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Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Basil Molyneux (born 24 September 1966) is a blogger, essayist, author, and host of the Freedomain Radio series of podcasts, living in Mississauga, Canada.

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Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the Crimean Crisis, the showdown with Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine political situation and the growin...
Stefan Molyneux speaks with legendary investor Jim Rogers about the future of the world economy, the coming economic shift and how to prepare for the future.
"A white female is worth 14 black males, in the American justice system." --Stefan Molyneux.
I don't understand them. But my exposure has been to Stefan Molyneux and he's done quite a bit of damage to many...
“Spiritual": religion without any rules. All the comfort of fictitious friends with none of their demands.” ― Stefan Molyneux
How do we break free of those who seek to control our lives through prohibitions, wars both physical and metaphorical? Stefan Molyneux discusses Bitcoin, Gun...
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux and defoo, defined
Stefan Molyneux is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change on Bitcoin, Internet Freedom and Liberation at the Texas Bitcoin Conference. Freedomain Rad...
“Corporations are legal fictions created by the State to shield executives from liability… It’s like if I had a little hand-puppet, and I went to rob a bank and the hand-puppet held the little gun and told people to hand over all the money, and then the hand-puppet grabbed the money and ran out, and then I got caught and I handed the hand-puppet over the police and then the police tried the hand-puppet, put the hand-puppet in jail, and I get to keep all the money.” ― Stefan Molyneux
ka-ching! Angelina Jolie can't trade up anymore because she has Brad Pitt! "Don't take the woman with a mask, high heels and long nails, take the woman with a good heart and a strong back" or she will trade you up to a hole in the wall full of ka-ching! ~ Stefan Molyneux
Great article, thanks for the share. There is a video I came across by Stefan Molyneux that digs even deeper
To be truly free is both very easy and very hard. We avoid the horror of our enslavement because it is so painful to see it directly. We dance around the endless violence of our dying system because we fear the attacks of our fellow livestock. But we can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see. Wake up… to see the farm, is to leave it. ~Stefan Molyneux
'Trying to discover a personality over cleavage is like trying to listen to Mozart over a foghorn concerto.' -Stefan Molyneux
“Because the state uses violence to achieve its ends, and there is no rational end to the use of violence, states grow until they destroy civilized interactions through the corruption of money, contracts, honesty, family and self-reliance. No state in history has ever been contained. It’s only taken a little more than a century for the US – founded on the idea of limited government, to break the bonds of the constitution, institute the income tax, take control of the money supply and the educational system and begin its catastrophic expansion.” ― Stefan Molyneux
"Marijuana is a gateway drug for Doritos" - Stefan Molyneux
"If your honesty kills relationships, they were dead anyway." Stefan Molyneux
shout out to Stefan Molyneux. got nothin but love for you.
Are you withholding yourself from the world? Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. Get more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcast...
If you vote in federal elections (that includes Ron Paul supporters, Rand Paul supporters, supporters of the "tea party" that was formed when Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and FOX News hijacked the movement that Ron Paul supporters started back in 2007, third party supporters, et cetera) then I want you to know that you are as responsible for the state of the world as the sociopathic globalists who are actively enslaving us through the creation and implementation of their police state and new world order. Here is an amazing quote from one of the videos (the "Offending Activists" video) listed after this quote: "People are waking up in droves. ... We each own ourselves; maybe we should start acting like it. And that is happening all over the place. And the beauty is when that reaches a certain point, the solution happens by itself. ... If everyone in this country, except government and its mercenaries, believed what I do about government, there wouldn't be government the next day and it wouldn't require a revolu ...
Stefan Molyneux said something I agreed with again, which almost had me choking on ice cream. I'll have to quote is later.
“William Wilberforce, the least ghetto name in history," - Stefan Molyneux
"Stefan Molyneux has ruined my life. His adherence to principles and reason has made me intolerant of anything less when listening to media or interacting with others."
Pft. I just lost about 2 hours of my life that cannot be regained by researching the Tragedy and Hope website. Ugh. trick pony / vulture, Richard Grove, and his wife Lisa, are also capitalizing on the ignorant and well intended. Makes me sick. I discovered this incidentally by posting a question on John Taylor Gatto's FB page, only to receive a response from Richard Grove's wife, Lisa, to go their T & H website for an answer. Upon joining, members are immediately prompted to pay and subscribe - not mandatory, but pushed hard - not to mention requiring unnecessary personal information without explanation in order to join before viewing their site's content. The site is loaded with shills among gems mixing the likes of The Corbett Report and John Taylor Gatto with Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux... makes me. want to bleck all over something. Bah. Same old mix of BS with good stuff that confuses people from here to nowhere. To be fair, Richard Grove does do well with interviews but his podcasts reek of ...
Bitcoin: BITCOIN: REVOLUTION: Here are some provocative videos by Stefan Molyneux describing Bitcoin, the revo...
"You can biochemically change people by being nice to them." Stefan Molyneux
Here's a great way to find out what your friends and family really think about you. I've tried this argument out a few times over the past few days, and I feel sick to my stomach. Yeah, I totally ripped this from Stefan Molyneux by the way. I asked a few hypocrite liberals and pacifists the following question: I have no problem with your paying taxes, and believing in your governments laws, and I would never support anybody shooting you for your beliefs. You do what you do. I don't mind. BUT- Will you respect my choice to not pay taxes and not obey the governments laws ? Do you support the idea of them using violence against me for not complying with their "laws" ? Unfortunately, I found out a few people want me dead. Other people just completely dodged the question and refused to answer. This is a great way to melt statists minds.
Does anyone know what Stefan Molyneux has to say about Jeffrey Tucker's comments on libertarian brutalism? I've searched but can't find any.
“There’s this myth that people believe, that the way to honor the deaths of so many millions of soldiers; that the way to honor them is to say that we achieved some tangible, positive, good out of their deaths. We can try and rescue some positive and forward momentum of human progress, of human virtue from these hundreds of millions of deaths - but we can’t do it by pretending that they died to set us free, because we are far less free now then we were before these slaughters began. These people did not die to set us free. They did not die fighting any enemy other than the ones that the previous deaths created.— Stefan Molyneux
''Stefan Molyneux: For prisons, you need prison guards. For wars, you need soldiers. You can't get healthy, happy, well-adjusted people to go out and do that kind of stuff. So I think our whole society relies upon the maltreatment of children. If we didn't have that, a lot of people who got a lot of money and power right now would kind of find themselves out in the cold. Joe Rogan: I don't necessarily think that it's engineered that way, but I certainly think it takes advantage of the situation at hand. Stefan Molyneux: Well I don't think there is a secret cabal, or a secret handshake, but lions get together to hunt gazelles.'' pretty decent analogy
Society is clinically insane. A man goes to a foreign country and kills somebody who's not aggressing against him, in a Hawaiian shirt he's a criminal, in a green costume he's a hero who gets a parade and a pension. So that, as a culture, we remain in a state of moral insanity. To point out these contradictions to people in society, is to be labeled insane. This is how insane society remains, that anybody who points out logical opposites in the most essential human topic of ethics, is considered to be insane. ~Stefan Molyneux
The Story of Your Enslavement: you watched this eye opening video by Stefan Molyneux?
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"One thing, that of course, differentiates American society from the rest of Western civilization, is extreme religiousity, fundamentalist religiousity, and religiousity has always had trouble with mind-altering substances, uh, I suppose, for competitive reasons." - Stefan Molyneux
Never before has it been so relatively inviting to pursue the path of truth and wisdom. The destination is no longer the Socratic cup of hemlock, or Nietzsche’s madness, or Rand’s later cultishness, or the dry death of academic conformity – but rather a gathering place – a forum, I would say – where we can exchange ideas and experiences, and support each other, and learn how to best defend ourselves against those who would do us harm, and build our new homes – virtual though they may be for many – in the company of others, rather than alone, which has so often been the case in the past. - Stefan Molyneux, Practical Anarchy, p. 26
Stefan Molyneux spoke about addiction and the war on drugs at the World Affairs Conference See it at
Video: Ending The War on Drugs - With Compassion! Stefan Molyneux speaks about addiction and the war on...
Stefan Molyneux - The Life and Death of Radical Feminism: via
The Global Awakening with Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux (+playlist): via
Bitcoin: The Psychology of Money - Stefan Molyneux speaks at the Texas B...: via
The Implications of on the Global by Stefan Molyneux
Great pick up, adore who always finds the best sources & asks the right questions!
I liked a video from Bitcoin, Internet Freedom and Liberation - Stefan Molyneux
I added a video to a playlist Bitcoin, Internet Freedom and Liberation - Stefan Molyneux Interviewed
Ed is using a bit of Peter Joesph, and Stefan Molyneux when he says your mentally ill and seek help.
It's been easier to convince people to hand over half their income, their children to war, and their freedoms in perpetuity - than to engage them in serious consideration how roads might function in the absence of taxation. - Stefan Molyneux
"what is the nature of the personality that desires violent control over millions of people? " - Stefan Molyneux
Talking with Christians without losing your will to live...Stefan Molyneux·...:
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"Sorry, but I have to be who I am. Everyone else is taken... So be your self! Speak your truth - if there are people around you who tempt you with non-existence blast through that and give them the full glory of who you are. Do not withhold yourself from the world." Stefan Molyneux
"If you are for gun control, then you're not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. You'll need to go around, pass laws, and shoot people who resist, kick in doors, and throw people in jail, and so on; rip up families, just to take away guns. So it's not that you're anti-gun, because you'll need the police's guns to take away other people's guns, so you're very pro-gun, you just believe that only the government (which is of course so reliable, honest, moral, virtuous, and forward-thinking) should be allowed to have guns. So there's no such thing as gun control, there's only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small political elite and their minions. Gun control is a misnomer." -Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones discuss the future of human freedom, the global awakening to tyranny thanks in large part to independent and alternative media...
By Stefan Molyneux • At the start of the financial crisis in 2007, the total amount of global government debt was reported to be $70 Trillion. • Since then, the amount of global debt has increased 40% to over $100 Trillion. • During that time, the outstanding United States government debt has soared to a record $17.5 Trillion. • Recently, former Senior Economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers Laurence Kotikoff reported that — when accounting for unfunded liabilities — US debt exceeds $ 205 Trillion. • The US government says that this unprecedented borrowing is done to stimulate the economy by creating jobs, providing immediate financial relief to struggling families, building local infrastructure, investing in small business, etc. • But where is that money really going?
Stefan Molyneux cuts through the veneer of recovery, financial stability, government beneficence and policy...
"Be who you are. If it's inconvenient to other people, that's their *** business" -Stefan Molyneux.
Stefan Molyneux: Ukraine - WW3 Catalyst | American Proxy War videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Economic collapse and financial crisis i...
I liked a video JMK calls out stefan molyneux
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux's Response to Critics
I liked a video My Views on Stefan Molyneux
I liked a video Challenge to Stefan Molyneux's "Pollution As Original Sin"
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux's Closet Consequentialism and Hollow Philosophy
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux Disproved in FOUR DEVASTATING WORDS!!
I may have to take a day off of work to watch to watch all of Stefan Molyneux videos from this week.
A detractor of Stefan Molyneux writes: "The worldview preached by the Molyneux cult is a combination of extreme libertarian politics, atheistic religion, and a warped psychology that believes parents are the root cause of all a person’s problems". Huh, "extreme" libertarian politics and "atheistic religion" - no, that's not poisoning the well ahead of the argument.
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neweyesofold asked: I love Stefan Molyneux and his videos, but they're all so long. I haver have the time...
Listening to The God of Atheists and there is no disputing that Stefan Molyneux's metaphor generating capability is one of the true wonders of the world.
I liked a video from The Joe Rogan Experience :: Stefan Molyneux :: Parenting, Children
Ethics - absent today - 2,500 Years of Failure ! Stefan Molyneux Speaks at Stephen F. Austin University
Stefan Molyneux: the black problem: via
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux, donations and slavery
I liked a video Refutation of Stefan Molyneux's 5 proofs of UPB
Bitcoin: The of Money - Stefan Molyneux speaks at the Texas Conference. via
Video: Stefan Molyneux answers questions from his listeners 0:20 - How would a free society prevent...
I liked a video Stefan Molyneux ...just too silly
The truth about Karl Marx by philosopher Stefan Molyneux:
Stefan Molyneux on the link between female materialism and the economy: via
no and there's plenty to contradict by way of pretty good analysis. Stefan Molyneux's presentation on monopolies covers it well
Enlightening Talks: The Wisdom of Socrates with Peter Boghossian and Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux guest *** ..
Stefan Molyneux is really really good; the skeptical libertarian is a cool blog. Love reading studies done by the Cato Institute
For starters.. and try this extra detail from Stefan Molyneux
Do you have any favorite Stefan Molyneux quotes? Find a Freedomain Radio Meetup Group in your area!
I know I never signed anything...just born into it. Larken rose and stefan molyneux have good videos if you have time
I added a video to a playlist re: Stefan Molyneux responds to 19 tough questions for libertarians
I just watched your interview with stefan molyneux, and found myself continuously nodding my head whilst listening. Good job.
Stefan Molyneux and G. Edward Griffin discuss the basics of the central banking scheme, past examples of honest banking, theft through inflation, monetarily ...
Stefan Molyneux uncovers the obscured and barbaric history of Slavery to unearth important lessons that can and will shape the future. What is the truth abou...
Video: libertascanada: The Decline and Fall of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. (by Stefan Molyneux)...
Libertarian Stefan Molyneux; the late William F. Buckley, conservative; evangelical theologian Douglas Wilson -- these are all guys with whom I disagree -- but respect. They succeed (to an extent) in consistent logic and reason. They're sincere, well-read and passionate; they believe their principles will make the world a better place. On the other side of the spectrum, lib arts thinking today is rife with jelly-like "your own truth is capital" relativism -- the idea that we're all entitled to our own facts. This is suicidal stupidity because individualized relativity affects the tangible world that we all share (nuclear proliferation, environmental damage, reproductive rights, animal rights, etc). This is not to say that good and bad principles are black and white, or that there's one way to good things. But we should be able to admit good results and bad results for individuals and for all, and there are reliable, rational arguments to be made for good and against bad. Many relativists wouldn't grant me ...
“There's great peace in surrendering to principles” ― Stefan Molyneux - Have a good day!
Fractional reserve banking, the death of the West, and the current state of libertarianism. Stefan Molyneux interviewed by Steve Patterson -
Stefan Molyneux responds to the recent "Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted 2014" by Sean Mcelwee from Rolling Stone. Original Article: ...
Stefan Molyneux responds to a listener question regarding his recent "The Greatest Gift in the Entire Universe" video. Hi Michael/Stefan - First, the obligat...
"The use of force to create good in the world has never worked and never will." Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of life without a father. Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by vi...
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, takes the helm of the Peter Schiff radio show to talk about minimum wage, government spying, the dangers of smart ...
Stefan Molyneux explains why Bitcoin is higher.
In Episode 31 Jeff talks to Stefan Molyneux while enjoying the sun at PorcFest 2012. They dive into a discussion on many topics of philosophy but start out w...
“The acknowledgement of having suffered evil is the greatest step forward in mental health.” ― Stefan Molyneux
The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future: I could watch Stefan Molyneux all day
"Governments love to invent new terms for things which we already have words for. We don’t need a word called immigration because we already have a word called moving… because that’s all that people are doing - they’re moving from one place to another." Stefan Molyneux
The following are the 10 major tennants of the Communist Manifesto.     1.  Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. - The US Federal government owns 1/3 of all land in the US, mostly in the western US.  This does not take into account all state land (think state parks, landmarks, etc.) or local land.  Also, think of all the military bases, universities, etc. all of which is deemed "government property".     You also pay property taxes, i.e. rent to the government.  If you are paying rent to the government or they take your land, you don't really own your land thus it's not private.     Eminent domain also negates all private property.  If the "community", i.e. the current politicians, think your land would suit them better if used for another purpose, they take your land by force and hand you a small check as compensation.     2.  A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. - The 16th Amendment to the US constitution.  Considering that April 1 ...
No libertarian who cares about civil society should respect Stefan Molyneux as a serious thinker.
Stefan Molyneux. We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own.
“Anybody who tries to change society without first examining the family, is trying to push a shadow without moving a statue.” ― Stefan Molyneux - Have a good day!
"Abusers, by definition, don't care how you feel. Sadists care how you feel in this 'opposite universe'. Oh you don't like that, I'll do more of it. Oh you do like that, I'll do less of it. You never tell a sadist what you don't like, or do like" --Stefan Molyneux
(To the haters) You are not extinguishing the bright lights of mankind, you're simply burying yourself in an unmarked grave ― Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux strikes me as smart guy who has become so intoxicated by his own pompousness that he cannot admit when he's wrong.
Stefan Molyneux returns to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Recorded on 1/6/2014 in Los Angeles, California. Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like...
Is bitcoin a bubble? Does gold have an intrinsic value? Is bitcoin a ponzi or pyramid scheme? Peter Schiff thinks so. Stefan Molyneux and Peter Schiff discus...
I liked a video from Freedom Does Not Fail! Stefan Molyneux Speaks to the Georgia
"Freedom is the internalization of goals" Stefan Molyneux Check it out via
Stefan Molyneux is the best freedom philosopher. Story of Your Enslavement-a terrific must-see!
You should watch some of stefan molyneux's stuff on youtube, he sold anarcho capitalism for me!
“I try not to be around people who want me to be somebody else. Fundamentally you can't be somebody else. You can only be less of who you are.” ― Stefan Molyneux -Have a great day! Thank you for being our friend!
Gun Control If owning guns is bad, then it is bad for everyone. Guns, then, should be banned. Thus policemen and soldiers must give up their weapons. If policemen and soldiers need guns to protect themselves from dangerous criminals, why not ordinary citizens? Does that mean that possessing guns is sometimes good and sometimes bad? What is the difference? Remember – there is no such thing as "a policeman" or "a soldier" – those are mere concepts. Only people exist, and if gun ownership is a good idea for a soldier, but a bad idea for a private citizen, what happens to the soldier when he goes on leave? Does his nature change somehow, so that now he no longer has the right to own a gun? What about when a policeman changes out of his uniform? Does he change in some fundamental manner, and so loses the right to be armed? Is it only his uniform that has the right to carry a gun? What if someone else puts on that uniform? Of course, these questions cannot be answered, and so the whole argument ...
Am currently getting my mind blown listening to Stefan Molyneux read Lloyd DeMause's, "The Origins of War in Child Abuse." Very stomach-turning (but eye-opening) book. Teaser quote: "The psycho-historical study of child rearing indicates that child-rearing has always been a nightmare, from which we've only recently (and unevenly) been waking up from."
Photo: anarchei: Stefan Molyneux Another short quotable line that has been turned into a poster. This will...
“There is nothing that is going to make people hate you more, and love you more, than telling the truth.” ― Stefan Molyneux - Have a good day!
People are like plants, they grow in the light of those around us. -Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux rebuts the deliciously sophistic "Libertarians Are the New Communists" article by Nick Hanauer and Eric Liu, which was recently published by ...
It's the world premiere of ADAM VS THE MAN! We expose the gun in the room with Stefan Molyneux, host of and mourn free speech...
Uniting Liberals & Tea Party? “The problem is not just the abuse of power…it’s the power to abuse.” - Stefan Molyneux
convince you of anything else. If you are interested in liberty youtube Stefan Molyneux & hopefully you will find freedom.
“The great secret in life is this… you don’t have to do anything.. there is no ‘have to’ anywhere in the universe.. the moment you externalize these ‘have to’s’, you set up enslavement for yourself, which becomes resentment and procrastination. Procrastination is a slave response.. own and make your own choices.” - Stefan Molyneux
I wasn't referring to you I meant Stefan Molyneux, is he a member of the NRA? But if U choose 2 B insulted that is up 2 U.
"We love the anarchy we live, and yet we fear the anarchy we imagine" - Stefan Molyneux
"The continual manufacture of enemies is essential to the growth of the fascist state" - Stefan Molyneux...
COMMENT: "Stefan Molyneux is an *** case closed, evidenced by his blind belief in capitalism. Anyone who does not see that is an *** too."~Zeitgeister - Cash: So many people, rather than employing actual logic to make solid rebuttal, when they lose a debate---choose to resort only to adjectives and ad hom attacks to avoid the pain of their cognitive dissonance. "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.~Socrates. The bottom line is that Peter claims he is sad because people have different values than he does. In a free society, or for that matter even in one in which dissidents are persecuted, people will not always share your values. Grow up. Too bad. Diversity breeds innovation and the INNOVATION defeats SCARCITY. Centralization has never created abundance because it is the enemy of diversity, and thus, the enemy of innovation, the one and only thing that brought this tiny weak odd hairless ape to the top of the food chain. It is our ability to adapt that most effectively addr ...
Are you apathetic to your job? Uploaded with permission from Stefan Molyneux of Stefan's YouTube Channel:
Stefan Molyneux guest hosts the Peter Schiff radio show and discusses the trail of bodies that litter the history of prohibition, the selective enforcement i...
You know when you're driving in traffic and you hear an ambulance go by with the sirens on, you go *** that's annoying, i have to pull over", you know one day that ambulance is going to have you in it. And you will be going to the hospital and you will not be coming home. Your half finished cup of coffee, sudoku, and crosswords will never be finished. You know the book always thinking about writing, will never be written. The instrument that you wanted to learn how to play, the song you wanted to learn, that business you wanted to start, that person you wanted to ask out; it will never happen. Because that ambulance has no reverse, it goes down the road to that hospital to drop you off and you will not be going home. The only home you will be going to is a coffin or an urn. And people will be sad for a little while, and like everyone else in the world, they will move on with their lives. I guarantee you when you are in that hospital bed, you will look back and you will say "god *** i wish i had the pr ...
Captain Phillips and Gun Control: Stefan Molyneux reviews the award winning film Captain Phi...
You can only be kept in the cage you refuse to see. - Stefan Molyneux
"Everyone thinks that Frankenstein was the monster, but Frankenstein was the one that created the monster." -Stefan Molyneux
Uploaded with permission from Stefan Molyneux from
The blind photocopiers of history, utilizing the creative capacity of a mirror to reproduce cyclical programming... we are ghosts, slaves to our lack of principle and logic. - Stefan Molyneux
"Our core fantasy of 'government' is that in some remote and sunlit chamber, with lacquered mahogany tables, deep leather chairs, and sleepless men and women, there exists a group who are so wise, so benevolent, so omniscient, and so incorruptible that we should turn over to them the education of our children, the preservation of our elderly, the salvation of the poor, the provision of vital services, the healing of the sick, the defence of the realm and of property, the administration of justice, the punishment of criminals, and the regulation of virtually every aspect of a massive, infinitely complex, and ever-changing social and economic system. These living man-gods have such perfect knowledge and perfect wisdom that we should hand them weapons of mass destruction, and the endless power to tax, imprison, and print money – and nothing but good, plenty, and virtue will result." -- Stefan Molyneux
Excerpt from Peter Joseph's review on the debate he had with Stefan Molyneux.
Every now and then I listen ti Stefan Molyneux on Youtube. I keep hearing him mention that all tax is theft and he thinks there shouldn't be any taxes. I can't find an explanation for how that can make seance. I know today our tax system is completely broken and backward but from what I understand taxes are supposed to pay for infrastructure and government services. Anyone care to even give a teary for "all tax is theft and there should be no taxes" so I can try to understand what he references?
I know I shared this a couple of months ago, but I thought it warranted another post after tonight. Kishma truly, even in her frail condition, did enjoy all of her days, and made everyone around her enjoy them too, whether they wanted to or not. There is not a single excuse for those of us without a fraction of the physical burdens she had to bear to not enjoy every single day that we're lucky enough to have. "That's what has really helped me to live more richly, deeply, and with a greater appreciation for the days that we have. I mean, they're gonna end, right? They are absolutely going to end one day. The people we love are going to slide off into the night of death, we are going to slide after them. And there's very likely going to be a period of time, weeks, months, or years, where we know that our life is going to end. What would we give to be back where we are now? What would we give to be back with all of the possibilities and the health that we have right now? We would give anything. Anything! So, ...
"Last year, 10,000 fewer *** got cut in half because of my show! What have you done?" --Stefan Molyneux
"Do something. Take a risk, or dont take a risk, but be satisfied with where you are..." - Stefan Molyneux
Socrates; “farming the poor"; and why patents are only good for lawyers. with Stefan Molyneux & Peter Boghossian
Milton Friedman and much more recently Stefan Molyneux, lots of stuff on you tube from him. Outstanding stuff.
Check this out, Stefan Molyneux & Peter Schiff talking about the future of currency:
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, discusses the background, evidence and reality of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin situation. Please ...
Stefan Molyneux reminds me of a cult leader (check out Defoo). I like Joe Rogan, though.
Stefan Molyneux + Joe Rogan = an awesome podcast. Favorite part on free will: .
I can’t help but to think South Park got Canadians down pat when I listened to the episode with Stefan Molyneux.
A safety net is not a safety net. A safety net is a noose. - Stefan Molyneux
What data have you seen — Stefan Molyneux did a thing on it. He doesnt insert his opinion in this one as much so...
*** good show with Stefan Molyneux. You guys have your heads screwed on right! Cheers
" There's a huge tendency that people have, to mistake accident's of birth for personal virtue's " - Stefan Molyneux
and Resistance breeds strength. Screw plan B, safety nets are really a noose.
I liked a video from Stefan Molyneux Truth Documentary - Trailer
check this out Joe Rogan & Stefan Molyneux: Interview starts at 7:10
I liked a video "The Story of Your Enslavement." Many Thanks to Stefan Molyneux for this upload.
Joe Rogan talks with Stefan Molyneux (host of the Freedomain Radio series of podcasts on political philosophy,...
Stefan Molyneux talks to Noam Chomsky: Two brilliant guys
Joe Rogan Exp - Stefan Molyneux u guys hv great chemistry thanks 4 educating us
Stefan Molyneux makes me want to beat on a child. .
"Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, its history, rate...
your guest Stefan Molyneux absolute certitude & single mindedness was unbearable & why I can't embrace Libertarianism or ideology.
If you like politics, then you NEED to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience with Stefan Molyneux. Absolutely brilliant.
Is the public sector "better" than the public sector? Stefan Molyneux responds to the assertion that "public beats private in almost every way". Original Art...
questions everything.except Stefan Molyneux or Dave Asprey
"Politics is a Suggestion Box for slaves.". –Stefan Molyneux
Great pocast with Stefan Molyneux interesting ideas , I think kids need more freedom we got stop mollycoddling our kids
I'm loving this podcast! speaks with my favorite Canadian brainiac, Check it out!
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Joe Rogan Experience - Stefan Molyneux: via this was a great episode!!
w/ Stefan Molyneux is one of the best podcasts you have had in a while! Kudos sir!
How to fix the world: The Joe Rogan Experience (Episode with Stefan Molyneux)
Stefan Molyneux again! Awesome. Thanks Joe. My fave guest that isn't an entertainer. 21st century philosopher
Just heard on Drug a ballerina and you get a weird show - Stefan Molyneux. Best of 2014 so far
I respect many philosophers with whom I disagree, but I have a hard time respecting Stefan Molyneux, due to his intellectual dishonesty.
Listened to Stefan Molyneux from The Joe Rogan Experience So much mis-info from Molyneux
"You drug a ballerina you get a weird show"-Stefan Molyneux
"The restlessness of our species is the diamond that we get crushed into." - Stefan Molyneux."
"You drug the ballerina, you get a weird show." -. Stefan Molyneux.
Video of Noam Chomsky interview with Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio . Video in the comment below -->.
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Stefan Molyneux
I favorited a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux to make second appearance in the Joe Rogan Podcast tomorrow at 6p EST!
The Battle to Steal Your Money ~ Stefan Molyneux: Why is near impossible to cut government spending? Appeals t...
Stefan Molyneux is an awesome writer...I've read several of his books and HIGHLY recommend ALL the ones I've read...
13 quotes from Stefan Molyneux: 'The idea that the State is capable of solving social problems is now viewed with great scepticism – which...
Stefan molyneux has 348 bitcoins right now. Holy ***
"Corporations spend more on lobbying than on R&D. The return on investment for lobbying is between 150 and 200 times". Stefan Molyneux
Refering to the welfare state as "helping the poor" is like refering to a rape victim as "helped to get sex". Stefan Molyneux.
Stefan Molyneux ~ Resource Based Economy as Self Defense: War loving Christian hypocrisy, health is the result...
Accidentally sent £120 worth of Bitcoin to Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux, congratulations on passing 125,000 subscribers on YouTube!
Once I've organized all the ways in which Stefan Molyneux is wrong I will put it together in a video presentation.
Im hit or miss when it comes to Stefan Molyneux. Sometimes he says some good stuff & other times Im like *** are you talking about dude?"
Cool. Listening to Stefan Molyneux talk to Joe Rogan atm, but I'll cue that up next.
The original bitcoin whitepaper read by Stefan Molyneux
Adam Kokesh and Stefan Molyneux debate the best way to advance the cause of freedom, and end the tyranny of the state
Noam Chomsky speaks with Stefan Molyneux about the race war of drug prohibition, the prison-industrial complex, the erosion of civil liberties under Barack O...
at any attempt of force or coercion against an individual. I think stefan molyneux explains this better then I. YouTube him.
If you allow Shane Smith to preach the conclusive science on global warming shouldn't you ask someone like Stefan Molyneux why he doubts?
you should listen to Stefan Molyneux, he's covered this topic very in depth.
Stefan Molyneux has just committed to sit for a portrait for my book!
Noam Chomsky: The Race War of Drug Prohibition . Video Interview. Noam Chomsky speaks with Stefan Molyneux about...
The Truth About Gandhi ~ Stefan Molyneux: Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as a peaceful freedom fighter who led ...
The Wisdom of Socrates. My conversation with Stefan Molyneux on the Peter Schiff show
I urge you to look in to peaceful parenting by Stefan Molyneux and others
Well worth 40 minutes of your time. Stefan Molyneux discusses the true value of the Bitcoin network
"I believe that we can literally double our wealth... within a few years." - Stefan Molyneux on Bitcoin on society.
It would be my dream to some day have Stefan Molyneux on our show. Until that…
Stefan Molyneux responds to the article "Don't Feed the Trolls, and Other Advice For Dealing With Libertarians" by Emmett Rensin. Original Article:
Stefan Molyneux, MA, host of Freedomain Radio, brings over 15 years of software and business entrepreneurial experience to the question: What is the true val...
Alex is joined by Stefan Molyneux to discuss the issues facing world society from complacency to political agendas. http:...
A discussion on the cycle of child abuse. Listening to Freedomain Radio! Volume 6: Shows 2120+ FDR2243 Laurette Lynn and Stefan Molyneux: How to Achieve Freedom
Stefan Molyneux's interview with Adam Kokesh on his recent arrest and civil disobedience via
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, interviews Dr. Faye Snyder. Dr. Faye is a psychologist, marriage and family therapist ...
Paul Elam of A Voice for Men - - discusses men's issues with Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio Freedomain Radio is the la...
Stefan Molyneux asked for help in understanding the seeming contradiction of the religious community. How can you condemn a bigot without condemning the bibl...
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, interviews fitness guru and motivational expert Elliott Hulse - Freedomain Radio is th...
Stefan Molyneux makes the point that if Phil Robertson's words represent "hate speech" then the Bible must now be considered hate speech, since it contains much harsher condemnation of ***
Stefan Molyneux and Noam Chomsky. I won't believe it until I see it.
The True Costs of War: Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio speaks at the...: via
Stefan Molyneux joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss the future of human freedom, the minable resource known as white guilt and the positives of libertarian ...
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, interviews Dr. Daniel Carlat about his new book "Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry - A Doctor's Revelations ab...
Video: Women on Pedestals Can Only Fall… Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio this was very interesting 
Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Dan Edmunds to discuss skepticism of the DSM-5, failure to conform with society as mental illness, the damaging effects of ph...
I've said it before and I'll say it again... If you were spanked as a child and still think spanking children is acceptable, then you did not turn out "fine". Please spend some time researching this. According to Stefan Molyneux, around 93% of scientific studies are showing that spanking is harmful to children. For those of you who have already done the research and are ending the cycle of violence, please "like" these pages... Peaceful Parenting, Atheism, and Anarchism, Nonviolent Parenting, Asheville Attachment Parenting, Attachment Parenting.. and join these private groups: Atheist Anarchist Peaceful Parents, Nonviolent Parenting
Chris Martenson ( talks with Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about the impending wrenching economic changes, how to navigate and s...
A theory explaining the recent statistical revelations of women's unhappiness - by Stefan Molyneux, the host of Freedomain Radio,
Dan, one of the most popular fathers on the Internet, talks to Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio about peaceful parenting, raising children without aggress...
All purpose parts banner
Does spanking violate the non-aggression principle? Do parents have a right to spank their children? Walter Block and Stefan Molyneux debate whether spanking...
Freedom is Humility - Stefan Molyneux speaking at Drexel University: via
The unintended consequences of historical decisions which have shaped the modern world. Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dan Carlin from Hardcore History. Dan Car...
A Powerful message from Stefan Molyneux. 3 mental exercises to help you appreciate what have today: Your life. Enjoy what you've got, folks. Do it now. The n...
Stefan Molyneux presents: Amazon Boobs, Ancient Gods and the End of Evil
What are the true costs of War? Stefan Molyneux speaks at the Students For Liberty Canadian Regional Conference at University of Toronto, St. Michael's Colle...
you seen any of stefan molyneux's stuff on it? I've never watched em, but I will now. He has fascinating arguments in other areas
Stefan Molyneux debates Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement on the nature and reality of the free market system. Full Transcript:
"You can't transfer the virus of irrationality without aggression." -Stefan Molyneux
And here is Stefan Molyneux defending bitcoin:
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio on female accountability regarding the initiation of force by women. . I...
Stefan Molyneux is a terrible representative of libertarianism.
Stefan Molyneux - Statism, Cages and the Murder of Conscience - YouTube
Freedomain Friday: inspired in part by Stefan Molyneux.
Stefan Molyneux discusses how long we have until the collapse of the dollar and outlines the scenario he sees unfolding when economic reality hits the United...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin – What You Need to Know! Stefan Molyneux, Published on Nov 21, 2013 Does it matter that Bitcoins are backed by nothing? What happens when the power goes out? These and other essential Bitcoin questions are addressed by Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio! November 21, 2013 at 09:53PM
"Collective murder is the moral fantasy of mankind." Stefan Molyneux.
Stefan Molyneux, one of my favorite people to find new perspectives and ideas. Check him out
I enjoy listening to Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio at work (as well as Ben Stone, Jack Spirko and Thomas E. Woods Jr.).
"I really don't have debates, it's a disappointment of mine as well. I think that people just don't know what a debate is. They just don't seem to understand that a debate is where somebody puts forward arguments based on evidence and reason, and then if you find flaws in their reasoning you point that out in your rebuttal. And if there is counter evidence then you point that out in your rebuttal. What seems to happen is we have parallel speeches that occur rather than debates. So I will rebut particular points made by my debate participant and then they will just go off in some other direction, make some other speech about some unrelated thing and it's like chasing a ghost through n dimensions made of fog. So it's not a debate." -- Stefan Molyneux Freedomain Radio episode 2151, 1h21min into the show
Stefan Molyneux's The Truth About Voting: I love this guy's videos via
I can't speak highly enough about Stefan Molyneux and his immense knowledge of brain development and how human nature works. This is a series. I will start by sharing bomb in the brain series 1. We cannot heal the world until we know why it is sick.
The Obamacare Extension by Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain Radio. 11 minute podcast of pure truth and entertainment.
The Truth About Breastfeeding: Stefan Molyneux breaks down the truth about breastfeeding inc...
I'm still waiting on a response to my invitation to discuss this, Stefan Molyneux... (Self Defense Discussion...
Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneux. Episode on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. These guys talk more sense than most people on this planet. Philosophical and understanding of the world around us. Insightful to say the least.
Stefan Molyneux - mining your Bitcoin yet? Seems legislators are jumping on alternative currencies train?
"All laws are murder based. All laws are murder based. Every threat the state makes is based on murder. They have to be willing to kill you in order to get you to obey them, otherwise you would just kind of ignore them. They have to be willing to escalate the enforcement of every single law and regulation to the point of murder in order for it to have any credibility what so ever. If you resist long enough or try to defend yourself, you will be killed." The Fascists That Surround You pt3- Stefan Molyneux
This is not my video its by stefbot (Stefan Molyneux) more on this at his Website Stefan Molyneux...
The Rise of Bitcoin and Fall of the U.S Dollar- WeAreChange
Update your maps at Navteq
I wonder if Stefan Molyneux would call this 'self-detonating' reasoning...Mawr
I Finally Figured Out Bitcoin Economists, Lieutenants, Agents in the Field, lend me your ears! For I have finally figured out bitcoin! And truthfully, this is one of my best mental achievements. And hopefully, through my ability to write clearly and explain things, I may be able to explain bitcoin to us all. I had listened to this podcast of Stefan Molyneux on bitcoin. It was very good, but did not fully answer my question, "why does a bitcoin have any value?" However, what the podcast did do is bring my perception or "observation" up high enough that I could finally see and conclude how bitcoin does actually have value. To understand why bitcoin has value, you first need to think about why currencies exist in the first place. The answer from an economics 202 class is "to avoid barter." Barter is horribly inefficient. If you are a cow herder and want a pint of ale, well, you're out of luck. Because you can't trade a whole cow for a measly pint of ale. Nor can you slice off pieces of beef from the l ...
Stefan Molyneux looks at the rise of Bitcoin and discusses its history, mining, fees, altcoins, regulatory hypoc
The Future of Bitcoin - Bust, Bubble or Breakthrou: Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radi...
Anyone know the episode where Stefan Molyneux smashed the "move to Somalia" argument?
To all my liberty peeps: Michael Z. Williamson Michael Dickey Julie Borowski The Skeptical Libertarian Jim Jesus Andrew Ian Dodge Free State Veterans Free Talk Live David Lubkin Nicole Foland Larry Ward and anybody who knows Stefan Molyneux: Here is a question to debate: Does the Non-Aggression Principle not only require that one not be aggressive, but to not tolerate aggression in others? This implies self defense with proportionate action is mandatory, rather than optional, for someone to be validly NAP rather than merely pacifist. Please weigh in. I personally would argue that a refusal to self defend while claiming to be NAP is fraud. If you want to be pacifist, thats fine, declare yourself as such, but don't claim to be NAP, because by refusing to oppose aggression, you are tacitly consenting to its legitimacy, which is how government gains its legitimacy always.
Spectacularly bad arguments from Libertarian Stefan Molyneux re: NASA & government funded programs
Giving free therapy advice on Stefan Molyneux site lol.
"Saying you give money to the IRS is like saying you make love to your rapist." -Stefan Molyneux
"Religion is a trauma inflicted upon children." --Stefan Molyneux
Government has the monopoly on youth propaganda to make the population, starting when they are very young, statist. Listening to Freedomain Radio! Volume 6: Shows 2120+ FDR2227 Stefan Molyneux at FreedomFest 2012
about Peter Joseph, please check out this vid invite Stefan Molyneux to BTS. Much better than TZM.
He can come off as a dush, but I think you were unfair to Stefan Molyneux. Check him out on Rogan's podcast
In the ultimate irony: Stefan Molyneux for Prime Minister of Canada 2015!
Stefan Molyneux mate FDR is great, tiggy's bang on with too
Yet again it has been a while since posting on this page. Do not fret my freedom loving friends, we are still here!!! I have been busy ingesting all the Stefan Molyneux that I can. That sounds dirty. Anyway, if you haven't heard of Stefan yet, I urge you to check out his website Your life will be changed for the better!
I believe Stefan Molyneux is part of the problem. And NOT the solution.
This is Stefan Molyneux in an ace of spades via
I'm tired of seeing this Stefan Molyneux guy on Youtube. Make him go away.
Took notes on from the Peter Joseph - Stefan Molyneux debate, now watching follow-ups and analysis from both PJ and SM
"There are 2 things that people should never have to see being made. Sausages and laws." - Stefan Molyneux
If I CHOSE to donate half of my income to charity, would you who vote stop voting to say that it's ok for the government to take some of my earnings by FORCE for the "greater good?" to Freedomain Radio! Volume 6: Shows 2120+ FDR2191 How to Communicate the Ideas of Liberty - Stefan Molyneux a Freedomain Radio interviewed at LibertyFest West
"We cannot build peace on blood... We are still so addicted to this lie. We have this fantasy that we honor the dead by ADDING TO THEIR NUMBER! What we need to do is remember that these bodies bury us. This ocean of blood that we create through the fantasy that violence brings virtue. Drowns us...drowns our children...drowns our future...drowns the world. We have to understand that when we pour these endless young bodies into this pit of death, we follow..." -Stefan Molyneux
Sometimes I find myself agreeing with Stefan Molyneux simply because he's not hysterical.
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