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Steve Ballmer

Steven Anthony Steve Ballmer (born March 24, 1956) is the chief executive officer of Microsoft, having held that post since January 2000. , his personal wealth is estimated at US$15.7 billion, ranking number 19 on the Forbes 400.

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As a Microsoft-❤️, Steve B is one of those guys I really would w…
I wonder if investors would be as gracious as you are. Ask your employees (ones remai…
I believe it's a reference to this famous Steve Ballmer video
"Great companies in the way they work, start with great leaders.". ~ Steve Ballmer
If anyone buys its steve ballmer because he will have the clippers across the street. What do you think ?
He is just being nice. Steve Ballmer actually destroyed Microsoft.
Satya recounts his first time meeting Steve in 1992 via
Steve Ballmer was right, Linux is Communism, we're coming for your photoshop liscence pal
Great to talk about and celebrate the launch of today. Thank you and congrats https:/…
From recounts 1st time meeting in '92:
What a tribute to a legendary founder and leader like Steve Ballmer and a great company like Microsoft! A culture th…
New UW Global Innovation Exchange building, funded in part by Microsoft, named for Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer still works there and they're all forced to form a new basketball team just for his pleasure!
Bellevue's new building will be called the Steve Ballmer Building.
Steve Ballmer gets a building named after him. via
Great day at U.S.-China tech institute GIX. Thanks to and all involved!
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recounts his first time meeting Steve Ballmer in 1992
So pleased to see honored today at the opening of the new Steve Ballmer Building in Bellevue.
Love the friendship, and more importantly, the humility.
Also if you look closely you can see Steve Ballmer turned with his back to the camera paying homage…
Tilman Fertitta is Steve Ballmer wearing a wig. Everyone knows this.
Surprised Nate Robinson ain't spamming Steve Ballmer and the clips right now begging for a contract
Blake Griffin met with Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers, Jerry West today at Staples Center, "meeting went well. Expected to sign a…
Attending for the first time. Amazing turnout, 16,000 partners. Steve Ballmer to address crowded Air Canada Center…
%1000 Steve Ballmer. Let's meet this week if you have silenced
Jerry West, "I heard Steve Ballmer was rich. I heard that. But the thing that shocked me was, he has got the most com…
In Ballmer voice on next 20 yrs "...and the Clippers have our 5th NBA championship. Maybe our 10th NBA championship" https:/…
Steve Jobs's criticism of Bill Gates:. Winning business was more important than making great products.
Steve Ballmer, Clippers to debut new way to watch NBA game - USA TODAY
Zelda with a sword (from Twilight Prince, love that model), Hunter from Bloodborne, Steve Ballmer
Kuddos team Indeed AI is the next revolution in
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Describing Marissa as "Superwoman" sets Steve Job-esque expectations, while she might be a Steve Ballmer. Just an ordinary CEO
Steve Ballmer: We should have turned Microsoft into a “world-class hardware company” Via
.launched USAFacts and wasn't sure it would get used. Now he's ready for phase two. Via
Steve Ballmer says tech firms should be as accountable as the NBA.
Tech needs to be more accountable, says Steve Ballmer—and it should look to the world of pro sports as a model.
Steve Ballmer should consider bringing the LAC to Seattle, and rebranding them to the SuperSonics. That city deserves a Basketball team.
Watch Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and current LA Clippers owner, at Code via
Report: advisor Jerry West has had talks with owner Steve Ballmer, hc/prez Doc Rivers on advisor role.
How Clippers' owner Steve Ballmer is trying to create the Wikipedia of government figures
Interesting facts & charts about the government by Steve Ballmer fmr. CEO.
Steve Ballmer launched government data resource USAFacts to bring "transparency to your tax dollars."…
Steve Ballmer's pet project: a website that shows you how the government spends tax money, says
Tebbe of to Lewin: Few people have worked w/ Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer. How was it?
On this date in 1956, former Microsoft CEO (and early employee) and current Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer was born in Detroit.
How did Ray Dalio, Carlos Slim, and Steve Ballmer become billionaires? New book available.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
QB Aaron Rodgers, owner Steve Ballmer among those who will tee up at the Genesis Open Pro-Am.
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may have found a new calling, making a guest appearance on NBC Apprentice.…
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is using Excel to create a 10-K report for improving the federal government. https:…
it was actually when him, Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer played minor league baseball.
Spotted so far at Clippers-Warriors at the Staples Center: Jay Z (just chatted with Clips owner Steve Ballmer), Simone Biles, Terrell Owens.
Steve Ballmer's passion for sports led him to purchase the LA Clippers. See the passions of America's richest here:…
Steve Ballmer, Ringo Starr, and Bill Gates in 1996 discussing the possibility of music on cellular phones.
exactly. It's like Tim Cook is the new Steve Ballmer
Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and why he still has his job at Apple (AAPL): AP and Justin Sullivan/Getty Imag...
Steve Ballmer: Microsoft successfully makes transition to enterprise
When I saw Steve Ballmer on hand to fire up the Stanford football team I knew they were gonna get crushed.
Just ended my night with Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer!
Steve ballmer no matter what articulated freertos 8 would conceptualize 500 crore users suitable for 2013: peRaTM
spotted Steve Ballmer running away after the game with his Stanford red.
Steve Ballmer pep talk must have been great 😂😂
"Great cfmpanies in the way thed work, start with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Microsoft's is tracking to be a worse CEO than Steve Ballmer and I didn't think that was possible.
Steve Ballmer, Stanford fan, who comes from a winning pedigree as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Steve Ballmer in the building tonight ...
Surprisingly well made ad for the mini NES. The music! I keep expecting Steve Ballmer to run out with a Win 3.0 box.
Looks can be deceiving. Billionaire Steve Ballmer in the Westin wearing extremely dirty non brand sneakers.
The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. – Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft
What’s different about the Clippers this year? - Clips Nation
"Great compani,s in the nay they work, start with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Hmm, story of Munich swapping out for can understand the lock in to the stack pov
How Munich rejected Steve Ballmer and kicked Microsoft out of the city by
Google's not a real company. It's a house of cards.
Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it t
''We don't have a monopoly. We have market share. There's a difference.'' Steve Ballmer.
What’s different about the Clippers this year?
"Great compaaies in the way they work, start with qreat leaders." - Steve Ballmer
"Greatycompanies in the way they work, start with great leaderq." - Steve Ballmer
"Great companies in the way they work, ,tart withpgreat leaders." - Steve Ballmer
"Great com aaies in the way they work, start with qr,at leaders." - Steve Ballmer
"Great companies iz the way they work, start ;ith great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Our company has to be a company that enables its people.
"Great companies in the way they pork, :tart with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer and Chuck are so excited the NBA season is 26 days away, they can’t help but dance!
to when our very own tried to teach the world to be more like Steve Ballmer...
Steve Ballmer looks like he stepped out of a Roald Dahl book.
Something not mentioned often: both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer almost were mathematicians
Meanwhile at the Staples Center, Steve Ballmer is turning over in his grave.
I'd rather see John Carpenter on point that Steve Ballmer!
Bill Gates as the brains behind the plan, Steve Ballmer running the operation.
Steve ballmer not parol tasis 8 would obtain 500 multifold users in correspondence to 2013: XRtzbB
is this Steve ballmer name searching?
"Great companies in the way they work, stfrt with ;reat leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Wait, Steve Ballmer is personally getting back at me for this to be an actual product.
Is that Steve Ballmer in the front row with the green shamrock pants?
Now about that interview when Steve Ballmer laughed off the iPhone nine years ago…
"Great complnies in the way they work, stbrt with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Insert joke about Steve Ballmer laughing at the iPhone when it first came out.
Every day in the highest offices of Google, Apple and Sony ... A candle is lit. A prayer is uttered. "Thank you for Steve B…
Maybe Microsoft needs to bringing back Steve Ballmer. .
CEO Satya Nadella has written off most of the $9.5bn deal led by his predecessor Steve Ballmer.
"Great companieg in tho way they work, sthrt with gre.t leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Well Steve Ballmer retires super wealthy and Microsoft sells its failed Nokia purchase. Ballmer is an *** that fell into wealth.
“Passion is the ability to get excited about something. Irrepressibility and tenacity is about the ability to stay with it." Steve Ballmer
I would make it so that Steve Ballmer bought the phone biz and Microsoft payed the price.
The last laugh. . Steve Ballmer 2007 at iPhone launch.And today ? . Ouch !
Microsoft takes a $950 million hit for Steve Ballmer's purchase of Nokia
"Great companies in the way they wyrk, start wit. great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer's reaction to the original iPhone is still one of my favorite things to watch
Steve Ballmer... the gift that just keeps on giving...
Remember when Steve Ballmer said how "is going to be the center of phone manufacturing"? It was just words.
..Further to that, Steve Ballmer should be investigated to check why on earth did he believe and commit in buying Nokia in the first place??
I don't get why everyone is blaming Steve Ballmer on the Nokia Microsoft deal when it's Satya Nadella who was in charge the whole time.
Steve Ballmer made two horrible deals at the end of his career ... Microsoft buying and himself buying the LA Clippers.
Thanks Steve Ballmer for wasting those billions, and, well, thanks the other Steve for screwing up an entire ecosystem
HRs do your best to work hand in hand with the CEO. Steve Ballmer former CEO...
"Great companies in the .ay they work, start with great leadersp" - Steve Ballmer
"Greaw companiws in the way they work, start with gkeat leaders.| - Steve Ballmer
.in Silicon Valley is a brilliant collision of mid period Steve Ballmer and Wallace Shawn
Steve Ballmer in 2007: "There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share,"
John Stanton along with Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Jim Sinegal (CostCo) and developer Matt Griffin tried to buy back before move.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Did Steve Ballmer's failure as CEO prove that you need a product/technical leader as CEO? by Brad Silverberg
Steve Ballmer has that sort of look where you see him everywhere
Bring back Steve Ballmer? But Microsoft did throw up an air ball of an earnings report. $MSFT down nearly 9%, wiping out YTD gains.
owner Steve Ballmer dunks at halftime...
he is steve ballmer. Second ceo of Microsoft. Hoax article it is.
But have you ever seen Steve Ballmer's dancing.
Saw old article last week—Steve Ballmer declaring Microsoft Vista was their most secure OS ever. Evidently, Hess reading that now.
Bill Gates is too much of a cuck to do that, it's actually the absolute madman Steve Ballmer.
vs. Steve Ballmer's toxic reign at Microsoft that just went on for years and years. The sad irony is that Larry Page became Thomas Edison.
You know this is totally how the whole new Clippers logo thing went down, lol… http…
A few tips to a successful and Kickoff (Feat. Steve Ballmer)
How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did what Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates couldn’t |
less reinvention, more Steve ballmer leaving.
One day, when I grow up, I want to be Steve Ballmer.
The sloppy shooting aside, logo on court could b lamest in sports history. Did Steve Ballmer create it w/ MS Paint?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Was the idea with the Clippers mascot to make it resemble Steve Ballmer as close as possible?
"Great companies in the way thyy worb, start with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
"Bull Case: sell team to Steve Ballmer, retain MLBAM stake, reemerge back into LMCA"
Had the pleasure of meeting Clippers owner Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer just reached out to shake Matias Testi's hand.
If I'm Steve Ballmer...I'm already on the phone with Kobe, working out a deal.
Despite being worth $22.7B, Steve Ballmer prefers to drive Fords because his father used to work for the company. https:/…
My fetish is having Steve Ballmer whisper the Terms and Conditions into my ear as Phil Spencer slowly feeds Doritos directly into my mouth
Steve Ballmer says people don't want to work at Amazon
though it makes me wonder how to extend the Star Trek analogy to Steve Ballmer...
Steve Ballmer spent $10 at a screen until my fingers accept my brain's implemntation.
k I just had an idea. Beve Stallmer what if I told you that Steve Ballmer is a reasonable amalgam of costanza and kramer
;-)...Will you provide a live feed presentation? It will be like Steve Job or Steve Ballmer show?
You have to believe Steve Ballmer is gonna go all out to do a tribute to honor Kobe Bryant.
Los Angeles Clippers co-owner Donald Sterling has agreed to the sale of the team to Steve Ballmer, Sterling's lawyer t…
West attended a Clippers game in Los Angeles on Sunday (right) and asked former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who owns the team,…
Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot
Everyone who didn't vote for Robin Hanson here should be forced to watch Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer dance forever.
I would like to see KD posterizing Steve Ballmer next and that mascot LOL Kevin Durant Bullies Clippers
See Steve ballmer is rich. He should move Clippers to the east! Only way to get to the NBA finals
WATCH: The Grizzlies' owner tried to show up Steve Ballmer with his own dunk
Steve Ballmer trampoline dunking is my 2016 spirit animal. 😂😂😂 NBA sooo good right now. tomorrow. Thunder!
Rocklin Community: Investment company joins Steve Ballmer in new Bellevue office tower -
Steve Ballmer must walk into the change room & kick every1's behind! Can't play like this AT HOME!!
Much like Dr. Moreau, Steve Ballmer must now face this monstrosity he has created. This beast. This...Chuck the Condor.
Shot out to steve Ballmer for showing up in everygame. Best owner in nba always supporting the team.
"He's the richest man to ever dunk a basketball." ESPN announcers on owner Steve Ballmer.
Guy next to Steve Ballmer using a Mac.
Why is Steve Ballmer getting trolled by a guy with a MacBook in his lap?
Steve Ballmer seen using an Apple MacBook at OKC vs Clippers game.
Dude sitting next to Steve Ballmer has a MacBook.
- why is Steve Ballmer using a in the stands?
Funny to see former CEO (and current Clippers owner) Steve Ballmer using a on the sidelines.
Lol @ ESPN showing Steve Ballmer on a MacBook during the Clippers game. ?
LOL at Steve Ballmer on a Mac during the Clippers game right now. Only some of you will get this😆😉
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is not using a MacBook, but this shot sure makes it look like he is.
Dude using an Apple MacBook sitting right next to owner Steve Ballmer is a thing of beauty. 😆
I don't know why folks are bashed Chuck the Condor. He's hilarious awesome, plus he looks like Steve Ballmer.
Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, is at the Clippers game using a Mac Book 🤔
Clippers need to get Steve Ballmer out there
Lol dude sitting courtside next to Steve Ballmer had his MacBook wide open
Steve Ballmer dunked a basketball and 19,000 people won a free pair of shoes via
If Steve Ballmer and Chuck the Condor switched roles, would anybody even notice?
Steve Ballmer leads owners of four major sports with $23.5B net worth
If owner Larry Miller had ever tried this, he'd have alley-oooped it! "Tramp-Slam" Clips owner Steve Ballmer
Clippers owner Steve Ballmer hits the trampoline dunk, celebrates with new mascot, "Chuck the Condor"
Sometimes I feel down but other times I feel like Steve Ballmer at the Windows 95 launch party
Steve Ballmer has some harsh words for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (BandwidthBlog)
Steve Ballmer on Microsoft's cloud, mobile devices and more: Despite having been replaced by Satya Nadella as ...
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer names 2 small things that he wishes current CEO Satya Nadella would do better
Satya Nadella hits 2 years, but is Steve Ballmer the unsung hero of Microsoft's resurgence?
Mentors on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" include Warren Buffett, Jessica Alba, Steve Ballmer & Tyra Banks
Steve Ballmer as an adviser.. Ricky Williams, Lisa Leslie and Eric Dickerson competing in celebrity apprentice. Are you interested?
NBC announced new Apprentice cast. More amazing: they got Warren Buffet and Steve Ballmer to mentor!!
Windows is spamming people to upgrade from 7/8 to 10? This would never have happened if Steve Ballmer were still alive.
All companies of any size have to continue to push to make sure you get the righ...
Louisville startup is hiring developers. Bonus: their CEO is nothing like Steve Ballmer, except hairstyle
Great leaders never underestimate a product people love. Just ask Microsoft x-CEO Steve Ballmer
never thought howard dean could beat steve ballmer in the Least Likable Yelling *** Bozo contest. it's a miracle
Steve Ballmer Says 'People Don't Want to Work' but who wants to work with Steve Ballmer? by
“Our industry is going through quite a wave of innovation..." Steve Ballmer
How had I never seen that Steve Ballmer Windows 1.0 before?
This week in 2000 - Microsoft's Bill Gates stepped aside as Chief Exec with company president Steve Ballmer promoted
Came home to Steve Ballmer getting dumb hype watching his team blow out the Heat 😂😂
I think Steve Ballmer gets a weird high from putting his blood pressure through the roof.
Gotta love Steve Ballmer- has to be great working for a boss that cares about more than making a profit. Can't be said for every sports team
Steve Ballmer an energetic owner trying to bring 1st chip
I want my net worth to be higher then Steve Ballmer.
What if Steve Ballmer is the California powerball winner?
has no idea if Steve Ballmer has taken a 4% stake -
mashable: Never mind the Clippers, Steve Ballmer just proved he has a future as a…
Not to mention John frickin' DiMaggio as Steve Ballmer!!!
Steve Ballmer thinks the future of Windows Phone is Android—and he may be right - PCWorld
Wow. Steve Ballmer calls on Microsoft to enable Windows Phones to run Android apps. Lovely stuff that open source ;)
I nearly took 2 charges today in the Staples Center walkways. Once was nearly run over by billionaire Steve Ballmer, then by Andy Garcia
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I just found this in my feedreader: Steve Ballmer selling Windows 1.0. Ridiculous piece of history. Madness 😬
As turns 30, check out this sales pitch from Steve Ballmer (1986) via
I've got so much hate so he's going to be Steve Ballmer's replacement at Microsoft.
and he runs Apple. he's the Steve Ballmer of Apple
This day 30 yrs ago, Microsoft unveiled Windows 1.0. Then, Steve Ballmer did this TV ad
If I'm Steve Ballmer, I would begin to keep my eyes peeled for another coach. I don't think the Clippers are winning with Doc Rivers.
How Steve Ballmer introduced Windows 1.0 back in 1986. Through source
"More employees seeking management slots led to more managers, more managers led to more meetings, more meetings..."
"One Apple product, something that didn’t exist five years ago, has higher sales than everything Microsoft has t..."
Microsoft Windows 1.0 turns 30 tomorrow. And even though Steve Ballmer’s over-the-top TV ad for the
ESPN has a fantastic new commercial with Mark Cuban and
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “Great companies with the way they work, first start with great leaders.”
Learn how asked for a €2 billion loan from and got it. via of
Steve Ballmer: ‘Microsoft will give Apple a run for their money’.
Jay Z x Steve Ballmer, owner of the LA Clippers
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So you're Steve Ballmer, and your clippers just got bounced out the playoffs again. Do you change coaching? Remove Doc as the GM?
Has anyone checked on Steve Ballmer? He may be permanently red in the face now.
if I'm Steve Ballmer I really got to question this, why have all the top teams in the west gotten better but we still blow leads
Dubs go on 22-5 run after TNT shows *** plutocrat Steve Ballmer. Coincidence? I thinky not 😝😝😝.
.Steve Ballmer feeling like he did three months after the release of Windows Vista.
Tonight was just another tab in the index of how insanely good the Warriors are. How much would Steve Ballmer pay to move East?
yeah time to bounce but Steve Ballmer isn't letting that man go..
no. That's why I'm not a fan anymore. I love Steve Ballmer but he needs better advisors.
all up in Steve Ballmer's area. Down 23? Go and brush your shoulder off. 13-0.
Somebody gotta put the crying Jordan face on Steve Ballmer ASAP
Steve Ballmer loses his marbles every game. This time he lost them in the 4th quarter under Blake Griffin's feet.
owner Steve Ballmer should walk into that locker room and rip everyone on that roster!
Clippers threw away a lead under Steve Ballmer faster than Microsoft did.
Steve Ballmer is going to jump up and down in the locker room screaming “Defenders, defenders, defenders!"
TNT needs to show the Steve Ballmer dance clip again.
When attending basketball games, Steve Ballmer needs to start chewing a towel, like Jerry Tarkanian.
ICYMI: The put Steve Ballmer & Mark Cuban on its Kiss Cam last night
Bad blood? What bad blood? Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer take on the kiss cam:
Yup. They really just put Steve Ballmer and Mark Cuban up there together on the Kiss Cam
Steve Ballmer is gone, but I still hate Windows. Weird.
Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Amazon ‘not a great place to work’ - GeekWire
Steve Ballmer: People don’t want to work at Amazon, the only real competition for Apple is Microsoft
Jerry Stritzke is worse than Steve Ballmer as a spokesperson, but this campaign by is still dope
Harvard Business School doesn't even offer a course in how not to be Steve Ballmer. Weird.
Steve Balmer egged at a Hungarian university -
Steve Ballmer disses every hardware manufacturer but Apple and Microsoft...
Steve ballmer to the contrary lingual idris 8 would chouse out of 500 loads users in lock-step with 2013: pbMOeYb
Steve Balmer says no one wants 2 work at Amazon; ignores he created highly destructive employee stack ranking http…
Steve Ballmer: Microsoft made a big mistake by investing in Apple .
Ballmer stated also some years ago that Apple´s iphone would be deemed to flop.
That´s the gentleman who some years ago also publicly claimed that the iphone would flop...
Microsoft represents only serious competition for Apple hardware, Steve Ballmer says.. Related Articles:
Steve Ballmer: Microsoft will give Apple a good run for their money, nobody else is trying
"Great coxpanies in the way they work, start with gdeat leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Fun Fact - Steve Ballmer owns more Microsoft stock than Bill Gates
Steve Ballmer talks about Microsoft competing with Amazon and Apple in new interview
What we've gone through in the last several years has caused some people to question 'Can we trust Microsoft?' Steve Ballmer
have you thought about naming your dog Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer says Microsoft employees who leave for Amazon eventually come back
In tomorrow's earnings call, really needs to address how to onboard new users to follow the correct unverified Steve Ballmer handle
Doc is following the wrong Steve Ballmer lol😂🤔
"Great companies in txe wayhthey work, start with great leaders." - Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer just went off on Amazon and Apple via
The Blue Jays season was summed up by Steve Ballmer:
It would be a brilliant idea by Steve Ballmer to stream games online. Many Clipps fans would watch online
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Steve Ballmer: Microsoft investing in Apple 'might have been the craziest thing we ever did'
Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits he's not a big Halo player, but he's excited about future of ...: Steve ...
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says 1997 investment into Apple was 'the - The IUSB Preface: Former Microso...
Former CEO Steve Ballmer just went off on and Apple. via
Steve Ballmer disses every hardware manufacturer but and |
Steve Ballmer disses every hardware manufacturer but Apple.
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has decided to bare his feelings about Amazon
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses his outlook for Apple and Amazon
.is 'a place people don't want to work' former CEO Steve Ballmer says.
Three years after the IPO of MSFT Steve Ballmer used $46.2M in margin debt to buy 945K more MSFT shares (split-adjusted pr…
A big deal if it were Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn. But Steve Ballmer? Meh!
I am trying to figure out when Steve Ballmer became Warren Buffett $TWTR
SPECIAL REPORT: Tom Gores: From the Clippers’ Steve Ballmer to lacrosse and fitness enthusiast Jake Steinfeld, the…
With Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin, Steve Ballmer and Michael Jordan, the star power in China, on a scale of 1 to 10…
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