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Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow Sing-Chi (born 22 June 1962) is a Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter, film director and producer.

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The Mermaid by Stephen Chow is up on fam. Hard copy doesn't hit until July. Fwiw, I loved it.
Stephen Chow's Bingo Group and Huayi reach tentative settlement over JOURNEY TO THE WEST profit sharing case
Two more chances to catch Stephen Chowโ€™s THE MERMAID - Wed @ 7:15 and Fri @ 9:25
a fairytale love story under the vision of Stephen Chow, not his best but still got lots of laugh in Chow's trademark style 6/10
This new Stephen Chow movie better be good because I STOPPED WORKING AND MADE TIME FOR IT (but i actually love late night screenings, alone)
Shaolin Soccer - 4/5 solid fun Stephen Chow movie. Nothing much more than that. Not much else needed.
one of the best things to land on our local theaters this year: Stephen Chow's MERMAID
Stephen Chow's Journey to the West is a difficulty movie to pin down tonally. Lots of silly antics and also murdered children.
If y'all haven't seem the Stephen Chow film God of Cookery before you're living in ignorance of life's beautiful bounties
The Mermaid, had all the hilarious moments you'd expect to see from a Stephen Chow movie.
it has really funny parts, but it was darker than other Stephen Chow movies. I really liked it :)
If you like foreign, strange and very, very funny, check out Stephen Chow's Hong Kong fantasy/comedy, The Mermaid.
Mermaid is so funny. I can feel Stephen Chow's prensence in the movie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I laughed so hard sa ang gago ng movie!! the best ka Stephen Chow!
.It's not that simple. The movie was supposed to be directed by Stephen Chow, one of the best directors.
I'm trying to find a screening of "The Mermaid" right now just to give Stephen Chow a few ticket sales.
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Bout to chow down on some Stephen Conebert
i LOVE that movie!!! im a huge fan of stephen chow and his movies!
Kung Fu Hustle USTHISTV: An aspiring hoodlum Stephen Chow gets a chance to prove his abilities when gang memb...
'The Mermaid' Review: Confidently funny with a heart โ€ฆ
Would love to see Stephen Chow take a crack at Godzilla
My dad only laughs at Stephen Chow, Thai comedy movies and Hagemaru.
Loved hanging with Asia's co-chair X and openly campaigning to be in a Stephen Chow movie x
'The Mermaid' Review: Confidently funny with a heart โ€” Rappler (rapplerdotcom) May 13, 2โ€ฆ
By | The Mermaid has already passed the half billion dollar mark in box office sales in China, and is...
'The Mermaid' Review: Confidently funny with a heart via Rappler
'The Mermaid' Review: Confidently funny with a heart
Stephen Chow's death is just a disgusting hoax. And April Fools Month has gone. You fooled.
It's a Hong Kong horror-comedy from the mid-'90s starring Stephen Chow, so obviously right up at least one of my various alleys.
Just curious, but what will your thoughts be when Stephen Chow directs a Chinese produced movie starring mostly white guys?
Stephen Chow has paid homage to and parodied the horrors of "The Shining(1980)" with "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons(2013)"
Stephen Chow, the director of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, has a new movie and I didn't know until now?!
highkey about to spaz out if I don't get to watch The mermaid (by Stephen Chow)
King of Comedy - Loving all these Stephen Chow movies being on Netflix.
i think my fav Stephen Chow movie is God of Cookery but honestly they are all great
Stephen JohnsonGrove, OH Justice & Policy Reform: When you say swing for the fences it better be a good fence it better be a home run
I cannot believe Stephen Chow had anything to do with this movie, I guess that's Hollywood for you
Stephen Chow did a really good job on Mermaid. I had never laugh so hard & wow-ed so long at the same time.
Guised as a kung fu movie this Toaist and Buddhist movie takes a page from Stephen Chow and it works. Great movie
How Stephen Chow could get involved in that "thing" called Dragonball Evolution? From Kung Fu Hustle to... that!
I liked a video 9 Beautiful Girls in Stephen Chow movies
Forgot to mention last nite's viewing of Stephen Chow's film The Mermaid. It's ridiculous fun esp if you love octopus mutilation jokes.
Stephen Chow's THE MERMAID is still going strong at the Pacific Place. Our review:
Stephen chow movies hold up pretty well, currently watching god of cookery ๐Ÿœ
Stephen Chowโ€™s โ€œThe Mermaidโ€ becomes first-ever film to earn over half a billion dollars at the Chinese box office.
Uh there are seven Stephen Chow films on Netflix. Just btw. You should go watch them. Everyone. They're good. I'm ecstatic
I swear is like the malay version of stephen chow
In Kung Fu Hustle, Stephen Chow gives a master class on how to perfectly escalate a bit
A Stephen Chow Iron Chef parody flick? Uh... how did I miss this? (Yes, it is on Netflix.)
The only thing Hollywood will learn from Stephen Chow's Mei ren yu earning $500 million in China.he's in talks to direct a Marvel movie.
What a movie. Awesome. Stephen Chow bole kotha. :D โ€” watching God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai
Thanks & proud to Mr. Stephen Chow.. U make us laugh & learn about life & LOVE.. Gbu bro..
Even I have to admit, Stephen Chow slowly leaves his mo lei tau-esque. Especially since his Journey to the West..
Don't expect Stephen Chow to appear on your cinema screens in .. he directed, ain't acted in it. But it has all Chow's trademark
has all Stephen Chow's formula : Mo Lei Tau, absurdity, nihilistic story, over the top slapstick & fantasy elements.
If any of you know this guy, you're a Stephen Chow's die hard fan.
And why can I still not see Stephen Chowโ€™s version of Journey to the West in the UK? Still no sign of it.
[rumor] Tao will be lead in drama set in the universe of stephen chow's the chinese odyssey httpโ€ฆ
omg omg i finally saw Stephen Chow's THE MERMAID and it was as spectacular and enjoyable as everyone said it would be
'The Mermaid' proves Stephen Chow is the rightful successor to David Zucker and Mel Brooks:
I wrote about the very good The Mermaid and how Stephen Chow is the successor to David Zucker.
God Of Gamblers 3 The Early Stage is a fair enough prequel but Leon Lai is no Chow Yun Fat, or even Stephen Chow
Oh, The Host! That was a fun film! And for Stephen Chow - Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, Journey to the West.
Why does Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST look so cheap?
Just watched Journey to the West directed by Stephen Chow, was so good! ๐Ÿ˜
Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Stephen Chow and there he was, the new generation of kung fu. Donnie Yen. ๐Ÿ’—
Kung Fu Hustle .. Probably the best Ode to Kung Fu Movies at large .. Stephen Chow is a genius :-)
Stephen Chow movie! love Kung Fu Hustle :D Shaolin Soccer is good as well, but Kung Fu Hustle is better.
Now watching "Out of the Dark" a Stephen Chow flick from 95 where he plays a demented ghost hunter who talks to a potted plant
Kung Fu Hustle is such a riot. Stephen Chow at his best.
How to combat stress, over tiredness & SAD: watching Stephen Chow's movies back 2 back on sofa is one option.
I think Stephen Chow deserves more acclaim for Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Writer, director, actor, producer. Brilliant.
Kung Fu Hustle! Everyone go watch it an share in my love of Stephen Chow!
Gotta say I'm a new fan of writer/director/producer/actor Stephen Chiau aka Stephen Chow. Very clever and extravagant in his work ๐Ÿ‘Œ
I can't tell you how many times people have been like "hey you know who you look like? Stephen Chow!"
So roll me up this loud... And we could just chill and watch mad Stephen Chow, rest in peace to Kamau.
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seriously what emotionless husk of a person hates Stephen Chow films.
ONLINE TROLL: I don't like your films. ME: cool. TROLL: nor the work of Stephen Chow. Me: I'll find your IP address and sow your lawn with salt
Olivia Chow : Always great to be with Stephen Lewis โ€” I'm inspired by his commitment to social ju...
thanks for this, Netflix has been Stephen Chow crazy lately, it owns
Stephen Chow has his sights on this celeb's daughter
Watched Out of the Dark, tonight, with a friend. Stephen Chow movie from 1995 that combines weird ghost humor with many Leon references.
I hate Stephen Chow for these kind of movies lol
Not sure, but it's Stephen Chow's movie before KFH.
omg I'm always happy to discover another Stephen chow movie on Netflix!
For some reason, I thought that Jackie Chan was Stephen Chow LOL!!!
Last night, I watched Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons. As a Stephen Chow fan, I was happy screaming the whole time. It's amazing
What's your favorite funny movie? โ€” Stephen Chow's and some Filipino classic comedies. I'm superficial. :p
It lacks catchy 70's music but if you haven't seen it I highly recommend Stephen Chow's Journey to the West.
I can't believe I had not seen it until now but Stephen Chow created another masterpiece with 'Journey to the West'
I'm on a Stephen Chow kick right now. Tonight it is King of Comedy. Good lord I love his movies so much.
Hamilton Collection
do you think you two will ever review the Stephen Chow horror comedy Out of the Dark. It's on Netflix
Stephen Chow's movies never fail to make me laugh.
it's one of my favourite films of all time. Top 10 easily. Check out A Chinese Odyssey w/ Stephen Chow
I know who Stephen Chow is but I'm actually quoting 90% of old Vietnamese ladies in my area LOL
.are you quoting Stephen Chow? please tell you're quoting Stephen Chow..
Two of the most well-known Chinese directors, Tsui Hark and Stephen Chow, are teaming up for the sequel of the...
Watchin Stephen Chow movies on Netflix. So brilliant. And he was so hot.
A second look at Stephen Chow with our discussion of Kung Fu Hustle!.
I think stumbling onto Stephen Chow films I haven't seen before is the best way to do it. Related: Out of the Dark is bonkers crazytown.
A familiar but fun Stephen Chow comedy, here's my review of CJ7 (2008):
Stephen Chow creates a film that's chaotic in the best way possible with Kung Fu Hustle
Still remember clear as day the classic movie Stephen Chow "Kung Fu Hustle".The final battle between the Toad...
RMB is back and we get to watch a movie about the from the great Stephen Chow!
Who is your favorite artist or painter? โ€” artist? Stephen Chow
Chris Chen (Stephen Chow's staff) reposted Lin Gengxin's weibo:. In this pic there are our 3 actors
Precisely! Speaking of Stephen Chow, "Kung Fu Hustle" will always be my favorite. The throwing knife scene!
Also - Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle, the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan phenomenon, and the phenomenon of Wong Kar Wai
Stephen Chow wears his influences on his sleeve...he's China's Stephen Speilberg/Leslie Nielson/Judd Apatow. :P
Glad I have a tv in my room . Stephen Chow movie
Romeo kota. I think the director should learn how to direct police story from Jackie Chan's police story, or stephen chow's back to school.
One of Amazing Movie from Stephen Chow!! . Always laugh whenever watch this movie! โ˜… Kung Fu Hustle โ€”
tricky master is the one of the best film movie coming from mr. Stephen chow-sing chi๐Ÿ˜
Whoever put all those Stephen Chow movies on Netflix: you're a saint and I just watched all of them. Thanks.
Also, in more late kid's movie reviews โ€“ my daughter has never had a stronger emotional reaction to a film than she did Stephen Chow's CJ7.
God of gambler 3 x de stephen chow. ..bosang
Just re-watched Stephen Chow's What a great combo of comedy & martial arts. A classic! Also recommend watch
Ngancani Stephen Chow dan Cathy Sharon.. (with Dindy and Jessica at Gyant Steak) โ€”
if you're a fan of Stephen Chow this is required viewing: (
is the Fight Back to School series on Netflix? Possibly my favourite Stephen Chow films.
currently trying to watch all the Stephen Chow movies on Netflix and gifcam-ing my favorite reaction faces
What's your opinion of Stephen Chow's work? Esp: Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.
If y'all haven't seen Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, or King of Beggars, you're missing out. Stephen Chow is a comedic genius.
reminded of that Stephen Chow movie where he use a guy's thing to paint a bird
I wanna make skippy and watch godzilla movies w and then have a stephen chow marathon
are u really Stephen Chow the actor or just his fan club?
Stephen Chow marathon today lol. Love this dudes movies
I love all the actors Stephen Chow brings to his movies time and time again.
Carrying on my sick day with โ€œKing of Comedyโ€ another Stephen Chow movie I have not seen yet, but spoofs John Woo apparently.
. A CG spaniel rides bike in country as 'Happy Hour' plays at half speed. Stephen Mangan says 'poochy Chow
I watched Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle last night. It was a simultaneously hilarious and kick *** action movie. Grade: A
Netflix adding a ton of Stephen Chow movies is way more impressive than their Emmy noms tbh
with the translation as well, they kept calling him Stephen Chow, but I don't think that was the character's name. As well, none of the
I watched "The God of Cookery" by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, etc.) I enjoyed the last act a lot, it had some clever things going on, but
yes, it needs! This is one of the reasons why it's on my list :) Stephen Chow not doing comedy is already worth seeing!
They have a bunch of Stephen Chow movies on Netflix, maybe it was one if them.
I was last night telling Winnie how I would've preferred rubber suits to the cg in Stephen Chow's new Journey to the West film.
Tetap saja lucu, but i love Stephen Chow so much. โ˜… Shaolin Soccer โ€”
One of my all-time favorite Stephen Chow movies, God of Cookery, is in Netflix. I am so happy right now.
Like raggedy men with slim illustrated books of mysterious provenance? Stephen Chow's movies have you covered.
Order Stephen Chow comedy JUSTICE, MY FOOT! before Aug 15 for a chance to win a lobby card set
Stephen Chow's films are emotional roller coasters. You laugh, sure, but there are scenes w/ deep sadness and also scenes w/ unbridled joy.
Stephen Chow's comedy is irreverent & absurd, yet he always imbues his character w/ enough humanity to warrant sympathy
Just saw God of Cookery, an *** that is a funny as movie, stephen chow is awesome as ***
Having a mini Stephen chow movie fest tonight curacy of Netflix ๐Ÿ˜ I love his movies!๐Ÿ˜
I love how in Stephen Chow movies the romantic aspects of his stories involve hardly any physical contact it's so innocent
I absolutely adore Stephen Chow and his movies
Would have been epic. I love Stephen Chow.
Journey to the West. Stephen Chow has a unique flair for fantasy action and comedy. Made me laugh way too hard. Plus, it stars Qi Shu.
150707 |. Wu Yi Fan will be taking the leading role as Sun Wukong (a monkey) in Stephen Chow's upcoming movie
150707 will be a Lead Role as Sun Wukong in Stephen Chow upcoming Movie that might beโ€ฆ
How did I forget that Stephen Chow is such a film nerd?. Dude was doing Edgar Wright moves 10 years before Spaced.
Tribe is sounding more & more like Stephen Chow meets Beat Street & Krush Groove!
re-watching Kung Fu Hustle. What happened to Stephen Chow? Like he needs to make more movies like Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.
Stephen Chow's older films are now on Netflix. God of Cookery definitely lays groundwork for his later work (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle)
Kung Fu Hustle is such an underrated movie! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Stephen Chow is a 'Kung Fu Genius' in his own right ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Watching Shaolin Soccer again&again, never get bored of Stephen Chow's movies.
I wish Stephen Chow stayed on to direct Green Hornet. Even if his remote control idea seemed odd.
Kung Fu Hustle - Stephen Chow | | Action & Adventure top 10 scariest movies of all tiโ€ฆ
I think Stephen Chow is brilliant enough to direct any Hollywood blockbuster. 50 times better than Michael Bay.
Speaking of religion, Stephen Chow of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle fame has remade Monkey... Journey to the West.
Shaolin Kung Fu heng~ ๐Ÿ’ƒ aih Sky I love you for showing Stephen Chow movies
Stephen Chow talks Bruce Lee fighting in The Way of the Dragon
Stephen Chow talks Bruce Lee fighting in Enter the Dragon
You have no idea how happy it makes that Stephen Chow wasn't directing involved with The Live Action Dragon Ball Movie! They say however, if he was involved the Live Action Movie would've been amazing! Stephen Chow is one of my most favorite movie directors of all time! I hope in the future he will make a Dragon Ball Movie in his vision, because I know of which he would never disappoint fans. This was great, Thanks for sharing this with me Ali-Sama :D
Expected slapstick caricature comedic action hijinks from Stephen Chow's Journey to the West. Didn't know it'd be so earnest in its Buddhism
HK comedy at its best, Stephen Chow, Magnificent Scoundrels
Stephen chow should do more black comedy
ITs a great comeback for stephen chow
Nobody told me there was a new Stephen Chow movie on Netflix, dammit.
Stephen Chow's goofy, hella fun JOURNEY TO THE WEST is now on Netflix. I loved it, and I have the review to prove it:
Wow I was reading up more on 3 *** and somewhere says there's gonna be chinese remake of the show by stephen chow
Stephen Chow's hilarious action epic JOURNEY TO THE WEST, a contender for my favorite 2014 film: now streaming on Instant.
Just watched "Journey to the west" the latest Stephen Chow classic on Netflix , thanks , brilliant stuff
Am a big fan of stephen chow...his movies are hilarious
always thought of Sandra Ng as the female version of Stephen Chow w/o the martial arts background.
okay, that one was original. Gold. *Stephen Chow clap*
More screwy slapstick in Stephen Chow's latest, 'Journey to the West'. It's imaginatively mental. You never want to throw down with Buddha!
How is it that China didn't fare better in Their team hasn't been the same since Stephen Chow stopped style.
If you're still looking for a subject for next week's show, Stephen Chow's great JOURNEY TO THE WEST is on instant netflix.
JOURNEY TO THE WEST is now on I would follow Stephen Chow & Shu Qi to the ends of the earth.
Stephen Chow's Journey to the West in now on Netflix US. Really looking forward to seeing that.
Now for that flick! I'm a day late, I know. Hmm, Stephen Chow or Jackie Chan... decisions decisions...
Stephen Chowโ€™s Journey to the West is now available to stream on Netflix โžŸ
JOURNEY TO THE WEST (Stephen Chow) is now on Netflix (U.S.) Itโ€™s one of two good films with that exact title out this year.
JOURNEY TO THE WEST, the latest film from Shaolin Soccer director/star Stephen Chow, is now on Netflix:
Stephen Chow's JOURNEY TO THE WEST is streaming on Netflix now:
I just watched Journey to the West... that is one weird *** film. So bizarre yet so funny. Wouldn't expect anything less from Stephen Chow.
The dig nose character in Stephen Chow's movies |
Stephen Chow's Journey to the West is on Netflix! Why didn't I discover this hours ago?!
Here's my weekly video - Stephen Chow tries to start a fight - Kung Fu Hustle...
Wow, finally 0-1 after more than 50 minutes?! Just when i thought i was watching Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer Movie
Clint Dempsey or Stephen chow from Shaolin Soccer
Yeah, maybe should send a request to Hong Kong to make this kind of movie lol. Next thing Stephen Chow is back in there.
Cuti ni memang movie marathon la,start with all stephen chow movies
That's strange. Cressy never worked in Chow's office. He was Stephen Lewis Foundation's senior advisor.
Watching Stephen Chow's JOURNEY INTO THE WEST. Delightful, absurd, delightfully absurd, absurdly delightful. I really like it, okay.
Out of the Dark is also a hilarious, touching, rude Stephen Chow film =D
I'm still LOLing about Stephen Chow&KungFu Hustle conversation between U and ShinYoung unnie in IGOT7 ep 5 XD
Stephen Chow after get the award 1991
Come and say to hi to Gloria Chow next Tuesday! She'll be on Stephen Avenue between Centre Street and 1 Street SE...
lol by Stephen chow. I love the guy :)))
Stephen chow's classic movies is the best. Never fail to make me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚
Been watching stephen chow movies from just now๐Ÿ˜‚
Evening walk and oxygen before a pint and some chow (@ Saint Stephen's Green)
I wish I'm a Hong Kong boy. I may be the next Stephen Chow or Chow Yun Fat but I don't mind be a gangster in Tsim Sha Tsui. Dreams.
Stephen Chow's film never fail to entertain an usual. And Qui Shu's...daaangg! :v โ€” watching Journey...
Kung Fu Hustle is one of those movies I watch and just wonder how the *** did Stephen Chow came up with this stuff..
I still miss his movie so much Stephen Chow
Joe Cressy says he's running in this election to "continue Olivia Chow's work" and to "stop Stephen Harper."
How I wish Stephen Chow would do more movies..
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Legend future cops. Dicky Cheung. Korang duk overated kan Stephen Chow je. No love for the original monkey king.
viendo "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" de ese genio incomprendido Stephen Chow st
from director Stephen Chow is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD:
Top 10 Next-Generation Martial Art Films. 9/10 - IP man. - Donnie Yen took on the huge roll of Bruce Lee's tutor and pulled it off with jaw-dropping style. 8.5/10 - Ong Bak. - Tony Jaa, the King of Muay Thai sends the Art globe. Inspiring MMA. 8.5/10 - Chocolate. - In the Muay Thai boom came JeeJa Yanin, a small woman with a brutal kick. 8.5/10 - Kung Fu Hustle. - Stephen Chow's second installment spreads eastern comedy around the world. 8/10 - Unleashed. - Leaves a gritty mark for next-gen films. 8/10 - The protector. - Unforgettable for it's Continuous Uninterrupted fight scene and its even brutal than Ong Bak. 8/10 - Kick *** - Shows a small step where next-gen films are going! yeah kids that will kick your butt! 7.5/10 - Shaolin Soccer. - Stephen Chow's mix of eastern comedy and flying martial arts truly works...oh and the football. 7.5/10 - The Matrix. - Has and will inspire more films to come. 7/10 - Kill Bill Part 1+2. - The Kill Bill films stood out of the rest in the 'east meets west' boom.
I say "Scorsese's KING OF COMEDY" to differentiate from Stephen Chow's KING OF COMEDY because it's just as likely I'd be talking about that
Journey to the West Journey to the WestZhang Wen (Actor), Stephen Chow (Director)...
HIGH DEF UNIVERSE: Stephen Chow's Journey to the West Arrives on Blu-ray on May 27th
Cover art and specs on upcoming Blu-ray release of Stephen Chow's Journey To The West!
The 'lollipop' romance between Stephen Chow and the beautiful Chinese actress Eva Huang in Kung Fu Hustle was fascinating.
Never got tired of Stephen Chow's 'Kung Fu Hustle'. Watching it on MioTv. Probably the 10th time watching this movie. He is so creative!
i want to geek out right now and instead of sleeping cause i need to wake up early i want to make a montage of all my favorite actors...*SIGH* i'll just type them out tho... Benicio del Toro, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, ๆˆ้พ Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen-็”„ๅญไธน Official, Paul Newman, Takeshi Kitano, Gordon Liu, Sammo Hung, Jamie Foxx, Stephen Chow, Yuen Siu-tien, Dean Shek, Ben Stiller, Burt Reynolds, Larry David, Rick Moranis, Rainn Wilson, Jim Carrey is Here, Dan Ackroyd, Sean Penn, Robin Williams, Robin Wright, Meryl Streep, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Sidney Poitier, Forest Whitaker, Harvey Keitel, Javier Bardem, Steve Martin, Nicholas Cage, Robert Downey Jr, Christopher Walken and the amazing Bill Murray, amazing creators of our time, i love you for the greatness you have brought to the part of history that we are currently all jointly creating on this earth.
If there were true justice in the world. Stephen Chow would have Lone Ranger money whenever he wanted to make a movie.
anybody can tell me? . Donnie Yen,Jet Li,Iko Uwais,Stephen Chow,Wu Jing they does their own stunts?
Man this weekend there's a new Wes Anderson movie AND a new Stephen Chow movie! How do I get excited without sounding pretentious?
New Stephen Chow movie in March. I love Stephen Chow movies.
My Top 5 Must See Movies For 2014 X-Men Days of Future Past, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sin City -A Dame To Kill for, and Stephen Chow's Journey to the West,
watching Journey to the west_Qoncuering the demon's... film'e joss tenan... sutradara'e Stephen chow...
Can stephen chow appear on running man?
The Pacific Arts Movement will screen Stephen Chow's "Journey to the West" starring Shu Qi. If you liked Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle you're gonna love this film. Thursday, February 27 at 6:30 P.M.
You know it's almost been 10 years since Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle? I remember this fight though...
A5 stephen chow movies,god of cookery. So funny and brilliant. One of my hongkong fav movie
"Love pizza? if you eat pizza once a week it can decreas the risk of esophageal cancer." mmm now you gna chow it
What is the proper way to spend your sick day? Stephen Chow movie marathon.
All stephen chow movie really make my day :D
Stephen Chow never fail to make me LMAO
do not do reversals while watching a stephen chow movie. my bow almost smacked my face XD
Another Chinese Film Fest screening! 5:30 today See the new Stephen Chow film, Journey to the West-Conquering the Demons!
Now working on the 35 movies in my Stephen Chow Movies folder. Don't ask how, or more importantly, why. jk.
"We used to have 268 pieces of proud and wonderful exquisite jadeite - this was during my last blog post some time back, I hope we still have at least 200 pieces of exquisite jadeite left for your selection now. There is nothing in common with our exquisite collections with Stephen Chow's Char Siew rice other than one characteristic: once you lay your eyes on the collections of Lotus on Water Exquisite Jadeite Gallery, you won't even flinch an eyebrow when you see jadeite elsewhere."
yes he did. Plus Iron Monkey as the opposing teacher was such a treat! :D oh hey also Stephen Chow and Tony Jaa also get props
Stephen Chow's Journey to the West doesn't have but there's a monkey king.
I love Stephen Chow directs. His characters are so animated and amazing.
'Kung Fu Hustle' overflows with Stephen Chow's usual theatrics and slapstick madness, but fails to establish an engaging plot or characters
2 bus rides, 1 Stephen chow's old movie and I will reach my babygirl
u mean stephen chow movie 2013? Monkey king pendek tu? Funny but its so funny tht i didnt like it. Wasnt up to my expectation
I hates actually i have to wait 40 seconds for a movie to start ...๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ can it be quick i can't wait to watch Stephen chow face really ๐Ÿ˜
There's a scene in A Chinese Odyssey where Stephen Chow's groin is set on fire and his friends stomp it out for like 30 seconds straight...
Jul 18 2012 ... stephen chow and his gang thinks they are invisible t
Kung Fu Hustle - Saturday afternoon viewing. How the *** did I ever miss this Stephen Chow c...
Stephen Chow new film CJ7 trailer: via
Oh and thanks Ahmad 'Stephen Chow' Zaki for the delicious sandwich, sweet sangat share dengan aku. Sharing is caring. Kihkih.
Stephen Chow's works always amuse me
5 films you have to watch before die : 1. the shawshank redemtion 2. 12 angy man 3.fight club 4.american history X 5.king of comedy (stephen Chow)
It's great to have Stephen chow to keep me company at work.
Review of Stephen Chow's ''Journey to the West Conquering Demons '' on site now.
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Heading out for breakfast with Cikgu Nurul and Stephen Chow. Good AM eberibadi.
I did not know that Stephen Chow does Wing Chun...
My kind of valentine is fried fries, korean instant noodles and Stephen Chow's movie. I'm a happy girlfriend. Thanks โ˜†
The ultimate Stephen Chow collection in 720p
Happy birthday Stephen Chow. Hope you get spoilt xxx
Stephen Chow should have directed the dragonball Z movie.
Valentines date with Stephen chow's movies
Please do, if you havn't. Watch Stephen Chow's movies. Really great, especially Shaolin Soccer :)
with only one week to live, a computer hacker joins the Triad. starring: Ming Na Wen, Steven Yeun, & Stephen Chow.
Stephen Chow's show never fail to make me laughh. ROFL!
Forgot the name of that funny movie with Stephen Chow. The one where they play soccer. Like Kung Fu Hustle but not.
Chinese remake of The Castle has airport winning, Darryl executed. Fans of iconic Aussie film outraged as Stephen Chow's Chinese version hit
Plus, I get the Raid 2 in March as well as Stephen Chow's new film in a few weeks. Forget Oscars, let's have our action film season now!
YAY! I love Stephen Chow's movies, and his take on the legend of The Monkey King looks suitably bonkers.
Yo where the *** is Stephen Chow at I want king fu hustle 2 and Shaolin Soccer Duece
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here are the pics of my hand. I finally got them. it's been a month. still VERY. VERY sore. Stephen Chow
Well, there is no harm in trying. Let's do this, esp with those of Stephen Chow s comedies. A great stress killer. :-)
No matter how good or bad your day has been, remember that there's a Stephen Chow movie where he busts out the Kamehameha. No, seriously. Cantonese pronunciation of the move and EVERYTHING. The film is called Flirting Scholar.
You might be "cool". But you're not "Stephen Chow wearing a Bart Simpson mask, trying to avoid various friends and family while undercover and on a date with an 18 year old girl who is a lead on a case where terrorists are planning on attacking a school where the kids of ambassadors are educated" cool. BTW, the film is "Fight Back to School II". And it's bad (and not the good kind).
A jealous woman does better research than a PDRM. ~ zulhairi stephen chow
Sitting here by the pool in Allelujia, Costa Rica. We have just finished two weeks of back packing around this beautiful country. We have climbed waterfalls, hiked thru the rain forests, went zip lining thru the volcanoes, met the most amazing people and ate the most amazing food. So sad to be leaving tomorrow morning but do miss my family, my grandkids and my home. All good things come to an end and this has been one amazing time. See you all when we get home. Stephen Chow
Not only is Yuen Woo-Ping's "Wing Chun" one of the best romantic comedy I've ever seen (by far,) but it's also one of the best examples of a martial-arts comedy I've ever seen (outside of Jackie Chan's classic films--many of the best of which were also directed by Yuen Woo-Ping--and Stephen Chow's films, the best of which really have no equals,) mixing many different styles of comedy with incredible fights and a straightforward, simple story with a lot of sweetness (that's never too sentimental) and tension (that's never too dark.) Michelle Yeoh is incredible as always, it's very cool to see a young Donnie Yen fight in a classical Hung Ga mode, and thankfully it's a film that translates remarkably well into English, which is somewhat rare in the realm of comedy. It's a light, fast-paced watch that nonetheless has an appropriate amount of substance and emotional heft, and it's filled with laughs, oohs-and-aahs, and a few "d'awww"s where they really count. What else would one expect from the director of suc ...
Just watched Stephen Chow's Journey To The West, amazing!!! And Shu Qi has got to be one of the sexiest women alive, she definitely makes my list of "I detest women to the core except for." I would probably never leave my playstation again if Chow & Suda 51 would collaborate on a game, let Naughty Dog be in charge of the gameplay and graphics engine and quantic dream do the character models and facial I would be in geek heaven.Alden has to see this movie, but It's got quiet a bit of blood in it so I dunno, but wow he would love it.
Las Vegas Watch: Full Trailer for Stephen Chow's Wacky 'Journey to the. Watch Hot Girls at
While I love Jackie Chan's work, is there any question that Stephen Chow is the better filmmaker by an exponential measure?
Stephen Chow takes on Journey to the West? Yes, please.
It's a Stephen Chow film, it does what it wants.
Enjoy a stephen chow movie on weekend. Aka relaxation.
Oh boo, rain. Guess I'll finish folding copies of latest Tenacious (of writings by & watch Stephen Chow's CJ7.
"Stephen Chow is ohsemmm after Jackie Chan."before Bruce Lee
Breast Cancer Awareness
New Stephen Chow movie. Sorry Keanu, this looks better than 47 Ronin.
stephen chow never fail make me laugh. I'm adore him so much xD
i'm really hope that stephen chow can be a guest in running man like Jackie Chan. Hmmm
Watched a perfect movie last night: Journey To The West, by Stephen Chow (King Fu Hustle). Mind-blowingly good. Chow is a comedy genius.
I know HK movies always have goofy humor, but BADGES OF FURY is trying to do Stephen Chow and can't do Stephen Chow.
Fight Back to School Stephen chow.. Kelakar cerita nie
Fight Back to school 3, Stephen Chow :D
Whoa. There's a Stephen Chow film on Citra now. Awesome.
Feel like I wanna watch all Stephen Chow's film.
: added Stephen Chow as director to credits
Neil have you seen Stephen Chow's Journey To The West? Absolutely mind blowing take on Sun Wukong.
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