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Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith (born October 14, 1967) is an American sports journalist, talk show host, and television personality.

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Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors.
New video by ESPN: Stephen A. Smith fired up over Michael Jordan's superteam comments | First Take | ESPN
Why has made their bed with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman as the home page personalities? Who thought that was a good idea?
Can't wait for when Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Woody Page, Cris Carter and more share their expertise on the tomorrow!
Stephen A. Smith points out the NFL's paid patriotism problem:
When a blockbuster NBA trade happens on a Saturday and every ESPN channel's taken, does Stephen A. Smith scream his opinion t…
Stephen A. Smith: Did you talk to LeBron before hand?. Kyrie: Lol why? . Lmfao
Watching Stephen A. Smith try to talk with Terence Crawford, Jim Lamply & Max Kellerman on is laughable... 🤣🤣🤣
Jemele Hill is paid to have opinions. Similar to Max Kellerman or Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Linda Co…
Whats it like trying to debate with Stephen A. Smith? First Takes' Max Kellerman joins us at 9:30 on and on the app
Max Kellerman: My son is joining the Navy. Stephen A. Smith: Are you outta your *** mind! That is ludicrous! You…
Stephen A. Smith & Lavar Ball talk like uncles at a BBQ
oml them sports analyst just be talking especially Stephen A. Smith and Jason Whitlock they couldn't even make it t…
Stephen A. Smith says one of Jerry West's most brilliant moves was getting Hubie Brown to coach the Grizzlies.
[Palm Beach Post] The outspoken Stephen A. Smith is high on the Miami Heat for the 2017-18 season.
Stephen A. Smith: “There’s no way in *** Johnnie Cochran would have beaten me.”
Stephen A. Smith showcases his dance moves w/ the Jabbawockeez in Las Vegas. 😂. (🎥:
I liked a video Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James is now under more pressure to win | First Take |
The only people whose opinion I care less about are Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has some words to the people saying Nick Saban is over rated.
Amy Earnhardt put Stephen A. Smith through a Snapchat filter, and it's the greatest via
On Kristaps Porzingis' 22nd birthday, a look back at Stephen A. Smith's rant from draft night 😂😂
ESPN's Stephen A. Smith may have just revealed to San Antonio Spurs fans the real problem that Kyrie Irving has...
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman & Molly Qerim have been on vacation for a minute. When's the last time took a break?
Audio of Stephen A. Smith's report that LeBron James would be tempted to fight Kyrie Irving if he saw him. 👀.
LeBron would be tempted to "beat Kyrie Irving's *** if they met in person, according to Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A. Smith went bananas on the radio claiming LeBron James wants to fight Kyrie Irving https:…
This man's job is to transcribe Stephen A. Smith. Poor guy.
My name is Lawrence Ice and I'm addicted to Stephen A Smith saying weed.
I imagine *** is like having to sit at a table while Stephen A. Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless are talking sports
Stephen A Smith vacations the same way I vacation: By wishing I was at work.
Not a chance that's fitting in my wallet
Michael Harmon and Aaron Torres think the Kyrie situation should bring a new respect to Stephen Curry.
stephenasmith's video Stephen A. Smith's reaction about OJ Simpson
The Same *** you Stephen a smith *** MFs tooo. Was jumping around like some lil girls like the mes…
Wise words from Stephen A. Smith this early morning
Aright bro i would rather listen to Stephen A smith right now then argue with you you act like the Pist…
Stephen A. Smith just referred to Kyrie Irving as Kyrie "Irvin" at least 5 times in that phone interview on ESPN just now.
All of this he's unhappy talk began with ONE report from Stephen A Smith. Unbelievable
Stephen A Smith talked about Kyrie being unhappy with Cavs a year ago
Wow thanks Stephen A Smith. You changed my entire perspective. No more booty chasing for me.
Cuz you said Iron man could take out superman and that's just blasphemous, word to Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A Smith relationship advice is funny on so many levels 😂😂😂
Stephen A. Smith says Kyrie Irving has to defer to LeBron James
Stephen A Smith and LeBron James on Kyrie Irving trade request MARCH 1 2016 !!!
Once again.I believe I have all the news on LeBron James and WHERE HE'S GOING. Tune into the Stephen A. Smith Show on…
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We've got a pretty great cast lined up for "A Walk With Grace". Check out more of the deets here!
But Stephen A. Smith shucks & jives every time. It never fails. His selfhatred is real. I would be💔i…
Matchmaker, Matchmaker,. Make me a match,. Stephen A. Smith,. catch me a catch
I love Stephen A Smith for reasons like this.
stephen a smith:*swipes right. *swipes up, is surprised. To me,thats preposterous.Superlikes, th…
For the second consecutive year Stephen A Smith has won preemptive take of the year for a take that doesn't even exist ye…
Now STEPHEN A. SMITH saying Kyrie first choice would be to play for thibs & the Wolves
Stephen A. Smith said Cleveland wasn't the best place for Irving...Wonder how he feels about NY-Knicks? 🤔
Funny how Stephen A Smith has a source that's agreeing with every rumor that gets talked about.
Stephen A. Smith keeps it real at all times! 💯💯💯
I wrote about a part of wrestling that I miss dearly. Please disregard the picture of Stephen A. Smith.
If you meg someone on the other team. I'll go on a rant like Stephen a smith.
Why does this sound like Stephen A Smith?!?!
Stephen A. Smith calls out the judges of the Pacquiao/Horn fight
Stephen A. Smith is still going off about Jeff Horn upsetting Manny Pacquiao
Joe Horn, Jeff Horn, The Green Hornet, the Charlotte Hornets it don't matter to Stephen A. Smith they're all the same!
Could we see Carmelo Anthony in a Cavs uniform? . Stephen A. Smith breaks down the possibility:
Stephen A. Smith reporting that if Carmelo Anthony receives a buyout from the NY Knicks, he'll head to Houston to join Ha…
When the First Take producers broke the Phil Jackson news to Stephen A. Smith. 😂
Watch Stephen A. Smith and Will Cain get heated on First Take talking about Phil Jackson's exit from the Knicks. 🔥 htt…
Got to replace Lil' Troy with audio of him screaming at Stephen A. Smith at his first Mania. Go…
I was just told that I have the same mannerisms as Stephen A. Smith so if anyone knows a good bridge to drive off let me know please
Stephen A. Smith comes for Phil Jackson as news of a potential Kristaps Porzingis trade surfaces.
Stephen A. Smith has me dead! "His very first move as the executive was to sign Lamar Odom. who was on crack! 💀 htt…
Stephen A. Smith tells this morning he fears he is looking more and more like George Jefferson
Why Stephen A. Smith gotta do Lamar Odom like that 💀💀
According to Stephen A. Smith, the Celtics are making a run at Jimmy Butler and will then make a run at Gordon Hayward.…
"Suck it up and take it" - Stephen A. Smith doesn't like LeBron's response to Draymond Green's trolling, advises him to "disappear"
Stephen A. Smith is the greatest analyst ever. It’s official.
Stephen A. Smith can't believe he's standing next to early-'90s Deion Sanders and a 1970s sports reporter
Sending our love and prayers to Stephen A. Smith and his family through this difficult time.
Snapchat needs a Stephen A. Smith filter for the finals
Stephen A. Smith posts touching tribute to his mother who suddenly …
Say strong Stephen A. Smith sorry for you lost
Thoughts and prayers go out to Stephen A. Smith who lost his mother to cancer. 🙏
Stephen A. Smith picks the year, and every year since 2011 he's been wrong. On all 6. Watch:. https:/…
Stephen A. Smith lost his mother to cancer. Huge prayers out to this man
This morning Stephen A. Smith's mother, Janet Smith, passed away. Here is his tribute to her:
Stephen A. Smith, Jason Whitlock, and Sage Steele are thriving in "post-racial" America. Colin Kaepernick can't get…
For the past 6 years, Stephen A. Smith has not correctly predicted a NBA finals winner.
Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and every Pro Jordan sport analysts are whack! Slurp Jordan but won't talk about the "Expansion era".
Stephen A. Smith and Ted Nugent went on Fox News, and it was – as you probably expected – a total disaster. (By
Stephen A. Smith has seriously gone 0 for 6 on his last 6 picks. Watch:.
Too far? Stephen A. Smith goes off on Kevin Durant...again! . VIDEO:
Stephen A. Smith reminds me of Bert from Sesame Street
Morris slapped Stephen A. Smith's *** on his way to the locker room. I'm crying
Shannon Sharpe be trying to channel his inner Stephen A. Smith on Undisputed
Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith agree as to why Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin's fight Se... - via App
ESPN goes from the Sports Reporters signing off forever straight into Stephen A. Smith on Sportscenter. Way to ruin the momen…
Floyd Mayweather called into the Stephen A. Smith radio show today. He had a lot to say:
Sports reporting went from the eloquence of Frank Deford to egotistical morons Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Progress?
The real problem with ESPN is people like Danny Kanell are being let go while Stephen A. Smith and Paul Finebaum still have…
Jayson Stark is expendable but Stephen A. Smith isn't?
Imagine being stupid enough to employ Stephen A. Smith for $3.5 million a year and then laying off Jayson Stark and Ed W…
How does Jay Crawford, Ed Werder and *** even Trent Dilfer, no longer have jobs and yet Stephen A. Smith is still emplo…
How many terrific reporters would still be employed by ESPN if it wasn't paying Stephen A. Smith $3 million a year? Sad, quit…
All these people get laid off at ESPN but Stephen A. Smith still gets paid to tell louder than other people.
Ed Werder loses his job and screamer Stephen A. Smith keeps his. No wonder ESPN is in trouble.
So ESPN keeps Stephen A. Smith...and fires the best TV NFL reporter of all time, Ed's no wonder they're goin…
Stephen A. Smith is currently yelling at everyone in America on ESPN. Meanwhile Ed Werder and John Buccigross are out of a…
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The fact that Ed Werder lost his job in layoffs and Stephen A. Smith didn't tells you everything that's wrong with ESPN
Laughed pretty hard at the comments on this one, ICYMI: Derek Carr calls out Stephen A. Smith for his 'nonsense'
Wow, looks like Stephen A. Smith's Spotify account was hacked, gang
Stephen A. Smith just irritates me... just his voice makes me want to change the channel...
Happy 4/20 to everyone on the planet except Stephen A. Smith
Spam Newton can eat *** with Stephen A. Smith, Sage Steele, Steve Harvey, and a host of others!
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman give credit to Rajon Rondo for gelling with Dwyane Wade and Ji... - via App
Charles Barkley, Lavar Ball and Stephen A. Smith (ik the last 2 ain't players but just imagine this conversation 💀)
Can't stand to listen to Stephen A. Smith.
Bruh Stephen A. Smith used to get on Kwame Brown so bad 😂😂😂😂
I hate when Stephen A. Smith use the word "Bevy"
Inside the NFL 2 on Sho Extreme. Now with Phil Simms, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
"It's just nauseating"-Adam Henderson disgusted by amount of attention Stephen A. Smith is receiving over literally…
Stephen A. Smith is really funny. He stands by his word reguardleas of how people feel.
Lavar Ball is back on First Take and still pissing Stephen A. Smith off. 😂.
*Reading debate conditions to Stephen A. Smith* to me that is preposterous, Crab Rangoon, things of that nature.
Just watched the First Take with the great Michael Irvin. Does anybody else just want to punch Stephen A. Smith?…
🔥😲😂🏀 Stephen A. Smith & Lavar Ball going at it over his Michael Jordan 1-on-1 claim (via
If Stephen A. Smith was arguing with his clone this is what it would look like
I liked a video from Lavar Ball Debates Stephen A. Smith on LeBron, MJ & Lonzo! SAYS
Take 20 minutes of your time and watch this. Thank me later. Lavar Ball vs Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith & Michael Irvin have a heated exchange on the Dallas Cowboys
Stephen A. Smith and Lavar Ball need to have their own show 😂
this is the only thing I've ever agreed with that Stephen A. Smith has said!
Stephen A. Smith has met his match when it comes to being extra. LMAOOO.
Stephen A. Smith and Lavar Ball was must see T.V. on First Take today.
Stephen A. Smith and Lavar Ball on First Take is pure comedy. 😂
Stephen A. Smith cannot contain himself after Lavar Ball adds Magic Johnson to the list of compar... - via App http…
Stephen A. Smith : "Houston is going to the lottery if not for James Harden. His name better be on that *** MVP trophy"…
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Dan Le Batard, Ron Jaworski, Colin Cowherd, Chris Berman. These are the guys that make me despise ESPN.
"Jim Buss just got exposed" - Stephen A. Smith blasts Buss' willingness to sacrifice Laker nation, franchise for s…
they are probably the same people that watch First Take and think that Stephen A. Smith knows what he is talking about 😂😂😂
I knew Chuck Woolerly. I served with him. Stephen A. Smith is no Chuck Woolery.
new hed HED: Stephen A. Smith recognized as sports pioneer with tells us he’s a hall of famer because Cla…
I know I'm referencing a TV Network that also has Stephen A. Smith, but Marcellus Wiley is the most annoying personality on ESPN.
First Take Video: Magic Johnson gives Lakers "instant credibility" - Stephen A. Smith; "will put the interest of Laker nation first" (ESPN)
.how do I opt out of alerts that tell me anything about what Stephen A. Smith thinks or feels
James Harden making Stephen A. Smith show him his jump-shot .or something like that 😂😭🏀.
The Murray State Student Government Association is bringing Stephen A. Smith, host of ESPN's First Take, to...
Just another reason to hate Stephen A. Smith
Knicks great Charles Oakley chats with Stephen A. Smith about the events that led to his arrest Wednesday at MSG jason nolan owner
Normally I think Stephen A. Smith takes some outlandish takes, but he is spot on with what's going on at Baylor. https:…
I applaud Step Curry and LeBron James for not going along with Jim Brown Stephen A. Smith and Steve Harvey kissing ***
Stephen A. Smith on Kirk & Callahan: I have a problem with hosts who give opinions and hide
CC without question. He's trying to take the Stephen A. Smith road back to relevancy.
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Lol.. Stephen A. Smith just said Phil Jackson is stealing money from the 😬
Missed Dr. J, Stephen A. Smith, or Eric Lindros?! You can hear them all in the 7am hour
Tonight at 11, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith join to tell us why Duke loses to Miami if Coach K is on the bench. And Grayson Allen.
Stephen A. Smith should never have been on Fox News let alone talk about politics. Stick with sports dawg.
Stephen A. Smith said the Cowboys should fire Jason Garrett. Lmao that guy is a ***
Stephen A. Smith not holding back on the Cowboys 😂
Stephen A. Smith gun give to them cowboys on First Take
I'm a cowboys fan and Troy is the biggest cowboy hater on T. V. Well other than Stephen A. Smith.
Anne Gordon can also be largely blamed for the rise of Stephen A. Smith. Gave him huge raise, encouraged his ESPN f…
I want the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl so that we can shut up George Jefferson look alike, Stephen A. Smith, with his…
Stephen A. Smith is in close competition with Chris Collinsworth for my least favorite person in sports!
Stephen A. Smith "I like Ward but Kovalev won the fight; I think Ward should stay at 168 & dominate":
It's so got *** cold out. This is just disrespectful (Stephen A. Smith voice).
Not all Knicks fans were so stupid, not all comentators were so uneducated themselves as TV loudspeaker Stephen A. Smith.
Stephen A. Smith believes Charles Barkley should have personally reached out to Michael Jordan be... - via App
Stephen A. Smith listens to Mark Levin and is his biggest fan. Y'all should hear this love fest on WBAP right now.
A more prolific name-dropper: Stephen A. Smith or Michael Wilbon?
Ronda Rousey turns off Stephen A. Smith in rousing p... via
Stephen A. Smith would cut Steph Curry from the Warriors if he was forced to let go one of the Bi... - via App
The History of Black Protest and the Hypocrisy of Stephen A. Smith via
Here is the piece that I penned on Colin Kaepernick, Stephen A. Smith, and Hypocrisy.
W/none of the love (or money) Stephen A. Smith gets from ESPN PR, SportsNation (also airing on ESPN) beat First Take
Andre Ward is honestly one of my favorite boxers. I hate that I have to agree with Stephen A. Smith in saying that he lost this fight
Dang, Bill, why is Stephen A. Smith falling apart? His yelling stress me out. He needs some west coast meds. Lol
I think I just saw the most horrifying thing I've ever seen on TV. Bill O'Reilly interviewing Stephen A. Smith. 😱
Why can Stephen A. Smith in one breath refer to Lebron as "a brother" & then say Phil Jackson is racist for using the word posse in the next
Before i die, it is a must that i get into a 10+ minute argument w Stephen A. Smith
*** of the Year will be a tight race...(2016 Edition). Lil Wayne. Sherrif David Clarke. Jason Whitlock. Stephen A. Smith. C…
Can I configure my ESPN updates so that I'm not subjected to Stephen A. Smith's opinions on the Cowboys? Got old a long time ago...
Stephen A. Smith with absolute fire about Colin Kaepernick today 🔥
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Stephen A. Smith sounds off on Colin Kaepernick not voting: "he comes across as a flaming hypocrite":
*** Stephen A. Smith went off on Kaepernick today on First Take
Stephen A. Smith has Floyd Mayweather winning this fight so far.
I JUST CANT IM SORRY, it's like Stephen A. Smith and the Cowboys 😂
klay & kyle lowry are not more efficient than DG. and idgaf what Stephen A. Smith says i cant put melo in that list anymore
*** s waiting room has 'Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’ on 24/7 while Stephen A. Smith sits next to you offering his opinion of the show
Who's watching that crap? Honestly. I'd say that has to be the worst show on television, but Stephen A. Smith is still on the air, so.
I'm confused. You can't show us a middle finger but you put Stephen A. Smith on TV every day?
Stephen A. Smith questioned Tim Tebow about his decision to play baseball. Tebow responded perfectly:
Stephen A. Smith does mid-game commentary? That's the biggest boob we've seen at halftime since Janet Jackson, chachi.
DeAngelo Hall appreciates Brian Mitchell's response to Stephen A. Smith on Redskins comments
Trent Williams with the appropriate reaction to Stephen A. Smith remarks: "It really doesn’t move me either way."
Brian Mitchell shuts down Stephen A. Smith on air
Stephen A. Smith has 'nothing but respect and love' for Chris Baker, but sticks by his Redskins critique
Stephen A. Smith epitomizes every Cowboys Hater in the world. His reaction last night makes the Cowboys win even more…
Listen close enough at the end Stephen A. Smith said *** 😂😂💀
Stephen A. Smith lost his mind when Max Kellerman said he'd take Blake Griffin over Melo. 😂
For 30 beautiful seconds Stephen A. Smith lost his composure and revealed he was from Toon Town like Judge Doom
Stephen A. Smith on First Take trying to argue sounds like courage the cowardly dog trying to explain something to Muriel
Stephen A. Smith emphatically says that Trent Baalke "has ruined this franchise" and needs to be fired Vía App
Damien and Stephen A. Smith going at it lol 😂.
Stephen A. Smith calls Browns WR Josh Gordon an addict and is both saddened and disgusted with hi... - via App
and Russell might not win MVP this year, Stephen A. Smith cursed him
Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are comedy fodder for Dan LeBatard and his merry band of miscreants.
"Stephen A. Smith to debut as boxing analyst for Pacquiao-Vargas fight Nov. 5, broadcast team includes Charissa Thompson"
I hate it when people drop the race card. That's why I hate Jemele Hill and Stephen A. Smith.
ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith wears 'I love Jerry Jones' shirt on set
Cam went full Jerry Rice...on us...went Stephen A.
Jerry Jones could buy a box full of pens for his office and Stephen A. Smith would bring it up on First Take.
Stephen A. Smith about to get murked by the government for this one.
Stephen A. Smith finds Ezekiel Elliott's assessment of his week one performance a misleading one ... - via App
Stephen A. Smith wants Tortorella fired? (we now know what the A stands for!) does Smith even watch hockey?.
What do these men have in common? Yes, including Stephen A. Smith. . They're all Omega Psi Phi fraternity members. htt…
Cam Newton caused Stephen A. Smith to put on his Malcolm X glasses.
Stephen A. reflects on Shaq's Hall of Fame career. Lindsay Czarniak and Stephen A. Smith look back at some...
Max Kellerman is that dude...Stephen A. Smith is oh kay
Heard Stephen A. Smith pretended to care today. Yawn.
Stephen A. Smith and Darren Woodson "should" be speaking what Max Kellerman is saying on the Kap topic...
Stephen A. Smith freaks out over Tim Tebow being compared to Derek Jeter
ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is in competition with SC justice Clarence Thomas for title of king of white...
Stephen A. Smith's and Micheal Dyson's solution was money and education. Sounds like a broken record. Where is mom and dad? Wow:(
Stephen A. Smith enjoys an online interaction with a fan:
Stephen A. Smith has incorrectly predicted the winner of the last 6 NBA Finals😂
From yesterday, Stephen A. Smith tearfully reacts to the passing of ESPN legend John Saunders
Hannah Storm, Stephen A. Smith tearfully react to the passing of ESPN great John Saunders.
Hannah Storm and Stephen A. Smith delivered emotional on-air tributes to John Saunders.
Hannah Storm, Stephen A. Smith, and others remember long time ESPN anchor John Saunders.
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