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Steve Bannon

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Steve Bannon is what Philip Seymour Hoffman's character in Scent of a Woman becomes after his dad disowns him at the end. Btw spoiler alert
Among the many things Steve Bannon is wrong about is his conflation of James Burnham's administrators with Christopher Lasch's elites.
Top adviser and mouthpiece Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt' https:/…
“We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to ten years there’s no doubt about that.” Steve Bannon, White House chief strategist 1/2
17/ painful and very ugly place where people like Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Reince Preibus, Scott Spicer and Chump himself
Steve Bannon is the White House's biggest fan of Paul Ryan's tax ideas
David Letterman's take on Steve Bannon seems pretty right on the money.
Steve Bannon is David Koresh and Jim Jones in one ugly deadly package - Trump is devoted worshiper -
General John F. Kelly told off Steve Bannon to his face over Muslim ban
This stunningly racist French novel is how Steve Bannon explains the world via
President Trump disrespects America every day he allows Steve Bannon to work in the White House.
Steve Bannon loves to cite a racist novel that portrays Muslims as invading hordes & white Christians as heroes:.
Joke: Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. Woke: whites are stealing our melanin. Ascendant: Steve Bannon killed Breitbart at Vladimir…
. "If you don't hang together, this country is going to fall apart" --Steve Bannon to patriots in America.
Alex Jones and Steve Bannon had a whiny baby without a brain who could be brainwashed by their conspirac…
Poor thing would believe it too, so long as Sean Hannity Alex Jones or Steve Bannon are the ones telling him 🤢
NEW RULE: NO writing headlines about "the coming out of Steve Bannon" unless you have the goods + are ready to go *there*
Did Alex Jones tell you that? Or was it Steve Bannon? You need to get back to reality, dude.
Al-Qaeda likes Steve Bannon so much, they put him on the cover of their official newspaper
This guy has a mental illness. Steve Bannon and Alex Jones are poisoning the White House. AND at the same time he h…
except the pigeons are Alex Jones and Steve Bannon.
the mainstream right: Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Steve Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Milo was for a bit
Which Ramones song do you reckon Steve Bannon likes more: "Blitzkrieg Bop" or "The KKK Took My Baby Away?"
Steve Bannon: Media will get worse. They are a corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed to an economic n…
Phillip Seymour Hoffman should play Steve Bannon in the movie
Interesting. Powell says it's "not disastrous" or revolutionary to have Steve Bannon as principal on National Secur…
I'm a Jewish American who worked with Steve Bannon. He is not a racist or an anti-Semite
Steve Bannon is greedily guzzling the interests of US workers as Betsy DeVos slips Lamar Alexander fifty bucks.
Why Donald Trump needs the 'administrative state' that Steve Bannon wants to destroy - Tr...…
If Trump was able to change his 'tone', America might rally around him, at least consider his non-racist proposals.. Get rid of Steve Bannon
Donald Trump wants to unite us in condemning hate. He can start by firing the Secretary of Hate, Steve Bannon.
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Trump's tonight was nothing but Steve Bannon on steroids with a smile.
Steve Bannon will war with next few years
Steve Bannon looks like a character from Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.
Billionaire Robert Mercer & Steve Bannon have been working w/ Cambridge Analytica to change the way Americans think.
You can’t hand the National Security Council to white supremacist Steve Bannon, and turn around to tell Americans you are…
Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Pam Geller are a scary trio
Watch and John roast Steve Bannon and Donald Trump in their opening monologue.
If Phillip Seymour Hoffman were alive you know he would have played Steve Bannon in some film at some point.
Steve Bannon is issuing guttural burps about Social Security as Coretta Scott King expresses sincere opposition to Sessions.
Chris Caldwell on Steve Bannon: he's not a bigot, here's merely a big fan of thinker and provocateur Pam Geller…
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney roast Trump and Steve Bannon at the Spirit Awards:
Steve Bannon looks like someone went through the telepod from "The Fly" while holding a KFC Famous Bowl
Also winner for best short, 1939's Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, handsomely played by Steve Bannon and Donald Trump.
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Slam Mel Gibson and Steve Bannon at the Indie Spirit Awards…
Steve Bannon to pardon black separatist muslim preacher Adolf Eichmann
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D'ya like ALT RIGHT WHITE RACIST loose cannons like Steve Bannon or dis? Why?
But some straight people are the equivalent of Satan. Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Tom Brady, Pat Robertson, Paris H…
Radio host Glenn Beck says Steve Bannon's "economic nationalist" agenda is not conservative, it's "very dangerous"
Crowd laughs as margaret sullivan says Trump's 'top strategist Darth Va... I'm sorry, Steve Bannon' She's not really sorry :)
Never be fooled, CPAC kicked the Grand Dragon, Richard Spencer, out as cover for allowing the Imperial Wizard, Steve Bannon, to speak.
Media hate Steve Bannon because he's a PROUD American Vet & Dad, who served our country, loves our Military & calls out their L…
So, you kicked out Richard Spencer, but Steve Bannon got to stay??? That makes a lot of sense.
Steve Bannon's top three objectives:. 1. Deconstruction of rhe administrative state. 2. MOAR BOOZE. 3. See
Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon are up next...should be fun
Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus speak at CPAC - live updates
Additional link to watch LIVE Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Betsy DeVos & more speak at CPAC
Programming Alert: Awaiting comments from Priebus and Steve Bannon at
Nick Cannon in a room with Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon slammed the EU to the German Chancellor.. I'm sure he then went on to praise all the advancements the count…
And now a word from our New National Security Director, Steve Bannon
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Steve Bannon: What a great american! Believes in tearing down the country! .
CPAC day one: Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and Steve Bannon speak – live
How can those who call Steve Bannon "anti-Semitic" support Rep. given his statements, for DNC Chair?!. https:…
Your father is a racist birther. Steve Bannon an anti-Semitic opportunist. You and your husband are enabling hatred.…
White House strategist Steve Bannon and Vice President Mike Pence send contradictory messages to the EU
Steve Bannon needs to grow some lips and Mitch McConnell needs to find his neck. . I'm so tired of seeing their faces. 🚮🚮
It started with not renting to Blacks Gov sued him for discrimination Steve Bannon may be Grand Dragon Trump Imperial Wizard
Video:Steve Bannon blames The EU for "collapse of Judeo Christian West in Europe".
As long as Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Chuck Johnson (among others) continue to be employed by this...
Steve Bannon's obsession with one book should worry every single American
Let's be very clear: Milo was an editor at Breitbart hired by Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon. This hatred is in t…
Milo has now lost a book, a speaking gig, and his job. Dear Bill Maher: Please invite Steve Bannon on this week.
Am I the only one who thinks Steve Bannon looks like a pus filled boil brought to life a la Frosty the Snowman? Probably not.
The biggest role Steve Bannon should have in national security decisions is judging whether LTG McMaster's shoes need a sh…
Former employee of Steve Bannon's advocating that not all child molestation is bad. Dont let these peoples voices b…
.so are you going to get Steve Bannon a card, flowers, or what?
Just found out that no one else can see Steve Bannon. Is like in that Bruce Willis movie! Just me! So spooky!
Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council. That sends a big signal. by
...There is now a secondary National Security Council within the White House, run by Steve Bannon and staffed by his hand picked - on...
I don't know why Melania wants to stay in NYC, instead of DC where she could hang out with Steve Bannon and Rick Perry and those cool guys.
Remember, Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council, makin' him a "Top Intelligence Official.".
Steve Bannon: ‘I Could Care Less’ About Repairing Relationship with ‘Opposition Party’ Media" He is so right on this attitude.
Steve Bannon has likened himself to Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII. Cromwell was executed for treason.
David Petraeus has also declined the no-money-down, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Steve Bannon on NSC
."Steve Bannon is a good man. Steve Bannon is an honest man. He's a fair individual."
replace Steve Bannon with Milo Yiannopoulos, true Alt Right guru. Demand action now
if you're proud of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, & Jeff Sessions. They're in the crossh…
Steve Bannon is popping a pimple on the right to a trial by jury in a haunted cabin in the woods.
A very dark phrase, loaded with blood, and Steve Bannon knows exactly what it means even if it's just more word sal…
Rep. Barbara Lee has led 70+ Democrats in introducing legislation urging the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Se…
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then there's the singularity-related project with Steve Bannon that never got off the ground...
Steve Bannon once wrote a screenplay about Nazis and abortion called "Singularity: The Resistance is Futile"
Trump is the least antisemitic person he knows, although he only knows Steve Bannon and Mel Gibson.
This is probably fine by Priebus, & sold to Trump as a power move, but it's definitely part of Steve Bannon's agenda htt…
Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are running the country.
Fascinating video: Steve Bannon, Bourdain, Joan Walsh, Maher & when he basically suggest a Trump for prez
Journalists aghast when Steve Bannon tells them how he really feels – to their faces
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Steve Bannon, Joan Walsh and Anthony Bourdain all on the same discussion panel. Absolute mind…
"I expect to wake up tomorrow and watch Steve Bannon driving Donald Trump down the freeway in white Ford Bronco.
Steve Bannon walks by a large group of reporters camping out, says to us, "The opposition party, all lined up."
So when is someone gonna punch Steve Bannon? Asking for every American Citizen.
Zephyr Teachout to pardon black separatist neo-nazi terrorist Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon has no place on the National Security Council. Tell your Senators to support the bill to stop him.
The White House website also states in Steve Bannon's bio 'Bannon a devout Deacon and volunteers at local Mosques in the D.C. area"
Remembering a time in 2009, in Texas, when I partied with the Collapsitarians, who remind me of Steve Bannon.
I thought the person in the Trump Administration who scared me the most was Steve Bannon. Then I heard Stephen Mil…
Mike Flynn may no longer be able to attend National Security Council meetings, but Steve Bannon will, so that’s fun.
Are President Trump and Steve Bannon conspiring with “Cardinal” Burke to thwart
captured the moment when Steve Bannon teleported in from the Negative Zone.
.tells that “I really worry” about influence of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon need angry young men. They’re using Gamergate culture to get them.
Tonight on The Walking Dead: Rick and the gang escape from Negan, run into Steve Bannon, decide to go back to Negan.
Leaked White House memo claims that when Steve Bannon takes a *** intelligence staff can smell it three floors away.
Waiter: Would you like a drink?. Steve Bannon: I'm good with this Pepsi. Waiter: That's steak sauce in a big gulp.
Steve Bannon is *** Cheney is *** survived drinking a lethal amount of Diet Mtn Dew.
Steve Bannon has had involvement in: Titus, Biosphere 2, Seinfeld, the rescue effort of the Iran hostage crisis.
Rosie O'Donnell's publicist says she will not play Steve Bannon on "SNL" this weekend.
ACTION NEEDED: Help us kick Steve Bannon off the National Security Council:
In nod to base POTUS approves Green Acres reboot with Ivanka, Jared, and Steve Bannon as Arnold the Pig.
Trump often will deflect or direct questions about details Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner or Paul Ryan.
Ivanka Trump front row with Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon at the Japanese PM’s 2+2
Ivanka Trump seated next to Steve Bannon and her husband Jared Kushner in the front row for Abe-Trump press conference
Very funny! Rosie O'Donnell gives us her Steve Bannon
Top story: Rosie O'Donnell gives us her Steve Bannon - see more
Rosie O’Donnell gives her profile pic a Steve Bannon makeover and it’s hilarious and terrifying
remember when I said Steve Bannon is Rosie O’Donnell in disguise? . This is her new profile pic…
Rosie O'Donnell gives us her Steve Bannon - Way to audition, Rosie O'Donnell.
It is an Obvious Perception , if Steve Bannon looked like Chris Evans this Meme would not exist.
China plays down Steve Bannon's predictions of war with US
Law professor says inclusion of green card holders dooms Exec Order. Thank you Steve Bannon. See you in court
Steve Bannon sunk $60M of Goldman Sachs' money into a failed World of Warcraft goldfarming scheme h…
Your nightmare: Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council. Sign the petition to remove him. Get rid of him!
Steve Bannon needs confirmation from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security to actually be appointed to the...
Wow, Peter Schweizer, who wrote Clinton Cash and is a major Steve Bannon ally is coming down *** Trump admin.
Steve Bannon believes the apocalypse is coming and war is inevitable via
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Entertaining profile of the guy who is essentially France's Steve Bannon. But a Steve Bannon who shaves and showers.
Emails from actual journalists about Nikki Finke's Nieman: "Didn't know they gave awards to gangsters." "Who's next, Steve Bannon?"
I think I'd rest a lot easier if the Trump administration just replaced Reince Priebus with Mark Burnett and Steve Bannon with Gary Busey.
Admiral Michael Mullen says Steve Bannon has no business being on National Security Council.
Fmr Chairman of Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen, is right - Steve Bannon must be removed from NSC immediately. http…
We've spent far too much time reviling Steve Bannon. What he really needs is a good cry. His motive obv. childhood-related.
Trevor Noah says Steve Bannon is the "real president" on the
Quark Soup: Anthony Watts Does a Steve Bannon . "Nick, it’s time for you to just STFU" Stop confronting us with facts.
I'm so mad at Steve Bannon it has overflowed into me being upset with Nick Nolte for no apparent reason.
Top story: The internet wants Rosie O'Donnell to play Steve Bannon on 'SNL'...a… see more
The Trump Administration guided by the anti-Semitic white supremacist Steve Bannon calls to mind the words of Josef Meng…
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have turned the White House against America | Bill McKibben
was a "blunt instrument for us ... I don't know whether he really gets it or not." -Steve Bannon, Vanity Fair
Steve Bannon looks like somebody broke a porcelain statue of Nick Nolte's mugshot and tried to glue it back together wi…
Could Rosie O'Donnell play Steve Bannon or Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live?'
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Why Trump’s old sparring partner is offering to give her Steve Bannon impression a whirl.
Steve Bannon said he admires Satan but please, white evangelicals, tell me more about how Donald Trump's administration is…
Remember: Steve Bannon is the name of the president, Donald Trump is Steve Bannon’s monster
Steve Bannon said in 2010 that Democrats have a "plantation mentality" towards African-Americans h…
Steve Bannon looks like Lewis Prothero from V for Vendetta.
The looks into who is president this week and Steve Bannon is the winner
I need a time machine so I can go back and bring Jack Elam to the present so he can play Steve Bannon in a Cannonball Run 4.
Donald Trump was not fully aware he signed an executive order putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council http…
is Steve Bannon's puppet. . Trump not capable without Kelly Anne and minions
Kelly Conway say we won democrat loss, we say America loss when Steve Bannon types elected Trump
Kelly will GET THE BOOT before Bannon would, he better tread more carefully. DeFacto prez is Steve Bannon .
.uh, Steve Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway whispering conspiracy theories into your ear is 👏🏼not 👏🏼 d…
Ur shots called r based on accumulation of alternative facts from a grads of Trump U, Steve Bannon, Kelly Ann and Ur self
Today's China Daily has Steve Bannon in a red Nazi armband, leading the Titanic into the abyss
It says a lot that George Herbert Walker Bush looks healthier than Steve Bannon.
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Steve Bannon took a breathalyzer once in 1988 and still holds the "high score."
The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking comments right now about the appointment of Steve Bannon to...
WATCH: Alec Baldwin returned to to play Donald Trump, accompanied by the grim reaper as Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on SNL — and "Steve Bannon" made an appearance, too
Wow. This was insane: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump wreaks world havoc with a skeletal Steve Bannon on ‘SNL’
Steve Bannon looks like Bilbo Baggins when he really wants the ring for a quick second at Rivendell.
depicting Steve Bannon as just an evil skeleton is the first funny political thing SNL has done
You mean you thought Steve Bannon wouldn't use his position to get rich too? .
Steve Bannon had to be reminded he wasn’t the president amidst travel ban infighting, says report https:…
Steve Bannon's goal is to 'destroy the state.' His way to reach that goal? A simple lie about the US becoming the Islam…
The time a sports reporter's random Steve Bannon encounter turned into an illuminating Act of Journalism.
First came Bormann then came Hess, next was Himmler, what a mess... Former friends of Steve Bannon speak openly
Russell Crowe is already polishing his Oscar speech for when he inevitably wins for playing Steve Bannon.
There's now a bill in Congress to remove white nationalist Steve Bannon from the NSC. And boy, that's got Vice President Tru…
sooo does this mean you're deporting Steve Bannon?
Who are the thugs Your first wife and Steve Bannon's first wife each testified under oath that you all as…
The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is taking calls about Steve Bannon's appointment to the National...
Against Common Core...I mean Sense: Baldwin as Trump, Adam Scott as Paul Ryan, John Goodman as Steve Bannon, Eddie Redmayne as Jared Kushner
In hours of radio shows, Steve Bannon, now an NSC member, expressed views on Islam long excluded from the Sit Room. https:/…
Do you plan to support bill, which would remove Steve Bannon from the NSC?
Steve Bannon looks like a very old and bitter Dawson Leery, intent on punishing everyone because Joey chose Pacey.
Has anyone photoshopped Steve Bannon's head and gut onto the poster of the Rutger Hauer movie Hobo With A Shotgun yet?
CNN analyst: Experts ‘alarmed’ by ‘stone-cold crazy’ decision to put Steve Bannon on security council
Must Read: The danger of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council.
I think White House staffers should when Steve Bannon stops dressing like he was arrested for exposing himsel…
You can learn a lot about Steve Bannon by watching the films he made
Smh.. Why is Steve Bannon an elite power tsk
Wants war - adviser Steve Bannon: 'We're going to in the South Sea ... no doubt' via
Steve Bannon wants actual war with China involving bombs & troops. Can't wait for Trump's voters to enlist for that. https:…
Donald Trump's closest advisor Steve Bannon thinks there will be war with China in the next few years
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Steve Bannon & Glove Puppet Trump to go down with the ship.
Steve Bannon appears to have the same goal as Charles Manson and Dylan Roof which is to start a Race War and then Ethnic Cl…
In that case, Steve Bannon should start wearing makeup so he doesn't scare people.
"It's a stunning thing.". Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not mincing words about Trump adviser Steve Bannon:
I've cosponsored legislation by my friend that would keep Steve Bannon - and politics - out of
I’m cosponsoring bill to keep political operatives like Steve Bannon off NSC
I knew Steve Bannon looked familiar. Just had to put him in his proper attire.
I cosponsored bill bc the National Security Council should focus on natl security, not Steve Bannon's po…
Stephanie Murphy introduces bill to kick Steve Bannon off National Security Council(Orlando news)
A new bill would require non-Senate-confirmed NSC attendees like Bannon to be approved by congressional resolution. https…
America, meet Steve Bannon, your new National Security Council member: "Darkness is good. *** Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power."
Steve Bannon's role in inner circle of Trump team raises fears of security crisis
Steve Bannon has already become an unpopular figure. -21 favorability rating (19/40):
Re-upping this look at Bannon's push to re-brand American nationalism:
Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon were there when Trump authorized it, what could go wrong?
Steve Bannon has already gotten more "mainstream" skepticism/scrutiny in 2 weeks in the White House than Valerie Jarrett dr…
Take a minute and process the fact that Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are helping to make life and death decisions about a…
This man is democracy's true enemy. Trump may be just sideshow: Is Steve Bannon Most Powerful Man in World? https:…
Steve Bannon looks like someone I would feel sorry for until I learn that he is an bigot and then I am like, "That's your soul showing."
Steve Bannon looks like he's about to break up the entire world order as well as your mucus and chest congestion.…
War with China? Steve Bannon is not just nutty, but also very dangerous.
Opinion | Steve Bannon's first major play is shaping up as a full-blown fiasco IMPEACH Pres BANNON…
Whoa, the President's spox lost the plot at the prayer breakfast! (By "President" I mean Steve Bannon. By "spox" I mean
Steve Bannon wants to shut down *legal* immigration, like the U.S. did from the 1920s until the 1970s.
(the scene from Mean Girls where they're all standing in front of the mirror but it's steve bannon): "ugh my pores are…
I see crazy Christian Dominionist Steve Bannon is whispering more unconstitional nonsense into insecure Trump's ear. https…
Gorusch founded "Fascism Forever" club in high school. Not to be confused with Steve Bannon's "Rags to Reiches" middle sch…
TIME’s new cover: How Steve Bannon became the second most powerful man in the... by via
Steve Bannon always looks like the third act of a Paul Thomas Anderson movie.
WATCH: Who is Steve Bannon? The former head of an alt-right website now guides the US president - htt…
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Steve Bannon looks like a guy who's required by parole to knock on doors and introduce himself when he moves to a new ne…
"Steve, have you seen my silk cravat?" /Bannon, apparently dying, blows his nose wetly "Uh, I have some bad news."
Nancy Pelosi twice called Steve Bannon a white supremacist. Nancy right now.
What is making America less safe is crazy Liberals likeNot Steve Bannon! Pelosi is Dangerous+crazy.
How Congress can keep Steve Bannon off the NSC:
every interview w steve bannon: i want to destroy democracy and entrench white christian hegemony. media: Strategic Bannon…
. "Propriety is for losers, snowflakes, and the United Nations.". --Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon did not see his own shadow because vodka.
Dog help us .. by that, I mean just hug your dog and cry.
Steve Bannon looks like a sculpture of Bukowsky made entirely of fried chicken and pubic hair.
Steve Bannon looks like an art student's attempt at sculpting Robert Redford out of room temp tapioca
Steve Bannon? I haven't heard that name in a long time...
Attempts to remove Steve Bannon from the NSC, where his influence can have global implications, has begun. Let your Re…
No POTUS would like this TIME story, but given Trump's particular issues this Bannon epic is going to burn bad.
Steve Bannon might want to put down his copy of THE ART OF WAR and check out THE ART OF MAKING A CHOICE WITH YOUR FACIAL HA…
Steve Bannon is the real life Eric Cartman
Pelosi: 'white supremacist' Bannon making America 'less safe'.
New post:. Time to reject Bannon's "disruption" spin. In reality, his first major play is a full-blown fiasco:.
Nancy Pelosi calls Steve Bannon a white supremacist twice in one press conference
And Donald Trump didn't embolden white supremacy? What about Steve Bannon? Pot calling kettle black?
Bannon hates all immigrants, legal or otherwise
Steve Bannon often looks quite sinister, so well done to Time magazine for capturing his playful side.
.and Steve Bannon are in full IDGAF mode and the Republicans thought they could control him. You can't control crazy.
Bannon to donors: “The days of McConnell picking Republican nominees in Senate races are over.”
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Steve Bannon is a "white supremacist" and is "making America less safe"
I called my congressional representative to support Murphy's bill & remove Steve Bannon from the NSC. Your turn! https:/…
Nancy Pelosi just called Steve Bannon a white supremacist.
The left never had a Steve Bannon-like person in the White House. The left didn't put extremists like the Tea Party in Congress.
Steve Bannon looks like the actor they'd hire to portray Frank Conniff in an anti-propoganda film.
Now talking with Welch about Steve Bannon being put on the National Security Council. Listen in here:
He would have made a great Steve Bannon in the future miniseries "American Nightmare: Death of Democracy".
Oh good Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon are weighing in on SEAL Team 6 raids.
I'm no doctor, but something tells me Steve Bannon is NOT well. Yikes! Poor guy.
I wouldn't want Steve Bannon's secret lover speaking at my school with his Neo-Nazi tripe either.
Find something nice to say about Steve Bannon. We dare ya.
"What a day: I read about Steve Bannon's certainty that we will be at war with China, Michael Flynn throws a (cont)
Steve Bannon-white supremacist and hatemeister supreme-has been appointed to National Security Council AND 1/2 . . . .
I look at Steve Bannon and think "There's a man who has Gilbert O'Sullivan's 'Alone Again, Naturally' playing on a loop in his head."
If you only read one piece today, read this investigation of Steve Bannon's views on Islam and war by .
NEW: House Democrats write Pres. Trump urging immediate removal of Steve Bannon from permanent position on the NSC https:/…
Steve Bannon says he is Thomas Cromwell to DJT’s Henry VIII. Excellent! Beheading for treason sounds about right.
Ex-Obama staffer sounds alarm on ‘racist’ Steve Bannon: ‘Time to break glass because of emergency’ ht…
Jonathan Alter finally admits he was wrong about Steve Bannon, but the damage is already done.
Steve Bannon sees himself as Trump's Thomas Cromwell, but will his end be as ugly as Henry VIII's chief adviser's?
Goes to the winning bidder of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Steve Bannon is the real life Cyrus Beene. 😂😂
Steve Bannon looks like the trailer for Kuso.
Steve Bannon is more whiskey bent and *** bound than Hank Williams, Jr.
Steve Bannon continues to do the work of Isis. Now declares that Islam is worse than Naziism. He is a hate merchant and the real terrorist.
Steve Bannon compared the growth of Islam to the rise of Hitler in the 1930s, calling Islam "much darker."
It's like San Junipero rewritten by Steve Bannon or something.
Enjoy the Apocalypse: Trump's immigration order is just the opening salvo in Steve Bannon's war against Islam
Has no one noticed that Steve Bannon eerily resembles J. Edgar Hoover? J Edgar back bro lmao
Trump gives Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council
In case it wasn't clear yet, Steve Bannon is our president
I warned you not to let Steve Bannon swim in the Highland Park reservoir.
Steve Bannon: Right hand of the President, member of National Security Council and now Supreme Court Justice?? Could happen
Steve Bannon looks like he was bitten by a radioactive HoneyBaked Ham.
.tells to "rethink" Steve Bannon for "driving constant frustration and division" via https:…
.analyzed 2 years of Breitbart radio to get a sense of Steve Bannon's unfiltered views
Steve Bannon thinks the U.S. media may be working under the precepts of Islamic law.
Steve Bannon got salary from charity while steering Breitbart News.
Collins: "Entirely inappropriate" for Steve Bannon to have seat at NSC
"Steve Bannon has for years been promoting Sessions on his website, Breitbart." -
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