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My wife says I say things funny and bursts out periodically. Gets me in tro…
Look who I am with, The Green Bronx Machine, Stephen Ritz in Scottsdale! I am humbled, amazed…
"I don't know if Juice Plus has added years to my life, but I DO KNOW that Juice has added life to my years." - Stephen Ritz
Green Bronx Machine -- growing our way into a new economy: Stephen Ritz ...
Mrs. Wells and Mrs.Thunem were excited to hear Stephen Ritz, founder of the Green Bronx Machine, talk about his ama…
Stephen Ritz is a South Bronx teacher/administrator who believes that students shouldn't have to leave their commun…
Imagine this…fruits and veggies growing inside of a Bronx public school! It’s true! and his students h…
Honored to recognize the magnanimous contributions of Stephen Ritz in the Environmental Literacy arena December 19th with…
Stephen Ritz of on educating youth about healthy food and using those lessons as a guide to success in life…
The one and only Jay Martin, CEO of Juice Plus+, LOVES The by our founder, Stephen Ritz. Jay...
I just met in person with Stephen Ritz - from Green Bronx Machine - someone who was a huge inspiration for me...
Thought for today:. Stephen Ritz just asked my eye surgery and how I am doing. Here's my reply:. "Recovering...
VHPS said the Green Project came from a presentation by urban gardening expert Stephen Ritz.
Stephen Ritz is using the Tower Garden to create a healthy food revolution! Who can introduce me to a science...
full of grace ... cc Gary Oppenheimer Stephen Ritz
Weird NYT attribution on clip uncovered by and I at BuzzFeed.
Stephen Ritz continues to bring gardening to big city kids.
Here is a TED talk by Stephen Ritz on revolutionizing urban gardening.
Stephen Ritz" It is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken people".
Where are they now? TEDxTraverseCity Alumni Stephen Ritz from 2013
If I were an science teacher, a health educator I would want to meet Stephen Ritz and his Green Bronx Machine Jun 3… https:/…
Check out this recipe courtesy of Stephen Jalbert, The Grill Ritz-Carlton - Dearborn, MI.
Science teacher Stephen Ritz and his students live in a food desert
Excited to see Stephen Ritz, founder of educating students on healthy eating.
I liked a video Green Bronx Machine: national health and wellness center at PS 55 | Stephen Ritz |
So grateful to Stephen Ritz Green Bronx Machine here at OSTP shindig for STEM Education
It's time to do this in Wales! Stephen Ritz On Turning His Bronx Classroom Into A Farm | Rich Roll
The Beatles at The Ritz with the Mayor & Mayoress of Luton, holding two year old Stephen Atkinson.
SO INSPIRING. talks to about making gardening cool again & feeding kids in the Bronx
New York’s urban gardening guru, Stephen Ritz is eyeing projects in Dubai.
Teacher Stephen Ritz has more plants than desks in his Bronx classroom. .
"When you teach kids about nature, you teach them to nurture..."
Healthy food advocate Stephen Ritz of Green Bronx Machine is on The Urban Farm Podcast -
assignment for class, we had to do an editorial piece about a NPR spot on famous ‘green’ teacher stephen ritz!!! :~)
Stephen Ritz, the keynote speaker signed the visual harvest of the plenary session!
Watch Green Bronx Machine's Stephen Ritz's speech at the World of Business ideas
A Q&A with Stephen Ritz about World of Business Ideas. Stephen was a 2015 Top 10 Global Teacher Prize Finalist!
Discover how Stephen Ritz, creator of Green Bronx Machine, cultivates a better world starting in his own backyard!
Friday 29th January we play The Ritz, Manchester with our old pals 😜😎. Tickets £8 advance at https…
Terrific blog post about Stephen Ritz and the Green Bronx Machine at the Net Impact Conference!
"A teacher growing green in the South Bronx." Stephen Ritz
In 1977, a radio telescope in Ohio picked up a signal that may have had an alien source >>
- thx 4 hosting our 2015 Finalist Stephen Ritz https…
- thx 4 hosting our 2015 Finalist Stephen Ritz
Congrats to Stephen Ritz and the CS 55 STEAM Team for a standing ovation…
I don't want to accept the things I can't change. I want to change the things I can't accept. Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx M…
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Lizette and Stephen Ritz give homework to little sprouts of
One of the leaders I am thankful for: Stephen Ritz See him in
Q and A: Our 2015 Finalist Stephen Ritz at WOBI with 2 Standing Ovations via
I had the opportunity to work with Stephen Ritz & on a series of Guides. Now they're live!
Stephen Ritz of Green Bronx Machine to Speak at the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2015)
Packed house today at KHS Keating Theatre for Stephen Ritz, founder of So proud…
Excited to write an article for the Science section on Stephen Ritz and the Tower Garden for the…
"Eating a bag of Skittles is not eating across the rainbow. Healthy food is!" Best talk ever by Stephen Ritz
See our Global Teacher Prize TEDxManhattan Change Food TED talk with students here! You'll understand why we are...
Watch this video and support Stephen Ritz in his mission to educate by teaching kids how to grow vegetables
Three members of Stephen Harper's cabinet: Maxime Bernier, Greg Rickford and Gerry Ritz, did not vote on
Award Winner Steve Ritz: If you expand kids palates, you expand their minds:
Inspiring teacher, idea, and program! Check out Stephen Ritz's
Have you seen the amazing talk by 'cuz
Stephen Ritz teaches kids to grow food & is a finalist for the Global Teacher Prize! Vote here:
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Kids who had no part of nature or nurture in the Bronx became part of designing the landscape.--Stephen Ritz
Sustainability needs to be the starting point of everything we do!--Stephen Ritz
"This is about trying to grow something greater!" - finalist Stephen Ritz greenBXmachine
Who is ready to be inspired? Amazing teacher, TED speaker and 'Global Teacher of the Year' Top 10 finalist...
Great day with the Herts NQTs on Tuesday. Inspiring with the Stephen Ritz.
Returning to Main Stage at Sacramento: educator Stephen Ritz! And others - htt…
Hi - enjoying your brilliant work with young ppl - congrats on being a top 10 finalist!
Stephen Ritz's fabulous talk is finally online! Watch it now!
by Stephen Ritz's latest talk on in the Bronx
Feeling inspired (and exhausted) after Stephen Ritz's plenary session! .
Science teacher Stephen Ritz in the South Bronx could win the $1 million Global Teacher Prize
Re: kids' education, health: "If we don't get this right, who will?" - Stephen Ritz
Need some mid-week inspiration? Check out Stephen Ritz's about growing gardens in the South Bronx -.
for teachers! Stephen Ritz is a teacher in New York's tough South Bronx, where he and his kids...
Stephen Ritz will be the guest speaker at the Hensley Lecture Series, Sept 9, 2014, 7:00 p.m., Van Meter Auditorium
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Every day, you see firsthand the indelible impact that teachers can have on students’ lives. See how Stephen Ritz, a teacher in the South Bronx, is making a difference in his school, then help Office Depot® support the incredible teachers in your district. Spread the word and get your educators the supplies they need:
Truly inspiring: Stephen Ritz: A teacher growing green in the South Bronx
Green Bronx Machine Founder Stephen Ritz kicks off as a keynote speaker.
Check out the Green Bronx Machine website to see how Stephen Ritz is transforming his community.
Recently last Saturday, I bought Samsung galaxy note 2 by my hard work.i m feeling really amazing after purchasing it . I lovet it.
headed to Dallas any one with any ideas on sights and of course restaurants?
Not sure where you heard that, but you've got to check out Stephen Ritz
At Stephen Ritz with Green Bronx Machine! Great story! We're going to contact his students
Visual representation of Stephen Ritz's keynote at @ New Technology High School
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Yesterday's keynote was Stephen growing in South Bronx.amazing PBL in action.changing the world!
Seidel, like Stephen Ritz, doesn't hesitate to say he loves his students
Stephen Ritz is the antidote to all the naysayers at school who say we can't do it here
prediction: take on hip hop learning will echo yesterday's message from Stephen Ritz about opportunity everywhere
Check out this article on Stephen Ritz's non-profit Green Bronx Machine, helping people eat healthy and go green!
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From the far north of England. Makes a lot of noise.
It's PBL Week! The Buck Institute for Education is sponsoring the PBL World Conference and all week speakers will be answering the Driving Question: "What is remarkable about a PBL graduate?" Here's an article about the opening keynote speech from teacher Stephen Ritz...
It’s Go Time! Stephen Ritz Kicks off PBL World: Suzie Boss, BIE National FacultyPBL World got of...
Lil Koy and I just ran into Stephen A. At the airport.. Our old neighbor in Voorhees and one of our Philly favorites. We reminisced and then we. asked the big question .. Spurs? "They got a shot" Stephen A. Smith... Go Spurs Go!!!
Check out Stephen Ritz of Bronx Green Machine's TEDx talk on greening and revitalizing the community:
PBL: It’s Go Time! Interview with Stephen Ritz, today's keynote speaker
Suzie Boss writes about the high-energy keynote from Stephen Ritz that kicked off this morning. Ritz is a passionate educator and founder of Green Bronx Machine.
Stephen Ritz is a South Bronx teacher/administrator. With the help of extended student and community family they have...
Gearing up for Today's keynoter: Stephen Ritz from Bronx Green Machine. Watch his TEDx talk:
Stephen Ritz launched this morning with some yes you CAN moments.
"Hoping my reach will exceed my grasp" MT “Stephen Ritz from Bronx Green Machine. TEDx talk:
"We are all AmeriCANs, MexiCANs, DominiCANs.Momma didn't raise no can't." Stephen Ritz
The PBL World started with a great plenary by Stephen Ritz
MT Stephen Ritz is "veg-ucating" the world through authentic Learn more at
World...Keynote by Stephen Ritz...incredibly motivating, check out his TedTalk!
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"It's so much easier to build on good habits than try to change bad ones" Stephen Ritz @ helps educators do this in class
Today's Stephen Ritz is a fast-talking powerhouse, growing green cities and teaching great kids.
Stephen Ritz is the real deal. He defines what it means to model real learning.
"I got passion for my plants and I ain't afraid to show it!" -Stephen Ritz
Stephen Ritz- "Attendance went from 40% to 93%" with PBL. Engagement is the first intervention. PBL works!
"It is easier to raise healthy children, than fix broken men" -Stephen Ritz
Stephen Ritz continuing to inspire “The a stands for and in said Ritz
Stephen ritz's had guests to his school. It was unbe-leaf-able!!!
Stephen Ritz used the problems of his area for his students to solve--a sustainable garden
It all starts with kids. Stephen Ritz works with kids who face unreal challenges...and he has such inspirational stories.
Love the link between agriculture and food technology Stephen Ritz.
- Stephen Ritz - planting seeds with students and in students - growing gardens in the Bronx
Do something big, do something small, because doing something small gets big quick! - Stephen Ritz
Stephen Ritz, teacher from the Bronx, harvesting hope and cultivating minds.
Stephen Ritz gets underway at Follow the hashtag to learn how he saves lives and is very funny.
At the ritz eating there free fruit lol Stephen Krall
If u ain't listened to Ritz yet, ya need to.and im not big on White Rappers(except Eminem, and MGK)
Yo. The sun is out in Half Moon Bay. If you get here by 4 p.m. a small group of interesting people will be enjoying life, talking about the future of technology, and I hear a major football star might even join us at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay . 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Bring $10 for parking. Yo Chris Saad, Khris Loux, Kristie Wells, Luke Kilpatrick epic evening coming if you can get here.
By Robert K. Stephen (NEW ORLEANS, LA) - The reception area of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans maintains the creamy marble and wood undertones common in many of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels. The fresh flow...
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If you've ever read a great business or success-related book, there are usually a few priceless nuggets in each manuscript which make it worth your time. Here are 10 of my favorite self-empowerment books, and a key idea from each manuscript that made it worth reading.
A program we just heard about that teaches kids about healthy eating and connecting them to real food.
Monday's Metal Music Poll Question of the Day: Who was the most TALENTED Metal Band of the '80's? Not the most popular, not the most successful..the MOST TALENTED...this should be interesting!
If people had enuff of all this manipulation,control of protests and flow of truth would OCCUPYING PASSING CLOUDS FOR A COMMON PURPOSE be a good idea? Shall I set an event up Occupy passing clouds???
May I never have to play the opening of Puttin' on the Ritz again in this lifetime!
Green, leafy, often delicious: Plants are all around us and make the ecosystem work. Hear from gardeners, vegetarians, designers and conservationists on the wonderful world of plants and vegetables.
Anybody care to share their favorite summer recipe for a quick dinner? Here's the catch. It's gotta be healthy. THANKS!
Many thanks to all who performed at 'Come on, come on get happy', our guests; Cabaret Berlin, the waitresses (hot as always, good to see a man there too; eye candy for all), front of house; the dashing James and Hot Debs, the fab Davina in the box office (hope she managed to see some of the show), Paul for the great after show music, Rob for the follow spot; excellent as always, Sarah helping me in the pit!, Stephen and Seb in the sound area, everyone from the Ritz and last but not least Jo, who worked her socks off throughout the production period and the night itself. Well done to all involved ... feedback on the street is very, very positive; many have asked me during the week 'when is the next show?' and 'we will definitely be coming to see the next show'. Love and hugs to you all front and back stage. As photos come in, I will post them up. Jeff xx
Friend in need of the BEST civil lawyer in AUSTIN. Criminal related.
Its ThrowBack Thursday! If you could go back in time and photograph one historic event, what would it be?
News is covered with Paris Jackson's suicide attempt. However I'm far more disturbed by Stephen Fry revealing he attempted suicide last year!
Description:We are so excited to have NYC sensation, Bridget Everett and The Tender Moments back to Largo's intimate stage on Monday, June 10th. Bridget's last show sold-out, get your tickets fast.Monday, June 10th: Bridget Everett and The Tender Moments. Seats will be assigned beginning at 6:00pm,…
'Its time for us to move beyond blue states and red states to GREEN states!' -Stephen Ritz green machine
Stephen Ritz of is a green growing inspiration
"the glory and bounty that is Bronx county!" Stephen Ritz is a credit to the DOE, the Bronx and his students' smiles will melt your heart.
Inspirational teacher changing lives with real food and MORE. Stephen Ritz: Growing green in the South Bronx ...
" . . .from audacity of hope to hoping for some audacity."--Stephen Ritz on teaching students to grow wall gardens in the South Bronx
inspired by this guy Stephen Ritz, teacher in South Bronx, Green Bronx Machine (check him out Garrett Lunceford)
Stephen Ritz: Sustainable Agriculture + Great Education: This man is a real dynamo, full of energy and enthusia...
Stephen Ritz leads students in the South Bronx to greener pastures and healthier lives:
A corner of South Bronx is blooming, thanks to inspirational teacher Stephen Ritz...
Today was an awesome day full of great conversations and editing. I interviewed Stephen Ritz, a teacher at Discovery High School in the South Bronx. His story on transforming education for his stu...
“The greening of America starts first with the pocket, then with the heart and then with the mind.” — Stephen Ritz
"We were growing for food justice - and the international community took notice." Stephen Ritz of South Bronx at
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