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Stephen Hester

Stephen Hester (born 14 December 1960), is currently the Chief Executive Officer of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

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When I sued RBS, Stephen Hester & Bruce Van Saun, barristers just wanted these two off the proceedings
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New Book Review on Early View: R. Fitzgerald on Stephen Hester’s “Descriptions of Deviance”…
If you are thinking about a career in Business/Economics/Finance don't miss Stephen Hester's visit next Thursday, f…
Stephen Hester received £496,000 bonus from last year for doing absolutely nothing.
I am staggered by MoreThan and how you have treated a sincerely young lady trying to buy your services. Stephen Hester, be ashamed
I thought that the "financial wizard" Stephen Hester was paid VAST sums of money & gigantic bonus to resolve all issues
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Leaders under Pressure podcast episode 2 - Stephen Hester on how he coped with the crisis at Royal Bank of Scotland
Kids these days don't know how dangerous Devin Hester was 😳💪
Wish that in interview published yesterday with Stephen Hester that you had asked him about his Cover Up of GRG from 2010.
Stephen Hester took over as Royal Bank of Scotland CEO after the UK Government was forced to rescue the…
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Question: Is Mr. Stephen Hester a transfer officer of Royal Bank of Scotland ...
links not working? has big brother got to him the same as they got to you? deleting your interview on the BBC with Stephen Hester?
Financial advice – stephen hester in line for _1.6 million bonus: Stephen Hester, the government appo...
Category, predicate, and task: The pragmatics of practical action,Peter Eglin, Stephen Hester,1992
Former RBS boss set for £500k payout, two years after he left, bringing total pay to £13m over five years:
StephenHester multi million payout from Announced while u were watching rugby :)
And some get £13m for 5 years works and achieving nothing in the process Stephen Hester at RBS
Former RBS boss Stephen Hester set for £50 payout from bailed-out bank – more than two years after he left –…
Another dud banker hits the jackpot -via
Stephen Hester - directors are often reluctant to admit that a corporate crisis is developing
Former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Stephen Hester on course for final payout from bailed-out organisation of u...
Former of boss set for final payout via
ex RBS boss Hester to trouser final £500,000 payment from state-rescued lender he failed to turn round
I can't keep their names straight. Props to Stephen for getting 3 girlfriends. I'm struggling to get 1 😅
AND how they just so happened to find her key and lanyard in Stephen's room on the 7th(?) day of searching his property?
Honestly? I have no idea. All I know is I'm convinced that it wasn't Stephen. If anything, I'm leaning towards Let. Lenk
there's no denying I didn't empathize for Teresa's family, but can they say w/o a shadow of a doubt that it was Stephen? 🤔
Taken in the country garden of Stephen Hester. The tranquil movement under lovely lillies. :-)
Stephen Hester is 1 of 2 State Delegates to House of Delegates and is in our office.
Another disaster for Stephen Hester,former CEO. Did they find some nasties oovered up during Due Diligence !?!
Stephen Hester will want the most out of Zurich's bid for RSA
Stephen Hester will want the most out of Zurich’s bid for RSA: Expect an uncompromising performance from the u...
Are the interests of shareholders and customers always at odds? We ponder while reading this piece on a poss RSA sale
Another Failure for Stephen Hester at RSA - just like
UK: is neither perfectly green nor cheap, but its economics look vastly better than nuclear’s
RSA's takeover would free up Stephen Hester for another top job
One bidder is nice for RSA Insurance – but More Than one would be better: UK insurer may have Zurich eyeing it...
RSA annual meeting has started near St Paul's in London. Protest vote by some investors over CEO Stephen Hester's pay expected
Special thanks to for the Stephen Leacock connection at the Hester Apts.
Great Q&A session with Stephen Hester at Toronto headquarters
Ex-CEO Stephen Hester received a bonus in the form of shares worth ~£859,000 in 2014. Fair?
RSA’s largest investor is set to protest over Chief Executive Stephen Hester’s £2.1m salary and bonus package, reports the Sunday Times.
Stephen Hester could be set for a row over his pay packet at RSA: via
$RSA.LN S Times says that 13% shareholder Cevian is set to challenge Stephen Hester's pay package
Liberated from RBS, Stephen Hester now paying self £2.1m.
Fire alarm going off but rotc is like "no days off" 😂
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I want to meet new people but I'm awkward and shy
RSA group CEO Stephen Hester to speak at the 2015 Annual AIRMIC lecture.
"Stop saying that to me the reason is bae
you took advantage of the way I cared for you.
"When the cops show up to the party 😳
Kinda wanna get it right with someone who's just as tired of getting it wrong as I am
The Airmic Annual Lecture is on 4th February with guest speaker Stephen Hester, RSA. Member registration now open!
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I need to learn to not get my hopes up about anything at all anymore
you won't be thinking that when that Monday comes around
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This job is madness. In the last 2 days I've served Camilla Parker Bowles, Stephen Fry, Stephen Hester and Jacob Rothschild
Hester on capital drive in bid to revitalise RSA. Former Royal Bank of Scotland boss Stephen Hester...
anyone who thinks that hester is a good chap and honest and reasonable should read what the son of a Bi*** did to ruby cooper after she was stalked by a clerk within natwest rbs...and how he connived to have her convicted of harassment because she complained of his being in breach of the banking act and licence...this man is HEINOUS...he had an innnocent woman convicted for making a legitimate complaint cos he did not want to say sorry or compensate her...unbeleiveable what he got up to !! ALL natwest RBS cleints take note!!!
Spanish Springs vote gets a second look: Spanish Springs landowner Stephen Hester is calling on the Pismo Beach...
Shame Stephen Hester's gone, I did at least know him.
BlackRock executive rules himself out in...
I can't recall seeing any photos of Stephen Hester signing redress cheques?
RBS announces Ross McEwan as new CEO Could you get a more Scottish name??? Oh, he's from New Zealand
FROM TODAY: Ross McEwan to replace Stephen Hester as RBS Chief Executive
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Stephen Hester: The man who brought the biggest banking failure back from the ... - Telegraph…
RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester as net profit rises to $811 million
RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester:
RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester: (KSL)
New RBS boss rejects bonus for two years – and will be paid less than predecessor
New RBS boss hails Stephen Hester's 'lesson in leadership' in memo to staff:
RBS announce Ross McEwan as Stephen Hester's successor I wouldn't trust a whole bank to anyone with my accent.
New Zealander Ross McEwan to be new CEO of RBS via
RBS unveil new boss: Retail banking boss Ross McEwan to replace outgoing Chief Executive Stephen Hester as the...
undisclosed LT incentives are the real jack pot = tax free
Will he also get a pension allowance of 35% of salary, like Stephen Hester?.
We do love to talk about bank bosses and their salaries...
Stephen Hester : "the taxpayer will eventually get back more than was paid" for RBS shares. I'll look forward to the dividend payment.
RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester: LONDON (AP) -Stephen Hester reported his last set of results for ...
I wonder if Stephen Hester should now be knighted for successfully undemolishing symmetrically to Fred Goodwin.
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dt: RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester
RBS names new CEO to replace Stephen Hester
Stephen Hester on his plans post-RBS: "Holiday and doing things you lot won’t photograph me about doing".
Royal Bank of Scotland says its head of retail banking Ross McEwan will succeed Stephen Hester as Chief Executive
luv it when new zealanders get about. RBS announce Ross McEwan as Stephen Hester's successor via
announce Ross McEwan, head of retail at the as Stephen Hester's successor CEO:
RBS is fined for reporting errors: THE failure of Royal Bank of Scotland under Chief Executive Stephen Hester ...
Blog post from HRZone member IainBlair on Stephen Hester leaving RBS & what we can learn about succession planning -
International News: Royal Bank of Scotland announced that Stephen Hester would step down later this year as Chief Executive, a job he took over from Fred Goodwin when the bank was bailed out in November 2008. The British Treasury is currently mulling its options about how to dispose of the stake it still holds in RBS.
Ousted boss Stephen Hester today warned it could take up to a decade for the British taxpayers to be repaid its £45bn (€52bn) stake in bailed-out Royal Bank of Scotland.
Stephen Hester lays out RBS departure plan - In this major interview following his shock resignation from RBS, Stephen Hester tells the Sunday Telegraph that politics came with the job, what he really thinks of the Treasury and why this isn't the time for anger.    
global group stock fraud watch Any doubt over who calls the shots at Britain's part-nationalised banks has been dispelled by the fate of Stephen Hester. The RBS Chief Executive has been forced out at the behest of George Osborne. Forget the arms-length paraphernalia of the UKFI holding company. When ministers want the bailed-out banks to do something, they do it. That's as it should be, since the state (not the "taxpayer" as the media constantly intones) currently owns 81% and 39% of RBS and Lloyds TSB respectively. The problem is what they want to do with them – which is sell them off fast, regardless of the loss to the public purse or the damage to the economy. The chancellor is driven by a mixture of unbending ideology and raw electoral calculation. He and David Cameron are determined to start the largest privatisations in Britain's history by the end of 2014 – just in time for a 2015 election. The idea is to engineer a "Tell Sid" 1980s-style Thatcherite handout to the right kind of voters, while e ...
The departure of Stephen Hester as Chief Executive has raised concerns about how Royal Bank of Scotland will navigate a planned exit by its largest stakeholder, the British government. Its shares tumbled about 4 percent on Thursday.
Did George Osborne, desperate to raise the funds for a pre-election giveaway, force out Stephen Hester because...
RBS chief Stephen Hester forced to step down t - Quite unfortunate. Timing was not ripe. He could have executed sale
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Former City minister Lord Myners tells BBC Newsnight he thinks Stephen Hester is going because the RBS board is "doing the bidding of" Chancellor George Osborne.
Stephen Hester's demise, and a Labour Party that makes the US Democrats look Hard Left by comparison
I can't believe how the UK government has treated Stephen Hester. A man who knowingly accepted a hospital pass of a job (leaving a much higher paid position I might add) to take up the challenge of trying to turn around RBS was thwarted at every turn by a bunch of meddling politicians and journalists. And despite his efforts and several personal refusals to accept his own controversial bonus payments, he basically gets discarded like garbage. Thank you George And Dave for doing your best to make our national investment in RBS worthless.
Royal Bank of Scotland shares have fallen more than 7% following last night's announcement that Stephen Hester will stand down as Chief Executive later this year!!
Stephen Hester stepping down as Chief Executive of RBS Group: Royal Bank of Scotland Group has announced that ...
Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive Stephen Hester is to step down from his role later this year.
RBS shares down 7% in early trading, after Stephen Hester says he's leaving. Suggests he's worth more than his pay-off
Stephen Hester has done a good job in very difficult circumstances at
It is not true that has given me an offer to replace their I would've refused anyways
What will outgoing RBS boss Stephen Hester do next? Will it be another turnaround role?
Stephen Hester to step down as RBS Chief Executive - via
Blimey. I've been paying Stephen Hester £1.6m a year and now a £4m pay off. Wondered where all the money had gone.
I wonder if Stephen Hester will return to property?
£5 Million pay off for Stephen Hester leaving RBS. OBSCENE GREED in a time when the poorest and weakest in society are being hammered.
Wherein I revisit the life and times of Stephen Hester at RBS
Terrible move removing stephen hester from RBS. A very talented man begged to leave Brit land to save RBS and then vilified
loses £24bn, is fined £390m for rigging Libor rates, and Stephen trousers around £5.6m of our money. Nice.
. Excellent front page headline from the Indy today!
76% of people think Hester's exit from RBS will be bad for the investment bank
The things that happen when you're knee-deep in pensions: "Stephen Hester steps down as Chief Executive of RBS
chief Stephen Hester leaving will "give new CEO time to prepare for privatisation process", bank says
RBS Stephen Hester is to quit after five years in the job and walks away with 5mil, 2,000 people are paying for this! Paper is only what the small man contributes to it!
Stephen Hester leaves RBS, he's done a good job restoring that bank to profitability sorry
shares now down 8%, Chairman Hampton denies any falling out between Stephen Hester and George Osborne
Ouch. That's how much Stephen Hester's exit has cost RBS.
are we meant to feel sorry for Stephen Hester?
Stephen Hester: 'I was ready to take the bank through privatisation, but for me that would have been the end of a jo…
Brace yourselves, normal people. This is the bit where 2008 / RBS finally shafts us. Osborne == ***
Talkg of jobs! RBS Chief Stephen Hester made 10s of 000's of people redundant during his tenancy, whilst disposing of a £TRILLION in ***
Royal Bank of Scotland today expected to announce 2,000 job losses in the wake of boss Stephen Hester's plans to stand do…
Banking News | Stephen Hester: A banker at bay - HISTORY sometimes drips with irony. Just as the City’s eli...
With talk of RBS Chief Stephen Hester going today, what better day to push out news 2,000 more to be made redundant!
Re: RBS Chief Stephen Hester forced out with HUGE payment! BIGGER scandal is sell off of RBS at bottom of mkt & BAD bank for taxpayers!
RBS Chief Hester to Step Down: Royal Bank of Scotland Group said Chief Executive Stephen Hester will...
Stephen Hester has quit…what a surprise. Totally didn't see that coming *astonished face* My blog from 15 months ago:
Stephen Hester was never going to do much beyond five years at RBS [Ah! So, he was taking it easy?]
RBS shares down about 4.6% this morning following last night's news about the departure of Chief Executive Stephen Hester
i've a natural dislike of bankers, but I really admire Stephen Hester. Appears to be a sole decent bloke in a bucket of vipers.
Unions' rage as RBS boss Stephen Hester departs with £5.6m after bank board give him the push Obscene
BBC News - Royal Bank of Scotland CEO Stephen Hester to stand down
Interesting to see Stephen Hester interviewed on news last night - well media trained! Dodged the "did you want to go?" question admirably
Market votes on decision to push Stephen Hester out - RBS shares down 6pc
Allister Heath has some soberting advice for Stephen RBS successor:
Two thousand jobs are set to go at Royal Bank of Scotland as the search begins for a new boss to take it through to privatisation.
Stephen Hester's exit from RBS: full FT round-up... | More on
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RBS resignation of Stephen Hester causes debate to rage | Business | The Guardian
Stephen Hester claims working as CEO for was bruising. Bruising? Shame, lets hope your £1mil+ payout helps soothe you, you poor man.
Could Stephen Hester not have waited a bit to announce he is leaving, I have some fantasy shares in RBS.
RBS jobs to go as boss Stephen Hester quits :
RBS chief Stephen Hester 'forced' to go (with £5m pay off !) as Osborne paves way for sell-off
RBS Chief Executive Stephen Hester quits with £1.6m-plus payoff via Who's funding his pay off?
Stephen Hester resigns, apparently it's a difficult job, how does it compare to stepping on an IED in A'stan? still harder?
This morning I watched a report regarding the Chief Executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland, Stephen Hester, who has apparently been 'forced' to stand down at the end of this year and will therefore receive a payoff of at least £1.6m...and possibly up to £5.6m.I do hope he can manage on such a low income! An earlier report involved a study of cats armed with GPS tracking devices and micro-cameras attached to their collars, being monitored by a team from BBC Two's Horizon programme in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College...with a view to finding out what they get up to at night!. All I could see was a vast amount of money being spent to tell us the obvious!! The report concluded that... '...cats appeared to time share territory to avoid confrontation with neighbouring felines and visit each others houses. However, the cat cam footage also revealed squabbles over territory remained. There was also an incident with a fox and with a nest of fledglings'.!!.My life feels ever so much enhanced by t ...
£5.6 million package for Stephen Hester! Absolutely disgusting! No man is worth that amount of money. And he reckons its a small amount of money! wanker!
Ahhh, poor Stephen Hester, he's had to resign. Get the violins out...
Yet again I note that the government is taking the *** as are the bankers. £1,200,000 as a leaving fee for Stephen Hester on top of his already substantial salary is a disgrace. More so when you look at the way other public sector employees are abused in the press for their 'generous' salaries that are often barely above minimum wage.
Stephen Hester steps down as CEO of the Royal Bank of Spotland - according to BBC Breakfast News :)
Stephen Hester is set to retire early from being boss of R.B.S he is going to get an approximate £5,000,000 pay off. Does anybody think he should get this when the cost to the tax payer has NOT been met.
I'm not a big Stephen Hester fan, but I think the government may have a hard time finding someone who's willing to take such a politicized position, let alone do a better job.
Either Hester is displaying the same hopeless grasp of numbers that got the bank this mess in the first place or sky needs to sack it's reporter! They can't have paid back hundreds of billions of taxpayer support as they weren't given that much and they don't have 30 million customers! They might have 30 million products held but again shows either a lack of understanding of the numbers or a willingness to mislead.
Britain's state-rescued Royal Bank of Scotland said Wednesday that Chief Executive Stephen Hester has decided to step down after five years at the helm, during which he has overseen a vast restructuring in readiness for the group's eventual privatisation.
Questions are being raised about the future privatization of the part-nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland after its Chief Executive, Stephen Hester, says he is leaving the bank.
How can this be right...? In 2009 the Royal Bank of Scotland was driven into bankruptcy. It was never called that; the spin doctors stoically referred to its condition as ruined! It was brought down by its then Chief Executive Officer, Fred Goodwin. The financial losses he caused were the greatest ever in British history. The human cost was colossal and his wholesale sackings earned him the title: “Fred the Shred”. For his negligence, Goodwin was finally awarded a pension of £350,000 a year. His pension had initially been set at £770,000 a year. Only after a public outcry was it reduced for him because he himself point-blank refused to reduce it voluntarily. Today, 13 June 2013, Stephen Hester resigns from the helm of the now 84% Government-owned Royal Bank of Scotland. He sails off into the sunset with a package of £5.6 MILLION for his “success” in turning the bank around. The success was hardly his alone, if at all. £45 BILLION pounds of UK taxpayers money was a bail out no other ...
...Mr Hester, who will depart by the end of the year with a salary and pension package worth up to US$8.8 million (S$11.1 million). ... "This was the board's decision, not mine, but I am comfortable with their decision." At the same time world governments are facing financial blackholes, how do we justify paying so much for a bad decision?
BREAKING NEWS : Stephen Hester, chief exec of RBS Bank has announced he is to step down. He has gone on public record saying "I have been in the trenches with the people and its been a difficult and bruising job". RBS is a TAX payer lender and he is reported to be receiving 5.6 million when he goes...when will this nonsense stop or do our top people need OUR financial support ? This and much more on the breakfast show a view ? leave your post or call the studio in the morning 01670 432107.
Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive Stephen Hester to leave role
My heart goes to him & to the agony of his decision. My prayers are with him. I'm sure you care as much as I do.
Stephen Hester made to stand down from RBS. There's a surprise he wants to stay and reckons taxpayers will get all their 65billion bale out back. What's the betting the Tories sell it off cheap to fat cats on the cheap. And guess who will pick up the tab we need a revolution to sort these self indulgent bstards right out
RBS boss Stephen Hester tells "I was never gonna flounce out of this job because I felt I had a duty"
The final chapter or so of my book on RBS â Making It Happen: Fred Goodwin, RBS and the men who blew up the British economy â is going to need a tweak before publication this autumn. Stephen Hester,...
Lord Myners: I think at the end of last week Stephen Hester had no idea he was going
The Treasury says RBS needs a Chief Executive prepared to stay with the huge semi-nationalised bank as it is privatised. Stephen Hester wasn't prepared to stay that long.
So Stephen Hester is to leave RBS, he said its been difficult and like being dragged through the trenches, Aye right, and am sure it will be just as difficult spending your £4.5 Million bonus as well, get real and hand it back to the tax payers who bailed you out in the first place.
Pig banker boss Stephen Hester quits.lock him ppl do not go to jail..they go to inquiries.
Stephen Hester of RBS not surprisingly goes - job incomplete!
June 7, 2013: Apologising if he sounds “pompous”, Hester says the RBS job was something he took on as a “mission. I could have stayed out of the limelight at British Land but I wanted the challenge. Now I’ve taken it on, it commands all my focus.” Returning RBS to sustainable profitability and to pr...
Stephen Hester 4.5 million goodbye ... What's the now opportunity ?
So Stephen Hester, who's time at RBS has been a success is fired by the Chancellor because its politically better to sell RBS just before the a tax payer I'd rather RBS was sold when it can pay me back...we are ruled by imbeciles !
"Hester la Vista baby", my newspaper headline prediction for 2maro Just heard on news Stephen Hester has quit RBS Usual agreement I reckon, big payoff, celebrity get me out of here, pantos
Stephen Hester leaving RBS. Do I care? Seriously. No I do not!
Seems like Stephen Hester has been treated appallingly by the government. He is clearly an incredibly talented man, has done a good job, turned down bonuses on principle and got rid of £800bn off their balance sheet and yet he has been booted aside. Poor chap. Take your £4m bonus and run mate, you deserve every last penny :)
Cannot believe Stephen Hester has been pushed out of his job as CEO of RBS - for those who kick off about his £4m pay off, he didn't join the company until the government had to put £45bn in to bail it out and he's earned them £38bn back within 5 years even with the PPI payouts included. Legend - make him chancellor!!
Holy crap Stephen Hester has stepped down from RBS!
I got an email from Stephen Hester earlier today. lol.
At Sky News tonight to do the paper round at 10:30 & 11:30 with Fraser Nelson. Mandela seems to be hanging in so what will the front pages have? I like the Stephen Hester story.
Hester, parachuted into the bailed bank during the 2008 crisis, will stand down at end of year as RBS prepares for privatisation
OMG. I've just heard the news bulletin Stephen Hester has bowed out of RBS. That now means a new Chief Executive for the Bank. Does it also mean change at the top?. Watch the news at ten tonight to find out more...
Stephen Hester to leave RBS. And a payoff of £4.5 Million. plus his yearly £1.5 Million. Total £6 Million to GO. Hello everybody, are you listening ? . Owned by US, perhaps we should have had a say in this., I wonder what that say would have been. WE MUSTR BE THE MOST GULLIBLE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD !. UK SPRING Here we come.
Another credit crunch on the way Stephen Hester as gone from RBS something is afoot he only got appointed last year.
Stephen Hester on his 5 years at RBS "its certainly been a hugely challenge" Yep. I get that. No doubt walking away with a £1.6million pay off and £4million of shares, could easily be considered a reward. Although, its not entirely clear what that reward is for.
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So Stephen Hester is stepping down as CEO of RBS later this year. It will be a sad loss for RBS. This guy picked up the pieces after Fred the Shred an his fiasco which nearly bankrupted the country. Mr Hester will be a sad loss and will prove to be asset to wherever he goes next
A brief history of Stephen Hester, the man who inherited RBS by WSJ
RBS Stephen Hester leaves his post as Chief Exec and gets 1.2 Million pound pay much longer are they going to take the micky out of us disgrace!
god i wish i was stephen hester and got a £4.somethin million payout
I see my favourite crook, sorry banker, Stephen Hester, after a terribly bruising time leading RBS has decided to call it day, bless him. He hasn't been made redundant or retired he's just quit. And he stands to walk away with a years salary for his pains. A measly £1.6 m + other stuff I didn't understand totalling an eye watering £4.6 m. Nice to think that should I leave my place of employment tomorrow (don't get excited I'm staying) I will receive a years salary. What do mean I won't? Austerity my ***
Stephen Hester, the Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), is to quit the taxpayer-backed lender this year in a move which diminishes the prospects of privatising the bank ahead of the next general election.
After 6.5 years in RBS, I handed my notice in today - I doubt my payout will be quite as good as Stephen Hester's though...
Stephen Hester quits RB'yeS'. Getting out before his reputation is ruined by a sinking ship
In my eyes Stephen Hester deserves his £1.6m plus investments, there ive said it.
So that scumbag sfor brains Stephen Hester says Mr Hester said: "Of course I'd like to have stayed as I feel I've been in the trenches with all of my people helping RBS to recover and privatisation would have been a fitting end to those endeavours" OK scum - just which trench are you in with these guys then? Some 37,500 roles have already been lost at RBS under the group Chief Executive, Stephen Hester, who was appointed after the £45bn taxpayer bailout in 2008, and Unite, Britain's biggest union, said 700 of the latest cutbacks had been outlined to affected staff. I am sure many would like you to be in a trench full of mustard gas and a load of shrapnel. Mr Hester, who led the large-scale restructuring of RBS following its near collapse in 2008, will receive £1.6m in cash - equivalent to a year's salary. He will keep his long-term investment plan, currently worth £3m. The Treasury has capped his maximum entitlement from this plan at £4.2m So which "trench" are you in? God you make me puke.
Hester would have liked to stay for privatisation: Stephen Hester said he would have liked to have stayed at the bank beyond this year to oversee its privatisation.
RBS Chief Executive Stephen Hester is stepping down later this year, handing over responsibility for privatising the government-owned bank to his successor.
News: RBS boss Stephen Hester to step down -
RBS CEO Stephen Hester to leave later this year - NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc ...
Why do we need to privatise RBS anyway? Wouldn't a state bank be a good thing? Providing banking services to everyone? Presumably it's just another element of the privatise everything strategy and it's not the name that's the problem - the city of London not being able to countenance the UK's national bank being called Royal Bank of Scotland?
Oh dear oh dear top banker Stephen Hester is leaving RBS! AND he has not been there very long! Dr bob says its Time to call lovely Cherryll Bonquin ex boss American chap Scott Nygard as he was part of the turn around in RBS fortunes (RBS recently back in profit) Scott is very professional but expensive (as you would expect)
So if I quit my job, , I'll get 12 months salary plus lots of money for no other good reason? Oh no wait, im not Stephen Heston. £7million for chucking his job. Disgusted .
Stephen hester to step down at the end of the year. Sad news personally! He has done an absolutely fantastic job in turning RBS around.
Yesterday's unprecedented Government action to try and ind insure the unknown debts of the UK's banks appears to have failed in its immediate aims to stabilise shares in the banks. The debts and li...
RBS Chief Stephen Hester to step down as the bank hopes to get out of U.K. ownership WSJ
Bargain Basement? So Stephen Hester is "only" going to be paid £6.5m for agreeing to be FIRED from his job as CEO after almost bankrupting RBS! But that's OK: he WON'T be getting a 'bonus' for tax year 2013-1024, so that makes it a good bargain ... NOT!
George Osborne: "Stephen Hester has made an important contribution to Britain's recovery from the financial crisis"
Interesting that Stephen Hester has chosen to leave RBS later this year - is he frustrated by political debate about future of bank?
BREAKING NEWS: Chancellor George Osborne says, "I want to commend Stephen Hester for everything he has done" to turn around Royal Bank of Scotland.
UK News: Shocking to see Tories calling for the minimum wage to be suspended - McKinnell
waves goodbye to Stephen Hester, that evil banking type. Although he's moving aside so they can prep RBS for privatisation, and Dave is a fan of nationalisation these days, since he became a rampant leftie.
Stephen Hester to step down from RBS
BREAKING: Stephen Hester leaving RBS at the end of the year.
Thinktank says employees have sacrificed pay to keep their jobs during the 'longest and deepest' slump in a century
Should hit the sack... nobody wants to get up early these days & school isn't even finished. so, GOODNIGHT everyone... Trudy Stephen Hester you better go to school if you're sleeping at Googoo's... or you won't get your phone for the whole month!!!
Ruby Cooper, who I wrote about in this blog post - - has just been convicted of harassing Stephen Hester of RBS.
I am just siting here, looking at my little boy, and thinking about my husband... I have to be the single, most lucky woman in this world. I have this amazing two year old little boy that calls me Mommy and loves me unconditionally. Ethan is at the start of every good day and at the end of every bad day loving on me and wiping away any and all the stresses I have. To top it off, I have the must amazing husband in the world! Stephen King takes my hand and guides me through all of the darkness I have to face. He is this incredibly sweet, tough man that would do anything within his power for his family... He works seven days a week most weeks, and never complains once. He is a good, hard-working man who STILL thinks to bring his wife home roses, and I'm the luckiest woman on earth for getting to *** him up first. Between my husband and my son, there is no doubt that I'm one of the luckiest, happiest, most blessed women in the world! I love you Ethan and Stephen, and thank you for giving my life meaning! ...
Former recruitment boss guilty of harassing RBS chief Stephen Hester after she was questioned for sending him 'poison'
Final award presented by Stephen Hester to CDE Global congratulations - winner of overall award!
Stephen Hester .. Convinced the future of Ireland business is bright
Stephen Hester, chair of RBS on stage. The winner of the overall award is CDE Global.
Stephen Hester delivers final award to CDE Global, congratulations from Capstone!!
RBS's Stephen Hester says "Enterprise makes our world go round."
RBS chief Stephen Hester on stage to present the overall winner. And it goes to Cookstown's CDE Global (
welcome to our colleagues from RBS Stephen Hester and Kym Hudson
Woman sent 'poison' to RBS chief Stephen Hester - Scotsman
Woman sent 'poison' vial to Chief Executive Stephen Hester, court hears:
..the power to was when Stephen Hester waived his huge £1m was bonus crazy
If you want an idea of the culture Stephen Hester and Philip Hampton have created at read this:
RBS grooming Nathan Bostock for Stephen Hester job: Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland is reportedly groom...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
RBS said to be grooming Nathan Bostock to replace Stephen Hester
State-backed RBS grooming incoming finance director Nathan Bostock to take over from CEO Stephen Hester
RBS begins succession planning for Stephen Hester's replacement
We've extended the deadline to Wednesday if you haven't used your discount codes yet. Anyone that emailed in over the weekend and hasn't had a reply will get one today at the latest.
Tuesday's newspaper round-up: gearing up for replacement of Stephen Hester at its helm, stocks soar + more
RBS 'preparing succession plan for Chief Executive Stephen Hester'
RBS's (RBS) board has reportedly held talks about identifying a successor to CEO Stephen Hester, placi... $RBS
Business News: RBS board has held CEO successor talks: report: LONDON (Reuters) - Directors of Royal Bank of Scotland have held recent talks on identifying a replacement for its Chief Executive Stephen Hester, Sky News said on Sunday citing sources. Sky News said Philip Hampton, Chairman of the state-backed lender, called a meeting of the bank's non-executive directors earlier this...
Under Sir Philip Hampton & Stephen Hester, is engaged in some fairly egregious deceptive accounting
Exclusive: RBS board in secret talks about identifying successor to Chief Executive Stephen Hester. Full story:
If RBS don't retain Stephen Hester as their CEO they deserve to go under... just look at the great work he's done with this toxic bank
EXCLUSIVE: RBS directors hold secret talks about identifying successor to CEO Stephen Hester. List of names discussed earlier this month.
Excited to announce our latest signees! Jamal Hester is a 6'8 F from Ridgeland and played at Alcorn State last year.
Volunteered a bit of my time between shifts today to put up flags on the graves of fallen hero's... pretty emotionally crippling. Rip to my brothers. Chris Yauch and Israel O'Bryan. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country. You will never be forgotten. Drinking tonight in your honor.
SHAWN STARK'S ROCKIES (2-0) won their second straight game over the Diamondbacks, 7-4 Tuesday night at Salem HS. It was another close game between 2 teams that look evenly matched. The 2 teams were tied at 3 until the 6th inning, when the Rockies scored 4. Hector Carrasquillo pitched 4 for the Rockies and Stephen Kuni closed. Hector had a double, as did Chris Gutherie and Chad Kersh. Chris Anderson had 2 singles, and slugger Brett Eckles, Adam (Chop)Hester, Kevin Waltman all had singles. For the D'backs, Travis Tarleton continued his hot hitting going 3 for 4 and an RBI. Robert Lowe doubled, was HBP, and scored a run. Kyle Austin pitched 6 strong innings.
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This Memorial Day weekend, M.C. Gill would like to thank our troops for everything they do around the world to keep us safe.
Hey y'all.this Sunday, at The Link Church, our very special guest Chris Hester will be in service with us at 10am. Chris has a wonderful Gospel Music heritage and a unique baritone voice that captures the attention of young and old alike. You do not want to miss hearing him minister in song. Im excited. .
“The town kept its secrets, and the Marsten House brooded over it like a ruined king.” ― Stephen King, Salem's Lot Most people "romanticize" vampires...this being my first experience, it forever determined how I'd view a vampire.
Friends on FB, scammers are looking for victims seriously. Below is the message I received; "hello my dear, How are you? hope fine and in best of health. My name is Miss morine, i will like you to reply me for i have an important thing to discus with you. As soon as i hear from you, i will also let you know more about me. I look forward to hear from you contact me with this email, ( morineyak32@ ya hoo . com ) Care of Miss morine" Know who you add as friend... a word is enough.
I don't understand how people can be so *** CUTE!!! ugh
Title track off 2013 LP "Black Heart Market" [lyrics] Welcome the end of our hearts intent We've been left with a star filled grav...
A fourth-grader took a hidden camera into his Manhattan public school cafeteria to show how the offerings often fell short of the yummy-sounding menu descriptions.
What do you do when a customer tells you about a security breach on their account? Answer - Pass the customer to three different call agents before advising that they can't help because its after 5pm. Then suggest that they call back in the morning. Good job Stephen Hester... That's just how i'd promote confidence and customer satisfaction too!
One in four UK leisure businesses feel they are losing out to competitors due to lack of investment, according to new research from NatWest and RBS.
Great day! Worship at CrossPoint Church of Christ this morning. Lunch with Rachel Elizabeth Gean, Stephen Gean, Amy Montgomery, Tyler Gean, Somer Beth Gean, Debra Montgomery, and many more! Worship this evening in Lisa Lindsey and Chuck Lindsey's field with Allie Brooks, Sarah Hester, Ashley Hargett, Randy Hargett, Wes Hall, Gena Killen, Rodney Bowerman, Wendy Darby, Amy Hargett, Tyler Gean, and many many more! Then came home and got to see pics of my sweet niece with family and friends at Madison Church of Christ for annual senior night! Great day!
Thank you sharp shooters Paul salt 20 geese Roma,s boys 6 geese and Matthew Diamond 5 geese Ronald stephen 5 geese steve stephen and joel 6 geese mr hugo hester 10 geese some more from Rosalie's family all for the my wedding feast God bless all your family so happy happy happy :) I'm sure more will come
Goodnight... especially to my peeps in Timmins, Ontario. Miss you Trudy Stephen Hester.:)
I just got off of the Sauk River with Josh Marshall, Jeremy Lamb, and others... I got so many beautiful messages after an amazing day doing what I love. My life has been 34 years of highlight reel. I have no idea why I have been so blessed in my life, but it does not appear to be slowing down. To my lovely and wonderful daughter Samantha Baugh, who has meant so very much to me, and the river, learning yoga from David Garrigues, a great man and an even greater teacher. Thea Elise Hester, my old friend. Heather Bailey. Everyone in my family, all of the Baugh's, Rennisons... and great friends. Austen and Joelle Ater... Thanks to new friend Stephen Wilmeth for reminding me of the glory of discovering the flow of the river and feeling that embrace. All of you who are my friends have been chosen, because I love who you are and your ability to be so. I love you guys. I'm thankful so continuously, relentlessly, and without effort. I am so thankful to so many people, I am so thankful for the life I have had and th ...
The Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, Stephen Hester commented that the bank might be ready for reprivatisation in 2014, reported Financial Times.
If you were on a flight from Edinburgh last night with the CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (Stephen Hester) sitting...
RBS To Compensate Customers Hit By IT Glitch - RBS has blamed a "hardware fault" for a glitch that meant customers were unable to use their accounts online or withdraw cash for several hours. The technical problems, which started on Wednesday evening, came less than a year after RBS, Natwest and Ulster Bank customers were hit by a major computer issue. The meltdown left millions of people unable to access their money and cost the group £175m to put right. In a statement, the bank apologised for the recent disruption and said its systems were fixed and running as normal. Stephen Hester, the Chief Executive of the banks' parent company, RBS Group, which is 80% state-owned, was forced to apologise for the problems at the time and £100m was put aside to compensate customers.
King's comments also put huge pressure on Stephen Hester, CEO of RBS who had just been accused of achieving nothing
Sir Mervyn King says RBS should be split in two like Northern Rock .. .. what say you Stephen Hester??
RBS has announced losses of over £5.1bn and bonuses of £679m, most of which was directly funded by the taxpayer. Through the magical misdirection of Stephen Hester, we are expected to believe that this has been a “chastening year” for the bank.
Losses at Royal Bank of Scotland widen but Stephen Hester says the privatisation of the bailed-out bank is getting closer
Well done Stephen Hester of RBS, a £5.1billion loss, after over £600m paid in bonus's, trading in a market where you won't lend £5k without charging £10k in fees and taking security in property and a contract signed in triplicate in blood, overseen by an army of staff that smile nice but can't make a decision (or coffee). I wish I could afford to commission your services but alas the £8m+ bonus salary, property, corporate jet and other perks you demand is just out of reach for a private business that can't go £5 overdrawn without a chargeable letter from your bank
Letters: As paramedics we take home in a gruelling year of real blood, sweat and tears what Stephen Hester earns in six days
So can banks really change? Antony Jenkins at Barclays and Stephen Hester at RBS say they can, and will. Jury is out.
Just dropped a line to Stephen Hester CEO Royal Bank of Scotland, you may wish to do the same! Hello I would like to address this to Stephen Hester RBS CEO. I do not like to kick a man or a company while it is down, particularly my bank of over 32 years custom, and now as a taxpaying shareholder, however I do want to make my feelings known about the shabby way my bank appears to have been run over the last 10 years or so. Many of the failings including the latest to come to light, the LIBOR rigging, appear to stem from the ludicrous bonus payments to senior executives. It has encouraged a climate that means maximising your bonus at the expense of customers, investors and shareholders. You claim that the LIBOR scandal was limited to just 20 or so bad eggs, but this scandal was spread across so many banks that it must of had tacit approval from some senior managers across all the banks involved. I am sorry but banks no longer enjoy the benefit of doubt on this. Unless the bonus culture of the banking world ...
stephen hester. Boss of royal bank of scotland will b in line for a near £800,000 bonus just a week after the bank was fined £391 million for interest rate rigging. Over 80% of the bank is owned by the taxpayer. nice work if you can get it.
Barclays publishes record bad year-end results and agrees to sack 4000 people, yet its shares rose by 7% in today's trading. I'm sure this is a lesson in how the market works, but I'm struggling to keep up.
Stephen Hester should still receive bonus -
Definition of modest? £8m salary for Stephen Hester CEO RBS according to his chairman
Hester is paid less than Wayne Rooney
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