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Stay Safe

Stay is the second single by alternative rock band SafetySuit, off of their debut album Life Left To Go.

God Bless Good Morning North Carolina East Coast Great Day Take Care Happy Birthday

Meanwhile, our friends on the East Coast are preparing for a winter hurricane. Stay Safe, Casa Linda Cares.
Good Morning all, today you can spot us in Muswell Hill, Finchley, Wood Green & Surrounding areas. Stay Safe, Stayโ€ฆ
Good Morning. I hope you're happy and having an amazing time. Stay Safe & Take Care. I Love You ๐Ÿ’š
Would the enemy be brazen enough to put a bounty on your head? Stay Safe. Our country needs people like you and Marcus Luttrell.
My prayers go to Santa Rosa who is in the middle of a fire that was once 3 separate fires. Stay Safe โ™ฅ๏ธ
Hurrican Irma reaching category 5 we want to share this! Stay Safe! . https:โ€ฆ
Thank you for taking action and helping in a time of need. God Bless you all. Stay Safe
Thank you & God Bless ! Stay Safe. I am Praying for President Trump also. He is aโ€ฆ
Stay Safe today! Try to avoid driving, but if necessary read tips for driving in Rainy Weather:
For all the panhandlers and prostitutes in Lexington,Kentucky! Stay Safe!!
Good Morning friends, be sure to watch Stay Safe with Colonel Chad Chronister, 6:30am on Good Day Tampa Bay
Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Hopkins and Hunt County until 1:00am. Stay Safe!
Bay Street in is now open to traffic. Bull Street remains closed for the parade. Stay Safe,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park has closed all facilities due to wildfires and downed trees. Stay out. Stay Safe.
Stay Safe and Fly Legal - Follow the Drone Code by the Civil Aviation Authority -
Saw a lot of policemen around Lal Chowk. Stopping bikers and questioning. No idea why.Stay Safe.
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It's crazy man.I feel the need to say, "Stay Safe" to my customers, like its the freakin
2016 travels: Brussels, Paris, Tel Aviv, Istanbul...How to Stay Safe at the Airport, via
Thanks to UC AT Staff, students for great preparation for the fall season! Stay Safe!
Stay Safe, Warren Sapp, one of the Real True Guys to Have Ever Played The Game I LOVE, FOOTBALL!! BLESSINGS!
Flying Start will be at on Wednesday. Come along to 10-2.00. Think Safe, Stay Safe!
How to Stay Safe at Yellowstone After Man Burned to Death & Dissolved in Hot Springs in our
Checking out for the day Stay awesome, Stay Safe. I NEED YOU BACK NEXT WEEK!
.are a great example of a public service doing social media very well ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜€. Stay Safe all. HT
Flash Flood Watch for Hunt and Hopkins County until 12:00am Saturday. Stay Safe!
Stay Safe and Sound Everyone. My inspiration for this outfit---Alex Boye "Lemonade"
Thanks a lot for your brilliant performance in THE MENTALIST series as Mr.Wayne Rigsby... Stay Happy and Stay Safe
Good Night all ..Stay Safe & have a good day tomorrow...God Bless ..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’™
Friends, are on the rise in the area. Stay Safe w/ FREE Narcan at several Tapestry sites across W. MA.
False rape cases give city a bad name, says court . Stay Safe!. httโ€ฆ
Winter is natureโ€™s way of saying, "Up yours." ~Robert Byrne. Yes, that's the midwest outlook for this week! Stay Safe!
Great Day Hill nice of BBC Our Man in the Middle East to buy my map tea towels Stay Safe
it's gonna be a blast Keith Harkin You are gonna bring down the house Stay Safe my friend
Pupils to be Shown How to Stay Safe with Interactive Event. Sent by Cleveland Police ; via Neighbourhood Alert:
you're gonna rock the house Keith Harkin have a blast Stay Safe my friend
Wish you all and your families a very Happy And a Prosperous Diwali ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‡ Stay Happy...Stay Safe...Stay Blessed๐Ÿ˜‡
Congrats to Chief Cattano sworn in as Perth Amboy's top cop...Stay Safe!
Israeli Martial Artist and Former Military CQC Instructor on How to Stay Safe in the Age of...
OMG Keith Harkin where did you find it? I haven't seen one in a long time . Stay Safe my friend See you
Stormy weather in immediate forecast for area. Stay Informed-Stay Read-Stay Safe. Follow local media for updates...
Good Morning fam... Stay motivated!!! Stay Safe... And don't let anyone tell you "It can't be done"๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
Increasing patrols in and around Lake Pleasant this weekend with my Air Posse and deputies. Stay Safe this weekend!. htโ€ฆ
Happy Birthday to Gina Fiorini Toothe and Sarah Louise ! . Stay Safe, Have Fun, May you continue to be blessed!
Stay Safe this weekend Happy 4th of July!
See we had more in the common than you thought :). 7 years Stony Mountain Institution, CO2, Max range, IERT. Stay Safe
Good Morning Patriots ... Stay Safe .. Have a good day .. God Bless!! httpโ€ฆ
Just left the Kendall County EMA. County Board Nember Matthew Prochaska gave an update on what's going on. Stay Safe!
Best of Luck to Everyone Competing in the Donegal International Rally this weekend. Have Fun and Stay Safe!...
Tackle loneliness at Mini Steps to Stay Safe. St Hildaโ€™s Church, Audenshaw. Call 0161 3425243 for
forever and always got your back bro ! Only got a few ride or dies in this world and your one of em brother ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Stay Safe
ITS HERE๓พŒฐ๓พŒฐ. For all those who are doing the Dromore Charity Challenge today have a Great Day and enjoy your ride. Stay Safe ๓พฎ—. Dave Fisher.
How to Stay Safe on the Road During a Dust Storm | Arizona Highways
thoughts and prayers with everyone in Nepal. Stay Safe, Kia Kaha
Whoa, If True: Jeb Bush, the Electromagnetic Pulse, and What You Can Do to Stay Safe on the Campaignโ€ฆ Bing News Top
Winters on its way # Wet roads. In Victoria accordingly Stay Safe (y)
Travel Advisories are still in place across most of south-central and southern Indiana. Stay Safe!
To all my American / Mexican friends in New York, Washington and surroundings - Stay Safe! http:โ€ฆ
Stay Safe ! Signs of rotating storm approaching
Good Thursday Morning an a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYONE!!! :) Hope Santa brought Everybody what they wanted too! :) Gonna be a Great Day spending time with my Family an spoiling that lil Grandaughter of mine also! :) Hope y'all Have a Great Day an Stay Safe an Enjoy your Christmas with your Family an Friends an just remember to say a Prayer for people that are less fortunate an cant enjoy this Christmas an our Men an Women that are on Active Duty in our Military an are overseas away from their Families! :)
As the storm moves in , We are thinking of all of those in the Northern California regions. Things will begin to get intense here in San Jose around 3am. Everyone take a little extra time tomorrow if you have to head out into the weather. Stay Safe...
Good Morning everyone!. Stay Safe on this cold and rainy day. Make your day productive and bright despite the gloomy whether. God Bless! :)
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Every 3rd of November we pay tribute to those Bouncers who gave the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their life for a complete stranger. They are the Giants Amongst us. We pray for them, their families and the ones they left behind. We shall always remember you, our Brothers. God Bless. Keep Safe and Stay Safe all of you out there. B.R.A.W.L Senior Admin
Stay Alert, Stay Safe recent footage shows how easy it can be for thieves to *** your mobile phone. Thieves often target people playing on their phones when waiting for a bus or getting off the tube. Our message is simple: always be aware of your surroundings, stay alert, stay safe and
Good Monday Morning Everyone! :) WOW!!! What an AWESOME Day yesterday we had @ The Nascar Race @ Martinsville!!! Baby-WO! Dale Jr! He Had that Chevy Rockin' an Rollin!!! Held of a Hard-Charging Teamate Jeff Gordon! Im gonna post some Pics on FB that i took as Well! Chilly Outside this Mornin' as Temps are in the 30s here! Gonna be some nice Weather as Temps are gonna be in the 70s the next couple of Days! Have a Great Day an Stay Safe! :)
Eid Mubarak to all Muslim and... Very Happy Eid to all *** people. Stay Safe, Happy and Love Pakistan.
Ndi Abia State..Welcome to the month of September. Stay Safe, Act Safe and be Safe! And don't forget to do your best to move Abia State forward!
Yellow Warning still up for central and southern Luzon including Metro Manila . Stay Safe. PAGASA...
When a White anchor says to a Black newsman reporting live from Ferguson,"Stay Safe" those are likely the 1st honest words spoken on TV news
Download new mobile game for free Help fight crime, stay safe online!
Have a safe flight back uri boys .. take a more rest and stay healthy ~ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜™
We might be not as close as we used to be and stay really far from each other. But all our secrets and memories are safe with me...
โ€œEnjoy your day cuzzo.. . you too my frienโ€ฆ
MT I'll sum it up right here. Stay Safe
Put this together to make you smile. A song about safe. Love you all my friends. Please hit the like button if you enjoyed it! Thanks
We were honored to help welcome home an American Hero Soldier/Firefighter Andrew Galiano. Stay safe brother.
Was nice to have got an unexpected phone call from a mate out in Iraq today. Stay safe Raz !
as they say... YUP... safe travels to you buddy. You ever take any time " OFF" # stay strong
Technology that can help kids stay safe!!
: 1) Never stay single. 2) Date more than one person but don't exceed two... 3) Play safe with 1โ€ฆ
Moral of the story don't walk/stand for 4+ hours in 100 degree weather with no water. Stay hydrated, stay cool, stay safe Chicago๐Ÿ‘
Lots of get well wishes for love our fan base (': stay safe in the heat,
Reminding everyone to stay safe out there! The worst may have passed (or maybe not) This video of Rainbow Falls on Big Island yesterday morning and now this morning should remind you to heed warnings, play it safe and prepare... Recorded on IG
Those of you reporting the Osun War, please stay safe like those CNN reporters who manage to report without getting killed
they don't care. The Jews can't be blamed for it. Stay safe Alan, even with your wealth, you're still 'just a (filthy) Jew'
After the past few days its safe to say I need to stay in tonight
Donโ€™t dive into a life-changing injury: Use common sense to stay safe in pools & lakes v
- thank you for that lovely message and thinking about me. Enjoy your weekend and please stay safe.
thousands protest in Dublin, Ireland, at the moment .. stay safe xx
Just a light scratch lang sa car. But we're fine. Thank you,guys! :-) Let's be more careful sa pagddrive to avoid accidents.โ€ฆ
I love you lil bro stay up and be safe anything I got you
oh no!! Stay in definitely. And most importantly, stay safe. xoxox
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i'll stay at it, have fun for both of us tonight. Be safe!
l Adopt alternative route and stay safe
Pledge to stay cyber safe with a password date night on
its an insult 2 compare Frank 2 Dan. Dan was good at the game, Frank is an attention *** who went 2 low depths 2 stay safe
please please drink plenty of water! I felt so sick yesterday at six flags, the heat was intense. Stay safe :)
Wanting to stay up till 3 so I know Tom got home safe but I'm so tired
thank you!! I'm sad y'all weren't able to stay. But safe drive!
we miss you too! Hope everything's good, stay safe ๐Ÿ’™
Stay safe up there mi G, n fwm in Gboro sometimes *** wen u can
Safe Flight all of you guys take a more rest and stay health. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡
Its Saturday! A great time to have fun and relax with friends and family! God Bless, Stay safe and re-watch Dominion. โ€ฆ
Nothing really. Just stay calm and build your safe refuge the way it showed you in the leaflet. God help us all.
Stay safe and healthy *** Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜˜ don't come back with the walking dead sickness ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I hope you guys are safe I'm praying for you and your family stay strong.
Congratulations is Safe perfrmance z Kaal.. Stay tuned 4 his glimpes
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love to see road warriors using them. Stay safe buddy.
We hope everyone has fun at Foam Wonderland tonight! Stay safe!
i jus realized as of today its been 3 MONTHS since i last had a drink its been hard at times! but thats what keeps me goin! have a good day and stay safe people!!!
Martilyo Gang on Motorcycles Riding in Tandem. car windows then grabbing your phone or belongings and zooming off! Video not from the Philippines but just a warning for people to be aware and be vigilant. Stay safe. PLEASE SHARE to warn others. ~ When In Manila
The car is now packed ready for our second investigation of the weekend, it's Ripon Workhouse Museum tonight, so it won't be long before we embark on our road trip, whatever you're doing today stay safe and have a brilliant time :)
Warning to pistachio-lovers and similar: don't eat pistachios or other snacks without checking to see what you're eating! Otherwise, you might eat crickets and/or other bugs hiding and get sick! Stay safe!
I want to say Happy Birthday to my brother Tommie aka Rodney may you have a nice day and stay safe I love you ,God Bless.
Oi oi On my break from work Nice to See the Hammers have scored and Sam playing 4-3-3? wow well this time next week we will be 3 up against the Spuds gonna be a Great Day out! Some great scores in the Lower Lgs too Shame Millwho Winning 1-0 Have a nice afternoon everyone stay safe and Well OLAS!:-D
As National "Stop on Red Week 2014" comes to a close, please remember the importance of paying attention and following the laws when you drive as they are there for your own protection. Red-light running affects us all in one way or another. Always stop on red and when you proceed through an intersection on a green light, proceed with caution. Stay safe and have a great weekend!
Well thats all the Haters Blocked on my List any Other person who stands with the "SCUMMY *** " then please remove yourself of my Friends list :D Hope you all have a Blessed and Great weekend whatever you do Stay safe -
Sorry kapatid (Kat-Kat Cortez) super late upload nasa UK ka na ata. Well anyway I made this small video just to give our friendship a meaning, now that we're apart. Well humahaba na. Basta ingat ka jan. And if ever makita mo ang one direction pki pakilala ako kapatid ahh. De jk. Basta stay safe and always be on Gods side. I will mis you kapatid. Sana makita mo to khit late upload. Sorry. :)
Salam n greetings everyone,thank you for all the birthday wishes and doa. My prayers to everyone to stay safe and be happy always.. Alhamdulillah i'm still here in fb to be able to communicate and connect with you all. May god (ALLAH SWT) blessed us always..tq tq tq very much, Take u..
Good Morning America.have a Great Day.stay safe.
Still in northern Utah, I hope to be back home next Monday for my Dr. Appointment. The bi-op was clear no cancer but they are going to take out the lump. So it does not get that way. I was thinking it would cost less to have the procedure if I let one of friends in St. George like Wayne Cox or my Cousin Don Low or someone just lay me across the tail gate of my truck and cut it out with a hunting knife. Most likely he would get charged for playing Dr. without a license so that's out. I hope all my friends are having a great August and are finding all kinds of fun things in life to do this month. Hugs to all of you and please stay safe. Mike p.s. Don still want to go get a cup when I get home
seen the I.T.F. crews loading up to battle a huge fire up north. this is the 1st year i have not gone to any fires. for those who do not under stand. fire fighting is in the blood. Prayers for safe travels and to watch after the people keeping B.C. safe from fires. stay safe Earl William, Jesse Morgan , Lonnie Mcdougall Danny Kennedy and all representing their nation
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Happy Saturday! Up early this morning feeling pretty good. It's been a crazy couple of days for my family but prayer changes things..Today is packed with fun stuff to do and me and my babes are about to do it starting with the back to school fair at the king center, a bday party in the park & later it's a.. ๐Ÿ’Single No More- Bachalorette Night๐Ÿ’ for my sis and bride-to-bLerena Stokeses! The ladies about to turn all the way up for our girl!! Hope u all enjoy ur day and stay safe!
It's great to hear your voice, Timothy R Kirchner!!! Glad to hear you're doing well! We love you, stay safe!
Hope everyone has a Great Day! Hot here! The start to another round of really hot temps next 10 days! Stay safe and cool everybody!
Happy Birthday to our son Chris, hope you have a great time and blessings for many more.we love you stay safe..xoxo
So, how you guys doing so far? Got reports of some power outages in Waimea and Honoka'a. Check We'll update as we get info. Stay safe Hilo's on lockdown
THUNDERSTORM RISK:Latest radar imagery now shows heavy thundery showers breaking out across areas of Laois and Offaly in particular. These showers will transfer northeastwards through the afternoon and may bring dangerous driving conditions at time. Stay safe, kindest regards, Cathal.
All aviaries ready for the supposed oncoming storm! Roofing in the rain, you cant beat it!! If the storm misses us there'll be a few choice words said but in a way I hope it doesn't happen at all. Stay safe everyone x
Taking the time to say mom Cassandra Stone-Johnson I love you so much and want to give you a big hug and hear you explain why god let's things like this happen and sissy CJ Johnson Ifpa Pro I am dying to see you its been what like 3 years since we seen each other I would go crazy if I lost you knowing we haven't seen each other for so long we need to change this asap I'll drive down to buffalo if I have too just to see you! @ and bro Jermaine Johnson same goes to you haven't seen you in years and I would feel horrible knowing you left us and me not seeing you or telling you I love you before something bad were to happen we almost could of lost you when u had ur accident please promise me to be careful because you are loved!!! And baby sis Jalisa N BrayLynn Johnson I love you I love you!!! You can't ever leave us because you are our baby!!! And bray bray needs you please my family stay safe!!!
With the guys, gonna miss my bro Brian Wimpenny, he leaves the island today... stay safe bro.
THE VISITOR! What happens when an robber visits Jessica and Britnayy. Kakak pun nda mau ketinggalan aa! Stay safe people & always make sure your doors are locked because malang tidak berbau!
Happy 21st Birthday to one of my HEROS !! I love you son and I am so proud of you. Stay safe in Afghanistan and come home to us soon so we can Celebrate!
Stay Safe, MMM!. The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council hotlines are as follows:. (02)...
From Chief Meteorologist Mike Modrick ~ A few severe storms have developed in the Panhandle, and will continue until after sunset. The Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Scotts Bluff, Morrill and Box Butte Counties is in effect until 5:15pm. Winds up to 60 mph and hail up to 1" to 1.5" will be possible. Earlier thunderstorms took out power lines near Kimball. These storms are moving SE at 15 mph. Stay Safe!
"I never curate without a sense of fun..." - Kate-Anna St Valentine on Stay Safe
FYI. last minute decision... we will be closed on Monday so we can spend some holiday time with the kids... Hope everyone is enjoying your 4th of July Holiday weekend! Stay Safe and see you on Tuesday!
Good Morning! Stay safe and appreciate the live coverage.
To my buddy Imari Imari R. Mcconnell stay safe in North Carolina take caution get everything you need before the storm Take Care till I see you Next time
thanks for the updates. Stay safe. We're looking at the storm now too. Missing my friends.
Have an amazing trip to my beautiful bestfriend! Enjoy it there,stay safe love ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น
To all my babies at the beach, stay safe! Watch out for Arthur!
different MSNBC show "talent" tells Ayman to stay safe but will stay with pictures. what about the camera crew? *** "talent"
CPI Family and Friends, please stay aware of as it nears Hampton Roads. Be safe and we will see...
Good Morning everyone, I hope that everyone is doing great on this Thursday morning and stay safe when traveling today.
What's the 411 there? Again, stay safe or I will have to kill you :) but for real, please stay safe and give me 411
"let's hope so, I'd be extremely disappointed when it won't." Stay safe & have the best time! โ™กโ™กโ™ก
Stay safe with the glory of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
My counterparts at Neway in Israel please stay safe.
is now a hurricane. Please don't underestimate its potential. Stay safe.
I woke up to see a big hurricane off our SC coast today! Stay safe up there in You're in my thoughts!
Today's sunrise on Hatteras Island.stay safe everyone!
Sending lots of love and prayers to my future home, Wilmington and the entire NC coast. Stay safe!
Don't forget your pets! A few Hatteras dogs are spending the day with us while their owners prepare for the storm. Call us or the SPCA if you or someone you know needs assistance with their pets. Please prepare them for tonight, as pets can be very sensitive to changes in weather. Have their meds, leash and identification on them. Stay Safe!!!
Good Morning All, long weekend coming up, have fun stay safe!
Are your ready for a new week? Let's plow thru the week together, like and share our page. Have a great week everyone and stay safe!
Meru uni students walkin from Meru to Helb towers in Nairobi to demand their helb hehe please stay safe if u're thika rd stay safe
Hope you will be ok, Take Care and stay safe.xx
A new day in port of Mosjoen Norway and the dockers that is set out in a illegal lockout are on theyr duties for watching scabs carrying out dockers work . Its with heavy sadness we now can sit her and watch how they set aside the regulaitions for the safty instructions we have been working for so many year to get thru.It has always been a main goal to get the workers safe working conditions so they could get home from work in same condition as they come to work. This days since the illegal lockout the regulaitions is set a side and isnt followed at all.They use people that has never been in a vessel before to carry out the work of dockers,We just hope that no one will get hurt of this crazy mentality of employers in port. We also dont think this is in anyway god for the seafarers onboard the vessels her , and its a safty issue that has to be pointed out to the correckt departments for seafarers. As a informative part of the conflickt: The bills that has not been paid by the employer is not a new happeni ...
Good Morning everyone, today is my Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay safe during the storm.
...You're in my thoughts and prayers. Arthur is coming in with an attitude...Stay safe.
No classes tonight due to bad weather. Stay safe and dry everyone. God Bless.
WWE warning ! Stay safe do not try this at home but these kids doing almost all finishers like a boss !
Good Morning friends. Looks like it might be a good day.doesn't matter,we have to do it anyway. TGIT. Tomorrow is the forth and we don't work!!! Not much else to say ,except make it a good one and stay safe out there. Have fun tomorrow.
Hoping all of my friends in stay safe while is visiting!
To my beautiful 4th July baby, I hope you have a brilliant 22nd birthday tomorrow. May all your dreams come true stay safe xx
Goodnight everyone,, about to hit bed,, been missing my bed for dayz lol but still looks comfortable n soft,, :-),, stay safe n blessed Thursday night,, :-)
Ahhh give ur humans a big hug for me n tell them to stay safe so happy they ok xx ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ
Stay safe this and wear your life jacket!
Please stay safe from hurricane Arthur ๐Ÿ™
7 ways to stay safe with fireworks this July 4:
Have fun, and enjoy your time in Hawaii ok girly, and be careful and stay safe
Yikes! Stay safe and beware of flying barbecues.
For our families on the East Coast, specifically the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas, please stay safe and stay tuned to your local weather and news.
*teen gets his/her license* . Aunt "OMG guess we should stay off the road LOL.". Aunt "LOL the roads are nโ€ฆ
7/3/14 - Morning Update, Fourth of July Activity Outlook, and Hurricane Arthur Discussion NWS Flash Flood Watch in effect from 1 PM today through 2 AM tomorrow Today, we'll head up toward 90 degrees for a high. We have a 70-90% chance of rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. Some storms could be severe with a 5-15% chance of damaging winds and hail. The pertinent graphics are attached to this post. Storms will likely last into the overnight and early parts of tomorrow morning. Total rainfall for today and tonight is projected between 1.25" and 1.75" with locally higher amounts possible where heavier/severe storm cells move through. Please be aware of the potential for flooding and make necessary preparations. Also, please remember to stay out of swelled waterways and water in roadways. Keep safety of yourself and first responders a priority whenever we have a potential for severe weather and flooding. Tomorrow, we have a chance of morning showers lingering, but most of the Fourth of July events in and ar ...
Packing for Chincoteague VA! 10 hours and counting! Sounds like it could be a messy drive, but brightening up tomorrow! Stay safe to all our friends south! A safe and happy 4th to all!
To all my friends on the coast of North Carolina, stay safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
yes sir, holding it down as usual.expected nothing less.shame I couldnt join you all this year.Stay safe.x
โ€œhas become a hurricane, the National Weather Service says. It has max sustained winds of 75 mph." Stay safe !!
Stay safe and warm. Remember Tyga music is bad for ur health
Trying to get home before Arthur hits the coast!!! Wish us luck. Stay safe Carteret, Brunswick and all the OB counties!
I'm a member of the internet safety team. Stay safe Jemma
So Arthur is now a hurricane. Where's Merlin when you need him? (Stay safe East Coast friends.)
thanks! Good job to you as well. Stay safe on the roads! ๐Ÿ˜Š
TODAYS POST: July 3, 2014, Thursday Good Morning every one, light rain this morning! We are off to another Great Day, just think tomorrow Is the 4th of July already! I hope every one has a great Holiday. Keep growing for the fall schedule is coming up fast, the fall meeting will be in Tampa, Florida, November 7 thru 9, 2014 looking forward to a good turn out. Everyone have a great 4th, stay safe!
Good Morning World be safe n stay strong.
Looks like we are far enough inland to avoid the brunt of Arthur, just some rain and light winds. Those closer do stay safe and weather the storm without damage. Steaming my floor early so that when the rain does come in, the babies can be dry in their pen. It's all good
thanks for the and Baby Dev stay safe the next couple of days!
Thank you for a great night Swansea. The crazies were out in full swing, stay safe & I'll catch you on the flipside.
When it comes to having fun in the sun during itโ€™s important to stay safe and remember your Sun Smarts: htโ€ฆ
friends are my second family.. tnx so much to all of you, I really appreciate u guyz, love you all, of course to my family circle tnx for the love.. Godbless and stay safe.. I LUV U ALL...
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Good Morning! Wouldn't even know there's a hurricane out there making a bee line for us. So peaceful and still this morning. Thank goodness for modern technology. Poor people back in the day wouldn't have a clue. Have a Great Day and stay safe y'all!
Good Morning Stephanie! Welcome back to Nc girl and wish it was for a relaxing vacation. Stay safe on Obx.
Everyone have a Great Day today. Stay safe out there & keep hydrated. Don't forget to be good to each other. Till then
Good Morning CherBear!!! Hoping your not effected to bad from hurricane Arthur!!! Stay safe!!
Hubby got 1/2 a day off~I think he's excited to get away too! Stay safe my friends and we'll see Ya later:)
wishing my dad a safe flight back to Afghanistan, stay safe โค๏ธ
Hope you will be ok , stay safe Rebecca * big hugs *
These guys have been at it for hours! Stay safe & keep up the great work: )
hope u and the boys have a good holiday! Gutted I didn't come now lol!Get messy and stay safe. โœŒ๏ธ
Meru University Students Burn their Vice Chancellors car. Stay safe if you are heading to Meru. ~
Thoughts are with all on the East Coast with the impending weather. We are thankful it did not impact us here in SE FL but we know it is worsening as it goes up the coast. Stay safe, everyone!
Everyone at Major League Esports would like to wish our supporters/followers a very safe and happy Forth of July! Stay safe โ€ฆ
Happy Birthday Judith Durham of the Seekers "Georgy Girl" 71. Have a Happy 4th of July! Stay safe.
Stay safe if you are traveling this long weekend for the holiday!
I don't want to fight anymore! I just want to laugh, live, and love! People seem to get in the way of theirselves! Which in the ends keeps you from achieving peace! Without peace happiness will never occur! It's a constant battle within yourself. Be careful how you talk to yourself... You are listening! Stay safe! Be Awesome! ~kArMa~
good luck to all riders stay safe, race hard and go the Aussies!
Hey stay safe even if it means avoiding going to tao on
have a sick time in Malia bro! Stay safe, message me when you get there โ˜บ๏ธ love you x
To all my friends in the Carolinas stay safe
Everyone in the path of Arthur...please stay's our first hurricane of the season...hopefully our area and above us will only see residual effects from it...we can always use the rain..but have no real need for all of the damage that comes from a hurricane... is designed to help kids stay safe in the car as well as have fun with games and activities from Fancy Nancy and Flat Stanley. Proper child seat safety - including correct car safety seat installation and usage - is vitally important in keeping kids safe in vehicles.
Arthur is now a Category 1 Hurricane. East Coast stay safe!!
Goood moorning all my beautiful fb friends I am of today to splash town fun town hopefully the rain up here is done and I can turn my burn from the beach yesterday to a tan lol have a fantastic day everyone stay safe happy and healthy
I dont wanna be up yet lol but anyway have a Great Day and stay safe peeps
That amazing feeling when you realise you don't care anymore... goodmorning all .. hope your day's filled with love and happiness..stay safe all x
Choice conditions expected as we head into the 4th of July holiday weekend. Aside from some clouds, will feel quite nice with low humidity and below normal temperatures. Enjoy and stay safe!
Michael John Rice, stay safe and plz watch the weather carefully! Shslom.
Day 41, 7-3-14 Good Morning heading to NY to deliver yay , be good stay safe
We are proud to be part of the Cambs County Councils "Motorbike Stay Safe project" working with a great bunch of guys and girls to become "better and safer" bikers. Well done to you all for taking the leap to safer biking!
Good news everyone this years auction will still be going ahead in the first week of Sept!! thank you to the business's and people that have donated so far, i would still love more donations so if you can please contact me .. thank you and as always stay safe xx
What do others mums use to keep little people away from heaters? We are come to Toowoomba for a holiday and there will be a gas heater on pretty much the whole time. What do others suggest/use to stay safe from burns?
Will be on vacations, Stay Safe and Blessed!
Thanks for the supporters for today thanks for coming :) shots for the boys lol stay safe boys we still have forestview on Saturday ;) xx
Just a random jamming on Purnota. Thanks to Shoeb for playing the backup for me and capturing this. Ignore the mistakes please. Uploading this for you guys as a treat for the 3 boring days, if anyone's staying home! lol. Enjoy and please stay safe! cause each one of you guys mean a gem to me!
Keeping folks in North Carolina in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe on the OBX. Arthur go away!
By HE William Samoei Ruto categorically putting it clear that the govt will be providing security for the ferried cocoon, he simply meant one thing. Saba Saba can go on, THERE WILL BE NO DIALOGUE. After CORD and cohorts breathed hot air, exhaling storms, steam and fire, they are now packing and fleeing their homes. My message to them: The govt will provide security for anyone peaceful , bumbulously and circumfoneously deal with anyone instigating discomposure, hate, and chaos. So stay safe! Preach peace. ni ushenzi
Good Morning Moneymike & Crew. Thank God for another day and its a 3-day weekend too yayyy... Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day๐Ÿ˜Š
Hope it's like this tomorrow sun is up over the yard arm and I is breathing again this morning so very good start to the day. Bit of bike cleaning and a little blast get rid of the cobwebs then petrol up for Fridays trip to my dads country Blackpool. Stay safe all.
Logging out now guysss fingers are in pain right nw.. due to nonstop pressing the letters just to stay connected with my guysss.. ..pls dont get wrong..its just friendss.cee yahh all later.stay safe everyone. im sending my sweet and bitter kisses to my friends out there.whos online right now. muuuah... a kisss with love .
RIP to my *** Juan ibarra my you rest in paradise I still can't believe you past but I wish we could still be kicking it g but you know what God wanted you in a better place I may be shedding tears writing this but it's tears of happiness that your in a better place so I hope you're watching over your friends and family g stay safe up there g you will be missed R.I.P MY NIGGUH xD I GOT ALLOT OF LOVE FOR YOU G
So today is predicted to be the hottest day of the year.just incase it is, stay safe come training and stay in the shade
Omg just reading peoples status's about their random out of it day 2day it must be in the air coz dammm just had an exciting, happy, shocking and tragically sad day all in one 2day. It started at the Westpac bank during my morning tea break in Hastings and a man with a Irish accent who was walking with crutches was in the line behind me, he had drawn $1000 out of the money machine 2 send to his daughter who is in Starship with her 4yr old twin daughters who both have Lukemia, anyway he dropped it all on the ground and the automatic doors opened and blew some away and I just sooo had 2 chase it 4 him lol and saved his $400 from being blown away or picked up by someone else, he offered me a $100 dollars but I kindly said "no send it to your daughter and granddaughters" he then took my name & number. This same man rang me just after lunch and asked where I worked anyway just on my way out a Van pulls up and asks for me and drops off a half load of shopping and a $100 gift voucher, a note he left said "Tha .. ...
Goodbye Hannah Milner. Wishing you the most wonderful adventure in Israel. Stay safe precious girl. We are going to miss you!!!
Good Morning LORD thank you for another day, gm f/b stay safe stay hydrated and have a good day
Hope you all enloy the weather xx Im off to do some volunteering in my local charity shop :) :) x Be good and Stay safe love you all so much xx
Our beautiful baby girl is going on her first overseas trip without us. We know the three girls will have an amazing time together, and u will make memories that will stay with u forever. We will miss u so much Stay safe, look after each other and have the best time ever. Luv u to Pluto and back xxx
Remember kid stay safe and alway wear you sun screen, if gonna be a hot one!
Round one of week-end..Ken n I enjoyed the heck of the new coming Montegos on The River of the Dog (Dog River)..WOW what a TRANSFORMATION of the property next to the old Hoppies as wells as the Marina .The beach area for kids is gonna be kickass.D.I.P. this is YOUR Transformation...all home owners and local businesses WILL profit! Who ever came up with this idea did some real thinking! And Jessee S. n Rangel..Ya'll were awesome! Enjoyed for sure!~ Now for tomorrow..Dauphin Island bound for some fun with my ole surfer budsMike Tank YoungRandy Loftis..Heck Johnny Barbato You gonna make it?? Memories..old n new! Ya'll have a great eve..Peace n Love to ya..Stay Safe! Later.
Wishing all the best to my Freaks at the Finke this weekend - I will be rep'n Freak Show Racing in Harvey at the 2nd State Round Enduro - Stay Safe & Kick *** ! - LUV SPIKE
Good Morning! It's Always a Great Day at Spongie Acres. Starting the day with some nice weather but before days end we are in the severe weather possibility zone. What this means is that it MAY get really ugly here later on today?? Possible hail or tornadoes just about the time the sun goes down thru about 3am. Thank you Chris Allen for the heads up! Stay Safe! Have a Great Day! E N J O Y
Tryna come up on a desk for my music equipment Ish let me know if anyone got one! Peace! Stay Safe through these flames, we all knew north county was burnt!
I am waiting with child like anxiety for the new holster line to come in. I would like to tell you that some of the Under Armor Wounded Warrior Project shirts and hats are in, along with 1 more XL sweatshirt. This weekend Stone Wall Arms is hosting Larry Vickers on their range for a two day class. I will be there and can assist with gear issues and take requests for gear needed or wanted in the shop. This is the first of 3 big names coming this year and a great chance to get your gear tuned up just right. Stay Safe and Train Hard!!!
INCOMING: Severe storm warnings for Oklahoma City, OK atm...temps on one side of this front are in the 80's with cold windy weather incoming from the Pacific for the next few days. Expect lots of high winds, severe storms, heavy rain, and hail especially for the Plains, Mississippi Valley and Midwest...have a plan for tornados, too and make sure everyone in your family knows where to go in an emergency and with very short notice. Great link to visualize how dynamic this moisture band is: of roll cloud and lightning that went through my area last night, SE Michigan :0 These pics were taken just after the worst went through, I had no idea this storm was coming or I would have set up to do a timelapse. I have a feeling another opportunity is right around the corner though...Stay Safe everyone!!
How to Stay Safe from Hackers in the World of Cyber. How to Set a Strong password: 1st: Always Use Capital Alphabets Like (A,E,R,B,V) 2nd: Always Use Small Alphabets Like (a,g,c,t) 3rd: Always use Numerics in it like (1,2,5,7) 4th: Always Use Special Characters Like (if you Want to Choose a Password for a Girl name Sobia then use this: S0biUse these: never ever Use complete sequence of any Numeric Combination Like if you want to use your Mobile number then use only last four number in reverse order in your password or your Date of Birth in reverse order . Never Use General or Famous Words in your passwords Like Allah, 786, Pakistan etc. Never Use easily Guessable Words like Your name, Date of Birth, your roll number etc Never use One Password for all of your accounts. Never use your password for a long time.Change your passsword after 1 Month. Never use your Accounts/Account on Public PCs (Computers) Like Net Cafe or on Public places Like Open Office Pcs (Computers) you dont know if there is any keylogger ...
Rikers Island being a jail, just detains, while prisons get the convicted, but still as our union states "We patrol the most dangerous streets of the city"! To all that still work there, Remember you're to go home to your love ones at the end of your tours! Stay Safe!
Work hard play harder. Our crew is Six flags san Antonio bound for our day off. Stay Safe.
To all Our Valued Customers this is to clear you all that due to yesterday's critical situation, some people may have suffer due to late deliveries. This is all because of yesterday's unannounced strike. Fortunately, we still managed to deliver all our pending orders through alternate means of transportation. We hope you can understand this scenario, and will still love us, as you do previously. Stay Safe, and Stay Blessed :)
Reports : Nellore was the Target & not Chennai as the Train was running 1 Hour 30 Minutes Late. Narendra Modi's Rally is scheduled there today. Why now? Modi said in an interview 2 days back that Dawood Ibrahim would be caught & brought back to India from Pakistan after the new Govt takes over. PS: Reports that more plastic pipe bomb raw material has been found in chennai. So Please avoid crowded public places for a week now. Stay Safe.
Tip of The Day - Stay Alert Today ! ..( weather wise ) โšก๏ธโ˜”๏ธ Be prepared. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your weather radio ( NOAA Radio ) ... Make sure you have fresh batteries in your flashlights... Make sure your cell phones and tablets are fully charged. Be sure to get your Prayer on... Have a Blessed Sunday & Stay Safe ! โค๏ธ
Bayside Bar welcomes all the Ocean Front Locals this weekend. Stay Safe. Happy Hour Drink Specials 5pm to 2am. Joseph Lewis Butch Tecson Justin Francis Lisa Brink Freitag Ryan Becka Heather Lyall Holly Vanderberg Kyle Rubell Angel Joy Brandon Carr Travis Seawell on the Floor or Behind the Bar taking care of you all weekend.
Happy Easter Folks, Stay Safe and have a Fantastic one! :-)
STATUS UPDATE: Confirmation Emails. Over the past few days people have asked about confirmation emails and the fact that they didn't get them. Well I am aware and it's being worked on by the folks who host my page and myself. Also, the Black Warrior Caps will be here Saturday, you will see fulfillment starting today and tracking issued, HOWEVER, it will be as many as I can get out on Saturday and Monday, so if you receive your email today just no it is not shipping today. Also as you can see, I've re-released the Fallen Soldier Shirts for the next 4 days only. These will be put into Production Monday and shipped to me Friday of next week so take advantage of the time. I'll have more info tomorrow for updates as Deliveries get here tomorrow. For those leaving today for a long Holiday Weekend Enjoy the time with Family and Stay Safe. -J
Here we go Guys ... New series " RED LINE " coming soon !!! Goodnight or Good Morning everywhere you are ... Stay Safe, loads and ready to GO !!!
4/11/2014 Howell Area Fire Dept. is on the scene of a large Grass Fire at this time. Brush 20, 22, 23, 24, Engine 22 are all on scene. Crews working to get it all knocked down. Remember, that there is a Burn Ban currently in effect for all of the Howell Fire response district. Cohochtaw, Oceola, Howell, Marion Twps. and the City of Howell are covered in this area. Stay Safe.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
It's FLAG for till so I'm out of here & to Take Care, Stay Safe & have x x x
Hello my fellow Americans! This is your president, John Henry Eden saying Stay Safe and Prosperous In this dangerous world we live in Poisoned and damaged by nuclear warfare Stay Safe In The Capital Wasteland.
Got the boot yesterday. Still not allowed to use it for a couple/few weeks, but I can take it off to sleep, bathe, etc... Progress! My surgeon headed out for Afghanistan today to Take Care of our soldiers! Kudos Doctor Woll ~ A true American Hero!! Stay Safe!
to my Florida FB friends near tampa and about Stay Safe . bad weather there tornado watch until later tonight my prayers are with you
[BREAKING NEWS] Stay Safe with the UniSafe app. STRUGGLING with security concerns? The Safer Community Program at the University of Melbourne has developed a free app to enhance the personal safety of students, staff, and visitors... (Meld Magazine) Read full news - & Follow for more breaking news in Australia.
Happy St Patricks Day folks. Have a super day and Stay Safe.
I hope you guy are enjoying your Be safe and stay focused on your goals!
K Good night y'all have a great night stay safe see y'all in the afternoon!
Had a long day n nite but it was all worth it I enjoyed the jazz in the garden for my first time... gudnite to all n stay safe.. I'm bout to make love to my sheets n give my pillow all this head..
I was downtown today with some friends had a late lunch and watched people getting hammered, for a moment I thought I was missing out, but I got home and had movie night with my son and realized I was exactly where I was supposed to be! The only thing to make it petfect is my daughter and . โ™ฅ ;-) stay safe ya'll! A Taxi ride is cheaper than a DUI and/or a life,
Here's the promo of my new show MTV webbed2. Stay tuned for more!
Bein naughty dis holi happy holi to all ma friends have fun stay safe.
Grace is when GOD gives us good things we don't deserve. Mercy is when He spares us from bad things we deserve. Blessings are when the Lord is generous with both. Truly, we can never run out of reasons to thank Him. GOD is good all the time. Stay safe. Stay blessed . Happy Sunday Everyone!!!
Happy endings.take it and do what you will w it lol have fun n stay safe and unarrested.ijs I know you peeps lol
Looks like another storm on the way, stay safe local peeps!
Happy holi to all... Stay safe, play safe. Keep rocking ... ... ...
All my love to music lovers and fans, stay safe tonight we love you
Mere bhai have fun stay safe..this holi
Morning everyone up again 6 am fed gone back to old habits hope the weather is fine again today Take Care stay safe and be happy
Criminalization : What you need to know to stay safe and free
Careful if you are traveling on 36 hgwy tonight. It is icy and several accidents. Stay safe
Goodnight, my tweeps! Stay safe & sane & happy. Long *** day at work in store for me tomorrow/today... ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›
HAMILTON OUT ! "Safe the engine"!! Now they say he needs to stay out and keep rolling. WHAT ???
๐ŸŽ’โœ๐Ÿšด Forget the car this Wednesday 19th March, it's National Ride2School Day. Forget the car and ride, scooter, skate or walk. Remember to Slip, Slop and Slap, stay safe and have fun!!
watching the strikes earlier i'm surprised or local truck hasn't been called out. Stay safe :-)
Suprabhat! Sunday! Read, write, watch a movie! holi ke rang mein rang jayiye. Enjoy and stay safe! Happy Holi...
wishing a colourfuland Happy holi to all my frnds and relatives...stay safe,play happily..
How to stay safe in wintery conditions
Everybody stay safe tonight and have a designated driver bcuz they are out here
"Couples that workout together, stay together ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ not safe at all patrick would not apโ€ฆ
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Happy holi guys.. Enjoy.. stay safe and play Holi safely.. Dont use holi as an excuse to show cheap unhealthy behaviour to girls and women..
Headz are drunk in dubc stay safe everyone bcuz the cops are out
Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of your time in NYC. Have a safe trip to Guyana and stay safe and have fun there!
Chill in bed watch a movie with my love call it a night am wore out have a good night and stay safe
I found this and I thought, "Yep...heard that, and that...and that...phew!" This sums it up...I'm SURE that some of you can relate? To stay safe online, keep an eye out for these "red flags" that someone who has contacted you may not be who they say they are. Scammers will: Ask you to talk/chat using an outside messaging service or email account. Vanish mysteriously from the site, often after being caught and removed. Talk about "destiny" or "fate" when meeting you. Claim to be widowed. Ask for contact info/address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts. Make a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. Say they live in the U.S. but are currently traveling abroad. Always eventually ask you for money.
Yall boiz b easy drug bust goin on tonite stay safe out there
Stay safe tonight, guys. Crazy to think that a 0.08 means you head home and a 0.09 means you have a criminal record.
Good night all. Stay safe. God Bless you and keep you in His arms. Talk to you tomorrow before I go to work at noon. Love you all good night
Love my family to the store and back.. Just wanted to throw that out there.. Lol leprechaun marathon tonight. Good night everyone ,stay safe and remember don't be that guy aha
My brain is a lil messed up. I'm off for now. Stay safe. Keep promoting. I love you all :)
Sunday morning and all awake, F1 today. Good luck all and stay safe! :-)
๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŽฌ ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŽถ Good night all. Stay safe an keep smilin.
good. Have fun working. We might bum into each other somewhere around your work place, heads up. Stay safe
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