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Stephen Nolan

Stephen Nolan, born Belfast in 1973, is a radio and television presenter for BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Radio Five Live.

Jim Allister Radio Ulster Gregory Campbell

Stephen Nolan, reflecting? Someone get a doctor and some valium in case he comes up with…
We are glad to announce that Stephen Nolan, SVP EMEA, will be joining as a panelist at the 2018…
Little Settlement (with fancy new broadband provision). all the better to partake in print giveaway. https:…
Heard wee Jay and Barra best donkey punched him beside pump 4 and then Barra said "high pr…
Regards obese people, with respect look at the image of Stephen Nolan on iplayer, among many others. Mr N…
Stephen Myrtle Nolan ,get off that chair!
Stephen Nolan was quick to question others on their tax affairs on Wednesday Night all the while knowing he was als…
Nolan just Nadiya Hussain to have four sausages & bacon in an Ulster fry. I think pork may be haram Stephen!!
Stephen Linskey (born 12 April 1959) better known as Charlie Wolf, wikipaedia.I wonder why he changed…
Wonder if Stephen Nolan is diverting his wealth on his own wee island
Stephen Alonzo Nolan ,stop eating your poo!
Wow. Next caller gets a grilling for NOT exploiting a tax loop hole. Stephen Nolan, you are actually one of the mo…
BBC's Stephen Nolan defends tax affairs after grilling by Jim Allister
Aye dead on, you keep listening to Stephen Nolan & reading the Irish News, Sinn Féin will stay on th…
slightly harsh that. maybe you should look at stephen Nolan's 'swing both…
have question time extra time with & Stephen Nolan if you need more politics
TUV leader Jim Allister grills Stephen Nolan on his own tax affairs
Is this the tag line to a horror movie? Or possibly Stephen Kings next novel? Yeesh frightening
This is an absolute disgrace .I am a catholic from Dundalk county Louth.The Catholic Church should hang…
Gorey Main Street c1866. (pre fancy new broadband). made it difficult to partake in print giveaway.
Look what I found in the studio. Relax-Accept you're Nature. mixed media circa '08. http:…
. Jim Allister knocked Stephen Nolan off his high horse this morning
Heartbreaking listening to Stephen Gault on Nolan, Catholic Church needs to do the right thing and install the memo…
some banter on nolan show, Stephen wonder would Jamie Bryson swing both ways?
Has wee Jim Allister just called out Stephen Nolan partaking in a dubious tax avoidance scheme or what???
Is it the case that Stephen Nolan himself gets his wages paid into a limited company to lim…
Scenes in Search of Characters at . new exhibition of - November…
I know it was a bit of fun but that Vinny Hurrel/Stephen Nolan “swing both ways” think brings up that daft myth.
Does anybody else read his posts and not pronounce the 'r' properly? Btw, you've taken more sides…
weekends between Breakfast and Stephen Nolan. R4 at least has Saturday PM and World this Weekend plus news type progs suck as.
1 - Someone on Stephen Nolan recently said about BBC forcing the wearing of poppies, which Nolan denied. An…
We are excited to announce Stephen Nolan, SVP EMEA, as our panelist at the 2018 in Belrin.…
Very clear and intelligent analysis by (against the odds of unhelpful interviewing) with Stephen Nolan just now.
'A New Phase of a never ending cycle'. oil on canvas 2008. painting ht…
Larger WhiteHouse Painting. oil on canvas c2014-17.
Will be on the Stephen Nolan show at 10:45 this evening to talk about Malky Mackay.
Edwina Currie believes any "unwanted" children in care should have been aborted. She tells Stephen Nolan, on the...
My favorite directors of all time are Zack Snyder, Kathryn Bigelow, Ang Lee, Christopher Nolan, Gareth Edwards, Ste…
Or that they said "the only FA pickups you need to make are Nolan Carroll and Stephen Paea"
"BBC staff, mostly from local radio stations". Jeez... I'd rather march towards the glowing horizon than have to lis…
Spied Stephen Nolan outside Robin Newton's office when I was driving home this evening. Looks like he's got an exclusive i…
Stephen Gubnit Nolan , you wash your mouth out with soap this instant!
Creating Competition in the MarketPlace cont... oil on panel 2015-17.
Stephen Jezzebelle Nolan , take your fingers out of your brothers nose!
Might be worth listening in to extra on bbc radio 5 live tonight if Stephen Nolan is doing it -…
He said "I think what you need to do sir is leave"
It's on too late Stephen.I've missed many a Nolan show and a Spotlight falling asleep on the sofa! 😴
Stephen Nolan, a huge heartfelt thank you for sharing Billy’s fight for Medicianal Cannabis. Feeling blessed.💜...
Jonathan Stephen Nolan will get u them as u are a £££ or two behind him lol
Chunks and slices, oh the controversy. Imagine the intro from last nights show, the name 'Robin Newto…
Stephen Nolan is hosting LIVE from Abbey Community College this Thursday...
You could say that Nolan Carroll and Stephen Paea were the biggest free agency signings this past offseason. Both gon…
Just another day at The Star: 2 team meetings & 2 starters to open season (CB Nolan Carroll released & DT Stephen Paea r…
The Stephen Nolan Show no doubt. As long as he is on radio never be peace...
They could miss out on Nolan Carroll and Stephen Paea?
So Stephen Paea just retired on us in the middle of the season? We also cut Nolan Carroll? Crazy thi…
Stephen Nolan's face last night was a peach. 😂
Dallas DT Stephen Paea announces retirement (at 29) and CB Nolan Carroll released. Not your typical boring by…
How are saints' feast days chosen? Watch this week's w/St. Stephen Pastor Fr. Nolan to find out!…
Dress up goals : , , , , Nolan, and Stephen Allcock has the grea…
BBC Northern Ireland: Stephen Nolan goes back to school
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BirdOswald former Fort. Have you seen our print giveaway?. visit for details.
BtB Cowboys News: Carroll cut, Paea retiring, Wilson cleared . It is not shaping up to be the bye week we expected.…
WATCH: The identity of the protester remains a mystery.
BloggingTheBoys Cowboys News: Surprising personnel moves were just part of the bye week developments.
WATCH | Protester shouts at Stephen Nolan on live TV. Read more at:
Stephen Nolan sporting more pancake than a crepe seller - looks like Madam Butterfly
Did you ask them to make a statement regarding Stephen Nolan
Did you see how much Jeremy Vine and Stephen Nolan get paid? They must have great agents.
re-watching C. Nolan's movies and finishing stephen hawking's book just made me menyesal why not did it earlier and pray harder
Happy Dystopia no 9. LITTLE SETTLEMENT PAINTING V. oil on panel 2014-17.
BBCr5's resident over-bearing Celtic chubster Stephen Nolan doing what he does - cutting ppl off getting close to the truth re: Newcastle😡
Stephen Bradley and Glenn Cronin have had to calm Burke down a number of times, seems the Glenville left-back Dylan Nolan has wound him up
Space Jam sequel directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Stephen King. Dunk Tower.
Stephen Nolan and his cronies are like a broken record. They just don't get it . Ban overeating and gluttony. .
Sympathy to the family. Stephen Nolan - respect the family and don't get on your high horse calling fo…
Stephen Elijah Nolan , get your tongue out of that socket!
Stephen Nolan literally created this issue. Now there are statements and involvement. The guy dict…
Stephen Nolan Ban the Dam thing how many lives have been lost it is madness this is allowed to continue
Stephen Jasper Nolan , your underwear belongs on your *** not on the stairs!
Stephen Nolan was after a bike ... maybe he borrowed it 😜
Little Settlement Painting cont... (now with added redness). oil on canvas c2012-17.
It could only be Stephen Nolan's breakfast with eggs mushrooms and the rest Rear by James Martin
Hey,if that was N /Ireland & an E Bike 🚴 6 penalty points ,serious. Check with Stephen Nolan .
Delighted to see Stephen Nolan cycling. We hope you can join us on 24th September! — feeling excited
Happy Dystopia no 11. OLDSCHOOL BUILDING C1850 - 1984. oil on panel 2014-17.
Let's all call for non-renewal of contracts for the likes of Gary Lineker and Stephen Nolan. We do not need these big hea…
Ask for parity with Stephen Nolan as it should be and you can buy as many iPhones as you want!! Ulste…
Stephen Nolan and the failed politician my god already turned off Nolan is not worth the money full stop time for frank Mitchell
For anyone who doesn't know him, Stephen Nolan is like the Northern Irish Piers Morgan. And I don't mean that as a compli…
Ulster radio host Stephen Nolan, who barely anyone has heard of, earns more than May, Sturgeon & Foster put together https:…
^ Dunfermline + | Stephen Nolan to be quizzed on BBC salary on own Radio Ulster programme
Stephen Nolan near the top of the pile of BBC news/current affairs pay: only 3 paid more. Many seasoned broadcaster…
Stephen Nolan earns more from BBC work than Jeremy Bowen...
As he's a bigot and mouthpiece for no one, just clickvait that allows Stephen Nolan…
This might be the play of the year from Nolan Arenado.
Lads I've just heard the stephen A talk about the melo to rockets move. Still sceptical…
Stephen Nolan's drains get unblocked. All those takeaways flushed down the toilet all contribute to m…
Wake up Kids 002 cont... oil on canvas 2016-17.
One of the worst things to emerge from the Troubles is Stephen Nolan
Stephen Nolan lifts the curtain on the stigma surrounding depression . A BBC video.
."Aye,but ye see Stephen,ye don't unnerdtan',let me explain this te ye..."
who dosen't like a McDonalds. oil on canvas 2009. painting
MRW my tickets for Christopher Nolan's Brendan Muldowney's & Stephen Burke's…
You have to wonder about those people that feel the need to tag Frank Mitchell and Stephen Nolan in everything.
Numpty Nolan will be stepped over and a proper job done on them hopefully. 👍😎
Yet another Painting of Pearce Street from my archives. oil on panel c2011.
Former GateHouse in Black and White. mixed media 2017.
Modonnus River with unknown seabird . mixed media 2016. .
Former HomeStead on the mouth of the Modonnus. mixed media 2016-17. .
Former LifeBoat Station cont... now under an increasingly bluer sky. .
Old School Building cont... oil on panel 2015-17. .
I wonder what Malachi O'Doherty and Nolan would say if Ian Paisley gave 10m of that 1Bn to fund roadracing 😂
Blackness Avenue with Concrete and Stone. mixed media 2014-15.
Nah, half of it will go to the removal of South Belfast Fatberg. Stephen Nolan won't leave without a massive payoff
Fairly Recent Photo of a Self Portrait from many years ago. oil on panel c2012.
Stephen Nolan - 03/06/2017 - Eyewitness says several pedestrians hit on London Bridge by van. Live now https:/…
Harsh of Stephen Nolan to expect you to know how long to train a Police Constable
Stephen Donald Nolan , keep your feelers to yourself!
Why are Stephen Harper's trusted people involved in criminal activity? Nigel Wright, Bruce Carson, Dean De…
For the past 6 years, Stephen A. Smith has not correctly predicted a NBA finals winner.
Little Settlement Painting I. oil on canvas c2012.
This is my Guy W/Tourette's On Stephen Nolan Show ( . "Keep your people around you, your day ones".
Stephen Nolan. St MartinMcGuinness was blessed with the two gifts of bilocation and bifocation - invaluable in being two-faced
...I'll not mention the open prawn sandwich brigade in the boxes at old Trafford,up there with the like…
The Rockies' Nolan Arenado was a matador in a previous life
The Lighthouse at HookHead. mixed media 2016-17.
Peter Whittle of UKIP on 5Live being interviewed by Stephen Nolan was hilarious. One of the best examples of incompetence I've ever heard.
Listening to interview with Stephen Nolan. What a bumbling *** No idea when pressed for facts/details.
I thought Col (Retd) Bob Stewart was being almost obtuse at the start of his discussion with Owen Jones & Stephen Nolan on R5L tonight.
Besides Stephen Nolan quoted this to him in a recent interview & Corbyn did not deny it
MainStreet MarketTown. assemblage of things 2014-17. https:/…
MainStreet MarketTown. assemblage of things 2014-17.
When Stephen Nolan set out to slag off Jeremy Corbyn and it bites his ***
Could someone forward this to Stephen Nolan
Interesting that Nick Ferarri is being move balanced , this morning, than Stephen Nolan
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Gorey School of Art Painting. oil on canvas c2007.
I have listened to Radio 5 Live since the beginning but tonight Stephen Nolan has been so biased towards Martin McGuiness i…
Listen to when Stephen Nolan asked him
Been listening to Stephen Nolan, RDE and those types of late? Manchester was about them, apparently
Stephen Thelma Nolan , keep your eyes off Little Mary's Little Mary!
Stephen Jehova Nolan , the internet is for research only!
Municipal TownPlan c1520. oil on canvas 2016-17.
Former LifeBoat Station. oil on canvas 2017. painting
You wanted to intern them when talking to Stephen Nolan five minutes ago. You flip…
William needs to take over from Stephen Nolan...Nolan just stirs a pot, no decorum what so ever!!!
Me right now listening to Ulster unionist guy on Stephen nolan is hilarious all over the place has not got a clue
Belfast City Council to appoint Irish Language Officer👏Nolan just doesn't get it.Indigenous, Stephen,indigenous...look it up!
Mad mccausland reaction listening to Stephen Nolan this morning when he hears Irish language being embraced
Stephen Theodore Nolan , we don't urinate on the carpet in this house!
Stephen Nolan loves getting fingered by the Green Party. Right?
Stephen Elijah Nolan , keep your feelers to yourself!
out of nico or Nolan, as of now who do you hope falls to us?
Stephen Nolan dup stones and glass houses spring to mind udr murder gangs and guns of Ulster resistance
Stephen Esther Nolan , the internet is for research only!
Scenes in search of Characters XIV (with red van). oil on panel c2012.
Kinda weird that Marine Le Pen is only 4 years older than me & Stephen Nolan is 1 year younger than me...😯
Is this the Fabled Image of a Neo Liberal Utopia which looks Gray and Brown... by v…
What an absolute disgrace you are Stephen Nolan cutting off Paul but giving uninterrupted time to John Redwood Typical
No disagreements here pal he's more balanced as is Stephen Nolan 👍
Here are the newest signee's jersey numbers for y'all on a Monday:. - Nolan Carroll : 27. - Damontre Moore : 58. -…
Scene on a Navigable River. mixed media 2017.
It's official!. Congrats to Stephen Paea, Terrance Williams, Damontre Moore & Nolan Carroll for signing their new contrac…
Quote of the week a phone in called Stephen Nolan "William" on Radio Ulster and told "I'm not him" danger to phone in these days!
Just as Unionists do when asked about Arlene Foster & RHI, Stephen Nolan now mentions Gerry Adams everytime her name mentioned!.
*** is the moron that Stephen Nolan is giving a free ride to on right now? Never ever heard anything like it
21:30 Stephen Nolan: The day's main news stories, topical debate and interviews.
Hokies GOAL by Tyler Nolan assisted by Stephen Gerke, scored now 5-2 with 9 minutes left.
A new show comprising in the main. Closing Sept 30th House Down by the River. (now with added sandbags). https:…
Heck even less talent the brand helps. How else do you explain rise of Stephen A, Katie Nolan, Skip Bayless? Low talent.
22:00 Stephen Nolan: The day's news stories, topical debate and interviews.
*talking to my 8yr old cousin*. Me: Hey you know Stephen Curry broke his leg!?. Nolan: What?! How?!. Me: nah I'm just kidding. Nolan: 😑
Uve never proper got a lift to school if u don't know the Stephen Nolan theme tune
.undergrads Stephen Phillips, Lindsey Adams, & Nolan Keim about to present Conference in Arl…
Knicks great Charles Oakley chats with Stephen A. Smith about the events that led to his arrest Wednesday at MSG jason nolan owner
is that way Stephen Nolan likes going to USA he feels at home
Little Settlement Painting. oil on a wee canvas 2014.
Stephen Nolan riot training with the PSNI via
NewRoss town Plan c1200. now with added fosse . oil on canvas 2016-17. http…
Very happy to announce Stephen's new role!
Stephen Nolan from Sustainable Nations sharing Irish experience and realities regarding Jobs, CSR, policy and compl…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Stephen Nolan, - minds are shifting, green business is not a CSR bauble. But CEOs need guidance.
Geez, I usually listen to Stephen Nolan at that time. What have I been playing at?!! :)
Brownish Building on Blackness Avenue. oil on canvas c2015.
Generic Street Scene in Grey. oil on canvas c2012.
They are also on the same side as Stephen Nolan, despite his disgraceful interview of Conor Murphy today!
Listening to Stephen Nolan on the BBC hold the DUP to account,in contrast to RTE collaborating with a corrupt Gov't,shameful
still continue beating shooting what peace Stephen Nolan
"It is his belief...although he has no evidence to confirm this". Enough to send "Obsessive Stephen Nolan" into hyperdrive...Again 💤💤💤
Another cracking Stephen Nolan show on with fresh revelations on scandal. NI theatre makes me drive to work fly by!
Indeed they do Diane! Check out interview with VO actor & all of his on-camera work! :…
LGBT member Stephen Nolan leads corrupt BBC campaign to destabilise Northern Ireland Institutions - questions to answer to PM I think
Scenes in Search of Characters VI. oil on panel c2012.
Larger White House Painting. at the Castleblayney. oil on canvas 2014-16.
the Crucible of all our Nightmares and Dreams. oil on canvas on panel 2014.
Cheeky Little Streetscene Painting. oil on panel c2014.
Teacher: Name an explorer. Stephen: Neil Armstrong. Teacher: No, one on a boat. Stephen: It's a space boat
Stephen Nolan Question, who is really going to lose out? Looks like people in Fuel Poverty haven't g…
I've heard some car crash interviews on Stephen Nolan in the past 6 weeks, but Edwin Poots is currently delivering one for the ages
The alternative to KayeAdams: Stephen Nolan on RadioUlster & JamesOBrien on LBC: 10am. You decide: award winning journalism or
GOOD LUCK | Stephen NOLAN who lines out on Saturday for Republic of Ireland Schools vs Australia…
Old School Building cont. oil on panel 2015-16.
hi- nope that's not it. I think Stephen Nolan had audio of it unless I'm mistaken
NewHouse Image . oil on canvas c2012.
Just watched his interview with Stephen Nolan. Feel sorry for the guy, seems like an honest man!
Larger Blue House Painting. oil on canvas 2014 - 16. Prints now available at.
STEPHEN NOLAN'S "BOYFRIEND" Chris Buckler is also working on the "Free Heat" investigation for the BBC .. why?? . What's your Agenda?
BBC Radio Ulster presenter STEPHEN NOLAN is determined to bring down the Northern Ireland Government with his investigations "Free Heat"
DUP in disarray over press statements on £multi million of taxpayers money waste bbc ni stephen nolan show
Stephen Nolan was a resident in Kincora
[The Nolan Show] DUP’s Gregory Campbell clashes with Stephen over [...]. via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Did you hear Stephen Nolan's interview with Gregory Campbell? explains why he wasn't impressed.
Big story coming on Nolan tomorrow . 9am
O Stony Grey Soil of Monaghan. oil on panel 2014 - 16.
What did Gregory Campbell mean on Nolan this morning, to Stephen "if you keep digging, we'll keep digging"
I see Nolan's released his poster again.
This is getting totally out of control Greg Campbell DUP making indirect threats against journalist Stephen Nolan d…
Gregory Campbell clashes with Stephen Nolan over Cash for Ash scheme.
Nolan would laugh at Gregory's best... you'd want to be up very early in the morn to catch Stephen!
Only Stephen Nolan's boyfriend could like him. Oink! Oink!
Was the threat from Greg Campbell to Stephen Nolan meant 2 stop him investigating further? We can all see through his threats.
I will never vote in my life again .until Stephen Nolan enters politics.
Stephen Nolan ripping in to Gregory Campbell is making my morning
ACC Stephen Martin to the paramilitaries : "we are coming after you " "walk away " he tells Nolan show
Nolan is Gregory Campbell suggesting that PFI contracts for example are not committed spending?
Did Gregory Campbell just make a sinister veiled threat to Stephen Nolan about digging for information?!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Stephen Nolan: "... like a big fat Batman watching over us." Classic.
A good article on the financial scandal that ought to result in the resignation of the First Minister of N. Ireland
West of Ireland LandScape Painting. (from memory). mixed media 2016.
Cash for ash scandal. Great piece on
Listen to the Stephen Nolan show today!!!
This morning we will be on the Stephen Nolan show on Radio Ulster , if you can please tune in
Stephen Nolan: Interview with firebrand pastor McConnell was not so much a clash of titans as a surprising and...
stephen Nolan has been on it for about 10yrs although others come n go
EmmaPengelly calls out Stephen on his "inaccurate" journalism.Is Nolan a liar,unfit to carry out investigative journalism?
Stephen Nolan would love a report in front of him so he could "drill down into the detail" Democratic deficit
Adrianne Elson speaks to Stephen Nolan about life as a woman
So. Nolan's creativity comes into a real life picture but in a different genre !
The ordinary folk of N.I. who are determined in taking this province forward must tune into the Stephen Nolan Show Friday
Stony Grey Soil of Monaghan. mixed media 2014 - 16.
This is a clip from Stephen Nolan's radio show on BBC 5 Live.
my sources tell me you and Stephen Nolan are in advanced talks over a radio show. Confirm or deny?
"On Westworld I was involved from the conceptual stage, developing the look with Jonathan Nolan. We shot film, without a s…
Stephen Nolan's moving programme about a brave, honest and humorous transgender woman whom I know and like:
Cheek to talk about anybody getting public money !
-- I have it, Stephen said, preceding them. -- And long John Fanning is here too, John Wyse Nolan said, as large as life.
Actor Rory Nolan and Director Stephen Reynolds at the 20 Minute Film Pitch screening.
with Added off Street Parking. mixed media 2012.
Little Settlement Painting IV. oil on panel 2015 - 16.
It is planned that The Stephen Nolan radio show is covering our campaign tomorrow , feel free to tune in 😀😀😘
BBC NI boss: We are not the Stephen Nolan broadcasting corporation
Also, when are they going to rein Stephen Nolan in? It's got out of hand.
if Stephen decided to go down this road he could have "The Stephenie Nolan Show"
"It's on again and couldn't be more timely ... the Sustainability Gathering 22nd November 2016!! "
A Series of Buildings cont. oil on canvas 2014 - 16.
Great job from on the Stephen Nolan show defending the right to life of unborn children! Inspirationa…
JoJo & two Sheep cont. oil on canvas 2016.
Golf Golf Golf, Stephen Nolan phone in, no Golf, Robbie Savage phone in 606 , no Golf, Golf , Golf Golf. Football please
Stephen Cluxton the third man to captain three All-Ireland winning football teams after John Kennedy (Dublin) and Sean O'Kennedy (Wexford).
Hey Stephen Nolan thanks for the follow!
STEPHEN NOLAN: Why I won't be lobbying the to keep my salary secret
*** Yeah! So grateful to for the checking out my Voice audition. Thank you!
We tried to complain when Stephen Nolan did it on local TV. Sod all happened
"Hope Lodge is home away from home lodging for families like us," Erica Zikas, son, Nolan, is a cancer survivor.
Even Stephen Nolan is taking crap now re 11plus. 60s and 70s generations got A levels at 20-26, some develop later.
Fat *** Stephen Nolan getting caned RIGHT NOW by Digby Jones on
A new show comprising in the main. running until sept 30th Castleblayney. Little Red Gatehouse.
Great article on Stephen Nolan & Sustainable Nation in by Paul Melia
A new show comprising in the main. Closing sept 30th A Rising Tyde rises all Boats. (buy a boat).
Can anyone make a Stephen Nolan bot/algorithm that generates titles such as these?
Meet the CEO who hopes to be out of a job in 5 years. Stephen Nolan
you're missing step 8, blame it on bus lanes and then step 9, ring Stephen Nolan to complain about cyclists
business interview with ceo Stephen Nolan on plans to make Ireland greener at
👏👏👏 thank you for defending on Stephen Nolan show!
I hear bryson is going to Stephen Nolan birthday party.?biggest show in the country.
Happy Birthday Stephen Nolan... not be giving you 43 bumps though! Have a good one 🎂
Best of luck to Cúchullains, Clarecastle and Roanmore tomorrow in the Stephen O'Keefe tournament. Another great festival o…
Little Settlement Painting IIX. oil on canvas 2012 - 16.
A Smorgasbord of Disjointed Memories. mixed media 2012-present. .
Former Courthouse with or without frame. oil on paper 2015-16.
Hands up who knows how a Stormont committee works?.
happy 43rd birthday Stephen Nolan mate and have a good one and stop letting people annoy u on ur page and happy Friday
Stephen Nolan finished up as the BBC big-mouth as he couldn't get a job as a plasterer!
. aw come on, I'm no defender of Stephen Nolan but it's a fair point to raise
Stephen Nolan under fire for asking how 'Portglenone plasterer' would know Stormont inner workings.
Stephen gets a flea in his ear from caller Martin via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Stephen Bear is the most annoying, pointless person
Stephen Nolan having callers put through to massage his damaged ego after a caller called him out.
That dude on Nolan's show now is spot on. Stephen Nolan is an establishment mouthpiece who'd rather drone on about bus-lanes or McFlurries.
Fair point by the Sinn Fein caller to Stephen Nolan who is immensely hypocritical on how he treats callers who speculate . He does it .
Big fan of Stephen Nolan suggesting that a tradesman wouldn't have the brain capacity to understand the workings of government departments.
well obviously, but Nolan needs to allow editors to do their job on his films just as Stephen King used to
View of the Colosseum circ1870. don't be silly everyone knows blue wasn't invented until 1927. https:…
Ron Howard, Stephen Spielberg, Chris Columbus & Christopher Nolan will forever be my idols in movie making.
Mother hates Stephen Nolan. Father had no opinion.
Petition: A televised debate on the origins of the Irish language and its history in Ulster.
and when u say ran you mean drove. Stephen nolan doesnt run
In September 2015 VOXEL featured a selection of works by Stephen Nolan
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