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Sterling Sharpe

Sterling Sharpe (born April 6, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois) is a former American football wide receiver and an analyst for the NFL Network.

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been a packer fan since the Sterling Sharpe era. Let's go Pack
Only the Lions leave STERLING EFFING SHARPE wide open
Don't tell me Sterling Sharpe shouldn't be in the NFL HOF, then turn around & say Biggie is the G.O.A.T.
@ Sterling Sharpe was the same way as a player turned out to be an ok analyst maybe duncan as well
I have 6 of those and the Sterling Sharpe that's not on there.
Guy Sterling and former Mayor Sharpe James at tonight's Newark Lifetimes program
Just think what Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks could have done together.
I thought when Sterling Sharpe had to retire Favre and the Packers were done. They got better!
Sterling Sharpe was in a similar situation. All the best Ricardo! Theres other ways to still be involved in FB. TV, coaching etc👍
can see all others not for short careers, but Sterling Sharpe deserves it. BTW Blanda of Raiders made it. So excuse him.
happened to Nick Collins, Sterling sharpe for GB.
I would go outside the box with either Sterling Sharpe or Brian Cushing, just for something different
The *** who would've been the GOAT is Sterling Sharpe but we not even gon get into all that tonight. He rivaled Rice's numbers yearly.
I use to watch the NFL show on the NFL Network with Baldinger and Sterling Sharpe... they got rid of that
I'm giving away something for you on Sterling Sharpe trading card. Get it here -
If Sterling Sharpe never got
Watching the Top 10 NFL Players Who Never Played In The Super Bowl. Sterling Sharpe cracks the list at
I go all day back to the Magic Man & Sterling Sharpe & I Rep my team hard from the WEST NEVER BEEN 2 G.B. GREAT DRAFT CLASS
Great day with Sterling Sharpe is a quality man!
Featured in my comprehensive overview are WR's Josh Doctson, Michael Thomas, Tyler Boyd, Sterling Sharpe, Corey Coleman, and Will Fuller.
1993 was the last sports cry when left Sterling Sharpe wide open. Now I just throw things.
One of history's overlooked player deserving of the Hall of Fame. Sterling Sharpe left the game after 7 super...
Raymond berry but no Andre Johnson, sterling sharpe, or Michael Irving...
When I see this picture I can hear MC Hammer Can't Touch This.Sterling was Sharpe.Should be NFL Hall Fame
as much as the stupid Sharpe I pulled. Could have at least been Sterling lol
Sterling Sharpe needs to be in the HOF
I liked a video from Sterling Sharpe...
Malice and Pusha got the Sterling and Shannon Sharpe thing
Giving away a 94 Sterling sharpe come by!
Sterling Sharpe says he hasn't seen a Peterson take a beating like that since ...
What you mean no to Sterling Sharpe he would have been a top 5 receiver all time if his career was not cut short
If Kurt Warner is a hall of famer then so if Sterling Sharpe and Terrell Davis
Career was too short imo especially for a QB if he gets in so should Terrell Davis and Sterling Sharpe
Sterling Sharpe is the latest addition to our Invitational celebrity lineup!.
We love you Mr. Sharpe, tell sterling we luv him too...keep it coming
Favre to sterling Sharpe vs DET in wildcard playoffs.
I'd love 2 U take an active roll within USC coaching. Gamecocks owe it to U and team needs ur leadership. Sterling Sharpe 2
Sterling should be in the Hall of Fame as well. .
"I had no idea Sterling Sharpe and Shannon were brothers"
Sterling Sharpe is better than you.
I’m more interested in Sterling Sharpe’s 113.3 catch percentage.
Sterling Sharpe is an honorable man at least.
the real takeaway is Sterling Sharpe's remarkable catch percentage!
He reminds me of a young Sterling Sharpe!
I loved Don Majkowski and Sterling Sharpe as a kid. obviously has awful taste in football teams.
All Marshall does is make Sterling Sharpe catches!
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Been around some great ones but Sterling Sharpe was that for me.
Sterling Sharpe for the win vs the is the only thing I can think of there.
could have been Sterling Sharpe if he didn't hurt his neck. Him and Favre could have put up historic numbers
Sterling Sharpe, Reggie White, Leroy Butler, Donald Driver, and my guy right now Clay Mathews
Really wanna get that sterling sharpe. Looks like a nice card
it's cool, if he can't go I've got James "I make Davante Adams look like Sterling Sharpe" Jones and something called Donal Green-Beckham.
lol. Sterling sharpe just caught a pass from Blake Mitchell.
Sell my Sterling Sharpe card for if any one interested.
Doubt I'll come close to pulling another card as good as Sterling Sharpe the rest of the year.
id like to get Sterling Sharpe. He never does signings.
Yeah. And get Jordy Nelson and Sterling Sharpe just to be safe too.
Sterling Sharpe should be a HOFer in spite of the fact he only played 7 seasons
To be fair, Sterling Sharpe was there in 90 but I hear you. Cobb is hurt, Nelson is out and everyone else is a baby.
You cannot stop Aaron Rodgers to Aaron Ripkowski. Like Dan Majkowski to Sterling Sharpe in reverse.
Taking a poll for who scores the next TD for the 1. Zack Bailey 2. Mike Vrabel 3. Sterling Sharpe 3. Ghost of Steve Wadiak
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it really was University of South Carolina alum Sterling Sharpe's number "84" and Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White ALL ALONG. Test My Theory.
people are getting legends Walter Payton sterling Sharpe must be nice
By the end of the season will be completing. passes to James Lofton and . Sterling Sharpe.
Where is Sterling Sharpe? I'm guessing Melissa Stark has something to do with it if he got the axe.
two things. Scott Mitchell will be awesome on your fantasy team this year and Sterling Sharpe is still open.
The duo of Steve Spurrier and former WR Sterling Sharpe compete in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Golf Challenge Sat Aug. 1 at 3 p.m.
I feel the same about Sterling Sharpe! Careers cut short tho. Both are deserving I think.
I would have been like Sterling Sharpe in the NFL!!!
I remember Sterling Sharpe in this uniform. Bet does too
Throwback jerseys look ok.but I'd prefer to just get a Sterling Sharpe one from the '94 throwback.
You can add Sterling Sharpe to that list: QB at South Carolina & WR at Green Bay - all with a smile on his face.
Sterling Sharpe ranks 23rd in NFL history in adjusted catch yards above the worst starter
STERLING SHARPE unsigned Packers white jersey adult mens L
has advice for HOF voters on Sterling Sharpe's candidacy:
The "I may be the only person in the HOF, that wasn't even the best player in my family" line is the ultimate compliment to Sterling Sharpe.
is there a set i have to complete to get a 94 Sterling Sharpe?
He won't, but Mark Chmura, Sterling Sharpe, Donald Driver and others were quite good.
I think for a madden challenge vid either do Brett Farve to Sterling Sharpe wide open or his game winning dt pass against
Sterling Sharpe's career ending injury probably cost the Packers a couple of rings and is my heart-breaking loss.
Wow! I just won this for free, 1994 Playoff Corp Football Trade CardSterling Sharpe
Say what u want about Sterling but the boy is looking sharpe
Sterling Sharpe and Shannon Sharpe. Jim and John Harbaugh in coaching.
have had a long list of great WR. Don Hutson, James Lofton, Sterling Sharpe & Donald Driver.
Today's birthdays in and Paul Rudd, Sterling Sharpe, Tim Hasselbeck, and Bret Boone.
has me HOT! Ask Nick Collins, Sterling Sharpe, Terrance Murphy, Johnathan Franklin, etc. if we still ♥ 'em
Today is one of "our" missionaries' birthday! Greg Sharpe, may God bless your day!
Donald Sterling was one of the most reviled people in pro-sports. His punishment? Take your $2 billion and go!
what happened to Sterling Sharpe's movie segment?
Really enjoying this Sharpe Focus. Shannon & Sterling Sharpe forge a strong bond as brothers and worked hard to become NFL greats. JC
lol I know only other ones I can think of is sterling and Shannon Sharpe and the McDaniel brothers in college
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Sterling Sharpe proved it doesn't matter. Short memories from media if you're good enough on the field.
I'm giving away: 1994 TEX CHROME STERLING SHARPE MINT CONDITION. Check it out -
maybe Nelson Spruce. I like Sterling Shepard and Tajee Sharpe too
Of course it's easy to name Favre faking a handoff to Edgar Bennett but then going deep to Sterling Sharpe.
Sterling Sharpe was my FAVORITE wr as a kid besides Jerry. I think that fair, lets only hope he play longer than Sharpe
as of today? How about a 21st-Century Sterling Sharpe. Can I make that comparison? I guess I just did. Hm.
while in GB... One 1st Rd pick receiver. Sterling Sharpe. Andre rison came on for 1/2 season late in his career.
I bet Sterling Sharpe will forgive you, though.
watching "Sharpe Focus: Journey to Canton" only nfl player i like better is Sterling and im sure u r ok with that!
Sterling Sharpe was the OG version of Megatron. Dude was a beast, and WAY ahead of his time.
Watching Sharpe Focus: Journey to Canton on NFL network. Wow. What a life story. I love Sterling and granny 💔
Watching on . &. Sharpe story is breaking my heart.
TIL Shannon and Sterling Sharpe grew up with no running water or bathrooms. Wow.
I bet Sterling Sharpe has been a popular candidate. hehe
unlocked sterling sharpe and Deion sanders
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Sterling Sharpe was so good to bad he got injured and had to retire he should be in hall of fame still
at the Pontiac silverdome. Where that *** crushed my dreams with a pass to a wide open sterling sharpe.
It's not just it's Celebrate with a Rookie Sterling Sharpe!. Info: http:…
I also don't understand how my 92 overall Sterling Sharpe gets reduced to 80 overall.
WR Sterling Sharpe on 2014 ballot. Watch live May 22 announcement at
Selling Sterling Sharpe lmk. Or will trade for FE Fletcher Cox
Selling sterling Sharpe to get the cards in alshons collection
May sell sterling Sharpe and get that Alshon
- He has that Sterling Sharpe type body.., built like a RB which allows him to change direction easy w/o losing power & speed
big mistake. sorry, that would be Sterling Sharpe.
I'm thinking about scooping him up once the sterling Sharpe goes down. So if he doesn't sell hmu
STERLING SHARPE unsigned Packers white jersey adult mens XXL
he scammed me out of a 89 revis, 94 Sterling Sharpe, and 96 Steven Jackson. I had no idea he was a scammer until after. :(
Yo I just caught the greatest catch of all time with with Sterling Sharpe. This kid is so mad 😭😭😂
Sterling Sharpe and Terrell Davis's careers can't be compared. At all
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When Sterling Sharpe picks the Ravens we loose. He picked the Steelers! LETS GO RAVENS! LOL
Find out who will win this weekend w/ & Sterling Sharpe on Playbook starting NOW on
Sterling Sharpe knws nothing about Steelers/Ravens rivalry. He highlights how great Pgh D is against Jets n Jets won game, duh!
Well I am from Mississippi loved Sterling Sharpe and hated the Cowboys and Saints. Then his brother beats us in the SB, irony.
Tune into for tonight at 8pm for Playbook Primetime with and Sterling Sharpe.
Sterling Sharpe still the greatest wide receiver ever
I reported it to ttm but they ignored it and I have no reason to lie he stole my…
But you never welched and scammed for my sterling Sharpe though?
I hate injuries. Sterling Sharpe probably would have been one of the greatest ever
who do you think is a better WR for long passes 94 Sterling Sharpe or 94 Andre Reed?
My best comparison for him would be Sterling Sharpe. Thoughts?
The party is getting a lot of buzz...Sterling Sharpe has joined the fun!
Threw a bomb to Sterling Sharpe over Man Up 3 Deep on this little kid. Bear him 14-10 and I feel bad about it
Which would you choose between these two great receivers, Sterling Sharpe or Art Monk?
yeah I'm enjoying my wide receiver duo of sterling sharpe and mike Irvin
One name...Sterling Sharpe. Give it a couple more years at this pace
Only Sterling Sharpe had more receptions in a players' first 52 games as a Green Bay Packer (229) than Randall Cobb (227)
What's the most Sterling Sharpe ever had?
And just like the beating the Saints put on us in 2011 and if you're old enough just like the day we DIDN'T BOTHER TO COVER STERLING SHARPE
Sterling Sharpe never talked and was hired by ESPN.
I vaguely remember Brett Favre hitting Sterling Sharpe with 20 seconds left at the Silverdome in 1993
Agreed we need a strong Gamecocker in the nfl that isn't named Sterling Sharpe.
Saw ex-GB Packers beast WR Sterling Sharpe at the PHL airport today. And 86% of adult females here are wearing boots.
Sterling Sharpe acts like he is a legend in his own mind. Putting down his SB winning colleagues when he has won nothing smh
1st thing I heard an NFL analyst say today was Sterling Sharpe,. "If it's not about wins, Demarco Murray is the best player in our league."
Sterling Sharpe answering his own questions this morning on In other as usual.
could Sterling Sharpe get anymore bios. I know a lot x players do it, not as bad as he does. Injury cut his career short.
Sterling Sharpe is so obnoxious and so unprofessional. Please find someone to replace him on Please.
Good morning. It's time for the Week 17 edition of NFL GameDay First w/ & Sterling Sharpe
Bill Belichick would 100% agree w/ Sterling Sharpe about Otto Graham and Paul Brown being greatest HC/QB combo.
NFL Network GameDay Sunday December 21st 7am: GameDay First Host: Melissa StarkSterling Sharpe Analysts: Shaun O’Haraand Michael Robinson Featured this week on NFL GameDay First: ◦Players Only – Sterling Sharpe, Shaun O’Hara and Michael Robinson examine the race for first place in the NFC West between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, and discuss what Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is doing better this year than he did during their Super Bowl championship run last season ◦First Tailgate – What is the key ingredient for a Dallas Cowboys win at home over the NFC South-champion Indianapolis Colts? ◦Are Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the greatest coach-quarterback combination in NFL history? ◦Has Jay Cutler started his last game as Chicago Bears quarterback? ◦What will we be calling “Johnny Football” after his second NFL start? ◦Which playoff contender needs the biggest “Christmas Miracle” to reach the postseason? ◦Full highlights, analysis and reaction from Saturday ...
"Sterling Sharpe killing Mark Sanchez." ...thought he was an alien hunter?
"No QB in the history of the NFL has done more with less than Tom Brady."-Sterling Sharpe
Terrell Davis, Jerome Bettis , Sterling Sharpe , and Kurt Warner should be in the Hall
Legends Kurt Warner and Sterling Sharpe with full ratings:.
r da man!!! Chaz that Sterling Sharpe, and Reggie White w MajikMan too? Where's Tony Mandarich?? Packers
Sterling Sharpe is going to be in MUT this year
Lets go we got Ahman Green and Sterling Sharpe this year in mut :)
Old-school fantasy football draft. I've got my eyes on Sterling Sharpe for my next pick.
Shoutout to Sterling sharpe, such a great career ended so soon
Sturridge and Sterling are ridiculously sharpe 🔪🔥
Can you imagine Sterling Sharpe on the '96 Packers? That team would've gone 19-0. No question about it.
Where is Sterling Sharpe to say "Jimmy Garoppolo's favorite receiver is the open receiver"
Is that a Jordy Nelson or Sterling Sharpe jersey?
George Rogers and Sterling Sharpe repping the in the College Football Hall of Fame!
Sterling Sharpe was on of the toughest WR I had to face
Tolerance can never outweigh production. -Sterling Sharpe
I will let that slide until you draft Sterling Sharpe
I'm also fond of Sterling Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, but it might be too many characters
oh so you think you're better than me just because you have eyebrows? Warmest regards, Sterling Sharpe
Doing this packers legacy solo.. Ahman Green and sterling sharpe lol
Life's pretty good, but it'll be Sterling Sharpe once SEC football returns in 2 days!
Just a friendly reminder: we're now Sterling Sharpe days away from football.
as a packer fan sterling sharpe for sure. Also when culpepper tore up his knee he was never quite the same. He was feared in gb
Honestly, how did Andre Reed get in before Tim Brown?! And why is Sterling Sharpe not getting any HOF consideration?!
Also it is a crime that Sterling Sharpe is all but forgotten about these days outside of random talking head segments.
Speaking of rings, this is pretty cool. Shannon Sharpe gave his first ring to his brother Sterling since he meant alot to him in his life.
Former South Carolina Gamecock Sterling Sharpe will take part in the golf tournament tomorrow at Grande Dunes.
Bc people just stop by to see & take pictures w Shannon an Sterling Sharpe's house 😂
Sterling Sharpe, definitely. Probably best shot at a Super Bowl for Lions, that catch just crushed us.
love but he is not even the greatest Sharpe to wear 84..
ICYMI: This was the best ever to wear the number - even if his personality wasn't he best.
84 days to football: Sterling Sharpe - LomdardiAve
[Fansided: LombardiAve] - 84 days to football: Sterling Sharpe
84 days till the NFL season kicks off!! Sterling Sharpe and Andre Rison two legends today!
Dear Lions fans, I guess you guys have been right all along! Stafford IS like Brett Favre! We just witnessed his first WR/TE to retire from being concussed! Brett killed many a career being a "gun slinger"! "Makin the plays!" Yeah. OK... ask Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman, and many others whose time ended too soon about playing with a guy like Brett.
Sterling Sharpe was dominant. Should be in the HOF.
Shannon Sharpe is still the greatest of all time to me :) Sterling is epic too, get him in the HOF NOW!
Ex-Packer Sterling Sharpe makes college hall of fame
From his appearance w/ today, comment based on his conversations w/ Sterling Sharpe.
Dakich isn't even best example. Sterling Sharpe ignored and even denigrated the media as a player -- until it was his time to join the club.
Never gets old: Sterling Sharpe is "sharp" again, earns his 2nd pitcher of the night honor for the
Sterling Sharpe thanking Fred McCrary's parents for his team's 1st Place finish (Fred Mc had…
Now Sterling Sharpe is great player and a Packer! Saw him in Green Bay training camp. Hope you can make it 2 homecoming
Sterling Sharpe was about to be the greatest wide receiver ever.
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The Last Triple Crown receiving winner was STEVE SMITH, not STERLING SHARPE.
Sterling Sharpe was the last triple crown receiver.
Oh and Terrell Davis and Sterling Sharpe would be two of the best to ever player their respective positions
actually Steve smith is the last triple crown winner in 2005, not sterling sharpe.
you and Sterling should come out with a sports talk show together! Call it Twice As Sharpe
An All-American for the Sterling Sharpe went on to an All-Pro career with the (1988-94). htt…
South Carolina wide receiver Sterling Sharpe has been elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.
Sterling Sharpe, Leonard Smith, Derrick Thomas, LaDainian Tomlinson and Wesley Walls. That's a lot of great players right there.
LaDainian Tomlinson, Derrick Thomas and Sterling Sharpe headline College Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2014.
Two Wide Receivers that Deserve to n Should Be in the "Drew Pearson & Sterling Sharpe"...
Today's Packers fact! Share this! Aaron Rodgers won the MVP of the Packers 2011 Thanksgiving Day Game win over the Detroit Lions. Other Packers to have achieved this include Sterling Sharpe, Brett Favre, Ahman Green, and Donald Driver.
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CBS has just made it official. Bart Scott, formerly of the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens, steps up from CBS Sports Network’s That Other Pregame Show to the CBS Mothership. He joins the show that just signed Tony Gonzalez and dropped Dan Marino and Sterling Sharpe. So the cast will consist of ma
Check out this great golf tournament coming up at Kiawah Island, South Carolina and you could be playing with Bill Murray, NFL great Sterling Sharpe, or Steve Spurrier. This tournament is a benefit for Lowcountry Food Bank organized by a regular guest of Butcher & Bee.
– “[In previous seasons] he had to make 60 minutes of plays for his team every time out. This year he hasn’t had to do that; they have that great defense and now it’s been up to Cam to make those critical plays.” – Kurt Warner on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton – “There are certain people that give other guys that confidence. Steve Smith helps Cam [Newton] with that.” – Michael Irvin on Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith – “When I look at him I see Cris Carter and he ended up in the Hall of Fame. If Michael Crabtree can have longevity, he can end up there as well.” – Sterling Sharpe on San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree
Little Giant Ladders
Sterling Sharpe is in dire need of a wardrobe consultant.
And what exactly is Sterling Sharpe wearing...
Sterling Sharpe calls LaGarrett Blount the "Winnebago". Because when he turns the corner, he's bringing people with him!
Has anyone ever spoken to Sterling and Shannon Sharpe's parents? How did they raise Goofus and Gallant?
Sterling Sharpe be lookin like a hot boy.
How is Sterling Sharpe so articulate & Shannon Sharpe can't speak a word of English?
Anyone watching Patriots vs. Colts game? WhatinthaFCK possessed Sterling Sharpe to wear that outfit on National TV?!?!?!?
Shannon Sharpe can not possibly be related to the smooth and articulate Sterling Sharpe.
Two to one Sterling Sharpe thinks Pagano's "situation with leukemia" involves a side piece gone awry
Sterling Sharpe dressed like the towel guy in restrooms^
Sterling Sharpe dressing like a rich slave^
Analysts who are picking the Colts: Eric Allen, Merrill Hoge, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, Ray Lewis and Sterling Sharpe.
thank you Sterling Sharpe. It's nice to see someone has some sense.
I'm with Sterling Sharpe for this weekend's : and to move on. Go Bolts!
Sterling Sharpe: I think there are going to be skittles all over the field today in Seattle.
Looks like Sterling Sharpe is the smartest on
can you post all of Sterling Sharpe 49ers picks. has he ever picked them this year? Bad job analyzing... keep picking against
just echoed Sterling Sharpe's thoughts on If only 1 could go in, it would be Andre
On Gameday First, Sterling Sharpe just said that out of Brown, Harrison, and Reed, is his pick to go in this year
Sterling Sharpe you belong in the Hall of Fame
Sterling Sharpe just called out bandwagon Seahawks fans. Love it.
"This is a tall order for the Carolina Panthers because San Francisco, they have all of their firepower back.” -- Sterling Sharpe
When & Sterling Sharpe are allowed to just sit and talk football, it's really enjoyable.
"I need Sterling Sharpe off my tv" he needs to help Virgil Tibbs solve some murders
What has Sterling Sharpe been watching, Brady always had a great supporting cast
Sterling Sharpe on Deion Branch: "I know a lot of people think he’s going to give them the inside on Brady. That is just foolish thinking."
It's Divisional Saturday. NFL GameDay First is on the air on Join & Sterling Sharpe
Dear ESPN and NFL network, go screw yourselves! All you been showing is Lynch in "Beast Mode." News flash, we shut him down last time. Also, Sterling Sharpe predicted a Falcons/Texans Super Bowl at the beginning of the season. How's that working out for you! You so-called expert? Here's a bold prediction for you Michael "Dez is the best receiver ever" Irvin, Saints will drop a 40 burger in Seattle. Who Dat!
The 49ers could play against the Mighty Ducks and Sterling Sharpe still will not pick them to win a football game. LOL.
Sterling Sharpe gives you props on Playbook! That's serious business!
Join Brian Baldinger & Sterling Sharpe on Playbook right now on
(AUDIO) Sterling Sharpe makes some bold playoff predictions with and
can rich get off Sterling Sharpe jock
Sterling Sharpe of NFL network joins us NOW
On Sunday, NFL GameDay First airs at its normal 7:00 AM ET time w/ & Sterling Sharpe
Yup. Smith, Rice, and Sterling Sharpe are the only guys to lead all three in the same year in modern NFL history.
great players don't need gloves. As Sterling Sharpe
I still don't know why Sterling Sharpe and Terrell Davis aren't in. A short career didn't stop Gail Sayers from entry
Pro Football Hall of Fame continues to overlook Sterling Sharpe, who should have been in years ago
when you make the the HOF do you feel sterling sharpe should be consider since his career was also shortened
Best WR of all time Sterling Sharpe and best TE of all time Mark Chmura. All the greatest, no question, best franchise ever as well.
The charge STERLING SHARPE PEDIATRI was first reported Jan 9, 2014. STERLING SHARPE PEDIATRI charge has been reported as unauthorized by 66 users, 13 users recognized the charge as safe.
On this date in 1994: Brett Favre's first playoff game. A 40-yard TD pass to Sterling Sharpe in the final minute made for …
Wednesday will be the 20th anniversary of the last time the Lions played a playoff game at home. On Jan. 8, 1994, the Lions hosted the Packers in a wild-card game at the Pontiac Silverdome. The ending is famous in NFL lore, and infamous for Lions' heartbreak. Sterling Sharpe got open because of a breakdown in the secondary to catch a 40-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre with 55 seconds left to beat the Lions, 28-24.
South Carolina will open its states SPORTS HALL OF FAME this year.CONGRATULATIONNS to former GLENNVILLE BULLDOG STERLING SHARPE who has been selected to go in with the first ever class to be inducted.STERLING was a 2 time ALL-AMERICAN reciever for the GAMECOCKS back n da day.STERLING was drafted by the Green Bay PACKERS of the NFL.He was an ALL-PRO wide out before injury cut his career short.
Duh Sammy Watkins & I was actually at the Silverdome for the playoff game discussed in the article i remember & i was 10 years old when i saw Brett Favre to Sterling Sharpe defeat us
– “Philip Rivers is going to have the playoffs of his life.” – Sterling Sharpe on San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers – “He’s received interest from NFL teams over the last couple years. For the first time, this year he is reciprocating that interest.” – Ian Rapoport on University of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops – “In some ways, I think they’re better this year than they were a year ago…They’re the only team because of how they’re built that can go into Seattle and exchange punches with Seattle.” – Steve Mariucci on the San Francisco 49ers
Weel Sterling Sharpe said it yesterday! "Its cold out remember to bring your furry friends in, but grown men stay out for 3 hours!" Just sayin!
On tha fone wit wit Sterling Sharpe-Campbell and Luckiey FineAss omg smh at both of them thats all I can say bt they my family and I love them
End of 1st: JERRY RICE 6, STERLING SHARPE 0; 2 red zone possessions, 2 FGs; should be 2 TDs due to 2 blown holding calls; stupid refs. 2nd quarter here we go NINERS!
This jacket Sterling Sharpe got on though. TF! Lol.
Sterling sharpe looks like velvet jones! How to be a *** !!
LOVE the Austin Powers suit that Sterling Sharpe is wearing... all he needs is a Krunk Cup and a crown-AAYEEE-AGH!
Sterling Sharpe talks the same way I think a horse would. I wonder if he needs a carrot...
Did Sterling Sharpe mug Willie Wonka for his clothes?
I'm pretty convinced that Sterling Sharpe went to the Velvet Jones School of Fashion, but I'm not sure he graduated...
I can't stand watching or listening to sterling Sharpe talk. You can only understand about 10 percent of what he says
Sterling Sharpe, that jacket is the ugliest thing I've ever seen on TV, and I've watched quite a few Giants games this year!
Why does sterling sharpe look like Jamal bryants twin with that purple blazer
Sterling Sharpe, put on a suit and tie like all of the rest of the NFL announcers. Stop with the agenda bender stuff and stick to sports.
Why does Sterling Sharpe feel the need to dress like a pimp on the NFL today?? Your talking football kid. Stop trying so hard son!!
Sterling Sharpe is a big *** wr know you played at Green Bay but be realistic on your picks
Melissa Stark and Sterling Sharpe preview the Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints wild-card games.
How does me telling Brett that he's not an adult evolve into Sterling Sharpe is dead? (He's not BTW) The conversations in this house could scare a normal person.
Good Morning and Happy Saturday to everyone! It is cold out there this morning, so bundle up nicely! I plan to stay inside as much as possible because I can not take the wind! The high is supposed to be 47 degrees, but maybe the sun will shine and make it warmer! What a game last night between Clemson and Ohio State! The front page reads, "Clemson Rises Above" and has a GREAT picture of Clemson Side Receiver Sammy Watkins as he is making a catch for a touchdown over Ohio State Cornerback Doran Grant and Safety C.J. Barnett during the second half of the Orange Bowl last night! Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers for representing our state so nicely! Sammy Watkins set an Orange Bowl record with 227 receiving yards! The junior received also caught two touchdown passes in the game! In his final game as a Tiger, Tajh Boyd also set an Orange Bowl record for total yardage! he passed for 378 yards and ran for 127, which is 505 total yards! The Sports Section has a GREAT picture of Boyd and has a title of "Rede ...
Man I tell you it was a lot of Dylan Thomas fans I.e MeMe ? But Conner Shaw you are the man behind Sterling Sharpe,Clowney and George Rogers you are the Greatest Gamecock.
George Rogers, Sterling Sharpe, Todd Ellis, JD Clowney. Conner Shaw is the best to every play at Carolina. Go ***
Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Reggie White, Donald Driver, Antonio Freeman, Sterling Sharpe, Charles Woodson, Kuhn, Lacy, Clay, Aaron, Jordy, LeRoy Butler for the greatest catch in football history, on Monday Night Football, Nov. 6, 2000 beating the Vikings at Lambeau. Curly Lambeau; if not for him, there would be no Green Bay Packers. Any player on the Team Roster all the way back to 1919. I love my Green Bay Packers!
“This Todd Haley experiment has seen its last day. I’d be shocked if they’re running this same offense next year.” – Sterling Sharpe on the Pittsburgh Steelers “He’s proven enough to me that Howie Roseman, the GM, doesn’t have to consider drafting a quarterback in the first round next year. They can go with a position of need and they can build their team around this guy.” – Steve Mariucci on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles “Tony Romo was tough, courageous; he showed leadership, he was accurate and those are the qualities that can help your football team get into the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys are winning games because of Tony Romo and are not losing games because of him.” – Sterling Sharpe
The tradition continues tonight... Burn something of the Chicago Bears and give thanks to Bart Starr, Don Majkowski, Brett Favre, Ray Nitschke, Reggie White, Sterling Sharpe, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor...From Curly Lambeau to Vince Lombardi and the rest of Packers great Hall of Famers... From the present King Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews and all of the Cheesehead's... Bleed the Cheese! The rivalry will forever live! Hail to the Packers! GO PACK GO!!!
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: BEARS at PACKERS 8:40 PM Tonight's game features a rematch of the notorious "Instant Replay Game," almost exactly 24 years after it occurred. Late in the game, on November 5, 1989, Green Bay quarterback Don Majkowski threw a desperate fourth-down pass into the end zone, where it was caught by receiver Sterling Sharpe for a TD. The play set up the Packers for a 14-13 victory with the extra point. But a penalty flag was thrown on the play, Officials charged that Majkowski had thrown an illegal pass by stepping over the line of scrimmage. After an extended period of review, replay official Bill Parkinson ultimately ruled a touchdown for Green Bay. The Bears organization protested, and to this day, it is marked in their media guide as "The Instant Replay Game."
Wow Lou Houltz just said the B word on ESPN College Football Final lol smh.. Let's see if they reprimand him like they did Hugh Douglas, Michael Irving, Sean Salisbury, Keith Olbermann, Sterling Sharpe and the list goes on... lol
Sterling Sharpe on why taunting rule in NFL isnt bad & y Rams wanting Favre was good.
+ Sterling Sharpe about today's WR's + on celebrating, taunting & dead people
Just talked w/ Sterling Sharpe -we're gonna profile defensive rookies next week on Playbook!
Sterling Sharpe was better than Wayne too
Marvin Jones (30.1 pts) had the 2nd best week 8 fantasy game ever by a WR - the best was Sterling Sharpe (31.85 pts) GB vs TB in 1993
micheal Irving and sterling sharpe use to kill deon during match up!!
Mark Clayton and Sterling Sharpe each caught 18 TDs and a host of WRs/TEs have caught 17.
I smile everytime I remember Sterling Sharpe losing his cool and threatening to MMA
yo you think they are gonna bust out a legendary Sterling Sharpe man?
Sterling Sharpe made a true statement on AFC Playbook when he said "Don't sleep on the Raiders"
Just mention from time 2 time on air I'm still the greatest WR ever. That & Sterling Sharpe's a tool. That should do!
Sterling Sharpe was the first tight end shaped WR to really make moves in the League that I remember. So.
Deion just played against Jerry Rice, Irvin, Sterling Sharpe, Monk, Reed, Brown, Carter..I can go on.
Calvin Johnson is a freak...taller version of Sterling Sharpe! Another guy, along with CC, that would kill it in todays NFL
now Mike Freeman is gonna write an article about race plays factor hope he includes Sterling Sharpe's comments cuz he was real
Some if you listening to T.O. rant about the BS race card listen to Sterling Sharpe talk about it he addressed it yesterday
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