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Stephen Harper

Stephen Joseph Harper, (born April 30, 1959) is the 22nd and current Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party.

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Stephen Harper explains position on political activism of Canadian diaspora | read at ~
You swapped Stephen Harper for this wanker? What goes on in Canada anymore? That used…
This article outlines Stephen Harper's view of foreign investment in oil "Canada not for sale" 2014
Thanks also to another long standing City fan Stephen Harper-Scott for sponsoring the ball for today's match.
Wonder what it is about that Stephen Harper, Kellie Leitch and the Conservative party love so much...?…
Smile pretty all you want is fed up with your lies and corruption. Ma…
. The Prime Ministers JeanChrétien,The PaulMartin andThe Stephen Harper all of them alive now. My Case in U.N. is accepted.
Egg run fun! Ryan Harper. Thanks to Stephen Baird Darren Barclay Marty Carmichael for a great breakfast! X
Leaving aside, of course, the PMO intervening to *halt* resettlement processing at the he…
"imposed on American homeowners by the domestic political interests of a few companies and a few congressmen." - Stephen Harper
For many years after WWII, we were known as peace keepers. Then along came Bush and our PM, Stephen Harper. Mini Bush wannabe.
If he really wanted the job, Stephen Harper could unite Alberta's right.
last Conservative was Stephen Harper from 2006 -2016 he almost won third term but Justin won
"And I'm like ahh you look like more of a vampire than Stephen Harper" 😂😂
It was Prime Minister Stephen Harper govt that put the motion forward to grant honorary citizenship to Malala Yousafza…
Stephen Harper promised the 🇨🇦dairy farmers over $3 billion compensation.not so generous
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once Stephen Harper said he considered being an accountant but realized he didn't have sufficient charisma and I think a…
Justin Trudeau is looking a lot like Stephen Harper with a smile and a better haircut, says
I think Stephen Harper has more to do with where Patrick Brazeau's life went than Justin Trudeau.
Great to be at the AICC luncheon with 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper
It is so embarrassing having a moron for Prime Minister. I miss Stephen Harper, so much!
an old article of mine. Some love, Stephen Harper sarcasm & the Manolis L
Stephen Harper really was a very effective Prime Minister. Time will treat him very kindly.
Here's what a communications director for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper thinks the Trump team is doing:
.as would Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney, Peter Mackay, Stephen Harper and Rona Ambrose too I would imagine.
Former staffer to Mike Harris and Stephen Harper named new integrity commissioner…
Ten things Stephen Harper hopes you forget by 2015 
Associate at Stephen Harper's consulting firm behind shadowy new group linked to BC Liberals
. Justin you need to implement my first nations langauge program that I sent to Stephen Harper. First Nations need help.
but wouldn't PR allow some alt right leader to rise up like Stephen Harper or Mike Harris or ... wait -
same thing happened with Canada & Prime Minister Stephen Harper; we're not a super power so nobody noticed
Stephen Harper, who's the Prime Minister of Canada, he is saying that t...
wrong again. Our Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper promoted hate and fear and what Trump is doing is making it worse
The previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper played off of Islamophobia frequently. The Quebec provincial government has been no better
If my memory serves me correctly, didn't former Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggest the same thing?
The keynote address of Stephen Harper, Former Prime Minister of Canada on Day 3 of can be found here:.
At no point should anyone think this is the opinion of all Canadians. . Our previous Prime Minister, Stephen Harper (8+ years) was vile.
Stephen Harper, a Prime Minister we can't trust: Danny Williams via
Canada used to have a great CBC. But that was before 10 years (10?) of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. I try, I pay for it as subscriber
One thought keeps running through my head today. I am SO thankful that Stephen Harper isn't the Prime Minister of Canada today.
You stood up to Stephen Harper when he tried to change the Citizenship Act. Now you're Prime Ministe…
That was former PM Stephen Harper's policy. Prime Minister ended it.
Could you imagine Stephen Harper being Prime Minister at the same time as Cheeto being President? Scary thought
We had the same issue when we had Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. Media should not be silenced.
Joni Mitchell, Dan Ackroyd, Neil Young and the entire population of the country except for Stephen Harper > Kim
Former PM Stephen Harper is now chatting with his Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad.
For 9 years (2006-2015), Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister of Canada. He attacked science in Canada like Trump threaten…
FYI, foreign aid under the first year of Trudeau gov't $1.5b lower than the last year under Stephen Harper. Facts a…
Dishonest Catherine Swift 'forgets' to mention that money was given by Stephen Harper
I can't believe I'm saying this, but honestly Canadian First Nations were treated better under Stephen Harper's gov't
In other words, it's not a Stephen Harper-type vetted town hall hosted by Mike Duffy.
Speech by Stephen Harper. On the Occasion of the Aga Khan's Address to the Parliament of Canada
Stephen Harper, our previous Prime Minister here in Canada, did the same thing.
We had an evangelical, pro-Israel, pro-US Conservative Prime Minister for a decade: Stephen Harper. Even typing hi…
I'll take Bryan Adams. Gretzky can go & hang out with his good buddy, Stephen Harper. "Unreal."
so happy Stephen Harper is not Prime Minister after he tried to destroy all that is good about Canada
Hint: Stephen Harper is no longer the Prime Minister.
did it come from sanctuary named after former Canadian Prime Minister & Netanyahu apologist *** kisser Stephen Harper?
former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper created an "enemies list". I think it's a deeply insecure right wing male thing.
.Trump's allergy to "pressers" is like Stephen Harper, the former right-wing Prime Minister of Canada.
The 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper (will deliver the keynote address on 19 January.…
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It's not the Queen that needs changing it's your Prime Minister. Sack Trudeau and bring back Stephen Harper
The last time Canadian conservatives copied a GOP script (Gingrich revolution), the result was Mike Harris, Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper.
Stephen Harper brought Stockwell Day along for the ride, not Jim Keegstra. Trump cuts out the middleman.
They are very sorry because Stephen Harper urinated on Tim Hortons.
We are actually sorry, but Stephen Harper wrought havoc on Tim Hortons.
Steven Blaney brings up Stephen Harper in his opening statement
The ultimate in smugness was when Stephen Harper told the Americans that Keystone XL was a "no-brainer". http…
Stephen Harper goes Bohemian: Chris Hall His summer vacation always coincided with it.
Illegal lobbying on behalf of oil and gas results in $50,000 fine to Bruce Carson, former aide to Stephen Harper - https…
But while azzphat Kevin Vickers was hailed as a hero by the nation and appointed by Stephen Harper to be Canada’s...
Conservative MP Michael Cooper demands action on Azer - but forgets Stephen Harper and Jason Kenny refused to contact t…
This is why I am THANKFUL that Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister. He actually ACKNOWLEDGES Native Americans; something Stephen Harper has
That's the CBC making up stuff because they hate Stephen Harper
If that's the Dutch king, he looks a lot like Stephen Harper on this stamp.
Saskatchewan now has their SECOND MP who wants to succeed Stephen Harper ...
Stephen Harper is the last Canadian Prime Minister. We need someone like him at the helm.
John Doyle: Farewell Stephen Harper, master of attack ads
Ottawa trends now: Stephen Harper, Saguenay, Twins, Russell Martin, Patrick Brown, BlueJays and txhsfb.
Quitting federal politics, Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney will get multimillion-dollar pensions
Thoughtful recognition by : Stephen Harper resignation: Statement by Premier Notley
I believe will go down in history as one of Canada's strongest PMs. Thank you Stephen Harper!
I believed Stephen Harper is only the 2nd former PM to resign a seat mid-term and trigger a by-election. The 1st? RB Bennett.
Having read several stories on it, I too, have confirmed Stephen Harper is resigning.
Imagine a media commentator fawning over Stephen Harper. . That was embarrassing.
Maybe Brad Wall should remember that his hero Stephen Harper gave Canada's Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia
More permanent damage done to Canada by Stephen Harper and his merry band of privateers. https:/…
WORST EVER! “Stephen Harper lunched in New York with Roger Ailes, president of Fox News”
According to the methodology adopted by the government of Stephen Harper, it absolutely is.
Jason Kenney doesn't need a plan, God will TELL him what to do just like he did with Stephen Harper! h…
Stephen Harper passes the torch to Jason Kenney, trusting that he can burn down Alberta like Harper did to Canada.
domain names
Stephen Harper used to call Justin Trudeau’s economics “unicorns and rainbows,” and his foreign policy approach...
Have you met Stefania? She cuts Justin Trudeau's hair...and used to cut Stephen Harper's -->
This was the same in the Canadian election to stop Stephen Harper and get boy child Justin Trudeau elected
Stephen Harper to Justin Trudeau - I'd say you've won! We've had more or less the same Prime Minister since 1992...
Don't bet on Liberals keeping their pledge to undo the worst of Stephen Harper's
Watching episode of with Stephen Harper; wondering when Justin Trudeau is going to be on :-)
Cartoon: Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair fight to defeat Stephen Harper http:…
I am genuinely sorry, but Stephen Harper disfigured the Calgary Stampede.
And makes 3. How far will Ottawa go to defend Stephen Harper's pipeline approvals in court?
one word. HILARIOUS. this happens to politicians all the time. Rob Ford, Stephen Harper! No one cared then. Why now?
Maybe you're not a fan of Stephen Harper, Michelle Rempel, or the CPC, but online harassment is still very wrong.
Jim Flaherty thought Stephen Harper's approach to pensions would be a disaster
Unbelievable. Sounds like Joe Oliver's "leave it for the grandkids to solve" idiocy.
I'd say the ones that were more like us would be Laureen and Stephen Harper. Their beginnings WERE middle class...
.affiliations w/ neo-Nazi movement early in political career were cause for concern
canoeing in a park he voted against yet now wants to take credit for. THANK YOU MR STEPHEN…
Conveniently left out is that it's urban park status was proclaimed via Stephen Harper and Bill C-40. In 2011.
"President of Canada" is on the list! lol Sorry, Stephen Harper is no longer in power! ;)
3 lawsuits against NEB approval of will Ottawa defend Stephen Harper's pipeline process?
I've heard that BC let Stephen Harper in a few times, so you don't get to criticize. :-)
Toronto poet Merle Amodeo shares a Stephen Harper poem on the blog today!
You do know Alberta has anNDP govt right now do you? Stephen Harper moved to AB from Toronto.
On the justification for the war, it wasn't related to finding any par...
24/7 is not just a carp bait. . As proved by Stephen Harper who took this double figure Tench. Well done Stephen.
so what happened to Stephen Harper's 750 million he spent on adverts? Out of taxpayer $
Not so concerned about it while ago:
Conservative: Stephen Harper is king, he is god, think of him when u touch urself at night, something about family values
Because Justin of Trudeau is Canada's Emperor for Life and Stephen Harper is just a human being.
In related story, Stephen Harper made 3 trips 2 an all-you-can-eat buffet in his favourite holiday spot Toledo, Ohio.
"Misogyny" So female pols immune. Assume you were ok with the Rob Ford Pinata and Stephen Harper burning in effigy?
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Read these quotes. This is a contest to decide who can sound most like Stephen Harper. .
Trudeau would be wise to request the services of Stephen Harper to tell Putin"you need to get out of" our Arctic.
I liked a video Life imitates "1984": Canada's Liberals get Google to erase Stephen Harper from the
“By ignoring the Supreme Court, Mr. Trudeau’s government is following in Stephen Harper’s footsteps.”
Hey, did you share those same concerns with over the Stephen Harper parody accounts?
Never so proud to be Canadian as I was under Stephen Harper!
sorry to see that you don't have pictures of Stephen Harper effigy and Doug Ford being violently attacked
No wonder Stephen Harper muzzled the scientists and shredded all the science libraries... Can't have facts htt…
Will issue apology on behalf of all Ontarians to Stephen Harper for insult aka apology to Wynne…
Ironic Bob Rae gags over Stephen Harper . Thats how most Ontarians remember his time as Premier .
It’s crazy how much coverage Stephen Harper is getting for doing something every ex-Prime Minister inevitably does — res…
Stephen Harper: Then + Now: See if you can spot the differences
CBC top story: Kevin Vickers, Stephen Harper and Bismack Biyombo are in the week in pictures
Lest we forget: Stephen Harper: master manipulator | Nick Davies
top stories from Cdn MSM w googling Stephen Harper scary:
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Jason Fekete: "Stephen Harper at the Conservative convention: ‘Now is the time to look forward’" via
My three public enemy number 1s are:. Stephen Harper. Doug Ford. Donald Trump. .
.Stephen Harper was never the conservative extremist we were led to expect
Right. And the CPC can keep their Stephen Harper cameo on Murdoch Mysteries.
Wonder if Jason Nixon was talking about another Stephen Harper or
Oh look. Stephen Harper and his loyal Ray Novak, are going into business together.
IRONY ALERT: "Tough on crime" Stephen Harper squatted as an MP long enough to be immune from testifying under oath in c…
If God would let me redeem 2 for 1 coupon, I'd say please accept Stephen Harper & Jason Kenney as One.
Rob Ford is dead 46. Stephen Harper is retiring at 57. Dog Ford lost the election. Jason Kenney is still menacing us. God is working.
Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper to resign as MP this summer .
Doug Saunders: I predict the Stephen Harper foreign-policy institute's main product will be a constant output of t…
Code Maple Leaf: The secret plan in case Stephen Harper had medical emergency at Quebec residence
Oh, thanks for this. I would not want to be misunderstood. I was referring to Stephen Harper.
What would reaction be if Stephen Harper had done what did in Now let's sit back and see how many defe…
Had that been Stephen Harper, The Liberals would've been totally irate and calling for his resignation…
The contrast with Laureen Harper, wife of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, couldn’t be more striking. No...
.Laureen and Stephen Harper were Canada's first *** couple in office, but then she moved out 2006
Two very different leaders - Tim Hudak and Stephen Harper - are having similar effects on their parties.
No wearing the jacket is the new low How a flight jacket brought the Stephen Harper haters to a new low
Now that convocation season is almost upon us, Stephen Harper holds (or has accepted) only one honorary degree, from Tel Aviv University.
Brian Jean wished Stephen Harper a happy birthday the other day. I wished them both an IBS flare up.
Joe Oliver: Imagine if Stephen Harper had tried to change the electoral system to give Conservatives an advantage He tried
YouTube "Stephen Harper at Vimy ridge speech". It's when I knew we finally had a statesman in charge.
Stephen Harper ignored their problems, Justin Trudeau ". hauled large jugs of drinking water and spoke with...
Former Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper turns 57 today. What would you give Harper for a…
Happy birthday to former Prime Minister of Canada and writer Stephen Harper (April 30,1959), author of “A Great Game:” (2013).
I kid you not in biking around I saw billboards celebrating Stephen Harper's birthday! "We still love you Steve!" Uh-huh.
The joke would be on them if Stephen Harper got back in. The man is perhaps the world's only remaining fan of George Dubya Bush
Harper left out white collar crime, ELECTION FRAUD!
One of the BEST things to happen to the is that Gail Shea & Stephen Harper were voted out of office!! Thank you, Canada!!
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UPDATE: The Nationals are now 5-7 against teams other than the Braves and Twins.
.During Harper's tenure as PM, Corporate Canada has stashed nearly $200 billion in tax havens.
Dated November 2, 2015. "It comes a little late for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, but Canada has been named...
Democracy Watch is trying to raise money to pursue a private prosecution of Stephen Harper's PMO regarding the...
- Watching discussion on deliverology with Rachel Curran is bizarre. Are we sure she was Director of Policy to Stephen Harper?
Wonder if tax payer $$ paid the lawyer for this ridiculous beyond the pale tripe
My only question is whether in 2030 there will be Two Minutes Hate sessions, feat. Mike Harris & Stephen Harper
If anyone misses the scandals and corruption of Stephen Harper, just follow .
If you thought my whining about media access was going to end with the Harper Government, GUESS AGAIN, JERKFACE.
OMG! An other disastrous revision of Canadian history by Stephen Harper!!
Stephen Harper: Prime Minister of Canada: Stop cruel seal hunting - Sign the Petition! via
Stephen Harper to co-author book on Canadian history?! I hope he includes all of Canada's true heroes
Wow. Stephen Harper should have thought of this -- using uniformed police as media handlers.
Revealed: Secret Conservative Conference Program: Stephen Harper spoke to the group repeatedly...
Stephen Harper is somewhere fuming right now because a UK magazine never called him Mr. Hotsticks during any of his 8 yrs as Prime Minister.
Was Premier Christy Clark one of the scammers who got caught evading taxes offshore? Stephen Harper, did u excuse her?
Andrew Cohen claims Stephen Harper left no legacy. But I beg to disagree.
Here's another old white guy from the right on my hit list:. Did GG David Johnston challenge Stephen Harper...
Former Prime Minister speaks, sort of: Robert Staley-This was not about Mike Duffy vs. my client, Stephen Harper
Just 61 seconds into the middle stanza, the only player ever to be named after a Can. Prime Minister - Stephen Harper makes it 2-1
Mike Duffy taught us Stephen Harper was not "very, very clear"
Stephen Harper, NOT a conservative, he IS a movement with Deep Roots in West Separation!
A year ago, I wrote this. Today, the judge seemed to agree. Why it's really Stephen Harper on trial, not Mike Duffy
Note: You cannot simultaneously believe that Duffy's acquittal was both right and proper, and an exoneration of Stephen Harper an…
MSM still can not see PMJT as Prime Minister. Still refer to Stephen Harper as their PM. Must change
So, like ... does this make Stephen Harper Prime Minister again, then?
Almost a shame Stephen Harper isn't Prime Minister today. He would be twisting himself into a pretzel trying to explain the
"Judge clears Duffy...a scathing indictment of the tactics of the Prime Minister's Office under Stephen Harper | CP"
...the judge said the Prime Minister is "not a minor, bureaucratic official." *conflicted Stephen Harper nods approvingly*
Stephen Harper not on trial here, never testified, but Judge V sure doesn't sound like he's much of a fan!
Stephen Harper - liar, crime person, xenophobe, corrupt, worst Prime Minister, movie watcher on steaming sites like netflix.
Canada's former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, wanted to ban niqabs at citizenship ceremonies because of TWO women.
Stephen Harper was Prime Minister longer than any Conservative since Macdonald. Better not do THAT again!
On matter of Jody Wilson-Raybould's fundraising, Liberals now asking for list of donors to Stephen Harper's 2002 leadership campaign.
Ha. Wait. Stephen Harper's son is criticizing the current Prime Minister of Canada? F off https:…
Never any Ministerial photo ops during the Harper government? Stephen Harper never held a photo op as Prime Minister? Try again.
I just wrote an essay about when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister but he's so IRRELEVANT! I literally threw shade at him the entire essay
"It's not destruction of records despite a court order not to if I change the law." - Stephen Harper
Please do your homework re Big Energy - Jim Flaherty - Omnibus Budgets - Stephen Harper vs Species & Habitat - thanks
don't lie to Grace, Paul. grace, Stephen Harper was the second place finisher on the third season of Canadian Idol
For that spill, Stephen Harper gave Murray Edwards the Order of Canada. Disgusting.
I wish Stephen Harper was still our Prime Minister.
Not April fools. ban on corporate/union donations brought in by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
ya the one with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper?
The former CSIS director, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper's top national security adviser, is retiring from ...
lololol that time I called Stephen Harper "Prime Minister Nancy Grace."
" ...phase-out was a commitment made by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the last nuclear security summit..."
former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is so hot right now 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Stephen Harper might like this. It's just like a cozy little closet!
.Hudak, Harper, Harris & Fat Ford; all cut from the same corporate puppet cloth.
The media lied daily a/b Stephen Harper 4years,filled the newspapers+news channels with that garbage.Lying ***
He was our PM only 5 months ago. He's almost forgotten. Stephen Harper.
re: He fights the wrong people. . ie: Stephen Harper instead of the Banks. Jack knew:
Deranged lefties would protest outside Stephen Harper's son volleyball game, these folks would never crash Trudeau's
I am happy Justin is our Prime Minister. I'm surprised y'all didn't crucify. Stephen Harper. LYNCH MOB. I'm sure he'd had his fill.!
"Russian aggression must be confronted", Harper primed Canadian sailors, as played war with Commie warships
Lest we forget Stephen Harper's dragnet secret bill C-51 is still...
Who would you rather the UN appoint? Stephen Harper? He must/should be honorary Israeli
Did Stephen Harper ever mix with Albertans the way Justin Trudeau does? Nope.
.Dean was once a Conservative; a drummer for Stephen Harper once molested children. Connect the dots, right?
Stephen who? The rapid collapse of the Harper legacy | iPolitics
A Stephen Harper cow tipping party would be cruel.
right wing politicans can be hardline without being gratuitously offensive. Thatcher, Reagan, Stephen Harper, John Howard
corrupt governance can be hidden under a cloak of secrecy." . Stephen Harper Montreal…
Great. Now, how about reversing Stephen Harper's un-protection of millions of bodies of Canadian rivers & lakes?
His bio reads like he was formerly Stephen Harper himself 😂 THAT'S why we never see him in Parliam…
sarcastic? Wait. You're telling me former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Matty B Raps aren't performing?
Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and deficit hysteria via
Question today: What did Stephen Harper do to the Canadian Agency?
You have not become the next Nelson Mandela. You have become the next Stephen Harper, you arrogant, lying ***
As the Arctic ice melts will Stephen Harper ever be charged for his war on the planet?
hey everybody I TOO can't wait to see former prime minster stephen harper, donald trunp, & kayne in pemberton. LOLZ
That's a fake lineup you *** no Donald Trump and Stephen Harper will not be at pemberton..
BC, Vancouver Island can be quite moderate: there's even palm trees. OTOH, the coldest part of Canada is Stephen Harper's heart.
former Prime Minister Stephen Harper . ok I get it now
former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, won't that be exciting !!
former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Donald Trump got me fired up 🔥💯
Any Tom Flanagan/Stephen Harper photos you would like to share? You are reaching way to hard here...
cfl is about as good for Canada as Stephen Harper was Prime Minister
Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada's Radical Makeover a Timely Indictment of a Prime Minister Determined to
Part 2 of a 27 part series on why Stephen Harper is the worst Prime Minister ever: His poor kids! 😬…
The secret side of Stephen Harper: The staid Prime Minister’s quick wit is lauded by friends and foes alike
"You know, the longer Stephen Harper isn’t Prime Minister, the longer he isn’t Prime Minister" via…
Part two focusses on Tony Clement and his unethical free pass from Stephen Harper:
Let's go Canada. Do the right thing and re-elect an unabashed friend of Israel. Stephen Harper for Prime Minister!
We sure lost a great Prime Minister in Stephen Harper, realizing it more each day. No body looking out 4Canada now.
On Intl Women's Day never forget how Stephen Harper tried to erase our feminist history https:/…
– Stephen Harper, 22nd Prime Minister, was spotted at a half-empty local Thursday...
Stephen Harper in the House to vote but Liberals succeed in formally taking Canada…
New law will ensure some criminals stay in jail for life, Stephen Harper says via
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Blood flows where Canadian capital goes: ... then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in no hurry...
Stephen Harper was made honorary Chief. JT only got a headdress. No real star power! *chuckle*
Wonder how much data international security agencies have collected from Stephen Harper.
2.) With a forward by "unreal" former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, no doubt.
Stephen Harper was trashed for selling GM shares to balance budget. Trudeau sells all our gold & MSM radio silence.
LOL, can you say backfire?. "Somewhere, Stephen Harper is sitting reading the news, and laughing quietly to...
Fixed headline: "Finance Minister has repeatedly lied about Stephen Harper's debt"
This "under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada led the way at the United Nations" part is indicative of your hardliner bias.
Stephen Harper.. a Prime Minister to be proud of !
For Americans that want to flee to Canada if is elected - let's not forget xenophobe Stephen Harper was their 9-year Prime Minister.
Actually I was pretty kind to Gary Doer. Before he went to work for Stephen Harper.
can't believe we voted Stephen Harper in as Prime Minister for 9 years
wasn't that moron Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada for like, a decade?
And why the *** does he owe Stephen Harper his last breath?
That's interesting coming from the land of Stephen Harper and Bruce Carson.
If Kevin Oh Leery was Prime Minister would he run the House of Commons like the Dragons Den, bullying everyone a la Stephen Harper?
.Stephen Harper: "Nigel Wright would make the arrangements" - At 6:17m mark Mike Duffy $90K
.forget Carmen Sandiego - where in the world is Stephen Harper?
Stephen Harper's former chief of staff says forget about election, think policy.
CTV's Craig Oliver thinks Conservatives should dissociate from the "Stephen Harper years" (because media couldn't control Harper).
Conservatives seem to blaming Stephen Harper for the failure of the C.R.A.P.
I disliked Stephen Harper, but I never questioned his right to be referred to as Prime Minister Harper. I respect electorate.
said her favourite Prime Minister of all time is Stephen Harper. ...and scene. Canadians have long memories.
and yet Lisa Raitt praises Stephen Harper to the hilt and openly cites him as her mentor?
Canadian and US conservatives make odd bedfellows: Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper w...
on voters. Wayne Gretzky endorses Stephen Harper at rally:
remember when jb got hated on for meeting the Prime Minister dressing like some farmer even though everyone hated Stephen Harper's ***
even scarier: along with this somehow Stephen Harper somehow becomes the Canadian Prime Minister again
Somewhere, in an alternate universe, a Stephen Harper who never lost sight of the issue of taxes and affordability is still Prime Minister.
sorry, you're American. Stephen Harper was our ex Prime Minister
I'm pretty sure Stephen Harper is no longer Prime Minister
Stephen Harper had ten years as Prime Minister to walk in a Pride Parade and never did. Trudeau is doing it in his first…
I still love this video of Jim Flaherty's face as Stephen Harper lies to parliment
"Stephen Harper was a way more attractive Prime Minister than Justin Trudeau." -Michelle Ragany
"We had journalists campainging agianst Stephen Harper accepting big cash from Trudeau" of on …
Three subsequent important Prime Ministers -- Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper -- in
Preston Manning is Satan and Stephen Harper is Manning's twisted progeny. No one will ever forgive Manning.
"Stephen Harper was an excellent Prime Minister who did great things in Canada." :) Just had to throw in my 2 cents.
Canadian Gov will spend more on interest this year ($26B) than former Prime Minister Stephen Harper spent on defence in 2015 ($24B)
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