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Steve Austin

Steve Austin (born Steven James Anderson, later Steven James Williams; December 18, 1964), better known by his ring name Stone Cold Steve Austin, is an American film and television actor, producer, and retired professional wrestler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Shaun Michaels Brian Pillman Stone Cold Six Million Dollar Man Vince McMahon Marc Mero Kevin Owens Hulk Hogan Shawn Michaels Bret Hart Jim Ross Lee Majors Savio Vega Broken Skull Ranch Stone Cold Stunner

On this date in 1992, Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas took on Steve Austin & Brian Pillman on the Main Event.…
just have Vince McMahon moderate the debate at MSG…in a cage…with Steve Austin as the special guest referee
I liked a video Steve Austin, The Rock and Shane Mcmahon backstage with Mankind and his family
Steve Austin giving McMahon the stunner or rock overreacting to a stunner was the highlight of my night
Stone Cold Steve Austin was the ring master, stunning steve
"There's nothing more american than Stone Cold Steve Austin"
Here's the thing if you get Stone Cold Stunnered by Steve Austin you shouldn't be allowed to run for president.
Your first PPV at Survivor Series was special being in the Garden with Steve Austin, Bret Hart and so many others!
the model Rick Martel, Flying Brian from Hollywood blondes, Steve Austin from Hollywood blondes and Kevin Sullivan...
nah Brian Pillman pulled a gun on Steve Austin and his family
no but I'll send it over with my friend the lemon , his name is Steve Austin or with his lemon girlfriend Jamie Summers.
Stone Cold Steve Austin should be the Moderator no one would cut him off
Dean Ambrose takes on John Cena, AJ Styles, Steve Austin and more in epic ‘reality’ era rant on Talking Smack
I know Noelle Foley and Steve Austin are there for sure
Even as a horny 13-year old, I saw the bra and panties matches as embarrassing. I watched for Steve Austin and *** Foley.
*** Foley and Stephanie McMahon is the Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff of our time.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a funny man
Savio lost to Steve Austin at WrestleMania last year. Ahmed powerslams Faarooq through a table and Animal attacks Savio Vega with a bin.
The most likely scenario for King of the Ring is that Steve Austin will beat Jake Roberts (chances of Vader winning are…
It's rare to be noticed by triple h, Steve Austin, aj LEE and Kevin Hart but I have ;)
By comparison, Rolando Aarons is making Darren Anderton look like Steve Austin. Poor ***
I hate to do this, but. Did Owen Hart not break Steve Austin's neck and cost him years of his career?
Goldust then clotheslines Hunter Hearst Helmsley out of there. So we’ve got Steve Austin, Marc Mero, Owen Hart and Goldust.
to be fair Ruth , you change your face more often than Steve Austin. No big surprise there.
Need that Steve Austin photo of him bowling against Larry Csonka, using the eye and then turning pins into sawdust.
August 3rd 1997. Steve Austin broke his neck winning the IC Title, due to the injury he had to vacate the title http…
Steve Austin did so much to build up the goodwill of bald-headed white guys in black tees, & this guy wanna ruin it. htt…
baby imma stunnaaa just like Stone Cold Steve Austin
...I've always lived for Stone Cold Steve Austin.
hey WWENXT trainer Sean Hayes did good job he almost sound like real Steve Austin that really funny
The Rock and Steve Austin had the best beef. The Rock used to over exaggerate when he got hit with the Stone Cold Stunner 😂
I will appreciate if Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the General manager smack down. It will be best idea to make Austin back
defiantly miss my favs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, jeff hardy and the rock
they're bumpin John Cenas walk in music and then drink like Stone Cold Steve Austin. 💀💀💀
That was "Stunning" Steve Austin that wrestled Macho Man Randy Savage. I'm talking about Macho Man
Ambrose is a mix of Brian Pillman, Steve Austin and *** Foley all wrapped into one nice package. ;).
First Friday bands announced! Chain of Fools, NRichN, Jazz is You, Steve Austin
Bill Goldberg comes off pretty bad and rather bitter about pro wrestling on Steve Austin's Podcast.
Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin powers. "Austin is too white a name for a Nigerian to have..."
I would put in Savio Vega, Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Bulldog, Marc Mero, Goldust and HHH. A solid enough midcard there.
The first *** In A Cell or Bret Hart vs Steve Austin from Wreslemania 13
others, like 'casts run by Chris Jericho, *** Foley, Steve Austin & Jim Ross, start indie but get brought under the umbrella…
did you just call me basic. Steve Austin. *** Foley. Stan Hansen. Vader. Dr. Death Steve Williams
Lol it's just like Steve Austin vs Steve Williams and it's suppose to happen at Wrestlemania 15, but the match got cancelled. 😂
Steve Austin passes Brian Pillman in the aisle, two former tag team partners as the Hollywood Blondes right there.
Austin then hits his Stunner! That’s enough for the three, Steve Austin beats Marc Mero to go on to the final of the King Of The Ring.
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Then some words from the King Of The Ring participants. Steve Austin, Jake Roberts, Vader and Marc Mero remain in that tournament.
I love Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch. Steve Austin: "First, you're gonna climb this big *** hill"
Summer coming up I got this badly like Stone Cold Steve Austin ready too open a can of whoop *** !
And then there was the infamous Brian Pillman gun incident with Steve Austin that almost got Raw canceled
I did watch Steve Austin redneck island on cmt. It was kinda funny.
Can't be all, because you just know the lower budget ones will resort to slo-mo with a Steve Austin "na-na-na"
Just another kid who wants to make America great again and cried when Steve Austin smacked his *** :'(
Because Clifford's Zone 1 persona is like Steve Austin's "Stone Cold" persona: loosely based on who they are.
If kicking in the nuts is a disgrace then Stone Cold Steve Austin deserves the death penalty 😂😂😂
I can point in a decent direction Bobby Eaton and Pn News vs Terry Taylor and Steve Austin in a scaffold match
I stopped watching when Steve Austin left lmao
Steve Austin beats wife (also in Vinces employ) and he get to keep his job cuz he was on top.
So Adam Rose's career is basically over over a DM charge. How's Steve Austin's career going? Politics as usual in Vinces circus
Stone Cold Steve Austin but stronger
me taylor and sam hanging out consists of me and talking about life and watching Stone Cold Steve Austin vids
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The best interview in the world would be with Stone Cold Steve Austin make it happen
The homie is Stone Cold Steve Austin today
Stone Cold Steve Austin comes clean about the Wrestling business
If by 10 o'clock this hair don't turn blonde I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin it
On page 75 of 312 of The Stone Cold Truth, by Steve Austin
I liked a video Steve Austin gives his honest opinion of Chris Benoit
you want that. Like its wrestle mania I ain't tryna get not taunts back. Cause I'll go, Steve Austin when I'm in between the frosting
And of course we have Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett's former husband, who played Steve Austin on his TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man."
Steve Austin asks a young Stephanie McMahon if she knows where Undertaker is. RAW Is War Nov 30th 1998
Jim Ross on Steve Austin not interviewing Shane McMahon, Becky Lynch’s in-ring skills,…
Time to shoot fish in a barrel for I'm going to listen to Wade Keller on Steve Austin's show.
"Hey Wade Keller is on the Steve Austin show this week" *delete*
My memories of Roger Millward are in the same part of my mind as those of Steve Austin, Pele, Evel Kenieval, Georgie Best, Bruce Lee & Ali.
Steve Austin on Chyna being kept out of the Hall of Fame: 'Things are just screwed up’ (via
People call in and hold conversations Arnold to Arnold, Steve Austin to Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan to Hulk Hogan etc
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in the great words of Stone Cold Steve Austin - DTA!
ok well put ur Steve Austin skills to work and bring our couch back 🙂
back on Wednesday mate.. not combat ready but getting there more Brian Potter than Steve Austin 😂be good to get back though..
Lol Enzo and Steve Austin talking about whiskey- Red Stag, Crown Royal...😂
I liked a video Steve Austin and Jim Cornette on how cell phones changed wrestling
I haven't ward wrestling since I was a kid, but I remember loving two wrestlers - Steve Austin and Chyna. It's sad to hear of her passing :(
It's like Dana is Vince McMahon and mcgregor is Stone Cold Steve Austin
Tim Flowers was found not guilty on charges that he gave the WWF the tape of Steve Austin doing Hulk Hogan.
"the same side I've always been on, my own" -Steve Austin
Either I keep looking like Shawn from boy meets world or I cut my hair and become Stone Cold Steve Austin and Stone Cold Stunner *** 🤔
Kevin Owens being escorted out the building gives off such a Steve Austin vibe
when Calum said Shaun Michaels and Steve Austin was gona come out and they did
Mark Madden (who I like) & Matt Farmer are WON HoF voters yet Steve Austin & Ric Flair are not (I believe).
Kevin Owens interview: On WWE/NXT career, Steve Austin, match with Brock... via
Stone Cold Steve Austin absolutely lives for the sesh
if they sell Stone Cold's beer (Steve Austin's Broken Skull India Pale Ale) near you, can you bring me home a case
Were you not able to check out DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage's own Jarrod Fritz on Steve Austin's Broken Skull...
Steve Austin on laying out Trump at 23: "I had no idea that he would be a candidate to be president." https…
Amazing night last night, Shaun Michaels, *** foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena and my favourite The Rock!
Back in the day WWE had some great wrestlers. Hard one to pick, but Shaun Michaels, The Rock and Steve Austin were my favourites.😹
Will never recover from Shaun Michaels, Steve Austin and *** Foley making an amazing appearance
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shaun Michaels and *** foley come out at I can go to sleep a happy man 🍺🍺🍺
Seeing Shaun Michaels, *** Foley and Steve Austin has made my day!
*** Foley, Shaun Michaels and Steve Austin...stuff of dreams😱
"Can you BELIEVE Steve Austin, *** Foley and Shaun Michaels, having a 🍺 at Not the least believable thing I've heard tbh.
love the return of Shaun Michaels, *** foley and Steve Austin
just remember Steve Austin gotta film the Broken Skull Ranch tomorrow so easy on the face
Oh thank god Steve Austin stunnered the crap outta Xavier Woods there!..
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Ranch is probably my favorite show in tv
It is weekend and we have a review of the Steve Austin movie Hunt to Kill.
Shades of The Bret Hart v Steve Austin finish at Survivor Series 96, but Finn got it done!
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Emperor Palpatine, just like Vince McMahon and Steve Austin rivalry.
*** Foley, who wrestled here as Cactus Jack was on Steve Austin's podcast last night. Yeah, like that'll put headphones on ears."
selling Steve Austin foam hands with a pixellated middle finger would be marketing genius.
Just handed down my Stone Cold Steve Austin beany baby to Jensen..says 100% whoop *** on it 😆😆
if Steve Austin was "Stone Cold" in WCW & The Rock was in WCW & not WWE would the Monday Night Wars have ended differently?
Isn't this "Futuristic" vehicle the same one Steve Austin crashed in the Six Million Dollar Man. Hm.
madbum would drink beer and channel his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin and stunner Dexter fowler and Jason Hayward
when you gonna Stone Cold Steve Austin her if she don't stop talking to you like that
Wwe is equally racist tho. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a redneck, Hillbilly Jim, Tatanka and the list goes on and on
This is probably the first time anyone from West Virginia is rooting against anything called Steve Austin.
my dream match will always be Terry Funk(in his prime) vs Steve Austin
today 3/16 happy Stone Cold Steve Austin day
I heard that WWE liked Adam Cole-not surprised. He looks like Steve Austin and acts like Shawn Michaels. And he's good in the ring.
If I had the choice of a personal motivational speaker, idk if I'd or Stone Cold Steve Austin.
yeezy or drake? Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena? In n out or shake shack? Meat mother or meat maiden? Lebron or Steph?
Brruuh. Holly Holy refused to tap out like Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13
WWE Raw November 15th 1999. The one where Triple H denies running over Steve Austin. He orchestrated it though.
Steve Austin believes Daniel Bryan's cruiserweight style cost him his career...
have taken to Medium to explain why Donald Trump is Stone Cold Steve Austin
Awesome, Steve Jobs mixed with Steve Austin. Rich slave in the fabric store picking cotton🎵🎵
"Bennett told HuffPost that he wanted to have the same effect on TNA that Steve Austin had for WWE"
We need you Stone Cold Steve Austin
I don't remember the last time I shotgunned but, I bet I'm still the Stone Cold Steve Austin of it. And that's the bottom line.
Stone Cold... Stone Cold... steve austin! Do you know who he is??
Great appearance on the Steve Austin Show! Hard to disagree with most of what you said.
Stone Cold Steve Austin over. The rock over. Hulk hogen over. Daniel bryan over. That my friend is being over by fans
I liked a video Stone Cold Steve Austin on: AJ Styles in WWE
actually wait, i'd probably just pay Stone Cold Steve Austin to Stunner him again
awww, renee has steve Austin's knees...
Steve Austin keeps saying and Cornette say instead of the wrestlers getting the heat , the heat is now on writera
It is now Stone Cold Steve Austin month. We will not have another one of these for 100 years.
I told my new manager in a meeting that I am Steve Jobs Mixed with Steve Austin. She didn't know what to say.
I'm officially endorsing Stone Cold Steve Austin of the "Texas Rattlesnake" party.
Steve Austin vs. Savio Vega. . The most popular wrestler of all time, and Steve Austin.
March should honestly be Stone Cold Steve Austin month. I mean cmon 3/16...
Great read on the creative problems the main-event scene faces right now.
Yeah, I voted, but I selected Other & filled in Stone Cold Steve Austin for president!!.can I get a *** YEAH!?!
you do miss the point, I'm talking about creationists citing non-existence sources (like Steve Austin)
Dean Ambrose is a great amalgam of Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. Why is still blindly pushing Roman?
*** Good thing the kid is only 23 yrs. old. He'll bounce back stronger like Lee Majors as Steve Austin.
That's awesome ✊🏼. Put me in a stable with Bobby Heenan, Steve Austin, Andre The Giant and Brian Pillman
Of course there was also Oscar Goldman, Steve Austin's Boss on the Six Million Dollar Man.
Steve Austin says WWE hasn’t spoken with him about his role at WrestleMania yet, how he feels Vinc…
Two WrestleManias have been held at his hotels, he shaved Vince McMahon's head, and was stunned by Steve Austin
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Steve Austin, Jim Cornette are right. MMA/UFC hypes & tells stories the way WWE & wrestling used to. Block long line to get into presser
So I bet Steve Austin wishes he had instant replay for because this guy got robbed.
How reigns get the main event 2 years in a row? *** not Steve Austin. *** not Dwayne Johnson
I'm not too sure I grew up watching wrestling in the early 90's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels were my fav. WBU?
WWE intends to use Shawn Michaels , Steve Austin, the Rock and Ric Flair in the main part of the WrestleMania 32.
Not that I think Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin have any interest in facing at Wrestlemania, even in Texas.
I liked a video Steve Austin shoots on Rick Rude Road Story
Lowkey tried to tell snoop those booty shorts are Stone Cold Steve Austin shorts lol sure
Matt Hardy, Hulk Hogan, HBK, Steve Austin etc would beg to differ 😂
He embodied that "everyman" character that you need in wrestling but very rarely get. Like Dusty Rhodes or *** Foley or Steve Austin.
GWF/USWA Jeff Jarrett, Steve Austin, and Paul Bearer all with long blonde hair
Jamie Somers and Steve Austin would be jelly over this network hop.
im afraid to go to a therapist cause they b like"how was ur childhood". uhm? I watched *** and Stone Cold Steve Austin and pee'd the bed
well I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin and he's Rey Mysterio Jr
Y'all member when Stone Cold Steve Austin called nelly the N word in longest yard? 😂😂😂
if they pay off my student loans and my car I'm Stone Cold Steve Austin stomping a mud hole in that dog
Another cool thing about the song is you guys wrote it for Steve Austin in 2000 and he is my idol, he used it from 2000-2001.
Had a dream Stone Cold Steve Austin was my uncle last night. Regret ever waking up.
Baby I'm stunna just like Stone Cold Steve Austin
Wrestlemania Main Event: HHH Vs Roman Reigns Vs John Cena.. Steve Austin as the he can hold Roman's hand & give him the belt.. 😒
Shawn Micheals and Steve Austin were the 2 greatest wrestlers ever
Becky lynch who has legit training should be like a Rhonda Rousey/Steve Austin. The authority hates her and...
My attitude today is Stone Cold Steve Austin
Matt Jones and Steve Austin make good book-ends.
Congratulations. I want Steve Austin to be a member of my *** Ghost Rider army. May you live forever =)
he was "Stunning" Steve Austin so it fit him back then as well
That's true. Entertainers draw more money. Compare The Rock and Steve Austin to Dean Malenko and Lance Storm.
My idol well because me and Stone Cold Steve Austin are basically the same person and I love this shirt 🍺😃
Lmfao Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ray mysterio
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan are all confirmed for roles in the latest...
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Wrong. December 18th Stone Cold Steve Austin , Brad Pitt , Steve Spielberg and me
So Dutch Mantell (Now known as Zeb Colter) was the guy that started one of the best wrestling careers ever by training Steve Austin.
Steve Austin knows how to deal with that scumbag Trump
me too as well. I also like The Rock, Rapper Cena, Steve Austin, Edge, Christian, Masked Kane, Roman Reigns, Neville, & Matt Hardy
Friday 18,2015 Birthdays. Steve Austin turns 51 years old today . Rob Van Dam turns 45. Trish Stratus turns 40 . Eric Escobar turns 36
New Sydney Harbour Sales Centre now open! Come on down and see Steve Austin for all your multihull needs.
follow me back I have everything of yours from posters to clothes to tooth brush love Stone Cold Steve Austin sexy
I wanna see u bust the Stone Cold Steve Austin on him
"Why is Stone Cold Steve Austin frozen? Because he's made out of stone!"
Sophisticated Political Commentary of the Day: Steve Austin pulling the Stone Cold Stunner on Donald Trump.
I think Steve Austin and Nicole Richie where great guest stars especially Nicole. Heather Chandler was one of my favorites
Eddie Grant was a wrestler before a singer. He beat many famous wrestlers like the Undertaker, Steve Austin etc. He took the Rock down too.
Been chug gin' coffee like Stone Cold Steve Austin
. Ans3: . Stone Cold Steve Austin most feared man in the wwe
Stone Cold. . Storm would be stunned as soon as he went for a sip. That's just classic Steve Austin.
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Dead hate hearing about Stone Cold Steve Austin. 😒
Sandy posting that Instagram post is gonna make me Stone Cold Steve Austin her
A woman who wears juicy sweatpants, has a Stone Cold Steve Austin tattoo, and paid next day shipping for a god and guns bumper sticker
Steve Austin speaks about his concerns for Finn Balor on the Main Roster! (Read More:
he'll be out Stone Cold, word to Steve Austin
Deadly Target staring Michael Jai White and Steve Austin was a cracking film
Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers, and Commander Data remind you that for some folks, every Monday is Cyber Monday.
Me and the family wish you all the best Coxy. You are our Steve Austin 😂Faster fitter stronger. A BIONIC COX! I want one 😂😂😂 👍💪⚽
Listening to Chris Jericho's and Steve Austin's podcasts makes me miss late '90s and early 2000s Monday night raw wrestling
I had Steve Austin with the magnifying glass hole in his head you could look through lol
Strong potential in Steve Austin as Barry's father figure, convincing him to shave his head.
I just sent Nicole a video of Stone Cold Steve Austin. What is happening ..
is out now! Pick up your copy today to play as legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!
When The guy dressed as Stone Cold Steve Austin downed 2 cans on screen at limp bizkit at leeds aka greatest moment ever 🙌
"somebody give me a hot dog and a beer" - Stone Cold Steve Austin
Remember my DJD holos? Idris Elba as Tarn, Joseph Fiennes as Kaon, Michelle Rodriguez as Helex, Steve Austin as Tesarus, Gong Li as Vos.
I think Kevin Owens could be this generation Steve Austin and still have attitude but not the same as attitude era.
Stone Cold’ Steve Austin offered to be the Cowboys' quarterback last week. (How's that sound now, Dallas?)
We might as well try . WWE’s ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin offers to be the Cowboys quarterback while Tony Romo is out
1996 I got a phone call from a worried Steve Austin. I said Steven, I'll have to get back to you my tea will be Stone Cold. Rest is history.
Video: Lil B - Flexin Maury Povich via worldstar he had on the Steve Austin shorts 😂 this video hard
I liked a video Steve Austin rides the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX on Lake Hartwell, GA
Finally got that submission hold successfully in 2K16! YES! YES! YES! Now, I am going to do it again in Bret Hart vs Steve Austin.
Cactus Jack (classic promo on RAW is WAR, addressing the fans and Steve Austin
Listen to Steve Austin of 612 ABC Brisbane speak with Vince Emanuele, who is an Iraq veteran and peace activist...
Edelman just shown on the big screen in Boston. He grabbed his beer. Chugged the can. Stone Cold Steve Austin style.
Sad Halloween Costumes Here I am as Grape Ape (go ahead & laugh) & my brother as Steve Austin circa '77
Jim Ross: “Steve Austin isn’t wrestling at Wrestlemania or anywhere else”: WWE Hall of Famer J...
Was going to go workout but the Six Million Dollar Man is on TV. Gotta respect the leisure suits Steve Austin rocks in this show.
Thank you for airing one of my favorite childhood shows: The Six Million Dollar Man. That Steve Austin-- what a snappy dresser.
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How do I top being Stone Cold Steve Austin for Halloween? *** near impossible
I liked a video “Stone Cold” Steve Austin returns to kick off Raw: Raw, October 19, 2015
Stone Cold Steve Austin or tommy gray last night?
Stone Cold Steve Austin is My favorite white person
Kevin heard the Stone Cold Steve Austin theme and now he won't stop watching wrestling videos
Chain of Command with Michael Jai White, Steve Austin . avail OnDemand & Digital incl
When i saw Frank Smith on RS I thought Steve Austin was the one behind the mic :0
I'll Stone Cold Steve Austin that mutha
Mikey Whipwreck vs Steve Austin (which is gonna be playable, in WWE 2k16) and Dreamer & Funk vs Cactus & Raven!
Listening to Warren Gatland talk about the metal plate Dan Lydiate has had inserted in his eye socket, I kept thinking about Steve Austin!
Jose's bat flip reminded me of the way Stone Cold Steve Austin used to chug and toss his beer cans after a win
The beats are Stone Cold but my real name ain't Steve Austin.
Stone Cold Steve Austin was the best
on god, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg was my favorite wrestlers.
Aye just saw Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's shorter than I expected
No one is gona comment on the fact this *** got a wwe Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt on lol
Drake in the Stone Cold Steve Austin tee legendary
I think I'm goin with Stone Cold Steve Austin
so close to Stone Cold Steve Austin'in this chick
*** look like his dog. He look like Stone Cold Steve Austin
Baby I'm a stunna just like Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin scared away my grammar
I went to turn and I glanced at a house because I saw someone was watching me. It was a cutout of Stone Cold Steve Austin
was Stone Cold Steve Austin at the blue jays rangers game earlier tossing brews?
I just read "NXT battle royal, TNA and ROH TV notes, Jim Ross, Steve Austin, C..." on
It's near impossible to get out of the shower on a Stone Cold Steve Austin morning
"Your hearts gone cold, Steve Austin". This is a matter of the heart...
Stone Cold Steve Austin theme music need to come on and joe Biden need to run down and handle his business
If you can imagine what's the worst thing anyone has ever said to you that's what Stone Cold Steve Austin is probably saying to Brett Hart
WWE Bret The Hit man hart was Awesome Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin that was Awesome.
My daily photo photo of Lucy Hale. It looks like she is doing the Lee Majors/Steve Austin raised eyebrow thing.
What if I stuck with him and we got in a argument and he Stone Cold Steve Austin my *** then tags his mom in to finish me off 😭 I'm good fam
So people talking about Stone Cold is to do with Demi??? Ok I thought people were trying to bring back Steve Austin for a sec
I want Steve Austin to Stone Cold Stunner David Cameron on live tv
do I go all transgender or Stone Cold Steve Austin
I swear, one day I'm just going to Stone Cold Steve Austin a rude *** customer.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only human being to ever pull off jean shorts in the history of jean shorts.
Just wasted 2.5 minutes of my life watching a video of all the times The Rock got Stone Cold Stunner'd by Steve Austin.
Stone Cold Steve Austin was crazy back in the day smashing tinnies or his face and that
😂😂😂 just the phone or am I catching a mean Stone Cold Stunner as well shout out Steve Austin
yall better be ready. i'm handing out more *** whoopins then Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Alan just said science tries to "Stone Cold Steve Austin pile drive your brain through your butthole" and I'm overwhelmed by the accuracy.
classmate told other classmate she stands like a line backer. I was gonna interject & say she stands like Stone Cold Steve Austin
doubling for Lee Majors aka Col. Steve Austin in Flu PSA. Yes, thats original $6M man jacket
Hate ESPN, but really, daily rantings of ex-Bristol folks almost smells of the Bret Hart-Steve Austin double turn at WM13.
' Steve has been gone a day and Austin's already looking for him . Gonna be a long hitch
When I was young I thought I was Steve Austin, but my parents refused to support me and get me bionic body parts.
I see Stone Cold Steve Austin is Donaldson's favourite WWE superstar
This is really cool fan art I really hope this happens. I don't care if it's Steve or Austin as…
.does his Steve Austin impression during the Jays' clinch celebration last night.
I'm still getting through the Steve Austin ones with ddp and Scott hall
I liked a video from Stone Cold Steve Austin Calls A Bar REACTION!!!
Josh Donaldsons Stone Cold Steve Austin impression last night was one of the greatest things I've ever seen
real beef is Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon
Dude turned into Stone Cold Steve Austin at the end
Okay pretty sure I can have full conversations using nothing but Stone Cold Steve Austin gifs now.
or Steve Austin. and you can get with Lindsey Wagner!! and have a dog Max!
September 28th 1998.Steve Austin arrived in a zamboni to stop Vince making Kane or The Undertaker Champion. htt…
Steve Austin and Brian Pillman would be proud of that chair spot.
Sunday read: 10 fun facts about our heroes on Who knew Steve Austin likes a Torpedo, huh?
Steve Austin on wrestling Brock Lesnar: “you can take my name off the rumor mill”
Steve Austin and Colt cabana podcast are pretty good. Steer clear from Y2J, most of the time he talks about his awful band
I hope that we bug Steve Austin enough about it that he ends up facing Brock at WM 32 but has a pouty look on his face the whole time.
Never forget when Wayne Rooney thought he was Steve Austin wanted to fight Wade Barrett.
Martha Scott would have been 103 today, she played Steve Austin's mother, Helen Elgin on SMDM.
My superpower is turning into Stone Cold Steve Austin at the sight of Blue moon.
in a real ruck bar fight etc who you gonna call for a shoot ?. Hunter , Scott Hall or Steve Austin
Steve Austin's upgrades will be available in the 2020s, and he won't be a $6m man, he'll be a $6k man.
I've been trying to get an overhead of MI for 4 months from this guy. No luck. Steve Austin>Scott Kelly
Oh *** yeah! (in my Stone Cold Steve Austin voice). Green bay touchdown!
If everyone would've taken a shot every time I said Stone Cold Steve Austin last night, we'd still be drinking 😂
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