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Steve Bannon

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There is no need to be hypocritical! Steve Bannon has alrea…
Steve Bannon is ready to declare victory for racism in Virginia governor's race
Steve Bannon's protégée Julia Hahn gets a new job in the White House—and it's not going well
The republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, has been endorsed by Steve Bannon. If you are horrified by the constant shootings…
Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie, leaving no doubt what’s at stake in this election. Make a plan to vote NOW: http…
Steve Bannon is a professional matchmaker. . He is the one who should be imprisoned for his cr…
I wish we still had Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Steve Bannon.
So basically Robert Mercer's daughters are still happy to support white supremacist Steve Bannon who breeds te…
Bob Mercer distances himself from Steve Bannon & says he plans to sell Breitbart stake to daughters
Steve Bannon tried to recruit teachers union to Trump agenda while in White House by
I think you are mistaking him for Steve Bannon
The dinosaur is Steve Bannon isn't it?
Steve Bannon on a few occasions compared Trump to Bryan and Bryan frequen…
Imagine being a Jewish person who thinks you have to come to the defense of Steve Bannon, at a time of actual risin…
Steve Bannon was illegally paid $950,050 by Robert Mercer's super PAC while on Trump's campaign-uncovered by
Reminder: Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart, and Steve Bannon's production company Glittering Steel all share an address…
Leaves an opening for extremist white nationalist, Steve Bannon backed, Kelli Ward, a Clive Bundy Supporter, t…
Steve Bannon was in talks with Kid Rock
Steve Bannon speaks out for the forgotten men and women of the Saudi royal family.
I think it's sweet that Trump...I mean Scheer has found his Steve Bannon...I mean Hamish Marshall.
Brown on Rep. Wilson's comment: "I agree that Steve Bannon is a white supremacist and Stephen Miller seems to be"
YUGE News: Ronna McDaniel says RNC is joining forces w/Steve Bannon to get a better majority for Trump for 2018
Sen. Mitch McConnell waves off attacks from Steve Bannon as "inter-party skirmishes"
Nasty stuff. Senator Mitch McConnell under attack from Steve Bannon as he holds the line for
."I agree Steve Bannon is a white supremacist & Stephen Miller seems to be and they have allies sprink…
Punch of Donald (Mr. Inside) and Steve Bannon (Mr. Outside) has not been seen in America since Paul Hornung & Jim Taylor
I think Steve Bannon looks more like an 'after crystal meth' picture of David Hare.
This is what Steve Bannon told the California Republican Party… ad:…
Steve Bannon on John McCain.. got some big boos
Steve Bannon blasts George Bush and calls for Republican 'revolt' | By
"There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s." - Stephen K. Bannon. I actually agree with Steve Bannon on something.
Steve Bannon really is the portrait of America, isn't he? The Dorian Gray portrait.
In Anaheim, Steve Bannon talks of secession and hammers on McCain, George W. Bush – Orange County Register
1. THREAD: The mainstream media now treat every Steve Bannon utterance as major news. They are consciously boosting his stat…
Keep after the. Those. Bought off political liers
Right wing terrorism has committed more terror attacks than radical islami…
'It motivates right-of-centre voters to get angry and get active.' Does Canada need a Steve Bannon (Hamish Marshall)?
And who does she blame for that face. Vodka Barbie is looking bad these days. She is still hanging out with Steve B…
My night tonight! Steve Bannon in AZ at Campaign Kick off! Listen up! We have to build grassroots army’s!
Hear what Steve Bannon's colleagues at Breibart have to say about him in this interactive video from
Can you make this up? Steve Bannon was a troll for the Trump campaign
Fasten your seatbelts: Steve Bannon to address the California GOP tonight
This is like Steve Bannon saying somebody has bad skin or looks like a drunk.
No one wants to hear ANYTHING has to say. Swipes at Steve Bannon’s ‘Motley Crew’ Ahead of 2018 Midterms
Great. I'll go to sleep happy tonight. Thank you Steve Bannon. Go get em.
Steve Bannon on GOP Senators up for reelection in 2018: . "We're going after all of them except Bravo. 👏👏👏👏
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Opinion | The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon’s battles
Steve Bannon must be in charge of the ScaramucciPost
Sounds like a fantasy of Stephen Miller or Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon traveling to Anaheim today. Quite a welcome crew of supporters awaits his arrival!
Bannon believes Liddle' Dotard Donnie Daycare only has 30% chance of completing full term due to the 25th amendment…
Hes always got this look like steve bannon&it was reported bannon use to make meth in his sink at home
Friday October 20 - *** and Sharon's LA Progressive: On the Issue of Dark Money in Politics Via
RNC Chair: Steve Bannon's Mission 'Is the Same as Mine' - Breitbart via
Someone tell Steve Bannon that Trump needs more Republican senators, not different ones via
Just when the Niger debacle hits Fox News viewers, it's diversion fairy Steve Bannon to the rescue.
"If you think taking your country back is gonna be easy" Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon to GOP senators: Conservative voters are coming for you! *** right we are! 👊. Values Summit speech 👇. http…
Steve Bannon apparently has time in a busy schedule of enabling white supremacy to speak here — shame on you, https…
Steve Bannon's speech to the California tonight has some Republicans nervous
FYI: California Republicans increase security at state convention ahead of Steve Bannon speech
domain names
Steve Bannon said to be in regular contact with Kid Rock about Senate run
Presidential aide Stephen Miller with and Steve Bannon at her book signing at embassy. https:…
WATCH: House Speaker Paul Ryan poking fun at President Trump, Steve Bannon and Democrats at charity dinner in NYC
Steve Bannon cast as the picture in the Picture of Dorian Gray
Steve Bannon: Pamela Geller “one of the top world experts in radical Islam and Shariah law and Islamic…
Opinion: Lindsey Graham has good advice for Senate Republicans on Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon. "This is not my war. This is OUR war. It's a season of war against the
MSNBC anchor: How can Steve Bannon whine about "the establishment" while he's funded by billionaires?
Steve Bannon: "The European Union caused the Collapse of the Judeo Christian west in Europe"!
Steve Bannon is a real life Homer Simpson with hair
Look over your shoulders, Ryan and McConnell. It's the RINO HUNTER, Steve Bannon! And he's got an army of Trump Supporters with him!
Dear Leadership: You normalized Steve Bannon by failing to stand up to his extremism. You created a monster in your own p…
My dad just pointed out that mad eye moody looks like Steve Bannon and I’m literally dying 😂
If I was McConnell, I would send 500 cases of Johnny Walker Blue to Steve Bannon's house and hope he disappears for a while.
Dear The alt-right launched racist attacks against my daughter. Steve Bannon said he gave the alt-right a platform…
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Mueller- Okay before we get started I need to ask one th... Reince Priebus- I don’t think Steve Bannon can suck his own…
it's not a civil war -- it's a RINO hunting expedition. . Steve Bannon is the big game hunter -- and I'm in the hun…
Is it me or is Steve Bannon being treated with more deference and respect in the national media than Hillary Clinton?
Steve Bannon to Sean Hannity: 'Sen. McConnell and Corker, and the entire establishment globalist clique on Capitol Hill, h…
Steve Bannon is about to plunge the Republican Party into civil war.
Steve Bannon has told people he thinks Trump has only a 30% chance of serving full term. My latest: .
Steve Bannon believes President Trump only has a 30% chance of completing his full term, a source tells Vanity Fair
While I'm at it, Steve Bannon is no Karl Rove or David Axelrod.He's a joke. Roy Moore was going to win AL primary anyway.Bannon is fake news
Steve Bannon states he believes Trump has a 30% chance of finishing his term. He warned Trump of the 25th & Trump said "What…
Steve Bannon is less scary than The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. Discuss.
Steve Bannon looks like Captain Kangaroo just opened the arc of the covenant.
Does anyone care what Steve Bannon thinks? Scum is scum
Confused why the media doesn't spend time pointing out that Steve Bannon is a meth addict. He's a poster boy for me…
Up next Steve Bannon joins me to explain how he is taking on the Washington DC swamp
Steve Bannon:Bob Corker should resign after saying Trump putting US on 'path to World War III' via
Just a reminder that all this flag, Nazi, conversation is out of Steve Bannon's WH exit playbook.🤔.
1) Bannon: Corker should resign. 2) America: Bannon should go away. He’s just a guy. Who cares what he says? Nobody. ht…
Sources: Steve Bannon is coming after Republican senators and only Ted Cruz is safe
TONIGHT at 9p ET: Steve Bannon gives his views on agenda. Tune in for the exclusive interview on
Steve Bannon on tonight, We're going to challenge every Republican incumbent but Ted Cruz. Steve &
I'm buying what Steve Bannon is selling. It's about *** time.
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon expands his list of Senate Republican targets for 2018
We all need to be more like Steve Bannon, we need millions and millions of Bannons
I'm just going to say it: Steve Bannon has really great hair. . It's like delicious chocolate frosting on top of a poop cup…
Dems/Repubs take heed Steve Bannon is Unleashed & has a Powerhouse voice in politics Bannon is going to take you down
Russian Anarchist Steve Bannon calls on American Patriot Sen. Bob Corker to resign - CNNPolitics
Is it just me or is Steve Bannon acting like didn't finish him off?
Trump is the undoing of the Republican Party. Steve Bannon is going to take you down. Your fault. Impeach Trump…
It is not that Jeff Sessions lovingly eats his wife's butt, it's that Steve Bannon rudely spanks babies during Tuesdays.
Steve Bannon is not the law of the land. You grim felon!
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Steve Bannon: "There's a coalition coming together that's going to challenge every Republican incumbent, except for
The GOP liberal globalists have blocked Trump every chance they go. Now Trump will have them FIRED.
Is it possible that Steve Bannon looks more like a sexual predator since leaving the White House?
Sean Hannity 10/9/17 President Trump will be on Hannity this Wednesday! Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham, Steve Scalise
"We are going to war against the Republican establishment. "We are going to win" - Steve Bannon . Bring 👏 It 👏On .
Steve Bannon: "we are declaring war on Republicans who do not back the president's agenda...we're going to cut off the o…
Hey RINOs!!! Steve Bannon has declared WAR on Republican Establishment. Every rock you hide under will be over turned‼️ h…
“If Bob Corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately..." -Steve Bannon, champion and definition of honor and decency.
Steve Bannon is going to primary every Republican Senator up for reelection in 2018 except Ted Cruz. So awesome!
Steve Bannon: "It's a New Game in Town. We're Going to Cut Off the Oxygen to Mitch McConnell" (VIDEO)
Steve Bannon: "We are declaring war on the Republican establishment that does not back the agenda that ran on."
It is not that Steve Bannon enchantingly cherishes his dog's butt, it's that Rex Tillerson rudely hurts babies during Monday night football.
Steve Bannon saying Bob Corker should resign because he criticized Trump is dangerous. Trump criticizes people all the t…
Tonight on I’m joined live at 9pm by Steve Bannon, a…
TUNE IN TONIGHT at 9pm. Steve Bannon gives his views on agenda. .
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Ya... Btw... What ever happened to Steve Bannon, after his parry for nationalism and populism was shot into the dirt??
What do you get when you mix Steve Bannon's ideology with Ted Cruz's punchable face? Stephen Miller!
Yes, the Nazi party, the alt right, Richard Spencer, David Duke and Steve Bannon are super proud of you both!
Steve Bannon is reclaiming the GOP & converting it into the party that best represents white interests
"Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore traveled to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to meet with Steve Bannon & members of the Al…
& now we find that Trumps daughter, son-in law, Stephen Miller (No relation), Steve Bannon,…
Live photo of Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka during the singing of "La Marseillaise" for
A big applause 🙏🏻 to Steve Bannon for helping our most underserved citizens obtain their 2nd amendment rights.…
Now JOY - Trump has Little Stephen Miller and I bet - oh what’s his name- u know the alcoholic, yes Steve Bannon h…
Leaked video reveals Steve Bannon in long-term affair with Bernie Sanders
He was in Alabama this week with Steve Bannon campaigning for Roy Moore:-(
Steve Bannon: "We’re basically gonna tell people: If McConnell endorses you, you’re finished" https:/…
Don't forget, prior to Steve Bannon's resignation he was kicked off of the Nat. Sec. Council. Need another…
I've got to congratulate Tucker for sticking with the Steve Bannon diet as long as he has. Lookin' good, there, Tuck!
Why does Steve Bannon always look like he's about to bust out some Charlie Daniels karaoke at a funeral
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Nigel Farage just introduced Steve Bannon at the Roy Moore Rally calling him "the greatest political thinker in the Western hem…
Well, looks like Steve Bannon took out his favorite fake news writer Paul Horner to keep him from exposing players of trumps Russia gate
Congrats to Judge Moore, Breitbart and Steve Bannon! Only 45 more liberal/moderate republican senators to go!! :) :)
Steve Bannon blasts Republican swamp: “This is a referendum on the party of Davos and the ...
Memes pour in as White House strategist Steve Bannon shown the door - ***
*goes to Antiques Road Show*. “The ichor, gore and eldritch runes on the codpiece tell me that this is the phylactery of Steve Bannon.”
Steve Bannon to NFL: . 'Take A Knee . - At Night to Thank God Donald Trump is POTUS' .
'Lock 'em up!' Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Stephen Miller — all used private emails to d…
Steve Bannon is the Frank Gallagher of politics.
I see money in First Amendment privacy
🚨 reports Bannon sought to infiltrate FB’s hiring process days before taking over Trump’s campaign. 🚨.
Kushner used a private email account to exchange emails with Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Gary Cohn and Josh Raffel.
Guess Milo Yiannopolis, Steve Bannon & Ann Coulter got the Free Speech Week they wanted after all.
did u know Steve Bannon is speaking at a rally tonight in Fairhope? People are going to peacefully p…
So did Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and Steve Bannon, but it was different when Hillary did it because... uhh..…
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Best to leave espionage to professionals.
TONIGHT: Watch at a new time, 9p ET, when he'll interview Steve Bannon!
MEP, paid by Euro funds, campaigns for US candidate alongside Steve Bannon. I assume favour to Bannon/Mercer for Brexit…
Sarah Palin and Dr. Gorka team up to campaign for Steve Bannon favorite Roy Moore in Alabama Senate runoff.
Steve Bannon will headline a rally for Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate battle
Thrilled to have Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon join our Faith & Family Rally w/ Phil Robertson —>
Anthony Scaramucci just went on 'The View' and said Steve Bannon has white nationalist 'tendencies'
Wrong Anthony, Steve Bannon is a patriot and an AMERICAN nationalist, nothing to do with race.
Sunny Hostin asks Anthony Scaramucci if Steve Bannon is a White Nationalist via .
WATCH: Anthony Scaramucci confirms on ‘The View’ that Steve Bannon has white nationalist ‘tendencies’
Scaramucci confirms on that Steve Bannon has white nationalist ‘tendencies’
Anthony Scaramucci says Steve Bannon has a "messianic complex" and white nationalist "tendencies"
Scaramucci: Steve Bannon has white nationalist tendencies
Scaramucci says Steve Bannon has white nationalist “tendencies”
Steve Bannon held secret meeting in Beijing last week with 2nd most powerful person in China Wang Qishan (scoop)
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Graham on building support for health care: "I've got Alan Greenspan, Jeb Bush, and Steve Bannon. If you can do better than…
Doctors, nurses, patients, hospitals, + now insurers. While has Steve Bannon, Jeb Bush and Alan G…
Well Lindsey Graham cited Steve Bannon and Jeb Bush, so ya know, both sides and whatnot
The political proxy war between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon just got very dirty |By .
Top Republican says he is working with Steve Bannon despite thinking he's 'Darth Vader'
Is it just me, or does Paul Manafort look like Steve Bannon before the Night King killed and then revived him?
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie didn't get a cabinet position because he didn't show up for 'Billy Bush weekend'
Now, exactly how often does David Horowitz speak to Steve Bannon, Sebastian G…
Steve Bannon apparently said "there is more to life than NPV and IRR" at the CLSA conference in Hong Kong last week. Via…
Steve Bannon got a 60 Minutes feature & Sean Spicer got an cameo, but Hillary Clinton needs to "shut up & go away"?…
And now to present a blooper reel of past Emmys, it's Steve Bannon and Joyce DeWitt!
"Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon are the most offensive people to step on Cal's campus this week". Ole Miss Football: "Hold…
I am 100% certain after watching this interview with Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes that they did not win a single Emmy awar…
OK, my dream Virginia Tech game watching party lineup is set: Me, Steve Bannon, Hoda Kotb, and Bimbo Coles.
Chuck Todd today equated Bernie Sanders with Steve Bannon. The insurance lobby is in full attack mode!
We were peoples long before ‘We the people.’ Read NCAI response to Steve Bannon on the First Americans:
Perspective | Steve Bannon is wrong. The Catholic Church's stance on immigration is about theology, not politics.
"Full Speech "60 Minutes" Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist for the White House and chairman of President …
Buried in Susan Rice story: Steve Bannon was in meeting where Russian backchannel was attempted to be setup-welcome Bannon to
Schlubby nerd Steve Bannon is a “Street Fighter” in exactly the same sense my out-of-shape nephew playing Call of Duty is…
George Clooney slammed Steve Bannon in a profane rant about his failed Hollywood career
I keep coming back to how Steve Bannon said he attended an "integrated" high school that black student in his senior…
Media: Hillary Clinton needs to be quiet. Also Media: Let's hear what Steve Bannon has to say.
How Bernie Sanders and Steve Bannon are defining American politics
Steve Bannon: ‘Far from conclusive’ that Russian meddling impacted 2016 elections
Why did Steve Bannon resign from the Trump administration? by Michael Levy
Steve Bannon weighs in on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's ideas in White House
.on 'sheer madness' of Steve Bannon's epic 60 Minutes interview
Steve Bannon said blah blah Trump propaganda on blah blah-No one cares what Fmr President Bannon has to say-Another…
Steve Bannon calls out Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, for wanting to remove President Trump from office -
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Steve Bannon has declared war on Republican leaders
Steve Bannon to Mitch McConnell told President Trump to back off "drain the swamp" talk.
Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes puts the smack down on limousine driving fake A $$ liberals who call him a racist ! Epic response…
Steve Bannon: Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan are part of the Globalist Corporatist Swamp in Washington DC.
Y is Charlie Ross in a different light than Steve Bannon during the interview on ?
Your own article quoted Steve Bannon as saying "Brexit was my petri dish" experiment - Read on
Christie: Steve Bannon looking for 'last 15 minutes of fame'
One moment on '60 Minutes' made it perfectly clear how Steve Bannon fools so many people via
It's so odd that Steve Bannon thinks he's an American patriot because he hates the constitution, the government and democra…
Steve Bannon doesn't really care about his Gream Reaper portrayal on Saturday Night Live:
We all just going to ignore the fact Steve Bannon has the exact same eyes as Star Wars Emperor? Those who ignore history are doomed 2 repeat
Steve Bannon says he opposed the firing of FBI Director James Comey
WATCH: Overtime: Steve Bannon tells why he was against the firing of former FBI Director James…
WOW — 60 minutes caught using video color adjustments to make Steve Bannon's eyes look red. The Fake News is out of control!…
Love watching Steve Bannon stick it to the fake news media and Republican establishment. A true patriot! https:/…
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FAKE NEWS strikes again!. Photographer shows how made Steve Bannon 'Look Bad' https:/…
Steve Bannon responds to being portrayed as The Grim Reaper on 'Saturday Night Live'
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon calls the Russia investigation "a waste of time"
Steve Bannon says firing FBI director James Comey may be the biggest mistake in modern political history:…
Steve Bannon didn't mince words when sharing his opinion on the firing of FBI director James Comey
Ok, after watching that interview, I don't think Steve Bannon was terminated. I think he was relocated. 👌🏻
William F. Buckley>Steve Bannon, not so grand old party
"The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election. That's a brutal fact we have to face.". ~Steve Bannon.
George Clooney really hates "little wannabe writer' Steve Bannon
"I don't need to be lectured by a bunch of limousine liberals from the Upper East Side and the Hamptons." - Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon on 60 minutes discussing DACA and the Catholic Church. Amazing!
I think the conclusion is that there's nothing remarkable about Steve Bannon. He's a less interesting or redeemable, luckie…
Steve Bannon proved on 60 minutes why he is more valuable outside of the White House. Absolutely destroyed the MSM & p…
You know what was a bigger mistake? Trump, listening to a bloated, strung out, anti-democracy Nazi like Steve Bannon ht…
George Clooney opens up about former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon's failed stab at Hollywood
Did not recall. So Chun Li and Steve Bannon. Roger that.
Excerpts from Hillary Clinton's psychotic/paranoid "alt right speech" referenced by Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes. Listen to…
Steve Bannon on Hillary Clinton: "She's not very bright. She doesn't have a grasp on what's important and what's not.".
"Hillary Clinton is not really bright" -Steve Bannon is going to trigger feminists so much.
The media is now officially giving more grief to Hillary Clinton than to white supremacist traitor Steve Bannon. This is…
Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and the four factions of the Republican civil war started by the Libertarians’ Tea Party.
Why is Steve Bannon so enamored of Donald Trump? by Michael Levy
Steve Bannon is deeply tied to the Mercer empire. 60 Minutes didn't ask him a single question about it. h…
"Yo mama's so ugly, she looks like Steve Bannon on 60 minutes.". —Every school-kid tomorrow
Steve Bannon kills it right here, got to be honest. .
Steve Bannon is the latest in a long line of Right Wingers to earn the moniker "A dumb person's idea of a smart person"
Steve Bannon just referred to undocumented immigrants as "illegal aliens" on Leftists:
Watching 60 minutes and listening to Steve Bannon ... What do you all think about it?
First I thought the devil was ugly Roger Stone. Now I think it's Bannon. Both are monstrous to look at. "Steve Bannon"
Thank you Steve Bannon for calling out the Globalist Catholic Church for getting MONEY to help resettle M*slim immigrants.
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Steve Bannon had his weekly stroke and now talks like Jimmy Stewart
"I was raised in a desegregated neighborhood." Steve Bannon explains to Charlie Rose why he can't possibly be racist.
Steve Bannon is a racist bigot who likely hates you Allen, simply because of your skin color; give that some thought.
Steve Bannon rages at as it destroys his house.
Trump phenomena makes more sense once you approach characters such Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, and Milo Yiannopoulos .
Breitbart dot com. Roger Ailes would be delighted and proud of Steve Bannon & his staff. America lives at Breitbart.
Steve Bannon explains WHY Chris Christie was passed over for a Cabinet position
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie's lack of loyalty cost him cabinet consideration via
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie's response to the 'Access Hollywood' tape cost him a spot in Trump cabinet
Stephen Colbert flashes Nazi salute during rant about Steve Bannon and Donald Trump
Steve Bannon speaks, and he sounds as bad as he looks.
Steve Bannon: ‘Access LOOK Look into his evil eyes. Hollywood’ Moment Showed Who Was Loyal to Trump
In his first extensive interview since leaving the WH, Steve Bannon tells about fallout after the leaked “Access ***
Steve Bannon: Trump's leaked "Access Hollywood" tape was a "litmus test" (Since many rather read than watch him.)
Steve Bannon just destroyed Reince Priebus on the 'Access Hollywood' tape. Bannon is an despicable, vindictive m'fer!
really is broke. How else to explain why Steve Bannon dresses so badly. Listen to Max:…
The enemy in the white supremacist French novel, 'Camp of the Saints,' that Steve Bannon likes isn't Arabs and Muslims. It's…
Steve Bannon - He runs an online white supremacist newsletter just crammed full of hate, and the MSM is "fascinated" with him.
Steve Bannon stole that joke from Emo Philips:.
unless I read it wrong. Bill Donahue of the Catholic League just gave Steve Bannon a light slap on the wrist 4 his comments😕
Steve Bannon: The Catholic Church needs “illegal aliens to fill the churches”
I can't decide whether Steve Bannon is the Nick Nolte or the Gary Busey of politics. 🤔
Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes: 'No Room in American Society' for the KKK and White Nationalists via
That's Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to the President of the United States:
While the Catholic Bishops are attacked by Steve Bannon on the Alt Right about immigration. With people like these against us we are ok 👍
The Steve Bannon interview will also serve as a PSA for skin abnormalities. Get those marks, moles and dying skin checked!
News post: "Steve Bannon: Catholic Church has 'economic interest' in 'unlimited illegal immigration'"
EXCLUSIVE Sits down with Steve Bannon... In first interview since leaving Administration
WATCH: talks with Steve Bannon in his first extensive interview since leaving Trump admin:
Top News: Steve Bannon says his media image is 'pretty accurate' - Washington Post
Steve Bannon takes on Trump critics, Catholic Church in 60 Minutes interview
Steve Bannon should join Scientology. It just... it just feels right.
Fr WH strategist Steve Bannon: "I am a streetfighter! I think that's why Donald Trump and I get along so well"! https…
It's no secret that Steve Bannon is aligned with white nationalists. Many, such as the KKK, hate Catholics and Jews as…
60 MINUTES: Steve Bannon slams Neo-Nazis and the KKK, while defending President Trump's message on monuments
Id rather have the corpse of Rip Torn, than Steve Bannon
What would Jesus do? Ignore Bannon, who says Catholic Church has "econ interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"
Steve Bannon says his media image is pretty accurate
A few thoughts about Steve Bannon, the Church, and immigrants, in response to his comments circulating:
Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration"
"And their 'Blood of Christ' *** You need to guzzle like nein glasses to get a buzz!"-Steve Bannon on the Catholic Church
Is it just me or does Steve Bannon look like an amoeba that accidentally grew human skin?
Can you stomach watching this Steve Bannon interview??? He looks like a zombie!
Could be worse. Steve Bannon is a walking zit.
Why is Steve Bannon still a thing?The media shouldn't be talking to him, speaking of him or giving him spa…
Steve Bannon seems unable to process how people can have sympathy for immigrants
It would be a crime for Bannon to lobby the White House within two years of departure. 18 USC 207. . vi…
WATCH: Former WH Chief Strategist Steve Bannon says "there's no room in American society" for neo-Nazis, neo-Confederat…
Someone replaced Steve Bannon's copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" w"How to Alienate Absolutely Everyone" again, didn't they?
Steve Bannon seems to adhere to the theory that something can be so monumentally moronic that it's ac…
Steve Bannon tells CBS Catholic Bishops are opposed to what's happening on DACA because "they need illegal aliens to fill…
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