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Stella Obasanjo

Stella Obasanjo (14 November 1945 – 23 October 2005) was the First Lady of Nigeria from 1999 until her death.

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Mariam babagida and Stella obasanjo were the most active and efficient First Ladies in
Stella Obasanjo was the eleventh First Lady of Nigeria from 29th May, 1999 until her death on 23rd October 2005.
Stella Obasanjo died and went to heaven ,as she stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, she saw huge...
Stella obasanjo housing estate Iriebe Port Harcourt taken over by weeds and illegal…
Stella obasanjo housing estate iriebe port harcourt taking over by weeds and illegal occupa…
houses taken over by weeds and illegal occupants at Stella obasanjo housing estate. Do the n…
In addition to many properties, Stella Obasanjo had a massive housing estate behind Utako Market.I'm not aware that EFCC has confiscated any
CAUTION: this message is only meant to. make you laugh. Read on. *A LIE CLOCK*. Stella Obasanjo died and went to...
Every wife cannot be Stella Obasanjo & Miriam Babangida. Some wives will chase mad dogs & expose your wealth with Gucci bags & shoes.
Diapers and milk for the orphans at Stella obasanjo orphanage home, abk
Late Stella Obasanjo used her influence to improve the conditions of vulnerable children with Child Care Trust
Patience Jonathan should know what happened to Stella Obasanjo, that's d path you're trailing when u start using $19.8M thereabout for Meds
Let the world be aware!. Our Communion Service holds today by 5.30pm at the Stella Obasanjo Multi-purpose Hall . Services in COZA??? Jus…
I think Stella Obasanjo remains our coolest First Lady, great personality, swag & command of the English language. https:…
I am sure Stella obasanjo is still very rich despite her not being alive today. Be calm, this too will pass away.
Been a while I've been to an orphanage. I fondly remember our visit to Stella Obasanjo's orphanage home in Abeokuta. Remember
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Late Maryam Babangida, Maryam Abacha, late Stella Obasanjo to Turai Yar'Adua were stupendously rich, why not Dame Patience too?
The surgeon who ‘killed’ Stella Obasanjo was sentenced to 1 year in prison, disqualified for 3 years and fined €120,000.
Join us again this Sunday 8 & 10 am at Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. . No church without YOU!
Apart from late Stella Obasanjo Nigeria hasn't had a First Lady i can truely be proud of. Patience Jonathan a total fiasco.
We are honouring the King today by 5:30 pm at Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. We celebrate you!.
Now I know why Stella Obasanjo was running after You
was this what made Stella Obasanjo fall in love with you?
GOOD NEWS:. Join our today by 6:00 pm at Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin as we
Honour the King with your worship as you join God's family on earth in tomorrow | 8&10 am | Stella Obasanjo...
Join in this special edition of this Sun 6:00 pm at Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin.
Join in the moment of worship and Word!. Venue: Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. Time: 5:30 pm.
Mismanagement of Stella obasanjo's hospital since it was taken over by this current administration
that Stella Obasanjo is not Dead, She is in London and would return when baba is out of office, abi dead self
Photo News : Mrs Iara Oshiomhole, presents milk to pregnant women and nursing mothers at the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Benin City, yesterday
represented Mrs at the 10th Memorial of Late Mrs Stella Obasanjo in October
Establish the God connection this Sunday! . Join us tomorrow @ Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin by 8&10am.
He also built the Edo State Library on Sapele Rd, Stella Obasanjo Women/children Hospital all in Benin. 2/3
I think Stella Obasanjo, once upon a time, faced a similar dilemma...
Today marks the 10th year that I lost my beautiful friend and wife, Stella Obasanjo. She will dearly be missed. RIP😚 htt…
Join us tomorrow by 5:30 p.m for an unusual life changing experience in day 3 @ Stella Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall Ilorin.
Late Stella Obasanjo, wife of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, was not the First Lady in 1976, when Obasanjo was military h…
Its been 10years since Stella Obasanjo passed...just like that.
It seems Ben Murray Bruce thinks we had forgotten he was so chummy with Stella Obasanjo. We haven't.
behind every obasanjo there's a Stella ehh 😏
Look at Patience Jonathan... Look at Michelle Obama. . Thats even too far look at Stella Obasanjo. Can't we give ourselves fu…
Stella obasanjo is prolly d best First Lady in Nigeria
Hnstly, we've nvr had it so bad like dis b4. I rmbr with respect pst beneficiaries of dat privilege like late Stella Obasanjo.
Nigerians must desist from comparing Patience Jonathan of "No Memory" to Stella Obasanjo of "blessed memory"(RIP). It's defamatory!
It's 6months now since Joan Rivers died, once again. 'Rest in Peace'.The association of plastic surgeons are missing you and Stella Obasanjo
sincerely i wish Late Stella Obasanjo was alive so our Mrs Jona can take lesson's on being a 1st lady from her.
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This is the time you miss a woman like stella obasanjo even tho she was all (surgery) young looking old woman. But she had brain & beauty
Patience Jonathan is one of the problem we have,GEJ cage your wife pls,oh how I remember stella obasanjo or maryam babangida
Get empowered for a as you join us again tomorrow!. 8 & 10am | Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. Don't be told!
We're off to as we continue Day 2 today by 5:30pm @ Stella Obasanjo hall, Ilorin. Come expectant!
Join us again tomorrow for our service by 5.30pm Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall. We Celebrate You!
Supply of Ambulance to Stella Obasanjo Women and Children Hospital Benin. Edo state.
Nine years after the death of the wife of ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Stella Obasanjo, the former Head of State has made a shocking revelation.
Join us again this Wednesday for Comunnion Service! Time: 5:30pm. Venue: Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. No Church Without You!
A place where friends meet friends and all meet Jesus... Your greatest aspirations are within grasp- a WORD from lips touched with coals from the altar of God is all you need! Join us for Celebration Service tomorrow by 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM respectively! Venue: Stella Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall. Come with friends!
If not for Stella where would Obasanjo be today?
11. I still remember Late Stella Obasanjo who established the Child Care Trust and went on to establish WOTCLEF..
May stella obasanjo's soul rest in peace.she was far better and more presentable a 1st lady dan dis fat rolling bayelsa illetrate.
During Stella Obasanjo, the ladies running after her style, Stella... During Turai, it's her shoes and to our… —
I found this somewhere,I Loved it cos it speaks my mind and volume and I felt I should share with you,I mean you!YES YOU!!! I feel very sad when people insult the person of Mrs Patience Jonathan, aside the fact that she is our President's wife and should be respected it pains me that people who claims to be Christians have no respect for elders, Mrs Jonathan's natural way of doing things, being herself and not faking her speeches has earned her my respect, I was alive from the days of Mariam Babangida, Mariam Abacha,Stella Obasanjo and Mrs Yaradua, (most of them with fake lifestyle) yet I can't remember hearing any of them speak Queens English, I have listen to wives of Heads of States across the world and I have not really seen what makes them better than Mrs Jonathan, it hurts to see our so called Nollywood "Stars" (who should know better) mocking at their President's wife publicly, trying to score cheap publicity. This is a wife who stood by her man through thick and tin,right from his years as a stude ...
Obasanjo did not build any infrastructure,1999–2007 the only thing build is his farm in otta, why stella? why …
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• 1997 General Obasanjo’s house is invaded by hoodlums and his wife, Stella, is injured in the attack.
Patience Jonathan gotta be Nigeria's worst First Lady.. so clueless! We miss you, Stella Obasanjo.
Growing up watching charming Nigerian First Ladies like Maryam Abacha, Maryam Babangida and to an extent Stella Obasanjo, I naively assumed it was a title exclusively reserved for the very glamorous and most perspicacious of women. Thank you Dame Patience for educating me otherwise. Your latest video breaks new bounds.
Remember the good old days of Stella Obasanjo. When all we’re worried about in our First Ladies is tummy tuck in and skin bl…
This can only be possible in a country called Nigeria. Nigeria’s Alakija displaces Oprah Winfrey, becomes richest black woman in the world. What WORLD RICHEST Nigerians like Folorunsho Alakija Aliko Dangote Mike Adenuga have in common? Government PATRONAGE main source of income. In the Nigerian MIRACLE a daft hair dresser gets 1 Oil Block and becomes WORLDS RICHEST BLACK WOMEN. A lunatic retired General like Danjuma gets his own OIL BLOCK & informs the world he does not even know what to do with his money. Patricia Foluke Ette rose from being the hairdresser of Stella Obasanjo in a remote hamlet in Ota to being not just a member of the National Assembly but the first female Speaker. Folorunsho Alakija rose from secretary to seamstress for Abacha's wife and now to the wealthiest black woman in the world. Hard working Nigerian students sacrifice all their family money and many years to study up to Ph.D level and rise to the level of Truck drivers for Dangote factories. Government stifles competition and a ...
Add your own breaking news!!! 1. Christiano Ronaldo impregnates Funke Akindele 2. Iya Rainbow says Fernando Torres is her son 3. Lil Wayne features Ajobiewe in his new single 4. Enyimba is planning 2sign Lionel Messi this season 5. Beyoncé is in luv wit Saheed Osupa 6. U.S. President Barack Obama claims Oyo State as his home town 7. Tinubu campaigns to become President of People's Republic of China 8. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo appointed new Manchester United manager. Stella Obasanjo body discovered inside General Buhari's wardrobe . Add urs!
When a man opens a car door for his wife, it is either d wife is new or d car is new...Stella Obasanjo 2014
The Doctor who operated on the Late Stella Obasanjo spent a year in jail for negligence and paid $176,000 to her son a…
QUIZ 7) The first Nigerian First Lady to die in office, Mrs. Stella Obasanjo died on _.
The move of God will be experienced tonight @ Stella Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall, and we want you to experience transformation in your life.
"If you're in Kwara State on wednesday, there is no better place you would love to be in by 5:30pm than in Stell…
GO FORWARD meeting happening 'live' in Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin! Don't be told, be there! http:/…
_EIGHT NIGERIAN DEAD PEOPLE I REALLY WISH THEY WERE ALIVE_ (8)---GEN. SANI ABACHA:- Perhaps, this x the most obnoxious reasoning to have wished Abacha life. But somehow I have imagined, if Abacha were to be alive, maybe Obasanjo would not have been somebody in the present politics?, How would He had blended with the likes of IBB, Buhari and Obasanjo?, I know the situation would have been worst by now, his death has saved us from some ugly scene. (7)---Musa Yaradua:- He may be boring to have around, but somehow I wondered how he would have achieved his Seven point Agenda, how he would have blended with his Vice, Ebere Jonathan. (6) Stella Obasanjo:- With the recent controversial 18 pages of letter by Olusegun Obasanjo, I wonder if Stella would have been for or against the letter. (5) Sam Loco Efe:- No one can fill his space in the "make believe industry", just wish he were alive to give us more hilarious display. (4) Dr. Oliver De Coque:- The Ogene 76 high life king. He sang the best tribute to Sam Okparaj ...
January 1999: Here is a shot of former Nigerian president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and his wife, the late Stella Obasanjo after Obasanjo not too long after he was released from prison. He was incarcerated by the late General Sani Abacha and was not freed until 1998 when Abacha died. ADDITIONAL CREDTIS: BODE EMMANUEL ETERNITY Read more:
I still don't understand why our leaders go abroad for treatments, knowing fully well that its a journey of no return. Almost all the people that went overseas for treatment came back without their lives, yet no lessons have been learnt by our money bags. Let me mention but a few of them:- Stella Obasanjo, Mariam Babangida, Ojukwu, Lar Solomon, Olusegun Agagu, General Adisa, Admiral Mike Akhigbe, and so many more. Our 1st lady was very lucky just because of her husband Goodluck, otherwise, she would have joined the rest in that journey of no return. This reminds me of a popular adage that says; one day monkey will go to market and it will not return... Not the 1st lady but those that did not return. I don't need to wish our 1st lady luck, she already has Goodluck by her side...
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WHAT IS THE EDO STATE GOVERNMENT CELEBRATING? FAILED CENTRAL HOSPITAL PROJECT?? 1ST AND 2ND EAST CIRCULAR ROAD BENIN CITY ABANDONED SINCE FIVE YEARS???.Igbinedion built an ultra-modern hospital in Benin – the Stella Obasanjo Hospital for Women and Children, without making too much noise, whereas Oshiomhole started renovating the Central Hospital with a lot of fanfare. He accused the governor of sinking billions of naira into the project, and as usual with 15 to 25 % kickbacks collected upfront and diverted to private pockets, the project was abandoned after killing a man, and for eight months, abandoned.
Lool...Obasanjo? "My Birthday has been nothing but Stella!!!"”
Obasanjo? "My Birthday has been nothing but Stella!!!"
Female celebs who often go abroad for BooB's implants...God strengthen day we shall all mourn you like Stella Obasanjo...
Abacha+Maryam went into Aso Rock, only Maryam came out alive. Obasanjo+Stella went in, only Obasanjo came out...
RIP to all those who died in office Stella Obasanjo and Co.
StellA obasanjo nko?"E.g Patience Jonathan "The prettiest girls have an 'A' in their name""
Off 2church.u can still worship wit us by 5:30pm @ stella obasanjo hall opp ola olu,come and u will be blessed.
It's disgusting how Mrs Dame Jonathan goes about giving her usually un digested speech in atrocious elocution. I just miss Stella Obasanjo!
CHIEF OLUSEGUN MATHEW OKIKIOLA AREMU Ọbasanjọ was born in Ogun State;[4] and grew up in Owu (Abeokuta). His first name, Olusegun, means "The Lord is victorious".[5] The Oloye Obasanjo's first wife, Mrs. Oluremi (Remi) Obasanjo, is the mother of his oldest children, the most well-known being Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, a former Senator of Ogun State. On 23 October 2005 the President lost his wife, Stella Obasanjo, First Lady of Nigeria the day after she had a abdominoplasty in Spain. In 2009 the doctor only known as 'AM' was sentenced to one year in jail for negligence in Spain and ordered to pay restitution to her son of about $176,000.[6] Obasanjo has many children, who live throughout Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States.[7] Stella was not the first wife he lost. In 1987, his ex-wife Lynda was ordered out of her car by armed men, but was fatally shot for failing to move quickly.[8] His son, Dare Obasanjo, is a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft. Career[edit] As a young man of 21, he ...
My father used to tell me dat, beside a man a woman... Obasanjo na stella ♫
Medical treatment abroad by our so- called leaders, has been an issue of concern to me. They ignored our hospitals here in Nigeria and seek for a better treatment abroad, under the ground that our hospitals are not equipped. Some of them like Solomon Lar, Umaru Musa Yaradua and Stella Obasanjo e.t.c, who have been flown abroad for medical treament, didn't come back to Nigeria alive. I now ask: Why do Nigerians, flown abroad for medical treatment, do not come back home alive?
Stella Obasanjo. What a woman she was!
In town? Join us by 5:30 PM for communion service. — at Stella Obasanjo Multipurpose Hall.
...Venue is Stella Obasanjo Hall Ilorin. You can't afford to miss out! Do not come alone invite friends.
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Fmr Gov Lucky & Eki Igbenedion work peacefully with Late Stella Obasanjo cause they were from d same State.
If money is everything, then Stella Obasanjo would still be alive.
I dey try imagine as service go b for stella obasanjo hall today..
If u are in ilorin, worship with COZA at Stella Obasanjo, Offa garage road. 8am and 10am respectively & my friends had to stop going to that church! "LMAO! Stella Obasanjo hall "Lmfaooo...have u attended th
LMAO! Stella Obasanjo hall "Lmfaooo...have u attended the one in illy? "We Celebrate You Sister "Coza..
Comments after the demise of Former First Lady Stella Obasanjo to former president Olusegun Obasanjo . “In a...
E don Red as Akpos takes on d mind thrilling Game show 'Who Wants To Be A Trillionaire ??' (1) What is the name of the first igbo boy that opened shop at alaba international market. (A)Don jazzy (B) Anyim Pius Anyim (C) Gov. Peter Obi (2) Who addressed herself as a widow while her husband is still alive (A)Dame Patience (B) Turai Musa (C)Stella Obasanjo (3) Who Strike pass (A) BH Boys (B)Thunder (C) ASUU (D)Patience Dame (4) You can sharpen cutlass on Banky W's head (A) True (B) False (C) I don't know (5) What are the names of the two people holding hands when you power-on a Nokia phone(A) Charly Boy and (B) Ryan Giggs and John Terry (6) If the past tense of take is took, the past tense of make is (A) Mook (B) maked (C) maken (7) What is the difference between copy-copy and giraffing. Explain clearly in your computer sheet! (8) I have a dream is to luther king as I have no shoes is to? (A)GEJ (B) IBB (C) OBJ (9) What are the surnames of the three statue that welcomes you to Lagos... (10) What is the plura ...
They didn't even attend Stella Obasanjo's one year memorial service. No Loyalty in politics. President of this ;)
Check out old pictures of Mariam Babangida,Mariam Abacha,Stella Obasanjo,Turai Yaradua &Patience Goodluck entourage&u ll find them there.
Yepa,stella obasanjo and dagrin resurrected 2day, now no more olamide
I remember Stella Obasanjo's favourite song as 'It is well with my soul'...Pastor Bims fav saying as 'Rebosheke'...gosh, i connected to them
Mrs. Jonathan during the party said "when Stella Obasanjo died and her corpse was brought here, It was a painful moment for me".
My mum just told me Patience Jonathan has been flown out for treatment and I suddenly remembered Stella Obasanjo :(
Stella Obasanjo"If you could bring back one famous person from the dead, who would it be ?
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Patience Jonathan: A Different Type Of First Lady 27.02.2013, 8:25 Local Nigeria has never had a First Lady quite like this. Never! There were Flora Azikiwe, Victoria Aguyi-Ironsi, Victoria Gowon, Ajoke Mohammed, Esther Oluremi Obasanjo, Safinatu Buhari, Maryam Babangida, Margaret Shonekan, Maryam Abacha, Fati Abubakar, Stella Obasanjo, and Turai Yar'Adua. Some were on the stage for a very short period, and so nothing about them is memorable or remembered vis-à-vis the larger Nigerian context. But of those who stayed for a while, or a while longer, they were either a credit or a curse to the formal and informal office of the First Lady. Of all the First Ladies we've had, however, none - and I mean none - has been quite like the current occupant, Mrs. Patience Faka Jonathan. My goodness, what a lady! Fela Anikulapo's lady! Mrs. Victoria Gowon is mostly thought of as the quintessential First Lady. I cannot remember her being associated with scandals (while her husband was in office). And in the years sinc ...
Alluding to the fate that befell the late First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, with whom she said they worshipped together at the chapel within the precincts of the Presidential Villa before her death, Dame Jonathan, in an emotion-laden voice, said: “That was how my corpse would have been brought here. It was not an easy experience for me. I actually died. I passed out for more than a week. MY INTESTINES AND TUMMY WERE OPENED... Dame Patience Jonathan. If some mischief makers think she went for Tummy Tuck.I guess they would only be filling the blank spaces..
Abacha and mariam went to Aso Rock only MARIAM came out alive,OBASANJO and STELLA went to Aso Rock only OBASANJO came out alive,YA'ADUA and TURAY went to Aso Rock only TURAY came out alive,JONATHAN and PATIENCE went to Aso Rock.who do you think will come ALIVE ? BOTH OF THEM.but let continue praying for them!PLS COMMENT
With over $6.2bn credit facilities to Nigeria, the People's Republic of China has emerged as the country's highest creditor, investigations have shown. Although the Debt Management Office listed on its website the nation's total external debt as at September 30, 2012 as $6.29bn, investigations showed that the country's indebtedness to China alone stood at over $6.2bn. This means that most of the country's debts to China have not been officially captured in the DMO database. This is because most of the debts were sealed recently by the Federal Government, while the drawdown on some of the recent has yet to begin. {read_more} The DMO put Nigeria's bilateral and commercial loans as of September 30, 2012, under which category the Chinese loans fall, at a paltry $679.22m, but the Chinese loans to the country exceed the amount by over 1,000%. Encouraged by a generous Chinese attitude towards lending to the country, many ministries, departments and agencies of the Federal Government had in recent times scrambled ...
My room mate had make a promise to god dat he wil make any of is dreams come true. Imagine this morning, my frnd wakeup and starting crying, dat in is dream last nite he slept wit stella obasanjo. How can dis kind dream *** true. Pls help
MERLIN SEASON 7, In d land of boko haram and d time of Fuel subsidy removal,D destiny of a great nation rest on d shoulders of a confused president his Name is. Bad Luck Ebele Jonathan!!! A Baby POLITICAN.
So, Chief Obasanjo finds President Jonathan's response to the Boko Haram challenge defective. I wonder if the former President ever tells himself that if he had ruled well, there would have been no Boko Haram threat in the first place. Anyway, it is not his fault. If he had been taken to the International Criminal Court for his dastardly murder of innocent and defenceless Nigerian citizens of Odi, we would have been spared all this sanctimonious gibberish. His.
When during the events preceding the 2011 presidential election, i came out with a publication warning this great nation against voting for president GEJ, some people thought that i was speaking my own mind. They forgot that i was speaking as an oracle of God. I said in the prediction that Goodluck Jonathan is like the biblical Absalom which this nation will eventually regret. To my amazement, GEJ is really living up to his spiritual name- ABSALOM. He became president of Nigeria through the doctrine of necessity of the national assembly, same with the biblical Absalom. If you read 2 Samuel 15:1-13, you will understand that Absalom was a man of influence with good looks, good behaviour, and good public relation. He was educated and all Israel loved him and desired to make him king. The same sentiments was also expressed about JEG during the 2011 presidential election's campaign. People were saying Jonathan is a professional to the core, has PH'D, not corrupt and above all, very humble, nice and God fearin ...
President Goodluck Jonathan has again lashed out at ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, describing him as a confused man unstable in his views regarding government’s handing of the protracted Boko Haram insurgency. Mr. Jonathan, who spoke through his spokesperson, Reuben Abati, was reacting to Mr. Obasa...
Dis days wat men need from woman is money nd wat woman needs from men is biuty if not. How can bianca marry late ojukwu, how can late stella marry obasanjo, and how can beyoncy marry Jay Z. Bt women una like money sha and guys make we try husle oo cos avin a biutyfull woman on a platter of gold is by God's grace ooo.
WINNING EACH DAY DEVOTIONAL 2Cor 2:14 And thanks be to God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph... JANUARY 8, 2013 GRATITUDE By Pastor Wole Soetan LUKE 17:11-19 In the Bible times, the term “leprosy” referred to a wide range of skin diseases. Lepers were not simply isolated, they were also stigmatized. Even though Jews and Samaritans did not mix often, lepers- both Jews and Samaritans were together. Jesus was passing by one day, and performed a miracle that had not been witnessed in Israel in many years. He healed men of leprosy- not only one man, but TEN! Jesus did not state directly that they were healed: He told them to show themselves to the priests. That contrasted everything they knew to be rational! Oh, but they took a step, and each step taken in obedience was a step into healing. It is important to do what God instructs, even if it does not seem conventional. All ten were healed: only one returned with thanksgiving. Jesus had a question for the nine: "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other ...
When stella obasanjo died she went 2 heaven nd saw angel micheal. as she was movin she saw clocks on d wall and asked angel micheal what d clocks meant. Angel micheal said its d individual clock of every man on earth that if a man tells any lie his clock moves. then she saw one clock nd asked who owns this one. angel said it belongs to ajayi crowther nd it has neva moved which means he never lied. she saw another one nd asked who owns it, angel said it belonged 2 Nnamdi Azikiwe nd it has moved twice which Means he has only lied twice. then she asked where is my husbands own. THEN D ANGEL SAID IT IS IN JESUS ROOM. HE IS USING IT AS A CEILING FAN CAUSE IT IS ROLLIN FASTER THAN A HELICOPTER BLADE. WHICH MEANS.???just drop your comment, I wish you all sweet dreams
From Phil Mike Paku The Prayers of Last year saved Many prominent Nigerians. Pastor E.A Adeboye. If Prophecy can be questioned, I would have asked, who are those prominent Nigerians that the prayers of last year saved? Definitely not the good 163 or more Nigerians that died in Dana airline, not the 5000 plus people that Benin Ore-Lagos road have swallowed, I doubt if the hundreds killed in churches, markets and homes in the Boko Haram crisis were among. What about the pregnant women and Many helpless Nigerians that dies daily due to poor health care system??? Are they among the prominent? Definitely not. Who are the prominent Nigerians that the Prayers saved? Are they Tony Anenih, Bode Geoge, IBB, David Mark, Bamanga Tukur, Atiku Abubakar, Obasanjo, Taffa Balegun, Labaran Maku, Reuben Abati, Toyin Opeku, Malam Sanusi. Our Legislatures and Senate? Or is the prophecy referring to Mr President??? Who are those Prominent Nigerians that prayers spared while thousands of helpless citizens dies of insecurity, .. ...
Bcuz u r Beautiful/handsome dsnt mean u av d whole world in ur hands.u remeber Stella obasanjo?Her beauty killed her tot she's gonna be young/beautiful 4eva nt knwin her tym was up then.BE WATCHFUL
Stella Obasanjo Died and went to heaven, she entered a room where she saw several clocks she asked Angel Gabriel what the clocks stand for, Angel Gabriel replied and said each clock represent a soul, when a soul lies it ticks, She saw a clock that has never ticked and asked who owns it Oh, That Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowthers clocked, He never lied during his stay on earth answered the angel and who owns this clock she asked again, that Sir Tafawa Balewa's clock it ticked once meaning he lied once during his lifetime answered the angel, and this she asked again whose clock is this, Thats Sir Nnamdi Azikiwe's Clock it ticked twice meaning he lied twice, wow! she exclaimed But pls where is my Husband Clock, General Olusegun Obasanjo Clock oh, replied the Angel, His clock is in Jesus Office He is using it as a Ceiling Fan
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Before now, there were rumours that the delectable Nollywood star actress, Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde popularly called Omosexy, had gone under the knife.
While the Late First Lady Stella Obasanjo was alive her favourite Comedian was
Time up! The competition 2nyt took a new dimension as our contestants proved themselves uncapable of answering the simple questions. With great loyalty, we bring the competition to an end and declare Mr Chude Miguel Uchenna d winner of 2nyt recharge card as his answers are perfectly correct to the questions... Here are the answers to the questions... 1. June 4 2012 2. Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. 3. 4 January 2011 4. Stella Obasanjo nee Abebe 5. Abuja, FCT.
Nigeria's seat of power 'Aso Rock' has in recent years recorded quite a number of deaths concerning its occupants.Sanni Abacha,Stella Obasanjo,Umoru Yar'adua and lately Jonathan's brother.Is the place cursed?
Gone is Stella Obasanjo,former 1ST.lady of Nigeria,gone is michael jackson a popular pop king.
a man"s life is not secured by what he owns.Abacha&maryam went 2 Aso Rock,maryam,came out!obasanjo&stella,obasanjo came out! y"ardua&turai,turai came out! o! Jonathan,may d son of david help u!.o! Patience,may Goodluck be ur portion!
I miss Stella Obasanjo. That woman was truly a Queen... She did her fashion and fed her people too.
Resisting a relationship with God will turn out badly for you. God is waiting for you, come to Him. To receive the life of God, repeat this prayer: Father I come before Your throne to obtain mercy. I believe in my heart that Christ died for my sins and rose again. I invite Him to be Lord and Master of my life. Thank You Father for Your grace and justification.For as many prayed this prayer, you can contact us through our email: cozailorinor visit us at Stella Obasanjo Multipurpose hall, Off Ajase- Ipo Road, Ilorin.
why are you looking like the LATE MRS STELLA OBASANJO in your avi ? I mean after she died.
Fela Anikulapo, MKO Abiola, Sanni Abacha, Ojukwu, Stella Obasanjo, Yar'adua, Dagrin, Lam Adeshina all received Saraki yestaday.they asked him how is our dear country Nigeria doing???
The other day Patience Jonathan was sick and she was flown to Germany for medical treatment. Miriam Babangida was sick and she was flown abroad for medical treatment. The albatross there was that she died in the process. Stella Obasanjo went to do cosmetic surgery in a far country and she also died. All the governors, senators, members of the house of Rep and even LG chairmen and their family members all travel to Europe for the treatment of their slightest headaches yet they all preach that we should love our country and be patrotic. Recently, it was reported that the Governor of Taraba State was involved in a plane crash and he was flown abrod for medical treatment. No Nigerian hospital was found worthy to treat him. The biggest problem existent here is that all these people mentioned above do not have personal SHAME and self worth. Come to think of it, how can Babangida explain to the staff of a hospital in Europe that a country where he presided for almost 9 years as a president, and a country that at ...
The Pressure That Killed Stella Obasanjo: Seven years ago this October, the world woke up to the news of the death of the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, just weeks to her 60th birthday. Nigerians most especially, were in shock. Did the elegant First Lady loose her life in the Sosoliso Airlines crash? No. Was she slain in a palace coup? There had not been a coup in Nigeria since June 12, 1993. Was she secretly managing a debilitating illness, or been unaware of some fatal heart disease that must have brought a heart attack? No. Did Mrs. Obasanjo repose in the midst of her slumber, perhaps, the rumors said, attacked by some demonic forces that began to inhabit Aso Rock since the days of the fetish googled General? If that is ruled out as well, then surely, she must have been clubbed to death in the middle of the night by her husband, in a fit of fury perhaps, over her utterances and actions regarding his numerous highly publicized extra marital affairs. Not at all. Stella Obasanjo was awar ...
Wao Nigerian is not whot to die 4 jst a minute silent 4 stella obasanjo who died in spain surgery operation2005! No body even remember a blessed memory.too bad 4 Nigerians
On diz day 23 oct 2005 mrs Stella Obasanjo died in a Spanish hospital
Exactly 7years she left this sinful world. Rest on Stella Obasanjo
On this day,23rd of October 2005,former First Lady,Mrs Stella Obasanjo died in Germany as a result of complications from an operation on her.May her soul continue to rest in peace.
On behalf of my family,I console with the former president of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as they remember his late wife today Late Stella Obasanjo who lost her life seven years ago.May her soul continue to rest in the bossom of the lord till we meet to part no more.
2005 – ON THIS DAY, Stella Obasanjo, Nigerian First Lady dies. She was 60.
Transcript of Mrs Jonathan's interview on arrival from Germany...Just saw this on Youtube... It is wonderful, first of all seven million people, that show you that wherever there are good ones there must always be a bad one. But amongst the Nigerians, there are only those few that I feel that they might be talking what they feel, not what God has planned. Because God has a plan for all of us and God has said it all that when two or three are gathered in His name, that He will be in their midst and Nigerians has gathered and prayed for me and God is there and answered. And I thank God for that, but the same time, I will use this opportunity to tell those few ones that are saying em' anybody that goes to the villa or Aso Rock that the person will die. They mention Abacha, they mentioned Stella Obasanjo, they mentioned Yar'dua and other people but those people why didn't they mention those ones that went there with their families and succeeded but they still come out alive and God save them, we should rememb ...
Hey y'all...dis friday is improtant 2 u...Nu family in concert @ stella obasanjo.Time: 9pm.theme. Katartizo...being what you ought 2 be.expecting you.come 12, come all..
October 22, it was on this day in 2005 that the stella obasanjo went down in history as the First Lady of nigeria to die in office also on this day did the bellview plane disaster occured in lisa ogun state killing all 117 passengers and crew on board. Also on this day in 1962 did the world came close to a nuclear armaggedeon at nevada base at 00.00 hrs when the then U S president, John Kennedy declared that the soviets were building secret nuclear missiles under the soviet union president kreshov. Both had their hands on the 'button' and were ready to destroy each other and the entire world. Thank God, that Kennedy and Kreshov decided to postpone the evil day. Moreso, it was on this day that Pope John Paul was inauguarated in 1972 as the universal pastor of the catholic church, becoming the first non-italian pope as well as the first polish pope and youngest pope after Pope Pius IX. He is the most travelled pope and has visted nigeria twice. He fr. Tansi of Aguleri a saint making tansi the first african ...
Just remembered 7years ago when the Belview plane disappeared,you chose to come that night.The morning after, news of Stella Obasanjo's death was all over. While the nation mourn,we were celebrating your coming,what an irony..You brought us a new are God's favour indeed. May you experience favour like never before. Happy birthday.
R.I.P Bro. "Stella Obasanjo to present the next award
U Zay? Stella Obasanjo to present the next award
there would be a party on ileya day music by DAGRIN chairman is Y'ADUA Chairlady is STELLA OBASANJO mc is GBENGA ADEBOYE GATE FEE poison @ heaven
Angel Ekwegh wrote: Since General Sani Abacha's demise in Aso Rock, followed by Stella Obasanjo and later President Umar Musa Yar'adua, many Nigerians have now believed that Aso Rock is a place where the president and his wife go in and one comes out alive. Funny as it seems a superstitous nation took it very seriously. If anything happens to Goodluck Jonathan or his wife before his tenure elapse, whether in 2015 or 2019, Nigerians would just conclude that Aso Rock is cursed. So if another president takes over and refuse to live in Aso Rock and starts to build another fortified villa elsewhere, let no one complain. We started it. Even our leaders are a superstitous bunch. Most of them are not rational like most of us. How can you explain someone telling you to pray for the nation's security when there is hundreds of million of naira budgetted for security? It simply doesn't make sense. If everybody does his or her job perfectly as it should be, we wouldn't be having security problems in the first place. S ...
Wen stella obasanjo resurrects "Nepa give us constant supply in nigeria"
According to news source today stella obasanjo that was fear dead and was burried was shown claiming she is alive that she never died ... This now gives us a clue to the media service we are enjoying in Nigeria The question now is who is fooling who, who are dead and who are the living or has the ghosts come to invade our land, Oh God deliver us from the hands of this so call media. Or what do you think. Your coment
An American woman known as “the Black Madam” performed deadly cosmetic surgery on a Hackney dancer in an airport hotel room, then used glue to close the wounds and left when the client went into respiratory distress, witnesses claim.
Patience Jonathan back with grammar! ---> “...they mention Abacha, Stella Obasanjo…I don’t even know that hospital they are talking about”
First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan acknowledges cheers from her well-wishers during her arrival from a foreign medical holiday at the Presidential Wing, Nnamdi…
Is it Stella Obasanjo or Musa Yar 'Adua, we will find out before the end of the remaining 74days in this year. Welcome awurawun.
starts two services this sunday. 1st service 8am and 2nd service 10am at Stella Obasanjo Hall, Ilorin. Invite friends and family.
She condemned those who insinuated that she was going to die like Gen. Sani Abacha, Mrs Stella Obasanjo and President Umaru Yar'Adua
D wife of d president is back 2 Nigeria on wed, 17th oct.
I realy mis u, lets go strait to the bed to have u for onece!
Gen Sanni Abacha died as a resident in Aso Rock and so did Stella Obasanjo. Same was the case for Umaru Yaradua and while I am battling with whether its a mere coincidence or not, I read in the papers that Patience Jonathan's condition has worsened. What exactly is happeninig? Is it that this Babangida's Aso Rock just loves to drink presidential blood or just can't stand couples? Pls who can help out with an answer?
Aso Rock Sacrifices Since 1999!!! First, Stella Obasanjo died when her husband, OBJ was in Aso Rock! Second, Turai Yar dua was too strong 4 death, so her husband, Musa Yar dua had to go! Now, Dame Patience hs been receiving medical treatment since September 1 over an unconfirmed sickness. Though, the husband, GEJ, who would not stop telling lies to Nigerians had earlier denied this fact when the informatn first got to the public, claiming that his wife only went to London for 'sabbatical rest'. Her prolonged stay in the hospital and GEJ's decisn to pay her a visit, have not only vindicated the media but also informed, Nigerians about the critical situatn of Dame Patience Goodluck ill health. Should d unexpected happen again, will anybody including Buhari, contest 4 d presidency of Nigeria again? Honestly friends, looking at all dese things, I am not convinced that somebody has nt planted something in Aso Rock. Wht is ur view?
The fly that has no one to advise it follows a corpse into the grave. Same goes for the one that refuses to take advice. Dame Patience Jonathan is hospilised after undergoing Tummy Tuck Surgery, the same surgery that killed Stella Obasanjo.
I watched Mrs Obama address the Democratic congress on Tuesday and wondered why our leaders never had the grace of been blessed with inteligent women as wives, safe mariam babangida and Stella Obasanjo. others have been apology
Just like the way Hajia Bola Shagaya and Senator Daisy Danjuma advised the late Stella Obasanjo to go for tummy tuck many years ago, The Aristocrat is reporting that Hajia Bola fondly called ‘AGIP’ {All Government In Power}, was the one who advised Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan to go for Cosmetic ...
Mrs. Stella Obasanjo arrived heaven when it was time for judgement. When she entered the gates she noticed many clocks on the wall, so she asked the clergyman "what are those?" the man replied "they are lie-clocks, each person on earth has one here. Each time yhu tell a lie it ticks" The man showed her Bishop Ajayi Crowther's own "it has never ticked, so he has never told a lie" Next, he showed her Nnamdi Azikiwe's own "it has ticked only twice". She then asked for her husband's own. Olusegun Obasanjo, the man answered its in Jesus' office, he's using it as a ceiling-fan. 
You will never have the power to perform in what you lack the passion to pursue.. Power, passion to pursue are ignited through PRAISE Join us this month (sunday 26th of Aug.,2012 @ PRAISETHROUGH by 3pm @ RCCG Covenant Sanctuary, opp. I.T.C alng Stella Obasanjo hall, ola-olu ilorin. Kwara State, as we praise God together.. Theme: Unlimited Praise.. Happy new week
Top ten books u can get 1)how 2 maintain sexual discipline by 2face 2)hw 2 speak good english witout tears by Dame Patience Jonathan 3)how 2 rap & be famous by Ebenzer Obey 4)the secret of goal scoring by Maroune chamarkh 5)how 2 do tummy tuck & live 2 tell d story by Stella Obasanjo 6)how 2 conduct credible election in Nigeria by maurice Iwu 7)win election without stress by Chris Okotie 8)hw 2 maintain gud look by Obasanjo 9)my love 4 america by Osama benladin 10)hw 2 compose sensitive lyrics by Terry G
Just a thought: in recent tyms, wives of Nigerian president bore English names, d likes of Maryam Babagida, Maryam Abacha, Stella Obasanjo,( & most current) Patience Jonathan.hmmm, is ds pure coincidence or there's mor 2
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