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Stephanie Abrams

Stephanie Abrams (born October 27, 1978) is an American on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel, a 24-hour American cable television weather program.

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Where to begin?! Perfection from head to toe...she could sell toothpaste with her beautiful teeth and smile (no, I'm not a dentist!), beauty products with her immaculate skin, and certainly be any man's "Pin-Up" girl with her beautiful legs!! I can't believe she is on the cusp of 40!! You've got everything going for you Steph - don't worry about getting older...20 years or more from now, you will still have men worshiping you on their knees. Besides all of this, you do a great job on TWC, along with Jen and Jim!!
Hi Stephanie, U might not know but U R not the only Steph Abrams doing weather.The other used to do weather in Philly,ha ha
Stephanie Abrams, describing Cleveland weather, said LeBron James "wants to go back to Miami." Fingers crossed, Stephanie!
Someone please tell stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel she cant sing and shouldn't try anymore. Just do the weather and stop!
Stay safe today everyone! A lot of severe weather out there today, and Stephanie Abrams and I are giving you the...
5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business: by Stephanie Abrams Cartin | When you start your…
Did a radio interview with nationally syndicated Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams. Here it is...
Congratulations to Purely Talented PTM / Abrams Artists Agency client Stephanie Cood on her…
Stephanie Abrams is the best Meteorologist out there. Not only smart but beautiful too!
Groundhog Day...with Stephanie Abrams and the The Weather Channel...looks like he saw his shadow!
*** does Stephanie Abrams have to do with Groundhog Day? :)
📷 Who else has been pumping their *** to cute Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel?
You, My Dear, have been chosen to be President of the Woman's BBB Club. Stephanie Abrams is Vice President. Congratulations !
Meteorologist and her ex-husband husband Mike Bettes were married for a real short time..
Among our wonderful guests this w/e were nationally syndicated radio host Stephanie Abrams, an Ambassador, & a famo…
Whose bung hole is the stinkiest? Megyn Kelly's, Robin Meade's, or Stephanie Abrams? -
2 minutes devoted to the wildfire coverage including interview. Weak. Stephanie Abrams giving false information again now about pets.
Having coffee and watching AMHQ with Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams. Hope everybody has a good day. Cooler today, beautiful weekend ahead!
FBI head under heat for email investigation
Visit our site to see more punny Halloween costumes, like Stephanie Abrams-ham Lincoln!
Question: Does Stephanie Abrams hot girl from( The Weather Channel)have a butt crack?
Stephanie Abrams rocking our NUE leather paneled, bodycon dress!. -
Stephanie Abrams, celebrates her birthday by dancing in her NUE dress!!!
Stephanie abrams. There is a great story about the owner of Krispy Kreme.
Lmao, Stephanie Abrams craking me up, asked other meteorologists if their kids also eat straight butter. "No, I don't let my kids do that."
Lovely & Talented Stephanie Hayes of Abrams Artists Agency for AON and Man Utd.
I added a video to a playlist Stephanie Abrams Diamond Doc
Listen to Regina Tours' own Nick Mancino talk about Catholic Cuba on Travel with Stephanie Abrams!
Hi, wondering if you are jumping on the hair grow out band wagon, with Stephanie Abrams?
that said TWC mets like Stephanie Abrams is on always imagine they are told to stay active online. Good question, doubt its u
Stephanie Abrams. and welcome to the Top Ten. Most Bizarre Weather.
Was watching the Weather Channel and realized that Stephanie Abrams is both gorgeous and very well put together.
A little radio interview I did a month back if anyone is at all interested: "Travel with Stephanie Abrams"...
Two great reasons to watch TWC. Stephanie Abrams.
try and get forecast on Weather Channel but am sickened by how left wing Stephanie Abrams is allowed to spew propaganda.Puke
Stephanie Abrams is probably the meteorologist I would most like to holler at.
"Chris Rock to Talk With J.J. Abrams at Tribeca Film Festival" by STEPHANIE GOODMAN via NYT
some of these are paragraphs long. If I'm Stephanie Abrams, I'm buying like four guns or attack dogs or something
reddit: Stephanie Abrams knees Mike Bettes in the groin on the Weather Channel via /r/theweakersex
Stephanie Abrams said red means away...How! if it's Doppler I should think red means towards, blue means away;one might think.-E.M.J.
Tune in on Sunday 3/19 at6pm on WVNJ's Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams Show. We are a featured guest!.
thanks for sharing Stephanie Abrams, have a great Wednesday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
Why does Stephanie Abrams at the Weather Channel ALWAYS over-talk everyone? Gets on my nerves! How does she still have a job there?!?!
To Stephanie AbramsWeather Channel. Jen's right. Cuddle Duds are great! I've wore them to work inside many times! Ya'll rock!
Nobody gives a *** that you don't like Valentine's Day, Stephanie Abrams. Stick to the weather and quit being an obnoxious Gator.
Whats up with Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel constantly scratching her head?got bugs?
All purpose parts banner
Been watching for less than a month, but Stephanie Abrams does realize this isn't high school AV club, right? Just.different.
Can't take this lovefest any more. Switching to Weather Channel to see what party dress Stephanie Abrams is wearing today
Stephanie Abrams was talking good on periscope earlier not going to say she preached but every one has bad days just keep pushing 👍
Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are arguing on and I'm uncomfortable.
and hey Stephanie Abrams. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slow down u make me nervous. Take some riddlin.
"JJ. Abrams doesn't give us much to take home" _ Stephanie Zacharek (Pulitzer Award winning critic) on
FYI, on today's WX channel, Stephanie Abrams & yourself were wearing the same dress, too funny, hands down you rocked it though
Been racking my brain, it's Stephanie Abrams. Knew she looked familiar but haven't watched Weather Channel in ages.
I'd like to give Stephanie Abrams an "El Niño"!
If it wasn't for her big ***. no one would care to know her name.
@ Stephanie Abrams Here is a Hall and Oats classic just for you from 1980
Stephanie Abrams' wardrobe consultant should be horse-whipped.
Take a note from and coordinate your next with your favorite book! •
Stephanie Mills as Dorothy in The B'way Musical Happy 40th anniversary!
America's Weather Power Couple Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore. You guys are the best!
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Stephanie Abrams I love your reporting. My image came out on this video at UNA-Beverly Hills 70th anniversary...
So very happy that Stephanie Abrams is back heading up AMHQ!!! Cantori and she are great. Prior hosts were a BAD move.
Happy & We interviewed the authors of the new social media bible here:
you need a new show StartUp w/Stephanie Abrams for 6am to 7 or 8 !!! MSNBC & NBC shows SUK !
What a threesome! Al Roker, me & Stephanie Abrams. Putting a bow on the last Wake Up With Al today.
I think Jen Carfagno and Stephanie Abrams should have a show together.
Dont Want to Lose my Morning show with Stephanie Abrams ! Weather Channel better keep something
/ Why is this Last wake up w/Al & Steph ??? dont want to face mornings without Stephanie Abrams !
Next step has Stephanie Abrams moving back to ATL to helm Wx-focused while Sam Champion will move to a Primetime oversight role.
Tuned into to see what is up to. Learned instead that Stephanie Abrams is incredibly annoying TV personality.
Excited to swing by Like, Love, Follow event tonight! Congrats on the book!
Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel!!my idol!!
The should replace Sam Champion with Stephanie Abrams as host of AMHQ! Also expand AMHQ earlier time.
Our lovely founders & wrote a book! Like, Love, Follow is now available on Amazon:
I just uploaded "Stephanie Abrams Sexy Tight Pink Dress 9-28-15" to
SMT Shorts: Stephanie Abrams and Courtney Spritzer of SOCIALFLY on tips fo...
Well Stephanie Abrams you left and went to dinner with me lol
"Hiring the right person can take your business to new heights.". - Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Abrams
great piece time warner Weather Channel w Stephanie abrams this morn. Interviewee said to buy local produce due to Ca draught
McDowell. Stephanie Abrams. You can't do wake up with al without your partner Al Roker.
Hello, could you wish a very happy birthday from me to JJ Abrams if you can of course. Thank you. Stéphanie
I cannot get through a morning without Stephanie Abrams & Cantore, your two most valuable assets. Thank God for these 2!
Seriously why is Stephanie 'ADHD' Abrams still on the air?
Wake Up With Abrams the pretty in pink edition. Enjoy your weekend Stephanie! 😎
Stephanie Abrams just brought out "schmitzy" today started w/ the underarms & then circulated whole body sweating. Glorious.
If I use adblocker the only thing left on site will be a GIF of Stephanie Abrams shrugging her shoulders.
have tropical storm coming straight at us...Mike Seidel,Weather Channel& Stephanie Abrams,Wake Up With Al r in town.
Wanna know more about The Waterfront and Huntington Beach? Listen to travel expert Stephanie Abrams fill you in here:
Stephanie Abrams must be a little cold this morning ..
- We announce the HMA completion of one of our MD families. Andy and Stephanie Abrams...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Real Women, Real Leadership: Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Abrams, founders of Socialfly NY and Startups in ...
OMG...Stephanie Abrams from TWC responded to one of my FB posts...that is so cool...Lord, take me now..
Just about to do live interview with Stephanie Abrams Thanks
I watch the Weather Channel every morning!!! I like the show Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are great!!!
I always liked Stephanie Abrams. Her reporting isn't dry or boring. Fits right in with Jim Cantore, Mike Bettes and Al Roker. Where is Mike Bettes? They report well together. Don't care for the new guy, Sam Champion. Need to keep the positive people on TWC. You'll get your viewers back for sure!!!
PLEASE don't send Stephanie Abrams to the NE. She will end up with pneumonia.
This is awesome! This will be my future life with Jessica Rose Bostany and possibly Stephanie Abrams
Just saw a "Ray of Sunshine" in NYC, Stephanie Abrams from WC... Made our day with "zany humor"!! Welcome back!!!
We need a Stephanie Abrams day. Now that's really cool
makes Stephanie Abrams look like an Amazon. Awkward,
Learn how to save money on your energy bills in our segment!
Now all we need is Stephanie
I'm not gonna freak out here, but I just got an @ from Stephanie Abrams. Guys. Guys.
Are you worth sharing? "People are sharing product and service recommendations online every minute of every day." Stephanie Abrams
Stephanie Abrams looks like she's ready for a night on the town.
If Kenny had one wish I think it would be to watch Dylan Dreyer and Stephanie Abrams get it on.. Weather chicks do it for him.
Can someone PLS tell Stephanie Abrams that dressing for 'clubbing' looks real bad on her news-weather show.
Stephanie Abrams you are a Goddess... Now thats is a Weather Girl Folks...
Had a great time with Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams yesterday! Even got Stan Honda's image in the background!
Flip and Glib,,, and the Theory of Everything with Stephanie Erb as Flip Annie Abrams as "Glib" - Teaser
I liked a video Stephanie Abrams, Jen Carfagno & Kait Parker (all also have legs (1) *** ! (HD))
Big ups to Stephanie Abrams and her Outkast-quoting early morning insanity!
I liked a video Stephanie Abrams gives us a view
Col.Gail Halvorsen, Retired USAirforce pilot known as "Berlin Candy Bomber" will be a guest on Travel WTIH Stephanie Abrams& Travelers411!
Poor Stephanie Abrams.she come so close sometimes and then wears 4"heels w that skirt. & then there's the hi-waisted peplum dress.
Nice picture of you and John Rich with Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams..
Feel free to share this link and RSVP; Saks Fifth Avenue Style Games - Google+ Jen Abrams Stephanie Matthews...
The Weather Channel's three most recognizable names, Sam Champion, Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams, are feat...
OMG! Almost there! Thank you to Paul Carter, Shawn & Cody, Stephanie Calhoun & Michael, Laura Allen Wilson and...
Look forward to speaking on radio networks nationally across the USA later today with Stephanie Abrams about the Wild Atlantic Way.
Meet Cortney Spritzer and Stephanie Abrams of Socialfly. We're talking to them for our next video...
Happy Birthday to our fearless leader and friend, the one and only Stephanie Abrams! May all your birthday wishes...
heading out to sea, Stephanie Abrams seems disappointed in lack of damage...sorry to all the climate change gurus...
Stephanie Abrams battling the elements in the beach at Kill Devil Hills, NC
Waiting for Arthur in OBX...met Weather Channels stephanie abrams on beach
This Stephanie Abrams chick on the Weather Channel has an absolutely RIDICULOUS rack.
Stephanie Abrams says, "don't change your plans to come to the coast" BUT some places are being evacuated. What?
It's official Awful Arthur is a Hurricane - Sam Champion & Stephanie Abrams in my 'hood
Stephanie Abrams is in kdh like she owns the place ...
Just 1 morning,I'd like to watch TWC without Stephanie Abrams trying to be a comedian...
I liked a video from Behind the scenes on the Weather Channel with Stephanie Abrams!
We got our first air time! Our Co-Director, Alex Strazzanti, was interviewed by Stephanie Abrams on Travelers...
On "wake Up With Al" Stephanie Abrams went nuts over an actress in a bikini on air. Said she was real hot! So what?
😹😹 Stephanie Abrams is all, "Forget the Day Ahead. I need to tell y'all about this biscuit." is pure foolery this morning!
if you get a chance... try to watch our piece on the Weather Channel today...(will be playing once an hour) and again on Sunday... Reynolds Wolf remembers his father (by fly fishing)... Took Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams to tears this morning... Just a well done piece and a great story !
Not there . Knock on your door . Under a cherry tree moon . Its avastar . W/ racketeer in his stephanie abrams eye
Socialfly co-founder Stephanie Abrams shares what she wishes she knew at 22! . Check out the article here ->...
Stephanie Abrams: If I were 22. What I know now that I wish I knew!
Showcase tonight with Casting Director Stephanie Holbrook and Agent Will Morgan from Abrams Artists Agency.
Is Al Roker really small or is Stephanie Abrams really big?
Al Roker tells Stephanie Abrams to give Mike Bettes the Jim Cantore knee to the groin.
I'm watching Stephanie Abrams in Fayetteville. Fayetteville looks pretty bad but Stephanie is 'more' than just a pretty face.
Stephanie Abrams just made me want to tune into the more often
American born Stephanie Abrams was born in Miami, Florida on October 27, 1978. She lived with her parents for a number of her childhood years at Lake Clarke Shores and Wellington Florida until her parents got divorced.Know more Stephanie Abrams married, Bikini, bio, Husband, bra size, divorce
Apparently Stephanie Abrams over at The Weather Channel gets her patter from unused Austin Powers scripts. Yesterday, she was giving her report on a coming snow storm when she started describing it as a...well, you should just listen to it. Seriously, you don't need that dirty a mind to misconstrue…
Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel is so fine
Weather Channel live in Kimberly, Al.. Stephanie Abrams in the house !
It won't let me hashtag or mention things like tornado, Birmingham & Stephanie Abrams. Oh well.
Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker from The Weather Channel are taking shelter in a hotel in Birmingham, AL as a large tornado approaches the city.
This isn't funny its down right hilarious!! But seriously Al Roker an Stephanie Abrams took their show to Birmingham.Alabama and they are in a glass hotel obviously no storm shelter because they are in the Ballroom? Am i missing something here?? Stupid is what stupid does!!!
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Drama of the worst kind unfolding in AL: violent/ dangerous tornado heading right into into Birmingham, where The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker are being moved into an interior hotel ballroom.
Bessemer getting hit with a tornado right now with debris! Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are being moved to a safe area of the hotel in Birmingham.
A special shout out to Stephanie Abrams, Morgan Putman, Mary Kate Hoban, Stef Lindy, Manuel J Rodriguez, and Dan Katz for coming out to see me tonight @ Carolines! I am humbled. You guys rule!
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are up on Red Mountain, probably near Vulcan.
Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker just landed in B'ham.not a good sign'
Possibly a picture from the yet-to-be rated deadly, long track tornado that tore through the Mayflower, AR area Sunday evening. Once again thank you Stephanie Abrams for sharing!
Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams: A massive wedge tornado in the Yazoo City area, an area that was just devastated by another violent twister a few years ago
BEAUTIFUL! Large violent tornado from earlier today in Tupelo, MS...thank you for sharing Stephanie Abrams
I liked a video ORIGINAL Stephanie Abrams talking dirty again
Stephanie Abrams never puts me to sleep.
David Linton - Need to go next time ur in town. Stephanie Calhoun
When it comes to social media strategy, SocialFly's Stephanie Abrams knows her stuff.
Stephanie Abrams Blair shared the following link:
Dear Weather Channel, Why would you think we would want the Fluff and Stuff of Sam Champion over the intelligent meteorologist like Mike Bettes, Jen Carfagno, Maria LaRosa, Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore and all the weather experts that we have all grown to know and love like family. Great if you just want to add him to the lineup, but to put him in the top spot over those who worked so hard and long for you is just WRONG! Most of these others have been out in the storms putting their very lives on the line to help us all stay safe. Then you dump them into the shadows for a "morning show". WE WANT OUR WEATHER TEAM BACK!
I spent a week at a very nice hotel, which shall remain nameless, and found out that Stephanie Abrams was next door. I couldn't get a wink of sleep for the next couple of nights due to her and her girlfriends constant sexcapades.
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Stephanie Abrams says we're getting 3-5".;-)
Just give me more Stephanie Abrams and I'm good.
have you seen Stephanie Abrams weather report 3 to 5 inches?
Well Stephanie Abrams was dressed like puke today! But then what else is new
save us all from Stephanie Abrams.funny,,
Hate Stephanie Abrams “Look at the weather we are bringing you” is she doing it Lst wk “All of You are experiencing bad weather” but not her
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are playing Ping Pong on the Weather Channel, that is all.
ok!! we have had thundersnow for the last hour i guess.. Hey Jim Cantore come to Fairfield Bay, Arkansas my friend and get your jollys off here lmbo! Yes i done said this before but only in Arkansas is where you can have 50s in the north part and 70s in the south part yesterday and yes thundersnow.. Had one road crew say global warming that could be the case. I think Mother Nature has flipped her lid this winter.. But lets see what Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore have toy say about theis fipped lid weather we having... Take it away Jim and stephanie..
This is why I need to become a broadcast meteorologist already. They just seem to suck and not able to get it right!!! Hudson valley, CT 2-4" N New Jersey, Long Island 3-6" localized 5-9" Extreme difference In previous forecasts... However do not be surprised if these amounts are increased once again to a general 6-12" amount. This storm and the forecasts are so annoying. The 10-15" forecast is now in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Computer models clearly need to be worked on... I don't see why in 2014 this is so hard to determine 24 hours before storm onset. Stephanie Abrams Mike Bettes Jim Cantore... Get it together
OK, I do feel sorry for all of the innocent people impacted in the southeast, because for some reason those in charge may or may not have done what they should have. While they play the blame game, my only thought is they must have Direct TV so they missed all of the pertinent information from The Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams, and Jim Cantore reported over and over again.
Sam Champion will make his debut on The Weather Channel at 4pm ET today. He’ll be anchoring our continuing live coverage of Winter Storm from Atlanta, with reports from Stephanie Abrams, Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel in the field.
the fake Weather Channel does not fool me. I need Jim Cantore, Mike Bettes, Stephanie Abrams.
(All the ones not named Stephanie Abrams, of course.)
I like the weather fan your cool ilike you met my grilfriend Katie cooney
What's worse? That I find Stephanie Abrams of The Weather Channel super annoying? Or ... that I actually took time & used energy to say so?
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I don’t know who the lady sportscaster is on right now but she sounds exactly like Stephanie Abrams from the
Stephanie Abrams is my girl. And has been my girl for a really long time. I love you . You sexy meteorologist . 😍
Stephanie Abrams talks to the American Humane Association about their new Red Star Rescue vehicle for pets.
Yes. And can I give a special shout out to Stephanie Abrams? You rock sister!
In my three hours at 30 Rock this morning I've already seen Stephanie Abrams, Joel Mchale, Kathie Lee Gifford, Mariska Hargitay and KELLAN LUTZ! Hate that I have to be a PR professional and act like I don't care at all when I'm really dying inside!
Stephanie Abrams, is now trending in
Stephanie Abrams of the Weather Channel (in a very warn studio) is telling those reporting outside in frigid temps to 'toughen up'..
Wow, Stephanie Abrams just now on global warming 'we can debate but sometimes facts are facts' click. Won't watch again.
Stephanie Abrams is on singing "Baby It's Cold Outside" with the Polar Vortex. This hype is ridiculous.
Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker together maybe the most annoying pair of people the Weather Channel have to offer.
Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel is an absolute BABE
Stephanie Abrams on the weather ch is the only reason I watch it
There is nothing like watching Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams enjoy the weather!
That Stephanie Abrams clip isn't live and it misrepresents the current conditions. Your radar shows the snow has ended!
Yes Stephanie Abrams got up on a snow pile in Long Island to prove a point too - very funny. Better them than me but sliding looks fun.
Ever wondered what I'd look like on TV sitting next to Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams? Of course you have. Here's...
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams talks to author Jeremy Shere about his new book Renewable.
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams looks at a budding meteorologist Peyton Sanders, who has been reporting the weather since he was a toddler and a young Oscar Brautnick.
Thanks Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams for helping America Wake Up w/ today and Get Out The…
Yesterday in Florida I jumped with The Flying Dead, winners of Red Bull Flugtag Miami and Today I took Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel on a tandem skydive in Oceanside, CA. Along with Sean AtRedbull and Jon Devore we explained "how the atmosphere is like a hamburger" Yeah Stephanie!!! Your totally stuck it!! …. and I will never look at the atmosphere the same way ever again. Tomorrow, back to NYC.
Stephanie Abrams *** Well just watch your male viewer ship drop while wearing your awful red crap pants!
Andy Morrison's brief appearance with Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams this morning on The Weather Channel talking...
Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel is kinda hot for a bigger women.
I saw something on the TWC for the first time since there was only Cantori and Siedel and 1 screen. Stephanie Abrams has a waist.
Stephanie Abrams Sexy Leather Top and Skirt - Video and Pictures - 11/14/13: Sexy Stephanie Abrams is showing ...
The Carter spot makes me want to run with scissors. I'd almost rather endure Mike Bettes or Stephanie Abrams.
Does anyone know if TWC Stephanie Abrams had any cosmetic surgery?
I'd like to say Good Luck and Thanks to all of tomorrows Celebrity Runners in the ING New York City Marathon, they take time out of their crazy schedules to not only train but to put a face and name to so many great causes and organizations... This year has got a great "Cast" of Celebunners! • Pamela Anderson, animal rights/environmental activist and actor (J/P HRO) • Stephanie Abrams, on-camera meteorologist, The Weather Channel • Joe Bastianich restaurateur, judge on MasterChef • Michelle Beadle, host of NBCSN's Crossover & Access Hollywood (ASPCA) • Richard Blais, chef, author, TV (Alliance 4 a Healthier Generation) • Brett Claywell, Actor, One Tree Hill, One Life to Live (Grassroot Soccer) • Dean Karnazes, ultramarathoner who ran 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days, finishing with the ING New York City Marathon in 3:00:30 (Action for Healthy Kids) • Nick Kypreos, former New York Rangers player and 1994 Stanley Cup Champion, hockey analyst on Canada’s Sportsnet • Ca ...
happy birthday to you stephanie abrams at The Weather Channel"!!!
you're doing an awesome job, I'd prefer you over stephanie abrams. Her voice and attitude annoy me lol you're doing great tho!
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Not to be mean, but its a delight not having Stephanie Abrams there today. Its like a breath of fresh air. Jen C is better
Hey you guys at it's me and Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel and that's not at all weird to me
Good morning. I'm Al Roker. You're not stephanie abrams? No. Stephanie has a couple days off. Good to be here in new york city. Big changes
Stephanie Abrams this morning on the Weather Channel. What is going on with her lately? She is stammering over...
I just noticed Stephanie Abrams on the Weather Channel talking out of the right side of her mouth. Hmmm… what does that mean?
I want to know what happened to stephanie abrams at the Weather Channel
piece on Head in the Clouds airs tomorrow 6:40am and 10:40am ET on "Wake Up With Al"- Hosts Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams
I liked a video Kayaking with Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams
"You don't want me on the screen because you can see through my dress" -- Stephanie Abrams sees who is REALLY awake on the Weather Channel.
Soo glad Jim Cantore, Vivian Brown, Kim Cunningham, Stephanie Abrams, and Mike Bettes are still at TWC cause I've grown up watching them!
Beach NJ Stephanie Abrams on location reporting for Channel
Stephanie Abrams is a little thicker nowadays. I'm not opposed to this
DO shut up, Stephanie Abrams. Please, please do.
I watch the Weather Channel hoping a cheap gust of wind wlll blow Stephanie Abrams top off, any Data on that???
I have to hear it from Stephanie Abrams to believe it.
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Sounds as if you need someone like, say, Stephanie Abrams to do your weather.
The weather's always fine for the Weather Channel: But Stephanie Abrams has disaster... ( o ) ( o )
Stephanie Abrams off the Weather Channel is one Fine *** Woman Lord whoever with her they lucky swear she could b wife anyday
Tell Abrams that Hall is in Philly not Boston
sometimes I can look half decent and better than Stephanie Abrams!!
Today Ed Mango, NASA Commercial Crew Program manager, spoke with Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel about the future of America's human spaceflight, specifically CCP.
Check out the Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams is at the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit..12 days to opening!!!
Am i the only one who thinks Stephanie Abrams on the weather ...: Am i the only one ... ( o ) ( o )
dang! You are there?!? Stephanie Abrams says watch out for rain
Yes, I really don't like Al or Stephanie Abrams. They seemed so pleased to be interviewing some Dem about farm bill passing.
Meet Travel Expert & Radio Show Host Stephanie Abrams this Saturday, 6/16 at 2pm. Free! Sponsored by the Friends.
The Belmont Stakes is getting ready to start...who is your money on Stephanie Abrams or Sarah Jessica Parker?
Jim Cantore, Mike Bettes, Maria Larosa, and Stephanie Abrams are my fav. Weather Channel folks!
Fun interview with the one and only Stephanie Abrams about and
Okay I know it can't just be me but when Stephanie Abrams on twc wears bright dresses all I can look at are her huge boobs   10% Off
Omg Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams keep saying Costa Rica. Yeah can you either send me there or shut up pls and ty.
Stephanie Abrams, Hey that color is perfect on you, what an awesome dress.. you look fantastic!
I'm all Weather Channel in the morning. Stephanie Abrams cracks me up
Is Stephanie Abrams that much taller than Al Roker?
robin meade or Stephanie Abrams which one
Not sure. Can't imagine she can possibly top Stephanie Abrams' combo platter of zaftig and insane, though.
Click here to watch the full MS Google Hangout with Montel Williams, Stephanie Abrams, and Ashley Kumlien from MS...
Am I the only one that thinks Stephanie Abrams is smoking hot? And she's a science nerd..
how about Stephanie the thunder abrams
The sexual tension between Stephanie Abrams and I has reached an all-time high. If someone could let her know that that'd be great.
Be sure to join tomorrow's Google Hangout with Montel, Ashley from MS Run the US, and Socialfly's Stephanie Abrams
RSVP today to Join Montel Williams, Ashley Kumlien, and Socialfly's Stephanie Abrams in an MS Google+ Hangout on...
& from the Weekend View should replace Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams on the weekday morning show!
Apparently I love Chillin' with Casey Abrams way more than I like Dancing with Neo and the other chick. That was...
Patient: "I know all the names of the Weather Channel people: Stephanie Abrams, Jim Brown, Nick..." 😂
Dylan Dreyer vs Stephanie Abrams for weather. How do you work Natalie & Savannah in when Erica Hill is clearly the best of them.
Gee that sounds just like Stephanie Abrams. Happy St Patricks Day and have an awsome weekend!!! Wish I would be there.
and don't forget a healthy dose of Stephanie Abrams!!
Stephanie Abrams interviews Listen live at 11AM Eastern time.
Listen Sunday top right 7pm ET scroll dwn under Travel With Stephanie Abrams clk on Listen Live or go later & podcast
This really makes me long for the old Weather Channel again. What is happening?!?!
(WATCH) Weather Channel's and in a good old fashioned snow throwdown
Fantastic stuff on The Weather Channel with Jim Cantore & Stephanie Abrams. Made me smile.
stephanie abrams just playing in the snow on NECN this morning
just saw Stephanie Abrams Weather Channel Worcester snow up to her waist wow how much u have
Just saw Stephanie Abrams throw snow in the air to show it's not sticky, on NECN, also kept saying "horrible, horrible".
Did everyone catch Al Roker, Stephanie Abrams and Reynolds Wolf shooting live footage for the Weather Channel...
Wonder what Stephanie Abrams says to Al Roker, when the camera's not on? ...They are both standing out in the cold freezing snow storm...
My grandpa just met Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams while they were covering the storm in Front Royal for The Weather Channel. Good for you Pop!
Well, that's great and all, but seriously... I think I'll blame Stephanie Abrams for this one.
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The Weather Channel. If you've got a Stephanie Abrams, and you've got her in a winter storm clothed like an eskimo... you're doing it wrong.
"It was below my wrist an hour a ago, and now it's above my wrist." -- Stephanie Abrams & TWC trying to make the 20th winter storm scary.
Stephanie Abrams says we in the mid-Atlantic are getting it good.
TWC has Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams out in Front Royal, VA. Looks nice, heavy snow, ground covered.
Al Roker and Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams en route to Front Royal, Va.
I'm going to bed folks... it's more fun to watch the storm in the daylight anyways, and I promised my roommate that I would wake up in the morning and clear off her car, etc, if ShenCo Public Schools for some god-forsaken reason is open... besides, I want to find a way to Front Royal to see Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams... Feel free to continue posting reports of what you're seeing outside your windows! ~CFST2
Heard that Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker headed to Front Royal via
Confirmed: Al Roker and STEPHANIE ABRAMS are on their way to Front Royal.
It's not a good sign when Al Roker, Stephanie Abrams and Jim Cantore are in the area doing live shots of the snow storm.
So, we lost Jim Cantore but are gaining Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams. They should be in town by now and will be broadcasting live for the Weather Channel at 5am and the Today Show at 7am - tune in!
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams headed to Front Royal to broadcast the today show tomorrow morningand 7am!
when Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are gonna be in Front Royal recording this wicked snowstorm
Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams are in Front Royal for the storm
You know who to hit with that. Our pal Stephanie Goodbody, I mean Abrams. She loves this kind of word mash.
Did Stephanie Abrams say *** after a tease about an EF4 tornado tossing a car around just now?
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