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Steve French

Steve French is a Republican member of the Alabama Senate, representing the 15th District since 1999.

Steve Aoki Flux Pavilion David Faulkner

I was asked this evening if we can see the SoCal fires from space. Yes Faith, unfortunately we can. May the Santa Ana’s…
If I went to elementary school with you I genuinely care about you and your well being even if we never spoke a word to each other
Guardian’s Steve Bell on French politicians and poetry - via
To be fair I only just stumble across his work thanks to a post by on a French Doctor Who fan page 😀❤
And btw, if Napolean's armies came instead of the British…
Speaking french is a sure sign of being…
This is a bay area classic on gawd n dem.
Not only does Steve Winick appear as Gaston in our 2017 French-Canadian Christmas Revels, but he is also a leading…
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs.
Can we get rid of the French language anyway?
BREAKING: France to remove French road signs as it confuses tourists.
In Vantastic France Steve Bichard has done a really good job of describing the highs and lows of a new family set…
You still can. We regularly cross the French - Swiss border and haven't seen a customs officer for ye…
Everyone may have fond memories of Vine but all I have is nightmares
Join me Trackside and support three 2018 French drivers in F1.
What does that? French Stewart was born to play Steve Mnuchin.
Steve “I know how to say ‘I’m a girl in French’”. Me “uh do i wanna know why?”. “I learned it from a muzzy commercial” . 😂😂
This is what Steve Harvey meant when he said men PROFESS aka give you a title of what you mean to them. Kat was kat ONLY
They got my *** slippin with an X Box 😂😂😂 I was carrying out last minute items right there 😂
There's a slave trade going on in Libya.
“I don’t like french toast... or pancakes. I like waffles. They’re like... more considerate pancakes. They hold the…
Cold french fries are literally NEVER good, and yet every time I must eat 1 and be reminded that this is why we can't s…
Steve French is laying on me and farting and it smells WRETCHED.
Donald Trump started the wildfires in California.
The greatest architectural variety in the world is found in Europe. From French Chateaus and Romantic German castles, t…
When I was younger I got offended on behalf of all women because my Dad called some chick a chick and it upset me for some reason
Are we really gonna sleep on Falz’ new album?! Falz is a god pls! See how he mixes French , English & Yoruba perfectly !!! 👏🏼💆🏽
Hey Steve did you see her on stage letting soldiers grab her *** and she grabbing their *** Then she would grab…
Imagine him sitting next to Seve Ballesteros on a patio in Switzerland after playing in a…
French rock icon Johnny Hallyday dies at 74.
No. Fascism is a Weltanschauung for state &leader based on magical thinking us…
“It's like those french have a different word for everything”. — Steve Martin .
Next to Bullet with Steve McQueen and The French Connection with Gene Hackman I put his d…
French president's office announces death of Johnny Hallyday, who was France's top rock star for decades.
Excuse you, Chris Brown. Obviousment you have a FRENCH FRY in your tree. Y now it's time for the dropsonde show sta…
Marine Le Pen gets 500 sponsors needed to run for French president - DAYS before deadline
Will you be with Soros next week in La?
😐 Pro-Soros Rock Band Burns Infowars Newspaper in Music Video Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! htt…
Is anyone surprised that Steve Bannon's favorite book is a xenophobic, racist nightmare of a novel?.
the only things that are important to me now is Riley, Kate moss, Janet jackson and Steve French /: oh yeah and pizza /:
Steve nodded happily finishing the last of his French toast.
I thought he might be after I said French
that's your opinion , 17.6 million would disagree . Plus Farages opinion was relevant , a French actors isn't
COL Steve Warren:,Operation Internet Resolve (against "ISIL") "Levant" is stolen property in French
dang squad wagon driver and he speaks French... He's the total package!
From the Runway show. Garment by Steve French. --. photo: nanaresh radford.creatives…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Looks like I got attacked by Steve French 😂🐱
What would be yours and for which value? Coming back today to French Franc'd be a Disaster... 2/2
Just learned that Steve French of the Kingdom Heirs took his own life..very sad! Friendly and was always smiling.
What can we expect from Steve Mandanda? We asked French football expert .
French goalie Steve Mandanda has join Crystal Palace from Marseille
- scheduling mix-up (WGC & French) due to Olympics. Also, I think it helps his mentality to be
Beautiful Imperfection . By Steve French . It was a unique show of talent and creativity . The…
Rachel Caine, Chase Novak, and Literature. Biodrowski, Steve. "Night of Book of the word zombie (Haitian French: zombi, Haitian
I'm so inlove with Steve French it's actually becoming a problem lol
We don't want to see you leave us Steve! Is there any way that we can change your mind? ^TjP
Federer vs. Steve Johnson on Manic Monday. This is French Open 09 all over again.
Crystal Palace sign French keeper Steve Mandanda. Throwback to when he caught a bottle thrown at him from the crowd!. http…
See the French are struggling against Iceland 😂😂
Fury as EU gifts £22bn to boost FRENCH economy...and it's UK taxpayers paying the bill
I have the French windows wide open but a bee is sitting on the sitting room curtains like Steve McQueen in solitary. GO THAT WAY 👉👉👉🐝
Breast Cancer Awareness
yep I imagine the French squad holiday at Butlins steve. Humble little scamps
French Glenn Murray & French Steve sidwell on the scoresheet
Good to see the French understand what not to do with drink when you score! All kept for consumption😊
Iceland could do with Steve McClaren praising the French performance
The Mountaineers are the Consolation Champions with a 10-3 win over Steve French! There was...
French plot to topple City of London is foolish bluster - The Telegraph
It's amusing, and no offence to the French, but the dub robs you all of gravitas 😂
Steve's gorgeous French baguettes . I did good
Push begins to remove the language as the lingua franca of the Will favor &
the eg given by a parent was 'child working at 3a in French is very good but 4b in maths not so'
I agree. The French have a leftist coalition govt. it could unite the different factions with different leaders
Grande Finale as served by Steve French serving an asylum inspired theme in his collection. https…
31) I almost never write about Steve Maman, but Isabelle Hachey of La Presse recently published a 7-part (Fre…
- Steve French (ft Great jam but sounds like a sampled song. Joel?
Back by popular demand an evening Soiree with Steve French & Co at St Andrews, Ventnor.., 7pm, Fri 5th Feb.
KITM: We're going live to Huntington, West Virginia w/ Play by Play voice Steve French next!
THOnline - Be glad you speak English - Steve Martin returned from a vacation in France and said, "Those French! Th...
Amazed @ time spnt on niqab nonissue: FR Leader Debate Canada is bout celebrating diversity not cultural ambiguity.
Why does no one check their back seats? Also, Steve uses a french press that's so adorable
As featured in the Telegraph. Sydney one this time...
Hey steve... you';re done. Its over... no one is there yet you claim otherwise, ps Ford Nation dont speak french
[me, in a Steve Jobs turtleneck & headset mic] as of today, there is no "killer app" for fans of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French
By which court as most of them have very greased palms as they say in French!
Sleeping bag... French fries.. The dark knight rises.. What a way to spend a Saturday night with your homies ?
a shocking display. Clearly the wrong French team turned up
They'll only beat the greatest if they win the rugby union World Cup. They beat a French team in disarray.
Steve I'm a mile or so from city centre and the streets are about to get filled with Irish French to join the Welsh. Busy city
For a QF it was poor viewing, as good as the AB’s were. Lucky we got Cheika since he’s fluent in French
Nice of Steve Hansen to wear a black tie when burying the French
Steve slapped me so hard w a piece of French toast in my face and it was the funniest thing ever
This time the French were sunk Steve!
Wow. The French captain speaks better English than Steve Hansen does ;)
The difference between the All Blacks and the French. The Coach!
The French No. 12 keeps getting passed the New Zealand defence but no support available for him.
Le bon mot? Same in French as it is in English. Embarassment. And not of riches.
Commiserations to the French, but spare a thought for poor Steve Hansen in the stands, it looks like he's trying to watch it on ITV Player.
Could someone give me the bon mot for the French team that turned up tonight?
Brilliant hand off pass by the incredible - its a joy to watch (if you are not French that is)
Global global global. discussion of French racism comes to mind.
oh and Steve Walsh is not French is another contributory factor 😂
I feel a French upset coming on. The All Blacks haven't looked too comfortable so far but what do I know
Go peep my new track"ONE" if you haven't already!! More new music is to be dropped very soon 🌐
Check out my new job and my page of properties for sale in Brittany for Leggett Immo...
Thanks for the RT, Steve, much appreciated. How are you and your lovely lady? x
Wanted properties for sale in Central 45 mins from Loudeac for my portfolio.
"Those French have a different word for everything.". -Steve Martin
Steve Hansen's attempt to sum up the mutual respect of two rugby nations went awry
French waiter suggested two eggs for breakfast; we decided un ouef is un ouef.
Steve Martin: "Boy, those French: they have a different word for everything!"
ok folks Steve Johnson,Corey Kertzie and Steve French of BIG LEG EMMA will be performing at the Tralf Music Hall...
En ce moment sur cotentin webradio Steve Aoki avec Steve French ( listen us on )
Jean-Antoine "The actors of the French theater". The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.
O'Gorman students celebrating Steve Kueter's all-time football victory mark with these T-shirts today.
*allblacks via stuff Coach Steve Hansen in privileged position if French fry All Blacks: If the unthinkable ha...
Steve Hansen mentions Rainbow Warrior in attempt to praise French rugby
Despite canceling the original sale, seems eager to sell ships to But does even want them?
Got Steve Ferguson today at French Lick. The super head honcho on this golf course. There's a reason for that. I'm the best. :)
Saw one of my heroes last night. Had this photo on my wall thought I would share Guess who? Photo by Steve French🏁
If you're going to sneak French PS2 games into my store, could at least say hi first?
Looks like the series will be even Michael, you used to do the Zip games with Steve French.
I'd love to hear Rick Manning, Tom Hamilton, and Steve French call a game together.
State calls Lori French, former co-worker of Terri Supino in 1981. Knew victim Steve Fisher from school, and Melisa Gregory thru older sis.
Husband is French, and unable to pronounce the TH sound. He's living the TUG life 😉
Hooded gunmen open fire on police in French city of Marseille; no details yet on casualties - htt…
everyone knows zombies don't eat horses... You're confusing them with the French
Bubbles named this mountain lion steve french lmao
This is my new friend. I named him steve french 🐱
Had to stop speaking to her when i saw her wearing kd's.
A relationship like Bubbles and Steve French is a must
French, German, US, Polish, Baltic voices all heard in Munich. Where is UK?
"You look kinda French with your little mustache. I'm gonna call you Steve French."
Marrakesh - set for a day of being lost and confused (not my strengths). Thankfully Amanda has pretty good French
Whenever bubbles has to leave Steve French😢
My new glass piece will be called Steve French.
For the French woman, it's not about the clothes, it's how they're worn—and that goes for workout wear too:
Just saw Steve French for the first time in centuries. He's fat now. (That's my cat BTW lol)
someone get Steve French some cough medicine
Your French is simply perfect, and you're welcome Steve. Your show is really great.
Hi steve ! How are you ? Do you have a little words for your french fans ?
Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything ~ Steve Martin ~ GoodNight
Marine Le Pen won the first round of French presidential election! Yes National Front!
Sokoto State Govt. sponsors 42 to study French in Niger, Burkina Faso
hm - do remember that. But the French change kit should be white - not Spanish footie.
"French court stops child from being named Nutella". They've stopped a silly name before it can spread.
Anybody else think that the French kit is worst in living memory?
“Draw me like one of your French girls.
here ya go. English, American, Olde. I'm sure you know what a french looks like. I like English best.
There has been an addition to our early morning coffee crew.. Steve French has decided to watch the coffee...
Alain Dubuc doesn't get enough credit for being the most pragmatic and open minded French reporter. Always spot on.
Steve French might be the best character ever. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Learn how is used in this Chocolate Ganache-Stuffed French Toast with Syrup recipe
The dead thing under our house has been positively identified as Steve French. RIP Steve.
- All teenagers and all young people should watch this French video. Not for the squeamish. ml, steve
Aww, Steve and Danny having morning French pressed coffee and talking about romance...
Yep. English, American, Olde English and French in the bully family. Brie is an English. Olde'so r taller, less smooshed in face
Steve's new puppy likes the French toast toy I bought her 😊
Rising presure feel the drop Steve French 🎶
Happy Birthday to I miss you man, and I know you'll celebrate well!
that's exactly what I was thinking! You should rename clary to Steve French
Successful launch of Lifework Leadership-Nairobi with 28 corporate and business leaders. . In photo, Steve French,...
yes! watch them all! you might lose a few IQ points but it's so worth it. Bubbles names a mountain lion Steve French 😂
Al Pacino and Marlon Brando on the set of “The Godfather”, photographed by Steve Schapiro
If I ever become ridiculously rich, I will own a mountain lion and name him Steve French.
Heading off to Nelson today to catch up with Paul Peterson, Steve French, Davi Sanerivi & Tope Onarope, around...
"He's just a big, stoned, horny kitty with munchies" Steve French is one of my spirit animals.
Milan lost because SerieA has competition unlike the stupid French League.
Shoring up the western vote, eh Steve? French president making first official trip to western Canada
You know I would Steve. [She laughs] What? These french fry things are really good. [She eats her last fry and sips the last-.
👴Every grown *** adult better vote for Steve French👏📖
met a fan of yours yesterday Steve ... Works at a French implement shop in Trentham
My condolences go out to the family of Hugo Vermeersch the eight year old french hockey player Who was killed last night
I bet you'll dazzle him with your French skills, Steve.
Sexual attraction: Steve Rogers with helmet hair speaking French
“Reported "prairie lion" in Sherman IL. Caught on game cam. hey look it's Steve French
I just want some French toast, pancakes, and bacon like ***
lol. Well it's going to be bacon and French toast!
Bubbles saying goodbye to Steve French was sadder than most things.
Ben Mowen on Eurosport. Didn't take long for the French hairstyle to kick in
I just finally watched the Steve French episode and I feel like I've just figured out a lifelong question
Every time I see French Montana I think of Steve Urkel...Goofy dude trying to act cool.
Nola you have a Pepper Palace at market street across from French Market next to margaritaville check it out!
what if you had a pancake French toast and egg sammich?
he thinks French league is better. I have already quit this invisible argument.
If you think French is anywhere even close to Italian League then I'm ending this argument myself.
lol ask him how many teams are challenging for the title in French, Spanish & German leagues?? Rolf.
Yeah it's tougher than French, German, Spanish leagues.
Is there even any competition in French League?
Steve Coe at comments on the public sector running our railways - only it isn't our public sector. It's French, Dutch, German
Just to make Dynamo a bit easier, example been shown are in French!
Steve French is trying to steal the hidden Halloween candy.
please watch it. 😂 the Steve french came from season 4. Episode 5 I think. It's called If You Love Something Let It go
I don't even know who steve French is..
When u turn into Steve French over night> meow meow kittens>
french montana said "don't panic, if you a star, I'm a whole planet"...? um...the sun is a star, and the sun...
My husband and I dressed as Bubbles and Steve French for Halloween.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
i love all my pets equally, but Steve French is my favorite when i'm hungover, because he doesn't make any sound.
Looks like and I are the only two Canadians who don't know this french song
I don't know about their other music, but Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys do a beautiful version of La Toussaint in French.
Steve and I are crazy mothers*. Lock us up in Bantanamo Bay and throw away the key . *pardon my French htt…
Libertarian candidate Steve French: "Jobs are like sex, you shouldn't brag about it if you have to pay for it"
Steve French: calling state's ethics commission ethical is like calling the ACA affordable
Steve French drops out of Alabama House District 46 race, will support David ..LocalNews BirminghamNews
Steve French withdraws from House District 46 GOP runoff: A candidate for the House District 46 seat has pulled...
Steve French: Steve French joins Matt Murphy to announce he is dropping out of the runoff for House District 46.
Steve French announced this morning that he is withdrawing from the District 46 Alabama House primary run-off,...
Steve French just announced that he is withdrawing from the House District 46 race. French said that "life events have gotten in the way of a good plan" and that it is no longer prudent for him to continue his campaign. "Therefore, I am announcing both the withdrawal of my candidacy from the July 15 House District 46 Republican primary run-off and my support for David Faulkner, for whom I wish the best," French said in a press release. For more on this story, visit
we had a great time la Madeleine Country French Cafe in Duluth, Georgia with my Fam. Steve Feaster BHAG Real...
I want some pizza and some wings and some french fries
Listening to Steve and Grubby try I speak french is hilarious. 😂😂
Here you go Paul Welborn!! Now that should be our dog, Steve French!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Check out Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys' version... Sung in Cajun French!
'Steve French' by Flux Pavilion and Steve Aoki is part of the Freeway EP, released 11th November. Buy 'Freeway' EP: Check out what's happening on the Freeway US Tour
Official audio for "Steve French" by Flux Pavilion ft. Steve Aoki. Get it on iTunes now: Get it on Beatport now:
Watching a short French film with Steve Buscemi lmao
that's what Bill Furray's are. Steve French's are blue.
How sorry I was to hear that The Scottish Bloke had got slaughtered in the French Tennis Thingy. How will I sleep tonight?
The music video for Steve French is so trippy. But I like it.
The French Open can't stop the Steve Harvey show. Afternoon saved.
Sharapova and Bouchard out here at the French with their bootys hanging out
After the meeting you business men wanna do french kiss, jk lol, or maybe? *mustache falls off it's *** Steve again
David Faulkner, Steve French in Republican runoff for Alabama House District 46 - . David Faulkner...
Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic will square off Sunday in the 2014 French Open final. Steve Flink rated their '12...
Nadal speaks French too. And he's a stud. Is he the ultimate man?
Newcastle have signed someone who isn't French.
Steve French is just a big horny kitty with the munchies
“Tony Parker and Patty Mills are fired up… Parker IS french.
French townspeople lay flowers on the body of an American soldier who died during D-Day, June 1944.
Please remember the women of including Marie Jo Hoeul of the French Resistance
Could somebody please ask the French to stop surrendering? ⇒
Well that would certainly be a way to get Steve to learn French.
Sports related:Steve Davis is a big fan of French Prog rock band Magma. (But that is a well known fact).
Eugenie Bouchard started out strong, but lost in three sets to Maria Sharapova
Congrats to Simona Halep, who is in to the French Open final without losing a set. For once.
If I ever have a cat I'm naming it Steve french
We loved at the vgma. You totally rocked and we illustrated. . Steve french. Ghana. 2014
Alliance response to Pro-social reforms needed in pensions bill
Expensive ones at that! Thank god France has already banned them... "Hunting season" in French, anyone?
I recognize the "gibberish" song from my French class. No idea what it is. I think it's in French, though. Something about beef?
Steve French, running for state legislature, made his campaign signs exactly like the French's mustard label. . Welcome to Alabama y'all
Montana Coaches Association Winter Coaches of the Year Wrestling -- AA: Steve Komac, Great Falls; A: Scott Filius, Havre; B-C: Steve French, Choteau. Central Montana cleans up!! Way to go, coaches. You are all terrific people and leaders for our boys
On Tues., 4/29 at 7:00 the candidates for AL House Dist. 46 will participate in a public forum at Artists on the Bluff at the Bluff Park school. This is the seat to replace Rep. Paul John DeMarco. Come meet & hear from Pamela Jenkins, Justin Barkley, David Faulkner, & Steve French as you prepare for the 6/3 election.
I heard Steve French was out lurking around some schools today.
Alabama House candidate Steve French aims for voters with Remington shotgun giveaway.
Playing at the funky buddha in denver tomorrow night as my blazer & headband wearing, house dj alter ego Steve French ... Also playing are my pals Ishe and DJ mLe !!! event info:
That episode of Trailer Park Boys where Bubbles names the mountain lion Steve French and in the end has to release him back into the wild.
A new favorite: Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French by on
two great old friends playing this week first tonight along with other friends got Dave Sharp performing tonight, a man whos demenour belies his pedigree.not a thing you get so often in the music world then sunday got me old mate Steve French headlining with his new band, one of the finest blues/rock guitarists around from the deep south well Sheffield just wish he would bring our other great old mate Billy Martin Jnr with him
“Exciting times ahead” Iola City Council approves EMS merger By STEVEN SCHWARTZ stevenlay this thing to rest,” said Steve French of what will be the beginning of combined EMS services between Iola and Allen County crews. In a unanimous vote, the Iola City Council approved Councilman French’s proposal at their meeting Monday night. All that remains is a signature from county commissioners, expected this morning. If they follow through, the City of Iola will take over all EMS services for Allen County starting at midnight Dec. 31. After years of discussion from both entities, countless meetings and mediated gatherings, all it took was a 30-minute executive session regarding attorney-client privilege before a motion to accept the proposal was made. “Exciting times ahead,” Mayor Joel Wicoff said as he signed the agreement. FULL STORY -
next Monday you should do a huge Steve French house set. Get trending lololol
if I get ducky I'm remaining it Steve French.
The Morning after the concert, Erica Eidson woke up and said, "momma, I had this crazy dream I was onstage singing, and I looked to my right, and there was Corky Holbrook and Steve French, and on my left was Phil Osborne and Gary Donalson!" WOW! I said that was no dream! It was amazing to see all the talent, including Jon Downs, Jim Downs, Jim McKnight, who ROCKED some WHO, Gregg Davidson, who took it all out on that drum kit, David Sherman, Aaron Marshall Miller, and people are still talking about Don Gayhart, and what a treasure he is! Opening the show was an inspiring performance by Robin Tackett Blankenship and the Midnight Storm. So much incredible talent under one roof! I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends including Lee Ann Noble, Kelly Murphy Cowan, Gregg Davidson, and my sister Beth Sexton, and Kathy Baldwin and Tammy Deborde Carter, Ruthie Sparks. Tal Callahan for Sponsoring the event. And so many more! Hope to do it again next year!
As you may know, I've been using the Vets Prevail website lately. On there, you go through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lessons to learn how to deal with PTSD. Each lesson earns you points which you can redeem for gift cards. I earned enough points to get a $100 gift card for So far, I've bought a book by Mayim Bialik, a book about aspergers syndrome, several books by AR Aaron Wise, Joe McKinney and Steve French!
Here's a cool event for later this week: Opening art reception this Friday featuring artwork from students at Falconer High School. Falconer High School art students worked with Volt Vision Inc.'s Steve French on this creative mash-up of L.E.D. lights and 3-Dimensional art. Opens Friday at the Arts Council for Chautauqua County. Open to the public!
While you're handling yourself, I just put on TBP with Steve French.. *** I miss Cory and Trevor
So that is 4ks out of 5 in kerrang and now 7 out of 10 in Rocksound,can't begin to say how proud I am of these guys.Well done Steve French, Mitchell Bock, Rhodri Evans, the very ginger Ben Taylor, and the beautiful ness that is Josh Baker
Steve French just raped Trevor cause he was wearing a leopard skin.
A good investment for Steve French for those cold Canadian winters
"Ricky...Steve French pooped on your seat" god I LOVEEE Trailer Park Boys
Had the greatest day yesterday and i owe it all to my friends, and family, and to my brother Steve French-Revolution Bradshaw for bringing the real entertainment. :)
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