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Status Quo

Status quo, a commonly used form of the original Latin statu quo – literally the state in which – is a Latin term meaning the current or existing state of affairs.

Rick Parfitt Francis Rossi Hillary Clinton Alan Lancaster Deep Purple

.Acceptance of Status Quo and Jim Crowe go hand in hand
New Home Construction - Quid Pro Quo with Obama and Wall Street - Blackstone now owns the Rental Market - Rental an…
we demand an independent investigation into Russia! Status quo and republican power are not as important as YOUR country, sir!
Our helps challenge the status quo of commerce, online and offline!…
The Shillingbury Blowers. 1979. The arrival of a pop star and his wife, upsets the status quo of th…
alphabetsuccess: "When Things Fall Apart " is when we usually have the most to learn about ourselves. - Oprah
Maintaining miserable status quo often leads to an abundance of future suffering. The process of trial and error is no guarantee of wisdom.
The establishment Ds and Rs are in control of the House and Senate, that's why nothing gets done unless it furthers…
Public schools are centres of abuse designed to breed sociopaths damaged enough to unthinkingly uphold the status quo.
me too. I don't recognize my former collegues & friends.The sold their souls to keep their own status quo, place at the t…
I marvel at how often mindfulness is defanged, presented as passive or status quo. Mindfulness is all about uprooting th…
George Dobell's support for tradition and the status quo (not the band) gains him support from the most unlikely places...…
"These incredible companies were born out of frustration for the status quo, pushing their founders to cha…
I would but I have​ to many ties here but it looks like you will be keeping your beloved Status quo…
Look at his face, feeling so much heat. Left his beautiful life for you. Fighting with status quo for your better future.…
Its not the first time he is rejected by the people of Pakistan. But this filthy status quo does not care.
Great quote fr Vox: "AI learns about how the world has been. It picks up on status quo trends. It doesn’t know how the world…
Excellent ideas and great teams, passion for hacking the status quo. IoT used by many
No status quo! The reinventing of Australia. in the Pub
I will use my art as a platform to challenge the status quo and powers that be and to raise voice and awareness to those…
Art and style challenge me to look at things from a different perspective. The status quo always bores me anyway 😉 https…
I'm not saying your art has to be political but if it doesn't challenge the status quo what's the point my friends
The different between an artist and an entertainer: if your "art" does not challenge the status quo... then your tap danc…
What happens when art is used to engage, to challenge the status quo?
Through art we communicate fundamental human truths and challenge the status quo.
They are discussing State Vs Stone Pelters I think this time to strict and need challenges the status quo in politics
Maybe you're right - but you can't blame people for using this as the only possible instrument ever fo…
AND most Republicans are invested in maintaining the status quo. . "Just wait until next year!". How many times have we h…
.the idea that IFC represents the status quo of interoperabi…
We didn't sell it to them. They took it a share from the military in 1999 via the constitution and we accepted the status quo…
A new custom of Status Quo to call on the ones to their palaces whom they want to console !
All are biased to keep the status quo.
Now language is the new status quo n fighting for language exciting! Cultures has its own…
This is what the 'status quo' looks like. If we want improvement we need change. Welcome to
Don't look down on others just because their status quo is slightly below yours. You are not invincible, life can humb…
Then why bother negotiate? The status quo assures it will be destroyed so NKorea can't attack. Why part…
Shallow churches change nothing; they even reinforce the status quo. Prophetic churches, where Christ is clearly heard, are…
Reasons cd be wrong: (1) potency of NHS as electoral weapon for LAB might be overstated (2) cyberattacks = fear = voters prefer status quo
[Bonus] 107. Stick to the status quo - The cast of HSM. . The US: Donald Trump is now your new president. Me: https:/…
Why are Elon Musk’s companies successful? They imagine possibility from first principles, not the status quo:
Where's our young people's voice? What would it look like to let them challenge the status quo?
If Cathro and by extension hearts succeed in their plans it will decimate the OF status quo and change scottish football.
"Liberalism is for status quo cheerleaders and dorks. Heres some shock humor to rip off your mask. I have no mask." is a mask.
The status quo isn't rational simply because it is the status quo.
LITTLE GIRL: A boy in class keeps hitting me. ME: Aw, that just means he likes...the status quo of the patriarchy. You've…
huge meeting at Europa Hotel shows that there is no going back to the Status Quo!
I quite liked Status Quo. 'Down, down, deeper and down' and 'in the (provisional…
1976 – Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster from Status Quo were arrested after an incident at Vienna Airport
Someone in a Libertines t-shirt saying that Status Quo are like a s**t pub band. Have you heard the Libertines live mate?!
Cant see O leary or Leich winning much in Quebec. Libs little in west. In short see the Status Quo liberal government.
Junior Marketers are now ready to break the tradition in MADWORLD: Upsetting the Status Quo!
Why former Status Quo drummer John Coghlan is returning to the road
R.I.P George Michael and R.I.P Rick Parfitt rhythm guitarist out of the band ( Status Quo ) Both amazing guys
On this day...2 years ago| Tickets for the Status Quo concert went on sale. What a day! RIP Rick Parfitt
Great early 1970's photo of Rick Parfitt from Status Quo. Much missed!
Stock Photo - Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt performing with Status Quo at the 2015 Silverstone ne Classic
Rick Parfitt, of the legendary rock band, Status Quo, entertains a capacity crowd, at the Silverstone Classic
Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt had secret visits from ex-wife before his death
All three of Rick Parfitt's ex wives will attend Status Quo rocker's funeral
This year's looks like it will be rocking. "Peter Hook and Status Quo head to
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I liked a video Mafia 3 Soundtrack - Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men (1968) [with psychedelic
on *** Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From the Status Quo *** Lis
49 years ago, Pictures of Matchstick Men by Status Quo entered the chart ♫
Unable to sleep, I've just watched a Status Quo documentary. Had no idea Rockin' All Over The World was a John Fogerty cover...
Sticking with my picks from last week; The Kinks, Dusty, Everly Brothers, Status Quo & Del Shannon
It's freezing in & outside our office in Sheffield even with the sun shining. How about Ice In The Sun by Status Quo for us?
Eight years of good performance. Deserves an Oscar for Best actor in a live show. King of Status Quo.
Old school mate on fb was sincerely upset that Rick Parfitt / Status Quo didn't get the same recognition as George Micheal
Some news for Status Quo fans recorded some new material with former bandmates John Coglan & Alan Lancaster before he died.1/2
Aussies will do a "Trump" on many have had a gutfull of the status quo!!!
Positive: The Lakers played with hustle and aggression throughout 4 quarters, just couldn't finish it off. Status quo for young sides.
Been playing on my name for the holidays, but I think I'll stick with this one. It's time to be contrary to the status quo.
Knight Frank India's shares his views on -
Well that's an idea! | | it usually results in reaffirmation of the status quo | will it end the satanic illeg…
When it comes to ranks, people are generally complacent. Afraid to accept calculated risks. Prefer to say with status quo.…
"Name is Deanna Winchester. Remember it, you'll be screamin' it later.". - GB. Dean Winchester. - Quid pro quo. - Scouti…
M.L.K voicing his perfect expression of our need to shift away from the status quo 🕊
Relax! Donald J Trump is in the House. Dismantle Status quo Superstructure: Drain the Swamps & Banish Elite Predators
Bob Bradley Is Out in England. Round Up the Usual Replacements. Great article about status quo in the EPL.
Love to see students question the status quo too.
Indeed, the "peace process" is how Israel and US have long blocked implementation of 2-state solution & sustained statu…
An opportunity to create something better than status quo, to create a momentum...get things moving.
We're people and the carefully catered version of "extremists" you've put in your movie only serves to further the stat…
You are just a hired gun by capital to be status quo warrior. FMF n IRR are funded to be parade as independent think tanks
AHB seen as the only consistent threat by the custodians of status quo
Another loss to the music world Christmas Eve. What the heck???
Intelligent! Your passion scares me. Unbelievable passion. You believe there should be a new order and we have to disrupt the status quo.
it's either we have in and see change. Or status quo remains.
And now that it's the status quo to bash Russia, all of a sudden that idea goes out the window?
His Anti Status Quo struggle & unflinching resolve to win against odds, will always remain a huge inspiration for us a…
He got his one freebie yr, and he knows it.. staying status quo with his staff would worry me more
TOH artist was fired when top brass realized that was not, in fact, a really skinny guy in a chair, and status quo was restored
The Hausa doctor emerges from his office, and says to the nervous patient: 'you want to check your status, quo?'
benign neglect policy. The damages has been done all white supremacy has to do is maintain the status quo.
I also don't believe most of the people who voted for Trump necessarily like his message. They just hate the status quo THAT much.
it's us not you. The great artists that died didn't create status quo work. Many fought in '16 for status quo--no…
Solidarity I've seen academia bend to violent status quo firsthand... to combat that is why we're in it. https:…
Love challenging status quo. w my funny . never hold anything back. rather b provocative. than safe. boring.
The root of reform lies in education! How we do overturn the status quo and raise a generation of individual thinkers?
Well you saw what happened to Melissa's marriage ... Anyways , hopefully yours can break the status quo then
Everything carries a risk of failure.Does this make a case for status quo?Why be so negative about any idea?
Emerson, Lake and Palmer huge in the 70's. Other Brit Rockers Dale Buffin Griffin, Mott the Hoople. Rick Parfitt, Status Quo
RIP Rick Parfitt. I was lucky enough to see the last time you and Status Quo rocked Sydney Hordern Pavilion. Amazing show. You will be missd
Rick Parfitt's son, The Who, Brian May, Muse and more all pay loving tribute to the Status Quo legend http…
Manager says 'Status Quo' guitarist Rick Parfitt has died at the age of 68 in hospital in Spain
Sadly, another member joins the rock & roll band in Heaven. . RIP Rick Parfitt from Status Quo, keep on "Rockin'...
Status Quo played the start of my first Great North Run, bit different to a starting gun!
Sad to hear about Rick Parfitt. Seeing Status Quo live was such a fun experience and I'm so glad I got to see him in action
Rest in Peace, Rick Parfitt. . This picture is from May 2006 when I caught Status Quo live …
And I'm right back at the school disco! Status Quo - Down Down
Rip Rick Parfitt. Doing what he did best out front of the Quo last year...
Thoughts are with and Ricks family and friends at this sad time. RIP Rick
Jaysus your man out of Status Quo is brown bread and Princess Leia isn't well either... 2016 hurry up and do one
How sad to learn of Rick Parfitt passing at this time of year esp.Thoughts with family R.I.P. where the sound of severa…
Oh no!. How's going to maintain the status quo?.
Gosh. 2016 really did mark the end of the Status Quo in every sense.
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt dies in Spanish hospital, aged 68, from severe infection following complications to a shoulde…
Wow you just seen Status Quo earlier this week. Shocking news about Rick Parfitt!
So sad. Status Quo was first gig I ever went to when I was a wee nipper
Woking loses one of its most famous sons RIP
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Another tragic death in 2016. Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt has died aged 68:
R.i.p. rick. Used to be nothing like swigging newqy brown and banging our heads away to a bit of made peop…
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt celebrated as a rock legend who inspired a generation of musicians
Me on the late Rick Parfitt. The Quo should not be mocked.
Forget for one day at least. This day we say goodbye to of Status Quo….one of the legends.
VIDEO: The day Status Quo really did rock all over the world. .
RIP Rick Parfitt, much-loved British guitarist from legendary rock band, Status Quo who died today aged 68.
Rick Parfitt of legendary British rock band has died, his manager has confirmed
He was quo, with Rossi, coghlan and Lancaster. This last tour without wasn't the same. No mention of him either! RIP. Legend.
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt dies in Spain at age 68
RIP Rick 😢. Status Quo guitarist Rick Parffit dead at 68 after star passes away in Spanish hospital's quite a sweet, fun song in a Status Quo type way. .
Rest in peace, Status Quo's Rick Parfitt. You will be greatly missed.
Status Quo guitarist, Rick Parfitt has sadly passed away, aged 68. Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this s…
The year in which the Status Quo has shifted in so many ways ends with the loss of Rick Parfitt. How terribly sad.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
...this is this year's list. I added Status Quo at the last minute because just kept playing it...
Goodbye Rick Parfitt, you were one of rock's heroes
As if we didn't already know that the year destroyed the status quo, 2016 ends with an unsubtle message :-(.
⚡️ “Status Quo's Rick Parfitt has died, aged 68” what a sad year its been seems its never ending. RIP Rick ❤❤❤.
Tragic news that Rick Parfitt has passed away at the age of 68. A true rock icon. RIP Rick
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has died in hospital in Spain, his manager... by via
Our condolences to the family and friends of Rick Parfitt of R.I.P. Rick.
Goodbye Rick Parfitt. The first ever show I saw was Status Quo at Wembley. I'll never forget it!
RIP Rick Parfitt of Status Quo who Rocked all over the World till the end 🎸
Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt died at 68 in hospital.
"Status Quo? Who is that? Oh! I know the Camper Van Beethoven cover of Pictures of Matchstick Men!" -me, former music journalist.
Status Quo's Rick Parfitt may not return to band over heart fears via
Rick Parfitt has already left the Status Quo due to health matters. Are we doing the same
Francis Rossi performing with Status Quo during the 25th Anniversary of the Silverstone Classic
I was asked if I would prefer a Labour or Lib Dem Government or the Status Quo. I said I thought Rick Parfitt would make a good PM!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Francis Rossi of Status Quo live at London's o2 Arena
Status Quo minus Rick Parfitt in Nottingham - any good? via
Status Quo collapsing think it's cause they need Rick Parfitt back?
Status Quo (and REO Speedwagon) last night words and pics by https:…
Kinda sad to read today that Rick Parfitt has left Status Quo. A Rock of Gibraltar rhythm guitarist, leaves only Francis Rossi as original.
Here is what has recently played... Pictures of Matchstick Men {CR}, {Hits} - Status Quo
Pictures of matchstick men by Status Quo now playing on
Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men on also on and
on Underground Garage: I'm listening to Pictures Of Matchstick Men by Status Quo.
I remember Pete Shelley’s story of “Status Quo splitting up, and getting a chord each”.
Our North Canton-Hoover company gone.Steel mills closed . Ohioans, Tired of Status Quo, Flipped to Trump for Change
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Status Quo - In the army now "
Our politicians may fail us, but Status Quo always delivers on the prom...
Infrastructure Investment: a black & white choice Nov 8. "Status Quo" Joe votes vs. you. Bjorn will vote 4 bridges, roads…
Ready to rock Newcastle upon Tyne? Status Quo at Metro Radio Arena on Dec 22!
Rick Parfitt slammed for dumping wife ‘like second-hand car’ by Status Quo bandmate Francis Rossi: STATUS QUO...
This is the Status Quo of Democratic Politics. How many times will Gloria Allred & her ilk be rolled out to spew this…
Status Quo star Rick Parfitt 'dumps wife of ten years over the phone'
I can't decide wether it's worth seeing Status Quo without Rick Parfitt, it'll probably be the last time I see them aswell
Happy 68th birthday to the legendary, Rick Parfitt, guitarist and vocalist of Status Quo.
A Very Happy Birthday to Status Quo guitarist, Rick Parfitt, 68 today (13 October). Never far from his Fender Telec…
Happy birthday to Rick Parfitt of Status Quo - Rockin' All Over the World (1977) via
LP of the Day: Status Quo - Status Quotations. Rick Parfitt born today 1948. Psychedelic phase button set on maximu…
1948, Born on this day, Rick Parfitt, vocals, guitar, Status Quo
Status Quo's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on planes, drugs, crazed fans, opening Live Aid and the perils of fame: htt…
IMPORTANT UPDATE It appears Francis Rossi of Status Quo's family's ice cream business was in London, not Southend.
Listening to Nirvana,Status Quo, Guns n' Roses, ZZ Top, James and Van Halen whilst watching synchronised swimming with the…
Strange Frontier: Included the guests Rick Parfitt from Status Quo, John Deacon on bass & a certain Mr Mercury...
Pence: “Hillary Clinton wants a better title — and I would too if I was Secretary of the Status Quo.”
Natalie Gulbis at RNC: Trump Taught Me to 'Never Fear Challenging the Status Quo' - Breitbart
Racism is the Status Quo: Relinquishing the Reigns of White Power I The Hampton Institute
I am listening to Status Quo "Rocking All Over the World" to remember Simon Cooper of Quoincidence who sadly died...
Democracy was conned by Leave making promises they couldn't keep. I'd go for Status Quo even without Rick Parfitt.
I've sussed out places in Edinburgh, hope to see Status Quo tho Rick Parfitt is recovering from a heart attack so may be cancelled
So embarrassing watching Status Quo on bbc4 , not because I liked their music, simply because I once owned the same jacket as Rick Parfitt
David Coverdale Day by Day:. 1994-06-26 Whitesnake and Status Quo play in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Royal Women in the Gulf: Agents of Change or Defenders of the Status Quo? via
Status Quo's Rick Parfitt treated after 'heart attack'
since Rick Parfitt had a heart attack last week, the Status Quo's future is bleak
The status quo isn’t working for young Americans. No wonder they’re down on capitalism, writes
From last year, but a sharp reminder: real leaders don't protect the status quo when it is wrong! via
Social media brownie points has taken over the joy & the purpose of travelling. Now its all about the status quo & 'been there' posts.
"History doesn't remember those who maintained the status quo" my former USC professor
Decapitation of movements by rightist or status quo reactionaries; kill good, progressive heroes; society declines.
Makes you wonder, even if she wins, how long does her coalition last? Status quo or big policy mic drop will fracture it fast
Check out: Henry Mosquera Critically-acclaimed, award-winning author of Sleeper’s Run, & the new novel Status Quo.
What kind of revolutionary* submits himself 2a campaign under the rules* of the status quo, then complaints in disbelief? Not
Their only goal is: get elected. Free sailing from there. Money rolls in, status quo remains.
He is a *much* bigger threat to their coffers$$ and $tatus quo. Every empire wants to defeat
I' ve noticed everythingTrump says&does lately is monumental.Both parties appalled.Last ditch 2 boot him for status quo?Read
The future is at stake. is the only thing standing in the way of the twin evils of the status quo and bad…
I have news for you--that base is not going away regardless of the outcome. He has set fire to the status-quo.
IBM Systems: Compete in the connected economy and outthink the status quo
No kidding. I got a form response today from espousing the status quo
Whenever you accidentally go to a bar in a college neighborhood. | The 27 Most Relatable Schmidt Quo
Why a vote for Remain is not a vote for the status quo - and why Leaving is disastrous for jobs and the NHS
That just say's they want to keep the status quo. Trump Presidency means they have to pay their fair share.
Whenever you try to shift from the status quo you are changing in the small things to handle the big..
Rhodes warns next president against pulling out of Iran deal via Not!, wanting Trump to stay status quo?
No we won't concede, we won't unify under DP status quo platform, nor endorse a nominee we don't trust = not now not late…
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Yeah he's pretty much kept the status quo as far as tournament finishes. That last GC was pretty bad though.
says she's safer than That means status quo is safe but if you vote for you GET REAL CHANGE!!
Good luck in your campaign. Bring some fresh ideas and energy of youth and don't settle for status quo!
A political revolution is changing the corrupt status quo of the govt. Bringing power back to the ppl. Including all
They're all the same. 1% oligarchs who desperately want 2 keep the status quo so they can keep their power & $$$.
Gotta couple millionaires in my contacts, I'll soon reach that status quo 💂🏽
Happy to have a true leader not willing to accept the status quo! via
you realise the rebate isn't fixed it will be changed if we vote in. Status Quo is not an option.
The status quo is a terrible, devastating, beastly thing. Innovation that weakens it is almost universally good.
It's impossible to imagine the status quo as not representing the continuity of power & culture across the decades of YBMB and The Riders
Power to the people and remember, don't vote for the status quo millionaires and billionaires!
"pushes back" against EVERYTHING unless HIS idea (&does not implement those). "Status quo", oppositional defiant guy.
.& should take an honest look at & ISIS policy & make appropriate changes. Agree status quo won't solve problem.
Maintaining the status quo is no longer an option for Nagorno-Karabakh, writes http…
No. But status quo is a failure (to say the least). Too many guns, too easy access, insanity of constant mass shootings.
.. Happy to see you're for someone fighting the status quo. You jumping on board ?
We are going against the status quo. Join our efforts at
“All children should be able to say, 'I am the greatest!'” Muhammed Ali in on challenging the status quo:
This moves me to tears. No matter the party you are apart of, Gov. Cox proves that you can overcome a status quo
What are you doing with your blood money from the NRA speaker Ryan? Figuring out more ways to uphold the status quo?
Love your jokes, hence the following, but I'll joke back about how white guys are afraid of losing their status quo ;)
"Not making it political" is a political choice. It's a tacit agreement with the status quo.
Bernie's is and always has been for White people and the status quo of White supremacy.
will bring about a better America for all of us , people have had of the status quo
Have you seen this?. This was political massacre to preserve racist 1% status quo
Status Quo's Rick Parfitt suffers 'heart attack' after show
"Without a President Donald Trump, we'll be stuck with the status quo!" —NBPLU Pres Day Gardner
Clinton & chief sloganeers hate Jeff Weaver b/c he staged the most effective challenge to the status quo in party history…
We're breaking boundaries set by Status Quo who claim to serve those struggling on the edge!
The Holy Ghosts are back again (supported Status Quo when they played in '14), as are the Buffalo Soldiers and Red Pine Timber Co
Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Status Quo at one Nottingham ... - Nottingham Post
It was sad to hear that Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has been diagnosed with A.D.D.E.A...
Deep Purple's Black Knight riff ws used by Status Quo (then 'The Spectres') in 1960s; & Ricky Nelson used it before that (in 'Summertime')
Karen Silkwood fought Corporate America & went against the Status Quo. It cost her, her life. They infected her with radiation & killed her.
Little known fact. Status Quo front man Francis Rossi has 1000s of pairs of trousers but only 4 of them are cords.
Common Sense. A No Vote IS a Yes Vote for And as for the PR House Majority leader. A RINO 4 Status Quo
Today & Sunday you can win 4 tickets to see Status Quo at Prenton Park. Listen out for a Status Quo track- then simply call: 0151 637 3737.
Yes I like simple groove Music like Status Quo but I also like Music more complex eg Colosseum 2,Jeff Beck-Wired& Deep Purple!
Our UHS Urbana, IL Tigers don't "Stick to the Status Quo" in their production of High School Musical, April 27-May 1. https:/…
Good Morning! We'll have KSHE Klassics on at 3 this morning for the Rock Magazine feat. Spirit, Status Quo, Rare Bird + more only on
run by the same politicians for so long (that have hand picked Pres)anything out of status quo is dangerous for all
And that is exactly how you do not advocate for change, and accept the status quo.
- We cannot wait another eight years for the changes our nation needs today. . Be daring. Defeat the status quo!
that is what I want nothing but someone to change the status quo.
Keep in mind Bernie equally feared by all. They want status quo
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how?? How would we have gotten the progressive ideals we have now by staying with the status quo??
All these criminals be it Nawaz or Zardari; All status quo must be put behind bars instead of installing them as leaders.
This is it!! We either stay the 'Status Quo' and implode or we elect a TRUE leader that can prevent the demolition!! http…
You really want Cruz? He just seems like the typical bought and paid for status quo *** bag.
postal and early votes counted first = old people (boomers) = maintain status quo = vote Clinton
Thank you Democratic *** don't call us when is under water due to status quo induced climate change.
Are you ready to be part of something HUGE? from status quo! You are beautiful, woman!
I just want to elevate to the status quo
yeah but every election the youth vote disappoints. So it's really status quo.
Changing the status quo isn't easy but its worth it, go 2 & feel the luv, don't forget 2 get a copy
There's a sense that Trump will disrupt the status quo. Plus, it will be pretty darn entertaining. I'm still undecided.
PTI wants to talk about PML-N's corruption. PML-N wants to talk about PTI's corruption. PPP wants to sit pretty. End re…
The Dem party has proven to be another establishment party. No matter Dem or Rep ppl are tire…
There is nothing "victorious" about this for anyone who cares about challenging the status quo or progressive values, l…
if your best interest is war, Monsanto, and status quo. . You voted the correct way.
Is America Willing to Wage War Against China to Save the Status-Quo? via
Congratulations to my home state, NY for maintaining the status quo!
and voter fraud and suppression during elections. Status quo is all I see
.When an outsider threatens the stability of the status quo there are always consequences. For both of them…
Also can't help but think Hillary might keep on with same shady status quo. Which perhaps will make it more difficult to run again
to get money out of politics! Join the and say with the status quo!
Very disappointed in NY. You had the chance to vote for revolution & you chose a con artist & the status quo.
What, you thought toppling the status quo was going to be quick and easy?
Establishment are private political clubs fleecing taxpayers for Our vote while ignoring our Voices for the status quo.
I wish American politicians would just come out and say what they believe: the status quo in Israel/Palestine is fine. Get…
you're right screw those imbeciles that want to challenge the status quo. Restrictions are there for a reason.
We worked w/ because we loved their people-centered business. It's clearly threatening the status quo.
What Imran Khan has done in 20 years - all that status quo put together could not have done in 100 years. Change and its d…
Not with a nominee like Hillary Clinton who represents status quo, NEOliberalism that gets us nowhere.
Today revolution has become synonymous with communism while capitalism is synonymous with status quo
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
StrategiesStatus quo is killing your business.Our human minds are hard-wired to hang onto what we know...
It's NOT over: as much as the status quo pushes back, the will fight on across the othe…
It takes courage & bravery to not stand in silence & watch status quo oppress & marginalize people. Speak your mind, it…
Have you had enough of the 'Status Quo'?
Just gonna conclude with, many people only think you're smart or deep if you can mimic (parrot) in status quo lang .
These kids are upsetting the applecart and they're going to change the status quo! What a time to be alive!
2. That a vicious, corrupt, hypocritical status quo is preferable, by default, to even a deeply inefficient alternative.
The 2016 President election will be like every election the last 30+ years: A "lesser of two evils" decision where the status quo prevails.
You are either growing or shrinking, there is no such thing as status quo 󾭞🏻✨
I wonder how much is "small town inertia"-esque. Older voters likely to prefer status quo, young voters still have *** & vinegar?
Tory MP Aidan Burley claims the Notting Hill Carnival could have benefited from more Status Quo and less leftie multicultural crap.
Status Quo and Michael Nyman both announce Dublin gigs later this year
. "We should be free of taking decisions, even stupid ones.". Welcome to the Status Quo
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