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Stephen Colbert

Stephen Tyrone Colbert (or ; born May 13, 1964) is an American political satirist, writer, comedian, television host, and actor.

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why do you follow Stephen Colbert? he makes homophobic jokes about Trump's mouth to boost ratings on his lame show? Disappointed
The Writers Guild is "appalled" that the is reviewing Stephen Colbert's Donald Trump joke. https:/…
CBS needs to stand tall and behind Stephen Colbert fully and completely, and support the 1st Amendment.
. Good point Stephen Colbert never would have gone off like that on Obama. Obama is A Leader & A Gent…
The FCC is investigating Stephen Colbert for a joke?! Sinclair Lew…
FCC to investigate Stephen Colbert's Trump joke, according to chairman:
PETITION: 100,000 Signatures To Fire Stephen Colbert! we need to get this snowflake fired.
Stephen Colbert in hot water with FCC over ‘homophobic’ Trump joke - CJOB
Stephen Colbert you sure wear a lot of makeup for a man. You remind me of this friend of your friend http…
I love Stephen Colbert. I watch him every night. He has my complete support not just because he's funny but also be…
C'mon man. Just to protect your sensitive ego? ~ Just Launched An Investigation Into
To close this thread, here's J.Hud taking Stephen Colbert all the way to Church. She didn't warm up or anything! A straig…
Razor sharp and right in the crotch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Huckabee rejects calls for FCC to punish Stephen Colbert over Trump joke
FCC to investigate Stephen Colbert's controversial Trump joke
Stephen Colbert investigated over 'homophobic' anti-Trump joke
H. A. Goodman YouTube vid up in minutes on... Stephen Colbert investigated over 'homophobic' anti Trump joke...
The FCC targeting Stephen Colbert reminds me of when Putin silenced a Russian puppet comedy that mocked him:
Watch the moment Jim Parsons asks Stephen Colbert if he’s feeling homophobic.
FCC launches investigation into Stephen Colbert's Trump insults:
No FCC reviews of blatantly false misogynist attacks on Clinton or racist ones on Obama by though. Huh.
Despite uproar, Stephen Colbert has his best ratings since his 2015 premiere https…
*** ..1ST AMMEND?. FCC childishly targets Stephen Colbert over joke about Trump and Putin . via
Imagine wanting the the FCC to regulate Stephen Colbert but not Comcast
What can the FCC do to Colbert over Trump joke? Comments like this not approp 4 network TV.
So now Republicans want Stephen Colbert fired for telling the truth! How about firing Donald Trump for Lying? Typica…
Talk show host told a Trump joke that now appears to earn him the hatred from some angry people.
After Homophobic Slur Against Trump, Lawyer Says Colbert Could be in Legal Trouble . IF true, who will initiate suit?. htt…
Are you upset that Stephen Colbert was not fired by CBS? I love and Support Stephen Colbert He tol…
CBS shld have th guts 2 fire Stephen Colbert fr the crude..vulgar humor he...used 2 insult th President of the United States - Paul Callen
Unlike the left, I will defend free speech no matter how vulgar or offensive. FCC investigation of Colbert is dumb. http…
"I am still the host? I'm still the host!" Stephen Colbert responded to backlash he received over remarks on Trump
Stephen Colbert used to parody a blowhard — now he is one via
Flip this poll for of When comedians can't be comedians anymore, our rights r gone https:…
Stephen Colbert says what most reasonable Americans are thinking! He is the best of the best!!!
The FCC is not targeting Colbert. It’s following standard procedure when it gets a complaint. This is a non-story. http…
Stephen Fry is being investigated for blasphemous comments. Stephen Colbert is being investigated for a joke. LET MY…
The FCC is investigating a controversial joke by Stephen Colbert. The joke made fun of President Trump
First came prosecution of woman who laughed at Sessions. Now FCC investigating Stephen Colbert for jokes
The head of the Federal Communications Commission said it will investigate late-night TV host Stephen Colbert and...
Stephen Colbert is being investigated by The Federal Communications Commission for jokes made about Trump and Putin
FCC to investigate Stephen Colbert joke about President Trump
. The Federal Communications Commission has initiated an investigation of Stephen Colbert after a……
GREAT POINT! Thx Governor: Mike Huckabee: Calls for FCC to punish Stephen Colbert are 'misguided' via
A Federal Communications Commission test can decide if Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" comment is obscene.
Trumpcare: How the late night hosts reacted from Seth Meyers to Stephen Colbert.
Federal Communications Commission is reviewing complaints about Stephen Colbert's Donald J. Trump jokes.
US comedian Stephen Colbert is to be investigated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a joke about President Donald Trump.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert scores its best overnight rating since the week it premiered in September 2015. https:/…
How US late-night comedy went from political to politicized; with Stephen Colbert video fragment.
Stephen Colbert has no regrets over his jokes about President Trump: "He, I believe, can take care of himself." https:/…
if Trump had his way, Stephen Colbert would end up becoming America's Bassem Youssef.
Stephen Colbert not sorry for comments that sparked 'Life is short' - Los Angeles Times
. The last time Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms, and Rob Corddry al…
Stephen Colbert is hosting a Daily Show reunion to celebrate 20 years in late night:
I love Seth Meyers & Stephen Colbert. John Oliver, Keith Olbermann, & Samantha Bee are good too (only if y…
I've never really understood the appeal of Maher. He's not in the league of Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, John Ol…
Set your DVR: Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms & Rob Corddry are on w/ Stephen Colbert on May…
Stephen Colbert, Joss Whedon, Mark Ruffalo, stay out of politics. We only want to hear from big stars like…
Stephen Colbert is about as funny as a positive biopsy report.
Stephen Colbert tears into Trump over John Dickerson interview
Amidst the uproar to for Trump comments, turns his attention to https:/…
Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah know exactly why Donald Trump doesn’t want to celebrate 100 days: https:…
Stephen Colbert is total bore, I wouldn't be caught 2 seconds watching his crap show.
God, I love Stephen Colbert! Finally someone on prime time national TV spoke out a…
Stephen colbert (a comedian) was outrageous for one night in th…
Stephen Colbert accuses Trump of acting like an "eight-year-old" in the Oval Office:
New post (Stephen Colbert to Trump: 'The Only Thing Your Mouth is Good for is ...) has been published on -…
Since Pope Francis gave a TED talk, Stephen Colbert let Jesus have a chance at one too
Stephen Colbert needs to show some class. He's hosting a late night talk show not running for President of the United St…
It's amazing how the Media flips out over someone giving OK sign, but is normalizing homophobic bigotry of Stephen Colbert.
Watch the nerve-racking moment Stephen Colbert discovers the purpose of Trump's 'red button'
Trumper logic: Bill O'Reilly did nothing wrong. . Stephen Colbert should be fired because he made one BJ joke.
The deplorables are butthurt because Stephen Colbert said Jesus actually meant what he said about loving the poor.…
"Trump obviously supports family leave, that's why he is always leaving one and starting another." - Stephen Colbert
People are wanting CBS to fire Stephen Colbert. Do you agree?
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I'd go to war for Stephen Colbert, I love this guy
Stephen Colbert to Trump: "What does Putin's *** taste like?". Colbert has history of homophobic slurs!.
Stephen Colbert is literally my favourite American. He uses humour to expose the ugly truth.
Comedians don't care if you're offended. Sad, I know. So thanks Trumpers, for making the brilliant Stephen Colbert tren…
Stephen Colbert just went HAM on for insulting his colleague
Will there be consequences for Stephen Colbert's obscene attack on the president last night, or even any comment from CBS?
Stephen Colbert is what happens when you let politics consume you - Washington Examiner…
No WGA strike. Now Stephen Colbert can hire comedy writers and not out-of-work Feds from Justice & State Dept who only kno…
Stephen Colbert is a patriot who has spent time with our troops in Iraq. Trump is a traitorous disgrace h…
If Jimmy Fallon would have said about Barack Hussein Obama, what Stephen Colbert said about President Trump, he'd been fired! Colbert ***
Best description came from Stephen Colbert who described 45 as a "Sign Languag…
Get to know the real me. Recommended vids when I open Youtube:. MST3K content. Stephen Colbert. Steven Wright. Norm MacDonald. Red Letter Media
Stephen Colbert to Trump: “The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s *** holster.”
Forget Shah Rukh Khan, 'Jesus Christ' giving a TED talk on Stephen Colbert's show is the real winner.
Stephen Colbert nails it with his caricature of Jim Carr
Little Giant Ladders
If you’re not a believer, explains her relationship with https…
Stephen Colbert slams Trump for comparing his TV ratings to 9/11:
.to Trump: "Not normally a good thing to compare yourself to 9/11"
Stephen Colbert: "Thank you for your service, Mr. President." Our late-night roundup:
NEW audio book: America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness by Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert to President Trump: Thanks for a great 100 days
Stephen Colbert tears into President Trump's first 100 days: "Boy, it sure seems longer"
Stephen Colbert thanks Jesse Trump for enhancing his ratings during first 100 days at work – La Occasions
Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and more poke fun at Trump's lack of accomplishments in his first 100 days ht…
Colbert says Trump's border wall is starting to sound more like a blanket fort
Late-night TV roundup: 'It’s 100 days in Trump time. For us, it’s 15 years'
Just received an endorsement (unofficially) from conservative pundit Stephen Colbert!. Vote ROME for President, May…
Stephen Colbert draws on Scooby-Doo to explain Trump's fixation on Susan Rice and 'unmasking'
Stephen Colbert thanks Donald Trump for boosting his ratings during first 100 days in office
Stephen Colbert "thanks" Donald Trump for 100 days of higher ratings
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sigourney Weaver is still Ellen Ripley, in the sketch of the "Late Show" to Stephen Colbert
Need sthg to occupy your mind for the next 40mn? Here's Sigourney Weaver playing Ellen Ripley with Stephen Colbert
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives are set to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on April 24th at...
Jimmy Fallon never recovered from his disastrous Trump interview via
Huge fan Jimmy. Thank you for keeping it classy and staying away from the polit…
Do you owe Donald Trump a thank-you note? "I would trade good ratings for a better president"
How Stephen Colbert finally found his elusive groove
Colbert destroys Trump’s "adorable" chocolate cake interview: “When did you bomb those people, before dessert?”
Perhaps a satirical news show which is similar to Last Week Tonight or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Or maybe just bring back 1JLD.
Stephen Colbert’s Midnight Confessions is becoming a book by Stephen Colbert:
Colbert just tore into for her sycophantic chocolate cake interview with
Stephen Colbert transforms himself into "My blood is on fire!" https:…
I wish Reggie Watts was on Stephen Colbert, they are the two best parts of the late night fallout.…
One day in Times Square with Stephen Colbert​ (and a lot of pizza)
Should have sent Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, and the crew of SNL. Nobody bombs like they do.
Stephen Colbert would trade his ratings streak for a "better president" in a heartbeat
First of all that estimate (which was made up by CNN and the Stephen Colbert Show) is false. Its 16-30 Billion.
Enjoyed you tonight on TLS w/ Stephen Colbert. He called you the shiny "Silver Surfer of Cable Television!" 👴Yeaa ANDERSON!
Stephen Colbert on 10 Weeks at the Top, Trump and Why He "Would Trade Good Ratings for a Better President":
"Eminem Hilarious Interview with Stephen Colbert on Only In Monroe". 😂😂how have I not seen this! 40 minutes of gold
Colbert's win over Fallon was just a matter of time. I never doubted.
Stephen Colbert nails it about TV censors: while nude art is taboo, dead hookers is considered funny. Sick.
Stephen Colbert says he’d pick poor ratings over President Donald Trump any day
well Stephen Colbert is still doing fine and his show is taking off & gaining viewers so I guess it's what the audience wants
Stephen Colbert would give it all up for a different president
THR cover: 10 weeks at the top, Trump and why he "would trade good ratings for a better president"
Stephen Colbert would give up good ratings to get rid of Trump
Would Gladly Trade Ratings Streak For A 'We all would TY for the
That time Tim Wu explained Net Neutrality, to Stephen Colbert, on a roller coaster via
"I don't believe in being called a white supremacist. I prefer brown minimalist." Parody Steve Bannon on the Stephen Colbert show!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Stephen Colbert calls out Trump strategist Steve Bannon for his 'total cuck move' via
Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert step up: Donald Trump made “The Daily Show” and out-of-character Colbert - Salon
Some cat or dog alternatives: Stephen or Jean-Baptiste Colbert?
Where do you learn the most abt current issues? Who covers news best? Satirists.
getting his butt kicked by Stephen Colbert
You have proven once again that being talented and a sanctimonious fool are not mutually exclusive.
You continue to lose fans Ms. Sarandon, keep it up.
Watch and Stephen Colbert make Carbonated Ice Cream. Don’t miss Eat Your Science in DSM May 6!
Stephen Colbert and 'SNL' have figured out the right way to use President Trump.
Who needs The Animal Planet when Stephen Colbert invites alleged “exotic animal expert” Will Ferrell and some of...
Donald Trump made 'The Daily Show' and out-of-character Colbert relevant again.
Stephen Colbert has some thoughts on Eric Trump and Donald Jr.
New report from suggests that herpes is spread faster in clown cars.
You found us! Welcome all *** Males & supporters... love Stephen Colbert made a *** Putin meme… ...
Stephen Colbert takes a break from roasting Trump to roast his henchmen sons
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I could care less about Pepsigate but nails it!
New article on the role of satire by -
Don’t miss Neal Schon sitting in with the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert band tonight at 11:35/10:35c on CBS! http…
Stephen Colbert imagines Vladimir Putin as a *** icon in animated spoof
Ben and Jerry's/Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream is the only reason I'm alive
Waiting outside before entering the Ed Sullivan Theater! (@ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in New York, NY)
Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers skewer Pepsi's controversial protest ad trump not in touch with reality...just dumb!
Stephen Colbert roasts Pepsi for its 'Attractive Lives Matter' ad go to
Today is 1st Anniversary of their debut on TV on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"! Show report:…
.delivers a soulful performance of on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert"…
Joey Bada$$ Delivers a Soulful Performance of 'Land of the Free Late Show With Stephen Colbert': via
🐌A new study shows that having a severe phobia can hasten aging. But what if my greatest fear IS aging?!?. 🤔…
Interesting. I just heard Louis C.K. say the exact same thing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert...
Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump gave the Park Service $80k of his own money while planning to strip its budget by $1.5B
With former Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart writers on board, could be a must-watch https:/…
HOT Emma Roberts - Arrives at Late Show with Stephen Colbert in
oops Stephen Colbert explained unmasking, probable cause, and criminal conduct 2the American public - and shredded Rand Paul in the process.
Heres GD on the Colbert Show but with a bunch of extra songs and a lil sorta interview portion
Never forget...this is the real Stephen Colbert.
Explore the physics breakthrough of the century. @futurism
I know that Stephen Colbert is a political comedian but does he ever get sick of talking about trump cause im tired of hearing the samejokes
"(with 3.8 million) is now drawing a bigger crowd than Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon" via
MUST SEE:. Trump ruins Sean Spicer's duet with the Muppets on Stephen Colbert's Late Show
He might rub some people the wrong way, but my god I love Louis CK. Sad I can't see him host SNL this week.
Stephen Colbert uses pop culture to explain how Russian trolls helped Trump win with 'real fake news' -...
Louis C.K. has some kind words for Dump - Stephen Colbert - via
.like Stephen Colbert before him, will bring his persona to a half-hour late-night series
Tonight, Stephen Colbert used that classic Muppet Show song “Mahna Mahna” to poke fun at Sean Spicer
I'm watching The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and getting rewarded for it!
Here's a behind the scenes look at Green Day's performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Stephen even sang!
Stephen Colbert set Sean Spicer's go-to response when speaking about the Trump administration to Muppet music.
Explore the physics breakthrough of the century.
riddle me this Internet: why is Stephen Colbert so handsome?
While Louis C.K. on Fallon seemed to be devoted more to the comedian trying out some bits and attempting to push...
We're going deep with God's favorite band Watch them jam with Stephen & + play 3 new songs: htt…
Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee, and Stephen Colbert walk into a bar. There is no punch line. No one laughs.
Ernie Johnson with a shoutout on Stephen Colbert!!
arriving at "The Late Show w. Stephen Colbert" taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Oct. 1…
Do they still make Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream? Always got that when I went to the States.
Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream is one of the greatest ice cream flavors of all time.
Ernie Johnson, Jr. author of Unscripted, will be on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tomorrow
Stephen Colbert's triumph, Ali Wong's filth and Emmett Till's appropriation, my US Biteback column for
Stephen Colbert knocks Donald Trump for Ivanka appointment: "Bring Your Daughter to Govern Day"
Hi Stranger. Do you watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? It's ok, you can look... Tune in tonight at 11:25/10:35c…
I can't believe how lovely Marisa Tomei is. Just saw her with Stephen Colbert.
.explains "polyamory" to Stephen Colbert, to reprise JERSEY BOYS & more Odds & Ends!
Stephen Colbert ridicules push for "clean coal" ➡️ by via
Some pretty awesome coverage of Lee's frontflip on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Emma Roberts in a printed cut-out Markarian Fall 2017 dress Visiting The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
File an emergency injunction to stop the ISPs privacy debacle as 4th Amendment infringement by proxy.
honestly. where would I be without Stephen Colbert
They're hosting the ACM Awards this Sunday on CBS!
Stephen Colbert nails it on Congress scrapping "Something we can all hate together"
Great news: we've got more Late Show! Join us for a special taping on April 6 at 5pm. Grab tickets while they last! ht…
Stephen Colbert draws a diagram of how deep Devin Nunes is lodged in Trump’s ‘inner circle’ via
Stephen Colbert doesn't recall anyone marching in support of abolishing internet privacy. But if they did...victory! ht…
Will connect the dots on Or should he recuse himself? Let's consult the https:/…
Actress Emma Roberts spotlights an emerging designer with a bold, celestial look.
I totally agree, why didn't we 'all' vote for a woman. Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Motivates Women via
Because of airline cutbacks your scrotum will now be classified as carry on baggage ☺. Stephen Colbert
Colbert knows why President Trump won't throw out the first pitch:
Stephen Colbert denounces Congress' vote to end internet privacy rules: 'Something we can all hate together'
So... Trump spoke at a Women's Empowerment Forum? Stephen explains in Part II of Wednesday's
Stephen looks into Internet privacy, book club, + & htt…
Late-night TV hosts on Trump: 'We have a president we’d like to exchange'
Stephen Colbert thinks we'd rather keep our internet browsing to ourselves
Colbert compares internet privacy repeal to "allowing traffic jams to call you during dinner to give you gonorrhea"
Stephen Colbert explains how Devin Nunes investigates using the Late Show Figure-it-out-atron
“I know ‘clean coal’ sounds like an oxymoron. But so does President Trump.” - h…
Stephen Colbert shreds GOP for scrapping internet privacy rules ➡️ by via
Stephen Colbert illustrates how deep in Trump's "inner circle" Devin Nunes is # via
'I’ve got nothing to hide,' quipped. 'I burned my computer this morning.'
I know it's important to get your facts right about Stephen Colbert.
Breyer does that shtick too ... how splits are messy ... still see an ideological divide ... with apologies to Stephen Colbert
(con't) Stephen Colbert's alma matter Northwestern vs Gonzaga now on
Jurnee Smollett-Bell visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a gorgeous red dress that fit her
They led in with a Stephen Colbert pro-Northwestern video? Where's the Molly Sims pro-Vanderbilt video? I demand equal time.
How Stephen Colbert got his groove back:
I love Raceland Maddow but I love Steven Colbert too. Sorry Rachel but this is too funny!
LOL saying that Stephen Colbert is the smart option. It's Crowder! Not Colbert. Get it right.
Monica Crowley wants to be NAILED by Stephen Colbert via
Rachel Maddow lambasted by Stephen Colbert over tax return stint
now that's funny. Hope Saturday Night Live dogs on her too and gives Trump a break this weekend
I bet the Roman Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee DESTROYED those barbarians with their snark.
📷 Stephen Colbert hilariously lampoons Rachel Maddow for her Trump tax return report
Watch Stephen Colbert poke fun at Rachel Maddow - last night on
Stephen Colbert parodies Rachel Maddow’s big reveal on The Late Show
Watch: Stephen Colbert is an expert at pulling a Rachel Maddow preamble
. Hey! WakeUp & ---> Enough on the Stephen Colbert promos...the guy spews divisiveness & doesn't support our…
Weather Channel forecast: Shady, with a high chance of burns after naming next winter storm after Stephen Colbert
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Neil de Grasse Tyson was on Stephen Colbert's show last night and it was magical via
Stephen Colbert is going to have Neil de Grasse Tyson & Rick Ross on his shot tonight. Can't wait
Stephen Colbert and Jim Carrey are the latest Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee - A.V.…
Stephen Colbert spent years as correspondent on Daily Show, another nine years on Colbert Report perfected his opinionated political satire.
Stephen Colbert rips apart the 'Trumpcare' plan: 'We're all gonna die'
Stephen Colbert brought back one more Colbert Report legacy to mercilessly mock the G.O.P.’s healthcare plan
Just watched Kevin Klein on Stephen Colbert's show, and was reminded of yet another actor I would like to see on stage but never will...
Here's some great spring clock fling comedy from Paul F. Tompkins and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
duh, Tommyboy. Don't you know I get political info from Stephen Colbert & Seth Myers?
Had a dream that Stephen Colbert was my dad and I saved him from a bounty hunter. He also had red hair.
Stephen Colbert and Patrick Stewart wait for Godot (and an Obamacare replacement), writes
Stephen Colbert annotated Trump’s speech — and destroyed Kellyanne Conway in the process
Stephen Colbert went live with an absolutely scathing takedown Trump's address to Congress
Stephen isn't impressed that Donald finally read off a teleprompter Trump says and does differently
Trump’s election saved show / Up in the ratings & live after Trump's speech, Stephen Colbert parades new confidence
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Stephen Colbert is not impressed that Donald Trump finally read off a teleprompter -
Three cheers for 1800 INDUSTRIAL polluted revolution
This now seems prophetic after the media's adoration of Donald in the last 15 hrs. To quote Don himself: "Sad!"
Stephen Colbert happily takes Trump's challenge to "say it to my face" via
Stephen Colbert mocks Trump’s love for 19th century technology – CNET
""Obsessing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, about this one guy. 'What's Donny up to? Did he say anything... https:/…
Tommy Stinson grateful for his charmed life, disappointed in Trump's election: Stephen Colbert might want to have…
Quirky, sometimes off-the-wall, but her legacy remains. The film she made with Stephen Colbert when he hosted...
Stephen Colbert annotated Trump's speech — and destroyed Kellyanne Conway in the process
Comic who pretended he was a journalist gives his very important opinions on fake news.
Stephen Colbert mocks Trump's love for 19th century technology - CNET
Watch Stephen Colbert Shred Trump’s Address to Congress for 12 Straight Minutes - Vanity Fair. I love this.
Stephen Colbert dissected Donald Trump's speech to Congress on a live show on Tuesday night
Stephen Colbert went live last night to dissect President Trump’s address. Here are his sharpest jabs.
Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to mock the media’s "breakup" with Trump
I need to watch more of the Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert. Also, Jon Stewart should have a podcast.
Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to talk about President Trump’s lies
John Oliver on Trevor Noah's show, and Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert's. Nice
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert on and John Oliver/Trevor Noah on makes for a late night and long day tomorrow.😍😴
"Steve" is redeemed by Steven Universe, Stephen Colbert, and Stephen King, but I have to keep reminding myself.
Actress Aubrey Plaza spoke on the late show with Stephen Colbert about her 4-H experience! Check it out!
Stephen Colbert and Aubrey Plaza use fake news to get dogs adopted via
John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Etc.there is no humor on the r…
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is using Ames' motto in its latest commercial.
Stephen Colbert explains why Trump is a "bite-size" dictator
Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert observed Presidents' Day by taking shots at Donald Trump
Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert ridicule President Trump for remarks on Sweden via
- Stephen Colbert has a good laugh over Trump's made-up Swedish terrorist attack - The Week Magazine…
"In fact, experts say 90 percent of Swedish crime actually occurs in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."
Colbert comments on the terror attack that didn't happen in Sweden on Friday:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Never Fjorget What Happened in Sweden - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | (reddit)
Stephen Colbert is beating Jimmy Fallon, and it's not just the "Trump bump":
Stephen Colbert telling it like it is... .
Stephen Colbert says Moby is just as credible as Kellyanne Conway via
Stephen Colbert skewers Donald Trump Jr. for his idiotic Skittles analogy
WATCH: Stephen Colbert hilariously pays tribute to ‘all the people who did not suffer’ in Sweden http…
Police can't even do arrests in certain areas without getting attacked, and you thank Stephen Colbert? I despise you.
Stephen Colbert is not holding back !!
Tonight! Stephen (and Sweden) would like to know what Donald Trump's been smoking.
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