds me of Mr Garvey so much!
yeah would av thought it would be a better watch at the flicks, our G went and said he enjoyed it.
was made to be seen in 3D at cinema really. Its a bit dull otherwise.
just watched it, wasn't my cup of tea, I wunt waste your time pal, it's very average and slow.
I just met Steve Garvey. This is insane lol
Happy Birthday to my bros sam dean and steve-o garvey!! Lets get this house bumpin up
Tell me what u really know about these great men Jomo Kenyatta,Marcus Garvey,Martin Luther,Malcom X,Steve Biko
May you rest on piece my friend. You will be missed !!! MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner passes Revered Union leader succumbs to 15-month battle with brain cancer NEW YORK, NY, Thursday, November, 2013 … The Major League Baseball Players Association is sad to announce that its Executive Director, Michael Weiner, today lost his heroic, 15-month battle with brain cancer. He passed away quietly at home in New Jersey surrounded by his loving wife, Diane, and three daughters. Despite being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in August of 2012, and until his passing, Michael, 51, continued to serve the players and provide leadership and counsel to the MLBPA staff. Michael joined the MLBPA as Counsel in 1988, at age 26, and in 1989 was promoted to Assistant General Counsel. He was later promoted to Associate General Counsel and, in 2004, to General Counsel. Michael was named Executive Director by the MLBPA Executive Board on December 2, 2009, replacing the retiring Donald Fehr. Michael oversaw col ...
they have in the past. In 2011 they had Dave Stewart and Dave Kingman. 2012 was Steve Garvey and Steve Sax
Great time with Steve Garvey and his family! Make some awesome pizzas.
“The only trouble with Tommy [Lasorda] was he had a one-track mind in which the traffic seldom moved.” Steve Garvey
Steve Garvey added to "Miracle on El Paseo" charity event this Sat. at Shops on El Paseo.
Heh. No, and it wasn't Shawn Kemp or Steve Garvey, either.
Another year at Cooperstown is another year Jimmy Kimmel can't understand why Steve Garvey isn't there.
"Gronk can't compete for the ball. How do you pick that up and run off the field?". - Steve Young on controversial final c…
Steve young and Trent dilfer... Both superbowl winning QB's not affiliated with the patriots say this is undoubtedly pass interference..
Hey Steve sweet tramp stamp on the back of your neck. Ha.
Steve smith will catch the hands from
Talib has a gun in his sock watch out Steve.
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Managers headline Hall's Expansion Era ballot Torre, La Russa, Cox up for election along with holdovers Miller, Steinbrenner, others . Three of the greatest managers of their generation, Joe Torre, Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox, headline a 12-man National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot released Monday and to be voted on next month by the Expansion Era Veterans Committee. Any electees by the 16-member committee will be announced on Dec. 9, during the first day of the annual Winter Meetings, to be held in Orlando, Fla. The three managers are joined on the ballot by another landmark skipper, Billy Martin, along with players Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey, Tommy John, Dave Parker, Dan Quisenberry and Ted Simmons. Marvin Miller, the first influential executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, and iconic Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner, round out the ballot. Miller's name has previously been on ballots studied by several permutations of the Veterans Committee, and he missed el . ...
Top 5 Los Angeles (not Brooklyn) Dodgers of all time: Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills. Don Sutton and Steve Garvey
In 5 minutes - Great Steve Garvey will join and on to talk
Just placed a dollar bet on the series with Steve Garvey.
It's gonna be a tough NL series for me. My mothers family was from St. Louis. So I was a Cardinals fan in the 60s. I still have a mug from 1967 when they won the pennant. Then in the 70s I was a Dodgers fan because on Ron Cey (from Tacoma) Steve Garvey Dusty Baker and Steve Jeager. Do know who I'm rooting for tonight!?! Discuss
*ugh* sports people I will always loath: Kirk Gibson, Steve Garvey (okay, pretty much every LA Dodger ever), Joe Buck, A-Rod, John Elway, Pete Rose (but not for gambling), A.J. Pierzynski, and you can add Justin Verlander to that list. I freaking hate that guy.
“just saw Steve Garvey at Starbucks wbu”
just saw Steve Garvey at Starbucks wbu
Could Reagan do a better job than Obama? No more so than Steve Garvey could do than Jackie Robinson.
At 2, I told my mom I was marrying Steve Garvey. At 12, I told her I was going to marry Eric Karros. Here they are.
Whoa! Hallelujah! Jana is rooting for the Cardinals! She said I converted her long ago and since Steve Garvey left it hasn't been the same. I guess I have the power to light up people's life!
Palm Desert's Steve Garvey throws out 1st pitch in Dodgers' win
Steve Garvey?! My favorite player when I was little! loved going to see him, Lopes, Cey, Baker and the rest of the old crew!
Did you miss Steve Garvey on the show? No worries... here ya go.
Did he just clown the Steve Garvey collection 😂😂
The Cucking Fardinals win 6-1 to advance to the NLCS. I'm thinking back to my favorite baseball player as a kid; Steve Garvey so I can channel my innocent childhood years when I was a Dodgers fan. Go Dodgers!! (This statement is set to expire as soon as the season is over)
I used to love Steve Garvey. When I was like 5 lol
once Steve Garvey went to the Padres, I was done with the Dodgers. I was like 5.
03 especially. A team built for a world title. Same for 84. I still hate Steve Garvey. And the bull's pre-Buckner moment.
Gotta admit, I was rooting for the bucs. Weinwright pitched a helluva game! From now on it is the Cards. Cannot stand the Dodgers (you can blame Steve Garvey for that many years ago). Please god, don't let the Dodgers play the Red Sox in the World Series. Never rooted for an American league team. Never will, but if that is the series lineup.I think I might take a vacation to an isolated island that has no TV, radio or any communication with the world! I will be praying harder.
Way to go Cardinals! Brought back good memories of the old Dodger days...Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker...good memories
- She made it with Steve Garvey, a good ball player.
Steve Garvey addressed the crowd with "Welcome to the final game of the 2013 NLDS"
Steve Garvey, knew you'd appreciate this pic, buddy!
10/7/13: Dodgers legend Steve Garvey throws out the ceremonial first pitch before NLDS Game 4 at Dodger Stadium
Now's a good time to tune in if you're hoping to hear from legend Steve Garvey!!
Steve Garvey threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium last night from first base. Love it.
Steve Garvey's first pitch is a brash prediction come true for Dodgers -
Is Steve Garvey sure it wasn't an angry ex-wife that did this?
Primetime: Steve Garvey: The Former Dodgers 1B breaks down the Dodgers huge win over the Braves in...
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fan takes our frustration on Steve windshield after loss to
Mr. SooHoo, no pics from last night of Eric Karros and Steve Garvey? my 2 all time fav Dodgers
What an awesome win for the Dodgers last night!!! Classic Fall baseball doesn't get much better than this: Steve Garvey, Eric Karros, and Steve Yeager in the pre-game ceremony; Vin Scully announcing on radio; Davey Lopes coaching at first base; Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, and other sports greats in the stands; Don Mattingly calling "the shots"; Clayton Kershaw on the mound; two homers from Carl Crawford in the 1st & 3rd. When we're behind 4 to 2 in the 8th, a stand-up double by rookie Yasiel Puig followed by a go-ahead homer by veteran Juan Uribe (The crowd goes WILD!!!). Then, in a tension-filled top of the 9th, Kenley Jansen shuts the Braves down with back-to-back-to-back strike outs. Whoo Hoo!!! Onto the NLCS!!! Go BLUE!
Here's how Steve Garvey rated last night's game:
Ran into Steve Garvey at the gym just a day after the huge NLDS win. It's a good Dodger week for me.
I'm still getting goosebumps! Steve Garvey even predicted the game that the Dodgers were gonna win :o
Hanley Ramirez has tied the LA record for the most extra-base hits in an Postseason series with 6 (Steve Garvey, 19…
Steve Garvey doesn't throw out that first pitch, the Dodgers don't win.
Steve Garvey on the Gong Show, featuring bonus Paul Reubens content:
Steve Garvey's the kind of guy who would break his own windshield and blame it on rival fans.
So Steve Garvey called it last night, he said it was the last game of the series.
Such great news...Former Dodger says he is 'virtually clear' of cancer
“I am a bit bummed to not be there to see my dad Steve Garvey throw out 1st pitch
Don't follow baseball the way I used to as a youth - growing up in L.A... but how about those Dodgers... wow... been a long time to hear their name mentioned in the post season... Let's just say.. I can remember the Steve Garvey, Steve Yeager, Dusty Baker, Rick Monday, Davey Lopes, Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Manny Mota, Rick Rhoden, Don Sutton, Charlie Hough, Burt Hooten. Man.. the 70's what a time..
Glad to know you are healthy, Former Dodger Steve Garvey says he is 'virtually clear' of cancer
All purpose parts banner
"Welcome to the final game of the NL Division Series" -Steve Garvey
My dad surprised with going to the dodger game today, in which they advanced to the next round awaiting either the cardinals or the pirates. I met Steve Garvey, which was awesome and I had a great day
Very happy for long time Dodgers fan and buddy Tom Hall. He's an original who took me to my first Dodgers game on July 29th, 2008. The Dodgers traded for Manny Ramirez, there was an earthquake out of the Chino Hills. We felt our car shake while sitting in traffic. Our pre-game meal was at Dan Tana's on Santa Monica Blvd. Think we saw Dino's ghost. Dodger Dog was tasty and the hometeam beat the Giants 2-0. Great day. Hey Now! I always rooted for the Dodgers back in the 70's because I hated the Yankees and I loved Ron Cey (WSU Cougar), Steve Garvey, Reggie Smith and Tommy "Bleed Dodger Blue" Lasorda. Icon Jackie Robinson had something to do with it as well. And of course I caught FernandoMania in the 80's. My favorite NL team growing up as a kid. I love L-A blaring on the Eagle's ipod I'm sure. Hey Now! Playing Saint Louis would bring back playoff memories.
The love trend was started with the teams you were on. Gracias Mr. Steve Garvey.
And Steve Garvey calls it! Nice stroke Uribe! Dodger Blue soaring high up here in NorCal!!!
So it was like my old Dodger times and great memories with Steve Garvey ,Eric Karros throwing the 1st pitch and Steve Yeager catching ! Great ending for Dodger Blue . Game was so exciting and had the Best night with my son and Brother and Patty . I am truly blessed to be able to experience tonight . Next series starts Friday - and Dodgers are ready !
Steve Garvey will always be remembered as a my favorite player!
Congratulates friends who are fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He also thanks Fernando Valenzuela, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Mike Scioscia, Steve Yeager, Dusty Baker, Steve Sax, Steve Howe, Manager Tommy Lasorda, & the rest of the "Go Blue Crew"! 1981, All over again!
What a game. We all left happy and on our way to the parking lot we took a picture with Steve Garvey. Congratulations to the Boys in Blue. GO BLUE
1) Steve Garvey made the comment, not Dodger fans collectively. 2) Forgive them for cheering
Steve Garvey playing for the Padres would be like Aaron Hernandez getting out and playing for the Wash Bullets or Houston Colt .45s
Trini in the outfield and Steve Garvey called it ! "... Las game of the NLDS" boom!
Steve Garvey had me riled up before the first pitch!!
Your hate for the Dodgers actually dates back to Steve Garvey and rest of the 80's Dodgers -- Sax, Honeycutt, etc.
I've been with the Dodgers since forever--since my parents took my brothers amd I to see them play...and I cheered for Fernando yes I don't need to say his last name he is a legend, Mike Marshall, Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker, Pedro Guerrero, and was madly in love with Steve Sax ❤...I've been through the torture. And what's goin on this year is makin my heart smile 󾌱I bleed Dodger Blue
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Hard to dislike the Dodgers. Classy franchise -- love Scully, the stadium, Lasorda, the red number. But not Steve Garvey. Not after tonight.
Whew it's over. Dodgers win. I've bled Dodger Blue from1977 since I got a reply from Steve Garvey to a fan letter I sent him. Enclosed, his autographed baseball card and a personalized letter. Also the Spokane Indians were the farm team of L.A. at that time. But once we got cable there were two things I would watch religiously. WTBS Super Station airing the Atlanta Braves and Saturday's wrestling at the Omni ( Tony Atlas vs Dusty Rhodes) those were the days. I'm stoked the Dodgers are going forward but some dissapointment also. The AL has the Mariners but that's a forelong conclusion come post season unfortunately.
Dam I can go back to 1981 Fernando Valenzuela was pitching And Steve Garvey gave the wining run.homerun ...
And Steve Garvey is probably the happiest guy in the stadium. Since he called his shot before the game that this was ending.
So exciting n nerve racking! Come on guys Let's do THIS! I wish Isaac was still here to finish watching the game with me. OH n Steve Garvey is there :-) I luv Stevo
Go Dodgers! It's been a long time. Always been my favorite baseball team. Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell, Ron Cey, Dusty Baker, Rick Monday, Pedro Guerrero, Steve Yeager, Fernando Valenzuela. Mike Soscia, Kirk Gibson, Steve Sax, Today the team reminds me of those days. Thank you Magic Johnson
Thank you Steve Garvey for jinxing today's game! All you had to say wax, "it's time for Dodgers baseball!"
I'm sorry, but how ridiculous is it to say Hanley Ramirez in "pretty good company" because he is tied with Steve Garvey and Duke Snyder for the Dodgers franchise record for hits in a post season series? Really?
Steve Garvey has not change a bit! Wish I could say the same about me!
If the braves win I can't wait for the "Steve Garvey provided bulletin board material" angle...
Who's the ugly chick with Steve Garvey??
That looks like Steve Garvey, but where's his sweater?
I love when my MOM talks Dodger baseball... the best part is when she talks about her favorite Dodger player Steve Garvey and says thats why ahe named me Cindy after his wife . I was born to love the Dodgers!!!
Dodgers All Over Braves In Game 3 LOS ANGELES -- Teams that advance deep into October tend to have a narrative that adheres around them. In some cases, it's the team that gets hot in September and just keeps going. Or, it's the battle-tested team that struggles series after tough series and learns to adapt and survive. Some teams eke by with just enough offense by pitching the other team into submission. Other teams batter down fences long after their starter has left the game. Somebody asked catcher A.J. Ellis the other day to describe the Los Angeles Dodgers' identity. "Honestly," Ellis said, "I feel like it's talent." The Dodgers have thrown their talent at the Atlanta Braves in waves in this National League Division Series, and it's beginning to put them in an enviable position. The Dodgers took a two-games-to-one lead with Sunday night's 13-6 win over Atlanta. No sooner do the Braves emerge from the trials of facing Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher on the planet, then they stumble into Zack Greinke, ...
Remembering my favorite starting lineup for the Dodgers back in the day : Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Garvey, Pedro Guerrero and Steve Yeager, Landreaux
Steve garvey just welcomed us to the last game of the NLDS lol that was great
We are going to win tonight Steve Garvey is here that means my mom is not far behind.
Steve Garvey just said:To all the Dosger fans...welcome to the final game of the NLDS.WOW! LETS FINISH THAT STATEMENT
Steve Garvey, Steve yeagar and Eric Karros throw out the first pitch
Thinkin of you Ana Elizabeth Villar... Watching your man Steve Garvey before the game!!
Some man name STEVE GARVEY is about 20 seats from me.
Steve Garvey to throw out the 1st pitch tonight. Daughter of Don Drysdale will sing National Anthem
Why did Jaye P. Morgan, Arte Johnson, and Steve Garvey give "Betty and Eddie" (Charlotte McGinnis/Paul Reubens) a perfect on the Gong Show?
I LOVE BASEBALL Not much could top sitting next to Casey Stengal watching Hank Aaron take batting practice in box seats owned by Ralph "This Is Your Life" Edwards (remember him?) at Dodger Stadium years ago, and nothing has. But Lord, there have been some wonderful splendiferous Zelig-meets-Forest Gump moments for which I shall remain forever grateful. Sitting in the dugout during a game while profiling the great but complicated first baseman Steve Garvey. Sharing a sift through baseball memorabilia with manager *** Williams and later player-turned Hall of Fame broadcaster (and lifelong Yogi Berra chum) Joe Garagiola while profiling each of them at their respective homes. Sitting in with "Trader Jack" McKeon, then manager of the San Diego Padres, as he talked privately with a San Diego stadium board as the Pads prepared for their first trip to the World Series? Come to think of it, maybe my best baseball moment came in 1958: after putting in for batboy of the old Kansas City A's along with half the kids . ...
Gary Puckett singing in 2013 is ruining my childhood worse than Steve Garvey.
dude... Adrian Gonzalez Fred mcgriff Ryan klesko Steve Garvey. Breaking my heart Ed
I hope has that bobblehead of Steve Garvey he had on his show lol
that looks more like Steve Garvey doing the tornado...
Steve Garvey deserves exclusion from HOF for this alone
somewhow my mom has a baseball signed by steve garvey?? Here's one of his highlight reels.
Missed the yr u mentioned but Dave McNally was a good pitcher as was Mike Cuellar. Should Steve Garvey be in HOF?
Saw Magic, Kareem, Larry King, Steve Garvey, and Paul Rudd at the Dodgers game tonight.
At Dodger Stadium for post game interviews...Steve Garvey is as gracious still as when he played...and oh yeah, Aroldis Chapman throws hard!
A tougher Division my behind, even Steve Garvey said the NL West is tougher because everyone is fighting to stay in first.
Miss the Dodger PA announcer booming out "Steve Garvey, first base" followed by the organ playing "CHARGE."
I originally wrote this column in May 2007 on meeting childhood hero . Enjoy.
you didn't mix me up with Steve Garvey, did you?
Dreamt I bought Brazil World Cup tix, but the plane tix took my niece & I to Djibouti, where everyone had 1984 Padres Steve Garvey photos.
Confidence is an intangible, something that's impossible to see, but it can make or break a hitter, or a team - Steve Garvey
As a Dodgers fan you should love this! “Steve Garvey for Puig: WRITE-IN PROMO”
Watching "Let Them Wear Towels." Steve Garvey walked out of clubhouse to talk w/female reporter. In track, Jeter walks out of press conf.
July 23, 1974: Write-in candidate Steve Garvey is voted as the starting 1B for the NL in the 45th All-Star Game
WOW Joyce! You have Steve Garvey calling you a Hall of Famer. From 1 Hall of Famer to another. Steve U still ROCK
might want to bring Steve Garvey instead.
just watched You were also a real prince in how you handled women. Steve Garvey can't get all the credit!
Holy crap I just won the Steve Garvey autograph! Thanks !!!
When this game started, Steve Garvey was considered a class human being.
Only players in MLB history with 2 homers and 3 doubles in a game: Willie Stargell, Steve Garvey, and...Kelly Freaking Shoppach.
Who's your all time favorite dodger? — Steve Garvey, Orel Hershiser, Fernando Valenzuela, list goes on
So far got a ball signed by Cal Ripken Jr. And Steve Garvey
The story of how Dodgers legend Steve Garvey became Yasiel Puig's campaign manager, leading the drive for the All-Star Game
WOW ! I'm in heaven. Beautiful night, full moon, Owl's stadium with Brad and the girls.Check out the ump (bottom center of the pic). This is our MVHS grad, Derek, who travels the U.S. working as an umpire and just got assigned to the Owls' League. He is the awesome son of Bernie (SFHS '80) and Jody Gonzales. My boys have played baseball with Bernie's for years, and it's exciting to see Derek doing so well! Also, how cool is it that we sat next to Steve Garvey? STEVE GARVEY! You older people know who he is, right? (My kids are a generation behind, so we had to google him.) That guy is a legend! ;)
There's a good photo of Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Davey Lopes and Steve Garvey on the sports page of the LA Times today. They were the LA Dodgers' infield from 1973 to 1981. The old farts still look pretty good.and Garvey still has those Popeye arms! (I can't get the pic until the Times puts it online tomorrow.)
Dodgers' infield of the 1970s had a lasting impact: Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes and Bill Russell played...
Not a big fan of interleague play in MLB, but it's fun watching my Dodgers take on the hated Yankees. I still remember the 81 World Series, when the Dodgers came from a 2-0 deficit to win 4 straight. That was the year of Fernando Mania and Pedro Guerrero's rookie year as well. It was the end of a great era of Dodger baseball, as Davey Lopes was traded away after the season to the A's to allow Steve Sax to come up to the big leagues. Then after the 1982 season Ron Cey was traded to the Cubs and Steve Garvey signed with the Padres.
Steve Garvey, a 10-time All-Star, deserved far better when it came to consideration for the Hall of Fame.
Today in 1973: Ron Cey, Bill Russell, Davey Lopes & Steve Garvey start together in the IF for the 1st time. h…
at the yanks dodgers rivalry dinner with Willie Randolph, Bob Watson, Steve Garvey & Ron Cey
Like come on he met Steve Garvey and Willie Randolph.
Today in baseball history -1973 - The Los Angeles Dodgers infield of Steve Garvey (1B), Davey Lopes (2B), Ron Cey (3B) and Bill Russell (SS) plays together for the first time in a 16 - 3 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies at Veterans Stadium. The infield quartet will set a major league record for longevity by playing 8 1/2 years together
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on this day in 1975, Steve Garvey, Davy lopes, Bill Russell and Ron CEO play their first game together. They go on to play 8/12 together as an infield. This is unheard of in ANY sport today!!!
I went shopping earlier today at JC Penney's,I bought one pair of shoes and two shirts. The cashier was a guy around my age so he's ringing up my things and as he gets to my seconds shirt and he notices that it's a Dodger shirt so he's telling me that he had met Steve Garvey, I'm like oh yeah that's awesome. The conversation continues as I'm Done paying for my items. My three old niece is like come on Anna we don't have time for that! Lol it was so funny
Watching Fernando Valenzuela, Steve Garvey, Sandy Koufax, Daryl strawberry, and a bunch of others play in the Old Timers game
BIGGEST PERSONALITIES IN BASEBALL HISTORY? Sitting here in an allergy-induced stupor watching the "Top 25 Personalities in Baseball History" on the MLB network. Tuned in at about 19 and watched it down to (Tommy Lasorda). Geared up to find out and after a commercial break, but the network instead cut in to join the Rangers-Blue Jays game half way through the top of the seventh inning. Weird. Anyway, they had included Mark Fidrych, Babe Ruth, Phil Rizzuto, Harry Carey, Dizzy Dean, Ricky Henderson, Ozzie Guillen, Earl Weaver, Bill Veeck, Manny Ramirez, George Steinbrenner, Bill Lee, Billy Martin, and I've missed a few. That leaves and open for speculation. What do you think? For pure outside-the-box oddness I'd nominate Bud Selig and Steve Garvey. . . .
I'm laughing at the post of my friend Ted Watkins in regards to kids not knowing who Marcus Garvey is. had to tell one yesterday that he was not the father of Steve Garvey! This is serious business when we expect our children to soar in life, and we've not provided a launching pad. If nothing than more than attending Booker T. Washington and Fredrick Douglass schools inspired me to find out who they were. Even had the privilege to visit they grave of Mr. Douglass, Mr. Kennedy, Dr. King, Ms. Tubman, and Ms. Susan B. Anthony. Some years ago, as a younger man, I stood in the very room where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis! We've got to give our youth a more positive point of reference from which to navigate through life. Can't know where you're going if you don't know where you're coming from! It's like getting lost in a revolving door!
Angels are Red, Dodgers are Blue, Mike Scioscia was a favorite... and Steve Garvey is too!!!
Where is the best place, in Chicago area, to sell baseball cards? I have a 1969 Pete Rose card. I have Johnny Bench & Steve Garvey cards.
the episodes with steve garvey are THE BEST
The episodes of Cheap Seats with Steve Garvey were the BEST. Dying over here.
"Thanks for the update!" Sincerely, Gail Goodrich and Steve Garvey.
throw it high - let it fly...throw it low good to go - Steve Garvey :)
I hate any team that has been soiled by the presence of Steve Garvey.
On my friends new boat formerly owned by Steve Garvey.
Photo: What better flashback than the one of chubbs meeting Steve Garvey at Bark at the Park circa 2012...
'You must be passionate & you must be in the pursuit of your goal' - Steve Garvey. To end this is our goal!
I can't believe I'm buying Cub-killer and former Dodger Steve Garvey's boat. I imagine noting scandalous happens on her back in '78
wasn't Steve Garvey the first baseman?
case studies with Peter Block, Steve Garvey, Penny Newman & Dave Power.
A shot of the crowd, how many are related to Steve Garvey? Any guesses?
Steve Garvey was a beast in that game.
"Steve Garvey's Hair" and "Mystic Sultans of the Ben-Wa" were two favorite band names I remember from my college days.
Steve Garvey sharing some great stories right now on
Former Dodgers First Baseman Steve Garvey is in studio talking baseball and his great career!
Will be joined by great Steve Garvey in studio in 10 minutes, and will be in studio at 4:30 to preview the NFL Draft.
Will Steve Garvey attend Storm Cat's funeral...out of respect?
Good interview on with baseball legend Steve Garvey. As Dodgers fans, did & hear it?
there are two of Ritchie Havens' gems on Steve Hackett's Please Don't Touch album. Worth checking out if you have time.
any room for "Icarus Ascending" by Steve Hackett? That's where I first heard Richie Havens wonderful voice.
I am selling a Steve Garvey autographed baseball on eBay, in very good condition:
"Bball would be more fun to watch if a players' mistress..." Have you heard of the case of Steve Garvey (Dodgers & Padres)?
Had a chance to meet Steve Garvey. Very nice.
"If you don't set your goal at the top, you'll never know how high you can reach." Steve Garvey
Little Shanty Dodger Matthew modeling his Steve Garvey throw back at Little Shanty last night. Little…
A busy today! great Steve Garvey in studio, NBA conversation on the Knicks- Celtics & Bulls- Nets, plus some MLB!
As an old fan... Cannot believe how much Michael Young reminds me of Steve Garvey
.Garvey is buying Jamisons and you are buying Millers. Guess I need to get my hands on some Steve Francis rc's.
just heard podcast rant on Steve Garvey; need to read/remember SG's Roy Hobbs moment in G4 NLCS. Got Padres in WSeries.
What does AS mean? I have Juan Samuel and Steve Garvey.
Steve, the article about you is up on LI Baseball Magazine Can you RT?
I'm out for blood. For my slice of garvey
“Ladies, if you come over one day and your dude room is hella clean, cuz cheatin . So you Steve Garvey now?
She was/is a major Dodger fan!!! She was more into the oldies though. Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Mike Scioscia, Fermando Valenzuela..
Steve Garvey just hit the biggest home run in history!
Interviewed Steve Garvey today at UCLA about prostate cancer. Got to handle some of his baseball memorabilia that he will be auctioning off
I hated Alan Wiggins, when he died of AIDS , only Steve Garvey showed up at his funeral that was involved in baseball
Guest starring with buddies Steve Garvey & Lynsie
One needs to only watch 30 seconds of Steve Garvey in the back of a cab to feel like he makes Jay Leno look like God.
STUDIO CITY (KCAL9)-- Former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres first baseman, Steve Garvey, along with th ...
Steve Garvey leaving Dodgers or Piazza Rod Carew to Angels,hated when Reggie J came to Angels Lyle Alzado to Raiders
Nice article from the Desert Sun: QUESTION: What could be more nostalgic than Frank Sinatra singing “My Way”? ANSWER: Barbara Sinatra thanking a room full of celebrities for playing in every one of The Sinatra Invitational tournaments for 25 years. There have been changes, of course. It’s now the Frank Sinatra Starkey Hearing Technologies Celebrity Invitational, reflecting the enormous contributions by Tani and Bill Austin who brought not only their funding but their philanthropic inspiration to the cause. And the venue has changed to the high-energy Fantasy Springs Resort Casino where tribal chairman David Roosevelt and the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians have imbued every aspect of the tournament with impressive style and class. But it’s the things- especially the people- who haven’t changed a bit in 25 years, that made this night so special: Emcee Tom Dressen, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, Pat Boone, William Devane, Vince Ferragamo, Rollie Fingers, Tom Flores, Steve Garvey, Gary Mule Deer ...
Sadly, after watching numerous episodes of I've come to grips that my autographed Steve Garvey baseball probably isn't real
Havlicek, Garvey, Saberhagen and Fingers historic sports memorabilia collections opening on April 10th.
You worryin about that gossip, watchin Steve Harvey, I'm educating my mind reading bout Marcus Garvey
BREAKING: Yankees try to coax Steve Garvey out of retirement to fill 1B void
Steve Garvey should have listened to Joe Theismann!!!
In 1983, I was 9yrs old. Baseball was awesome.. I was a dodgers fan, my favorite player was Steve Garvey...Garvey got traded that year to the San Diego Padres, I was so angry that I turned on the Dodgers organization just as they had turned on Garvey and the rest is history... I've suffered through miserable seasons with the San Diego Padres, we had seasons of 100.losses, multiple times. My stubbornness got the best of me and I refused to come back to my first love, the Dodgers!! Well today is a great day, my friends as I have been pardoned by Dodgers hierarchy and welcomed back to the dodgers!!! Let's go dodgers, let's go!!
The "Captain America" nickname would be so much more awesome if it hadn't been given to Steve Garvey.
Congratulations to who won grant to improve cancer control for Indigenous Australians
Steve, the article I wrote about you based on our interview is up! Can you RT?
I'm giving away: 1974 Topps Steve Garvey. Check it out -
not exactly Wes Parker nor Steve Garvey..or did he play right field
Friend went of mine went golfing with Marcus Allen,Willie Gault,and Steve Garvey-i need to take up golf!
So if Dana Carvey, Steve Garvey, Steve Harvey and Marvin the Paranoid Android got their own sitcom series they could call it "Carvey, Garvey, Harvey and Marvie?"
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