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Steve Bould

Stephen Andrew Steve Bould (born 16 November 1962) is an English former professional footballer who played as a defender from 1980 until 2000. He is currently the Head Youth Team Coach at Arsenal.

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Hall Of Fame? Steve Bould played 287 games from 1988-1999 scoring 5 goals. Vote or
Just bumped into Steve Bould in the nags head welling. Looks like we are signing a madness in January. Can't say who
Ramsey is currently having an affair with Steve Bould's wife - Wenger had a conversation with him and both parties agree on AR leaving AFC.
Pat Rice used to get heaps on here from various people. . Steve Bould is doing exactly the same thing. Towing the party line under contract?👀
Steve Bould to bully them back to their caves in the jungles of Laos
If Wenger goes to PSG will the board fast track Eddie Howe into the position or leave Steve Bould in charge for a year
Lads i no it will never happen but what are the chances Steve Bould will be next Arsenal boss ?
my bould prediction is that Steve will become Arsenal manager this season
This man said he wanted Steve bould but klopp isn't good enough.
Because someone in the know is gonna have to tell me what it is exactly that Steve Bould does cos it certainly ain'…
can you ask to have a word with Steve Bould plz. We are shocking on set pieces
He went into his Steve Bould inflicted shell. Probably as embarrassed as I've ever been on Sunday watching Arsenal.
I can't wait for the book 'Steve Bould - My Yes Man Years ' to come out. Warts and all
Arsene Wenger right to question both goals, but awful in 2nd half? What impact does Steve Bould have?
what about Steve Bould? Never seen him even move during a game
what do u expect with Steve bould as number2 ,since Pat Rice went its been shambolic is a enough
Please ARSENAL board make Alfonso Sanchez Gonzalez the third happy WENGER OUT and STEVE BOULD
steve bould or Pat Rice or Tony Adams? NAH.WENGER4LIFE
Who is motivating this lazy team ?What does Steve Bould do during games he is so passive
Why is Steve Bould never mentioned as a possible successor to Wenger?
Don't think would stand back and let his lads get lazy and be bullied in midfield 👀. 🙄. . Where's Steve Bould at?
anyone with a bit of feistiness in them would do, I'm convinced Steve bould is banned from the HT team talk now
Would you oppose seeing Steve Bould as the Arsenal manager?
You are Spot on.The performance was an exact copy of his body language.And Steve Bould Does What
Steve Bould is one loss away from calling Iwobi a ***
Unless Steve Bould is equally a dunce, I'll really like to know what goes through his head.
9 points behind is far too much at Christmas. You've got Steve Bould on the bench, he'd do better than this lot at the back!
Steve bould should be sacked. Terrible assistant and 'defensive minded' assistant.
This is so painful to watch. Why is Steve Bould not screaming at the defence!?!? So deep giving city all the time and space in the world
Does Steve Bould ever react or say anything? What is the point of him being there?
and there you have Steve Bould sat there. He clearly just puts the cones out. Not bad money if you can get it.
What is steve bould doing at Arsenal? Honestly
it's weird , Wenger didn't try and keep him. Viera went there to. Steve Bould and the fat kit man never question Wenger
"Is that...Steve Bould managing Manche...oh no, it's Guardiola"
I imagine Steve Bould must get really demoralised seeing this team defend..
I often wonder why Arsène Wenger and Steve Bould don't have plan B obviously they haven't learn
Steve Bould evidently still not getting that message across to Arsenal players re the merit of a well-judged hoof upfield...
Can we get a timeout and let Steve Bould yell at all the players
What does Steve Bould actually do apart from yell at the substitutes?
I'd say Steve Bould not too happy either
He was busy running when Steve Bould was passing the memo
when we haven't got possession I want everyone to defend even Wenger and Steve Bould come on the pitch and defend too
How would Steve Bould feel about the defence?
Steve Bould to find a rogue liquorice allsort in Wengers coat pocket then spend 85 minutes trying to get it
18 years ago today I had the day off school and I got to meet my hero's including Marc Ove…
very true Adams and Steve Bould exceptional never replaced
Breast Cancer Awareness
We wish a very Happy Birthday to Arsenal's assistant manager Steve Bould who turns 54 today.
Tony Adams, Steve Bould and David O'Leary in '89 and '91
Tony Adams argues with Gordon Strachan as Steve Bould watches on.
Steve Bould took 1 week to make Rob Holding as good as or better than Stones. Tears in my eyes English Nesta.
Perhaps Arsene chooses ex players like Pat Rice and Steve Bould because they are better coaches than Adams, Henry and Vieira?Just a thought?
Wenger fires Steve Bould, replaces him with Ken Livingstone.
Imagine if we still had the likes of phillips, quinn, steve bould, sorensen, alan johnston, nicky summerbee, bracewell what a team !
and how he engineered that 2 nil victory over bayern??? Fckn *** ! If you ask me, Steve bould did it. Couldn't be wegner.
Who will you blame for this.Steve Bould? :)
Remind me again what Steve Bould does for the club on match days ??
If Arsene Wenger does stay Steve Bould certainly has to go.
Schooled in the Arsenal youth set-up by Paul Davis and Steve Bould, Arsenal fan Matt Connolly is far from alone at having to leave north
you implied Wenger and Steve Bould don't coach the players just tell them to play /or they are poor coaches lol
Tony Adams put through by Steve Bould... Would you believe it...
Steve Bould has done a tremendous job with Alex Iwobi
I like it. Steve Bould could carry him out to the training ground with the cones
- couldn't tell you who our is but we're supposed to be building a system! Steve Bould was fuming at Arsenal today! 🤔
Did Iwobi actually say anything bad on periscope?People acting as if he called Wenger an old bag and said Steve Bould has no hair follicles
when you fancy Steve Bould rather than Giroud... Xx
Steve Bould needs to put an arm around Iwobi at halftime and just remind him that it's not over yet.
tell Steve Bould to write down the plan to remind the senile manager to play 4-4-2 next games as well
Steve Bould's reaction to Iwobi's goal. More of that please.
When Steve Bould came in, thought defensive frailties would be eliminated 😒
Yep. I thought Steve Bould coming in was supposed to solve all our defensive problems. That worked out well..
why doesn't Steve Bould organise the defence?
Last night at Youth Cup, Thierry Henry brushed, unnoticed, past a dad who was in the middle of taking his son's photo with Steve Bould.
Hearing Arsene Wenger has resigned and Steve Bould is in charge until May. . I wish
it's about time they gave Steve Bould a chance 🎣
A big issue for me at Arsenal is Steve Bould. A fantastic player for us but an awful coach and assistant manager.
Steve Bould or Ryan Giggs who contributes less
Meanwhile in the Arsenal dressing room players and Steve Bould are not allowed to raise their voices on each other 😲
Professionals, huh? Maybe it isn't just Steve Bould who is told to keep quiet. Vic Akers as well.
What does Steve Bould do? He's job would be to improve the defense,no?
What has Steve Bould actually done to this team???
imagine Wenger stepped down and they gave the job to Steve Bould, 4 year deal with Remi Garde as his assistant.
knowing our board they will appoint David Moyes or Steve Bould 😓
what about Steve bould or defence has gone down hill
Can someone please tell me what Steve Bould's role is? As we cannot defend or tackle!
Someone please tell me what Steve Bould actually does?!
People want AW out. I want Steve Bould. Ffs, look at our defence. How on earth can you leave Suarez unmarked
Arsene looks towards his bench for experience to save his side. Sees Walcott. Asks Steve Bould to warm up.
Could do a lot worse than having Steve Bould as caretaker giving the team some tough love & home truths.
Breaking news arsenal fc sack Asene Wenger interim coach is Steve bould
Arsenal FC news: ‘Steve Bould has told me to pull my socks...
I don't even mind Steve Bould! The question is, do the board have the nous to make the change in the first place?
How can a team that has Steve Bould as an assistant manager be so awful in defence?
would love Joachim Low myself or I would like Steve Bould to be appointed until Carlo Ancelotti is available
Would love Steve Bould to take over till end of season!
At this point, I wouldn't mind Steve Bould taking over tbvh.
have you thought this through? Because we'll be left with the donkey Steve Bould. Fack him off as well!
Gabriel was wearing GLOVES..AFC's centre back was wearing gloves!! Steve Bould hang your head in shame.wearing the nmbr 5 shirt
I just think Steve Bould needs to shine up that forehead of his and lay the butt on a few of these clowns before it is too late
Steve Bould does fk all, Wenger has lost it, Gazidis and Kroenke are absolute frauds, I just can't believe what this club has turned in to
I'm surprised Steve Bould hasn't jacked it in. Must be killing him seeing this & having no say on how to change it
Wenger has lost touch of a genuine coach one can see frm the looks of Steve Bould. Wenger is a loser and must be sacked now
I'd even prefer Steve Bould to Wenger. Any decent manager would have won the double with our team.
Steve Bould until the end of the season please
Let Steve Bould take over, can't get much worse.
Parachute ready for 4th spot ish . Arsène Wenger knows best apparently. I often wonder what's the role of Steve Bould seriously
There's a train to Paris at 10:26 arsene please be on it, and take steve bould with you. Can't motivate these players
Does steve bould actually have any Input with the defence
Steve Bould just gets free tickets to watch from the coaches bench, lord knows there hasn't been defensive improvement for years.
Sack Steve Bould our defence is worse than a chocolate fire guard!!!
And then get Steve Bould to punch wenger in the sack for taking our two best players on the night off.,
Is Wenger is own problem or Steve Bould is?
Can he leave tomorrow morning? Steve Bould might just have better balls.
What is Steve Bould getting paid for? Disgraceful. And we can't bloody score anymore! Wenger must bow out now!
Steve Bould is the real problem here 😂
Every single player bar Cech is a absolute disgrace! Steve Bould should just go in and head butt all these fools!!!.
Hope Wenger resigns and Steve Bould leads us to the title.
How long are people going to defend wenger? Would love to hear what Steve Bould has to say about this defending?!!!?
On this Arsenal day in 1994 and Steve Bould both made their full european debut for the Arsenal.
He's Steve Bould's man, he's better than Zidane, we've got Mezut Ozil. That has such a better ring to it.
Steve Bould is not allowed to do things most times... No sensible team stick to zonal marking alone. Mix things up
Steve Bould is the one in charge of things like this. And teams who do not utilize the zonal marking concede goals too. So...
In 1988, Arsenal signed Lee Dixon and Steve Bould from Stoke for a combined fee of £770k!
He should spend more time telling his players to grow a pair or letting Steve Bould do it in no uncertain terms.
didn't want Viera, Steve Bould license to coach back four? What is going on? Only win with glitter? Remember TA? Known?
Can anyone tell me does Steve Bould actually go to the matches or is that a carboard cut out sat beside the boss?
Whats the extent of Steve Bould's duties?
Steve Bould job must be to just put the cones out and tell the subs to stop warming up because they are coming on
Steve Bould could take this team into top 4 in a season like this.
Steve Bould gets my vote. Surely nobody would wanna get on the wrong side of him.
I think that's an insult to Steve Bould. I guess they discuss what Arsene's having for tea on the bench right?
To sack Wenger & have non elite manager as a new one is a risk. Dont think Steve Bould, Thierry Henry ready for the hot seat
Adams would be a much better assistant manager as he would actually tear into the players. But Wenger prefers a quiet Steve Bould.
What does Steve Bould actually do? He just sits in his chair and glares.
We have few players who can step up if a good coach comes. To ur question there's Simeone, Conte and also Steve Bould if need be
One of the worse things Wenger's done was appointing Steve Bould has assistant manager.
Beginning to wonder what Steve Bould actually does defensively we are a shambles or is he just a nodding dog
I love Steve Bould but he just sits like a puppet
Wenger just sits on the bench like a lost old man and Steve Bould, what does he actually do, Play Angry birds on that iPad he brings?
I wonder if or when anyone might break the seeming taboo and suggest that Steve Bould may not be up to the job.
I'll even take Steve bould, that's how tired of wenger I've become. And that's sad lol
So many of them man would get chucked about the dressing room if I was Steve Bould
I think he meant more goals than Steve Bould and nicolas Bentner
Apart from Steve Bould who's just a yes man not 1 player from the most successful period in our history. Says it all
he should be assistant manager not I just sit here Steve Bould
played full back at our place and had an absolute stinker. Worst full back since Steve Bould, oh hang on a minute
Why does it look like Wenger has zero relationship with Steve Bould who has no hair?
Just emulating The Great Tony Adams.Steve Bould is his mentor!!
Steve Bould has the highest ceiling of any coach/Manager in world football
The back four in 1998: Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn3
Marwood clips it in to the near post flicked on by Steve Bould & it's Adams!
Exactly! Tony Adams & Steve Bould. Campbell & Toure. You need one man-marking commander and one free sweeper.
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Seaman, Steve Bould, Tony Adams, David Platt, Denis Bergkamp, Marc Overmars, Ian Wright in one team and someone just said none is top class!
Paul Merson " If I did that Tony Adams & Steve Bould would have ripped my head off" Ref The Costa & Terry incident
Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Nigel Winterburn, David Seaman, Martin Keown and Tony Adams with the Premier League trophy https…
Wenger just looked round to see who was on the bench and has asked Steve Bould to warm up
would Bruce Willis be up for playing Steve Bould
OTD in 1987, George Berry & Steve Bould were reunited after Bould's back injury in a 1-0 win at Reading - remember George's testimonial?
Are Steve Bould, Brian Kidd, Steve Holland and Phil Neville the only British coaches involved in the UCL?
Completely forgot Steve Bould played for Sunderland! Good signing?
unless its Steve Bould he has no excuse
Ah right, so gabriel being a CB and all MUST have been found by Steve Bould. Wenger had no input.
Coquelin was sent to Charlton and had no future here until we had no choice. Steve Bould found Gabriel. 'Fraudgas' 😂
Lol ill have steve bould as arsenal manager than jose mourinho. .God forbid!
Mourinho can be Wenger's assistant when Abramovich sacks him next week. I don't like Steve Bould. We need an upgrade.
Arsenal play Leicester at King Power stadium in a fortnight's time. Hope Arsene and steve bould saw that.😧😧😧
Steve Bould participated in training today.
Arsenal injury curse strikes again as young prospect Jeff Reine-Adelaide limps out of Under-21s match and Stev
Indy Football: Arsenal injury curse strikes again - and forces Steve ... -
Arsenal injury curse strikes again - and forces Steve Bould to lace up the boots for training
I've only just twigged that Steve Bould was in The Mummy.
Injury crisis:. Steve Bould trains with Arsenal first-team to make up numbers.
In that case we'll take Steve Bould as defence minister
Photo: Legend turned coach Steve Bould bibs up and gets involved in Arsenal ... - HITC
Injury crisis? Arsenal coach Steve Bould pictured training with first team before Stoke match: http…
Arsenal injury crisis: Steve Bould forced to train with Arsenal first-team ‘to make up numbers’
Images of Steve Bould training with the match squad are prompting rumours of a defensive crisis at Arsenal.
Steve Bould trained with the Arsenal first-team squad today to make up the numbers
BREAKING Peter Fox case: Ex-trainee implicates Steve Bould in 'bullying culture':
Now Bould. And its Tony Adams put through by Steve Bould, would you believe it.
Henry has turned. It's only a matter of time. Steve Bould next.
Lots of fans getting excited about Klopp coming to Arsenal, where is Steve Bould going?
How many times have you heard Steve Bould talking to the media? Nduka Ugbade sef dey talk pass Manu Garba, na wa o
‘Hi, I’m Lee Dixon and this is Argos news at six. Superstore, Reading - 455/8303; one left in stock. Our correspondent Steve Bould reports.'
"Man trapped in coma was AWAKE for 12 yrs but couldn't move or speak. Medical term, Steve Bould Syndrome
not sure atm steve bould when we defend well wenger wen we defend badly. Maybe a mix of dem both
Steve bould probably cost a lot a week and was quality. Not sure about the 3.5 year deal though. 2 year with 1 year option
Thank you Sadé Horne for my first profile pic. I nominate Jody Meredith Claire Bould Sara Moore and Steve Meredith
Hall Of Fame? Steve Bould played 183 games between 1980 and 1988 scoring 6 goals. Just reply or
For all you fans. Spotted Steve Bould outside our pub yesterday. That guy is a behemoth!
Steve bould is in love with the lolo
Steve Bould always looks as if Wenger has just farted!!
Nice to see Wenger sitting next to the Steve Bould cardboard cut out today.
Someone who's not Steve Bould at some point needs to teach Ox how to shoot
I'm waiting to Steve Bould to have had enough and just casually walk on and smash Shawcrosses jaw off.
it would be nice if Arsene Wenger and steve bould Would be relace one Day by henry and pires
young or old. johnny or steve bould. we are all gooners. we are all gunners. we are Wenger's boys. we are his toys. come join under his banner
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Wenger says he wants old fashioned defenders..Please dont tell me he will start playing Steve Bould and Tony Adams 😯.
Do Arsenal fans know Steve Bould is from Stoke?
Steve bould do the away fixtures and Dennis do the home fixtures?!
Dennis Bergkamp and Steve Bould could co-manage Arsenal successfully in the future. What a positive combination that would be.
Throwback to the day me and Steve Bould went on the hunt for Easter eggs
Classy as Arsenal Wenger. Bold as Steve Bould. Sexy as Arsenal F C. Patient as Arsenal Fans.
IF the WS story is true, there's one man that has to be kicked out of the team - Steve Bould. What happens in the dressing room stays there.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was confronted by an angry supporter during his side’s 2-0 loss at Southampton in the Premier League on New Year’s Day. The man was seen to run towards the dug-outs and apparently taunt Wenger towards the end of the game at St Mary’s, which enabled Southampton to pull three points clear of Arsenal in the race for a top-four finish. Wenger and his assistant Steve Bould gestured for the man, who was wearing jeans and a purple hooded top, to move away before he was eventually led off by stadium stewards. He was subsequently arrested. “It was a young boy, yes. I think he was a Southampton fan,” Wenger told his post-match press conference. “He was not aggressive at all. I don’t think he said anything. Honestly, he was not aggressive.” Southampton said that the man was an Arsenal fan who had been sitting with the home supporters. Arsenal ended their nine-year trophy drought under Wenger by beating Hull City in last season’s FA Cup final. But the 65-year-old French ...
SHOCKING! The moment an angry fan confronted Wenger during Saints loss As if Arsene Wenger's New Year's Day wasn't bad enough, the Arsenal boss was confronted by a supporter on the touchline during his side's 2-0 loss at Southampton. With the Gunners trailing late on, the fan appeared to remonstrate with the Frenchman, just weeks after he was abused by travelling Arsenal fans at a train station, following another defeat at Stoke City. It remains unclear which whether the pitch invader at St Mary's was a home or away fan, as some reports suggested he could have been a Saints supporter goading the Arsenal bench. Defeat at Southampton was Arsenal's first Premier League reverse since losing at the Britannia Stadium on 6 December, and leaves them three points behind the fourth-placed Saints. The supporter was given short shrift by Wenger's assistant, Steve Bould, before being led away by stewards. It follows protests against Wenger during Arsenal's 1-0 win at West Bromwich Albion, in which supporters unfurled ...
ps that game saw Steve Bould take out David Hirst. Hirst’s ankle was never the same again.
Steve Bould to make his long awaited comeback as an player on saturday? I'm almost serious.
Well I mean if you have a guy of the calibre of Steve Bould, he clearly doesn't use him like he should, which is crazy !
Breaking news eurosport mr Arsene Wenger has resigned as Arsenal manager and Steve Bould takes over as the club waits for transfer to sign a new manager for more details visit
Can we fast-forward to the bit where Steve Bould bowls over and sparks yer man CO out please
The Arsenal boss marched into Mourinho's technical area after a bad tackle by Gary Cahill on Alexis Sanchez and the pair clashed. The two managers refused to shake hands at the end of the game, as the bad blood between the pair continued. And it also spilled over to the coaches, with Gunners No2 Steve Bould telling Chelsea assistant Rui Faria to "shut your gob". Wenger who has never beaten Mourinho in 12 attempts said: "I don't regret it [the push]. What is there to regret? I wanted to go from A to B and somebody confronted me before B without any sign of welcome. "B was Sanchez, to see how badly he was injured. Honestly, I don't listen to what he says. You would see if I really try to push [you]. Come on." Asked if it sets the right image for the game, senior managers clashing in such a high-profile game, Wenger said: "I trust you to teach me all the moral lessons in the next two weeks and I can accept that. I'm long enough in the game to see things the right way." A penalty from Eden Hazard and a ninth ...
on "In training he'd leave Steve Bould & Tony Adams on their backsides in 1v1s. A phenomenal player."
QUIZ! Who is the only one of these to have gained more than 1 England cap?. Lee Bowyer. David Dunn. Alan Thompson. David Unsworth. Steve Bould
Why not give Steve Bould a go? Or give Tony Adams, Sol Campbell or Frank McLintock a call?
Steve Bould wore a pair of shorts to his own wedding.
in the footsteps of Tony Adams and Steve Bould.
Wenger hates everyone apart from Henry, Pat Rice and Steve Bould.
We had Tony Adams, Martin Keown and Steve Bould in the side when we signed Sol Campbell. . We can always improve.
Central Defence: Richard Rogers + Norman Foster - veterans capable of building a wall. The Tony Adams and Steve Bould of my
. Schwarzenegger as Arsene Wenger. Stallone as Steve Bould. The Ultimate Warrior as Silent Stan. Megan Fox as Carl Jenkinson
Very interesting snippets from tonight's AST meeting with John Cross. Wenger to sign a deal by the end of the week. Club remains interested in Guardiola and vice versa (!) once Wenger leaves. Club was also tracking Brendan Rodgers before his Liverpool move. Our priority in the market is a physical midfielder a la Javi Martinez, Lars Bender and Morgan Schneiderlein. Mentions that he rates Steve Bould as a number 2, who was linked with West Brom, and that he's going nowhere. We're apparently considering making Damian Martinez our backup GK as the club have high hopes for the Argentine. Cross says we're not interested in bringing Vela back, reckons big signings will come up front and in midfield. As has been mentioned before, Wenger won't go for Cesc unless someone else does. Cross says City will if Yaya leaves since he's homegrown. Interestingly, Cross says Gazidis and Rowley are sometimes irritated by Wenger involving himself in so many deals. Says Higuain was "done and dusted" but it "changed overnight" A ...
Lee Michael Dixon was born on the 17th of March 1964.. Lee is a retired English professional footballer who played as a right back for The Arsenal, Burnley, Bury, Chester City and Stoke City as well as the England national team. A childhood Manchester City fan, Dixon began his footballing career as a youth at Burnley, making his professional debut for them in 1982. From there he played for Chester City and Bury before joining Stoke City in 1986 for a fee of £50,000. He instantly impressed at Stoke and forged a fine defensive partnership with Steve Bould. The pair's potential and performances attracted the attention of Arsenal and in January 1988 they both joined the Gunners for a combined fee of £765,000. The following season, as Dixon cemented his place in the team, Arsenal won their first league title in eighteen years in a dramatic final game of the season. A defensive mainstay in a successful Arsenal team until his retirement in 2002, Dixon's tenure at Arsenal saw him collect four league champion's ...
SUN ON SUNDAY Manchester City will offer Bacary Sagna £7m per year to beat off competition for his signature from Manchester United. Roy Hodgson is not worried about the World Cup availability of Arsenal pair Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Stuart Pearce feels England keeper Joe Hart should be one of Roy Hodgson's five penalty takers if needed at the World Cup. Shola Ameobi has turned down a one-year extension to stay with Newcastle United and he is set to leave this summer. Norwich could appoint Malky Mackay as their new manager this week. West Brom are hoping to sign Cardiff striker Fraizer Campbell. Fulham have made Stoke striker Cameron Jerome one of their key summer transfer targets. Jermain Defoe claims he will 'never get over' being left out of England's World Cup squad. SUNDAY MIRROR Arsene Wenger will make Swansea striker Wilfried Bony his main summer transfer target West Brom could make a move for Arsenal coach Steve Bould as their new manager. Southampton fear they are under siege w ...
you obviously can't remember the Steve Bould, Lee Dixon ect days prices are inflated due to lack of talent
feel sorry for sid being drawn into it. Think thats trying to get the fans on side. As much say as Steve Bould?
Arsene Wenger will win the FA cup, then get appointed to the Arsenal board. Steve Bould will take over as manager.
Nine Years Of Sweet and Nine Years of Sour Follows; Since taking over at Highbury back in 1996 the Frenchman has overseen 1,000 games, won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, reached a Champions League final and gone a whole league season unbeaten.At the time I started seriously rooting for Arsenal,a team that were synonymous with 1-0 victories suddenly started entertaining the masses as the Arsenal back five of David Seaman, Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and Nigel Winterburn found themselves playing behind the European flair of Marc Overmars, Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp. Wenger performed miracles blending the two very different types of players together to create a double winning side in only his second season at the club. By the time he lifted his fourth FA Cup in 2005, Arsene had won seven major trophies in nine years.Clearly,his first five Hundred games were far much substantial than his latter five hundred! Fast forward nine years and we're yet to add to that - a Ch ...
ARSENAL TARGET WANTS OUT Arsene Wenger has reportedly shown interest in signing Michy Batshuayi from Standard Liege, and the 20-year-old striker has fluttered is eyelashes in the direction of them or any other club that fancies making a move. Batshuayi is the top scorer in Belgium's Jupiler Pro League this season and, when asked whether he would be interested in a move, the forward rather let his tongue go a-wagging, as reported by the Daily Express. "I don't think I will play for Standard next season," Batshuayi said. "I want to move on. Maybe I will think about a longer stay if we play in the Champions League, but I want to progress as a player. "My preferred destinations are England or Germany. If you ask my favourite team, I'll say Arsenal. "It is a club with a good philosophy, where youngsters get their chance. I've been an Arsenal fan since I was a kid." He might as well have driven to the Emirates and blown kisses from the front row at Wenger and Steve Bould. EVERTON TRIO SET FOR NEW DEALS All look ...
Birthday boy Lee Dixon & Steve Bould were bought by Arsenal for £765k from Stoke, possibly the last 2 good things to come ou…
Had the pleasure of assisting Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould today for Arsenals pre-game prep against Tottenham. Dont care a bit for Arsenal, but a lovely, lovely guy. Even signed me a birthday treat for Denzel Artois. The pre-match teamtalk and tactics flipcharts for the big derby!!! (i shan't upload the sneaky video i made in case) I Knew his 4-1-4-1 formation before Geoff Shreeves did!
Arsenal a team that have been there aggravating my City life for years. 2 semi final defeats when young. One being officials getting it wrong. How times stay the same. Later a team picking up our better players Lee Dixon and Steve Bould. Do you count Lee Chapman? Latterly a team and fans with a massive chip due to what was an unfortunate injury. Can't wait to get that win on Saturday {N}
Ozil looks like a downie and Steve Bould looks live he loves it in the bum
Apparently Arsene Wenger spent most of the transfer window looking for Thierry Heff because he had heard of the phenomenal strike power and amazing ability in the air until Steve Bould said " no you *** that's the RAF"
Tony Adams was the regular starter, as there was a rotation between Martin Keown & Steve Bould. And David Seaman the GK
Perry Groves confession to Martin Bayfield on talk sport this morning. Sports awards night, Arsenal v England rugby team up for top prize. England won and the whole squad were given cameras by Panasonic, some of them went missing. At the end of the night in the lift, Mr Bay field, Wade Dooley, and Dean Richards, all giant English forwards and ex policemen, Perry Groves, Steve Bould and another Arsenal player. Bayfield says to Dooley " if I could get my hands on whoever took those cameras ", Groves whispered to Bould " I hope we get out of this lift alive ". :) :)
Personally I dont support the Gooners but I have just picked a piece of history that may work to their avantage this season. They signed Pascal Cygan a central defender from Lille in 2003 to fill the voi created by the departure of Tony Adams,Steve Bould and Martin Keown.but he was always playing out of position and appeared confused every time he defended,Strikers came to know his weakness and tried they did to use the weakness to his disadvantage but Arsenal went on to lift the title.he even scored a personal feat ,staying more than one season in a dreadful environment as a player.This season they have a similar situ in Giroud.ask every Gooner they will tell u he doesnot qualify to be Gooner,but with players of his calibre Arsenal are leading the pack.So what Arsenal is making may not be noise after all.Watch the space they will be Champions come end of season
The Gunners manager has been joined by his long-standing staff, including Steve Bould, Boro Primorac & Neil Banfield, in agreeing contracts that run until 2016 Arsene Wenger's backroom staff have agreed new contracts that will keep them working alongside the Arsenal manager until 2016,Goalcan reveal. The Frenchman's key assistants are set to formally sign two-year extensions that will be on the same terms as their current deals. Goal understands the backroom figures include Wenger's long-standing ally Boro Primorac, assistant manager Steve Bould, first-team coach Neil Banfield, goalkeeper coach Gerry Peyton and fitness coach Tony Colbert. Senior medical and technical staff have also agreed deals that run until 2016, while more junior members of Wenger's backroom team will remain on 12-month rolling contracts. Goal revealed in October that Wenger had agreed a two-year contract extension that will extend his Arsenal reign until 2016 and a remarkable 20 years if it is honoured, by which time he will be 66. . ...
RAY WiLKINS should replace Steve Bould as assistant manager. He sounds compact and tactical
“I’ll always remember the moment Steve Bould went up to the bar and ordered 35 pints for five of us. After we left the bar we spotted all the French lads in the coffee shop and they were sitting around smoking. “I thought, ’How are we going to win the league this year? We’re all drunk and they’re all smoking’. We ended up winning the double that year.” Ray Parlour
Steve Bould needs to sit TV down&give him a bollockin.Be nice if he scores a rocket winner against The Chavs.
Robin question Arsene. Wanted Ramsey, Arsha and Steve Bould out of Arsenal. How can we accept the arrogant attitude of his.
On the subject of footballing lookalikes, Steve Bould = Imhotep in The Mummy.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is delighted with the work of Steve Bould and Neil Banfield. Both assistant...
"lmao then who?" *Give that job 2 a not so hyped-up, experienced, now assistant, Steve Bould.
very dependable. I'm guessing he is not too dissimilar to Steve Bould mate.
Steve Bould has to do the job to find his men's strength and strong mentality after the heavy defeat. Woj, Per, Bac, Nacho, Gibbo, Jenko.
So let me get this right, when we keep a clean sheet, its due to Steve Bould, when we concede 6, its due to Arsenal Wenger
But Steve Bould i need you to give that defence the worst hairdryer lashing they'd never seen. What. Was. That?!
Not many people on here today lauding Steve Bould
that was a cracking game, just look at Steve Bould's excitement..
He really does need to accept that he's bald now...not Steve Bould that would be weird.
Maybe Steve Bould should work more on our defenders... They need to mark tighter than they did against City today!
Steve Bould put as Arsenal's manager in the line up stats? Really?
Jesus 6-3.. those 5 points in the bag came in handy but *** happened to the defence! Uncle Arsene will not be happy (& Mr Steve Bould especially). I hope its not all downhill from here.
steve bould doing wonders with the back four today only 6 goals, well done round of applause. Mug.
think Steve Bould must be working on a goal bonus
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
No it never beats the first man and has never resulted in an goal only Steve Bould could do it back in the day!
Steve Bould is gonna have to slump half the team the way we've defended
I need Steve Bould to flog all this *** .
This is a disgrace! I won't be surprised to see Jack crying yet again after a chat with Steve Bould. Monreal deserves that too!
Steve Bould is gonna have to have a word with the defensive set up
Hope steve bould gives them a talking to they won't be forgetting in a hurry
Steve Bould must be losing his hair watching Arsenal ship so many goals
Whole team deserve an absolute bollocking from Steve Bould after the game. Pathetic defending throughout. Completely lost defensive shape.
Our defence need a good hiding from Steve Bould
Steve Bould get your kit on...some game
Wenger needs to let Steve bould run the hairdryer on these ***
Anyone else see Steve Bould going nuts there?
Steve Bould is probably beating down on Wilshere for that 2nd.
It cost us at United and now today also!RT!"Steve Bould needs to rethink this zonal marking
Steve Bould needs to rethink this zonal marking
Bring on Steve Bould. Don't we wish we had him and Adams now?
I so much hate zonal marking.. Can't Steve Bould see its not working for us.
Definitely Podolski. Steve Bould said he's the best finisher he's seen.
Big thanks to Steve Bould for making a *** of my season in when I went on holiday for a cup game
I think the hole back 4 have been working hard with steve bould and there hard work is being rewarded :) Xx
Carl jenkinson or a wild card Steve bould
‘Steve Bould made me drink 8.75 pints’: The games are coming so thick and fast the newspapers ha...
My legs has more hair than Steve Bould, Andrew Johnson, Pascal Cygan, Jan Köller heads respectively.
exactly I wanted to do "here's Steve Bould... & it's Adams put through by Bould. WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!"
Steve Bould once said we wouldn't be Arsenal if we didn't make things difficult for ourselves...
" Going places " I was burstin for a leak - in Leek Don't de speak dead scouse - in Speke ? I had a session on the ale - in Hale And spotted Alexis Sayle - in Sale Had a crackin crew cut - in Crewe Was dying for the loo - in Looe Had a tasty chicken wing - in Wing Went shopping for an engagement ring - in Tring Watched a herd of cows graze - in Grays Saw Chopper in a drunken haze - in Hayes Lots of houses have mould - in Mold Was chattin to Arsenals Steve Bould - in Bold Watched Deal or no deal - in Deal Helped to paint a ships keel - in Kiel Didn't half crick me neck - in Crick Me Mrs was getting on me wick - in Wick Lots of fellas have lost their hair - in Ayr Saturday night & the girls are deciding what to wear - in Ware I saw bull gore a farmer - in Gore The girls demand more ! more ! more ! - in Moore.
57th min and Overmars makes it 3..meanwhile Arsene Wenger brings out Wreh for Steve Bould
May I congratulate mr steve boulding in joining wike golf club,enjoy steve.will have to give you the once over on the standards that are required.
Steve Bould,the brains behind our clean sheets.
We currently have the best defence in epl,another clean sheet,way to go steve bould.muwonge.
There is something about Arsenal’s defence this season that reminds me of that famous back four of Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Tony Adams and Nigel Winterburn. Perhaps it is the pace and bite of Kieran Gibbs, and his constant limproving positional sense, of which Winterburn was a master in his peak; or the towering height and limited mobility of Per Mertesacker, who wins everything in the air just like Adams. Even a benched captain Thomas Vermaelen, in his good days, brings memories of a fearsome Bould ,now of course Arsene Wenger’s No.2 . Perhaps it is the total lack of fear in his tackling, or the poise with which he carries himself, or his spectacular jumping headers. Or is it Laurent Koscielny’s resemblance of style to the tenacious and formidable Martin Keown, or the fact that Bacary Sagna can be just as decisive as Dixon on the flank. If these petty reasons seem unsubstantiated, then it must be the undeniable chemistry that I sense among them.
Whilst all the plaudits are heading to the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Oliver Giroud and Mesut Ozil for Arsenal being top of the league, perhaps it is time to recognise the work of Steve Bould. Arsenal’s defensive record in recent weeks has been sensational. Since the start of November, Arsenal have played Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United, Southampton, Marseille and Cardiff and conceded one goal. Unfortunately, from an Arsenal perspective it was to a Robin van Persie header but nevertheless this is an outstanding record from Arsene Wenger’s side and against teams with some fine attacking players. The settled back four of Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny and Kieran Gibbs are playing tremendously well and Wojciech Szczesny is going through his best season to date. On Saturday, the Arsenal defence imposed themselves, especially at 1-0 up and completed a 94% tackle success in the Premier League match. Arsenal have conceded 10 goals this season, the joint lowest in the division. I ...
To be fair to Arsenal assistant coach Steve Bould, he was far from the only one enjoying Mesut Ozil’s brilliant assist for the Gunners’ second goal at Cardiff on Saturday.
Thinking of it. Steve bould have been the one behind the success of arsenal defends so far, God 4bid if wenger should not sign a new contract i beta prefer him as the replacement.
Seems like Steve Bould has sorted out Arsenal's defense.
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