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Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Basil Molyneux (born 24 September 1966) is a blogger, essayist, author, and host of the Freedomain Radio series of podcasts, living in Mississauga, Canada.

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An amazing piece by Stefan Molyneux on King Abdullah and our bootlicking Western leaders.
Stefan Molyneux. He's an atheist but I think you will still enjoy his vids a lot most are non religion/theology related.
“One of the best ways of repressing emotions is artificial certainty.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
Bitcoin, Internet Freedom and Liberation - Stefan Molyneux and Luke… ~via
A self-described philosopher, Stefan Molyneux has a strong knowledge of history and a core compass reading of...
The Tax you pay is The Bill for Staying Stupid . Stefan Molyneux
No, but try these 2 links for starters... 1. 2.
OH GAWD! I accidentally clicked on a Stefan Molyneux video where he talked as if he knows about the economy.
"Conformity to the present is invisibility to the future." . — Stefan Molyneux
He is a liar. You don't have to look far at all for criticism.
I liked a video Peter Joseph on Stefan Molyneux: "The Art of Nonsense" | Pathology or Con-Artistry?
"As we get older, smart people get smarter but pretty people just get droopy" - Stefan Molyneux. I assume he means "ugly" when saying droopy
Stefan Molyneux is definitely red pill.
"There seems to be a belief that a better driver can fix a car that's broken... and this is not the case." - Stefan Molyneux .
Democricide | Why Democracy Always Fails Stefan Molyneux - It's really getting out there now.
Stefan Molyneux on why democracy fails and will always fail.
"'Rights' are something made up by governments to make you feel like you're buying something with your taxes.” ― Stefan Molyneux
you got that beat I did during the troll Stefan molyneux cast?
“I refuse to let the standards of evil people chip away at my capacity for integrity.”. ― Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux: BUSTED
The only part of you that hurts when you're given the truth is the part that lives on lies. – Stefan Molyneux
I added a video to a playlist The Wisdom of Socrates with Peter Boghossian and Stefan Molyneux
“Tyranny is the wolf cast by the shadows of sheep.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
check this out Libertarians must be spellwarriors: In a recent video, Stefan Molyneux disc... Libertarians
I liked a video from Tim Black vs DP - Stefan Molyneux on *** Marriage - Fossils are
is mootle hanging out with Stefan Molyneux?
"OMG, I love you, you're so perfect, now please change." via in
I added a video to a playlist How is War Profitable? - Stefan Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker
"Through the welfare state children have been turned from liabilities to assets.". Stefan Molyneux. Точно в унисон...
“If the sound of happy children is grating on your ears, I don't think it's the children who need to be adjusted.” - Stefan Molyneux
I added a video to a playlist The Church of Gail - Stefan Molyneux - Wild Bill - Who's the Sexiest? -
I liked a video from Bitcoin: The Psychology of Money - Stefan Molyneux speaks at the
umm, well how rude of me. It was a video by Stefan Molyneux about rights.
Stefan Molyneux has cultivated the perfect remedy for inter-familial violence, and possibly violence globally.
Activist Post: The Real Consequences of The Arms Race - Stefan Molyneux The commitment to non-violence in every ar...
Top story: Free Community College! | True News with Stefan Molyneux see more
"The acknowledgement of having suffered evil is the greatest step forward in mental health." . ― Stefan Molyneux
"If you can convince people that freedom is injustice, they will then believe that slavery is freedom." -Stefan Molyneux
Lawsuit: Cranky, unlikeable dirtbag Stefan Molyneux listened in on therapist wife and clients
"If you say 'I don't want to be offended', you are basically saying 'I want progress to stop!'". Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from The War You Can't Win - Stefan Molyneux on Infowars Nightly News
Stefan Molyneux breaks down the shocking historical facts behind 'white privilege' and discusses the recent debate between Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and ...
Thoughtful article by Avens O'Brien - Stefan Molyneux & the Gun in the Room
What are "Things Stefan Molyneux might say to pick up a girl" Alex. (Thank you, I'll be here all night)
“Those suffering from terminal falsehood seek out each other, like a drunk seeks out a wall so that he doesn't fall down.” ― Stefan Molyneux
Quack crackpot Stefan Molyneux in still more trouble
I definitely picked up on the cult-like appeal of that guy right away...and RAN!. Stefan Molyneux is part of the Alex Jones crew, btw.
Confession: I once dated a Stefbot. (Name for people (mostly males) brainwashed by controlled opposition agent Stefan Molyneux.)
And one of the commenters said do a video on Stefan Molyneux next. Totally agree!
Irrational expectations are at the root of most human suffering. – Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from The Truth About Stefan Molyneux
... I have studied everything from Marxism to Classic Liberalism, Stefan Molyneux to Mein Kampf! But most ...
Stefan Molyneux has built a cult on lies and manipulation. The sooner he goes down the better, for humanity.
I liked a video from 'A Beautiful Anarchy' - Stefan Molyneux & Jeffrey Tucker of
Gerald Celente debates the important stuff with Stefan Molyneux. This is one video you MUST watch.
Most people saw Jonestown as a tragedy but Stefan Molyneux is an entrepreneur so he saw a business model.
I mean I would NEVER side with Stefan Molyneux but when he said he wouldn't debate him on Ron Paul because not liking Paul is -
Stefan Molyneux is the Leader of a Weird Cult That Teaches Teenagers to Hate ... AND STOP
is the Leader of a Weird That Teaches Teenagers to Hate Their Parents
Trust is everything. If I didn't have trust, there would be no downloads, no show, and no business. Stefan Molyneux
Stefan molyneux is a lunatic. He needs to leave the internet.
Lawsuit: Cult leader Stefan Molyneux listened in on wife's therapy sessions with clients.
Podcaster Stefan Molyneux listened in on his therapist wife's clients: lawsuit
I added a video to a playlist The Strongest Version of Yourself - Elliott Hulse and Stefan Molyneux
"Live out the that you believe in your own life first.". ~ .
bin Laden - Why Kill Him Now? Stefan Molyneux on TV: 'Adam vs the Man'
+Joe Rogan +Stefan Molyneux  I love the work of both of you (Train by day, Joe Rogsan podcast by night, ALL DAY),…
"Stefan Molyneux I Know Everything Skit": Good comedy has elements of ___ . ;-) …
Maybe he'll go to Somalia with Stefan Molyneux.
This is a great and important summary on the topic of rape and "rape culture" by Stefan Molyneux. It's a bit...
Using coercion to drive charity is like using kidnapping to create love. - Stefan Molyneux
If you can put up with his arrogance and some wild viewpoints Stefan Molyneux does a Libertarian breakdown on lots of stuff.
I liked a video from The Vigilant Christian on Zionism in Hollywood - Stefan Molyneux
“There is nothing that is going to make people hate you more, and love you more, than telling the truth.” ― Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux examines the Ferguson Grand Jury verdict in the Michael Brown shooting case and the reaction to the news that Officer Darren Wilson will not ...
Stefan Molyneux is irritated - a scathing look at the rush to judgment and fervent race-baiting in the Michael Brown shooting case. New evidence and witness ...
This debate between Stefan Molyneux and Peter Schiff conveys that Molyneux is pretty weak on economics and...
Stefan Molyneux on “White Privilege” – is This Dude About to Go Full Nazi?: Andrew Anglin | Another great vide...
I agree to some degree. However see stefan molyneux's review of maleficent
Stefan Molyneux “There is no such thing as gun control”
Woke up screaming at that stefan molyneux video on white privilege
Feminists vs. Atheists: The Death of Rational Discourse - Dr Peter Boghossian and Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux... Its a passion of his... Its ABUSE... Freedomainradio... Go Go Go x
His citing Stefan Molyneux perfects that comments.
Stefan Molyneux. "How would the privatization of nukes take place in a free society?" .
Listen to 2818. A rational perspective regarding Ebola. Check out this cool episode:
I liked a video Defoonomics: Just how insane is Stefan Molyneux?
Sex, Open-Relationships - and Polyamory!: Stefan Molyneux discusses the impact reading "S... via
"'Patriarchy' means 'I'm lazy.'". Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux. FDR2819 The Legend of the NAWALT* -...
“Truth has nothing to do with the conclusion, and everything to do with the methodology.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
Finally is going for libertarians. First target - Stefan Molyneux. Status: destroyed.
Listening to a British Islamist talk about how great life is in the Islamic State with no taxes. Sounds like a Stefan Molyneux video.
“The three most important words in a relationship are not, 'I love you,' but, 'Tell me more.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux: How dishonest?
Much has been said about the alleged Cultist Stefan Molyneux. I take a look at him from another angle
you should watch Stefan Molyneux explain it on YouTube
Stefan Molyneux on the history of female SMV, family and feminism via /r/TheRedPill ...
Stefan Molyneux describes the US fight against ISIS as "a fruitless pursuit of reactionary vengeance" in this video:
“Good philosophy is always hate speech to evil doers.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from Thunderfoot Quote-Mines Stefan Molyneux
“Knowledge is responsibility, which is why people resist knowledge.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio unravels the complex gender roles and conflicts behind the smash movie 'Gone Girl.' Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by vi...
Stefan Molyneux breaks down the latest news information on the first documented case of Ebola in the United States. Thomas Eric Duncan was infected in Liberi...
Bill Burr on Stefan Molyneux: I thought you might want to hear about a "celeb" who doesn't buy it.
"Putting up with difficult people is not a job that gets you paid. Otherwise, my mother would owe me a fortune." ~Stefan Molyneux LOL!
Here I share a little bit about my own cult experience, discuss my perspective on Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux, and the recent action he has taken to silence his critics.
I saw Stefan Molyneux respond to one of your old videos today. He had some legitimate points...
By Thelonious Monk, MF Doom, Stefan Molyneux reciting Mike Brown lyrics had written in some of his rap songs
World War 3: The Death of America - Russia, Crimea and Ukraine - YouTube - Stefan Molyneux speaks with...
Stefan Molyneux is all over Mike Brown. *** Robin Williams too. *** ***
This is from an anti-molyneux site, but biases aside, here it is..
Stefan Molyneux, who is allegedly against IP filed a copyright claim against a YT account Tru Shibes for posting clips of stef.
I liked a video Why Stefan Molyneux hates women: mommy made me retarded!
A Theory of Mental Health Part 1 - A Theory of Mental Health Part 1 Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain...
Stefan Molyneux and his mighty sword of IP!
The War on Drugs Is a War on People -- Stefan Molyneux of FreedomainRadio How Long Will ThisCity ALL
Cancer, McDonalds and Justin Bieber - Stefan Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker: via
Stefan Molyneux confesses to using DMCA to censor YouTube critics
Watching Stefan Molyneux's video on "the truth about Robin Williams"... He blames his death on maternal abandonment when he was a boy. ***
Buy Miche Bag Online!
in the Morgan Freeman episode of Stefan Molyneux's show, he starts curling weights while some kid is crying over the phone. its very strange
Is Stefan Molyneux using government guns to take down content critical of him?: .
Remember that time that Stefan Molyneux put out a video filled with lies and distortion and then all his...
I understand that Stefan Molyneux cultists can't imagine that they belong to a cult led by a charlatan. Sorry.
Exactly. Stefan Molyneux chose against Minarchist because of his "non-aggression principle"- which I can respect BUT ...
It was Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux for me. All thanks to the internet. Credit to Ron Paul for curing my empathy.
REDDIT: "I Demand Stefan Molyneux Publicly Answers for the DMCA Takedowns issued on YouTube by his organization!" : ...
.just wanted to let you know what a fraud Stefan Molyneux is. He's poison
Per usual, riotously awful analysis about the Michael Brown shooting from my favorite faux-losopher, Stefan Molyneux
Google "Cult Stefan Molyneux." You don't need me to make an argument when so many other already have.
Holy Moly: The Bizarre Online Cult Of Stefan Molyneux I'm no fan of BuzzFeed, which is why I rarely post article...
I liked a video from TZM Hypocrisy on the DMCA and Stefan Molyneux
A great piece on the and case by Stefan Molyneux The Truth About Michael
Answer by to Is Stefan Molyneux's account of the Israeli Palestinian conflict valid?
David, are you familiar with Stefan Molyneux?? He's An
Update your maps at Navteq
vs of Freedomain Radio on the Radio Show
& this is the one thing I'm finally disagreeing with Stefan Molyneux on, because he's actually said he's an anarchist :/
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux Raps
Unlike some of his "libertarian" colleges, Stefan Molyneux has actually done his homework:.
Here's to the Warmongers | Criminals, Liars and Psychopaths: via Stefan Molyneux
You don't have to get too far into the details of the middle east to figure out that people are killing each other and it's probably not a good idea to bet behind any of these two violent philosophies. Stefan Molyneux
Molyneux - Full Interview at the 2014 International Conference on... is
I liked a video from Ethical Anarchy Panel: Stefan Molyneux, Bill Buppert, Dr. Dan
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux: Speech in Philadelphia. July 4 2009
Can Bitcoin End War?: Stefan Molyneux speaks about the potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to end war an...
Stefan Molyneux's ideology is everything that is wrong with modern day society
Mandatory video. Stefan Molyneux on how Bitcoin can stop all wars.
I liked a video from New Hampshire Liberty Forum - Keynote Speaker: Stefan Molyneux
Your Soul Has Been Sold for Gold - Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio Interviewed by Jan Irvin
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
“Mental anguish always results from the avoidance of legitimate suffering.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
"The Challenges of Leading Change in Society" - A Speech by Stefan Molyneux: via
lol, no, I wouldn't expect you to like Stefan Molyneux's stuff!
Success is Connection!. Stefan Molyneux. What do you think of this?. * * * Martin F. Pavey * * *
The Bomb in the Brain: Brain Development and Violence with Stefan Molyneux
The Immigration Crisis: Propaganda Decoded: Stefan Molyneux speaks with Monica Perez about t...
I think I just combined stefan molyneux and terrence mckenna in my mind, and have thought up a theory of an...
"One of the (unhealthiest) & harshest things we do to is to on their . -
"Men & women can after looks, & have, as a status symbol, . but you can't looks.". ~
"You can lust looks, but you can't love looks any more than you can have an engaging &passionate affair with a painting.". -
"Politics is a Suggestion Box for slaves." . Stefan Molyneux
~love his unique, expressive hand gestures & the fact that he's always referring 2 Brad Pitt as the "ultimate alpha male".
admits that he was once a ! . A for & nothing else besides, in choosing a
Stefan Molyneux himself IS a stay at home father working from home but his daughter is 10. He has a good wife/great mother
"No matter who you vote for. The government stays in power Picture." . -Stefan Molyneux
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Re: Freedomain Radio (Stefan Molyneux). 3 new uploads are available. They're not on the FDR Youtube Channel as of...
Another guy I am indebted to for his profound insights into the way the world works is Stefan Molyneux. Even...
“Haters: You are not extinguishing the bright lights of mankind, you're simply burying yourself in an unmarked grave.” . ― Stefan Molyneux
is a poster who has been defending Stefan Molyneux getting caught posting as a female on his own acct
I figured they would find a way to distance themselves from Stefan Molyneux after finding out what he said.
lmao on A Voice For Men's own forum MRAs went from dissing me before the debate to discussing how to rid themselves of Stefan Molyneux after
"We cannot bring peace to the world unless we hold women accountable and morally responsible [...]" - Stefan Molyneux
“Tribalism is an addiction that is driven by false beliefs that need to be reflected back to be perceived as true.” ― Stefan Molyneux
“Democracy is a suggestion box for slaves.” ― Stefan Molyneux
“The government is a giant logjam in the eternal river of human potential.” ― Stefan Molyneux
The Road to World War 3: Ukraine, Russia and American Imperialism. Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Pau...
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux - You Need Government! Freedom is Slavery!
“It takes a huge amount of culture to normalize "crazy", and of course that's its main focus” . ― Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux pretends 2b a woman on YT but forgets to sign out of his original acct via
I've only seen his debate with Stefan Molyneux.
please enjoy this Stefan fail. Hilarious.
Stefan Molyneux is a piece of garbage.
him: Elliot Rodgers was no MRA!. me: *reads quote* sound like an MRA?. him: sounds psychopathic. me: that's a Stef…
if you didn't get what i meant when i said in the debate i'm not sure women MRA's aren't Stefan Molyneux in disguise: http:…
lmao i got one of the leading men's rights activists to admit he couldn't distinguish a quote from Elliot Rodger and Stefan…
oh my god: Stefan Molyneux wanted to write an anonymous comment applauding his own video. forgot to log out.
We hunted the Mammoth used to be called ManBoobs. It still retains it's cutting hatred of the men's rights movement.
lol, well I guess that's one way for MRAs to engage women without all the pushback - impersonate them. RT
Ah, sweet Schadenfreude: Delicious. Stefan Molyneux failed miserably at attempting to be an “attractive young ...
Bitcoin Versus the Euro!: Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, talks with Doug Owen of Blacklisted Radio...
I don't want to be the face lol. Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Robert Murphy, Stefan Molyneux, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell and many others can
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio on the Peter Schiff Radio Show - Ireland, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the...
In the following two hour long video, Stefan Molyneux goes detail by detail through all the available information about Elliot Rodger. He goes through the “manifesto” Rodger left behind, analyzes his childhood, and gives the single best and…
Stefan Molyneux debates Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement on the nature and reality of the free market system.
Pamela Anderson recently revealed a history of terrifying and brutal sexual abuse. Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio - the largest and most popular p...
"Helping people is hard, therefore, you should never leave it to the government." . ~Stefan Molyneux
actually the opposite is true. I have multiple links to studies suggesting the opposite. Also look up Stefan Molyneux.
"There's a reason for everything, and sometimes that reason is you're stupid & you make bad decisions." . ~Stefan Molyneux.
REDDIT: "Stefan Molyneux destroys a feminist trying to hamster out of making arguments." : on /r/TheRedPill by /...
Check out this great Podcast: - I'm hoping this shares his channel, not one ep :)
A special edition of exposing the gun in the room, with Stefan Molyneux. Why a special edition? Well, because the gun is already exposed! And in Washington, ...
"the purpose of ignorance is to make intelligence feel impotent" - Stefan Molyneux
"No matter who you vote for the government will still be in power" Stefan Molyneux
Discussing the cult of libertarian Stefan Molyneux... This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at
This clip is from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Stefan Molyneux (also available for downlaod via iTunes & Stitcher (http...
your buddy Stefan Molyneux dropping some true
Stefan Molyneux and Jeffrey Tucker discuss Stefan's upcoming speech on how bitcoin could end war, the evils of fiat currency, the democratic nature of bitcoi...
Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the Peter Schiff Show and discusses embarrassing attacks on Ayn Rand, academic thought as an oxymoron, taking away personal respo...
so this stefan molyneux, teaches us as parents about child abuse, what happened to us as children that cause us to do and feel as we do today, touchy subject for everyone, but id say if you can sit and listen to such a thing without taking it personal it might bring some understanding to many things. The Bomb in the Brain Part 1 - The Death of Reason - The Effects watch 1 through 4, i wouldn't post it if i had not listened to it thoroughly and feel there is a great deal of truth in it.
Forgiveness is an involuntary reaction - like love is. You can't will yourself into it. If it's there, it's there. If it is not, it's simply not. (inspired by Stefan Molyneux )
Little Giant Ladders
"To see the farm, is to leave the it.(the human tax farm)" -Stefan Molyneux
The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future: Stefan Molyneux uncovers the obscured and barbaric history ...
The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin (a look back via Stefan Molyneux)
"picking the pockets of a fetus takes some pretty nimble fingers" Stefan Molyneux
"Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers, I say no, just bill the warmongers" Stefan Molyneux
"When governments can print money, they don't have to ask the people to make rational rational decisions" Stefan Molyneux
"When people in power act against what you are doing, it's a great signal to do it more. You want to annoy evil people." Stefan Molyneux
Mandela and Gandhi are not HOLY MAN. Watch Stefan Molyneux as he explains
Galt's Gulch has no Government! - Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio In...: via
Stefan Molyneux says tyranny ends "with a yawn", Chris Cantwell tends to disagree...
Watch Stefan Molyneux and Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement debate each others philosophy ~
KOL127 | FreeDomainRadio with Stefan Molyneux: SOPA, Piracy, Censorship and the End of the Internet? (2011)
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux is WRONG about anarchy in our personal lives! - by Johnson
Stefan Molyneux is such a male chauvinist *** .. - But yet he just called out one of his 30 something...
I don't mind that Ayn Rand is attacked...what bothers me is that her attackers are so retarded ~ Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux on why the government has no use to solve poverty.
Stefan Molyneux is the Ann Coulter of libertarianism.
I added a video to a playlist The Story of (Y)our Enslavement - Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux: "The brain owns the body, what that means is it directly controls
I liked a video from TNW - Stefan Molyneux - Money, Power and Politics The Cryptocurrency
Ppl who've had most influence on my beliefs: Peter Schiff, Stefan Molyneux, Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, David & Milton Friedman
"Picking the pocket of a fetus takes pretty nimble fingers. But they can do it, using fiat currency." bitcoin advocate Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video from The Consequences of Patriotism - Stefan Molyneux on Breaking
I liked a video Critique of Stefan Molyneux's arguments for Self-Ownership & Private Property
Video: The corruption of the mainstream media - Stefan Molyneux and Allen B West
“The only people bothered by excellence are those who could have achieved it but chickened out.” - Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio have been shown by Youtube and Google that there is, for them, no free domain.
An archive of public Freedomain Radio podcasts. Our interface makes it easy to find podcasts on any of the many topics discussed on the show, from anarchism to psychology to metaphysics. Freedomain Radio is hosted by philosopher Stefan Molyneux.
“If you study history, it’s the same story, just with different costumes.” . ~ Stefan Molyneux, Freedomain Radio via
Stefan Molyneux host of Freedomain Radio reveals the hidden political and military power of government...
Stefan Molyneux discusses the truth about Edward Snowden and breaks down the history, origin, legality, and the terrifying reality of warrantless wiretapping...
Stefan Molyneux and David Seaman talk about making the present incomprehensible to the future, the elimination of fiat currency, using Bitcoin to end war, an...
How to bankrupt the State and have a good laugh at the same time. (7.5 min of Stefan Molyneux - he was shorter-winded way back then)
Stefan Molyneux: The government is protecting the tortoises by exploding nuclear bombs over Nevada
"Recognize on this Tax Day that the tax you pay is the bill for staying stupid and not thinking and not learning from history" Stefan Molyneux
I try not to be around people who want me to be somebody else. Fundamentally you can't be somebody else. You can only be less of who you are. - stefan molyneux
Stefan Molyneux on Bundy Ranch Standoff: Stefan Molyneux utterly destroys the government’s non-arguments for s...
In this video Dan *** of Press For Truth speaks with Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about the latest info in regards to the situation at the Bundy Ran...
Stefan Molyneux does an awesome job setting the record straight in this video! A must watch! The truth about taxes
On the Bundy showdown here in Nevada Tucker Carlson says "If you want a ranch you have to buy it!" Because that's how the Feds got it, right? Oh wait, no. As Stefan Molyneux has pointed out they just draw an outline on the map and click the "paint fill" function. Of course nobody at a "respectable" news network would question the ownership claims of the Feds.
if you're interested in quitting, I heard -from Stefan Molyneux that is !- about the book "in the realm of hungry ghosts".
Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the Crimean Crisis, the showdown with Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine political situation and the growin...
Stefan Molyneux. An interesting thinking likes ! :-). He's ok, I guess ! I'll listen more to him too. :-)
If Obama was able to offer you significantly cheaper health insurance, do you know what he would do? He would start a health insurance company, he would undercut everyone, and he wouldn't need a gun.--Stefan Molyneux
The Mythology of the Working Mom - Peter Schiff Radio Show: Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the ...
The Truth About Taxes -- Stefan Molyneux: Something to help ease the pain on tax day...People pay taxes beca...
Stefan Molyneux getting riled up on this Tax Day
Stefan Molyneux - Dr. Gordon Neufeld would make for a great guest interview!
I read Sen Reid's son has ties to Chinese solar farm & American cowboy is being pushed off of public lands. Writer:Stefan Molyneux
"Fathering is not something that you squirt, it is something that you do." --Stefan Molyneux
"We can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see." ~Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux and his therapist wife Christina Papadopoulos run freedomainradio (a.k.a FDR). Ms. Papadopoulos has been found guilty of professional misconduct related to FDR. This site is supposed to be about freedom philosophy and psychology, but it is much more about a cult/scam that destroys fa...
"The degree to which the psychiatric community is complicit with abusive parents in drugging non-compliant children is a war crime across the generations, and there will be a Nuremberg at some point in the future." - Stefan Molyneux
"Political power is more addictive than cocaine." Stefan Molyneux...
"belief in God is fear of attacks from other people". Stefan Molyneux
I added a video to a playlist Zeitgeist Versus the Market - Peter Joseph Debates Stefan Molyneux
Found this on G+, thought this guy is absolutely right! If you can look past the bad grammar, that is: "Feminism" with Stefan Molyneux (from Joe Rogan E…: make the statement that a man should pay child support as if its a given. Why? I sued for full custody the same as she did. However simply because she is female she got custody. Then the courts turned around and added insult to injury by slapping me with child support. Why should I pay child support to her if we are equal. If he spends 50% of his time with me why shouldn't she be responsiple for her expenses me for mine? And py the way, why does she get that money tax free? Name someone else that gets tax free income. If a man shucks his responsibility and walks away, yes he should pay. If he wants cusody the same as her he should not. Make it equal if you want it equal.
For real... or as Stefan Molyneux would call it, "Livestockholm Syndrome".
I found this article in the comments of the recent online dating video Stefan Molyneux made.
Excellent guest host choice of I hope Bitcoin gets some air time! MT Stefan Molyneux is guest hosting today.
Stefan Molyneux is guest hosting today. He's looking forward to your calls on politics, philosophy, as well the Rancher Rebellion.
Stefan Molyneux answers some of the most common criticisms of a voluntary or anarcho-capitalist society. -flux
In this episode Jeff Berwick speaks with Stefan Molyneux of Topics include: -How Stefan became an anarchist -Stefan's thoughts on Anarch...
I liked a video from 'Smart People Podcast' Interviews Stefan Molyneux, Host of
Love is our involuntary response to virtue, if we are virtuous. . -Stefan Molyneux
Interviewing Stefan Molyneux about the Bundy Ranch, stay tuned to video coming soon!
Stefan Molyneux speaks with legendary investor Jim Rogers about the future of the world economy, the coming economic shift and how to prepare for the future.
"A white female is worth 14 black males, in the American justice system." --Stefan Molyneux.
I don't understand them. But my exposure has been to Stefan Molyneux and he's done quite a bit of damage to many...
“Spiritual": religion without any rules. All the comfort of fictitious friends with none of their demands.” ― Stefan Molyneux
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