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Stephen Fry

Stephen John Fry (born 24 August 1957) is an English actor, screenwriter, author, playwright, journalist, poet, comedian, television presenter, film director, and a director of Norwich City Football Club.

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All of the above, probably high stress levels related to - troubles legac…
Ever wondered what Stephen Fry's mastermind subject would be? Check out our interview with him to find out
On page 264 of 416 of Mythos, by Stephen Fry
The books are better, and I listened to Stephen fry reading them and he’s really good at making it…
Xander Armstrong Stephen Fry joke on Pointless and QI. Buzz quick! The poem ends, nothing rhymes with Sandi Toksvig
Just love Stephen Fry,fellow sufferer and great advocate of with this stonking good quote on kindness.
‘Take the Tower from London... but leave our mustard in the Fine City’ - Stephen Fry laments loss of Norwich’s Colman’s factory…
I added a video to a playlist Stephen Fry VS The Catholic Church
‘Gosford Park’ is on with Polish dubbing. Not only is it doing wonders for my translation skills, but I’d forgotten wh…
» Stephen Fry quits as BAFTAs host after 12 years · PinkNews
Stephen Fry's Emotional speech in a debate, with Christopher Hitchens.
Fry said of the decision: "What fun it will be to watch BAFTA 2018 without my heart hammering, mouth drying and knees trembling."…
Woo! 💖 I used to distract myself with podcasts or audio books (anything narrated by Stephen Fry was…
I saw the phrase ‘Stephen Fry’s mixtape’ and my mind went running wild for a bit
Stephen Fry steps down as Baftas host
Stephen Fry was asked what he would say to God if they met. Here is his answer!
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Download Stephen Fry's Greek myths collection, Mythos, for free from Audible
Stephen Fry steps down as host of Bafta film awards
Name four British actors that have never been in Doctor Who that you’d love to see have a role in the future! . Is there…
'Books are no more threatened by Kindles than stairs are by elevators' Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry steps down as Bafta Film Awards host
📹 Stephen Fry talks about his new book Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece with The...
I finished listening to A Boy Called Christmas (Unabridged) by Matt Haig, narrated by Stephen Fry on my Audible app…
Cell Mates earned poor reviews for the late Rick Mayall & Stephen Fry (who absented himself after 3 performances).…
Sadly I can only think of Wilhelm Furtwängler in the context of a exchange between Stephen Fry and Pau…
The only Dungeons and Dragons movie I want to see:. DM: Lily Tomlin. Wizard: Stephen Fry. Rogue: Felicia Day. Ranger:…
Ok, this is crazy. Joan Collins and Alexa Chung within earshot of our dinner table. Stephen Fry was leaving as we came in.
“Ron’s Ron shirt was just as bad as ron himself,” read Stephen Fry.
Listen to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Book 1 of 7) - Narrated by Stephen Fry (UK) by Pottermore o…
“Having a great intellect is no path to being happy.” . ― Stephen Fry
I’m kind of holding out for the Stephen Fry version.
The bedtime stories are so soothing. Stephen Fry reading about Provence ❤️
hello and welcome back to Pasta Salad Sunday with me, Stephen Fry
Harry Potter audiobook read by stephen fry Book 3 -
There's something very annoying about Stephen Fry and Sandi Toksvig's reaction to that. Like they're both wanking in a museum.
I'm being read an adult bedtime story by Stephen Fry tonight, wbu
Oh right. Neil Gaiman and Stephen Fry worked on Greek mythology tales. Recently.
Don’t think the video will do. Stephen Fry’s blocked Limmy
As someone who suffers from both these on a daily basis, I can’t agree with this more. It reminds me a lot o…
Read the books instead, MILES better than the films. Or, listen to the audio books, read by Stephen Fry.…
There are actual tears on my face 😂 please someone ask Stephen Fry to read this to me. I would die with laughter
top notch stuff. this was my favourite line and fit perfectly with Stephen Fry as narrator in my head
I like Stephen Fry's suggestion for how to deal with bullies. It would happen but how amazing woul…
If Burnley does not finish in the top four, you will have been abandoned by your choice of deity. For atheists, you…
Give the most wonderful gift this Christmas, of listening with by bidding on my tie in their Celeb…
just watched the sid waddel stephen fry programme. Incredible! Also his qoute on taylor. Greatest e…
If anyone asks why I died, it was because I was imagining Stephen Fry narrating this.
great new audiobook from Audible- Mythos by Stephen Fry, read by him. The Greek myths retold in his…
I listened to 59% of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Book 4 by J.K. Rowling, narrated by Stephen Fry on my Aud…
here, this helps explain the away. can't help you with the RELIGION part...
Stephen Fry provided the voice of V in V for vendetta. Help him save Net Neutrality. Follow
The real challenge is channeling Stephen Fry enough to deadpan the whole thing.
Please oh Lord, get Stephen Fry to read this. I beg thee.
Graham Norton show > Stephen Fry, Elton John, Robbie Williams and Pink all on the same couch
They can go to a drop in centre at most churches. But you tried to destroy that mr stephen fry.
Advent of Interesting Items, Dec 7th:. Stephen Fry tackles the Greek myths with his inimitable style and wit. (A perfect…
Alternately: YoGabbaGabba if you're ok with songs. (The songs are pretty cool TBH). I…
Audiobooks read by Stephen Fry available free from library...
"Not available in stores, sold out online" Wow. Any ETA on availability for this book:
Stephen Fry will present his “Mythos” trilogy—the play’s world premiere—as part of the 2018 Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-…
hmmm either kidnapped by Stephen Fry and Alan Davies and will be rescued by the crew of DS9, or vise vers…
.fell in love with the Greek myths as a child. Now, he retells these myths for our tragic, comic times. https:…
if you wonder why someone would describe the way as down Piccadilly past Stephen Fry turn down into St…
A small victory in the world of academic social media. We have clocked up 100 followers, I bet Stephen Fry with hi…
Greame Nowrtone autobiography literally made me LOL; anything by Stephen Fry
Fascinating interview of E. Wilson discussing the 1st English translation of the Odyssey by a woman! https…
Anxiety can be caused when individuals such as stephen fry say god does not exist. It take…
PieSync pledges to plant one new tree for every new customer with a new partnership with Find out "W…
Stephen Fry explains his support for charity’s Christmas campaign.
Watch Stephen Fry provide a fresh and exceptional perspective on chess: the game of kings.
In the last week, OH has spotted Peter Capaldi and Stephen Fry in central I once saw Rory McGrath on Caledonian Road. Ffs.
Stephen Fry sings praises of Hugh Laurie his Hollywood Walk of Fame star is unveiled
“How to seperate the humiliation from the loss, that's the catch. You can never be sure if what tortures you is the…
“You are who you are when nobody's watching.” . ― Stephen Fry
'As a proud alumnus myself of CCN, I am so happy to support the Future First initiative.' Thank you for sup…
I don't think there can be any arguing with Stephen Fry.
I will tell you how uncle ji will respond to the 8 year old... Stephen fry way here😀
Actor and comedian asks public to back research into 'pernicious'
Feeling like 2018 also holds great things in store for the baristas that requested a Mythos from and get de…
Stephen Fry didn't work in a double entendre about being *** ! 15 Oct 2014 was truly a gr…
Stephen Fry and Emily Wilson on Greek myths – books podcast
Try this: read the OT cover to cover. If that doesn’t explain it Watch this.
I think I like Sandi Toskvig as a QI host more than Stephen Fry
Oh. Elton John, Robbie Williams, Stephen Fry & music from Pink on the Graham Norton that's airing here tonight.
Unpopular opinion: Jim Dale was better narrating the Harry Potter audiobooks than Stephen Fry. Don't @ me.
Stephen Fry, Bill Bailey, Ross Noble and of course my family. Good food, engaging anecdotes and fri…
. - (ex) neighbourino. - crystal and pepsi . - Stephen Fry. - taking selfies on a DS on christmas eve (2…
LRT because awful white men like Wil Wheaton and Stephen Fry reposted that pic for jokes w/o crediting OP or who she commissioned to make it
Just found out Stephen Fry, Victoria Coren, Ricky Gervais and Martin Amis all once played a poker game together...and it happend in Wales
At Drink Reception and Sue Vertue was amazing! We went to the same play together and talked about the after show talk with Stephen Fry! 😍
The foundational texts of liberalism are the Stephen Fry auautobiography and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Update your maps at Navteq
2/2 For whom out means queuing up in front of – Stephen Fry ...Read more :…
I've been binge watching QI XL Season N and I gotta say, Sandi Toksvig is a great host replacement for Stephen Fry. Miss him, but she'll do.
So if Stephen Fry & Stephen Curry come over for dinner someday, I just have to arrange for aapams and salads, right? Genuine question ra🙄
Saw the cast list. Thought Stephen Fry was better than that!
Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig talks new album and reveals Stephen Fry guest cameo for new Netflix anime 'Neo NME…
Oh also being the 19 year old counterpart of Stephen Fry
Not a question, your memory is fading Stephen Fry just uttered it lol 😂 deffo night night 👍😉😜
btw Clementine Ford and Stephen Fry are among Face Book likes -…
Stephen Fry spits nothing but knowledge.
You know how Audible gives you one free download? I recommend Stephen Fry reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 63 hours.
finished Dancing With the Virgins (Cooper and Fry Crime Series, Book 2 by Stephen Booth
It was never the same after Stephen Fry left.
An interview with Calm co-founder, & the creator of the Sleep Mist, about all things calm.
Fingers crossed but I’m hoping you’ll love this: Friday RoundUp: 12th May - Stephen Fry, French Elections, ...
Stephen Fry audiobooks even better than reading yourself. Best & easiest way to re-read Potter books.
I really don't know why BS Boris is taken serio…
My favourite malt. Used to pass the distillery every day when living in Moray. Stephen Fry’s favourite too.
Funny thing is, poor Stephen Fry probably thought it was he, and not Nursie, who was spouting nonsense.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself and you will be happy Stephen Fry
Reading The Fry Chronicles and being reminded of his familys unfortunate history with the Dorchester. Another trip soon Stephen?
I quite fancy listening to Stephen Fry reading the Harry Potter books. I think I will giv…
No adolescent ever wants to be understood, which is why they complain about being misunderstood all the time. Stephen Fry
Listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with my daughter. Stephen Fry is fantastic!
SERVES us RIGHT... for playing with Terhi... aka. Mrs Stephen Fry!
That is extremely true. Had a fry up in the morning to fill the void
Hay Festival 2017: Stephen Fry's warning for the - BBC News
Good time to remember this excellent piece and conversation
It was so big Stephen Fry tried to give it a blow hob. 😂
This reminds me of the sketch on A Bit of Fry and Laurie where Stephen gets mad whilst making a salad. So funny! 🤣
If is bliss, why aren't there more in the world. ~ Stephen Fry 👭🌎😁
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Yeah I don't know how this is relavent to anything. But hey, Stephen Fry did really good in it.
Nature admits no hierarchy of beauty or usefulness or importance. Stephen Fry
I liked a video Stephen Fry ranting about Windows, Microsoft and Bill Gates
Harry Potter and the half blood prince audio cds by Stephen Fry brand new -
Everyone loves Stephen Fry but if he kept going around beating people up you'd expect some consequence…
Hagrid in Stephen Fry's narration of HP is life. ❤ Fry legit makes him sound Irish.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series was good! Currently listening to Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry. That's who should be Peter Rabbit. Or why not David Jason or Rowan At…
Stephen Fry Live at the Sydney Opera House 2010 Full. Ahhh Stephen Fry what a witty, delightful man! Brilliant
They got Stephen Fry to voice one of the characters. It's good.
Sleep stories. Calm app (only the free ones) though my fav Stephen Fry Blue Gold is on YouTube too.
That moment when you want to support a local opera company only to figure out that the hideous Stephen Fry has written the libretto 👀😔
We're getting masterclasses from Bill Nighy, Stephen Fry, Rowan Atkinson and (wait for it) DAME JUDI DENCH this year!! 😱😁🎭🎬
Stephen Fry & Alan Davies on QI are my favorite duo
Direct Line Car insurance – New TV advert featuring the voices of Stephen Fry and Paul Merton.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Gin for Breakfast, a new play, will raise the curtain on mental health with Stephen Fry and Frank Turner talks…
Stephen Fry, Peter Ustinov & David Niven. I'd want it to be a v long journey, the Trans-Siberian Express…
Happy Birthday Stephen Fry, I hope you have a fab and groovy day xx
"Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.". ― Stephen Fry ((born this day, Augu…
Happy Birthday to the brilliant Stephen Fry! Here's to many happy years and great projects to come! All the best, sir!…
"Wine can be a better teacher than ink, & banter is often better than books.". ― Stephen Fry ((born th…
Wish a Happy Birthday to among others, in our Milestones column
Wishing Stephen Fry the most happiest of birthdays and many happy returns!
Happy Birthday to this lucky devil - Mr Stephen Fry!
I'm in the current issue of OperaNow magazine, with interview from me and Stephen Fry about The Life to Come!
Happy Birthday Stephen Fry (also in Winnie the Pooh, Pocoyo and QI ) . Those are my family's favourite shows.
No he's clean now and Stephen Fry is a GOD who walks amongst me. Thou shalt not question S…
Happy 60th birthday to a man I greatly admire: the humorist, writer, presenter, activist, and atheist Stephen Fry. htt…
Indeed. Go for it, sir. And may Sir Stephen Fry be announced in the New Year's Honours. Sir Stephen sounds so good.
Happy 60th birthday, Stephen Fry, aka Lord Melchett, the Duke of Wellington and General Melchett.
On Stephen Fry’s birthday we applaud a great performer & powerful advocate for mental health issues. In this industry…
News: Stephen Fry to give pre-show talk in West End Oscar Wilde season
24 August 1957. Stephen Fry was born in London. He is the quentessential polymath and lover of words.
Happy Birthday Stephen! Any chance we could have more 'Saturday Night Fry' sir?
Stephen Fry at 60: the polymath's wisest and wittiest quotes
Happy Birthday to Stephen Fry (the narrator for the UK versions of the "Harry Potter" audiobooks!
"I think animal testing is cruel. They get all nervous and give silly answers" 😂 via
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully talented British comedian, writer and presenter Stephen Fry, born this day back... h…
Stephen Fry. Born This Day. 1957. Lucas got this shot when he was at school last fall.
Happy Birthday! Looking at copy of Stephen Fry in America in bookcase and pondering what book would be…
Lovely Stephen Fry with his lovely gracefulness.
“I am a lover of truth, a worshiper of freedom, a celebrant at the altar of language and purity and tolerance.”
Did you know you share your birthday with Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint - oh, and me.
Happy 60th birthday to Stephen Fry. Photo c.1989.
Happy Birthday to Stephen Fry: a National Treasure if ever there was one.
Devotees with "hurt feelings". Reminded of the Stephen Fry quote;won't repeat since it will hurt some…
earlier this year Gardaí Siochana tested blasphemy law with an inquiry into Stephe…
I can almost quote Stephen Fry's "The Star's Tennis Balls" by heart O_o ... and can it be it's 13 years or so since I read it first?
Happy Birthday Mr. Stephen Fry! Thank you for being incredibly funny.
What's humanism? Please watch four new animation shorts with Stephen Fry via
📷 oscarwetnwilde: Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer at the Oscar Wilde Awards.
Stephen Fry reveals previously untold history with our University. .
Stephen Fry and National Trust outing our godfather as *** was a despicable act of publicity.
I used to think Stephen Fry would narrate my life-documentary, but now I think it's gonna be Todd Howard.
Brian Cox spread it; Stephen Fry fell victim to it. Fake news and the election (cont)
Patrick Stewart, Stephen Fry, or Jeremy Corbyn. That's like asking who's better. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, or Sean Maher.
Stephen Fry's Duke of Wellington is a delight. Almost up there with Lord Flashheart.
Alan Davies has revealed that Stephen Fry quit QI because the filming schedule left him exhausted.
Hi James. The pirate accent was first done by Robert Newton in the 1950 treasure island movie. Stephen Fry said this on ep of QI
Sherlock Holmes fan? Stephen Fry reads the canon in this new audio release. I can't wait to get it.
It's incredible. Stephen Fry, Andy Hamilton & Sarah Churchwell (my new idol) so far. Who are you seeing?
Joel McHale was great in it, with a "Jeff Winger but even more awesome" vibe. Stephen Fry was always a scene-stealing pleasure, too.
Stephen Fry brilliantly explains why people believe Donald Trump's false claims
Stephen Fry explains why people believe Donald Trump (and it's slightly terrifying)
Stephen Fry explains why some people believe nearly everything Trump says via
- Stephen Fry and blasphemy, Madhu Kishwar's appointment to Academic Council in JNU & more:
Stephen Fry is being investigated by Irish police over blasphemy claims more than two years after his outspoken comm…
Stephen Fry god in question is not the Almighty God or Allah but the Greek gods
Stephen Fry under police investigation 4 blasphemy. Said God an 'utter maniac' There's no heaven or death but Karma!
So there's other Stephen Fry news today other than this:
The person that reported Stephen Fry has done us all a big favour. A law like that deserves ridicule along with the ***
Seriously, Solidarity with He can say what he wants - God still loves him
So Gardai investigate Stephen Fry for blasphemy, but ignore allegations re who helped destroy…
goes on and on and you are going to be Lord Stephen Fry you are going to be that wealthy.
I really hope the guy who reported Stephen Fry for blasphemy is doing so with the intention of highlighting just how dang…
This is not about Stephen Fry. Blasphemy laws have no place in any modern society.
theguardian: 'Stephen Fry investigated by Irish police for alleged blasphemy'
Unbelievable! being investigated for blasphemy in Ireland. Back to the Middle Ages!
Investigate the church for dead babies in a sewage tank? No. . Investigate Stephen Fry's opinions about a timeless, spacele…
Controversial: Stephen Fry divided opinion when he spoke to Irish broadcaster RTE about God dur…
Investigating for his opinion is a disgrace.. How can our TD's stand behind this attack on free speech? https…
Stephen Fry faces blasphemy probe after God comments
This video clip summarizes my thoughts on athiesm/god perfectly. Perfectly spoken by Stephen Fry
It apears that speaking the truth hurts. Stephen Fry faces blasphemy probe after God comments -
Not sure what's worse -- that there would be an anti-blasphemy law in an EU country or that it was passed in 2009
Lest you think Ireland is a modern country ready to take off after Brexit...they still criminalize blasphemy. Silly.
Stephen Fry under investigation by Irish police for blasphemy against Christian God. Extremism at work
There are still blasphemy laws in Ireland?. "Stephen Fry investigated by Irish police for blasphemy". via
What is the world coming to? Complaints made against Stephen Fry for allegedly violating Irish blasphemy laws. .
Stephen Fry is under criminal investigation after someone reported him for "blasphemy."
Ireland investigates Stephen Fry for blasphemy via
Stephen Fry explains what he would say if he was 'confronted by God' I do not want to enter that sky either
Atheist Ireland say it highlights ‘a law that is silly, silencing, and dangerous’
Irish police investigate Stephen Fry for BLASPHEMY via
What if the person who made the Stephen Fry complaint was deliberately trying to test the absurdity of Irelands blasphem…
Stephen Fry's disgust at a childhood cancer causing, so-called "God", is my Spirit Animal.
.faces blasphemy probe for calling God an "utter maniac" and "totally selfish."
Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an 'utter maniac’. . http…
Stephen Fry investigated by Irish police for alleged blasphemy
Hey you know how we criticise blasphemy laws in the Middle East ? This is in Ireland.
Stephen Fry is being investigated for blasphemous comments. Stephen Colbert is being investigated for a joke. LET MY…
Ridiculous our patron is being investigated in Ireland for blasphemy. The law must urgently be repealed https…
One more reason to be a Stephen Fry fan. .
The actor Stephen Fry is being investigated for blasphemy by Irish police for remarks he made on the meaning of life https:/…
Stephen Fry likes to play up to his cleverness. Bill Bryson is much more modest about it.
Will the National Police Service, be investigating the National Broadcaster for transmitting this blasphemy by Stephen Fry.? # Angelus.!
Stephen Fry in Veep. When things you love come together.
My colleges notable students include Horatio Nelson and Stephen Fry but soon Sarah Rigby will be added to that list
Stephen Fry was at the Cambridge Union and was as adorable and inspiring as ever
Stephen Fry talks about Mental Health at The Cambridge Union on April 25, 2017 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.
Stephen Fry opens up about during Cambridge Union visit.
Stephen Fry delights Cambridge Union at mental health talk
Stephen Fry opens up about mental health during Union visit
All I want in life is an episode of where hosts. The panel is Stephen Fry, Sandy Toksvig, Billy Connolly...and me
That'll be Sandi Toksvig. She's cool & quirky, always liked her :) For years it was Stephen Fry (abou…
Minnie the Moocher by Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry via
Reminds me of Stephen Fry playing the harmonica: 'And you know I've never had a lesson in my life.'
The atheist Stephen Fry said, "I do enjoy video gaming... In the early days of games, I would spend hours. I mean literally. I would find it
I always liked Stephen Fry's take on the afterlife.
A big podcast fan so I'll search for that. . I'd recommend Richard Herring's podcast. Ther…
Little Giant Ladders
LeBron bout to fry Stephen A. for comparing him to trump
Watch the trailer for Stephen Fry adaptation The Hippopotamus
The film adaptation of Stephen Fry's The Hippopotamus is opening the London LOCO Comedy Film Festival Thursday...
You just reminded me of the ever sexy Stephen Fry so youre doing a great job GOD IS HE SEXY
This whole sequence needs intercutting with Stephen Fry's lady who left the iron on.
I love you more than Stephen Fry wildly loves buying boxsets of showbiz musicals
If Stephen Fry were black, he'd still be doing time for cheque fraud he committed while in a bipolar episo…
... don't think Stephen Fry is on your side Lily.
Stephen Fry,.. A pathetic *** drip, your a harrowing disgrace to your own people every time you open you…
C) Audiobook Currently listening to Stephen Fry read Sherlock Holmes as I walk to the office and home. It…
I think this discount Stephen Fry fell off the back of a Laurie.
The Hippopotamus trailer: Stephen Fry's dissolute poet is brought to life in film adaptation | The Independent
Stephen Fry: What do I think of John Major's leadership? I'... See Entire Quote -->
The Hippopotamus screens at Sun 28 May, featuring a live satellite Q&A with Stephen Fry and the cast!…
I liked a video Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Today we bring you an exclusive 'The Hippopotamus' trailer, which sees Stephen Fry's dissolute poet brought to life https:…
STEPHEN FRY can't bring himself 2 condemn muslims as he watches them HANG *** on a laptop❗️. He condemns "bullies". https:/…
Stephen Fry is best of the best narrator. But Steven Weber & Stefan Rudnicki also quite good. Carolyn McC…
Indeed. Stephen Fry is such a joy to witness to…
Hay 2017 to host stars from Stephen Fry to Graham Norton Ken Dodd and Michael Sheen
Bernie Sanders comes to Wales next month - joining Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, Sandi Toksvig + more at
Btw, The Magician's House, written by William Corlett and based on his novels, starring Ian Richardson (and Stephen Fry does some voicing)
I added a video to a playlist "I Think for Myself" - Neil deGrasse Tyson with Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry says, ‘The time has come for me to deal with the fact that I’ll never be Ed Begley, Jr.’ You’re catching your third wind.
Just to remind everyone, *** are not Stephen Fry's area of expertise
Real estate mogul Stephen Fry has recovered from pneumonia & is returning Karachi City Council.
WATCH: Stephen Fry, Kylie and Miss Piggy audition to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice...
NewsNoys alert! Stephen Fry has created a delicious blending and a Thames estuary airport.
hey, got lots of love for Stephen Fry, but I'm not about to betray my childhood.
I have tried to find the Stephen Fry HP audio books and alas.
Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and friends: Condom sketch via
"'It's extremely unlucky to be superstitious for no other reason than it is always unlucky to be colossally stupid.' -Stephen Fry"
Stephen Fry and Sherlock Holmes... what a perfect match
"It's hard to be a friend to someone who's depressed, but it's one of the kindest, noblest, and best things you'll ever do." Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry in America is such a good tv programme
I recommend you watch the british Comedy Show QI they have all sorts of Facts about blue whales. Also Stephen Fry
Phillip Schofield, David Attenborough and Stephen Fry is all we've got really
totes are. Stephen Fry ain't cheap. How's it going?
sneaked a treasured pic into my Stephen Fry Promo 2 marathons 2 weeks.
Sherlock Holmes Narrated by Stephen fry worth £69.00 or free with 30 day free trial on audible!…
Listened to 59% of Sherlock Holmes Part 1 by Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen Fry, intro. Try and get it free:
Just downloaded all 71hrs and 58mins of Stephen Fry reading Sherlock Holmes and I'm thinking I can knit hundreds of socks while I listen.
. Isn't 'Melchy' one of Queen Liz's affectionate nicknames for Stephen Fry's character in Blackadder II..?
Eyes too tired to read, so I let Stephen Fry do it for me. I am on the 4th Harry Potter audiobook, listen on my phone 📱📖
My brother just shared "Stephen Fry appearing in radio plays while other actors are going hungry".
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Taken from The Very Best of The Secret Policeman’s Ball.
that would be Alan Turing, Elton John, George Michael & Stephen Fry in nature
Poetry is not made to be sucked up like a child's milkshake, it is much better sipped like a precious malt whisky. Stephen Fry
a) Stephen Fry on swearing and b) failure to ask hard questions might as well be advocacy.
If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people in the world. - Stephen Fry
"People who can change and change again are so much more reliable and happier than those who can't." -Stephen Fry
22:00 QI: Stephen Fry meditates on matters medieval and macabre with Matt Lucas and David Mitchell.
Disabilities Minister Penny Mordaunt dismissed fears as the campaign against PIP changes was joined by Stephen Fry http…
With a foreword by John Grant and an Elton John endorsement, it's surprising that Stephen Fry didn't offer his tupp…
Stephen Fry is still rapt by the music of Richard Wagner despite his Nazi sympathies, but that must take a lot of cognitive dissonance
Those who have an English degree: Marin Scorsese, Emma Watson, Harold Varmus, Spielberg, Judy McGrath & Stephen Fry.
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